Newspaper of Evening Star, July 30, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 30, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING,STAR, PUBLISHED EVERY iffCRNVOIli' " -<R*C&rr SUNDAY,) : , , ; A' t*? Star B*xid*ng?. corner +f PtngupUania attnme ami Eht/ntk ttrt%t, ' x By w. D. WALLACE, Will beterved to subscribers by carriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agwits; p?f?r* teeved In packages it 17* cent* per month To mail subscribers the ?tib icr.ption price is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS *yeatt?flrfra?c??T'\VO|DQLLARS for mi pgtH and 6^U DOlXAR t*r months; ft>V flftis than three months at Th?ja?o# 1 i , rent* a w^k..; , u- SINGLE 9pJ?l?s,ONE CENT, '1 -pHIS , ' ? K>?*<0 ?? Wual ft* "Ex curiae, Let*. ?l is^i r<**T dwn W-,n^^V?nl Hf 1 s< ?ffttMKD WU1+ VOU(, tTl~/Eli". A VI>iGnmjr< omnMad all rfiv nrrancementii R1^ r*^?R^v and cotTllon , "AND, I (fee service of the publieto I attend EJfcrsioi^Parfles. Exhibitions, Parades J > Pic ,\ ic?. Ba?N aati^?vguriHk> All tW'Me k ftP vor of^e^ UTaV^^WXTnvify li L. courage OUT enterprise, here in Washington city ? t> ?a Tti d j ~ i'JLjaJHER, Leader. P S.?'Th!? Band, nnder my direction, is reiru Iirly uniformed. and from a praette# of <A-*r twen ty v?nrs I can give satisfaction to every on*, ?*> ftesidwce. Pennsylvania avnnue. north side trf tweeu Ninth and Tenth streets, first door wrtt of Iron llali. Orders left with Mewr*. Uilbus A Hltx piuictn allv attended to 14~lm* PROSPER I'S CORNf!T?JIAND. THIS Band is suitable fur any and all purposes, and i* warranted to give s.itisftct&ti to all those who may be pleased to eiufa^e them, either as a Brass. Reed, or Cotillon Bamf Any number of nansi -laju to be Udat the short est notice, by applying to FREDERIC PROSPERI, Leader, at Taltavulls Store, opposite tte Marine Barracks N B ? Orders leftat Hilbus A Hltz'sMusic De pof will be promptly attended td. inay 25?4m ^ t SIMMER retreat" BLAKISTON S PAVILION Will be open for the reception of visitors on the 5fh of July The proprietor's table wfll be sup plied with the delicacie* abounding in Iht* water* adjacent to Blakistrm's Island. He bone his ^mleaYors to please Wtll msnre him a sfcarc of patronage from those seeking health or a little quiet from eitv bustle ? ? The Steamers Maryland. Osceola, and Alice C Price sto;: regularly at his landing. Terms for one week or more, *1 T'j prr day. For a shorter time *\ ?> per day GEORGE \V. BLAKISTON, J*"'*?"m* Proprietor. THE LONDON STAGE. 4 Vols, octavo, ron Uinjng about two hundred of the ijest plav* j.l ,the language (exclusive of Shak-rpear*'*.) "a 1>w sets of the above? second-hand copies, new ?>ner being unobtainable?in*t imported f'om Lon don Price r? 50. 1 KANCK TAYLOR W jy W?tf AXEEICAtt H0T2I,. .?Ho. 4.W Pa. at <*?', haw tin, ant Gth rtr 8. HEFLEBOWER A L T. LOYEIf, r>or?iiToiK. Jy NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF HALL * BROTHER. E>ARL'CH HALL, surviving partner of * HaiL having on the ??tb day of Ft brqai K"?5. a->signnd to the undersigned all the stock ia trade and debts of the Jlrru ?/ Hall A Bfollter, to be applied to the full ?a!u>faction of certain debts. I'.-Mlities. and entta^eu^nis of said nrnt of lial1 L Brother, and the surpL?s to p?y and d^trib<itr ntesbly among sucu of the retua>aiug cred itors of said Inn as shall within su luoutUk from *a;d 2Sth day of February. INw, execute and dc ? liver to *aid Hartirh Hall full and absolute re W?es of all indebtr-dness to theat respectively by ?a^d Bartich Hail, surviving partner as af ?rv?a;d. Noiiceis therefore hereby given to t.u? h oredi t^rs of said ttriu of Hall A Brother, or 'aid Baruch Hall, surviving partner, as may d?*sir?; topartici pate ia tl?e beneUt of *id nasijiiirmt to cxtenfee.' and driim to said Baruch Hail full and ausolule release* as aforesaid, withiu the period of si* months from ?aid s^ta dav of February, 1)65. RICHARD WaLLACH, Truklee. je II?eotAug>^th COFFIN WAREROOM, &r. JNVILLLA-M PLANT A CO., TNDFRTA ? KKKS?resident e115 Seventh street, between ti ami H strvetn Interments procured inaavground or cemetery Coifins, Cap-, Shroud-?. Carriages,, Hearse, and every article for infefnient* of the best quality frrnisLed at short notit*. on the iiiost reasonaU-* terms, and at all hours of the iii'^hf. Having the exclusive right rf Crump's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep the d>*ad for any length of time. jy if _iy LA^O WARRANTS LOCATED. THE subscriVrs will locate Land Warrants a. either In Ohio. Indiana. Illinois or Iowa, and a d give a correct description of th? land loenn-d. If. upon fiamiration, this descriplioi proves iu ? .?rrrct. they wfll th?mselvw; take the la id. gtviug for it another warrant for the same quantity. ( One of the Arm reside* in the West, ami give the businewt his personal superintendance. MILLER A BROWN, Tth st., opposite Post office, Washington. Jy 13?eo3m ^ ? !H)R POOR A.^D UUORIH&MEX. SMALL BLTLDI.Ni> LOTS of It. feet or more, in various parts of tbe City, and Oe.^etuwn, at low prices, and terms to suit. LLOYD A CO. HLilLDlNiv VjTONK, For sale, dfciiverable a: the Canal, or Whan'es, i" Wa?hingtoa, Georgetown, or Alexandria LLOYD A CO. IStlistteet, opp Tr?atiury Deporuaent. jy^iy " I < A R KI AO ES -C A RR LA CM? II I HAVE now oh aaod. and constantly finishing} ?? a very large assorfment of Plea?nre/ ud Family CAR HI AUfcci. of the latest fashions, which 1 will sell as low as The same q-a..iy of work can be sold in any of lute principal Uarkets?"i the United Stalvt. The s;ibvriber i? ROW dtraling exclusively Ifi'J Carriage of hrs own tnnftiffectaand ail vior* ?^id by him will be warranted, and compare favor ably with any work in this market A? i aiwav# keep a .a.'