Newspaper of Evening Star, August 19, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 19, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTKLLIUENCK. Tm* Rtvi*.?Tbe Long Bridge is about to 1* farther repaired, under the supervision of Coni utfnsioner Blake ? A great dtmX l>f*cing1U " to he necessary to k?p that part of the ?* gather wbich wan not carried off bv the Est Sprln*. but whkh^ T?ryb.dlv .trumed by the Icebreaking opagalnat N 11 ? PF tuat an expenditure of ^.OJUnwrethan*^* ponded by the Corporation will Strengthen the weaVspan*. ?o ?? * ?ake the bridge safe during the corning winter. The re pel r* were commenced to-dar * The steamer George Pa*e, afterJ?e? to Alexandria this mor"ing , 'was hnaled up ? prepare her for inspection. Tbe .'J * Llf w.P in pood trim for river **nnce will be IfJS Th? a -?.k win I- bv Armstrong, and the repairs on her enylne and boiler will W attended to by Engineer Entwitlr In the mruntime the mail, and pasoengerawUIbe transported to and from Alexandria by Hugh La tham's fast omnfbas line . ? , The steamer Maryland arrived op at 4 o clock yesterday evening, bringing from hfty to si>!y passengers Her steward. Mr James W ormley. reports of tbe ship Gosport, which was run whore on the flats at Norfolk She was pumped oat dry, and put into the Government drr-dock for re pairs, but was ordered oat again pairs could be made, and immediately sank, ste'rn Foremost in forty to liny feet of are being made to raise her again. She Is nearly new and worth repairing, IT she can again I* raised above the water line At Norfolk tlsh were scarce and high. Hog flsh were bringing finer doten. The lower river was clear of large craft. Tbe regular trips of the Maryland, ander tbe efficient direction of Capt. Mitchell, are daily growing more popular with people who desire to visit the various summer resort* on the lower river and Bay The attractions of these trips to Norfolk, and the vaiious landings thereabouts, are very great at this season of the year. Ocean View, nine miles below Norfolk, is a delightful place, and presents a universal round of amuse ments to the excursionist. Excellent drives, lr*t rate hotel accommodations; delightful bathsj the tallest kind of fishing, with the necessary appli ances for tbe pupils of Sir lsaak Walton; and every cqoc<- i vable accommodation to gratify the iltk, the healthy, and the indiflerent, are plenti fully provided; and the climate is gloriously sa Lohrious. Persons wishing to get out of town for a few days, and to enjoy the greatest amonnt of fun in the shortest space of time, cannot do bet ter than to patronise our friend Capt. Mitchell and his substantial boat. Arrived at Riley'* wharf schooner Alida. Capt. Caabery, from Philadelphia, with lot) tons of coal for ? Chapln. At Page's wharf, schooner Telegraph, from Philadelphia, with 'J00 tons of coal forCastleman A Bro. , Great complaint Is made by ship owners and captains of vessels at the scarcity of carts and the unreliability of proprietors in unloading vessels From twenty to thirty carts could be employed to-dav at the lower wnarves if they conld oe ob- j tained : this fict is one great cause of the high rates of freight here. The delay to masters of vessels coming to the Washington wharves Is a | necessary loss to them and must be made up in some Tbe Ryland Chapel excursion to the W hite House and Fort Washington came off to-day, and was very largely attended. Arrtca/s *t ike Western Wharves, (reported by Morgan ft Ilbinehart:) Schooner Alvarado, Moore, from Port Deposit?, with 140 tons granite for U. S. Treasury Exten sion. Schooner Federal Ilill, Wlieatlejr, from Port Depo*ite, with lumber for Messrs. Easby. Schr Coquette, Jones, from Fort Deposite, with 121) tons granite for the I'. S. Treasury F.xtension. Schooner Mailory, Wilson. PJP tons Colombian guano for Messrs. Morgan ft Rhinebart. Schooner Thos. K. Carroll L. D. Porter, from the Eastern Shore, with timber for Messrs. Mor gan ft Rhinebart. ?? Tub WiiiiHiO!) Astlv* ? Abont seventy nine workhouse and poorhouse people are here crowded together in the old small-pox hospital and a temporary workhouse erected since the great Are wbich destroyed the old workhouse; but with all the inconveniences attendant upon the disastrous fire, Mr. tjueen manages to keep the paupers comfortably accommodated. The farm is in excellent condition, and exhibits care on the part of the gardener, Mr. King. The corn, pota toes, parsnips, cabbages, tomatoes, egg plants, and in fact every thiug which was planted in the Spring, has brought forth in so great abundance that it U found difficult to dispose of the large amount of vegetables and fruits which have grown on the place. The land, which is not nat urally of the proper sort for gardening purposes, has been so well tilled by Mr. King that, in the quantity and quality which it produces, It is sec ?pd to none in the vicinity of Washington. i Tnder tbe present management, the workhouse apartment nas been productive of a constantly increasing revenue to the Corporation. The amount of money returned to the Corporation for the present quarter, ending :llst inst . will be up wards of four hundred dollars; and the sum total of this year's product, over and above the expen ses of the Asylum will be upward of sixteen bun* dred dollars, this will be about double tbe amount of any previous year's product. Everything about tbe management of the farm gives evidence of thrifty industry on the part of all concerned; and the Intendant is an hourly visitor to the rooms of the poorhouse inmates, aud watches over them with the solicitude of a parent. The aSairs of the Asylum could not be under more Industrious and economical offi< *r* than Mr. i^ueen and his skil ful assistant, Mr. King. Thk YotrvG Mn'? Chbistiaji Assoctatio*.? The rooms of this association, at the northeast corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Tenth street, are open every day from 0 a. m. to 10 p. m , and strangers and citizens are always welcome. La dies who are regular teachers in any of the mis sion schools are entitled to the use of the library, free of expense, on Wednesday afternoons. The library contains nearly 3,000 volumes, and the reading-room is provided with the leading re views and papers. Annual subscription S*2 in advance. At a meeting of the association on Mondav evening they pasted a resolution offering tbe dif ferent literary associations of the city tbe use of their library and reading-room for 81 per mem ber per annum, provided that at least S10 be sub scribed by each association. Tbe association have in operation In the city three mission Sunday schools : No. 1. on O street. t>etween Fifth and Sixth ; No. 2, at the corner of Massai husetts avenue and Second street; and No. 3, at tbe rooms of the association, on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Tenth street. The hour for holding these schools is 3 o'clock p. m. Tbe a'sociations have a meeting and Bible class at their rooms every Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock. Thi Light I.nfa.itry Committee of Arrange ments are stirring about " fixing things'' for the excursion to Norfoik*n Friday; and meantime there is a general buzz of preparation about town on the part of those designing to participate in this vastly pleasant affair In fact, as long as the Infantry exists as a company it has only to an nounce a ball or excursion to set everybody on the 9*? cir?. and to secure a full