Newspaper of Evening Star, July 27, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 27, 1855 Page 2
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WAggmeTON CITY: FRIDAY AFTERltOOM ??? lyApnatuimuTt ahould be banded in by 11 o'clock. M., otherwise they may not ap resr until the next day f * A^EJiTS FOR THE STAR. The following persons are authorized to con tract lor the publication of advertisements in the $t*r : Philadelphia?V. B. Palm?,N. W. corner ?f Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M- P*tt?gill 4 Co., Nassau rtreet. Boston?V B. Palmcr. Scollay's Building. SPIRIT 0? THE M0R5IHG PBES8. The Intelligencer comment* at length on the Jast war aud State news from Europe, remark ing that while the Allies are building new "work* for the attack the Russians are build ing still stronger ones for the defence of Sebas pol. Or, iu other word", that a triumph for the Allies before Sebastopol is now further off than e\er. Pclliasier. it seems. is opposed to any movements of the Allies from before Sc bastopol for the purpose of attacking or occu pying any other point. Hi* policy is to de vote all their means to the preservation of the present seige, and that only. Qf the retire ment of Lord John Russell from the Palmes ton minis'ry, the Jnulligencer says : 4' The rupture |in the British House of Com mons and Ministry | was consequent upon n motion to censure Lord John for hi* eourse in the Vienna negotiations. His political adver saries accuse him of equivocation ; but we much questicn if they ever convict him of so I dishonorable a charge. Error of judgment they may prove, but we have much mistaken the character of the man if it shall ever be ehown that he has acted dishonestly or fa Is* lv The fact we take to be simply this : the nation would have war. the war has proved disas tr us, and the nation mn?t have a scape-goat upon which to lay the tin of their own folly, i-h >rt-sightednesa. and disappointment Lord John, it seems. willing to accept peace oi> terms which the British tfonmment?mo..* unwisely, we thir.k?rejeeted : and now. like many an honest politic i 111 before him. he mu?t I ay the penalty of trying to save the dis?aii.? ed public freta ita own fatuity. The circum stances which gave Lord Ruseell this pre-emi nence were the disclosures he maue in his tpeech of the Rth inst. (cited in onr editorial columns of yesterday) respecting the want of unanimity between himself and n?s colleagues on the subject of the war?in other words, thst he, as British Plenipotentiary, expressed him self at Vienna in favor of the peace proposal* mooted by Count Buol and approved of by M. Drouyn tie l'Huys. hut that on returning to England he either did not eommunicate tho??? sentiments to his colleagues in the Govern ment, or suppressed his peace opinions and re tained office in a Ministry pledged to wsr'' * cm* * * "Thu feeling an this matter had grown so high that the exigence of the Ministry was put to the test by Sir E. Bulwer Lytton mov ing? " ? That the conduct of the Minister charged ' with the negotiations at Vienna, and his con ' tinuance in wi&ce *?e a responsible adviser of ? the Crown, have th?keu the confluence which ? the country ?houM place in those to whom the ! ? administration of puWic affairs is entrusted.* " Nor is this the only attack to which the J Ministry is exposed, Mr Roebuck having moved for a call of the House for July 17th, ?) ??n which oecasion the whole force of all see tions of the opp??rition will be brought to bear. " Contradictory reports were afloat as to the course Lord Pa!merst<>n would pursue. Sonic surmised that he would try to assuage the norm hy accepting the resignation of Lord Russell, and others supposed that Lord Pal merstcu would evade furthcT responsibility by himself retiring. Another report Is. that when Lord K?*HI goes 'Hit he will take the Grey section of the C** inet with him, and that L?rd Palmerfton will fill their place* by more de cided men out of the liberal ranfc. And, finally. Tumors from other quarters whisper of Lord I>erby a* the coming man with another coalition Cabinet." The Union laughs over the discomfiture Kenneth Rayner has received at tlie hands of Mr Barringcr. saying in the course of his re marks: " He is a^pretentat Saratoga Springs, in the Slate of New York, and he haa stated t-o a gen tleman from tbi* city, of unquestionable intel ligence and integrity, that the conversation with thelmcuio of the Pope concerning the cabinet of President Pierce, which has been made the foundation ot so iuu< h falsehood and i calumniation, tru?*pi red sub*e<fiient!y to the inaugunuion oj March, 1>J53, and to the re ception of the intelligence, thereof, and of the name* of President Pierce's cabinet, in Ma drid. ?? Mr. Barringcr r.lso stated that he had ad dressed two letter* to Mr. Rayner, of North Carolina stating the time of the conversation, and its ci re urn stanccs and purport, and asking that geutieman to do all parties the justice to state the fart* in :he ease, but that Mr R had ?ui*prts*td both Utters, and had wholly refused to correct the falsehoods in the preni ires. ? Mr Barjrrnger also expressed his purpose to publi.-h his last letter upon the subject to Rayner iu a few days, it the proper correction and retraction was not made by that gentle man ?? Thus perishes another Know-Nothing ca lumny." lyw- have received, from Little, Son A Co . the July number of the "Panorama of Life and Literature, containing many valua ble articles of interest to the literary reader. And from the periodical agency of Joe Shil lington. Frank Lcsli?