Newspaper of Evening Star, April 13, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 13, 1857 Page 3
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WHAL INTELLIGENCE. r*E NiVt ^ *ID ?7*A? ,V?r?' St orrlrrtjt* r tial of lair lieen very buaily employed In filling order* from the N.iv* Department. to fit out the Mp^iu slujw Miiwiwipin, Minnrtoli, an<t Germantown, (:it their respective yards.) which have lieen or der.*! l>y the Secretary of the Navy to the Chinese ?fation. ( onsiderable interest is felt by our me chanics in the proper outfit of the Minnesota, and in the various departments of the yard extensive preparations are Winy made that no part of her rm shall fail to tie of the very best material and w-'rkmanship. This is to lie her extended trial trip, and our mechanics are justly anxious to hear a good account of her The building now used f?r the purposes of the Naval Store is to be en larked the cMiuog summer by the addition of lm sTi' F?VZn^r??,'T FCvm,tr9 *** Fimiiking Skop ?Here the visitor becomes, at a single glance, aw*re of the excellent economy whSb ie J**"5"1**" of the works of th? \av\ Department. In the brass finishing room in tbecons^iX" vt acompamon-way for the new frigate. Minne ..f o..r i ? i" a ,faut,ful r*hibitioo of the skill Lllenci^S!^0'^"!' 9md whcn *n??bed will , ? the admiration of the most expert me ij"lc. A new branch has, within the last year. ihT .L' e bu,inM" of 'his foundry. All flnJ copper and )>ra>* of every deserip on which is pulled off from vessels of the Navy r jr*?,n? J^pairs. is collected from the various fought here, where It is cast into . neathing nails fafter being refined) and also into ? plga, whicn, in their turn, are again prr*5?f Into the service bet ween the heavy iron roller* ot the Copper Rolling Mill. Upwards of 56.000 lbs. , ve been thus cast since last July In the finish ing room the manufacture of Brooks' new patent rJP,f1,'fi,d,'rlrrWon to some extent Mr. iV , X.'*' gentlemanly superintendent of ,n * mo,t -uccessful man ner to keep the work going on Mill is, perhaps, the great ? co^Cr 1Z\ t N avy Yard The huge blocks c'nve??f k ^ are cx,t ,n the foundry, are convened here, where they are submitted to an waerSTriil^|W,l.h,n tl'? PP3t furn?e??. and after ^,OUt ,nto "heathing. bolting copper, re,???^ useful articles incidental to the requirement- of the Navy Perhaps the most mam.r?1t^in^'nivn countr>'- (and which wan manufketed by \\ ashington machinists,) is to bf ?*en in this building, where it is constantly in motion driving those giant rollers, into whose mouths the hissing metal, brought from the fur naces, is quickly thrust and Hattened out to th* dimension* required, and keeping the workmen a ways on the jump; and stifl tCc mighty rna ^ir.,TVrv?n; h>- these obstructions, and still, like ohver Twist, -calls for more." Jn the rear division workmen are erectin" Im ,^7"lln-' "hears. Whi0h arp required t,. square off the rough edges of the copper sheets Z?Vraniet?"th* '"'".and to reduce them mi ?f iTr.Wei^hf Several nail machines arc Pt ?? operation in this shop; and here also the iiiaiiulacture of sheet lead and braziers' material ? hed"n Mr M5Nallr? the polite head of thh! branch, seems to understand the ?>ee-hive princi En ill fry"*9'.!*'' labor' and everything goes on under his directions in a quiet and orderly manner JH Amekor Skop i* a dark, smoky, mysterious jwking place enough to the stranger, but for all that an ex remcly necessary branchof thedepart meut. rhe first nnpre-ssjon of the visitor on en tering, from the outside sunlight, is that he is in considerable danger of annihilation from the fall of some invisible trip-hammer, and dedging to ex ide the same, is brought up by a pun- h in the f ff?;??an invisible coal-rake, wielded by an invisible awnf. who prove* to lie a grinning dar Ke\. and through whose interposition nnd cau )?" nave just escaped talking into a pig-iron furnace. After n few moments the eye liecomes accustomed to the smoke, and then one ?-esa huge crane, from which s -^"TT i *?nM* Jievtn or ei?ht to", of iron. n?* ,n d rolor- an<l which is lieing gradually pelted l?y some half a dozen sletl^s into a sheet anchor for the new frigate Minnesota. Imanufacture of anchors is one of the heaviest branches ??f the business of the Navy Yard A cieat deal of work is done for the Brooklyn. Navy ? ard and other stathuis. The principal. Mr. John Tucker is one of the first mechanics in the ronn 7;,# . con,l,,rr" '?"* business in an able and skillful manner. The Blmrksmitk Shop?Here the men are forir ing out ail kinds ol work for the uses of the yard: and also making (Lain cable to supply th* require meats of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This building is Nome hundreds ot feet in extent, and fliled with forges which are all actively employed The Miioke engendered t.y this as well as several other '?ranches of the work, is carried out of the linild ing by means of tlues which convey it off under if round to the smoke stack of the new boiler shop whence it escapes to the open air at a great dis tance from the ground. This branch is supcrin jeuUed by Mr. James Tucker, who is an excellent mechanic and thoroughly understands every de tail of his busiucss. r/t* A*tc Alar hi He S*op, which is in course of erection, will, when completed, occupy a space of ground some feet in extent, and forming three * i." v. fiuare The steam engine? for the use ??f this building, when completed, will be of great power, and are all made by the workmen of our ?wn yard No portion of the machinery except the heavy castings is to be brought from abroad J*he principal business of the old machine shop is ai Ike present time the preparatiou of machinery to complete the new one. At tkr Boiltr Shop the new boilers of the steam frigate Fulton, which is under repairs here, have just been completed and are now being put into net under the direction of Chief KngineeV Hunt 1 tie construction of sheet-iron buoys for the Iie parriueiit is at present going on to a' considerable c-xU nt hi this division of the yard. At lk< Iron Foundry shells are casting for the Ordnance Department aud machinery for the new Machine ?hop. lie Ordnance iJntiding presents a lively as pect The famous Daldgreen howitzers are lie in" made, as also various other engines of human de struction The machinery for manufacturing bul lets, and also tnat used for making percussion ? aps is a great novelty. Ike Laboratory.?Tue visitor is here initiated ?nto the various means employed by civilized governments to blow up their enemies. The manufacture and loading of fuse for " sheil" and other purposes, is an interesting feature of this department. I'aper of considerable thickness is ? ut into narrow strips, on one side of which melted glue is spread : they are then rolled on an iroi?. <jir, which varies in size according to the ? -ta!Te rp?u\nt?" af,t'r becoming completely dr\. these little hollow rolls of paper are placed in an upright position under the filling machine; the fulminate ? then poured in, arid by turning a liorLZontal wheel a steel instrument is shot down, which forces the loading into the fuse so hard that it becomes perfectly solid. The amount of pressure required In the loading process is most exactly determined by the machine When the wheel is turned down to the proper point, a coni jKHind lever is socoiiuected with the loadin*' rod as to fiy up at the instant a small hammer strikes a little bell in the top of the machine, giving the -ignal. The fuse, after being thus loaded, are marked with black stripe* on the outside to .udieate the length of time which they