Newspaper of Evening Star, July 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 26, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. ?.T5\ tATK El ,CTI?? Fn vrns.-Mr Ferdi of tW W ,n^ab<>r of th? l?wer Board W.rrf kf??n Couuncils for the Sccond Ward, publishes in this morning s Intelli eXPiaD5?7 ?f the *1 b.mself and the rest of the minority of the . r on Monday afternoon last. on tb? re port of the election committee on the F..urth Ward Section c?>?e, from which we make the follow ing extract: W hen the report and resolution of the com mittee on elections was read I requeued the ?? the Board to make a statement; which having been allowed. I said that, at the request of one of the contestants <?f the Fourth ?? *rd. I presented their protect* at the first meeting of the Board ; that I had. for the most part abstained from actively advising them in relation to their esse, since it did not become me to art as an advocate in a rise in which I would have to act as judge; but that I had in formed one of the contestants that it was re quisite to follow up their protests and the list* of rejected voters, voters alleged to be voted illegally, .tc with affidavit* that would e^ tablish the fact; that I had taken no further steps in the matter until I heard it was ? lat ter of newspaper announcement that the com mittee on elections hai met at the Ci'v Hall and the contestants not appeared, when I waited on Mr Kennedy to inquire if the affi davits were not before the committee, whi in formed me that they had been loaned to M n J? ft0A1Vtabl53h his ri*ht " ?e*t in thc B ?ard of Aldermen, and that he (Mr. Kenr.edy\ supposed they were the common property of the two Boards. Mud therefore had not deemed j.ny iihiTr *?,tion nuccM*ry on his part; tiiat I told him the papers were tho propertv of the Board in which they were filed ; that tho re sult of the conversation was a letter I had that day received from Mr Kennedy, which, with the permission of the Board, I would read. | The fctar of Tuesday last contained this letter ,he P^eedings of the Board ?En ] V> heu I came to that part of it which expressed ? doubt of justice being Jonc the contestants, Mr. Davis objected to the further readii.c of the letter as disrespectful to the Board Some colloquy ensued, in which I said I did not ap prove or endorse that portion of the letter ana some of the members of the majority asked that the letter might be read to it* con clusion, which was eventually allowed to be done. 1 then moved a resolution directing the Secretary to request, in behalf of oU? B. ajd. from the Board of Aldermen, all the j<ffi lavits presented in the last named Board in relation to the late election in the Fourth Ward; which resolution was dccided to be out '? ?*d?r. I then moved a temporary suspen sion of action on the committee's report and resolution with a view that my resolution a<k ing for the loan of the papers"might bo acted on. This motion was rejected. Some further remarks were made, and, Mr Aberfs motion to postpone till Monday next having been re jected, the question recuried on the resolution offered by the Committee on Elections, when I proposed. us an amendment, to insert after the word Resolved" the following 'Theeon testauts having tailod to come forward with the neces.-ar^r affidavits to prove their title to their seats. A modification wa* suggested of Mying "proof" instead of affidavits." which I accented The necessary Verbal al teration not being male, this change caused the tautological reading of the amendment which appears in your paper. I was not in favor of the report of the committee, and am Mire I did not say so. At the close of the de bate or conversation I remarked that I had been prepared to defend the right of tho coc testant* to their ^eats if they had produced evidence Left-re the Board to show that enough votes of naturalized or other citizen to change the result had been offered and refused but that, as they ha I failed to do so, 1 had no a.tcrnative but to vote lor the resolution off-T d rj the Committee on Elections, viz., that Mesm. Davis. Clements and Bail were entitled to their seats This cour-** was pursued by five of the minority?one (Mr. Orinej not vot ing 1 re iv Prospei't ?The excursion fur th?- bem-tit of the Catholic Friends Society, will tike place on the tfth of August. That of the German Yeager*. to the White H ??n the 13th of that month. The grand excursion to Cape May on Satur uay afternoon The National Guard's excursion to Piney Point on the 2d of August ; and that of the rranklia Pire Company, during the same month. The excursi'-n of the Montgomery Guards, en the 2Sd of August. The excursion ox St Peter's Sunday* School, en M >ndav next. ' The -Merry Bachelors" will enjoy them selves by an excursion to the White Hou*e to 4lT. - torRTor C laims ?Among the commission ers appointed in the several States by the ju-iges -if the court of claims, to take deisjsi tiona, Ac., are the following: Maryland ?Charles B Key C Marshal1, r. ^ ^ Daniels. Thomas Marti?, G. hughes. . II H>pe. all of Baltim ore. \ irginia ?R H P .yne. Warrenton; M. W. rfkt/- Martinsburg, Charles Sharp, Nor folk , J. M. 15[ickhou?e. d?> ; J. Yvjuijx- Pons mouth; J Barr-n Hope, Hampton ; J. Lyon. Petersburg: W. Lyons, Rie^m nd; S. T. ,'7,7 >' J B Donovan, Mathews county ? w II C Ellis, N rfolk. District of Columbia ?W A Maury, D. Rat cliffe, C. S. Hallach, A. 11. Smith. .,nd Tyson, of Washington There waa omitted in the official list, a pub lubed, the name of Arthur C. Wau-h. Esq., ef Mobile, Commissioner of the Court of Liaims for th'? State o; Alabama. A Miserable Family.?Yesterday after n?x?n Justice Bates committed to the woikhouse a uian aa<l his wife for disorderly behaviour ; the love of whisky being the moving cause of it They were both under the effects of the liquid destroyer of gool morals at the time Tne m >ther h?d achud in her arms, the latter t-ju youug to be aware of her parents degra dation. They were under the charge of a po lice "fficer in his bu^gy ; while the lather was accommodated with a hack ; an intelligent, wrrowi'ul booking boy sitting on his knee Thus the entire family were driven to the worK b->u.