Newspaper of Evening Star, July 16, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 16, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHU6T01T CITY: *10*DAY AFTHKmi. Jlly 16. - . agents for the star. The following pardons are authorized to eon tract fbr tho publication of advertisementi in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmer, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pettixoill A Co., Nassau ftieet. Boston?V. B. Palmer, Scollay'f Building. t^rADVERTiSBVBNTS should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M , otherwiso thej may not ap pear until the next day. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union, replying to the strictures on the course of the President in a recent speech de livered by Sam Beardsly in interior New York, contend* that he hfis been true to his pledges, and exposes, with an excoriating pen the want ?>f character of the New York Hard leaders. Beardsly, by-the-by, is very small game, being like nearly all the rest of the 4< distin guished"' hards, notoriously a mercenary man. ile will sell his politics at any time for cash in hand. The Administration buys no such cat tle. Whereupon ho is Know Nothing, pig, or puppy, a* seems for the nonce likely to pay best. Public affairs, or politics, with tho Hard leaders, is simply a question of dollars and cents. nnd as nothing is to be made for the pockets of such men out of President Pierce, they abuse him as a matter of course. They arc now without followers, tho few they had. even in New York, hming long since per ceived that they were being used only for the bad purposes of unprincipled mon. The Tutt Higtncrr says of an elective judi ? % % ? ciary :' ??One of the most pernicious innovations upon established sy.-tems which has been made by the progressive Democracy is tho change effec ted in several of the State constitutions by which the judiciary has been made elective, and of course dependent upon the caprices of Jtolitical partisans, instead of being left, as bc ore. to the tenure of office "during good be haviour '' Prom the first public agitation of the question, raised by demagogues upon a ?' platform utf popular rights," we have omitted opportunity of warning our readers against theev.i consequence* that would iuevitably fol low from the adoption of tnc proposed change. Those consequences are now becoming so in tolerably grtvious in some of the States that fell into the snare that many even of those who viewed the innovation with favor, have been compelled to acknowledge their error, and to depict in bold and glowing colors the enormi ties thai are n.-w perpetrated without fear of the pcnulties decreed against them in the law. Would to heaven we had been false prophets as to the<e .evils ! We should infinitely have preferred the sneers of our cotcmporaries for idle, croaking. ?? old fogy" notions, to the evi dence- coming to us from all quarters that we judged aright of the tendencies of this pseudo reform in the science of government. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Troablod with Worms.-The defeat of all their eff -rts to obtain a respectable number of recruits for the Crimea, and tho loss of their heavy expenditures to that end, is evidently disgruntling those in this country who are identified with the British Government. No other newspaper in the land is usually a greater -tickler for editorial decorum than the * ew York Albion, the American organ of Vic toria s government, which, by the by, has re peatedly indignantly reprobated the habit if thc A??rican journalist* have of re sorting at times to inuendo. We are therefore not a little amused at finding, in a recent number of that highly respectable publica tion the following, viz: m-lted N'nthin" i? likeiy -With double infamy, which do?s not ?n hJ pass's-x.'td'S r* .i-M tri ?uchi* Tun?-Ii th*y are who con plots, it jg difficult to conceive* but JSv" ?niT wJn n* the doublo game of trelJheTJVwhtV"* t&zzL?issr^Ssi^,'"2 '? h"K b abl.?. in addition to the de*erv. H /. * ? ?5? suiw M SSTgL .d VT ""hoir ?? ixp? A conspiracy between two official personages, to induce a third ??<? t! ' Thi-Vl^Ti " n,,t * crcdita*>>c affair moch, wbjn zXe^r.* aWe' wit!? reference to a plot, is - in my eye. ' There i? Uut thc slightest necessity for coaxing the agents of the British Government ,n the United States to get them selves into scrapes by laying violutions of our neutrality laws?not thc Ica.-t. They have ?M. rs f,..,,, h r W,r ...I, wbicb the ljriti.*h Uoven,.?J fesscs to view attempted violations of our neu trality laws and the laws of nations, when ?.mc.la0-?,u,,McIk-o1 or tbc authority ?fS|Uli? 111 Cuba, ttucrcvcr half-*a,Vcd W(.K j any nation congregate in considerable nun, her* in the United States, there the emissaries of Britain have essayed, unlawfully, to enlist xeci uits for the Crime*, which proves that the violation of our laws is the settled policy of Victoria , war office. The pretence that thc recruits are not <,Ut.iui until they arrive in Canada, is a mere subterfuge; as they arcspir itcd away froui the United States with the View, and wholly with the view, of employing U""i* Tb"? -"? b.T. Clo*,' , ob.