Newspaper of Evening Star, March 27, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 27, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Criminal Cor?T.?Tkt Trial,rDoidriig, c Lm on Charge Of Murder ?When our r% port closed yesterday. Solomon G Heaton a clerk at the Pension Office, was on the stand, and was testifying u to bis answer to the re. fjrenc# w^: Lee had made to him as being able to substantiate the charge against Hume; witness replied that he had seen no aot on the part of Hume whereby he oould orobo rate the charge; be could only corrobo rate the fact that Lee made sneh charge * went on to say that he was 45 yearfof age, and had probably given away mere money every year than Lee was worth, and at the sasie time appealed to Mr Walker as to the truth of what h.?id; did not hear Wilier make any reply; Lee said this was doubtless ?fKrre"tl'Vi^euWM * P??rtt*D; he saii, fur ? wun ye4r> 0ld h? Wa* !* 7 i f *?n?or; and he said that was not a tbe di?eulty;" Hume rc pi^cd that he did not come there with the in tontion of having any difficulty with him: he h?ld-i? h5s chai>g?; Lee said j he aid, Hume said immediately, *' You d~r~d ?coundral, do you charge me with picking your pocket?" an* at the same time struck him with bis cane; Lee turned to the >eft and walked off, his back being towards Hume; Lee was in a bent position; Lee had his hat on at the time he was first struck; af ter the first blow, witness noticed that the hat was eff, Hume struck Lee as many as two or three blows; immediately afterwards witness beird the report of a pistol; Hume exclaimed* 44 Oh! my God, I am a dead man!" and at the same time fell forward; he lived perhaps ten minutes after he was shot. Cross-examined?Wituess, on entering Lee's inwthf ?orn,.D?\a,ked Lee if anything farther had transpired at the levee after wit ness left there. The counsel for Government here objectsd to the introduction of this conversation a* Z22? 5 * "UDS61 for defence con tended its admissibility, on the ground that it tended to explain the conduct if the defend ant and his state of mind at the time ; show ?JL^r Up?n an hone?* oonvic of the truth of the charge, aud that the .T ft", r "courage* and Kuitained him in tnat eel let td!^Kr*,>li?,ld' reaS8??2g the inad missibility of the evidence, either as rebutting the charge of malice on the part of the de fendant or as g-jing to discredit the testimony of the witness. ' Mr. Davidge, for defence, claimed the ai mission of the testimony to show why it wa? *? L?* refuwd to retract his charge The Court decided that the evidence wis in admissible. The counsel for defence asked leave to file a bill of exeeptions to the ruling. Henry C Potter, (son of Bishop Potter, of Pennsylvania.) sworn-Was at the President's levee; saw Lee and deceased in the green room at the Wh^te House, (the room between the reception room and the Eaot Room ;) Lee w*4 standing with his back to the E-st Koom and Hume with hia left side to the Eist Moom they were standing within a foot-and a-balf of each other; the first words heard by witness were uttered by Hume, who held L?e by the coat and said, ?'! am sorry you have ladies wi b Jou, but you must go with me; witness B"t ???r* charging Hume with having picked his pocket; as soon as witness heard this accusation be recogniaed in Mr. Hume a gentleman whom he hadaeen, but with whom he was not acquainted; witness turned to Lao and said Sir, joa have made a grievout mistake; this ia Mr. David Hume, a merchant of Alexandria; some gentlemen interposed, and proposed that the parties should exchange which they did; witness next hoard a remark of Mr. Lee, to the effect that he still persisted in his charge; Hume slapped Lee two or three times in the face; so me gentle men pushed in between them and separated ihem, witness left the place then, and saw no mora of what transpired Cross examined?Knew Hume only by sight; the ladies were with Lee at the time Hume slapped him in the face; witness was not pre sent at the commencement of the difficulty. Dr Berrv called ?Examined the body of deceased about three hours after the occur rence at the Pension Office the ball entered about three inches below the naval and one inch to the left of the medium line; the ball penetrated downwards, diverging about an inch from the hori*ont*l line; the presump tion was, from the sudden death of deceased and his bloodless appearance, that the aorta, or large artery of the body, was wounded; from the track of the ball it was evident that the breech of the pistol must have been held higher than its muxale at the time of its dis charge; diseased was about B'x feet two in ches in height; was a man of great muscular power. Lafayette J. Brown's testimony was mainly corroborative of that already given. Thinks Hume strack Lee as many as three blows, thinks Lee was in a crouching position when he fired; the blows seemed to be struck with all Hume's might; Lee's head was considera bly cut; (witness identified a black hickory or cik cane, with a bent handle as the one used by Hume;) Hume's manner was earnest and excited, but not menacing or threatening; no one interfered with the parties liobert tieddes, another clerk in the Pen sion Othee, testified to the SMne general effect as the preceding witnesses; witness thought that Hume's manner changed upon Lee s say ing tnat Heaton would corroborate his (Lee s) statement; up to that time, Hume appeared to have oeen acting with forbearance, consid eiing the infamous nature tf the charge against him; he turned round and said, "Who is it that corroborates it?" there was no response; deceased then turned to Lee and inquired, 4 Who ia it that corroborates your etory ? ' Lee named Heaton, who T#as sitting at the time in Lee s chair; Hume then put the question direct to Heaton, " Do yon cor roOorave this man s statement?" Heaton re pl.ed, "No, air; I know nothing about it, except what Lee told me;" Hume then ad dressed Lee, *? You d d scoundrel, do you still persist in making this chnrgo?" while