-? It was a mournful spectacle : but many of such a character we frequently witness. The Agrki lti ral Society or Montgome ry Cocsty. Md. wiil hold their annual fair at R'ickville, in September next. We have attended scvenl of their fairs, and were pitaaed. not ouly with the display of agricul tural products, but with the handiwork of the lilies of that neighborhood A very pleasant time, indeed, inav be passed during the two day? of the exhibition Au interesting item in the programme is the anuounueuient that 11 'D Anirew Stevenson, of Virginia, ha- ac cepted the invitation to deliver the address. Sturdy Beuoars ?Within a few days a great many beggars have started up in this city, a majority of them better able to toil man tb-^e they annoy by their impudence ^ e would inform th"s? who arc not aware of tee fact, that by au act of tho City Councils, rega'a'ing c >uiruitincnts tu the *'i>rk liouso, af pr-jved June 3-1. Ib53, beggars arc required t" give security for jrood bebaviort and if they fail to do s >, can b? eut tu the w-jrk house t*?r cinety days, ll" those wh ? are annoyed by this ?ang will inform the- police officers, the proper course will be taken to relievo them. Keal Estate Sales.?Jauu-s C. McGuire, auctioneer, sold, yesterday afternoon, subdi M-ioos 2^{. 24. and 2rt. of -^uare No. 2^5 front ing y> feet 2 inches on K street north, com laeiftciag with the lot on the corner of Twelfth. The corner lot s<dd for 651c. per square foot, *al the adjoining 1<?t<5 at ^?0c Lieut B. W Hunter, I'. S N . au<l Mr. Win.'-y were the purchasers. Flre ?La3t night, between 10 and 11 o clock, there wa* a fire out Seventh street, not tar the Park. A frame house waa damaged to the eiu?nt of the loss of the roof. The ac tive exertious of several of the fire companies aaved that property from further destruction, ana the aijoiniug properly fr->in the ravages of the bkRVKDoiT their Terms.?Bob Hallowajr rat Butler and one other whose name we did rot learn having served out their terms, wen JteWrday released UvUi the penitentiary. Public Schools.?There will be a public examination to-day of twenty select boys- from the four district wnools at the Smithsonian In stitution, conducted under the direction of t^e President of the Medical Association of the District of Columbia To-morrow, a similar examination takes place of twenty select girls. The examination on both days commences at 3 o'clock. Bis Frakklim Target Company?It af fords us pleasuro to announce to the citizens of Washington that this company intend giving an excursion to that time-houored placr, the Arlington Spring, a spot dear to the heart ol every Washingtonian ; and in the hands of the Target boys we feel oonfldent of new honors being added to it" former glory. A new feature will be added to this excur sion. We understand a prize is set r.part for the ladies, each one of whom may choose a gay champion to shoot for her. Success to the lucky one A prise will also be up for the military and citizens. Criminal Coi'RT.?The following mmed persons were tried yesterday for riot in the rirst Ward : John Butler, Jane Robin*' n, Clue Ann Baker, Mary France, John Jackson, and James Williams, at.d a verdict render d guilty as to all excepting Ann Butler and Ma y France. Baker Thome. James Timtrs, Alonz- King, Th<>ma* Searn::, Tb m-.s D wiing nod J aims Dojle. indicted for riot af Forrest Hall. (ie-ir^e town, on the 12th ol May, were Uied and a quitted Mania a Potu.?Yesterday, an old man who had been suffering with a very vi"1ent atta -k of mania a potu. es-apod from Lis atvndauts. and ran through the streets toward tne North ern Liberties. He was followed by two young men. who, after a hard struggle ar. I long rase, secured him at the Patent Office, and convoyed him to the infirmary. Tall Coun.?We saw this morning sonn fine specimens of corn, the stalks averaging from sixteen to seventeen feet in he^ht, plen tifully fnrnished with ears. Thev wero from the farm of Mr. Samuel Crawford, near Bla densburg. Maryland. Excursion and Pic-Nic ?The Franklii,Tire Company having decided upon an excursion and pic-nic in Augmt, extensive arrangem-! ts are being made for the pleasure and accommu dation of all who may avail themselves of tlie opportunity of participating with them on their visit to the \\'hite House. Fi-rther Hearing.?Mrs Noble, charged at the guard-house with keeping a disorderly house, was brought up before Justice Morsel!. She, wishing to produce evidence not then present, was held to security by the justice f<u her appearance to-morrow morning for trial. Music.?Notwithstanding the excessive beat of the weather, there was a large coneour*c ol persons at the Capitol grounds, yesterday even ing. The Marine Band, as usual, was in line tune, and performed a number of choice airs Peaches, in tho Centre Market this morn ing. were sold for a dollar a peck. Some of them were not larger than musket balls ; and. jurhaps, would answer as substitute? for tho.-e article-. Another Mad Dog.?A respectable citizen informs us that a mad dog wt* -?ecn passing to and fro through the Northern Liberties*. Tact evening. It is time that persons owning dog? should keep them confined. Bad Company.?Mrs. Price was charged with being in company with an unlawful as sembly of colored persons. Justice Morsell held her to security for her good behavior ? ? Watch Rettrns.?Virginia Rone, unlaw ful assembly, fine and costs; Lewis Douglas.* do. do.; David Freeland, do. do.; J Smith, do do ; J Barber, do. do.; J B>-wte<, pro fanity. do.; Martha Smith, disorderly a.-M-m bly, do. UE0RO ETOWN CORK ESPON DENCE. Georgetown, July 2rt. 1855. Notwithstanding the succession of retreat ing showers with which we have been favored. the weather continues oppressively warm Our city, however, continues unusually healthy for the season; and. thus far, but few of our citizens have left for any of tho summer re treats or watering places to what ha* generally gone during the heat of summer heretofore? preferring, we presume, to endure the beat and remain at home, where they know it to nearly always healthy, to going where the mercury does not range s-? high, and run the risk of being injured instead of benefited Business upon our canal continues unu-uall v slack. The farmers, and others whoso bu*t ness is in any manner c mnected with it. ar. too much occupied with the securing and get ting out their wheat, small grain. Ac., and in other farming operations, to turn their atten tion to anything else. Business along our wharves also is rather sla.