24 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 4

24 Mayıs 1873 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 4
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

f>.pM A*T> !). t?"A eencral invitalfc-n is extended for nil parties itilereMi din j»r.!*'li'*iil ""« >l M i intert:d agriculture t» eoiilnMie t" this column. It von nuiko a tlisi'ovt i'N ii! tillt'tfi* 4 »i thfsril tlio culture * f erops. t!n- i TU : r\i m« iit or en of stock or stm oilier uliMer o| p n< 1.11 in' r fect. Uiv. us tlio particulars i"««r put licntien. BUYING POULTRY. Few l.oiwlv' oper?, and fewi v nre as "00, l judges of the age « ■ ] nil'- trv as they folio. A\e ?«!! know wiien i' comes on the tables whether it is tender or tough: and theie fhould be no difficulty of knowin : just as cer tainly. whether a duck, chicken. goose or turkev is old or young. when it is offered for sale. Now the following ' s offered as a rule by which poultry can bo «nfely judged! which if read over for a few times, and then laid away for ready reference when neeflod.no j« r pon iic<d purchase old, tough poultry unless from cli<'.co. If r. hens spur is liard. and the pcalos on the lops rough.she is old, whether yon see her head or not, hut the head will corroborate your observa tion. If tlio underbill is so stiffthat von cannot bend it down, and thecoma thick and rough. leave her, no matter how tat and i lump, for some one less particular. Ay< imp hen has only the rudiments of j-j-nr-: the scales on the legs are smooth, "lossy and fresh col ored, whatever the color mav be; the claws tender and short, the nails sharp, the under bill soft, and the comb smooth and thin. An old hen turkey his rough scales on the legs. callosities on the soles of the feet, and luigstrong claws; a young one is the reverse of all these marks. "When the feathers are on, the old tur key cock has a long tuft or beard, a voting one but a spouting one; ami when thev are off. the smooth scales on the legs' decide the point, beside the difference in size of the wattles of the neck and in the elastic shoot of the nose. Aii okl <. r oose when alive is known 1 »y the rough legs, tho strength of the wings, particularly tit the pinions, the thickness and strength of tlie hill, and the fineness of the feathers; and when plucked, by the legs, the tenderness of the skin under the wings, by the pin ions and the bill and the coarseness of the skin. Ducks are distinguished by the same means, but there is this difference— that a duckling's bill is much larger in proportion to the breadth of its head than the old duck. A young pigeon is discovered by its pale colors, smooth scales, tender collapsed feet, and the yellow, long down interspersed among its feathers. A pigeon that can tly has always red-colored legs and no down, and is then too old for use. J3T Mothers will appreciate the fol lowing about that terrible disease, dip theria: "If you can nurse your children through a siege of this disease, you will know the symptoms nexr time; the inflamed and ulcerated throat and ter ribly offensive breath are not to be mis taken. I have doctorc-d my family for this disease every winter, and sometimes in summer for nearly five years, and toy remedy is this: One part pulverized alum, very fine, and six parts pulver ized white sugar; mix thoroughly; it must be taken dry and no water drunk immediately after, as drinking would wash the pov.der off the cankers. If the patient has a high fever take a dose every half hour, if not much fever four or five times a day will answer. For an adult a full teaspoonful of the powder is a dose; for a child 1U or 12 years old, half a teaspoonful, and less for younger ones. We rub Trask's ointment on the outside of the throat. This remedy was given to me by my brother-in-law, Dr. D. M. Heed, who was a resident at one HUH.' of Hickory, Washington county, Pa. He was with out doubt the best physician for child ren I ever knew, and of adults also. He told me never to be afraid to trust implicitly to this remedy, that " if you only commence using it in time it is a sure cure," and so it lius proved with Us. It has saved us doctor's bills, which for that disease alone would in that length of time have amounted to over $100." Here is what a mother says about ear-ache: " Many years two of my children, one aped three the other one year, hud a terrible attack of this distressing pain, all one day and night. 