21 Haziran 1873 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 2

21 Haziran 1873 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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Washington i Our Aifrnlo. T.. P. FISMKtt. N< ««|>:i; rr \d\r- v Aw'nt. R>xinm> ; aiiil M Jiv -j. Calif->Tiiia .Street. s.tn Vnrtlfi >. •LVIPI\. SATIttU MMVu J\'\\. 21.1 A3. FREE FAtS£>. A member elect of the Legislative Assembly has handed us a " ] sent to him through the mails by the North ern Pacific Railroad Company, and asks our opinion of the condition, upon which it is issued. It is a " season" ticket, bears the name of the rot ij i- nt. end eutitles him to passngr in trains on the Pacific Division until Dec. ."Ist, 1873. On the ol >verse .side are the fol lowing " conditions'*: This ticket is nut Iran* ft mi le, an 1 - for feited If presented l>y any »th"rthr.:i !! • |» r «>n named uim*i its face : and (lit- ( ic.| any reserves the right to revoke it at any time, without notice. The person accepting and nsinp thisli. U. t In consideration of reec i\ inn I!i. -voile \ol-j nntarilv assumes all risk oi' aeci.ieiits and ilmnaLi's. and expressly airrees that tl •• Northern Pacific 1 tail mini Company shall not l>e retarded as a common carrier, nor as liable to him for any injury to his person or •ny loss or damage to his li-ujiaire. which Ruiy occur while usinjr this ticket, whether i caused hy the neiilijrenco of the Company's apenta or'otherwise.' Before expressing fin opinion as to | the justice of these "conditions," we! should like to be informed whether or not its holder has paid the company an equivalent for the use he may make of it. As it ».i superscribed "on ac count of Territorial Legislature," we infer that the Government, in a generous mood, hud purchased passes for the mcmlieis of the Assembly, and had ordered them issued the same as jack-knives and mucillago have hereto fore been distributed; but as" civil ser vice reform" has already reduced the length of thesession one third, limited the appropriation for printing, lopjn .1 off all unnecessary expenses, and still provides for the payment of mileage to members to and from the Capital, that view, it will be observed, is scarcely admissable. If the Government has not opened an account with the North ern Pacific Railroad, either directly or through its authorized agents, the ques tion arises who has done so, and what is the object of such unparalleled gen erosity? Has some candidate foi Door keeper of the Council or House of Rep resentatives, or Scrgeant-at-Arms of these august bodies, hit upon this novel mode of advancing his cause, and mak ing a sure thing of the honors of the position, even though it be at a fright ful cost when reckoned in dollars and cents? Or has some benefactor of these much-abused gentlemen who make our laws, through the promptings of phil anthrophy, entered the field in their behalf, with the design of supplement ing it with tickets for meals at our hotels and drinks at the bars, to allevi ate in some degree the abuse they are mire to receive if they act and vote ac cording to the dictates of conscience under their official oaths? Either of these fatter suggestions may be correct, but if so, wo protest against the injus tice of the so-called " conditions," which defeat in some degree the object of the generous donor, by making the recipi ents of his bounty assume all the ordi nary risks of accident, and damage, even though resulting through neg lect of tho company. Furthermore, it was an oversight in him to allow the company to interpolate a clause by which they can revoke at any time with or without cause or notice, the benefits ■which his bounty has provided. Why is it that a member of the Assembly cannot have the same jjroteetion guaran teed to other passengers ? "Why is he compelled to tie his carpet-bag to his suspender button or pad his body, to guard against loss of linen by negli gence of agents, or injury to limb by the carelessness of some engineer or employee of the company? We pro test, in the name of humanity, against this injustice to our dignified Solons. Sheep, cattle and even hogs, are guar anteed safe transit under the laws reg ulating "common earners," and their liablitv extends to adequate damages for such loss as