Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, September 2, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated September 2, 1864 Page 3
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BALL'S SPECIFIC PILLS—WARRANTED IN AM. CASES. Can be relied ©n I Never tail to care 1 L)o no! ! Are speedy in Action! No change of diet required ! Do not interfere with bniness pu' - - •uitil Can be i/Vd vviifrotU detection I Uj .vard of 200 cures the pi*t moruh—low" of them very se vere cases. Over one hundred physicians have used thexn in rheir practice, and all speak well of taffir effir icy, and approve of their composttioa, which is i entirelv vegetable, ami harmless on the system. —■ Hundreds ot' ceitificates can be shown. BELL'S SPECIFIC PILLS are the original ai d cm!y genuine Specific Pill. They are adapted tmr male and female, old or young, and the only, reliable rem edy for effecting a permanent and speedy cure in all cases o! Spermatorrhea, or Seminal Weakness, with all its trsm of evils, such as Urethral and Vaginal Discharges, Gleet, tie Whites, Nightly or Involun tary Emissions, Incontinence, Genital Deb.iity and Irritability, Impotence, Weakness or Loss of Pow er. Nervous I'rbi ity. fee., &c.. a.'! of witich arise principally from Sexual Excesses or Self-Abuse, or some constitutional uerangemerit, and incapaci tates tbo rulferer from fulfilling the duties of mer ited life. In all srxu I diseases, as Gonorrhea, Gleet, and Strictures, and in Disease,- of the Siad derar.d Kidneys, they a.-t a-, a chart-. ! Relief :s ex perienced by taking a single box. Sold by all the principal druggists. Price sl. They will be sent by mail, secnrelsealed, and confidentially, on receipt of the monev, by J. BRYAN. M. D., No. 76 C-'Jar street. New York, Consulting Physician tor the treatment of Seminal, Urinarv, Sexual, and Nervous Diseases, who will , send, free to all, the following va'u ble work, in | seaied envelope : THE FIFTIETH THOUSAND —Da. DELL'S TREA TISE. on Self-Abuse, Premature Decay, I npotence ; and Loss of Power, Sexual Di "a■ , Semir. ii \Y**ak ness, Nightly En' "ions, Genital Deb,! ty, Nr., Jfec., , a pamphlet of 6i pages, containing important a '- . vice to the afflicted, and whir, should be r- every sufiTer, as the meana of cure in : he -everes' stages is plainly set forth. Two stamp: required to pay posts>?e, I iiiierbT 4, 1563 Irs? IMPORTANT TO LADIES. — Da- HARVEV'S FEMALE j PILLS have nevei vet fulled in removing ciifii u ,i arising from obstruction, oi s'oprage ot natme, or i in restoring the iy-'-ni to perfect health when am'- • ering fiom Spinal Aifi-ctiori-, Proiip-us Uteri. the Whites, or other weakness of the Uterine Organs. "1 he Pilfs a re perfectly ha 1 , mless on the constitution, : ard may be taken by the most delicate female with- . out causing distress—the um? time they act like a charm bv strengthening, invigorating and restating the svstem to a healthy rou .itioh, and by bringing j on the monthly p"rio ! with regularity, no matter: from what causes the obs' ruction may .iri-e. i hey shoe) however, NOT be la! en during the first : three or four months of'pregnancy, though <*f as any othei time, a-: miscarriage old be the lesfult. F.g'.h box con'ains GO Pills. Price sl. DR. HARVEY'S TREAT: F on Diseases of Females. : Pregnancy, Attscarrig ', B ir r ei iie.-s, Sterility, Re- • prodc 'ion, and Abu-:sof Nature, and emp atn-ailv ' the Ladies' Private Medical Acv'ser, a • smphlet o r 6i pagit, sent free to .ny addr " Nix at . quned to pay po-tage. Tf'e Pills and buck at ill be sent bv mail when de. sired, securely seated, and prepiid, by J. BRYAN, M. D., Genera! Agent, No. 73 Cedar ft., New York. bv nil th" principal druggist,. December 4, 15G3—lysc. MOTHERS, if you to get e good picture of your children, call at the American Art Pagoda. Come One, come all, f'o b great and small, High and low, R'cb and poor. Lame or lazy, Dec r or 1 j.nh, Eat, ragi<-.i or sa.rcy, to tke American Art Pagoda near the Court House. August 19.* "C. 3. WATSON, Artist. Howard ASSOCIATION, PHILM:' 1 PHI A, Pa', Diseases of the Nervous St stem, SpermatcT rhoea or Sen it at Weaknes-, Impotence, and othrr t(lootions of triii Sexual Organs, Phvfical Debility arm Premature Decay new and reliable treatment, in reports of the Howard Association, sent by mail in sealed ietter enve'op-s, free Q t charge. Address, Dr. J. b-KI I.LIN HOUGH I ON. HOWARD ASSOCIATION No. 2 South Ninth Street, Philadelphia, pa. July 29. 1364 ty. GENERAL ELECTION Pill K Li M ATI ON. WHF.REAS, in and by an Art ot General Assem bly of the Common wealth of Pfnnsvlva: ii, entitled "An Art to regulate the General Electrons with u this vdmcionWealth," it is erj lined upon me to give public notice Of said elections and fo en .rtter ite in said notice what officers are to be elected, ?, JOliN ALDSTADT, Sherilf of the county oi Bedford, da bercby make known end give this public rot ice fo the electors of the county of Be-Jfoti., rT at a General ' Election will be h Id in said coun'y, on the SECOND TUESDAY (IDA) OS OCTOCJZR, 1864, at tie several electi. n di*"irt, viz : The electors of the borough of Bedf >rl ari l town- i Ship ot Bedford, to meet at the Court House in said ' boiough. 