Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1857 Page 2
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Kv KNING STAB WASHING TON CITY: Fit' DAY March *0, 1UT. tr TUB STAB.- Rtr?i|?n mw here arc ?e?iaded that lh? rrry hrit way la which thry caa keep correctly ??4 pr??pily pe?ted wilh referearete the a ad Mriap at the Federal Metropolia aad coDcrraiag t veataelse where, of which cerrect iafesraaatiea ceaceatrataa la Wssahiagtea, i? te eah aerthe far The Star. The ?ahecriptiea ?'??? fw the Daily, whea seat hy atil, !? It.M per aaaaa ; far the Weekly* F?r aaaaa. SPltilT OF TUB MORNING PllEbS The Union discusses " Opposition princi ples and perpesesand in another article nrgues that the progress of th's Confederacy lllaatratea most forcibly tie capacity of the people for self government. The Intelligent* la essentially "sold" by the account of the b> *u' meeting of the Tam many-ites in this city, set long sinoe published In the Star, hot com; rehending the fact that It waf designed es a :atire urcn the efforts of self-oonst.tuied ecmmittces from all parta of American creation to regulate the dispensa tion of the Executive patronage to tueir own advantsge, the Int$Iligtne?r surveys it with eclcmn; locking unutterable things the while, eviden'ly, at silently ccn. templates the tendency of tbe times us illus trated by such iff rta to transfer tbe appoint" Ing poarrfrom where the Constitution and law* devolve it, into the irres;onsible keeping <{ Tom of the '"Pewter Mug,'* Dick cf Tamxaa} 'j ? ocal hole," and Harry, of the indefinite num ber of blocdy Democratic doggeriss, incident to the first and a-xth wards of New York city. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Wot Quite so Jolly.?Thecffi:e seekers cf all degrees, a ho are t? be met in our streets Juat now, do not look as jolly as a week ago by half. Then they were full of hope and fun, every man of them Now tbe game has become serious, and they all appear (on their countenances) to realise that tbe ehances are more than even against any one of them that ?an be named But ene can be in luok for every offiaeieing nought hero in person, though there are at least an average of five afrer each such office, and as mar.y more engaged in spending their money and time in looking fcufter the fortunes of friends in this connection Itlfc ?thankless business, a pre.- king busi. seas, anu * wearying business to be engaged that of tffi;a seeking ? bringing one's flesh d^rw* end /arrowing one's ccuntenanee with wrfrfcfw ifaster tbaa the National 4'?Tu?i. These facts scecunt (Is? the so sudden chango la the appearance cf the ??*ass of strangers to which we allude?yesterday, coyirtering hey dey fellows, in manner and tone, *vcry man of tbem: and to-day nervous, brief cf fpeeeb, aad fUtkered arounl the month, as though Just rising fjem making a dinner on unripe persimmons. Hiearagtia ?As we perceive that a portion ef the distant preea aeem inclined to deceive themselrea and their readers upon the subject of the disposition of the new Administration to enforoe tbe neutrality law aa well as all ether laws-that ia, in the matter of Ni:ara gua s flairs?we have but to call attention to the fa:t, that within tho last week the recruit lag shops for Walker's benefit lately flour ishing la New York oity under various pre tences, have been closed, and it has been de elded by the United States Commissioner in the ca>e of Fabens and Bolton to hold the ae e?sed for trial. These facts do not look aa though these who w< uld violate the neutrali ty law m*y reasonably expect any more sym pathy from the Buchanan, than they received from the Pierce Administration. The fillibut tors are very active gentlemen, and watch the ?igna and the chances with constant solicitude. If there existed the least disposition on the part of the new Administration to wink at efforts to violate the neutrality law they would have discovered it ere Ibie, &nd their recruiting shops in New York would be driv ing a brisker bullies* tbsn before; instead of being shut up, as at present. Plagiarism. ?Bennett, of the New York Herald, as every body knows, is a fierce ?tickler f^r what he is pleased to call " his property." According to his fancies, one half of all tbe newspapers in the country are cdi tod by abstractions from his columns; and cne-half cf all the volcmcs published, are compiled from the same exhaustlcta source. Now, one would suppose that Bennett himself would scorn to appropriate a single line not his ; and yet, in the very number of the Her mid, and in the very column (a few days ago) in which he fulminates one of his wholesale and ridiculous charges of plagiarism, he thus coclly appropriates, without one line of credit, four columns of word for word, and figure for figure, which must have cost our neighbor of the IntMigtnctr, in which the matter first appeared, great labor and expense : " Elsewhere in to-day's paper may be fnnnd a elear and complete analysis of the new Tariff act vbich gr ea into operation on the let ot Juiy next Business men will find it an in valuable dc cument, as its arrangement is such that they can ascertain at a glacce the amount calculated under the old^nd that imposed by the new Tariff upon any description cf mer chandise " , r " Kansas Affairs ? jsIboc writing the intro duction to the communication on Kansas af fairs appearing in yesterday's Star, we have