Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1857 Page 3
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evening star. e cie*. rwrn. tvb ?ut mt, LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. . T!!vF^*^Th.? orche*t'? ?t the Fair do ai ?T hfr'T/ ? tb* ??"?r of renderine ii delightful to ipjnd an hour rhere; for a mow Ii*! *4 ****** toe itts rSS! ?? ??dLS thU 0it*' ?H ???S hers ere denizens idiodk us It wnaM k j-# flcult to select o betterorchestra?*}' d,f" number of piece, in 1*?** HopkiM, the identical bear , dashing case tadeed m the .bow 'aCi-?.T ?! Ctp8- ,och knowing hau .Jlh martial head gear for the soldier J!J r tu, < in kanfi'li 7erB' mada of V4riou> oolor el aiika and edged, moetof them withdelieate i.i .Vii' "cord- The'ert,blt ???? >?"! ?I5, Wrj?ht * Co , of N.w.rk, N J , ofthis T*I???8 specimens of the handicraft of their celebrated manufactory of carriage ifJtTE ?.f -IMWriPti0M- r">in the hear iSl u5? ?** .'?ar *PrlDg to the iighteit con ceivable trotting sulky spring, the* show ar ticles in their line to unit all purses tastes cVIiSTm&S0- th08TKf the Carman >t0 tbow of the fast man. Their work all shows a finish such as we never before saw put upon IZd'thli? !l1 Mlr H,ne Ai?od? their novelties? f ,h*'f ??'l*ction embraces many of great Sl?fn? r^ni?a ?r ?tb?rwise inter ested in the art of carriage building?i. a Pet of springs and running gear oombined for light wagons patented by Mr Thomas Mur gatroyd, whnh oannot fail speedily to come ?*> Being somewhat a b I7"V?'*e' "^fortunately, are an fait, to some extent, in such matters, and hesitate nr.t i"?""?"'" M- M '? nerel arrangement to be the best and cheapest for its purpose we V" "* Far. a Ug? to oany two ill whole weigh, ot spnrgs and running gear is but forty five pound?, while the weight upon them id to distributed on sound mechanical principles, as that their strength it much greater th? a wherj theoidimry ui iversal e'li - tical springs are used. It j9 utterly iiaportibl'e with tne patent of Mr. M , to throw the .'rain on any particular part of it Thua it is inva riably evenly distributed, and nu jostling, J ai?T "P*^uie?t' when going at speed, c*^.<^l3t.arb the uniform action of pressure so as that it shall not be equally distributed over tne whole apparatus. The cotton seed oils exhibited by William Wilker ? Co , of New Orleans, we believe are among the most important matters to to seen at the Fair These are obtained by the use of machinery covered by seven patents granted to Mr Wilber; and in view of the tact that all previous efforts to extract a really valuable oil from cotton seed have been fail ures, hia results are remarkable Thus, he exhibits a table oil, equal in quality and fla vor to the best olive oil imported ; a lucubra ting oil, the perfection of which is being proved by its so successful application to some of the machinery in the fair; and burning oil, which burns quite as freely, steadily rttd brilliantly when contained in a hollow pi tee cut in a huge lump of iee, as in an ordinary tamp, and, besides, leave* no residuum These t#o tests prove its value. All these tils are nearly eo'orfew ard without any offensive odor whatever. Of course we have no means of testing the cost of obtaining these oils from the seed, which, it will be remembered, have heretofore been regarded as utterly worthless ^rcept iu a fertiliser?and a poor one at that. If the expense of pressing them out by the u ecf the Wilber machinery is reasonable his result* are, indeed, a matter of prime nal tional interest, for they mike of future great commercial importance an article which the c antry possesses in Immense quantities that without the application of tha particular ma chinery is but a nuisance to those by whom it is surrounded. ArraopaiATioai ?The Civil Appropriation Bi.l pafftd at th? lut soMion of Coomii, contains in addition to items already announc' ! ed in our columns, the following appropria tions to be expended at this point: For flagging footway in tbe Congressional burjing groond, from the of the same to the Government vault, $2,2c0 For erecting cast-iron lamp-p^sts and light icg the same with gu from the western termi nus of Peansylvania avenue, through Bridge and High streets in Georgetown, $4 000; pro vided the cost of the same shall not exceed the prices paid for those now in use by the Government on Pennsylvania avenue. For furnishing lamp-posts and lamps on the l .rtheaet, and west side ef Lafayette Square and for taking np end relaying the footways on the south side of said square, and under drawing the same, the sum cf 51.3S0. For purohase of bo>ks for library at the Executive manaion, to be expended under the direction of the President of the United States ?230 ' For completing the gradicg and gravelling r?ew Jersey avenue, from north D street to r?ew York avenue, the sum of }7,000 For the erection of stables and conservatory *t the President's House, to replace those about to be token down to mako room for the the Treasury building, I2J.000 For annual repairs of the President s House and furniture, (including the painting of the east room and entire wood-work of the in terior, fitticg up the water-ciosets and eisterrs a::?I making other necesjary improvements.) improvement of grounds, purotaa g trees aj.d plants for garden and making hot bed* therein, and oontingent expanses incident theieto, $11,0t)0. Fv>r refurnishing the President's House, to be expended ucder the direction of the Presf. dent, in addition to the proceeds of the sa'e of j such of the furniture and equipage as may be decayed ?nd unfit for use, S2U.000. For flagging the main avenue in the Botac ic Garden, and for stone gutter for same, "?i 350 For the construction cf a wooden bridge with a doable track a?roes the canal in the line of Maine avenue, 515,000. To enabl* the Committee on the Library to contract with Mr Healy for a series of por train of the President, of the United Slates tor the Executive Mansion: Provided, The 5 n . lh? 8*m* *hAl1 not exceed SI,000 for the tall length portraits, the sum of t&,?v0 is here "pproprinted ; or, in the discretion of the committee, to purchase such cf Stuart's por l"lU * the Presidenu as shall be for sale. Section 2 anthoriies the President to appoint or employ in his official household, the foilow ing cflcers, to wit: cue private secretary at an annual salary of *2 J00; one steward at an annual salary of *1 200, who shall, under the direction of the President, have charge of end be responsible for the plate and furniture of the President's mansion, and di.