Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1855 Page 1
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Till! EVENING STAR, Pl BLlS'iE" KVKKY A F r t tlNOON, (FXCKPT SUNDAY,) Al tit Star of Penttsflvmni* at h.?u? ax J KUvmtk strut, tj w. D. W ALL ACH, WLJ bc?*rvod to subscribers bycarr'.crs at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly lathe As^nt*; paper* served in packages at 37^ c^n g p*r monih. To nuil subarribera the ?ub jgljin? pioels THRi.E DOLLARS AND FIF TY CKN TS a yeartini</r<t*r<i, TWO DOLLARS f.r six ffiOiUU>, and ONE DOLLAR for three Biontba; for le?* than three months at the rate of J2tf cent* a week. ?7" SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VI. WASHINGTON, 0. C., MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1855. NO. 838. foKN *? Ft-VANS. WILLIAM THOMPtOH. ELVASS & THOMPSON, DKA1.H35 IK HAEDWATIE, COACH TiinTKnT03, 4c., N?. MS Pennsylvania avenue, toltictn Xintk and its, IFej*ta?t0?, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDJVAUK. Britannia, German Silver. Albata and Silver Pla ted, Tea, T ibl<- and Dessert Spoons Carws and Fork *, Steels, liuives with and with out Forks Brass, Uri'annia. B:*k Til and Plated Cindle SLo.-el and Tongs, \Y<t21e lrou3, Sad I (OR* Ma*li.i and He 11 Metal Hetties, Furnaces, Gild iroas, Oveas. Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Co'tage. Cle-et, Cupboard, Chest, T1U, Pad and Trur.k l.-Kks Shtf'.le. l)-wr, and ULnd Hinges, Screws, Cut and \Vrciu;ut Nails. Bolls Brad's Emitter Screws ar.d Stubbs, Door Springs, Handrail Screws, Door Knobs Btll Fails. I'oor Hheaves and Rail, Ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Halx C'i--th, Curled Hal/, Moss, Gimps, Sofa a:id Chair Springs Veaiiian Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller End.) Brackets, Furniture Nails Slue, C*uliii Ilar.dles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plate- Ac CARPENTERS' GOODS. piaa<^ Saw?, Drawing Knifes. Spekcfihctvet, Chl*-lsand Gou^s, Plane Irons Augers. Bm- ? s and J>iu>, Bcria* Mac Line*, IIa:n taers, ilatciicte, Devt-ls Bevels. Sea?res. Guanos, Ait'-?, Ac. BLACKSMITH A COACH MAKERS' GOODS. Black aad Bright Springs, Axlrs, Felices, Shite, Spofcra, l!nbs, Dows, Poles Slel^li R i..; r ,bilvered and Brass Bands, Slump Joints, Stmrip Culbrs, Top Profa Carta n Kran s, Laiagw, Inside Linliigr, Silk", Dame sit, Seeming Cords lifts, Ta^Is, Buttons, Tacks, Finger., Laces, and Plain and Enamelled Canvas g isria Duck, Enamelled I^Mber. l)r??-,h l^athei, Ac. EL VANS A THOMPSON, T ?6m 3^P Pa. avenue. (iLENWOOl) t'EMKTliRY, tMiice No. i'M Fa. a\e., corner loth street, {O-.'SU THK SAVi.lS'S BASK.) THIS CtMKTEUV is laid out on the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of N i v.- Vork, and situated on the ni^h ?oanJ distant one and 8 qarter miles north ?f tlie Capitoi?Norta Capitol Street Ifaditiir directly (o trie g~ate\**ay. Thi> Company have secured a cii irterfrom Con jr-- appropriating their ground f never to buria' p uiafci 4 a fee tide to the purchaser, and p:oLi-jit;." ,.! ?-u: r<?i Lr.i?nU f.orn legislation ot otherwise whi?h is of vast Importance to those who wish ttitir d.-ad to repose where they have plaoej *u< n, for it ha-> be?;oine a custom in all Diner citie> when lite bnrial ground becomes valu able for o'.fcer pu:po-es, to sell it, and tnrow the dead promis. ou.-lj into one lar^e pit, aid lr*gaJ nnas ires canaot prevent it, as no title# are given t? the ground. N. I>?Oil e open fmm 10 to 12 o'clock a. m , where fWfhkto, watalBiag I ha Charter. 11. L*w?, a..d a iu-p of tut ^rojud, a.iu a J otter iii matio:t. can b> obtained HI ordersl;-fi A"i!h Mr. James F. Harvey, N<>. t tSe. "alii ?t.ret. i>r any otLer underlain r, will i-e p nnptl, attended to. je IS?iy AAIEK1CAK HOTEL. Ko. 1)0 Pa nr.ftji!, tftw. ? ani Slfs s:rstt<, S. KEFLEBOVVEll A I.. T. LOVETT, f?0?I18TCl3. J>* i?r<n ? :ri'i:i W,\O.FRUO.\l, fee. J WILLIAM i LA.N T CO , UNDERTA ? KEK;S? ;" !tev<er??h _ ?*re- \ ketoi -n ?: ud ti t - - . ZJ"' i?. ' .. . ... ?m kv . bf v? v ?? i ?. ?? ? -*? vft ?A ' ' ? lntcrmfn'j f>- :?tnl ii. ::i r ss -?Olid pff?:u?ay C i c'arrhit'ei., Heir?e, and ev ry a.:i ?? fur ist?-rnm;nis ol the bto! qui it/ 1 irnlsi;?\i ut ?hort notice, u:i the ? rrtL-oNiWe t' ti.-l ui ail Lours of tki' a'^Lt. I .r -i- th?- tit ,--e ri^ht of Crump'* Fa'-en' Cerp.e urv* -, v kivpifce dead for tay L of 'jji.: - i / C L" KT237 ^ y, P B. do:; I.\n-Ut.!at?of the Srnx i Im H -? !-? ? - if f euaa '*? t er.J i.'.i J MeL. . l % th or utgums, 'llcw frr .Ire. n ; if ( aide p/.-?::*;-d fcy the la'?* f i t> t pn . . i:: n r.t the Mf vaea' l^?~iaLo Fair, rec.-uily held la lais ciiy. XL ? t ".re carv-4 ?al rh^dr'd to suit rrch pnrtka'ues; ?. a. J their towflh ice to t'u * r.aln r iu .: . la < ...tuw4...:;c the priX Hwleye. 1'arti^ ifarntt rUone'so paid to lUliag led pre ifrTia:^ >u.' t-eUi. Ch?.T c.i i"-^ rate, an.' a!'-Nation.* w.'-rruoVd Oa*-t u* *r vi v t Seveotu aad l) st.T?t?", ten. i IC!?T1STBT. DR. H> '\tjON respectfi:ay dial public at'-B ? ' a if hit. uew, pu...*;.: ar<1 ^rtr< t- - ? ly I??! 1-rt-? , J 'i ?? . -f setting -'-r*.1':V?^Z^a liftCialT'- .? ? .>-r ./if f IhevtjPURFilUTiO.-; OF THE ART this r.yl'Of T^eti. a ." tv.e a?i /autxres OTel al'.c-r}. s.v ? GREAT STRENGTH, CLEAN LINL5J, COMFORT and BEAU'i V, vi ?icg Nai'tre ' t'. ? ? .vtt. m l ;a soi'i" others ei^triiir4'. P ^b' ;c ia^j.-.^ticu r oe .Holly uollc M llKl?J ?.'?! RPV? t CAU'i'lO.i.?>!?"> aloe: i.lfr*itlt-1 in !.?ir el C<lani'ol2 hr?9 a right tr> aritk?* ib'r? ?tvi?? of te?th. N. B ?T>*th co: v/,tu".:jaa'Jy L^ai'hy, plag.j.'i and warranted for llTe zt.J i IB a i ?> MB E atrcrt, ixzj the :cr t; r i-t Pouaa. ?\ .!iue and 11th street. ip ?> -if JlbT RLCiliVi i> AT JO22 SIltLLiRG tou'tf Pariadicai J>e??t? Memoir. ot t&e li^v. Sydney Snuth, edited by Mrs. Austin riaau^ ti- I^5o. a-, iccinlo* r.i.e I'a.nama R j 11 road, of t?: ? or Fa sa.a>iand Asplnwa.l, with ?ie. a-* ol Life ar.d or. the lstamus, by Kobert I'jm.s Letters:o lUe P?icr> aa iieaiih aiid Ilapnln&a?, by Cathf rl?ic E Beecher. .Memvi.i ??f Ji n ?