Newspaper of Evening Star, March 26, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 26, 1857 Page 4
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y V K N i N G STAR. ???T- . ? I M QOW*, BTTT 1TOT LOST " ?T lltd CA??T. f * Minnie U **????? ?? mon W1 a smile her gentle >T?u bat last week or that before 1 H* her making plea! Be* Hps were fresh as any rose; Y? i would not think it true? Aud ye? she said a dcz -a beaaz lia4 kU*ed away tneir 1 ?aw her leave as?angels hark, 1 cried In wild alarm : And save, O ! save her from the dark? 'Twaa mldBight and a storm. Softly she stalled, and smoothed away Her loag and heavy hair, And said she th ught a nether day, Would probably oe fair. The messenger, or good or bad, That mortals i*ust obey, Was here, and Minnie's pa was mad, And so she ran away! And thoogh her mother, too. was mad? And Mster cried, alack! She said she'd have him if he hsd Bat one shirt to his back Quit* unprepared?her heavy woe* We felt, but coald not sbare; Bfce had bnt jn?t two rallroes, And one old silk to wear. >Twm hard to l'ave her childhood's skies? They never bsd been dull? 'Twas hard to leave the spp'e plea? Tbere wan a cupboard lull. Sweet Minnie, soeath your angry glance. Nor think 1 write to blame? For who or us, had we a chance, Thit wouldn't do the same. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. ft lr It ?*??<! i 4 4 ?. KIBSWOOD. 8 Chorpenny, Mass P Schwarar. Md J U CbKniy, do A Hughes, Pa H 8 Eal-r, Va J Law<i, aid L. C Bootes, USA A Pender, do R J Swift, J Boyd, do A K Long. OSN W P Ferine, do J Irish, Md Hoa J M Buchenan, do AM Carta, do JCHcff, Cal J Wilson, do J F Morgan, Pa L * Bower, do M B yngle, Cal ? T Cookey do W S Bracksrridge, Md Dr Hcfl.nan do J M Bosley, do W Bryany, C?1 D A Caldwell, do ? Carman, Pa T Fortun , da N J Davis, W is J 8 Dougherty, Pa J B Sutherland, Pa J S1 ?temper. do C Gray, Del Dr Washington, R N Mayergree, Pa G ? All n, J Rltte-, do Dr A Baker J G Smith, do DCDurwell, J 8 8to*ers, V| J r uAicri,ue, Md R M McDowell, Pa Miss J Meapg, do D C Vagal e, NY D Marb-.u^o a. lv, E P Cuoney, Pa UU L'eShieds, Va O S Cave, ' WtHarris' Hotel?J. 0 tl.i.imUBB A U Mayo, Va Mr Morgan, Pa C R Morehead, Mo BP Bi^ier, do CERociw U,PiY J Ride , NY Mr Forbes, do o i?e Gorcone, do A Edluger, Pa T McKay, Md J T Cross, do C C, Vt R Freeman, ly, J Bmciicr, NY e M1 c bell, fa J Malcoln, Md W Dorrls. d-> ? Swan, FY A J MaCar.y, NY J M Beskham, Va G Southrsi, ho Miss Herkham, do Mr Crossau, DC J Barber, Wis Mr Barker, Pa O l'egr*m, '"aris F Stanley, Mr Dcrbte, Cal J A McMaster, NY J J ones, V* P C Kdwards, do K Bates, do O D Stenett, W Bates, do C Granger, Pa Judge Lee, V? H Lansing, ly, NY MIm Lee, do Mrs Morse, do Hsltl.-f, P. A I. 1MTI B Davenport, Va D W Saowden J B Spencet, Fla H W Herbert, Va J W sheflleld Dr Mitchell, Pa J W Amerson, Md F M Hart, Mo Capt Davidson fduu. Va W E Marshall, Md Gen J C O'Neill, ly, PaC C Randolph, Va Hon M D Foster I R Young, Md J Crop we II a Harcv, Va G N Smith J 3 Tyler, NC J Carroll C K Greer, N Y V C Luman, la J W Craig, Md K J C Keweo, Nie F W Plckent, 3C J C H a it. pa revs, Me J Stone, UT j R Brooks, O J Roberts, Pa T J Roberts. Pa W A Miller, NY C Xore; NY Da Downing, Md FOR MOUNT VERNON, ON MOyDAY, WEDNESDAY AND F&I DAY. The steamer tho *as coll ye r win make three trips each week to _ -jf ? ? MOUNT VERNON, lvavtn?J&? Wa?hit,aton at 8 a m , ana Aleiandrla at . Boat's fare, round trip, ftom Washington 91?froos Alexandria 75 cents Coaches !eav<? the Capitol at 9^, and pass up tk* Avenae to I2th street Fa:e to cents Persons wishing the Coaches will leave th<tlr reslden e at ?e?. A Thos. t arker A Co 'a atote. febM-TThAStf niLKS: Mt/LKI!! ork HEVD OF SUPERIOR MULES JUST 00 arrived from Kentucky, and wlll^^ be sold on arromnao^atin.- terms by ap-^^ pllng to ti KN R ? B .KCH at his Livery wablo. eoraer cf 1) ai.d 11th streeU,< Washington, D C. ma/ Hw? No. UT P? ?vt.jsyptiits National Hotel. JONAS P. LEVY, '.MfCiTea AKD DEiLIl IS FIK? WINES, ?&ARi)i?3, OKOC?&IKS. AI7D C I 6 A ? 8 HAS IN STORE A VERY CHOICE As sortment of Chairpagne in quirts and pints, 1 XL; and Trstan de, aiu ofh?>r d**lrab;e Brands; Brandy la cask and butties, Vin.'ace 17TT to 1910: Rums of all kind*; Whiskeys Uiii ?o 18S?; Holland G?n of a 1 kludi: Claret Wines of all bra/ids Burgundya do do Saturne do do Sherry do do MaUerla do do Port do do Germu do do Hock do do Italian do do Hungarian do do Rngr ish Ale and Porter of all brands Cigars do do do do Crosa A Blackweil's London Pickles and Piw?rv?s rf all kinds Coffee Saga/, Teas, Ac , Ac *7 Penn a??uue, opposite National Hotel. JONAS P. LEVY. ALEXANDRIA AMD WASHINGTON^ BOAT. "T^HE STEAMER GEORGE WASHINGTON A will depart at the following ? "** ^ n. will depart at the following hoars; I^ave Alexandria7U, 9, 11,1 *. 3*^7 L?e^? Washington SM, 10. 12, 3% i, 5^ ^ JODCOU.9US, Captain. JfttfM _ TO THB PUBLIC. OHN P DENNIS HAVING TAKEN THE weli known Coach Factcry, on W|W ?tre^t, betwrtQ Louisiana avenae and ^53^ Cstreet, long condocted by Mr. Jo n STVoung, m now prepared to manufacture and repair all ?j?lpMoas of COACHES, BUGGIES,WaG ' / *c ? on the most reasonable terms, in the vwyoest manner, and at the sLorteat notice He respectfully Invitee ha fellow cltlxena to give him ?J*1*1 mar 6-"?m T N!*W FOREIGN IPR1NO GOOD! HE SUBSCRIBERS RE8PECTFULLY !n vlte their patrons and the public generally to eau and examine their very large and select assortment of FOREIGN SPRING GOODS, which they have themselves, with special care, eelecled for their special trade. They also keep constantly on hand the best qaanties of Army and Navy Good*? Epaulette*, awords, Sashes. Gold Laces, Ae. They also invite attention to tfcelr Foreign and Domestic Furnishing Goods, of the beat manu raeture and latest styfc. H F LOUDON A CO., kk_ , , Army ani Navy Tailors, teb *7-4if 3M, under Broww' Hotel. V PW%.P.aiJW STORE-willards' Fetel. J* nl^.J:BURN * CO , S5I0 PENNSYLVA tlon? r thZff?!' call the atteu- q n?w Dri m, eBdi *nd the Pub"c *? tbeiifBm SJTh? IKJ'SiSi'"' Ihe????" ?pin supply of p,.