-k About the sec ond week in August, however, we anticipate f perfect rush upon the canal, a real flood tid? of produce of every kind will then c^mn.en setting into our maikct, which will give an impetii- to business ujn?n the river. We are happy to say that our enternr'-i.-^ ni'-rclia-it and millers are all prepared for it. and will enter into it with bright anticipations of reap ing a golden harvest a- the reward of tbeii labors As a large body of men were going uo the cai al on the packet boat to tne Urea* r ill on Tuesday night, to work on the Washington aqueuuet, when opposite the mill of Mr. W 11. Edes. near the Liule Falls, one of theii number, an Iri-hman, by ths name of William Kinney, fell overboard and was drowned. Tho b<?dy wa* recoverc1 by Mr. Frizzle early yes terday morning. but up to tne time of closing this letter no inque.-t has been held over it It is stiil lying in the water in the canal, mar the residence of Mr. Ftizzle. Our mills have a.i commenced griadii g again The supply of wheat, h iwever, i? too limited to enable cither of them to do a full business, the arrivals being confi.jeu wholly to tae wagon tiale; and as the genoral impression is tha* fl"Ur must soon considerably decline in price, all the wheat received is converted into fl -ur immediately, and disposed of as soon as possi ble. The stock of flour in our market Continue unu-ually light, amounting altogether to only a few hundred barrel-!, consequently tb<- sab are small, and confined wholly t? the ret ui tiaie. We .ire, therefore, unable to give any thing like a correct wholesale or -hippinu price. Wheat. $1 60aSl 75 for red and white No corn offering. Spectatou. Marriage Extraordinary ' ? She love?l me for the dangers I had passed; And 1 loved her that she aid pity them."' Moor of Ytniee. On Sunday, July 15th, by special license fr>iu EbenezerT Fog^.jr., town clerk of South Scituate. before Peres Simmons, Esu., Mr George Lee to Mrs. SaiaU Pcuniman, both ol South Scituate. ?iThc gentle laly wedded to the Mor" wa? fair as Desdeinoua, and the happy groom dusky as Othello. They proved tne truth of the uudying poetry of the author of Varico and Inkle : '? Skin* may differ, but affection Dwells in white and black the same Scorning the conventionalities of society the fair bride has set a noble example of practical amalgamation. This was no childish fancy or result of fanaticism working on youthful en thusiasm. The bridegroom had arrived at thi mature age of fifty, and the bride thirty-three Both have tried the silken cord with a partner of their own race, add so will be able to speak experimentally of the advantages of one or the other plans. We shall soon know whether it is advantageous to mix races in New England or not ?Amagton Standard. Sevastopol.?The Tartar name of this f?; mous place was Aitiar?''White Mountain. It wa? changed to Sebastopol by Catharine II.. the name being derived from two Greek words meaniug the city of Augusta, in allusion to herself. Tilth.?A oat, even if she be friendly, n?vex approaohet thee by a direct oourae No more doe* a truth, oh, friend; but winding round thy stupidities, and rubbing up against thy prejudices, it reaches thee gently?and then, perhaps, scratch*; All must admit the truth ol this 10" Den't it!?If any interested one tells you that physic, lodiues, gulacum, bleeding, and a hundred other injudicious means will relieve pain like my 41 Elictric Oil," don't you >?elieve It. The simple proof is daily made evident in thin city, by the undoing of the previous bad man ag-ment of the most severe cases ever heard of iu this country or any other, by the use of my Electric Oil. from 3f> South Eighth street, three doors be low Cheatnut, Philadelphia N. B?An experienced physician in attendance Caution.?See mv written signature Jy24?3t PROFESSOR C DEGRATH ICT Professor DeRrath's ??Electric OIV* Is the most astonishing remedy to act on Iht ftb sori>ents that was ever discovered, it reduces al swellings in an Incredible short time, allays al pain, relaxes the joint*, and soothes the nervous system. It has stood the various tests of the med ical faculty; and here In Washington is ^srd l?y several Doctors. Some very rapid cures have l**er> made. Enquire at the Drug stores, or at th? Na tional Hotel. jyt2t?.'It H7" Noah Walker * Co., Mar Me Hall Clothing Emporiu m under Browns llo'el .e spectfully announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing is now ready for inspection comprising a.* assortment of C< a!s, Vests and Pantaloons of the ..ewest and r :he*t designs in iiiaterial. trimming an^ '"orkmnnship To sjen tlemen who stt'dy excellence vith economy in fashionable articles vt dress an opportunity for se lecting is oti'ered from one of tiie largest and ino-t attractive stock of goods ever offered i.i this city at a very reduced ?cale of prices. ap I? ITT- A Phenomena in Medicine.?Bronchi tis, Cough. Dyspepsia, I.iver Complaints, Sc. if ula. ft( . For all diseases of the Female S\ stem It stands pre-eminent. A Clergyman just inform us it lias cured him of Bronchitis of a desper tie character?particulars he-eaf?cr HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE? Dy its mild action on the stomach, liver and kid neys win cure Lyspepsia, Cou'h. Asthma, "ron chu.i and Lung Affections, I aim i the Ha<k, ?>icte:ind Brea.?t, Consumption. Scrofula. Khe-u matisai, Gout, Neuralgia. Fistula, Bowel Com plaints. Piles. Worms and Nervo s Debilities? ?.vith all di; ea> es arising from impure Mood, ;ind is the greatest feiraV .ncdlclnc .;vcr know>?. Tai invaluable medic n- ?s working wonders upoa the human frame. Sold by MORTIMER ft MOWBRA V. 1 ?0 Bal ti more street. Baltimore: 3?