-chsrge 'upb other duties ai the President m?y assign him ; and one messenger at an annual sa'arv of iSMM). 3 Section 2 provides that it shall not be law fcl for the Secretaiy of the Interior, in rZe cuting the improvcmer.ta around the Canitol ordered in this or in any other act, to sail inher the railing, coping, or rubble stone cow in u<eon the Capitol grounds, but sb*ll, when they are ruperaded, use so much there f as aay be necessary in enclosing Judici. ry Square, and the remainder shall be u*ed ;n ?Dclo-ing such public grounds as the President may direct. I xitxb Statu Police RnroiTS.?Before Justice Donn : Mary Haaighan was arrested by Othcer King charged with stealing aoolioc dress, the propartv of Mrs Mary Jane Colo man. The defendant, at tbe close of the in veitigation, admitted that she stole the drcs? from the line where it was placed to dry, cr the premises occupied by Mx?. J ace Vanhorn, and that the dreas she then had ob was th< stolen artiole. She was committed to jail. ne!?hbor Tweedy, (on the south side of Pennsylvania avenue, between Nintl and Tenth streets ) haa for sals a Port Wine in bottles of the vintage of 1&34, at J3 per gal. Ion, which is aeapital thing for persons saf fering from tbe terrible debility accompany leg itic ro fashionable efHemi? dhniuei We spfrsk from ss plear^ jt experiesee witl tho remedy, as unpleasant kig protracie^ wperveace with Vho diaeoM. or A. H. Liviuci ? At a meeting f msmbess of tk? bar, and offi 52i J!r,lit.*nd Courts of tho ?j OoloaMa, bold in the eourt-room Rlcbsrf 8. Coxs, E*q., im ap pointed chairman, and John A. Smith, Esq , secretary. 1 Mr. Coxe, on taking the oh air, spoke of tho melancholy circumstances which hid brought them together?a dispensation of Providence, which had suddenly and with little premoni tion taken from their midst theiT bolorod and sAiimad friend and. brother. Alexander H. Lawrence, in tho forty-sixth Year of his age. It was fit that thej should adopt some meas ures to commemorate tbeir own, and their sympathies with the ftiil greater sufferers, the family and relatives of the departed. On motion a committee wa? appointed, con sisting of Messrs Fendall, Chilton and Da vidge, who reported resolutiona of reanect to the deceased, and of sympathy to the family, which were unanimously adopted. At a later hour the resolutions were present ed to the Criminal Court by Richard S Coxe, Esq , and read by Chas Lee Jones, Esq , (in the unavoidable abi?eu, by severe indisposi tion, of the District Attorney, Mr. Eey,) when the court adopted them, and ordered their en on the minutes of the court. Judge Crawford paid a feeling tribute to the memoiy of the deceased Alexander Hamilton Lawrence was a man of unusual ability and extensive learning ; as modest as be was able; of the strictest integrity and tha moot assiduous attention to his duties, tem pering firmness with mildness and courtesy. Mental endowment, devotion to business, learning, suavity of disposition, and modeaty of demeanor were combined in his character in a remarkable degree. Although he had only passed a few years beyond the half of man1! allotted existence, he had achieved what ij not often accomplished in a long life. His example is worthy the imitation of the younger members of the Bar, who will find in it much to admire and follow, nothing to crit icise and avoid la his private walk all know how attractive he was, how pure, and bland, and kind. Free from oensoriousness himself, he had no enemies His many virtues made him many friends, who deeply deplore his loss, and will hold, in affectionate remembrance his excel lence and worth. The Court having adjourned, proceeded, to gether with the members of the Bar and the officers of the Court, to the late residenoe of the deceased and there to take part in the funeral solemnities In the Court of Claims, at its opening yes terday, Mr Blair, the Solicitor of the I nited States, presented the resolutions of the bar passed at the meeting on Tuesday, and sub mitted some appropriate remarks upon the high standing of Mr. Lawrence as a member of the profession, and the severe loss sustained by tho community in his death. He then moved the Court that the proceedings of the bar be entered upon the records of its jro oe*dings. B B. French, Esq., followed in a similar atnin, speaking of the deceased as a man to bo missed in all circles Chief Justice Gilchrist replied feeling'y on the part of the Court, and directed the icjo lutions to be entered upon the records Tho Court then adjourned until Monday next. The Mkthooist Protestast Conference This Conference, which has been holding its sessions in Baltimore for the past week, ad journed yesterday to meet in Philadelphia the sesond Wednesday in March, 1653 The fol lowing are the appointments for the ensuing year: John W Everist, President. Stations ?Alexandria?John Roberts; East Baltimore?Washington Koby; West Balti more?3 B Sutherland; Twentieth street, Philadelphir?N. S Greenway; Bethlehem? J. K Nichols; Cumberland?Daniel Bowers; Charleston, S C ?D Evans Reese; George town. D. C ?Dr. J. J. Murray; Harper's Fer rj?E. J Drinkhouse; Salem. Philadelphic? T. D VaUiant; Ninth street, Washington?D. F Swentgle Circuits ?Aecomac and Friendship?J. M. Dennis; Anne Arundel?Dr D. F. Ewall; Al legany?J. T. Whiteside; Baltimore?H S. Norris, C. H Littleton; Cecil?W. T Dumm; Caroline?U. J. Day; Carlisle?G. S May, J. W Smiley, np.; Cambridge?J. A McFad d?n; Concord?W. G. Holmes; Deer Creek? H C Cusbine, A. D. Dick; Dorchester?Robt. Livingston; Frederick?T M. Wilson, Alfred Baker; Howard?D W. Bates, B F Benson; Jefferson?P L Wilson; Kent?David Wilson, J H Ellegood, Dr. F Water, President of Washington College, sup ; New Town?L W. Bates, C. Eversole; New Market? John Elder diee, one to be supplied; Potomac?Jeremiah Clay. Oliver Cox, eup ; Prince William?G. H MsFadden; Pipe Creek?J. T. Ward, J. T. Murray; Queen Anne'r?H P Jordan. James Thompson; Reading?Thomas Lee; Salem? to be supplied; Snow Hill?J M Elderdice; Sussex?T. M Bryan, T. A. Moore, Sup ; Talbot?W T Wright, B. F. Brown; Trough Creek?T C E well, one to be supplied; Union ?Dr. A S Eversole, one to be supplied; Wil liamsport?T Burton, J. M Grabill. ,yMissions?South Baltimore?D. A 8bor mer: Fell'a Point?Jesse Shreve; Warwick? R J Boyd; East WashingtoL?J R.Nichols Dr. S. K Cox, President of Lynchburg Col legs; Wm. Reiniok and Wm. S Hammond without appointments at their own request. Superannuated ?Eli Henkle. Josish Var den, G. D. Hamilton, T L M.'Lean, John Morgan, Augustus Hammond Josiah \ arden, general agent to obtain sub* acriptions for superanneated fund. Tna Wbather?Rarge of the therm< meter from Thursday noon, March 12, to this morn ing : Morning. Noon. Night. Thursday ? 