saying this he struck Lee; after the shot, wit ness a-w the pistol in the hands of Lee; he held it in his right hand a little raised; ob served a me blood trickling down by prison er a left ear; Mr. Walker, who appeared much trouoled, said to Lee, "Sir, you don t know what jou have done; you have killed one of j the best of men;" thinks Lea said something to the effect that he could not avoid It, but cannot say whether or not Lee said this in response to the remark of Walker. I pon the conclusion of the examination of Mr. Geddas, the court adjourned. THimO DAT The Ccurt met at haif-past 10 o'clock this morning and the trial of Lee was resumed Tbe attendance in the eourt room (Council Chamber) w*s again large, and the atmoapbere of the room, badly ventilated as it is is to taUy unfit for human beings Thomas J. Miller called for Government.? Is a clerk in the Pension Office, in the same room occupied by Lee. (This witness was ex amined with considerable minuteness as to the relative positions occupied by the persons in this room during the various stages of the affair resulting ia the death of Hume ) Thia witness detailed the circumstances of the sffray, hia testimony being substantially tbe same as that of preceding witnesses Thinks Heme used seme such expression as this. ?? I to d you last night I would meet you to day, if 1 nad to meet you ia hall," Lee replied, 'I told you where you could find me, and you have found me her*;" thinks Hume at this time applied the word ''puppy" to Lea; saw three blows delivered, one behind the ear of Lee, one upon tbe back of his head, and an other upon the shoulders or back; had been introduced to Hume aome three and a half yeara ago, but ahould act have reeogniaed him but for the fait that he entered tha room with Mr Walker- (Witness showed a rough draft of the room in the Pension Office where tbe shooting took place, to indicato the local! ties of various articles of furniture, and the positioA of the partiea.) Croea-exasaiMd?Tha expression u*ed by Hume was. " 1 teld you last eight I would meet you to day if 1 had to meet you in hell,'- or "I told you last night I would meet you to day, and i waa determined to meat 7ru if 1 bad to meet you ia hell;" will not be certain which; Lee's manner tbrcujbout the affair waa oajm and quiet, as usual; considers Hume to have been an unusually strong, wall developed man, Lee kM beta for *>?? ya*n ta bti Ulk; vttMM llwok ?t?i w m im do ">? (Considerable ??? oo?m*I for Government opon Sr^0'Dot **? ?9w thi* *?*? Wilier ?p * r*"?* *?* **? witness might show the exact position of the perties at the time ) p.Y.? ** ThomM ?worn-I? ? elerk in the renston Offioe; thinks Hume after inquiring cf A??e if ha ?ai atill of the opinion that he piok ?a nil pocket; used this expression; "Itola you ? ni*^t * would meet you, end I wu deter mined to do so, if I had to seek joa in hell:"' Lee responded "I told jou where to meet me; thinks, after some further conversation, Hume addressed Lee, " You d?d little sim ple'*nd was interrupted by Col Lee, who remarked 44 Well, well, sir, I do not wish to bandy words with you ;" thinks Hume after wards used this expression, " Consider how unreasonable you are to think that I, a man who hare hitherto borne suoh a reputation for honesty and Integrity, and who has been in the habit of treating money thus lightly, that I should steal a pooket-book from such a man as you," laying emphaaia on the word " you;" Hume struck Lee several blows in quick suc cession, three or more William T. Ford sworn?la a messenger 4n the Pension Office; on flume's entrance with Mr. W alker he nodded to Col. Lee, and said "how are you?1' doea not know if Lee made any response; Hume, after enquiring of Lee ?f he still maintained hia charge, said, ?you know I told you I should meet you if I had to meet jou in hell;" Col Lee replied either ?I told you where to find," cr 441 told you how to Cud me; ' thinks three blowa were atruck, and that the stick waa raiaed for the fourth blow when the pia'ol waa fired; saw the pistol in Lae s hand at the time he fired, Lee was bout sideways when he fi;ed; the blows upon Lee were heavy and rapid. Major F T. Nally aworn?Was at the Pres ident s Levee on the 27th of February; saw deceased aad prisoner in altercation; the prisoner accused the other of taking his pock et book; witness told them it was no place for an altercation, and suggested that they skould exchange cards and settle it at another time; they did so; heard prisoner aay that the amount in the pocket book was small; (object ed to by ooensel for defence ) taw no more of tho transaction James C Walker (reading clerk of the House of Representatives.) called ?Accom panied Mr. Hume to the Pension Office on tbe 28th of February; Mr Hume advanced into the room not more than threo or four feet; Mr Lee approached very near to them when they entered tbe room; witness did not change his position during the interview; Mr. Hume drew himself up in his usual position when he addressed a gentleman and said?''I hare called to see if you are not yet satisfied that I am not the man who picked your pocket last night?" Lee responded that hewai no ;? (Here we are forced to close tbe report J Thi Fair ?An extraordinary specimen of Penmanship on exhibition at the Me-hanics' Fair has not received the attention it de serves, because its perfection baffles the be lief of a casual visitor that it can be the woik of a pen. It is the work of Mr S M Basset', principal of the Mercantile College at Syra cuse, New York. Besides a display of tbe most perfoct cbirography, curves, flourishes, ete , it contains what is said to be a correct miniature of the author (a good looking man,) and an imitation of a bank note so perfect that the best judges cannot detect it as a counterfeit, all executed with a pen We ad vise those who have not observed it carefully to do so It stands in the corner at the right hand of the entrance. The 44 Lord's Prayer" as executed with the pen by Thomaa W