26 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 3

26 Ocak 1867 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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ptH/g/ttutth- stof ai " 4# 9MP* i4P "A Mr fIMMT pm/ktmm* w* JC 11* a&mm r *-A * 1 «* C«fr* *"■■ ill" 1 * * «■«■■• ■* ■>!■» irf (»•*<"» *-. F~» «*~-k. *■* w •-* »«4 £t ■• •*' tx> —-j «• c<nwi')N «■ r««uf fc** \i v \ i<u. Ju N—i •( M' « fr 'Ok M * * H* M< tU J-imfl «}-«* W* Ibc "f tb* I mfnt BIARRIIHIIT i« t" «I<l*ihl Ihf I ' rr— >- ijrtii a< «■> ma< artn !r« »rr j>rvfrrrv<l Wa !e tilling tlie rii JWT. tb*fi |»i»- iijt the trul during the IwUnt-r ofJnkuMii'i term and meat, while re construct the South. The amount of loans is over three hundred thousand. The new gold biand is about to be started, similar t« the New Y'ork brand. {Subscrip tions t«» the Natioi.nl Steamship Line amounts to $£50,000. JACKSONVILLE, Oregon, Jan. 17— This morning, utdayligh, the pcnplc at Fort Klamath were startled from sleep by the shock of an earthquake, immediately accompanied by a noise as ot distant thunder. It began to grow dark—the whole heavens were full of a very black smoke or cloud ; the air had asulpherom smell, and ashes of a brownish color fell fast as snow. Breakfast had only Iteoo fair lif commenced when the earth seemed rolling like wave 9 upon the ocean. Eveiyone was thrown to the floor, and only regained their feet to be placed again in the same potition. With the rattling of dishes, crashing of window-glass, cracking of timber buildings, and screams of the fright ened people, you could not imagine a more perfect chaos. The majestic pines which surrounded the fort, seemed lashing themselves into fnrv; the wigonsin front of the stableß were engaged in pitched battle f horses and cuttle crowdcl on the ground uttering the most pitiful moans; dogs howling, and the un earthly yell of llio Klamath Indians, camped near the fort completed the scene. The sutler's store was thrown about 20 feet from its form er position. No lives were lost; It is supposed that a volcano has brok en loose, near the Klamath marsh, as a continuous dark volume of smoke is sceu ascending in that dir ection. This occurred about half an hour between the fit at and second shock. Klamath Lake has receded about half a foot, and is still falling. Crooked Creek is dried up eutirely. REFUSES TO SURRENDER. —Late ad vices from Olympiu affirm the report that Governor Pickering refuses to' fiurrender the Executive office to Gov. Cole upon the ground thut Mr. Cole's appointment has not been confirmed by the U. 6. Senate. lii our opin ion this fact does not determine the right of Governor l'ickering to hold over. The Organic Act provides "that the Execntive power nnd uu thoritv in and over said Territory'of Washington shall he reoited in • Governor, who shall liohi bis ofioe £»r ftmr year* and uutil bis Hnm>r shah I* ap|»>iuled and <|U«lifi<-d «»« It** »<MT rrmarrd Ay tin ml •f the f'a.W StmtrT." We know <4 mm wfcae* ta any or Mil iii« tins TVefe «W»«Ul <»* IV4ena( m » sSZZT ta aflbsa <* ZSam *» mmmmmmmrnrn Si • rnmmmo»r*» iMs m* ■<m- * *>••* **n» 111 v »T|< tA vhManMK** * JR? as fca» <I>W K ■«•*» • ®■" tB.-« - Tlar » i— •*»- «MMM* «■» »'«< •» MM **■ l V % »■ K-* CWka J«. V* k * t rmmmmia V»* If 4 ST Iran Clothes Washer! THE BF>T AM- JLO-T PURTLAR IVISBUt MUKI\E IMEMti: Pourstet, aui'my othrr advantage*, th> Jv/loitiue : It is easy to operate, sitting or standing. It takes but little room ; It injures 110 garments ; It finishes its work in from two to four minutes; It is dvrable and convenient; It is the only washing machine known that is liked the better the longer it ts> used. HIGHLY nECOStiIEXED BY Solon Robinson, in " Facta for Farmers," by Orange Judd, Editor " American Agriculturist," by IVot.Youinnns, Author of " Household Sci ence, and by many other prominent men. DOTY 'S CLOTHES WASHER! I|a« taken fjie First Premium, WHEREVER EXIIIIIITED IN COMPETI TION WITH OTIILTR MACHINES. Il is evident there are two tilings bes'des cleaning clothes, which a Washing Machine must uccumpli.sli in order tc Its iutirely satis factory It must irre