1 tie electors of Broad Top tcw >h:p te meet at the school bouse in the Villa-" of Coal Dale. The electors ot the borough of Bloody Kuu to . meet at the buu e oi Duni-l B. Oit in sail boiough. The electors cf C'oleraiu township Jo meet at the I house of D. Stuctrey, in Wain-barg. in s id township. The electors of Cumberland Valley township to meet at the new sciioo! t ouse erected on the land : owned by John Whip's heirs in said township. 'fhe elector;, of Harrison township to meet. at i school bou.-e No. 5, near the dwelling ot Hen ry keyser, in said" township. The electors of Juniata iownsh : p to meet at Key eer's school Lou-e, in said township. The electors of Hopewell township to meet at the; school hou.-c near the house of John Dasher, in said j township. The electors of Londonderry township to meet at j the house now occupied by Win. H. Hiil as a shop in Bridgeport, in said township. The electors cf Liberty towr.sbip to meet at the School house ir. Stonerstown, in s.ii township. i The eleclois of Monroe township to meet at the { house lately occupied bf JamesCarnell in Clearville j in said township. The electors cf Sche!lsburg borough to ir.eet at the brick schooi hou-e in said boiough. The electors cf Napier township (<> meet at the brick school hou° in the borough of Schellshurg. The e'ectors of F.ast Providence township to meet ,at the house lately occupied by John Nyeum, j.-., in Nerd township. l'he electors rf Enake Spring fo meet at; -the school hous- i ear the .Methodist church on fh* .iano of John G. Hartley. The electors of W*.t Frovidenro town-hip to '■ meet at scnoot house No. 4, near David Spa-ks, in said township. The electors of St. Clair township to meet at the , afore Bear the dwtliiog of Gideon D. Tio.'t, ic said j township. The eiectOT of Union town-hip to meet at the ' an boot house near Mowry's mill, in said township, i Tne electors ot i>ooth Wcxxfberry town-hip to \ meet at the h ' of Samuel Gatex near Nob'e'si mill, m said township. 1 h tlector* of Southamp'on township to meetst the house of Wm Adams, in said township. The electors of Middle Wood berry township 'o meet at the house of Henty Fluke in the village of j Wood berry. At v.bicfa time and place* the qualified elector* will elect by ballot: ONE PEKbON, In conjunction with the counties j of Somer*et, Franklin, sitd Fulton, for the olfice of President Judge, for tbi* Judicial district. ONE PEftSON, in conjunction with the counties of Adams, Frank in, Fultcn and Aomeiset, to rep- ' resent this distuct in the Congress of tne United States. TWO PERSONS, in conjunrtiou with the coun ties ot Somerset and Fulton, tor the office of Mem bers of the House of Kepieteatatives of Pennsylva- ' ma. ONE PERSON for the office of Commissioner for i Bedford county. ONE PER-SON fot the office of Director of the 1 Pfcor lor county. ONE i KRbON for the ottce cf Auditor of ssid ■ cosnt). ' ;j Notice is hereby given, r That every person excepting Justices of the Peace who sna.l bold any office or appointment of profit or ' trust under the Unit-d States, or of this State, or any r ity or corporated district, whether a commis sione I oflicer or otherwise, a suboiUmate officer or gent who is or shall be employed under the legists lure, executive or judiciary departmet t of this State, or ot rtny city, or of any incorporated district, and of o, tbut rvery member of Congress amf of fhe Btafe Legislature, and of the select or common council of any city, or commissioners of any incoiporated dis frtcT, is by law incapable of holding or exercising at the time, the oiSce or appointment of Jndge, In spector, ot Cieric of any electich of. this Common wealth, and that no Inspector, Judge or other offi cer of such election sball be eligible to be then vo ir J for. j And 'he said isct of assembly entilleu "an ac' r-- Infii g to > tect..--n of this Commonwealth," passed Ju:y 2, •i-19. further provides as follows, viz i " I bat the Inspector and Judges shall meet at the respective plnces appointed for holding the election in the district at which they respectivclf belooz, j be for- S o'clock in the moiuing of the SECOND IUKSDAY OF OCTOBER, and rach taid Inspector shaii appoiot one clerk, who shall be a qua itied vo j ter of such dulr . "In case the person who shall have received the : H. best number of votes fur Inspector shall not at ; tend on tiie day of ai y election, tnen the person who shall have jecr.v • the second highesr number of votes for Judg- u: tie next preceding election shall : act as Inspector ;n his place. A: din Case the per- ; sou who has received the second highest ndmber of 1 votes lor Inspector! not attend, the person elect- j I ed Judge .-hau appoint an Jifpectorin h> place , and ; 1 if any vacancy slili continue ui the bu-rd for the : space ot one hour alter the lime fixed by la.v for | the opening of the election the: qualified voters of • j t' e township, war! or district for aht"b such officer j • -hall have b-en elected, present at the election, shall j j elect one of their numb, r to fiii such vacancy. "ft shall be the duty of the several A<?