^pP!rt? manner, with a full ZM rShmer^TI)nie,iF?Rcy Artlales, einies. *l Articles, and Patent Aledl modiclnal parp^^nt Wla?> Liquors for of *~Mi Mmy ?^dkr whic^are Torether with all^ftL!^ fpmlrst hands* la ? *rst class drag stcti^ *rtlcl?? usually found Physicians' Preacnnti?. ~ ?d at all hours (as the itore uV3?a!,y compound, by a competent dispenser closed at night) A call at their ettab:Uhir??> ( netted. bm?at is r^spectf,?,y ^ ^ m torn. PROTECTION AVID INDEMNITY FROM LOSS BT FIRE! riEl, MARINE, 4ND INLAND INSURANCE. AUTHORISED CAPITAL 000 FARKJRM AAD KSCJUJUCS' IHSUB AlfCE CO . 0? PHILADELPHIA. OJIss worttumt tiriW Penntylvama ??**u? itrwt, Waehingion CUft D- C' DIRECTOR?. Hoa. Thos. B. Florence, Chart. .. George H. Armstrong, Thooui* E Charles A. Kubicam, Wwmrd R. H lmbold Qeott: Helm bold, F. Carroll B/owiler, Umyi jj Neall, Isaac Leech, Jr. TUOM AS R. FLORENCE, Preaidoat. BDWARD R. HELMBOLD, Secretary. LOCAL BURVEfORH. Charles Walter, No. 337 D street, opposite City Hall. Jno. M. Thoruoar?o?aer First s:ree tand Virginia avenue, Island. James Williams, No. S3 ronr-and-ahalf street. John Riffles, No. Ml Thlrteeath street, below Peanaytvaaia avenuo. MARINE SURVEYOR, Capt. J. P. Levy, No. 367 Pennsylvania aveaas, apposite National Hold. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomuda. Authorised Cnpitil and 1,473.037 07. ASSETS Sft'23,047 07. lavetted in Bonis, Mortgage*, and Good Seeurities. The buaincss of this Company will compare ft vorabiy with the moat aaccesaful of etmilar inatita tions la the Uaited States. From the 1st day of Aagast, 1853, in five months, ap to 1st Jaaaary, 1836, the premiums received amounted to the large mm of one hundred and eight thousand, one hundred and fifty one dollars, with only forty-six hundred and sixty-six dollars losses teportcd. With these evidences of success and good man agement, the directors feel justified In soliciting a share of public patronage, believing that the secu rity offered is ample, and that all fair claims wiH he adjusted more according to equity than legal techni calities. The company is prepared to issue policies against loss or damage by fire on DWELLINGS, FURNI TURE, MILLS, MANUFAOTuRIBS, WARE SOUSES, all descriptions of BUILDINGS, and ieirooateuts, or all kinds of MKRCHANDISE, transported by VE8SRLS. STEAMBOATS, CA NAL BOATS, RAILROADS, and the usual con veyancea to or from any portion of EUROPE aad AMERICA, and on the hulls of 8TEAM.B0ATS navigating the western waters. The rates of premium will he aslowasnthei companies, and in fixing them every improvement in construction and arrangement will be taken into jonsid'-ration. All losses speedily adjusted aad promptly paid. Office northwest c< nier Pennsylvania avenue and Seventeenth street* Washington city, D. C. Insurance wrj also bi effected at the Home Office, Northwest comer Walnut and Second Streets, Pnila ielphia. and in other principal cities of the United States by authorized ofiioers of the company, mar 14-tr Home Insnrancc Company of New York, OFV1CE NO. 4 WALL STREET. Cash Capital $500 000 00 Amount of Asset* 1st Jan.. 1857..872 923 31 Amount of Liabilities 42,460 98 rpHJS COMPANY CONTINUES TO IN X sure Buildings, Merchandise, Ships in Port, and their Cargoes, Household Furniture and Per sonal Property cenerally, against Loss or Dam age by Fire, en fivorabie terms Losses equitably adjusted and promp ly paid. DiaiCToasi Charles J Martin; A F WlLmarth; William G Lambert, firm of A A A Lawrence A Co ; Geo C Collins, firm of Sherman A Collin?; Danford N Barney, firm of Wells, Fargo A Co ; Luclua Hopkins, President Importers' A Traders' Hank; Thomaj Messenger, firm of T. A H. Messenger; William H Mell-n. firm of Claflln, Mellen A C \; Charles B Hatch, firm of C b Hatch A Co ; B Watson Hull, firm of Haskell. Merrick A Bull: L Atterbury, Jr , firm of L Aterbury, je , A Co ; Lu c'.eu D Co man. firm of Coman, Lothrop A Co ; Homer Morgan; Levi P Stone, firm of Stone, Starr A Co ; Jsmes Humphrey, firm of Barney, Humphrey A Butler; George Pearce. firm of Geo Pearce A Co ; Ward A Work, firm of Ward A Work A Son; James Low, firm of James l ow A Co ; Isaac U Frethlngham, firm of 1 H Frothing* ham A Co ; Charles A Bulkley, firm cf Buikiey A Co; Cephas H Norto*, firm of Norton, Jewett, A Buzby, George D Morgan, firm of E Q Morzan A Co ; Theodore McNamee firm of Bowen, Mc Namtek Co.; Richard Hlgeicw. firm of Doan. King A Co; Oliver E Wood firm of Willard, Wood A Co ; Anaoa K Eno, fi*m of Eno. Rob rrta A Co ; Aifrtd S Barnes, firm of A S Barnes A Co ; George Eliss, of the firm of George Bilss A Co ; Roe Lookwood, of the firm if K Lockwood A Soa; John G Nelson, firm of Nelson A Co ; 1-yman Cooke, firm cf Cooke, Dowd A Baker; Levi P Morton, firm of Morton A Grin nell; Curtis Nob'e, firm cf Condlt A Noble; John B Hutchinson, firm of J C Howe A Co ; Stephen Paul, firm of Stephen Paul A Co ; Chas P Bald win, firm of Baldwin, btarr A Co ; H Gilbert Ely, firm of Ely, Bowen A McConnell; Amos T Dwlgiot, fl-m of Trowbridge, Dwight A Co ; Henry A Hurlbut, firm of Swift, Hirlbut A Co ; Jesse Hoyt. firm of Jeme Hoyt A Co : Wm Stur fls*, Jr ; firm of Sturgls. SLjw A Cj , John K ord. firm of Ford Rubber Co ; Sidney Mason, firm of Maton A Thompson; Gtorge T Stedmaa, firm of Stcdman, Mayuard A Co CHARLES J MARTIN, Pres t. A. F. WiLLMAHTH, Vice Prea J. MILTON SMITH, Secretary. jfP App lcatlons received and policies Inaured by THOMAS C WHEELKR, Agent, No MS Pa. avenue, betw. ftth and 7th ata. mar 0-1 m BANKING HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. DEPOSITS-DEPOSITS RECEIVED AND Checks piid w>;hout charge Drafts on the northern seaboard clt'es received on Deposit at perrand Kxchangeon said Cities famished to de positors without charge Interbst on Deposits?Interest will bs al lowel on Deposits at such rates as may be agreed upon. Deposits tn ViFsiifia awb UwccaaanT Mo kit ? Deposits la