may be sustained by their owners. Probably the most serious cause for complaint, however, is found in the clause which renders the ticket subject to forfeiture if presented by any other than the person to whom it is issued. It is a lamentable blunder. Government provides mileage for alHhe members of the Assembly, and a pass is therefore of no more use than a fifth wheel to a wagon or an extra tail to a cat, and their use would be considered ridicu lous by all who have a proper regard for fitness and propriety. Had this " condition'' been omitted probably our legislators could find sale for their " passes," and return home a few dol lars richer than they came. As the matter rests, we assure our friend that his pc.rquyttie is scarcely in keeping even with the supplies usually doled out to the people's representatives, and WB cordially commend his determina tion to return it with thanks as a use less adjunct of legislative dignity and honor. • Cm; hk in, •• I-'aiiui il." \Yc leal 11 from the that ( ij'l. Thomas S: v it toll has Ihi 11 1 .r. It; i"' >f i*n to;os !.v M;-. (i.ulielilc. C'aj f. T'Hii, !ore tl:< late election, t .[ re . . J Li in self nt a \ arm political friend of JnI;o McFad hn. Tlio durability t»f his fi'ic>pl4lip. it is said, however, de- I ponded on d liars and cents, and fail iiijLf to receive the sr-lf-appraiscd value of his political friendship, he squared his sails f. .r the '• trade winds" and sold out liter; 11 y for a me-s of pottage. Port I'own.scnd was the field of his choice, and saloon eounters the rostrum from which he hurled his boomerang. Poor Torn! never did man labor under more adverse or impositions circum stances. The letters he had written, , lauding the honestyand ability of Judge MePadden, in which he had declared for the Judge—first, last and always— were produced in the midst of a polit ical tirade in Hunt's Saloon, and drove him on the lee shore. Putting his whc tl hard to port, he then and there, in the presence of many auditors, ad mitted that he knew Mr. Oarfieldc to , be false to his friends, to the people and i the country, but that as ho was certain I to be elected he would vote for him. j Such devotion needed some fit reward ; and we are glad that lie has now reached the zenith of his glory, the acme of his soul's fondest aspirations. He is a good-natured, harmless fellow, great in his own estimation, and will doubtless j find amusement and compensation dur ing his official career, in illustrating to the Mai;ahs the physical structure of his white mice and by telling the boys what lie knows about (iarfielde. MI'SIT IRAL MATTERS.— The Board of Trustees, at their meeting last Saturday evening ordered the opening of Wash ington Street from Union to Thirteenth, two crossings on the east side of Frank lin Street on Seventh and Eighth Streets; a sidewalk 011 the east side of Main Street from Union to Thirteenth, and 011 tlio north side of Union Street, from Washington to Franklin. C'lias. White was authorized to locate corners at the intersections of Washington, Franklin and Adams Streets, between Fourth and Union Streets, and to estab lish the line of Main Street from Union to Thirteenth Streets, and a grade on said Street from tho alley between Fifth and Sixth Streets to Thirteenth Streets. SERIOUS ACCIDENT.—A few days ago, Theodore Brown, a young man residing 011 White river, met with a serious ac cident. lie was hitching a span of horses so a wagon, when the team took fright, ran away, and throwing young Brown off- his feet, dragged liim with them some distance, when becoming detached the wagon passed over him, breaking his light leg and inflicting several serious bruises. Dr. Hughes, of White river was called, the fractured •limb set, and at last accounts the young man was doing well. ©SyTho Colonist announces it to luo the intention of tlie Canadian Pacific Railroad Company to male their own iron on their line. That required on this side of the Roelcy Mountains will be made on the seaboard —doubtless on Vancouver Island, where both coal and iron-stone exist in great, abundance. SruuciNG UP. —Mr. Brown, of the Washington Market, is building a new sidewalk and erecting an awning on Washington Street, along by his prem ises. The prices of meat and vegeta bles will, however, remain the same. Although he may be " putting on tfirs" he is not at all proud. POSTAL CUANGKS. —Postoffices have been established at Lend, Umatilla county, Oregon, Chas. E. Hinton, Post master, and on San Juan Island, in this Territory, G. W. Moore Postmaster. The office on Tongass Island, Alaska Territory, has been discontinued. 