Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. PATBICira DAT I* AMEBICA The March wind shook the withered pn' AiuEg the lonesome prairie, A. Denned drank ** cheerful flaw And talked with Iriah Mary. ?? six years ijo," he eatd? " we flfd Acrcn* the western ocean; My parte was light?my heart was lead, Naught left hat thy devotion. ?? We fled because we saw our land One ?cene of devas'atlna. When Famine's celd and bony hand Descended on the nation. " The crimson flames enwrapt our home, The slsna's of eviction ; The landlord stood and scoffed like some Incarnate malediction. " The thick smoke veiled that poor abode, Beloved by us, though humble ; And we-ping la the wintry road, We heard our roof-tree tumble, " And then we tied?but as the ?hlp F rom our dear Island bare us, There was a tremor In each lip, And womea walled In chou*. " We fled, nor staid till the Great West In Its wide arras lecelved us, And on Its teader giant breast We haif forgot what grieved us. * ? The land we tread on is our own ; Our own the roof that covers : And though oar head* have older grown, We've ceased not to be lovers. ?? For on the soli that freemen till More grows than what Is plant? 4, And Love and Truth and Virtue fill The land with flowers enchanted. " So here on Patrick'snatul day I drink my second mother , \ et let no man presumptlous sa7 That I forgot the other." 80 while the March wind bent the grass Upon the lonesome prairie, l>ld Dericod drlcv. his chterral glass A nd talk with I rlsh Mary iRFlVALS AT THE PRINCIPAL HOTELS. T^lllnrda' If etel ?J. O. 4 V. A. WILLABD J Wyle, NC C Gwilloc, Pa FWTiOsM.NY A Ward f t Carroll C Schvrackhamer H Bested H C R"? well C V Hoe an 8 J T.ldon J A Stewart, NY M Cahlll, Pa Hon E Hart, do M Connolly. NY \\ Clark, do J Poberty, do J Hayman. Pa J Murphy, do J C smltii, 111 J Caldy Hn* XV Turner, NY J O'Doaaeil, NY ? H Stevens. Fa M M Davieson, Md J Murphy, NY R B Fo bes, Mass .'olBchen, Md J Campbell, N Y * I N"rrls. l a H W Ford, Ga i Mahar. do W VcConkey, NY MaJ Rankin, do A J Hackley, Pa J Han, Md J P Brencen. Pa L Slater, do HC M^'ler, NJ c B Gunnell, Mass J W Condlt do T D Gilbert, 111 Mrs C Parker, P Hag*ine, Me Col Spencer, Md Judge Watting, Mica Mrs Llndsly, chi d NY J E Hunt, NY MUs Lind?ley, do W Wendell, d? J W B!nghain, do J Steele, do Mr Greene, do J Ltopidjo-.t* Pa DrGrren, do Dt Cpsaer, Ya * B t.'arpeaier, Va, Wis J Carpenter, do Judge keanedy, Pa L WiUu len, NY W Curdy, Md J 8 Bur?e, ly, Pa R Curdy, do Miss Burge, do H B Lewis, de L J Howe, O 1) Rudder, Ma?s T R Peilett NY G J foae.s. Pa Y Pelic::, da J L Brett, do P. J Fluyd, T ? ttor:on, Ten if eiel.?t. r. 4 v. mwi. J H Gox, Va DD Woods, Md J D Kernel, Pa C F Woods T Flake Pa MissWocds H T 9m'. th Miss Ran*on J Bowyer L W Greenball. 9C J Hrowa, .Md R 8 Miller Miss D^omis, Mass C K Mitchell R Nott, Pa GBidwe l,N\ J N etone, fkm, MJ K D <Jgdsn Miss Hays Hon T A MaBnlrise, Pa i'r Jonnson. NC J J Word R C Dsbney, Na M Ho!lister, Wis M M Cowles J M Brewste' ? ?"?*,?' Va u L Fwtore. fom G Johns n. Miss W W Dlx Hon J J Far an, O E PeWcan G K Cralcroft, Ta GK Mcbuag'e, Mo Hh u <f??d lease, -j. a a. n. *ia*woo?. I Hokeety Pa J H Pa'ri^k, NJ EWGeer.NY A T Gray, Va A C Cowes. Va Mrs 6ray, do ^ ,9',We* 4o B Thompson, Minn A V Gardner. Ala T Rltchie/do G B Duva ,do C W stein. pa Dt h orbes, Va C Glsny, do Di C*n. Cal W J Layton, J Hafermnnan. Pa J W Goodwin, NH ? 2 ^c,*rari*' IB J Emory, Md ? K, M USN N Myrlck, MT ?? ^^m??????????? NOTICE. JlflY WIFE, ELIZABETH OABNEY, AND myself having separated, and now living separate and apart from each other nnder sueih circumstances as exempt me from liability foi any debt which abe may contract, 1 deem it proper to give notice to the public at large, as I iiereby do, that she la not authorized to contract any debt on my account, or credit, and that 1 will not be responsible for, or pay any detit which she may contract?itaer In her own name or mine CHISWELL DABNEY. LTjicHsrae, Va , February 14, 18S7. feb dim BO**? Pi>HY, COLTS, AND TO UNO cows r??r sale. A FAST GOING THO-, |roughly gentle TORONTO ?-?.r TJ"Vf*rsolinext May' 8 lot of aa ^ Toronto,and others; ? .umi^r of COWS, with first Calves, of mixed Devon and Durham blood,?for sale at Wood Co Farm, a milesover theNavy Yard Bridge IrqulreatNo *A rena. avenue, or of the Manager on the Farm, mar o-t/ O MONEY TO LOAN and silver watches val?M? *Y> eUlNS' PISTOLS, and all ? . . JOHN ROBINSON, Pawn Broker, ftb 4-Jm .4l? Pa av , opp. Browns' Hotel. notice. A LL TAXLS FOR THE YEAR 183d R?. Jl?* ?.Q?a1^ "l"1 ** "^^ed by the 1st of ??v ,A'ter I will proceed todis raln J?. P*"00" Delinquents would p?ate &l-e-d to this, to save Utuble and ex C F. 8HEKELL, Tax Collector. f,*T?w*> i>- C , March Jd, 1S57. fHal l-iifii NO WASHINGTON ATANUFACTURED SILVER WARE ON ?itm fc-,ti0BKaC ,hc MetroPo"?*n Mechanics' -e-w?^ r k t eT7y descrtPtlo? of fine 811. !n? ?? ,cen of manuroctur HOOD'S, ??^1. ' 338 Penn. a vs. near ?th st .,m,JtAu,OI,!AaL* ??wRINO HOODS. IOHN H 8.400T, No. 119 BRIDGE ST ? G,eo,^et0Wn' D C , has received and 1. now t?()(hj^ ac assortment of SPRING ^ additions will >oon be iTsAftom thit* frrw V ork ?? i-srlng the foliowir.2 tiood* viz ? 10 Llh Gro dr Rhine Sllhs ' Cuallle Robes And Goaishalr Pla'dn ^ K ZZ&L"*S2?E u bite^n^Buff Chintaes and BrlUiaau, (ntat ?%?*** Fr,au' nw ??ytoaand fast Striped Calicos and Sattleaa, for children Jl?lUr aUd WhUe Bfll"?nts, cheap . 4-*'P^d Mn?llnw. from I2?c tot$r White Cambrics (of Jone-'celeorit^ii Lon* u,otb? for ladles,) ?ntl Jseonets, Nainsook and Swiss Muslins ^"2 o^r.??r f Co^n ^^^K^bSt,mi?)LiMm* TabiJ 5am?^" VSto 5?.! T"* ?PP'?ved mtkes> Bird KyeTll?i?wr J 'L* ana N?ptlu, 1< *:t Cm?k iUa"? ? ?