23 Mart 1867 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 3

23 Mart 1867 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

mm> «•»- —n <1 T 4» '*** 4T- «■> H" MIMiNIMP# <•* ♦ & 4H 0P 4pr «•*-• . A HMt- 4* -•«' « HK { * •** 4Mtf- 4riM> ,v ""*lfc> Ik • «m * «■» «*- » «M» m IPM» * 4* » *£> «» W • «—, —*» / ' »■ ■ <l* * - aar «•»- !<■■ ■«• ~ mm m »,n» g '•• « * ic * "**•"■' •» «a 14 >t.# f *»* »** • * 0 *. V * ■>■-.•» ii-i r L /> /' —•• Ki«f eriT • .*>> • ' -r c«a cv-t»c:. ' i.r»,~ ts»» '*> «i •.» pU». fe ••*}• r • M C 4] r.C. 09 » t i ?l-f *4* «:«-* I rrad AllUn gli. a> ;i..u > .t. •• [U tul i «• »i p«*lf Ct £» lo M'ttfl I lie !«•>•: <J» CU rrau '•je." >ou can't g>t a pull o.i! of ui> f«»r the coiisiJir-tiou of .« fi\v ijca.ts o: w«tcr and logwcoi. As tile fool# nre io: «Jli!(jd, you may sell :lit* villaii.ous ion coition—but you can't sell us. —We aiv n quested 11 notice the fol lowing letter, picked tip on the street i.il dressed 10 Mr : •Sir: Having observed you manner and fre quent speak. ng, this lodge desires yon should cease, fur the r<iuon we think the tune could be better occupied. Hoping you wilt take no offense, I subscribe myself, Yours truly, H.WVK-KVI:. Anotiyinous loitira are contemp si-le things enough WIKII they are sent to tlu« permit to whom tiiey are direct d, but when purposely tiro; ped in an unsealed euvel >pe, thi* intent is ilia of thenssass n. The infosence ix thai statements mud''in this manner either nre untrue, or if true, that llic untl.or is n eoivnrd. Iftlscdis f cloture ha- reference to the ptoceedi gs of it secret society, it is evident t tit ho is nu nnwoit'iy ii't'tiiber. ami wlic h-r thry have or n>t, ii bis iik'itity c mid b < established no j;i«-y ciu'd icfn.se to envut him of libel. Severn] lott ': s tni'.st await consickr atio i till next wt-fk. ' i'he 11.I 1 . N. IlVo/7// j'ivesrt retnaik i'b c e se of end irt iC' 1 of a wo nan named Mrs. ]\l<io:e, who was !o-t ill the woods it r S, attic a f<-w w.i k* iigo, for sewn days. She wss ii lly lound, i n tl.e eighth d 1' ng hi a IIUI.MW wit li a d"g. wliieh h d ncooi. ]tit o I h*T at lifcr fe.-r, and "U'- t-lio• iiiled with w.tei a: her fide tliii fh • had eairi'd into In-r r« treat to dr.i.k. lo ml riny .lie i-eviriu of th • we t't rin tii-* iiine !.i» i s *nc • of en s' u ■ nee 14 jir ! a! ly linear: l 'iieii. IP The lollo.vi j pa-s-'iifc rs arrlvtd yest rti 13 morning bv titi- Amhrirm: Juoge Y.rit.s, Jt.liii l-'hc'.f'.tn, !ti !iartl !t. I'iei.o ISeno, Tuny ijiug, ilalietl, Wile and child, llnau.iu, two Ca.uamau and two iSi'vaslies. Ls** Mr. J. L. Aliistci, f r.iicrly editor ftnd publisher of tli t I'or.lu:iJ Advertiser, called up m us lwt evening. SPEC IA I. NOTICES. The Bui Hrrnti!} for Pin try li.« the rrnTthrning the Ner«e*, Rv>t.ning the Lou u. pivi ii »• i%. FRESK'B llAXliirnn TEA. It i» tar br«t prrwrretii - .tnin-t alinoat \n\ «irk " u*«-d r mp W l ' «»f herb* oil*, it ***» nfrlf gi* •» t-j ir.fjAi*. I ai! dirvrtiiNi* n a*»4 Ormu, viiS ctr v pvta*-. TUY IT »-*!:. %*'.« iUf«ti..ira; %t art-* EIIIL I'El * r. nM ftwftr A;-¥. Il» dw • ;r ftmrcM^in. •* mi *iN«rwi « W T **ai^| jP**- tAm*. Tfc« »-%4 % MPMa wmagtrm* •*% « vr %• r*W* <W%. » jcmr*l9 i ruff **" IW—M. ?