Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1858 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR I* PUBUBHBD BfBAT AFTBKNOOlf, (BVNDAY EXCEPTED,) 47 YHX ITiR IDILAINei, Cvrnir of Pm. WMW and Eleventh strut, By W. D. WALLACH. P* per* ?errs'l in packages l.t camera at |4 a year, t* 97 oents per month. To m*i! miner iters the sah e?nption pnoe is |Wi year, t? adrmnct; #2 for ?il months: 91 for three month* ; and for *w than three months at the rate of 12 cents a veek. Suule copies, one cent; in wrappers. two cents. ADn*T!jmsn (of *,*ht lines to the hmio) userted three times for *1 ; every other day or aeuu-weekly.25 per cent, advance; onoe a week, * ?er cent, advance. VOL. XI. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1858. the fashions. fCorr#*p?nd*iH-e N. V. Journal of Commerce ] w . , Paris, Januarj- 21 e arc in the Tull enjoyment of the carnival eef*oo. which wiamenrM with the New Ycnr and terminates with the frantic festivity ?f }* "^V'11'0!,Mardfcnu, (Shrove Tues t* ' *'1 ! *fH w dancing, excepting the un whSiViTi rZHml l? ^1* ?r which thi? year has l?cen unusually prevalent -?r -^iT,^WinK l? the 3udd*n chanr from h *rr ng-like temperature togronteold. We hare bails at the 1 alace. official receptions Mid fetes at the m'HHters and prirate entertainments Without number The street* ,4 the capital nre almost as much alive during the night as in the da j time thronged with vehicle of .11 de*.rii? ? ?u.r dinners ?nd mnntua makers ate hu?I y employed in preparing eveningeostume* \'lft U*f ,h,s ?"?*?* of ,eZ: I ? ?ry consideration. There are a vaKt variety -l?JbUing lT'rf>V ^hrv*e for young Indies, for yonng married lal.e, who dance. and the ma tron* Madnroe Petit, 4 Place Von dh^l' i1cv,?ed ""njntylenof toilette for r erv ^r,f .,eVen,rig)COSl,,m0- Amon* th"?* riety the fo lowing descriptions are the neweM ro,'e of hlue silk with twoskirr* the upper one trimmed all round with a plaiting ? hehfarf j ?,i 7 ,0r,'U3 * point in front nnd behind, and Is decorated with a pointed berthe trimmed with a plaiting; the -deeves arc very Tt'theT it'0" ^, uhflding ,he """? mounded > the bottom and likewise trimmed with plait JJ*, , re' ./f.> *bis ia a dinner toilette. For ball dress, nhite. pink, bine or yellow silk fevered with a crape of the same color. The ! ' crape has three large puffing-? OmToV tl" 'T**9 ?f C.r"P? <ltDVy femmll! hoLL fC( il'-8 " .r*Hcd st Reside by a iTSmlSl ?S"T; the low' P?'nt?d corsage irl ^ ^ withadrapery; bouquets of fuchsias UesFe^ 0" midd,e?f <be body and on . A^!,?erv^?i,Iett? P'Dk ?r blue silk, with a double bkirt; *n the lower there is a flounce tilh .?tDth i*' P"ffings "f P?nk illusion i fllnni ? na,nd tbe w',(>,e oovered with i. W?? ??I Bru*p,eU. ?PPHcation. The second first < 7 IU the ?am? manner *' the t. flounce most be fastened on at d~or??V ,T cor?*?e Is low ?nd pointed, and decorated with round puffed berthe, covered U lace" *be 8l?veS ha*e two lffge^li? Pn cov?r*d with a sort of flounce of puffed tulle, corered with lace. The puffed ?i?moC? wV*f v a report form a volu the nrlt* ik ^utwithstandmg the attacks i f !n PJ^!i carieatures,?with which Paris is br?h ?Jd'~a.nd the of laughter excited by the new piece at the Theatrt l Ambixu Comique. styled - Pari, Crinoline." the eimr toou fkirts continue to rule supreme. t)ur S ?h" e di'mes P^ent the appearance of ? .k-n *? jBt we ?e? no l'rosj?ect of a vhange in this ridiculous mode. The jewels form tfje pr|ncipaj part j- tj wuhn'n?eS ette, R^*r mn '^"Jly covered *q precious etones. I have seen, au Ni*re ?25^ t garlands cm P? -ed of flowers formed of glittering gems the I"!"' ?r ot enamel, and J?loop UP the "kirtsof rich brocade,, satins, tulle or crape The coiffure and the 3141011 tb? costly dec orations of the skirto niKi.?.gU.i'l'n iTlliD"'M,J"mc A'Pt""" sine. 1- Kuedu Helder, now exhibits a great variety of beautiful coiffures There is*fw a married lady, a head-dress composed of two plaU of cherry velvet; large g,>ld beads are *\ht *L?an'l 1 h /St plaL which 'bey connect to the second, and form a sort of ground work* irUheJhi^n?t^W ?f China ve,vet with white satin, aud trimmed with pearls and a |.>ng drooping white feather. The Charlotte Corday cap has a square crown of white tulle. slizhijy puffod A velvet bow is put cut-ide ao^.rge roses inside, and long string^banJ down l,th.nd Another is a cap of puffed tulle bJST W"h 'arge hCUd< "nd ^n? Ladies who dance wear wreaths of flowers or vl fruit either in small tiifi^. like the berries lPU",!Vl,u ""h- ol three colors red and black Kl Jiw i7r'Jn ,?Bches or ears- red and ltck. or black and gold, green and red. Ac. Urn nets are worn very much m the Maria Sm art form ; the string* ire wide, rounded at the ends, ?'d nearly always edjred with a bia riece ot different colors. A uew bonnet f.r tall dress is cornp.)-^,; ot pink j vtf!vet. ? UU" ?ver the crown behind. -i le . f thi6f .* Z' ? 0n the left ;*'? the front tbere is a bouquet of red feather, ornamenting both the inside and out side. On the right a full blown rose droop, gracefully^ <Jrey terry velvet bonnets are dec orated wuh black lace; the crown is formed of grey plu-<h. 'urrounded and trimmed witii pen dant ornaments. The extra vastly, worked and ornamented picket handkerchiefs tor ball ^'ume. lately pr^iueed by Chaperon-Au f"ubl;uie Porte. RUede la PttIJt. arc among the novelties of the season, fhey are generally round, and are eomposwl of the finest lace a liny square piece of cambric forms the centre piece and is sufficiently large to enable the laie " IO C P ,l' w,thout touching the We have detailed aceonnts from England of the magnificence of the Pnnee?.s Royal" bridal robe and trousseau. The dress is comixtsed of white satin covered with Honiton lace. The trousseau contains (he usual amount of superb India and trench cashmere shawls, gorgeous laces, costly jewels, fine linen, embroideries of ?l. (lewnpiionj. The Honiton lace is ot Eng lish fabric, and resembles very much the finest brussels application lace. As a part of the wedding attire is in Parisian hands, it will fall under my official inspection, and I may report to you what the genius of universal millinery has invented and executed on this occasion for the glory of Old England Th? I. R Mam*?" We really cannot com prehend,'* says an exchange, "why that re spectable English letter Y should be discarded from the termination of Christian names and the two letters I ami E substituted ' It does not save time, and it is positive i e. as nn end ing is not a bit more refined, or elegant look ing. than a noble y. with its fail winding off into a graceful flourish.'