**U a^d Aaier W ulte M^rstiiiek # Gents' and boys' tonoudM. Denlioh and \an> Velvet and Bonnet Kl2iMweM Udlei' and Gents' Kid uu. n-rmben) ?loT8B (aU ?!,? ud Brown EngiUh * Bm?, b^t ,l44ke_ Ladles and Cctiou Ho?^ Wlu mar./ other nhuutie he Invites tie attention of cask cu-fomti, ' j L' and mar <-tf ^ 8*00T. /'HINA H.OWIR VASES, Airy <L^ C > aad Saucers. Perfume BotUea, Match SUcL *c., suitable for presents, at ?ax 17.? LAJUtOND-fl, 7tk stiwC I f Wo. 67*.} By tht Pretidtnt of th? Uaited State*. N PURSUANCE OP LAW, I, FEANKLlW _ PIERCE, President of the Uniied States America, do Hereby declare and make known that Eob'ic talee will be bold at the undermentlwM and Offlies in the Stat* or Iowa, at the P*,f,CKl8 feereu.after designated, to wit: . At the Land office at Onoe, Monday, the fourth icy of May nexi, ** r'lfr^rhT^ of the public 'and situated within the following named townships, vis: South of the t-aee Une and ???* ?/ pHlKipal meridi <1# - Townships ninety niae and one hundred, of range Township* nmety^ight, ninety-nine, and one hundred, of range eierew. Township' ninetyeight, ninety nine, and one hundred, of range twtke. Township* nin?ty nine and one hundred, of range thirteen. ? Townships ninety nine and one hundred, of range fourteen. Townships ninety-nine and one hundred, of range fifteen. Township one hundred, of range teuenleen. Township one hundred, of range twentu Townships ninety eight aad one hundn d, of range twenty Mice. Townships ninety (bur, ninety fir.', ninety six, ninety-sevpn, ninety eight, ninety-nine, am unr hundred, of range twenty four At the Land office at FoaT Dodoe, commencing on Monuay, the fourth day of May neit, f?r the dis posal of the public land situated within the follow ing t amed townshipa. Tie: North of the ban Itne and we?t of the fifth principal mrMioih Township* ninety-f,ur, ninety five, ninety-six. ninety-seven, niceiy eight, ninety-nine, and one hundred, of range twenty-fire. Townships ninety-tour, ninety five, ninety six, ninety sev -n, ninety-eight, ninety nine, and one hundred, ot range hoentyir. Townships ninny four, ninety nine, an.] one hun iir<*d,of lange twenty m en Township out hundred, of range twenty-ci^ht Township one hundred, of ra ige twenty nine. At the Land office at Siorx City, lommoucinf on Monday, the fourth day of >1 ay next, for the dis po.-a' < f th? public lands situated within the follow inn named townships, vis: South of the tan Itne and meet of the fifth principa meridian. Township ninety f >ur, of range thirty four. I'ownshps ninety four ani mn-ty fivs, of rangi thirty fire. T)wn?bip nine-y five, of" ra*rtff thirty-fir Townships ninv.y bjx and ni:i* y-even, of ra thirty^ight. Town-hips ninety-six a iu ?T-ty--vvt*' ^ of rai>gi thir'y nine. Township ninety-seven, of r*i ? f r y Townships ninety-six and nlne?> ? . , of tan?i forty one T iwnship ninety six, of range forty three. Township ninety-six, of ranjre/or'y/our. Township n???eiy-six, of range forty-fire. Township* ninety live and nir.tty fix, of rangi fort y-iir Townshipa ninety-five and ninety-six, of rang< torlj neren. F.aetioi a' township? ninety-four, ninety five, ant ninety six, of range forty-eight. Lan is appropriated by law for the n ?: of school* military a-:d other purposes, together with th'?s< ''swamt> and overflowed lauds ma le thereby unli fo. cultivation,-' if any, granted to the S:?u.- by tli> act entitled "An a:t to enablethe *'atc of Ar^ama ana ottier Siatesto rec.a in the 'ewamplaid*' with in their limit," arproved Sepltmb-r 23W, 1850 will b? exciuted from the pa'es. The cu ring of ttie above land* will be c< ra menced on tht days appointed and will proceed n ths order in whicn Uiey are advertise }, until thi wnole sha'l lav: been oOn?d, and tlie sales thui closed; but no sa:es shall b ? Rc^t opan longer tDai two weeks, and n ?< pn\a*s entry oi any of the landt will be admitted u nil a ter the expuauon ot twi weeks. G?ven under ray hand, at the city of Washington this bftnenth day <>f Hec?mber, Anuo U- mini on< thousanl eight Lundred an?i fifty six. PBANKLIN PIERCE. Cy the President: Thom?? A Hkitdricks. Ccmnii?uoaer>r ? (General Land OSce VOTIC'B TO PKE LMPTIOV CLAIMANTS. F.v ry pjr.?.n entitled to tlie right of pre-?rn;'tior to ai>y ot the lands within the townships and ra*h of town?''ip< ab <ve enumerated is required to es tab ish uie aino to the .- atis action of the rt gistei a ?i recf .v^r ot the proper land office, and makeyuy "?eat therefor a* toon a? practicable ajter teeinu Ifit notice, ana before Uk- day appointeu for the cm m-nc? m n? ot tiie public sate of the la -ds *nibrac' i?j tiie tiact claimed ; otherwise eu h ? la;m wilt b furleited. THOMAS A. HLNDKM ?c*, C? min-ssiimer ot the Geaeial Laud OiUce. dec 2fi- aw i Jwx Sale of Indian Inut Lands in Kanits Ter ritory PROCLAMATION bv THF. r-nr^nrxin or thf cinrtD staT?'? t IN PUBS A^CE OF LAW, I. FRANKLir * PI&UC , President ofthe United d'ates,do h^re by declare and in ike known that a pub ic sale wil bj held st Iowa P^int, Doniphan county, in the Ter ritory of Ka< s s, c< inmencmg on Tuesday, the 5tl day ol May n< xt, for tne disporal ot such ol the laud herd in trust by the United Ktates for he benefit o tee I rwa tube o' Indian* ai are situated within ih undermenu .n?