1 worked over the little sufferers, doing all I could think of, and trying remedies suggested fey our neighbors. On the second dttrffling of the attack, a lady came in and asked me if I had tried burnt sugar. I told her no, that I hud not beard of that. She told me to put some coals on a tin plate, sprinkle brown sugar on them, set a funnel over it, and then hold the child so that the smoke could go into the ear. I did so, using the remedy for both little ones; the result was marvelous; the {>aiu stopped instantly, and soon both ittle sufferers were in a sound, refresh ing sleep." YEAST fim HOT WEATHJ4H. —The sub joined recipe for yeast, adapted to hot weather or hot climates, is given in Morgan's Trade Journal: Boil two ounces of the best hops, in four quarts of water, for half an hour; strain it and let tbe liquor cool down to a new-milk •warmth. Then put in a small handful of salt and a half pound of sugar' (brown), beat up one pound of the best flour with the liquor, and mix up all well together. The third day add three povnds of potatoes boiled and mashed, :f d b t it «*n» ] t' < r< - !«t j 11 1 a i. I w.l 1"... i : l . <i ii.o;ith> inn w.r.n 00. I liis yeast if mtv strong; half tLf usual •(imiitii \ n"«' ssary for baking is sufficient. Arm: Tr\. K"ast eight fine apples in the I'vcn. or before the lire: ]>nt them in a jug with two spoonsful of Mi;jar, ami J.I oilr over them a quart of boiling water. Let the whole stand otic hour near the tire. ff.y The number of persons out of employment in Philadelphia is appall ing. (>ne inseition of a little ftilver lisc ment for a clerk in a railroad office brought OS. 1 ) applicants in a single day. ;V-~ The tirst daily paper published in I'.nghuitl was bv a woman iti 1702. lis preiprielor's name was Elizabeth Mallet. Nonpariel Telegraph APPARATUS 1 Patented Mav 7, IS7I rpHK Nonrareil Telociaph Apparatus, I which is now offered to the public, al though very simple mid re liable in itsojiera tion is the result of much study and experi ment. and lias for some time been in prepar ation. it supplies a want which has loll}; I i i'ii n It. aim t>i iii L'< within the reach of eve !*\ person whe) desires to do so the menus of acquiring a I'liK fionl Kinmlider < f Trti gir.i lij-, with the aid of the instruction hook furnished Willi ca"h si t nl :i| s annus, which has been care full v pn j tared by Mr. It. K. PO|H\ sintl (•■'Mains full instructions not only lor manip ulating ihi' instrument ami learning to write ami (tail tin 1 Morse Telegraphic Alphabet, but aNy forth" management of batten* s, and running ami insulation of wires arnJ oonnec t i* «i; s* A 1 i specially for Stwlonts and Amateurs. it is vijuully \v» ll adapted i'ur I'riuto or Short Lino?. The magnets in the Nonpareil Tilgrnpli in strunients are made of different lvsistaneos, and thev are furnished to work lines up to lit i' iiiili-s in 1- nath. Persons ordering instruments to operate 1 iI I • ■ s of more than half a mile in length should state the length of the line, and slzo or number of the wire on whieli tin y desire to worl; them, in order that magnets of pro per resistance' and the necessary amount of battery limy be furnished. The tli ma nd for point inexpensive yet com plete apiiaratlis. by the means of w'hieh the telegraphic art mii.v be aeipiircil has long e\i»lcd. and has constantly grown inoro ur- L.'l lit. As the telegraph has conic into more general use the desire to became familiar with its operation has also increased. Tho low price at which the N'onpariel is furnished makes it no exaggeration to say Hint this knowledge may be acquired by its use at less than one lourtli of what it would otherwise cost. It also furnishes a very interesting study and practice for young men and young ladies for the long Winter evenings. Tin Ti Kgraph is enlisting in its service ev ery year more an I more <\f the intelligent, ambitious and enterprising of the youth of the country of lipth sexes. It is destined to a ' vet mightier development, and it is impossi ble to foresee to what extent the demand for telegraphic labor niav grow. At the present time there Is no surplus of good operators. liy means oftlie Nonpariel Telegraphic Ap paratus every intelligent person may become a telegraph operator. In addition, it will be found useful and cn | tertaining as a means of establishing commu nication between the apartments and houses of friends or relatives, and between places of business and resiliences. A w ire may be run at a verv small expense, and thus not only can reliable and instanta neous coninnuica'tion be had at all times, but persons engaged in learning to oiierate will be able to acquire facility in telegraphing much more rapidly aud agreeably. Price of Instrument and Unit try. Com plete, $lO. With each instrument is furnished three cells of buttery, chemicals for churning bat tery, sufficient wire for office connections and the instruction book. Line wire (No. 12) nerniile.sP>o; Insulators, including brackets, '2O cents each. These prices are but a reasonable advance on the manufacturer's rates, to cover freight charges and expenses. GT?" Many of these instruments are in use on l'uget Sound and in Victoria, and give universal satisfaction. Address, JOHN M. MURPHY, Agent for Washington Territory. Wood's Mi Magazine Ml Is nn original, flrst'Class, Dollar Monthly. It U H O fresh ana sprightly, und will Interest the euiN household, me nding lover* ami maiden*, l.us- w