are de signed to burn ; afterwa-ds they are sealed up in I hick paper package*, to the outside of which a . oafing of varnish is applied, making them ini pervious to wet. The only fire allowed in this building is a small spirit lamp, just sufficient to keep the glue of the fuse maker in a liquid state ; this lamp is surrounded on all sides by wafer! and. if disturbed in the least, would be instantly extinguished All this precaution is demanded, ?'ii account of the combustible nature of the mate rial used in this department. The Mar Mine for Cap Loading is also worthy of notice, and also the process of varnishing the interior of the cap after the loading has been pressed in, which is so arranged as to deposit a Miiall drop of varnish over the blading, thus pro tecting it from dampness. Mr John Clapham. tl?e intelligent and careful i.ead <?f the laboratory Works, is a man well skilled in his profession, and one of the kindest i>( men to those in h;s employ. Till PaCSEMTS FROM THK TWO KlSCS Of Siaji -We were this morning permitted to in sect, at the Department of State, a curious col lection of presents just received from Bang Kok iu Hiam. from the two Kings who reign over that country, as was ?tafed in the I'nion of the *?th inst Among these interesting specimens of the handiwork of the intelligent Siamese, we es. j-ecially noticed a solid gold snuff box. (weighing I upwards of five ounces.> quaintly ornamented in colored enamels ; a long pipe, with a tiny bowl hly ornamented with enameled gold, for smo k ug opium j a pair of large shears (made some u *?at like tho*e in general use in this country for shearing sheep) for trimming the beard, a sword, "r *"*quisite temper, with a scabbard made from a P***"* "f la nee wood by some process of -.!?? i ,t,a, fVw American workmen could i"?u?u al instrument resembling a flageo- ! s i?. ' '?"""'a"1"." ?*r drums, each niade^from ! ?nd ten W'-Hi atxmt two feet in length ' iii-t^.dof r,U a'a,"?,**r. with strips of cane when beoim' n??p ! W e lean, ti * ,,shii*g tackle. Ac., Ac. I-roduct* Of 4^'?teresflng collection of the the museum at the I'a'iVi.M .ecuooend the cur.o'r u. 1'", M.ot,da> ?1^ t them-In,on ?n^n,al 10 t \\\ * r' ! N,4J, ~~A wi*o gave his name a* hark* Foo went to the central guard-house to l ist >aturdav niyht T i good reason to expei T kind t're-i'rr,W ^ad public, he Stated tia: he had cooIThJJT" ' ; ?he country; it was his prin. ipal busing's ?. 1 hul partially s iccrrsled. He is ai,n a ' "** be , maker. a preacher, and a colporteur The tain Could not refuse lodgings to a man so usef.ft" and admitted him to the sleeping apartments l was uoeoded to maintain hi^s M tK^He .r the Loriioration two months longer, but be no i i'Hlgvr, he was permitted to dep.,,t with oth?? l~U '?"V farm" once! a nd was a-ily identified, he having lo?.t a ley He is a I Wi4ifs? creature, evideutlj iiis3I1e, A>si'iL RtornMNG or thk "Whitk Housk" ?Pi. * n r Hit \ p Dissii.?The ceremonies attend ant upon I he annual reopening of that beautiful summer resort on the wewtern Itook of the Poto mac, known as the *? White House." are always interesting and pleasurable, ltecatin* of the '-choice spirits"' who are accustomed to participate lu them, to say nothing of the delightful anticipa tion of indulging in the incomparable luxury of a planked shad On Saturday last the Thomas Collyer, Capt. Howard, bore onward to the reali zation of those promised enjoyments, al>out forty gentlemen of the metropolis, and right well and merrily were their expectations gratified The day was bright and charming, and could not have bwen more auspicious, had it been made ex press! v for the occasion: every heart seemed to Vat in unison with its charming influence*; fun and frolic, tempered with discriminating moder ation. prevailed throughout the party; and even our venerable friend Otterback. whom every one was rejoiced to see present, looked rosy and gay as if lie were " a boy again. The dinner was superb?reck*reht?the ever-to be-remembered and never-to-be-forgotten plank shad being the principlal feature of attraction. Those who have enjoyed this finny delicacy, fresh ' from the waters of the Potomac, need not be told what it is: those who have not must let their ol i factories lx- regaled by its sweet fumes, and their palates be touched by the luscious morsel, before they can form an adequate conception of its vir tues. How some of the company on the occasion I referred to. appreciated the luxury, may be iu 1 ferred from the fact that three dishes containing two plank shad each, very suddenly and myste riously disappeared from our vicinity at table; I but the invstery was completely unravelled when we cast a furtive glance upon'the enlarged aud comprehensive rotundity of a good-natured fat friend who sat opposite, and who was going it at | the rate of 4.40 on the plank skad. After dinner we rambled along shore, and loi ! tered awhile with our old friend Burke, to wit i ness a seine haul. He has about sixty-flve hands i employed, but, in consequence of the backward I ness of the season, has not yet gotten fairly under w?v The average hauls during the past week have been about 200 shad and 100 herring each. About the close of the present week, the opera : tions at this fishing shore will, It is expected, be ? in full blast. At 5% o'clock our party left for home, reaching ! the Washington wharf about twilight. A genial | shower having, in the meantime cooled the at mosphere. ana a beauteous rainbow spanned the river. Nature thus fitly crowning the pleasures of a day which will linger among the cherished memories of those who were so fortunate as to participate in them. ???1? Easter Sismt.?1The weather yesterday, was most disagreeable, being cold, cloudy, and with some rain falling, vet the church attendance was 1 unusually large,'lie services l<eing the joyous ones ! appertaining to Easter Sunday. At the Episcopal Churches the Interest of the occasion was enhanced by the singing of the grand 'Te Deum" ?>y the choirs, and the harmo nious tones of the "Easter Anthem*' were given , forth in the Presbyterian and Lutheran Hou>es of I Worship with all the fervor and enthusiasm of I deartfelt devotion. i At the Catholic Churches the olwervances were ; of a very interesting character. At St Matthews, the sermon wasfiom the Gos ; pe*j of the day. "He is risen, He is not here." and was listened to with marked attention by the crowds of worshippers assembled. j " Haydn's Grand Third Mass"' was also per ; formed by the Choir, under the direction of Prof. ! p. \ Crouch, with assistance from the German , Society of Vocalists belonging to this city, and ! accompanied by a full orchestral force. I This mass, one of the greatest musical achieve j meats of the author, was rendered in a most effec : live manner. The exquisite bass solo, the ?? Qui Tollis." sung by Prof. Crouch, was a truly feel ing and passionate rendering of the conception of the great composer. In the '-Gloria in excelsis." Mrs. C. Young sustained the high reputation she has so long enjoyed for rapid, yet distinct, vocali zation. In the ?? Benedictus" the author seems to have combined in a most exquisite manner nil of the musical graces; the solo, sung by Miss Annie Meleher. rendered with remarkable correct : ness and finish. In the closing of the part the heavy chorus. es|?ecially 'he bass aud soprano parts*, were exceedingly well sustained. '? The Agnus Dei.