>l Broadwav. Ne - York: CHAS. STOTT ft CO .J. B .MOOilE, 1) It CLARKE. CLARKE Ac BOWLING, W EL LIOT, and H MrPHERSON, Washington; also, by R. S. F. CiSSELL, Georgetown; C. C BER RY, Alexandria; and by Druggists everywhere. fjjr Letter from Hon. John Minor Holts, oi Virginia. Richmond, July o, i?v?. Messrs. Wm. S Beers & Co : (ients?t'oiis.d -r atioiis of duty to the alMieted alone prompt uw t-> send you this voluntary testimonial to tU- gr-v. value of "Cnrter\? Spanish Mixturefor thut .dmost incurable disease. Srrofutn. Without l?eiiigdis|M>sed or deeming it ne^essar 'o go into the particulars of the case, 1 can sav" that the astonishing results that have l>een pro duced by the use of that medicine on a member of my own family, and under my own observation and superintendence, after the skill of the liest physicians had i>een exhausted and all the usual remedies had failed, fully justify me in recont mending its use to all who may be suffering from that dreadful malady. I do not mean to say that it Is adapted to all < on>tltutien?. or that it will afford the same relief in ail cases; for, of course, I can know nothing about that?but of what 1 have seen of the effects, I would not hesitate to use it, in any and every c ase of Scrofula, with persons for whom I frit an interest, or over whom I could exercise influence or control. Respectfully, yours, J no M.Botts. Premiums at the Fair*?White hnrst's still in the ascendant ? The jurie* of each of th late fairs at Baltimore.Richmond, and New York awarded their high test premiums to J II W for their superiority of Photographs, Stereoscopes and Daguereotypes exhibited \fr. W. a!?o received two medals at the World's Fair. London, and a premium at Crystal Police. New York Also, the lirst awards of the Maryland In tltutr for three years past. Whit?*hurst '* Gallerv In this city is on Pa ave nue. betweeen Four-and-a-half and Sixth str?ets feb 1? JIT" I" D- Oilman, Drnsjist. hw? removed to62? Seventh street. opi*?site the Patriotic Bank and Is now pre|>aied to till all orders for Medicine Paints. Oil and Gla?s on accommodating terms Strict attention will be paid to physician's pre n rlptlons at ail hours of tLe day and night fh? n-ght bell is on the right of the store door. ap 11 Ayer's Cathartic Pills.?Pills 'kit ar-. Fill!'?Prof Hates, State Chemist of Massa chusetts, says they are the best of all Pills, and an nexed are the persons who certify that Dr Hay t. knows, viz : Lemuel Shaw, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. f.MoRY Washbchn. Governor of Mass. W C. Plcniiktt, Lieut Gov Mass. Edward Evishrtt, Ex-Sec of State and Sena tor I' S. R'-bert C. Wint hhop, Ex-Speaker House of Reps., USA Abbott La wrkmci, Minister Plenipo to Great Britain f John B Fitzpatrick, Catholic Bishop r.r Boston MEN THAT ARE MEN ' Among the diseases this Pill has cured with a tonisbitig rapidity, we may mention Costiveness. Bilious Complaints, Rheumatism Dropsy, Heartburn, Headache arising from afoul Stomach, Nausea, indigestion. Morbid inaci?on of the Bow?is and pain arising therefrom. Flab. tencv, I^oss of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Cutane oms Diseases which require an evacnant medlci.a Srrofulaor King's Evil They also by purifying tlie blood and stimulating the system, cure man', complaints which it would not be supposed they could reach; such as Deafr?-ss, Partial B'uid'iess Neuralgia and N -rvoi ?? Irritability, Derangement <>f the Liver and Kid leys, Gout, and other kin died complaints arising from a low of th? vdv or obstructions <*? its functions. They are the best Purgative Vlediein? ewr discovered, ami you will but need to use them once io know it. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER, Lowell, Mass . and -old by every respectable druggist. Sold by Z. D GILMAN, Washington, O M LIN'THICl'M, Georgetown; JAMES COOK \ CO , Fredericksburg. je 17?2m {J7 Dr. Ilaoflaml'i t'flrhratfd German Bitters.?Weak, nervous, depressed in ? pirits. ;Mid a , :ey to innumerable mental, as well as phy sicul evils, the victim to dys.iepsia, is Indeed an object of coruinisseration.' Yet it is absurd for him to despair We care not bow weak, low. nervous, and irritable he maybe, the cordial prop. er?ie.s of II OOF LAND S GERMAN BITTERS prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia, ar< stronge/ :han the minv-headed menster, *' iiich i l>re ,ug upon his bocly and mind; and if he ! .wes io try them, we will irnure a speedy cure. See advertisement. 7?3:n DIED. On the '2Gth instant, . ?ter a painfid illness, boriu bv pious resignation, ELIZABETH JANE, thi Iloved wife of James S. Uoliand. \Z7~ Her funeral will take place to-morrow af ternoon. at I>i o'clock, from her late residence, 412 Ninth st. Al' friends and acquaintances art res pectfully inviu d to attend On the 2otb instant. Mrs PRUDENCE ANN! PATTERSON, wife of George C. Patterson, in the 31st year cf her age BOARDING. VGENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN BE fur nished with a large pleasaut front chamber, together with board in a private family. Location two squares north of Pa avenue, ana equal d<s t.:nce east of the Treasury Building. Addre Box *271 City Post Oliice. Reference given and required. ^^ Jy 21?lw Rare chance ?a new brick house ' for sale or rent, situated on the corner of Mas sachusetts avenue and 10th street, containing ten rooms with cellar, and a pump of good water in the yard The house is ouilt in the very best manner The terms will be moderate. Apply to GEO. T. LANGLEY, on L street, between 9th and Tenth, No. 504. jy 21?lw# Board,Ac ? mrs bates,on thes. w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with room with or without board. Every etfort will be made to render those coinfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap6?tf SIHUTTER ft KAI1LERT, \RT1STS, FRESCO, DECORATIVE, and every description of ORNAMENTAL PAINTING Orders left with Baldwin and Nenning, Archi tects, corner Penn avenue and llth strert, will b* promptly attended to. jy WHILE MANY OF our MERCHANTS are complaining of dull times and tell ns thev have more clerks than customers, G FRANCIS, 1'JO SJevenih street, tsiapldly selling off every thine In the way of Housekeeping Hardware, ana al ways gets the money He thinks the times are certainly improving. The truth is. he sells lww. and the people are beginning to understand it. If good articles, low price*; and every etfort to pleast will