-d townships of land in ssid Termor \ and ceded by said Indians in tin t as afbressiJ. u wit: * South of tht b ite line and east of the nrtk princi pal meridian Townsiiips No. on?, m rangt ? rtftec n, sixteen, stv entecn, eigliteeu, nineteen, and twenty. Townships No. two in rangesjeventefti, eight een, nineteen and twenty, excepting therefrom i few special u ants designated in the treaty, am Hint ing in the whole to eight hundred acres, and situsti i a towntbip two, of ranges nineteen and twenty. Also at Paoli, in Lykins county, in stid Territo ry, com inducing on Tues4ay, the twentv-sixih dai ol May next, toy the disposal of iuch of the lar.di held in tru?t by the Ui iie.i States, for the b^n^fit oi the confederated binds i f Kaskaskia, Fe ma. J? na kesliaw, and H'oa Indiana, ns are situated in the tin derm ntioned towi:-hipsof faid Territory, aid ceded by said confederated lands ai a'oresnid, to wit: SoiMh of the butt I ne awl eatt of tht tixth principal meridian. Town?hip-? fifteen, tixieen and sevtnteen, ol range twenty. Townships fifteen, nxteen, a id seventeen, ol range twenty one. Township fi^een, sixteen and seventeen, ol range twenty two. Townships lift, en, sixteen, riventsen and eight een, of ta ige twenty three Township* tiiteen, wxteen, stvonteen, and ewht ern, of ran^e twenty f>>ur. TownshtpM fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eight een, of lau^c twenty five Provision having 0 <?n mule b/ the second and third articles r.f t';e treaty ot cession tha- each indl vidual m inVr of ?a d confedeia ed binds should be entitled to one hundred nnd sixty acres of land ; a id in a Jdtlion, that ten sec ions should be selected and set apart a< a national reservation ; and by the fifth article one fection of six hundred and forty acres tliould also be selected and set apart for the benefit of the Ameri an Indian Mission Association ; and said lands amounting to about fsny i^ht thousand acrts, having bten selected in the following town ship. alKive r a<ued, u wit: Township rixieeo atsd kerentecn, lao^.j tvfntr two. Townships fifteen, Jxtbc j, ?-veuiewa, and etgUl te?n, range twen'y-three Townships sixteea and ^erentean, range tne tty. four. Townslups sixteen and seveMeen, raaje twenty five, are farrety set a part sad from tuie. A'eo, at Lesompton, In said Territory, eommeno Ingon Tuesday, the twenty third . ay ot Jure next, for the dtspfeat of ?a:h of ibe lands held in trust bv ths Umiel ^tate-i for the benefit of tbe lielflwsre tribe of Indaln* a< are situated within 'the under mention el townships, eomprwing the ?rente? po Uon of the la dsceled by ihe stid Delaware I.dians, ta trust as a'orestid, to wit: Soitf A of the line rtnJ cut of the mtk principal m trillion Town-hips five, six, seven, eight, nine, ien> and eleven, ol raiiire fiHoen. Towmhipsseven, eight, nine, ten, end eleven of range *ix'e^n Townships s x, wveo, ?lght, nine, ti?n, and eleven, of ran;;*' seventeen. Towu?Iiips six. seven, eight, nine, and Jeo, ofranne eighteen. * J'Ihj teimsaf aid s.lej will he ca-li, and n bid Will be re,?..ved below the valua iou p scr s upjn tns ie#eral ban by ibe roinnn*?ionersduly appoii t ? toe the p,-rpo*?of classifying aul valuing the sauir; aad upon (ayment made, re eiptsin durdieale will be e\e Uteij ili?-ref r, one of which will b?- dt* |i Kit* Patents will sqt>-equ?N)t y be issue 1 for the lands so ??rriia ed in accordance wub ths lavs in loree r? 'i sung the i*ue thereof. ftn^he da^T? *>e commenced in lii? oriter in ?,Will proceed order to which Miey are adv*rti-ed with all rr:::,;; ;,;r r:1 ^.zr Jit. it:;:-: ru.x*7.r,ty,^u-r I uiitlBK purvhasw J rwk 01 U,e ??? Utven un<*er n.y hand at the ?iiv r>r w. ?.!_ . By the President: FBA"KLW PIERCE. CJ?j. W. \fX.VTfKNNT, Commkeiourr of Affaire, fo eir ,nT?? n7"MP?r le authorized to publish Ihe to ?ai tff? 1 fr W,,hou' '"strueUons fairs Coiani us loner of Indian Af mar 8? lawtlJune l".T "" Tonts, Andirons, Ac. A. t^s^,oa^nJ?lJ will bemU tow. O^ranCI*?^ Medicine*, ?TOP THAT COUGH 1 rpBE GREAT REMEDY FOR COUGHS C?tD?, Caovr and Whoofiks Covsk ' DR. ROSE'S COUGH SYRUP Cures Coughs of cbe worst kind. It also cures sore throa*. weakness of the cheat, pain In the breast and lung affections Where mlx Cough Syrup 10 drops of Pain Carer, and you will find immediate Rose'" Cough Syrup relieves and frequently cures a consumptive cough, and fortl fles the svstem against farther attacks. ITT" la bottles at 50 cents and SI. TO CURE CROUP. The lives of thousand of children hsvo been wed, by using Dr. ROSE'S Croup Syrup, it glvea relief. ? cents a bottie. TO CURE WHOOPING COUGH Df, ROSE'S Whooping Cough Syrup Is the only certain cure for Whooping Cough. It cures In a short time, and allays all Irritation of the Lungs SO cents a bottle The above valuable medicines are recommend ed by Physicians who have tried them la their practice To bt Georgetown, and To be bad of all Druggists in Washington, Alexandria. doc lMn COUGH S? COLD 8? H0AB8ERX8S DR. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC: The most Pleasant, Safe and Bpeody Cnre for Whooping cough, Croup, Asthma, Diieased Lungs, aad Consumption Enttnd according to Act ofCongm?,A D. 1337. IN AGAIN PRESKNTINGTOTHE NOTICE A of the public the sbove remedy, we feel that liKle apology Is needed. Vast numbers in all sections of ihe Union arc obliged to hi Ye reco^rne to other sources of relief thm the Immediate pre script on of their family physician, and as each return of the winter season brings out a host of professedly new specifics, some good, others use lest, and many decidedly dangerous, it becomes as much a matter of duty as Interest, belisvlng this to bo a remedy, combining the greatest ad vantages, with the least objections of sny other in aw, to make It as extensively known as prac ticable. That such is its character, Is abundantly proved by the fact, that it lias been extensively used the list twenty years with unparalleled suo cese ; that Its reputation has continued to spread and Its sale increase, with little aid from adver tising or published lists of cerillcates, (which ill know can as easily bo had for a worthless