*' contralto solo, by M'dlle Dc Boye. ' was performed in a sweet and tasteful manner, j appropriate to the theme. The opening solo by Mrs. Young in the " Donna ! Nobis" (which is a bewitching and passionate , production) was a rich musical treat to all. The i orchestra )>erformed their work nobly. Nor must we fail to notice the remarkable abil I ity with which the organ was handled by Mr. 1 Caulfleld. The vocal choir consisted of 46 voices 1 and the oichestia of 29 pieces, besides the power ful organ. Conductor and principal Bass. P. i Nicholas Crouch ; First Soprano, Mrs. C. Young; I Leading Violin, Mr. Wagner; Organist, J. B. i Caulfleld: Ol>oe, (from Philadelphia.) Mr. A. ; W Kellner. At St Patrick's ehurch Weber's Mass was per formed in a style which reflects high credit on Mr. Williams aiul the various members of the j choir. The solos of Miss Murray. Miss Ander ! son and Mrs. Franklin were sung with taste and ! feeling. The fervid and touching simplicity of I the "Agnus Dei*' was rendered by Mrs F ina manner to challenge the admiration of the mus ical ear. The Easter Hymn, which is usually sung at the close of the service on this day, was effective and appropriate. Prof. S C. Fiartscli presided at the organ with usual ability. Mf.tbopomta* Mechanics* Institutk Ex hibition.?The following awards, in addition to those already published, were made by the Board of Managers at their meeting on Friday evening last: Class 2 ?G. W. Clarke & Co., of Baltimore, | chemical paint, diploma; F. G. Fontaine St Co., , of Philadelphia, soap. do. I Class 4.?Carruth A Bacchi. of Boston, linseed I oil and cake, diploma; Dr. H. N. Andrews, of Washington, specimen of wool, do; Muscan Hair Manufacturing Co.,by A. S. Jones, of New York, I muscan hair, do. [ Clans 5.?Hittinger. Cook A Co . by S.J. Sharpe A Co., of Baltimore, steam hoisting engine, | bronze m? (lal Cta*s 7.?J. P. Levy. A<*ent. of Washington, Benzole gas. bronze medal; \V. Jenks, of Wash ington, com planter, diploma; J. P. Cramer, of New York, cultivator teeth and shoe, diploma; Win. Reading, by Win. Marshal, of Washington, corn shelter, bronze medal; S. Pelton, of Fred erick. Md., horse power, diploma Class 10.?Crockett Leather Cloth Co., of New ark. N. J . by A. S. Jones, of New York, leather cloth, silver medal: J.J. McCarthy,of Baltimore, pair boot legs: diploma. Class 17?P. Ilaniiay. of Washington, photo graph bank check, (to prevent counterfeiting.) silver medal. Class 1*.?W II. Wheatley. of Georgetown, silk and wool dyeing, diploma. Cla^ ID.?Miss M A. Lake, of Annapolis, wor sted embroidery, gold pencil. Class 20.?M. O. Gladmon. of Washington, (a youth.) miniature hat*, book; Bailey, Craft A J Co.. Baltimore, felt and leaver hats, silver medal; 1 Bowen and Wood, of Washington, a coat, diplo ma: G.lLWhiteA Co., of Washington, hats, diploma; James Lackey, of Washington, pants, diploma. Class 22 ?William Peters, of Baltimore, bronze statue, bronze medal: Daniel Long, of Washing ton, a horse shoe, diploma; Handy and Morris, of Philadelphia, iron tubing, silver medal. Class 23.?George A. Sheahan, of Washington, silver plating, silver medal. Class 24.?W. G. Sbattuck, of Boston, school furniture, diploma. Ctass'Zl?C. Warner, of Washington, marble work, diploma : O. Qmg'^v, of Washington, miniature marble mantel, diploma. CircI'it Coi bt ?Judges Dunlop, Morsell and Mtrrirk.?The jury which had been discharged last week were called this morning and answered to their name*. Mr. Koliert K Scott, of Philadelphia, was In troduced to the Court by Jos H. Bradley. Esq , and. on application, was' admitted lo the bar to practice at the courts of the District of Columbia. Mrs Skinner appenred liefore the Court, on her own recognisance, to answer the charge of aiding and a)?etting the abduction of the mutes. The Court ordered that the bail of Mr Skinner tie reduced from #2.500 to tjtl.OOO. ami further that the mute children be taken froin the charge of Skinner and placed in the custody of the Marshal, to remain so till to-morrow (Tuesday) and then to be given Into the charge of the Orphan's Court to l?- bound out or otherwise disposed of as that body may decide. The witnesses in various eases now pending lie fore the Court were discharged from tnelr attend ance for the day, and several cases were contin ued over on account of the non-appearance of wit nesses . The case between Edward Linthlcomb and James Robinson was taken up. the damages laid at ; verdict of jury for plaintiff. Fibk.?Sunday morning, between one and two o'clock, the small buildings on Teuth, near E streets, occupied Mr Thos Birch as a carpen ter's shop and Mr. Valeutine as a paint shop, were discovered to be on lire A neighbor broke open the door of the enrpenter's ahop and suc ceeded In saving some of the tools, but the shops were destroyed entirely What was the amount ? of loss we have not heard, but presume It will be j severely feit by those iudustrious mechauics. An incendiary act' no doubt. The Natio\ai. Hotki. Ejtiemic.?The Union learns ihat an able paper on this mysterious sick ness lias been prepared by an eminent medical gentleman, and will be read before the National Institute at the nex? me ting It is said iocs not endorse the opinion advanced by the j Board pf Health. ? Thk Hotki. Enskmic.?The Philadelphia Sun nays that Col !.ewi? D Baker. Collector of that port, is iylntf verv 111 of the National Hotel en demic ' The Colcmha bor? give their Grand Easter b.ui at carnsfa haloon to-night, <ind a ?K??t en joyable r it i% tmnnd to be. there cannot l?e a *hadow of doow abontit! Popular with all mankind, aad wotneiik'nd is well, the Colum bia members hnve a host of friends who are glad of just Ku< h an opening as this to ?how tneir Eood will for the company. Lookout for their all to-night! 1?. Is thk Sixth District 011 Saturday morning last. John Wagner was arrested by Officer Cox for having in his possession stolen goods: held to iwil by Justice Cull to answer the charge at the next term of the Criminal Court. John A. Menikin, arrested by Officer Vermil lion on same charge; held to bail. George Lnug ly, charged with assault and battery ou John An gle; gave security to answer charge before Justice Cull. Carusi's Easter Soiree, on to-morrow eve ning, will be a grand affair. Judging from the number of tickets which have l>een sold, and more especially from the crowds of beautiful la dies and handsome beaux who arc making prepa rations to join in the merry dance. Wither*' nne assembly band has lx?en engaged for the occasion, and we* feel assured that all present will enjoy themselves thoroughly. case of Forcible kstey.?at ten o'clock this morning, Messrs. j110. ii. Wise and k. F. Queen appeared liefore Justice i loll ingshead, to answer a charge of forcibly entering the premises of a colored woman, named Mary J. Howard, on the *tb instant. The charge was mad<- on the oath of wm 1.. Grimes. W. J. Martin appeared for the plaintiff. Cane dismissed Thk Schooner R. S. Millkr -arrived at Alex andria ou Saturday, from Savannah, Ga., with lumber and Tennessee marble for the Govern ment. Watch Rktcrxs.?Central guardhouse, Sat urday 11th: Thomas Goddard, drunk and disor derly; fine and costs, $3.14. Western lock-un: Thomas Malov, drunk and disorderly; 84.14. Sunday 12th?Central guard house: Betty Carrol, drunk and disorderly; workhouse .10 days. Chas. Foot, vagrant: do. J. L. Shane, disorderly; tine and costs. $1.11. Elijah Perrie. do : do. lawiion Denhern, do.; do. J F. Clemens, do ; do. West ern lock-up: John Cronan, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 10 days. Johanna Cronan. do.; do." The Poor as well as the Rich can have a sure cure lor Coughs, Colds and Consumption, in its pri mary stages, owing to the cheapness of Mrs. Gard ner's Balsam 0/ Li re rjrort and Hoarhound, a medicine which should lie in every family, and al ways on hand. It is for sale at Weeks A Potter's, 1.s4 Washington street, Boston, General Agents. ap7-lw Important to the Ladies.?Dr. i)?yonro'? Female Pills.?The combination of Ingredients in the Pills are perfectly harmless. Their etficaey and merits are based upou an extensive practice of over thirty > ears; and. where the directions have been strictly followed, they have never tailed to eornfet all Irregularities, relieve painful and difficult men struation, (particularly) at the change of life. They j will cure the Whites, and remove all obstructions 1 arising from cold, exposure or any enuses : and may He used successfully as a Preventive. Call upon the agent, and get a Circular for particulars free. Price $1 per box. with full directions. Sold whole sale and retail by Ch as. Stott. Druggist, Penn. ave nue, Svmuki. B. waite. 