* We have before us a catalogue of the young ladies of a "Female College, ' located less than a thousand miles distant, and find the good old y <|uite knocked out of eight. At present, it is liettie and Pol lie, and ftallie and Mollie. Fannie and Matlie, and Peggie, and Patti*. Marie and Kittie, and Addie and Mittie: Jennie and Nettie, and Joeie and llattie, and many others too nuuier ous to mention. But the grand )i?oU of this I E cersui V mania, is that the other sex are adopting it?Substantial Hilly M<x?dy having recently effeminiied himself into Bill's Moo ds*, lfeq. A* Bor ? John A was a good-natured fellow, not without wit. averse to toil, and 8|>ending most of his time in manipula ting thoee rectangular forms of pasteboard which T. Crehore devises, and where ihe *uj?-ri eao eagle sits on the ace of spades John's father was dead, hut his uncle, a Boston citizen, fre que-'y gave biin good advice. '-John/'said he one r. "be indutrious. and with your la'ents you can make anything of yourself Suppose vou have no capital. Look at old Hilly Gray! lie eame into this city with a pack on his back, and weut out with a million of dollarsV "Tha* s nothing to my esse, uncle." said the incorrigible John. ?? I camc into this city with two packs in my pockets, and am going out without a red cent."' A TtiwssDOVs In** ?A in^mtwr of the ,Acad emic dee Science* of Far??, who |? >i<w> an ?ini. nent chemist. hv< inventrrt an apparatus. wbi<*b, he thinks will enable human things to treatLc a* freelv at the bottom of ibe aea a? oit the ?ir fa e of fbe ea'th. He propoaeito fonn :ot lunofl. allow for collecting ail the treatnre* now lying .it ibe t>otlom of the ocean, and estinnten at uhoot X^UU.tsai.uu* ?terting the baree?t of treaMure to be gleaned on the rente between England and India onl? List of I'ATr.*?.?The following is the list of Patents issued from (he United Slates Patent Office, for the week ending Feb. 9, l86S-e?ch hearing that date: John A Mender, ?f New London, Conn -Fur liiipl.-iuent for holding open shoes, nags, &c. Heujainiii y Angeir. of Attleborougb, AIam ? 1-or improvement in jnj, niB< hines >? lUian Boyers, of Mount Carroll 111 ?For improvement in pomps. Kol^rt R Crosl.y, of Boston. Mas*.?For Im provement in bydro-caronn vapor lamps. < Sumner Dirkerman, of l?anstnj>bnrg. N. Y r or itnpmvment in cs,d? for curry lug rattle. Hf-nrtrick V. Duivea, of Fulton, N. Y.?-For iinpiovrinent in grinding mills. ?*eorge VV. neiseiwtortf. of Indianapolis, lud and Ja.-ob C. l*eisendor fl-. of Cincinnati, Ohio ? For Improvement In railroad car aile boxes Jacob C. fi-MsendoMt, of Cincinnati, Ohio ? For improvement In lubricating apparatus for journal boxes of railroad earn Mali Ion Greg.;. 0f Plilladelpbia. Fa ?For im proved machine for cutting tenons on spoke* Wm Orejjor, of New York, N. V.- For im proved shingle tnvrhinf. F.dward K. Hawley, of New Haven, Conn ? I- or improvement in potato planter* Horace L. Heivey, of \\ incisor, Conn.?For improvement in alarm lock*. v'um CVliil1, *x- J"rs'')r cltV. N J .and Chas I Hill, of New N ork. N. Y.-For improvement In musical instrument*. I'hilip Homrighatis, of Roynlton, O.?For im provement in hoiniuy mill*. M G. Hubbard, of IVnn Yan. N. Y ? For im provtment in harvesters. 1-dward Julivr, of McConnellsville, OFor iiiijKovril w.t.Hliiny machine. <?. P. Ketcham. Jr..of Bloomington, lad. For improved method of attaining reci prorating saws. Robert U. kirck, of ftica, N. Y -For im provement in removable window sa*h. (noun* K. Little, of Janesville,VY is ?For im provement in scinoers for grinding mills. Samuel G. McMurtry, of West L'rbana, 111 ? lor irup'ovfineut iu tlour bolts. I NN in McVeigh, of Boone, 111.?For improve ment in the mode of operating ruilrcad-stat ion pumps. Vbram T. Merwin,of New Haven. Conn.?For improved method of attaching India rubber soles to boots and shoes. ? James Milliken, of Philad-lphia, Pa ?For im provement in manufacture of wrought Iron rail load chairs Henry Miller, .of Grafton, Va -For improved e amp for holding rectangular pieces of wood while beiug bored, tapped. &c. 'M<xV,e- W Clark and James Lind*ey, of Shelbyville. lud ? For improved stave ma cmne. A Ji Mullen and Robert Hall, of Greensboro', A a?lor improvement in mode of burning briiks. * Knrs Page, of Streetsborongh, O ? For im prove! churn. ' Liia* Perk, of Canton. Ill?For improvement in machine* for cutting brush from cotton fields I homas Robjohn. of New York, N Y.?For improvement ixi> for organs. Acc. Charles K. Rockwell, of New Vork, N. Y tor improved lead pipe machines Stephen Srotton. of Richmond, I id ?For im provement In joints for sheet metal roofs W H Tumbling, of Berlin, Wis.?For im proved washing machine. H Thayer and L. L. Martin, of Warsaw, N. * ~lor Pointing and varnishing machine Nathan Thompson, Jr., of B ooklya, N Y ? I- or improvement in collapsible boats. Patented in Rngland Dec 3, IKJ7. Henry Underwood, of New York, N. Y.-For Improved lap joints for belting. Aaron V au Dnzer, of lioslien. \'. Y ?For im provement in grain and grass harvesters. F. M Walker, of G -eenslioro', N. C.?For im provement in corn buskers George Watt, of Richmond, Va -For Improve ment in plows. Thomas B Wbyte, of Greenwich, N Y For Improvement in machines for planting potatoes Jeremiah B Williams, of New Vork N Y ? 1- or improved bottle stopper Lewis J Chichester, of New York, N Y ?? siguor to Henry G. Kvans, Samuel BarstovdBd Daniel L. W interinghuin, of same place ?T'or improvement in cotton gins. Abbot K Davis, of I last Cambridge, Mass assignor to himself and B. D Moody, .f ,ame place.?For improvement in corn busker* Daniel Lombard, of Boston, Mass., assignor to himself and lieorge F. Richardson, of same place ? Fir iiriprovemciit in corn hu?kers Frederick D Newbury, of Albany, N. Y , as si^nor to Richard V. DeV\ itt, jr., of name place, l or improvement in lire arms John F. Thomas, of I lion. N Y . assignor to hunself and Smiuel Remington, of mime place ? I or improvenierit in cane gun Joshua Fait bank and I'.dwln C. Durfee, of Leon, N V .. administrators of the estate of John 1! Fairbank. deceased, late of New York N Y For improvement in hand com plantem ' Kingston Godd^rd. of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement in hydrants. Rrisiws ? Pinckitey Front, of