53£T The mail stage now arrives be fore dark. A change in the time table between Kalama and Tenino admits of its arrival from one or two hours earlier than under under the former schedule. 335T The Pioneer Base Ball Club of Portland beat the Clackamas Club of Oregon City, last Saturday, in a matcb game at the latter place. The score £tood 33 to 31. KiC A resident of Seattle has cap tured a clam' fifteen inches long, and sent it to Sun Francisco, in spirits, to attract the attention of the curious. GP" The Oregonians are a progressive people. They have discarded the old mode of cheering and now vociferously exclaim: "Hip! hip! llipple!" Paterson & Mann are in receipt of a large assortment of new goods in their line. Their supply of toilet arti cles is the best in town. It is reported that a new com pany, with a capital of $3,000,000 huve purchased the .Lake Washington coal mine. J' eatuck'ys fruit crop is damaged. Jl *t< it (t-m:: -A miifoli isatneof Base Bill wis J 1 .hi la-« Thursday cv t n ing liv the Washington* and Alki-i. nf this place. The gamo rom i f ;ii'»'d about half past (J o'clock, and 1 <>no liour. The Washington!! won the toss and sent the Alicia to tlio bat. The game was very close, the core being even on the third inning, from which the Alkis led them until the last inning, in which tlie Washing tons mado a handsome score of live runs. which made them victors over the Alkis by two tallies. At the conclusion of the game the result was read by the scorers viz: Alkis, K. Wasliingtons jo I Three hearty cheers were then given by the Alkis for the victorious club, and three for the umpire. The Philadelphia A'jc thinks that (he appointment of such n man as Credit Mobilior, salary-grab Bingham to he a representative of the United States abroad, is a premonition of the sort of man we may expect for the of fice of (Hi ief Justice of the United States, which appointment is delayed till Con gress meets, when it will probably be mado and rushed through the Senate immediately; and that Attorney General Williams (of evil notoriety in connection with Repeat or Brown's pardon) is from his unfitness for the place, the most likely to get it. FINE SCHOOL BI ILDIXO. —\Ve lenrn from tlio Vancouver Itrgixler tint the Sisters of ( harity, (it tliat place, intend tlio erection of a building for school purposes, to be 1(10 feet long by 3 J feet vide with wings 120 feet long, the whole to be of brick, three storiesliigh, in the aggregate -10 feet. The bu.lding will bo an ornament not only tc Van couver but tlic whole Territory, and one of the finest educational edit'cea on tlie Coast. " BELLINOTIAM BAY MAIL." —The pro spectus of a weekly journal,to >ear the above title, has been issued b\ James Power, a practical printer, recendy from the East. It will be published weekly at Whatcom, and labor for the promo tion of the best interests of that and tlio adjoining counties and the Territory at largo. The Mail will bo Republican in politics, and about the size of tl;o Daily Tribune. Cy Carsln'na Wallace of Cowlitz coun ty, has received the nomination for the position in the Naval Academy nt Anna polis. He being the only applicant, there was no difficulty in making a se lection, nor disappointment at the re sult. Master Wallace is said to be well qualified physically as well as men tally for the ardous disic.ipline of the position he is destined to fill. FIREMAN'S BALL. —An anniversary ball will be given in Columbia Hall, on tlio evening of the 4th of July, under the auspices of Columbia Engine Company. Messrs. J. It. Wood, Geo. L. Derr and Henry Sabin have been authorized to make all the necessary arrangements. The company by resolution invited Barnes Hook and Ladder Co. to par ticipate. 