^e asnortmenL I invite purchasers and o'tiers u? examine my stock before purchasing else wttflv Carriages built to order, (ild Carriages taken in eichangr, or repaired ai the shortest notice. THOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Horse, No Pa. aveuue and 4,^ slxeet. may 1?ecOru fair hill boarding school for GIRLS, S t*fy Spring, Montgomery tountjf, MJ PilL math term of this Institution will? om A men. * on the luth day of the ninth month uib?) next. CirciiUrs containing the needful information in '"yard ui the N Liot?l can lie obtaiuetl bv those who de?ire it. by addressing, at tilney Po>t OAce, AiuBtgotaery county, Alaryiand. R S. KUtK-br ^ M.M. FARjLHAR KefertoJao. T Towers, Lambert Tree, W. D. \> allarb 4aw9w l>lPORTA.\T TO PERaiOYS BKEAKI.NG I ?-P HOUSEKEEPING. >KRSO\S reiugiving from the t ity and WlsfeTng Ui dispose of their Fornitiue ami Housekeep ing I tenstls. At., wiluout the trouble of sending thru* to public auction, can d?? so by calling on us at our store, 317 Pa a .vnuf, corner of Otli stret*t, we are prepared to buy ail siu h gtK?d? as may l> ottered j Housekeepers and others will do well by calling oa us, as we will pay the highest cash prices for fcai BUCb ^oudt. WALL, BARNARU.1 CO Je??"im an Pa ave.use GREAT UAlit.AIV* IN LADIES'. GENTS'. MISSES', A CHI I MEN SB4M?i ^ ANDSU?)KS ?Tlie siib?cnlier has retiu>ved fo the store on the' earner of TwvaUeth Street and Pennsylva- w njaaveaue,where he !s selling his present' v>vll-assorted stock of BOOTS A SH OtiSat gTeat ly redut.ll prices. All persons in want of those articl?M will find it to their advant.igetorill b"fore p in basing elsewhere. AH.SLOAN. Corner of 20th street and Penna. avenue. may 1?3m ? ( 'MA?I HI,i:Kk ORATION 09 U* .1 uf the Pilgrim* in ilaryland; pamphlet?la tents. H. \V Hilliard'a Speeches and Addresses] one W?l. 8\o Klrwan s Ijettereto the Right Rev. Jno Hughes Life in California, Mountaias and Molehills, by Frank Maryatt >traiw s j.ife of Je?i? Frank I^eslie's Gazette for July Harper s Story Book do j> ? FR-A.NCt TAVLOR. UMU WARRANTS. f AND Warrants wanted at tbe highest rates by fcLi K.KLLLK a McRKNNKY. - ISth alieet. opposite the Treasury. Jy ??l?? ... , V/llll# fIL >*? i?r* 'I y . /! f H"! I ;| | f?0?? , VOL. VI. a' WASHINGTON, D. C? MliND \Y, JULY 30, 1855. ' ? ? __ "J ., , ???: i or; if - fi ft rt/??: f ? T '? I r ? N rr'i"} * t ? '? ?rfc?. ? t.? t. ..^8 NO. 802. ? \ ? s . n t/TrTTX Til 'OH# I. ILVAtJ. WILLIAM THoipSO* ELVANS & THOMPSON, HABDWAITE. COACH'lirirWTjiG^ fte.?'* ^26 PenasylTania avenue, r Utieren Ninth a*d T'nth sts, ITa.<ki?i;Km, 0 C. ' HOUSE FURNISHING HARUWARK Britannia, German Silver. Albata and Silve* Pla tea, Tea, Table and Dessert Spoons; atv ^arvers and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with ^ out F orks Brass. Britannia, Block Tin and Plated Candle sticks, Shovel and Tongs, Waffle Irons, Sad Irons in and Bell Metal Kettles, Furnace .Grid irons, Ovens, Ac :. building materials. Kural Cottage. Closet. Cupboard, Chest, till, Pad and Trunk Locks ' , buttle Door, and Blind Hinges, 8crews,ttit find \\ rought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screw* and Stnbbs. Door Sprint ? ? Door Knobs , Bell PuILs, Door Sheaves and Rail, Ac 4*-M'? IT . ^C^IN,KT' coor*. t lolh. Curled llair, Mod, Gimp*, Sofa End Chair Spring 1 V Vtnltian Blind Hooks, Bark Pulley*, Rrller Kads brackets, Furniture Nail* Glue, Coffln Handles andScrews,Ditummd'3cWw Plates, Ac . , , . "" m a CARPENTEItS' GOODS. Planes, Saws, Drawing Knives, Spokesha ves, Chisels apd Gouges, Plane Irons AujfT*, I > races and Biti&, Boring Machines, Ham mem. Hatchet*, bevel* Bevels, Squares. Guages, Axes, Ac. BLACKSMITH A COACH MAKERS'GOODS Black and Bright Springs. Axles, Felloes, Shafts. ? . Spokes,linh*. Bows, Pol?, S^elgli Runners. Silvered and Bra.?? Bands, Stnmr. Joints, Stump Collars, Top Props Cunaln Frames. Lamps, Inside Linings, Lining Silks. Damask. Seaming Cwd* Tufts, Tjwls, Buttons. Tacks. Fringes, Lane* and Plain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Duck. Enamelled leather, Da?h Leather Ac- ELVANS A THOMPSON. _ je 1 fem 32f> Ph. avenue. CANAL PACKET LINE TO POINT Ol' ROCKs. Canal Packet CONGRESS having been J thoroughly repaired and pwtWV -nr. trr-i in first rate order (the machinery isn ?' being removed and horse pom*. s J.v it tiled, ToT tinues nuking her reuular trips between Ge jt re town and the above { lace. The lk>at will leave the wharf of W. H. A h. G u:tter for Point of Rock* on MONDAYS. "\\ Kb N KSDAYS and FRIDAY# at 7 o'clock a! m. tho Point of Rocks for Georgetown on 1EES DA^ S, 1 liURSDAYS and SATURDAYS *t Ui>* - .ip" hour, stopping at thediil'erent landing* aloog iii-* iiiie for the reception aud landiug of iiasst ji^erh an# freight. ^oin# and returning The Boat will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a jr. , and arrive at the head of the Great Fall-.-, at 1.. Feaeca at 1. Edward's Ferry 3*, Mouoca.jy 3*, n.iowian's Ferry ti, and Point of Rocks at ; Q'd'i u in Returning, leave Point at 7 a in . Know lau-s Ferry at 7,^, Monocacy 8. Edward *-? FerrV il. Seneca 1, Great t alls J and arrive ai George town at 7 p. m. Passage through either way Si. Meals served regularly on boiird the ociat. tt mod erate prices CHARLES AIER RILL, Caul je *.?i?dtf PEEL'S LONDON GREEN GINGIiR W1M (Vf A N U F A C TU R ED FRO.V. FRENCl'i 1*1. GRAPES. GREEN JAMAICA GINGER MiV ILLE OR AN (i ES. Ac -Th* s deifc'ou* bev erage iodines the greatest favoi'.ie wherever it is introduced. It is eaiuLUy palaT^^, mvre-*wholc some, and nn?-half toetwenf WbKfhrtfHiwiue Mmv physicians use It exclusively, and recoil. " *u.toa11 trouble* wiDj.piatnl^ncv. Dyspei s;a. Debility, Cramps, Dvarrhcea aud Dvsentei PersOTs subject to ChPls, or living in disOtcic where A^ue or Cholera prevails, a-.d its occasion al use a pleasant aad admirable weveittivc M-ixeu with a little ''.ed-water, it forms the most refresh ing aud wholesome cooling drink In wanu weaJh'-r tliat can be takt^n. , Price 50 cents per bottle, 96 per dozen. ? < / IV B Country Druggists. Grocers. Ac . find this NVine an advantageous adiiition u> their M<x;k. it's a first rate article, sella well, and iMves ureal *affs factlon. to h . Aiefits. STOTT A CO., Washlngt6nPKt!l. ^ \ r Alexandria; C1S45EL. Georgetown: J- BALMER. Baltimore. jy 8 if dektiiitryT B. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of '> firm of Hunt A Donaldson, continues to *m,. manufacture and insert those beautiAtiJf&BWL porcelain teeth, with or without-gums.^^"-4'' fur specimens of which (made and deposited bv t lie late firm) was awarded the llr>t premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in this city. These teeth are carved and shaded to snlt ea? h particular case, and their resemblance to the irat i ral organs is ?o perfect as to deceive the riost prac tised eye. Particular atvntton also paid to fillin-' ar.d pre serving the natural tettl>. i ; ? Charges moderate, *adaU?pei*iUpns warranted OtMce southwest corner of Seventh and D street* Ee.itracce oc D. mar 21 tim dentistryT" Dtt. MUNSON respectfully calls public atten tion to his new, patent and area; ly IMPROVED method of setting A r. tiUcial Teeth, with Continuous finm *<ITlT^Tv the very PERFECTION OF TH E ART Thi style of Teeth has the following advantages ovt-r ull others, viz: GREAT STRENGTH, CLEAN Li.NESS, COMFORT and BEAUTY, vieing Nature in these respects, and in some other, excelling. Public faspecMon ik respectfully soiic lled. ' " Please call aad see specimens. CAL TION/?-No otter Dentist In the DiHtrict of Columbia has a right to make this style of teeth N, B.?^Teeth constitutionally healthy* pmsruud tUiu ?warranted for life.. Offlce and house No. E street, near the cor ner of Penna. avenue and Utn street. up '-M?tf A CARD. ^JR^- E. PHILLIPS. Nd. 401 Sixth street, X"A between G and H streets, desires to inform the citizens of Washington and vicinity, thai she is now prepared to give lnstrnctioiiiTon th? P1ANO FtiRTE. She has taui'ht HinKic in some of the principal cltie? of Cue Union rfnd has testimonials showing that she is fully com petent to discharge the dnttes of her profession to the satisfaction of those who mr.y favor her with their patronage. Terms: 9IU for 24 lessons, at her residence, or $12 at the residence of her pupils. je 12?et?.'Im* LAW PARTNERS.H4 P. Robert j. walker and 1,0lis jamn have formed a co-partnerslup under tne lirm of "Walker A Jaiiin, for the uianagemeoi anil argument of cases in the Supreme Court of lu^ I nited States, and bt-fore the Court of Claims at Washington City. Address Washington, D. C. may 1U?eoJin REESE'S EAGLE PLL.*IIlftO AND OAS* FITTING Di^POT. 'pilE subscriber resbwtAilly announces to hi* M. friends and the public in general uuiX be ha> r*veivetl the hrst lot of the celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AM> I ORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MEDAL at the lale Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics ' I^isti tute, aud is now piepared to furnish all wl toViiay favor him with a call 11 is >(i? k of GAS FIXTURES art unsur |tasked In the DJstrtrt. ' With his corps of competent workmen he prides hiihself to fill any orders in the PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING line with promptness and ?h*spatch. 1X7" All work done warranted to give con iplcte satisfaction JOHN RKKSF., may 3?tf corner ?tb st and Pa avei me. IL' CARRIAGES. I HAVE on hand some handsome light and con *- venient family Cnjcriages. und Bug-. ii**s A two horse Carriage and Ex-' gies A two horse Carriage _ press Wagon. Those desirous of purchasing any of 1 tie above described articles cheap will do well to call on the subscriber immediately, as 1 am de termined to sell low fbr cash, or on accommodat ing terms. All work warranted. Ue|iair:iig done ?t the ?hortest notice ?m| in the most approved manner. S. FLYNN, u No. :iu>D st., bet. 12th aud I'.?th,. Jy ?Ira opposite the Kirk wood House. i BR1TTANNIA AND PLAN IS it ED WARE. m ^ y mm ?--5 v^oan^ fi9UW) a U>^l Dish Covers, Soap Tareens. Castors, PiUtteis, C\rps, I-amps. Candlesticks, Segar LasnpevSpit tor-is Ac.,at the Housekeeper's Furnishing ^toie, 49) Seventh street. G EO. PRANCW Jy 2-tfJ W ? 1 \\ | TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIB SIGHT. .17^ |;VS7^ C;Al the attention to all that sufi-.r ?with defVvtive sight, caused by age," w k ness and particularly from glasses'i*HMik<-iow>i<. Ported, to his superior SPECTACLES awl GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a tm^ spherical accuracy,' and brilliant txaiujpareiM v suited precisely and beneficially to the wearQf-a^t cording to the ooncavity or,convexity of the eye Verv numerous are tile it! effects c&?*ed tc ** p*?-cious organ of alglit from the et>mmenc?m? of using ala^es in Jot being precisely suited. trv the use oi ah Optometer; ana the practice or inam years, enables him to measure the focal disease of the eyes, ?nd such glasses that are absolutely re ?Jnlred will be furnished with precision and satis-' ! action. , J T. acknowledges the very liberal encourage ment already obtained, and further solicit* the pa tronage of tnosothat have not yet availed them selves of his ajd. Persons that qpnnot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use, and stating how nwtu iuohf> ThHT can rejul this print with their s{>e< ia <*<*?. can be supplied with $uch that will Improve' their sivht. - - Innumerable testimonials to be seen ; and iefer ences given to many whohave deriVed the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at his oflUce. No. 5I< Seventh street, three doors from Udd Fellows' ^Nall, upmaitt. v . Nokfolk. September?, Sir -?The Speetanies you made for me suit vcr well, and seem to have improved my sight mor-' than anv other 1 have lately tried ' LITT. W TAZEW.ELL. I have trieu a P?ir Spectacles obtained from Mr Tobias, una hnd them rtf rrreat asslsfatiee to my ?igt?t. and corresponding with his description <lf the focus. I ieco/'imend him as a skillftil opil. nan. HENRY A WISE Mr. J Tobias : Sir?Th? pai r of Spectacles yo "irnished me