* Gcrdca Beiiuctt, aud his Ti.n??, by a Journalist The Es^:.,"! d ,\ra B*nkrr <s Lau^L'.. r, 'Aa vol, by Rcpivolda Roej MilUtn, a romaao . J MUM.I iGTGN'S, Od^oa U^iuliitx, c ;n;ar l'a. av and tk ?t. au XI? VAaXO^Au fJOP.FOLK, VA. Ui C. Vv iLf Praprietor* HAVING percUised the above a- jU known es Whh?I, 1 r?vp*c.ifuuy Inform ?ayJ fr^^di an I lha travail.i.r p.?r,i;c. that thr* ho - d L . ? _ ? ?. u'uooatad neuly far.iht turoi^aout, At:d 1* n-?w o,?ea Xoi tbe rtjc^^tiaa of p":na . at and tra.??.t'ut o.sird ers. 1 retain ai * s?n-. it-; 'hanks to my friends aud the pa bile j?;:. ,iaa!y for lac liber d patronage ex tendel u a; for l ie la.-t twc ity-thnw years, and resaetif ally s licit a contiauaace of tbe same, as ? urln'4 tiif.n tiat uotbiu^ A'ill be l<ft undone tc ma* th-ai a*. JO.ME ? uuc aoioural i^ at tae Na tlonal. N tf ?\ fa :r-hr?-s*-> s'.?;4'* Coach leaves the Na tloaa. iloi L every, Tnaradty, and Sa'. orday for .tabula City, .4. C. aaio-lui ii j. U VLTMLS, OLD IUIOLMT?i? rm 1 ? lr i d has laid - I baa LI- %toca t,? b-*3- itto auc tion at the pr ?> r season, a lar;?e t:olleetlon of B.x>ks, f>ld ?d.t ? ii la :.o-ne ct^, in others du plicate copies of ac 1> < cui loa? extant, which, in tae uii?aaili!ie miy ht bo i,;bi at Auction prices at ais store. Many vahutliie w*is r>n DlrlnJtyare tobe ftrind anion4 ' j9io. Also. History, Medicine and sur Cry, Ge.eralScie i e; sovc s and nns^tilaneous t ratare; also a f;w Fr *n-u U wis au*i- FRANCK 1* AY LOR. BOUki IN AHOB > it, OiiAVK Ok' UyCLF. TtiUE, MAZEL DKLL 1 Dr.^-n of Home. Hard Times, G ?^?d Nears, Do They Mi.*n Me at Horn-, Von ?vt,l Mis* .lie Tarn, Ilanii'of My Cuiidiv -'d, DtUflv L)j i tj"?ve Tu>fr lew D.ti'i Jo'dm,a:id h host of other nc# t .ia p ipuiar pi ces tust received it i?Jd Pena*yl? i. u avenn-?, near ?oth st. JOHN F. ELLIS, au ti DR.. S( 11 A ftftTZC > CMAOXO-Tftinu AiL Adit: i'l hLV?Th*3 Fills have stood unriva led f ir ttie ts.v yea's. Such is the et3~a-y of ?h?-e Fi li, that sac"! a thing h VAiLCa* i Jmp.-.ibl ?, if th-y are ? k?*a ac^o.d iag to direction. a.*i"i?aolm SHIHTs?VlltH ik We 'nave Just recelvod a lar^e snd hne ass art .n -nt of (ientlc nen'a best Iuallty white and colurtsl aairts, which we wil ispOhe of at the 1 > v -??? \ew Vork prices WALL A STEPHENS. ??? Pa. avenue, uextdoor to Iron Hall. |U 1?tf UEN riSTRY. DR . V. SH1NN, Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Pentnl Snntery, respect- -V fully Inform* the rei.idents of George town and '?* vicinity t>jat be has lora-'^ ted hlmvlf amongst them for the purpo tlslm? hl? profession. Ot?-e 121 Washington ?t., above Bridge afreet. Owrui'lown. I) jp !'.1?d'im.V poIm* WEBER'S BRASS AND STHING BAND. '1MHS o!d established and favorite band fur ??- ol^h music .?as usual f.->r llxcnr-dons, S*-te nad^s, PiCiNics, U.l s. Parties, Exhibitions, 4c. Orders mav l>e left at Hill) is .V. Hitz's Music De put. or at lh? rr i?i? ice of the leader, four doors eas'. of General Henderson's residence, N avy Vard. Jy 23?2m PROSPER I'S COK9IGT BAND. I^HIS Band Is suitable for any and all purposes, and i i warranted to yive satisfaction to al! ihose who may i** pleased to engage them, either *s a Bra->s, Heed, or Cotdlon Band. Any nunibf r of musicians to be Lad fit the short est notice, by applying to FilKDKICIC PROSPER I, I/eader, at Talta villi's Store, opposite tbe Marine Barracks. N. B.?Orders left nt llilbns ic Hltz's Music De pot will be promptly attended to. may 25?tin Sli.VER VVAKK. 8EMKKN. 33(1 Pa. avenue, between 9tk and > 10th streets, o3V*s his large stock of puie Silver Ware, consisting of Coilee and Tea Sets, complete, Sugar Uowis. Cream Goblets, Cups Spjous and Fc?r?i. aaU a insurnificent assortint-m of richlychased faucyailvei ware suitable for gifts at rcdi!t??d prices. Persons in want of any of the above articles ar* invited to call. Being mostly of our own manufacture, we ws: rant it sterling. JC7" S'lvei vv; r.f any J- -'.gn made to order a! sLort i?oti?e Particular aftrallon Is paid In get ting up Testimonials, Piei:.lums, &c. au 1?tr H.' iL??!C*?ICE: ("?IlA!tl.ES WERM'.R, on Pa -.venue, eppo J Kite Browns* Hotel. will ke-*p, throughout th Meson, an am">le supply' of Peltibjme's best ICK w'aicu he will s-11. on call, in any quantities, a lie lowest possible r.ifes imv "-9--dtSen 30 SOMETHING *r:? OLD AND YOUNG. PF.Or?SSt-K WOOD'S II A 1 ii K E S T C v. A T I V 3 . t p I) |< prer< at', .n.sltho: "h less than two yean L befor tbe pnoiic; ovin-a to Its wonderf il ef fects upon the hu-i an hair and scalp, has already >btained a ceirbritv and sale perfectly sn pamlhled. It has without :hoordbiary appltan. iined for such purpo> v. > its way, and beet heartily we!con ? d :p *r?st of tV- cities and town, in the United states. ?t.e Canada:;, and the We Indla Inlands. Nor i-. thl'rr- -it surprising w'p. i it is r?rme?ibered that Its popularity Is bcised upo|. i*s iner'.'s, sole*as (.-tsbtl'hed by actual t?*ts this pr?xi ration will aciui?'iy Restore g:n\ Hair to its Natural Oolor, prrdtioe n tuxnri: i? ;jpm t h- id-' <' the bald, prvvent iSr L?.!r f.? .; vj: ? f. and v'^n v. ed??? a tonic ar ticle, prod ii c" a continual Sicw of' ts n^.tuiul dui>! and thus r?';id:-r t'n- Lair ro!'.. irlrssy and wavy, destroy diseases ofl'ie ?caip, and ? ::p.l dan<tru_ the r -rt'11cat*-s of r.jsiir._'f! {hed ? ntleroen an;' lad:? - In e\ery ^.t of th-:. country v.-ho have trie* it. end ;.uerrf'>r'' i ? ^ tii^y^ *n?.w. i:: JSt fi:. J.? Tli 1 ' J,TO!;* r ('f '.hU f% V e hair can to Mil to attain and re'ain Its uatu ral color to almost any a-;e <*? i to humanity, ov rerr ovi:?g t'.i; c^.u-?? of ai> a?v from lUe scalp? ito ir-ntJer licw l?n ;j tan'li.ia t' .? conciirrent tijs than tala of the p.t^s aad thet^rllCcate* ofna merotis respectable li.div.d; .Is ;>f buLh s.;x?s. tv iL? aeeeitnV contlve, as n .U a* of the w meadaibin!' or - ^ * . i;: :.;dc&Uu b-.Ioie a? u ded to, can be had of all a^-.'nts. U?.o, t ' .:??*a! ?- s., Jan. 12, l-ao. V.'c-' i? i) .r Sir-?f* made IrU l or your llVi r i: t - ?. ? , ?hat its t brs b ' n f 1 ? Lie.'!n removing l.