received the Squatter Sovereign of tbe 24 th of February?btringfellow's journai-and re joice to find that our friends in the Territory have the good sclsc, amid all the incentives to undue excitement by which they are sur rounded, to ask of the Government here no interference on their beha!f incona;atent with Its high duty of abstaining from taking sides directly or Indirectly with either contending party of tbe Territory. We qucte Qen. String flow's paper, as follows, to bear out our view as to the position of those with whom he acts: " Kansas is now in a state of quietude, ar d we want only an'hunest, intelligent man for Governor?one who won't attempt impossibil ities, but be content to see tbe laws admiiiis* tared by honest ai_d impartial officers?one who !.a? not a Presidential cmdiJatt to ear ry on kit lurk, aa our present Executive im agined he bad, and we will not care where he haue from, provided aleayr that he is an old fascioLea rational Democrat." ? ? ? ' 1? f'l w?cerity aLj caLdor we state, that wc desue nuking more than a fair, honest, and imp rt.^l ad una motion of the matters la our Tenitt-y, and do matter what the re suit may te ?oliticatly, we wilhbe the first to acquiesce We have our opinion as to what that result should be, and wc will labor fair I* and konmtly for It; hut if we are defeated we will utter "sot om void of wmmt.'1 Every Union-loving man, iTiry man who de sires a continuance of thoee blessings guaran tied to us bj a fakbfnl id be recce to the latter and spirit of tba Constitution, from ona h tremitj of the oonntary to tba other, dMires that tba scenes enacted in Kansas during tha last two years should never raonr again; bat thare are not in all oar broad land any men who hare so much right to, and who do so ranch deprecate tbesa things as tbe National Democracy, tbe old law and order party of Kansas Territory. They, besides baring the same high and noble reasons for this feeling that others hare outside the Territory, now that calm reamn hss had time to resume its sway, appreciate more than any others can, the ruin and utter wretchedness which must ensue, should this state of things again reour." The Philadelphia Appointments.?Accord* ing to our anticipation these appointments were determined on yesterday afternoon after the Star went to press All the present in cumbents give way to new men. The east that has trivmphed is an exceedingly strong or.e ; 13 a whole, by far the strongest whose claims wore presented. It ii as follows: Col. Joseph B. Baker, of Lanoaster county. C<>1 Uctor; Gideon G. Westcott, Esq , of Phila delphia, Postmaster; Chambers MeKibben, E<q., of Philadelphia, Naval Officer; John Hamilton, jr , of Philadelphia, Surveyor of the port; Wm Badger. E.q , of Philadelphia, Navy Agent; and Jacob Yost, Esq , of Mont gomery, Marshal All these gentlemen are well knewn to be smong the m^st energetic and active Democrats in the State, wielding, personally, too, great influence, growing out of their high standing and individual ability. An Important Army Ordir.?The follow ing General Order, No. 3, (dated Head-Qaar ters of the Army, New York, Maph 18,1857.) will prove of general interest, explaining as it does., import int military changes recently determined on : 1 Brewet Major General John E Wool will assume command of the Department of the Last. Head Quarters, Troy, N. Y. 2 Brevet Major General David E. Twiggs will, about the lit of May, repair to and as miuio the command of the Department of r?i3 Brigadier General Newman F. l/ljrke, Colonel aixth infantry, will, in antici pation of a future movement of his regiment, repair to California and assume command of the Department of the Pacifio. Headquar ters, San Frsnoisoo. uP? u**dM?*rters of the Department of the West will, iu future, be St. Louis, Mo By command of Brevet Lieut Gen. 6cott: L. Thomas, Ais't Adj Gen. Tha Scheme to Abolitioniao Virginia ? W e perceive by Northern papers that the partner of Mr. Eli Thayer, M. C. elect from tho Worcester district of Massachusetts?who by tbe by will "sing small" enough here next winter upon acy surh subject-is no other tb? n the redoubtable Mr. Underwood, not long undo turned neck ane! heels out of Virginia on icconnt of hir ranrpant abolitionism. The Northern publio will comprehend the prospeot h ?ir En igrant Aid Society really has of sue seat', from tbe fact ihat Underwood himself tare nr* sl ow his not e south cf the Potomfc; k> much art all the ^Southern people inoecsei gainst b:tD on sccount of his persistent in. indent slanders levelled at them, as a coin nunity. The scheme simply involves an ef ^rt to rob the credulc us who are also fanatics, it ths North, cf mot e or 1cm of their spare ia;h?that's all. Ihe Fourth and Sixth Kegiraonts of U ?. Infantry, *e ?The following is a general or ler, No. 2, (dated Headquarters of th? Army, Vdjutant Gonoral'a Office, Washington, Maroh 8 1S57.) recently issued by the Adjutant ieneral : , The General-in-Chief, with the approbation >f tho War Department, countermands para Staphs 1, 2 3. 4? 