* (*f \\ «*•! V* ani«*J' I - LhQ ECTTItV ■ »ll£ MHL <W, « T • • •* » -MM-' «■* OP* 1 "*- •» *"■* » 4 ""- w*mm m : *W flMf «■•■*► m mm* m m *mmM» * r ;w** un * r mm mr -<mm •* mmm "*» W - ■< 4* <■» S*e~ ««nf - i> Mk n i *»« .x «>t ** r 111 I.MiA \ltV y»Yltl'l* A 4 *• c# Xa.rt S? !••*. ?• 5 T« 11 r t ir Mirnfni ftutiWn Li It i* miiUhk t«» d»f4i, Sh«»u o th r«* r »»»»•• in frightful Orr luur he-«d» the »ilu-r g'4j. Life i» real, life i* carne*t, \\ lit Mti iiiUl any t'lii- Ut*»|>air, " l)u«t thou art, t » du«t r<*tiirtic»l| N Was Uut sji«»ki n of the hair. Not the mark* <>f age or sorrow. On your tresses loon should slay — You can live that each to-morrow i'ind them darker thuu tj-day. Time is long, but iifsc shall find von, Though your hair «i(li lustre wave Soon vvlien failing,'twill remind you, You are marching to the grave. In the world's siihlimer culling. Where we each our race must run, ir your hair he fulling, f illing, Use the "Martha Washington." Trust no other, howe'er pleasant,— None can do what this has done; Trv it—always keep it present, — L'sethe " Nlurtha Washington." Twenty thousand heads remind us What a noble lest it's stood; Milli >us more shall come behind us With their tresses ult renewed. "MARTHA WASHINGTON" ITAIIc ItESTOKEK, Is a, wonder of the world, anil stands above com parison with any other article for the Hair ever uicught before the pub ic. Sold everywhere. Prico, SI.OO. SI.IIOKDS & CO., Proprletortt, FITZWILLIAM, X. 11. HF.DINOTON* & CO. Agtiits, San Francisco. March 23, 1537. 28;ly "beijing ion a ad/s ESSEJfE OF mm GIMER. rniliS vultmble preparation containing in n I highly concentrated form 111 the properties of Jamaiea'Oiuger, has become one of the most popu lar domestic remedies for nil a.scascsof the stora uch and digestive organs. A' a tonic it will be found Invaluable to all ner funs reciveriii;: from debility, wli"the,' p.. dticca by fever or nth ir.vise, lor v.hil.-t it imparts to the «vs t in nil the glow and vig'ir that cm be predi ed iy wine or brandy, it is tntireiy free from the reio tion irv ciiccU tU»t follow the use of spiitts u» any hind.' It in al io an ex.'client remedy for females who sutler from <!i iicult nicnstruutii'h, giving almost Im mediate relief ta the spasms that so frequently ne conipany that period. It gives immediate rell f ti Nausea, caused by riding iu a railroad car, or by sickness, or other causes. It is ilsa valuable as an external application fur «3out, Hheumutisiu, Neuralgia, etc. KEDINOTON ft CO., Role Agents for the Pacific Coast. San Francisco, Much il i*» 7. W.ly OItAEI'ENBEHG UTERINE CATHOLKDN if Cftiihfu'.lr ii»"1 ft, i)ir«r!io«- will nrf e»cM cat of |)MlKte>, •* i f r<• *liv m;ti f ii' i' * ii 4 T * •* n • i of *.Lr . .-• » • Wft *. *"»»' n • »-* V- 1 %- «f ilf Kiil«ryt t»4 I'.ff !<rt uj (ht Fr nm> -f* «•*.-*« •* • . --4 T»- V.J»* • . * T" "•*" •!! I *■ » 4 « T »*m «M> * •- "»"i "%!' •" ■ I -»*♦ i» - -. -*u*f 4 up— '«f |MM» Ti, 19— Jfcr mtr* -m *t Sit*** —< - «• ft -4 •■***• *»» •* • «Mfl* •»■ hS «• WA4 ftMMfi •#( I**®"' v ". *■'*<***' • < Jtfft** 4» * » ' ■ * « 'fir -a»-M- » 1w» * **' "Mi <*■* i r tHNft^nv k ' ,a m ft • » '* ** * ai § ' 1 ttiVSi 9 1 ® < ft •* "»*•» •m < m w || <4 «» - M>' nw» <«iN«MMh «■» «nv> %nwMtk **■* * "MM); "*• %■»' <m* ..