> ftitn.Batlon, da-id- ?J. a.nd a c -.arLv; le. ;y to itCaiincr? with v/LiCu i fcii*s J-* ^ 'rouciod chlldlTtod/aud hi? il - - < -'<rod af ; v,r, wh vra^ bcreiTiin^ ((:;?>, !?? t*, I uu%w us-.d l.ooib r arii- ? , >?? ??.?*? tda;; tiki ibe -an.: plsttuure and jnoiit Kuip *?"*-y .* o tar of ? ' -' *i? -d ^ - - ? ?. _L i ?-", m.j Ja^CT, IK'd. j bv.*c iir u i"i f. (*? J > Vt<?oci . i a.r ilw.1 "? ? tive, and be eini! ift i u. ?*;! t:i'?.~t. My Uilr wii br'oml'*. , a-; 1 t;a 'Rnt, pr?*.iiat'ire:y tray; b?.t by ih-j t.f LI". ?R?;-U-taUve-; it L..? rts JC.'. 's or'.-l.-.-l < '"r; "i ? have r.odoubt, ivcrix I'lciiuy t?o. ^^ - * ? ? ?- - 1 ' Lr-?-rr.:.t'?r United fitatm. Pao7. Y*oon ??l>??r ?'?It?-Jy c..i- coi:?aK?a?if*tl fallingolTrome thr. ' or f. tr y:.. ?< *?.<* and cr-i. tinuKi to do so i) Hi I bce?7l." ?"? t"> ?' ;.ln. I ir>?d all th- popuiit remeC Ua af lis day, b it to no e- - feet, a=. ia-t i was iuui. xv to use yo.;r cob orated I' -tr Uce.jr IV?-, t V. uirtV 1 p. >' to ? ay it it fc-lnj wander*- i hv. rs*.v ?? fc.v j^awth oi ? ciiJ' j hair, <u>d . ^*ri'.-.., rivi/* Its use to iial tiuiliarly afi??~'.ed AC WILLIA-^ON, i:j?? c-nd hir;.:t. A^dre4s O WOOD ft < O. rMprl-tera, 3':C C.'f?ad'"r.,y, r,ew Vor:; aui I id Market Etre.'t, St. L??tili, M? . .... STO P T Sc CO , wholesale and f tall Apent. Wasal'iirt'in. ?it. w. d\ --try & son ?, tic eral V,holei?t? A^eat, Pu-1 idelphta, Ta. an 1?ly t>Fi. f? is. WKiaiifa ILll?S ? ,...?? o uii--( A.ii n/j)' &i ' far ;.ii Ci'i of i'*lX*iUAtr J.IOH nt*ic.ii otitr /?.* if iJCUOiiJLOifS iJioii.i'jii'i. r"il:IlS "l- .i'.ti< n'^parcdbv in eminent Pby? JL sir '" . of ? ycar? rtacticc in Now vols cUv, d .r;., > w'.r? h t'.rr. * he Las constantly nsedId with tbe moat >-.;.bo.t:-d--ft tu: p-s, and created fbi ?t i r'p^tatton In raiv**.' prj*t!e*?, tti?e<jualled In *ts hi-.nrv ntiW ii' ???*. ii JCts immediately upon ti;-' blood* elaaMln* .t fttn nil kwW?wii htfton I impu.-lt:-.-, r? a >v i . aa*l. '? / ib> ??, INVIGORATE TltT. VVi/OLt. In proof ^f whlo'i, a-iUtir c* r-;:pcctib.s wn frcu; the ua tor'r. j -vn'c pnir Ace tav? glv en in th -lr te-M-nony . and e<itreat?noae foflteilng fto r. aiiV ccf^.ioji uirttio:'.; to cull upon tj???i mi smtitft liimdwt A Troailso on S D'.- ist-r ess he bad i?'s at PRINCIPAL ^Ui'OT, i'jj) llroadway, and at Drar Swre? ijent t'ty. CJAftLti: t-TOl'T fc CO., >? ^c.'ita Tor Vi'aoiiUijj.iia Il iJ. WitlCliT'S TASTSLV^.S "T.I'. uTO OArJ-AHTIC," OR, FAM .V I'H YSJC. 'mi 1'5 J* ti c BUST. Cill'.tVPrl.lT, and fci.OSj 1 HPF'.CIPN'i CATiIARTiC EVER DIF FERED TO THifl PURUC. it is TASTKLP.SS, C'uvitby ivolaln^ ihn nil *"a'.in * tff- .of PU ? v. .1, S<a.. i- i-..) 8lid PfO Jac.t!;' no ua i-r o p-? niul citect*. Urilikf idlotuL-.-p.n^u... 4, i'. 1? d: ;hos to the l?ttom oi kuc dis' ose, t:M'~ou ;bly cLc:Mi* s the it.omach, and Itaves Hie bowds entirely /rco from costiveness. NO PAM 1 LY SHoDidJ UL WITHOUT 1'.. Children drink it r^udily %nd without forcing, a-.dNC> MEDICI <K IS HOKE HI DULY KK CXlM UNOL') bv the ailvDiCAI. FACULTY. Give it a ulal a:id th^.i]aa^i; far y jurselves. 11 c^?* be Ur.d w u ..? - and ?> iaif at E. II. ST A Bl.EB A t:(? 'S, B in. .re, or CHAS. STOTT i. Ci>., "A ?t?hlntit?n:, it C. I)K WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL OEPOT. 4 ?0 Broadway, where the d'-*.tor can oe con suit? d daily ott'dis ;??cs Keaerolly, from U to 2 p m., * .thout charz^ )e 11-dm 1 IH5T VVAI.D LIVCP.Y dND tiALL 8?TA BLI'.S. i*? announcing to the p..bli ? of Washington thct I beveti?k<-?> possesion,by purcha.?e, of tao above Mabl '-s ou c. .Urtr*., near the War lKpuitmviit, (lately occ.. .;<?d by A. J' >'*?' I Wi::i U> ii"'o. ?o theri ih -i v.-ii- b. v.. '?.ely conducted by wvsell, a \d ?L ? all ord- rs L..ft upon the promises will 0? att- nd-d t ? punf tu.ulv with ?le ;ant t'arrlaa.^ a-'d cart ful <Li ivi rs. The Riding S? hooi wiU bt coa du. U*1 bv a prof- tioual e'^nesjia;. and rorfectly d r h-?rs-s Ljvlag - -ate.I hour, fur lady eq<we UIt .s, Sa pilv- or pa'oilc, a* ihev may prefer. Pa:t : . _r..t -nUo:t will be pafd to borses ktpt at Llvi-ry la hi- eaiabiUhmeat. l'er-on- iequ'.rk-g ip-n 0H:0ar.hc? or family oar riagis, cai he sa" tlacturlly acurornraixiated, as wri t s^thoai. desL'ln ? iidltiij Lurrea for geiiiieaien or ladles. FRIEDERECX LAKL.MEVER, )y -I?3m Ageat. Light and darki^si or tfc# shadow ofFatw a st ry or fajblouaole LLffi Paper 5U c?: ta??loth 75 cents Taylor a maurY'S tu27 Bo..l:stare. Otb ?t. BLA >K BOOkai of aU kind" and sum for pale at unusually low prices. jy a FRANCK TAYLOR. EDUCATIONAL. GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL A \ O MATH EMATICAL AI'AOLMI. 1 MI E dndersigned having rented th?- building In ? which the late Wm. ft Abbott. Esq , so Ion" and so favorably conducted his Academy, and ^ving fh-js se. ured more amp e a commodations w r iVi> a,i 'h>na! number of pupils. Early applications are particularly roqnesud. a* it is important th it rM the s? holars should be pres ent at the form .Hon of the classes Tlie fexrrcises will he resumed on Mnnd*y.Sep tember*!. IV A BONVK.N, Principal, ai> No. West st , Georgetown. Hl'fiDY At ADEMY. F>urtc<mh str'et, cpynxitr l^nnklin S-,uftrf. ^TpHL duties of this institution will t?e resumed I on the second Monday in September. Num her f pupi's limited. C rcuiar* of the Academy can be obtained at the residence of the Principal, ou .N. bet? oen 12th a;ul 13th streets. <i. p. MORl^ON. THE CMOS ACADEMY. f|MIE Fifth Annual Session of tLe L'nion Acad A emy; and th- Sixth <f the Union Femalt Acnde-ny, \vi:l open on the first Monday In Sep ?emler, and continue 44 weeks. Terms as usual. Circulars at the Bookstore of ,{. Farnham, Esq. and at the Rugby House, comer lltu and K sts These Institutions are ?"> orjan'zcd a'id con ducted as to secure tnai mental *nc moral train ing which will bt jt prepare the pupil for the real ties of life. Z. RICHARDS, Prin. 1J. A. Airs. Z RICHARDS*. Prin. U. F. A au 17?lin MRS. L"'i\OY v.