-enod tbc circuuwtaucci attending the bare 'f ' '""1" "f lhc B'?i?h official, tuviolato will readily understand that the Alt? .bo., a Ku,ian do, u the -hoere.-t poedbl. fmmn, lf b from the fact that thtj nwdeJ ?? ' >?< -hatere, to that end Tho M.on. troul(,f on that wore is not real. The true cause of it mock indignation is the fact that most of o.?c i.legally recruited here, on reaching the ~/;f^ -?* ?- 'bet rr" 40 *?**? ??? r less as to the purpose for which th taken from thc United States. The succc^ul measures of this Government ami tl, plaints of the ? p,wr dcTi, ^tho c?m* *olt ?"h? **>*'. jeremiad, and n",l . ben- o, ehewbere * Who Support It.-It M lh vaunted Philadelphia platfem i,, thy of being called a party, north of Delaware, or south of North Carolina. Its nationality of influence is, therefore, strictly sectional: being confined to the narrow belt of territory bounded on the north by Mason's A Dixon's line, and on the south by tho northern boun dary of Sofcth Carolina. Thus, in every non slaveholding State in which a Know Nothing Convention has been held since their Phila delphia National Council broke up, or, rather, broke to pieces, the important plank in its platform has been summarily and indignantly disowned and 'spat" upon. In Louisiana.Gcot gia and Alabama the anti-Catholic plank hat. been equally as unceremoniously disposed of in the same way, while in Georgia at least, the slavery plank above referred to has been thrown out to make room for a very ultra pro-slavery plank. In Ohio, the anti-foreigner plank, too, has been unceremoniously thrown out, and, instead thereof, one has been inserted ex pressly denying any purpose of abridging the present rights of foreign born persons in this country, and inviting all such persons to join tho organization, whose main purpose is de clared to be hostility to slavery. By way of evincing the sincerity of their position in favor of this phase of Know Nothingism, tho Ohio State Know Nothing Convention have just made the following State ticket, viz : Governor?Hon. Salmon P. Chase. Lieut. Governor?T. II. Ford. Judges of the Supreme Court?C. C. Con verse an# Jacob Brinkerhoff. Auditor of State?F. M. Wricht, Treasurer of State?W. H. Gibson. Secretary of State?J. II. Baker. Attorney General?F. B. Kimball. President of Board of Public Works?A. G. Conover. Of these candidates, three arc Frce-Soilers, tlirco Know-Nothings, and three, gentlemen, who, up to very recently, have refused to aban don what remained in the State of its old Whig organization. Brinkerhoff is the man who, be ing refused by Polk a paymaster's position in the Mexican war, instantly turned a flaming Abolitionist in tho United States House of Re presentatives. He will bo remembered out of his State only by this fact, which made seme noise when it occurred. All tho world knows the positions of S. P. Chase, who has for some years past essayed to rival Senator Seward as an ultra anti-slavery, and prc-forcigncr man. We presume that nothing more than this Ohio Know Nothing action, added to the prompt and emphatic refusal of the Know Nothings of all the other non-slaveholding States to stand on the Philadelphia platform, can be necessary to convince Southern Know Nothings who really care for the rights of the South, that, in the North, where Know Nothingism alone has strength to carry more than unimportant lo cal elections, Know Nothingism is but a phase of Abolitionism, the all pervading element of its organization there. Soger A. Pryor, Esq.?As the New York Ihr nld. of yesterday, published a false statement concerning this gentleman?concocted in its sanctum, and attributed to a telegraphic cor respondent in this city?it may not be amiss for us to say that we are satisfied he has been ap pointed to a special mission to Greece, charge 1 with the duty, if possible, of settling the difli culty between the two Governments with ref erence to Br. King, on which Mr. Marsh, when United States Minister at Constantinople, was lor.g engaged. The Herald''s veracious con coction, of course, set* forth a cabinet squab ble over the/juestion of bestowing on him some foreign apjiointmcnt, the writer know- not what. Tho selection of Mr. Pryor for this respons ible and delicate duty is a capital one, for he is a gentleman of great energy, industry, and fine attainments, and well-matured judgment indeed, for his age. Ho has already won an enviable reputation in connection with his edi torial history, and in the last gubernatorial canvass in Virginia proved himself to be one of the finest orators of that Commonwealth, of able public speakers. We are very sure that the esjirit du corj>$ which actuates our brcth ern of the press without distinction of party, will induce them to hail the appointment of Mr. P. with acclamation, as a deserved tribute t> the influence and charactcr of the fraternity of American journalists. It is said that ho sets out for the sccno of his labors by the steamer of the 25th instant. Nineveh.?We continue the list of leading, most reliable, and active Know Nothing sym pathizers with Nineveh, as furnished by the Secretary of the National Council of the secret political order. B. C., 1854, to certain denizens of the ancient an 1 venerated city of Nineveh, as being most likely if applied to, to