«■■> 9W «■* t» Inn« MT » 10 HO €TV lITTvT»> 4MMM* «*»•> OW «M '«■» '»» <MMH aM»- - Wte • «*» «**■» *» jtud"O>* ir* ; * - ifr - 4IW» '4MM'' ; 4MMHNW r on aw"" --tttwuHC \ew> i»i:r<»T. \lu A li«'l<\ R»*R «r>K I M II IHV. sH»i P.iWk V< □ N * JmJ If'« /! • »-»•' * «*» A FULL <l3 WILL-SELECTEi ITBC* STATIONERY, GoM atnl Sici'l IVns, INKS AND ALBUMS, /'OH'T'FO/.IOS, esgiutisch, i.irnof.n iriis. (j fUMS llHii all TOYS. FANCY GOODS, W 9 MMV •• " •• And Various and Sundry Useful Articles. Just Reoeivodl A small and choice invoice of Toilet Arti cles and I'crluiuery. George Wo :tenh )lin's Celebrated Cutlery. We arc in receipt, each steamer, ot Eastern and California papers, picturi.il.l and period icals. Also sole proprietors of the new patent At»iu»]iliei Ic t'oid Oil <-nl Lamp. (See Circulars.) Orders respectfully solicited. J. 11. MI'SSON, ) ( It. 11. HOWE. Agent Wells, Fai- V -! Agent 001. State go & Co. j I Telegraph Co. Olympia, March!', IHC7. 18:mU J. G. Parker, Jr., Olympia, W. T., DEALER IN GUOSCE GEOGE&XES, HAIII>WAUE. N.MLS, I«0.\, STEEfi, WOODEN WARE, ** * *. • o • *?• * a ?T - m > W ■« art W m mm mm mm mtm m • 3 CORDAGE, HOOTS AND SHOES, A nd A trout of the— GUkROTAN LIFE IKSU2UNCE CO., OF .VA'IF I'UUK. Olympia, Feb. -J, 1807. 17ttf gYLVK.STKR'S g EEy ARKUOCSE, 31? WanlilnKton Street, UETWEEX UATrr.UV AM> MOST, Bax l HAXnsco, r.t i.. «. tRDCV KLKUS. f»|>p!ir« ot tl'f ntw rr";i rt, i-irc. 1 * l»i • \rr% • •eau:*r ftuta tin- fu< »: r,>■> •u«rr«* ia tie ha»t au<l E«rcp» a>ln i|lU Uryrtl _i»j »> .«• tv k "I M.tff • ll.i r»<4. TU ia4r: f»*<i •!"<. a: «U'<- ttltarifkl. »k- nri»".f il uim t«s» t iAica m ux kt urccr.i\< *«*rt HU» It* % cfckj**. CM s* : < t*.— M> T—r «.«.

tUifi h*. pi lt d, MUJTt Tt m**m% «r bsmmm v»-» *_ « A 0 I —I I f: turn* *» : rnkm, f mi fuHl* "wr # uf» f* . -# mm- » mm-mmm*. m ggr *>»■'*■ - ***» mm? LUMNU. * r in.n;.,# | HI •t* GMn < L«»TB*&»«T^ •VI M»I» R* M> IWI * g { fy? "SLS" (h ilirs Washer! • ?'t ; H iMiiu nmra: r■*' w. "f » f r u u *l-te r *. t*< JV/IG* iff : It i* c.i«v to ojKTJte, hitting or It t.ike* hut little room ; It injure* no jrurtnents ; It fin Mies its work in from two to four minutes; It is durable and convenient; It is the onty washing machine known that is liked the batter the longer it is used. HIGHLY RECOMMEXT:I) liY Solon Robinson, in " i'nets for Farmers," by Orange Judd, Editor " American Agriculturist," by Prof.Youtnnns, Author of " Household Sci- ence, and by many other prominent men. DOT Y 'S CLOTHES WASHER! Han taken the Plrst Freniltlm, WHEREVUII EXIIIIUTKD IN CO.Ut'ETI TION WITH OTIIER MACHINES, It is evident there me two things bes'des cleaning clothes, which a Washing Machine must accomplish in order to I e iutirily satis factory It must tare tabor ami tare ikt gur turnlt: for without these, no other,qualities will be sullicient to prevent its falling into dis use. Now, these are precisely point; on which the proprietors of the Dory's Clotiiks Wash rr rest the claims of this Machine; and they send out a modest challenge to all competi tors to produce a machine, which, while, it cleans effectively, shall do it with so little labor to the operator, and with such perfect immunity to the garments as this. On these two points this Machine has taken the first premium as a Family Washer wherever exhibited ; and for its perfection in these two points, it is at thi3 day enjoying a popular favor which can be claimed for no other Washer known. A feeble woman, unnble to work on her feet, can use it with case iu a sitting posture. Come and see. T!ie other points on which this WasLer has no superior aro these; Ist, Tho fjuantily of it will wash nt once ; since tlu last im provement, it will cleanso eight shirts, cr their equivalent. Nt one operation. 