31 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 3

31 Mayıs 1873 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Poms', last night. One of the squaws The impression prevails tout at least half a dozen subdued Modo&t are hovering aliouk the camp, awaiting a thance to communicate with thfe jcap tives, and learn how they liavfe been treated. The "Warm Spring braves gathered nltout the spring near the Modoc ramp, this morning, and chanted a melodious war song, to the infinite disgust of the captives, whose tenure of life appeared to be waxing brief. All of the Warm Springs here participated in the musical soiree. The exercises were confined to u scries of yells and suggestive gesticu lations. On a previous occasion some of the Warm Springs refused to go out inn a scout on Sunday Itecause they wore members of the Methodist Church. Tlio life of a soldier haw a very demor ulizing tendency. OHKOON. . Jaoisonville, Oregou, May 2G.-~G. S. Howard, who has been out in the Luke basin surveying the Southern Or egon wagon road, has just arrived here and reported an express from Chewan can Valley met General Boss' command nt Long Prairie and informed him that U man by the name of Foster, and a number of other white men, met three Indians driving cattle out of Chewancan Valley. Foster and his men stopped the cattle, and one of the Indians drew U bow and arrow on them. He was nhot by one of Foster's men and the other two taken prisoners. Afterwards Vine of the two that were taken prison- V:rs was killed while attempting to es cape. • One of Uiese Indians was a Mo *loc who had been with Captain Jack all winter, and the other two w ere Snake Indians. Ocheco, the Chief of the Snakes, threatens to drive the settlers out of Chewancan and Goose Lake val leys and take the women prisoners.— Gen. ltoss, with his volunteers, is push ing toward the front with all possible wpeed. He will have, when he is rein forced by Capt. Mason's command about 150 men. A general Indian war is expecte.l. I'ORCIRN MCWS. Paws, May 25. —A clmuge in <lie Presidency Ims been accomplished with out the slightest disturbance. Perfect order throughout France. The troops have been confined to the barracks since yesterday morning, but all is quiet iu Paris and there are no signs of disorder in the Departments. Rad ical joiirnnlH to-day are calm in tone; they recconunend a power and wisdom on the part of representatives, and urge penro and strict adherence to law. Gamhettu has issued a manifesto cull ing on representatives to respect law. Marshal McMuliou has sent a commu nication to M. Buffet, President of As wcmbly, acknowledging receipt of no tification of his election to the Presi dency and accepting the office. Sltll' BtTLPINO AT FRKEVOUT. —M. W. H. Bryant, the well-kuowu constructor of tho barks Tidal Wave and North west, is at present building at Freeport, in view of this city, a fine barkentine of the following dimensions: Length of keel, 125 feet 10 inches; depth of hold, 11 feet; breadth of beam 30 feet; length over nil, 143 feet. It is expected that klic will be ready to l>e launched by the Ist of July.— Seattle lntelli<jcneer. KJT The " Holy Brotherhood," a re ligioun order prevailing in Southern Colorado and New Mexico, continue the practice of sclf-flagellatiou, espec ially during the fust week in "Lent. Other self-inflicti-d tortures are prac ticed, frequently resulting in the death of the victim. S3T Six hundred Christian people nre still in prison in Japan. Many of theiu are Jesuits, who, for political rea sons—not religious—have been put in confinement. Their liberation will soon be effected by governmental action. 