suit purchasers, he is determined that his cusiouiera nhall be vttisfled. jy 10 WANTS. W'ANTED?PURCHASERS FOR 5,000 lbs 11 very flne Wrapping Paper, mil table for butchers, nutter merchants. and crocer* by g w. e Kr.wEby, 502. Odd Fellows' Hall. Seventh st jy 26?It (Organ) TITANTED-A WOMAN~TO~iDOthecook!ng V t and other housework of a small family. Applv at 461 Twelfth street, west side, between F <ind G streets jy 26?It* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A MIDDLE aiied Woman, who can do the cooking, washing and ironing of a small family. To one who ran come weU recommended as to character, ability, Ac , libfral wages will be given Apply at SCHWARTZ A SON S Jy 2??eo3t Dru? Store WANTED IMMEDIATELY?An Appren tice to learn the Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron business. Apply to THOMAS LAMBERT. No 4?5 Eighth st , betw Pa av.andD. | jy CO?It* INFORMATION WANTED of F.lliabeth ? Carter, widow of William Carter, who served on l*>ard of failed Sta" * -hip Levant, on Coast

of California JOHN U CLARK. jy25?It 52. Twelfth i?i. west. \?/?ANTED?A ?SMALL GENTEEL HOUSE, T T c ither furnished or unfurnished, north of K, between 7th and 15th Ftreets?a cottag* house prc h-red Addreas. pest paid. 4'X Y," taung U-iuis and iccaticu, tLrcugh the City Post Oi?.'-? jy 25? Si ? Vt"*" AN TED?A PARTNER TO ENGAGE YY in the provision b":iu**:s Address - J R"' attbisoiice. jyv'i?31* TTTANTED?A TE \C(IER WELL QDAU \ V ilied to act as an assistant ir. a Select Classi cal and Mathematical Academy. P. A. UOWEN, jy '21?dl' Georgetown IVAN TED-A YOUNG MAN ABOFT 18 IT years ??f ageus K Vsmin in a Gr&cerv Sto'o One acquainted wilh th? business and vbocau brinj; ;?ood recommendation, addie*s "C. E ," through the Post OHlce. immeuialci;. Jv Vi?:?:* CtX GOOD STOUT HOYS WANTED?TO work at the harness trade Apply to the un dersigned. DAN CAMPBELL, Saddler, Pa. avenue, near National Hotel, jy 23?tit* UrANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that th -y can get a lot .1 fee'front by 130 f el deep, f?;r the low f rice of S7.r>?payablt S-'3a inontl w 1 noat inter Ai?piy ??t the Union Laud v/ii.ce 7th street, above Odd Fellows' H?ll. ap ?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. FOR SALE AND RENT. I ".VO VERY PLEASANT ROOMS, COM miPicating; on the second or third flrtor of a ?">\v brhk house, may lie hid. f'Trnisli-'<l o- un furnished, and Willi or without board The hoise is situated contiguous to the most elevated part of Massachusetts avenue, ami will be found in every espect desirable. Enquire at this offivs. jy 20?eo3t* nno LET?A THREE-STORY HOUSE ON A 1, between 6tli and Tth streets, 'containing w rooms. It has lately been put in complete order til from top to l>otteni The kev will be found next door west For particulars inquire of Mrs. Marv Ann Nally. or CH AR LES KEEN AN, jy 35?It* corner IHh and ?* "ts. I^O R II E N T?A COMFORTABLE COT 1 tage, with - rooms and cellar, on loth street, between 1) and E streets. Possession given ou 1st August Apply at the Coal and Wood Yard near ly opposite. S S. HARVEY. JV 23? I O TS FOR SAL E?TWO OR THREE good Building Lots in a rapidly improving neighborhood for sale on t'n y-nrt' tr*rlir Apply to J . H DRURY jyii-'f I^OR sale ?A SMALL FRAME HOUSE I ai d l.ot, No 50 I/ouisjana avenue, Washing ton It presents a rare opportunity to a person wishing to mike a good investment Also, a three-story Brick House and Lot. No 57 High street, Georgetown, Lot 23 fee' front bv lG'J feet deep; will be sold low and on a long credit Apply at 16 Louisiana avenue jy 20?tf E* O R R|; n T? A NEW THREE STORY ? Frame House on L *tre?*t, near 15th. contain ing ?i* rooms and a kitchen, all neatly finished To a^ood tenant the rent will be $12 per mouth. Inquire of J II DRURY. City Post Office. jv 19? tf \ VALUABLE LITTLE FARM FOR SALE. ? ? The snbsrri>?er will sell at private sale his llt th Farm, known as Sterling Cottage, upon which ? now resides, situated in Alexandria county. \ a . r.< ar Hall's x Road*, four milesfroinGeorge town, six l'roin Washington, eight from Alexan Ina and will be but one mile from the London A Hampshire Railroad The ?ra<? contains 40^ acres 15 of which is under heavy timber the bal ance is under a high stateof cultivation, with good t'?? neini: and a never falling stream of wati-r l an uuiL through the place The improvements are a very neat story and a half dwelling, with a brick cellar under it, and outhouses consisting of a barn, icehouse, treat house corn house, hen house, kitchen, and house for servants The yard is verv lar?e ami shady, and deeorated with the most choice flowers, and a ?veil of the most excellent water near the door, the ju< k \ard is losed by a beautiful cedar iinl ;;e, ?nd the front bv r?jlin;;s Th?re Is also a ?(ea'iti t'ul chn-innt grove standing in fiont of the yard The lands adjoining ar* those of C?>1 W. Minor Minor, Dr Wonder and Mrs. Gardner Itslo atlon is couvenieat for churches, grist and saw mills, pont ott!"fc. Arc The abo.e propeity p?jsse? <es advantages which w-U be apparent to rill who desire to secure a pleasant and valuable country *eat. A gr??at bargain may be had by an early applica tion. a* I am desirous >>f moving to a larger fnitn. jy9?2awtm MOSE^' A FLBREY. L*(iH RENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE r Terms.?A thr^e-stor" I'nmo. v.*!lu basement, on hw Voik avenue, between Fourth a?;d Fifth ;!re? is west. Al.?o. a three-?tory Frame, with back building, >n 1 s!""