yesterday are particularly satisfar tor to me Tnev are very decidedly the best 1 noseews. ?nd I am the owner of eigbt or nine pair, carefully selected in ditierent places and from op ticians recommended tr? me on account of their profeeslonad standing; in England. France and thj lulled Slates.. I have been also pleased with your r^ffitrkV and directions on the treatment ct ;he eyes, lor the purpose of preserving and iinpro" jug the sight. Kespectfnlly, yours, CHAS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C.. Louisville. Ky. Lynchburg, Nov. in, Mr John Tobias having furnished me with ? asses. l>\ which I liave been greatly aided (mv vi ioh Ji?ving suffered greatly from readintr at i.L-ht in my earlier life) it affords me the highest pleasure to say that 1 consider him a skillful prac tical optician, and well prepared to aid those v. ho ma. need bin pro;es?ional services. \VM B ROIJZIE. Elder of Methodist C^nfeffice. WiLViXGTdX. N. Jan. 27. I'-jt Mr. .1 *PriBtA* r'Dear >ir?1 am happy to say that the Spectacles which 1 obtained from you la>t week are entirely satisfac tory. Krom an inequal ity in the visual range of niy eyes, I have hereto fore found trreat difficulty in getting glasses of the i iroper focal distance. It affords me pleasure to ?? 'rtte rhat. by the nod of your optometer, thisditti f i ilty has heen happily obviated so that theglasse \o?i furnished me are'decidedly the best adapted *o tny eyes of any 1 have ever yet used. Very respectfully, yours. fc. B. DRANK, Rector of St. James' parish. Department of Interior May 7. IH.'iS. Fro natural defect* and the unequal ranVe of ta. e> as, 1 have been compelled to use glasses for se'vera.1 years 1 have tried different onticiai s without obtaining glasses perfectly litted to mv ey<*?. Four months since Mr Tobias two pair-- .especially for me, which 1 have fjund to serve n :e perfectly. By the use of bis optometer he is ei tahlfd to adapt Glasses minutely to the ey 1 most' cheerffitiy recommend Mr. T(?bia^to?il having occasion to useglasses, and bear my testi ? his skill n> an optician. HENRY V: BALDWIN, Assist. Sti-'y to sign Land Warrants. jy iy?t f FUE "WATCHES. HAViNO made a cotiyiderable addition to my stock ft GOLD HI NTING PAT ENTLEyt'iR^.aad LAD1KS WATCH KV, of first flt.alltv. heavy Is cant cases Also MLVER WATCHES for ix.ys I otter them at greatly rfidiiced prices. The moveme-au are selected with great care, and every Watch is WARRANTEE Peisor. s fn want of a fine timekeeper are invited to exami ne my assortment. H SKMKKN, No. ."Al Pa. avenue, betw ath end loth sLs mar 3A OErVRKS COMPLETEU DE MOLIERE Very mtnierous engravingw, 01 *i5 Oonsuttlo, by <:?'orge Smd, 3 vols, very nume rous eri<4l avlng*. ??1 Physlolr.gie du Gout, par Brillat-Savarin ; very num?<ron8 .'vrv/ravin^s, U/ cents, jy l-? FRANCK TAYLOR. I OEOIIOB V. KIDWELL ft tO., 3KALSK8 It ALL Xll\ DS OF COALS AND WOOD, I^OURTF.KVrHT STRKFrT,;(opvo?'u Frunk hn Engine Ho!*.?<;,) have now on hand every urtif le in their li/?e. which wiU be sold at prici4 to suit the times. Tliey solicit a share 'of public j-airo^a^e, pledging, themselves to give satisfac t ion to fill. N. U ?A carjfo of White and Red Ash Cpai (afloat) will be sold low if ordered from tbe whan" jy lio?eolm* NATIONAL MEDIC AL COLLEGE, wAstrrHtfTos, n. c. rT^HE thirty-fourtb annualcounte of Leetnre*will a commence on MO.NDA Y, the yid of October, 1355, and end on the 1st March, 1H50. ?At .7LTY. '.aoMAs Miller, M. D., Professor of Anatomy and Phvr.iology. \V* P. Johnstos, M. D., Professor of Obstet ric*, and Disease* of women and children. Joshua TtiLt". M.D , Professor of Materia Med ina, Therapeutics and Hygiene J*o r hid. M\v, M. 1)., Professor of the princ i ples and practice of surjjery. GRAFtoN Tvi.SR, M. D., Professor of Patholor and practice of medicine, and of clinical ined - *- let her'' Lrwis II. Stkiser, M. D., Professor of Chemis try and Phanoacy. Edward M. Scoit, M. D., Prosector and De monstrator. THOMAS MILLER, M. IK, Dean. Like most similar institutions in burope the desks from which the rv^uiar lecture^ are glveu. and tue words for clinical instruction are und6 tue same roof, .tO<a<'ipnii*e fi>r full course leoture|?..fl>o ? P'acl!< al Anatomy by the D< monstrator lit o.? . atri< ul.tUn^fee.,i?uyable)OiUy aMi 6 Ut) *<r iduatingexuenie*. *25 i?i Admission to ine medical and surgical cliuiu with out charge The lectures will be given in the afternoon and evening, thereby enabling those engaged in busl during the morning hours to attend. For further information address THOMAS MILLER. M I) , Dean of the Faculty. N. B-?Medical students desiring situations as resident student in the Washfngton Intirmary, (Which is the clinical department of the National vLydkai College.) are requested to make applica letter to Joshua Riley, M. D., Curator of

the aahington Intirmary, who will give any in - formation that may be desired. It is. unnecessary to state the great advantages of a residence in a hospital for clinical instruction. Tb?>e making early application will hate pre?e dence. Six are to be chosen before the 1st of Oc -vt.... , jy??I'otNovl SEALED PROPOSALS FOR FUEL, Orrici ot U.8. PisitixtuitT. > Washington, July 10, lso5.\ SEPARATE PROPOSALS will be received ut this odice until noon of the llrst day of Angiwt, 1hS5, for furnishing the prison with 125 cords of half seasoned good o?ik Wood, of me dium size, and free of lop wood '20 cords j^ood pine Wood 50 tons red ash anthracite Coal. ' The ?'*>od to be delivered upon the l'enttentiary Wharf, and the coal in the prison yard. ' THOMASTHORNLEY, JyU~?>tAugl : ? ?? Wardm. CURE FOR HOT WEATHER, i AftNY'S ICE CREAMS, CAKE, and WA J\ TER ICES, tor which he was awarded a - ? ? ~ ??-? iii-? Af?a a _? ? ., j . >cnd \our orders to Bridge st., Georget-. wn. Ji * Z* | .. V_. EXCURSIONS, &e. E1C 1BSHI1 OF t?8 NATIONAL GUARD, * ro'PtkKT rnivT,' ' u Ob TMVRWAY. Angnst 2d, W56. ? 