34? 32* Friday 1?? SO 30 Saturday 25 38 36 Sunday,..# 24 44 42 Monday 34 4? 28 Tuesday 30 48 44 Wednesday 42 56 54 Thursday 46 ? ? Average height of the thermometer in the mornings from March 13th to lUlh, inclusive, 31J 05'. New moon Wednesday, March 25, a little after 5 p. m A total eclipse of the aun on Wednesday, March 15 beginning about sun set. Kttnarii?March 13th acd 14th, snow fell; 16ih, rain; 17tb, rime frost; 18tb and 19th, rain. B. Georgetown, March 19,1857. Visit to thb President ?The Mayor, Membera of the two Boarda of City Councils, and other officers of the Corporation, yeater day paid an official visit of respect to the President of the United Statea The President shook hands with each member aa presented by the Mayor, and in reply to the Mayor's o-ngralulations, made a few kind and felici tous remarks, eipre**i?e of bis partiality for the eity and of friendly feelings towards its people, from whom, he aaid, during many years' residence here, he bad never received anything but kindness, and with whom he hop?d to continue on terms of harmony and good-will The visit was a brief, but in all repeats a pleasant one.?Inttlltgenetr. A Citizen or Wasbinoton Robbed?The Newark Daily Advertiser, of the 16th Inst , saya : " Mr. Moore, of Jersey City, while out in his yacht in the bay, discovered a portman teau floating in the water, which, on being taken on board, proved to belong to Captain Thomas, of Washington, D C , who recently left in the steamship Atlantic It contained three daguerrootypea, a Dutch pipe, books, papers, and a journal of the Captain'a. They were not much damaged by water. Mr M aupposes that Capt T 'a trunk was broken open ?n the Atlantic and the portmanteav thrown overboard." CftiwiBAL OorRT.?This morning, J. Crown, convicted of receiviog stolen goods, was aen tenoed to eight montha in the county j ill Jas. Wilson, in tbreecasea of burglary plead guilty, and was sentenced to the penitentiary for six yeara. G. W. King, for larceny, was found gaitty ; sentence not pawed Jas Thompson was on trial this morning oa charge of stealing goods, the property of Joseph Savage. School Childibn at thb Fair.?The achoola ofJ.Jb Thompson. Mr Edson, Miss Ashdown, Miss Lie, Miss Aun Adams. Mrs. Abbot. an<l ill Uletoa were at the Mechanics' Insti tute Fair yesterday. A happier sot of littls folks we atnr Hi ????(?**? Am Lb ct mi a.?The Waahington Art A?. &? rtt ?" M ?? IJ(. In addition to iti choice collection ofpalntinga, it has instituted a aeries of excellent lectures ^fi? x 1*Unr* ?f to-night. (free to 11 !il uJ Pr*derifl W.-Lauden, will be him h*annf- 3o??J tkoee who knew We call attention to the adver tisement in another eolnran of the fine brick house for rant which was lately ooenpied hj ?? i j Forney. It ia meet ooaveaiantlv Htaated opposite the General Poet Offioe Wacoh's ItaUa, now exhibiting at Odd Fellows Hall, has won the critical approba tion ef some of onr best artiste and am?tears, both for truthfulness and beauty. -Japaw ahd Chiira will not be exhibited to mght on aooount of the Weather. See adver tisement. - N*w Yonx Lbd?ib, for March 28th, just received and for sale at A. Adamson's, Sev enth street, opposite the Post Office. f Bin Walter Scott has truly remarked "that to teach a boy to read, and then not to place good books within his reach, is like en couraging his appetite and leaving nothing in the pantry except unwholesome and poioonoua food?which, depend upon it, he will rather eat than starve." By calling at the Gift Bookstore, under Dexter's Hotel, parents can buy good books choap, to say nothing cf the present which will be given with each book Open for s few days more, when the ooncern will most positively be closed. t Watch Retcrxs.?There were two persons only in the watch hou*e last night; one an ?ged irishman who had been in oompany with some of his friends, and taken a drop too much, and in endeavoring to reach his home walked into the canal. But for the assistance of several gentlemen then passing he would have drowned. ID^Fair Flowers are Fadiag ia tbe Oar. den of lite around us, and drooping, our daughters fall by *he roadside In the early dawn of sxisfc'nce; the Consumption , 'n? *n<1 ?>egl?'t?,d symptom* wstn ns In ?aln. When the slight ttekifng In the throat, the dry liaek lug oough, admonishes, go and buy Mr*. Gardner'* Indian Ral*ara of Liverwort aad Hoarhouud; it cure* all snrL symptom* and averts the dreaded disease whl;l. culms Its victims through their own neglect. Messrs. Weeks * Potter, No. 1M Washington street, Bos ton, General Agents. Por sale by W. H. Oilman, Charles Stott, Nairn * Palmer, Z. B. Oilman, and by Dragglsts gen _ mar 10?lw. lijTWedlflnal Liqa?rs.? OH Hennessey Brandy, very snperlT. Old Port Wine, pare Juice, Imported/or lnvallda. Old Sherry Wine. Old Bye Whisker, warranted over ten ye?r? <Wd. For sale ta demijohns and bottles, at OILMAN'S newHtore, mar sso Pa. errou*. IC^Te Sautheru Dealers in Ferfamery. I'siai oll's Bei.ii or I too Ki.owuas.forlhe complexion, leetb. breath, Sc. Price 25 cent*. ' Deim oll's lar.tovsr) Kosbbast amd Castok Oil, for the ftrow th and preservation of the hair. Price S6 cents. ^ Duikcoll g Cmi amian Hair Dr*. .instantaneous.