\< Ladiis>' Gazette of Paris, Lonuvn, and New \ork Fashions for August; a work wbieh enjoys a widely -spread |*>pularity auiopg the fairsex. PERSONAL. Mr. Julius Sainson, Special Envoy from Brunswick, to exchange the ratifications ot a treaty with the United States, and Cousnl of the Grand Duke frf" llrunswick. at Mobile; it. W Giah <m I 5 N., and G. W. Smith. I. t A , are at Willard's H.?tel in this city. ....A valuable gold double ease full jew elled bnnliug ?at?b ha? been presented by hs? friend- lo J. W. Sheahan. formerly of this city, editor of the Chicago Tim-*s. the only I>^m'-jratic paper in that giant city. It ij n a token of their appreciation of his labor- iu au'. a.uiiig the iau>e of constitutional liberty. Judge i* /ugla* participate*! in the cercuiouy. .?..About six hundred persons are cow at Willard s hotel. Old Point Comfort. .... Ihure u a bey in Alabama, fifteen year* eld, iu April la*t. who weighs two hundred and tweiic pounds. i? five feet ten inches high, and well pnq>ortioned ....Col. C R Thomj^.n, formerly a promi nent member of the fWh Carolina Senate, died on Saturday last. ....A colore! wornau recently died in Moi ria couoty. New Jersey, aged one hundrvd and twenty-five year*. ... .The members of the Cu.-hmau family devcen'lants from Robert Cushmaa. the Puri tan. * id have a family gathering on the lath *l Mass , to celebrate tn? ilith anniversary ol' the sailing of the Mayflower .... It is stat?d that contributions are being aade by the inventor* of thia country, ai d otaer lnend? of the Hon Charles Maaon. for a teiUmonialio be presented to him, ia token of their appreotati ,n of his noble service# aaCoir Btaaioner of Patent* HT The fcu*lt of New York, ^hich some time agv raised the price of board U> W por day >???? returned to the former charge to W io I rib?? ? WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Kenneth Bayner'a Mare's Nest.?The fact that Kenneth Rayner was the author of the printed and spouted version of Barringer's Pope's-Nuncio-stajy, If nothing else, wai suf ficient to load us to discredit It from the start. Rayner was once in Congrew, where he enra rd the reputation of being an exceedingly " scattering" man in his system of warfare on his* opponent*, and passed for as unscrupulous a partiinn in a melee on the floor, about, at any man so far sent from any State to the House of Representatives of the United States. He dealt largely in hyperbole, tho habit being an incident to his mental organization, for which he could hardly be said to be ru;ponei b'e: as it was, as it is to this day. a part of his nature to see a mountain in every mole-hill an the surface of ,thc acts or policy of those to whom he is oppoeed, and a mule-hill only in every mountain excrescence thut disfigures his own side. We knew at a glance, that however mon strous Barringer's original story was, had stretched it wuuderfully ; that it was ??a^n his natur" to retail it without dressing it up in the rna-k and skin of a " raw-hea l and bloody bones.' It seems that Bar ringer has fixed on him the fact that be did so. The Union'* emphatic denial of the story, a' louided altogether in fiction, if not mali.-c, and the Baltimore lit publican's scorching re buke of the mendacity of attempting to elec tioneer by means of the circulation of such barefaced and inexcusable falsehoods, have together forced Barringer out of his hole. The ex-editor of the Organ (who, when figuring at the heal of a newspaper, loved nothing so well as to devote his columns to the dissemina tion of foul eggs from mares' nests, which were so silly on their face as to make men of com mon sense laugh over his want of practical brains, us illustratod in his apparently firm belief that the community were such fools a to be gulled with any and everything wonder tul in his Pierco and Forney stories.) having repeated in his fourth of July oration Ray ntv's utterly nutrue version of what Barringej t'M him, initiated the investigation which proves that the stry?i'or which all of them, originator and retailer. Nos. 1 and 2, are re spon: il'le?is utterly untrue, false in its origin. f<?l.?e in its details, false in all its elements. as the Union said of it The result of this in dustrious gentleman's labors was tho extrac tion of letter# from Rayner and Barringer to him. in which Rayner admit* that Barringer refuses to substantiate what he retailed as rooming from him. and from Barringer a letter, which he ^uotos a; follows : " You are mistaken as to the purport of the remarks made to me by the representative of the Pope at Madrid. It was not that he knew beforehand that Mr. Campbell would be ap pointed.. and sis n member of the Catholic ehur?-h ?>r Thar he knew anything about it be fore the appointment was actually made. What f have sail, an*l what I rtjicul m, that before I find an,j rrrtnxn nevt of tin formation of tkt V a fan t. and while its constitution was ?still tn doubt, a id the subject of conjecture "* pi-Hie mind of Madrid, he told me that Mr. Camp1"/1 teat uppvinted, and. that hi was a L\ithol -c. which was the first infor mation I find of 'either fict The reader wi*l perceive, from what Barrin ger says, that Rayner's version of the story was a regular " ten thousand catj" one. It seems that, if Barringer is to be believed in such a ease, the Nuncio was first to inform him of Judge Campbell's appointment to the Postmaster lienors'ship? that'eall; thougj L* does not say whether this took place five min utes, one hour, one day. or one week before he learned the fact through his American let ters or newspapers, or how long before it wa - known to ail in Malridwho took interest in American public affairs. Those who know the customs and the perfection or the diplomatic arrangements of the governments of Europe are well aware that. except in particular emer gencies. the despatches of Spain, France, Eng land. Ac., Ac., are sent between London and Madrid, or \ ienna. or Berlin, and return dig pat jbte received in the time it takes tho.