exert themselves to secure subscribers for a paper the denizens aforesaid were about to start, viz : Daniel Spear, Columbus, Ohio. C. Deshler, Columbus, Ohio. JI. Mctz, Detroit, Michigan. H. Crane, Cincinnati, Unio. M. Kuffner, Cincinnati, Ohio. H. A DeFranee. Davenpoit, Iowa. J. M. Johnson. Patterson, N. J. W R. Burns, Trenton, N. J. J. G. Wilmot, Baltimore, Md. J. H. T. Jerome, Baltimore, Md. Caleb Cantz, Baltimore, Md. W T. Morris, Norfolk, Va. J. T. Bradbury. Havre-dc-Gracc, Md. llirain Calkins, llarrisburg, Pa. II. W Drane, Wilmington, N. C. W. II. Payson, Erie, Pa. W. L. BaMctt, Petersburg. Va. II. G. Lansing, Albany, itf. Y. G. A. Raymond, Utica, N. Y. J. S. Kuler Troy. N. Y. E. Punly, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. D. Judson, Mamaroneck, N. Y. G A., Elmira, N. Y. W. L Palmer, Syro use, N. Y. Resigned ?G. Hill, Esq., a fourth class (<1.*00 per annum) clerk in the State Depart ment. resigned some time since, after some thirty years faithful and advantageous service of the Government in a clerical capacity. His resignation was the result of his wish to spend the balance of his days without labor, having accumulated a sufficiency for his wants. Appointments in the Sixth Auditor's Office.?Tho Secretary 'of the Treasury has appointed Messrs. Win. J. McCormiek, of the District of Columbia, and HA. Cook, of Md., to be first class (i-1,200 per annum) clerks in the office of the Sixth Auditor of the Treasury. Appointed.? Mr. J. G. Naylor and Mr. Hugh F. Pritchard. have been appointed Watchmen for the west wing of the Patent Office edifice, now being occupied by a portion of the General Land Office. Tho Current Operations of the Treast tj Department.?On Saturday, the 14th of July, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department.... $43,471 2.i For the Interur Department 3,344 80 ror the Cuatons......... la ijii jut War Warrants received and en- ' tered ...... 7U 00 Covered in from miscellaneous sources j -| Covered in from Customs 9i>,y24 01 Drawn on account of the Navy .. W,U>2 00 PERSONAL. ....The Rev. David llerron, and Rev. Wm Calderwood and wifo took their departure from Philadelphia on Friday morning, as Mis sionaries of the Reformed Presbyterian Church to Northern India. ....Dr. George II. Oliver, a young and tal ented physician of Boston, is to leave New York in tho Herman to dfty. and upon the ar rival of tho steamer in Bremen, will proceed to St. Petersburg, where it is his intention to bccowe connected with tho modical depart ment of the Russian army. ....James Bryan died recently in Queen Anne1* county. Maryland, in the ninety-nineth year of his age. lie Waa the youngest of three brothers who served under General Washiag tm during the Revolutionary war. .... The Freesoil Ohio State Convention have nominated for Governor S. P. Chase; Lieut. Governor. T. II. Ford; Judges of tho Supreme Court. C. C. Converse, Jacob Brunkersoff; Editor of State. F. II. Wright; Treasurer of State. W. II. Gibson; Secretary of State, J. U. Baker; Attorney General. F. B. Kimball; Board of Public Works, A. G. Converse. ....At the National Hotel we notice the names of lion. J. S. Crockcn, lady and sister. N. Y., Hon. G. P. Eane, Ma., Hon. W. 11. Gaines, Ark. Hon. W. M. Churchwcll and lady arc at Kirkwood's. ....The Hon. A. P. Edgarton, of Ohio, now the State's finuncial agent in New Ycrk, is in this city, and is at tho National. OFFICIAL* Franklin Pisrce, President of the United States of America, to all whom it may tonrrrn: Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to uae that Herman Hernst has been appointed consul of the Hansoatic Town Lubeck, for San Francisco, in the State of California. I do hereby recognize him as such, and declare him free to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers and privileges as are allowed to the consuls of the most favored nations in the United States. In testimony whereof I have caused these letters to be made patent, and the seal of the United States to t>e hereunto affixed. Giveu under my hand, at the city of Washing, r, ! to?n'lbf Pb day of July. A. D 1S55. and [l.s ] of the independence of the United States of America the eightieth. n .v .? FRANKLIN PIERCE. By tho President: W. L. M arcy. Secretary of State. 33s! >AN ADJOURNED MEETING of the - Medical Alumni Association of George town College will be held at the College Hall?F stm t, THIS (Monday) EVENING, at 7 k o'cl'k ivir it* J- V. D. MIDDLETON, H H Rcc. Sec. NORTHERN LIBERTIES' FIRE rV*-2* Company will meet TUESDAY EVEN ING, at their Engine House, at 8 o'clock. A punctual attendance is requested Jy 16?at J T HALLECK, Sec. St^^TnK MONTGOMERY GUARDS re tfv-a spectfuUv* announce to their friends and the public generally that thev will give their third Annual Excursion on THURSDAY, the '2d dav of August next. Particulars in future advertisement. jy 16?