9 Şubat 1867 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Şubat 1867 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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U.vjhhigion standard. *«L **—V U f> si * I » • * fW- «|WMi- jMflk NMk -A -11 ®* __ «r * ■>•*■* * • % IfV-r « «> •*' - r« ■ «r *" f%«r- ■ mrr-m t -■ 'f » •» ar far pr ilm t *■■ ■ "■" tar ml «V * "■ " cpau-t- » »-»*- r-p«»» ■»' " " - *"■ *" *• ornrf.J"'. » ' v ®-r *■** •. t - itcuki if Hez J. J. 'icGi.vra, || tk< HVUM , J»D. ' | ■ O tit* f' - "<* tii ti train? tu " ike i >" r- u: ».»>:i jjTi t% : lid li t Kigl-t* ot ih.* f '.A ■ a. J lr.Sp'uk-r: Tin- lcsolutioits ii the policy i I l'ri'iident .John-on, am i il. ii.n that of i olgn »*• "elation to 11. i* question of the light of r. presentation of the lon States r-n utly in ii Ii liion. Ihe question is certainly ,i wry pr.ive and im portant one, and tliough yet a Icr. itorv, oursi lvcs, without representation in Con gress, it is quite proper that we should discuss tin* issue aad fretlv i xpivss our opinions theieo'n. We have just listened to a long and labored argument by the gentleman from Thurston [Mr. lleary ] in support of these resoiut'on. Ills opening lemarks were intended as MI apology t'jr tin* coinpiny li • keeps. Vv'i 11 indeed may he apolo gize f rilio incoii-isteavy nl bcii g a pro longed I'ni' ii man iind a .-rippo: te. - ot the C'on»ti uiio.i and la'AS nl the (iovcrnmeiit und r wh ch lie l.ves, :ud at the same time ihoofing bis polit.cal associates from among those, who, from the c 'tnnicnec incnt of the rein liion up io the present time, have been the open i n 1 avowed cue mies of ihe policy rf the (lover m> nt in it- efforts to put down, by force of arms, the late r*l i liion. 'l he truth i-, and the history of the country clearly shows it. thilt the Pence Democracy, »s well as the m re bo il advoiites of trai tors, now nivnibeis iu iu.l comumnion with tlie present sn-callo.l Democratic- Un'on-Johnson party, towiiicli the gentle man belwgs, instead pi'asst.-.ting ihc best Government the suit over shone upon, to crush out a horrible! an<l g'ganiiu con spiracy to destroy the liberty of t!•«» Amer ican people, gave all their influence and bunt all 'heir energies to the accomplish ment of that fell purpose. Such are the gentleman's associates iu the support of the policy and adherence to the fortunes of Andrew Johnson, and I repeat, well may lie apologize f r the company lie keeps. The first proposition of the gen tlemen is that no States can go out of'the Union, nnd that therefore all these States lately in rebellion, the moment they were conquered nnd disarmed, were entitled to a representation in Congress. Let us ex amine the propositiou a moment. I admit that no S'ato, or tho people thereof, can lawfully go out of the Union. To admit that, would be to udinit the right of peaceable secession, which iu fact is the foundation plauk iu the platform of the gentleman's party. P»ut a Statu and the people thereof may rebel, and com mit the crime of treason, and by so doing may forfeit unt only nil their rights under the Constitution and laws of their Gov ernment, but their very existence, their very right to live and encumber th- fair face ot the earth with their 1 ■th*mne presence. He who co.iiu.iu l,ea*on. when convicted, ce.ises, in 1 t w, to live. Civilly, be is dead, la the ca-e b-f tf ««, tea States and tlie people tftrtinf, staai coarktrd l*f *e iL» Uar > ( tW • rli. ol tL» i»li<k «t t- t> Voftmm U> ksas*. r. I >• Ui i *:» mrfi an! r a - Mill tT lam*. • t-* r.