*?4norta,b*^weeu Fouxthand Fif:'> strewis ?.vest App'y to James W. Barker, residence on H street ncrtn, ^xtwten Twelfth ami Thirteenth streets west. DICKSON A KING, apJ?Thtf Oeor^-town. l^OR RENT ?FOUR NEW AND CONVE l nient lirick Houses, brown majtick fron'.L, containing parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and live chambers each, and situated on Thirteenth street, l.slj".d, the public grounds, convenient to Pennsylva nia avenue and tue Departments. Rent very hiod e.ate. Apply at R. II oiiice. corner of Sixth street and Louisiana avenue, or at D. B Clarke's Drug Store, Eleventh street, nrtr t>?,,ftf 1' ?OR SALS?THAT LARGE AND WEI.L built Frame Dwelling ll^use, with a brick basement, No 116. situated on the east side of nth sireet. between F and G, containing iO rooms, with porch and pantiy i . ihe rear For terms, which will l>e easy, applv to CHARLES F. V OOD, ilfl Ninth street, between and F sts. Jy 17?eotf FO R It E N T - TWO MEDIUM SIZED Houses on Mar, land avenue, between oth and 7ih streets They have been newly painted inside and out To good tenants rent will be modeiate Apply to T. GALI.IGAN A CO . Fancy Store, under Browns' Hotel, jy 11*?eo3t |A O R II E N T?A TWO STORY FR AM F. I House, with basement, situated on Prospect 11*11. Georgetown, commanding a bea itlful view o.'the Potomac river Apply to T. O Donnoghue ne;ir the Catholic Church, or R. H Trunnel, No. 73 Frederick street, Georgetown, D C. JM4 [no R R EN T?SI: VERAL H AN DSOME PA R - lors and Chambers, with Board Also. Table and Transient Board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH "S, 233 F street. ap t>?tf ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of Prince George's County. I will expose to pub lic Sale, on FRIDAY, the 27th day or July, inst., at 10 o'clock a. m., if fair, if not, on the next fair day thereafter, at Ellaville, near Bladensburg. the residence of Douglas Vass. deceased, ALL THE PERSONAL ESTATE left by hiui at the time of his death. consisting of 33 shares of Stock in the Bank of Washington, D. C . and a large quantity of Household and Kitchen Furniture. The household Furniture is nearly new. has been purchased but a short time, is of the most modern and fashionable stvle, has been selected with considerable taste, and those desirous of pur chasing are particularly requested to attend the ?ale. Terms: For all sums of and under S10 cash; all sums above that amount six months credit will be given, with notes, with approved security, bear ing interest from the day of sale. N C. STEPHEN, Adm'rc. t. a., of Douglass Vass, deceased jy 12 ?eots C. WAR RIN Kit, WATCHMAKER, Wo 330 Pa area**, bttv<td9tk n*d 10*A struts, | Washington, o. c. Pivoting, Jeweling, and every kind of tepaira to Watches Jy 17-Jm AUCTION SALES. Rr JA9. C McGUIRE. Auctioneer TWO SMALL FRAME HUl'SRR * LOTS ?n the Inland at P?kllrSa1r,wllb?al re serve.?On FRIDAY afternoon, Julv27th. at *l| o'clock, on the premises. I shall sell part of Lot No 4. in 9qtiai*N'o. 5*}, situated near the corner of South D and First street west. fronting *0 fret on D Miert, Improved bv two small Frsme Ho ^? each fronting 20 feet with an allev between There is also a 1* feet alle? In the rear Sale without reserve Terms: One-third cash . the residue in ? and 1? months, with interest, secured by a de^d of trust on the premises .JAS C. McGUIRE, Jy 26?d Auctioneer By JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneers TWO SMALL FRAME HOUSES and lata I- outhe Island at public sale without re serve?Ou FRIDAY afternoon. Julv27th, a< o'clock, on the premises, I sLall sell part of lot No 4, in square No &r.?, sit.-ated near the con ;er of South D and First street, west, fronting 40 feet on I) street, improved bvtwosmsU Kraw Ho-i?n* each fronting vio feet with an allay between, there Is also a 12 feet alley In tl*c rear. Sale without reser.e Terms One-'h!-d cash ; 'he r?**Mue in * and 12 months wi'h intereo. >^iriired d?~*' of tmst on the premises. J KXiE9 C McCl'll E, jy25?d3t Auctioneer. Bv GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD bs-* Kib hen Fntultnre at Anctlen.?On MONU.iY. the 3i!tii instant, we !"?!l sell, at the rcsidenc ^of O^o. Hutier. i.sq , near tbe \'.v.y Y?rd on Sc-th Carolina avenue, and near Pennsylvania averue. ?' -tv*een 6th and Tth stru ts east. ?? jo o'clock a ?n . ;in excellent as?ortn ent of Furniture. via : .Mah0^-i*>" spring scat Divan*, Lounges. Ac Do' "ard WaLu-i I*- rlor Chvrs a:.d Pock-ra Do do Sofa. siue. and centte Ta bles Do do Bureaus and Bedstead? Walnut and <?iher Washstands and Warotobes Chamber Sets, cane and wood seat Chairs Walnut extension Table Mahogany Secretary 1 hrce-r?ly, insrrain. Passage and stair Carpets Hx*r piid ahuek Ma:tre**w Feather Bolsters a d Pillows triiaodoles, solar, hall and c?ther Lamps Tlantel Ornaments, Glass and Crock" vware !f ? "rigerator. I.aiabee's make, Setters L i of Scho< i J >?.k.s (ttfi^e Tables and Chairs Cooking and other Stove* With a good assortment of Kitchen Reqntsiies Terms Under ?25 cash; over $i!5 a credit of s'xty ant! ninety days, for notes satisfactorily en ?i,?rsed. be.A j.ij? in: f GREENA SCOTT, jy 24?d Auctioneer*. By GREEN A SCOTT. Auctioneers Frame kolse and lot at \?ciien ? On FR!DAY, the 27th inst-?nt, we shall s. 11. j in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p in , I?ot No. 5, in Square No. 99 fronting New Hamp shire avenue nea* the corner of *Jlst street*, betw nortfc M end N streets The lot is large, metes and bounds of whleh will be shown on the day of sale. Also, the Improvements, which are. a goou two-story frame Dwelling Houso. stable, milk house, and a pniup of excellent water on the prem ises. Terms: One-third cash ; balance in 6. 12 and lc months, the purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. If the purchaser should fail to comply with the terms in tive days from day of sale, the property will lie resold, at the risk and cost of the ttrst pur chaser. bv advertising three times previous to such resale In the National Intelligencer. GREEN A SCOTT, jy.'l?d Auctioneers. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer ONE OF THE BEST GROCERY Stands in the C ity at Public Sale?On THURS DAY afternoon. July 2fi, ls35, at ?> o'clock, on the ? premises. I shall sell that valuable property situ j ated on the corner of B and Pith streets, near 12th street bridge, formerly kDpt as a tirocery store by j Sengstack A t'iark. and late by Wm H Clark. I With a sufficient capital to extend the business to a wholesale as well as retail business, more par ticularly in the feed. Hour and bacon trade, no lo cation in the city offers greater facilities. The warehouse is of brick. ?