->t r.,v..)VaSl,in*t0n' Ju,y 1Jth< ,EDITOR OF THE EVENING STAR: Dear Sir:?Please give the enclosed a place in your paper, and oblige your ol>edient ser vam> W. H. KENNON. Washington, July loth, 1S55. Sir :-l non due reflection, I am forced to admit that I acted improperly in handing vou the note I did on the evening of 'the 5th Inst, it was such a ifote as should not have l**en handed to one ijeii tlen-an by another. ! did it without due reflection, and as you have cast on me an imputation which is injurious, will you not after this concession re move it or give me the author s name ? f lie fact of your having lieen posted was no act of mine, but wa< done solely by Mr. Mackay, Your obedient servant. r,n w ? ~ W 11 KENNON. Capt. G. W. McCerren, National Hotel. c Wasuisstos, Jdly lltli, H55. >ir :?I have just received your note of the 10th instant, with postscript of (lie same date. lu this note you say, ? ou due reflection" you are rorc-ed to admit that vou 4'acted improperly" In handing ine the note of the 5th instant ?t hat -it was such a note as should not have l>een handed ?>y one gentleman to another," and that you were not connected with the posting of the fith inst Insomuch as the fact that you brought ine the note of the 5th,and ray belief that you werea party t'' the posting, were my reason* for introducin g vour name into my r;ud ()f the fith instant Your letter justifies me in recalling the imputations cast upon you in that card, and I hereby recall them. ^ our obedient servant, ? GEO. W McCERREN. To Mr W. II. Kenno*, Washington City, jy 10?It = ' t^HU.lH.F.) C. A.?Capitol Circle B. U. give an excursion on TUESDAY August 7th. ? Particulars in future advertisement. jy II? It* O T ICE.?The Jackson Democratic "V2 Association of the Sixth Ward w 11 meet in their Hall on MONDAY EVENING next, at fe o clock. ' Addresses will l>e delivered by several di*tln gmshed speakers. F. OBEK, Sec. J SJ-^^T^~EMpTRE CLUB 'TA K K G I? E AT pleasure in announcing to the public that their Second Annual Grand PIC NIC will take place at the WHITE HOUSE on MONDAY August fith. 1^.55. Particulars in future advertisement DANIEL MACARTY, Pres. s: LewA8- jy 11?at Cf-^aFRANKLlN FIRE COMPANY?A called meeting of the above named Com pany will be held at the Hall MONDAY EVEN ING, July lfith. By order of R E. DOYLE, Pres. v. K. CaoisnilP, See. Jy n_yt IATTEN TI ON, PR ESI DEN T S MOU N T cd Guard.?\ ou are hereby notitied to at tend the regular weekly drill at the armory, on 1L LSD AY EVENING. July 17, at 7K o clock. 1 ?Commissioned and noncommissioned of ficers are particularly requested to be at their post il? ?.7 iof t,ie Captain, J. PECK. W 11 Hayward, Q. S. jvll?3t ^CONTESTED ELECTION IN THE I- ourlh Ward.?Notice is hereby given to the parties contesting the seats of the incumbent members of the Common Council, from the Fourth Ward of the city of Washington, D. C., as well as to those persons whose votes were rejected at the Municipal Election held in said city on Mon day, tlie 1th ultimo, that a hearing will be "iven in the premises on TUESDAY, the 17th infant, at the Council Chamber, in the City Hall, at t o clock p. m. SAMUEL YORKE AtLEE, Chairman Committee on Elections, jy II?dtl7 Board of Common Council. TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON !!! "I '' WELL !" all sav who use Professor r I?Jls,l,LCH.H<?iRAI,I's " ELECTRIC OIL" from 1 hiladelphia. Do you know that protracted wakefulness is the most prolific cause of Insanity' Give one all ntcessary sleep and Insanity cannot JV our The faithful motor's ear is ever o,*n to the cry of a fretful child, irritable, because sve FKRiNG either from teething or other causes, and up she uses from her sleep and ?>ed to relieve her child, until her own Nervous System and Vital Apparatus lMvome generally deranged and pros trated. A child free from Pain and Uneasiness s *ldfuii rests liadly or gives trouble. All this can |?e avoided; and a world of grief and anxiety mit igated, it not wholly cured, by the use of this de lightful ?? KLLC FRlC OIL," invented and pre pired by a Doctor of eminent experience. A trial will cost but a little. Come to the National Hotel a ?> p m., or at the Drug Stores. t,ie well corked, and nib qui. kly. Oflice, 39 South Eighth street, Phila aelPtl>* jy 16?3t GRAND EXCURSION. THK TEACHERS OF ST. PETER S SI N DAY SCHOOL respectfully ,?ir""""*k. announce to the citizens of Wash- fTi jl r iiigton. tiiat they will give their second excimlSl !?? the WHITE HOUSE on MONDAY^,d* Ih-safe and splendid steamer George Wash. ljuaTON lias lieen chartered for the occasion The boat will leave Seventh street wharf at H w f^redaXT Yardatt,o clocka In ! returning bj. Weber's Band has been engaged for tho occa olOIl . prj),nner aiRl Refreshments will be served at city Tickets *1, admitting a Gentleman and ladies single tickets 50 cents; children 25 cents?to I* had al John F. Ellis' Music Store, Dr. Walsh Navy Yaril, and at the boat on the morning of the exrurKion jy lt^-old pENENT, PLASTER, HAIR, Sec. O V Al1?' ^pnslan4y on hand a splendid article of Cement, Piaster, Hair, 4c., all of which we are selling very cheap. LAWTON P. HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns one square south of the Lower Bridge, near Georgetown. iy M?eo^w (lulci,Organ,Union) ACADEMY OF THE VISITATION, UiTfat Place, Washington, D. C. THE Annual Distribution of Premiums took place at this Institution, on Saturday, the 7th instant. The Premiums were presented to the young ladies by the Rev. J. B Byrne. Grand Prussian March, (Francis,) performed on two harps, by Misses Alice Causten and Mary