O bands and wlvea, parents and children, itsug- p irest* the importance of sec uring a union of &■ Q hearts and purposes in lite, t*elorc there shall Wm T? he a union of hands. It believes that, while it Ar S 1* woman's pri\ ilege to purify and comfort and H adorn, it should \tc man a pleasure to provide }M tor, cherish, and protect. It would have eliil- Q Odren treated as teeling, thinking and growing mS creature^—perfectly created,hut not full grown, w II Yet in advocating the* doctrines, the Maga- |J slue docs not employ doctrinal sermons—long "J 5 and dreary disquisition* which do not interest O Eaud therefore do not profit the reader. On the n contrary, It would rather preach os though it E. Lf preached not—an Interesting story,tor instance, E ■J being made to serve the purpose ot a long dis- o. CI course by giving the reader something real, in- Q+ Lte resting and profitable to think about. J The worst as well as the best feature of the 0 Magazine is its price. The idea of getting a w really first-class Magazine at one dollar a year, V IWI seems to inost people. Vet it employs A some of the best contributors in the country— M including (JAIL IUKILTOS, its leading editor, C who receives a salary of three thousand dob lars. equivalent to al>out ten dollars per dav. P A Each number contains nearly eight hundred 0 Z dollars' worth of matter, which costs the sub- y scribcr about eight cents. At 1 Hope and Joy—two beautifully tinted crayon > ■ portraii.s worth Four Dollars—will be mailed si N free to every suUlcriber to the Magazine at SIM) O E specimens free. Agents wanted. Address S. 25 8 WOOD * CO., Kewburgh, N. V. Y Hons ill Joy-Eons li Joy U I ulted Volee of the l'reaa.— Wood's 111 magazine is one of the monument* of businots " enterprise which mark the ag e -Mrtho.hu u,ms O O Jounuil, Phi la., I'a. —As its title promises, it 2C L. is devoted to the instruction and entertainment fc oft lie family circle,and.in order to place it with- |% X in the mean* of readers in moderate eircum- " * stances.it is furnished at a reuuirkably low rate A J In pro|K>rtion to t .»e interest of its contents.— lf. Or Tribune. . .It is essentially n home magazine, and is just the thing that one would most desire Y to place in tlie hands of his wife and little ones, w Hor that a man of business would himself take II up for the employment of a leisure hour.—l'wi x Q Wilmington, I*. (J Were we out of our & r% chair editorial, as a "private citizen," cutoff h r from our exchange list and all that, one of the E P flr<t magazines to whicfy * e should subscribe U * would be Wood's Household HnfiMer, llart- " CL i°rd, Ct It is sn intellectual' and moral ft J educator, highly prized by all who Income at- ■ JL (|iiuinted with it.— CtuitHnu Admiit* K |» U popular writers are, therefore, good writers Y am! Mp' l P ric *-'s Prove the merit of literary ■ wares, then Mr. Wood's magazine is a good M fi one—l7>* IndefXHdtnt, New York Its artt cles breathe a spirit of economy, morality and A M ) ,r iv e w hlch Is highly rclnshlng In this age of P fashionable tolly and extravacance Va Ehdma. Mo It is undoubtedly one of the A ln»hest. liveliest iournals we have examined. S 6 Ke-ord, .Springfield, Tenn The articles X J are short, piquant, and of snch unquestioned a excellence, that this periodical ought to »>e holh • o f M fv l, ar t »nd welcome in ven- many house- M Y holds Wood's Is a marvel or cheapness and first-class quulity combined A'eu York Timet. E Ms Honseii Magazine January 25.1873. 13:m5 c - MUN ' '£• H. VriNCIIEBTL.iI T. B. lIAYES Main & Winchester, Manufacturers and Importers of HARNESS, SADDLES, BRIDLES, WHIPS, COLLARS, SADDLERY WARE, &C..&C. Nos. 214 and 21C Battery Street, PAN FRANCISCO. K. B—Good Assortment of Concord Stioe Harness constantly on band. May 25, 1872. 30:yl Sheriff's Sale. HY v : -'m • 'an • \ -cut! n issued ont of the 111-::;. ! I ..lit ftheS .-olid Judicial In*- t :r: <>: '• •!> T rrit- ry. holding terms •itolvmim. in said Territory, dated tin 4tli div iif Ajiiil A. D. K3. In favor of 11. II Pinto slid against Mary Mortrr. I have b \i> I ii|x>n ami liikrn into execution the following dcscritied property, to w it The South half of nil that certain piece or parcel of land. situate, lying and being ill l.i wis county. Washington Territory, known as tlii' Donation land claim of .lolin Moon l and Mary Moore. which said l>oiiHtion land claim is descril* d on the official maps ns fol lows. to-wit: Nolitication No. 3ft. < 'crtifi(iito N0.143, locat ed upon fractional N. \V. 'i See. l'.l, fractional N.W. '* and fractional N. of N. E. '» See. :!f». Township 13 N. of Rmge 1 West, fraction al N E \ itlnl N. E. 