Springfield. Vt I- or improvement in scythe fastenings Patented January II. 1S53. .Martin Robbins. of Cincinnati, O ?For im ni'T-V K"1 , UrH Plantt*rs- Patented February An Ahk\nsas Fathkc s Anvn r to Hs Sox. ? Bob. you are about leaving home for strange parts. You are going to throw me out of the game and go it alone. The odds are agin you. Boh. but remember that industry and perseverance are the winning cards, as they are the - bowers.'' Book laming, and all that sort of thing, will do to fill up with, like small trumps, but you inuit have the bowers to back "em else they nint worth shncks. If luck runs agin yon pretty strong, don't cave in aud look like a sick chicken oh a rainy day, but hold your head up and make believe you are flu^h of trump*; tiny won t play so hard agin you. I ve lived und traveled around some, Bob. and I've found out that as soon as folks thought you held a woak hand, they'd all buck agin you strong So, when you're sorter weak, keep on a bold front; but play cautious; be satisfied with ap'inf. Many'* the hand I've seen em em-red enuse they played for too much. Keep your eyes we'll skinned. Bob; don't let em nig you : recollect the game lays as much with the head as with the hands fee tcmjierate; never get drunk, for then no mat ter how g>w.d your hand, you won't know how to play it; both bowers and the ace won't save you. for there's ear tin to be a 'miss deal" or something wrong. And another thing, Bob, (this was spoken in a low toue,) don't go too luuoh on women ; queens is kinder poor cards , the more you have of em the worse for you ; you might have three, and nary a trump 1 don't say discard em all; if you get hold of one that is a trump, it s all good, and there * sartin to bo one out of four And above all. Bob. be honest; never take a inan a trick wot don't belong to you. nor "slip' cards or -'nig,"' for then you can t look your man in the face, and when that's the case, there's uo fun in the earne; it a a regular "cut throat." So now. Bob, farewell, remember wot I tell you, and you'll be sure to win, and if you don't ri.irvea >"u right if you get "jkunked ' A Capital Ch ix? e ?or a Misr>nr.KSTi.\n inu?A gentleman of Pittsburg the other night on coming home quite late, and rather unexpectedly. b..lted into his wife's bed-room and retired. Very smn the lady was seized with a very severe colic or some terrible dis order, and begged her dearly beloved -hubby" to go for some hraudy to the druggist's at the next corner; as soon as possible He iuni)?ed up. and in a trit'e hustled on a pair of pants, and whipped round the corner. What was his surprise on putting his bands into the pockets to find a large quantity of gold and bank notes which he was not aware of being the owner of, and a closer inspect im showed tnat he did not own those pants. It is said that he -'smelt a mice, and turned hack from the drug store a wiser and sadder -hubby." The dtnoutmrnt has not transpired, but it is said there was a chance for a slight misunderstanding. ldK~''How did you like that clamiong?" ask* ?d an old lady of ber daughter, as they stepped with the crowd into the open air after ? popu Isreoneert. ' Clam song !" exclaimed the young astonishment; why, what do you refer t >. mother V "Why. the first one lie sung " " 0. you mean Shells of ? eean,' don't you moth er'"' Well, ye*," said the old lady, "I do think that was it; it was something about elams, wny way and you know I likcdwnsso well! Didn t jou tike it V* Special Notices. Dtspkpsia and Fits,?Dr. Tracy Drlortne, great curer of Consumption, was for several years so badly atHicted by dyspepsia that for a part of the time tie was ounhued to hu l?ed. He *ns eventually cured l?v a preaorption (urmshed litin by a yiMinK olairvovaet girl. This pic*?ri|?tioe, given by a mere child while in a state of tranoo, ha* ftured every l*>Jy who has taken it, never havinz failed once. It is equally as sure in oases of At* a? of dyspepsia. The ingredients inay be found in an> drug store. I will aend ihi* valuable prescription to any person on the receipt of one postage stamp to pay poetag?. AdJreas Dr. Tasty Dei.orw*. New York Foal Office. * jan 28 2m* . ?? ?- ? - ?? I am lis possession of some valuable certificates in favor of the Consumption Destroyer; also of its eltiraey la relieving bronchial disefcse attended with severe cough. The Syrup is pleasant and safe, and is composed of roots and herbs procured from the Klue Ridge; it is no oommon article. They aro nicely enveloped in iny circulars, where my place of residence is seen. The cxtract of a flower called the Alpha Ointment for the files, can, with the Syrup, lx? found at Mr C. Stott's; the Sy rup is at several other places on 1'ennny Ivania avenue, as well as Georgetown, at Mr. Newman's on Bridge street. In Alexandria at Ledbetter's. In Baltimore, at Hanoe's, 108 Balti. more street. d7-tf Sf kcial Notick.?For Perfumed Breath, White Teeth, and Bcautifnl Complexion, use " Balm of l.nno Flowers " For dressing Ladies' hair use " Woodiand Cream," a new pomade ;<t causes gen tlemen's hair to ourl beautifully. Price &) cents eaoh. W- P. Frtridgk A Co., Proprietors. New York. Wholesale and Retail Agents for Washington. Tatlor A Maury, Booksellers, between 9th and tftth st.. Pa. avenue. n 17 Dancing, pASHIONABLE DANCING. PROF. H. W. MUNDER respectfully announoes to his frienda and the publio generally, that IJ* his last quarter will commence on Tuesday ifL afternoon, Feb. 2d. I86B. All those who desire/T? to be prepared for the exhibition are earnestly bkln solicited to join as soon as possible as the arrange ment of Fancy Dances will take place immediately. The programme for thia season will be entirely new, and far excel any ever offered to the public. Parents whodsaire to see their children easy and graceful in their cirriaice, should not fail to enter them very soon. Gentlemen's Classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as usual, from until 9H o'clock, jan yTdtf jjANCINC ACADEMY. Mr. T F. GASZYNSKfand DAUGHTER have the honor to announoe to the I.adies and Gen- flR tlemenof Washington and Georgetown that jj* he will re open his Classes for iHnctng in/1? Washington on F riday, the 9th of October. atltUls Temperance Hall, K street, for Misses and Matters, from 3 o'clock p. m.; for Ladies and Hentlemen, from 7 o'clock p.m. Georgetown?on V?Tednes<lay, the 7th of October, at Miss Harrover's Ladies Sem inary, from 3o'olook p. m. For