E. Elliott; on piano by Misses Alice and Virginia l>ee. Oa to the Field of Gloro, (DoQiietti.) on piano, by Miss Florence Sanrent; sunghy Misses Kate Sargent, Sarah Wetherill, Carrie Bibb, and Sienna Mattingly. Premiums in Sacred History and Christian Doctrine. FIRST CLASS. First premium to Sophia Washington. Second premium to Mary J. Mills. SECOND CLASS. Second premium to Sarah Woodward. THIRD CLASS. First premium to Mary Llet?ermann. Miss Ada Knowles deserved to be mentioned for application. Christian Doctrine. F1HST CLASS. First premiums to Charlotte Cox and Mary E. Elliot. SECOND CLASS. First premiums to JaneShyneand Emily Elliot. Second premiums to Elizabeth Murray and Ce cilia Manna. Third premiums to Adelaide Vlvans, Emma Noyes, and Mary Jane Dove. THIRD CLASS. First premiums to Emma Hennlng, Juliana King, Josephine Dyer, and Elizabeth Hey don. Second premiums to Eulalia Shyne, Mary Ca ton, Marv Frances Owns, and Mary Whelan. Third Premiums to Margaret Tretler, Virginia Shekell. Jane Rcdfern, CatharineMcColgan, Rosa Fitzpatrick, and Georgiana Simms. FOURTH CLASS. First premiums to Frances Simms and Sarah Davis. Second premiums to Marv Margaret Dyer, Julia Harbangh, Alice l<ee, and Josephine Jones. Third premiums to Agnes Cleary. Jane Cuvil lier. SabmaSimins, Anna Mohun, Frances Whe lan, and Frances Murray. FIFTH CLASS. First premiums to Mary Ann Joyce. Margaret Shekell, Anna Elliot, Rosa Callan, and Alice Her l>ert. Second premium to Virginia Lee. SIXTH CLASS. First premiums to Cecilia Elliot and Ellen Grouard. Second premiums to Catharine Dove and Vir ginia Entwistle. Third premium to Amy Stubbs. SEVENTH CLASS.

First premiums to Mary Ward, Mary Walsh, and Christiana Callan. 0 Gloriosa Domina, (Lambilotte,) on piano, by .Miss Cecilia Manna; on harp, by Miss A. Caus ten; sung by Misses Bibb, Wetherill, Callan, Sar gent, Tucker, Mattingly, M. and E. Elliot, C. Cox, J. Faherty, S. Duvall, Ellen and Jeannie Tree. Mary Butler, M. Jane Clements, and Fan nie Blanchard. Premiums in Profane History, Chemistry, Botany, Minerafofry, and Classical Biog raphy. FIRST CLASS. First premiums to Charlotte Cox and Mary E. Elliott. Profane History, Chemistry, Natural Phi tosophp, and Mythology. SECOND CLASS. First premiums to Sophia Washington and Mary Marron. Second premiums to Florence Sargent and Sien na Mattingly. Miss Ellen Tree deserved to be honorably men tioned for application to her studies during the short time she had been at the Academy. Profane History, Natural Philosophy, Bot any, Mythology, and Antiquities. THIRD CLASS. First premium to Einily Elliot. Second premiums to Jane Shyncand Elizabeth Scrivener. Third premiums to Mary Jane Mills, Mary Jane Dove, and Elizabeth Murray. Profane History, Natural Philosophy, Bot any, and Antiqnitie*. SECOSD DIVISION OF THIRD CLASS. First premiums to Eulalia Sliyne, Mary Liebcr mann. and Elizal>eth Heydon. Second premiums to Slary Wht4an and Sarah Davis. The following young ladies deserved to be hon orably mentioned for application to their studies during the short time they had been at the Acad emy : Mary Jane Tree and Georgiana Force. Profane History, Natural Philosphy, and Dictionary. FOURTH CLASS. First premium to .Mary Caton. Second premium to Josephine Dyer. Third premiums to Frances Simms. Mary Jane Clements, and Rosa Fitzpatrick. Profane History. Natural Philosophy, and Orthography. First premiums to Julia Harbaugh, Alice Lee, and Josephine Jones. Second premiums to Louisa Cruit, Frances Whelan, Agues Cleary. and Jane Dexter. Third premiums to Martha Scrivener and Jane Cuvillier. Miss Mary Burke deserved to be honorably men tioned for application to her studies during tLe short time she had been at the Academy. Profane History ami Natural Philosophy. FIFTH CLASS. Fir?t premiums to Anna Elliot, Maria Olfutt, and Rosa Callan. Second premiums to Mary Ann Joyce and Mar garet Shekell. The following voting ladies deserved to be hon orably mentioned for improvement in their studies: Marion ilatully and Anna Scrivener SIXTH CLASS. First premiums to Catharine Dove, Cecilia El liot, and Virginia Entwisle. Second premium to Ellen Grouard. Air Favori del'Opera Anna Bolena, (Bochsa.) on harp by Miss A. Causten; on piano by Miss C. Bibb. Premiums in Logic, Moral and Intellectuil Philosophy, Rhetoric and Comjtosition. FIRST CLASS. First premium to Charlotte Cox and Mary E Elliot. (-r ram ma, Rhetoric and Comjfosition. SECOND CLASS. First premium to Sophia Washington. Second premium to Mary Marron. Grammar and Composition. THIRD CLASS. First premium to Jane Shyne. Second premiums to Emma .Noyes and Adelaide Vivans. SECOND DIVISION OF THIRD CLASS. First premium to Sarah Woodward. Second premium to Mary Liebermann. Third premium to Anna Maddox. t FOURTH CLASS. First premium to Josephine Dyer. Second premium to Anna Barry. Third premiums to Frances Blanchard and Vir ginia Shekell. SECOND DIVISION OF THE FOURTH CLASS First premiums to Anna Mohun and Alice Lee. The following young ladies deserved to be hon orably mentioned for improvement in their studies: Mary Burke, Salome Wheeler and Rose Dooley. Dr finer. Orthography ami Reading. FIFTH CLASS. First premium to Alice Herbert. Second premium to Maria Olfutt. SIXTH CLASS. First premium