52R Seventh street, Wash ington, D. C.; and R. S. T. Cissel, Georgetown : to whom all orders must be sent, fyid the Pills will be ?ent mail,to ladies * ho enclose them one dollar. N. B.?See signature on the box ; to counterfeit it is forgery. je 2-tf MARRIED. On the 8th instant, by the Rev. Andrew G. Ca rothers. Mr. J. H. TURPIN to Miss HELEN stanley, both ol this city. In St. Paul's Church, Alexandria, Va.,on the^th March, by the Rev. J ones T. Johnston. D. 1)., Mr. GEORGE T. WHITTINGTON to Miss JANE 1 t*c K KTT ou the 9th instant, by the Rev. Dnbney Ball. Mr. THOMAS F. CERTAIN to Miss ELIZA BETH C. HARRIS, both of this city. i DIED, Ou the 12th instant, of pneumonia. Judge E. SMITH LEE, lateof Michigan, 111 the63d yearof his age. The funeral services will take place at ins resi dence. sw F street, l>etweeii lltli and 12th, on To morrow (Tuesdaj ) Afternoon, at 3f? o'clock. The friends and acquaintances of the tauuh, ami members of the Masonic Fraternity are invited to attend. On the loth instant, Mrs. JANE EDWARDS, at t he advanced age of da > ears. In (ieorgetowrs D. c.~. on the lltli instant, of con sumption, Mrs. M A R Y A. LEISHEAR. in thed'hh year of her age. o11 the 11th instant, J A mes C. yofng, a native of Scot land, in the 37 th year of his age. On Monday, the l.'Jth instant, after a briel illness. ci FOR it k frederick, onl> son of Hugh Ber nard and F.liza D. Sweenj, aged 11 years. The friends of the family are requested to attend hn fuii<?ral 011 Tuesday evening, at 4 o'eloek, from the residence of his lather, on If street, between 6th and 7th. In Georgetown, on the 12th instant, after a long and painful illness, LETHE hi LL, 111 the 89th year of her age. Her funeral will take place on To-morrow (Tues day ) Afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from her iate residence 011 Green. Iwtween Olive and Bridge streets. * FOR BEst AND SALE. Fjeegant house and grounds at a private SALE.?a *er> DESIRABLE RESIDENCE in the West End. No. 167 F street, together with the spacious GROUNDS attached thereto. This property is l>eautifuliy located, com manding an extensive view of the Potomac river and the city of Alexandria. The House is built in the Iwst maimer, containing fourteen Rooms and a Bath house, together with a suitable back building for servants. Terinswill l*? made known by application to POL LARD WEBB. Agent, No.5!27thstreet,(up stairs) opposite National Intelligencer odice. ap 13--2aw4w \valuable tract of land in iowa FOR SALE.?The undersigned offers for sale the S. W. fractional quarter of section 18, injTown ship 73, north of range 0 west, in the State of Iowa. This land is fine, rich, rolling prairie, ne/ir the Shock ley's branch of Crooked Creek. It lies close to the Burlington and Washington road, and is 30 miles from Burlington, 16 miles from Washington, 10 miles from Mount Pleasant and Columbus City. 6 miles from Crawlordsville, ami ii miles from the plank n>ad. Timber and Stone abundant within 2'? miles ; sawmill 2 miles and grist-null 6 miles distant. Neighborhood settled with church and school privi leges. A fine grove for building spot ou the land. CIIAS. F. STANSBURY, ap 13-eol w Patent Agent, 401 F st., cor. 7th st. jch>r SALE OR RENT.?a BRICK HOUSE r just put 111 complete order, 011 1 street, lietween bth anil 7th streets. No. 523. Also, a large NEW stable attached, Ismnding on a :>? foot allev. Lot 133o! depth. This House and Lot will lie sold a luirgaiii. Inquire 011 the premises. apll-lw GEO. T. LANGLEY. 1 ;()r RENT.-a THREE-STORY BRICK HOUSE, 011 southeast corner of 3d and F sts. A pply at the premises. sp 10-31" ?/arm FOR SALE.?Ten or twelve acres of i l?and. with the privilege of27. and a small dwell ing. Part is in wood and part cleared, with a good spring of water; four miles from the city, on the Marlborough road, will l>e sold ou most easy terms to suit the purchaser. For further particulars inuuire of Mr. MALONK, C street, between6thand 9tn streets, or mr. Brown, across the Ana^ostia Bridge. ap w-4t* Fm RNISIIED HOUSE FOR RENT?no. as i street near 19th. Ap,0yat 13?. corner of 19th street and Penn. avenue. ap 9-6t ?/OR SALE.?th* BRICK HOUSE, corner of i 7th and (1 streets. Island, containing 7 rooms well finished. The comer is uow occupied for a store and is a good stand. This is the best opportunity lor investment. It is rented lor -916 a month. 1 auk ?l.finu cash, or *l,00li cash and ?800 secured, cr*>dit one year. Apply to THOS. B. THR FSTON'rsNo. 3?3d floor. Treasury Building. ap9-lw* I reasurv Building. ap9-iw* >lt RENT.?a LARGE a!%D handsome 1 furnished PARLOR, with Bedrooinand Bathroom attached, without l>oard. Inquire of GFiORGE WILLNER, Upholsterer, No. 4<V? 9th st., lietween D and F. streets. ap8-6t (x)R SALE?A VAbUABLE farm AND improvements, in Montgomery count v, Md., sit uated on the Frederick road, half a mifo from the Forest Oak Post Office, 18 miles from Georgetown, D. C. The farm consists of 15? acres, containing 30 acres in wood and all under rood fencing. The im provements a re.arooiny dwelling, stable,oornhouse, carriage house, ac.,all new. Apply to G. D. CAMPBELL. Middlebrook, Montgomery county, Md.. or to. DUG AN a JEN KINS, 21 South Chariest street, Baltimore. ap3 w9w tcmjrTsale or kent.-the desirable r RESIDENCE on the corner of F and 21st sts., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout, ami lurnaoe. The stable will be sold or rented with the bouse if desired. The lot the bouse stands on is so by 136 feet, but the purchaser cau have inore land if desired. ALSO, for Sale-The LOT OF GROUND on the eorner of F and !9tb streets, and LOTS on IHth.near F street. Apply toCHUBB BROTHERS. ?? and a kitehou ami cellar in the tasemcnt. It has a hno cistern of water in tho yard, with pump and water fixtures in the kitchen, and is lighted by gas. For a small family a more desirable home cannot be obtained. Apply to BARNARD & BUCKEY, Auc tioneers. ap6-2w Notice. THE SPECIAL copartnership WITH gen'L GEORGE RUST having expired, from and alter this date he is a full Partuer in our House. With increased Capital and enlarged facilities for a GENERAL BANKING AND EXCHANGE BUSINESS, we oflfcr our services to the publio. APPLETON A CO., wp 3-tot No. 214 Baltiniore sr. Baltimore. SALE-A GOOD WORK HOKSK.rv 1 eight years old, sound and gentle. In- j2t*\ quire at the corner of 12th awl streets. ap3tf ___ Millinery, millinery, millinery. We are now opening an elegant assort ment of MILLINERY ' _ G. u. CASSIDY k CO.'S. ap 9 lw* 314 liet. >wh and llth nts. OR BOSTON.?the REGULAR PACKET _ Brig AN DOVER? csewill. Master?, has arrived, ami ill have quick dispacth tor< F has *?. .. . n. , nan. V...I IIW, V ^WIVK UW|r?. ,1. *?'