13 ASF. BALL. —There aro two " nines" practicing for a match game to take place on or about the 4th of July. The Alki Club, composed exclusively of young men, is a new organization, and will play the Washingtons, who carried off the laurels last year. It is thought the "juniors" will afford the champions a " lively tussle." FUNERAL. —The remains of Geo. F. Hyam was interred in the Odd Fellows Cemetry last Sunday by the Champions of the Bed Cross, attended by the Fire Department and a largo concourse of citizens. The funeral service was held in Olympic Hall, Bevs. Dickey and Thompson officiating. B®~ Prof. Spencer F. Baird, of the Smithsonian Institution at Washington, is anxious to obtain specimens of an animal said to be very common in this Territory, called by the Indians Showt'l. A liberal price will be paid for speci mens left at the express office in this place. I3P" William Reinhart, a young man who formerly resided in this place with his parents, died at sea a few days out from Panama, on his return home from South America. Billy was well known to many of our older residents, who will regret his untimely end. MUNICIPAL ELECTION. —At the munici pal election in Portland last Monday. Henry Failing was elected Mayor. The proposition to buy the water-works was defeated by a large majority. HP* Mrs. Rhinehart has rented Hon. Frank Clark's fine residence' at Steil acoom, and opened a luxurious Summer resort. REMOVAL. —Chas. Wood has removed his shoe-shop to the stand adjoining T. Macleay & Co. Peter Paulson has opened a beer saloon on Second Street, in the Tacoma Hotel building. OUR WASHINGTON LETTER. n, D. Jim l:h. 1573. THJ: THllili TERM Ml \ AT WollK. The organization which was formed some three years ago in Washington, for the purpose of securing (brunt's re noiuination fjr a secon! term, has already ha 1 one or two informal meet ings for the purpose of determining upon a comprehensive plan for gradu ally familian::ing the masses of the Republican party with the following ideas: l irst, that there is nothing dreadful, /irr .«■, in a president serving three terms; next, that if the country has a good president, it would be fool ish to set him aside for no better reason than that somebody else wanted the position; and lastly, as the tiine for the nominating convention approaches, that domestic tranquility at the South and the integrity of the Union can bo as sured only by containing Grant in the presidential chair for a third term. THE PRESS IS TO I;E L-SF.D extensively for the dissemination of these ideas; an 1 it has been determined that,after a while, only avowed third term men shall be appointed to vacan cies in the civil service, and that the teriuro of office of every man, from tlie cabinet-officer to the night watchman of a custom-house, shall depond upon his open expressed views favoring a third term. Preparations are being mado for as desperate a struggle for po litical and financial power as an> that history has recorded. Not only the Ad ministration office-holders, but the car pet bag governments of the Southern States, the National Bank men, the bond holders, the railroad land-grabbers, the salary grabbers, the credit mobilier swindlers, the wealthy manufacturers, the men with fraudulent claims who di vide with the officials that put their jobs through—all these men have too good a thing to give up without a feaiful and expensive contest. PROPOSED INCREASE OF TIIE CIVIL SERVICE ARMY. The seed sown by the Bureau of In ternal Revenue in the several States produced such rich crops of Adminis tration votes last autumn, that the third term men have doteimined to create, if possible, a few more bureaus and to reconstruct others, so as to necessitate a vast addition to the already largo army of federal office-holders. With that end in view, every preparation is being made that the human ingenuity can devise to place before the 4:sd Congress and the people, in a favorable light, a bill to authorize the GOVERNMENT TO I't'ItCIIASE THE TELEGRAM! LINES —all the lines in the country—to place them under the control of the Post master General, and to prohibit the future construction of private lines, even by State authority in short, to place telegraphic communication on the same footing, in every respect, as the present postal service. The agents, superintendents, operators and other employees in government telegraph of fices, all over the Union, would bo quite serviceable during a presidential cam paign. Another measure of the third term