terms and particulars application can be made at Mr. G.'s residenoe, 4"7 E street, between 9th and loth streets. se 12-Sm Y Educational. OUNG LADIES' INSTITUTE. A BOARDINU AND DAY SCHOOL, ENGLISH AND tRKNCH, (So. 49n K The Second Term of the tenth year of this Insti tution will oommeno* February xth, IBM. jan 29-eo2w C. H. NORTON. A. M? Prin'l. Boarding and day school for YOUNG LADIES. At the oomer of 6th and L Streets, MRS. W.M. KESLEV \ DAUGHTERS Circulars, terms, and all necessery information given on application to Mrs. Win. Kesley. jan 15 dtFebAeolm 'po THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON.'s Schridam Aromatic Schnapps. The proprietor begs leave to call the attention of strangers and the citizens of Washington, to a very superior article of Holland Oin. which he introduced to the American public under the name of Wolfe's Soheidam Aromatic Schnapps. This Gin is manufactured by the proprietor exclu sively at his Distillery in Sohiedam, Holland. It is made from fho best Barley that can be prooured in Europe, at any oost, and flavored and medicated, not by the oomm<?n harsh Iterry, but by the most choice botanical variety of the Aromatic Italian Ju niper Berry, whose more various extract is distill ed and rectified with its spirituous solvent, and thus beonmes a concentrated tincture of exquisite fla vors and aroma, altogether transcending in its Cor dial and Medicinal properties any aloohoiio beverage heretofore known. The proprietor has submitted U to nearly the whole Medical Faculty of the United States, and has received answers from about four thousand Physicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their signatures as a most desirable addition to the Ma teria Medica. Persons who purchase should be careful to get ttie genuine article, as the wlmlecountry is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. Put up in quart and pint l>ottles, in cases of one dozen each, and for sale by'all the respectable Drug gists and Grocers in the United States. UDOLPHO WOLFE, Sole Importer and Manufacturer. Depot, No. 22 Beaver street. New York, dec 12 3m BRIGHTLEV'S DIGEST OF THE HWSof the United Slates from 17K9 to 1857?the text given in the words of I he Statue Book, the matter arranged both alphabetically and siinlyt'cal!?;gi% mg also the decisions of a|l the Court*. both State ana Federal, in which the construction ofthe statue law of the United States lias Iteen the subject of adjudi cation, as well as those of the Executive Depart ments. "A most convenient book of reference for proles sional men and others."? JuiIk*. Mrl.< iih. ?"Cannot f.ti I t? be of great utility to tiie bench and Uir."-J*?/lt? Curti*. "Of great ut lity and convenience to many c'asses outside of the legal profession."?itorrrntr H'isj loir. " Almost indihpensilil* to the lawyer, and highly useful to the statesman and man of t u*iness. It*hnncrHor Fester. "Indisponsible to all wlioss business it is to make or administer the laws."?Judge itgden Hojfman. "?.really facilitate the Islxtr otherwise reutnreil in the examination of the Un ted States laws. -Judge Barbour. "Will greatly facilitate the lalsirof the profession and of all who have occasion lo ascartsui what the law is in reference to the enactments of the Federal Legislature."? Judgr San ford. '?Wilt save the t>?iich ami bar an uumeuse amount ofi.ilior."-J?./|r Mar cm. "The arrangement of Mr. Brightley is not only far pieferab'e for business men, all of whom ought to have such a work, but is more convenient even for the profession."?Jndgt Blair, Soliritor Court of Claims. Complete in one volume of I ,<?3 large and closely pi inteii pages, in full law binding; price six dollars, or by mat , postage prepaid, seven dollars. |e Id FRANCK TAYLOR. (I A C H VARNISH. English Hard Dying BO~DV V A K NISll. COACH B"DV VARNISH. CARRIAGE VARNISH Just received and for sa e t?y El.VANS A THOMPSON, jan 29 S2<? Pa. av.. bet. 9th and 10th sts. M ILLINERY, DRESS MAKING AND TRIMMING ESTABLISHMENT. Ladies visiting Washington are respectfully in formed that we are prepared to make up Dresses, Cloaks, Basques, Ac., at short notioe, in the latest styles, and satisfaction guaranteed in a'l cases. A large stock of Dress and Cloak Trimmings, of latest and handsomest styles, with CI.OAKS, BASOI1ES. HNI)ERDRES>ES. BONNETS, RIBBONS.and MILLINER V.of every descrip tion, always on hand. M. WILLI AN. d 15 3m opposite Centre Market. C< LOCKS !?CLOCKS!!?CLOCKS !!!?Just rr / ceived.a great assortment of CLU^ from 9' 'o #125. Call and see for yotir?elves,| at J. ROBINSON'S, JO Pa. av? opposite Browni' Hotel. [ N. B.-CLOCK MATERIALS, such as Oils, Keys. Bails, Cords, Ac., for aale,?the trade sn? plied cheap. fe S-tf [FASHIONABLE VIM TING CARDS. AND F Plates Engraved m all styles, and oards printed at a few hoars notice, at TAYLOR * MAURY'S Bookstore, near fth atreet. fsMAt lintel. Union.States A Gb>he> ESPECIAL NOTICE.?Oursinoere thanks are hereby tendered to all who have settled their ao oounfs with us sinoe oar Inst issue of bills. Bat oar prtntupa' olaeot now is to call the attention of those who have ant paid to this notioe. We want them to know that n>? art tuStrinu for tktutt of the money dm* Mj.aad hope that without delay those persons whom we l^ave la good faith aoooaisBodatad will aail iota we kasw lagood faith send in their aatUementa. aaH d*w CLA< iaiH thw CLAGETT * DOPSON. Fianoa, fto. f^OLD MEDAL PREMIUM ** i PIANO PORTM&. WILLIAM~KNABE, (Senior partner in the late firm of Knabk. Gakrle A Co., Continues the manufacture end sale of fend and Millie PIANO FORTES, underMie Mine- . of William Knabc A Co., at the old stand. ?pjXKl Not. 1, 3, 5 and 7 North Eut.iw street op- "II * * * posite the Eutaw House, Baltimore. They have also just opened a new Sales Room at No am Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streots. on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry MeCaflery as a music store, where they will keep oonstantly on hand a large assortment ol plain autl lustily finished grand and square Piano Fortes* also, Meiodeous, from the best makers, from 4 to b octave, some with double key-hoards, double reeds, end stops to suit small churches. B?ng extensively engaged in the manufacture r f Pianos, we will sell wholesale acd retail, on the most liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium ((told medal)at the Fairs ol the? Maryland Institute two successive years?Ootober, 1855, and 1856?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from some of the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were alsoawarded the first premium at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir Sinia, 1866 and 1866. They have also been awarded !?? highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1357. In addition to Lhis we are in possession of testimo nials from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the oountry, which can l?e seen at out warerooms, speaking for themselves and others ol the high appreciation in which our instruments are evert where held. Ali instruments are guaranteed for five tears, and e privilege of exchange is granted within the first six months from the dsy of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to thsir ad van tag*