preparation as foi * meritorious one,) that bv Its own intrinsic merit, with the recommendation of persona benefitted bv Its use, It has gained Its present popularity; it is not trumpeted to the woild as a specif!.; or cure all, but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary In polmonary eases, ready at hand, and one that has been generally found to a fiord relief vhe :e most others have been tried without material benefit As such, it is recojr nised by numbers ">f our leading physicians, who know Its composite a, and have b^en eye wit nesses of its superior efflcav, as well as by thou sands of our most respectable cltixens, to most of whom reference is cheerfully permitted. Sold at 25 cents, or three bottles In one, 50 cts., bv NAIRN A PALMER, and CHAS. STOTT * STEVESiSlrr?""' ?" pb*l " TYLER'S GUM ARABIC COUGH w, M DRopsi> the same composition in a portable form, much patronised by public speak ers, singers, frequenters of public assemblies, &0 . as they remove all husklness from the throat an<f voice, and act like a charm on a troublesome cough. Prlcc 12* and 25 cents a box. deeply HOW TO CUKE ALL PA!*. P*1,'1 13 THK FORERUNNER OK MOST a diseases?cure the Pain and check the disease. -,n DJl "OSE'SPAIN-CURER n"Lure-.liheUir?,ls?' Neuralgia, Pains In the ?nd Bruise., Ear and Tooth Ache, Pain or Cramp in the Stomach or Bowels Sore Throat, Burns, Scalds, Ague or Lumps in the Breast, ChlUs, Spinal Affections, and Pains in the feet Indeed, it cures all Pain JO* 13*, 25, and 50 cents a bottle. If you ar*? Bilious and have a bad Cold, taka DR ROSE'S RAILROAD OR A VTI-BIL IOUS PILLS. Teev carry offe'l bile and re Tbr*4rPlii*go tkaod of ftber __ pood efferta. I2lf and 25 cents. Sold bv all Druggists In Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. decloUm ITER'S CHERRY PECTORAL, 'or tk? rapid Cars of COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSE.VESS, BR0SCHlTIS,WU00PlNt-(0CCn, fRorr, asthma, asd cossrnmojr. Among the numerous discoveries Science has made in this generation to facilitate the business lts CTJ?yment, and even prolong ???? , J,man e*>?ence, nonecan be named of morereal value to mankind than this contribution \L X. u Heal,n? Art A vast trial of Its virtues throughout this broad country, has ??Le<Q ^y0"41? ?*?*. that no medicine oicom I #??!!?? ?J medlcliies yet known, can so surely n?? 2. c Jre lhe numeroas varieties of pulmo mi7 f.K3*"8? *hlch have bltherto swept from our midst thousands and thousandsevery year 1 ndted tnere Is now abundant reason to believe a Reme dy has at length been found which can be relied hfniT CU/.* mo,t dan?eroua affections of the lungs. Our space here will not permit us to pub i!nfJ?ny ProPortlon ?f the cures effected by its use but we would present the following:-and refer further enquiry to my American Almanac, which !MEE^OW n?med' wW ?? P'ewed to fjrnlshed free, wherein are full particulars, and indisputable proof of these statements. OfFICS OP TRANSPORTATION, > Lanrcns, R.R.,SC.,Aug 4, 1S53 \ w?r! iCv A!"V Uear ?WyUttleson,four vears o,d, has just recovered from a severe attack of magjlgnaat Scarlet Fever, his throat w?3 rot ? eJ?rX l?at v,s,ted P'onounc ea him a dead child Having used your Chsrrt sctoral, in California, in the winter of ib50 ?La fe f1?? ?J Dronch?tis, with entire sue! cess, 1 was Induced to try it on my little boy. I ? tf*',P?on'fu^ eT?ry throe hours, com -* '? ? ???<??s Its use la the above named disease viii um the'luuietv^of'maBw pT7U5f,W griVe' relteve fecOons o/the ^oVan'd^H befall the bert medici, e cxUnt. a f^iiS' if1hfde?l?t gratitude, prompts me In addresssing you thne v but for your important dlscovorv mv little 1 am fours with groat respect, J? D. POWELL, SupPrnuu., L R. R. Rocxt Hill, Somerset Co.. N. J., i D?. J. C. ??'? m^ciwu. t? some known hero It has a greater demand than r.ou*h remedy we have ever sold. 11 is ?poken of ia terms of unmeasured praise by those ^ w,1UV<1 ,ad 1 *nowof mecaT^wh^ of U U not ton much for the food It hsri done, i take ploasure In ipiiinA i? because 1 know that I amSKml S. ' the worth of their money, aadf teli H^tfiST ll ?eelng the benefit it costoi g^Ufiod la Please send me a further supply and believe m? Yours, with respect, oaueve ?eTt l/ yoa'wteh U.TW n- . o . C W., JunsiB. I8? Avsa. Sir,?This mavcertlrv rhit ? have used your Chbrrt PacroaaL for ^piSldi J 0fii v**'' m'r *lnoere bellef^Si 1 T? i?*?* I?7 * *T? ere thi? it i had not It has cured no of a daumnna tlon of the lungs, and 1 do aot overstate my con* A.McCLURK, ittornejr at Law. Da.i.e. Avaa. M/d?r5J^^J^J|5tiM Is much approved of by those who have used it here, aad its composition Is such as to Insure and maintain Its reputation 1 invariably recom mend It for polmonary affection*, as do maav of oar principal phvaiclans I am your friend, CHAB. 8TREATER, M. D. o/mKT1 bT l>*' J' ? AYIfi,l> Low. Moidfcrl.o. OILMAN, Wsshlngtoa, and all respectable druggists. * dec Mm BOOK BlMBine. Ctnur IImmU strut mm4 Maryland __ ?or tAt Smttktomimm Inttitmtitn. Edward lycett respectfully in forma the sub?ertbers to Brown1* Bible u4 Shakspeere, now Jmt completed, that ho Is pre pared to bind those werfcn la a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upoa much more reasonable terms than can be done in Baltl more, Philadelphia, or New Tort, a letter ad dressed to him (per poet) will enable him to ex hibit to the subscribers specimens of Ids style of binding. Every hind of Booh Binding neatly ex eouted. ? *7-om TO ALL TUA T VALUE THEIR SIGHT WISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION

to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by age. sicHncss, and particularly from glasses Injudiciously selected, to his superior SPECTACLES and 6 LABSE8 carefully around by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and bril li'ant transparency, suited precisely and bene# daily to the wearer according to the concavity or convexity of the eye. Very aumtrous are the 111 effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glares in not belnt precisely suited, by the use of an Ortomtttr; and the practice of many years enables nlm to meas ure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glass es that are absolateiy required will be furnished with precision and satisfaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very libe ral encouragement already obtained, and further solicits the patronage of those that have not yet availed themselves of his aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses In use, and state how many inch es they can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied with such as will Improve their sight. Innum^abl* testimonials to be seen; and ref erences given to many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at his oftoe, No. ?U SEVENTH STREET, tkr?$ d?ort frim Odd Fillowt' i/sli, vr grains. Norfolk, September?, 1854. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seem to have improved my sight more than any other 1 have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL. 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find them of great assistance to my sight, and corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 recommend him as a skillful op tlclan. HENRY A. WISE. Having been Induced by a friend to vlsltthe es tablishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of try* lag his zlssses, I was furnished Y>y him with s pair slightly colored blue, which nave afforded ?op more relief and gratification than any I have * f*7 tried. My sight, originally very good, was ?njnred by writing and reading at night, fre quently to a very late hour: but with the aid ol .ce*'* glasses I can study almost a* iate as ever, and that too without the pain I ha?e previously suffered. JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioner Gen'l Land Osee. Dot 11, 1855. i have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles f*r thie sr four months, sad take great pleasure In say lag that 1 am much pleased with them, i hav? been much benefitted by them May6th,UM. 9EOR. P.3CARBVX9R. I was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as t skillful optician, ard as 1 have eyes of remark able peculiarity, I was gratified to find that Mi Tobias seemed to comprehend Ibem by lnspec tlon and some slight measurement, ar.a he haj made me a pair of Spectacle* that suits me ad mlrably. A. P. BCTLER. July 11,188*. WiLMinsTON, N. G., Jan. 27, 1854 Mr. J Teniae: Dear Sir?I am happy to ea^ that the Spectacles which I obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequal ity in the visual range of my eyes, 1 have hereto found great dlAculty in getting glasses of th< proper focal distsnoe. It affords me pleasure U state that, by the aid of your optometer, this dlfli culty has been happily obviated so that the glassei you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to my eyes of any 1 have ever yet used. Very respectfully, yours. R B DRANE, Roctorof St James1 Parish. ? ? ? DtTkB.tmbn7 ow Irirsaioa, May7, 1855 From natural defects and the unequal range o) my eyes, I have been compelled to use glassesfoi several years. I have tried different optician* without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to m> eyes. Four months since Mr. Tobias made twr pairs especlelly for me, which 1 have found tt serve me perfectly. By the use of his optoraetei he lsen?b;ed to adapt Olasses minutely to theeys 1 must cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to al having occasion to use glasses and bear my testi mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist. Sec y to sign Land Warrants. P. P.?OPERA GLASSES of great variety, TELESCOPES & MICROSCOPES, WATCH MAKER GLASSES, and many other articles la this line at very low prloes constantly on hand. |v 1B-1? UHKAT REDUCTION IN TH1 PRICK OF BOOTS AND 0 AITIRI 1HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A Phil adelphia manu- . facturer. a first rate Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skin BOOT at ?3.75, full as good as those usually sold at S3 or 96; and a French Calf Patent Leather BAITER at S3.90, as good as any at S3; a first rate Calf QaUeratS? 50, these are the best goods that is (or ever were) sold in the District for the price; for the firoof, come and see - ? or yourself. Terms positively cash No extra Srofit charged to ofbet bad aebts. Call at the JEW YORK HAT STORE, Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue. Best RUBBERS for gentlemen 91. m*4-tf ANTHONY, Agent. CHINA, GLASS AND QUEENS WAKE. ?R h. MILLER, SON a CO Importers direct from Liverpool Alexandria, beg leave to call the at tention of dealers, hotel keepers and others of Washington and Georgetown to their stock of GOODS, which, for extent and variety, will compare favorably with any establishment la the Eastern cities The connexion of their senior partaer with the manufacturers of Europe and the United States for upwards of 30 years, has given him advan tages in the purchase of goods, equal, If not supe rior, to any house In the trade. An inspection ol goods and prices will satisfy all parties that pur chases can V>e made of them upon the most favor able terms French China Dinner Sets, gilt and deoorated French China Dinner Sets, gold baad and plain white French Chins Vases, Pitchers, Toilet Sets, *e. French China Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, and