'i S. c. it, and the fraction al N. I", 'A at id fractional N. S of S. K. >, Sec. Township 13 N. Itangc J West, containing <>}() acres, more or h ss. which 1 will proceed to sell at public auction, at the Court-house door in Cla<iuato, in the county of Lewis aforesaid, On Wrdnriila)', llir Slit day of May, 1873, at 11 o'clock in tile forenoon of said day. to the highest bidder for cash, nnd taken iii ex ecution as the property of Mary Moore, to tatisl'va judgment of said District Court for four hundred and twelve dollars and ono cent, with interest, mid twenty dollars and thirty cents costs, together with inernased costs. JOHN T. NEW LAND. Sheriff of Lewis County, W.T. April 15, 1573. Jlw-4 Tumwater Tannery. X. 91. BILES. J. 11. BIIfES. TVMWATM, W. T., MAN!' FACTITRERS of Leather of all kinds: Ilarnra*, llcin. Belt, Riiufl, I'ppar, Kip, Calf, Lnrliif;anilSiilc LEATHER. 0?" Orders are solicited aud will be tilled at the shortest notice. We will pay the highest market price for licet' Hides and Deer Skins. REMEMHIUI, we do not a*k you to take trade for your Hides, but pav the Coin. J. H. lil Ll'.S <t CO. Tumwater, Dee. 2 s *. 1872. a t:(; ROBEBT MACK OEO. 8. DERR. Mack & Derr, SCCCESSOItS to M. II Scott, manufaotitr ers of and dealers in Saddles and Harness, Carriage Trimming executed with neatness and dispatch. Repairing promptly done id moderate rates. C 7* A share of patronage respcctfullv so licited. Shop corner of Fifth and Main sts. Olympia, Feb 22,1973. lC:m3 Fire Insurance Company. OLD DUO AD STREET AND 1C PALL MALL, LONDON. Instituted 1003. FOR Insuring Houses nnrt other Puddings, Goods, Wares, Merchandise, Manulac tnring and Farming Stock, Ships in Port, Harbor or Dock, and the cargoes of such ves sels; also Ships building or repairing. Itargrs and other vessels on navigable rivers and Canals, and goods on board such vessels, throughout Great Britain and Ireland and in Foreign Countries, FROM LOSS OR DAMAGE BY FIRE. srßscmnr.D AND INVESTED CAPITAL, One Million Six Hundred Thousand Founds. Risks accepted at Current Rates of Pre mium. CROSBY A LOWE, Sub-Agents, Olympia. March 22, 1573. 20:vl T. G. LOWE & CO. OLYMPIA BOOKSTORE MAIN STREET, OLYMPIA, \\\ T., KEKP constantly 011 hand—Stationery, School Books, Miscellaneous Hooks, Newspapers. Periodicals, New and Popular Sheet Mu sic, Printer's Paper, Music, 1 looks, Fail-child's Gold Pens, Fan cy Goods, Musical Instruments, a Fine Assortment of Violin .and Guitar Strings a Fine Supply of Tobacco and Cigars, Sportsmen's Outtits, Toys, Wall Paper (best assortment in the city.) Cutlery, and Yaiikee Notions. Agent* of Wells, Vurgo Co.'« Eiprna. South-west corner of Main and Fifth Sts. January 1,1872. 10:ly J- J. MURPHY ,A. O'NEAL. PEOPLE'S MARKET. OLYMPIA, W. T. O'KEAL & MI'RPIIT, Prop'rg. MEATS of all kinds and of the liest quali ty constantly 011 hand. Vegetables of every variety in season, at the lowest market rates. Shop 011 Fourth Street, between Main and nshington. Olympia, Aug. 3,1872. 30:tf PUGBT SOXJ3STID CHAIR AND CABINET. Manufactory of Tumwater, W. T,, IS now proji*rod to All orders from all parts of the Sound and country. PRESSEY A EBTERLY, PROPRIETORS. This Establishment is .running day and night to supply the demand for honestly made work, warranted to giro satisfaction. Give them a call. West Water, St., Tumwater, Jan. 19,1873. Notice of Administration. is hereby given that the nnder- XI signed has been appointed ndministra trix ol the estate of Joseph H. Kellott, de ceased. All pV"sons indebted to the said es tate are requested to make immediate pay ment, and those having demands against "it to present their claims within one year from the date hereof, or be forever barred. REBECCA D. KKLLETT, Administratrix. Olyinpia, April 25, 1873. Us:w4 Dressmaker and Milliner. MRS. M. SICINKLE is prepared to exe cute, in tirat-class style, all kinds of Sew ing, Cutting and Dressmaking. Rooms in the rear of Mr. Ouimette's Store. Olympia, March 15,1873. 18:tf Alden H. Steele, M. D., FORMERLY OF OREGON CITY—LATE A. A. SURGEON, U. S" A. Residence on cast side of Franklin Street between Union and Tenth. Office at Turner's Drug Store, Main Street. May 30, 1870. 30:tf BLANK DEEDS AND MORTGAGES, OF salt» at the office of the WASHINGTON STANDARD. To the Unfortunate. NEW REMEDIES r~SE\V REMEDIES: OR. 6IBBON'B DISPENSARY, Corner rommercial Street, Established in 1854. for the treatment of S \ual and Seminal Diseases, such as Gonor rhea. < fleet. Stricture. Svphilis in all its forms. S niimil Weakness, Impoteney. etc. Skin 1 liscascs of years' standing and Ulcerated Li U'S .successfully treated. I >1!. < I 11IIK1N lias the pleasure of announc ing that lie has returned from visiting the principal hospitals of Europe, and has re sinned practice a his Dispensary, C 23 Kearney street, corner of Commercial, San Francisco, where his old patients and those requiring his servlct s my find him. The Doctor has spired neither time nor money in seeking out new remedies' and has returned with increased facilities for the alle viation of human suffering. Seminal IV( nhiifts. Seminal emission the conseqnonce of self abuse. This solitary vice, or depraved sex nil indulgence, is practiced hv the youth