to jive us a call lie fore purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, ai d tuned. mar 16-lr WM. KNABE A CO. IT IV E MORE OF RAVEN, BACON A CO.'S r superior PIANOS, just arrived at au Warerooms of K bwi' W. G. METZEROTT. ?? * * ?' Second hand Pianos for sale cheap. n 20-tf NUNNS A CLARKE'S and , HALLETT. DAVIS A CO.'S? * - CELEBRATED PIANO FORTES, Constantly receiving and for ea!e onlv by JOHN F. ELLIS, Pa. av., between Oth and l"th sf?. Purchasers will find it to their interest to examine for themselves the snpeuor qualities of the above Pianos. Stools, Covers, Melodoons, An., Ao? also on hand. n 16 tr I^HE MUSIC DEPOT OF W. G. METZE R OTT, corner of Eleventh a?t rcet an Pennsylvania avenue, is the lareest 1 only oomplete Muncil Es.cblishment iu* ? ? ? " the District of Columbia. Baoon, Raven A Co's and Rosenkranze*s cele brated PI ANOS are always on hand in great vane ty;also. Prince's superior MELODEONS. Together wi'h an immons* stock of Musioal In struments and Sheet Music of every description. Pianoforte tuning executed by Mr. Rebme. d 9-tf SEVENTH STREET ~5|~4 tobTas, ... OPTICIAN, Omoe Second Story, three doors from Odd Fkllows' Hai l. Spectacles and Gla:;s*>s set ted to every sight, Opera. Reading, rnd Watohmaker'a p. ?? Glasses; Telesoo!*?s, Mioroaoupes in?^-* grewt variety; Cosrroramic Sterei ?o*>pes with views of superior and ehe.oe pictureson hand. See adver tisement in National luteiligenoer. Testimonials, Norkoli, September 7. iw. pi?: The Speptaolea you made for me suit me very well, and seem to have improved my eight more than any other I have Intel* tried. I.ITT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spe?*tablos obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find them of treat assistance to my sicht*and corresponding witu his descuption of then focus. 1 recommend him as a sKiiifnl optician. HENRY a. wise. Petersburg, Ootoiier 21,1854. About five years ago, i obtained from Sir. Tobias in Washington, a pair of Classes for tna spectaoiet which I used, and found them of great assistanoo tc my decaying visum; and my opinion of him is, that he is skillful iu the preparation of Glasses lor eyei not too far gone to be l>enehUed by such aid. J. F. MAY. LTifcH*tJ':e, Novemt er 7,1854. From an examination of Mr. Tobias' Classes, and from his observations and remarks, am convinced that he is a skillful optician. ? J.J. BLACKFORD. M. D. Ltnchbubo. November 10.1854. Mr. John Tobiaa, having furnished me * ith Glas ?es, by which I have lierm greatly aided. (m> vision bavins sutfered ereatly from re.idinr at night in ir.y earlier life,) it affords mo tlie highest pleasure ti say that I consider loin a skillful practical optician, and well prepared to aid thoge who rrwv need Ll? professional services. WM. B. RoVZIE, Eider ol the Met'iodii-t Coiif.-rouoe. Wilmington, N. C., June i.7, I8.r>4. Mr. J.Tobia*?U^ar Sir: I am happy to any thai the Spectacles which I obtained from you last "week are entirely eattsfactory. From nn inequality in fciif visual range of my eyes. I have heretofore found greai dilhculty iu getting gl.-isses of the proper focal dis tances. It ;.Uoids me pieasuru to stale, that by the a'd of your optometer this difficult* lias lieen happily obviated, so (tint the Glasses you furnished me art decidedly the best adapted to my eyes of any I have ever yet weed. Very respectfully Tours, R. B. DRANE. Rectorof S(. Jamea' Pariah. Having been induced bt a friend to visit the estab lishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of trying his classes I was furnished with a pair slightly colorcd blue, wince have afforded me mora relief and gratifi cation than any 1 have ever tried. My sikht, origin ally very good, was injured by writing and reading at night, frequently to a very late hour: but with the aiU of these glasses I can study almost as late at ever, and that too without the pwin I have previous ly auflered. JOHN WILSON, I Ate Commiaaioneer Geu'i Laud OAoe, Dec. 11,1855. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectaolea for three o? four months,and take great pleas'ure in saying thai I am muoh pleased with them. I have been muoh lienehted by them. GEO. P. SCAR BURGH. May 5th. 1856. I was recommended to Mr. John Tobiasaaa ski'ful optician; and as I have et es of remarkable peculiari ty, I was gmtified to find that Mr. Tobias sunned tc comprehend them by inspection and some slight measurement, and he has made me a pair of Specta cles that suits me admirably. A. P. BUTLER. July II, 1856. WASHtifOTON. Ang. 8.1865. Having been for years under the necessity of hav two sets of classes?one for use in daylight, and one for lamp-light?I procured one set from Mr. Tobiaa whioh answered both purposes. I have used his for aeveral months, and find them exoellent. EDWA?DSTUBBS, Ol Department of Sfate. M[. J. Tobias. Sir: The pair of Spectacles yon furnished me yesterday are particularly satisfactory to me. The) are very deciifedly the best I possess, and | am the owner of eight or nine parrs, carefully selected in different plaoes and 'from opticians rec ommended u> me on account of their professional standing in France, England, and the United State*. I have been also pleased with your remarks and di rections on the treatment of the eyes, for the pur pose of preserving and improving the sight Respectfully yours, CHS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C.. Louisville, Ky. Brooklyn Orthopaedic Institution. . April, IIM, A Her moat careful examination of Mr. J. Tcbiaa'a Glasses, I am enabled to testify that their hardnesa, clearness, polishing, and exact optical shape render them particularly reoommendable to those whose merely optioal impairment of the eyes are m want ol auoh auxiliaries. 