other articles of Tea ware And Dinner Ware, separate from sets India China Dinner Sets, and separate trtioles al ways on hand White Granite Ware la every variety, in sets,and separate from sets, as may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged, White and Rockingham Warn, In full supply. Cut, Pressed, Plain and Moulded Glass Ware from the best establishments in the 1 Eastern and Western States, which will be sold by the pack age or otherwise Experienced packers employed. Goods put np by us can be transported ny any mode without breakage. Fare by the steamboats from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, 13M cents eaoh way A quarter of a dollar thus spent may save many do Oars. dec 1 1HK BKRVICI OF THE UNITED ? States.?Regl?ter of otBcers and agents, civil, military, and navaJ, in the service of the United States: together with nil the salaries and emoluments derivable from every office in the gift of the President Price 9) ?0 Mailed free on receipt of 91 The United States Consular System; a manual for consuls, and also for merchants shipowners, and masters in their consular transactions; com Erising the instructions of the Department of tate In regard to consular emoluments, duties, privileges, and liabilities. Price 9* SO in eloth; half bonnd morocco 93. Mailed free oa receipt of 35 cents In addition to the price of the book. Published by TAYLOR * MAURY, mar 13 Bookstore near 9th str< et. NEW rORClUN SPUING GOODS fUlE SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY in A vlte their patrons and the publle generally to call and examine their very large acd select assortment of FOREIGN SPRING GOODS, which they have themselves, with special care, selected for their special trade. They also keep constantly on hand the best Sualltties of Army and Navy Goods?Epaulettes, words, Sashes, Gold Laces, Ac. Thev alto Invite attention to ttelr Foreign and Domestic Furnishing Goods, of the best manu facture and latert style H F LOUDON A CO., Army an I Navy Tailor*, feb S7-dtf ?*, under Browns' H<-tel. W W HACK SIT W S DITTO* HA< KflEY fc DAVTdH, Real Estate and General Lend Agency, OWilA Citt,N. T. j* 14-TuAF4m i I AH. ounuia REMEDIES intklN^ LTefectui cure for External or lnieraal Plica, Saltrhrum, Rlag-Worm, Ad. They ire nnrlsal led for purifying the blood. SO cent# per box OAce W Nassau atree?, New York Will be Mat by mall. For Hie by FORD A BRO., earner ef 11th at tad Penn. itmm. ? M PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE ii in PHYSIOLOGICAL VllW OF MARRIAGE ?T M. B. LA CROIX, M.D., Albany, *. ?? 350 pagea and 130 Am Plain ud Colored Liihographa and Plates. 4VPRICE ONLY 85 CENTS-? 3&~Ser>i Jrrt of pottogt to all parts of the L'ni# DR M B LA CROIX'S PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE. A new and revised eduiw of 250 pages andlRO plates. Price 25 cents a copy, A popular and comprehensive treatise on thejdntiesand casualties of single and married lite hap py and fruitful allianccs,mode ot securing them?infclk irou* ItJ and lnfrr.ile nnra - thrir nh and infer.ile ones-their ob viation and removal?reiv otM dfhltlif, its canse? and cure, by a pi ores* at once so simple, safe, and effectual, that laikirc is impoaatbla? rules for daily manage ment?an e.^ray Ou Spermatorrhoea, with practical observations on a safer and more tuccestful mode of treatment?npcaminnaty hints on the evil results from rinpirkal practice; to which is added eom m. iitarus oo the disi a?es ?f frnialea?from infancy to old age?each ca? graphically illustrated liy bctutiful platee It p ints out the remedies for those self-inflicted mi eries and disappointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the yoang. It is a tra hful a<1 visor to the married and those conumf plating marriage. Its perusal is particularly reeom mended to persons entertaining secret dot bts of their physical condition, and who are conaci -us of having hazarced tlie health,Inppinessand privileges to winch every being ts entitled to. Price 25 cents p?*r copy, or five copiea for $ 1, miiled free ot postage to any part of the United States by add res** ng l)r. LA ? ROIX, (poet paid J A.bany, New York, enclosing 23 cents. N. I* ?Those who prefer nuy consult Dr. LA CROIX npon any of the diseases npon which his book tieats, euhrr personally or by mail. His med Icib? s oftrn cure in the nhcit spare ?.f six daya, and completely and entin !y ? raiica-e all traces of those disorders *'.hich copa va and cubtbs have so long b<-e4i thcuth'. an antidote, to the ruin of the health ol"the puient. His "French Secret" la the great contln ntal remedy for that e!a? of disorders which unfortunately, pl.y-icians u?at with mercury, to the irretrievable ?te'iructioofth>- patient 'a constitution, and which all tbe sarsaparilla in the world cannot cure. ft>- Office Vo. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany,N. T. fcbHdAwlyf " PERUVIAN* SYRUP, Having mcceasfniiy parsed the ordfal to whlel new dUcovertei In the Materia Mediea are iubj*cted, mi:kt now be receivtd as an established medicine 1T 8 EFFICACY, IN CUEING D YSPEPSIA, Affections of the Liver, Dropsy, Neuralgia Bronchitis and Consumptive Tendencies Disordered state of the Blood, Boils, Gen eral Debility, and all Diteases which re? ouire a. Tonic and Alterative medicine ii beyond question The proofs of its eflcacy are so numerous, m we?l authenticated, and of such peculiar charac ter, that sufferers cannot rcaaonably hesitate to re ceive the proffered aid. The Peruvian Syrup does not profess to be a *ange Is < ? curt-all, bnt Its nriee disease?, mpfartntTf nnllke, a re'intimately re^ i extensive, bccauce man) ted. and, proceeding from ured fcv one