of both sexes to almost unlimited extent, pro duciilg. with unerring certainty, the following train of niorliid symptoms, unless conibatteu by scientific medical measures, viz: Sallow countenance, dark spots under the eyes, pain in the head, ringing in the ears, noise like tlm rustling of leaves and the rat tling of chariots. uneasiness about the loins, weakness of the limbs, confused vision, blunted intellect, loss of confidence, diffi dence to approaching strangers. a dislike to form new acquaintances. a disposition to shun society, loss of memory, hi ctic (lushes, pimples and various eruptions about the face, furred tongue, fo'ted breath, coughs, con sumption, night sweats, monomania, and fre quently insanity. If relief be not obtained, (mrson* so afflicted should apply immedi ately, cit her by person or by letter, and have a cure effected by his new and scientific inoilc of treating this disease, which never fails of effecting a quick and radical cure. Dr. O. will give one hundred dollars to afiv person who will prove satisfactorily to him that he was cured of this complaint by either of the San Francisco quacks. DK. GllfltON is responsible, and will give to each patient a written instrument, binding himself to effect a radical and permanent cure, or make no charge. Cured at Home, Persons at a dist-vnep may be CURED AT HOME, by addrcssidg n letterto I»r. Gibbon, stilting case, symptoms, length of time tho disease lmn continued. and have medicine promptly forwarded, free from damage and curioait v, to any part of the country, with full and plain directions for use. Persons writing to the Doctor will please state the name of the paper they saw this ad vertisement in. Uy enclosing Ten Hollars in coin, in regis tered letter through the post ollice. or through Wells, Fargo ,V Co., a package of medicine will IK' forwarded to any part of the Fnion. All comniunications s'tndiv confidential. Address Dr. J. F. GIHIiON. Kfiarnev street, corner of Commercial, San Francisco, postollice box 11)57. Remember to put l'-OX 1057 on the letter. March H, 187:1. 18:yl TIIE GREAT DEMOC R\TIC JOCRXAL. I'lxe Now Yorlt WEEKLY NEWS. BEXJ. WOOD, Editor unit Proprietor. A MAMMOTH EIGHT-PAGE SHEET— FIFTTY-SIX COLUMNS OF READING MATTER, CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS, foreign, domestic, political and general, with full and reliable market reports. Each number also contains several short stories, and a great variety of literary, agricultural and scientific matter, ete., etc., constituting, it is confident ly asserted, the most complete weekly news paper in this country. TEIEtIMIS $2 Inducements to Clubs Fivo copies, one year $9 00 Ten copies, one year, and an extra copy to the sender.' 15 00 Tw.mt.v copies, and year, and an extra copy to the sender 25 00 Fifty copies, one year and anextracopy to the sendor 55 00 (t7" Parties sending clubs as aliove, mav re tain 20 per wnt. of the money received by them as commission. K7"Persons desiring to net as agents sup plied with specimen bundles. Specimen cop li's sent free to any address. All letters should In- directed to NEW YORK WEEKLY NEWS, Box 3,795. New York City Post Oflice. November 23, 187 S. 4:m6 S. WILLIAMS, DEALER IN Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Water and Steam Pipes, IRON AND STEEL, PAI3STTS, GLASS, OIL, DOORS, WINDOWS, LIME, CKMIi.VT, PLASTER, CROCKERY AND LAMPS. GROCERIES, AC., AC. OJympia, June 17,1871. 33:1y Fresh Garden Seeds. ALSO GRASS AND CLOVER SEEDS, Alfalfa, Trees, Plants, n Roots, Etc., For Sale, wholesale and retail. l>y GEO. F. SYLVESTER, 317 Washington St., San Francisco, d?" Send for a Catalogue. Guano, —luo barrelsGuuno, for sale inquan tities to suit purchasers. January 25,1873. 13:m4:is CITY MARKET. D. CHAMBERS, WHOLESALE and retail denier in MEATS AND VEGETABLES STOCK BOUGHT AND SOLD. Orders filled on short notice. Corned beef, kept constantly oit hand/ Main-Street, between Third and Fourth. JOB PRINTING, of all kinds, neatly ex* cuted, at the lowest living rates, at the office of Ihe WASHINGTON STANDARD. Private Medical Aid. I QT'ICK RRNRS .IXH MODERATECN.WOES. ' DR. W. K. DnilCßTl 'K N'O. sr.iMlicramftito Street,corner of L« ides dorff S: , (a jew doors below \V list i » 'licer lfollSC.) C.V" Private entrance on lyeidrsdorff St. Established ev i fiord the Afflicted Sound and S.'H'iim»c ... ' "M i>:ilic t - ,t arid ■•lire of nil I'm ale and Clirollic Disease*. t'lisesof Sttre ey, and all Sexual Disurdersi To I lie AUlirted. Dr.W.K. Dohcrity returns his sincere thanks to !,is nuim ions p.'.h nts lor tin ii |>ati<.iiU(.e. and would take tliis opportunity th remind them that he continues to consult at hislnsi tute for thcci'. 