to Virginia Entwistle. Second premium to Alary Ward. SEVENTH CLAS$. First premiums to Mary Walsh and Christina Callan. Moonlight, Music, Love and Flowers, (Pique.) on guitars bv Miss Bibb and Miss Emily Elliot; on harp by Miss M E. Elliot; sung by Miss Bibb, Miss Wetherill, Miss Mattingly, Miss E. Elliot and Miss A. Barry. Premiums in Ancient and Modem Geogra phy, Astronomy and Meteorology. FIRST CLASS. ^ First premiums to Charlotte Cox and Mary E. Modern Geography and Astronomy. second class. First premiums to Sophia Washington and Ma ry Marron. THIRD CLASS. First premium to Emily Elliot. Second premium to Mary Jane Mills. Third premium to Mary Jane Dove. Modern Geography. SECOND DIVISION THIRD CLASS. First premiums to Mary Liebermann, Eulalia Shyne and Mary Wheelan Second premiums to Jane Redfern, Sarah Davis and Augusta Allen. FOURTH CLASS. First premiums to Josephine Dyer and Rosa Fitzpatrick. Barry?nd premiums to VirRll?i* Shekell and Anna SECOND DIVISION FOURTH CLASS. 1; irst premium to Jane Cuvillier. Second premiums to Anna Mohun and Sabina simms. Third premiums to Alice Lee. Julia Harbaueh Josephine Jones and Frances Whelan. ' FIFTH CLASS. I- irst premium to Maria Offutt. Second premium to Virginia Lee. . , SIXTH CLASS. First premium to Ellen Grouard Second premium to Amy Stubbs. Potpouri de Norma (Cramer) on piano, by Mis* Mary t,. Elliot and Miss Sienna Mattingly. P/Cmium% in Arithmetic. Geometry, Algebra and Book-Leeping, B1 FIRST CLASS. 1 ir?t premiums to Mary E EUiot and Charlotte Anthmrtie and BooL-kecm nr SECORD Division asrnxD CVass *" lr*1 premium to Sophia Washington Second premium to FlorenceSargent Arithmetic. THIRD CI AM. First premiums to Jane Shyne and Emily El liot. Second premium to Cecilia Hanrt. SKCOKD DIVISIO* THIRD CLAM. First premium to Elizabeth Scrivener, Mis* Mary Jane Tree deserved to be mentioned for attention and application. FOI RTH CLASS. First premium to Rosa Fitzpatrick. Second premiums to Catharine McColgan and Anna Barry. Third premiums to Sarah Woodward and Jane Redfern. FIFTH CLASS. First premium to Jane Cuvillier. Second premiums to Kulalia Shyne. Frances Simms. and Jowphine Jones. Third premiums to Margaret Tretler, Mary F. Owens, and Mary M Dver . \ (Balfe.) on piano by Miss Adelaide V Ivans; ?Ung by Miss Anna Barry 1 remttins m French. Sfwnish, Drawing, and Writing. French. ? SECOXD CLASS. First premium to Mary E. Elliot. THIRU class. I irst premium to Emilv Elliot. Second premiums to Mary Liebennann and Adelaide V ivans. rrtf?ieH Jrce d?!CTVed to ** honorably mentioned ior improvement. focrth class. t irst premium to Mary Ann Joyce. Second premium to Jane Redfern. ? , Spanish. Fremium to Mary E Elliot. Ornamental and Plain Writing. FIRST CLASS. First premium to Emily Elliot. Second premium to Charlotte Cox. Writing. SECOND CLASS. Scrivener!*18 '? Ausuvta A1Ien a,,d EIi*ab*Ii ?. _ third class. I irst premium to Elizabeth Heydon >econd premium to Anna Barry fourth class. McCo^m^S t0 Jul'a Harbau?h Catharine _ fifth class. I remiiinis to Virginia Lee, Maria Offutt Marv Ann Joyce, and Catharine Dove. Drawing. Premium to Emily Elliot. Tis the Last Rose of Summer, (Wallace ) on piano by Mis. Emily Elliot and Miss Alice Lee; Elli'of ** * Mary Callan and Miss Mary E. i.v^r fr??m? i'*3 FiI1? du (Loder.) sung tingly" Ul >b'acco,nl>a,,icd on piano by Miss Mat - Premiums in Music on Harp, Guitar, Piano and in IV/i/ Almic. _ first class. for jr..!nr"?n f?r flr*1 on Piano?tlmd on barn, and foi improvement in vocal music to Mary E. Elliot _ SECOHD CLASS. In?^i"lm for fir>Kon piano and for improvement in vocal music, to Florence Sargent. 1 remiunt for firs! on piano to Cecilia Hanna Voccil Music. ly .iat<StTcS Barr> 's"'D?a ^econd premiums to Adelaide Vivans and Alice a . third class. hirst premium to Mary Liebermann. I remiuin for tirst on piano and guitar, and for improvement in vocal music, to Emily Elliot For6III CLASS. r irst premiums to Sarah Woodward and Marv Jane Dove. - Second premiums to Maria Offutt and Virginia FIFTH CLASS. First premiums to Mary M. Dyer, Jane Redfern and Josephine Jones. Second premium to .Mary Ann Joyce. \,;r?riv "}iadi,rche m ami. (Donnizetti,) sung by Miss W etherill and Miss Bibb; accompanied on harp by Miss Causten. ' Premiums in Tapestry. Embroidery, Faucv atui Plain Needle, Work. Premiums to Mary jLMifu and Emma Hen nmB. Embroidery. Premium to Elizabeth Murray. Saiah iii'Jfseuibroidery ajd fancy work to . Crochet Work, 1 remium to Virginia Shekcll. ? Plum X*edle Work. I remium to Mary Liebermann. bvulL^T/'. !J^ii?r Chorns (JuHe.,, on hn is .. Alice Lee; on guitar. by Miss Emilv El liott; sung by Misses Alice and Virginia Lee J?mme Dexter. Catharine Dove. Eli?YouS' tts sstetJEr *'?* ^5K: r'' ;1 inPtlal. were awarded to the following young ladies, adjudged equal in merit: Charlotte Cox and Mary Elizabeth Elliot. The second honors in tlie same circle to: *1 ?.p ?. .1fsL,,.ngton- *irn?a Mattingly. Jane m ? Manna. Elizabeth Murray, Sarah ? Barry, Mary Marron'. Emily Elliot, Kulalia Shyne. Mary Jane Mills. Georgia E,n!"a ^Coronation Ode, oa piano, by Miss Maty Tuck Solo, sung by Miss Wetherill. Cnorus suny bv gentle ' ?kcr' Mattin?1y? F. and C %J. to rtie ttrst honor in the Junior circle was awarded Rosa Fitzpatrick. The second honors in the samecircle to : ?i ?e, ^Ver, Virginia Shekell, Frances l mn?