attendance. This the members may count on for all coming time. To our Norfolk and Portsmouth friends we can commend the Infantry as accomplished gentle men. as well as gallant soldiers. We admonish them. too. that some of our prettiest Washington girls are going down on this excursion, and the Elizabeth river belle*, beautiful as they unques tionably are, must look to their laurels. A Small Champagke Pabtt.?The house on P street, formerly occupied by the Hon. John Quincy Adams, Is being put in repair by the present owner, Mr. Johnton, and the bouse is In charge of the contractor. Mr. Henderson, who, when the workmen are not engaged upon it, locks U and keeps the keys Yesterday, while the house was locked during tbe temporary al?sence of the workmen, those notorious individuals, John Doe and Richard Roe, forced an entrance to the build ing, and getting in the wine cellar, decided to pan* the day in a retired, quiet champagne drink ing. without songs or toasts. The happy pair indulged so freely that they got too drunk to move, and in that condition were found and taken before Justlce'Smlth. who committed them both to jail for house-breaking. They are not strangers to our police. The M P. Camp Mbeti so, at Monrovia, Fred erick county, Md., has been largely attended, we hear, and tbe exercises have been highly interest ing. Amcng tbe preachers present were Rever ends Josiah Varden, T. M. Wilsou, J. T. Ward, Frederick Sweatzell, P. L. WlUon. D. W. Bates, T Remick E J. Driiikhouse. J. T Murray, E. Y. Reese. Alfred Baker. Daniel Bowers, D Zol licoffer, s venerable minister from Pope Cre?k Circuit, Rev Mr. Taylor, of the M. E. Church, and Rev iohn Roberts. As Improvement much seeded.?'The street slgns, Motley's patent, purchased by the Corpo ration some months ago, are now being placed in their proper positions on the streets. The work w?? begun last Saturday, and this morning those for Pennsylvania avenue mud the stress Intersect ing it. between Rock Creek and tbe Capitol were put op. The sign is of cast iroo, and the names of the streets so displayed as to attract attention and plain enough to be d 1st ingu is table across tbe widest avenue. It Is an Improvement much needed, and will not require to be renewed for years. . . To Kbbp tbb Peace ?L. 71 miner marker was arrested yesterday, by Officer Y est man. for as saultisg and threatening violeaeo to Catharine ?i??*erJ,UfkeT He *u taken before Justice tMMird, aad held to ball to keep the peace to wards citizens generally and bit family part leu To M ar I.aciir Bess?Take a barrel, ill It wtlh rain wafer, put In one pair of old booti, a head of last fell's cabbage, two short sixes, a sprig of wormwood, and allTtle yeast. Let it work, And when clear, You'll hare excellent Imager beer ? Boston Post. This sort *f lager may do for Boston drinkers, but it is not the style of thing 10 11 go down" tn Washington?Is It. Messrs. Humphries & Juene mann ? To any body who wishes to romps re the Boston and V\ asbington articles we commend a visit to the capital Capttol Hill Brewery of Messrs. H. A J. ? Th* Election Riots.?The New Vork Tri bune has a communication from a writer In this elty, upon the election riots, to which article es pecial attention is called by the editor, as being from "an intelligent and impartial correspond ent." "It Is clear," the Tribune says, "from oar correspondent's review of the testimony, that the Pings were by no means the only, and perhaps ?ot the most heinous trangreseors on that occa sion." The Tribune s correspondent evidently sym pathise* with those he defends, so there Is no drawing sound conclusions from what lie writes. Two First-class Candidates for a term at " the farm" were brought up at the Guard-house this morning. The younger one was in for the first time, having heen picked up by the Guards while laboring under a lit of mania a potu, or, as the officers expressed It, he " Lad the snakes after hiin." The other was T.ncius Culver, an old staler, well known at the farm, and whose right to a long term was indisputable. The young buster was sent down for 30 days, and the old 'un for 90 Real Estate ?Yesterday, the following prop erty. located on Maryland avenue, between Kighth and Ninth streets east, was sold by A. Green, auctioneer: Lot No 10. in squire south of square 915, to George Woods, for $52 50; lot No. 11, In same souarr, to Wm. B. Williams, for 951.50: lot No U, same square, to Patrick Daly, for H52.50: lot No. 21, same square, to Pertrian Lelns, for fill. Fh* Hoo Law.?The police officers were ou early this morning enforcing the law to prevent ?wine from going at large. The operations this morning were in the Third district. The west wing of the City Hall is usually tilled with own ers of hogs?all wanting a word with his honor the Mayor, and all about the taking of their hogs To-day it is probable the applications for hogs taken by the police will increase. Sharks art unnsually plentiful this year. The Southern rivers connecting with the Gulf are full of them. One of these monsters was taken in the Alabama the other day, weighing 160 pounds Several have visited the East river. New York, within the few days past, and our river reporter states that another one has been seen off the Ar senal, in the Potomac. Scgah Sale ?At the sugar sale by Edward S. Wright, at noon to-day, on the wLarf of F. A A H. Dodge, Georgetown, 107 hhds., all of prime quality, were ottered, aud all disposed of at the following prices : 85 hhds. at $11; 4 at *11 25; s at SlO.So; 5 at *10 75; and 5 at $11.05. At Voltes A DTsskh'j Metropolitan Con cert Saloon to-night, singing and dancing by John II. Myers, the comic vocalist, the Misses Berger, Mr. Mayer, late of Christy's Minstrels, and other good perform?rs. The Feasxlix Philadelphia Association holds a meeting to-morrow night, for the trans action of business relative to their visit to Phila delphia in October next. Public Schools.?The Board of Trustees hold an adjourned meeting at the City Hall this even ing. ' Reynolds, of the El Dorado House, Js to cater for the Infantry Excursion to Norfolk. Kmjf ted! To-NionT, the regular monthly meeting of the Washington Horticultural Society. Watch Retubss?The following cases were disposed of this morning: Edward Tyler Johnson, deserter from tlieU.S. service; jail. John Dougherty, drunk In the street; workhouse 30 days Lucius Culver, vagrant; workhouse 90 days. * ' GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. Corrtspondtnce ?/ Tkt Star. Georgetown, August 19, ie57. As the time Is rapidly approaching when school teachers generally will have to resume their la bors in " teaching young ideas how to shoot," it may not be out of place for us to call the attention of the readers of the Star, both at home and abroad, to the superior facilities which are offered by the various institutions of learning in our cltv for the education of children, male or female, and to the excellent opportunity now olfered to any competent conductor of a first-class female semi nary to secure an Institution of the kind, which has for many years ranked high as one well wor thy the patronage of the public. By reference to another column, it will be seen that the extensive buildings situated on Washington street, in one of the moat beautiful and healthy parts of our city and for many years occupied by Miss Lydia tnglish as a seminary, is for sale or rent. For many years this was one of the most prosperous and popular establishments of the kind in this section of country; and we believe that all that is necessary to render it such again, is a competent corps of teachers who will, with proper discip line, d> vote tberuselves to their business. The location Is certainly an excellent one, being ele vated and healthy, and supplied with ample ground.