'e of Cluotiic Diseases) I tue Lungs. Livi'r, Kindevs. Digestive and Gcni to-l'rinarv Organs, and all Private Diseases, vis : Syhilis iii all its forms and stages; Sem inal Weakness, and all the horrid consequen ces of self-abuse; Gonorrhoea. Gleet, Stric tures. Nocturnal and Dii.niul Lin -s.oi s, S-'Xtial D liilitv. Diseases of hack and Loii.s, lilllauimution'of the Madder and l\idne\s. etc.. and lie hopes his long experience anil sucecsssiil practice will continue to insure him a share of public patronage. Hy liis pnietice of many years in Europe and the I'nited States, he isetiahled toapplv the most etlieient and successful remedies against diseases of all kinds. Ilccurcs without mercury,charges moderate, treats his patients in a correct and honorable way and has references of unques tionable veracity from moil of known respec tability and high standing in society. All parties consulting him bv letter or otherwise, w ill receive the lu st and gentlest treatnicut, and implicit secrecy. T«» remalfH. When a female is in trouble, or afflicted with disease, as weakness of the buck and limbs, pain in the head, dimness of sight, muscular power, palpitation of the heart, ir ritability. nervousness, extreme urinarv dif ficulties, derangement of digestive functions, general debility, virginitas. all diseases of the womb, hysteria, sterility and all other diseases peculiar to females, she should go or write at once to the celebrated female doctor. W. iv. Roherty, at his Medical Institute, and consult him about her trouble and disease. The Doctor is effecting more cures than any any other Physician in the Stale of Califor nia. Let no false delicacy prompt you. but apply immediately and 'save yourself from painful sulfcriiiguiid premature death. Mar ried Ladles, whose delicate health or other circumstances prevent an increase in their families, should write orcall at Dr. Dohorty's Medical Institute, and they will receive every possible relief and help. "The doctor's offices are so arranged that he can be consulted with out fear of observation. To Corn Patients (male ■ - female) residing in anv part oftlicj Stau . However distant, who may desire the opinion and ad\ ice of I>r. Dohcrtv in their respective eases. and wiio think pro per to submit a written statement of such, in preference lo holding a personal interview, are respectfully assured that their communi cations will be'held sacred. If the cu.se lie fully and candidly described, personal communication will be unnecessary, as instructions for diet, regimen, and the gen eral treatment of the case itself (including the rcnu dies) will be forwarded without de lay, and in such m,inner as tocrmvcv no idea ot the purport of the letter or parcel so trans mitted. CoN.sn.TvrioNs by letter orotherw ise FREE. Permanent cure gu iranti-ed or no pav. Ad dress, W. K. DOIIEHTY. M. I ' Sun l'ranoiseo, Cal. ftpcmintorrliora. PH. DOIIERTY litis just published an im portant pamphlet eiubodyinu his own views and ex|X'riences in relation to Impotence or Virility ; being a short treatise on Spermator rhoea or .Seminal Weakness, Nervous and Physical Debility consequent on this direc tion and other Diseases ol the Sexual Organs. This little work contains information of the utmost value to all, whether married or sjn gle. and will be sent FHEK by mail, on receipt ID' Six CEMTS in postage stamps, for return postage. Address, W. K. DOKERTY. San Francisco, Cal. S? ptember 7,1872. 4i:ly Dr. RUFUS WILLARD, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Graduate of the University of the City of New York." HAVING located i>ermanentlv in tlio fity of Olympia. offers his profcssinv:il • < rvi ces to tin' citizens of this place .> 11-1 •■iiimimd ing count r\ in th« various branches ot >W.i!i cine and r: • r\ Grateful for past patronage and the ci;nli dence bestowed by a generous public, the Doctor respcctfullv solicits a continuance af the same, and will hold himself in readiness al all times to attend to any calls in the line of his profession, to which his entire attention will he devoted. Those -preferring the services of a regular graduate as evidenced by the proper author ity of a diploma, may consult personally or by letter with every confidence. Partieulir attention given to diseases of women and children, and all atl'cctious of an oriranie nature. Rr.pinF.N'cE: The Faculty of University Med ical College, and Dr. P. A. Avlette, New York eit v. OFFICE —At the Puvot Sound Drug Store. and at residence, on Fourth Street. Olympia, Janury 1, 1872. 10.tf Tumwater Sash and Door mm tbl' m S. UST- COOPER, MANITACTUBER OF DOORS, WINDOWS, BLINDS, MOULDINGS AND FRAMES. TURNING AND SCROLL-SAWING. FACTORY NEAR THE LOWUR BRIDGE, Tumwater, \V. T. Salesroom. 011 Main Street, in Scott's build ing, opposite the Express Ofllec, Olympia. February 1,1872. 10:tf Runquist Patent Shackle. THE BEST IN tJSB, AS certified to by Mr. Davidson, Keeper of the Territorial' Omvicls. nnd is admitted hv all who have soon it, 'rendering escape with ordinary vigilance utterly impost-!) !■ . For information, right to uianutaetuiu, or the Paten Shackle, address WILSON GUESS. Steihu oom, W. T. October 26,81 71. 