. the alxive port. For freight or passage npplr?h tohar'i'len a BRO.,101 Water street, Geor tutn. ap 9 rge AUCTION SALES. D..Jlr J AS- C. McOI'iRF., Auctioneer. ??. ABIRESIDENCE OPPOSITE ?H for ^'ARVT AlCTloN.-Wllfbe ofler A lr ? * EHKne auction on T' ESDAY. the ?th h? sitniuH W?V *?*' VTy ?nd dutiful Ijr KiTnAten Brick Resident lit the corner of isth street west and I Htreet north. opposite the Frank I in Squaring par,* of I-ota & wkI 25, inSqnare*? ha\ nig a front of 2nfeeton 13th street west, the lot extending back 96 feet on I street north to an alley, i i ?hovn property is in one of the ntont beautiful and fashionable as well as desirable and hoalthv parts of the city. the side of the|oi on I street north being 0 pposite the above named important public square. 1 here are few situations more eligible fora private residenoe.and a good opportunity is here offered to those who with to procure a delightful home. rerms: One-fourth cash; She Italance in equal payments at 6,12. and IK months from the day of sale with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. If the terms are not complied with in ten days from the time of sale, the right is reserved of reselling at , the risk of the purchaser. ap 13-eodAds JAS. C. MeGl lR K. Auct. NOTICE?BY VIRTI E of A WRIT of fieri facias, issued by T. C. Donn, one of the Justices

ol the I eace in and for the County of Washington, District of Columbia, at the suit of Michael .Miintz a<ainst the goods and chattels, land ami tenements id j4ni?? Holloran.awl to ine directed, I have seized and taken in execution all the right,title,claim .and in terest oftfie said HoMoran in and to one Mare,Cart and larness.and 1 herelvj give notice that ou TllliRS *?(he Itith day of April, 1857, at l? o'clock a.m., ?? front of the Bank of Washington. I will offer for aale the said property so siezed and taken hi execu tion br public auction to the highest bidder for cash. apM-Jt* ^ J. F. KING,Constable. ^1$) JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ANDSOME FURNITURE, ROSEWOOD i \.0STK\AC>< AT l'L"Lic Auction.?On i n RSDA\ MORNING, April 16fh. at M o'cl'k, i ???re?8i^uoe ol Churl en ii. \\ a<n??r, Ksq., on north H, between 6th and 7th streets, I shall sell all the Furniture and Effects, comprising? Rosewood-case 7-octave iron-frame Piano Forte,by Lorenzo Matt, Boston Suite of Walnut carved Brocatelle Parlor Furni ture, comprising large Sofa, French Divan, two Arm and six Parlor Chairs, complete with satin stripe covers Elegjuii Rosewood Egyptian marble-top Centre Ta Suporior walnut Bookcase, made to order by Kirby Handsome French Engravings, ui rich gilt frames' Superior English Brussels Carpet. Rugs I liree-piy and Ingram Carpets, Stair Carpeting Excellent walnut Sideboard and Extension Table Solid oak F rencli Dining Chairs, side Tables Superior Rutrigerator, eight-day Clock French china and granite Dinner and Tea-ware Cut-glass Decanters. Goblets, Wines, Ac. Table Cutlery, Fire Irons, Window Shades Splendid enameled black and gilt inarble-top Cottage Set. comprising French Bedsteads. Wardrobe, Dressing Bureau, Wash stands, six Chairs, Rocker, Ac. Suite of Imitation Rosewood Cottage Furniture Superior curled-hair, cotton, and husk Mattresses Bolsters, Pillows, Comforts and Blankets Toilet SetB, Looking Glasses, Washstands Cane arid wood-sent Chairs, Lounge Superior Cooking Stove and fixtures. Together with a general assortment of House keeping Requisites. The above furniture is nearly new, and of superior make and finish. i J eI2's: 'iZ'R,?' l,n''er. ""I'! ov?r that sum a cre dit of60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes bearing interest. apll-td JAS. C. McGTIRi:, Au tu.neer. By JAMES.C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. CMALL AND DESIRABLE COUNTRY w ON 7th street Plank Rovti. near the first Toi,i.?ATr. ()n WEDNESI)AY AFTER.NOON, April Ijth, at 5o elock. on the premises, I shall sell, without reserve, acres of laud, fronting on 7tti street plank roa<l and the 14th street, or Georgetown road, at the first tollzate, and distant nUnit one mile from the city, with the improvement*, consist ing of a new and comfortable house containing fen rooms, with many desirable conveniences;for the ac commodation <if families during the summer season. A pump of tine water at the kitchen door, a young orchard of choice fruit trees, a large l?ed of superior strawberries, together with a handsome shrubbery and flowers, are on the place. Terms: One fourth cash ; the residue in6,12,18, and 24 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. ??JM JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. VBy JAS. C. McGUIR E. Auctioneer. M LI ABLE FURNITUREA HOUSEHOLD Effects of a Genti.ew * * Declining House keeping AT Auction.?At No. 30 Pennsylvania avenue, south side, near 15th street, will beaoldon FRIDAY, April 10th? Elegant rosewood carved-leg, seven-octave Piano h orte Handsome set of walnut Furniture for Parlor, in hair-cloth One splendid rosewood Centre Table, mnrhle-top Rosewood and walnut Parlor Chairs One tine walnut What-not, tine Oil Paintin gs Handsome alat>aster Ornaments for Parlor Three damask window Curtains and Hangings Two superior English Brussels Carpets Candelabra*, ottoman and mantel Ornaments Three Clocks, seven gilt and painted Window Shades One splendid set of Chamber Furniture Two Cottage Chamber Sets, walnut and mahogany Rockers and Chairs Hair and liu?k Mattresses. Beds and Bedding Splendid five-light gas Chandelier ami sundry Gas Fixtures Marble top walnut Sidelioard, extension Table and ( hairs for dining-room Chamber and stair Carpeting, t Brussels and ingrain) I- me Oilcloths, Stair Rods. Ac. One very superior set of Oak Furniture, for hall One handsome "Feinour" parlor Stove and dining room Stove One superior silver-plated Tea sot Fine China Dinner and Tea sets Two elegant porcelain Toilet Sets Ivory-handle Knives and Forks, tine set of Castors Cut-glass (toblets. Wines, Tumblers, Ac Lot of India Matting A good cooking Stove and Kitchen requisites, and other articles of value in housekeeping. The Furniture, Ac. is in very good condition, hav ing been but little used and of the best make. Terms: S3Uand under, cash ; over that sum a cre dit of 6oand 9i>days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. nP6~d J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. JD-THE ABOVE SALE IS UNAVOIDABLY postponed until TUESDAY MORN ING.April 14th, some hour and pluce. J. C. McGUIRE, *P '?-d Auctioneer. T Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. RUST EE'S SALE OF A STEAM ENGINE By virtue of a deed of trust from Joseph R. Quinter to me, dulv executed and recorded, I will offer for sale at public auction, at the Machine Shop ?>f Ellis A Brother, near the Canal,on 13th street,on MONDAY, the 13th instant, at 5o'clock p. nt., one eight horse power Steam Engine, with upright tubu lar l>oi|er attached. Terms of sale, cash. R. II. LASKEY, Trustee. ap6-ts A. GREEN, Auct. Regulations for the armyofthe United States. 1857, just published, price 5' 5 mailed, free of postage, on the receipt of $1.20. For sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S, ap IW- Bookstore, near 9th street. A PREMIUM CAKE OF WAX FLOWERS IN VASES to be drawn for in a few days, at II.J.McLAUGH LIN A CO.'S Store, between 8th and 9th streets, Penn. avenue. Fill* nnmliers at $1 each. up 10-41* JV1 AN TIL LAS, MANTILLAS.?THE SUB i"l scrilier has received, and will open on this (April tithldav, another assortment of rich and lieautiful MANTILLAS of the latest Paris and New York st.