5, and S of his General Or lera >o 1, resp-.teting the movements of the Itb and 6th regirownta ot Infantry. Tbe move nents therein Lsdicatcd, will probablj, be nade the fullowir^ year. The execution of paragraph 7 of the same >rders will be def irred until a suitable period >f the autumn or late i? the summer, to be hereafter determined by tbe Department oom mander, who wilL then take the necessary measareifor the abandonment of Forts Kearny and Laramie, and will order the 6th regiment Of Infantry to take t?ost at Jefferson Barracks. i orts Pierre and L* okout will be evaouated as heretofore directed. By order : S. Cotv.'KB, Adjutant General. Sold. The New York Day Book has been regularly "sold" by the account of the New York meeting held fen this city, which we pub lished a few days ago,?rot peiceiving that it was from beginning to end but a piece of bad inage or satire upon the assumption of eelt Bonsiituted distributors of federal officers in these t:me?. The Day Book do votes to it a Bolumn or so of imdignant comment?raving and bursting off ita suspender buttons in its agony over the affair. We do not know who personated Mr Raj Thompson, the alleged President of the met ting for the occasion, lie was in person, a milo from the spot, while the boys were enjoying their fua after this fashion ?? In the "Hopper "-We've a notion tls among the appointments that will get clear through the mill by to-morrow night, will be the following: John C Blanchard, Register of tbe Land Office at Ionia, Mich Henry J. Wilson, Receiver of Public Moneys at same plaoa Wm E. Kucker, Register at Piattsburg, Missouri. Wm A. Cornthers, Register at Sank Rapid'. Minnesota. 1 * Ihe Naval Court cf Icqniry are not in session to-day, owing to the continued illness of a portion of the family of Mr Judge Advo cste Carlisle. It is certainly tbe impression among Navy officers here that Mr. Carlisle has rsignid the position of Judgo Advocate, or is about so to do. Ho Levoe?We learn that there is not to be a public reception at the Executive Man sion this evening, as some persons seem to im agine. We mention the fact because various inquiries have been made to day on the sub ject, at the iStar office. Ihe California Appointments?We ap prehend that tbe leading appointments in San Francisco will be disposed of by tie Adminis tration in the oourse of to-day. Appoi?.ei _The President has appointed B ? 6 M.nh.l for th. Dhtrlot ?r M. t,moteil S-o:k. Und w?n,ltii ?, _T|? 4n?. ' ?J""'" S*WJ, UUUnhoBu, P.ot * Oo , for Marob 20, say?; Sinee our adviees of the l,t in.f ? . , stocks hare been dull, and avn>nl?t ? ?f the New lork market, have geJera'i? * rienced a slight decline. Washioau^i'r1?' Corporation 103*103*; Georgetown di Waaioo' Alexandria do, dull, b3,S3i; Oran?ra and Alexandria Railroad bonds, di.ll, 72-73- \t nasses Gsp c'o., dull, 60-62; Bank MetrotSu s'ock 166*1061; Bank of Washington do . 75* 80; Patriotic Bank do., dull, 34a3o; Farmers > and Mechanics' Bank, Georgetown, do., 86a 90; Bank of Commerce, do., none for sale. In anticipation of the large disbursements I to take place daring the oooaing months tbe [ money market is rightly more favorable te borrowers. A No. 1 paper can be easily dis counted at 7*8 per oent The oondHion of our land warrant market hu undergone but little change since our ad* rtees of the Alb inst. A rather animated de mand sprang up at the opening of the week without there being any apparent difficulty te fill orders To-day the market is lew aetiv*, and may be quoted as follows: Brnwi. ? RinuN. 40-aei* wirrtnu . ... %l \9 p*r arra. $1 u par ??* ??-acr* warrant* , . , . 1 M ?* 1*1 " lSO-*cre warrant* .... W " 1 *1 " lJ?-acra warrant* .... 97 " M " The New York papers on yesterday aaote the market there at 95 for 120's, and 93 frr ISO's. A report was in oironlation that tbe lands advertised by the Department te be told in Iowa on the 4'h of May next bad been withdrawn from market We were informed by the Commissioner of the General Lard Office that such a withdrawal is not contem plated by the Department, and the lands pro claimed will be sold as advertised. In New York we notice an active demand for money, without a corresponding supply, and a depressed condition of the itoek market Tbe ciu.'e of the existing stringency in mone tary and commercial affairs may be traeed to excessive importations, a diminished produo tion of gold, and a decrease of the ootton on>p now in course of delivery, as compared with the preceding year We observe that for the eight months and a half ending tbe 14'.h inst , the importations at New York ex^ed?d those of the same period la 1356 by $25 773,891, and we estimate the aggregate of the incrca?e for the whole of tbe present fiscal ye?r over the last at from forty eight to fifty millions of dollars It is appre hended that the new Tariff act, whioh goes into effect July 1st, 1857, will further stimu late importation* State and rail ror?5 itock? have materially been affected bv these symptoms of an incipi ent pressure. M'ssouri 6's have declined from 85 to 84; California 7's, on acoouat of the un favorable new* by tbe George Law, have de clined from 66 to 62, but these bonds the State must pay, and we may anticipate that they will soon rally The ruling prise of Vir ginia stocks induvtte a general confidence in the financial soundness of that State. A panio occurred la?t week in Brie Railroad shares, which brought down most other active stocks upon tho list The Current Operations of the TreaEtiry Department-?On yesterday, 19ih of Mar.-h there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stocks.. ?? $1,173 09 For the Treasury Department... 45 762 41 Frr tbe Interior Department 6.341 35 For Customs 58,429 63 War warrants received and en tered ...? 