*, well shaded, for recreation, to say noth ing of the extensive and well-adapted buildings The duties of the Mathematical and Classical Academy of Mr. P. A. Bowen will be resumed on the 7th of September. Of the character for effic iency and usefulness of this institution we need lay nothing. Mr. Howeii's unprecedented success as a teacher of youth, and the almost un bounded popularity of Lis academy is a sufficient recommendation aud guarantee to those who may intrust him with the education of their sons, that no pains will be spared to properlycultivate both their mind*and morals. Clinton Academy, formerly under the direction of the Rev. T. W. Simpson, will also be opened on the 7th of September. This heretofore very popular school has been taken by Mr. George Arnold, SI.A. This gentleman is from Balti more, where he has for several years been en gaged in the instruction of youth, in connection with one of the most efficient teachers in that city, Mr J A. Morgan, principal of the Light Strei-t Institute. Heroine, among us with the strongest kind of recommendations, both at home and from elsewhere Parents desirous of securing the ser vices of a first-rate teacher for their sons will do well to examine his circulars and advertisement in another column. Thedutiesof Mrs. Gen. Wheeler's Montgomery Street Academy for young ladies will In? resumed on Tuesday, September 1st. Mrs. Wheeler has for a number years been engaged in o?r city as a female instructress, and thus far, we b-lievr. has j given universal satisfaction. Her academy i, I situated in a very ouiet and healthy pa,to/the c ty and wen supplied with grounds for reere | ation. There, too, parents may rest assured that no pains will^bespared to trainup their daughters in the way that they should go, as Well as to j thoroughly cultivate their intellects. There are ssr w",cu w- ???? ???!?? >? From indications therels no stint for corn along the line of the canal. Nearly ever since the re sumption of navigation it has been pouring in. [ mot.t of which is being shipped for northern and eastern ports. The article has slightly declined aud is now selling at *>c. * 1 quite a number of our Methodist friends are 1 Prrl*r*tl?n- to attend the camp-meeting which commences near Coleaville, In MontgonT ery countv, to-morrow. As no company tent will betaken from hew, they will unite with their friends from Washington. A number of others a readY lcft for the camp at Warrenton, Va W e learn that nearly all the hands at the coai wharves, who struck for higher wages, have re turned to work at the wages they have heretofore been rec< iving, 91.15 per day The ateauic. Thomas Collyer took down the I otomac, yesterday, an excursion party composed of sixty ladies, and two gentlemen. Courageous gentlemen these, to risk themselves among'Wb such a multitude of beautiful faces, sparkling eyes, and bewitching glances They are Certainly very selUsli, or great favorites among the fair sex ? moment has occurred in the floor "IV. nc* our laM '?Port. Prices re arriving^ But llttie of eitber articl? br^l^lnTl^e,^,J:>f?,, the ?.anal ron,,nuM ? )usually ' ?'??}?* . Sir? & knows to fail. Also, a Cordial for Dyseater* DilV rhea. ami Summer Com,laint which ^.i'a^: fact charm to arrest allot those diseasa? iW? Salve for th? Piles,(ao extract from aflowsr.ia so'v* ?retcn remedy. Givs them a trial. Like her Con sumption Destroyer, they may be relied OB. She offers no article but what has been tested To Im had at No 3? G street between 1Kb and mh.A* at Nairn A Palmer's Drue Store, oorner IHh street Drug Store. Willards' Hotel. Also at C. Stett's corner of 7tk street and Peon, avenue. References can be made to Rev. John Robb, Rev. Mr. Register, Kev. James Hanson, and Mr. ilana han. The Consumption Destroyer also can be fonnd in Alexandria, at Mr. CaatleoM's Score, on Kis? ?1VRKIKD. bAfc?rlWil ^hurch.GeorwIown. on the ltith lust., A OFFiTptMr. CORNELIlS Ethl?eMr,hJ?tf2!/&t?9 ^*V- Andrew G. Ca lNL)A^VnBii?CJ8^VR,EhlJ to SU9* MA" 1IMDA LliUBlUttR.hnthnf AltHndra, Va. died, RlCHIilHrn5rfii?y5.1*nd'J01? th? ,4th r , \-UAR f, aged eleven norths, etui or I in.*,. ,. r r V ir wwfcii unminn, ??w wi Lieutenant F.K. Murray, U.S. N.,aad Ann* M. ?IPT.T^ ,rnn*?1 <* *??? ?*?? mark mcnfji,l ?k-J.K ? p??e Il?,n y,e v"uIt of ?t* Chnreh^jtnThnreday, rheanth mat.,at 4K o'clock. FOR REHT AJD 8AIB. For othrt"' For Remand Salt" notices see 1st pan. P>R RENT-A RARK CHANCK-Now un der construction, 12 larjre and airy rooms, with ? n The conveniences of water and lights. The loca tion is in the principal business square of the city, andthe roomsare well adapted for Dentists, Daener V A'BO?a convenient ana airy SE2??n-,\.,Vta7* a?r ??*ht bushiest. The whole tonished and well lighted in the moat improved manner, after the New ^ ork atylea. ?. w ? WALL ft STEPHENS, . No- ^ Penn. avenue, between 9th and *u '"*?!? 'Mb ?t?.. entrance on D at. F ^OKRKNTON RKASONABI.K TKRMS.?A -- nllLDIISG suitable lor n priwt/e l>onrdmr house, and situated on south side Penn. areuuu, be tween 4>fc and 6th streets. The inaideis handsomely decorated and newly painted. Gaa lights are in every room, and the house well supplied with hot ?m'i|.T!SterV APP'? to POLLARD WEBB. No. 51.' 7th street. an 18 FOR SALE.?A HOUSE and LOT,on Massa chusetts avenue, near 12th street. It will lie sold at private sale for cash. The House and Lot is one or the pretties' situations in Washington, with roofl water and fruit treea, and other conveniences. Kents for $10 per month, and has a good tenant liv ing in it at the present time. *o 17-31* THOMAS ROBBINS. Building lot for sale.-loi No.s,tn Sq. No. 283 fronting 27 feet on Mass. avenue and 2G loet 3 inches on north L titreet. Thia Lot is oue among the most eligible Building Lots in Washing ton, and will l>e sold at a low price. 1 have also, for sale other Lots in this city. NICHOLAS* CALLAN, Commissioner of Deed?, au 17-3t No. 213 F utr^f, FOR KENT.?The three-story BRICK HOUSE situated on '5th street, opposite the n^wexten sion of the Treasury department, and within a step of Penn. avenue and "Willards' Hotel. The house contains 10 good rooms, besides store room and vaults for fuel. The location is one of the l?est in the city for a professional gentleman or a business stand. Apply on the premises. No. 471. au 17-tOct1 * HOUSE TntTlOT FOR SALE.-House No. 46 Louisiana avenue, Washington city?<i Brick Dwelling, nearly new, four stories and tinishod basement, containing twelve rooms, with all the modern improvements, wat^r. gas.and I>elIs through out?will he sold at a bargain lor cash, or a reasona ble credit would he given. Apply to K. K. I.UNDY, No. 1231 Bridge street, Georgetown, or on the prenu ?es. au ll-eolm I^OR RENT?A conveniently arranged BRICK A HOUSE, with ten Rooms and Basement, on L street, between 7th and Hth east. Kent 63*' per an num. ELIZABETH STILLINGS. au 5-eo6t F^OR SALE CHEAP- A oomfortable BRICK Im\ r.LLLNG, situated on the northeast corner of 4th and N streets north. Price $1,150; half in cash, balance in six and twelve months, or if all pai.l I W/XJ,h.JeW Wlli ,>e ^^en. Apply to.POLLARD \\ EBB. No j!27t'i street. nnS-tf I^l'R SALE.?A gentleman having determined to diaeontinue house keepihtr. otters for sale his splendid four-story BRICK DW ELLING HOUSE situated between the City Hall and Pennsylvania avenue. Tfw House is nearly new. containing ifi rooms, with G*s Fixtures, Warm.Cold, and Shower Baths. A Pump of excellent water in the yard and kitchen. Also, a Brick Stable and Carriage "??"