> feet front bv 50 ft deep, two stories high, and built of the best mate rial in the most substantial manner There :s al so attached a lot in the rear 25 by 75 feet The premises can be seen at any time by appli cation to C P Seng?ta< k, ou D. between 12th and 13th streets. Immediately after. I shall sell a lot fronting 21 feet ou south D, between 12th and i-Jth sts . run ning bat k >4 feet to an 1? feet paved alley Terms; One half cash; residue <u six, twelve eighteen and twenty-foui mouths, satisfactorily secured, bcSTlng interest. J. C. .McGUIRE, jy 21 ?d Auctioneer Bv GREEN A SCOTT, Auctioneers. Household and kitchen fi rni. ture at Aactiou ?On FRIDAY, the 27th instant, we shall sell, at the house next door to Mr. Purdy, on the north side of Pennsylvania av enue. bet'ween 1st and 2d streets, at 10 o'clock a in., a good lot of household F urniture, viz : Mahogany Sofa-. Chairs and Tables Manle and cherry high and low i>ost Bedsteads Mauoganv Bureaus and Stands. Union Chairs Feather Bcc!?. Beddln" and Mattresses Cane-seat Chairs. Washstands and Wardrobes Parlor, passage and chamber Carpets Moreen and other Window Curtains Fine Cooking, Ra<Lator aud Airtight Staves Cro< kery Ware With a go.jd lot of Kitchen Requisites Term*: All s tnis of and under S25 cash, over * .3 a credit of c>o -:id for notes satisfacto rily endorsed, bearing Interest gr;;en a scott, jy2i?d Auctioneers. Bv GFEKN A SCOTT. Auctioneers PUBLIC SALE Ol'C'ARl.d .?F ANTHRA cite ? on!. ? The sni?>Liii?er will %i-l 1 a* Pub lie sale, ou accotini. of whom it :nay coueeru, oil THURSDAY, the Hlh da) f J dy Inl?l.att o'clock p m . on t'oard the Schooner Devothea Ilaynes, lying at Rllc>'? Wharf, a car",, of An thrai ite Coal! containing 90 tons, in g^rv>d order. Terms t ash. JNt? W. GLURGE. Master GREEN A SCOTT, Jv2l?d Auctioueets. BY J C McOUIRE AucMon?er. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM. proved Real Estate.?B> virtue of a deed of trust, liearlng date the 20th dav of May, A D and duly recorded in Liber J A. S., No. 79. folios 2<?, -'in, 244, 215. and 210, one of the lards r.?cords for Washington county, in t?:e District of Colmn'uia. w will xii at public sale, in front of the premises, on FRID-* Y,the"jddxi,* cf August. ISj5, at6,^ o'clock P M., a part of lot No. 10. in square No. 2!*7. in the city of Washington, in said District, and being described as fellows: Be ginn'ng on the line of South 1> street bl feet and ?1 inches from the southwest corner of said square, and running thence cast on the line of said street 25 feet ?' the eaVern li^e of s?id lot ; tb' :ce nor-h with said line 100 feet; thence west 25 icet: and then 'e south 1WI feet to the place of begini.lng. with lhe improvements. Thelot is improved with a neat t ottage hens* . of ?a'e: t?ne-third in-cash ; the remain der in tv. j equal payments at six and twelve months, with interest, to t>e secured by a i^eed of trust; the teims of sale to lie complied with in live days from th*1 day of sale, and upon default there in tb-' trustee , rtserve the right to resell the prem ses at the e-xt a..d ri?k A tirst purchases. All coa*e> ai* lug at purchaser . 'Ost. W H WAFD,>t J.Y.DAVIS. J 'nwees. J C McGUIRE, jy20?A ?ct oneer By J. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. rpRUSTEF'S SAI.E OF VALUABLE AND I Beaatifulljr situated Building Lot on Third street west, betwet-u Pa. avenue ail C street.?Bv virtue of a deed In trust, bearing date on the 2^th day of February, t^, and re corded in Liber J. A S. No 52, Ulio* 302. 3u0, the subscriber will sell at public sale, on WEDNESDAY afternoon, August 1st. Is55. at 5t$ o'clock p m., on the premises, Lot No. 11, in reservation No. 11, fronting25 feet on Third street west, l>etween Pennsylvania avenue and C street north, by 150 feet deep, to a 35 feet alley. The above property Is eligibly situated In a most desirable part of the city, rapidly enhancing In value, and offers a rare opportunity to persons desiring to build or invest. Terms cash; and if not complied with in three days after the sale the property will be resold, at the risk and expense of the purchaser, upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at the expense of purchaser. CHARLES S WALLACH. Trustee. JAS. C McGUIRE, jy 12?eo&d* Auctioneer By C. XV. BOTELER, Auctioneer SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY ON the Island at Anction.?On THURSDAY afternoon. July 26th. at 6 o'clock. 1 shall sell, on the premises, part of Lot No. 7, In Square 353, to gether with the Improvements ihereon, consisting of two two-story frame Houses, in one ofwhicE there Is a store, which Is considered a good busi ness location In the rear of the store there is a large, convenient and substantial two-story brick bake-house This property la located on 11th st., (the princl ?al thoroughfare to the steamboat wharves) betw ? and E streets south Terms, One third cash *, residue in ?, twelve and eighteen mouths, with Interest, secured by a detd of trust on the premises. C. W. BOTELER, jy 10?nMt Auctioneer. , TELEQRAPHIQ WEW8. REPORTEdYoR TMUvi^WQ STAR. it. Boston. July 26 'Yerterday an attempt was niB.Je to gir? an exhibition of the girl and snake, sb ?ut ?hich so much ua? been mIJ The child, however, wu bttUo by the snake, and chewed great terror The father of tho girl was subsequently bound over on the charge >f ros raining hi? daughter and for awault. Baltimore Marke*a l.L.^AIol*0M,' ^uIy ^?Sale* to-day of 6.000 bbls City Mills fl >ur at t6 75 Howard street freely offered at S9 without buyer* Whe?t uull at SI 65aftl70 for r*d, and Si 70*S1 75 for white Yellow corn Vs -ents, white si 02a$l 04. New Maryland oat* 45a JK cents. TO THE H BLH. rP?F STEAMLRS MOl'.VT VERNON and * BALTIMORE will stop at AI-. ? d .-1 ' ? *' 'ndtv?t^ ingion tui "f^Y- - ? k"** -r at the landing* on the Potoma rivet ?? by tbese boats vi* : KU,Ir.U "X To Mmburv a * m io toctuil I Olltf I <<| T-quar'tico ? sn 1 o Sandy Point is., To Aquia """reek...., i ?i Eve* .?ipattck~*to Aquia Creekand return, in eluding dinner or a-L^.. r?. 'bis charge will be ir-*- to aartie- o? en or r.i.-r W1J ^ a or ?ooi*ltrht f i< urv.or Th swill aflb'.i to our ctu~*-.?sa pleas* ut r? all ?n ."ora the teat and d sat -f t> e city *? ve y | modwi x rate*. L REVNOU ?*,Capita r. . MM. MITCHELL. C?'?ta.n. Ki of tbe above bxt? "an b .bartered for r.0""' Towing *c.. I?? ai?plv:iK to (1R MA HNGI.Y Superintendent*..'u.