Vlrginliand other Uncurrent Monev received to br- checked for, payable In same funds or In specie, we charging the regu lar Exchange. Discounts ?Notes, Drifts, and Bills of Ex charge will be discounted, and Loans made on Stocks, Bonds, and Securltlc, at the market rate. LaTTiaa o? CaxDiT ?Letters of Credit will be farni>hed, negotiable In the different Cities of the Unltel States,oa Deposit of Money er Collat erals, and interest allowed if Money is deposited, aad charged if Collaterals, on such terms as may be agreed upon. TaavaLiae U:lli or Exchanob ? Travelers will be furnished with drafta in such sums as may he desired negotiable in the dllferent Cities of the Union. Hills and Lkttbeso* Cbxoitoh Emolahd. IaiL4!iuaHD Eoaora?BlLsof Exchange and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and En rope, furnished at the market rate for Exchaage, In sums to suit. Homos, Stocks, Ac ? Bo*d*. Stocks, aad Se curities ^aylag from to 12 cent , always for sale, or bought in the different Cities at a com mission of a M V ceat. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the fight to call for a de posit of 1ft V cent on the ost. Bonds or Stocka will be ordered by telegraph. KAiLaoAD, Citt, A d Statb Bonds ?llall road. City, and State Bonds can be placed In our han4a for negotiation either In this country or Kumpe Rixlrt id Iron purchased for cash or with Bonds. Land Wabbabti.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates All Warrants told by us are guaranteed In every respeet Land Warrants located on commission. Land Warrant quotations regularly furaishfd If requested. W arrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale oa commission to re sponsible parties. Rbal Estatb abd Insttbabcbs.?Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances effected. Claim* on thb United States, Covbt or Claims, Cons bbss?ClalmB oa the United Stale*, before the Court of Claims or Congress. Intrusted to us, will be prosecuted fcy able aad prompt attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jaa *7 Opposite the Treasury. SIHBI'I HAia MANUFACTORY, Penn avenue, betwitnitk and lOfk streets. WIGS, HALF WIGS, BRAIDS, CURLS, Hsndeaus, Frizzed Rollers, Ac., always oa hand, and made to order at a few hours notiee. Ladles Hair Dyed,Sham'ooned, Ae.? lathewost complete manner. All sorts of Toilet Articles from the best French and English houses. No 90S Pa avenue, up stairs, over Davis'Music Store. N - B ?Hair work repaired or takea la ex I chaag^ feb n-3m ARIY'S CONFECTIONERY, ~ No 84 Bridge Street, Georgetown, j). C\, WHERE ALL KINDS OF ENTERTA1N ments are furnished with ths best ice Creams, Cakes, Water Ices, Confect, Ae , at the shortest notice, and oa the most mederate terms. Medal awarded at the last exhibition of Metro polltaa Mechaalrs' Institute. IssBl-t/ (UnionA Intel > CHILDREN'S FOUR-WHEEL CAR rlsgea, Faacy Gig?, Empire Caoa, and many ether beautiful stylas Just received at the great Variety and Faaey Store, between 8th aad 9th H. J. McJLAUSHLIN * 00, 4 Salt of Indian Trait Lands in Kusii Ter ritory. PROCLAMATION ?f t*? ruatoarr or thi cwted mm: IN PUHSuANCfi OW LAW.O, FRANKLIN PIRRC*, taibKMSUnited Staten,do here by declare and make known that a public sale will l>f held at lowm Point, Doniphan eounty, in the Ter ritory of Kuiii, conaateaotuf on Tuesday, the 5th day ol May next, for the disposal of such of the lands held in ttuai by the United stales for be benefit of tee Iown uibe of lodiaai as are situated within the undermentioned townships of land in said Territory and ceded by said Indiana in tiud as aforesaid, to wit: South of the toss line and eatt of the nxth princi pal wteridian. Townships No. ewe, in ranges fifteen, sixteen, sev enteen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty. Township* No. tiro in ranges seventeen, eight een, nineteen and twenty, excepting therufrom a few special grams designated in the treaty, am >unt ing in the whole to eight hundred acres, aud ?itu*te i t township two, of ranges nineteen and twenty. Also at Panli, in Lykins county, in svd Territo ry. crmmencing on Tuesday, the twenty-sixth day of May next, tor tbe disposal of such of the lands held in trutt by the U> ited States, for Ike benefit of the confederated bands of Kaskaskia, Pa >ria. P.aa k(r-haw,an 1 Woa Indians, its are tituated in the ua- I dermABti ned town* tups of paid Territory,aid cedcd by s?id confederated I ands a* aforesaid, to wit: South of the 4aJ? line and east of the tixth principal meridian. Towmhips fifteen, uxueu and seventeen, of range twenty Townships flleen, fixteen, aid seventeen, of range twenty one. lownshipa fifteen, sixteen and seventeen, of rantwenty two. Towoehlp* flftren, sixteen, seventeen and eight, ee.i, of tarige twenty-three Township* fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eight e; n, of range twenty four. Townships fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eight em, of tait.c twenty five Provision having br?t> midc b/ the second and third articles of the treaty of cession that each indi vidual m mbrr "f s.i d confsdca'ed b tnds should I c entitled t<> one hunirtd nnd sixty acres of land ; aid in a Idition, that tea sec ions should be selected and set apart ai a mtionnl reservation; anJJtethe rtth article one tection of six hun .rM inqWy a-res t-hould also be selected and set apart for the b?n*>lit oftboAmerl an Indian Mission Association ; and said lands, amounts K to about f*rty ljht thousand acrcs, having been selected in the following town* ehips above rained, to wit: Township sixteen a-.d seventeen, iaogc tw n*y two. Townships fifteen, s'xteea, seventeen, jmd eight* teen, rarge twen'y-thiee Townships six'eea and seventeea, rmge twe ?ty. four. Townships sixteen and revectocn, range twerty fire, are hereby set a part "H i reserved fioin tnle A'so, at Lecirpton, Is said Territory, c >niiiieni Ing on Tuesday, the twenty third ay of Jni e next, for the dispo a' of su-h of he lands held intrust by th-* Uni?el Mate* for the benefit of the UeUware tribe of Indalns a? nre eiltntel within'the under mentioned townsbips, comprising the wffern po lion of the la d* ceje I b^ the saiu Delaware Indians, iu trust ss afores\id, to wit: Sou'k of the bat* line and eo?f of the tixth principal meridim Townships five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven, ol ranpe fifie-n. Townships seven, eight, nine, *en, and eleven, of range MX'e?n Town-?''ip?