?? ?iw?n the preinines. Apply to POLLARD WKBB. No.512 7th atr?et. au 3 tf IjM)K R I",N T?The two comfortable and conveni ent BRICK HOUSES on Fayette street, ad joining the Convent,are now undergoing onmplete re pair,and will b? for rent on the 4th of August. The Houses are very desirable, particularly to parents t.lre,H, 'V Apply to JOHN L. KID\\ ELL. Huh street. Georgetown. jv 27 99 fiODEY'S LADY'S HOOK, for September, ? .. F(,t,Mle?,t JO*SIIILLINGTON'S Arthur s Home Magazine, for Septemlier. Putnam's Mags zine, do. Graham's Magazine, do. Household Words, do. Schoolfellow, <|,>. Nick-Nax, do. i ankee Notions. dov Ballou's Dollar Magazine, do. Burton'a Cyclopedia Wit and Humor, No. in Nothing to Do; a companion to "Nothing to Wear, Rose of Ashurat, by the author ol "Cnstle Avon." Leonora D'Orco.anew novel by G, P. R. James, Esq AM the New Books, Newspapers, Magazines, and Cheap Publications received as fast as issued. A fine assortment of Stationery constantly on hand and for sale by JOS. SHILLINGTON, Odeon Building, corner 4,S at. and Pa. av. au 18-3t Rlfr LED ORDNANCE, a practical treatiea, 1 vol.; London. 1837. A Treaties on Fire Arms, by Lieut. Simonds, Ben gal Artillery, 1 vol.; London, 1RV7. Manual of Drills for heavy Guns. 1 vol.; Ijoodon, Remarks on Gunnery, by Capt. Blakely, Royal Ar tillery, 1 vol.; London. 1&57. Artillerists Manual, by Major Griffiths, Royal Ar tillery: 7th edition; London, 1857. ScofTern'a Weapons of War, I vol.; London. Sj>e>trmaii'a British Gunner. I vol.- London. The Bengal Artillery, from its formation; by Capt. Buckle. 1 vol.; London. Aide-Metnoire. a I/usage des Officers D'Artillerie, 1 vol.; Paris. Rifle Practice. I?v Lieut. Col. Jacob, Bombay Ar tillery, 1 vol.; London. La Construction et la Fabrication des Armes a Feu, par le Colonel Homilius, l vol.: Pans. L'Orgamzation de L'Arfillerie, par Le Bourg: Lieut. Col. D'Artillerie, 1 vol.; Paris. I age? Theoriedu Pomtage, I vol.; Straalwurg. Des Officiers d'Artillene dans les Fonderies, 1 vol. and atlas: Paris. Traite aur L'Artillerie, par le General Scharnhorst, 2 vols.; Paris. Etudes sur) L'Artillerie. par L'Empereur Louis Napoleon,2 vols.; Pans. Naval Gunnery, by Sir Howard Douglas, 1 vol.; London. JM? !? FR ANCK TAYLOR. MME. KLEIN Ac CO.,(from Franee.) DRESS MAKERS. No. 391 Pa. av., between 4,'i and 6th sts. Pleating. Fluting. Crimping, Dresses, Curtain Blmchin# and Old Embroideries transferred to ?*der. - an Itt-lin NOTICE?To the citizens of the Fifth Ward. From and after the l&tli inst., I shall call daily at the following places, to wit: Wm. B. Bmshears, Grocer, Penn. avenue; F. Hitz, Grocer, Capitol Hill; Xacherifth Williams, Groc?r, 3d street south. Persona wishing my services will please leave a note at the moat convenient place. WM. T. BASSFORD, au H-lw* Scavenger of Fifth Ward. ULES AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE Cavalry, Light Infantry, and Riflemen of the United States.?Published by authority of the De partment of War. One volume. l?t, half bound in calf, ami containing 250 pages of letter press, and 81 pageaof engravings ; pricc SL (published at S3) or 51 J" if the volume ia to be prepaid by mail. '3 FKANCK TAYLOR. WINDOW GLASS.?boxes 10 by 15 French Window Glass, will lie sold at one dollar and aeventy-five per U>x for oaah, 111 lots of U boxes. Also, a full supply of large size French Glasg, lat, 2d, and 3d qualities, 4 by 8 G lass for hot-housea. 8 by IW, 8 by 12. 9 by 12, and 1# by 12 cheap. R. H. MILLER. SON k. CO. Alexandria. Va. |e22 AULT'S CELEBRATED ENGLISH CAB BAGE SEED. |H n tire now prepared to furniah Ault's?M? Early S <irk. Ault s VavU Large York.vPt "*? Anlts Bullocks Heart. Ault's Premium-** Hat Drumhead Savoy, and all other varieties of CABBAtiE SEEDS. Also, Spinach, Kale, Lettuce, Cauliflower, and all other kinds of GARDEN SEhlDS. All the above are fresh, pure and genuine; the same superior quality as soid by us last and former years, and will give eutire satisfaction to those who purchase from us. For recommendations we refer to any person who has used them. For sale wholesale and retail. SAM'L AULT it SON, Corner Calvert and Water sts., Baltimore, Md. 117" Orders can be sent by mail or by the Adams Express, which allorda a cheap, sale and uuick m>*snw of carriage. 8U m-|m |1MJ_ JO" FEIN OUR HEATERS. ?OI adini 1 a 'U Sl'lo*? universally . FE I NO U K HEATERS, lor hcatiug the room in which it ia set and the rooms above, consuming 110 more fuel than a Kadiator Stove, and a* eauily managed, thereby having the cost and trouble of two or more lires to etloot the same purpose. Those of my customers who were unavoidably diKappomted last season on account of the very press* ing demand for them, which made it impossible for the manulacturer to supply, are most earnestly re quested to sondin their orders before the Fall, there by saving troulae aud delay, and their work will be more seasoned for Winter's use. All work put up by tirst-class workmen. ?r . . JAS. SK1RVING, \\ ashington Stove, Grate, Range, and Hot-Air * urnaoe Manufactory, No.2U7Pa.av?S.E. corner litis stM Washington, D. C. an 8-eoim JJEAUTIFUL AlAKBLE WORK. ..I^moat beautiful ITALIAN MARBLE MON I'?EN r ever lieheld in this vicinity, just imported [?VIu 10"W ?,e?n Rt ALKX. RUTHER I-OKI) S Marble ^ ard, opposite the Union Office, Pennsylvania avenue, , tO" Pers<?ns whoa<linire rich apecimena of art are invited to call and examine. au 1Q-4W (Intel) WG. METZEROTT haa now on hand a large ? assortment of PIANOFORTES.^mh^^ by Roaeakrani.Baoon k Ravenjind W Ri-frVAl Miller. Alao, aeveial aeoond hand Puinoa' ? ? 11' whioli he will aell for oaah, or on monthly pavmenta. Pianos and Melodeona from %4A to f 150. One sec ond-hand Melodeon for 92u. PioMofortee for rent. Tuning by Mr. Rebine. rVlAGNOLlA HAMS. ~ w- ? ^ CHOICE MAGNOLIA HAMS. ?5vu,t ?P.?nin<. we guarantee them un called by aay Hams in this eit*. were cured in Maryland expressly for onr fD"No authorized aaents. oc KING ft BURCHELL. }7 ? Corner Ytn*>n$ avenue and iMh ?|rt?t, AUCTION SALES. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Two-?tory and basement frame HorSR A*T? I?ot, o* M Str*kt,b?twfkii I?th axd 13th, at Auptiok.?On tOkpDAY, the 25th in?tant, I aell. in front of the ereuu^s. at 5 o'clock, p. in., Lot No. 28. in Square No.SK?. fronting on north M street H feet, running tack 90 feot to a wide alley, between 12th and 13th streets, with the improvements, which are a food two story frame house, with baeement, containing six food and oon veniently arrange*! rooms. This property in handsomely situated in one of the most rapidly improving parte of the city. Terms : One-third caait; 'amnee in sTx. twelve, and eighteen months, for note* bearing interest from day or sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title ind.sput.ihle. an 19 A. G R F EN, A uctioneer. By J. C. MoGUIRE. Auctioneer. F'URNITURE a so HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS at Punic Auction.?On TUESDAY MORN ING, August 25th. at lu o'elook, at house No. ?55 G street, between 14th and 15th streets, I shall sell the Fnrmtnre and KfTeots or a gentleman declining housekeeping ; comprising? Mahogany Pianoforte Gilt frame Pier Glasses, Slabs and Brackets Crimson plush-covered Arm and Kasy Chairs Mahogany Parlor Chairs, Rookers Do Secretary and Bookcase Indies' walnut Secretary and Bookcase Mahogany and walnut warble top Centre, Sofa, and