Fowler of thiseity, is an other remarkable specimen of pen-painting. Mr Fowler who is self-educated, bias fair to become one of the most skilful draftsmen in the country. In this connection it is proper to notice the exquisite workmanship of R. F. Bartle, who engraves the Lord's Prayer upon a gold dol lar, or any object of that size, with a beauty and correctness of execution whioh bears the closest microscopic examination. \ et another rare specimen of imitation with En and pencil?the work of Mr Wm. E. arvey, formerly of this city, a civil engineer now employed on the New York eanals, is a Card Rack,in which the representation of wood, tape, nail heads, letters, post office stamps, business and visiting cards, and the imitation of some dosen autograps are so well executed as to reouire close inspection to discover the cheat It is suspended on one of the posts dividing the two right hand aisles of the build ing Where is Bruff ? Always a centre of attraction is Sage's beau tifully working Card Press. Bo are the rival Sawing maohines, a little beyond, of Wright and of Wood k DeVaughan'a. Just about here is a beautiful piece of workmanship of a Washington mechanic, being a superb low topped Buggy, manufactured by Thomaa D. Gr-ih-iUi, and which for lightness, c'egance and durability is unsurpassed Something tempt ing to the eye hereabouts is Weaver's Mon ster Cake and Sagar Pyramid, to be raffled at the end of the Fair. Barlow's (the (4 Plane tarium" Barlow) Tack Machine is a great cu riosity in its way ; so is the Oscillating Ste&m Engine next it, and Hutchin's Steam and Bar rel Machinery, and across the way Atkin's Rsaper and Mower, unceasingly throwing out and drawing in its extensive rake Here, too, are the (irain Machines, and the Rope Spinner, and that miracle of modern mechanical skill, the lately arrived Steam Engine of Corliss & Nightingale, ef Provi dence, R I The immense shafi of white mar ble near by challenges attention as hiving been turned on a lathe for Uncle Sam a use. The (ias men carry on their animated rivalry in this vicinity, adding not a little to the spirit of the occasion. Washing Machines, Sewing Machines, and 44 Alcohol Cooks," at tract tbe attention cf young housekeepers. The farmer finds something worth looking at in the Corn Crushers ana agricultural ma chines; the epicure in the array cf tempting delicacies for tbe table set out by our city grocers; the ladies by the endless show cf handsome bonnets, furs, collars, quilts, do , displayed at various points throughout the room ; the little folks find never ceasing delight in the beautiful doll houses, tho cu nouj Kaliotki clock, tbe scroll saws turning out the tiny chaiis, the duelling and house keeping mice, the beautiful array of piotures, and the Canary, Chicken and Sleigh-ride Watties by the band. Finally, everybody is interested, yea, de lighted, by the thousands upon thousands of attractions which we have not space to notice to-day. But three days more remain, in which this best collection of onrioaitiea is to be seen, and very much hereafter will any person regret having misced the opportunity. Additional interest will be given to the ex hibition in future by the introduction cf vocal as well as instrumental music CORPOBATIO* PCLICB VS. U S. POLICM ? An important case came off before Justioe I)onn and a jury on the 25th inat , involving somewhat tbe question whether county con stables have the right to aot as officers at faira held by colored persona under a permit from the Mayor, or whether it is the province of the police alone to attend to these meetings held in their reapeotive Warda, and obtain the feea therefor. The caae waa aa follows: An officer named Bayles* waa employed by the colored aoeiety of the Fifteenth atreet Presbyterian church to attend aa an officer during during the continuanoe of their Fair thet bciag held under apermitfrom the Mayor. Mr. Bayless attended for several evenings, when PoliceOfficer Reynoldsappeared, claimed the right to hold the Fair, and demanded the permit, which he took into his possession, and notified the leaden that unless he was em ployed by them, he would prevent them from holding the fair any longer. The society be ing fearful that they would be prevented from ooniinuiag their festival, requested Mr. Bay less to withdraw, and Officer Reynolds then continued until the end of the Fair. Bayless also attending and notifying them that under bis written agreement be would hold them for his services Hence tbe suit; Bayless war ranting for hi* amount of $28 50, which was snbmitted to the jury, who brought in a ver dict for plaintiff for fall amount and costs. JYe/s ? It must strike all honest folks that these poor eolored people have beee essen tially victimised. If there is no law for their ' . . ? _ _a. 4C- n at ft- IX the tender meretef 01 saoa piowown m one or the ethor party to this police controversy ha* been.?So. \?*ITBD 8TATlg PoUCl &1P0ATI ?Before Justice Donn: Lewis Barron vu arrested by Officer King ch arged with having stolen & a tore from Joshua Rollins. After examination the defendant wm dismissed Officer Norwood, together with Mr. J. F. Tucker, asoertaiaing that a Latin prajer book, suoh M is used by the Catholio elergy, w?e for sale on a book stand on Pennsylvania avenue, near the Metropolitan Pair, went to the stand, and upon an examination found the following on the inside of the oover: " Presented, with the permission of his Gov. ernment, to James B. Donelan, Pastor of St. Matthew's Church, by Hit Excellency Sr. A. Calderon de la Baroa, Minister Plenipoten tiary and EnToy Extraordinary of Spain. Washington City, Jan 15, 1849 " On the title page is the fallowing : " Mi seal e Romanum ex Decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentmi Restitutum, 8. PII V. Jussu editam, Clementis VIII. Et Urbani Papae Octavi Auotoritate Recognitum, Et noTis Missis ex Indulto Apostolioo hucueque ooncessis auctum. Antverpisr ex Architypo graphia Plantiniana. MDCCXXXVIII " The officer