* ill resiMiie the duties of ber School on Monday, September 3d, at No 4f. Louisiana avenue. au 30 70UKS LADIES' CLASSICALINSTIIUXE, 499 E urtety I riwt ,n5<A tfiA, (Removed from \*o (; iudlai>a avenue.) STEPHEN H MIRICK, A AI., PRixcirU. Til. ne\t Af r.'leinlr vear of this School, (form erly under the care "of R~v R. W. CusLnaj. D. D . hut for t'??? last two virs in charge of the pr-'-ent Principal.) co'mn.-nie Monday. Sep icp.btr 1U, l:v?3. r.::perienc<?i lit-rs are em ployed in ever;/ d-rv.rtmer.t Every b'anch of i *oild and ornamental cdu< at ion is taught, and di plomas arc ?_;! ven to tuose who complete the pre served course. Circular*. Riving further information, can V oh t-iiR-.-d :it the bookstores ami by application to tin Principal. iu7?mSbi E>IF.USO\ IN^TIXITK. A Select Classical r.inl M.-ihi-msiUt nl School fur (icyi. ?'1MIIS Institute is located on H street, one doo? 1 from the comer of I L?? next Acadroi! /ear will commence the first \loaday in Septein iK''. I he number of pupi's's h,t ?vki The Prinel pal is>n be seen on and : fter August "27th, at tb?' ?i>"xi room, from 0 to I-i o'cio-k a ui I ? ms: per q u irti r, for full course, 815. F,n^ HsL branches. ?tu CHAS*. U. VOUNC. A. M . Principal fta D? COtf M. A* TYSON 9c SISTEfPI *EMAL2 V i .1 .* ?JFH3 Fstreet, aifi Dth, \V-!thi?gton HE duties of th's lur lit ition will be resun:?*<l on the lath Septe-ih; <?, and. In connexion wit a the al?c\?e, they wSh also to inform their ra tions an 1 others that they Intend i^ ones taolifliDient lor boarding p ;j>ilj on tu^ i-Vcf .\o ^e.mber next f he latter is sit on ted on the rallrond and luin pl> e, si < "cor miles irn the ci!;, and tv.osouth ?ji : >.t I.n're! village For |au?culirH. circulars r^?? he had rt the prirefpt-i b^os .ior-'i In V ixhlivm ? .1 H ?iM_ ?t)x'. m I -4<itirodl8ep(1S ?Et?R?-ET??\VN *.I!V*F.Y. 4 1> 5. i'ORT h.*?in.^ beee inJi.;.isiy ci'cnla - te;l to tu - ? lit- ?? Hi t i;r ? f,.r ?rdl' ;? and t 'ition la my c"intn ; y l.cen ad?aacen to ft<-e km*n<lr ft dnliari; ?-?*. J deem It mv <1 ity to - ive It an e, ;:ii> t < ni:r?>l< lion. I do nut know "r ow trie rP,.o:r orl^i..ated, nor V-y h"?t a-??ii' y it has i?>-in<ti ei.r c- c*.. T to st i iii. nt :it my ca cl<> - ??'? ii.;dewi'u pr-.t e ? arners aad e. n La <Ji, La.? pc. verted to lie r d. U' 1 : the LlliOlldt -t-?r. il I he ie'ins for rh?' h"tth:- j'enr- LaVtliffll SiOt5 per session of ten m?? .lus Tli-f add'th nal o?r of all a;tides of doiii-stlc consumption compelled m ? to raw mv te ms to g-j .u ? no ter*r s fjr duy pup:'-> ai.d f^r extm studies ar: unchanged. VVIL1.IAM J CI.AKKE, se:?C-lw Gtorgrt w,p.C. N2NK1 a. Bi K 1 iforms 'ner pu i lis that their st;id!? ? wi:l re commence the Ii Septemb er. No Ifin H s r.-et, between lT.h Bad 11th. au 23?3aw3w# MiM3 KObA MUUitl'b Ml:ItiNAKY? I^IK duties *'t this Instituttou will he rc?umcd A on Monday, Septeiuber 3?l For terms, .Vc., apply totho Principal, No. Z:'l Sixth, hviwce.i It a:n! I. au 15?eolia JCIaN D!l hS??N, DWi, M. GO It DON, Si \\ il. KlXi have a^ oclated t!iem -el vei< to gether In the U (><<t and Co:.l h' sin^ss, and have located th?*;r place i.f hu?!ii?>s en the corner of 1 itrtet and Vermv at avenue, one &q;". re northexst of I, fayt'te S-|i ^re, xvher^ they f-< l warr intfd In saying th'.t they a.-;* pr-1 .ir-d furnish all who T miy t:ivor them "with "a call, whh the very he.-:t vju.Jitiesof t.ehla';), White ai.d Kvd A?;h COAIj, of the different sizi:s. Also, Cumberland lump, raa of nines, oil >eite8 . ' Alio, nick cry, Ojk ai.d Pine Wood, nii of ^ Id: h ^llil.^ delivered pr- mptly aad uithu Mj.ut h. at the \ery !owt?t IriiHfr lite'-, and f ;r ca .li a little low r. Families I ? v/aat of fad would do v/r-ll to v,!ve us a call hexore making th ir purehaws for the winter, as oar stock has >>eca ca.refuLly so;.:cted, and in qua! tyse- ond io noae In the Distrh t. DICKSUN, tiDRDDN i, CO. ir. 2?]?-lawlm MEMOIRS OF DENN*j.TT and his Tinas. Priee nl '25 Cleve Hill, by Mis* Sewell?price S?1 Our First Families?price ?i 25 'I as Es-njvd N ua~prlce f I For sale by by E. K. LUNDY, l&j lirlub'c stree t, Georgetown, i>. C. au 17?tf WATCH Eh, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE, tc. M W. GA'.T ii BRO. are 11 nstHUtly reviving lir^e Invoices of !he ?5?o e?ai.d otl'ertvcry article in tueir line at Iha i^'.vest rale-, GOLD AND . If.VER WORK of ever,- de ? *iIptioi made to o:d-r, such as TEST1.MON 1 ALs, dchlv embellished wtth api:rop-iat? de? sijiis, SILVER TEA SE1>, DlNNCR SER VICES, & c Pre?M?>us Stones set in the mo-1 modern stvles ARMS, CRWS, MO 11'OhS, Ac., cut In Stone and Mtlal. M W. GALT & BRO., :J24 Pa. avenue, bet. 'Jth and Itnh sts. a'i 30?tf CABAS, WORE UOXi s, tic, HUTClII\SO\ ic MUNRO havejast received diiect fiom the uianufartuw a large ;.ud haadsjtue assortment of Cabas in caif and Turkey m rocco. o all sizes and sii|>erior quality A's >, an assortment of Lad es' Wo*k Boxes and l)r?*tsin^ Cases, portable Writlr^ Desk. Gent'd Shaving Cast s. f suiished .'nd nnfuriii^tu' ;i; v etch stands. Ac . together witii a lar_e aMurt oent? f fine Moire Antique, Mcha'r and Silk Elastic L. dies' Heit.s, to ,J1 o/ which the attention of the public Is invited HUTCHINSON A MUNHO, 31!) Pa av , between 9th and 10th sts. au 31?tf BJOK BINDERS* PASTE CRl'SitES A GLUE. Al m, .?at?r.f Paint Oil for roefs. Ac 6 i.bLs l'utiy, in blatrter-, 'or s^lo by HOWELL A Mt)R ELL, No 'jsti C street, between :lth and 7th. au '24?1m FtXCY HAIR ORNAMENTS. HKEM K FN , J F. WF.L kH. ? No.330 Pa av . bet Oth and loth sts., 1? pn-pared to make to oroer any device that may l>o fcu^geRted such as F lower Bouquets, 3r?icelet9, Breast Pins, Ear Rings, Chairs, Crosses, Rln-^s, Chartrlaia?, L.c. Also, Jet Orr.amen:for sate. Persons may rely upon thfcir own hair )>? ng tt~ed Jy8l?tr ^JKS. A._C. REDMOND'S NEW OAL* rtWSOHaOir J I ibCJ. *-?n i i . o > r** . IO, liunuw corner I lth ?t., over Ford X Bio'a Drug SU)re auO? OFFICIAL.. Thfasttry Department, Aits?. 3, P55 Notice !? hereby given to holder; of '?toot of the loan authorized by the act of 1^18, redeemable os and after the iith November, 1853. that the whole or any part of that sto.