30 Mart 1867 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Mart 1867 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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Ua-ihinolon sla«4ari vmc MI v» a MtM •** »*•« _ » ,| (9 rm+a, *+- » " **»- TT* jp* • «Htr —■ ? tru«> —•* <r " , —*l *"* (n «r «l»' •*%•■ ■•*"•"• " * er " ® * .j. r ~ •*" ■*"■•• * * *■' * **" —— M>- OBpaM** ** »*» <■—*■ fjf 1 «t» n of Wrtfc*. wtmmafr* a»4 <•**• '» «n<4 lrf« «f fk"P If All #r for p»sli *ti<». •*>♦» be *'iHr>-»««-J 1J the edi tor of IW St«ii->«i>. 1 r Hia«k». HiH-h<-vK caM«. bill* of farr !»"*- ten. pmgnmmr*,circular*, <-ai *. pamphlets, te., elwiH »l re»«o»» ble rates. OFFICE Corner «f Bcc«ii'l and Waahington itrfftii ucar tlic alea®fboat lanilinjf- [OFKICIAL.] LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES, l>aw«c<lat Che SrrnmT wraatnn of 111* Tiilrly- Nlntli CoiigrtM. [PuilLIC —No. 11.] An Act to incorpatc the Washington County Horse Railroad Company in tho District of Columbia. Be it enacted by the Senate and Home of lleprcurntaliees of the United. States of America ill Coii'jrest assembled, Hint Sam uel P. Brown, Francis Mattingly, Noble D. Lamer, Marshall Brown, nnd Joseph L. Pearson, and their associates and as signs be and I hoy arc hereby, created a body corporate under tho name of" \V ash ington County llirso Railroad Company, with authority to construct and lay down a double or single track railway, with tho necessary switches and turnouts, in tin county of Washington, in the District of Columbia, as follows: Commencing at Boundary Btreet, at its intersection with Fourteenth street, and along the Fourteenth street in a northerly direction, to a point where said road intersects a new road re cently opened by the levy court, and along said now road in an c isterly direc tion, to the Seventh street turnpike, nnd along said turnpike in a southerly direc tion to Boundary street: provided. That tho consent of Bianl of Diiectorsof tho 17th Street Turnpike Company he first obtained for the use of their road, with the right to run public carriages thcr on, and receiv ing therefor a rato of fare not exceeding ten cents a passenger for any distance on said road. *■ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That the said railroad shall be deemed real es- tate, and it, with tho other real and per sonal property of said body corporate,shall be liable to taxation a>i other real es'atc and personal property in the county afore said, except as horeafter provided. Sec. 3. And he il further enacted, That tho said railway shall be laid in the most approved manner adopted fir Street rail ways. And the tracks shall not bo more than six nor less than four feet npait, and tho gague tho same as that of the street railways in the city of Washington. Sec. 4. And he it further enacted, That the tracks of tho said railway shall ho laid in such a manner as will least interfere with the ordinary travel of the roads over which the said tracks shall be laid. Sec. 5. And he itfurther enacted. That thia act may at any time he altered, amended or repealed by the Congress of the United States. Sec. 6. And be it further enacted , That nothing in thia act shall be so constructed as to authorize said body corj>orste to is •ne any notr.token, device, scrip, or other wiittw ol «lc\»t to be tinl as currency. Sac. 7. -f»'l U U fmrtkrr rmathl. Thit the Mfttal a»ock of said company shall te not ISM than two n-«r Mt tkaa LU ban- 4ai tin liiWlf. ud iImI tke *'<<k 1 rffkriln! he %. Ami A* rf rrnmnmi, TW W • tm d fm'fhm aMBM. Tmt "*«■*■ mm •* mmmmmmm » 4wa» Jhaat flto» «■ Mutar » «Mt • Aw ■» *» *f "VHRB* »*» *■ •k--* *■■■»•• %»«* JS jfc»« •» 4f MlMr* 1 ■— 1 TVr :« tkr C«pi'a4 *t W-* «f a»wi luai t—l. ■ -irf **.; we- tmbit fia* i m tW rx't M W *+:. . irom t w u rWI i :* tfcc forrswia ut>:i! tkro* c. cWfc m Uk iftcilKUK. tor t pi tiuJ to b» lit fc*««l corporator*. twiC le« thin two il»j' ; an-l «*aid r-rpo:at >rs ►hall give bv iilrcitikiimt in tise daily | apct* pub lished in i lie city of Wa>hington. of tlx* time when and tiie place where said 'nooks chill be opened ; and said subsrib ris upon said books to the capitol stock of the company shall be held to be stock holders : Provided, That every subscriber shall pay, at the time of sulacribing, twenty-five per centum of the amount by him subscribed to the treasurer appointed by the c> rporatora, or his subscription shall be null and void. If a larger amount, than the capital stock of said company shall have been subscribed, tho books shall bo closed, and the said corporators named in the first section shall forthwith proceed to apportion said capital stock among