men will be the creation of A BUREAU OF ITDI.IC JIUALTH, which shall see that the post-oftlcos, custon-houses, court-rooms and other buildings belonging to the govermont aro constructed on hygienic principles, and that the employees are all vacci nated and keep their bowels open. In a similar bill that was introduced to the Senate, last winter, as a feeler, several other duties were assigned to this bu reau; but I have not the bill at hand, and forget whjit they were. I <h> re member, though, that the way was left open for the future brigades of ollico holders in each State. It is also in the programme to en deavor to pass Hoar's " Bill for, the Es tablishment of a National System of Education" BO amended that it will give MORE TOWER ANT) RATRONAC.F. TO TOE BU- REAU OF EDUCATION in most of the Southern States. Hoar, who is an honest, straightforward man, and by far the ablest member of the Massachusetts delegation, tried hard to get his bill favorably considered by the 41st and 42d Congress, and will be in dignant at any attempt by professed political friends to mangle it for per sonal or party purposes; but if the third term men, most of whom have hitherto opposed or dodged it, find that they can trade it through, amended to suit them, they will care little for his wishes in regard to it. A NATIONAL QUARANTINE STSTEM. in another contemplated measure of the third term men for swelling the num ber of federal officials. At present, oach State enacts its own quarentine laws. It will bo readily perceived that the number of health officers and other employees necessary to enforce these laws, in tho several seaboard cities of the Union is, collectively, very large, and would add much to the numerical strength of tho administration that ap pointed them. I have endeavored to outline the pro gramme of the third term men, and to help to defeat it by making it known thus early. Tho obstacles they will have to encounter, and their chances of success, I shall reserve for another letter. LIKELY TO COME BACK. A friend who left Kansas five days ago, has just entered my office, and cor roberatcs the current rumor that Pome roy will most probably be the the Re publican candidate for the U. S. Senate. Apart from his Grant proclivities, which are strong, ho is by all odds the best man thus far spoken of in connection with tliojinuch coveted seat. Send him along. ' A. F. 13. jfcajjr T.. N. Reed has received the ap pointment of Register of Bankruptcy for the First Judicial District of Wash ington Territory. TELIJGBAPII IC. . I-ATI: It ITIO.II Till; ATI,ANTIC STVriJS. T:io Texas Bsardrr lurr«tl£:itl»ti C.iiumlo a(oil. v « < i AsjifN '-tin, J tine IG. —A special savs that the Texas Bolder Investigation Commission have returned to that city to prepare their report. They have . been engaged constantly since January 10th and have heard the evidence of 1,000 t\r parte affidavits and the festi mony of several women and children who had escaped from the Indians and appeared before the Commission and ; told their story of suffering. The Com i anches are said to be mainly engaged j in the lmsincss of stealing and sclbng I children and women of white settlers, 1 while the Ivickapoos, Lipans and Mex icans disguised as such, chiefly confine themselves to cattle stealing. The raids of these arc so frequent that stock raising within 200 miles of the Itio (iramie has been well nigh abandoned. June 11).—'I he Internal Revenue re ceipts to-day were $.112,024, making a 1 » mn ' l l'J ( 4 fol ' the fiscal year to date of Isi 10,077,0.-)."., or nearly's7H,ooo in ex : cess of the estimates. Total receipts S this month have been $-1,064,75)2. It is believed there will bo collected during the remainder of the month about four and a half millions. CHARLESTON, June If!.—The annual draping of the graves of the Confeder ate dead took place here to-day. There was a general suspension of business this afternoon. NEW YORK, June I t.—Nine thousand immigrants arrived here the past work, making 111,88(5 since January. New YORK June 17. —Several shocks of earthquake recently frightened the people of Valparaiso and the south parts of Chile. The first shock was at 12:!V2 r. M. on the b'lth of May, at Valparaiso, and lasted 42 seconds, A good deal of damage was done to public and private buildings from the motion being ver tical. It is stated that the Navy Department has purchased the British steamer 77- <7mw for the I'ohtri* search expedition. The lii/riv;s is the well-known sealing vessel that picked up and rescued a portion of the crew of the I'nturix. NEW ORLEXNS, June I<>.