1 oonaider. moreover, Mr. Tobias fully qualified to determine the foousof the eye,both by nis <M)tioal knowledge and experience, and by means of his optometer. In addition, I can further state that Mr. Tobiaa has anpplied some of my pa tienta with Glaases, to their and my satisfaction LEWIS BAUER. M. D.. Physician and Surgeon, Berlin: Member of the Royal College ot Hurgeona. Eneland; Member of the Medical Sooiety of London, and of the Pathological Sooiety of New York; late Sur geon of the Royal Orthopaedic Institution of Manchester. England, and Surgeon of the B. O. Institution. Norfolk, Va.. July 27, IIM. In the experience of even two years, I have found great difficulty in obtaining Spectaoles that were ex actly adapted to the weakness of rey sight. This in oonvenienoe Mr. Tobias seems to have removed for the present by the substitution for me of better and more suitable Glasses. They are olear, ohrystal -like and oomfortable to my eyes. 1 would commend him to those who from age or other infirmity require ar tilioial aid in this way. J. J. SIMKINS, M. D. Wilminbton. N. C., June 16. 1854. To persons who have had the sight oftheireyesso impaired as to require the use of Glasses, 1 would recommend Mr. John Tobias as a suitable person from whom to obtain such Glasses as thev may re ?|uire, as he has suited me with a pair of Spectacles or a far and near sight. Mr sight has been impaired very much by a service of years in the Post Offioe Department, whieh berth required me to be on duty from II o'cloek at night till after day, during whioi timo 1 used but one Tight. W. A. WALKER. _ Dxpartmknt or Interior, May 1,1R55. Prom natural defects and the unequal range of ju ?ym, I have been compelled to use gleams for seve ral years. I have triad different opticians without obtaining glaaaea perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months sinoe Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which I have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he is enabled to adapt r;Lasses most nunutely to thu eye. I most oheerful y reoommend Mr.Tobias to all having oocaaiou to JT.KS2: b~ BfcB We'ba PpNMfi?" en^o^Ucian. sign Lan<$ ^Varraata. 19th utreft. ??' " ^ ' Inturanee, Ao. Hume insurance company of new . yokk. Cask Capttal $ji*\nnn Sui rtm 11 rrr ?V?.P0n The undersigned. havinc lj*cn appointed Agent i>| tin* Company, is prepared to issue I'olicie* ???? Lititi dings Merchan lise, S'*. A e on r.n favora ble term* r.? utber r?iposml'lr oowipanie*. ? .... ? T. JU. HANSON. Agent, No. 512 7th *t., oppo. Intclligenoer Office. IM>l-?Oill Gedw a r i) mow mul ENERAL C1.AIM AND REaL ESTATE AGENT. For Bounty Lands. Pension Claim*, Prhseeu tion of Claims before the Court of Claims, Congress and the Departments, Purchase ami Sale of ren! e* tales, attend to Renting Houses, Hut and Sell Lnn<1 Warrant*. Negotiate 1>?ds, and ail be linens of similar character. Office corner 7th and Louisiana avenue, jan 1ft 1> Washwi^toa. City. CI O L D * AND SILVER PURCHASED A T THE B EST RATES. FORE ION BILLS OF EXCHANG E SOL D. ON THE PRINCIPAL POINTS IN EU ROPE, IN SUMS TO SUIT. GOLD CURRENCY .AND VIRGINIA MO NEY ACCOUNTS, WILL RE OPENED FOR D RPOSITORS, PA i ABLE IN SAME FUNDS, OR IN GOLD, CHAKGI NO THt CURRENT RATES.?C H EC ES MUST BE MARE ED ACCORDINGLY. SIGHT DRAFTS ON ALL THE F RINCI PAL CITIES OF THE UN ION, SOL D lit SUMS TO SUIT. BONDS AND STOCES SOLD ON COM MISSION. UNCURRENT MO NEAT BOUGHT AND SOLD. LAND WARRANTS PURCHASED ATTHh HIGHEST RATES. SWEENY, RITTENHOrSE. FANT A CO., d 4 3m Bankets. TU PER CENT. INVESTMENT. Corporation Bond* of the City of Davenport, Iowa, pajint in per oent. interest Iw Coupon in New Vork. Bonds of QSW each. The growing city ol Davenport has n?w alaiut jn.'d'O innabitants. and it r.-ipidly mciea^ing in yeaith and p'piil.ition. Its municipal debt in only i i iP/O', and its railroad deM only 5*25,'>rio and cannot no* lie increased. The statistics of the citv wrre published in the Intelli gencer of the St'th September. We recommend these bonds, believing them to be as sale as snv State or city bonda. oofi CHUBB BROTHERS ASH1NGTON INSURANCE COMPANY. CHARTERED BY CONGRESS w CAFITAL t300.??!" This Company is now prepared to reoeive arp.ioa tmns for INSURANCE ON BUILDINGS, MER CHAN DISK, Ac., at the canal City rate#, without any charge lor Policy, at their Office, corner ol Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenoe, over the Washington City Savings Bank. Director*. Wm. F. Bayly, Samuel Ba<xm. J<>sop!' Bryan, Jam** F. Haliday, Wm. Orme, Rrd*op Taylor, Francis Mohan, M. W. Gait. Benj. Beall. JAMES C. MeGUIRE, Pieeident RsaPTQN D Hanson. Secretary. a* Il ly AN KING HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS, B Deposit*.? Deposits received and Checks paid without cltirce. Draft* on the northern seaboard oit:es received on Deposit at par. and Exchange on sard Cities furnished to depositors without charge. Intskkst on Deposit*.?Interest will be allowed on Deposits Rt such rates a* may l>* agreed upon. Deposit* in Virginia and I nobrkent Monet. Deposits in Virginia and other I 'nourrent Money re ocived to be checked for. payable in same funds, or in spec-o, wc chaining the regslar Exchange. Discount*.?Notes, Drafts.and Bill*of Exchange will liediaoounted.and Loan* madeoo Stocks, Bond*, and Securities, at the market rate. Letters oe Ckepit.?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Citie* of the Unit-cJ Stales, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money is deposited, and chargedif Collateral*, on such tor rue at may beat reed upon. T** Bill* of Exchanoe.? Travelers a i'I be furlushed wito drafts in such sums as may be de aired negotiable iu the diUerent Citirs of the Union. BlLLF A.-U LfcTi EEs OS CRKMTON Ertfal.AltD, Ire land and EcRorh. -Bills of Lxchargc and Letters of Credit on England. Ireland and Europe, furmshod at the market late for Exchange, in sums to suit. Bond*, Stock*. Ac.? Lb?r '.it. Stocks, ard Securi ties p*y mg from 6 to Ujpr. oeut.. aiwa) s for sale, or bought in th- different Cities at a commission of a 3s pr. cent. Whore Stock* are bought upon orders, we res* rve the right to cali for a deposit of' IP pr. ccnt?