* iVail. ton -. id I -edt. .cfcuburv auan-uoat Con.'tau v jj 24?etviw BOUT A\D SHOT. STORE REMOVI.P, / 'JKORGE BREMER has removed Lis v ell. knnv-n H?ot AND? L-m *HOE Store and K acton ^ lltb etre^, fcjl tit wn I'a avenue an?H ' met. to Pa f LvT avoir- j?f?w doors-*??'??? \\ ii!?rds' hotel ? ?. prepaid j ? pr*ini,^, u, .,jvf #UJ faction to all. ,J. B. ha> by dint of great care In ptn-haK!r?g b n'rtrk, eni|>io\tng none out \ No t workmen, *nd ??v hi* cap%< *y to fit M? %r< v ? ?? hav?? t"" work *. if fi<y .?n ih<* f'vi: *r <!? ttal wak t. exbib:t? iije ?? fhkuiun?iiic aty?e, eaibod a repuU?.iou in hi? buaine^> second to that of no other custoiii-vurk boot and ahoe maker In tbe I n.on. He solicits the patror.a^e of all, and Lis terms '*-;u be mwt reasonable to ail Jy !6?tf v. :l "E* ?H?T (!??. 5ST |'at t?ubvri>*rs bave entered into copartner "b'P under tlie firm of Sjintner* A Se?Kf-?'d. !U No 9-7, Seventh street, Wai.d, near MarUand Avenue, for the n irnose of manufe< furin-' f AD DI.KH, BRIDLES. TRUNKS HARNESS, ai.d evrnthing in that line of bu?ine*? Having laid in a /ood Ktock of materialk. they de?ire to notify their friends and the p .blic generally, that tfcevare wady to serve them with any articles in their lino at snort notice, as good and a* rbe?r> a? any other establishment of the kind in thi*cI:V JAMES H SIMMERS, ^ GEORGE A SESSFORV Jy 28?2w FIRST WARD LIVERY A3D SALE STA BLES. IN announcing to the public of M'a?hington that I have taken possession, by purcuaae, of the above Stables, on G street, near the M'ar Department, (lately occupied by A Schwartz.) I wish to them that It will be entirely conducted by niv^lf and that all orders left upon the premie wiU bo attended to punctually with elegant t xrria?rea and rareful driven The Riding School will be con ducted bv a professional equestrian and p?-rfoctly docile hors-s; having stated hours for lad? eque# trians. in private or public, as thev may prefer Particular attention will be paid to horses kept at Liver) In bis establishment Persons requiring open barouche* or family car riages. can be satisfactorily accommodated, aa well as those desiring riding horses for gentlemen or ladies FRIEDERECK LAKEMEYER. jy -I 3in Agent H. LINDf LEY) dealKa m REAL ESTATE ANii LAND WABBAWTS, SAINT PAUL. MIN TERRITORY Lands bought and sold through out THE TERRITORY Taxes paid ?Collections made. Drafts cashed and the highest Prices given for Land M'arrants. Government Lands located with much car?, and if desired, the profits and lo?ea shared equall.* at the expiration of five years. The l.^nd at that time to be sold, unless otherwise agreed ipon. and one half of the current value the Warrant at the time of entry, and half of thr expense of locating to be deducted from the subscribers' interest To persons wishing to locate Warrants entirely on their own account, tbe charge will be, for forty acres *15; eighty acres. S-J?, one hundred nud sixty acres, f25. and will re? -ive with their title a plat and description of the .and KEF BR KXCBSt Minnesota?Gov Willi* A Gorman; Ei-Gov Alex Ramsey; Hon J T Rosser. Sec M T; Messrs. Ames A Van El'.es. Attorneys at Law, Ales^rs AiwtUiu A. Pace, Wholesale Druggists. Baltimore?M* P Prest n. Esq , Attornev at Law; Richard t Bowie, Esq , Com Merchant : ^Tex rs Deur, N'orris A Co.; Messrs McCleese 4 Ham. U\?HixoT(?!i-Hon W W Seat on ; Hon J. T Towers, Mayor; Hon. Judge J Bryan, J C. c itaruiltuu, , AUuiuey at Law, to1 Mm. Hlcktty; Col. J Rllev, Messrs Tavlor A Maury; Mes"? I 'wis, Johnson a Co., Hanaers, G. C. Gr-dinmar. E>q , Pr?-sidcat Patriotic Bank jy 17?eo3m PAKSO.NS WITH UCFLCT1YL V1MUN ar? invited to examine mr er'r-nslv- st'?-k of aU kinds of SPECTACLES and E\ E GLASS ES Glasses of inv kind, aucn as Cataract, 1's-a bjlz, Pr: if"?>rtc. Doubt- ^-Micsve, rouble C< n vex.and Colored Glasses. O"* ?n at at .>rt n<*' ?, with great care, snd persons in wan of glaww niav be sure to get those which benefit the eve. Circuit Defective Vision" gratis at H SLMKEN S, 350 Pa. aveuue, W-. ?lh and mar 30 HO! FOK THF. SPRINGS:?I ersons who coate>npiate aju'iiiwr to the sp-ing*. >?ea-sij?, mountain- or the count, v. should m * sgie t j call at 2t*! Pa. avenue and get their stock of ha'r, tooth, n< i, bathing and clothes Brushes Dre>? in^. side |?u5', neck, fine and po< kei, fne i'omatnrv, Uair Oil Bay V\ ater, CoW.if, f x tracts ffr tb'- Ha-.dkcrchicf, t*oap, Toile' Bcs ind Pettier, (raveling, pic cic, work, ana card rickets. Ac., at the Piano, Music. Stationer. ? .4 Variety Store of JNO F. ELLIS, 3u6 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and loth *??. Jy IS?tf JUST RECEIVED AT SI'LLMGTOVTS Periodical Depot. Gode/'*' B?cV for A iguat ttallou s Dollar M do Pet*rfOB's Magszino do Household M'ords . do New York Journal do Ahboi-s Life of Napoleon Mo red oi. by Sir . al". . > xHt The Winkles The Prophet, or Mormonlsm Unveiled Female Life amocg the Mormons The Heiress of Ha ugh ton T tal and 1 numph, or firmness in the household, by T S Arthur Walkna, or Adventures on the Mosquito Shore Norval Hastings, or tbe Yankee Prlvateee All the New Magazines. Cheap Publications, end everything ii. tne Stationery line constantly on hand and for sale at JOE SHILLINGTON'H Odeon Building, cor st and Pa a*. Jy? PAINT AND OIL STORE. WINDOW Glass, Ac , Camrhent. Spirit Ges, Sperm, Solar and l>ard Oil Lamps. Clocks, Brushes, Ornaments, Girandoles. Shades Ac J R McGREGOR, Successor to C. S. M'hittlesey. jy 16?e*r2w 534 Seventh st Ne. 32*] MANTILLAS. fNe. 32S IT Is our pleasure to announce to the ladies that we are now selling very prettvnew styles Black Lace Mantillas at #2 75 Black Silk Mantillas at 93 ? .. Black and colored Lace and Silk Mantillas ft Black white and colored Lace and Silk Man tillas, from *5 to *15 We Invite the ladies to call and see the display In our Mantilla Room, second story MAXWELL A BRO , No 328 Pa. avenue, bet Wh and luth su Jy 21?eo3t CURE FOR HOT WEATHER. ARNY'B ICE CREAMS, CAKE, and WA TER ICES, for which be was awarded a Medal by the Metropolitan Mechaaics" lw?t,1t.u*' is highly recommended for tbe above Will bs sent to any part at the District free of r bary. Send your orders toM Bridge ??., 'ieorg^own. Jy 2?eotf WIRE DISH COVERS. Round and Oblong., from ? to I. inches. cb^i;Ncigt|s jyjO 4??fv?ntttf.