&so<8 re- | i spectiveiy to attend at the place o£ holding every j general, special or township election during the i : whole time suen election is kept open, for the pur- 1 1 pese of giving information to the Josoectors ariJ i . J fg. when c.dled on. in relation t. tne right of ' i any p i,'MI a-*esed by lli'-.o r. vote at su.-l elc.- I - Hon, and on such other matters in tela, ion to the as. 1 ! t's* i ent of vo:>"S, as the sat.! Inspectors or either j ' of litem shall from time to time require. "No pcr,c:i .-hall l>e permitted to vote a ar.v elec- I ; t:on as aioresaid, than aw hite citizen of fhe age of twenty-vDfi or more, who shall have resided in this | : bta'c at least one year, and in the election district ( where he oilers fo vu e, t-n leys immediately pie ceditifj such ejection, and within two years paid a | State or County tax which shall have been i s-e*sed 1 at least ten Caj s brfoie the election. But a citizen I :>i the United htates who has previously been a qnal- j ihed voter o. tins St .le and removed luereirom and : : returned, ana aha shall have resided in the election ' di-triet and p'tid ! -xe>, afore-... i, shall be entitled to : I vote after r ;ii :ng in this State six months. Pri vid"l. i'haf tie white freemen, clt.Zepq of the U, : States, between the a'avof twenty one and twenty- ! Two years who have irs. iin lbs election dis'rict . to;, day- .ts . foresaid sb 1! be entiiied to vote, al- I ; tncngii tb-.y tn-.i not have paid tax. "No persot shad be permitted fo vcr- e whose name '• is not contained in the lis; of taxable tnfc furnished by the Commissioner-, unless: Kir t, he j produce a receipt of payment, within two years of ttate or County tax assessed agreeably to tne Con stitution, and give -ati-f'actory evidence on his own ; oath or affirmation of anothei that he Las paid sorb : a tax, or in failure tJ prod tco a receipt shad make j oaUi to the payment thereof; or second, it be claim ; a right "j vote by being an elector between the age of twenty-one and twenty-two years shall depose • en rath r affirmation, that he has resided in the i 3"ate at least one year before h!s application, and make such proof of rcsidencr. in the district as is required bv tbi- act, and 'hat he does verily believe from the account given him th3t be i- of the age a !' re-aid, and g.ven such other evidence as is requir ed 'h • act, w hereupon the name >l tb- person | ..(lmltt'd :o vot* abull be inserted In the elpha [■■■'H • at by • it-; Inspector, and a note made oppo *;{. i•>' • it>'.g the word '-'AX.'' it he sba l I be admitted to v-.te by reason of having paid tax, and *Qe weid - ag' ' it he -ball be admitted to vo'e by rer-un o! and in either case the reason of such a vote st.aU oe edited out to the clerks, who shaii make alike note in the list of voters kept by them. "In all caser where the name of the person claim ing to vote is not found on the h-l fnrr.i-hed by tbe : Commi sionrrs, ot his rtght to vote whether tunnd i thereon or not, is or-j Tted to by any qualified citi- ; z°n. it sh.i'l be the duly of the Inspectors to exam ire such person on oath as to his qu ilitication-, and if h t claims to have resided within the State for one j year or mote, bisuath shall be sufficient proof 'here- j of. be he vhall make ptoof by at least one compe tent wit .v s, who sha.l be a qualified elector, that he has res led within the ei.-trict i n more than t"n days immeil ately pi.ceoing mid election and shall :so s ear tout bis bona due residence, in puis nance of his lawful c. iling is within the district, and that I he did not remove within the district for the pur po-e of voting. •!'.VF i y per-on qua'ified as aforesatdiand who ?h '! make due proof if required, of his residence and I payment of taxes sfoievaid,shall be .admitted to vote : 'ti the to', ward or di-irict in which t.e shall reside. • If ary perron shall prevent or r.ltempf to pre- : . vent any officer of an el ction, under this act from hold such election, or u-e or threaten any vio- j ienre to an, euct officer, and shall interrupt or im- '; prof i." ; ici • with Vim in the execution of bis duty, shall olncx sip or attempt to block u; tbe win- j ■law or avi-tiue to any window where th" >aine may be holden. or shali riotously d.sturb the peace of ueh election, or rbali u>e or practice intimidation,! • tbieats, force or violence, with the tfcbign to mflu j n c unduly or overiwe any elector, or prevent him ' ; from voting, or to restrain fhe freedom of choice, j such ps sons on conviction shall be lined in an* sum ! i ot exceeding five hundred dollars, to be imprisoned for anv time r.ot less than one nor more than twelve ' months and if it shall be shown to the Court where ! i Hie trial of such offence -hall be bad, that the per- j son so ofl-nidir.g was nut 1 resident of the city, ward j ( c- district whrr- the said odence wis committed, ' and not entitle ' to vote therein, on conviction, he j 1 shall be sentenced to pay a fine not less than one ! hundred or more than one thousand dollars, and be I j imprisoned not less than six months nor more than j ; two years. •'if any pe.tscn or persons shall make any bet or i wag r open the result of an election within the ; | Commonwealth, or -ball offer to make any sum bet ! or wager, ei'hei by vetbo! proclamation thereof, or ' by any wntten or printed advertisement, or invite ; any pe on or persona to make such b?t or wager, I upon conviction thereof he or f-y sha.l forfeit and i pay three times the amount eo b, t or offered to be j ■ bet," And t'ue J.ffige* of the respective districts nfo.e said, are require.! 