— A meeting of whito and colored citizens was held last night which adopted a preamble and a long series of resolutions, the gist of which is contained in tlio fol lowing: WHEREAS, Louisiana is now threatened with death to the vital organ of her ma terial and political being; and W HEREAS, Her calamities are but the fruit of unnatural division among the children of her soil and her adoption; and WHEREAS, AS WO have an abiding faith that there is love enough for law among her sons to invite them in an unselfish struggle for her redemption; therefore he it Rf.-in!n't}, First, that henceforward wo dedicate ourselves to the benefit of our people. Second, that bv our people we mean men of whatever race, color or religion who are citizens of Louisi ana, and who are willing to work for 1 e. - preservancc. Third, we shall advocate, by speech, pen and dcod, the equal and impartial exercise by every citizen of Louisiana of every civil and political right guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States ami the laws of honor, brotherhood and fair dealing. NASHVILLE (Tenn.), June 17. —There were fifty deaths to-dav, thirty-five I ic ing from cholera. Dispatches from Gallatin, Lebanon, Greenville and oth er points, show the scourge is carrying off a great many at those places. CINCINNATTI, Juno 17th.—The sud den death of a woman with symptoms of cholera was reported in the citv to day. The cases spoken of in last night's dispatches are improving, and no new ones have been reported, except as above mentioned. MEMMIIS, June 17. —The weather con tinues cold, with rain. WASHINGTON, June 17.—A special says that ex-President Johnson proposes to run for Governor of Tennessee in tho fall, and hopes that his election will promote him to the United States Sen ator There were fifteen interments to-day, ten of which were negroes. CANANDIAOUA, Juno IS.—Under in structions from the Court tho jury in tho case of Susan B. Anthony, indicted for voting in violation of law, rendered a verdict of guilty. Tho Court refused to poll the jury. NEW YOKK, June — 17. —Tho Erprcsx savs that by some blunder the new Con stitution for this State abolished tho Senate. Tho Government sold SSOO, 000 in bonds to-day at 11 5-40 to 11 5-(!2. SAN FRANCISCO, Juno 10.—Tho Amer ican ship Caravan is coniing up the Harbor. She is 225 days out from New York, consigned to W. T. Coleman, and had not been seen or heard from since sho loft. CALIFORNIA. An Ocean Huco. SAN FRANCISCO, June 15. —Tlio clipper ship Young America has reached Liver pool, IOC days from San Francisco and has beaten Lu Kcoete, a British ship, which raced with her from this port. Lanre sums of money will change hands on the result of the race. RUTLROAD F£IITT*R|IRISE. Private intelligence has been received that the parties interested in building the railroad from Guaymas to Tucson have arrived at New York from Europe, and that they havo secured all the means necessary to carry on tlio enter prise to completion. ANOTHER SWARM OF LURUITM. The Chinese passengers of the Alaska have come ashore bearing chalk marks of Custom and Health oflicors on their clothing, showing that thoy have not smuggled and aro not the' victims of small-pox or lejyosy. The passengers of the i v/'/nvd' x arc also eomin<»a>-hoii. There me 2,000 of thtiu nil. ° " ' Mv* Urau uril. M' VR.iLI!.!:, June ll>.—At Calais 1 lace, 112 miles from here, ve stcrdav A boat filled with pleasure neekois sail", in;,' on tlie i>on<l was overturued and live drowned. Ki-ht others weie res cued in mi unconscious state. Interview With the Modocs. BOYLE'S CAM!', June 12.