^k will be purchased by this department at any time prrvious to theSoth No vernier next, for which .1 per cent, premium will be paid in addition to the bunu exprciwui iu the certificates. And to the holders of the stocks of tho other loans of the United State?, thrt piiKharoof the s?.ir.e to the amount of Sl^io.noo will also be made (luring the same period at the feliov, irg rates: For stock of the loan of 1642. a premium of 11' >er cent; for stock of the loan3 of lbIT and 1S?S, a premium of 15 per cent; and for stock issued un der the act of lSSfl, commonly cailcd Texas-In demnity stock, a premium of 6 per ceat. Interest will also be allowed, at the- rale Btlpu iated in the certificate, frort the 1st July lasttc ?he day of settlement here, with one day iu addi tion. to enable the Treasurer's dr?Jt to rfvt ill* party. Certificates transmitted to this depart meet am ler the present notice should be duly aswgeer'. tr the United States by the party ertltled to rcKl*^ Lhc purchase-money. Payment for thece stocks will be made by draf-? upon the ass'stant treasurer* at Boston, !?ew Yerr. ^r Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to rece'vf he money may e.lrcet. JAMES GUTEHI1J, hu 4?dtNovSO Secretary of the Tri-asury A PLAIN FACT. \MAGNIFICEXT Rosewood, elegsnM,' fi i Lhed full seven octave I'iano Forts j r< "iived, from a cel<brated rnannfjefory^ 11 N York, and must he sold within}" ?"FIf? ? en day -. at the a*tc>.i <bing low pi i e t.f $?.C?y. Two fins t isewmid Piano* fro ti tNe teh br-'ed ?*; tal Ushimnt of Knabe OaiLle A Co Bttlflnio e toave been us d onlv a f-w months. th- owner* compi'llf^ to l?"ive ? h" city, and we rre tu bor.zcd to s?-ll tr i in ct uie 1< w price of g-flr. e cli A ; er n'f-hand I iauo for S?5and ouef.f s 11 Aiwa s on nar.d ti e lament a-ti nio-t rel'abl. terjt of ?"e Pia..os In tili?? cite. a? o* r Musii ,-U >re, :k*; i'a. aveuu.*, b t 9th > nd t th vts sop I JHIi.N t . 111.LIS. A CAUTION IS necessary onlv to tho?e who have net v t ti ed niy superior Black Tea a* lif . <en!< z pound ujja'n. tth" i in no- it ion that l< riail/ alcrapt* I l?r oiue person- cf * h-ii ? conscience 'o palm oil !'? n reprtsenlin * it to i>e the -aine V' ni as mil-** 'J u? way to nail tne deception to ti e f roVie ul cf t, e parties so attemrtin<r, is bv .1 -n., ,t-s ?.j wh'ch can l>e ha I ~ a* Itnuslv I 1 e '? ! <tee of i he chop-mark. f?"??t\ live loxe.s cf ?h ?> .1 t t ?<? < f thela<"st imporatlon j?. 'n at .? sr (?>. a:-d bv t* i.o? families tan Lave it reason an., i; - t at re tail One hundred and ten Ma/nolia b:. r<* the 13 t t-'Im' received this teason. to b_ had enly at :;:j store. tir^en conserve and preserved ?in;rer. All tht C"nd>n e:i's necessary tor Ann .U an ;"ren' 1 , ai:d Fllljibh prcservina..?l J.iekl "a I'u e- i. ?( i - ec^ar. v;!ass nnd -tone jar-ot all si/- - for j Pie, i>1 eivt'sandpi kles. with a var'ef.* of f gjo series unsiirra*-.-d. Y. MP KIN';. Corner of Vi rm >at avenue, t a:;d lo-trt-1 nor h ea.->t of Jack-ca Statue. sept 5. STLWAIir'S SKY1.:?;!!T (1ALI.EKV. PVAG IJKRlt I'O'j" Y ST.S take for vt cent- a: d L/ i.p'.ta J-,.iiid !?:.ed t|i?-lld -l t-;. ? \-t* have the Wue^t li.;Lt i:< tl(e c ity, \v i? ' for stiff ii? ss and distribution ?-r-had? 1? pm surpa-M d i.' e^ualleil in tlie United St&'es. \V> Invite *11 who want ?.-rwvl |,',rt;:r?>-- o cal1 r.t W1 Pa avenue, between Oth snd H?th itre-U over M. W. ball a bro.'s Jewelry :-toie &u i t?1 in J >oi h i:. OIIN'StJN, fSUY ?V C'? . wo'ild csll t^e atten *i<-n r-f the District to their new and l;i.proved I':.uor Companio't. for ht-at:nj> r -rl r: and ? h 111 bcrs with one fire, f->r be&utv ?t\!e ;<??.! Lit-r-n and eeon nny, ?'iperi->r to anything of th< kind pv.-r offered !n tiiis r1ty Also, to lh-ir Liine llld^e C<~ok-R? Stove. f??r utility and ei onomy, exual 10 the in st ever oU'er?d In any market. Wr wou d al?o rail p'ibllc at'en'.ion to onrex Un*iiv?? ns?ortt."!ent of IIA R l?\\ /. K F.. ai d ftuild inii Mate ialsi, C?> which we are comUn'ly addw.g new article* l'a avenue, lietweei 'Oth and 11th ?ts. ?ep3~gw (Dr^&i.) FOrOMAi:>?i. 1>UF. P'oprietnr re-pe.-tfuHy 'n'-rrrs the public that the Pavilion will k. pt op^:? .tar- - * infj the rnnninff of th- Polonia'- S;< \nK-rs 'j There are many families here \vh^ intend to remain throughout Sept- ruber, ar.a U- li >s t slh 11 others may unite to enjoy inr L >e U t!i a d l'oi-J llahiiig. VV. W. 1?IX. PiSrfY PoiST, Aug. tS} 1^55 aa'47 A C'.iRU.?The subf-'riber IbCnbI hla (Hcadt a'm. and the public that h" 1? ncwableto attta-i ti nib busiie*t?s. He can be fonrtd at his old staJH. Centre Market, ready to w?:t on 1 i.?a? l.\ always ho done heretofore. The b? ?<t of liKFF stlwuys on hand. v.<U. WAt KHIl, Jy 'zi?tf V i^taaliir. MOUNTAIN llOli&K, CAPON SPHi.NtiS! fj^illi undersigned having been roliflied ly X n:anv soathern friends to eitond th? prs-ent fc-ason, have determined to kc^p tlis M<?irniata House open tor their accommodation uaiti the lliih day of pctober. Too tiirec tournaments for the section will uke place on ihe &-tu cf August, the i V.h a::u 2 ,la cl September. The fare will be red iced ?3 pec month a ad *3 per woek, aflrr the 1: t of September au21- BLAKKMOKi; ^ INGRAM. \TO\LH: 8TOVES1-GRATFS: GRATES! \\f PI are now itctivlng and 111 r for sale an ex V* tensive assortment cf C<.'Ulil!\(i * 81'OVES. among which are to be f^und tfrv* the lliue Itidge, William teiin, Tri nrpi Complete Atlantic, Bay State. Banner, *.ia ry.'and, Kitchen Coraj a dca. p.iid orheri. Also, a co in pie t.- asscrtmt-nt 01 Parlor, Ulnir.g tooiii, ch inljer, hall, stor.-, oEi.e and cuur^h StoVv'b, for t ithcr \\ ood or coal. Also, a tine assoitateat of .Mantle Grates, New York patterns. All who are in want cf Slows of praVs will find it to their advantage to give us a t ail lvfo;e p :r chasing. NYe phail take pleasure iu sto.vlns our stock aild ^iviag our to any who may cali on us, whether ihe. purcha>o or not. JOH ??SO.