'a it.e t et V HorJ, on thu 1". lay next following the holding of s.;id election, then and; j there to perform those thing* required of U.: r. ty ! law. . Given tinder my hand, at ary ofiite a Bedford, this j 2d day ot .Tiber, in the year ol our LSrM, one : I thousand eich.t hundred and s.x y-fnur, and tit the } eighty ninth of the li.d-p'ndence of the United I I State* JOHN ALDSTADT, Sher.ff. Sherih'"'fl Office, Redfoid, f September 2, 16'34. ( CAUTION i The undersigned hereby cautions all per.'ons from ' i barooriug ot trusting his wife Camilla, on bis ar i count, be having left bis bed and board without j cause or provocation, as bs will pay no debts of her j 1 contracting. SAMUF.L BEF.GLE. Bedford tp., Ang. 12, 1364.* A Most Excellent Medicine. J. F. CASi-Rnma's RmtoMATtc Furio—Peron* j soJenng from Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Djptheria, | Burn*, *c., will find this a moat ex.client remedy, i It come* to us "recommended by eome of the best ! men it. *he State-—and in this commurity Try n ; bottle and for j oureuit. For sale at f. L. Defi- j bangh's, Bedford- April 29, IS64—ly. j GoTnG ~ i l The oni!ersigned having taken out license as an j 1 auctioneer, respectfully informs lite public that be u prepared to cry sales and will attend to kU talis he may receive in that line of bqsisess. WILLIAM BONN ELL. • Londonderry tp., June 17— tf. f _J.G_.JWU~ IKR—■■.-.■PV..<. J J K. §. 2-30 §*f r _ . r i he Secretary of the Treasury gives notice that : • | subscriptions will be received for Coupon Treasury i Notes, payable three years from Aug. 15th, 1904, j , with se rni-ehntial interest at the rate of seven and 1 I j three-tenths per cent, per an.-nm—principal auJ In- j | tenet both to b paid in lawful money. These notes wiil be convertible at the option of; the holder at maturity, into si* per cent, gold bear- J ■ { ids bonds, payable not Isss than live cor more than ' twenty years from their date, as the Government i may elect. They will be isstreJ in denominations | of SSO, SIOO, SSOO, $!,000 and $5,000, and all anb- j ■ seriptions mast be foi fif:y dollafs or some multiple < i of fifty dollarr. The notes will be transmitted* owners free of ion charges as eoon after the receipt. ; of the original Certificates of. Deposit as they can . ■ be prepared. As the notes draw interest from August 15, per. ; sons msking deposits subsequent to that date mui* pay the interest accrued from date of note to'date ' of deposit, * - - Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars j I am! np.vards for the>e notes at say one time will be j allow ed a rorr-Hiision of one-quarter of one per cent, ' which will be paid by ths Treasury Department up- j on the receipt of a bill for the amount, cei tilled to '. :by the offijer with whom the deposit was made.— j ] No "deductions for commission* nnst be made from 1 I the deposits. j SPcCJAL ADVANTAGES OF THIS LOAN. | IT IS A Nations,, SAVINGS BANK, offering a higr.oi ' j. rate of interest (ban any other, asd ihr best security. > j Any savings bank which pays its depositors in U. , S. notes, considers that it is paying in the best cir cu sling medium of the country, and it cannot pay in any 'faing better, for is own asset? are either in ; ; governrrw.-hl lerurit.r, o: in notes or bonds payable ; j in piper. | I' is equally convenient as a temporary or per ma- . 1 ner.t investment, /be notes-can always be sold for i within a fraction of tteir/ace and accumulated in-J , terest, end are the best security with banks as col- j laterals for discounts. : Convertible into Six percent. £-20 GoTJ Bond I In atlrfiLon to tiie very liberal inttrsst on the | totes for three yeats, this privilege of conversion is ' J now worth about three per cc. ; i. per annutrt*.for the 1 ■ ru'rrr.t rate for 5 20 llonds is not less than nine per | re:" prcm-tttr, \ and before the wtr the premium on , i si:; t '-r cent. U. S. stocks was over tw*ntypr cent. j It will be seeo that the hetnal prctit on this loan, at ' | the present market rate, is not less th: ten per i i cent. per ar.rutn. Its rxfßiptioß from State or Municipal Taxation. Bo* aside Jrom eit the advantages we have ent> . tnerated, e special Act of Congress exempts all land* | and Treasury notes laeul taxation. On the av erage, this exemption ts wrtb about two percent. . j per annum, according to the i .te ol taxation iu va-, rious parts of the country. Tt is b!ievpd that no securities offar •# great in ducements fo lenders as those issued by the govern- | ment. In all other forms of Indebtedness, the faith or ability of private pirties, or stock companies, ot separate communities, only, ii pledged for pay- ! merit, while the wbote propettv of the country is j i held to secure the discharge of all the obligations of . the Cnited