<n the cost. Bond* or Stock* will Ikj ordered by tele grarh. Railsoad, Citt. At?ti Stats Bont>?.?Ranroad, City, and State Bonds oa?t t?e plaoed in our hacds foi neK itiatiou, either iu this country < r Europe. Rail road Iron purchased for caeh or with Bonds. Land Warrant*.?Land Warrants t>opghi at ttie market rates. All Warrants sold uj as are < titd m every respect. Land Warrant* located on oornmsenn. Land Warrant 4notations resularly funuehad if re quested. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Hoasesot orders, or sent for sale on oomnussion to responsible parties. Heal Estate end InsbraNc**.? Real Fa'Ate bought and sold, and Insurances effected. Claim* on United State*, Cofrt or Claim* Congrk*s.?Claims on the United State*, beforethf Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by prompt and ahie attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan >7 Opposite the Treasury. B ANK1NG HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. Depositors depositing Bank Notes will please mark their Cheek* sayable iu enrreney. Deposites of (tola will l>e paid in Gold. , Accounts will be opened with depositors allowing them to deposit Gold and Theek f..r ourrency, the depositor l>eing credited wi'h the difference. sea: tf CHUBB BROTHERS. |NTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MONET to LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS. BANKERS. Jan Tt?ti Oppositt 7V?as?irv, B AGGAGE EXPRESS OFFICE D Street^ Adjoining Tht Statts Printing OJlci, The subsnnl>er. Baggage Agent for Baltimore and Ohio and Washington Branoh Railroad, has opened an offioe, at the above plaoe, for the accom modation of the publio, where orders oar. be left lor the use of Wagon* to oonvey Baggage or Packages to and from Railroad Depot. Steamboats, Ac., or for removal to but point in tni* City or Georgetown. Offioe open from 7 o'clock a. ni. to lOo'c'ock p m., daily, exoept Sunday,7 to 10 o'oiook a. m.. 2 o'clook to 10 p. m JOHN M. M0CLINT0CK. Baggage Agent Baltimore and Ohio Railrosid. N. B.?Persons oomlng to Washington or going to Baltimore, uot having made up their mind* where they will stop, by giving up their check* to my agent* on the car*. Willi have their hag gage taken care of at this office, or at Baltimore offioe, No. II Sharp street, and no extra ohari*. 4 10 BOOKS! BOOKS!! GIFTS!?GIFTS !!-GIFTS!!! PHILBRICR'S THIRD ANNUAL SALE now open at No. 476 Pennnylvanta artnut.Jirit door east 0) United Xtatfs Hotel. Our STOCK OF BOOKS consists of several thousand volumes, embracing the choicest European and American Literature, which will be *r>ld at the publisher's lowest price*, and msnyofthem for less, and a BEAUTIFUL PRESENT will I* made (immediately after the sale) to each purchaser ofs Book for whioh we receive $1 and upwards. Our PR ESEN'TS nonsist in part of? Gokl and Silver Watehes. Gold I.ockcts. Brace lets, Armlet*. Chains, Cameo, Gold-stone and Mo saic Pins and Drops. Studs and Sleeve Buttons, (told Watch Keys, Cuff Pins, Pen*. Pencil*. Rings. f750 worth of Presents will be given away with each thousand Books sold. C&t&lofU0i of Book a on ^ obUiDM &t the store l.adie* and gentlemen are invited to call and ex amine our stock of Books ssi Presents. Sn^f^ "d PHII.RRICK. Asent. GASTON A CLARK, 4o LOUISIANA AVENUE, seoond door fr ?m 7th street, under the Avenue House, DEALERS IN CLOTHING ANUg^JJ'8 FURNISHING The subscriber* call attention to* desirable St >ok of CLOTHING whioh they now have on exhibi tion at their Store. No. 4K Louisiana avenue, seo >nd d???r from 7th street, and a* they are determinej to close off the lot if possible, every effort neoessary on Ibair Mrt shall be used in order to please ttteu u?towers. | la the CLOTHl?e ligPARTHEwr ws oan gnarsn'ee the stoek to he perfect in point of dur^>ilitj, fit and style, because ws make everything onr*elrs*. and t^ave no hesitation in saying our soods will bs fosnfl equal to the best order won in toe country. Watch ins the various o bangs* of ffcabioa. Cy rest as ured of finding the latest put and mase itore. subject to their insp?otion and approvs^__ ti6.iwo worth of Goods tor Men's. Boys'an?? Ser vant's WTear, will bs sold at auction wtnoes, and pur ohasers would do well to esawins Ae Int..This so osrMsertMB* /ff L"5'WF irfw?Ji.jiVN'fcCiutm THE WEEKLY Fire oepiee.-__ Tee oopiee Twenty copies ! Ca*A, i n+?tfbli im mdi* Ul H^Nldxil IB Ollht W.tllOBllk pmnv*4. .?e V<v<" Umu hu ra?d? Tm Erania* *Tas late jo generally throughout tbeeoautry. irrH'DK.e ttftee (in wrapper*' ma be procured nt tls en?!] tw. immediate J the laaae o the paper Prtce-THREE CENTS. lt7Toe*ma?iprswbv tot aaageata will be allowed aOOWUBlseiOnafWO?t. Dentistry, Ac, ?)R. K. FIN LEY HI NT. No. TUt PennsvlvaniiP^eniie^ ^ *t*49t \A ill perfo tn all operat tons ho n^iu to hia^-? prolusion at Urn old csiatxiabed ufTve. u iU<TI. d IS-tf JHE IMPROVEDSET8OP TBKTB. M. LOUNIS, M. I)., the iu?entor ud hUoIm of -Leewit's' Af'aeesi plele r.??*7* m , eaoosasiu.j introduced hit improvement n Qafkaiip various citie*. ba now pr-manentlj e?tat H*-t 11'* Itsbed himaeif to Uu!,in(loi. This improvement for Sets of Teeth oonaislsotuef ty in makoig a set of hat one pieoe of materia.. and tuat iiideatruotibie mnierii. No Met*, is used m thejr run ,tru?'M>n. M.d tliej ir? Iherffor* fm? ga'v ?rio nctvin 0'id metal te lift*. There u* ?m join' s to *oufi0 bk.ed with moisture or pertiotes of food. hence the) wf i>?r? end Thfj w* lighter. itmnier, km oiuiae' , lar more dureOi^, ei.d n-rtuml tn Uieirspffftrauoe. 1 will a,ive * reward o OneThousand lOiars teen?one who will prndacea Sitailar work ot ail to e>tual wiue u. puritf. beas'r. uribihty, artistio excellence or ai?j other rebuilt* titlrir. ? II work raepcnaibiy wamuited. ?w Penna. avenue, between Uth and Uth at mete. MIMi PI A N'o??VKR Y CItE\P.?I have now in etore I lie following sr at Inrta ns A very *upmor Piano of Hallet. liana * ? *<n ^ Co.. 7 <?o av?H? tine roeewood: original pric< |0^V9 at'O. It I.m l>o-n tentrd out in a careful*" *' ' fi?? t'r.ard will be *"M Aleo. a aimilar fiano. eam<* m\kera,6H ootave* ; otigiua prtoe 53,"\ will I* aold f??r #.fe. The*e Pian<>? a ? r*?llv harg una; we warraat aiH guaraiee thou aa willingly as we do oar aew oar* All persons in want of a tood re'.inbla Piano ate eo Iwiled to ??|| and fcce theae mt amenta. Also, a Seooud hand Itano. which we nare se rcpted in part pnvment for a new ore. for #18^. one for (C); <>ne foe A I.'; and <">i.e for 410. Our* ta ?!wmi tlia largest stock of Pianos tn thia eitv:?he eforeoallat No. ><K Pa. a*., between ?th and Una dlreete. fe?? JOHN F. F.LLIS ||ENTI?TK\ . II DR. HTFPHKN BAILY. Orrui No. IW PanaoTLVAKi* Avi Thru 4ot? frem 14(4 Strut. 