> les. Call and see them, at 244 Petuis) Ivaiua avenue, be I ween 12th and 13th streets. spH-eolw FRANK A. McGEE. Roses, roses, thousand fine Roses m pots of different* v riety, and will be read* to plant out wit If s?l'etr from the middle of April to the mouth of June, at the Greeii-uouse <d" WM. HUGHES, Florist, ap7-eo3t 7th and B stTeefs. l?'an?l. 1 rand opening of rav SPRING AND SUMMER, NEW STYLE, LADIES AND MISSES MANTILLAS. (> MAXWELL A BROTHER S grand opening of 5u. new style MANTILLAS will take place on Monday April 13th. MAXWELL A liRO., 328 Penn. avenue. B.?Mantilla Room second storj*. npJ0-3t CCOUNTRY HAMS, from Prince George county, / Maryland(cured by Mr. Wm. Z. Beall. Just the Ham for au F.aster Sunday dinner, to-day received and for saleb> JAMES H. SHEKEL!., apl0-3t [Int.] 279 F st. cor. 13. MYsSWALLACH WILL HAVE HER FIRST opening on SATUR DAY ami MoN DAY.^A A handsome assortment ol S<raw. Neapolitaii.Go^ and Fanc> BONNETS, FRENCH FLOW ERS. RIBBONS, Ac. She calls the attention of the Ladies to Pennsylvania avenue, between 7th and 8th streets, up stairs. ap 10-St French flowers, French flow ers.?For the largest and hanusoineat^i assortment id' FRENCH FLOWERS ul the District,call at G. H. CASSIDYA CO.'S.j ap 9-1 w 314 Pa. ave., bet. l?th and 11th sts. Refrigerators, WATER COOLERS. BATH TUBS, Ac. Ac., at tho Washington Stove Manufactory, southeast corner -Penn. avenue and 11th atreefw. ap 10-3t ~l). EICHLER, A'o. 5/0 S E VE STH STREET, between D and E ?treets, west side, PRAC TICAL WATCHMAKER, keeps constantly on hand a fine assortment of WATCHES andf JEWELRY. CA R RIAGES, CAKR1 AGES, C A R R I AG ES. The aubiicribers have on hand. for. ?ale at low prices, a gvod assortment ofi new ROCK A WAYS, BUGGIES. Light1 WAGONS, Ac., Ac., to which they respectfully in vito the attention of those wishing to purchase good awl durable Vehicles. N. B. Particular attention paid to Repairing. GARDNER A PLACfc. at> n-lm 563 12t]i street. I.EXANDRIA AN D w ASH I N (iTO N Th??teLer GRORGF. WASHl-|^> 1NGTON or TUOM A? COL\ will depart at tl?? lolluwini JuKirn, aiMi on Mt. Ver r?i?. ?*? up 3-d itEO. T. H* >\V A R D, Captains. A1 H OUSEKEEPERS, in making purcliasea, will do w*lVRrANClS?No. ^ Seventh street. He hJan e.Klle.. variet, of HOUSEKEEPING aoViiM US and other useful notions, and his pri "f1. AUCTION 8ALES. By C. W. BOTKLER. Aiminiwtf, t^ALE OF EXCELLENT Pet ^ MTfKK at ArrrioT. -On WK DM KSpA V MORNING. A*h' 1Mb.ft 1?S o'clock, I ?Hall sell at the residence of the H->n. C ateb Cnshing, (the weet house in Franklin mw. between 12th and lath streets,) a large and handsome collection of Il<>us? hold Furniture, embracing in port, vix : 1 solid walnut parlor suite. consisting or oneTetea Tete Sofa, six parlor Chair*, and one Arm chair, covered with green plush ..... .. .. 1 solid rosewood parlor suite, finished in nrah auk, consisting of one iarge French Sofa, si* reoep tion Chairs, and one Ann-chair . I solid walnut parlor suite, finished in green velvet. o?n*isting ofoneTete-a Tcte Sofa, five parlor ?"hairs, and one Arm-chair Handsome suite ot Damask and 1 .ace Curtaius ami Ornaments One superior carved rosewood Centre Table. With marnle top Set of Girandoles, handsome Mantel Ornaments Tspestr*. Brussels, parlor, and stair Carpeting Heavy Rugs, very handsome walnut Ktagere Fine walnut gothic parlor Chair Superior walnut hall set. cotRisting of list-rack, two gothic <"hairs, and marble-top Table Hall Oilcloth, walnut extension Dining Table Oue set of heavily Fire gilt Planus Walnut Side-table Fine French China Dinner. Dessert, and Tea war* Crockery and cut <>la*fware Table Cutlery, plated Castors Heavy silver plated Tea-set, Clock Bronzed iron Fire Sets Windew Curtains and Ornaments, Veuitian Blinds, Window Shades Brussels and Ingrain Carpeting 1 elegant set of carved mahogany Chamber Furni ture, consisting of Wardrobe. Dressing Bureau, with marble top, high-post Bedsteads, Wash stand, with marble top. Ac, Superior curled hair and shuck Mattrecses Feather Pillows. Blankets Comforts, Counterpanes, Sheets, Ae. Mahogany French Chairs, covered with red pijsh Walnut-beaded Bedstead Do Wardrobe Do Dressing Bureau, with marble top Do enclosed Washstand. do Mahogany Quartette Tables, Toilet Sets Mahogany dressing Bureaus, with marble topi Do Washstands |V? Wardrobes Do French Bedstead* Cane and wood-seat Chairs Kitchen Furniture Cooking Stove, cooking requisites, Ac. Terms: All sums oT and under %40, canh; over 94?. * credit of sixty and ninety days, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. npjMAil* C. W. BOTELER, Auct. By A (iKKKN. Auctioneer. \ VALUABLE I.O T IN THR NORTHERN Liberties at Atctiox.?On MONDAY. April IStli. at 5 o'clock p. m., I will sell, on the premises, lot No.?, in square 3rtH, on M street north, and near the corner of Iflfti street a est. Said lot fronts south 24 feet 2 inches and extends lack to a paved alley, nnd contains 2,J*?i square feet, more or less. This is undoubtedly one of the most desirable locations for a residence in that section of the city. The right to build against the wnll of the three-story brick house on the adjoining lot. ? ithout being subject to the usual charge of one halt of the cost of said wall, is guarantied in the deed held by the present owner, which will f?e oonveyed to the purchaser. Terms: One-iourth, cash: balance in notes at 6, 12. and In months, t?earing interest., and secured by a deed of trust. Deed given. Conveyancing at the cost of the pur chaser. Title good. ap7-d A. GREEN, Auct. Also, at the same time and place, the valuable Lot adjoining the above, l?eing the corner of M and l?tb streets. This lot runs !*ck to a paved alley, anda pavement extends the whole length of the front and side. It is one of the most eligible lots in the city. apf? A. GREEN. Auctioneer. B> A. <?R EEN, Auctioneer. TWO LOTS AT AUCTION.?ON TUESDAY, April 14th,at 5 o'clock, p. m.. I shall offer for sale, in front of the premises. Lots No. 14 and 15.(accord ing to Margaret O'Digges' sulsli vision, I in square 570, each lot fronting on 3d street 22 feet 6 inches,ai d running back 150 feet to a wide alley, between norih D and E si reets, containing in ls>th 6,75<? square feet. Terms: One-fourth cash ; balance in cash.6,12,and 18 months, the purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, (tearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given, and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the cost of the purch ser. ap 4^1 A. GREEN. Auctioneer. By BONTZ A COOMBS. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SAI.E OF A NE?iRO lilRL. By virtue of a deed of trust to the subscriber, bearing date the 22d da> of 1 >?-ceinl>.?r. 1H54, which is of record l>eeeniber jntli. 18."?4. in Lifter J. A. S., No. 88. folios .tn; and 3H7, one of the land records for Washington county, D. C..1 shall sell on Ml IN DAY, the 13th instant, at 4 p. in., at the Jail of Washington C >unt>, D. C.. one likely Negro Girl, named Nancy, aaed alsiut twenty years. Terms cash, in linkable funds. JOH N V. IMINN, Trustee, apC-eodts BONTZA" I'OOM BS. Am*. E By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. , X T E NSIV E S A LE OF i i ILT-F R A M E A MlKRoRs. Oil. Painti\?s, Engrwixc.s, A< ? at Alctiox?Mr. Jno. Wagner, intending to chauge his business, will sell, on MONDAY. April In o'clock. Ins entire stock of cilt-fraine Mirrors, Oil Paintings, Engravings. A a., at his establishment. No. 2V> Peun. avenue. south side, kietween 12th and 13th streets, consisting hi part of? One pan large gilt-frame French plate Mantel Mir rors. size 46 by vl One pair large gilt-frame plate Mantel Mir rors. size 3R l>> 42 One pan large gilt-frame French plate Mantel Mir rors, size 5m by 24 One pair large gilt-i'rame French plate Pier Mirrors, size 7u by 24 One pair large gilt-f rame French plate Pier Mirrors, size 84 by 2b Together with a large assortment of? Smaller mantel, pier, aisl oval Glasses Several very hue Oil Paintings and Engravings Gilt Frames,one Piano Forte, Ac. All of wln?h will l?e sold without reserve. Terms : ^40 and under, cash : over ?4" a credit of ?i0 and S*?days, for approved endorsed notes, (tearing interest. aplii-eod C. W. ROTELER. AucK Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VrERY VALI ABLE BUILDING LOT AT THE COR N ICR OR INDIANA AVENlP ?