'PHE NATIONAL GUARD lake frieasiue iu 1 announcing to their'friends anil _ * ^TT1^" M.k rt'il.lio iru it omllif k?*.o "i ., - - ^ j-ouoxr ut ?n Excursion to that favorite watering place. Pi Si F.V POINT, oh THURSDAY, Anient 2, J^SS This Kxt^irsion rrftVTs'attraction to all clfcs>-e*? the public jrenerally that they have1 chartered the riwifl aud-oomriuxiiou* ruail si earner .MOUNT VERNON, for the purpose of giving " * 'atennc p"* C" _ _ cl*??**? ??if invalid,, business mfan, v*ung and Aid. lad and las*, and they ar<i most, cordially rnwited togowith the Guard ahd ei\joy. the delights. of * pure salt water bath, fp^st an the many aquatic delicacies <?f the Point, or mingle in the enjoyment of the ?Miy &iMi. " Helm <r desirous of rendering this Excursion one of unalloyed pleasure to our friends and patron*, the number tvf tickets will be limited, and the Co:trm>,.\*e.have determined pw account to per mit ait" improper persons on the boat The Voat will leave the Wharf it the foot of 11th , *tteett-pi^Qiseh' at " o'clock a. in, and Alexandria ?H '? % o'clock.*and arrive at the Point at art ejCflv Jsosir. reirrainlrtilhere several hoars, and return to the citv about la o'clock p. m. It being important to save time the boat will n >t stop at the Navy Yard. Arrangements have, however, licet, m.-?de to have omnibuses in waiting to convey passengers from the Navy Yard to the i>oat: a!=o fortiielr conveyance to their homes on :h>' return of the bofkl. The price of tickets haw lx-en flted at the low rate of TWO DOLLARS for th^ round trip?ad mitting a gentleman and ladies. Prusperrs full Band is engaged Refreshments, including dinner and Svpner, will provided by an experienced caterer, Sir Hammer?ly, at city prices. LIEUT. P. ? ALLEN, , , i?lIT. C R HI9HOP, CORP'L L. JONES, j\"25?td Committee. flUT GRAND EXCURSION AND PIC NIC OF TH 8 Empire Club. TOIIF. EMPIRE CLUB take great pleasure in * announcing to thelrfriends and S the public generally that they will^SjifeS^iL. Live an Excursion and Pic Nic to the-White House . Pavilion MONDAY, August O'h. They have chartered the swift steamer Geo. Washing ton. for IUe occasion. The boat will leave Georgetown at 7W, Wash ,n_tnfi'*!?, Bla^den's Wharf. Navy Yard. ai9; and Alexaiinmatl)^ o'clock a. in. The best cotillon Music has t>een engaged for the occasion. !'.e4re?hiiients and dinner will i?e served by an experienced caterer at citv prices Ticketk ONE DOLLAR?admitting a trentle man and ladies, to i<e had of auy metnlier of the Club or at,the t>?at. p s ?As tlierr will t?e nil invitations sei?! oot we hope our ladv frientLs will attend. jyJi-TliMWTS FIRST ANNUAL GRAND uILITAii'i, CLUi u CIVIC EXCURSION or TH K Washington Highlanders, TO TH K WHIT V H O U S F. P.4 VILIOS. WEDNESDAY, Aug 1. 1*35. WASHINGTON HIGH I.ANDERS re 'PHE 1 HD tectf.illy inform theput>lic that 'i'p&L thev will five their ttrst Annual ??".?? nr- -1 siou on WEDNESDAY, August 1st The swift and splendid Steamer George Wash ington will make two trips on this occasion She will leave at the following hours, viz : First boat have Georgetown at !? a 1114 Washintrton. at 10; Navr Yard !?*>,. and Alexandria at 11 a m. iI it consideration <>f the request of numerous friends in the Government Departments, the "se cond !>naf will heave Washington at 4 p in and \lexandria at 4J^. Returning, leave the White House at 7 and rJ o'clock. LO- Fischer's celebrated Cotillon Lh*nd is en .a^ed, wUu wi^l in- s;ii>ported throughout the day and evening by the t ompanv's High'md !ta^ I'ipes. In'-ly imfmrted from Scotland. i'i the hand ??f a skillful performer. As the Piper will be dies d in f? ill Highland costume, it is requested U/?' ,;li ne'mij??s of the Company who have their 1 11'form complete will dress in the s^iiie manner I'ol.iiubus will serve up Refreshments in his b^r t sUle at City prices. Dinner ?0 cents; >npper ?-"J re'ify. ? Coaches will be nt tne Wharf on the arrival of each boat to c. uvev passengers lo fhe city. 'Pickets'OMR DOLLAR?admitting a gentle inan ami ladie-*; to b? had of the inemlj* % cf the Company aud at the beat on the day of the Ex cursion. Commttre of Arrnn^ftrtrn'S. Capt. Haiti, Sgt Bain. M r. Plaut, Col Sgt FI<kk1 . G. W FLtKM). Secrelarv Washington Highlanders, jy ->1?^TuThsMT'nir GRAND CIVIC & MILITARY EXCURSION OF IHi: Montgomery Guards, TO THE WHITE Ho USE PAVILION, Ott TlilllSOAY, August '?id. rilH-E MDNTGOlltKV GUARDS respectfully X announce to their friends, civic ^{k*"" ' -x an t military, that they wijl trivefSgLr+JZ-jiJL theii Third Grand Excursion to the Vvhite ftotwe on THURSDAY. Augtisfid. 1839. Two Hoats having lieeu chartered for the occa sion, the tirst tx^at will leave Georgetown at H o'clock in the morning, Washington at Navy Yard at and Alexandria .at . Tim second lioat will leave XVashington at 2 p. in., aud pro?.eod directly to the White House. Tiw hrst b?>at will leave the White House at T oYJo?jk, and the second at 10 or lttjj p m. Fischet'ii Excellent Cotillon Band is engaged for the occasion. Columbus will serve an excellent Dinner at 50 cent s v head, and refreshments at city prices. Ticket*yi~?admitting a gentleman aud ladies; to be had of the Committee, or at the Boat on the day of the Excursion. Comr/iittee of Arrangfrnents. Lieut Keilly. Lieut Feeny, SglMcEttiry, t Sgt Blirk, Private Wail, Private Malone. Jy?l?dte ' DENTISTRY | kP . V SH INN, tiraduate of the Philadelphia College of Dental Surgerj*, resp??ct fuliv informs the resid?-nt* of Geor^e-J tewii^ ^icisvty that he has loca- _ ted iiimself amongst them for the purpose ol prac tisini: his (?rofession. Oilice 121 Washington St., above Bridge street, Georgetown, 0 C ? J? tri?d'JmJceol m* GENTLEMEN'S UNDERGARMENTS. WE have a large and fine assortment of Silk, Gauge, Merino and Cotton Undershirts, lin ?