| Price Driscoil's Haie Colosiws Ki.riD, for changing grey hair 10 it* original color without sUlnlng theakin. ft ice 60 cents. Dmsooll's Pobmadr PitiLo<'oma. Price is ceata. Csn be had at all Jobblnj houses aud druggists la Bsltl Tore, an l of the Proprietor, D. C. DRI3COI.I., 97 and 97? Baltimore street, Baltimore, M l. mar Ib-e^lD ILTJenvea'a laerforeus Preparation, far nsuutly cleaning kid olotks, without the slightest unell ? r Injury to tbe glove. One botUe will clean tl'ty pairs. .0 ceuta per bottle. For stle oy CHARLKS 8TOTT, mar lk 2awtw Sole Agent in Washington. IET Important to the Ladles:?Dr. Dn 'ONCO*9 FKMALK PILI.S.?The combination of Ingredl nte In the Pills are perfectly harmless. Tbelr efficacy and aerlts are based npen an extensive practice of over thirty ears; and, where the directions have been strtctly fol owed, they have never failed to correct *11 Irregularities, elleve painful and difficult msnstruatlon, 'particularly let he chance of life. They will care the Whltoa, and remove 11 obstructions arising from cold, expoenre or idj causes; nd may be need ?ncceesfnlly as a Preventive. C*U npon be agent, and get e Circular for parllcnUrs free. Price $1 per to*, with full directions. wholesale and etatl by CHAS. 8TOTT, Druggist, Pennsylvania avenue, lAHURL B. WAITS, tat Seventh street, Waahl Jgton, D. C.; nd R. 8. T. CISbKL, Georgetown; to whom all orders must e seat, and the Pills will be sent confidentially by mall to idles who ejiclosetkem pee dollar. N. B.?See signature en the box; to counterfeits la for rT- ]e 8-tf C7"Brandreth?s Fills?Tbe Weak, the ton?3mptlT?, Rheumatic, Costive, Bilious and DeMrate, after orae day's use will find renewed strength aad life pervade very organ of their frames. Rvery dose makes the bluod nrer. The nerves commence In tlie arteries and terminate n the veins. These pills, aa a 8rs$ effort, act a^on the ar srlal blood. Increasing the clreulatloji, by whlrh Impurities re deposited In the veins, and they throw off sneh coilec !ons Into the l>owels, which organ, by tbe energy derived mm Braadreth'a Pllla, expels them from tue eye em. When rst need, tbe pills may occasion grlplug, and even irake the atleut feel worse ; this must be borne with for the good to ome afterwards No great good Is often achieved without otne trouble In Ite attainment, and this rnle appllee to the ecovery of htalth. Thxee aymptome ouly occur where the ody has long straggled ueder a load ef lmpnre, tenadr.ns umort. A conseeaMve aat ft>r a few days will satisfy the lost unbelieving of the grvat good the pills are doing. The tractions should be caremily studied. If understood and >llowed, health and vigor will, in a majority of cases, bo so ured by the aae of BBANDRKTH'S Pllla. Hold at U certs per box at 41 Csnal street, Braadretb lulldlng, New Vork; by T. W. nyott A Rons, 1(1 north eoond street, Philadelphia, and by medicine dealers gener lly. nov) 91AR.R1BD On Tuesdav eTenlnp, the 17th Instant, by t* a lev Mr Turner, J AM Ki* RICHARD LOU a Miss REBECCA ANN AMBUSH, all of thla (^altlmsra Sun p!ei-e copy ) ?IBD, In 0eerge(ewn,en the 17th ult , Mr. THOMAS "VCKER, In the Sid year of his a((e (New Voik papers please copy ) On the ierh lustant, Mrt. MARGARET .KNOX, relic of Peter Lenox, aged serenty pren years On the 7th Instant, atS o'clock a m . SUSAN I ELL, in the 3*2d year of,her a^e, grarddaught^r f Thomas Johnson, formerly fezton of the "oundry Cbureh She wis blggly re*p?ctfd by II who knew her, acd her de^ch was sincerely imented; not alcne by Ler son &nd ffranddaugh >is whom she left to mourn their beieaverrent, ut also bv all her acquaintances She died In hrintlan faith. When near her dlsolutlon she ra? askfd?are you willing to die. She replied ever until now 1 shall soon be atresia my a'her's honne, through the blood cf his sen. Now ? o?t my ledeemer, his and erer, from the akies vatrr* all my duat until he shall bid It rise to ive wl<h him in lo?e My friends do meet mr In >eavea " Feace to her remains. * VOCAL MUSIC. H L. IRVING HAS TBE PLEASURE OP Ls* announcing that his Vocal Music Classes or the next term will be organized at his music oom in Temperance Hall, on E street, between :h and 10th, on TUESUA Y EVENING, March 4 th, at 7^4 o'c'ock. Those wishing to unite, for Ither elementary or advanced course, (to be glv >n at day or night ) are requested to be pre?ent. Nothing will be omitted In the ccurse necessary 0 makeeverv memberthoroaghlyacquainted with bote principles which will enable them to rend iiusle unde standingly and sing without the aid if an lnstrnmenr. Terms: Ttwenty-two >8M>ns, 95. Private Instruction (vocal orlnstrumeatal^glvaa it tbe Hall or at the pupil's residence. Applies ation ran he made to Mr. Irvlsg through the Kist tfllce. mar 17 6t? NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. rHE UNDERSIGNED BEGS LEAVE TO Inform hts customers tbat he has m-dea ihangeln his business, which renders It Imperat ively necewary tbat <he affairs of the old concern ihould he 1 in met! lately settled up either by cash v note, at short dates He would also embrace this as a favorable op jortunlty of returning thanks to his many frlenos ind the public generally, for the ratror age te-e :ofore extended to him, and to Inform tht-m that ie has associated with him Johx T Knftvos. ind ihat the business will hereafter be condacted it the old stand, southwest corner of ISih and C itreets, under the name and title of WARDER k KI f < LM ON, wbfrei supply of WOO D.COAL, LIME, SAND. CEMbNT, PLASTEH, f ? , ?an at all tlmea be obtained at the lowest market price WILLIAM WARDER. mar 17 3t VARNULL'S FAINTING KMPURIUM, No 51 Louisiana avnut, north tide, belt*. 6tA and 7tk streets, 13ESPECTFULLV SOLICITS ORDERS for IV all hl"da of HOUSE, SIGN AND ORNA MENTAL PAINTING. Jobbing promptly attended to at the shortest notice Tbe establishment will be opea from a in. to 0^ p m , and all calls will be readily attended to Slzn Work ten per cent, cheaper than Vhe old standard price _ mir flgn of fhes Large Eagle. OKOR8KTOWN FERRY. FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF THg citizens of the District and Fairfax county, the subscriber has commenced running between Geo j^elowa snd Analostan Island 'a safe ai d commodious Ferrv Boat. Foot passeogers, anl mala, and all kinds of vehicle* are transported across the River In the most safe and apeedy manner. Chrages moderate. jnarJ7-3t? W. J. GARY. NOTICE?NOTICE. I HAVE A FEW OF THOSE CHEAP TOI LET SETS on hand, which 1 wish to?jC* close out, and will sell at coet. Also, GOB- aAM LETS and other GLASS WARE, tbat must^/ be ? >d preparltory to a change In my bu. lne?a. AJ1 ihitt waat to buy cheap, please eall at No. J09> between 9th aad 10th stieeU. Peon, avenue. 1 Ihb 17McDEVlTT. AUCTION wat.-? By J AS. O, X^ftliiBB yiLL'AB.LK BUILDINM LOT 4T Pablic NOOlI|,|W.?i,B?r0n 8ATCIDAV after NOONi March 91, At i o'clock, on fhn ? I shall sell Lot numbered *3, of UiTldion'i ??h' S2K" *f.??"? w,^iSSffS ?S 5 *?**?? *" l*th between K end L streets M^r,a*^n5 baek ?*> ?o " alley. i ? beautifully situated la a health* aad ?pdlL1"ProTm? I*" of ?*? city, and is ver? desirable for a private residence ' Terms: One-fourth, cash; the residue In 9 n and 18 months, for satisfactorily see on d notes' beariag Interest. J. O. McGUiRK ' mM ^ Auctioneer. By A GREEN, Auctlneer. TTOVSEHULD AROKITCHEN IURNI. II Aactten?On WEDNESDAY,