>t) ThIRD street west at ArcTios.?On FRIDAY, the 24th instant, I shall sell hi front of the premises, at half past 5 o'clock, p. in., lot No. 24, in square No. 533, situated at the corner of Indiana avenue and 3d st. west, liaving a front on the avenue of 5n feet 10 incit es, and 75 on 3il street. The attention of persons wishing to secure a valuable piece of property is re spectfully invited to the sale. Terms: One-fourth cash ; tmlance in 6,12,18, and 24 months, the purchaser to give notes lor the defer red payments, (tearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indis putable. an lo-eo A. GREEN. Auctioneer. B\ JAS. l'. McG I "IRE. Auctioneer. r|1RI'STEE'S SALE OF VA LIABLE HOUSE J AM> Lot, ON NORTH F STREET, BETWEEN 21st and 22o streets west.?By virtue of a deed in trust bearing date on the 8th day of Deceml>er, 1855, ami recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 1U8. folios 475, et seq., the subscrilter M ill sell at public sale, on MON DA V, the *?th dav of April, 1857, at 5o'clock p. in., on the premises. Lot No. 14. in sqtare No.81. fronting*i?i feet 11 inches on north r street, between 21st and 22d streets west, bv li*j feet li* inchesdeep, with tlie iiii provenients, which consist of a well-built two-story Frame Dwelling House. The al*>ve property is situated in a pleasant and rapidly improving part of the city . and offers a favor able opportunity to persons desiring a residence or to invest. Terms of sale: One-third, cash; the t?lanc? in 6 and 12 monI lis, for notes bearing interest from day of sale, and secured by deed in trust on the propertv. and if not complied with in six days after thesalethe property will !?? resold al the risk and expense of the purchaser. Ail conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. CIIAS. S. WALLACH. Trustee. apb-eoAil J.C.MLoGI IRE, Am-t. Bv A. ?iREEN, Auctioneer. TRl STEE'S SALE OF THREE TWO-STO kv Fr\mk Houses.?By virtue of a deed of trust, dated the 5th day of December, 1851, executed by William S. Yeuable and wife, duly recorded m Lil>er J. A. S. No. &4, folios 121 ' t s?q. one of the land records for Washington county in the District of Co lumbia. and also b? virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court of said District, sitting in Chancery, whereby the undersigned was appomteu trustee, in the steed ami room of the trustee named ui said deed of trust, the undersigned will on FRID.W, the 8th day of Mav. at 5>? o'clock, p. in., in front of the premises, proceed to sell at public auction, to the highest bid der, lot of ground numliered eight Is J in square nuiii Itered nine hundied and tafty-oue (**51) with the im provements thereon, which consists of three two story frame dwelling houses nearly new and well built. The above lot fronts on south 1 lietweenWh and loth streets east, in the city of Washington. Terms of sale: One half cash, the balance in six and twelve months, the purchaser to give his notes for the deferred pay meuts, secured by a deed of trust upon the premises. If the terms of sale are not complied with within five days from the day of sale the trustee reserves the rigfit to resell, at the risk awl costs of the de faulting purcbasi r upon giving twenty days' previous notice, by advertisement, in some one or more news papers, published in the city of Washington. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. R. H. I.ASKEN , Trustee. ap6-3tawts A. GREEN, Auctioneer. T' By JAS. C. McGl'IRE, Auctioneer. iRl'STEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT _ on New Jersey aveni k.?By virtue of a deed in trust bearing date on the 2*th day of March, 1455, and recorded in Lltier J. A. S., No. 97 folios 315 et seq., the subscrilter will sell.on MONDAY,the 13th day of April, 1857. at 4** o'clock p. in., on the prem ises, part of Lot No. 1, in square No. 556, beginning for the same on New Jersey avenue, 133feet 6 inches from L street, and running thence at right angles from said avenue 30 feet, thence due west 6 feet, thence due north 5 feet 8 inches, thence due east 4 feet, thence due north leet.thence due east to satd avenue 38 feet, thence along mid avenue southerly 13 feet 6 inches to the place of bejiiiuing. with the improvements, which consist of afwo-story Frame House. The aliore property is situated on New Jersey ave nue, tietween north L street arKl New York avenue, m a rapidly improving part of the city, and offers a favorable opportunity to obtain a residence or iu\ est. I'he terms of sale will be one third cash ; and tfie balance in 6 and 12 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale, secured Ity a deed in trust upon the property ; and if not complied with in live day s after the sale, the property will lie resold upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All couveyancing at the oost or the purchaser. 1 CII AS. S. WALLACH, Trustee. unr%)-3tiv&d? J. C. MeGl IRE. AueC. "jvOTICE.?BY VIRTUE OF FOUR WRITS Is o| lieri facias issued by /. K. Ottutt, on*^oftiie justices of peace in and for the County of - | ton, District of Coluinl>ia. the suit of J. R. i?rr, , agaiast the goods and chatties, lands and o) Maurico Hollormii, and to me directed, I ha\e seizetl and taken in execution, all the rignt. title, claim and interest of the said Heilorau, maud toone brown Ui'im. iiimI one dark ?*own Mare two Carts, and two sets of ('art Harness, and I hereby give no ?/ceThlu on THURSDAY, tlie 16th ?lar of April, 1?57 "at 1? o'clock a. m., in Iront ol the Bans of \> a?h iiigton, I will orier for side the saul proper!) so seizeil and taken iu execution, by public auction to the highest bidder for cash. . ? aplf-* J. F. BOLLARD, Constable. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRRXS. J WIEM LATE* rROM rALIPOR^IIA. Arrival ?( tne Gfurgf Law. New Yon, .\nril 13 ?The steamahlp George If* 'ia* *rri*fd, with Uif California mall* of "?arch Od and nearly ?1 iill.Oun in apect* She connects with the Golden Gate, which left r"" ?*,*? 0,1 the ?th. her appointed day. but put na-k in conaeqiiencc of a alight accident, and !i. a^*in on the morning of the fki *,oXd.'n "poke. March *Mh. off Mar gueretta island the /ohn L Stepheus. with the ^ \? March 5, U.und up ?*WK* on hrr outward pu sage. the err* of bri* Mary C Haskell. from New W and Wad t.? CWmXm^m, wrec ked March "Jbth at ^ ape Maize The Gcorye I .aw left Aspmwah April 4th The Granada left the same day for Havana with the N?