* ol the Lnited States, (often sent to save expense, by straggling American tourists who stop along the way to soe the sights.) to reach MadriJ, Vienna, or Berlin, or any other European capital to be named. So it was the most n*t ui al thing in the world that nearly eve jy diplo matist in Madrid (of whom the Nuncio was one) should km w the composition of the Cabi net oi Pre.-ideut Pierco before Barringer did, more especially as h;* speaks no language but the English, ami that ind.ffcrently well, ex cept, it may be, the dialcct of Cherokee, spokt n in his younger days by the real Native Ameri cans indigenous to his section of North Caro lina. Barringer served long in C ingress, and is as well known iu Washington, almost, as the town pump. Thus he u well known to have been a congressional blow coach; that ie a thtck-ikulied man?though a correct ami weli-iucasing gentleman. He wai also famous as a Motuiiirr Prop Tard?a mau prone to be a little late in every thing. Realine-s never was an attribute of his. and never will be ; and it is extremely likely that all the re-tof the diplomatists in Madrid knew whom President Pierce had selected for his cabinet ? ffi<ers from tuenty-four hours to a week be fore Mr Barringer be< aine possessed of like information A< to the fact that Mr. Post ma-tor General Campbell is a Catholic, that *as published in every opposition paper in the land for months before the Cabinet was formed a- also in nearly every newspaper in Europe; for it wa- iu all that time, the subject of heated iieyspaj?er distuasiou on this side of the Atlan tic. In saying that he did not know thut fact until informed of it by the Nuncio, Barringer merely proves that we are correct in deicrib iug him as emphatically a Monsieur Trup Turd. Every man, woman and child in the I 11 ited States, who reads the newspapers, know it from the date of his defeat on account of his religion, when running on theHemocr - tic ticket in Pennsylvania: and every person in Europe who reads American papers or L nited States correspondence of European pipers knew it withiu a month or so after the Presidential election; as in a week after tha event it was generally known here that Mr. Buchanan w.uld urge Judge Campbell, CatL olio though he was. for the Postmaster Uenera' ship; which tact was known over Europe aoon afterwards as stCam and the telegraph could bear it thither and di*oem....?te it. But even crediting Mr. Barringer with all his proverbial obtusenese, as Judge Cimpbell s religion and the probabilities of his appoint ment to a seat in the Cabinet were discussed in nearly all the papers of the opposition for seme four month* before he was actually called into the Cabinet, that hs (Barringer) should nar* heard of bis religioa for the first time after ins appuyitmect, a story too nonsensical for .-ane folks to believe on any other hypothesis thau tha: of his having taken due care not t> read an American paper on hit own aide in poli- j tics, from the election of Frank Pierce to hi? In auguration, and also to have as assiduously ej? chewed the American correspondence of the only other newspapers he could rea 1?of those published in the English language oh the oth er side of the Atlantic. The " whopper'- is still out?that's clear. Northern Enow Nothing! ?The Alcxan- i dria Gazette ig in ec-tacies because it find* that the whole of the Know Nothing party of the northern States, over whose original vic tories in Ma?achui?etts. New Hampshire. ; Ohio. Indiana, Iowa, Ac., it Almost got beside itself with joy. has not gone over to the Abo- j litionists. It docs not pretend to claim that more than a mere handful of that party at the j North still even profess to stick to the defence j .,f the rights of the States. Even the Gazette .ippears nt length to realize that the emphatic I and leading result of thu ri-'e of the Know Nothing party has been simply to strengthen. We are not charging that any considerable or influential portion of the southern Know : Nothings arc affected with abolition pro clivities, or even with a willingness to give the northern abolition portion of their politi cal organization their way on the slavery question, for the sake of that union and har mony among them which they know to be es sential to success at the poll* in 1856. But it is now as clear as the sunlight at noon that ! the portion of the northern Know Nothing I party claiming to be national iu its aims. doc not number ni.c-fourlh the portion who have j joined the Abolionista, and made in conjunction | with them the new (ho ealled^ Republican ' party, the alpha and omega of whose creed is ; the restoration of the Missouri restriction, the i repeal of the fugitive slave law. and the ail- ; mission of no more slave holding States in the ! Union. It would have been utterly impossi- j ble for tliis new party to have gathered within j its folds half its present members. bul for the . existence of the Know Nothing party, which led off so many thousands from the Whig and Democratic party organizations into a trmsi i ion state, a.- it were, capitally fitting them -hortly (as at present) to go the one step further into an organization based solely on the pui'posc of the destruction of the guarantees i ?>f the Constitution of the United State*. Thu.- j the South may thai.k Know Nothingisin. and i that only, for the blackness of the cloud* ! which bang over tb* "HUf-e of her right throughout all the nonslatcholding State.