the subscrib rs pro rata, and make public proclamation of the number of shares al lotted to rach, which shall be done and completed on tho same day that the books arc closed ; Provided'■ further, That noth- ing shall bo received in payment of the twenty-five per centum, at the time of subscribing, except money. And whan the books of subscription to the capital 6tock of said company shall bo clo3fld, tho corporators named in the first section, or a maj irity of them, and in case any of them refuse or neglect to act, then a majority of the remainder, shnll, within twenty days thereafter, call a meeting for tho choice of directors, of which public notice shall be given for five days in two public new papers published daily in the city of Washinglon, or by written personal notice to each stockholder by the clerk of the corporation; and in all meetings of tho stockholder'', each share shall entitle the holder to one vote, to be given in per son or by proxy. Si c. 1 ■'}. And he it. further enacted. That the govi rnment and directions of the t|f- fairs of tho company slinll be vested in a board of directors, seven in number, who shall be stockholders, and who slinll holil their office for one year, mid till others ore duly elected an 1 qualified to take their places as directors, (n majority of whom, the president being one, shall bo a quorum.) shall e!ect one of their numb r to bo pres ident of tlm hoard, who shall also be pres ident of the company in such sum as the said directors may tequiic, for the faith- ful discharge of his trust. In caso of a vacancy in tho board of directors by the death, resignation, or otherwise, of any director, tho vacancy occasioned thereby shall be filled by the remaining directors. Hoc. 14. And he itfurther enacted, That the directors shall have full pow<ir to make and preset i' e such by laws, rules, and reg ulations, as they shall dei m needful and proper, touching the disposition and man agement of the stock, property, estate, and effects of the company, no* contrary to the charter, or to the law* of the United State--. See. 15. And it further marled, That there shall be an aunual meeting of the stock hold,-rs for the choice sf directors, to W ItoUva at such time and place, as said company by thrir by laws mar prescribe, and Mid director* nball. annually, mak - a npnrt •• the a*oekboMer« anJ u» I'aejim «f (he.r ilwmfr* S«* 16 Amd ir »/ fm-t'mrr rmmrt'J. Tks' !'he •* d rrmfmmt »Ua I Un M • J iwm iW- I •r-c aa>i mmrotimt raatfwi* ' jaitfMt pma «r r n»— Mail «*■»• <****£» MMNfIP 40 4ift» •air i » HUWI** TCxsrMn «iTTtJ>u »«w» IUT ■ at. HC ANNRMMMMMIi •■4MMMP"" *** ~ x " "■ -•■ mtm tMBM- KdMmM* Hh> ma Mrihvr 4d > mm Imm mmm -mmttr mt a ■ <*'■» > * *w* - mm* arr mt tar mrnmaa TW mr ifli -v fear *mlt-+me ■ . M fW fcs- tkj* tk-n mam-l W manim tW ml <k«r nrwi* ■toil 'mi tiM«t TVj *m »« a cn-mi t> m«r W-a*t tb<j. xl I* pubJ. h lipirratdol * ;»h t!>* r ni**lo ißf*. and cailoi t.» a.i-oent K»r their *i<-kcdne-is. AfT<r math c\«rti«m Hit ir f«nrs wcic ijiiictiil, aid on the following Sunday the eve* of tlio 1 • goo<! pastor s congregation were as tonished at the unwonted presence of the aforesaid Uansoms. All went pleasantly enough until the reading of the second hymn, which was the familiar " Blow ye the trumpet, blow!" ete. Imagine the effect when, at the end of the lino' " lleturn ye ransnm'd .sinners home." the older of our heroes seized his hat, ami, with long strides toward the door, shouted: "Como along home, Bill! I knowed they'd be Hinging at lis if we came hero !" jßCy* General Houston wasas great a whittler as any Yankoo, as every one knows who ever saw him in tho Senate Chamber, where a quantity of soft pine and a waste-basket were always furnished him by tho atten dants. I was once present when a countryman from Guadalupo County colled upon him while ho was Gov ernor of this Stato. Country wanted to know if he could bring his wife into the office to see tho Governor. "Certainly, certainly!" exclaimed •» * V old Sam, with that pleasing grate of which lie was master; " by nil means invito the good lady in." The pair soon returned,and had a very pleasant chat with the old hero. .Inst as they started, old Sam presented her with a lot of silk-winders and other little mementos of his whittling. The old lady laughed very heartily, and said, " Well, Governor, Mrs. Henry M'Culloch told mo that you would he certain to give mo some silk-wind ers, and she told mo to ask you to make her a buttor-paddle!" At this the General and all of us roared. The next day I called upon him and found him "spreading himself" on tho butter-paddle. TICK SECUET or SUCCESS.