2d. The ef t'.i iency and -peed with which it does it-« work; two minutes being suflicicnt for a batch. 3d. It will wash a wooleu-lleeee without tearing it apart. 4th. It will do the whole washing, bluing, and lin in? wilhou either w \>h-tub or » a h-board. oth. It takes up but little tuore room tli >t a common wiikh-tub, its length be ing but ;iOatid its width 20inches. rnicns. Family Jloiel Size, ID,OO THE UNIVERSAL CLOTHES . WRINGER (with coh-wiieels,) Aeeomp'ti'ei each Washer—Fnniily tire "iO, 11. ' .ir.e $lO. Send or- to \VM. FALKXBR A SOX, San Franci'co. Or a.'ply '*> the editor ot thin paper, by v bum nt.li »•- « ill be re<eivtd at S n Francisco agent'f 9. Ol.' *u. Jin. It J, .Side Oats! I*4 11 1 * ■" U-* )«• "■ ''"J ** *nH> j ji J. LIGIIINER- I#t\«. • *!•■»' CIITBW » | m. Mil m mm I** i* i; ~ - •»-, > - .aw* o*'" 1 4np»' *»wx m AMMMP **. tMI m fP»- viffibmlmiiui * H FKXM (nurt)«^>. lixn * Limnasu .W 411. 4U tr»4 411 JU'VrI Strvt!, rwrm-- M'• imm:. Vi laporwri fc W :>*tr«alr •rakrv t\TIZC *i.« A*!» f Wr_«H >T«K"K ! \i r i.« ii " <• mmih «r ran fl TKI lUrniXTI lo onr Inrjfe ituik of Ilcr stork <ofuj>ri*e» f.rrv arli< le in tl.<-Clothing and Furnishing line. Wr Ii i\c con tm.tly on li.uid the largest ►tin!, nnd prratcM variety of Cassitnrre and Wool IIAT.S of any house iu San Francisco, anil our price* for ti.eje Goods arr !■ ss than those of any house, a< we receive ihem di reit from the manufacturer's coualgnaient. Our stock of WINTER AND SPRING Goods is particularly attractive, and the great feature to the country merchant is the un usually low prices Lkss Tlian the Cost of Importatl on We also keep tlic STAPLE ARTICLES in the Dry Goods line, which Goods we have pur chased in this market under the hammer, and ure oßering them at New York Cost, and less. We publish this card in order that we may make new acquaintances, and induce those who have not heretofore purchased of us, to call and examine our stock. Good Article* and Low Prices t Are the great inducements tnull who purchase to selt again. Merchants who liny of us, can make a good profit, and sell to their custom ers at a low figure. We remain, respectfully, Your Obedient Servants, BADGER A LINOKNBERGER, Wholesale Clothing and lint Warehouse, Nos. 411, 413nnd 41.1 Battery street. San Francisco, Jan. 10, 1807. 14:3 in 1866 & 1867! HAVING just returned from the Enst, we have perfected such arrangements as to enable us to supply or tilt any order in our line of trade. WE NOV.' OFKE!» A liiRCiE ASSORTMEHnP OF ALL F'XDS OP AURIC U LT IT 11AL IMPLEMENTS AND FARMING MACHINERY AT A3 Low Prices r.t c.in be purchajod nt any House on this Const. tiuoiH n 111 be Imported to Order upon proper references beiugjgiven. J. 1). ARTHUR & SON, Cor. Califoxia and Davis Slnrets, San Francisco. Decctnbei 22, 1303. 7:ni4::s Farm for Sale! Only 828 OO . fpHC «iJrr .'sn! w« »»f. riap h * hr-j> J #f !J . m«f lu4 iilwinl M llw \r+- qmmiUy >• rmme ' W T ;■* hurt I mt* »*- mf a c-« "wl l "«c r< > -i, ** - tMi;i *• ' *++ ■a rr t>« «- r*A «/ u* t> *» TW firm na i4< n «#■« ml I w »vm ml <■»-»?