took the book in his possession to the Jastice's office, and called upon Rev. Mr. Donelan, who, after seeing tha book, claimcd it as his property, and made an affidavit to that effect, and stated that it and other books, property and money, were stolen from him by a boy whom he believed a* this time to be absent from the oity. The book was subse quently returned to the owner. Fire ?This morning, between two and three o'clock, a fire was discovered in a house in Swampoodle known as Ann Bell's, which was entirely oonsumed, and the two adjoining tenements, oocupied by Irish families, consid erably damaged We could not learn the loss nor the origin of the fire. Elkctiok or OrricERS ?Last evening, the Catholio Beneficial and Total Abstinence So ciety elected offioers for the ensuing year, as follows : President?Rev. Timothy O'Toole ; First Vioe President?H. J. McLaughlin; Sec ond do? Dr Jos. Walsh; Secretary?Jas N. Callan; Treasurer?George Savage. The Circuit Court was, this mornings en gaged upon the appeal case of Shadrack Rear* don, fined for selling liquor without a license. The case was being argued as we left the court room. Tux Fair was largely attended last night During the afternoon, St. Matthew's Sunday fchool and Mrs Guyten's private school at tended. Trux.?There are two things man rarely forgets?bis first love and his cigar Few la dies who hsve used Fontaine's Cream of Wild Flowers will ever forget its agreeable effects in producing a clear and beautiful complexion free from every imperfection. Sold by W. II Oilman. It Thk vkrt Last Call !?Philbriek desires us to extend to his numerous friends and pa trons, in thi* city, his cordial and sincere thanks for the many favors he has received at their bands. And, now upon the eve of taking his departure, he assures all, great and small, that while he shall strive to remember the kindness and liberality of our oitiiens, he still regrets that it has not been in his power to present everybody with some substantial me mento to the end that he may not be entirely forgotten himself We trust that all who have not called at the Gift Book Store, under Dex ter's Hotel, will do so without delay. Open tc-day and to morrow, and positively no longer. It Mr. Editor : Your paper of yesterday con tains an article in relation to the musio of the serenade of the 24th instant, in which the writer does me the honor of a personal refer ence, and I feel it a duty 1 owe to my own reputation and the publio, that I should re ply. Although I by no means profess to be a Bel lini or a Verdi, I flatter myself with the belief that I am sufficiently a master of my profes sion to know the difference between good and bad music, and to discriminate between the ??nuine article and what may be called trash his fact is well known to the Washington public, and is admitted by all the really tal ented members of the band which I have the honor to lead Speaking of the "Bird Walts," which I composed, I would say, that it Ms passed (ivitkoHt the whistle to it) the eriticisms of musicians far superior in talent to my young friend, whom your "Guest" refers to in his communication. And I am always willing to submit my compositions to the ordeal of a public examination by those who are compe tent to judge, without the additions of any such humbugs as the imitation cf the bird, the sleigh bells, Ae., Ac., which form the only attraction to the music of my young friend, and have elicited the notices appearing of late in your journal. I havo no objection to any one's advertis ikq his TALKXT3 If he thinks fit to do so; but I must be allowed to express my contempt for the system of those who attempt to elevate themselves by endeavoring to dotract from the well-earned reputation of others. In conclusion, I would repeat that 1 am perfectly willing to let my compositions stand a trial with those of any greenhorns who do not yet know how to read their parts correctly in the band I have the honor to lead Respectfully, Ao , Ac , F. Scala, It Loader U S. Marine Band. More Gas?Mork Light \?Editorof Star: Sir?In the Star of the 26th instant, my at tention is callcd to an article on tho Gas con troversy, signed "Jno W. Smith," in wliioh it is stated that a '-brother and assistant of C. N. Tyler" (meaning myself as tho brother) had declared that the "challenge" to tost the relative merits of the several gas aparatuses, was not inteuded to include* the "grease gis concern and therefore, on that account, he (Jno W. Smith) ordered tne "Back Down" card to be suppressed. Ac New, Mr Editor, I wish to distinctly and unequivooally deny ever having exchanged a word with Messrs Smith or lieath about the challenge, and that on the day the card was printed J did not see Mr. Smith, as his card njjirmiI will leave the unprejudiced to draw their own conclusions from these facts I think, however, if the '? grease gas" requires such means to mako it burn, the world will soon be left in darkness; and that when all the facts, legal and otherwise, break through the gaseous clouds that hang o'er that con cern, the uninitiated victims may have soffi eient light to " see themselves as others see fitm." Mr. S. in his publiely "suppressed" card states that he offered to aoseptthe challenge? that he offered to stake a sum proposed in the "Back Down" card, Ao As the lawyers say, fce may have made this proposition "in Bank" ?or as the printers would say, in blanl? but he did not make any such proposition to my brother or myself! So much for so mueh. It will require considerable grease to make that gas burn smoother! In bis card of the 26th he says : " I shall deeline, on this occasion, Mr Tyler's proffered bet." Now, Mr. Editor, without stopping to discuss the question of "discretion,^Ao , I will leave this "grease gas"?morally?to revel in the odors of its own truthful excellence. Joseph K Tyler. Washington March 27, 1857. It* Watch Report ? LuoiusCulver and Francis Wilson, vagrants, thirty days in workhouse Thomas Sutton and Samuel Sheckell, drunk, do