Pier Tables Brussels and other Carpets, Rags Hat tree, Oilcloth, Lounge Gilt Window-Shades. Cornice, Ac. Mantel Ornaments. Candelabra* Mahogany Dining Tables, cane seat Chairs Large and superior mahogany Wardrolo Large French Bedstead and Washstand,of Brad ley's make Mahogany Sofa, Card Table Handsome walnut high-post Bedstead, Wardrol*, and Washstand Dressing ar.d plain Bureaus. Washstands Mattresses, Bolster and Pillows Looking Glasses. Toilet Seta China, Glass, and Crockery Ware, Ac. Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: and under, cash; over that sum a credit of 90 and Hn days. for notes satisfactory en dorsed, bearing interest. au l?-d J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. Fortification, field and pkrma nent. by Capt. I.eudy, 1 vol.; London, 1857. Blue Books for the People; Army Education, Lon don, 1S57. Major General Airev's Addresses. Reports, nt:d Memoranda to tlie Board of General Officers, I vol.: London, IH3T. Tolhausen's Patent Laws of various Couutries; London, 1K57 Hardwicke's Shilling Knightage, for 1857. Tooke'n Diversions of Purioy, new edition. London. l&VT. Whewoll's History of tho Inductive Scicnces, 3 vols.; London, 1357. , Memoirs of the Duke of Saint Siinon, 2 vols.; Lon don, 18.57. The Kingdom and Peoplo of Smni, by Sir Jolui Bow ring, 2 vols.: London, 1357. Life of George Stephenson, Railway Engineer, 1 vol.; London, 1837. Commerced Code of Signals for all nations, by Fors ter. Master, Royal Nftvy, 1 vol.: London, 1857. Piacoti's Eastern Military Hospitals, 1 vol.; London, 1857. an6 FRANCK TAYLOR. T|? A CARD. HE Undersigned takes pleasure in announcing to the public at large, and to the practising physicians m particular, that he will open iii1 the course ofuoxt izi'uth his DRUG-SI ORE AM) PRESCRIPTION STAND, \ND, CHEMICAL LABOKATOR r .at **> Ninth street, between Penn. av and D street., east aide. Prescriptions ol physicians, written in either the Latin, English or French languages, will moat care fully be compounded, and no reoeipe trusted to the hands of an apprentice or other employee not fully competent. The thorough chemical education, and tho long notice of the uuder*:gned as pharmaceutist, in Mith I lie Old World and the United States, will Borvn as a guarantee for tho pnritv of drugs and pre parations kept by him. Every chemical compound is tested before mad" use of, rind no poisons sold ex cept on reeeipt front known and responsible parties. CHEMICAL ANALVSlS.?Qualitative and quantitative? of soils, ashes, minerals ores, wafers, A e., is performed at moderate rates; and gentlemen and masters desirous of lieing introduced into the theory and practice of Chemistry ar.d Pharmacy, will have mii opportunity otiercd to that end by applying next fall. Reference*.?Prof. J. I). B. Dk Bow, Hon. Thomas B. FloBRJcf, F. 1!. S*r.E. Esq., SklmaR Sikbkut, Esq., Cuables 11. Wikukk, Judge Ad vocate. MAGNUS GROSS, Late a pupil of Prof. Licbig, jy 2^-lm graduate of a Pharmaceutical College. r. B ALTlMORECiTV MALT HOUSE. MALT FOR SALE.?The undersigned having recently purchased the CITY MALT HOUSE, oorner of West Falls avenue and Block street, would announce to his friends and the pultlic, that he has it now in full operation, with a large supply of MALT for sale on libera! terms. my r-3?n FRANCIS DKNMKAD. MAYOR'S OFFICE Washixgtos, August, 12,1?57. Proposals will l?e received at this office until Saturday, the 22d instant, at 12 o'clock m , for tho erection of an Almshouse in this city, upon the site of the old one, according to the plans, drawings, and specifications adopted by the Corporntion; the draw ings by Charles llaskms. Esq , and to be seen in his otfice ; and copies of the specifications may )>e ob tained at this office. Separate proposals for each description of work, vig : l*t, for tho Brick and Stone Work, Pavements, and Excavations; Sd, for Carpenter's Work ; 3d, for Iron Work; 4th, for Plastering: 5'h. for Tin Work ; and, Hth. for Paintina and Glazing. Bids for the whole will als.? be received and considered. As the contractor will l>e required to give security to the amount of one-fifth of ins whole bid for the prompt arid faithful performance of the contract, each bid must be accompanied by the names of at least two sureties, witti their written expression of willingness to assume the obligation. au 14-rd W. H. MAG RUDER, Mayor. SPECIAL NOTICE TO TAX PAY BRA. Those who intend to avail themselves of the ten per cent, discount, to be made to all who pay on or before the '5th day of September, and who wish to avoid the delay incident to the crowd who usually are in waitiug at this office daring the last few days previous to the expiration of tho time, oan do so by calling for their bills at an earlier day. JAMES F. HALIDAY, au 6-tSpl Collector. IEWIS'S BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF 4 Philosophy, I vol., 8 vo; ?2.75 Mormonism,by Elder Hyde; $1.25 Lairiartine's History of Turkey, 3 vols.; $1 Rousseau's Confessions. 2 vol., translated; #2.!m How to Wnte, a manual of composition: 50. How to Behave, a manunl of Etiquette: 50c. How to Talk, a manual of Conversation: Mrs. Jameson's Loves of tho Poets, blue and gold; 75c. Punch's Pocket Book of Fun; 5flc. Macaulay's Biographical and Historical Sketches; 5 c. FRANCK TAYLOR. au 15 REAT INDUCEMENTS OFFERED FOR I CASH! II. S E M K E N,, ofTers at greatly reduced prices, for cash, tho fol lowing articles: Gold Hunting English Pateut Levers, full jeweled, from $5<> up. Gold Hunting Detach do., full jeweled, from $35 tip. Gold Ladies' Watches, full jeweled, in variety, up. All Watches are guaranteed for 12 months. Gold Guard. Fob and Vest Chains, at wholesale prices; all kinds of Fiua Jewelry, such as Bracelets, Pins, Ear Rings, Rings,Shirt Buttons, Seals. Lock ets, Pencils, etc..embracing Diamond, Pear!, Corals, Cameos. Mosaics, etc., at astonishing low prices. Pure Silver Ware?Spoons, Forks, and all kind of fancy Silver Ware?loicer than ever offered liefore. Silver plated Ware?such as Spoons. Forks, Cas tors. Cake and Card Baskets, Butter Coolers, ctc., wi! I be sold at manufacturers pricts. l?y Our main object in offering such inducements is: to reduce our present Inner, stock for rtady cask, contemplating some alteration in our busi ness. Persons in want of anything in our line aro invited to call; we shall take pleasure in couviucmg ttiein that such opportunities of purchasing fine goods at such reductions are seIdom ottered. All goods war ranted as represented. II. SE.MKE.N, ang 15- 330 Pennsylvania avenue. QHEAP FAMILY GROCERIEST" The subscril?er offers SUGAR, COFFEE, HAMS, SI DKS and SHOULDERS, FLOUR and MEAL, BUTTER and EGGS, at No. 551 12th street, corner of B. au6-tf JONAS P. LEVY. UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. Washisotox. August 4,1RS7. On the petition of H. M. Smith, of Richinoud, Virginia, praying for the extension of a patent granted to turn on the ?ith of V ebruary, 1844, for an improvement in "straw cutters," for seven years from the expiration of said patent, which takes place on the 25th day of February, I85H? It is ordered, that the said petition be hoard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 18th of