*,t I-W). >■.—ii >aW« to I • ' - • j,.- » ' TWi m gmi4 b* ».<* *V «4 » <kt jafcr b*a as t.. «ul i % • toft **► mttd p* + ' 4MI vt «- * v flpiM Ml H ■ Mi * « MM MM* -ate * % z h* ~** 1M art ftr Pmonb **r lo> fciw mil * t*~aK *» Stow ■•. "Khxh i—ii . <# <ik» - *#*+■ Him ~i—- j» m i- "•' " *•»« Mr • «4MK •'•" 4 v - tf 9 «* «■* ■Mk % «m « * ■*+** ** » ** k. %3 * •*■*» *&"» <»- t jMto** * » «U4. • V-.il .1 ft . 0»' I— •» * »• m ♦.- «r tKi' % #■* i•* „ 4rtkl HJT e-ii *.• wrf t •*■ •rjg' ■■> .. .. m »r T* V« t— f »tit ( 111 N -.». *■— t .» * »i it. u_ Mm U t -iM g ». I. I »!T» «w 'r , tr—«•' l- it • X**J' *i -illM. »S**T t t *• p | *• tlO 1 W <«. M !jt >l> M T II 'k- < if> t ■» 4 ka-• ««■ ,if it c J W ("ir.* ii ■ u*. » J be a I :•< »l i c f'»r I)cmt> rain* :ra*in *vu |> I: »c.i lJj» »c I lii"ii lln i iii l• •! tin* < ■ i*llt*i - a! (internment ; they waull kirk the ar li lent, Ai.clnvk J. 1.1.n r., nut • f tilt* way, and ut i net* cnmuunce ilii irih' p d icy of list, ring Atriean si very. 1 hv 11*.* acridnt, for in MI.- M-IIHI' he was a.i ;.<• iili.ut, and in mi'illior lie is th*» mature nl the rebellou. It was llip inurderou* hand ut' tlie nssassin thut mud • lii u Presi dent, mill ihut awrissin wis one of thi* in stnm.iMits of the r« billion. It is to the I!L'.I;1I nl that great and good man. A 1 r.i hair. Lincoln, whoso memory is embalmed in tit-* lieai ts of tlio American people, a: d who ft.ind' high upon tint St roll ol fame, by t!:e hide of the i'\.thcr o' his C'ouutiy, thai Andrew Johnson owes his position >n tin- i;ovirnm> nt of the Uniied St Oh toirib e criins (iendish miliee, that at one f 11 blow dcnrivi d this nation of its most cherished idol, anil placid in it ntcad an o j 'ft ofdi-co d. disgust anddi.— ll. ay. sVhen tliii in ti. soon alter his ele vation to the Presidency, ikvlaied tint " ticii.-o i shout I be madit odious," the hcaitof the nation Went fo tli to nieet him, in the h pe that the maul i< of their KlUhihad fallen upon an ivijah. lint tin y weie dooun d to a sore and l itter dis appoir.tmi nt. II r.lly had the lcinniii- of Ihe unird. red l'ivs dent he. n deposited in thuir last r» sting-pl ice, at Is is oi l home, when this man .f unis >n abaod ine.l the lilhrty-loving fiirnd* of the Union who had e inducted th • war to a Miive.-slnl tT minaiii n and f 1 ice I bin i'i power, and wei.t over to tlie en my. Whoto-diy are the | rufeasid 1. ienils of Andrew John sun? 1 answer, the enemii sof our coun try, and history will so record it. Andrew Johnson, with the vain hope of a re-election, ns 1 b> li ve, has deserted his country's t'riends and cause, and is to day the most pitible oljcct iu our land, iibigoted, self-Willed, ambitious man, the professed friend of both patriot and trai tor, and with the confidence of neither. The iFsuc made by this man with the Amcri an pcop'e, iu the person of their representatives in Congress, is the suhj ct of ilnso rc.