Wm. Carpenter and Mary Butler, (ool ored.) do. Sarah Longstreet, (do ,) drunk at a ball, paid 36.44. Mary Coombs, (a girl of 17 years, and quite prepossessing in her ap pearance.) drunk, workhousa thirty days. The Tbos Sutton named above is not Sutton, the bricklayer. Dre. Master fc WI llama, Phytictams ft Dittatet of Throat and Luugt, North Charlaa itrMt, ttaltiaora. Dr. HOKTSR or Dr. WILLIAMS will viall Waafclnftoo an the 11th and tttb of aacb laoath. Tha naxl rl?U wLl b? on Saturday, tha Mth toatant. Ufflca 1M rauuiylvauia aveuua, o??r Mra. Voai'a Jawalry Stora. mar 3? It ?u*. Ob the Wth Instant, HANNAH, wife of Petei Force, In the Mth year of her age The frleads of the family are Invited to attend the funeral frem tee First baptist Church, loth street, on Saturday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. la the *>th year of his age, BENJAMIN FKAHfcR. The friends sad relatives are respectfully la vltedto attend; hie funeral on To-morrow, an ?'dock p. m , from his late residency on ThlU ?trOTZOH SALB8. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. WATCHMIKKRI OF WASH. in!V,*l ???orgetswn, aa< Alsxaadrla. SATIL^DAY *0*NINQ, to!?e hi I * i? front of the Auc tion Rooms Of Ju C McGulre? One superior Eight Day Regulator Clock, with ,tt4 la<>?P"0=" JEsSftssz"*tMM' " ? JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By O. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer fTIRUSTEE'S BALE OF HOUSEHOLD Farmttare.? By virtue cf three deeds of tru?t, duly executed and recorded, I shall sell, on MONDAY. March 30th, at 10# o'clock, at No 66 Missouri avenue, between 3d and 4J< streets, a large collection of Household Furniture, em

bracing In part, Tlx : Mahogany Sofa, Mahogany Chalra Do Rockers, Mahogany Centre and Card Tables Mantel Ornaments, fine Engravings Parlor, Chamber, and S tep Carpeting, Hall Oil Cloth 6 Sideboard, Walnut Extension Dining Table Iron Stone, China Dinner, Tea, and Toilet Ware PiBted Spoons and Forks Table CHtlery, Plated Castors, 61ass ware Handsome Sets of Cottago Chamber Furniture Superior Curled Hair and other Mattreses Mahofjaay French and other Bedsteads Walnut and Mahogany Dressing Bureaus Window Shades, Wardrobes, Washstands Cane and Wood seat Chairs Cooking and other Stoves, Cooking Requisites Kitchen Furniture, Ac., Ac. The Furniture Is in excellent condition, having been in use but a few months. ? Terms : 845 and und?r, cash ; over $25 * cred it of 50 and ?0 days, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest mar27-2t C. W. BOTKLER, Auct ByWALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers. Large stock of dry goods at Anction On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON next, 1st April, at lo o'clock, at store No. 226 7th street, b< tween M and li, we will sell tie stock oi Dry and Fancy Goods therein contained, consisting in paitof? Spring snd Summer Prints, Delaines Cashmeres, Plaids, Muslins, and other light Dress Goods Brown and Bleached Cotton, Twills, Denlns and Osnaburgj Irish Linens, Plaid Muslins, Tarltons and Lln seys Domestic and other Goods, for servant's wear 1 weeds, Cassimeres. Satinets, Jeans. Ac., Ac. W 1th all kinds of Dry and Fancy Goods usual ly found In a Dry Good Store. Terms: All sums of and under #10, cash : over 810 and under S^0, 00 and todays; over 820, a credit of 60 and fO days, for notes sallsfactorllv endorsed, bearing Interest. WALL, BARNARD A OO., mar 27-'.s Auctioneers. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. LTANDSOMK 1URNITUKK, Painting*, 5* fcc ? Auction ?On THURSDAY, tne 2d day of April, I shall sell, at the rooms over Mr iiurns's shoe store, No 410 Pennsylvania av enue, between 4* and 6th streets, at 10 o'clock a m , an excellent lot of Furniture, vli: Mah> gany Sofas, Sideboard and Dining Tables Oak round back Cane Office Chairs Wtinut and other Tables Two line laige gilt Gotfclo frame French PJate Mlirors 100 yards Tapeftry Carpet, an excellent lot of Oil cloth DeeanteM, Tumblers, Ac. Four line Brccatelle W lndow Curtains and Orna ments Also, some fine Oil Paintings, one of which Is very large, suitable for a restaurant or billiard room, a very superior patntln*. Terms : All sum* under 850, cash; over 850 a credit of 60 and 93 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing inte.est. A.GREEN, mar 37-d ^ Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ITERY SUPERIOR UOSEWOOD AND v *ther Furuituro at A act lea.?On THURSDAY, the 2d day of April, I thall sell at 10 a m , at No. 434 north G, between 7th and 8th street*, (the house lately occupied by Sana tors Mason, Hunter, and Butler, Immediately opposite the north wing of the Patent Office,) a very superior assortment of Furniture, viz : Fine rosewocd plush-covered Sofas and Chairs Do Ottomans, brocatelle-covered Cas tor Chairs Fine rosewood Work table, walnut, extension, and other Tables Walnut Bookcase, mahogany dress and other Bureaus Fine Silk, Damask, and Lace Window Curtains aad Ornaments Bronzed Girandoles and Cnrcel Lamps Very handsome marble top painted and flowered cot'a^e Chamber Set Cottage Bedsteads, Wardrobes, and Washstands Hat-rack, Antique, ?nd cane-seat Chairs Fine imperial Carpets and Hearth Rugs Brustels, three-ply, and Stair Carpets P&ssage and other Oilcloths. Window Shades China, glass, and crockery Wars, among which arc floe white French China Dinner and Desert Set A lar.-e lot of Table Linen aad Cutlery Flae Feather Beds, Bedding 8air and other Mattresses, lot of Stoves And a large lot of Kitchen Requisites, and many other articles which we deem unnecessary to eaumerate Terms : All tums'under 850, cash; over 853.a credit of to and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily er dorsed, bearing interest. The ladles and gentlemen of Washington and Georgetown who wish to purchase good Furni ture and respectfully Invited to this sale, as they will find it worthy their attention. mar27-d A. GREEN, Auct. P. S.?The House Is fcr rent; Inquire of Sam uslMagee, on 7th stroet, near the premises By JAS. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. Furniture and household ef feds at foblic Aactiou.? On THURS DAY MORNING, A pill 2d, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Dr Wallace, on Indiana avenue, be tween 1st and 24 streets. I shall sell all his Fur niture and Household Effects, viz: Ros?wood Plaio Forte, by Knabe A Gaehle Piano Cover and Stool, W hatnot Walnut plush covered Sofa Marble-top carved Walnut Centre Table Walnut carved Scfa, arm and parlor Chairs Mahogany hair sprlng-sart Rockers and parlcr Chairs Velvet, Brussels and 3 ply Carpets Hall Ulicloth, Brussels Stair Carpet* Elegant gilt 6-iight Parlor Chandeliers Mahogany Dlniu? and Card Tables Do Sideboard, cane seat Chairs, Lounge China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Silver-plated Tea Set. Castors, Table Cutlery Mahogany and walnut Bedsteads Bureaus, Wardrobes, Wasbstacds Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows Washstands, Toiltt Set, Stoves Maatel Clock, Vases, Lamps Crockery, Steves, Kitchen Utensils, Ac. Terms: 830 and under, cash ; over that aum a credit of 60 and SO days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. Th? House Is for rent; Inquire on the premises, mar 27-d J. O McOUIRE, Auct. ICS CHE AM AT WHOLBSALI. CONFECTIONERS, MARKET MEN, And small shops will be furnished with the very best ICE CREAM at 81 25 per gallon, they find ing their own cans. Now is the time to begin in market Those beginlng now and msnaglng It right will make a handsome sum during the Sum mer Apply at the loe Cream Depot, corner 12th and F streets. ID" Ice Cream Cans and Tubs for sale. mar 21-2w<> Received this day.?a fresh supply of those celebrated STEEL (Crinoline Flounced) SKIRTS, with other new styles of the same, at the " New Store," 214 Penn. avenne between 12th and 13:h at rcets. mar*5-eo7t FRANK A. McGEE. ONE CKNT REWARD AND NO Thanks. Ranaway from tha subscriber, on the 21th lmtant, Michael Mags, an Indented apprectloe to tae Blacksmlthlng bu?lness All persons are forewarned from employing or harboring him. mar 2S-3i? PHILLIP KRAFT. THE LAST CHANCE. OUR qrra'r SALE OF BOOKS WiLL positively close Saturday, MARCH 28ik. in GOLD WATCHES TO BE 6IVEN X & away thla week. Two each day. Also, splendid seta of Cameo, Florentine, and Mosaic Breastpins and Ear-Knobs, Gold Brace lets, Pencils, Kings, Pins, Ac , to the purchasers of Books. Come one, eome all,?and call at the GIFT BOOKSTORE, under Dexter'a Hotel nsar t3-lw J. PHILBR1CK, Agent. DOCTOR KANE RBFRieMAtOlll. THEBUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RECEIVED direct from the factory a large lot of the above superior REFRIGERATORS. Theycome very highly recommended by the best judges In the Eastern ciUea, and are offered at the very lowest prices. We have alao In stria o her varieties of Refrige rators, whichl will be warranted to give saQs faction In every particular,together with? Patent ICEPITCHERS Patent BUTTER COOLERS Patent WATER COOLERS AH of whl'h are offered wholesale or retail at i All OI WOI H vi IOM1I m the lowest figures for cash or to prompt customers JOS, L* savage. Sign of tha Gilt Saw, Penn. ave , marf4 ? , bat. l?th and 11th streets, [ For ?tk4r Auett? S+Ui tt4 pjrtt BtA. GREEN,Auctioneer. (TALVABLI BClLDIRft LOT ta Catiui ? Hill at Aartiea ? On FRIDAY, tkeiTQi Instant, 1 shall sell, In front of the premises, at t o'clock p. tn , part of original Lot No. 4, In tqoare No 684. having a front on Delaware are nue of 27 feet 4J^ Inches, and 193 feet 6 Inches deep. The a bore described property is handsomely located on Delaware avenue, between C and D streets north, opposite the residence of Mr. Mc Donald. Terms cash, and title Indisputable. mar 23-d A- GREEN, Anct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. IJO USE HOLD AND KITCHEN FIRHI. a* tare Usrses, Bnggles, Liqasrs Ac ,al V.n n'~.?.DSATURDAY, the Wth Instant, I shall sell, at v o'clock a m , in front of my store, a la:*,"3 and general assortment of? Mahogany Walnut and Maple Furniture Handsome Painted Cottage Set One handsome Buggy, nearly new Two good Horses and one eld Carrlace Twelve dczen Brandy, in bottles Three barrels Vinegar. Terms caeh. A GREEN, mar 28-d Auctioneer. By BARNARD * BUCKEY, Georgetown" NEW FRAME HOUSE at Private Sale. We will sell, on accommodating terms, a new Frame House, rooms convenient and com fortable Attached la a large yard, with a pump of wat?r convenient The House hass good back building, is in the upper western part of the towr. For further information apply to mar 26-lw BARNARD & BUCKEY, Aucts. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Large sale by catalogueof^oao hardy Perpetual Hoses.Fruits,Trees,Or. naraeatal Plants and ? hrabs, Ac.?On MON DAY AFTERNOON, March 30th, at3 o'clock, at the auction rooms, I shall t ell a catalogue com prising the newett and bent kinds of? Perpetual H>brides, Bourbon, Noisettes, Mow, Perpetual Moss, and Climbing Roses Climbing Plants, Chinese Wisterias Clematis, blue and white Dutchman's Pipe, Blgr-orla, J anilines Chinese Tree Peony, and many other choice ahd tare Plants and Shrubs Also, Dwarf Pear, Apple, and Cherries of the most celebrated kinds. Also, many other choice hardy Plants, never before effered In this city We Invite the attention of the public to this sale, as it is the best collection ever offered in Washington All plants and trees warranted true to name, and of superior quality. A JARDIN. Florist and Nurseryman, Washington, D. C. mar2C-d JAS C McGUIRE, Auct By JAS. C McGUIRF, Auctioneer. Furniture and household ef fectsat Public Aactlsn.?On WEDNES DAY MORMNG, April 1st, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of K C. Eddie. Esq., No 2 Union Row, on F street, near Seventh, J shall sell all the Furniture and Effects, comprliIng? Walnut carved hair spring-seat Sofa Rockf r and Patlor Chairs Rosewood marble-top Centre Table Gilt Frame M rror, walnut Rrut Tables Damask acd Lace Curtains, Cornice, Ac. Brussels, three-ply and Ingrain Carpets