\iw iulla,ia KlnS' Anua Elliot- Rosa Cal lan, Mary Ann Joyce, Catharine Dove, Ellen Orouard. V lrginia Lntwistle. and Cecilia Elliot. ? Chorus. Pas Redouble (Knecht) on piano by Miss Man' L ebernian" and .Miss Sarah Woodward; on harii by Miss Mary Elliot and Miss M. Callan. on^'h/^'u* ?lthe,Ar^dt*,ny will be resumed m Monday in >eptember It would be jy lfrllt# advau,a?e of ,Le pupil to enter then. PAINT AND OIL STORE. WINDOW Glass, <fcc., Camphene, Spirit Uas, Sperm, Solar and Lard O.i I^mps, Clocks urushes, Ornaineuts, Girandoles. Shades Ac J R. McGREGOR, ' Successor to C. S Whittlesey, jy W?eot>w &iX ^ SELECT CLASSICAL A MATHEMATICAL St HOOL roil BOYS. GEORGETOWN, D. C. fP,|1K th,lrd Annual Examination of the pupils of this Institution will commence oil Wednes J^tli instant, at 9a. m , and continue un til lhiirsday .Jp m . at which time the distribu ionofpn-rniuirnswiil take ..lace The patrons of the School, and all who feel interested in the edu cation of youth, are! v invited to attend BOWEN, Principal jyI0-3t (Intel) ' * O GOOD NEWS FOR THE Pt BLIt. N hand and for sale in addition to a general supply of the best FAMILY GROCERlE> together with Hardware and a variety of Notions' *V. ' D^ ' alot of B,,ech- ?ak and Pine Wood I he 1 ine is very extra All of the al*ove will be sold to suit the present hard times. Purchasers are requested to tall and see how very cheap they ran buy at the Store hoi w near the Navy Yard Bridge. torehoust v ii . ? . " G A boiirer N. B ?I have received a few chests of those cheap and very rare Teas, heretofore ad vertis"d b other parties. jy _ lime: lime: lime: (^REAT REDUCTION IN PRICE'-Best p^ l?rrelty WOOd bUmt Limeal EIGHTY cents i vv st1}i,l? the ^ quality of wood burnt ? hJ lfiin as1hln^oa at el?hty cents per Iwrrel at 1^. ? a"w ^^hty-flve cents delivered in any m^.^1 c Ly rL,s i# twenty-live per cent less than the market price. n . , LAWTON P. HOOVER, I otornao Lime Kilns, one square south of the Lower Bridge. Georgetown. jy 10?eoJw (Union,Organ,Intel) FLORENTINE. MOSAIC,~AND OTHER MRICH JEWELRY. W. GALT & BRO, otter a large assortment ? of Florentine, Mosaic, and other rich Jew elry, including Diamond, Pearl, Emerald and Opal Bracelets, Brooches, Ear and Finger Rings, Persons having precious stones in old settings may have them reset in all the more modern styles at short notice. M W. GALT A BRO., 324 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th streets Jy 16?<>t North american review for ji. LY. CONTEXTS. The Clubs of London American Society; Gymnastics Mount Lebanon: I?ord Carlisle's Diary Private Life and Household of Charlema<rnP Persistence of Physical Uws r' Recent Records of Travel Art, its meaning and method Workingman's College Criticisms; New Publications Published quarterly for f5 per annum JyM- F&ANCJt TAY^UK ODD FELLOWS' HALL, MOWPAT EVE^IK.. JULY K, Wi?. COMPLIMENTARY COKCEKT TO MR. GEORGE W. TAYLOR, The ncceomplished rocm 11*. by his numerc friend* and idtoiffi* The following talented artist* will appear B GRENNUP. 5. CROSS. C GRIFFIN, and JULIUS KECK. TLe celebrated Guitar". The popular and delightful vocalics, the JCOLIA X Gl.EE CLt'B Messrs TAYLOR.T B BENNETT, F. PR ET, and E JONES Cards of admission 4.r> cents Door* open at 7?commence at P o'rlsrk For particulars of programme see bills. Jy . TO THE PUBLIC. GRAY'S NEUTRALIZING t OR DIAL! THE GREAT BOTANIC REMEItY I TOR DlarrtMM Dysentery, and SimmerCci . plaints of Cliildnn can V had at CHARLES STOTT A CO 9, Pennsylvania avenue This preparation is unsurpassed for the aim diseases Sio family should W without it darti the summer season, when the above disea*e? a ?oprevalent. It is particularly recommended I children Price 35 cents per iiotlle. Prepared and told by JAMES GRAY. No. 2 Water street, Baltimore. Md jy M~ REWARD.?The aliove reward will \??\J paid for the apprehension and convlctic of the person or persons who, on the nights of i| I lth and 1-th instant, malkionslv destroyed I Excursion Bills of the Good Will Club. L THOMAS. WM EL WOOD, G. Dl BANT. J. FRANKLIN. S MORAN, jy 14?3t Committee of Arrangement. hops: hopsThop*: FOItR bale* tirst sort Hoj*. growth of l"vi3 a; W. for sale much lower than the usual pri if applied for at once. WILLI iM M CRIPPS. 61 Louisiana av.. betw 6th and 7th ?s jy 14?3t SUPERIOR ANTHRAC ITE C OAL?$b.4< CHEAPEST IX THE CITY f WE ar*. now delivering Cual from the vessel the above low price. JUT" Orders left at the Yard, corner 9th and street*, will receive prompt attention Jy 14?3t? J E Ml I ELDS A CO 4 CARD.?To those of our customers who ha ha<l the kindness to Kettle their accounts rei dered the 23th of last month wc return our since thanks. All those who have not yet settled w| oblige us very much by doing so as soon a* po? ble. either with cash or notes at short dates, a" is important that we have nil accounts now due i dosea br the 1st of August. CLAGETT. NEWTON. MAY A CO jy 14?Ot 1)' r*?i io BOTTLES SOLD IN ONE DAY... OES IT DO AN \ GOOD, THOUGH ? READ! Prof DkGRATII, Philadelphia?Dear Sir: All the " Ele> trie Oil" gone of the feftiu worth r? ceived a few days since Send me tM more a -dine rate, and f will pay for It on receipt Yours truly, SETI1S HANCE, Hi- Baltimore street. READ' Still more cckes performed in our midst hr Professor Charles DeGrath's Electric Oil M Conrad Schuler. of Mulligan street, cured of a ?. vere pain in tiie side and breast, pronounced by three physicians to be consumption Mr. Oscar M Wood, music engraver. 