«o!utioi>B. The loyal States of the north, by and through their represent atives in Congress, propose, now that they have enisled out this unholy rebellion, to effectually deprive the enemies of the gov ernment of the power to do further harm. Is there anything wrong iu this ? Is not sclf-preservatiou the fir»t law of nations, as well as nature ? With the bullet and the bayonet they have failed to destroy this government, and now they propose to try the ballot. That is the question be tween the President and Congress. Who is right ? None but, traitors and Demo cratic politicians have any doubt. In this couucctii n, th ■ gentleman ».iw fit to make kutur comparison between the war ol ITiti and 1(461. What he dr;»i"g at ».ts not very drar. though it w»uld •rem that Lis argument »a» to prow that fx-- cans- »lir l'r.ti-h r-i!nsn» T\atV-i in 177#. for tW rrwat >tihv f '• f: r» *ha iW «efr ' iri «t brt; ••d. tl -t tS»r Mtv r Ira *■ »t~ * . • V r ff ' *-4k W > <m+* t» f ■ S6* mg aim*. 1* »«al » •iMd* g»- ' : ■■■■ •<*"»t■*< ii ■»—»h<i ■ r W"6wn. H ■ ■■■ tm !»»»* «« *"jr* —pi i 'if«i . tmc m. i » M t .Jtm t • *_ mr T. mm fc-* fW mm ,<mmm *» **»*- »«■•«* » «. «*» - «*«* «M» ynrMß. om# ■%■ «M» OB* *• 4Mtaa» - •unrvl. * **Tn mamNn -t ou »cvm. w: in iwc Ml . „ m —TT V . «ar oa* - »». •<• »4a» «■» Ma • « , .mmm m M» A.- • «t • Am A . • *a> **M •*' ,<w *a> Awdk • • *wa4 *» • -ir- -m rrw 40 Sm * "Ml 4* » • <•* •» * * » •* •*" ~ ■"*** * *~wm , >MI v<tMP« Apt »■—iM i* «ik ** « A .. .-■ •»; *,,'s»..sfc wp%» v-M • » •-*'-** jp»» C m» <"*«»-. *• »-><■ 3» '-» rW t*" 0 H ' tar V U.(-C lu J# .. I *. Ai » t - » i j-m:i \iu m. ••».* ! * t lU' .iarar ar»* !r> us;' m a- <1 ti.at I t.- :» j«- ynr i i tl.» c-T u! u-urplt "Ci but I fik Um tlr.l d u;ei m a il.d rrut ijwitit in n tW i! u'l ina . iM |a }>! >*n o' u-u j» t-f It"' t. 1 •: £» to ill in. I'xl r..T i* ih mo*t <li pi r.-jr. acuta ivc ut tU'- |H-oj-lc. aliti jnculiatly Mtljrcl to iU» c> uttol ot tli.- j.oj'li'. It i.» to (lie I'.x cut.vc In imrttiicnt of the ™.ivcnin»' n», coiitioll. J i>, a /mini, itwlf the commander of the tirini/ mid with the iutiiiccineiita ol fblute jiuwrr and control luld out be fore it, thai wo nr.* to lo k f.r usurpation. Ours i* ii |n ciiHar (Sovcinincnt, a mean bt two n i he cxtcuieg of anarchy and inonar i hy, and liUc a 1 other nivalis, diiVuult tj at i.iin and preserve, lu'crnal discord and civil stiifi- has been the b.ine ><f a'.l ltrjmblies in the lii-t..r_v of the [l ist. " Ours is the last great e\peiimi nt ol telf-government ol the pc-'pl''." We stand the luti-st, and if we fad. will may tli" g nitts of Liberty vail her «'i cping t-ye-, bi I a 'ong hircwrll lo eni th, a: d tak • h. r depai tme to MIIIIC (lime more corgeiiiul with her spiii'. Isat let us not ili«|>uir. The heart of this great nation yei bents strong and fir" , in the body | olit'.e. 'The Ship of State is nian nil by a crew o' imblu pit iot-"; and t)io:<g!i a mad. ll II is at the li' lui, the helm is l<t.\/irtl, and iho old vessel rides nioit 111 j-.'.-iica ly ani;d 11.0 hnuling s'orui ot paitv strife, and the thunder and 1 gh ning of Southern treaso.i, mid « hen llie • t 'lin is ov. r, a.id the liaibx at length reached in nalety, iw it will be, a gloiious shunt of we come 11 u.ii tui'.lions ot American fiec incn will greet that iii.h!.- band of patriots. All hull lo our II >h!e citizen soldiery, anil the r Lravo and skillful ciptuiiH ! All h.iiltoour invin ib!