Mahogany Hat- ree, hall Oil loth StJlr Carpets, Stair Rods and Eyes Walnuf extension dining Table Cane-seat Chairs, Rockers, Lounges French China and Granite Te* and Dinner Ware Silver-plated Castors Spoons and Forks Table Cutlery. Glassware. Walter Mahogany and Walnut Wardrobes Diessing and plain Bureaus, Washstands Looking Glasses, Clocks. Toilet Sets Jenny Lind and Cottage Bedsteads Curled Hair and husk Mattresses Bo's'ers and Pillows, Blankets and Comftrts Window Shades, Rugs, Stoves Cooking Stove ana Fixtures Together wi:h a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms : *3u and under, cash ; over that sum a credit of 2, 3 and 4 months, for sitlsfactorily en dorsed notes, bearltg Interest mar 26-d JAS. C |McGUlRE, Auct By A GREEN, Aactineer. Building lot at a u c t i o pion TUESDAY, the 31st Instant, I shall sell. In front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p m , a hand some Building Lot, situated at the corner of 1st street west and somh Q st eets, being Lot No 5 in iquare No. (58, having a front #?n 1st street of 55 feet 3 inches, running back with Q street 173 f*et 7 Inches, contanlng near 10 000 square feet cf ground. Terms cash. mar 25 5t A. GREEN, Anct'r. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Furniture and household ef. fects at Auctisn.?On MONDAY MORN ING, Msrch 30th, at 10 o'clock, at tiie residence of a gentleman declining housekeeping, on Penn avenue, between 1st and *d streets, 1 shall sell the Furniture and Effects, vlx ; Two Mahogany bair-sprlug Sofas Mahogany R? cker* ana Parlor Chairs Do Card ard Dining Tables Marble-top Sideboard, Route Tables ?? Cane and Wood-seat Chairs Damask ard Chintz Curtains, Shades Three ply and ingrain Carpets. Oilcloth Single and Double Bedsteads, Washstand* Cottage Chamber Sets. Looking Glasses Excellent Feather Beds, Bolste s and Pillows Hair r.nd Husk Mattresses Gas Fixtures. China and Glass Ware Excellent Cooking Stove and Fixtures Together with the usual assortment of Kitchen Utensils. Terms cash. JAS. C McGUIRE, mar 25 d Auctioneer. ByJAS C McGUIRE, Auctioneer^ TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND Lst on f* ew Jersey aveaae ?By virtue rf a deed in trust bearing date on the 5:9th day of March, 1855, and recordel in Liber JAS, No. 97, folios 315 et seathe subscriber will sell, on MONHAY, the 13th d*y of April, 1S57, at4)$ o'clock p m , on the premises, part of Lot No 1 In square No 5 ?. beginnin<jfor the sarreon New JertK y nvet ue, 133 feet 6 inches from L street, and running thence a' ri^ht angles from said avenue 30 feet, thence due w< st 6 feet, thence due norths feet 8 Inches, thence due east 9 feet, thence due north vu f jet, thence due east to said avenue 28 feet, thecce along said avenue southerly 13 feet 6 In h s to the place of beginning, with the Im provements, which consist of a two-story fr rameJ House. The above pirperty is situated on New Jersey avenue, between north L street and New York avenue, in a rapidly improving part of the city, and effjrs a favorable opportunity to obtain a res idence or Invest. The terms of sale will b- one third cash; and the balance in 6 and 12 months, for notes bearing inter est from day of sale, secured by a deed in trust upon the property; and if not complied with in five days after the sale, the pfoperty will be resold upon one week's nctice, at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All conveyanclag at the cost of the purchaser. CHAS. 8 WALLACB, Trustee. mar20-3tawAds J C MoGUIRE, Auct. ByJAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. BR1CE AND STONE OF THE Natleaal Theatre at Fablic Aactisa.? On FRI DAY AFTERNOON, April 10th. at 4 o'clock, on the premises. 1 shall sell the entire lot of Brick and stone standing in the walls and sucked up In front of the National Theatre comprising about 500,000 brick and large quantity of blue rock In the foundation. Offers for the abeve at private sale will be en tertained, the brick sold bv measurement In the walls and taken down by the purchaser A credit of two and four months will be given, for approved endorsed noes, bearing interest, mar 17-d JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct. FYNN'S BRITISH CONSUL'S HAND Bosk, 1 vol, London On Consular Service, by John Green, British Consul in Greece, I vol, London Mensch?Manuel Practlqua du Consulat, 1 vol, Leipsic _ , . De Cussy?Reg ements Consulaires des Etats Maritimes, 1 vol, Leipsic De Clercq, et De Vallat; Guide Practlque des Consulals, 1 vol, Paris Moreuil?Manuel des Agents Consulates, l vol, Paris Moreuil?Dlctlonnalre des;Chancelleries Dlplo matlques st Censvlaires, 2 vols, Paris De Oussy?Dletloaalre du Diplomat et dn Con sul 1 vol, Lelpslo Henshaw?Manuel for United States Consuls, 1 vol, New York The United States Consular System and Manual t >r Coniu>, I vol, Washlrg on Tuson?brttlsh Consul's .danaal and Practical Guide 1 vol, Lordon De Martens?Precis des droits et des foaetloas des Agents Dtplomatiques et Consu'alres, 2 vols, I P?rts n Elliott?American Diplomatic Code tor Public Ministers and Consuls, 2 vols, Wsshiagtoa And many other valuabls works on the ilane subject?oa Maritime Law; oa tke Laws of War and Coitmeree; and on othsr braehes of Dlplo mar 25 T ARD OIL?A SUPERIOR AETIJLE OF I -m a ?