55C The total annual consumption of eggs in the U. S. amounts to 4,000,- 000 barrels; the value of which at 15 eta. per dozen, will be $50,000. Cy In Scotland one man in even* 1,000 goes to college ; in Germany one in 2,000; in England one for everv 0,800. CAT It is estimated that Utah, in a year or two hence, with supply all the lead required by the United States. Montana now owes an indebted ness of $50,000. Akothkb Staoe. —The fare to Tenino will soon be down to a trifle, if the number of stages running to and from tlie depot continues to increase. The last of these was placed upon the route by Thos. Jackson, Esq., the popular liost of the Tacoma Hotel, and leaves every morning in time to connect with the cars, returning in the evening, bringing the passengers this way. MOTHER NOBLE'S HEALINO SYRUP.— Mr. A. B. Woodard, the photographer, has given us a bottle of this prepara tion, with the injunction to make known what we think of it. We have tried it for various ills, real and imaginary, and they have all disappeared before it like magic. Mr. W. has it for sale. Of Delightful showere of rain have fallen every day the past week. Vege tation is green and thriving. t&' Three cases of leprosy have been developed among the recent Chinese ira igrution to Sou Franaisoo. Mr Judge Wv 'lie has connected him self with the Meii.odiat Church. IttrDr. H. A. Smith has been ap pointed Postmaster at Tulalip. (7* Jefferson county derives $3,000 per annum from saloon licenses. QT The steamer Alula is undergoing re|wiri at this' place. BORN: In Port Townsend, on the wtli inst.. tothfe wife of George Barthrop, a sou. MARRIED : At the residence of the bride's ]>a rents in Seattle, on the 21st inst., I»y the Hev. llr. Freeman, Gustavus A. Morrill, Jv*|., to Miss Olive F. McAllister, IsHli of that place. At Tacoma, on the 2*2(1 inst., by Rev. S. 11. Mann. Mr. Robert A Craig to Miss Annie E. Stewart, both of Pierce county. On Kavton Prairie, Ist inst., l>.v W. Is. Gos lull,.l. P., Mr. Singleton Spencer to Miss Re becca A. Layton, both of Ix-wis county. Near Cowlitz Station, in this county. Mr. Thomas Hewett to Miss Rosetta Wallace, (laughter of V. M. Wallace, Ks<|. At Port Oainble, on the 26th iiiHt.. by Rev. Mr. Summers. of Seattle. Capt. O. Water house, of the American ship to M iss Mary, youngest daughter of lion. Jas. Williamson." I [On the 26th inst,, by Rev. W. Pollard at the M'eslevan Parsonage, William Clark, of Port Madison, to Mary Fowler of the same place. On tho 29th Inst., bjr the Rov, W. Pollard, nt the resident** of John Williams, Hsu.. Yates street, Geo. Byron, of Scmiahiiioo, to Mary Biddle. of Scotland. DIED : In Salem. Oregon, on the 21st Inst.. Mrs. Anna s. Driver, wife of Rev. I. D. Driver, in the 3">th year of her age. On the 28th instant, in this place. Ornie R. Reel, late of Viueeniies, Indiana, aged 11 years and 10 months. ELGIN WATCHES! CALIFORNIA WATCHES! WALTHAM WATCHES! In all weight ami stylo of Cane, GOLD -AND SILVER, AT W. G. Jamieson's (OJIMKRUIAL HKKLT., SEATTLE, W. T., A LATHE ASSORTMENT OF JB i^R-k* OP ALL TIIK LATEST PATTERNS, SILVER- WARE, A 1 PLATED WARE, CUK'KN, KPKI TACLEN, FANCY HOODS, All at III'" LowrsJ Hair#. Tlmr-i»lrr**< of rvpry niiid'lptidii Curcfullj' Ki'imlnd mid Warranted. Jowelrv of desired Pattern iiiadetoordcr- ENGRAVING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. v CL7" All orders for new work, repairs, hi ifrnvintc. or commissions tor Jewelry, etc. from any part of the Territory, will receive prompt personal attention. Remeiulier, the address in W. tJ. JAMIESON. Next door to Nehwalmcher I trim., Commer cial utrect. Seattle, \V. T. July 6, 1872. «l:tf PATERSON & MANN, DRUGGISTS AND APOTHECARIES. Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Cloib, llatr, Vail and TOOTH BRUSHES. And a full assortment of Fancy and Toilet Articles, dir., iVir. AT THE PIGET SOl'Kin DRUG STORE. Corner Fourth anil Main Street*. Olympia, Feb,.3. 1872. 14:yl Pony Sample Rooms, CIIARLKB lIUMRISTKR, PROrRI ETOR Main Urrrt, npp, Pacific Hotel, OLYMPIA, W. T. THIS |*>pul»r Ndoon in always supplier! with the very best quality of' WINKS AND t U(ironß, AI.R, POKTKR, BEER, ClPKlt, CIOAUS axi> Tobacco. 07* Ail elegant Hilltard Room attached to the premises. Oysters in every style always on hand. Bej>t. 21,1872. ' *7 Special Notice. AM of the TANITK OX'S goods arc direct l.v made by tlie Co., at their own Factory and under their own Patents nnd Proceses. It is ehea|ier to huv Br.oa>Am» Goods directly from well known Manufacturers than to buy of Dealers or get low pric<> or |xtor goods. The fullest Information on all points connect ed with KMKKY WHKF.IX \ND KMHRY GRINDING MACIIINKRY will b« furn ished bv this Companv. February 22, IS7:J. 16:m9 For Sale. JUST received Kx Italian Bark Bianca Bor *.one, new Chili Walnuts, direct from Val paraiso, at ROTHSCHILD A CO.S, Port Townsoiid. FOR MALE !!! -40, 000 Galium Extra llur Dog-Fiith Oil. Nt ROTHSCHILD A CO.'S, „ , Port Towmtend. November 16,1872. 3:tf Henry Sabin, GUNSMITH. Locksmith and General Re pairer. gives special attention toall work entrusted to him. Shop on Washington Street, between Sec ond and Third. Ammunition kept Constantly Hand. H. G. Struve, Attorney at. Law, WI LL practice in all the Courts of Record in the Territory. OIBM on Fifth Nlrret between Wuhlngtm and Main. Olympia. Nov. 21.1872. 4:tf (lIU AKS—of the ehoioent nnalitv. at J BRE< K EXFIELDS. The Louisiana Troubles. FOR SALE :! !—I,OUO Ualleua Extra Clin Porpoise Oil, at ROTHSCHILD A CO.'S, Port Townaand. FRFNCH Calicos and Merimao Prints, at LIOHTNER A ROSENTHAL*. D. C. H. ROTHSCHILD. JOSEPH BOSCOWITZ. KENTUCKY STORE, PORT TOWNSEND, W. T. m&Tmmmim <* co„ « INPORTKM AND WHOLMALR AND ItKTAII* DEALER* IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS AND SHOES, ■ Fancy Goods, Groceries, Wines and Liquors, CROCKERY AND QENERAL' MERCHANDISE. HAVING made arrangements to import a a large portion of our stock direct from the Eastern Cities, and an exiierienced agent nt Hm Francisco for the purpose of buying goods from tlret hands. we can oiler induce ments to buyers unsurpassed li.v anv other tirm. Our assortment will lie complete in every department, and we want it known that' We Will Not be Undersold by any other firm on Puget Hound. 1 A DIES' Dry Goods and Holserv—a com- J plete assortment. and new styles. Just _re- ceived at ROTHSCHILD ft TO.U C 1 LOT! 11 NO and FuriilslilnttGoods. In large quantities and at reduced rates at 1 ROTHSCHILD A CO S. MISSION Woolen Goods and lilankets; Oregon Woolen Goods, and Pacific Woolen Underwear, at Agent's rates. VGENCY of the United Anaheim Wine Grower's Association is at Rothschild A Co.'s. where a full stock of their different wines can always lie found. Asonta for Wolls. Fargo cto Co. Will Open on Saturday, the sth Instant. AUCTION Dry Goods Store, Main Street