«• navy and the bull and intrepid eonim inJers thereof! All It til to tlii* fins of Liberty and daughters i.f Freedom, wlio have ncliicvcd this great victory over tlie foes alike of ih<>ir country mul humanity. May that gloiious old flip that so proudly float* over this capitol to-day, ever continue to wave with nil its ample folds spread out ' upon the breeze, its stars all shilling with u gloiious brilliancy, never to b>t again diinincd by the murky clouds of civil strife, an object of proud reverence to every true American heart, of universal r spect abroad, a id an object of terror to tyrants only. May the bright example of the heroic dead, rise up before this genera;ion 1 like the ghost of the murdered king, and if not .demand revenge, at least counsel fi.ri lunce. Washington, the Father of our j Country still speaks to us by his great ex ample, and his farewell address ia ever ! echoing from the silent housi ut Mount Vor- j nnn. Lincoln, the preserver of our country, I and the l ist great martyr iu the cause of | his country's liberty and lite. Mill speaks tuns by his noble examp'e of/Kihmre, prr- Mtrrrtnec um<t irinlom, and fn>m the siltnt toinb at SpringinlJ, a Mill mn.il! voice is ¥ h< ard, nitli raJruct* soft and 1 >w. I.i sor r..«r. u>t in anper, imp!u:in? hi* fellow e»nntiyaicii !•» »t*nd lirui !>_x tti tigh', and ft :!.fal l > thr- • nd. in tl.jt pre*! cjs<« ia wtairh 1 .» «.fr otf r*.! up it. WiiiK.-. hJ tW y4 4f rlA9l^ pi* nJ imi • uf «k» - mmt Wia 11« t■« #«* at 9 p»'*«p tia, t* IW ft at irmui «tf •-»■* fir* TV gfe ,,i, t M t Mia t> •» 4ul' Wr f*» r» « «i_ i mm. kr

Am'-» { -mm. .turn ta j -w. *». am w* lMp» Wfc# t t» taat imMft v-«t * - :mm r * mm m. -mm 4V *» ■ mipm* ato** «*»»«• ■'■mrnm «m wmm m ** '%M» 4» 4fr <*« 4MMMHHk ** -*fc» 4MHMW*' pOOfIBM « *■ ■#»..*<* »«% •**! *-*•" 4ft" ♦*' 4 '" %.iiNg 'Mr ii- Ml HW » .»' <*•»■ 4 l»4» If • o*%B '4mvi A «"*»■-#** *T •* •*» :.jmt «MT an-4 e-firW' • #»**• at t'^nr *•£ -*■ X * -%* «*.' It. r »<■ -* A<t p<j; ■ t Mi MM -«l |6«t m<> ; •>. r»j®» a-«r »-U«mi !• i.|> •ai ': >v a lis O'twir, I w.i t» tap r r» 1 Imic rrad ik -at csr.fu mj < ar«'l i]» u >rll tm ikt i't'.-A aff • ii"tl If t •I. .story of i!» orfi -iiii ntlurr of 1..c I uwa .i:«| Ihf C «j»ti!u t:on, ai»l f tUe »y«tcm of povermntut lb*-!*- liTcrcat-d; and hating cdi.il to uiy aid lit i\• r. !-«* «>f ni\ lie«t ju 'g.Dcnt and nndtr standing, 1 can ullriUnte <o (hoa« rcrolut o»«* liut one il.sl.uetite character Their lali- ■, ti ~e, i iijMirt and tendency, all |Mtiut in ill' Fii-iie direction. 1 understand them as ciiibo.iyiiu nothing morn nor less than (lie politicul ilogmas mid heres.es proinulga i ted by S tut hern politicians more than half | a c. ntnry ago—politic.il d'>gmns adroe ited by Lutlier .Martin, I'utrick Ilcnry and their | anii feder.il satell.les during the formation 1 an I iii'iettioii of the Ooii.stitutioii, and ufter . .vtirds by Jolui C. 0;I!IIOIIII and his lollower.*. I iiink'i.-iand tin se r. Mt'iuions ns embody ing the very spirit mid essenco of the South C'.no'i'i,: floi tr.ny ot Slate light* and State legitimate f.nits of which have been, and ahv.iys will It", inillilieuti'in. M..ie>-i(iu and rebellion. 1 understand litem as vmiiudying a doctrine which has d.slurb i d tin l jieace of ihe nulion for more than lifiy yeirs, and as eoiiraining nothing more or Itss 'lun I In* dry and withered bones of the sy.