\, GUY & CO , Pa. avenue, betw luth and 11th sts. scp3?2w (Organ) l.M?i"PtM;LM' POLICE. fFMIE undersigned have entered !a*o a 5nn "01 l the nurjx>?e ? f atterding to all criminal i.r.d other busine?s which niuy bo cntrus-rd to taem Auycommunicatien from any pat of iheL'iiitrd j?uias will be proiuptlv attended to. One of ?r>ld liriu will be found at all timet at John 1> e^Lrk'f United ctetes Police Olilre, Ao 527 I wcllth st WILLIAM H FA.VMN J, JoHN It STKWAHT, J NoRWuuD, 8OLOMON Oi'DUAill). _au iff?1 in _(OrK:m) C^ANARV B)ltl>.?Escaped from 1 r-; cage oc ^ Friday afternoon, a light colored Cai.arv 11 rd about in weeks old, and *vas shedding. The blici povwi w a value to the o^utr by being sent Ihret eks since from Ohio, b\ a relative Any ont biln;!l?ig it to this ottice, will receive as a reward ino't er >jird If des ired. au ise ult?. 11. VAKIV'l.LL A J. VV. House, Sijttt i.utl Faucy Painters, WOL 1.1) especially call the a'tention of the public to their specimens of Fancy Signs, to b? seen at all times .it their place of business Perseus bulldiug and repalridy would do w? 11 to give us a call as we are determined to use every ese-?ion on our part to glvt general sati: faction. Pia'e of business oa Louisiana a.-en ue, between , C'.h and 7th streets, north tide, next, to the Vari un. BuLding. Old Gia^lng promptly attended to. au 14-dtf BITS OF OLARNEY, by Sh^lton Matkenzi*. Fditor cf the Ulfe of ? urrian, jr 1 rice 31 Guy ilivers, a tme of Georgia, by W. Gilmore Sims, Esq. Price f l 23. J usi Published and for sale *t TAYLOK A MAURY'S sep5 Bookstore ntxir Ninth sire?t. SHARPEEIF3 THE SCYTHE. Ia the heart of a high table-laad that over looks many sijxire leagues of the ri-h scenery of Devoi-sbiro, tho host sryihe stono is lonnd The whole t?oe of tho enormous ci'fi in whi-1 I it is contained is honeycombed with ininn< quarries; halt- way down there is a wagon ro.?d entirely formed of the sand ca->t out from them T > walk along ihat vast n f: teinu'e oa a Ju j evening s to ei Joy one of t':e nu-it delight'u scenes in Fnj;land. F ires! ? of fir ri-^ovcr h^ml i iiiic c'oiid over cloud: through openicgso | there pocps lie purple mooriaud *trctching fai I s u Invard to tie li^oikq C.inp. and hurt is? ifi.'in which skulls* re dug continually What ever to iy he underground, if is all ?Mii or.J bright ah ove With bc?th and will tloiv. r. ab?,u. wh'ch a breeze will linger in tho hottest n- .11. l?. wit to tLe s?:i u road the breete d ???? not colic; there mar \ro walk in calm, and only roe tiiat it is trivet tug auioug the tides From the carap the Atlantic cau be s 'eu, but from tiie sand road ibe view is uiore liiuitod, tlv.ugii ui .ny a bay and headland far beneath -li >w where the ocean of a past age relied. F ?.--il and shells are almost an plentiful witiiin th clifl ad tho scytLe stono nseif and wondn u. bones of extinct animals ar* oftcu brought i light. Ali day long. .? ummor and winter, in the som bre tir grove* may bo heard the Kroke of the -""p?do u. d click of the hammer; a hundreu ia it are to w vk iii;e beet upon the cl.ff. eael ? a his own c? 11 if the bonevc nub, h;? pnvat The right to dig in hi* own bunow eii tf these rnt-a has for a "Yifling .-urn. and he toils in ii d ily. Tu-ugh it ..?i!?? w .sp ice, in wni.'h Le is net :;b:e t ? Ftand upright can soarctly tur.i?though the r.i in it tiiat h?i breathe* is damp and deadly,? ih<-u.:;h the coior in hie chee*. i- couimihiy the if. ctic of consumption, and ao has a cough ti n. ?- vor leaver Liui night or day.?th-.u^h he will hiuieclf rtm.irk b.? noes nut kn v. ituoT'gst i.ij neighbois oui old mar.?.n .i. -ugi* ti'l marrying eatly, lV:w ever .- -e .1 fa liH'i wiilj iiiipi <wn uji ? ?ii. yet, b?r all thir, ? ae seytue-si >?ie cuifvr work4 in his ac astoia -d way, and lives hi: sho:t life merrily, tii 1 > to day. he drinks down any . case ?r cart ihat ue might have. XlitM p or Li :n are ??* - w Uu.ut ex-options .ickiy drunkard* iue Wi.mvu ?>! in us community ?<e n.u.:. j'.'tiithiir. It is th*rir ttipk to cut auil snap* lUc rouga l.cwa tto ic into pi?c*i? wtie.v w ia "tho mower whv.ti h -' s-vthe.'' Tie i* I 1 . ? I p ot unrl taat tiHvpcuu 11:^ the pr-c?>s .!?_ Very |ier:ai'inU9 to the lu Un. a? u-ua , ? i is found impo.-.-ib!e to belp uie ?ora r >;if t?-rer? by any thing in the ionu "i an i?i at' urn witLoui; a nutnbe-r ol' u.asti f. .1 respirat* rs. ii.iVo <*e .?L ni ire in tii oucu [ir jvi lid L i' lit 111 by taeen .rily of the neigho >rin^ ginlry, t?..t c ?roe!y ot.e woniau has ^ivea tticm her 0 U *ltv li it.CC ? i..e ah^'i i life <.f the s:rythc-:-i :?c cutter is i'.Ju Riv?* iy4 lubli' t? It 5 ib^iiit'j enlco. "?if-'y re^u ic4 tiial tir-poles lr.?ai t:-- neigh bo:ii.|j wo in*, uld l?e Ut veil in ^-n** i?j u:: on e:tiirf bide ot him, and a third dai S a-ie !??? i.;i i ui-a ?is t" m ike the Wnli= and r??^f a uij'-er pushes his loijg burrow !?rwari. (y'_ ap ?> ilicir fit p ic- are, t(i?-y are too .ift-.n d'pens .d * ith. fisvre i >ee rct-ly one of th? i.uadred mined enlrancts of ed c-'veiii h-ite lu be ce- a. t!ir u-'i wbic'i s?>m < cru'he-? 01 uli^cat- .i v.,j?'.;m-.u 0..4 not been brou^u; out dt ud The ca^e i? coiiiiu^u. A man can n t pay the tr.lio tLat ii n c.-<ary L> buy tir 4^?lt8 1 -r llit . up>ut ol Lid fi xl- ?*. ailt; it" eonhequencc i*. t:.. i suoat-r or : ter, it luu 1 .1 m -t i... v;tab.y lia{ p :i ti- ?t ?..;i >?.r>>ue or tiiC pica.iXv piouuce a Ii??t ol s.ind be hind him. r nd et un ioipb^abio hairier Ii ?tWvcn him .;nd tiie w.?r .i wiia< at. ii wi.i men he t > little purpose iu..l another ui iy be w- rkin/ne r baa pr- mpt t<? giVt' th.- alarm a d 0et a-di laace; t<n.a up -u foiu- ? f Loavy ?a..J il.vni.- I'm victim from ttie r?.-cuv?-, au t in* j rnuit p?*?p a..a ivf their hii .*% every atep, le.:t ihey t >a j eiir'a bd.-h acjiaonts a'e therefore ta-'ft'y ;..ta! : ii t j<; in \\.\* Lot at o.4ce .-ruined iy a f.dl Oi -an 1 U| on 1 ? in, n.* has btcu cut . U ti- n. tho ouicl a:t, -"'iid eaL cil.J ia Lis na- rov worm-bole \\ Liite.viiign: is a .-u. .11 \i.lag. at ttic loot of thi4 eiifl i..habiud a mo:t tie iu?.2y by per^.ins j^.?:1o-?iag tho scyta..-al >i e Ir ;<ie. Tue tear 2giiCU:lui.;1 lab-oe.: th.-re t met mlb u.ay uirti igui.->acd *1 .* glauct tiom their bicthr-11 ot tiie pi?