near Fourth. SUTMERL&NB & €&*» Staple .and Fancy Goods, Domestics, Yan kee Notions, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Millinery, &c.,&c. S. At Co. Hollelt the Inhabitants *f OljrnpU and rarra>n4in( Cnnntry to call and examine tkalr Qoads and Prices. KI TUKBLAND Jt CO., 22iu3 Main Street, near Fourth, Olympia.lW. T. T&OQM&ffIQW&E* OX/YZMUPI-A., "W- T. -This well-known and long-eatablished House has changed hands and la now conducted As a First-class House, on the European Plan. Till!) IS THE LARGEST HOTEL IN THE CITY AND NEAREST THE STEAMSHIP LANDING. Its Rooms arc Hard-finished and Neatly Furnished. The House is surrounded with fine Shade Trees and is the most comfortable Hotel in Olvmpia. Suits of Zlooma for Famlllea. STAGES LEAVE THE HOUSE EVERY MORNING FOR PORTLAND, VIA TF.NINO AND THE NORTH PACIFIC R. R. TO KALAMA, R7" Strict regard is paid to the comtort of guests. Parties abroad wishing rooms at the the Taeoma House can secure the same by notifying the proprietor by mail or telegraph without extra charge. GT7" Free conveyances for baggage to and from the House. Fireproof Safe for the accom modation of tmesis. T. JACKSON. Prop'r. CITY BAKERY, GROCERY AND PROVISION STORE Main Ntn«t, bet. Tklrd'and Fourth Iti., OLYMPIA. W. T. RA. PARKER. thankful for pant patron • HKP, solicits A continuation of the SAME, lie will endeavor to keopon hand at all times A ehoiee selection of FAMILY GROCERIES, WHICH HE WILL SELL AT REASONA BLE RATES. ALL GRADES OK FLOUR Constantly on hand, and every variety of RREA D. CAKES, PIES, CRACKERS. And IPanov X*Mtry, MADE TO OBDEB. Cy fJoods delivered to any part of the city. try Highest cash prices paid for Country Produce. r! A. PARKER." Nov. 26, 1871. 4:tf Buy where You can Buy CHEAPEST, AND YOU WONT PASS BY I. Harris* Store. Main Street, between Second mnd Third, op posite the Taoomm House, OIiTMPXA, W. T. IN constant reeeipt of all the articles, gen eral or special, suited to the trade of this market, consisting of CLOTHINO, BATS AND CAPS, BOOTS AND SHOES, Aad a Vail Stock mt Articles constitute s General Variety Store, To whieh he Invite* the attention of Ladies and Gentlemen who wish to spend their money to the best advantage. Lame* espeetall v are invited to call and ex amine his stock, which he offer* at LOWER PRICES than Dry Goods war* ever sold for beforejn \N ashlnKton "rerrltory. I. HARRIS, Main street, opposite Taeoma Hotel. Olvmpia, January. >873. 4»:lv D. S. B. HENRY, CIVIL ENGINEER AND V. ti. DEPUTY SURVEYOR. ORDERS left at the Office of Krtfncis Hen ry, I <and Agent, in the new county build ing, will meet with prompt attention. Olympia, Jan. 7,1872. 10:tf Olympia uly 1,1573, M:tf OPES THEIR NEW STOCK OF F Brandlca. the lwst brand* . .'liskieß Mini Liquors. of everv kind, and all the Popular Hitlers and SyniuH, for •ale in iwckage* to unit bv ROTHSCHILD A CO. T)I!ACCO and Cigars. Phies and Sterns; every varietv at ROTHSCHILD A CO.S ROTIISCIIILH A CO. are Agents for the. Celebrated Florence Hewing Machine. EXCHANGE on San Francisco, and Legal lenders Imuglit and Hold, and Drafts dis counted on liberal terms, bv RornscniLP A CQ. BOOKS and Stationery, a complete assort ment. Nt ROTHSCHILD & CO.S. GOO I)S liought and sold on commission in Sail Francisco or New York, at small per centage. by ROTHSCHILD tk CO. H Kill EST market price |iaid in cash for Furs.ilides. Wool unci Country Produce, by ROTHSCHILD A CO. Saw Gnmincr and Sharpener. A CHEAP. simple and durable machine— easily operated and running Wheels from 8 x S Inches to 12 x 1 inch. Price of Machine - ■ sl?