States, j While the government offers tbe mo*t liberal terms for its loans, it believes that tbe verys'rorg ; est appra! will be to the loyalty and patriotism of the people. Duplicate certificates will be issued for allrfepos its. Tbe party depositing mast endorse upan tbe origin! certificate the denomination of notes re- ! I quired, and whether they are to be issued in blank or payable to order. H'r,cti so endorsed it must be left with the nffic-r receiving the oeposif, to be for wa.dej to the Treasury Department. EtfTtf-Ns will bk rrcaivro by the Treatu- : rn cf tbe United States, at Washington, the seve- j ral Assistant Treasurers end designated Dcposita- i ties, a <i by tbe FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ALTGONA, an by a ! Nations! Banks which tire depositaries of I public m*mey. and ALL RKSPKCTABLF. BANKS AND BANKERS : throughout the country will give further informs- j tion and afford every facility to subscribers. ABRAHAM SJIJ/S F.SFATE. [ Notice is hereby given that letter? of administra- ; tion have been granted to tbe subscriber, residing iu ! Bedford township, on the estate of Aorabam Sill, • late of said township, dee'd., all prisons indebted ; to said estate aie requested to male- immediate pay ment, and thoe having claims thereon can present j thAn for settlement. MARY St LI., adm'rx. August 5, 1864. ABRAHAM DARR S ESTATE. Notice i her-by given that fo'tera of administra-! [ ' ion have beer, granted to the subscriber residing in I Harrison township, on the estate of Abraham Darr, ! deceased, late of The United States Army, that all ! ' persons ind'bted 'o said estate ate notified to make ! immediate payment, and those having claims there- j or. may present them for settlement. JOHN W. DARR, Adm'r. | Augtt * 5, 1861. ' ; 10 . . & I 1 1 • *+ { 53,318 Wringers Sold in 1353! ; Any woman who will persist in the back-break- i j trg, wrist-straining and clothes-destroying process j j of TWtsTtNd clothes dry, when a "Universal Clothes \ Wringer" can be had for a few dollars, which will j save twice its price per year, in clothes alone, is ' either extravagant and fond of hard work, or "pen- : i ny wine and pound foolish." Th- value of a good | ! COG WHEEL CLOTHES WHINGER, j is only known to those who have used them. This ; . machine has not its equal. It will wring bed-cl!ha I as we"! as the smallest article of clothing. It can'. 1 get ont cf order. It is almost everlasting, snd it \ death to told dinnfrt and Hack looks o' wa-h days* | Just call at Hattley's Machine and Hardware store j and get one. Use It two or three, times and if it j don't please all about tbe bouse, bring it baclo, no questions will be asked ami no charge made. July 22, '.864.. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Tbe tmdttstgned. executor of tbe last will and I j testamerttf Jacob KauflTan, late of St. Clair town-1 thip, dee'd., hereby notifies ail concerned that hav- j j ing filed ti< account on said estate, and settled wtfh ' j and paid of! the beirs, he will apply to the Court at ' \ text terra for a discharge from his office of exec- j utoi. HENRY KAUFFMAN. j | Auguit 3. 18tW.* Blanks, of variovx kinds, neatly printed on , good paper f Or suit at thi* ojflc . I P. H. PENNSYL, M. D. RAY'S HILL, BcDFoca- Co., Pa. Having located at the above place tenders hit pro ; Sessional services to the community. , August 19, 1864—:f Valuable Fan?i At PKIV AT A BALE. The subscriber, residing in Napier township, of j ters for sale the farm on which he now lives, con taining One ISiiiHL'Lf} Acres. Aboti' fifty acres are cleared aid under good fence j with good meadow. Tha impicverrtents are a j Two Story Log House, Log Burn, n good j t Spring llouse and other out-buildings, and an Orchard of Choice Fruit. j There is also on the tract a goed S\VV MILL, on a ! i strong stream of water. desiring to purchase the ahove, will j , do well to call -oon. , Augdst 19, 18T4. JOHN* WONDTRS.- j | EXECUTORS' NOTICE. j Letters testamentary upon the estate of Peter ! Mai.-as, Nipier township, dee'd., having i : been granted by the Register of Bedford counts*, to ; the subscribers resid.ftg in said township, all pe.-- : sens having Claim* sgainst rcid estate a'e request- ! i to present them prcpetiy authenticated foi *■•/- j i tlement, and indebted ure req'tired to make I immediate payment. * JAF OB P. MANGAS, JOSEPH S. B A UGH MAX, . . August 29—6t Executorr. ! EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. ( j Letters testamentary on the estate of J 'cob N. ! Clatk. late of Napier township, dee'd., having been g'tnted to the subscriber, by the Rpgister of Bed j ford county, al! persons indebted to said estate ore ! requested to m:ke irr mediate psyi.r-and tc; <e . having claims will pro<t;t them j-."prlv authenti- . catc-d far settlement. August 19—6t HENRY TAYLOR, trr. | I [ VIS VOKLD'S OUSVT ASTNUIR ros EcroAila and Drscas.ts. . ! Trent Emery Jidtt, a I cell lent net, merchent of Oxford. Maine. ' ! " I hare soil! large quantitii-s of voi r SAtiSAP.mrr.r.A, I but never yet me hot tie wtii.h fluted of tin* desired efluet | and in 11 .atislactwii to those who took it. AH fast as iur People try it, they r.