January neat,at 12o'clock m.:and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to tie granted. Persons opposing tho extension are required to file in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days liefore tiie day of hearuu; all testimony filed by either party to I* used at the said hearing must 1m taken ami transmit ted in accordance with the rules of tke offioe, which will be furnished on application. The testimouy in tlie case will be closed on the 8th of January, 1858; depositions and other papers re lied upon as testimony must be filed in the Office ouor before the morning of that day; the arguments, if any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notioe be published in the Union, Intelligencer, and Evening Star, Washing ton, D. C.: Republican, Baltimore; Pennsylvania!!, Philadelphia;and Daily News, .Now Yerk; once a week for three successive weeks previous to the lath of Jauuary next, the day of hearing. S.T. SHUGERT, Aoting Commissioner of Patents. P. S. Editors of the above papers will pleaae copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing this notice. aug5-lawaw Hunting park trotting courseT" At the south end of the Long Bridge. The Proprietors of this new.complete and elegant Course take pleasure in being able to ^ - say that their arrangements are all oom-^ plete, aad that their track is now open ' to the public. In all its arrangements it< is unsurpassed in the United States, offering as many advantages for the trial of speed as any other Amer ican Trotting Course. It is precisely a mile in ear oumference, fifty feet wide, graded and prepared with rare and judgment, and is in perfect order. The House connected with it, too, is unsurpassed in its comforts aud acoomm.idations.and for the lux uries always to be obtained there. The public may rely on it that, under any and all circumstances, good order will be maintained and enforced upon thi premises. an !t-2m V "Ay .NI.I jcood ATTCTTOW BALES. IV DAY \ TOMORROW MORNING. Br WALI. A BARNARD, Auctioneer.. Books, book?, fancy goods. jewkl kt, Ac..& c.?We shall THIS EVENING. and every Evening this week, at Store No.&?. opposite Browns' Hotel, a large and vaiualwe invoice of Standard Book*, in toe different branch#* of Litera ture. Science, .-.nil the Arte: also.* fine lot of Fam ily Biblea, with Fancy G<x*is wiH J-we'ry, ftc. ? ulT-lw WALL A BARNARD. Auet'i r?. By J AS. C. MeGUIRE. Auctioneer. POSITIVE SALE OF TWO LOTS AND Hoi?k* o* I'rss. avksce. ?Oa FR1DA\ AFTERNOON. August 21st, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shad sell to I he highest bidder. two Lota on the north sale of Penn. avenue, near the corner of ?oth at reet wpil sud adjoining the "Seven Build .ngs." Said lx>ta front together 3b <ee( 4 inches on the Avenue, with ihe u:ipro?emru'js. eoa sistiag of a three-story Hnck House, with store aod private entrance, and a three story Frame House, with store and private entrance. This property is situated wed for bestnees pnrpo ses, lieing immediate1* on Pennsylvania avenue, in the ceatrfe of Mm first Want, and wouid, with a small outlay of mouey Tor repiurs. prove a profitable invest meat. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in 6and 12 month*, with interest, secured ti? deed of trust on the premises. au 18-d JAS. C. MeGUIRE. Auct. By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneer*. TWO NEW TWO STORY FRAME HOI SES with tuk Lots, at Aittios.?On Till IIS DAY. the amh instant, at 6 o'clock, we wtU sail. m front of the premises, two new Frame irwelliars.on 24th street west, between li and H streets. bung part of I??>t 15 in Square 31. This property is now under reut to good anil punc tual tenants. Sale positive. Terms: One half cash; the residue in 6 ami 1! mouths; beariug iutcrest,and secured by a deed of trust. au !7-4t WALL A BAR X A R D.Aurts. Br C. R. L. CROWN A CO? Auctioneer*. 1 PROPERTY ON 15TH STRKET AT AUG SA'l'L'R UAY AFTERNOON, the I.Mh uisuMit, we shall odor the following Property at 6'i o'clouc: Lot 21, in suImIivision of square No. 1:17. Sale positive. Tonus: Oue-ihird, cash; baianre in 6 nnd 12 mouths. C. R. L. CROWN A CO., au 12-tsAd? Auctioneers. ID?THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until SATURDAY, the ?.?l instant, same hoitr anil place. an 17 C. R. LCROWN A OQU Auct'rs. Bt 4. SKEKN. AmUomct, HPRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PRO I PEKTT OX TIIK INLAND AT AUCTION'.?On 1 Rl DAY, the 21st day of August, 1P57, 1 shall sell at auction, in front of the premises, ?.t G o'clock p. in., by virtue nf a deed of trust from William S. Fort, to the subscriber* twering date the seventeenth day of J uly. eighteen hundred and fifty-five, and reonrrf ed in Lit>er J. A.S., No. I'M, folios, 71 to70 inclusive, one of the Land Record* for the County of Wash ington, in the District of Columbia, the follow ing named property, to wit: Part of Lor nuiiif>ered two (2) in Square numiiercd four hundred ant! thir'y-sev en < 4J7> lying and lieing ui the City of Washington. District aforesaid, together with the improvements thereon, which consist of two two-story Frame Houses. This property fronts 29 feet on south G street, with a depth olitf leet i tuchca between 7th and 3th streets west. Terms: One-f hint, cash; balanoe in six and twcl\*e months, the purchaser toliTI aotai for the deferred payments, Ifaring in'erojt from da? ef sale. A ilcod given sud a deed of trust taken. A11 conveyance at the cost of the purchaser, lithe purchaser should fail to comply with the terms in hve days, the trus tee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and expense of the delinquent, by advertising such resale lltree times in the Star. M. THOMPSON, Trustee. jr 'g 2a w A da A. (1R E E N. Auct. By C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. [OrsE AND LOT ON E STREET at Ace L Tiox.?By virtue o| adeeil of trust from Mrs. Mary E. Barney *v<t others,dated 011 the JTith day of Novemlicr, IK%, and recorded in the Land Records of Washington county, District of Columbia, in Lit?er J. A. S., No. I.'fc, folio 5 to 19, and for the pur poses of said trust, will lie sold at puMic auction on the premise*, 011 K street north, on Tl ESDA Y.the 4th day of Aiuusi, US7, at 5 o'clock p. in., all that part of tUe Lot tii (ir<>und nuiiibervsi ft, in Square +.>>. in Washington city, lieginninx for the mine at a point on the north side of E street north one hun dred and forty feet and nine n>ches from the south - west corner of said square, and running thence north seventy-one feet anu six in- lies with the western line of a portion of said lot nuiulier six which was OMavevad hy David Saunders ami wife to Rocer C. Weight man, to the use of Mary S. Soott; tfcence east 2 feet 6 inches ; thence north 16 feet 7>4 inches; thence we?t 22 feet in and one-third inches: thenca south 88 feet 1 inch nnd a half; thence east 2n feet 4 inches and one third of an inch to the place of be ginning. The improvements consist of a good three-atory brick dwelling and Lasemeut, wi'b a large two-etory hack building, and the whole well arranged for a res idence and office. Terms of sale: #2,i*?"in cash, and the residue for notea in euual su*i* payable in six. twelve, and eigh teen months, with interest. A deed will !?? given and a deed of trust taken to secure the deferr<*d payments. The expenses of the deeds to be at the cost of the purchaser. The Trustee reserves the right to himself, at his option, to re sell the property, at the