— Tho ba sis of success in ull occupations which involves the relations of employer and employed is, that tho employer should have an accurate knowledge of tho work to bo done, what it con sists in, how to do it, and how long it should take. A man ot business who neglects this, places his interest entirely in tho keeping of irrespon sible agents, and, human nature be ing what it is, arrives in duo time at insolvency. This is why thcself-mado man,who has been sternly initiated into the whole mystery by having himself stood in the ranks of the employed, outstrips those who seem to start so fair trorn the vantage ground of edu cation and capital, and build ■ for tune where tliune kick one down. A lUiumrrtß A jpooJ feather .rai-k L a<»ir b* pianii; ta a cia* taW or Mm* two «lr»r4i:u« of ! ■». a katf a draia of par* | ¥ J ■ -mmm* «MMI- «mii fW" "W m'"mam m %» ■ i m UkaMMV «f fcwi' l» l WtmA flfctft* %/gQHR** fIP %■»- JPNMT fr**Mb M*. JHfr t > Star £wfc «r atMMWMM* mi tar '**m*imaL fM %» kMMr A* «*bm4MV atf £■ «. «■* **• A" «flkrwl MM* <MMP mi ffew wmatt ■;, v* ■ ayf>ii LWi ksß' c» iK Cair** <%f aOtewCau* «*» IX ca'W4 In km a fc« itan «c>- mtM-a (* ■»•*-*■•. it. rrrciatxM s*a»lr In tbf tMt< >4 - (5« L" J. <ir*L«a Ki»n< k. in th'* l»ep3rttnenx, that he *x* tlif jmtrv»n of that hou ist ami ]>ati iotic individual, and m.- rurol hi* appointment in the bread ami butter division of the army, a:nl we have kept an eye on him since. Without further introduction we present below a series of letters from Ashley's own pea to 44 My Dear Case," a radical patriot like himself, who wanted for an opportunity to servo his country and put money in his purse, written live years ago: WASHINGTON, D. C., March 12, 1861. >1 Y DEAR CASE : I havo made some progress to-day about tho Surveyor ship of Colorado. In order to secure the Indiana delegation, and to operate on Smith, the Secretary of the Interior, I have promised that all the sub appointments shall bo made by us jointly, 1 giving them the first choice. You must write mo a letter immediately, authorizing mo to make that pledge for you. I want you to write immediately to all your friends, and lot them write letters endorsing you as a practical civil engineer and othorwiso, and direct to tho Secretary of tho Interior, but to mo on envelopo. I havo written to and twice on tho sub ject, to got you tho ondorsomont of the Legislature. I havo not got it yet. l'lcaso write them. Charley feels a delicacy iu pressing your claims, because ho expects to be a candidate for clerk of tho next House, and docs not want to run across the track of any one. What you do, do quickly. Now, Frank, this is the best office in my judgment in tho gift ot tho President, and I would resign to-day it I were sure I could keep it for four yzurs. If you get it, I want to unite with you as a full partner in all land speculations and town sites. I have worked earnestly and hard for you, and hope to succeed. You do not stand as much chance for tho Mar shulship as you do of being struck by lightning, and Kingsbury is not in licit better—a littlo. This is on the square. Truly yours, J. M. ASHLEY. WASHINGTON, 1). C., March 18,18G1. MY PEAK CASE: Everything hangs on a hair. You must uso tho tele graph to obtain letters, and have them forwarded to 1110 at ouce. Let tho writers scud them to mo instead of you. If I get this appointment, it wijl bo tho lirst of such importance where tho candidate has dono nothing. I have promised all tho sul»ordinatc places under you to got help, aud von 11 & write me fully, uuder vour own hard, to maxe this pwH. I ask for thn* places for uiy»«lf, and give the mt to other member* who ore helping inc. TLU i* po«wiJ«*»l tl»e beat if imtßtmmt in all tb* T^m» fl o<*. an J j m tke Wc«t of all the Territorial ap iwf wak t«.iT I frt tW | law. «■ Tte y*n4k~ •Nr • » at %» 4 swwemmw*. ok. «h frlLa* €mm €tor MMBmt at m MOff! Mii ibm \am will W>j m tWi» KM to ywm to ftHwn tW ffnatm I lutr nit Unit *b» mnn on u> ! to b* br tm|4ov«<i bj V«MI »r* to b* at the joint d>«{>ottl oil' t«roper»otrt and CDT •elf. copy and *eud ;ue the cucUm-d for that |>urpos«. Now one won! ns to ouraelvet. It is agreed that my brother Eli is to lie Chief Clerk, and my brother William, who is now in Colorado, shall have such a position as he can fill, ho having always been a farmer. The other I shall select when I shall havo moro tinio. The surveying contracts, &c., wo will fix by appoint ment by meeting at Toledo or , by agreement with , and others. Now, if I get this I want to bo full co-partner with you in the purchase of all the real estate that you may make in tliat Territory. I have spent ft good deal of time and sorno money