14 l/rw street, cured of severe pain and loss of the me of his arm Fully restored by the content* of amncr SI l*?ttle. Hundreds cured daily. Come to 1* Baltimore street, and ?ee the proof in writ lag Be careful not to forget there isa saving of atatil ?itlti percent, in taking the large Imttle* m tbf '?ma!I on***. There is also a considerable saving it the jo cent sire. Sold wholesale and retail. Same selling in Washington at the rate of a a day. jy 14 Familiar quotations a coiktku of Familiar flotations, with complete lad., ees of Authors and Subjects. *1 Memories of Youth and Manhood, by Sidno Willard. 2 vols, *2 Ellie; or the Human Comedy, by John Erin Cooke, author of Virginia Comedians The Prophets; or, Mornioaism Unveiled, wUi illustrations, fl. TAYLOR A MAURY'S jy 13? Bookstore, near 9th st CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER. ("^ENTI.EMEN wishing to consult econonn !i A having their Clothing made to order are lnrt ted to visit our salesroom, where they will Had every variety of Fine Cloths. Casslmeres. Doeskins t'ashiueretts. Drapetes. Alpacas. Tweed* White and colored Linen Drills. Ru*sla Duck* White, butf and colored Marseilles Vesting*. 4' Making the largest assortment of fashioaaMt piece good* to be f> >und in any one house In tin i ity. which we will make to order in the moatw perior style of workmanship and tinish at a savi#; of at least twenty hve per cent to the purchaser WALL A STEPHENS. 322 Pa. avenue, next door to Iron Hall jy 14?Gt [ OST?A CAMEO PIN. on the 12th l Carusl's Saloon, or on 12th street, between D and 11. The Under will be rewarded by leaving it at E. EVANS'?, corncr of 9th a:.d I streets jy 13?3t* Lost, on the afternoon of thi: Uth instant, on 1. street, between 9th and l"tk streets. l?efore the residence of Secretary Model land, a lady's Breastpin. The Under will he re warded by'leaving it at the oElce of the Star, jy 13?3t* coal:< oal: rriHE undersigned is prepared to deliver COAL X of the best quality, at S6 &> per ton H C HARROYER, 3d street, 3d door south of Pa avenue jy 13?lm A CARD. TIIE Ann of Williamson A Osgodb? havinc been dissolved, the undersigned will reiw.:. at the old stand, northwest comer of E and li^ street, where he hopes to meet a share of the pa tronage so liberally bestowed on the late tirm jy 13?tf THOS W. OSGODBV. LAND WARRANTS LOCATED. THE subscribers will loc ate I .and Wanaiti either in Ohio. Indiana. Illinois or Iowa, and and give a correct description of the land located If, u|H>n examination, this deseri|>ti< n proves In correct, they will themselves take the lau*l. unia;' for it auoiber warrant for the *aine quantity One of the tirin residt-s in the West, and wil* give the b^isjness hi* personal superintendence MILLER A BROWV, 7th st.. opposite Post Odice, Washiagtos jy 13?eo3m ATTENTION, tO.lL CONSUMERS. WE an- now discharging Coal from vessel*. will lie for the next lhr*-e week*. All m>us wishing to lay in their winter supply wo do well to give us a call, as we are determined -* s ll as cheap, and on as good terns a* any ??*'' dealers. Our coal is of the best q.iality, l**'? White and Red Ash. suitable for Furnace> Sw?* and Ranges. WASHINGTON A K1.\S, Corner 11th and C streets, near Caiiai. jy 13?F.SAeolt THE FAUQI IER WHITE SILI'IIIK SPRINGS VRE now open for the reception Company, and in a r.?r more attractive c^ydition x?A than they ever have Iteen A gross misrepresentation against theni* having been published in the Petei-burg 'n,J'J" gencer and Baltimore Sun to the etteei iLattber were clostd for the season is now trac?d to an ir respousible souree unworthy of notice. , It is proper to btatc tliat there is no shado w fouiulatHwi for it The sul**-rit*r tru?4* u? will not be made the victim of such mali-i'1?, and the respectable journals which have P'-Vrfl currency to the rumor by transferring it t?tw*ir columns will disabuse the public iiuud iuroii*LtW same medium. ALEX. liAhLh jy 13?Sat |>EWS FOR SALE ?A few A added to Christ Church, anu are otlered ?' sale on pleasing terms Apply to H.C. Matth**' corner Washington and West streets, or to P. T BERRY A SON. Jy 12?eo3t Water st , Georgetown^ 'IMIE LONDON STAGE. 4 vol*, octavo. -i- taining about two hundred of the b?-st id the language (exclusive of Shakspeare s 1 ? few set* of the above?serond-haud conies. oaer beino unol?uiuable--j<<?t imported from l* don Pricc ft 50. F RANCH TAVLOK jy 12?tf . *< HITTER A KAHLERT. Artists, fresco, decorative, f* every description of ORNAMENT^ PAIN TING. Orders left with Baldwin and Nenning. let ts. corner Penn avenue and Uth street, will w promptly attended to. Jy 11?1?^_ GENTLEMEN'S undergarments WE have a large and tine assortment of Gauze, Merino and Cotton Undershirt*. en and cotton Drawers, White and colored Shift" Hosiery, Ac., which we are now offrrltt at veri low prices. WALL A STEPHEN?, 322 Pa ave . next doof to Irco Hnii jy 11?1| (Ncwtj