- b x, seven, right, nine, ten, rnd eleven, of range s-ventten. Townships six, seven, ci'ht, n!ne, and tee, of range eishtfen. The ?arm? of ia:d s.'lei will te ea h, and n- bid wMl be receive! baiow tfe vnltia inn p a?-e t up in til* ?everal tracts br th? comini-Moners duly appuii t e i for tl<e p rf>os? of classifying an 1 valuing the sane; and upon t ayment heirg ma<!e, re eiptsin dunl'cnte will b* exe utsJ theref. r, or.e of which wi!l be d? - lir?red t?the iurcha<er. Patents will sunseqnent y be issnel for the lands so purha-ed in accordance with ths lam in force rerulating the iskoe thereof. The o Jering of ihe above lands will be ermmeneed on the days rc.p?ctive'y appointed,and wil; proceed in the order in whi;h thev are a*vsrti?ed, with all eonvenie-.t despatch, until the whole saall bare been ofFe e 1 and the snles thus closed. All puroh rcj not paid for on the Hay of ?ale will be reoff red on the following day at Ihe risk of the de f urrn*: purchaser Given linger my hind at the city of Washington this t?lent - ixth day of F? brtay, e:g'ite?u Imndied and fif.y ssven. _ . ? FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the Pr?sidi-?t: Gto. W. Mamipinky, CommlsKioner of Indian Affair*. N. B ?No newsy aper is antVor'zed to publish the foregoing airertisenent without special instructions to H:a: tff?ct from the'Commissioner of Inriion Af "tlfaj inae 6?lawilJane United States Patent Olflre, ) ? Washi oto?, March 20 1%7 \ N THE PETITION OF ISAAC 1) RUS SKLL and CORNELIA WATERMAN. Administrator of U Waterman, deceased, of New Yeik , N Y , praying for the extension rf a patent grafted to Mephen Waterman, deceased, and I if D Hus'ell. for an improvement in Ma chices tor BiwiLg, for reren years from the ex ?,^tlo,D.?f M,d raU,n^ whlch Pkce on the 19!h of Msy, 1F57 : it in oitferM. th?t the etld petition be heard at tee Fa er>t Otte? on Toesdaf, the 10;h of Mav next, at 14 o'clock m ; and all persons ar- no lfied to appear and abow caase. If :nt they have, whv sa & petitiofi ou^ht not to be printed ? ? tbefxien^imi mre imulred to fl.e In the Psi-nt Oflloe their objections, Hpeclally ? t for h in writing, at least twentv days before th rtavnf eu'ni'j all testimony fl ed by either party ti b8 usel at the aaid nearlng must be 't ken ai.d transmitted In accordai ce with the rules ca *lonwb!ch furnlsted on app!l. Tketeatlmonv In the case wilt be ctoaed on the 9th <f May next; depcsitlms ard otber papers relied upon as testimony mnst be filed In theoffl e on or before tke morning of that day; the argu ments. if acy, within ten days thereafter ... lrred' al80, ,ha? thla notice be pablbhed In Jjf National intelligencer, Union, and Mir. Washington D C.; KepnbMcan. Baltimore, Md ; SewTork n' Phllr de^phla. Pa ; Daily fcewa'. ,u ? *n* P?8- Bo>t?n, Mas^; onoe a ^?eek for three successive wce^s, previous to the 19:h of May iwxt. the day of heirirg CHARLIE MASON, v < e-j.. * Commissioner of Patents, r sy d.tors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Offlee Wmh *1*1 l6' (^t*inlDK lhl* notice ' f^TOTICK OF tAk fE>H?VAL OF THE ? N0 office from pault fth MARIE TO MARQUETTE, IN Ml CHI 9 AN. In acccrdmce with the pro?lslous of toe a-t cf Congress, entitled ? An act authorizing chance* 'n ,^5, ??ia,t,0J1 of.lanrt olfl >M." approved March ?u ..u ' L h,trrby declared and made known that the r ffl *e fir the sale of public lands at 8a olv Ste Marie, In the Mate of Michigan, will be removed to the town of Wn^uirri, In said wtnte, at as ea'lp a ptriod mt practicable. Further notice as to the p.ccis- time of removal .by,U>e*eirlsler and receiver of ike Sa'Jlt Hte Mnrle land oflco Given under my band, at tha city of Waakinc ton. this 19th day of Maictr, A. D l?ff7 By order of tJbe President; THOS A. HENDRICRR. Commissioner of the General Land Office, mtr ?l? i&wtiw WbI F??e*t Office! ) Wauinqtos, March 21 l?57 < |"|N THE PETITION OF E A STlLLMAN VN?2vorfTrvofA,frT4B;,UB,,in' of New York. N. Y , praying for the exrensloi of a patent grcnted to sard stlllman. for an improve ment In evapiratfng saccharine Juices, fer seven Stirs from ihe expiration of said paten* which kes place on tbe 17?h day of August, isir? It is ordered, that the said petition U heard at the Patent Office on Monday, tbe 10th day of An Jf*!"?'; Bt ?'eloek a ; and all persona are no tiled *PPe*r and show cause, If anythev have, why sa d petition ought not to be granted' ?i t'"?.?* ?PP??In* the extension are required to fiftrSS their objections, speclaBy set forth In writing, at least twenty dayj before tb* *** ?* h all testimony filed bv either i e "'i1 b aring muat be taken fv ? ^f*Jn BOe?r<Iance with the rules or the^oflloe^ wticu will be furnished on appllaa inVt9,t^,imoay laJht ???? ^"1 be Closed on tfce 2iM nZy?^.i po,IU n' frd otber pipers mony m,38t ^ fl'^l In tbe Of. Hie on or bemre the mcrnlrg of that dav the ar?^n!? "Ithln ten days thereaftJr ^ T0;1..?1 thl" not,f? published In juTr w. i! Ll!f g.tBcer. Union, snd Evening SSii i ? ' ?ePubllcan. Ualii mwe, Md , Penns-lranlan, Philadelphia, fa ; Dally News, New Yf rk, N. Y ; and Pont Bos 52?*. ***?? ??ce ^ week for three ?uc emhi day^l#Phearl?ng th*31 d#7 ?f Au?u*t Eext, tt a CHARLES MASON, o a l-j? Commissioner of Patenta. r> ?. hdltrrs of the above papers will p!ease CODV, and send the lr bills to the Patent Office with a paper containing thla notice. ' mar t3-law3w THlLBKRti'l HOME SWKBT HOS1E