— Another in terview took jilaco this afternoon,at the request of the Indians whose necks are just outside the halter. The Indians voluntarily made revelations in this or der: J''l ick Jim acknowledged tbathe stole SIS from Meacham, and passed in that amount. Boston said he had Meacham's pistol hid in the rocks and that he would re turn it if he ha'd a chance. He said that Meacham's memorandum book was destroyed by squaws. Steamboat Frank said he knew where the coat and vest of Br. Thomas were, and could obtain them in half a day. Thomas' gold watch was taken by a warm Spring Indian, and Crans ton's ring was lost. The leading braves, including Jack, said thirty to forty shots were fircil dur ing the Peace Commission massacre, and actively shifted the responsibility for tho murders from one to another. All agreed, however, that Bogus Char ley did not participate in the massacre, and from first to last condemned it ax an unfair and unsafe proceeding. YUI:KA, Juno IS. —"While the Modoc# were being removed from Tule Lake to Fort Klamath, one of the Indians known as Curly headed Jack, who surrendered with tlit: Hot Creek band, shot himself and has since died. It is al;:o reported that some of the Indians who were ironed nearly succeeded in tiling off their irons, but were detected in time to prevent their escape. POP.TI.AM) (Oregon), June 10. — A let ter received in this city yesterday from the Modoc country states that a lively H expected somewhere in that vicinity, between the Klamath Indians and the Warm Spring Indians, as soon as the latter attempt to leave for home. This may be idL> rumor, yet it boars a tone of probabilty, for it isa well known fact, that the two tribesrtiumcrated have always maintained the most deadly hos tility toward each other. ronuio\ M:TVN. LONDON, .Juno 15. Finperor Williatit continues seriously ill. Private advices report, liis condition alai'miii','. Dispatches from Aden, dated Juno •id say that the treaty wi:h for the suppression of the i-live trade has been negotiated by Sir Baltic Freer. Prince Jerome Bonaparte has arrived hero from Paris. ROME, June 17. —The Senate to-day passed a hill for the suppression of re- Unions corporations l>v a vote of <!S yeas to 20 nays. The measure now awaits royal sanction. HALIFAX, Juno 17.—Judge Johnson has been appointed to tho Limit »imnt- Clovernorsliip of Nova Scotia, made va cant by the death of Jos. Howe. IMPORTANT TO MARINERS. The following circular has bei n issued by tho Collector of Customs in this District: CI STOM llorsE, 1 DISTIHCT OK PI'OKT Sot'NN, J- Port Townsend, W.T., June 10, '73 ) Tt is important for all persons inter ested in American Ships to know that tho Masters of all American Yes-els bound to or from any Foreign I'ort (except those trading with British Columbia, Mexico and "West Indies) must ship and discharge their Crews before a Shipping Commissioner, and otliorwiso conform to the provisions of the Act of Congress approved June 7, IK7U, commonly called tho Shipping Law: And as no Shipping Commis sioner has been appointed for this Dis trict, the Collector or Deputy Collector of Customs will act in that capacity and enforce the provisions of said law. Masters, Owners and Consignees of Vessels trading Coastwise, or with Mexico, or British Columbia, or of Vessels tho Crews of which are, by Custom or Agreemont, entitled to par ticipate in the profits or result of tho cruise or voyage, may act as Shipping Commissioners for their own Vessels, by conforming to all tho provisions of the law; or, when so required, tho Colloctor or Deputy Collector will per form the service. S. GAUPIEI.PK, Collector of Customs. THE DWYEK Murderers. —Jo Nehan ouh, a half breed now confined in t.lio Victoria jail,'lms confessed to the mur der of of Dwyer and his wife, on Sun Juan Island, a few weeks ago. He was aided by an Indian named Charles Neiner, who has also been arrested. - ♦ ♦ — Tlio people of Arcadia intend having an old-fasliioned celebration on the Ith of July, to which they invito all their neighbors and the rest of man kind. We aro glad that there is to bo at least one effort made to coinmeinorato our glorious anniversary. ty Tho China population of San Francisco aro Hocking to tho interior of the State, and to Oregon, Nevada, and tho Territories, in consequeuco of the determined attitudo of tho Anti- Chinese organizations. FESTIVAL. —The ladies of tho Presby terian Church propose holding a Fair in Columbia Hall, on Tuesday, the Ist day of July. The proceeds will be ap plied to liquidation of tho church debt. ♦ ♦ ty Burr has just received » olioioo lot of cigars.

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