-w Orleans mail* and passengers Tin* Tennessee arrived at Aspinwall tlie same day with dates from Grey town to the <d Col l.orkridg* went up the river on the 91th March, with all hi* forces, to attack San Carlo* When last heard from he was at Machue ha Rapids, intending to attack Castillo the next wonting, the *7th. lie had removed evarv thing from fan Carina and Scarapiqui previous to leav. tas. There is nothing later from W alket There was some excitement on the Isthmus, growing out of the apprehension of an attack of the natives on the foreigner*. The railroad coinpany were taking every pre. < aution to protect the passengers and property in the transit A bearer of despatches from Bog(*? took pas sage at Aspinwall, on his wav to Washington, with news that Mr. Morae had been refuted all negotiation on the riot question The news from California la not of particular Importance. Re*. Mr. Kallech. Boston, April U ?The Tremoat Temple Bap tist Society last evening passed resolutions ei pressing tteir unabated confidence In the integri ty of their pastor. Rev Mr. Kalloch. and earnest ly requesting him to resume his services as their paster. Murderers Sentenced. BosTo>t Ap 11 11.?Chief J i slice Shaw to-day pronounced sentence of death against James Ma gee and Charles L. Cater for the murder of the warden and deputy warden of the State prison The sentence takes effect after a year's Imprison ment. Later from Havana. Vf.w Vokk, April 13 ?The steamship Empire City has arrived from New Orleans ana Havana >th instant. There is no political news of interest from Ha vana. Sugar* had advanced . Freights had de clined. Exchange on New York ia4)f percent ; London 5\a6 per cent, premium. Another Freak ?( Lola Monte*. Loci?villr. April lu?Lola Montea's beneft was to take place to-night, but on the opening of the theatre Lola wanted carpets instead of green baize to he spread on the floor of the stage This the stage manager refused, and appealed to the auditors. They both talked together, and an in discrilwble scene of confusion and excitement ensued. The manager subsequently made a speech to the audience, and Lola refused to play. The money was returned to ticket holders, and there was no performance. Baltimore Markets. BaI-TIMorf, April 13 ?Flour was In good de mand this morning at S5 62^ for all kinds. Wheat was firm, good to prime white at SI Via Sl.fMi, good ta prime red SI 3.r>aSl 39 Cora is Ann: white 61 *63c.. yellew <MuMr. Whisky is unchanged; City and Pennsylvania '25ai"> v^c. Ohio New York Markets. Nfw York, April 13.?Flour Is higher ami buoyant: sales of 10.0UU bblv; State ff6.6teS6.ti6, Southern at lUaS<'> 35. Ohio SCaSC 35 Wheat is firm; sales of -.SHI bushels; Southern white SI 60. Corn is firm: ales of I7,5<U bushels, mixed. 7Or. Pork has declined Sc.; mess S22 Dim B?*ef Is steady; repacked Chic ago S16.25. I;urd Is un changed : libls UWaM),. Whisky has declined; Ohio ISc. Financial. Nctv York. April 13.?Stocks are higher and a-live; Chicago and Ro< k Island 99; Cumharlantl Coal Company, IflJL; Illinois Central Shares 132*; do. Bonds 9b\; Michigan Southern. 7S; New York C -ntral Pennsylvania t oal Co , 9Q|{; Reading *-0,^; Canton Co. ??; Missouri 6's "M % Sterling exchange is firmer at 1(19^. IF.VY'S BITTF.RsT?These BittersareanubuT a We cure lor Dysentenr and Chrome Diarrhea. WHQt of Appenta.&<*. They hsve pro\ed an elfec tnal cure to all those who have tteen edected with the endemic of the National Hotel. Invaluable lor ? uiamer complaints. No. 367 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the Nation al Hotel. Wine. Liquors, Cigars, and line Goeeries. ap8-tf JONAH P. I.KVY. LESLIE'S GAZKTTK FOR APRIL. abound ing in beautiful Spring styles for the ladies. This Gem of Fashions is sold l>* ap 3 FERGFSON. 4ftG7th street. WOOD AND COAL DEPtIT. -^Always ?n hand the best qualities of Wood and Co?J thai mil lie obtained in the market. Fair weight and me* sure mat he relied on in ali cases, and the price as low as the l>est article will admit. Coal kept uuder covet ? ll?*. to the ton. T. J. A \V. M. GALT, N. \V. cor. of 12th and C street. No. SC, ap 7-tf one square south of the Avenue. CJBCONDORAND OPENING OF THF. SEA SON AT MY STORE.?A splendid a<M>rt ment of real imported FRENCH BONNETS. The largest and richest selection of FRENCH FLOWERS. RIBBONS. LACES aud EM BROIDERIES to be found in the city. It H ESS-TH IMMISGS in the greatest variety. II.LCSIOS CAPES. M A STILL A S, M J R SKILLES. and SET K ASOVKS, and CHIL D fi E V.V UAH M K S TS ready made. DRESS-SiAKING iu the latest French Styles, at the shortest notice. M. WlLl.l AN. nmr J7 Im Maiket Space. liet.Tthaud Uth sts. 4 CARD.?We beu to inform the Public that we A have just returned, from New York, w here, with care, we have KelenlW a verv large and t?eauti ful stock of (iuitars, VNtMiis, Flutes. Aooiwdooas. Banjos, Tamhonnes, Violoncellos, B<>ws. Italian Strings, Romii, Pegs, Music Folios, and every arti cle belonging to a M usic Store, in addition to A large lot of the latest aud most fashionable Nrtr Music. New and sccorwl-hand Pianos aJways in store, for sale oil reaKonable terms. ap7 JOHN F. ELLIS, 3J6 Pa. sv. near l*th st. ORPHANS'COURT. MtKI 34. 1857.-Distric t of Com mbia. W aslungton County, to wit: In the case of Louisa E.Adams, (late Ragon.) Ad ministratrix of Richard R. Ragon. d#ceaaad, the ad - niuistratrix aforesaid has, with the approl?';<Hi of the (Orphans' Court of Washington count) aforesaid appointed Saturday, the 1#th day of April next, for the html settlement and distribution of the personal estate of said deceased, of the assets in hand so far as the same liave tieen collected and turned into money, when and where all the creditors ot said de ceased are notihed to attend, <at the Orphans Court of W ashington county.) witn the:r claims proparlr vouched, or they may otherwise, by lsw, beexc udea from all l>enefii of said deceased's estate ; provided, a o??p* of this order he published once a week for three weeks in the " Evening Star " previous to th? sa.d IRtli dav ot April next. Test.?ED. N. ROACH. Re*. WiUa. True cop*. Test.?ED. N. ROACH. Ref. Willa. niar 9?-w3w^ COACH AND UPHOLSTERY GOODS.jastra eeived and for sale low. Curled Hair of different grades Louisiana Moss. Chair Cane I roa, l>ras?. silvered, and porcelain Castois Iron and sal vaulted Chair and Sofa Springs Hubs. Feiloes. Spokes, Sualts, and Bows Lomr Arm and Smith's Short arm Axles Black and Bright Springs, Canvass and Duck A large lot Carriage Bands, at Northern pries*. IRON. Hoop, hand and Tire, all sizes. I isterand Pbetnx Shoe Iron. Scroll. Axle, round. nt-aL and square. 3?i butidles Norway Nail Rods. STEEL. Anderson's Cast Steel, square and octa?<>n Spring and Tire Steel, ail s>zes. Also, received a lot of Codin Batts. HauJisa. Screws, Ac. F.LVANS* THOMPSON. Sign of the Red Wheel. ? Pa. svenu.. ap 7-6t between 9th and 10th sta. \7OCAL MVSICV^Mrs FRAN'KI.IN, ? of Music, having vacant hours for a few mora Scholars, requests those Ujlm yaodesirons of beios perfected in Ballad Singing, or Ofera " to favor her with an early so plication. known at her residence. *5 ' ?^i. nT?? ^3 and loth, *ntl at the Music Stores of Mr. Iiavis^ana Metzerott. ap?-?ii FRENCH 1 A DIES AN D CHILDREN'S 1 j HATS.?Just received.ari elecani. assort mentof ladies'and children. F R KNCH HAT at a very low price, at h c^ ^ ^ q apft lw* 314 Pa ave., I<et. l?Hh and tlrh sts. EI.TToTT'S AMERICAN FRUIT OR Us er's Guide. Marn's Fruit Oarden. Floys Guide to the Orchard, Kenricks's New American MrchsrJist. Smith's landscape Ganlemuc. Paikaami Pleasnrw 11 rounds. Greeuaood's Method n| Transplanting Forest Trees; London. Br<>*u'? Forester; Lor?d.>n. Fefsenden's Complete Farmei . Outlines of Flemish Husbandry. Pr..fes??r U.won L*?de.1 Pr. pjrty an,I Die F^> nomy of Estates. 1 vol. I^adon. British Husbandry. 1vol. i^>n.lon. (raskin s Farmers Guide. Farmers School Book. ?P 9 FRANCK TAYLOR HANSFORD: a Tale of Bacon - by St. George Tueker, .. . ? Stones of the Island World, h? Charles Nordhod. tiieaeler'a Church Hiitory,ivf4?. Svo.; iiei #4ii t ion. Story of a Pocket Bihlo. with ijlaat rat ions. Soariipavias, by Lieut. ? ise, I. S. N. Illinois aa it is, with maps, by h red. uerhard. The Days of \*y Life, ^ "rKT?ayI'oB* Maitiarui. r R\>vK TAlLUR?