179,361 80 War repay warrants received and entered 12,130 43 On account of the Navy 39.058 05 From Customs 1.456 00 From Lands 1(6 170 39 From miscellaneous ronrces 9,048 34 PERSONAL .... The lion William Lucas, in a card in the Winchester Virginian, declines the nomi nation for Congress in Virginia. .... Gen Wool has arrived at his old home, Troy, N. Y., where he was honored with a re ception by tbe Mayur and Council. .... Dr. John J Stirman, bearer of the electoral vote of the State of Arkansas, we notice, is smong the guests at Brown's hotel ....Judge Gillie, M. C. elect from the Twenty fourth Congressional district of Penn sylvania, (formerly represented by Mr. Bar clay,) is at Willnrds', as are also Kx-Gov. Porter and Judge Ives, pf Pennsylvania. .... Mrs. Pocock. of Blackbeath, England, the mother of three generations of livery stable keepers, was driven through the village on her hundreth birthday, in a chariot drawn by eight white horsos, with outriders. .... Speaking of prayers, reminds us of oue we once hoard at a Methodist revival in a neighboring city. The speaker becoming am- I mated, burst forth with " O Lord, manifest I thyself to us to night ; come right down through tbe roof, and I will pay for the shin gles? ' The ?ffect may be imagined. , ....Alice Carey, in an essay on " insin cerity." says: "If our neighbor kisses oar cheek, we may infer in ninety cine ca'os out of a hundred that Jie will bite our back a* we I turn about." Tbe italic letters are our* Seems to us, Alice, niuety-nine cases" 1 amount to a pretty extensive range of kissing for woe *o?#n?conaidering the sex of yeur I 41 neighbors." j ....The Iler F H Newhall, of Worcester, I Mass., h.?s been preaching a political sermon, I in which he is baid to have uttered these I words : "There ia one p*per in this city which supports Buchanan, and tbe Devil is at the head of it." This is, nowever, deniel by the I clergyman's friends, who asks the Bay State,' I tbe paper alluded to, to publish the whole I discourse ; to which it absents, upon condition that Mr Newball agrees to real from his pu'.- I pit a speech of Senator Douglas. The clergy- I man refus:s .... Dr. Msx L\rgenschwarx writes an ar ticle in tbe New York News to show that good coffee is a powerful antidote to poison, lie S:i ys, "If, for example, a patient swallows at seven o'clock a spoonful of Iodine preparation, and then takes, ten minutes after, only one spoonful of good coffee, be will at half-past seven have no more Iodine in force in his sys tem than he has whxleboue force in his hairs ' Dr. L does not believe, with Leioeg, that tbe chemical basis of coffee and tea is one and the same thing. ... .The latest application of tbe " insanity" dodge, is that made by John G Boker, the wealthy liquor dealer of New York eity, who asserts the insanity of his daughter Marianna Petrinella, as evinoed in ber clandestine mat riage to his late coachman John Dean, af-untt whose precious character we hear no syllable breathed, exeept that he is poor aid Irish born. And this same insane daughter, it ia understood, be was on the point of sending < ff to Europe in Wednesday's steamer, in spite of her earnest remonstrances, had not tho polioe interference prevented. .... The grocery dealers of Philadelphia are in a state of exoitement. It appears that a oertain grocery fiimh i recently been deal ing extensively in this city among our mer chants in that trade For a few days past their store has been closed, and a bill with the words " Closed on accaunt of deiith in the family" was stuck on the door. Owirg to certain rumors, however, the creditors of tbe firm became anxious in regard to the continued absence of the parties, and made endeavors to find some clus to the mystery. Yesterday morning the sheriff called at tbe piaoe and opened tbe door, when, on making a search, the store was found to ocntain only a etove and a faw other other articlos. New Yohk Villa**.?The New York cor respondent of tbe Charleston Courier gives a long account of a most strange story which he alleges to be strictly true. A beloved and el derly pastor of ono of tbe New York city churches was oalled upon one night by a man who requeeted him to go and christen two of his ohildren. lie promptly complied- As be was returning heme, he was accosted by a per son who called him by name and accused him of issuing from a house of ill fame ! Money was demanded of him, and in default of pay ing it was threatened with exposure. The olergymae took no notice of it for a time ; but his steps were dogged perpetually, till finally it began to wear upon blm. He told no one, but left and went to Earope, thinking thereby to escape from his tormentors. Bat he was mi'taken. On his return they still pursued him He resigned his charge to tbe astonishment of hia parishioners, who could not comprehend the reason. He went to a country village, wn still pursued, and it is believed that, dreed ing the effeots of such reports, ft\l*o though they were, be actually paid hush money. Finally, the rssoals were arrested for some other villainy, when this whole offair leaked out and the clergyman came back to his ehureh. It is incredible that a pastor should thus cower to such scoundrels. It all traci ired within eighteen months past. In no outhern eity o< uld sooh a oon*p.rscy be oar ried out.?iv O 13* Another attempt baa been