-.M nil sale hn ij ioar?MM3m 634 Seventh stm TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOC I J TED PRESS. S1VEV DATS LATER F*0* EUEOPE Arrival ef tit Birtpt. Halifax, March 27th.?The British Bail steamer Kuropa arrived here this morning from Liverpool on ths 14th Tha rUutar Cir cassian was compelled to put back. fcpaio continues her warlike preparations against Mexico, and wishes France and Esg rv,- America quiet in tha matter. Chinese affairs are unchanged. the markets Liverpool ?Cotton cloeed quiet, with an average hu?Ceas, but no quotable chance In nncee Lreadsluffs were rerj dull, with a declinrg tendency Provisions were steady and unchanged Money was decidedly more stringent. Con tois for money 93j. Nomination. Declined Philadelphia, March 26 ?Chief Justice Lewis, of t e Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, declines the Democratic nomination fcr re election- ??? Another Defalcation. Montreal. March 26 ?Thos Stephens, for merly a elerk in the Bank of Montreal, has been arrested as a defaulter in the amount of 912 000. Mr Onthrie at Home. Louisville, March 26 ?A dinner was giv en to Ex-Secretary Guthrie on Wednesday, characterised by great enthusiasm. That gentleman made a brilliant speech in response to a complimentary t.aet About three hin dred persons sat down to the festive board Burning of aSteaaboat Lotipville, March 26 ?News reached this city of the destruction by fire of the fine steamer Sultanna. It occurred at Hickman, in this State. The boat ia an entire loss, as are also the freight and baggage. The pas senger? and orew were saved. Wreck of the 8teamer Isaac Eewton. Albast, March 26.?The rtaamer Isaac Newton went ashore this morning in a dense fog, near Stony Point, and sunk below her cabin. Iler passengers and freight were brought up by the Hendrik Hudson. The Sewton ia valued at (200.000. Heavy Embezzlement New York, March 26?The rumored defal cation in the Central railroad office grew cut of the fact that the late auditor of the canal department, bank superintendent, eto , is al leged to have embeitled 545,000 of the oom p>i<y s money while he held the office of comp troller Pennsylvania Polities. Habbisbueg, March 26 ?The Union Con vention settled the Philadelphia oontested seats last night by admitting both sets of dele sites, and this morning nominated David Wilmot for O >vernor, on the second ballot, amid great enthusiasm Win Millward was nominated for Canal Commissioner on the first ballot Mr Wilmot is a Freesoiler and Mr. Millward is a member of the American party. JamiS Veech and Joseph J Lewie were nomi nated as candidates for Judges of the Supreme Court ?? New Orleans Marktts New Obleass. March 26.?Cotton is bnoy> ant; salei of 2,000 bales at 13}al333. for mid dling. Fair fugar 10|c. Mess pork S2.V Sterling exoh&nge 8} premium. Cincinnati Markets, Ac. Cincinnati, March 26.?Pork has declined 50c per bbl. Bacon has declined isfo. par lb. The river is rising, and there is now ample water for navigation. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, March 27.?Flour is dull; How ard street and City Mills are nomiusl, $5 75 Wheat is dull, and quotations are nomira', 51.37*51 38 for red, 51 47a?1.65 for while. Corn is unchanged and nominally, 60a. f*r yellow and white. Whisky is firm at 26 for City, and 27 for Pennsylvania - New York Markets N?w Yo*k, March 27 ?Flour is buoyant; sales of 16,000 bbls ; State is higher at 56 75a 55 85; Ohio 56a$6 50; Southern $6 20ai6 50. Wheat is firm and unchanged ; sales of 12, 000 bushels; Southern white f 1 53a$l 60. Corn is buoyant; sales of 25.000 bushels; mixed and white have advanced le. Pork is firm at 524. Beef is quiet at $16.25. Lard is a trifle higher at 14|c. Whisky is higher; Ohio 28s. Financial. Naw York, March 27.?Stocks are higher. Chicago and Rock Island 106; Cumberland Coal Company 19' Illinois Central shares 1324; do bonds 101 i; Michigan Southern 72J; New York Central S8J; Read-ing 79i; Canton Com pany 23; Virginia 6's 91|; Missouri 6'g 84. Sterling exchange is dull. PROF. L. W. SHATTLCl'i IPARRINO academy. PROF S RESPECTFULLY GIVES NO tice that he has commenced, and wl 1 contin ue for a few months, to give private Instructions la the art of Self Defence, at his spacious rooms. No 35? Pa avenue, over Z. D Oilman's Drug Store, third floor. Gcntlemtn taught privately st all hours of the day er evening. No spectators allowed during the hours of ta li lori mar sM-lW mKAP U'oiin ]\TO\V LANDING, ABOUT FIFTY CORDS In best OAK WOOD, which we will deliver from the Wbarf at t5 50 a cord. PINE WOOD 91 SO a cerd. COAL of all kinds always on hand. All orders left at P J Steer's Store, Seventh street. Between D and E, or at our cttca, will be promptly Riled. \rr Terms cash. JOHN W. MY ERR A CO., Ofll ? and i ard corner G and tstA ?tr?*ts, First Ward Daily link for edwari and LeeaBarg. Vs., via ? hes peaks and ?. hi* t ssal | Tbe Facket Boats Aieo aid M C Msm wilt commence making dally trips te th? above poleie on Monday, March *3d, leaving tha wba f of W H. A H *?. Hitter, Georgetown ev ry morning at 7 o'clock, Sundays excepted. Tickets to Edward's Ferry,; through tickets, St 75. Meals served oa tbe boats at moderate prices For further Information, lcqalre at the store at W. H A H. G Hitter, Georgetown mar ? w W.HACENBY W.B SATTOft HACMIT a DAVTSII, Real Estate and General Las OVAIA ClTT, N. T. feb 14-TuAFim wane % C&FIB-SKAT CHAIRS. The subscriber wiul REPAIR Caa? Seat Chairs at most leaaonable prices and warrants the best of W orkmanshlp FRANCIS HOSCHbR, No. 485 Eleventh street.1 mar 2'-so3t* between E and F streets. E. L. FANT, Jr., A CO.. Land Agents aad Dealers la Exchange, LECOMPTON,KANSAS Land warrants located and sold on commission. Land W arrant* ?o. v emptors on time. . . . ,, Locations made oa "joint y00"'1 i_ The actlvs partner of tbe(firmwas the United SUtes Surveys In Kansas, ana wm o* able to make choice _ ? Business tent through Sweeny, s Fant A Co., will be forwarded to us. asriaBNCBs: Sweeny, Rltteahouse, Fast s co K W .Bok-.M.- T?k n-wd A Co BanTer., Philadelphia fee A Co., Banker*, Baltimore Fowle, Snowdrn A Co , Bankers, Alsxasdrtt, 1 ft H *Maury A Co., Bankers, Richmond, Ya. H B Merretl A Co., Bankvrs New Orleans John J. Anderson A Co , Bankers, Saint Louis, Mo mar 17 wlAdeolm A BOOEOr DRIVERIiLiNOWLKMI JUST PUBLISHED, THE MOST USEFUL and extraordinary volume ever yet las?od from the press,as it comprises all the information ooa talned la a doxen of any other books of tlon that have hitherto been printed Tbe title of Oils wonderful Book Is as follows: Within for Anything you want to Know i 3 700 Facts for thePeople " A large volume of ^F^Se'bT*' gUtr-pTU*Il ADAMSON^ i VZ2ZZ] Tth street. oppc-iu u? P?J OM? Waahlagtsa CWy '