> Wheels with bevelled, double bevelled and FOUND face from 14 to It 95, according to Thlrkaesa. Heavier Machines W® and W®, running Wheels up to' 24 inches in diameter. For illustrating Pamphlets or Photographs, address THE TANITE Co.. Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. "Advertising is the oil which wise men place In their lamps."— MOVEBS PBOV. L. P. FISHER, Advertising Agent, Rooma 90 aad >1 Merchant"! Eicbinp, CALIFORNIA SREET, SAN FRANCISCO CJOLlCTrSndvortlsementsand subscriptions Ol'or the Wjtihlngton standard, and lor pa pers published in California, Oregon and Ne vada, Washington, Utah, Idaho. Montana, Colorado, and adjacent States and T. ritorics; Sandwich Islands, the British Po <*tsions, Mexican porta, Nicaragua, Panama Valpa raiso, Japan and China, New Zealand ind (he Australian Colonies, the Atlantic States and Europe. ADVERTISING IT as created many a new business; lias enlarged many an old business; Has revived many a dull business; Has rescued many a lost business; Has saved manv a failing business* Has preserved many a large business; And insure* success in any business. QIBABD'S B«C*ET.—Stephen Oirard used to sav in his old age: " I have always consid ered advertising liberally and long to be the great medium of success in business, and the prelude to wealth. And I have niade it an invariable rule to advertise in the dullest times as well as the busiest; long experience having taught me that money thus spent is well laid out, as by continually keeping inv business before the public ■lt has secured me many sales that I otherwise would hare lost." Advertise Tour Businetn. (HP Tsar Mass* Mm tfcs PaMs 11 Judicious Advertising will insure a Fortune. IK BUSINESS 18 DULL, ADVERTISE. IP BUSINESS IS BRISK, ADVERTISE. tX7~ The man who didnt believe in adver tising has gone into partnership with the sheriff, and mat officer does the advertising. Sept. St. 1871. 47 JOB PRINTING, of all kinds, neatly ex cuted, at the lowestliving rates, at the Ofltoe of Mm WASHINGTON STANDARD. H OFF MAN M FROST, DEALERS IN HARDWARE, STOVES, CBOOKERT, LAMPS, Kltchca and Haaxhotd rtriuii. XbHIItLTI'RAL IMPLEMENTS, Kuahclunn of Tin, Copprr, and HMM Irta Wirr, OlympU, XV. T. HAS on bund and In receiving a flna assort ment of Cooking Stoves, Parlor Stoves And Box Stoves, TIN. COrPEtt ANI) SHEET IROX.WARE, CROCKERY AND LAMPS, PRUSftKD WARE, JAPAVXED WARE, mriLDERH' HARDWARE, TOOLU, HUOVEU), Engine, force. Well and Cittern Puaspa and Piping, Hay and Manure Porks, lirtaah Meytkea and Hook*, Cross Cut Sanrs, fit., it., PEEKSKI MI CAST-IRON PLOWS. PEO RIA STEEL PLOWS, CLIPPER STEEL PLOWS. Agts. for the " World" Mower, the "Ohio" Combined lU'n|>cr and Mower, the "Torna do" Thresher, for Puget Sound. Orders for Maclilnery to anv iHiinton the Sound tilled at S in Francisco'prices, freight added. Machinery set up when desired. To dealers we will si ll tinware at wholesale duplicating San Francisco invoices. charging freight on iiieasuriiient in bulk. HOFFMAN A FROST. February 10. 1872. 