and Souvenir DMmerloue, Just published, and for sale at METZERfrVT's Music Dep t, corner of 11th street and Penn avenue, mar 17 HHHJE BCHOER ROVER, by Emerson Bee * aett, I vol; Vhrla, or the Secret of Power, by M s Southworth, I vol; Major Jones' Scenes In Georgia, 1 vol, Illustrated ; C?ptaln Simon Suggs' Adventures and Travels. I vol.Illustrated. ?WW FRANCS TAYLOR. lN^ttoRnIiTHlN.FORiLNyTI,1NG YOU Bnvtki^JffigfL0^*** P?ctafor the feople. '?/ *asM wuninnii bttflk it nvie rS&SUtON'S, 4M 7tk et. Medicines. RTOF THAT COUGH I rpfiE GREAT REMEDY FOR COO8H0, ? X' Col?s, Croup and Wi#o*w* DR. R08K7SCQVQH SYRUP Cam Coughs of the wont kind. It alio eurea w, bow throat, wetkMH of the eheet, nrwij w Min in the breast icd long ifitotloM. Www relief. Dr. Rom's Cough Syrup relieves and frequently cure* a consumptive cough, and forti fies the system against further attacks. |?7" In bottles at SO eents and SI. TO CURE CROVP. The IItm of thousand of children have been ??Ted, by using Dr. ROSE'S Croup Syrup. It gives Instant relief. *5 cents a bottle. TO CURE WHOOPINO COV&H Dr. ROSE'S Whooping Cough Syrup Is the only oeitaln cure tat whooping oough. Iteures In a short time, and allays all Irritation of the Lungs 50 cents a bottle- i The above valnahle medic Inea arerecommerd- I ed bv Physicians who hare tried them in their pracoee To be had of all Druggists in Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. dec It-lm COUGHS?COLDS?HO Aft* B ftS18 OK. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC: The most Pleasant, Safe and Speedy Core tor Whooping Cough, Croup, Asthma, Diseased Lungs, and Consumption. I Entered according to Act of Congrnt, A. D. 1837. IN AGAIN PRESENTING TO THE NOTICE of the public the above remedy, we feel that little apology Is needed. Vast numbers In all sections of ihe Ualon are obliged to have recourse to otter sources of relief than the immediate pre script on of their family physician, and as each return of the winter season brings out a ho* of professedly new specifics, some good, others use i fess, and uiauy decidedly dangerous, it b<*comes U much a matter of duty as interest. bellevlM this to be a reioedy, combining the greatest ad vantages, with the least objections of any other In use, to make It as extensively known as prac ticable. That such Is Its character, Is abundantly proved by the fact, that It has been extensively tlslng or published lists of certlicates, (which ill know can as easily be had for a worthless preparation as for a meritorious one.) that bv Its own intrinsic merit, with the recommendation of pe rasas benefitted bv Its use, it has gained Its preheat popularity; U Is not trumpeted to the wo'ld as a specific or cure all, but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary in pulmonary cases ready at hand, and one that has been generally found to afford relief where most others have been tried without material benefit As such, it Is recog nised by numbers of our leading physicians, who know its composition, and have been eye wit nesses of its superior eflca v, as well as by thou sands of our most respectable citizens, to most of whom reference is cheerfully permitted Sold at 25 cents, or three bottles in one, 50 cts , by NAIRN A PALMER, and CBAB. STOTT, Washington; CI88KL, Georgetown, and PEEL ft STEVENS, Alexandria. Also, "TYLER'S OUM ARABIC COUGH CANDY DROPS." the same composition in a portable form, much patronised by public speak ers, singers, frequenters of public assemblies, As . as they remove all huskiness from the throat and voice, and act like a charm on a troublesome cough. Prloe 12* and 25 cents a box. decS-ly HOW TO CURE ALL FAIN. PArii 18 THE FORERUNNER OF MOST diseases?cure the Pain and cheek the disease DR ROSE'S PAIN-CURER will cure Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Pains In the Limbs, Sides or Back, Sprains and Bruises, Ear and Tooth Ache, Pain or Cramp in the Stomach or Bowels, Sore Throat, Burns, Scalds, Ague or Lumps in the Brea*t, Chills, Spinal Affections, and Pains in the feet Indeed, it cures all Pain. 12*, 25, and 50 cents a bottle. If you are Bilious and have abed Cold, take DR ROSE'S RAILROAD OR ANTI-BIL IOUS PILLS. Tcev cany off all bile and re move a cold. These Pills go ahaed of all other Pills in their gcod effects. Uy Boxes 19* and 25 cents. Sold by all Druggists in Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. dec 10-4m Ktu:* CHERRY PECTORAL, F?r the rapid Cars of COCCHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, BRONCHITIS,WHOOPING-COUGH, CROCP, ASTHMA, AND CONSUMPTION. Among the numerous discoveries Science has made In this generation to facilitate the business of life-Increase Its enjoyment, and even prolong the term of human existence, none can be named of more real value to mankind than thlsconlrlburlon of Chemlstrv to the Healing Art A vast trial of Its virtues throughout this broad country, has proven beyond a doubt, that no medicine or com bination of medicines yet known, can so surety control and cure the numerous varieties of pulmo narv disease which have hitherto swept from our midfctibousandsandthousandsevery year Indeed there is now abundant reason to believe a Reme dy has at length been found which can be relied on, to cur'* the most dangerous affections of the lungs. Our space here will not permit us to pub lish any proportion of the cures effected by its use but we "would present the following:? and refer further enquiry to my American Almanac, which the agent below named, will always be p'oased to furnished free, wherein are fill particulars, and indisputable proof of there statements. Optica or TnAHsronTATioN, I Laurens,R. R., 8 C., Aug 4, 1BS3. > Da J.C.Ajm* Dear 81r.?!