62:tf WARD & MITCHELL, DEALERS IN Rough and Dressed Lumber, Are also prepared to manufacturo FREIGHT CARS, Sash, Doors, Moulding*, de., oil lh« Short cut Notice, - at their Mills and Factory at Tumwatcr, \Y T. December 30, 1872. 9:vl COLUMBIA HOTEL, SOUTH SIDE FIR STREET, BETWEEN HIV KK AND PROMT, K ALA MA. V. W. VAN WIE, Proprietor. The nearest Hotel to the Steamboat Landing. Kalama, W. T. Aug. 17, 1872. PRFNCH Calicos and Merimno Prints, •t LIGHTNER A ROSENTHAL'* gll /hflM*7inf'iißliirm No Permit ran take three Bitters ao> Cording to directions, and remain lonp unwell, provided tliclr boucs arc not destroyed t.y win*, r.u poison or oilier means, and vital organ* wasted beyond the point of repair. l)yi|irpila or Indigestion, Heartache, t'uln In the Shoulder", Coughs, Tightness of th< Chest, Dizziness. Sour Eructations of the BUH niach, llad Taste in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of the Heart. Inflammation of the Lungs, Pain in the rvgions of the Kidneys, aud B hundred other painful symptoms, are the off springs of Dyspepsia. One bottle will prove a better guarantee of Its merits than a lengthy advertisement. For Female Complaint a, In young or old, married or single, at tlie dawn of womanhood, or the turn of life, these Tonic Hitters display go decided an iuOucuce that Improvement Is soon perceptible. For Inflammatory niid Chronic niiriimalUtii and (lout, Itilious, Kenulteut and Intermittent Fevers. Diseases of the Blood,' Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Bitters have no equal. Sucll Diseases are caused by Vitiated ljlood. Tliry are a senile Purgative as well as a Tonic, possessing tlin merit of acting a* a powerful agent In relieving congestion or In flammation of the l.iwr and Vuoerai organs, ami in Bilious Disease:). For skill Disease*, mint lons. Tetter, Salt Rheum, Blotches, P!u;iles, Pustules, Bolls. Carbuncles, lan .-wonns, tcnld Mead, Sore Eyes. Erysipelas. I. h. ► ."irf-, lHscolora tions of the si;ln. I TS 1111! pisenses of the KMQ of whatever i;. or nature, are Hter a:iy dug tip nil c.'ni.l out of the sys teni In tt short tine bv til - lis- A. ihcsr Bitten. (■ratcful Thoiifcaiid-* p.ue.laini VINKOAR Birrnus the most t. .-.I• f.l that ever bustalnel tli-: pnnii't s tent. It. 11. JtfcUO.MAI.O <U CO. Pmnglsts and lien. Agts., S.iu Francisco, Pal., & cor. of Washington and Charlton fcis., N.Y. SOLD 11V Al.l. DltrtltllSTS A DEALEKS. Vlnrcar flitter* are fint A Tile Fiinef Drink, made ot l'oor Hum, Whiskey, l'/oof Fplrlts and Refuse l.iquor*, doctored, «plecd, :ini| sweetened to please Ilia taste, called "Tonics," "Appetizers," " Ucstorers," Ae.. Ili.it leml tho tippler mi (» drunkenness (nil ruin, luit lire a tri.e Medicine, fnado from tlie native roots mid herbs of California, free from nil Alcoholic Stimulants. They are tlie Crcat lilooii l'lirlUerrfiibl a Ufo-rlvinu I'rliiclpln, a Perfect Uciiovutorend Invluoriilor of the Sys tem, earning oir all poiaouuus matter ami restoring the blood li n lifiililiy condition, en riching it, refreshing end Invigorating both mind and body. They ure easy of administra tion, prompt in tin Ir m'tlon, certain In tliclr results, sale nil I reliable In all forms of disease. Xnl'miiiifiiiitakr llirin llltteri lie* cording to directions, and reiiiuin longuti well, pro\ lik'J tliclr tones aro not destroyed liy mineral poison or other menus, mid tiio vital organs wasted boyonil tlie point of repair. l>yn|»rpsla nr Headache, I'nln In the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of tho Chest, Dizziness, Sour K rue tut ions of theStom- Sell, Had Taste In the Moulli.Hllioiis Attacks,l'al rltatlnnoftlic Heart,lnflammation of the l,uug>, aiu in the regions of I lie Kidneys,and a hundred oilier painful symptoms, are the oljfcprlngs of Dyspepsia. 11l these comphiints It hnsiineqaals mid one iHittle will prove a lietter guarantee of lis merits than u lengthy advertisement. Kcir Frimilr t omiiliitiits. Illyoung or old, married or single, lit the duwn of Momiuihood, or the turn of life, these Tonic Hitter* display BO decided an luiluence that a marked Improve ment Is soon perceptible, Kur Inflammatory nml flironlo Itlirtiinutlaiii and tlout, Dyspepsia or lndl festloli, llillous, Remittent mid Intermittent, overs, Diseases of the Riood,Liver, Kidneys anil Itladdcr, these Hitters have liecn most sneceasrul. Such Diseaacs arc caused by Vitiated Wood, whP h Is geuirally produced liy derangement of the Digestive Organs, Thfy are n Utnllr Pilrgntl v« n■ well m i» I onic, po.'sessitm also iiiu peculiar merit of acting as a powerful audit in relieving Con- Ecsiloti or Inflammation of the l.ivcr uud VU teral organs uud In 111 lons Diseases. For skin UlirnscH, Eruptions, Tetter, Sfill riieum, Ulotelies, Spots, rimplcs.l'ii.'itnlcs. Hulls, Carbuncles, Ring-worms, Scald-1 lead. Sore Eyes liirslpius, Hen, Scurts, Discoloration-! of tho SUn, Humors and Diseases of tin' Skin, tf whatever numtf or nature, are