the 29th Instant I shall sell, at the residence of a family declining housekeeping, No. 836 F street, next to the corner of 14th street, at 10 o'clock a. m , a good assortment cf Furniture, Tlx: Mahogany Scfts, Chairs, Bookcases, and Ward robes Mahogany Centre Tables, Bureaus, aad Wash stands Painted Wardrobes, Cane-seat Chairs Cottage Bedsteads, Feather Beds ard Bedding Hair and Shuck Mattressei 3 ply, Ingrain, and other Carpets, Oilcloth, and Malting Air-tight, and other 8toves With a lot of Kitchen Requisites, and many oth er articles which we deem unnecessary to enumerate. Terms: All sums under (U, cash: over 915 a credit of 60 and to days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. mar 19 d A GREEN, Auct'r. By J AS C. McG UiRE, Auctioneer. ITANOSOni FURNITURE AND Hsase 11 keeping Effects at Pablic Aactlen ?On FRIDAY MORNING, Maichv7th, at 10o'clock, at the residence of the Hon. Jtfl'er#on Davis, cor ner cf 18 h and G streets,! shall sell his Furniture and Effects? Suite of bandsorre Rosewood Parior Furniture, richly carved and finished in crimson Broc atelle, consisting of lar*e French Scfa. two Arm. and four ParJor Chairs Suite of Blue and Goid BrocatelJe covered Furn iture. consisting of two Tete-a-Tete and four Parlor Chairs Rosewood Marble-top Centre Tables Gothic, Rush, and Cane-neat Fancy Chairs Handsome Brccatelle ard Lace Curtains, with cornice and fixtures complete Suite of Walnut Carved Parlor Furniture, fin ished in blue damask Gilt frame Pier ('lass, slab, ard bracket Walnut Secretary, Et?geres Suite of Mahogany crimson plush covered Parlor Furniture Leather covered Arm and Reclining Chairs Solid Oak Ball set, consisting of Settee, Table, ard four Gothic Chairs Handsome Velvet, Brusrels, and Three-ply Car pets Brussels stair Cerpets, Oilcloth, Matting Damask and Chintz Curtains, Cornice, Ac. Handsorte .Mahogany Bedsteads Bureaus, Wardrobes, Washstands Mattresses Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows White Marble op, Drab, and Imitation of Oak Cottage Sets China, branlte, and Japanne4 Toilet Seta Walnut ExUnrlon Dining Table Marble-top Sideboard Cane-acat Chairs Chinee Extension Chair, Teapoys French China Dinner, Dessert, and Tea Service Glassware, Table Cutlery, Castors French China, Granite, and Painted Toilet Sets Hat-tree, Oilcloth, Matting, Ac Toge he w 11 an excell nt assortment of Kitchen Requisites. also? At 3 o'clock, in front of the residence, a large and handsome Caleshe Caniage, built to order, and in first rata condition. Also, a pair of handsome Bay Carriage Horses, well broke, and fine travellers Also, a set of heavy silver-plated Carriage Har ness. Terms : #f0 and under, cash ; over that sum a ciedit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed tctes, bearing interest. rear 19-d J. C Mc6Ul RE, Auct^ By A. GREKN. Auctioneer. p\TE?S!VE SALE OF VEHY SUPERI. or Farmtare, Piano Ferte. Billiard Ta bia, Cj 11 PnictiDgs, Wiuti nnd Brandy, Horses, Carriages, and Harness at Aactisa tin MONDAY, the JWih Instant, 1 shall sell, comment ing at 10 o'clock a m , at the re idence cf fcll?h_a Kiggs, Esq , on North G, No '221, be tween 17th and 18th streets west, a very superior a?sortme.-it of Furniture, Ac , viz: Fine Rosewood casf Grand Piano Forte, made by Erard, of France, a superior instrument Two full suites of Rosewood and Walnut Parlor F'urnlture. covered with flg-tred and crim son damask Handsome Rosewood Sofa Centre, card and side Tables Two gilt gothic-frame French plate side Mirrors, 91 by 28 inches, with marble pier Brackets, complete Two gilt gothic-frame Mantel Mirrors, 68 by 48 Inches One fine Convex Mirror, one large Psyche Glass Very superior damask, brocatelle and lace Win dow Curtains, with Cornlcear.A Ornaments Gothic, fancy and arm Ca?tor Chairs Superior bronx;d Mantel Clocks, with Candeia bras to match Bu:scult and bronxed Statuary and Mantel Orna ments A la*ge assortment of Oil Paintings Fine gilt andbrorz^d Gas and Candle Chande liers Marbk-top walnut Sideboard, with Deck and Mirrors Rosewood marble top Commode Walnut Extension Table A large assortment < f Cut Glass and China A complete set of heavily plated Sheffield Silver Ware-vegetable and meat Dishes, with covers, Scup Tureen Walnut Morocco-covered Dining Chairs Walr.ui carving Table Handsome 11 owerrd Table Ete,jere, Esjretolre, or Lady's Cabinet Fine Rosewood velvet covered recumbent, and morccco covered Castor Chairs Very superior rosewood and inlaid Billiard Ta ble. with Cues and Fixtures comp ete, a premium article Flee marble top mahogany and walnut dressing Bureaus. vVash Closets and Stands Walnut and mahogany Wardrobes and Beds e.ds Feather Bids, Bedd ng. Hair and other Mattre-ses Velvit. Tapestry, Brussels and ether Carpets and Rugs Painted cottage Chamber Sets, Kitchen Requi sites, Ac A'so, a fine lot of oldWInes and Brandy. And en Wednesday, the 1st of April, we shall sell, at 13 o'clock m.? Two excellent Family Carriage Horses Two very superior riding H jrses, which work well in double or single harness One good Mi'ch Cow, now giving milk Ore Family Carriage, with shifting top One Coupee, made by Watson, of Philadelphia One two seat iight Family Caniage, for four per sons One open Photon and one Buggy, and a large lot of exce lent Harness Teims : All sums under 850, cash; over 850, a credit of 60 and P0 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing Interest. A.GREEN, mar 19 eolw&d Auctioneer. P. 8.?The sale will commence in the dining rootn, with the Cut Glass, China, and Silver Plate. The ladles and gentlemen of Alexandria, Georgetown, and Washington, and the public la general are respectfully Invited to this sa'e, as iVy will find it to be worthy their attention 7 A GREEN. By JAMES C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer FUftNITUHE AND HOUSEHOLD EF. feeta it Aacllen .