*!yTltU? son, four years old, has Just recovere-1 from a severe attack of magllgnnnt feerlet Fever, his throat was rot ten, and every person that visited him, pronounc cd him a dead child Having used your Chshrt PhctorAt., In California, In ttie winter of 1850, for a severe attack of Bronchitis, with entire suc cess, 1 was iuduced to try it on my little boy. 1 gave him a tea-spoon-fullevsrv three hours, com mencing In the morning, ana by ten o'clock at n!ght, Ifonrd a decided change for the better, and after throe days use, he was able to eat or drink without pain. Its use In the above named disease will save many a child from a premature grave, and relieve the anxiety rf many a fond parent Per all af fections of the Throat and Lungs, 1 believe It the best medlcl> e extant. A feeling of the deepest gratitude, prompts me la addreessing you these Ilneo,?but fbr your Important disoovery, my little bov would now have been In another world. I am yours with great respect, J. D. POWELL, Supt. Trans , L. ft. ft. Rooky Hill, Someraot Co , N. J., > July 21,185$. '} Da. J. C. Atsr,?SIncc your medicine has W eorae known here it has a greater demand than any other cou?h remedy we have ever sold it Is spoken of In terms of unmeasured praise by those who have used it, and I know of some cases where the best they can say of it Is not too much for the good It has done. 1 take pleasure in selling It, because 1 know that I am giving my customers the worth of their money, and I feel gratified In seeing the benefit it confers. Please send me a further supply, and believe me Yours, with respect, JOHN C. WHITLOCE. P . 8. Almost any number of certificates can be seat if you wish it. Windsor, C WJune 88,183B Da. J. C. Atxa. Sir,?This maycertity that 1 have used your Cnaani Pxctorai. for upwards of one year; and it Is my sincere belief that 1 should have been in my g ave ere this time if 1 had not It has cured me of a dangerous affeo tion of the lungs, ud I do net overstate my con viotions when I tell you it is a prlnrln? rnmnd ? Yours very respectfully, D. A.llcCLURE, Attorney at Law. n. p? ? September 88,1880 Da. J. C Atir. My dear Sir ?Your medicine Is much approved of by those who hava used It here, and its composition Is such as to insuiFaad maintain its reputation I invariably recom mend It for pulmonary affect Ions, as do many of our principal physicians i am your friend, CHAR. 8TREATER, M. D. Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER, Chemist, Low ell. Mass Sold by Z D. OILMAN, Washington, and all respectable druggists.. dec 8-4m ?0 000 FEACH TREES. DOLLARS my Nuner trees are al of the best select fru It. nrroxsT allowed ob dipoiitbb. MONEY f LOAN ? STOCKSKCUMITIEM am nunc. timis, Opposite the Truatrj. THE IOOBI OF 6IVB1 >B0TH1? Wuhteftoa, CIAS. St J CHUBS, JOHN D. illllOW HEMRY HOLMES. THE HOUSE OF QKUMB BROTHS B, BABBOW * 00 , DavaxroaT, low*. Is oomposeJ of CHAS StJ CHUBS, ALEX'R H. BARROW, jaa87-tf WM. H. DORSAL. NEW AND EEAVntVL STYLE. lan(Mtar*4 trra lliit im?, toy tli Wait CHtum slat* Cia^iyi ??. rpHESB MANTELS ARB ENAMELLED IN A Imitation at the richest and meet expensive EGYPTIAN. LISBON, VERJ> ANTIQUE, PORPHYRY, PYRENEES. BROCATELLA, AGATE, SPANISH 8ALWAY, as! other rare end desirable MARBLES. The Imitations ere so perfect that they ehalengethe cloeeet scrutiny They are ao highly polished that they retain theii beauty much longer than marble; are not injured hysmohe, coal gas, or aeidi, aad can be sold * - - ? - n_a I Aiuneti, MMoi ,, eall and examine samples at No. 519 Seveath street, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Hall, op stairs. 7. M HANSON, ee l?-ly Agaat. BOOK MINOIKH. C?r?r S'trtnth ttrttt and Mar f land ??or tk* S?tUip?iM /siiimii*s. ODWARD LYCETT RESPECTFULLY IN u forms the subscribers to Brown's Bible and ghakspcare, now Just completed, tfcat he Is pre pared to bind those works In a superior style of aiegsnce, strength and solidity, and upon mucfc more reasonable terms than can W dene la Bait! more, Philadelphia, or New York. A tetter ad dressed to him (per post) will enable him to ex hlblt to the subscribers specimens of his style of binding. Every hlad of Book Binding neatiy ex ecu ted. men-Am __ Establishment. THE UNDERSIGNED TAKES THIS method of informing liquor dealers that he has fitted up a RECTIr YIN0 ESTAB LI SO MEN r In this city, and Is now prepared te sup ply all those who may favor him with their rus om. Re has on hand a large stocs of liiandies, Gin, Wines, and Old Whiskeys, which be ran -ell at as low a figure as they can be purchased for either in Baltimore or Philadelphia N i). The subscriber has also on band, a larg* lot of Foreign and Domestic Cigars PETER FEGAN, No. 05 Louisiana avenue, near 10th st. Jan 14-6m* TO ALL THA T VALUE THE IK SIGHT WISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by a^e. sickness, and particularly from glasses Injudiciously selected, to bis superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground by nlmself to a true spherical accuracy, and brll ilant transparency, suited precisely and benefi cially to the wearer according to the concavity or convexity of the eye. Very numerous a?e the HI effects caused to the precious organ of sight front the commencement of using glasses In net being if an Or towistsr. and effects caused to the precious organ of eight from nencement of using glasses In net beln* suited, by the use of sn O; tomtttr, an? the practice of many years enables him to meas ure the focal disease of the eyes, and soeh glass es that are absolately required will be furnished with precision and satisfaction. IHN availed themselves of his aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses In use, and state how many Inch es they can read this print with tbelr spectacles, can be supplied with such as will improve their sight. innumerable testlmoalals la be seea; and ref erences given to many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at nls office, No. ?19 SEVENTH STREET, tkri$ dtori frtm Odd Fillut' Hall, vr sTa:ns. Noaron, September?, 1FM. Sir?The Spectacles you made for ma suit vsr> well, and seem to have Improved my sight mort thaa any other i have lately tried. LIT?. W. TAZEWELL. 