made, at ?J?6'*! bum down one of tbe cotton pres. ei a li it wee fortunately discover ediaseeeon to prevent the act being oonium From J. Sbilliagton wo hm Part I of tht " Cyelopedia of Wit and Humor of Aair* iea, Ireland, Scotland and England ; bj WiV Has Barton. Comedian." Thia Initial number, which is embellished with a capital likeness of the immortal Barton, gives rich promise, indeed, of the tlore of good tMngi and curious thing* to to contained la the twenty-fonr semi monthly parts of the series. Whitb Tanrn, Pbrfuhed Brbath aid B>A0Tirvii OonrLBiTOK oaa bo a-quired bj using the 4<jHalm of a Thousand Flowers." What ladj or gentleman woald remain aader the curse of a disagreeable breath, whoa, bj using the " Balm of a Thousand Flowers 1 as a dentifrice, would not only render it swebt, but leave the teeth white as alabaster ? Many persias do not know their breath is bad, and the subjeot is so delioate their friends will never mention it. Beware of counterfeits Be sure cash bottle is signed " Fetridge & Oo, N. Y." For sale by all Draggists, and J. fchlllington. The silk worm malady continual in Fracoe- The Emperor has jest offered a pre mium of ten thousand francs to any one who will diBsover the cause of this malady, and indicate an efficacious remedy for it. ty The prophecy of Dr. Cumm'ngs, a Hootch man, that the affairs of this world will ba wound up on the 13th of next June, is erec ting considerable excitement in Pari?. The smash will lo caused by a tremendous comot coming in contract with the earth. Others "learned Thebans " say that the comet Is ooming, bnt they do not believe in the "smash'' fy A letter writer says, In regard to the Mormon children, they appear like a neglected

uooared-for set, generally dirty and ill clad. The majority of them are girls, and this trou. bles the woman venr much, fo? they know that a woman is doomed to slavery and a life of uiuery. It is also a singular r.ict tkat a largo p-upoition of them are white-headed ^LECTURE--REV BYRON SUN dr&land will deliver a Lector? at Co lumbia Hrll Capliol Hill, cn FRIDAY EVEN ING, SO b Ins'ant, at 7# o'closk. Subj c': "Tie Vo'ce of the People is the Voice of bod " Lecture free. mar It-2t? .REGISTER'S OFFICE, MARCH If, 38*7 ?ISotice to all Whom it May Con cun ? Notce la b*re>*y given that licenses for Carts, Wagocs a?d Dray* will expire on the flret ?MONDAY of Arril next, and that paid 11 enaes ir.uat be reuewed at this o?re within Ten Days from that time. SAM'L E. DOUGLAS, m.-.r ig-dtAprlllO Register PHILADELPHIA CAKE AT PHI LA delp: la prices, at the Philadelphia Ice Cream Depot, corner 19th and F streets ICE CREAM at SI 50 per gallon, feb 25-lm* ' ?i ? ? S CITABLE FOR PiltSK^TI.-A l.arge and beautiful collection of Fancy Gocdi ar.d Toys at low prices, at nnr gQ-3t LAMMOND'g, 7th street W If* WOW **LA?S.-300 boxes Baltimore and Philadelphia Glass allqnalities and sizes, for sale at a liberal discount. ?>y J R McGKEGOR, mar 2f-TuJtF2m 634 7th street ponKATLAIT.-TheOeraiM Stadent's ? y I neap ?The subscriber has Jnst received, dl ect from Germany, one caee of those exeellrnt Reading Lamps; for writing, reedlsg.aadeswlng at night they are especially intended For sale by J.R MrGKKGOR, inar aM-FATlm SH 7ih street. CJFFEE FRUIT, kc.?70 BAGS GREEN Flo Coffee. Also, on consignment? 310 b< xes Oranges ?00 do I emom Ju?t received, and fo? sale by imr'.O-e'S'. MURRAY ft SEMMES. 0*?ON SETS, Ac -JU^rTcEIvYd^ supply of ex'ra-flne Sllve-iKln Onion Pets. Peas and Weans of every variety, Tarsnip, Beet, Parrot. Ha'*fy, and other Ga-dea 9e#d* Lavra Grasx, Flower and Bird Seed. At theroleagrn ev for l.andreth's Warden in the Isl-trW, No 35F s reet, be'.weea 9ih an! 10th streets, near the Patent Otfl-je. mar 19 e?3te The steamkrgeo r<*e fame fhow te-diy, will run as fallows: _ I eave Al'xa<d'la at4W.7W 1', 19ft 1?* 3 4*,aids* ?^va Washington at o, 8, 9\", 11*, ltf 4, 3*, and 7 o'clock. Passengers to ard from all the tsulrB on the Washington H ranch Railroad will take the GEORGE PAGE. ELI IS L PRICK, mar A>-tf Captain. TAKE NOTICE WE WILf. SELL, FOR IMMEDIVTE delivery ? P?NE WOOD at s? 0" a Ccrd, OAK WOOD at SI fla Ccrd, if take* lr quai.tliit-s of uue cord and upwards Persons de?irous of laving In bo h Wood and Coal, very cheap, are req lasted to call imm-idl ately on KOGUK A O'NilLL, No 1U5 Water street, George own C7" Terms Cash n*ar 90 Jta ThAlLY LINE FOR ElVTARO'l FKR ry, Leeabarg. Va., via 111. A C hes peake and i hie Canal The Packet Boats /?oj aid M f^Miio^rTu cotnrrence makingdat:y trips teth"above poLVa on Monday, March ?Jd. leaving the wba t of W. H A H. t?. Kitter, Georgetown ev ry morning at 7 o'clock, Sundays excepted. Through Ticket*, fi.75. Meals served oa the boats at mrderat* prices For further Information, ir qulre at the store of W. H A H. G Kitter, Georgetown. mar to JUST RECEIVED. CHOCOLATES?Bromi, Cocoa, Coooa Paste Cracked Cocoa, MaiJa d'sand Baker's Chocolates cf vatl us kinds'f Bfcri d ard ('beet Isia glass. Cox's Eng Uh Sparkling Ge a tine, French Imperial Gela ine MACCAROIXI?It-Uan Maccaroni and Vermi celli, a d Ita'lan Pa<te. Canton Preser*ed Glrger. In Urs. Becker's Farina, Corut na, k'.ce Flour, Charles ton Grl's, Split Peas. Ac , Ac For sale by KING A BURCHELL, mar '.to corner Vermont ave and ISth st. ?AS CHANDELIERS AVD BRACIETS WE HAVE NOW IN STORE A LARGE and varied assortment of Gas Chand*l'.ers and Oracle's from