reiredy. one cause., may be la ted, eui The claaa of diseases for which the Syrup pro vldes a cure, Is precisely that which haa so often baffled tbe hiehest order of medical aklll TLe facts are tangible, the witness** accessible, and the safety and eAcacy of the Syrup In controvert 1Mb* Those who mav wish for an opinion ftcm dis interested persons respecting the character of the Syrup, cannot fall to be satisfied with the follow ing. among numeroua testimonials, in Us hand, of tbe Agents Tlie signatures are those of gen hlgbeatTifffpec^akni/y ' C?mmuBlty'aad CARD. . T , ""dprslgped having experienced the bene ficial jff.cts of the ?'Peruvian ttyryp," d0 not ^.Tbifc1* 10 rceoniIfc*n<1 " 10 tbe attention of the J,'"?.011' c'"n ''xperience as well as from the testlmon? of others, whose inte'llffence and in tegrity are al*ot;eiher unquestionable, we have nc cf1U f 18 of Incipient Diseases of the Luags and nronchial ^ages,L>Vfpep?la ?[?P8y?Neu'algla. Ac. Ii:^e<^ its tf-cn wou d be incredible, but from the hleh character of those who hare witnessed them and have volun'eered th Ir testimony as we do ours to Its restorative power 1' *' JOHN PIERPONT. THOMAS A DEXTER. 8. H KENDALL, M D. SAMUEL MAV, THOMAS C. AMORY. N, 9p?clal Agent, nd at the General Foj -ie byZ D 6ILMAN JSO Pennsylvania avenue, an AgJcj& corner of L aa c streets, Navy Yard" F1LKS?PILES?FILES. 1\7E CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO .1 a?!cted this dreadfu complaint to the following sworn certificate from one of our most respectable citizens the father-in-law of the proprietor of the ??Courier dea Etas Unls." and formerly gunmakcT In Philadelphia: Naw York, Aug *lth, 185S. . * Dear Sir1 hereby certify that I a1^, e>d wltil ?he Piles for nearer sixty years, that I have used eighteen bottles of tfarnes' Pile Lotion, and everything else I could hers of, 4K? ' fortb<>y did me littic or no good. About two months since, I commenced using your remedies for the Piles, a-d have tho happiness to say that they have had the desired fn?ct, hsylng cured me I consider this almost a miracle, for 1 am eighty years of age. 1 slnoere ly recommend them to all afflicted with the above oomplalnt. p. VALLEE, 73 Franhlln at State of New York, New York City and Coi I. Joseph C. Lawrenoe, do hereby ct i the da" **"?- *- * * * nn jmt of the date hereof, before me personal ly came P. Vallee, to me well known, who, be h-L personal lug by me duly swornV dld'dcpoae an^Bav th^ t tte contenta of the foregoing certificate slgnod bv him are tree. In witness whereof I have subscribed my ? ame, as Commissioner of Deeds and as a Notaro Fablieo/the satt of New lo. ?Jd" hiWS! ?xe<iNotarial Seal at my oflfce, in New York this 88th day of August, I85fi. ' _ JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE Commissioner of Deeds and Notary Public of tke State of New York, ITWall sSt! New YoS challengia the Medical Faculty of the Onl teo Statea to produce a certificate equal to the above. Dr. Duprle'a Remedies are tbe only ef fectual cure for external and Internal Piles Oal? SO cents per box > Offloe?70 Nassau street, New York. Willbs aent by mall to any part of the United States Foraale by FORD A HBO., corner of Hit ?tract and Pa ave. Washington, b. C. oc a !!: ?_- ?*T*EaOTT, /fl. - i*c.nui ? 1? Gaoisa Hi lb vs.) u< Willi am #f Raven * Hmcsn'a rttr v ? ? WilUr'a H?JSPAATB ? P1ANOB. ? A1LV^ A Y? ON HAND THE LARGEST 1 J? ,,1ANUS from S175 up to Sl^M. a ii .tM ?oUJ^EONs froni *45 10 ?aiM' VIOLINS, BRASS INSTRS V-'^NTS, FLUTES. BANJOES, ACCORD LONS, and SHEET MUSIC, eheaper than la any houas south of Now York. Mr uaic published and day. ' Inftr?ttei fog Trtfikri, UEANGI R ALEXANDRIA. R. R. ROAD. Oraat Booth*? Mail Lint * TWO DAILY TRAINS (SUNDAY NI6BTS aripM) leave Alwliti far ft fehaoad At7* a m .andS* p s# Farefi?. JANES A. EVANS, ^b 14 _ Afajt. WASH1I8TOR SEARCH RAILROAD. TYJ INS LEAVE WASEINSTON FOE EALTIMOEE at l a4f>Xi B,i>ll?*i4K p.m. Ob Sunday at 4 k p. IB. Leave JALTINORE for \VASRIN?TON a? 4?aadlKi ? . aad 3 and 5* p.m. Ob Bandar at 4|f a. m. for Philadelphia aad New York will take Tralas at 6, 8k, and 4k. For Annapolis will take Trains at ttt and 4J(. For Norfolk will take Trains at P# a* d 2 For tbe West wll uke Train* at fl aad4?; M nectlne at the Washington Junction tan lR-tr T. H. PARSONS, A gen*. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST.. T BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. New and Improved Artanfwm??t?. HREE TRAINS DAILY PBOM BALTI more, for Cumberland, Wheeling, aad aL parti of the West. 1st Tb? ACCOMMODATION TEAIN wU! leave, (except Sunday) at ? 45 a na , connecting with tralna from Philadelphia, flrat train from Washington (at Junction) - wll stop at way sta tlons and arrive at Cumberland at 4 oMoea p.m. 2d The MAIL TRAIN leave* Camden Sta tion dally (except Sunday) at 830 a. m, aad reaches Wheeling by 4 a. in , connecting ?t Bec wood with tralna for Columbus. Cincinnati, Day ton Indianapolis, Louisville, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, Cairo, and Interme diate points. 