- .re there has been no mcdfOne use it 1 b"fore In onr community.** ErupUona, Pimples, BlctcJrea, , TJfCers, Soree, an J all of tho Siiu. From Uev. lloht. Slralton. . '.ol, Fmylnnd. *' I only do my duty to you an 1 the Public, when I add , rr.r testimony to that vou pnhlisli of the medicinal i irt ucs 1 or your SAKSAVAKILI t. My daughter, a/red ten. had an ! afTlicting humor in her ears, eyes, s.;: i 'hair for wri ; wltich we were unable tp cure until vrelrii"! y nr f Aaae t'AIULLA. h!ie lias been well f r so'.uo ciotiilia." Train Mrs. Jane F.. Hire, a iceti known anil ru. /i-i: teesne.i taituof Dennistdile, Cape AToy Co.. A*.J " My daughter has suffered fur a year- past with srrcf ulous fruition, which was ve.-y trouble ome. Nothing | afforded any relief utilil wo tried yoor SA. SAl'auii.i.A, i width sooit roipplctcly cured ber." From Charles J'. Gage, F j'/.. of the trideli/ kn tm Gage. Murray if Co., majrnfocttir ers of etvtvuUcti papers in | Mcuthua, X. ft '• 1 had for several ycsrS A very trrtublesetne humor tlx j my face, which grew constantly worse until It disiigu:. i ; my features and liecsme an jntu'erable atiliction. I tried eiinost every thing a man could of both advice and mtdi vine, but without any relief whatever, until I to k your SAR' iPAitn.t.A. It "immediately laaiJu tP>* face worse, as you told me it might for a time; but. 1c a few weeea th? ht v skin began to form under the blotches, and OACB- \ tinued uciil my face is as.smooth at any boifj'S. aud I atn without any symptoms of the dieease that I know of. , I enjoy perfect health,and without do hi owe it 'o y >ur SAKS.VCAUH.IA." 1 Eryaipeiaa General Debility —Purify tlieriood. t From T>r. Lobt Saioin, Houston St., A'eie *' I)n. AYKK. 1 softoui fail to remove Frnp., os rev} ) Scrofulous Sores bvfhe perseveringueof Vnr SAP.SAVA i hi I.I.'A, and 1 have jus! now cured ail aLuick of Mn '-jna-it Frysipeias with it. No alterative we possess equals the S \'AHILI.A you have supplied to tue prult-'iua as Weil as to the people." From J. S. Johnston, Faj., Jt", u'.rman, Ohio. " For twelve years. I had the yellow Mrvsipelas on my right arm, during which time 1" tried all "tlio celebrated j physicians I could reach, and took hundreds of dollar* worth of medicines. The ulcers were so bad that the i cords became visible, and the doctors decided that my arm must be amputated. I began takingiyour S A USA I* A Rit.t.A. j Took two bottles, and some of your ITi.l.a. Together ■ they have cured me. lam now as' welt and soon-! as any ' body, lining In a public plnCe, my case in kaoy. ul j every j body In thia community, and cxvites the wonder of ail." From Hen. Henry Monro, AT. 1? /*.. cf Xewoastle. C. IV., • a leading rneMiiier or the CaruidUtr. FariUniicnt. "T have sued your SAKBAI'AIi!I.t.A in my family, for • general JehU.itn, and for purifying the biooil, we'e verr ■ b. ic-fl nil n suits, ami feel ooiiliuouec iu commendlair t to the afTli-teil." B;. Anthony'it F.TP, Sot*. F-J.i F-hstun, fic*!d ! Hoitd, Sore Eyes. /Ht Harvey Fielder, Fsq„the able editor of the 7Vn&- liuiiiiorl lAemocra!, Fennsylvania.. "Our only child, about three years ol age, was r. ' tacked by pimples on his forehead. They rapidly spread i until thr y formed a loathsome aijl virulent sore, whi -h covered his fa e, and actually UMM liis eyes flr, r notM ' days. Ask h"ul pliysinan applied nitrate of suve.r and ! other remedies, witfiout any cppareiit effect. For fifteen I nays we guerried his hands. lest with them he should f open tbe fcsieriug and corrupt wound which covered ! bis whole fan*. Having tried evefy thing- else we had ' any hope from, wc began giving your y ,nsw RU.I.A. { applying the iodide, or polarli lotion, as on The sore began to Jie| when v.-e had given Il,e iirstbotile, am! wss well when we bad finished t!iesoecnd. Ti-.e rlulcl's \ eyelashes, whfeh had eome out. grew again, and he t > now j > healthy and iir as any other. The whole neighborhc f-d pruuictcutbr.t the child .mirt Oie." Syphilis and Ties euriai Disosse. From Hr. Jhrc.ui Sloat, of St. Louis, AJiccmtrt • "I And your BAKS\PAU!I.I.A a more -ffeetual remedy fortho seeondarv syntpto: .s of Syphilis rod for syphiiitl'e disease tiian nnvother we possess. The profession trc in■ 1 debtcd to you /or some ot tho best medic (nes we have.*' j From A. J. French, .If. Jh. an eminent , - i ion cf Law re.icc, Mass., who is a prominent member . f the /.eyis • ! ititre of Massachusetts. " Dt:. Ayeh. J". y ucju Sirt I have found yoor SABS A* 1 r.' an excellent remedy for Syphilis, both cf the j priwry anil secondary type, "and cflcV'tmi! i some ri> :r* that were too obstinate to yield to other ren.