-. It Galla.?T he aetionof the Administration, iu dosing those who have taken secret oaths to labor to bring about the proscription of eyery man, of every nation and creed, who differs from them in their politics, (which they are jfraid and ashamed to avow like honest nnd true-hearted American citizens.) is creating my amonrt of consternation among the sworn pro&eribors. They are talking about the pi\> s^ription of men by the Administration, be cause they are American born and Protestants in religion, a? though all tbc world docs not know that three-fourths and more of the Gov ernment's employees here arc persons of that description?men as emphatically opposed to Know Nothingisui as the President himsif. Their point it* to disquiet the fact thai those being turned out of office and place on ac count of their Know Nothingisui are those who wear two faces under a hood. Not one of ineui has yet cine forward lo complain, in point of the Administration's action in hi* case, who has not proved himself to b*? ? mem ber of the Becret-oath-bound-proiciiptive-po litiuul-club, aiming to oust from office the Ad ministration and every one of their neighbor and fellows in the employment of the Govern ment. These men have all courted their own fate?every one of them. Wc are not advo cates for the* removal of clerks, messengers. ?vc., from Government employment on account ??f their polities. But when in?n elcct to sw< ar to labor secretly to effect the removal of all who do not agree with them, they *t least <lc privc us of all chance of saying a word in the Star in their behalf, in this connects n. The Removal of the General Land Office ? We apprehend that the general iin*'reaion that the whole of the paraphernalia of this bu reau will shortly be located in the Patent ?Jffice building, is erroneous, it can h.?rd!y be that the whole of the roof of the west wi.. j of the building aforesaid (which is to be ocv u pied by the Land Oflice) will be on by the ! close of the present working season. It wi'I not do to expose the papers, maps, Ac., of the bureau in a damp structure, and unless the .-oof be on, the rooms of the upper stories of the [ structure must be constantly etump iu winter ajd spring. Adjourned.?It is understood, tuii? morning, that the Naval Retiring Buard, in nation in this city, separated yesterday. ha\ing con cluded their labors and made up their report. They will not separate formally until after the Secretary has revised their action. Appointed?A. G. Brown has been ap pointed postmaster at San Antonio, Tcxa.-. vice James Bowcn; also, William Bell, postmaster it Newark, Ohio, in the place of E. J Ellis, resigned. A In aval Officer Dead.?The Navy Depart ment have advices of the recent death of Master Francis G. Clark, U. S. N., at th Naval Hospital, Norfolk. Va. The Current Operation# of the Treatury Department.?On yesterday, the 26th of July, here were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department.... $>30,761 46 For the Interior Department .1,914 16 For the Customs 11,610 6'J War Warrants received and en tered 23 of>7 62 War re nay warrants 21.347 62 Covered in from Customs 80.653 01 I V Cheditork Dksthoyitu a Kiilkoad.?The creditors of the Ohio and Mississippi road, who were engaged in taking up the rai's at Sumner on Thursday, took the precaution to -ita'ion men along the line so as to inform the conductor of the aprirnacbing train of what had been done. The locomotive was, therefore, brought to a halt before it arrived at the gap. Another depredation wa* committed Saturday I night near Xenia. by taking up a rail , but they did not take the same precaution as was done on a previous occasion, and one or two of t'ie cars wer? badly injured. No persons on board were hurt, and the train arrived at nine o'clock yesterday morning.?St. Louis He fiublicuK, July 23. Floir OortG a Beggi*g?The Stcuben ville Herald says that at Wellsburgh, last week, a lot of flour wa* effered at $7 per bar rel, by an individual who had been '? holding up" for a high priae, not being willing, Home time ago, to take 410 ner (barrel. The flour would not bring *7 ana was let'toncommi;jion for want of ? purchaser An nffcr was made to furnish flour from new wheat at $b per bar rel, after harvest, but no one was found willing to ] urchfee at that price. ADDITIONAL FORSWHIUTELLI0KVCE." BY THE STEAMER ATLANTIC. THE SIEGE OF SEBASTOPOL. The position of affairs remain as before the repulse of Jane 1?. No permanent check ha* been sinfcaircd by the besiegers. Several regiment! which sufficed badly on the reeont occasion have been reorganized, and the troops of the f??ar nations continue healthy ami hope ful. Immense works are being rai-ed against tlie M alakoff and Red in. and al?i to command the shippiug Thirty thon.-aod men are said to be employed ?m these work* of attack. An other and general assault is not i'ar off. Nor have the Russian* been idle, as new works are thrown up behind the Malakoff and Redan, (a fornddfible star fort behind the latter.) July 10.?General Pelessier telegraphs : " I have nothing new to announce to-day. The firing his been very brisk since morning be tween the English nnd the Redan. This even ing the Redan is (juiie silent, consequently the English will be able to advance their works.*' July 11, Evening.?General Simpson tele graphs : '? Our lire yesterday had good effect on the Redan. Cholera decreasing, and the health of the army i-* satisfactory Prince 'lort?chak'>ff propost s prisoners should be exchanged at Odessa." DEMONSTRATION AGAINST MA MELON On the night of the 7th of Juiy, the Rus sia! s ma le a sortie against the works and i> - sitions in fr ?nt of the M imelon They <111 not. however, offer battle, but having put t! e he-eigers o:i the alert and exchanged a few shots. with die**. ON THE TCUEHNAYA. <Mner Pa.