3d. The EXPRESS TRAIN leavss dally at 7 p. m.. eonnectlne with expreaa tralna for CIn elanatl, St. Louis. Cairo, Chicago, and Interme diate places Tne distance to Cincinnati and other central and aouttern plnces In the West. Is nearly 100 mile* shorter than by anv other rocte. The time to tl.ese places Is also uneqnailed IHT" Bargace checked through to Co.umbos, Cincinnati, Indlsnspolls. a'd ft Louis UT1 Passeagers and Baggage transferred at all po< nts free i'HKOUOH TICKETS Will be sold to all the large towns In the U eat, at the lowest pr^sfev rates, at the Ticket Oftce, Camden Statfcn, and at Washington city. 4V A second-class car is attached to the Mali Train. Passengers fromj Baltimore or Wnstlngton mav run ike tniirt read bf dayl>gkt, by taking Ac commcdatlon or Mall itcla. and lylagoverat Cumbetland or Oakland. They regime r? it morning by the Kxpreaa Train, wtilch eave? Cumberland at 2 50 a. m ; and reaches Wheal ' n _r at * p m Passengers from Washington have ample time for meala at Washington Junction. This Is the only route by which Through Tick ets and Baggage Cheeks can be obtained In Washington FOR WAY' PASSU AG FAS The Accommodation Train at 6 IS, will stop at all atatlona east of Cumberland, and the Express at sta'lons between Piedmont, gol-g west East, wardly the Mall Train leaves Wheeling at 7 1ft a m . and Accommodation leaves Cumberland at 9 20, reaching Baltimore at A 4S p m. Tbe t REDERK E TRAIN atait< at 4 p m , (except Sunday) stopping at way stations Leaves r rederlck at 6 a m., arriving at Baltimore at 13. 30 noon. The ELLICOTT'S MILLS TRAIN leaves Camden Station at 4 a m and 3 30 p m. Leaves felUeott's Mills at 7 30 a m , and 7.30 a m., ex cent Sundays. W. 8. WOODS1DB, JBB 16-tf Master of 1 ransportatlon. THE HEW TORE AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL ITEAMCRB. Tkt Shift comprising tkil Lint ort . The ATLANTIC Capt Oliver #: Id ridge The BALTIC Capt Joseph Comst^k Tbe ADRIATIC Capt Jaroc* West These ships having been built by contract ei. pressly for Oovernnent service, every care has beer, taken In their construction, as also In beL engines, to injure strength and speed, and their accommodations for passengers are unequalled for eli gance and comf -rt. Prfce of passse- ir.m New York to Liverpool, In Ar t cabin 913 '; in second do , ??5; e*p!o?iee use of extra sire state rooms, #3:5. From L vn pool to New Yosk. 30 and 20 guineas An expe rienced Surgeon attached toeaihst.i.i. No berths can be aocured until paid for The sbl^s of this line have lmprove.1 water-tight bulk h zd?,and to avoid danger from ice will not cross tbe Banks north of 42 degrees, unt'l after the l?* of Angust. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING FROM new TORE , raow t,ivaarooL. fchrdiT, ;,nMrr I, lstT Saturday, Jaauary 17, 1SS7 Saturday, Jauaary SI, 1*57 9?t?ir<?ay, Fabrnary li, 1867 Saturday, Marrt> M, 1M? Saturday, April 11, i?? Saturday, M.y S. i?7 Saturday, Ha; tx. Ial7 8a'q relay Jbl? t, IttT Saturday, Jud? M, IK7 Satard*y, Jaly 4, 1S47 Wednesday, iaour? t, 1BS7 Wrduaaday, Janoary A, 1*7 W?'l?,*sday, f?krsaiy ?. 1K7 Wadnsadar, fa^raary is, 1U7 Wadaaaday, Harrii 4, lit? Waduaaday, April 1, 1U7 *>dnasday A|?r?t W, 1*47 W?an?aday. May *7, 1H7 Wad caday, J ana 1^ Its 7 Wadnaadf*. Jaca M, ???7 Wadsaaday. Jaly a l?t ,, , ?"-j. --? Satarday, Js'y II, iai7l WaSueeday, Jsly a. For freirht or passa e apply to EDW'D K COLLINS, No 5? v\ all-?t ,N. Y BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO . Liverpool. STEPBEN KENNARD A CO , No 27 Am in Frla-s, London B O WAINWRIGBT A CO . Parts The owners of the?e ships will not be arronn table for gold, 'liver, bulllen, specie, Jewe'ry, precious stones or metals, unless bit s cf lad ng are signed therefor acd the value thereof express ed therein feb 2 STOCR IN TKB OLD DOMINION COAL C031FAFIT, KA^AWMft. COUNTY, VIRGINIA* SUBSCRIPTIONS WILL BE RFCEIVkD at the Bsnking House of Chubb Brothers for the remaining stock of the above company, be ing three hundred shares The capital stock la S100,0o0 (dollars,) of which S?0 000 has been subscribed. The mines are now prepared for active operations, and 6 per cent interest will be guaranteed upon tbe stock now offered for s*le. by the original stockholders, for the period of two years. Particulars in regard to the stock, and its pros pects, will be made known upon application to CHUBB BROTHERS Jan 27 P P DANDR1D6E, Agent NEW AlfB BEAUTIFUL STYLE. aafactarod frcna Slate fttsae, by tla West CastlaiOB Slats Csmpaay, ft. These mantels are enamelled in Imitation of the richest aad most expensive E0YPTIAN, LISBON. VERD ANTIQUE, PORPHYRY, f YRFNEES, BROCATELLA, At'ATE, SPANISH 8ALWAY, and other rare and desirable MARBLES. The Imitations arc so perfect that they ehalenrethe closest scrutiny. They are so highly polished that they retain their beauty much longer than marble; are not injur* A by smoke, cool gas, or acids, aad can be sold much cheaper than anv others In market. Price ranging from S12S to (13. Architects, Builders and other* are Invited to oall and examine samples at No. 312 Seventh street, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. 7T. M SANSON, salS-Iy A goat INTEREST ALLOWED OR DEP0SITES. MONEY to LOANenBTOCE SECURITIES. i minis. Opposite the Treasury. THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. Waebt*>g'?n, is composed of CBAS. St J. CHUBB, JOHN 1>. "?OWv HOLMM. THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHER, BARROW 4 CO , I. S"""c5*V'?j' CHUBB, lscrmpoeeJof alKX'R H BaKr6w, )an27-tf WM H DOW6AL. Rdctifriog EstablUhm?it. TH K CNDEK8I6NED TAKES THIS Method of luformlng liquor dealers that he bssftttrd up a RECTIFYING ESTABLISH MENT in tuis city, and is now prepaid ts sup ply all those who mav favor him with their cus oia lie has on hand a large stock cf M ^adies, bin. Wines, and Old Whiskeys, wh'.ch he can sell at as low a figure as they car. be purchased for either la Baltimore or Philadelphia N B. The subscriber has also on Quad, a large lot of Foreign and Domeatlr. Clge.r* PETER FEGAN. No. 96 Louisiana avenue, near loth st Janl4-?me Bird cabes, pekpumery, bkushi s Combs, Engravings, I- oot BJ)?, f'jr tlooks, UtnbreUao (?ames, Wooi-n v.. oea, atd a thousaad No 1 ns.for U14J 10 H J.JtttLAUGHLIN ACCTi DvskKVI-IAIAKTI ?A lar.e variety, at D low petals. FRANCIS^ ^