h'bor r.n> ><trc ii'it (Jar hirti '§ ; for withoi't these, no other <|iuilities will lie sufficient to (movent its fulling into dis use. Now, these are precisely point* on which the proprietors of the Dory's CLOTHES WAHH er rest tlics claims of this M ichine ; and they seud out n modest "Imllenge io nil compctcors to produce a machine, which, while, it cleans effectively, shall do it with so little labor to the operator, and with such perfect immunity to .lie garments as this." On these two points this Machine has taken the|first premium as a Family Washer wherever exhibited; aud for its perfection in these two points, it is nt this day enjoying a popular favor which can he claimed for no other Washer known. A feeble woman, unable to worl. on her feet, can use it with case in a sitting posture. Come aud see. The other points on which this Wasl.er tin* no superior urc these; Ist, The quantity of (roods it will wash nt once ! since th j Ins. iin provement, it will cleanse eight shirts, oriheir equivalent, nt one operation. 2il. The ef ficiency nnd speed with which it does its worl ; two minutes being sniTicicn fo* A butch, .'id. It will wash n woolen-fleece without tenrln;, it apart. 4ih. It will do the whole waslrng, bluing, an<! rinsing withou either wash-tub or 'vnsh-board. slh. It takes up but little more room time a common wnsh-lub, its length be ing but 30aud its width 20inchea, PRICK*. Family Size, SIO,OO Hotel Si«e, 18,00 THE UNIVERSAL CLOTHEB WRINGER (WITH COO-WUKELS,) Accompanies earta Washer—Family size $8 r.O, Hi'trl »iir $lO. SeaJ orders to W *. F ALKNI.R k SON, S»« Fraart ro. Or to tkf at paper b» * k«i *iß W* t a i S*■ Fr*ar»x* ' »,t»i i pnrr< Jaa It. ISC? I' Valentines! fT-lftl • r, m mm* K * L-«l * > I i rm » Mr ts w~ vrif Mrap Pnlß«fean Strip !Ses V r»»- turnm mm rWpMBf »wn MBUi leu CLL^I Pulmonary Syrup RKl>l*r.TiiN A CO. San Frsncil c*. AIIg ;•». 1800. 42 Hir. it Trll nie not in mournful auaben Life i» oinking t.idrny, Should tlirrr COM ill frightful number* U'er your brad* the »ihir gray. Lire is real, lifr in earnest, Why should any one despnir, " Dust thou art, In dust rrturnett," Wat not tpuken of the hair. Not the markt of age or torrow, On your trcstet long should May— You enn live thut each to-morrow Find them durker thun to-day. Time it long, but age shnll find yon, Though your hair with lustre wave: Soon when fading, 'twill remind you, You are marching to the grave. In the world's aublimcr calling. Where we each our race mutt run, If your hair be falling, fulling, Use the "Martha Washington." Trust no other, howe'erpleaaant,— None can do what thit hat done; Try it—alwayt keep it present,— t'tethe "Martha Wathington." Twenty thousand heads remind u* What a noble test it'a stood; Millions more shall come behind us With their trettet all renewed. "MARTHA WASHINGTON" HAIR RESTORER, Is a wonder of the world, and stands above com Eirbin with any other article for the Hair net reught before the pub ic. Sold everywhere. Price, SI.OO. SIMONDS * CO., Proprietors, FITZWILLIAM, N. If. REDINGTON ft CO. Agents, San Franelieo. Ang. 23. 1886. 42:m6:is ORAEFENBERQ UTERINE C'ATHULICON il' faitlilully used according to directions will cure every case of Diabetes, And greatly miti gate the troublesome effects caused by a relax ation of the outlet of the bladder. It is a most successful remedy for the Gravel and otherd'i eases of the Kidneys and Bladder, and for Fe male Diseases it is unequalled. The Catholicon uniformly cures Prolapsus Uteri, Whites, all Irregularities of the Monthly Turns, Suppres •i<n, incontinence of Urine, liloating and Dropsical Swellings, and all diseases of Preg nancy. The specific action of this medicine is immediate and certain upon the Uterine and Abdominal Muscles und Ligaments; restoring them to as healthful a state as those of child hood and youth, so that patients who h-ive used the Qratftnbtrg Co ipaiiy't Uterine Cathol icon cannot sufficiently express their gratitude for the relief afford'ed. Redington ft Co. Agents, 416 and 418 Front St., San Francisco. Aug. 25, 1806. 