-teiu of govt rmneiit which tsi>ted mi di r the old "'Articles ft I Couferleratiim," the sec. Hl I Artiele of which was in these words: Aunoi.!'. i. l-'ji' Ii Stit.> r«'liil;n Its *>tv. icl«iity, frtc .l.ttit mill itiili'iH-ml-'iit'e. ami every p.iwer juri-ili.-l »n aii l i «lit .vliivli is :;ul by tills t' Jii:c.lerj>ija cx/nrsn tjiUtieiU'l. A mstem of government, sir, which, in the short period of ten years ul'ier its udop t on by the ].igisliilnre.i i f iJie St iles, not by tin' j.c •/•/<•, pioved itsc If utterly worthless on ( !i! t'.iii:it of its inhi-rcnt imbecility and want of power—a system of government, wliieh , was tried, foiiiui \vaiiti:i<r, condemned nml thing aside Ity 'lie framersof tho Coiistitu tion, ruUlcd and adopted liy the pe* pic. Saeli, sir, is the character of these reso lutions now lie for.' us, nnd lis sneh I tie : nomieo them, i denounce them us contain ing the old exploded doctrines of South i Carolina, revived uu l presented to us here ; in this Council, ns "fresh fish from Hel icon.'' 1 deuouuee them as containing po litical doctrines which have involved the na .on hi n contest of arins that has jarred the ■ j' ; !'.srs of State nnd drenched a Continent : i;i t li!uOil and tears. I denounce them fur liter as containing doctrine?, which, if allow ed to obtain predominance, will compel us ' in i our children to go forth upon tlio field of battle to strike tigaiu for our "altars and our lires." j Having spoken of tho general spirit and , import of the resolutions as a whole, permit I me now, Mr. President, to analyze sotno of | their parts. They deserve a criticism more ' severe than I uin capable of making. | In the fust place, take the elegant pre aml ft, consisting of hL'h souiiding words, amounting in mbstance to little else tliun ••hijlh-loiied bumoaib" —"su" lime humbug." Dr«t >t.itrnciil is, that "crave differ ' n -e« l.ave nri«en t.-twrm the Emulirt and Ixfid itirt Hrpurfv*:* of U»e (Jenerni Uot eruuimt" Strvpp--! «»f iu dr»;<rrj tLb ss-jfc* • mp'f. O'll ;riif . ifin i rrt ki't trWl Lctarra ;r*«a»l«V l'r«iVr»t — iaatto*aorl«. IW r>*( * t ****** U>« *>totaer» U* I' im« •' i«* I » Suw» aaii Aa -- lit. to to a r-4 ran' r«4IW aW *4 waaaa. aarf m*o*ttr+~ kjrntmm a» to «r"-jrfji*ar x m-v ..»# it * wnC m l **m ■ i.- - Jm**** Mmam %r* mr Ida. mirm to» ■■ • 'V mm. *b „■ „ • € «<• I*44* m * 0 mm * ***** ** ft -mm **—■ ««• - ** m mm »»■- •** ) ■ <■■■> jp llfTlr M-mmtm # » m rv '• ■**.- ** ** ** r m ■** ~t . . mutimwi -'3- *•> mini ft ■ <■» ■* * *"to £ I „n." IT? —w « <■* «a- iii «a» «m> •> *r «ar«0» MM» .pWWBa *»■"» «MMP 4M» IMI m k* * MP pawar af • <a> m ta* qiaa- a. «f *• «a*a aara <■»■■ ' l-o 4 Uk» f"**** m ' « *jw • ■ft ■*"" V* tm-fti 14r."- Vfc«rua ar J*a<a 1 < _ p.,»rr» a 4 «*-... Ifc Da: Un arr .~- fmwri at C'-*_ as*. .W./ •iwra -tj «k -k tfcr*r ~f*i, x-M nw>* :. »»r »n»r«' TW u«m I trttjl? c<iarr* ei .a llm rm y.o, t> es-e*c»i j TV* are the f i</ Congrrw, uJ lW ri eklt of a« <1 nmti It ». a' 4» a i'i mi' 7Aor arr U* puirr> of IVmjrro* _ti J tbr riftiti of MuU-« referred lo m th. resolution*. The second ''vitrei i»" contains rc rn.itk able premises froiu which to draw OHTcct conclusion*. 