the factory of Cornelius A Baker, Philadelphia. The selections are made with much care, and oompriae many of the now European patterns We invite the attention of those desiring to r ur f hase as ws shall sell at the manufacturers retail j nets Gas Fitting dene in the b<?st manner and at low ntee. J. W THOMPSON t URO , a69Penn ave , south side, mar ?o eo3w between 10th and llih sts. SraeiAL Obdbrs ? . .W#A* No 31. ( ) VN ashington, March 6 1SS7 A MEDICAL BOAR D, TO CONSIST OF XK Snrgeca C A Finlby, Surgeon R 8 Sat tbblbb, and Surgeon U. McDouoall, will as semble la the city of New York, on the Srst day of May, 1857, or as soon thereafter as practicable, for the examlnetlon rf Assistant Burgeons for firomotlon, and of candidates for adn lsslon Into he Medical 8taff of tbe Armv The Junior mem ber of the Board will act as Recorder. By order of tke Secretary of War : S COOPER, A4j itant General N. B ?Applicants for admls*ion Into Che Med ical Staff of tbe Army must make their applica tions through the Secretary of War. mar 90-1 wd PURDY'I RATION A L GIFT ENtFr. PRISE. rflRE PROPRIETOR HAVING A LARGE X Stock Of CI8AS S, TOBACCO, PKRIOUJ CALS, FANCY ARTICLES 4c , rn Land has determined on getting up a Mamhotp Gift h n T?araisa, (? la Ptrkom) for the purpose of dis posing of his stock. T he following ij i list of valuable presents ? I A value bio Trotilng Morse, age 90 year. 9 The ? iclnal sged Dogs, Ace, Tray and Df u**. 8 A beautlml pair of Arabian Horses, to be pre ? seated aa soon as they can be brought over. ? ?,M heiu'-lful Marble Palate la Bl' dens burg ? Six Season Tickets to the National Theatre 7 It* Tickets entitling tbe holders to a night's lodging la the Amphitheatre en Market 9 99 Tickets of admission to the Gallery of Pine Arts, over the Butohe e' Stalls la Centre Mtr het 9 Ptlvilege of purchasing your Cigars, Tobjoso, Periodical* and Stationery at kt st oaa 10 The UnUod States Capitol, PaLeat ORce, War i)epartaaei.t Treasury Building, and Statue of Jackson, with the understanding thai the winner of tteabove Buildings rtmov; them ia 13 minutes after the drawing, or be aub iect to ground rent. All these valuable presents Will bo gives swav to th? peraoas buying the Uigett a amber of cf g'rsfdm H.X. PURDY. . CA+VSrSMALOOW% CHI IT AJLJHWAP A N. TWO BXBIBITIONS IN ONB. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, AFTERNOON AND EVENING,* i* aadSp m. WILL II kXlIHTIB Tk? two Mag atleeat ScriM of Viewa of CHINA AND JAPAN P elated apca canvass it 9m original sketches toft en by OKU R. WBJT and WM BRINK. Seven Yean ii the Crlrttial Empiri By Glomes R Wist, from Sketches collected la China; Elaborate Pictures cf Chinese aceaety. Custom*. ltd Moaners. Ma W 1st weat u Chlaa la the tulle of Calet p"**1*? U S. Minster to tbet country, wiling . 2le 8 Frigate tfrandywlae. and remal at 2 la China seven yean, do ring which Itme he tmv eied most extesslvely, sad taw more of th< "Midbls ImetoH ? Uaa mtetfo " 1 Macao. Portuguese port, South W ? Ma-'te-poo Temple. Macao. 3 Interior cf do Woiea worahlpplag deity, Quang Ylag. I Captare of American Brig Banna, by Chinese Pirate. Cap-stag mooa passage 5 Hong Kong andthe British eoloay. Victoria 6 Porta at tbe mouth of tbe Canton river called by tbe natives "Boeca?Tlgrh " 7 Watmpoaand Foreign Shipping 6 Foreign Pactorlet, Caaton, with tbe &aetlnj population of tbe rlTcr. 9 Street Scene 10 Curiosity fchop. 11 Msndarln's country reit, with ott *rs of raal la tunrner dis^s lecelvlag gu ? e cf ?qual rank. 12 Ladles' interior apartment, lady of raak at hei toilet. ]3 DloBrrFai'y 14 Tbe Luxurious Opium Smoker aorrouadod bj his wives. 15 Slag tosg, or theatre la tbe street 18 Featt of Lanterns 1? Amoy 18 Three-arched bridge and village oa the Gr*a Canal 19 Foo-Chc-Poo, a Urge walled elty, t rtlU ?ality, and tubu l>s of Nautal SO Canal lock, iriigatlng wheel, and rice plant ing. 91 Chlnhae entrance to the Nlng-po river. 22 Ancient Tomb of the Mlag dynasty Md bnrial 23 Nlng-po. 24 Seven-Storied Pagoda on a branch of tht Vang ts.-Kfyaag. 25 bLan^hie iG Tea Gardens cr Public Ground* la Bbangbae. ?27 Mandarin Procession 28 Eudhistlc Temple of Teec-Tung Chc-Klaag province. 29 hntrance to the Great Temple of Cuaaa. 30 Interior hall of the Great Temple <f Oama Prl< ats at wonhlp. 31 Piocestioa of tbe Gods. 32 Confucian Tetnp'e 33 Draeos boat-fmi on the river Mia 34 Budhl'tic idea of Heaven and He'l. The Judges sea'cd in state pronouncing j'?dg mert the elect marching op tj Heaven. with attfc' d?nt* standing :bere with tbe saced le tut flower; and he cond m el thrust fcelew, wLere they are undergoing decapl ation, strangulation, suffocation, and other imagi nary der.tbs ID" Mr. Groan R Wsst has secured the copyright for ail his Sketches of Chlaa JAPAN EXPEDITION, Under Com M. C Paaar, original Sketohee by Woe. lis m, Artist of the 1st? Japan Eipe dftioa, piinted by Gnoses R. Wist and Wil L1AM f I Ml Mr liatica, being one of thesulte ef Com. Per ry , took advantage of the facilities i fl'jrded him by the Commander-in-Chief to take sketches of the mrsi remarkable events of tha Expedition, and cf Jaf anese Scenery, Casioms and Jdaace s. I A Typhoon ; Wreck of a Japanese iaak; the crew rescued by aa American 2 The American vessel, Morrison, bringing the tnlpwreckod Japanese late Yeddo Bay and m:ttirg a hostile reception. 