to got this placo, and if I do got it I hopo you will cheerfully go with mo. I have drawn up the en closed agreement, which I wish you 11 • ... .1 l .1 would sign and keep, and copy one just like it, sign it, and forward and return the other agroement. Let mo hoar from you by return mail, and hurry nlong any letters and telographs from men wiio can havo otiy influonco hero. In haste, yours truly, J. M. ASHLEY. Waa thcro ever a moro disgraceful exhibit than this of the uao of politi cal position for privato ends ? The Surveyorship of Colorado, " the best gift in" tho bauds of tho President," was by Ashley made a matter of har gaiu and sale", stipulated in writing. Its legitimate patronage was farmed out in advanco as the price of obtain- ing it. and an arrangement was on tcred into by which the chief solicit or and tho recipient were to corrupt ly uso its power in city and town lot speculations. " I," said Mr. Ashley, "will probably be chairman of the Committee on Territories, and then I will know in advance all tho pro posed expenditures in the Territories and post you. Write one lettor for me and tho other to slrow!" And Mr. Ashley was mado chairman of tho Coinmittco on Territories, in the last, as well as in the present Con gress ; Caso was appointed Surveyor General of Colorado} "my brother Eli" was mado Chief Clerk, and " my brother William" was given a snug berth; tho programme, was carried out in all its details; and now it would bo interesting to know much plunder the immaculato Representa tive Ashley has pockotod from this corrupt and scandalous uso of the power of his official position. With these facts before them, tho people will very naturally conclude that, however censurable the President might be, it is not for toch men M WiprcwMitative Ashley to frame his indictment, or such men M Sudoa Cameron to sit in jadgmeot ■poo him.— Rvrhtakr Umio*. Sturnw Prw.—TW Lflwr gali i n'laf VMU ML A T.< Wur P«m —4L « rz«^» l zrr*» <^w4 rf «S3s^i MM* fe 40 wrtfc mm«MM tke (Wm initwMf, ad •# wticfc bH proved to bar* btcn Un." If tk ditnrtfrof tb* I'rwijut i*toU norea ivit I'V Midi m IkikfT, th« "iropnchmnt commit tee " w ill hare no difficulty in finding all the testimony they require. RASPBERRY YIKECAR. —Every housekeeper should endeavor to havtf at least a small quantity of this delight ful beverage, hi cases of fevers it is indispensable and will often quiet and soothe when nothing else will, l'ut two quarts of red raspberries, uice and fresh, into a jar, and pour over thoni a quart of good vine gar. Let it stand twenty-four hours. Strain through aflaunel bag. Pour this liquid over two moro quarts of fresh berries and let it again stand twenty-four hours. Strain again. Allow three-fourths of d pound of loaf or good white sugar to every pint of juice. Stir woll into the liquid, put into stone jar, cover closely, and set to stand in a kettlo of boiling water to bo kept boiling for an hour. Strain it, and bottle ready for use. A teaspoonfdl to A tumbler of cold water, is the manuer of using it.— Grcr. Telegraph. Do INDIANS SWEAR ?—T?his is a ed rious question, and the answer bjr Mr. Schoolcraft, should pat the whito man to blush. This gentle man, who has for many years studied the characteristics of th'e race, says: " Many things the Indians maj be accused of, but the practice of swear ing they cannot. 1 have made many inquiries into the state of tboir vo cabulary, and nothing is moro bitter or reproachful than "mateh anno moosh," which simply indicates baa dog. They have ternis to indicate cheat, liar, thief, murderer, coward, fool, lazy, drunkard, babbler; but I never heard of an imprecation or oath. The genius of their languago docs not favor the formation of terms used in oaths cr for pilrposes df pro fanity. It is the result of the obser vation of other* as well as my own. to say (hat nil Indian cannot curse.'' They become proficients in thd "art," however, very soOn after sur rouuded by the elements of civilize* tiou. VALUE OP POULTRY MANURE.— There is no manuro made on the farm so valuable as that of poultry. One ounce of it properly diffused in a half pound of soil, and placed in a hilt of corn when planted, will bet* powerful a fertilizer AS ten times its weight in barnyard manure. Is France, as well as in oar coilntry. most eminent chemists have proved this by analysis. The celebrated Vanquelin says that when the nisi cf manure* in considered in ralatiaM to the amount of azote tbef«o the poultry man are M OM of tfw moat active ctimnlacU, II hi parts of 190. BS*to bone BBSM U a#~TW i t im i 4 Um—. wto+m* km I 111 I| *M. rssuf £

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