literally dti;r n;> and carrlrd out of the system In a short lime by the use of these Hitlers. One bottle in such case's wlll convinco ibe must incredulous of tnclr cur' ativc ctfecls. Clrnnav tlie Vltlnliil Rlooil whenever y.i'i (ind Its luipui'iiles bursting Hit' ugh llin i-kin in I'lmples, Eruptions, or Sores ;i lean -it v. hen yon tlud It obstructed and slujnri li Pi tlx* velus ; cleanse It when It Id foul; your l. elii;; i will toll you when, Keep the blood puiv, i.jd tlie heulili of the system will follow. Orrtcfiil TlmuHnnila proclaim VtST/iAK Piirats Hie must wonderful Imlijoraul that ever *u»tuliieil the sinking s\ stem. I'liit tiipri nutl utlirr Worms, lurkliijt In liio system of M> many thousands. are effec tually destroyed and removed. Says u ilium nulslicd physiologist: Tin re Is Bean civ tin Indi vidual on the fuceoftheearili whose body Uex f nipt from the prcji'inc of worms. It Is not up on ilip healthy elements of the body that worms exist, hut upon the Uiseuseil humors ami slimy cl pox's that breed these living monsters of ills' a- . No system of medicine, no vermifuges, H I uulhetmlidllcs, will free the tvstcni from norms like these IliVcrs. Mn liiuilcnl Dl»r»ir»,-T'i mens engaged In Paints ami Minerals, Midi us numbers, T>pe setters, (iolil-beaters, und Mini rs, as tliey ad vance lu life, nro subject to paralysis of Iho liowcls. To guard against tills, take a <ln.se t>f \V A I.K lilt'S VIN tit AH IliTTMts twice n week. Itllioui, ltrmiltenl, ami Intermit* «cnt Kcvtri, which nre so prevalent in Hie valleys of ourgreat rivers thronuhout ihe liilud States, especially those of the Mississippi. Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Cumin rlainl, Ar kansas, lied, Colorado, lirazos, Itio (jrandc, rearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Koatiokc, James, and many others, with their vast tribu taries, throughout our entire country during the Summer uud Autumn, and remarkably so during seasons of unusual heat and dryness, ara Invariably accompanied by extensive derange ments of the stomach and liver, and oilier ab dominal viscera, lu their treatment, u purga tive, exertlug a liowerful iulluetice upon Ihcstf various organs, Is essentially necessary. 'I hero Is no cathartic for the purpose equal to Int. J. W'AI.KFK'S VINEUAIt lIiTTKIIS, ns they will speedily remove the dark-colored viscid matter with which the Iniwels are loaded, at the same tlmestlimiiatlng the secretions uf tliu li\. r. mi I generally restoring llto liealiiiy luucliw.j ol tnu digestive organs. \ Scrofiila, or Kliig'i Kvil, V.'Mt' Swell ings, I leers, Eryilprlas, tiucll; I uni, te.iwv, Scrofulous Inflammations, indolent lu.laminu lions, Mercurial AtTeeUons, Old IKII Kruji lions of the Skill, Sore Kyes, clc., rti;. ,'.i U'e. e ns In allotlier constitutional Diseases, W/I:KK I: 'a VINEUAIt UITTBKS liaVe shown Ibl ir (.Mi l (-j --five powers iu the ■•■•• si übsunato u.i t mtuei ab!e coses. • Or. Walker's A utlforiilu Vi nesnr Hitters net 011 all these casis in a Mimi.tr manlier. Ity purging tlie lllood iliey rcinnvo Ihe cause, uud by resolving away Ihe effects of till! Inflammation (the tubereuhir deposits) the utreetcd parts receive liculth, uud a peruiaucht cure Is effected. Tlie properties of Dr. Wai.kmi'R VIKKOAtt Cittehs urc Aperient, Diaphoretic, Curium ntlvc, Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic, Sc,la live, Counter-irritant, (judorillc, Alterative, iind Antl-liilious. Tlie Apr lie lit ami mil 1 l.asalirc proper tics Of lilt. WAI.KMI'S VlN'felAll nilTl:it.M HIP the lK*st safe-guard In casus (if eruptions ami MultKUuiit fever* their hala.imlc, lieallnir. fend soothing properties protect tli<> humors of the raucen, Their Sedative properties allav pain In the uervouas.vntcm, kUiiiiucli, iiikl liowulh, either from Imimmutlon, wlnil, colic, cramps, etc. Fortl V tlie tioily ngiiliist illaeaae l<y purifying all its llukln Willi Vinkiau liiTTKRs. No epidemic cuu take hold of a system thus furc-anucd. Direction*—Take of tlie Hitlers on coin? to tied at nil? lit from a half 10 one nnrt onc-hal/ winc-glassfull. Eat good nourishing food, such as beefsteak, mutton chop, venison, roast l« cf, and vegetables, ami tako out-door exercise. They are composed of purely vegetable lugre llicuis, and contain no spirit. U. H. HiIMMAM) A CO., PnipiWsts and (ien. Agls., San Francisco, Cal., A cor. or Washington ami Charlton Sis., N'.V. SOLD IJV ALL UUUGOISTd A J i?ALi;i:3. H. L. CtfAFMAS D. M. lIROWS. WASHINGTON MARKET CAAPMAN A BROWN, PROPKK, Cor. Fourth mid lVaalilngton fill., Olyrojilif DEALERS IN Fresh and Cured Meats CHICKKNS, KG OS, HITTER, Ijard. n'fid YEOETABI-EH of every variety in season, atthe lowest market rates. K7" A share of the public patronage is re spectfully solicited and aatlslaction guaran teed. Orders delivered in any part of I lie rltv, free of charge. Olympia, Feb. T. 18T». U:tf

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