15:1 v Recent Arrivals op SUMMER AND FALL GOODS. Lightner & Rosenthal VRE in eonstant receipt of Seasonable Goods, consisting of DKY GOODS, Of which we have the latest styles of Poplins, Delaines. Moire Antiques. Lnwns, Ac. CLOTHING, Custom-made, out after the latest style, and the nicest and liest goods in the mar ket of whielt we have a very extensive assortment Hoots, Shoes and lints, For Ladies as well an gentlemen. We have a very large assortment. Enough for the surrounding country. Resides this wc keep on hand a large stock of FAMILY OROCEJEIXES. New goods always on the way, liy every ves sel from Hiii Francisco. Strangers or new com ers will tilid it to their advantage to purchase stock and outAts of us. The demand for goods having increased, we have now enlarged otir our stock, determined to sell goods for cash or country produce at a very small profit, in large or small quanti ties. Our goods are se lected ana bought by one of the most expe rienced and ltest educa ted business men on the Pacific Coast; and having in every re sjtect better facilities for obtaining goods than most any other house on the Sound, we can guarantee satisfac tion to every one who deals with 'us. Orate fully acknowledging our thanks to all our friends and the public generally, for past pa tronage, we respect ful ly request a continu ance of tlio same. We offer our stock of Choice Liquors at cost prices, to make room for other goods in their place. Hotter, Eggs and Furs, received in trade on the liest terms to producers.- Wc unhesitatingly challenge competition with anv and all merchants on Puicet Hound. ' LIUHTNER A ROSENTHAL, Nearest store to the Steamboat landing. | Olympia, Jan. 1, 187 a. 14:ly c. ooosjir, in wm. r. cbosbt. C. Crosby & Son, TUMWATEB, W. T-, DEALERS IX GENERAL MERCHANDISE. AM) PBOPBIETOBH OF TJIE LINCOLN FLOUR MILLS, KEEP eoiiHtantly on hand a full stock of General Merchandise, which THEY OFFER LOW FOR CASH. Manufacturers of th« CHOICEST BRANDS OF FLOUR, To be found on Puget Hound. Flour of mil grados, and Feed of all kinds, Kurnlahrd to Dealer* tka M«lt Adran- UgMSI Trrnu. cy Orders solicitedand promptlyexecut ed. C. CROSBY k SON. January 1,1873. 10:ly J. Ivl. LOWE, Probate J udg-e, JUSTICE of tlie Pence, Conveyancer and General Collector. J uat ices' Blank* of all kinds for sale. uy All business entrusted to him executed promptly with qvick returns. Dndi, llortgigM, Ac., BuciM with U»ranlM(l AManwjr. COT Office in Proliate Court Room. Resi dence corner of Washington and Eight Sta., Olympia. May M, 1873. »:ml _ Probate Notice. In the Probate Court of Lewi* County, April Jhm. XJOTICE is hereby given to all parties iir any way Interested in the estate of An drew J. Simmons, deceased, that a petition 1 has been presented to the Probate Coart of Lewis county, W. T., by Henry MiJWi Ad ministrator of the said estate, for a sale of all the real property belonging to th* saM estate, and to appear at my office In CiaqtafO, *o# dav, the wh day or June, A. D. IWB, atoM o'clock r. tolnterpose in their behalf r ami it is hereby ordered that publication be made in the WAHHINQTOX STANDABD, a weekly news* palter, for four consecutive weeks previous to hearing" JAMES „ ROUNDTREE, Probate Judge and Clerk, Lewis Co., W. T. May 10,1875. J7;w4 Wsstora Lsdfs We. «, L O. O. V. MEET st Odd Fellows'l/odg*,eve»y , n>m»* day evening at 7 o'clock. Mean her of the order In good standing are cordially in vited to attend. By order of the N. O. FRANCIS HENRY'S COLUMN. Thurston County AND WASHINGTON TUBITOIi LAND AGENCY AND COLLECTION OFFICE OF FRANCIS HENRY, OFFICE WITH THE SIIEKIfF IX THE COUNTY BUILDING* OLYMPIA, W. rt. THE proprietor has the only Abstract of Titles in Thurston county, the CORRECTNESS AND RELIABILITY or which he la Prepared to OtaiHi'itnt* to all Interested by aa K»hlhf linn •( his Booke. He Is prepared to transact a GENERAL REAL bstatb