-On THURSDAY MORNING, March 19th, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Lieut Ives, U. S A., No 401 Sev enteenth street, betwfen H and I streets north. I ?hall sell all his Furniture and Effects, comprlc tog Walnut carved hair spring Sofa Rockers and Parlor Cnslrs Walnut Seer, tary and Whatnot Centre, sofa and rout Tables Walnut leather-covered reclining Chair Gas Chandeliers and Fixtures throughout the house A few fine Oil Paintings Velvet, Brussels and other Carpets, Rugs Brocatelle and Lace Curtains, Cornice, Ac. Walnut ext nsion dining Table, Sideboard China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Cane and wood seat Chairs. Clock Walnut Dressing Bureas, Washstands Looking Glasses, Chintz Cnrtalna "Bedsteads, Wardrobe*, Crib Hair and Husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows Superior Refrigerator, Chamber Stoves Cocking Stove and Fixtures, Oilcloth, Ac Together with a general assortment of household and Kitchen Requisites street, between M and N streets north, an excel lent assortment cf Furniture, vis: Mahogany Sofa, Parlor Chairs,and Rocker Do Dressing Bureau Do marble-top Centre and other Tablsa Painted Cottage Set Maple and other Beds eadsand Stands Wardrob?, ear.e and wood-seat Chairs Lounge, fine hair and other Mattresses Looking Glasses 3-p y, Ingrain, aad stair Carpets and Rods Cooalng? Radiator, and other Stoves With a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: 8*9 and and -r, cash; over that sum. a creditor to acd 0) days, tor satisfactorily endorsed nous, bearing Interest J O McGUIRE mir 17 Auctioneer. ITT* TLe ab>ve Sale it Psstpeaed aatll MONDAY MORNING, March same hoar, i PHI IS _ J. 0. MeQUIftJR, Auc'r, By WALL, BARNARD * OO., HOtJ?H0U> AROKITCHCN r(JRHL tare?On THURSDAY, the 1Kb luUnt, we shall sell, wi(boat reserve. at store No 419 Penn. itcidc, between 3d and 4* strrsts, south tide, commencing et 10 o'clock a. a., a large asd handsome assortment of Houie FurnUblng Goods, consisting In part et? Mahogany 8oflu7Tete-t-Tete, and Lounge. Do Cbalra, arm and name Rockers Do Tables, Washstands, Bedsteads Case and wood-seat Chair*. Clocks Lotklne-Clawo, Racks, Mats Toilet Sets, Knives and Forks, Carveri _ _ Plated Tn-ttblrtm! desert Spoons and Forks Castors, fluid, oil, and other Lamps H^alters, Trays, Vases Bo?ar Lamps, Cups and Saucers China Tea Sets, Decanters Slop and Foot Jars, Dusting Brushes Tumblers, Goblets. Pitchers Cream and Sugar Dishes, Tureens Compoteers, copper and ether Saucepans French Griddles, Gas Cooking stoves Also, a large assortment of Howe Furnishing Goods, which will bf aoid without rw^rtc WALL, BARNARD A CO . ?n*r 16-dts Auetiont ItTTlir Him II rssipsaed. am ah. count of the rain, until MONDAY MORNING March 23, same hour, when It will positively take place mar 19 W ALL, BARNARD A CO , Aucs By JAS. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE OF VALUABLE Froper?y ia the First Ward.?On THURSDAY AFTKRNOON, March 19, at 5 o'c'ock. on the premises, I shall sell to the high est bidder, Lot No 4, in Square No 80, fronting 63 feet 7 Inches on north F. between *1st and ttd streets w<M?,!utnlng back V5? feet 8U Inches, con taining H,1M square feet Also, immedlately after the above ? Part of Lot i\o 11, in Square No HO frontlnr 34 fee 6 Inches on north P, between *5th and a*tb ?treets, running back 7G feet, containing *,5S? square feet, snd all of Lot No It, same square, fronting 54 feet 6 Inches on same street, running hack 1(5 feet to a thirty f*et alley, containing j 4.997 squ re feet, with the Improvements, cou : siting of two small frame Dwelling Houses. Terms: One-tblrd ca?h; the residue in six atd f twelve month*, with Interest, secured by a deed , of trust on the premises. mar 18-d J A8.J3 McGUIRK, Auct _j Bv A. GRKEN, Auctioneer. Handsome anu nearly-new Household ecd Kitchen Furniture at A action.? On FRIDAY, the 20th Instant, 1 shall sell, at the retidenre of Mrs Gage, at the Webster Hcus*, next to the Unitarian Church, on Louisiana avenue, at lu o'clock a. m., an ex cellent assoitment of Furniture, vli: Mahogany spring feat Sofas ar.d Chairs Do Centre, Sofa, and other Tab es Do French and Cottage Bedttrads Do Dressing aud other Bureaus, and Washstands Mahogany marble-top Wash Closets and Stands Cherry Extension Dining Table iron Hat R ck. Wardrobes and Closets Cane seat Oak Dining Chairs Brocatelle Window Curtains and Shades Feather Beds, Hair and other Mattresses, Bed ding China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Castors, Girandoles, Looking Gl-sses Large lot rf Stone China Toilet Sets Brussels, Three-ply, and other Carpets Oilcloth, Matting, Hearth Rugs, and Mats Coking Range, Radiotor, Alr-tljjlt and other Stoves Stair Rods, Sbcvel and Tongs Also, a good lot of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: All sums under S25, cash ; over ?25 a credit of 30and 60 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed.bearing interest. A. GREEN, m ar 17-St Auctioneer. Bv B A KNAR D A BUCKEY, Georgetown. ~ First-class residence at PaMie Sale.?On FR1DA Y, 20th Instant, at 5 e'clk p m . we will sell, in front of the premises, at tub'lc sale, that superior and commodious Dwel lug lately occupied by Prof Ruel Keith. The house Is built In the be?t manner with regard to comfort and convenience There is a batn-rorm and green-house, cistern In the yard, Ac The Lot fronts 60 feet on BeaU street, near Congress, and runs back 120 feet. There are beautiful horse-chcsnut trees on tae front rf the lot. The locality is good, the nelgborhood is quiet and pleasant. Altogether it is one ef the most desir able habitations In Georgetown. The terns of sale, which are extremely liberal, will be mide known on the day of sale tale positive ? BARNARD A BUCKEY, Aucts. Persons wishing to purchase can