42:tufi:is REDINGTON & CO.'S ESSENCE OF JAMAH GINGER. TIUS valuable preparation containing in n highly concentrated form r 11. the properties of Jamaica Ginger, haa become one of the mnet popu lar domestic remediea for all (Lseaaes vf the stem nek and digestive organs. As a tonic it will be found invaluable I* all per son* rrrnmiaa trmm Milili, whether pr«d«c«J by lever nr atWiaw. far whilst it iaafafta te the ay e tna an the giaa M 4 V%<* that ru he pnAi ed by wise m Waadv. ilia iMinlv free Ibiai the IS» ti—ary eflecta tW Mb* tte war afafs e< say FL%V!SIV! HTI¥IV MMMMW • flgpsp" <NI * «■» « V «• wr»i.- «pm» m ( LhTVK. *■»!"> run «»•«* x«i« (Xkt- u» »»t mm mm m urn m n *AiXM tRftSBUOL Lift. TV BICV. ■ ■ v- P»*' t • d'mm •>4 «M fc .mijrm i rnf»f * '* m •*| md ~»• mm Ifcr « W Hv ' Iko- (Nt» rmtmt 4 %m mm i# ifec l#»»r a» « •« tW mm 4 ***** ; bo*** 11 >i.#a lie wt. tmmm r —r*«- •«" ■a|>."«at iafn.<»wtU. tkxi *iil *44 greatly to it* apprara»>* *a* a tamfort. aad i iradiagt to merit u<l bope* to rwiii» bi> tbarr of patromje Helm- terurt- l the scniret of ••('barley" (knuan to !•* the l>r»t took in Saleai, and one of tin- lie»t in the wbole couulry) and other competent pertou* to manage the culin ary department, and it resulted to tel at good a table at tan be found anywhere— nut in clap-trap, pomp and show, flummery and fine furniture, but in an abundant supply of the very best thi market afford*. His bur-room will be kept warmed and lighted, and well supplied with newspapers, periodicals and other suitable reading matter, and kept in a manner which will make it nn agreeable resort. In short he intends makingan effort to please nil who step at the Bennct House. And be most respectfully requests his friends every where to the give the old and well known stand at least one more trial before concluding they can do as well elsewhere, and promises if Miey are not well treated, and properly cared for , and ntrta>onabh (guru, it will not be the fault of the public's most obedient and most humble serv't. L. JAY S. TURKEY. N. B.—Furnished rooms, with 01 without board, by the day,week or month, at the Ben nett, charges moderate. L. J. S. T. Salem, Oregou, Nor, 12, 1b56. 4tf FABTEBT, CHEAPEST, BAFEBT AND B XI B T. THE FAVORITE STEAMER "Eliza Anderson," D, B. Finch, Maiter, LEAVES for VICTORIA and intermediate points every— MONDAY MORNING, At 7 o'clock A. M., carrying PASSENGERS AND FREIGHT Olxeaper Than tliey can bo carried bj any other Boat* Rrturning the ANDERSON will leave Victoria every THURSDAY MORNING, At 5 o'clock A. M. The ANDKRSOM has been thoroughly refitted ami repaired for the winter trade, anil the public uiay depend that she will remain per mently on'this route, notwithstanding reports to the contrary circulated by interested par ties in their own' behalf. Olpmpia, September 22, 1866. 47:tf 1866 & 1867! ~ T HAVING just returned from the East, we have perfected such arrangements as to enable us to supply er fill nny order in our line of trade. WB now orrin A UB«B ASSORTMENT •R AU L»N S» AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS ««• s* m «JL «'U Ml «U Jlana-* .!■ 1. Mnu in «» ma rrurt H*S '»■ riw rHMM mt CiK'%- W TKT ■ IB'TI »*T» M Mr ••Mil* >- r» *-—k af I Oaf iwt atyIIIII "try artxt* it (W CltUia| tW r>rtukit( liM Vt bate (tMtaUi »• kaa4 lb* Uigni Stark aad (miM variety W Cutiarn u4 Waal HATS of aoy boat* ia Maa Fra*ri*r«, aad aar prufi for Ibet* lioodt *r* )<** than tbota of aay baa**, as we receive tbrm di rect from tb* manufacturer * coutignMent. Our »to< k of FALL, AND WINTER Goods is particularly attractive, and tbc great feature to the country merchant i* the un usually low prices Lisa Than the Cost of Importation We also keep the STAPLE ARTICLES in the Dry Goods line, which Goods we have pur chased in this market under the hammer, and are o'toring them at New York Cost, and less. We publish this card in order that we may make new acquaintances, and induce those who have not heretofore purchased of us, to call and examine our stock. Good Article* and Low Prices! Are the great inducements toall who purchase to seli again. Merchants who buy of us, can make a good profit, and sell to their custom ers at a low figure. We remain, respectfully, Your Obedient Servants, BADGKU * LINDENBERGER, Wholesale Clothing and Hal Warehouse, Nos. 411, 413 and 415 Battery strMt. San Francisco. Oct. t, 1866. 