risk and oost or the purchaser, by giving live days' notice of the time and terms of such sale, or to vacnte the sale, if the terms thereof are no: complied with by the pur chaser within five d:i>s after the sale. The premises are now under lease lor n per annum, the lease In expire on the l?t da\ of Octot*r. 1858. HENRY M. MORFlT. Trustee. C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. fnr THE CREDITORS OF MRS. MARY E. Barney provided lor in said deed are requested to leave their accounts and vouchers at tin*office of the Trustee, on 4H street. july II -codArts 1X7-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on account of the rain until THl'RSDA\. tlie lith instant, to take place upon the premises, at 5 o'clock p. m. aug 5 d H7-THE ABOVE SALE IS FI RTHER POSTPONED until THl'RSD.A Y.the 27th ??1 Au gust, to.take pUcc on the premises at 5 o'clk p. ui. Ml 7-4S H' New orocerv, wine, and LtQf OR STORE. The tubecril>er begs to inform hie friends and the public, that he has opened a NEW STORE, onier ol )2th street and l?uisiana avenue, where he in tends to koep constantly on hand a large and varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic Wl \ES, Ll Qt'ORS, CIGARS, and FINE GROCERIES, consisting of Fine Teas,Sugar,Coflee, I'lour,S?mp. Olives, Raisiua, Figs. Sardines. Aucliov ies. Otard. Marrett A Co., Puiet A Co., and Co!. Chalanl's Brandies 111 crises, demiiohiis, and casks. Old J& maim Rum, Sherries, Madeira. Port of various de scriptions, St. Julien Claret, Cliateaux Margaux in cases. Champagne Cider. Brandy Fruits, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Annisettc, Maraschino, Curaooa, Absynthe,Champagne, and a lar^e and varied de scription ol Havana Cigars. AI30, Stoughton Bitters, and Fever and Ague Bitters, Porter, Ale,and Cider. Families are particularly invited to call and exam ine the stock before purchasing elsewhere. Mem bers of Congress are also informed that their order* will l>e promptly attended to, and delivered at their restdeucee at the shortest notice. A general assortment of fine Havana Cigars, im ported direct by the wholesale and re tail Canal Bnata supplied on reasonable terms, and produce taken in exchange. Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on hand, of 1W>. Country orders punctually attended to, and coun try produce of all descriptions received on consign ment. JONAS P. LEVY, je 8-tf No. 554 Twelfth street. JNTERESTlNli TO FAMILIES. The following extract from a New York p*? cannot fail to l>? interesting. In referring to the receipts of Teas in this oountry for oneim year up to S*h ultimo, it says they will l?e 12.-1x (WV**1 pounds sln?rt of the imports of tiie year end ing Juue an, taw, and t hat ?' The advance in black teas. Oolongs, since last December, has been fifteen cents per pound: and Young Hyson Teas, of low and medium grades, have experienced au advance of one huiidred per cent, over !a*t season's dosing priccs. "It will thus lie seen that the strong and rapid advance in the toa market has been the result of short supplv and active demand ; but when if is con sidered that we may hear at au? moment ol the en tire suspension ol shipments at Siianshai, and. in fact, that, as soon as a sufficient force from England arrives at the seat of war, a!l live ports of entry lu Chin?i, will proliably lie placed under strict blockade, it would not be surprising to see Teas at a tuucii higher figure than they have yet attained." In view of these facts, we hoM out very great in duccinents for families to lay in their supplies of Tea note. KING A BI;RCHEI.L, iell-tf Corner Vermont ave.and 15th street. A NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS WHO ARE INTERESTED.?We have now011 handasnp ply of our celebrated Burton ami XXX Ales, whi h were brewed to our own ivrder, expressly for the southern trade* and which, we will suar-intee to keep auy leugth of time, even iu the warmest of weather. All lovers of good Ale oan lie accoinmiHlatod with theaNiveat our Depot, 57 Green street. George town, D. C. ARNY A till INN. Jr 22 (JOING OFF AT COST.-As the season has a.j * vareed we will sell our remaining stock ImI of REFRIGER ATORS*t cost. Our stook of KURNITtRKaad HOUSE KEEPING GOODS is very large, and prioes lower than ever. MoGREGOR A CO., jy 9 eo6w No. 530 7th street. >n has ?<1 m QKNTAL ANNOUNCEMENT. Dr. R. FINf.EV HUNT has resumed fully the practice of DENTISTRY, at his old o?ce^-*=^ ami residcnoe, No. sin north side of I'eiin-Jif. .sTt sylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth^?-LL-U streets. au3-2w* Humphries a junniman. On Fourth street east, between E and F. ; Cipitol Uilli , .. have fitted up their plaoe, which will be open daily to visitors, and every Monday afternoon for those who wish to engage in the English Quadrilles or German Waltzes, wdl find an opportunity to do so there. Welter's Band has been engaged for Uie sea son, and will he in attendance. They have on band sud constantly making the purist Larger to be obtained in the eitr. je P-?n W" HfM'sV'i'.iJYrjf* AND GLAZIER, Will thankfully receive and promptl* and neatly ex ecute any orders in his line with whioh his friends end tne pablie may favor him. Orders can Ixt left at No. 4M, ooruer 6th awl C sts.. or at Ridem>ur'a Con feotioner; Store, PennsylvanAavenuatnorth side) between Mb and l?th streets. Those who ma? intrust work to him may rely mi ita being exeeeted with neatness and dispatch, aad at the lowest rates, je a&2m TRFMOf.O ACCOR DFONS. a new wveation ; call and see them, at tie Music Depot of W, G. MfcTZEROTT, MW- * poruw llttaand Pa.?ve, I . TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. VKOAI [UE ASSOCIATED PX&SS Khoetiag Affray at U?bn<?*. rrarqcR. Iowa. Anru*t 17?Quite an excite ment wsscreatel here this morning by an attempt on the part of Mr. Mulkeen. the prosecuting at torney. lo shoot Mr. 'Dorr, the editor of the F.x pres* and He-aid. on account of the Utter refusing to make a retraction of certain offensive rrnmhs which appeared In nn article published on Sntnr day. Mr. Malkt-ea fired twice, neither abut tik* lag effect ? SalcUe. Putt, apelphia. August IS.?An unknown girt about ft year* of age. threw herself on the truck of th^ t?f-rnuiniu\i g Kaiboad. in advaaee of the morning tiaui this moraiac sad wa? torn to pieces She stepped off" the track as the t ra.a ap ft ovVd. aid then on again when it was ton near or a ?toprw/e of the train. It v? aaevident cane of wiidide. Frem kaaaa*. St. Lon*. August lr?The K:iu*ax correspon dent of the Democrat say* that neaily two hun dred indictment* have been found again*! person* in the neightiorhood of To|?eka. (mwnor Wal ker ia indignant at Judge Cato's decision that a payment of taxe* ia a reqnialte qual float ion for voter*. ?? Great Riae la C'affee. New York, August IS.?Advice* from Rio to the *Ji?h of July confirm the great rise in coffee The market wan excited, and lUO.UHl by* had been taken in a few day* for the F.uropean market, and hags for the I'nited State*. Flour is improving in prlc?. Tornado on James Kiver. PxTwn?ar*G. A?e. 19.?A tremendous storm <vrurred at City Point, on Jainrs river, fo-da\ The ships Rivoand Wiseland.aad v hr< Suvan, and Fanny Beech, Were badly dani3gcd. The loss is estimated to be about ?5,m. Decline in Hicki-nit Southern Railroad Slack. New You, An- H?President Litchfield. <*t the .Michigan Southern Kall-^ad ha? reined, and the stuck ha* declined from 31 to 1.