-ha, with his Turks a id the SarJi hUhm. h?\e returned, a? reported by telegraph, from their reconnoisancc towards Ma.kcntio's farm They f .ur.d the enemy strongly en trenched and his p>sitk>u defended on aii sides by powerful baUories. Omer continuts in his camp at Baida; CAMPAIGN ON THE DANUBE Notwiihs.andig the lateness of the season, there ??r ? indications of u-rihcoming operation on th'i Danube. M. La.ande, a Freiieh Engi neer ha- been sent to inspect the roads in En.? !crn Moldavi i, and make a new ofce lr iu Galatch Jassay. Orders have been for warded to the local authorities to place the roads in their respective districts in the best possible condition, and French agents are making great iturchase* alon^ the Danube for the supply ot an army. The <Wparture of 15.000 Turks from Silistria for Matchin and Tultcba is also mentioned as connected with 1 the projected operation*. PROCLAMATION OF GEN. PELISSIER. The following onler of the day has been j

addressed to the French army by its Com mander-in-Chief: Soldieis !?In the battle of the l*th our ea gles were carried to tuo work* which form the very precincts of Seba*topo! : but it was neces sary to abstain from canying to the furthest a contest wheso incident" I had r.ot forseen would be so bloody, and you returned to your lines in order, the enemy not during to leave bis entrenchments or disturb your return. Our actual situation is that of the day before the combat. My confidence in Vvur ardor and in our success is the same. The arrivals of ? very day suffice, and more than suffice, tore- i pi ice these among you who have gloriously fallen, and whom iuyour hearts you have; worn to avettgo. \\ e have g lined ground, and incompre-siug the enemy more and more we strike him with ! uiore certainty. He cannot subsist, fill up the gaps in his ranks, or provide himself with niu- ( ;:ition, but at the price of unheard of efforts ; while we, masters of the sea iucessantly and picutifully our means. ?Soldiers!?You wi.l show yourselves more ! patient and cncrgrtie than ever in thisobsti- j nate contest. which will decide the peace of the j world, and in which you have" already given , proofs of self dcvotioi?, bnvery and patriotism, i aloiniug your flag with iinm<?rtal gloiy. I need not?ite here any one individual out ! of s >many brave men who honored their names in the h? roie contest of Juue 18 At the general quarto bet re Hebastopol. A. Pelissiek, ticnr*.il-in chid. June 22. 1S55 PRINCE GORTSClf AKOFF'8 ADDRESS. The foil .wing i* G rt-chao. ..ff"s address to the gairi-^u ?.f r?obastopol t o d.?y ;;fler the I affair of the 18th : ?? Hkhmts of Ixkkrua.nn, June I'J. '? CoMkajiks 1 tie bloody combat? f ye?ter lay, and tiic defeat ??t oureneny. h-?s again rowned <ur arms with immortal laurels. Russia owes you her thanks, a::d will not ic tuse the:u. Many of our companions in arms !?. ivc scaled with their blood the oath whirh took, and i<<t hitv# k?pt stored the promise which I -gave to th<- Lmperor, our father Comrades. 1 thank y<>u 1 r it. ?My brothers ' L.irge r? inforc* ments are marching lioni all parts of ou. sacred Russia. They will ikiuii be w>th us. Opjto^e, as you have hitherto done, your manly breasts to the lire ot our impious enemies, and die as your ? omrades have died, with arms in yonr hands, in an honorable contest?man to man, broa.-t to breast?rather than vio! ite the oath which you have swim to your countrv to preserve ur Scbast.-pol ' Soldiers the enemy is beaten?irivcu back wi'h enormous losses. Your commander again thaiik- you in the nam*? o!" the Emj><'ror and of holy Russia. The time is near tit hand wiicu the luiue of the enemy shall be over thn wr?when his army shall be swept from ?ur territory like straw before the wind. Until then have nith in Go l. and fight for v- ur Em I>cror and couutiy. Gortsj NEW YORK CORRESPONDENCE. New Yokk, July 25, 1855. To an observer of human nature. New York pre: jnts many phases in lite wot thy of close study. The different classes of society, the peculiar customs, habits, and manner of living o'. each, their occupation of time aside fro..i business, all afford an interesting theme tor i efiection. I have stood for hours wat,*hiu,r the tide of rushing, strugglint. jostling* hu manity. as it poured along Kane one of the main arteries of the city, and cudeavored to re sd in the features of eaeh passer-by the nio t.ves tLat were urging him onward at such a rate. Tnis city, above ?ill other plat-on that 1 have ever known, is one of incessant bustle; and everybody seem- driving at a reckless speed over the road of life, : s if only e?"er to reach it? terminus, a- sotm as possible. People rush into the street; they rusti up uad down tlw street; they rush to the banker's; tuev ra.-'n to the iiarbei'.-: they rush to their mealc"; and, vhc.i v ?r they find a moment todevot; lo pleasure, they ru<h headlong to some pi icj of a >u use me ii!?in f.ic,, whatev*cr thev ?Io, wher ever they g>. or ui itever they s*iy, is done "rt ith a rush,' a.- if not only their life but their eternal happiness rested upon their ex peditious movements. tvnue one has very aptly remarked, ?? Boston i- the pla;e to visit. Philadelphia the place to li-,e. and New Ycrk the place for business. This is essentially 'ruo. and for a residence ?