-cir a. Ido not kU"iv what we can employ with more certainty of sue- ! crss, where a poworful alterative is required." Mr. Cha*. S. Van Liar, of Xeia Itrumu-ick. J,'. J., had drcadfv 1 ulcers on hi- 1 -**. ,-!.n-?d l>y the abuse of mercury, ! or mercurial disease, which grew inore and more agrwn- i VEtcd for years. In spile ot every remedy or tr*a*r.ent j that eould be ap; ii.d, uuti! t!:c persrvc ring" use < f A Volt'B fb.i.s U'AKll.l.A relieved him. Few cases can U-fou, ! ' more Inveterate and distressing than tills, and it took several dozen bottles to cure hint. lieucorrhopa, "VYhites, Female i are generally produced bv internal Scrofulous F'eeration, ! and arc very ofteu cured by the alterative effect of this BAISS.U-AIUI.I.A Some cas-s require, however, in aid of J the SABSAPAUMdI, Cf skinul spplicatlon of local rem edies. From the. L nctrr. rfr.t! Xridtly-cdclvoted Dr. Jscoh Morrill, cf Cincinnati. : " T hsvr found your SAI:'SAI*AB!IXA an excellent altcrr- I tire in disease* cf females. Many cases of Irregularity, j Leucorrhoca, Internal sn.i local debility, art's- j tng (rom the srroi'ulons ("iinfhesi*. have yielded to "it. and , there arc few that do not, when its c/ect is properly aided by local treatment." A b.v'.y, Knt outing to allow the public aider* of her van te, I rrrites. •' My daughter and myself have been cured of a vprr ' ci' ':t.itiiig I,sucorrh®a of long standing, by two bottlba I of your SAKtAPABILLA." Eheuni&tisrn, Gout. Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, j Heart, Disea-c, Heuraigia, whri cay*:-i by Scrofula in thff'systr-sn, are rapidly cgrsy} j by this EXT. SAUSAPARILLA. | 1 A YFR'^ CATHARTIC PILLS possess so many advantages over the other pur's tivea in the market, anil their superior v r ftuos Are , so universally known, tliat wc need not do more than to assure the public their quality is maintained equal to the best it ever has been, and that th-y may lie depended on to do all that Uiey have ever done. ' Prepared by J. C. AYER. St. D., & Co., Lowell, j Maes., and sold by S. F. Rrry, Bedford, J. E. Colvin, fcU.iilsborg' , J. M. BamdoHar, Bloody Knn pL. Putt, Sfotjeri-i town i G. B. Amiek, St. Clairsrlllo; D. Stonsr, Wotidberry.; R. Rslston, Water Street; and dealers' everywhere. July I, 1884,. I.i; ii it i; it . 200,000 FF.ET OF A?SORTKI> ttfM-1 BER for ssle at Glen Savage Mtlia. .; „ t j to baol lumber to Bed/ofd; i ; fi-e. For particulars call at my reatdenceot a* Rued j j 4* Sc hell 'a Banking bouse, in Bedford. . ♦ THOMAS C. GARRETT. \ i iBl Y a9 > 19g4 — 3m - C'omc and Nettie. J I J dejire and rmiik have all accounts on my books I settled either by note or cash witbin 60 days. "A i 'word te the wise is sufficient." J. B. FAKQEFHAR, Cheap Corner, MiMAa BtreeA 1 liedfoid, 8, lfi4. ' '-A--: ' v —N <*) * j f '~~T~ / Hon. j J oTge of Van United S'ates Cir?c : ! C'ou-.t, p *ideu". . Corner Pent and Ft. Clair St.*., ?ht*hur-j, p tnn , ! The Largest, Cheapest Best ! SUS Pat, * for a ■full Commerciut Course. ; trr-No extra cb.r„.s for Manufacturers. Bfegm- I boat, Railroad and Ban- look-Keeping. Aim !*-*' j Sot.s at ha!* puce. Stuilen's enter and of. ; anv time. This Institution is conduce ! by experienced teach ers and practical -rcountcrit*. wuo nrepare A c; : W'l for active bttcines* at the lea.T - x-'-f,. and ■ shortest notice, for t*. irit lucrative and ir: ;i->n.;- ■ j b'e situa'ions. DtPt-o;.i, granted for nriiT;' only. | Hence Lie universal prefej-*.>ce for graduates cftb'.s "lofleue. by business men. I F'p.OF. A. C,IW;.PY, the be-; Pemran of theUr.ion, | who holds tt. largest aumber of DT R-ur.itit: vs. ami • I ovet all eorr.pePltofs, teact. t Rsp'.d Bus;.,e3 Wri- j I ting. I Cincirt.Aßs ent' -ir,2 full iuforr*s'ion eent vker j oa app'Catioir let ~j rsiueip. J/N-s.'Nd 8t SMITH, , Pittshi. g, Pa. j 03?" Attend where the Soas and Clerks cf Backers ! ■ and l!n*'-es Men qradoate. November 8, 18f 3. f WEAR'S BALSAM or WII.OACRI-; -AY, i ONE OF nr OLDEST 'NT Mf'ST RFLIAULE I ; REMED-F? IN THE vVO tl "> FOR. ; L ought, folds, : hooping Cough, J: nchi.ii, ! rj UriAhing, A thma, fharsc ncs~, B jr~ / , - *', Croup, tr, J every i 'it?- k 'n ft? i THE TUKOVTL LUNGS, AND WZST, 1* . 'A'DIYO EVE ; u o ."v !*$ g ipx gc. ?:. j IVISTr.R'S DAL- '• it " VVILD CHERtiY. I So general hxi the use of lit? re W# an 4 Iso popular is it rw ryrti t it tt -. v -e. •--/ to I refount its Virtues Its wor'.i spehi fc tnd find \ Uttrtcrcs in the uhun --- '. mi'! Tv untdry t - 'isnotty of ' .I . ' many , :u fresh leug c. -jfi - c. .' seii'c i d ■ .-, * , h:iby it . r.te igen r-to-eu ti n istirt vigor aud t , health, i! e can p't'trit a mad of evidence in proof j :f our assertions, CASK OR BE DIS" TvEriTED. -I'- Se?. StjhliT 'A el' knovr , r, 1 . uch respected among the Germaa' i prp-'lntioii in th-.s cou.qry. makes the fo 'owimrstete- • ' me::! tor ihe ben-ii! of the sfi/ctsd. * I HA-.I .-ER, Feb. 16, 1557. } 1 - ■■■tr Hi .*. —TJavi p viuli7*d it, my fa n'.ly in.nnr- I *ar. T benefits L> n the use o* mr va'-iau e prenar.,- • • t :cn— l' •i-r'r L ttsarti of i ! LI Cherry— it ..fiorus j " pleasure t?" Terosr.rr.etni it lu thr pub!V. Son;s I eight y-ears ago u":e ' tny !.'.a-bt.t;s seemed to be "i "i d' ". .. and little fcop-s u f her r. co-ery w;> er te; eined. 1 * • ' ** be 1 le ot yoc r ..v-ce'- lent Ba!s--n and before she he 1 taken the v.-bote of the content* of the bottle tjere wis agr it improve- j rr.c..: in b-r l . h. I have, in my indiviiui) cat -, ! ; n.a frcqqept t>-- ot yo"t "alttabla medicine, ti:d '! ■ iave abvav- been benefiieii by it. JACOB SECHLER. { Fran Jesse Smith, Ffq , Prr.<i\, , j G f the ftT rus Counh/ B t-lie. Jllcrrislowi, -Ve 10 Jtl t''7. •*T!av : ng nse,l Da. VVISTAR'S Rs'sam o? V'it.ti j GJIKSRV fox 6*}.": ft■year*, e.nd having r<al,;.