3 View of Nagasackl; tbe United 8 a' at alee p. Preble, releasing twenty-one shlpwracsed American bailors, imprisoned by tbe Jap anese. 4 View of Napha Ktang, Lew Chew Isla .ds, the United state* fquadron, under Com. M. C Perry, a shoring in the roeds'ead. t A p^rty r.t Officers and Men of the United Stiles Frigates MlslfslpphandSosqnehanna exploring the Island, by order cf the Com modore. 8 omelsl visit of Com. Perry snd Ofleers cf the Squadron to the Jtegent of the Lew Chew Island*, la bis Capitol fchooy 7 h east given to Commodore Perry and Ofleers or tie Soufdron by tbe Regeac of tbe Low Chew Islands 8 Return of Com. Perry aad Officers of the Squadron from 8i:ooy 9 Napna Ktang from tbe see; the Usited States fqiadion gett n^ under way or Japan 10 Arrival of tbe United Stole* r qitdroo before Ura->a, Vrddo Bay; tbe Japanese boots try lig to-u roj.nd t/e thips. * 11 Laneiago.' Com Perry, Oflcers and Mea of the srqutdron at Go'lhoma, Yeddo Bay. 12 Cwn t erry delivering tbe letter of the Presi dent of tbe Uulted etotes t-> tbe Emperor of Japan. 13 Tbe Lmpercr cf Japnn preventing bit He'.r Apparett In tbe great temple of M'.sko. 14 Secor.d arrival of ihe Squadron is Japan; gale in tbe Bay of Wodowar i; tbe great Volranc. Pndgl Yama, 1*000 feet high, lathe dis tance 19 Com Perry, Oflnera, and Mea of tbe Squed ron recelv: d by the Imperial Commissioners, on tbe occts'.on of signing the Treaty of Am ity between tbe United St.let of America Yoiu^ama, Yeddo Fay 15 Cellvety cf the present, seat by tl?e Go- era me->t of the United States, to the bmperor of Japan 17 View of Hakotodl, Island of Yexse, from H..ow Peak 18 View of Hako'adl from Te'egraph Rill. 19 Gr?at T<.mple In Hakotadl. 20 Stre't In Hakota 1. 21 Str<et In Maioda, a Japanese Puneral by Torchlight 22 Temple of Hs-tshu man ys-tohu-ro, 81 mode; a Japanese Grave yard S3 View of the Harbor of Simeda from the Curl'fan Grave-yard; burial of an Ameri can Siilor. 84 Entertainment given the Imperial Commis sioners of Japan, en board the Usited States Steam Frigate Powhatoa. U7" Mr Wx Hum h's secured the eepy rlgnt for all his Sketches of Japaa A LECTURE on Cblna and Japea to bode* Uveted every evprng of tbe Exhibition. Adorjiaiiioa Tweuty-Flva Cents. Liberal arrangements made with Schools snd Psrtles lt^ Avaluablk biding hokik fur Sale.- He Is young, gentle, sad will C\_ bo sold cheap. Inquire at this oflce. A**?^ mar IO-3t* w PRIZE BERP. WILL BE OFFERED ON MONDAY morning, at Stol>s Nds. 5 ar.d. 7. la the Weit Market, rnd on Tuesday mcrnl?g, at tUU fro 66 in Cenue Market, a flae lot of BEEF, grssed by Alfred Rector,in Virginia, mar 19 3t? WM. UNRlNtt A BOOR OF UNIVERSAL kNOWLIDUI. JUST PUB1 1SHKD. THE MOST USEFUL and extraordinary volume ever yet iss?ed from tbe press, as it comprises all tbe isformation con tained la a dosen of.any other books of Informa tion tbst have fcitbrrto been printed Tbe tlt'o of wonderful Baok is as follows: ?4Inq >lre Withl" for Anything you want to Raow; or. over 3 700 F&cts for the People " A large volume of SCO pages?cl th, ?ilt?price f 1 For sale by A ADAMSON, Bookseller, 7th street, opposite tbe Post Uflee, Washington City. mar 19-tf THE IMPROVED SETS OP TEETH DR. LOOMIS. THE INVENTOR AND patentee of "Loosnis' Mineral Plate Teeth,'* hsvlngsnocersfnlly Introduced bis Improvement In various cities, hes^*11*^* now permanently established himself la Wask lagton This lmprovemeat for Sets ef Teeth consists able fly In making a set of but one piece of mate rial, snd tbst Indestructible mineral No metal It used In their coastroetlon, acd they ar- there fore free fr m r*lv?n!e action aad metallc taste There are no folats to become flllod with moist ate or particles of food, hence they are pare o?d( lean There are lighter, stronger, loaselumsy, fhr more durable, snd natnral la their apponrsnoe. 1 wl ?1 give a reward ef One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produoo a simitar work of art to eqoal ml-e la partly, beantv. darahllltv, artistic excellence or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warn a ted 270 Pena avenue, between lltk and 1Kb tts 19 ? ? A ?? VISA rvsa V?vw| n for nt the Mustafa* WH %. MElZKROTT.oar-rf 1 Ilk street MMft Pennsylvania at [NOTICE? NOTICE. havb a few of trosr CHBAF TOI LET SETS oa baad, wtleh I wish tocgfA Bloee oat, and win eeli at cost Also, GOB-Kif LETS and other GLASS WARE, that must^ TU4Mftt DartnauiT, Hank it, Mr N?tlM to hereby |l?a< to toUM cf itotk k tka toaaaaf the United IMm, that tkls depart ?Ml wit purchaM tke mm uetll to* l?t ?%? * Jbm c?zt, as vi tka n? of ftl,V4,000 at all be , previously cbtalarA, ??* Will peg, la addltka w the latoaaet aoarooA ftoM tke dale ef the last sear, aaanal div1d?daf late*TBttherr<*, togetker wiu mm dav'a aAARlMo) latere* far the me?T ? reaektkeveuAar.thafbUawlaf latoaefpiamiua af l?n, a peemlu. af M tm ! it. Par tka stack af !MT sad !???, a ywa ia4|| I per acat; asd far tke Mack af W, owaoi!, . oaltoA Taaaa 1 ndomr ity Stock, a pwlaa of ? Carttfl tt?B of stoek traMmMMA la tba Ae part. ? it, uader tils aettoe, auit k' aalp<i to the ? United Statoe, bv tke party duly nt:t rd ?