>n and cotlon Drawers, VYhite and colored Shirt-., Hosiery. Ac . whichiw* are now otferinr; at very low prices. WALLA STEPHENS. ifcni Pa ave next door to iron Hall. tv II? tf (N?ws) i \|(IT1ICR AND STEP MOTHER; a. new story, by Dickens A new buolc en|itl?;d "Which; the Right or the Left,*" exceedinglyj>opular and destlni'd to have a large sale. Female Life Among the Mormons, l>y the wiA? of a mormon elder, recently from Utah iMbredut), by Sir Walter Scott The Winkles.'or the Mem' Monomaniae^, by ?the aittbor of Wild Western Scenes, Af. The Watchman Star Papers, by Henry Ward Beecher .My Confession, the Story of a Won .an *8 Life. The English Orphans Cone Cut Comers; the experiences of a conser vative family in fanatical times The latent London Paper* All the newest and most popular works constant ly oa har<d and for sale at JOE SHI LUNG TON'S, Odeoa Buiidiitg, corner st. and Pa. av. JyC? ^po HOUSEKEEPERS?Persons wishing to J- purchase superior Table or Pocket Cutlery, heavy Silver Plated or Brittanla Ware, fine Ja pauued Tea Trays or Toilet Sets, an excellent Cloc k, Feather Duster, nat Stand, Enameled Ket tle, Saucepan, Gravy Strainer, Tea Bell, or any of the hundred and one little etceteras needed' by every housekeeper, are invited to call on G. FRANCIS. Je 13-. ... ' 4Mi Seventh st. 4WJ Seventh mre?t,4s rapidly sellinsoti'every thins in the way of Housekeeping Hardware, and al ways gets the money. He thinks the times ate aeriaiiily improving. The truth is, he sells low. and thp people are beginning to understand it. If good articles, low prices, atia every ellortto please will shit purchasers, be is determined that his customer* shall be satisfied. jy lv EVENING STAR. -r - . ' .SM'H *! I 1 l'^ar.ig^t^ns:4 OB?. COUaiH. Oar iofcJiu w* u d ^hnf y"ung *ir '"teen, uboi^ i coin* into io w^yti flco a wcea or i wo a ^qa tue rural riopuIatiAti It wa-- a gay m&rni'.rg in Jaiie/wMit w? 'sat together no-let a ii.a(pl?nree. a ? m Our houn spun, und *be iQ f full dress,' giving a tbrii' rtig }?cogu!H of aii unfortunate breayb which t- soinc country girls had made th* ffigtit bef>?r ? 1 uji the ruUiV* tftlqutfca* . At kentf-h, tbeTtory being ended .a? cousin.' said wc. ,;sup ! pose wv godut^.thejgardeii.aqd inhale the odo | jjlerous brbetes arising froiil the encumber | vinc9 "r ' Ah, M'?t*ifcu#, with phvawure.1 aaid she. at the sutiu Ui?e throwtug her.-eif oawr | urm wilii all the freedom in the wo|ld Aft'e* j t weeping un and denfri the alleys tbr a while. ' ?? C.iii?in."^aidwc g^veiy, ** w'hait Uoynw call \ the dishuK verduse twining about- yvii poles, > and hanging from the tups in graceful ; tewus?" 44 That," -aid the, " mu>( be a spe . cios of evergreen. I think it is the-polyan 1 thus." " Pkdebeara. yam mean. r.-?tb<r.' ?a?4 ) we vu>p-"tHi:y , '? the beau grjvvia thusr (l it i things, (.ailed pxls, and wnicn in tbeir gree?. state mi.y be, beans 'And all ; In that oa-.; *K?y ar^cnlled ?trir.g be-m-.'" 4 ? And w nut x>e tho?e gr?et>; round thiuj.-. sock up on sticks?" asked she innocently '? Thome are called cabbages.'" we replied : ? a t^rm tint oHYeqUfntly seriated with pork, and \rhi -h. when cooked togeiber* coastituts: a most excellent dish. Aiui Lao.-** round bulb >us loota, with tui>ot if *talk* i h*^* wwuUl you charectcflae those V continued we. '? I t^'ink they c*c called tun ips.'* she replied; " rtiC ihey nof1" 44 They benr a resetubla&ce to them. ' we answered. 44 they are u-aali} cillod aniens, we believe. Tlwy som- times emit an unpleasant odor. an 1 should never*)? eaten before ^oihgii to v"un* ladies' fwiety " '?They are never in New lork,'" said *ke ; "indeed they are never eaten, there at all.' ?'Ah wc replied. Having g>ne through the vegetable and floral kingdom, in the latter of which a p^ppy and * bolyh<>ck were pro nouueud respectively a snow-drop and prim rose, wc strolled up to an enormous bunch of fennel, standing in the corner of the garden. 44 Here." began wc. emphatically, 44is one ??( , the ininst beautiful ph>uU it) tJ'v herbivorous kingdom. Observe uhe stalk--, how round and how regular! and the leaves, how eiqusiiely delicfite f and all terminating in the*e delt cious little seedr no prev.-dent in tea cakes. At this ."be caught hold of a hunch, an 1 in her cff->rt to pull it off. sl.ook down a huge fei. nel worn on her brr>cale 4-Why, ct.asin."' mid we. admiringly. " what a beautiful li(ti? creature is crawling on your dw-." '? \V;?at is it =>aid .-he, louking ab.tut. " A ch-.rul ing little fennel \ or>n " 4- A what ' a worm ? murler! whe.-e is it f get it off!' She be^au shukiug her dress, ami backing across *>>uie carrot bad.-, and finally trip]*-1 in a row oi bush Loan-, a:id fell into a huge go. seberry bu?h. '?Sir'," said i'he. energ<*t?.*aHy, *4 i shall never forgive you for this? never. '? Ilecalm jtuurself, e^Usin," s iid ?c. quiL-t'.j-; '? Mi O'er ,n??t passion t? prc.-hle over reauo. Let ni>t the innosetit eaSFv-r for the sin'of It guilty. l'<a then the rulo "f justice is made nu;L Let us seek rather .to rescue you from this perilous potiii >u w'-'.uout doing y-iur fl ou iocs violence. I.i tbist fie, liowevcV, tocy etial! be converted int ? ?\i?s, w..ere you n:u?t tiekui wiedge iQty will serve i.?i equally u.-ei'ul und ??rr.ani. tti. purp<>se. '? Oh. you n;? an tLing." ??kc' <i she nnjt.'t tlently, *' do bo stillAl last, with *oin? difficulty, ine dress was diseut;?ugU.-d witL ut iurui. except a rent of abs>ut a yurd iu the liith tier of this s. pcrflacus foliage. rrVudi w. ..u'^^ted ci uld easily b-? r^paired by cuttir^ a strip from th?- 1ki|? ?? And nou, dear cuu?in,"' said wc, "jet u. Oo into the kitchen ,tiid 4 jgal j oursclve- w tl a dL a of cold haiu. iud when you feel uL jn-C'l to riuicnle country girls again, ca'.l t*. laind tne young lady who lixisUiok pole beac lur p -lyanthusts. and who, through fear of a ffeeule worui trampled down thuoaVrot beds, and fell into a gooseberry bush !"' PROPEHTIES 0? THE ELECriilC SPAEK The following is the cund^nsel a'stract o' a rec m lociar^ by Fnra<*ay. bei'oie i,ie li.ya ?dci?rty in Louuon. it wid be tou..d ing Lu iaeU>, not geii<.rj*iiy knotvu, while at th? -ame time it is char on a very important sub je.'t. lightning conductors : The heat of the electric spark is inteuse though the momentary duration of its cffi-ct prevents its beat-giving power from being fell to it.