%. It is rumored that the notes of the company have been protested. The Submarine Telegraph 4 able. St. Joux'a, N F., Aug. 17.?The steamer Vic toria left here yesterday to meet the kitbmarint cable flc-ct. which will probably occur on Thur* day or Friday next, if no accident hiia hapj<eued to mar the undertaking. Naval Intelligence. New Yobk, Aug. l-.?The sloop-of-war SI. I.chi.*, from the of Africa, hound to the Canary and Cajw* de Verd Island*. and the frigate Cunitierland, riom Boston, were at Madeira on tueiilst ultimo. Shipwreck*. Bostox, Aug 11?Advice* from One Town to the ia>4 of Juue have bc? n received. There ha<l been trcmetidou* j^ale* on the coast.- Ten large and a number of small vessel* had been wrecked ?? Ohia Kiver. Wnwttsr., Va , Aug 19.?The river is eight feet deep in the channel, and is still rising. Iloitiraoie Market*. Baltimore, Aug 19 ?Flour i* heavy; sales of U.uuubbis ; City Mill* M.2S; Howard street 97. \\ beat is lower, at a deel ine of SaBc Corn has decliued; white ?Ua??c . yellow HUa>4c. Whisky is dull; City ttoc, Ohio Jttta. New York >1arkct<>. Nrw York, Aug. 19?Flour i? dad: ante* of 5,500 bbls; State 9*i 1**16 i5; Ohio ?>.?SaS7.23: Southern W ~o*t7 J5. NN heat is dull with a declining tendency; sale* unknportant. Corn i* heavy, sale* oflNOObush ; yellow ?0c, an advance of 3. Pork ha* advanced H5c; men* *?3.50. Be^f i* Ann Laid is buoyant at 16 * c. an advance of ^ . Whisky has declined X; Ohlo*iOc. Fiaaaclal. New Your. Aug. 19.?Stock* are dull. Chtcgp* and Kock Island Illinois Central Railroad 113; New York Central 7*)f; Pennsylvania Coal Company 73*; Reading Railroad C9W'i Canton Co Missouri 6'*7S. Sterling Exchange easier at 1(?9^. Filmbcstrrs IX the Pabk.?The park ww this f??r??noon a scene of distress, some fifty or sixtv of NYalker's victims being on exhibition to excite sympathy and ask for aid. So wretched a set of beings. p'rol?ably, never before entered the park gate. Most of them were barefooted ; some of them bareheaded; some with hats having no cown ; some with half ashirt.others with none? all ragged, fever and ague worn, and starved looking. A few kind citizens who happened to pass through thepaik gave theiu a tune and p?ssed on ; but where are the noisy political orators who by the golden prospects held out to tliese poor creatures, induced theui to go uudtr Walker ? standard? Why do they not now use their elo quence and energies to have these victims of lillibusteriag fed. clothed and restored to some useful employment * The exhibition in the park to-day is a sad com mentary on flllibusterism. and may have some etleci to dampen future attempts at such glory ' ? WK" York Alirrmr of yrstr rjny. The Ohio uver is now in good navigable order. 1ET the i5th ult . the public ?lore-; in Ha vana were rooted of waube-i and jewels valued at **1.(100. 117* Messrs. Or ill's and I.oth'of. brokers, of New York, have announced their inability to meet their engagements E7~ The city authorities of Keokuk. Iowa, ar?? Matching the hotel registers, and when they find a sfanger ha* passed thirty days there, they charge him two dollars for street improvements' II?" The Chi? kasahay (Miss ) Advertiser says that James T. KaiUnre, formerly of that place, and the publisher of tlie first papvr ever b>su?*d there, has receutly inherited a fortune of some Sr' CI7" A genius in Bellows Falls, with a knife, lile. h;uuuier and a pegging nwl, has construe teit a stationary miniature i-teinn engine, with a new kind of valve. The engine i* perfect in all its parts. Whiklwixm ?Dr. Hare, of Philadelphia, ad dressed the it-ntitSc Association at Montreal, at soine length, the other day. to show the iinpos?|. bility of a traveling whirlwind, maintaining that neither it nor a whirlpool can lie generated by any thing else than centripetal force. C7* The ahop-keeper* of Albany have entered * into an agreement to receive Spanish Quarters hereafter at twenty cents. A considerable busi ness has been driven by purchasing them at this price in New Yoik and other places for those ?ua.ket* wbeie they h.ivc uot been promptly re jected at the old price. A Scithe Fight.?The Princeton la JClarion tells a story of a scythe tight near 4 laklaud. in that county. Some of the hands in a wheat ueld got into a row. and used their ugly weaiions meffect ually that two men were wounded, if not more dangerously, certainly uiore fearful to look at, thau any ue have heard of who survived. '^TRANSPORTATION OF COAL TO CHIN A Navy Department, 1 liur-nu of CoHstrw lion, A'mipiArll.'.wU) Rfrfr*. XiknM 13.1857. \ Proposals. seaie?l and endorsed " Ptopot*lt /or Frritkt to China" will lie received at tins Hurean unlit 3 o'clock, the ISth Se|jieiiil?er next, f?'r the t raiis*'<ilaiion of cot exoeechiiie 4.<??i tons ol Ant lira cite Coai from t lie port of Ph.latielplna. tu *uoh quan t.ties as may be offered, aad tha l>ep.srtroent ileem proper to accept, to^?e delivered tothe I'nited Scatea Naval Storekeepers at Honx Kong and Shanghai, a* i:iav bedirectc?i. The oiler wrilt state the price per ton of 2^411 !l*. Ibr that without priuia?;e or any other ? x tiacharite, ami also the rate at which deiunrrac* will he charred. No other th**i car?o for the Gov - erument to lie reoeived on board. It the <lraui;ht o|' water ol the vesatl offered make* an> luhi?*raeanooeasaiy in umdinR. it wi i l?eiu ilie cost of tiie vessel; I Hi t ;ihhI despaieii will he given la loading. For the deiiverv of the Coal within reach o'the ship's tackle at the port* 111 China iay days will lie demanded, at the tale ol one f;nr-*rea ther worki?Ht day for every 3' tons of coal. The vessel named must stand A No. I, ami pa** the usual inspection I4 *uch offioer* a* may tie ap pointed liv me Com?intent of the N ar<l whare tha ship may lie; and if not offered for inspection Within three day* after a notice ha* been Ri\*en, tha De partment will make such other arrangement ** will l>est subserve the public interest. The ve**e? must lie in Philadelphia and ready to had within ten day* after she has passed inspection, and tha notice of n?Wind aad*weatker permitting, the veaaal mnsr ?ail within live daysalter beinr i.iade.l aad the lull* of ladinr sirne?l; otherwise there will lie dad uot ad from the freight money. for each and every day '*?U> lay in aai'uut twyond the hve day* named, a sum equal tothe amount demanded per da> h* demur ynfi6 Payment will he made witkia thirty dart after tha presentation of receipt* ia triplicate of the delivery ot the any Navy Agent in the I'nited State* that the bidder may aeieet, who will he designated in the charter party. aug 14 2aw4w ^JAKING ROOM FOR FALL SLPPLIKS. We shall anmmence to-day and oontuuie natil 1st of Septenitmr. to sell o4l all lane) thin Summr Ooodarat prtmt r?\t,xis: Fancj S lk Kohe*. Ita re?e and Lawn Uobaa, Organdy Masiia*. Hir??c?, *nd Barege Delaines; an black and colored >>lk Man lillaa, with many other fancr, which wili l?e *n|d at las* than ooat for oaah. . . Our stock of Staple are well aaaorted ia superior S!,.11.:.* aa<! Mieetms Cottons; Shirtn Linen* and Slieetings of the liast brand*; Tata* Di aper*. NapkuiK. atsl Towel;ngs; cauae and other hna whit* FlaaaeU:*Hdose?i white He.lsprr?ds; lApiaoaa superior plain J~ack s*i k at the old low prices. A full assortment ol MoumuiK (tood* constant.* in store at our asual fair low ?no*. irr A special request to those parties who have not^settled their txlTs as rendered tat July.todoao * COL1.KY A SKAR8, saTth *?.8 duort N.oCpaaasj Ivaaia avaaaa, HU tod^r|