inspect the prt mise? on application to B. A B. m? r 18 Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer HAN DMM1E TVruklOKYAND ATTIC Brick House and Lot at Aactisu.?On FRIDAY, the i.0!b ln*tant, 1 shall sell, at 5 o'clock p m., In front of the premises, a hand some two-story and att'c Bilck House, containing nine go->d and conveniently arranged Rooms and Passage, with Stable and Carriage-house attach ed. and the lot on which it stands, being west part of Let No 9,1a Square No. 3i4, having a frrnt on North C street of twenty-nine feet one inch, between 11th and 12th streets west, running back to a wide alley. Terms: One-half cash; balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing interest from rf?vof sale Ade. d given and a deed of trust taken. Titie indisputable, and sale peremptory, as the owner ingoing to leave the city. mar 11-d A. cKEEN, Auctioneer. By A. AlEEN, Auctloreer. HANDSOME AND ELIGIBLE BUILD ia| Let near the Capital, at Aactisa. On MONDAY, the :23d instant, 1 shall tell, at 5 o'clock p. m., in front of -the premises, a very handsome Building Lot, being part of Lot No. 2, in square No. 761, having a front of 31 feet ten Inches cn south B street, between Pennsylvania avenue and Cd street east, with a depth of one hundred and thirty six feet one inch, to a thirty feet alley This handsome pronerty is near the residence of R. BeaU, E q., and near the Capitol. Terms: One-f<ra-th cash; balance In 6, 12 and 18 months, tbe purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing intere-t. A deed given, and a deed of trust taken All conveyance ?t the cost of the purchaser mar 17-d A. GREEN, Auct. By JAS. C. MsGUiRE, Auctioneer. RICK AND STONE OF THE ftatiseal Theatre at f nblic Aactisa.?On FRI-| DAY AFTERNOON, April 10th. at 4 o'clock. J on the premises, 1 stall sell tbe entlrelotof Brick ! and stone standing in tte walls and stacked up ia front of the National Theatre comprising about 600 000 brick atd large quantity of blue reek In , the foundation. Offers for the abcre at private sale will be en tertained, the bilck sold bv measurement In tie waLs and taken down by the purchaser A credit of iwi aad four months will be give t, , for approved endorsed no'es, bearing interest, mar 17-d JAS C. McGUlKE, Auct. B Farm at auction.-on the 3oth ' day of March, (MONDAY,) on thepremlses, 1 will sell at public auction, my Farm, in Fairfax county, on the Little River Turnpike, 3# miles from Alexandria, and near Mr Cloud's mill. It oontalns about one hundied and fifty-three acres, ? from <55 to 60 acres in eultlvatloa, the balance in wood, principally Oak and Hlckorv; 50 or 60 acres benvl y wooded - from 25 to 3o acres are well set in timothy and clover; and if the weath er Is favorable, 1 calculate to have seeded the corn land cf last >ear in Oats, and a good portion of land broken up for this year's corn crop by the time of the ?ale. There is a neat and substantial Frame DweUing, containing four good sized rooms, passage, and two porches, all necessary out bal ding*, good fencing, Ac., on the farm, all of whicn have been put up since 185*. Churches, Schools, and Mills convenient, good society, Ac. The land is really rich, lies prettily for cultiva'ion, has water in each field, and a nev er failing spring a few steps from the door It Is the best small farm c fferlng In the vicinity of Alexandria, and would make a gocd market farm. Considering its proximity to the Alexan dria and Washington markets, easy terms, Ac , It presents a chance rarely met with, and those wishing to purchase, would do well to call and view It,as 1 lntendc hanging my business,and the salewill be positive. My PostOacels Mt Pierce, ? Fairfax connty. t Terms of Sal* ?Five hundred dollars t<* be paid on the day of sale, and the residue it two equal annual instalments of one and two years? the deferred payments to beer interest from date, snd be secured l?y a deed of trust upon the prem Possesslon given 1st of May F. A. C. TERRKTT. Glen Mary, Fairfax co. feb26-eots A FARM FOR SALE BY AUCTIOR.? On MONDAY, the 6th of April proximo, at 11 a m , the undersigned will sell, on the premi ses, to the highest bidder, bis BLADEN FARM, of 60 acres of choice garden farming Land, situ ated in Alexandria countv( Va . a fourth of a mile from the Letsbarg rurnplke, and three fourths of a mile from the Junction of that Turn pike with the Columbia Turnpike to Washington cltv. For full particulors concerning this farm, see an advertisennent In another column of the Star Persons desiring to view the o remises can reach them by inqulrlrg at Bailey's X Roads, at the junction of tbe Turnpikes mentioned above, or at BaU's x Roads, on the road leading from George town Ferry, from which Ferry the Bladen Farm la < miles distant. ? Terms of sa e : One-tblrd cash, on thedellvery of the deed, and the balance In equal Instalments on 1 ard*yevs rime, with Interest. A warranted dffd olvensnd a deed of trast taken to secure tie I'W"-""-' W. O, WAW^Ofl. 1 ...Sum H M ITELEORAPH NEWS. FROM TITS ASSOCIATED PKB&M. Low Water 1b ike Miaaiaaippi i Saw ORLxajia, Maach 17 ?Thewetoronthe oar at the moult of 0>e rWe* baa beoome ao >o? that navigaiioa is suspended for raaaala of ?large f]*?i Already thirtj ihipe, beaidea other oraft, are bow at anchor inside the b\r, in eonseqneoce of being aaafcle to rr ?! tbe boat* wbkh ara da- . tamed is tbe steamer Philadelphia, boaad to Havana. Thia obstruction to navigauoc af ?our?e not only seriously affects theeomtaeroe and hactnen of wor ci\y, hot la a great tooon yenicnce aod low to trayeleta aad shippers Baltimore Market*. Baltihou, March 19?Flour ia dall aad nominally unchanged. Wheat has declined 2aSe; sales of rod at SI St) iSl 38. and white Sl.&OaSl i%. Cora la Arm; sales of white <2s6&o , and yellow OSaftio Whisky ia unohanged; Citj aad Ohio at 2Ca27c. Hew York Xarkoti New York, March 19 ?Floar la depressed. aalas of 8 5<H> bbls ; State S5 PPsffl 10; Sooth ? ?>rn has (inclined; sales at $A 90a$A 70; Ohio h*s declined So.; sales at $6 70 Wheat ia yery dull; sales of 3I,0f0 bushels; prices ?xe nomira'. Corn is tonding down ward: mixed 70c.: yellow and white have de cliaed 1e P?*rk has advance 1 15c.; nets $24. Beef is buoyant; repacked Chicago $18 Lard i? fte?