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained frem Mr. Tobias, and find them of great assistance to mv eight. and corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 reaommend him as a skillful op tician. HENRY A. WISE. Havlag been Induced by a frlsnd to vlsltthe es tablishment of Mr Tobias for the purpose of try ing his glasses, I was furnished oy aim with a pur align tlv colored blue, which nave affordsd me more relief and gratllcation than sny I have over tried My eight, originally very good, was net and gratllcation than any I have My sight, originally very good, was Injured by writing and reading at night, fre quently to a very late hour; but with the aid of these plasties 1 can s?udy aire est as late as ever, end that too without the pain I have previously suffered. JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioner Gea'l Land Ofcee. Dec.11, 1955. 1 have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles fer th<e or four months, snd take peat pleasure la say lag that 1 am much pleased with them. 1 hav< been mnoh benefitted by them MaySth,l*S? REOR P.BCARBVKSB. I was reccrameaded to Ml. John Tobias as a skillful optician: aad as I have eyes of remark able peculiarity, 1 was gratified to find that Mi Teblas eeemed to comprehend them bv Inspec tion and some alight measurement, and he has made me a pair of Spectacles that suits me ad mlrahly. A. P. BRTLER July 11,1956. Wilmixotoh, N . C., Jan. 37,1554 Mr. J. Taaias: Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the Spectacles which I obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. Fromau lnequal |ty In the visual range of my eyes, 1 have hereto found great diihculty In getting glasses of the proper focal distance, it affords me pleasure to ftate that, by the aid of vour optometer, this dlfl enlty has been happily obviated so that the glasses {ou furnished me are decidedly the best adapted 0 my eyes of any 1 have ever yet used. Very respectfully, yours, R B.DRANE, Rector af St James' Parish DIPAkTMiitT or iMTSBioa, May 7. lBtf From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, 1 have been compelled to use glasses for several years. 1 have tried different opticians without obtaining glssses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which I have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he is enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to theeys. 1 most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses and bear my testi i.mony as to hie skill as an opUclaa. HENRY E. BALDWIN, 1 Assist. Sec y to sign Land Warrants. P. S ?OPERA SLAS8ES of great variety, TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, WATCH MAKER GLASSES, and many other articles in this line at very low prlcos ooastaatly on hand. JyMuiy CIRKAT RBtfUOTlOfi IITHB PBI0B OB BOOTS AID GAITSBi I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOB A PBIL adelphia manu facturer, a first rata Sewed or PeggM Calf-Skin BOOT at 83.75. full as good as those usually sold al S3 or Sd: aid a French Calf Patent Leather BAITER at S> JO, as good as any ?tf5; a first rate Calf SalleratM 50, these am the best goods that is (or ev?r were) ?eld la the Dlstriet for the price; for the iroof, come and see proof promt NB* ours elf. Terms positively cash. No extra w v VZ&i cfcet *>?* ?bts. Call at the *- WffTOSS. Bemth Best RUBBERB^or gentlemen SI. mM tf ANTHONY, Agaat. CMATSl MATS I ONSTANTLY ON HAND 4 FSLL supply of BEEBK'S NBW YORK STYLES, together with TAY LOR'S MATS, of BALTI MORE. The best black dress HATS got np in the latest style for S3.50, as good as those usually sold at S6: snd a good fashion* able Hat at S3, worth S4; and a first-rate Hat, S*<J M. The best materials aad the beet workmanship is employed to produce a S3 Mat, which is sold foi S3>5Q. We do a e&sh business, meet with no los ses, but give each customer fall value for his money. Pelt Hats unusually low. N .B Agent fer DrlseoU's Balm of aThoasafed Flowers. Price fifi oeats par battle. * ? ' "??""SJlsSTl * "'fr4V"v ? - r-H - - - '?T,*il ' ?7^ Vr;,' Information for TroTOlm. HT ROUIR TO IS1 I00IHWK1T conusorins with Memphis T I rpHK LAST CONNECTING i.INK OP 1 RAILROAD between the Northern* u< Southwest, forming u entire RitlroU cobr??. NKWTORI AMD THE MISSIS. 8IPP1 RIVER. Vh AUGUSTA, ?t This road will he oompleted u4 ope?4 for the regular tnuportiUoa o( PiMMfew ta4 Freight by the 1st of April, and wlit afford more Expedition, and less krpanse, than any other route between the Northeast and tfoochi sengets aid Shippers will lake doe anttaa thereof, and govern theasselvea accordingly The Frelghta In charge of the Adaw Kapneas Comt<any la carried over this roed daLv hy tha Messenger tialne. P. C. ARlfF mar lB-tf teaeral f apwliiten^ent ?KAMI k ALUA11IUA A. H. ROAU. ?root Soothorn Mali Lie* i rWO D?1LY TRAINS* (SUNDAY NIGHTS ex rpted) leave Alexandria for Rlchmoad At7jf a in ,iid?< p m Pare ?5ft> JAttES A. RVANd, feb 14 Ageat. LOAD. rftRAlNS LEAVE WASHINGTON POg X BALTIMORE at ? and b* a. m , aad 3 aad 4* p.m. On Sunday at 4M a.m. Leave JALTJMORE tot WASFINGTON at 4JK and a m , aad 3 tad 5* p. m On bonder at 4 If a m i for Philadelphia aad New York win tahe Trains at 0, SK, and 4)f. For Aaaapolls wLl take I rains at S# IR^ *M For Norfolk will take Trains at 8j{ ai d 3 For the West wll Uke rraits st 6 and 4)4; i aecllng at the Washington Junction tan l#-tf T. H. PARSONS, Agent "for all parts of the west. BALTinURI AND OHIO RAILMAB. Amp and Improved Arrangement*. Three trains daily from balti. more, for Cumberland, Wheeling, and ail parts of the Wmt Hist The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN wlil ieave, (except Sunday) at ? 46 a m . cenaer:!' with trains from Phllsdelphls, first train from Washington (at Junction) -wll' atop at way ?a tlons and arrive at Cumberland at 4 o' look p id. Sd The MAIL TRAIN leave? ' an.den Su tton da'.iy (except Sunday) at a 30 a. m , an: reaches wheeling by 4 a nrt , connecting at Ben wood with trains for Columbus. Cincinnati, Day ton Indianapolis, Louisville. Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, Bt Louis, Cairo, and Interme diate points 3d. 1 he EXPRESS TRAIN leaves dallv at 7 p. m., connecting with expresa trains for cin. clanatl, St. Louis, Cslro, Chicago, and Interme diate places The dlstanee to Cincinnati and other central and southern places la the Wen, u nearly loft mlies shorter than by anr other rente. The time to tiiese places la alao unequalled. JET Bsggage checked throsfcb >o Co umbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, ard tt Louis CT Passenger? and Baggage transferred at all points free THROUGH TICKETS will be sold to all the large towns In tfce V* est, at the lowcnt mMe rate*, at the Ticket OAce, Camden Station, and at Washington dir. 49" A seocad-clnaa oar Is attached to the Mall Train. Passengers fron^ Baltimore or Washington may view the tntirt rend by dapltgkt. by taking Ac commodatlon or Mall ruin aad lying aver at Cumbetiaad or Oakland They resume next morning by the Express Train, which Haves Cumberland at 8 50 a. m.; aad reaches Wheel In? at 8 p m Passengers from Washington have ampiatlms for meals at Washington Junction. This Is the only route by which Through Tick ets and Baggage Checks can be obtained la Waahlngton FOR WAY PASSENGERS The Accommodation Train at ? 49, wlil step at all stations east of Cumberland, and the Express atstz lons between Piedmont, gol gwest East wardly the Mall Train leaves V. hilling at 7 IS a m , and Accommodation leaves Cumberland at 8 t;), reaching Baltimore at 5 45 p m The FREDERIC K TRAIN start* at 4 p at , (except Sunday) atopplns at way stations Leaves r rederlck at S a m , arriving at Baltimore at U 30 noon. The ELLICOTT'S MILLS TRAIN leaves Camden Station at 6 a m and 3 30 p ro. Leaves Elllcott's Mills at 7 30 a m,and7.9np m, ex oept Sundays. W g WOODrlDE, Jan lA4f Master of Transportation TEX HEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL f|H UNITED STATES jflK MAIL ITCAHKlll. Til Skipt cowipriring tkit Liu* art: The ATLANTIC Capt Oliver Eldildge The BALTIC Capt Joneph Comxt . ck The ADRIATIC Capt James West. These shirs having been built by eonmet ei prrssly for Bovererm-nt service, every rz.n has been taken In their construe lion, as also In l>*ir engines, to insure strength aad peed- and their accommodations for passengers are ucequalled for ei< gacce and comf it. Price of passag tr m New York to Llverpoc', In first caV.n ?13 "j In second do , ?75; 'xc!u*lve use of extra slxe state-ocms. ?3*5. FrcmLver pool to New Yoik 30 and SO guineas An expe rienced Sargeon attached to each ship No b>rtbs can be secured uatll paid for The shl, s of this line kave Improve i water-tight bulk h>ad?, ?nd to avoid danger from Ice will net cross tie backs north of 48 degrees, until after the-1 -t of August. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING ran* xkw Y(jkk. , ir m ursKeoou SalnrdkT t, lWTl . Janatry r, 1 Sf~ 8?turiJ?.?. Jmo.ry 17, XSST| Jn.asrj SI. 1?* S?!nrd?y, J?i.a?rj Jl, is :, H wl?j, ? ?-hrsn J ? K* R?tOr<??j, Frbr nary II, Iks? I W Fshrsary IS. 1 -?? 6?to-dmr, M*rcl. 14, Wv Wrdun l.y, il.r-l, ?. !?*? ft*lcr<1.7, April 11, lss: j n odl sprli 1, 1?S* Saturday. M y ?, lSS? W.jiii^.y April t# IV* Saturday, Ma, SS, 1S5T Wr4n??*ar. May r. 1 ??* fta arday, JuuaS. iMl ?r?d i?uy Jmrll, i?4l ?at^rda.T, Jit.? *3, 1?ST *Mu??<?y, Jrnr M, 1?V tat?rd?y. Jaly ?. IStT W?1ue?4ay, Jaly S, lUl Saturday, Jniy is, 1st" WMuraday, n, UJ For freleht or pa sea e apply to EDW'D K COLLINS, No tfl VVall-at ,N. > BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO , Llverp ol STEPHEN KENNARD A CO , No 87 Aus tin Frla s, Londo*i ??? WAINWRIOHT A CO , Psrls The owners of there ships will not be accnui table for gold, liver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, precious stones or metals, unleM ol? s cf ladhg are signed therefor and the value thereof " i rcs* ed therein feb3> ?KA?4)IIABiE irRIIIO W4H?D?. JOHN U SMOOT, No U? HRIDBE ST. Ooo getown, I) C , has received and l? now offering to customers, an assortment of SPRING tiOODS, to which large additions will ?oon be made fiom the New York auctions, and of the latent Importations He baa now reoelved and W offering tfce following Goods, via : Blk Gro de Rhine Silks Challle Robes aid Gsatahalr Plaids Mouslln, Challle and Berage Delaines Plain Mouslln Delalna (modes and bright color*) Plain I-Ink, Bine. Bnff and Green t ranch Brll 1 lasts and Cambrics Whltrsnd Buff Chimaea and Brilliants, (r?st Ignrasi Engllan and American rrlnta, new el\ lee aad f&sl colors, 12)(o Striped Callccr and Sattlens, for children India DlmMrv and White Brilliants, cheap Plaid and strip* d Mn*l!cs from 18Re toiSe. M White tambrlea (of Jones oelebratod make) Beat Kncllah Long Cloths, (for ladles,) aame make Jaconet*, Nainsook and Swiss Musllas 3 and 6 4 Blk Mouslln Delaines (Lupin's) Bombexlaes, Alapacas ard Erg l>h Crapes Blk Love ar.d Crape Vrlls and Crape Collars Embroideries and Linen Cambric Handk'ifc Dunbar, Dlckeoa, and Rlcfcardson Irish Linens Llnea ard Cotton Sheetings (best mabca) Shirting Cottons (of all the mostepprored mtkes) Table Damas!-a, Table Cloths ssa Napkins Bird Eye, Huckaback ard Scotch Dlapera Colored bordered Towellings, Russia aad Amer ican Crnrh White Msrselllcs Quilts Gents' aad Boys' Ca>simeres Cotieaade*, Lenlm* and Nankeena Velvet and Bonnet Rlbbona Ladles' and 6eats' Kid Gloves (all slaei aad ?umben) Brown English X Hose, best makes Ladles aad Misses' Cotton Hose With many other reasonable Goods, to Wh'.rb he Invites the atteatloa of ersessf Myisi *?d casAcu^tomen j. fa. SMOOT. mar d-tf ?T04;R in thi oli> dominion coal COJMPAilT, RAN AW MA tOldTT, VIA fv ? ma a a ^52KJ:PTJON? WILL BE RECEIVED fiHonee of Chubb Brothers for [?? ?to<vk of the above comrwny, be nVfuj fwST abarta The capital stock la which #70.00t has been .. Tbe mines are ?n w prepared for op**atloaa, and 6 per oent Interest wlil be a poo the stock now oCetrtd for stir, ?y theorlgUai stockholders, fo. the pox id cf years ' ^Particulars la reanid to the stock aad Its proo >poa W?*ttoa to f. t. AANMUMI, A?nL