> I cflT u a f-raaaoAa. ' Paymeat for tka stocks m asalgaeA aaA trass m t'al wl.l k? r-ada by Arafta ea tke Aaaletact i Treasurers at Sostoa, Mew York, or Fhlladel. phla, at tl ecp tlea ef tka J art'et entitled toear*tv* tka mmtf, which ahoald bo esptaaaeA la tka let. ton aeteMpaaylag tka aeadioaiaa. BOWBLL COBB, ?? IMtUUBM Sect far y of tka Taaaeary. | Amoi omenta I ODD FELLOWS' HALL W AUOH'S ITALIA AND THE Lilliputian Family W ill opea on fCIBOiT, MARCH 17, 1MT, Exklkltlnj arety Bight, at fc before S.acd on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTER. NOONS, at*H o'clock AAaalsaien ChlMrec i3)l " DeaerlptlTo Pamphleta far ?a> 'a th? B ill * ITALIA kaa never beforebora eahic 4 ashlrgton. m>r 12-land ln1?a SOIREE OA!i?ABfK. PROF. H W. M UNI 1 X TARES GRE\T rleaaure In aanooBdng to hla filondt aft acd tka poiiltc generally <k*t bl* 14th LA PHree will take place at h!s Rail, correr /rS\ of 9th acd D streets, on WEDNESDAY ^t'9 KVKNIN6, Marck lPlb, 1&7 Tbere^^i will be a Soiree every Wednesday rrre la* (the wea'ker permitting) tbo'-gtc t the eon Ob U'edaeaday evenlBg, Marck *4 b, iLrra will be a Fancy Dreaa Soiree g'Ten bv Pro# M It will bo entirely private, aad strictly *eiert. All thoae wbo desire to subsctlbe e?n do so by applying at tk?> Hall oa Tneaday aLd Thnr*day eveilags from 8 till 10o'clock. aaar?-:SSi!i CLA1RTOTANCI, MADAME SWF.TT, THU CELEB RATEH cLAih to yj>., Baa arrived la tbtaCliy ac4 takra rwmiat No s(g ?.fc at , (v ppo re Odd F-llew*' I Ball ) wk^re ?>c !< o_d v <1 receive ?eruulteUota resree (lag Ike PAST ! FRESENT" FUTURE?*d DISEASES ? ? l[T Daring a year'a tour la tta Pout1 West. Madame SWETT haa beea cotaoli r / npwards of TmTkoutmmA P*riofu. aad Is p.". aouarod a superior Clairvoyant and the W oniet of the Age Ttrmt */ Corumltttion? Ladle*, SI; Gentlo ven SI febM-lmO Wants. ACOOE OR EITGBEN 61RL WANTKD at No 37 4% street, south of Pena aveaae mar tO-*f tyANTED? A GOOD OSTLER ? NONB f T bit a comprtent man n ed a*.pir havener a bakf.ry, m-<r tO-tt* No 347 C M e?\ WANTED? Trt ESf BACH'S Kit Vvl-ht-S t > poickaaa a pair of eo?d and well brofcea Mn'ea B^J. DARBY, tuft SO-* 0t Water at . Georgetown, 1). C. WAMi-D?A MAN TO WORK AND Kaa age a aaaall Farm aad Kit- boa Gardes near the city. Apply at L MURPBY'A Bar.ieas Maklag Establt?hBient, 13th street, one door a* tk of the a* aoe, from i to( o'clock p an . laarRO ?:? TO MERCBANT T*ILORS? AN rlea-ed Cutter to deal reus ef cbialnl uatioa In a first c'.sss ? aUbllsbm*ct Co. ratloas addre< ad to Cuttrr, st this oC. moo; wltk p on p attastloa mar. WANTED TO RENT ?A GOOD THRSC (tcrr brick Douse, as ? residence f<CrfP vate family, altua'ka be*ween Pena aTente at d aottk K strot t, 11th and 6;h sts Apply at i5f- Tta street. Kent payable as ae?lred merlhlwo ANTH.U? AS1TDA11UN AS COOK Od Boaarkoeper la eltkor a public or private house She caa glee tee brat city refkrracea rsta lerablity.Ae eke la an American wrtntc. ai d cf irldd.e aga and crde'Muda her bu?l; rs* traiy. For further lrfcrmatloa icqalre by nrte at the Star OBr? mar 1P-S:? WANTED?A MAN AND BIS WIFE, (unencumbered with cklldreo) wb" ara cmp'tent to take charge of a country rest dene aoar the eity, during the akeeacr at the ovaer A knowledge cf farming and pardenlrg Is re Sitred, with ability to keep the grounds atd ubbery InorJer. Strong lecommtudatlocs or sobriety, Integrity, and ability will be requl ed. Tho^e having recommendations apply at Mount Pleasant on 14^street. mar 18 WANTED -A SITUATION, BY A PFR son wbo 1? qnalifl d to perform almost any kind of buslno<a, and will endeavor to make I tir. aelf useful In aar respectab e employment Ref oreaca, Editor of the Eeeoirg Star Aaycrm municatlrn addressed '? S," aLd left at tfcls ?flre will be pr. mptly attended to mar lR-fiawlm* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?OR BY THR 1st of April, a house containing fron S to8 rooms, by the year, between the 1 nrnts of P.nti avenna and 1 *t-?et, and 7lh and I9<b str?*?* Address at Star OAce "SB Gstatiat loca tlon, rent, Ac. mar 17-lw* WANTED. ? TBE BIGH EST PRICES paid la cash for Old Silver, at BOOD'S S.l ear Ware Maaafkctorr, 3BR Pena avaane, n^at doc Jf? Boarding. MRS. SATES. AT BER BOARDING Bouse, oa the aootbweot corner of P*t-.b. avenue and 9to street, has mad* arra ger e n to aocommodate a large nombrr of at rangers with Meala at any time throughout the day, and Lcdg logs tea; V A Nlilli ening papem. The SUBSCRIBER W1IL COMMENCE the publicatloa of a Law evening paper, oa the lat of April next, to be cslied T? E11M t S Subscription prlre, dKc. per week Ha roluirra will be prlcclpaUy dev >ted to the genera! newa of the day. the local news of the clt>, u*d all mat te a of public inter at wblch may trarrpi e through the diflteeat Drparta-onU of tha Gov?nt meat WANTED-Energetic Csnvaseor*. to aollalt aubacrlptlots ^JAO P BKISS, Ofioo No. 1 Todd Buildings, west end of Brow as' HoteL mu AN AMERICAN PLAY, BY AN A ME R I can Author, Cinn, the Conqueror, In S act* p- rr.'.ueoN, G- RKAT SAROAINS AT McLAUGHLIN & Co's, W?, bet ? and t, selling cf i?vd> a' low rates, to make room for our aaual large Spring mar lb GO AND *ES TBF. BEAUTIFUL GRAND flaao jaat lecelvoA at JOBN F. BLLIS'S, mar Id Pa av , bet aaA 1Mb ts INQUIRE WITHIN FOR ANYTHING YOU 1 want to Know ; or, 3 70u Facts for Ike Po? p.a Buy this woaAtrlul bock at mar 18 FERG PSON'S 468 7tk st CHILDREN'S CARRIAGES. CABS, PS" peelers, Boacs, Graeea, Hobbykorsea Ftaib or Daeiero, CkllAraa'a Games, 4to . Ae , at MarlS H J MeLAUGBLlN A CO '8 UARMOLS-PARMOLI1 K BTMXL AND CUlNOLINt SKIRTS ! t J us la** eatobrauA KID GLOVES Jaat iooelvod at PRANK A MoGRE S, ?UPeaa ave .bet. lttkaaA 19tk R by tkeaakacrfkWtSli Paaa av< %-i-r S4NS4 ICH BABKGE ROBES?JUST Rocei?ed