<iuiplv, I should any other spot than New York. fhe Mayors complaint book has worked a decided reform in parlicuiar branches of citv morals, and is still daily " patronixed" by in jure I individuals and public jdiiUnthrophists. lint, as was to be cxpjetcd. a tliousand ultsurd coniplaiuts are enleied. and a good deal of nonsense noted down. Some people, al.s,?. ^ot ouito poetical in then desire to sec justice done or uuisauces abated, a? ^rious at tempts at rhyme appear on almost every pa-'e. One enthusiastic gentleman last week recorded the fact that? " In front of Clark's house there ic a hole. W liich smells quite tad, upon my soul.'' And gently hints to his honor, in the same metre, that if he will puy a visit to the spot, or seud an official substitute? nuickly ?ee. and say Mis meet This hole should lie stopped (up) in Rutgers Ktreei." ? ^ Some discerning critic might |?erceivo in tnese lines u similarity to those written by Coleridge, after that p:>et"s visit to Calais wheroin he ehrouiclcs tne fact that ?? Three and twenty stiuks, ' all of a different nature and distinct from each other, groeted his nos trils upon entering that city. The late spell ?f hot weather, or the " heated term, as it is more generally called, tells tearfullv upon the health of the city Th? deaths during the past woek amounted to 591 fL\W?ek P?*'?ou* of nearly a hundred About half of thu number were under one year of age. The impure air of the city, the wretched quality of miik: and other km 56U8?3'terriblh ravages among the children, who, in two cases out of three, would * L!*? paviug r as b? spared tWr liver were they 1 the pountry; and the greater portion of thto disease i< oonfined to tho poorer oln^set of so ciety. The OccMt Back of thia eltr, which has s * capital of a million or dollar*. Las petitioned ? the Board of Supervisors fcr a remission of 1 city taxe? the pre?ei;t jrenr. on aecant of it* nsi^aviug mml* |i t ulair pr< fit daring the [ to a benvy djtfslc ition by a telb r. causes! fhe H>?ral i advisee it* i ail a charity box by the door, with j the iriflcription underneath. 44 Tho Lord wil! reward tho charitable."* The insurance office* ? are doing an extensive basimr; and I hare ' heard of one old gentlemau who in so fearfal ! of fire that, having just completed an ice house | on his premises, and stored it with the co-ding I commodity, hastened ofl' to the ??Pho'uix ' t?> ? have an insurance immediately efi'ected for it.* full value! Th^re Is little in the way of novelty among bookrights, if I except the life of James Gor don Bennett. This will ceitainly be out- of th moit remarkable well as most readable books i?*ued io New York during the last tew years. It is at once a history of the ri?e and ' pro r-?sof journalism lathis city*?intexw >ycn ! with interesting incidents lu the livoj of the must memorable cliara tors of the prMwut era Heading the life of h man st'll livuig. if. as a general thing, not interesting, but this book i I the exception thrt prove* the role. The wt rk wili be i-sue I l.y otrirg-rA Townsend about tnt l<t of August The oppusers of the prohibitory tnlk of ?taking a daily journal in this citv dtvuki t* the defence- of their principles. liic tcrnper auee men have al^ talked of starting h daily advocate their Such a theet .-LouM. b j upheld, but w-: ^uetiiun whether it c ultl be. as sup|>orters to a weekly paper, eveu ?1 [ that stamp. are hard to be found. Although a great portion of the people of New York ait' Zealous in the good cause, their zeal is q a apt to exteud where dollars and cent* are <* n e-rned. Tscuvsjcn. * Of dirty and unprincipled j->unialL-m; o( back-biting and black-inailiag; of efforts to debauch the morals of s?iciety. by way of Spee I umating on its bad p:is?icu.s and worse princi ples. If this life ot liennett be faithfu' y written, it will expose incidents in hiscarevi that will make the hair of honest and ooi 1 seienthws men rtnnd on end. We ?u*)>ect h- wjver. that thi? forthcoming boe>k will |'ru\e a mere effort to puff Bennett and abu?c r< f-prctabic person? who will not pay him hu>i: money, as he is himseif. probably, at the bot tom of the fcpeculfttion-?Ed. OFFICIAL. Franllin Pi,t", Prr??rf-*r >?/ the Vntt'd .Staff* oj A 'ntrira, to a!l tc/iom ?f ntng crarer* .? Satisfactory evidence Laving been exhibited to me that Kr>*t Cahl konr has been ap j pointed consul and consular agent of Meek W-nburp j Schwerln. for Missouri, to reside at St. Louis, I j do hereby recognize him as snch, and declare ' him free to exen we and eiyoy such functions powers and privileges as are allowed to tbe con suls and consular agent* of the most favored na tions in the United States. In testimony whereof I have caused th^lettep. to be made patent, and the seal of the United Stat-?s to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the citv of Wanting ton. the ?3d dav of Julv. A U 185* and IL. ? ] of the independence of the United Slav; of America tho eightieth u 4l ? FRANKLIN riF.RCB By the President : W. L M a.acv. Secretary of State H NATIOWL HOTEL. [AVING leased the National Hotel, and in or der to enable it to be made more com fortable, to alter, improve and re-furnish, it will be closed on the i>t of August, and re opened for the accommodation or th?.publi< the:20th September next. WTU Gl'V jy *27? !(?? B \RGAIKS. ^KLI.INGOFF TO RKDI'CE STOCK ? La die>?, now is the time to get cheap (roods. My Nt?vk consists of Straw Bonnets, Cap ;uu" Sash Ribbon-, f.are*. Kdt;iiig?. Kmhmiderla Flowers, Dres* and Fancy Caps. Braids Button-, Gimp, Gloves, Hosiery and Fan^y Notions. A. TATE, Pa. avenue, between loth and litu ??s jy 2T?eo3t 1 DIAKR HKA. and all hjw *?-" el diseases, can beelKectuallvcored andavoid ed by the u.-e of niv Blackberry "Eli*ir Try it J B MOORE, Druggist, I*a ave , opp Seven Building. IL/" DeGrath'e Electtic Oil for sale as above jyy?6t (Organs UNITED STATU MALLS. Toar OFftrt D*part*kst, > F?ftPnu. July U. 1^55 ^ i? . ^ WVlotf lite mails of the l n ; ? fr?"J*** ot ^^mber, 1-5.5, t. 3Wh day of June, lfcoS, inclusive, in the State o iffip,^be,^eiTed at 'he contract Otlic- j of the Post Olhce llej*rtmf?i. in thecity of Wash- I ington. until 3 p. m. of ^Tth August, lbai ito be ' ? 