11 it there asserted thai the General Government is one of "strictly tie fi nil powers, established by ull the States." Murk the language— Est itULshrd ly all the States. Una the gentleman who wrote this prentiibl • never rea l the preutublu to the Constitution? lias lie never seen this lan linage: " We, the PEOPLE of the United State.? * * * do ordain and establish this Constitution?" I)o. s lie not know the difference between the old Arti uli-s of Confederation, nnd the Constitution of the United States? Is it not liiut such tyros lion hi be found enunciating Const.tutioual principles, and making party platforms? Out upon such twaddle mid twaddlers. We are further told by tho resolutions V I hat the General Government is one of "strictly delhied'' powers; powers "express ly delegated." nntl none oilier. We know, sir, Jhat sii<-li were the powers of (lie Gov eruimftit which existed under the Articles of Confederation, mi l that such was llio very laui;ua<*c ol them. Wc «l>o know that tlioo were the principal reasons why that iin'ieeilu Government perished so soon. We know, too, that such are not the only powers vested l>y the Constitution in our present form of Government. If tln-y had been the only OIKS, the Government won! 1 have per ished long Permit me nlso to suy' that no Government ever did, or ever w.ll exi-t for any considerable length of time, whoso only powers were those "expressly delegated" urn! "strictly defined." The mind of man is incapable of eutrnco ating mid strictly defining all the powers ade quate to tl.c wants and exigencies of a nation. You may »s well attempt to enumerate and define all tlio powers and cucrgies necessary in the operations of nations. Tii<! 3 I II solution inculcates lessons of justice iiu l magnanimity. Let me inform gentlemen on tlie oilier side that the North ern people need no lectures oh justice and magnanimity. During the whole war, the Not her n people displayed n magnanimity which hus commanded llio admiration of the world. If gentlemen wish to inculcate les sons of "inagnanimity" let them go to the laud Of chivalry—'to Port Pillow und An dersouvi lo Prison. Let them look within its dismal walls, let them lielsold that ghast ly group of Union Soldiers, living skeletons with ooUtrecthcd arms, begging in vain of their captors a morsel of su»t» nance to pro long their wretchedness until deliverauco might come. Yes, let gentlemen go there and preach magnanimity, not here. T:>e 4tii Hi-solution is based upon a false av«umpti»n of fac's. Congress has not, so far •< we know, «steaded the cl.vtive fr*n- i ckne to all pcraaaa vitkoat dttt;uct.»a of rare or roiiv. TW is tie ar'.ioo of Uk S--s»U <** tW 'jecXi ■ M «» w. wa a- «w •>-*—» t |«II t« r■*» !*«<»■« «i y « t . mt l« in* m « t—Mm* r«» <• *=«"•«• * T Bt <■*»<• ■ a ■me «■-*«■*-* trm» M M i» • a»*• 4 1 i «» *■ -■ ar m* «* .—ri—' mt «M* « *Mi J* m Ame iW *~ J> fw %r' «i IT»<~ «tm» V* * «r tt» r,f-«« » *»» *-#•.•-s** * art, *<4 »r*r W tar - t m m mmnz *• •*' i^r f • Jkr fmfiM «p. Jml * *»* rf t W «MMi I( « . • »- m. kj nM • ! dt«jf« f; 11*4 W%» l« Ic U tint C-M tfV U •i-r «J-; (''T-grr**, or A-jJr** JWk> * Hi! a atpi'utl, uiunt » vauer.'ul tfcaa all. | *UI to be «p»*rr-d; II i» the f-eal kuock Josu arcuawnl n Mipport of "n<t poiicy," an<! 1* Milff-taMialW Uh: that frxa (lie beginning to the end of war, the declared object, purpose an 1 policy of t!.