-full extent. Til * inflammation of ethci and the explosion of gunpowder were shown a illustrative of the beat eoutained in the electric -park, aud tliv efluct of momfutary action in diminishing the heating power was exemplified by sending an uninterrupted charge through some looso gunpowder, and then repotting the experiment with a wet string introduced a p.irt of tlie conducting circuit In the first ar rangement, when the spark passed instpntane ousjy, the gunpowder a as scattered an l noi exj loded, but a hen the resistance of the wet -tring prolonged the dispharge,.the gunp^wdei was ignit.'d. The elee-tric spark is Hom?-tinitv applv <1 in blasting nocks as. well a.- volthi.' eiectrkdty. anil v?.dtaio age-ccy is tor general bla.-tu g put poses, very convenient. The ef fects of the electric discharge are only per ceived wnen resistance i? offered to the of electricity^ .Mid several exf>eriuieuUs a eie ex hibited in wnicb it was shown that a charge which passed without pro luolng anv apparent eff.-ct, when a thick wire formed tne circuit, waisutiicient to deflagrate interposed pieces of thin wiroaiid gold leaf, thnt were not adequate to conduct the same quantity freelv. The in genious oouirivaaee of Prolesaor Wheatstone lor measuring the eLuratiou of au electric 1 spark was exemplified by lighting a disk, col ored in stripes, *nd revolving rapidly in tin dark,-with a euecesuon of electric spark* Though the colors were mingled te>gether, aud invisible when -een by ordinary light, the niomentaiy light of the electri.? spark exhib "d c.-"*!: f ;i d?-tim t'y. and the d;#k for tin io-aunt .appeared .-taUoi aiy m r-? tae *elocity . th . 1 r's ?.e?ame Oo.ifu e<l. even when seen by the fpsil a:i appr^xima ?io' is attained tn th.* dutat^on .<t ill* liglit; aud u mis ma:ii;ei Mr. bwauie, of Lai/ibi'r^. proved that the electric spark lasts only the hundred th'-usandth part of a second. A flash 1 of lightning ia of equally sft&rt duration, ami every object in motion, when sewn at night by the glare of lightning appears to be stationary. The apparent duration of an electric spark is ? about one-tenth of a second, because nn im presrion once made on the retitia is retained lor that time, though the object that produced ; it. as in the case of lightning, i* uo longer prescnt. Another remarkable property in the electric spnrk is the action it esertson the light sUiring power of phusphate uf liiue. That substance, together with borne others, possesses the power of absorbing light in a latent state, which is given eiut on the application rf heat in the dark. This lights when once taken fr'-m the phosphate of lime, can be restored to it by the eiectric spark, and by that means alone. Pm fessor Faraday concluded by explaining aud illustrating the influence of the non-conduct ing property of tbe air on the length ot tLe spark. Uy partially exhausting a glass tube a spark passed through a much greater spaee, and when the exhaustion of4h? air was muje complete, and the roitistvnee thus remuved, the electricity from the prime conductor of the n.a-bine passed ia continuous flashes, ins tating the effects of the aurora berealis. ,.. - (.y There ii an institution In ll iVanacr lUd th? Penela, a sott of Hospital, 'wherfc hot bands have the power to coufiue their cnughiy wives. The power is frpquenrty c*^r?d-ei f the liuAand. during the absence of Uu w.t?, puyteg the expenses. ? > This tttflfrnfy?fly ?A Tfwrtfcmumk taining 4 fctdUsr abrlfe? oflneMtli^ rdfcdtaJttbm ean brlbmi* in any ether?H published oa ftetur Aty morning. su?i* ?>pjr,ii?T $i mr to nvn Fhre ? ?^?fi^^::::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;r:::::? iS" c ASH, ISVil IA BL T 1* MViWrt." ?'* ? V'* r 117* Single copies (In Wfeppav can be procured ???. . p"'Tlr"T*M -v>?? ???*??<? wUtrHrtwrt tt!T twenty p%f MbuviMi^ %ift fr/| || * ?re *o* awd tfci wour r ??JhS?^%^SSX mf*?k 1 ther hsd b<* ?ht ?... * firm. cleared up some 4f the I^jd. ai.i in* new jfci-'?u?tU wuirb h?i j'K* b*m\ netted euvte<U?> # unee i'run the boast*. Inside of Um 6 ;ld a large go an tit* oj* raiTk had Wu split. wblcb' my ftotner T' '?htcl t-v<f. iw i t another place.% distance of mere titan a quarter ?C ? ?mi?. It wasinth. middle <4 ?he iumujer. the cattle were tuuning in the w<?>d . uqJ tbr man who Wa .rawing tbe rait* with the o*c.i and sled, ever the "levees through Cbe woods. pw me to witok the gap ef tbeienoo. to keep lfc? oattle ?utof the growing conu _ ?hik .Uc fnan was, $onc witji (!he load of rails, I 4*l down by a \ '???rge eevtbp on one ^1e ef the fbt?e>e **wewi tiif wood* - It bad cot to be about the unaiie of the afternoon. and the sun sbunu wannlv and beautifully into the fide of tbe wood* ' where I was sitting pertly *n the shade. I to ui nearly fn i?u aateegj whom L tfeo?fbl I bear! something walking near me in The Irav<; "its waft was not that nfeattfe cracking the brush under their b<*?fk. but It wa? a onnti<?ik(<ereep*iJg *t?p. I immediately ui .?ujir.t avow.* wild b?~*i ..nd aj^kii&Ufon m}: feel. >u turning myself around to see what F could discover, 1 peirelved. a little m-?re tfcar. a rod from me. a very large wolf, elnee beside ike ?l>g which h*d been idled from the very stump where I was standing The wolf was looking iirectly fit me, and bi<l effleody heen vratchin^ me. and endeavoring to *prin> up*o me l>flCure 1 could di*oover him; kat tbc hIt fell w had n**t quite . aso^ led. [wud arljr half a mile from home, anu m?