* 4 km* , I, . * rami <M.» «r .•* »• mr hard «# tnm rmmv+mt * %y» ■ • Fa* tm f Ms w n>4 » »"■ ' ■ i Maw TV mm m **» ttm i Am • « M * '* % siSHL -. «** ' im> ■-•«*» T iim *mmmm <- '4N A-iMMMt fggtan* VtffcMVi *" -J "Wr:wtom tMMMIMI MBMMQT "**• I«MMf MflHli 4BF4Vfe r*— ■ •»< • p*«wir » «*MM* ta» •»'. mm mm m % -mm* m+* 4rj M MM —i h«r<«|u»i -ii —yn i m rtMmf mmrt ikt m»* T. H itCAKF a en, S« City, S<»I! fct »T1 hnrpfl.Cnrm.tcmiry •tom »4 4«l'r< :fcrut rk<-«! ilir «nrM : •<••!! 4nl> rr« r»a ul>!«io (n'tjilin of at; rUlrull ajr'&t in any Urjfe «i»y or town la i!>«■ I'aioa. Barnes' Magnolia Water. A toilet delight! Tlie luuies' treasure and gentlemens' boon! The "sweetest thing" and largest quantity. Menufuctured from the rich Southern Magnolia. Used for bathingthe fa<:c nnd person, and to render the skin soil nud fresh, to prevent eruptions, and to per fume clothing, &c. It overcomes the unpleasant odor of prespiration. It removes redness, tan, blotches, Ike. It cures nervous headache and allays inl&mjnS tion. It cools, softens, and adds delicacy to the skin. It yields a subdued and lasting perfume. It cures mosquito bites and sting of insects. It contains no material injurious to the skin. It i 9 what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Try the Magnolia Water once and you will use no otter Cologne, Perfu mery, or toilet water afterwards. Bold by Drupiri?ts and Dealers everywhere. DEMAS BAFNEB & CO., Props. Exclusive Agents, N. Y. lijonn' Ka thai roll. It Is most delightful Ifnir Dressing. It eradicates scurf and dandrr.ff. It keeps the head cool and clean< It makes the hair rich, soft and gloss;. It prevents the hair turning grey and falling o!F. It restores hair upon prematurely bnldheadi. This is just what Lyons' Kathairon will do. It is pretty —It is cheap—durable. It is liter ally sold by the car loud, aud yet its almost incredible demand is daily increasing, and there is hardly a country store that does not koep it, or a fimilv that not uss it. E. THOMAS LYON. Chemist N. T. Lyons' Extract til tiger. Lyons' Extract op IVrk Jamaica (Ijhoie— For Indigestion, Nausea, Hartburu, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, Flatulency, /sc., wltere a warming stimulant is required. Its careful prcpnrntoin and entire purity ra ike it a cheap and reliable article for culinary pur poses. Sold everywhere at fifty cents per bot tle. Ask for •' Icons' " Pure Kxtract. Take no other. Sec that the private U. S. stamp of Demas Karnes A Co. is over the cork of each package. None other is genuine. Mtavtanir LtKlmei/ Have yon a hurt child or a lama ham I Vmtho Mexican Mu»tangJLinirocnt. For cut*, opraiim, burn*, swelling* aa4 taM breatu, the Liniaicat Ua wttala cure. For rheumatism, neuralgia, stiff joiata, "stiaga and bites, there U nothing like tht.Mriicu Hh- Udjj Liniment. For spatiard hor*e«, the pall evil, ringfcew'aed »»»e—;».tt.e Mexican For »iad pUi, irralrVi, big-Wadaa4 apNal. tha Hnini u«-ui| LMhrali> worth iUaa%W ka ""orta. T . I ll ' flip, nil 11l ■« uc 11 rt«aa ta «nr ia i»ai hail, tea b>«> W ikn Lwartl is the Wat InaMHta cm W i mm4r. -k Ukaia»Wi'Wß n mmmAmm *mmt 111 —a aSS •S d Ia» » a»i »a««< I & « - «- fffci 11^1, 4* ■*+. wmt'W A mm 1 4- - ****** jtmrn*' 4M»