<; tie ui< .1 1 cheeks frota tne he^-iiC, the n.? t ar firmer II tu tne tn-uiL-s wliich disCA^e ha \?o.?ky:. ??!. - ? d whivh did-ipatioa halps t;? a ta >4 iwi.'l -ec 1J 1 he Cottages are not i^l buiit. aj I re;, .rjl'y stand duiajhed in a -mail garJeu : ?mir porch s may be seen i?? an evenijj .!it-'agi d with diuy pretty children, nelpiug lather out.-idu bis c. vern '>/ carrying ti*e aw.ijr in li.tle basket.*. he bring.4 it jui to them licsides ttic Luta livulet, wiilch t.a;; j h ?.t tLlcr nook.-, moid tlawory banks, avu l'alls in >re musical thai: a:.y 11 va>? 1 .11 1> ?? 11; 1. fides this brook, and p.>ried by .1 li'lio Wo-4 ?a b ?ccbes and wild Inurei t>. in ti c vi.Iage, ic .1 very penrl of cott-iges. li . v-11. . . rei :> and sv.eet briar hold it ei a gled 11 a net Vtork i they fall over the Mttle ?. inl. a"?. m iki. g twiagbl 11 > miiim oa. yv; , '. ? ver thi u ;ht ?if cutlii g them av,?y r tyio^ up a -i'.gie tenant lirai.Jf.ah c M.tkuaia .... 1 his daughter Alic ? with J ?!: . lircn-it, her hu-'jutid and ui'mter > f the In u e, u-i d to live tii-re, an I th.-y hal three little childreu, Jar.e. ileary, ana Ji e A little ro-jm over the porch was especially Lc^t. it was the be4l n -ni in the cota.^ , and therein was lodged old Markaam. vho bad, so far as the uie ns of his ehtblr-.-u ent, the L of bear I a4 well He viiS L?.t a very eld man. but looked ten years older than ! e was, ::nd his hand tho k thr> ug'i tho iutir mity nioro griveous than age. lie w 1- a iriu arinkor Jonu l>rewit h id to u rk v.ty ha.d :j keep hi? owuhou-ehold ia load and el 'Lhin^;, nut auohis poor fat net-in-law ii! drink. Jobn wa?a hale young man ^r.-tknow him. but tic soon organ to alter. A: s ?oa as :t was light he ai*..y to tuc by k pleasaut windmg p >h thr ugr. Lae beech* w 1, and up the steps waieb hi.- ?.wn ypade cut. u.,t or tv/o ktf h. < i.. .da brr.-. n 1 than tho rest at intervals, wacre mic or tw ? mi0hl widingly eit down tj survey ti e g'^iy -p.o.i.l; the low, white, tniitehe ; i';:ui h use> gleaminglikc light amo: ti.op iSvU.e l uiaj, tbo aitlo 10wn.- e.i *h v*uh lid .-J.r.i z river, nod the ^reatoid oi y in t:.o i .try di? t mce ; the high 15eacon ndl. the wi o and lar as the eye could ?ec the mist ti.a! hun^ over ihe iiuuieufe Atlantic, in.: renting . n ti e u^, Waid path, at a p\. -uro, became tu -i a m it ei of neee?.-ity, and '.hat, to ?, l.?: g I. 1 re . i.o ??;.ugh na 1 molt ed d wn <>n h.m : f?.w men .11 WhiteKii.gLts Jitve their lu.?e9 -? wiu.e tLat th< y caa cllL.b up to tueir piL? without a halt or t*o. Ihjo d helped issju-in-law *;.mttim s lie w 3 a good seit of old mi.1 ty nature, ji.u ; wt a bit ui ?re seihah tban a d.unkard a.ways WU-t be. He gtcund ti.e roiign tt-nes into ?hap ? at bon e minded the cntl lren ia his daujnUr's aoi-cnee, and even uv.*d the pick ainiself when be- was goner. Joua, too. Has ior .lis wife 4 sal e tolc?a t < fiheoid man's in firiraty, though half his little earnings went to gratify the i-id man's appetite. At last nccea 1 i ty ei n.,oi!ed him to he, as he thought, Luaut'lui. Fri-it after print vanished from the c-ottagj walls, evc-;v little ori.ament. not ^actual y necesary furnitute, wasso.d; absolute want thicateneu the household, when John at ia?t stated finely, though tenderly, that mutt j;!re up tho gin-bottle cr lied tome other dwelling. A lae w.isoTeroni? w;th tears, but when ap^tled to by tho eld man, pointed to her dear husband, and bowed he 1 cead to his wi.*e Words. For two months vfter this time, there wire no Uiore dtwuinn word., nor sngry toi gu^s :o 00 heard *ubin John's pl<a?ant cottage. the WEEKLY STAB Thla excellent Famllf and N? tuning a granter variety of lafcrostUgreadi?gtb*? eau be found la uy other-4a pubOahed ?e tetat day morning tun. Sing.ecopT, p*? anauir m?mmimh?CI ?* TO 6LVM. Ftv?POpt? mm ?? 80 Ten ccplM. * ? Twenty coplaa..............................kB Ml 117" C*II, lNVitUUT m iSTiRCI. trr ^in?lecop^f? (in wrapper*) can beprocured at tbe counter, itr.m-d'.ntrlT after the i?aue of the pap?r Price?Tnaaa Cbrts PoiTKAiTtai w ho art aa a^eruwlll 1 a commlwlon of twenty per cent. Nothing w;'s laid ly J ughteror soc-in law of the long score at tho public-hou.-r tbat wi-. be ing P .id off by instilment*; the d ughter looked DO longer at her lather with reproach tul eye*, and the cnillren never again bad to be taken to bed before their time?hurried away fn m the sight of their grandfather'* iuuna. At last one Sunday evening in July, ihe ruling passion Lad ag?in the mastery; Mark baa eatnc Lome in a worse way ih soever; and in addition to tbe u-ui i deiinseaient. it was evident that he was possessed al*o Ly i.-me u.uudlin terror, that he had no power to exj>rcs.?. L" iving Lim on his bed in a lethargic sleep, Juku valued lot to an u,un.l at dawn ; Li* b ys, 11 ?rry and Joe, carrying uptor biui Li* mm r t spade and basket. fle-ivy-hoarted as be waa, no could lot he'p being gladdened by the wonderful be.u.y oftue l..ud*j?p? fl aditt.L ler toid me she never taw him s*a..d so lot g .?*>kiog at the country?he s?coicd unwilling i ? ieavo tiie run-lighi for his dark, far-winding i-urrow 111: ba r * he hei no reason to iread. i'overty never had piessei so long up m J hu Drewit .i? to indue, him t ? sell uw.<y the firm props that a*-ured tbe safety of hi* life O.'ud uud often had hi* vo>ce bee a loud against tho*e n:ej, who, knowing of tie mortal danger to which th< y exposed their neighbors, g*ve drink or money in exchange f -rtbem to the fjolhardy and vicious. (ire-t, therefore. *a? hi* horror when bo 7i:ut into Lis cave tbat morning, and found that Li* props Lad bees removed. Tuey had ;ot bevn taken fr.-m the where apaf scr-bjr might hevo observed their absenoe ; all a:sugjt firth* first taenty yard*. but be yond that dist down to tne eud of hi* long ? i'-woru labyrinth, every p le w. * stripj?el away. Surly, be knew a: once it wa n -t aa ?nC..ty who U...I done tui* ; b?- knew the wret h ?d old ni in tvuo l.-y slupitied tt h >n o t ?ien and ? I I Li* iiie dcienro for dunk All h?t the p .vrfelfo* told iiisb-.y* wa. thnt they ?oul l keep withiu the a fe part of hi* d iggi m ? be hitnsolf w >ik d into the rock a? u.