BUSINESS, WILL BUY AND SELL REAL ETSATE ON COMMISSION. Pay Taxes 1 , PERFECT TITLE & NEGOTIATE LOANS, AXD MAKE COLLECTIONS. For Sale. TOWN PROPERTY IN OLYMPIA, VIZ Lot S Block 53, near the Srvantown bridge. Lots 7 and 8 Block 32. on ThirilSttreet oppo site Nparks' new building. Lot 8 Block "31. on Second Street, opposite the STAKDABD Office. Lot I Block 10. above known as "the Mason Proper- Lota S and 4 Block 11, east o ißettinan's old store. Dwelling house and port of lot on Washing ton Street, between Second and Third Street, nearly opposite the STAKDABD Olßce. Dwelling house and two lots on Jefferson Street, east and adjoining Williunis' Addi tion. Lots I, 2 and 3 Block 19, north of and ad- Joining J. N. Gale's residence, 120 foot front * on Main Street. This property is ottered for a limited time. Lot* a and 7 Block 81, adjoining T. B. Rob ert'sj>lace, and running form Tenth to Uuion Lota 3 and 4 Block 8. S!?Ifl 1 fl *nd 7 Block 1, on Main St., with buildings atid improvements. Lot 12 Block 2, Mill Addition to Tumwater. Corner lot, cleared, fenced, and orchard on same. Good water. -A 80 THE GRAHAM CLAIM, In Mason county, over 300 acres of land fronting on the mouths of Oyster and Skoo kuni bays, including tlie Arcadia Town site. A good stand for a store. Front partof claim, soil first quality, plenty of water for Irriga tion ; back of claim soil second rate, timber supposed to be good for two million feet. In Thurston county, The Waddell Place, On Tanalquot Plains. A gracing farm- of about 700 acres, moaOy fenced. A small'tog house on the place, good post barn. 500 bear ing apple trees, good well of water, 80acres of good meadow land, about 20 ocres seeded" down. ALSOf— The Littlejohn Farm, In Sec. 5. Township 16 Bange 2 West. Twea ty-tive acres in uieodow, alraut 90 acres of good bottom land, house, barn and improra-' incuts. Also in Lewis county/ the farm known a the KING DONATION CIAIM, containing 320 acres, situated on the ChehalW river, eight miles from t'laquatoand ten miles from the Kewaukuin Kuilroad depot; MM acres prairie, balance rich bottom land; 100 acres under fence; house, two barns and* graiuary. Terms of payment easy. One of the moat desirable places in the country. -ALSO OTBUR FRQl»tbhW In ▼arfons parts of the Country. 07* Guarantees title, frfthout extra ehanre,' when emptoyed as conveyancer. Otympkft, January », M 73» 4»:tf Probate Notice. 7n <A* Probate Court of Lettii County, Afrit iVrm. NOTICE is hereby given to all parties in! any way interested in the estate of SfMh ael Cotteneair, deceased, that a' petition baa been presented to the Probate Court of Lewis crninty, W. T., by Henry Miles Administrator of the said estate, for a safe of all Ijbm real property belonging to Che said estate, ana to. appear It mv otllee in CtaqOatQ, Mpnday, the 9th flay of June, A. D. 1873, at one o'clock *■. td fnteroose in their behalf; and it ia hero* by ordered that publication be made in tha Wasbuotox Humuu, a weekly newspaper* four consecutive weekspfevious tosaid heat l * ing. JAMES" rf. HOCSPTREE. Probata Judge and Cterk Liwii Co.. W. T; May 10,1873. If-.Wi Home Shuttle Sewing XAJL CHINS. tSEir rag mum or hzedlb—ma4m m' VOCE arnica: JTo. 1 atyla lao No. 9 " Cftble and Treadle) 45 Mo,a •' (Half Cabinet) M The HOME SHUTTLE'!# the most popular Sewing Machine in the maritai—four hand- X. E. May 10, fflfc «ME F~ m gfALE! 1!-V»0« (Mbu bin Chu Sftal Oil. M ROTHSCHILD * CO.W, Fort Tnwnaand.

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