> <C the way was through the woods, and the man drawing the rails was nenrly ?? far off I knew tVii au httempt to run w.tnld only o*- tn endenee of ?owavtliee V> the saxaciou^ prowler, and w>ald not enable me to escape the murderousercolty of the wolf : but 1 found deliverance, and ?afety in the following extraordinary ananaer A few days before my father brought home for the children two or threv small foanebn, ooo f which he gave to u>e It contained an ac count of a Hottentot and a Irm it was nearly dark, and the lioa was uearly upon him. The man i?receieod that his eaeaj* by runcitig was impossible, so he turned and faced the lion till the beaat turned and ran back Re membering thi?. 1 thought that >f 1 looked the wolf --'teaUily iu the eye I could best be afe. [ 4tood and placed my handx up>in the stump that wa- ItL-fnrc me and fixed a "l^nlj piervin^ gaxe upon the tierce Hashingeye? <>f my ant** and there we ?t???d. The wolf, however, soon sprung u]> .n the log. with his head to wards tne. advawing several slow step*, but 1 l'ullv be\iev?d that if 1 did not turn my *y* from his I would be eaft*. yet the -trugg!?- wu an awful'one. Fora half an hour we st >od i .ce to face and eye to eye. with only ab j?t >ix feet to heparata ui The bright sunshbno m U(?on u^. with it* dauling light a the one .-ale, and the d:?rk. deep v ilde;nt?c up->n the other side. I s.iw no living '.lije^t but my deadly foe. au<l h-wn.i u>? *?ni. I but the fatal and di.-t.uit reVvtl>eraa siH ot the oxroau's ?arelc-- V'.'^.e. liu: now :hit* k-pt growiug l<'U'Ici rtud ioudtr. -?i at U?t I V<;ard the >tri ver tur.. .troun I . .Vcr urdo_ hi^ rail" Xy ? art boat vtu^-nlly. n. prayer to tiod trem'il^jd '.n mjjlip*. but mr c-y??s we-v Us -1, the wild ? i-t r? iu irted UiOtion'.e-" ... . my d *iv crno-re cima 1 and the wfdt" wa? uotI ca . never be gM*iful ec^kgb w my Almighty Per-ervei f . >meldiug m on t&at day from^igt Tut Cxrker or Ox?Isci :>knts b? ill Ways;: t\?A tow in 'mout^pre \i'"u-' To lie ti> * -4' tj*; ? Vt Wednesday ?vei.iug. a wiU l.u'. .^u ceeded, after many <rai-c w irthy eff ?rts if gettir 5 ln??*? from a ku at the cora-'t of Vim-.'l aud Troy streets. The healed u.-r4 L vin^ had *ome effect ujon the nnimnl. he became very .urious, and edn <eqnent1y no one would vciitirre within twen ty yards of him. not even for the value ol? the ;u:iiual. wlieu slaughtered. There w>u a great leal of excitement ?u the part of the crowd, who had Listened to a respectable distance from his oxship TL?* animal made a bolt up West ?treet, .-ca'tenn^ the crowd like many !<? >ve3. aud took b> his heals in L ?dy Sutton Style, entirely r g-r<lless of consequences. ?? Pursuing the uneven tenor of his way," the animal kept on. a brisk run through various street* iu the Sixteenth ward, turning over ash boxe?. aj.pls stands, and other nuuances. without even looking behiud U> see what da mage his unruly conduct had oocasioned So grtat had the excitement become at this junc ture, that a platoon of the Tenth wari police, nr.der the eommandof Oficer McKeniiy. were despatched after the beast, which had turued up Fourteenth streeth, and crossing the avenues succeeded at l*st. in coming in clo? contact with a human being. The victim, a little bey named Martin Buyer, restdiug at 107 Wist Thirty-^eeond street, while cros.?iug the street, was ai?tjnished to find himself suddenly eleva ted and pitched hea I foremost into an open lot The ox still continued at large until he a:rive?i at the corner of Fourteenth street and Eighti avenue, where, after cutting up a series of an tic- not at all pleasant to tboae naturally timid, he w.k* circumvented in this wb-e Uflicer McKeuney procured a rope, and by a dexter ous movcaieut?one that would not 1:ave dls. -need a Wcxic-in in the arena?e iught Uie (?nil by the horns and placed him kors d* mm' baty much to the anxiety of ail within half ? mile of the scene. In order to make sure work of the job, a butcher who bad folljired In the ebase. volunteered his service, and m a trice tia; noble beast fell a blecdtag corpse beneatb the Cold steel, whicli bk-l drawii in a s "ientifio manner across his tbn>at with the most happy results.?jV Y. Htrold. Scoldiso !* THE PCLHt.?The minister wkd habitually scold? and raps the feelings of hi* church, ou^ht to bo converted to a milder o .urse, or leave his occupation for <me where t is depravity will not ao v ?*uief. wbieh it does ii. the pnlpit. Trie f.dlo,.inc whica -tao Hritten by a fuen l to n minist-r coarev me iw?-fu! Uint>, . nd th?ref -re we _ net .? ? 'No n.-- ev?r folded out of i i? ?in* TL-? he? rt, c .i?pi as it is. n??i 'kx .iu ? ii u ?\ groWi angry d'i? Im1 .?ot treaied with maua^e ment and ?o..d m-mucts, .?ud s.;olds again. A surly mastiff will bear |?erhap" to hp poked, though he will growl ovei. underthe operation, but if you touch bim roughly, he will bite There w no grace thit the fpirit of :.;relf can counterfeit with m<?re success thin n religious zeal. A man thinks that he is lighting tor hi; own notions, lie thinks that be is skillfully 4,-njQchi ig the heart-? of others, when he is only ^ralifyiiig the malignity of hi* own; and charitably supposed his bcartr ? destitute of all grace that be inny anine the more ui hi? own eves by comparison. Wheu be has per formed I his noble tvk be wonders they are not converted. ' He has given It t* them soundly and if they do not tremble and oon fes*. that Uod is in them of a truth," he giv^* them up Jia reprobate, incorrigible, and iost foretex. llut a man that l >res nie. if % sees me in an error, wll' pity mc. and '^ndcavor calmly to convince me "I snd persuade me to forsake it. If be has great a i good news to tel! me. be will not do It an^iily and' In much heat and discinpowirfc spirit. It is hmH- tlKrefare easy t" OoAoeive out of what ground a minister oau jud.ty a conduct which only proves that h'.* does undgratand bis errand The absurdity of it would certainly strike nim. if he were not Linrwlf deluded." Ch Adcoiat-e . . tyAn oid soaker in Bostou, bein^i njntjd in tna gutter on a rainy r.lght, the w<tcf OMk ing a olear breach over him from head to bcola was asked by a pas^r what he wmsaio ing there. ' Oh," said he,1 "I agreed meet a man here."** * ^