-utl tuice r iuui limes he br^u^ht oat a heap of -ytt.esio.ies in bis basket, then he was. eu aiivc no tur>re. !l irry, hi1 >;de?t s-?n. wa? nearest to the un .j.cpped pi--s.^a wueu tbe sanl crff foil. tVjca be ii-ard bis father call out suddeaty, ue rim at once ea^cr.y, t w.rds th^ cude ?viierc tae miner wor/.ed, but <??i a *u i Je;i ad v s dark . there was uo light from tae cauUie m from the su:i?bt lore a'd behind wa- utter ?l:icku sr, a:ia there v. ?.?? a no;se liKe tbun ler ? Lis crr^. The wh .> hill spinel to have aliea on tiieia both, n .d mtny tons of earth aruiltae lath -r fr >ui his cnid. Tue ai-nd ...tout tn1' ii ?y. dil i?'l press on Lim e. ?-ely. V ho iVj* piece ^f e-iff th tt he d l >gelhar ?ai *ap|n?it?d oy then^ir'W wills ot iue pas i3e, .i .d hie file W -? UudctciiniiU'd. lie atteuUed miy to the mutded s?-u::ds wit :ia toe rc * from T*j:ch ho know that hi- father, tu<?ugh they tujit be the foundsuf dealb struggle, still lived. 10 the people outride ihe .t::trrQ hai instantly ?>Ciu 141 v. .i S?j- tha o;h.'.- child, i.i ai i leiibly Hucrt space of time the lab >r:r^ fn a* .iwla ? uii eaVe tdUi burryiug up totao rccue 'l'wo ';uiy ?' aid a g togetuc-r,: wo more pn?pf>ed tin way behind tn- m t ot by loot.; n-la>s eas ily waited them at ?Le eatraace; iuj not au ?aslant waj lost in repa-ing the exhausted a'orkiu a. Lvcrythiag wis d-uo is quickly, .ud it tbe -11 11c Vwv a* judiciously a" p-jftMbio; tne ;urs oi> hail oweu r diet, for tt .a '. sjecd o ihc iii'i^hboiing t< wu; brandy and other ;iiiuulaatj. a .ade Uocet?w tn which many ?t ihe m *u were I ut to-j well pra-luea opw..-a t ?r??ba .iugM an I t a .k-.ts wece all p uiri vady ai. b-ina; f ?i tLe Ji?ast^i wa?*o c >mm>n \S nitcknights :i at ev^iy tnaa ku> w at on jo ?v:i it iVa- proper to be do^e It. ;*e wbo woro : -t actively e-ngeged about ibo c?ve, wer?? Ou.-y in the. c-'Ustrueuo j of a litter?pe.hap* a oiei?ior the u ibappy vie i:n 11 w c 'U.d ibis ti ive b-n ' ^nel* wa4 1 ho ?rh.jpered w >i.di r. J -hu hj- known to be f ir loo prudent 1 ma.i to Le w irking ?ii>ut prop*, nd yet fr -h o es bal to bo rmppliel t> tho ? e^euers, for tbey f> und uOitO .?* they alvancd. The p'-*or widow?eveiy momcBt maie 6-are of lier bcrtavemeui?^Ijou a !itt:c w*y aside; mvinj becgel for 1 fpaie, and bo.*a refuel, .-he si >od wi.h her w ? children u^a^i.ig to her prun, alarms fiied.y . he pit's iao?th. I) vfu at l:io ctt ijc there wa- an old mau iuv .kiog UeaTeu'r v> n^^snce on Lis own i^rty it- .?d. and rvp.oaini -g h.msclt fiercely with iLe eju-cqijeuce* of Ms biutal vice; he had -to'.en the polos fri.:u bis * >u'f pit tL ? pNfi^U iu.'rnii:tg. tj provide himself with drink; an l ? .11 that v ;y .lay. cv? u b-for j h? w e-qu te re - covered t'ruui his yesterday ? debauch, h; wa< L.? -eo tbe victim of his reeklnsncus brought home a Iifr'e*r heap He saw John so brouint in. bat With the eye* of a madman; hi* w-j.ikened by drunkennea*, never reeoverod tr-Tii the shook. ii dk< t artd barrtw La i b.-t n br -ug'. t full out <?f the pit a hundred tim s ; and it wo< aim M. noon before tr ?iu tac bowels of the very m ?ua {i in, as it ft omed, tiicre c^nie up a low m > ?n dig ciy. ? ily cnild. uiy chil 1.*' murmured tho inotlie., a*.d the diggi ng, be au-<e w:iv ever, j'vt m^re ei.'iiesi. almost fianttc iu it* speed and \l Pre?eutly ia o the a?iii? of Al wo little llariy w is delivered, pale and corpse like, but a!ive; anl then a shout ns of an iirmy was sent up by ail the men. They dug until alter sunaet?long after they had lo't all h"pe of finding John alive, tl.a body w JLi at last found. It we* place ? upon a Utter, and taken uuder the soft evening sky, d wu thro' tho bc?eh wood, Lome. A.ioa walked by iu~ sido. holding it* in hers, speooh'e-s. and with dry eyes. She never knew until after h? r faiber's death, how her dear John w.i- mardprei. Eshe used to wond er why tho old arm shrank from her wti.n ->ho vioiud Lim, as she often did. iubis ie mei.t. The px?r widow is living n ^w. th> ugh she bus buffered grief anl want. Her dnu^n t-.*r J.ti.e has married a lie! 1 liborer, anu Uer ion-, by wnoiu she is well supported, hav? in vcr *ct a foot in a pit siace they lost then father. A Remark vblk Max ?A c >ne.-. r.Uei t of t .0;u^k.a.? StJ.te-rnau give* a ekeUh of nn old eitixeu living iu >a-xi couaty, uaaiei L j ih inn ;i y. wb ? i< peib.i| s the oldest man iu Kentucky. He wilt be 011c hundred and eighteen yoar? of age ou the Jhth of Soptcm i" r u?xt. aud is a- active in mav.y iaeu at torty ll.i works daily upoa a lam., aud nr. ughout hi* life hii6 been an early ri?er. lie iuformed tbe wriur tnat he baa never di?nk out o .<? cun of c tl so, and that w^* ia t;n year 181H. lie orrved levtu yeai? in ^.e h ir uf the Kevolution, at d wa* wounded at i::e -icgo of Ciiktii'tUw; wa* a'so at 10c fe eg * o: t> tvauuah aid iu the battle of l?uu? S, ;i: g . Uo w.-.s alo?? pr.euut at the bailie ??;* C uuden, King's M ui.tain, aid If >i.k'? Cor i nr. H.-.-OiVed ui.der Colonels ilorr^y ..nd Ma io.i, and wa- an ey: w Uieu of the .-uff. r* ii gr and Ue itb of CoieUvl Ioaa>: H..y:ic. >f S. Candn.u, an early v i-tijt of tne Revo lii'i ?n. He ie Bpr.gbtiy and, and wcuid b taken at any uu.e to be a man ol* ui odlo age. 11; is a strict member of tho Raj ust oaureh. and ride.- mx to every meciiug of tbe cbuich. Ho h <s f ur sons and fiv? d iuj/iters, all living, the eid<at is now in his ?fevonty-eighth year, and tho younK?s: ?or. Uiiy-oue. Such is a briet sketch ot tois aged soiaier and republican, who is. perhaoa, tho only aurviviiig soldier of Francis Marion, Sampler, nnd Hor.tty. tW A human ftot-priut, too perfe<u In shape auu proportions ti Lc doubted, wuuken Iron the MiddieOcX Frceetoue Qaari/, at Port.aao. last week. it is app&fcnVJ' tha loot step ot eco of tho Aborigiiiea. And doubtless oue of tbu prituiiivo tribes, as it exhieils unaiistak able 1 videuces o: the origin .1 M v '^aon Tnis ! .-ie-'imim wa* takoii at a depth ot tix j f?ei m

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