« Qo*erini>'ni Ins IK-CM, not to overthrow or intetf.-re with the riirlits or inst totion* i>f tlie Btnte* in reln-llion, l>ui to ; renervc the Union with all the dignity, equality and rights of th" State* unimpaired; and as a consequence, now th.it the war is ended, the tiorerunu-ut is hound by that declaration, and its faith pledged to adhere to it. If the facts assumed be true, the conclusion would seem to bo true also, and the argu ment to have force. But I deny the facts to bo as stated; gentlemen forget history, they forget the most memorabl-j Events of the war. I admit that such wos at onu time the declared object and pM'cy of tha ({overturn nt, and was ctuboditil iu a rciu lution in t'i so words: Uttolv.J l>;i l!,r llo'i.'f vf H<i>rmulativtl of Iht Congm* (/ the I'nitert Stutcs, Tliut the present de plorable civil war lias been furred upon the country l.v the dlsutaoiiisU of the Southern States, uuw in revolt ajrain-t the Co:ir.tltiitloual government, and in nrms HMiind tl.e capil.il. tli.it in thin National emrr- Keney, Congress, banishing nil feelings of mere pan si >n "or iv-eitmenr, will recollect only its duty to Hie whole country: I hat this war is not waged upon our part ia any spirit of opre»*sion nor for any purpose of comj u'st or subjugation nor purpose of over throwing or in'eiferrinjt with li e rights or est lb lished institution!) of those St ites, hut to defend u:d maintain the supremacy of the ('(institution and to preserve the Union with all the dignity, equality anil rights of the POVPI.II States unimpaired; uud that as s ion as these objects arc aMOiujtlislictl the war ought t.i cease. lint tliis was in July, ISCI, when "Puaco conferences'* nil \ the "Peace Policy *' wa< in rootle. But what followed? The war went on—rebels took new courage—buttles continued to bo fought—victories lost nnd AO:l —for a long timo in even scale the bat tle hung, until ut last the stern lojfic of events disclosed the fact lhat SI.AVERY Jii'sr niE, ou TIIK UNION PERISH. What next happened ? In September 18C2, President Lincoln, s'ill obs?rving the peace policy contained in the foregoing res olution of Congress, issued a proclamation, designating the States and parts of States then in rebellion, givftg one hundred d iys notice that a ch ingc in tho manner of prosecuting the war <>ll thu part of tho Government would take place as a military necessity—warning them to return to their allegiance and tend Senators and Representa tives to Congress on or before the Ist day of January, 18C3, or they would bare to accept its consequences and results. The hundred days elapsed— no State had ro turned to its allegiance—treason was exul tant nnd defiant—January Ist, ISflSi had arrived. What ncs!? Retributive justice wis swift and tcrr.ble. Oa that very day thi> sacred soil of Virgin ia-thc "Old Pi»iittnioa w —tbe " mother of IVoaMeata"—"th« home • of chivalry'* was rat in twiir Wr the *wor4 ami We»t V;rjri»ia lierame a State. What ! rile KA|YR*ed? On ih» Ml* «Uy thai lafef-teeni, iunicharulxJ of J»- ar.tj: »1» • rf UpU'J i«t t« awJ mt nm'7 l«raa» ta C*r", «• '"i •* "• •*w. ~ lW fevi «t Ut free ■»< Si*> «f (V kra*e * |U -h fwJ «-* l-<t I' • <8» **•" mmm m € m ■ ff.. i■, <Mhb. **•" »•* 4tm Ut* JOB**- - T H m*m * 4m

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