*d ' its beneficial lestr'-s ,1 v fotni-'y, -t alfords me | ' greet pi-mure in recornniet, gitio '" * *iubl'c -s ■ a valuable remedy in cases of weak ; rugs, co ds, ! !, &c., e. a remedy which I con-tuer to be j entire'y innocent, and may be txkej. w>h perfect j safety by the most delicate in health. Front Hon John E. Smith, Pisfinguisktd * L**rr; : " *n . '//iinsfr', Md. I :*av* on several o. i'ion u < ' Dr.. WISTAK'S BALSAM cr A'rt.p CHERRY lor severe colds, and al- | ways *.vith decided bsneti*. 1 know ol no prepara tion that is metre efficacious or more deserving of i cnera! us-. f* e R„;.am has e ; beer. u*ed w-'rh xce!le,tt ef- i •V by I. B. ELLIOTF, Mc.cLaot. Halt', Cross j Roa If-i. Ealuarn of Wild CUtrry. i N-.c ■ genuine t:n! ss signed "i.. BUTTS," on the : wrapper rtir by I. r. DIXSVORF., N*l. t 't Htoa.l-Y.v, New York. ! J. W, FOiVLF. q-CO , Propr,-lors, Boston. >\r.d by at Druggists. KEDUtIffG ; 3 RtI&SIA SALVE?. I FORTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE liar fully establish?;! ti,: snperinrily of KEDDTNU'S RUSSIA SALVE, Over &'.l otLpr-h? r'tng prey*rtiotts. !t cure* a . k" I* of S')RRji, CUTS. SCALDS, ' BURNS, BOILS. ULCERS, S.< i.T RHEUM. F.R- I Y '.•'•".LAS. STIES, PILE**. CORN SORE UPS, j SORE -.V J, &■- . RU.*:oV'NG TfE PAfN* Al' ! ONCE. AN!) REOOCty.J- THE MOST ANGRY LOOKING SWF.ICINGS AND INFLAMATIOX AS : ? BY ?J. G' . ONLY.2S JEN ' A Rft.v, FOR SALE B Y , J. P. DINSMORC, ?10. 491 fir-'dway. New-York, j J. V". f U'i.'Lß It (it No. 18 Tremont-at., Loton. 1, And by ul. A.ruggutv. ffoy 6, I?34~eovvly c 5® 55 A n E N r S j* ( € PARQUH A K'S R P.EPVTATIOX i-CK SELLIXG CHEAP STILL KAI;:TIirJSD. We are now receiving et "Cts ap Corner" tt very ' large slock of Spring and s'ummrr Fashionable Fuf •;:gn a; J Do ues'.ic Dry Goods, of every variety J style. To tho I.adie3. Cell find Examine our Stock rf CALICOF, 0 , BALMt RALA. DLLAINE?, HOOP .CURTS, | ALPACA!?, RIBBONS. CUFFS tt COLLARS SIIAWLS, lift A! NETS, BATS, COMBS. VEILS. "TRIMMINGS* HQBIERT. Cen clemen. Cows and see our Assortment of COTTON ADES, COATS, SATINIETTS, PANTS, CASSIMKRES, VESTS, JEANS, BOOTS, CLOTHS, * GAITERS, LINENS, &NJNT3, 1 MUSLINS, NECKTIES, DRILLS, SUSPENDERS. I CROCESIIES. Coffee, Sugar, Molasses, Syrtip, and ' j of every kind. I TOBACCO AND CIGARS., , Congreaa, Flouitdvra, Old Virginia,. John Anderson, Natural Leaf, and all kinds of Smoking TcHfo snd Cigars, linvi-ff -dopted th" c Ca9h Syatem," we are de termined to ell at very smail profit, ard the public, • . who have *o kindly patto.iized us, are respectfully i ir. vited to cail and examine our stock. , J. B. FARQUHAB. Jaiiaaa Street, Bedford, June J7, 1544, jw IIAftTLBY'S FARMERS' (tintiS To ffn> Forum of Bedford and adjoin. 114 Count in : t oft"t the br*t seleclior of "Farm Machinery in jpe n pi.-cTknowledge <>f i 'nil*, and being aoquvir ci witn lt.>' best and la >3t Improvemeott, I am etfufidenf that my selec tions wilt give sitisfartioit, at a*>y rata 1 a-n witling TO TAK'r. THE RESPONSIBILITY and tVA*. R ANT si! mach -c* ro o irk and be es represented. Besides I furnish many U*lioertd at the price which tiny art'rtlintid *t tht matm farture. ! "Tlie Farmer Mower 99 ! IS MADE CF IfiOJk jJJTD STEEL. Weighs but 579 ;b. ( tu! 44 f-ft svratb. Has a : fl'siblt ITnge cutt<M bar, two driving wheels. No weight- on horses cerica. Each boas* has but 190 i it*, to pu'! in co'ting IT IS Tt.'F CHEAPEST AND BEST MACHINE NOW OFFERED TO THE. PEOPLE. Is war; •*, it'i in jun —aiufchullenvrr* the world I Lave already rc!<t nearly one hundred of theae Mowejs, end een get but a few mora. Priro $l9O 09, delircro.l in 3cd!or, r -Farmers mm* ceder soon to seeur* machines. Wllloughby's Gum Spring Prills, also oo band and (or sale at Carlisle price*. These drills ate now "MASTER OF THE FIELD," Sow Qif t BarUjr, Whonti Rye, <frc., Metsu- t Hit Ground, and brtak no Sed. TUou%onds already in use and everybody pGaseJ. SewJ In your orders soon, as I hate hut 50 of tbfn. 30 Green CdslU Grain Cradle* now on rmnJ. Th !&i* of t h*f#i co!cbra?*d Crat*!di thltf fS3 bt <lB the mtljlrrM it itAt.J MVtf. The Eureka Cora Siualk Gutter and Crusher aua H37 St Straw Cutter. Having sold nr9re (ban 109 of these Cutters tba past winter, In this and adjoining counties. they tieed no [ Ask vo ir neighboi • who have them Ecystone Cider Mills, Portable Par eta flSills, which wi'l grind ail kind* of grfcta by borse posses. APPLE PARSE?, SOYTIIE* & SNEOS.. G RJN DSTGfXES, &c., Hardware ef all kinds^ NAILS, IRON, PAINT, OIL, Ike, kc. My atocV oX Hardware was bought at oid pcieea. . : In great p?rt, and I ©fctr much of U. AS LOW A3, EVER. MY STOCK 1S COMPLETE, nivd I will always endeavor to please those who may favor ma with their patronage. Term in +tl Uu CASH, unlet* otAenoigr agreed. , ' f tyTacmna wanting o i **J | whjs t remtoiber that goods at all kinds are constant | Ijr advancing, and the sooner therr orders art given ! the better for then*, as Ftma Machinery wIH toot advance in proportion to tba rite ef tectorial, Is -1 • . • oor, arc. WM a\RTUT ' May 20, 1804.

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