38:3 m SUBSCRIPTION IST Of White & Bauer, GENERAL NEWS AGENT ■AH FRANCISCO, CAL. WE would call the attention of the people of the Paeiiio Coast to the following list of American and Foreign Periodical*, which we are in the regular receipt of, and which they may depend upon receiving by the earliest conveyance: AMERICAN PERIODICALS At Four Dollars per Year. Harper's M'thly Magazine N Y Democratic New Godey's Lady's Boos Metroolitan Reear Atlantic Monthly Freeman's Journal Leslie's Family Magasine Irish American, N Y Herald for Pacifte Boston Weekly Journal Police Gasette Pilot Clipper Baltimore Weekly Sun Weekly Tribune Louisville Weekly Jour'l Weekly Times Cincinnati Commercial World St Louis Republican Leader Democrat Ledger N Y Day Book Leslie's Pictorial Pittsburg Gasette Harper's Weekly Dispatch Waverly Magasine Lowell Vox Popull Indiana State Journal Springfi'd lU.Republican Ohio Statesman Portland Transcript Crisis Providence Jonrnu Detroit Free Press Hartford Times Chicago Tribune Scottish Amer. Journal Times ALSO AT THB FOLLOWING MTM HI TBA*. Petreson' sLadies' Magasine, 92 60 s Arthur'sllome Magasine, $3 60 5 Wilkes' Spirit of the Times, 95; N Y Army and Navy Journal, Stunt's Merchant's Maaarine, 98 { New Yorit Old Guard, 92 60; Banker's Magasine, 98; Le Bon Ton, 98; Electie Magasine, 98; Washington Army and Navy Gasette, lis Congressional Glebe and Appendix, 910 rOBEIIIR PUUOBICAU ran run: nsnnra ~ \ mmmm m fctmn. %MMH» mm mrnmm ®N wm&mm*+ » •• «■* mmm mtm^gmmtm mmm* mmm m ■i m mmm CMMfe oasi H"» •* «•' '«» «r w«t ■ MA TIM A toilet delight I The lau> lire and gentltinent' boost The "it.elett |Ui|" and largest quantity. Menufactured frjm lha rich Southern Magnolia. Used for bathingthe face and person, and to render the akin soft and fresh, to prevent eruptions, and to per fume clothing, Ac. ft overcomes the unpleasant odor of prespiratioa. It removes redness, tan. blotches, &e. It cuies nervous headache and allajrs LaflaaUM* tion. It cools, aoftena, and adda delicacy to tlw skin. It yields a aubdued and laating perfume. It cures mosquito bites and sting of ineecta. It containa no material injurious to the akin. It ia what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Try the Magnolia Water once and you will use no other Cologne, Perfu mery, or toilet water afterwards. Sold by Druggists and Dealers everywhere. DEMAS BAFNEB * CO., Props. Exclusive Agents, N. T. Ljtom' Kathairra. It is most delightful Hair Dressing. It eradicates scarf and dandruff. It keeps the head cool and clean. It makes the hair rich, soft and glossy. It prevents the hair turning ffrty and falling Off. It restores hair npon prematurely bald heads. This la just what Lyons' Kathairon will do. It is pretty—lt is cheap—durable. It ii liter ally sold by the car load, and yet Its almost incredible demand is daily increasing, and there is hardly a country store that doe* not keep it. or a family that does not use it. E. THOMAS LYON. Chemist ,N. T. Lyon' Extract diif«r< Lyons' EXTRACT or POM JAMAICA Oineaa— For Indigestion, Nausea, Hartburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, Flatulency, kt., where a warming stimulant is required. Its careful preparatoin and entire puritT mike it a cheap and reliable article for culinary pur poses. Sold everywhere at fifty cents per bot* tie. Ask for •' Lyons' " Pure Kitract. Tako no other. See that the private U. 8. stamp of Demas Barnes k po. is over the cork of eack package. Nonet other is genuine. ■■iUai Liaiaik. Have you a hurt child or a laue>on<HPeotko Mexican Mustang.Liaiment. For eutt, sprains, buna, swellings isi eaked breasts, the Mexicoa Mustang Liniment is a eertaia "¥or rheumatism, MtnUa, 'stV Mate, sttofla aad bites, there tke^MlieaaMss taag UiiMtt. For saaviaed bar ess, the poB eeO, HsfMM eweeaey. tke Meatoau Msstiss Usi—liwsi ill. jg^!^'ss£sssni?si. , tt j jbnbaJßfeJlHHP * •

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