<1y at 14{e. Whisky closed inn; Ohio 20fo. Financial Kew 'ionic. March 19.?Stocks are firmer ; Chiosco and Rock Island 1051; Cumberland Coa' 1 SI; lilireis Central shares 154; Michi gan Southern 73]; New York, Central 89. J'onn.'yivania Coal 9e?; Reading 79#; Cantoaa 23i; V irginia 6 s 92; Missouri 6's 84*. Sterling exchange is dull By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. HAJID^OME BUILDING LOT ON 4 k a treat, sear Maryland aveaae, ot Aee. Oea.-On MONDAY, the 2"d Instant, I ahall sell, at 4 o'clock p m . In front of the premise*. J ot No. 13, In square No J'M, baring a front on street, of 4S feet, between .Maryland avenue and south C street, tunning back 145 feet to a 40 f et alley Terms : One-third cash; balance in 6, IS and 1? months; the purchaser to give notes frrthe payments, beating Interest from ttediy of sale. A deed Riven and a deed of trust taken. mar 17-d A GRhKN, Aoet Lost and Found. jko REWARD ?LOST?ABOUT THE 1th of January last, a plain SOLD RIN0, With preen blood ttone set engraving of an Unl et* n H'-nd on top The above reward and thanks of the owner will be glyen if left at this oflce. mar IT? 3te TEN DOLLARS REWARD STRAY HORSE ?A SMALL BAY HORSE, well conditioned, escaped on the night flV . of ihe lith Instant, with saddle. U ao ever will return said Horse, or .give information where be may be found. shall receive the above re ward. R. C. FOX, Columbl&n College, 1) C 14th street. mar 17-St* For Bal? and Rent. For rent? a small farm, con talning IT % acna of highly Irnprorel Land, i tuated on New Read from Georgetown, and ad | >lnlng Ltrovers' Krst It has on it a tne Dwel I ng Hi use, Barn, Stables, and other out build ings; besides an Orcbard of t bolre Peach Ap? pie. Cherry, Apricot, and P um Trees, and for ;aid nlng purposes is unsurpassed It also has in it a good slaughter House, and would suit a person carrying rn thebuteher buslnesa. Inquire >f Til Oft E SHOEMAKER, Northern Liberty >r Centre Market. mar 19 lw* FOR RENT?THE WELL KNOWN FINE three-story Bilck Owe; lng with two-stciy back BulMi"gs on 8th street, opposite tbe 6ea< ? 1 l*o?t ii4".e. lately occu>ied by Col. J>hn W . Forney 1 he liouse is la ge snd comm dlous, with all the modern conveniences, Gas, Water lla:h-Room. and H?aters.and lias a large Garden ittached There la connec'ed wlta tho property i new Brick : table, with sleeping rooms for Mer ? ants. The house is situated upon an elevated, ilrv position, la a quiet neighborhood. Will be ':nt d Furr.lshed or unfurnished, on a lease,If de ilred Irqulreof Col. JOHN W FORNEY,at viarsfcal Hoover's, on 6 street, between 14th aad I5t'i. where he will renoaln for a few diya. mar 19-5t* Handsome four-story brick HOUSE AND LOT AT PRIVATE SALE. The snbrfcriler wi 1 sell, at private sale, tbe band iome four-story Rilck He use and Lot situated tn north O, between 4 h and 5:h s rtota west; tho ot being partrf lot No. 2. In Square No. 51b, ind contains '2 *00 square fe t of eround. I he xojse, being No 514, opposite Judiciary rquare, ;jntains cine good and convenient rooms and wide pass?ge, and a large cistern in tbe yard It wi!t be soid on reasonable terms For further pa tleulara inquire of tbe subscriber, on the premisea. o? at Mr A Lee'a tffl;e, Feina. av enue, between 1^ and 0th streets mar itf eotf D C. REED. A DELIGHTFUL SUMMKR RESIDENCE on tbe Helah's of Georgetown for Reat ? The cv.bscriber offers for reut his House and Furniture fo-sti mmths frcm the 1st of May. A raiuable Cook wiU be hire* to the tenant. Timf IS-tf LOUIS MACKALL. F IOR8ALE.?THE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS _ tor sale his Farm of ;0i? a-?res, situated on the Wasti.ifeton and i sl in ore Railroad, half a ml e romasw.trh. and 1 mile from Beltsvllle Fo-t JtUce, 13 miles from W-shlngton, and S5 from Italtlmrre The lmnrovem?nta consist of s new rr?m? Dwelling, (tw > stories,) a large new Bern, jod all the nec-^sary our-buildings, lce-Mou-e, [full of ice.) a young and thrifty Orchard of select fruit There Is about 40 bu?he s of wheat aoorn with gu*no If not sold before (cf which notice w'U be given) the above will be cfTered to the highest b dder, on WEDNESDAY, tbettthday Df March if fa r, if cot tbe next fair dav. tale to take place on tbe premises, at 1? o'clock. Terms made known the day of sale Po-sosalon given 1st of April. If tbe Farm is sold, the Stock and all the Household and Kitchen Furniture will atao be sold at the same time and place EDWARD HERBEHT, Be tsvIUe. Md. its-v?From thrc" tc four buadred Aeresof Land adj-iinlrg. mostly In wood, and nearer the Pal road, on which Is a small two atory Brick H. ose will t e r ff v A at tv.e ?ame time and pla-e, ar d sold in lots to ault purchasers mar 1: ???_ F^Ok RENT -THE LAR8EANDJCONVE n.ent House No 333 New V ork aveane, be twee a 8th and lIKh streeU. . Inquire oa the prem lsea. m>rl7'*S For rknt.-a mecium sized dwel lln2 House, on Maiyland avenue, betwaen 8th and 7th ^UceU, containing ? Rooma Per Dartlculars irquixe of \\ ALL. BARNARD* CO , corner Penn. avenue and 9th streets, mar 17 eo3t* F~ OR SALE?THE STOCK AMJIP1XTURES of a Mil unary and Faney Store. An excel leut stand for buslteaa, on 7th street, between 8 and H F"or further particulars Inquire on the pem'.sea, No. 425 7th street. mar 17-lf For rent ?a large and firb* clesa Dwelling House, ellglblyeltuated.urlth all the modern lmproyemmta The preeont oc cupant has recently furnished It In the beat at vie, and will dispose of Furniture, or any part of It. at a grest bargain > pply for terms to JAMEa J MILLER, corner 10th street and Penn avenne. mar 17-3t? SPRING OOODI. ? HAVE JUST RECEIVKD A gPLK^" 1 assortment of BONNEFS. R1BBO and FLOWERS, all of the very la eat im- JU| low to milliners i ta"*T mpart.haai 1 promise u> adlw cJJ*^IkTCii1?ON, mod. " Market Soaca. N. b -i wooi; ~,,psct2ST,i;!?,S,S,"S" tomera who kave no Bt te ^eclrablo, as I counts tbst an early - wiu? settled before new would like all January billa aettiea aoiore ? ?TarT4?f^nH MRS R ? ETCH1SON "let THE FA?T ?PRA* FOR TH* f* Oyatera Improving J rEo rpHROUGHOUT THE RECB/* ^ 1 longed retrclty of Oyste??,. have always Lai a roralar^supp moderate prlaas, full Hag all asj ^ gsgemeats, demonstrating {he Sre tbe den1 era from whom to'?oy *a?KRT. VEnY BKST OYSTER? ad