'i *. <lh>U of Augu^t, loj.j) on the rout? - and in the tunes herein specified: 5,LX> From WPliumiburg to Grow Land in- 7 miles and back, six a week Lea%*e VV illiauisburg daily, except Sundav, at Sam Arrive at Grove l<andin^ same day by 10 a m Leave Grove Landitur dailv, except Sun?la\. at i p in ^ r '' ^Arrive at Williamsburg same dav bv 4 p in 5'?7 From Yorktown to Grove landing, 9 mile* and bark, three times a week Leave Yorktown Monday, Wednesday aiu! F riday at 9 a tn Arrive at Grove Lauding same da>> by 10 a m Leave Grove Landing Monday, Wednesday. and Friday at 3 p m Arrive at Yorktown same daya by 5 p m Proposals for alx-times-a- week aervfee are in vited. BctiB From Williamsburg to Yorktown. 12 mil*. and bark, six times a week ?uies Leave Williamsburg dally, except Sundav. a w a m Arrive *t Yorktown ?tme dayby li ? m Lsa^ Yorktown dally, ? l Arprive at WlilWbujg MLina dav bv 4 p m iv 87-law4w CAMPAEtL; jy 41 iaw4w Postmaster General ^CONTESTED ELECTION IN THE ^ ifth W ard ?Notice is hereby given to the parties contesting th? ~ats of the incuinb-nt iiK-mbers of the Common Council from the Fifth U ard of the city of Washington, D C . as wel! a* to those perse?ns \vho?e vestes were rejected a; the Municipal Flec'ion held In *u5d city on Mou d.iy, the Ith ultimo, that a hearing will he aive.i HUhe premises. 011 THI RSOAV, Angus', at the Co.incil Chamber, in the Citv Hall, at 1 o'c'fc P m SAMUEL YORKE ArLI E. Cliairman Committee en Elections . _ Board of Common Council, jy 27?dtAugll |TJSsTHE GEORGE WASIIINGTON cTib ?s^a of Georgetown tak- pleasure in anno in - ing to the public generallv th it thev will give ai. Excursion to the White House Pav.l on on l.'.ih of August. i^irtlculars in future advertisement jy ai?iw t-3^GRA\D MILITARY ANP CIVI? ?l.xcursioii.?The members of the Be: I rank)in Target Company most respectfully an uo'inoe to their friends and the public gent^aMi that they intend giving au Excursion to the Ar lmeton Spring* Partic liars in future advertisement. By order COM. ARRANGEMENTS jy if-^^EXcl. RSI ON .? An Excursion for the beneflt of the Young Catholic's Frlenii Society will take place on THURSDAY, the Irth of August. Particulars in future advertisement. Jy 'X?3t niillS IS TO CERTIFY that Bridge* Camp. . ?'ell my wife, left my bed and board without any just cause o. provocation: i thtreforeforewa a ? ill person* from trusting hei on mv account. ^ 1 will pay no deirts contracted by her _lt# JOHN CAMPBELL. Si I (I HEW ARO.?Strayed or stolen fronith? V tu subscriber s stable on the nlghi TV of the -21th instant, a small black Mare, a>r? star on the forehead, a wnue mar k on one <~fh. t hiiid legs; when walking she carries her beat: down. Any one returning the said animal will re ceive the above reward and thauks of th. owu-r ^ N. BAUF, J)* *'?*t* -d street, Seven tn \\ ard. GRAND COIfCERT AND BALL. AT THri PABK OUJVE. 0:1 7rh Street. TU) Cd.ME OFF ON MO\1>a\ \FTElt NOON. July 30th, at3o'clock The same Band that played at the Smithsonian institute for the National Fair (Mr Bergman le.uler) is engaged. Mr C. SHUSSLER, the proprietor, has built a splendid saloon for the occasion in the grove. I he public and all lovers of music are invit?d Mr. C S. will serve the l?est of refreshments a d confectionery 011 the occasion. Admittance 50 cents for gentlemen: Ladies free jy 37?3t ? . Pi FROM WASHirGTO* TO r A?^ FAT! On the great excursion trip of Saturday next, wm w oonr?v?d m the CompKBr'i car* rata or cnxtot f.-fcm the Waehlaglon depot. Ctmdra Station, to the Phils* del phis railroad depot. President street, Baltimore. A I .adi*? car will accompany the train ; and tbe superb ltdlm' salr-on on tbe marr ?tit woamboat General McDonald, rwnwd exfi -<ivel\ for them. EXHRklGN tXTRAORlilWRl raon Washington to Cape Mry! Via Baltimore, VTil?l?;^n, .?w t aalle aud Delaware liny! Far?--Only (4 00, for tka Bound Trip! ,V(i Intrrfi rtmct with Bmttmea Homrt Baltimore and Ohio Ra'l Road. (Washington Branch Jb talus. Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Balti more Railrond TO ** WlUftington aiid Mew Castle Railroad... t " Dslaware River and Rap 8U " THE Public Is re*peetfnliy liiformed that ar. rangement* hav? beencompleted for the altera Ktcnraiua Tb<* fojow mg Schedule will be run with rare, attention, and punctuality: Passengers will leave the Depot. for Baltimore. ? ?n SATURDAY AFTERNOON, July ?, M65, at 4^ o'cloc k, precisely. In the I:\I K1SS TRAIN! where sufficient time for Supper will be attywed; they will then prorf?l to tb?- President street lb - pot of the Philadelphia. Wilmington, and Balt. more Company, ai d at 7 o'clock, precisely, leave in a SPECl AL EXPRESS TRA IN, roiiiposul c>f tlr*t-clas? Pas*rn_et Car* for WILMINGTON AND NEW CtRTI.E. Arriving at tbe latter nlaceat 10 o'clock, p in., where they will take the Company'* swift ;t:id magnificent' ,jr* .tinier GENERAL McDO.N A U).V, Capt M C IVarre. which will leave immediately ?mi the arrival of the Car*, and proceed down the Delaware to cape may: arriving there at 4 oVlock. a in., In ample time for Ihe early- morning bath, and Breakfast on the I <land Returning, will leave the wharf at Cape Mav on SUNDAY, at 10 o'clock, p. m., reaching New t'ytle at 3 o'rlnrk, a hi., and proced iinmediat* - i ,? on in a Special. Tsais to Baltimore, arriving ?here by 7 o'clock a m . and reaching ashing con in the 9 a. tu Train JIT* Thin Trlpoff.?rs extraordinary inducement* to hicurkiaai*iK A Delightful R ide through the mkxi fertile portion of MAR VLAND and DELA WARE : A SPLENDID MOONLIGHT SAIL (the Moou Insuc full at that time.) in s nobl? 'leaiiwr upon the broad l*?om of the DELA WARE BAY, and a visit, dunngt he height of the -**on. to the most famous WATERING PLACE IN TI1E WORLD.' a* well as a Day's So4ou ru it the most M AGNI rICEN T H< >TEI. ON THE GLOBE ' enjovlng the Delightful Sea Br?*-ir. and in FI LL VIEW of the ATLANTIC OCEAN 1L/" 7**' mwHbtr oj T'rk*tf trtll 6# Liwtttrd? rid can tie had at liiowas' Hotel, and at the Tick et Office in the Depot. jy 24?T.ThA F, 3t ONE HUNDRED MORE OF those superior Magnolia Hams, and proha> bly all that wll be rec* ived (hi* season, they *re cure,! in Maryland sei-rwd'mf to tbe old home stead receipt. tin? quality of which Is unssrpa*sed if tvjualk d. by anv o: tier ever introduced here To be had only ai my store. Also, n fresh lot of that p*c nil arty fine selected nd standard Bla< k Tea at 5U cents a pound, which i have introdm ?xl It Is sold only by mvseif and Know extensively known in the District New ?mhikhh and other* who have not yet used It are re. '??rred to the 1 ading luead^rs of the Faculty of Wa*hington and Georgetown Samples furni*hed gratuitously. Bay Water at *25 ceats per bottle, or f* 75 per dozen. .For bathing purf-oae- it is as '?heap as romiiion spiriu. Mint, Lavender, and B1 ickberrv Cordis la. the very article* for the prevailing epidemic Maple Su^ar. Fresh Prunes, Ac , with ua*ur? passed varieties of choice family Groceries. Z M P KINO, Few steps northeaM Ja< k>on Sta'u" j y 25?tf ioal:coal: THE i-nderslgtied Is prepared to deliver COAL c-f tbe best quality, at fS 5o i>er ton II C IIAHROVFR, 3d*tree . Id door south i f Pa avenue. N B ?I give '<l,stW jounda to tbe ton. Jy 13? lm_. Keep it before the pfoplf, LAMMOND, 7th street, Is seUi g V?r.~\ No t nn' and Toys suitable fcr preM-nts. at veir low .yjtf-at IARIG STORE FOR SALE?AN OLD I> + * stand in one of the b?*i l <--tn . :a >Va?hln^ton. Address "Druggist," Srar ( &? e. Vt ARQ.?The subscriber inform* hi* frte; d* and the public that he is nowa>?l?*to attend to 'tis business He can be found at hi* old stall.*, ?'entre Market, ready to wait on them as h? a'ways ha* done heretofore The U-*t of BEEF always on hand. JNO W'Al.KKR. jy 25?tf Yirtnalier '|1E> DOLLARS RKWARdTLloM bet we-n A the hours of II last night and 3 this morni-ii;. a BLI E DR KSS COAT It was rather warm, and the owner encamped on a block of eranitc, !?rk of the old depot, and took off his coat for a pillow An\ information of it will be thankfully received at W Pennsylvania avenue jy3ta _ WARRANTED TO (TRE, in live davs, a sure and speedy cure for a certain Disease, by addre-*s!nj ? -Doctor" (stampenclosed) Geor-?' fown Post Oifioe. It Is very pleasant and has ef. ."ec'.ed a curt whan even thiui; else has failed, j v *<45?3t C HEAP MLSIC. /CONSISTING of Songs. Duets, Marches,t^uick steps. NN altres. C^tiadrllies. Polka*. Maxonr !ras, Schottishes, Gallop*, Dances. Guitar. Piano 'lrte. Vocal and Gems of Sacred Son7*. all from he ino?;t celebrated authors, l*th ancient and modern. The above music will lie sold at greailv reduced prices at SHILLINuTON'S Cheap Periodical Depot, Odeon Bialdin-*, corner Pa. av and 4U ?.t. Jy25?tf TUE FAIQIH.R WHITE SLLPlltR SFR!3fGS 4 RF. now or en for the reception of Company, ? ? and in a far ai<?re attractive condition than they ever have b? en. A gross tnisrepre*ei t t!ion ajalnst them? having been juiblished in the Petersburg Intelli gencer and Baltimore Sun to the effect that they were dosed for the sea# >n is now trated to an ir responsible source unworthy of notice. It is proper to state that there is no shadow of foundation for it The subscriber trusts tLat he will not be made the victim of such malignity; and the respectable journals which have currency to the r imor by transferring it to their ? 'otumnswill disabuse the public mind throuch the -atnemedium. ALEX BAKER jy 13?2m \LLSTRAKGER9 visiting the Ci'y should see Ilunter*s Cata 'ogoe of the curiosities of the Patent Offlce AI -o, hi* Des<-rii>tion of Powell's Great Picture's HUNTER is to be seen at 4W Tenth street, may 31?3m* CPE1IAL XOTIt E.?To thnae of our cu*t^ ' mer* who have not vet settled their accounts to 1 he 1st in>t., we lieg leave to sav that it will !*? on-idercd an espwial fa^or if they will, without further notiti'-ation, attend to the Name iinniedi ately All bills lying over on the 1st of August will be again rend- red. elvansa thomi*s<i.x, ?OS 1'a. avenue, lietweea 9th and lUth sts jv 23? lw [Organ] JOHN E. IH tiAM, CLOCK MAKER. F Street.lietm'een Fourteenth and Fifte?*iith street-.. Washington. i? C \ll kinds of Clocks carefully Cleaned and Uejviirtd at the siiortest 110'iee Persons waating their CUxk* repaired will plea*e .cave their addtess. and they will be attended to at their residences jvA-lw* YEH W ALT/.?Just published by the sub is scribers. the "MultlMoni Waltz," composed uid dedicated to Mis* Sallie L'riscb, of Leesour". Va , by Prof. J A. Youui HILBUS A 1IITZ Jy Music Depot I'LOtM! clocks: IF you want a good honest Clw k?one that will ? always give you the correct time, drop in at G i'RANCIS. Seventh street He has Clocks thai cannot be excelled?handsome and irood time keepers. He sells low, and every Clock is war ? anted. jy "-l ICE?IC E?It E : (CHARLES WERNER, on Pa. avenue, oppo ^ site Browns' Hotel, will keep, throughout the season, an ample supply of Pettibune s best ICE wbicb he will sell, on call, la any quautjties at tha^lowest possible rates. may aC?dtSei) 3t? French drawing pencils from tta several manufactories of Bauseh, Hardmuth Walter and Contee, Imported direct from the ma Jy 25 EE AN CK TAVLOi TTOWAmD'B U. I. IDPREMI fOiRT A A Repon< 17, just published and fc.r *alt b^y45 FkANCK TAYLOR