1>I. 8A IL> heca leave to inform tne pabiiotaa' )>? qan he ?een at a!! r??'nr*.ath?a office, loentedaa above. He feeia asanred (iiat an e*perienoe?'f fifteen >ear?* practice, wi'b ih" laire numkr of patient a. aria great vii ;*t? of diArwlt eaaec that h^^?* treated aaeeaaa faM), will rwiup bun to aurifMint an* difton |r. aoientific or otherwiee. relaMn* to tha Teeth. H a own experience ooplmuu* the opinion ol man) mee emireiit in the^rofeceion, nnd eapeciali) l)ra. Herri* an! J %nd K. family, haa led him. long aince,todia uird ail iirerovriel !?:erarMion* for hiimc ail Kbaint!*, Gutta Peroha, India Ku*>T>er. and Ce mecta for the conatsnction of C?>otiriuoua Cum Tedh, and tiia? I'oroeBan. mounted on Gold Piute, if the on!y reliable arhatance thr.t can he worn in the month, aa waa moat cuaoluaivaly ahown by the laat Amerioau Dent a. Convention. Atihovah he flattera bpneelf from hia I org resi dence and practice m V\ asbiiigton, he la favorably known to hi* numrrona fr'.en-l* r.nd patrona. ho bego leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIAL!*: From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphuty of this city. Dr. 0TXPBa;t Ua'lt Dear^.r?I deairetoaxpreaa my eateein for you peraonaiij, and my oorbdenoe in vou a* a aupenor dentiat. The operationa exeoatad Tor ine navetreen highly aatiafactory. I b??ee tiiat ton ma) reoeive tbe pv'ronare from m? frienaa and tbo putxio that your akill ao well deaervee. Yoara ren tralr, Washington, Aag. M, lw. J. W. F REN OB. From one of the oldest tnna in UaJUmore, Noam. Bjfta, Cotinan 4 Co. Having emplovod 1 >r. Stephen Baily, Hurgeoc Den tiat, of VVnahinaton city, to execute for me an im portant and difficult p.ece of work.wbioh he did to my entire aatiafhction, and in view of the faat tnat one of the moat diatiuguiahed memt>era of the pectal College of Baltimore, failed, afier repeated mala, to perform the aame work aatiafaotonly. it gfrea me great pieaanre to expreaa my entire ooatdenoe aod kixh eatiniation of hia profeneiona) akilL Baltimore. Jan. 12,18ST. HARMANN B068S. Extract from a note reoeived from the late Boa. Jota M.Claytor. lT. I. SBHaTB, Am. u,IMA. The teeth job made for me work admirably ; noth ing oould t>e oottar. V ery rraietuilj, JOHN Kf. CLAYTON. To tho?e that eeek relief from the maladiee of the teeth, I can oheertuIN r?w>mmend Dr. r. Bauy aa a ?cpet'or l>enti*t: he made a eel of poraelian teeth for one of mv fiwiilv. and ppicged eeverai teeth for myaelf. and the woik has aii mummI ?^,| f?,r w>+1haa tenyeara. ROnERT T. NIXON. of the Va Conf. of the M. E. Charoh tk uth. Apn! li?. 18M. We, the uudaraiined, having had onoaalon to avail ocrae .ee ol ihc pi<-<*??ioun. e?ui ol Dr. P. Bally, Sarge??r D?'iitiei of tbia city, or having lieen oof me ant of hia operat.ona on our families of frienda. take pleasure iu expreeaing our adaaration of hia artiatio akill, a* well aa of the an.ioru:.t ealiafnotory manner in be perlornis the im?t oebcete and diffieult operation* m Dei'ta. Snrgery,a;> 1 we reapecffnl;? re 0"im> eti>l hun to the eor^olenee and pnt'ooaie ol tho pub jo. of which we-ocMiaidev enu..eutl> w< rtby. Tnowne 1'. Wai txh. Architect L'. I*. Capitm. TnohA* M ii.t rn. M. I'-.of \\ oahingtou, I). C, B S. H.htttn. M. D. o| Georgelown, I^C. N ? S- l/!:?? oln. M. D , of wWellington, D. C. Jt"?. 11. Km a til ft, of ? aabicfton. p. C. couge W*.lt*?k, Kx-<?overnorof Florida. Wai t** Lll.'ox. r'x Major of Weehingtou,* Hi'npy Balpwis. IT. 8. Patent tiffioe. ??.C. WiaHT, Trincipai Rtttenhoeae Aeadeew, fobSOtf | ACE! LACE!! LACE!.*? The rirht place for bnrcaina la nt T*"* Ijilte*' Fituoy Ktzaar. i?4 P*. aronae. < \Y. Adama' I x pre?Nl where \V. IIAN M AN <>fT<-ra hi* ren??iinrg at'?ck of KOfXD POINT. POINT APPLlUC*-. HONITflN. end other l-ACF* in CAPE*?, !?*?! \W'I.\k(<i and ??i.fle rdf.l Af.P, HAND KKRCHIM *. COFFIKI R!?. B < K B 8, and V Kl I >. all nt lea* (ban wholesale prioea. La-he* oouault jour intereat* aud oall aooa. * le 4 I w ^ NOTICE. I HE I'M DERt*IG ^ Eli HAYING HOLD HIS Store to Mr. C.S. Whitileaey, t'ke* thia method ??f informing thoae ludeMtd to him that their ac o<>uni? are now ready. and that he wil. lie found at hia old atand. for the purpoae of settling them until the l?'h of I- elM-iinrj . Every ?ooount not then set tled w11! t>e placed in the hands ofan officer. J. R MeGRKGOR. At V. S. Whitlleaev 'a Paint ami ?>il S'ore, |Hr V tFelilfi Wl ?tti street. Oil ik/Ui PEACH TR EES, -w.DW" Ai jii' I'M HrM?i?' , Foritaleatmy Nnrs?ry, nenr W aeluniflon. The iVive Troe* are mIj of hne growth, ami of ir?? beat seleet fr?>t. Atsc>. a general a?a<>rtmenl of OR N A MEN-"* * TA I.. EVERGREEN, SIIADK, and FRUIT T K K K8 i*n'22 2m JOSHl'A PEIRrF..__ T carriages. HE Subscriber having ioa?le additiona to his Factory, making it now one of the largest. in the District, wnere his fauilitiea f-?M manufacturing a I kinds of ('AH W t R I AGES and LIGHT WAGON** oai.not be sur passed, and from his long experience in the bu*i neas. be hopea to give general satiafaction. AI! kindaof Carnagea and Light Wagona kepi 00 A!i R EPA IRS neatly done,and all order* prompt ly attended to. ly attended to. Seeond -hand Carriage* taker in exchange for new ouea. ANDREW 'A VfS" d in-tf eorner of l*th and F, sis S1 4 la-tf ^TOP THAT BATTLING. I am now prepared to pat on " Chapman'* Eiaalte Anti-Rattlmc Shaft Fastener." a sare remedj for the rattling of the shaft-otias of Carriage* and Wagons, which oan be put on at a small expenae. Call and examine at my Faotory. where 1 ha^o certificates from the leading Coaehmakers in the country. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d in-tf corner Uth and r. sta B_ 00KS PROM LONDON. Pol* glot of Foreign Pro verba, I vol.: ai.t*. Memoirs of the Duke of Hully, 3 vols.; $S. A Guide to the Knowledge of Pot'erv. Poree sir, and other objects of Vertn, I vol.: #1 2fc. Lifeof Alexaudria t*oee. I vol.: % 1.2V l.ivesand Works of Michael Angelo and Raphe!. 1 vol.: flJtt. Whewilra Hiatory of the Ind-ietive Soienoes. ? role.: %7. Pier's P.ouchman's Viaion and Creed, t volumes: $isr Selden's Tab's Talk, I vol ; a I 26. Sir Th 'mas Overhury'* Worse. I vol.; Franeia Quarle'a Knobindion: ff7ets. Jeba Aubrev'i Miaoeiteniee. 1 vol.: $1 Jeun Auf-rev? M isoe its was. 1 v?h .. i ? Chapmir'a flomer'* Iliad, 8 vola.; a3 Dietiwnanr t?f Cla*aioal Q ?iot*ti?ne. I 9* Pettiarfw'a Collection olEpi'apiis^l vol., H-^ Book of Pr. verbi^. TAYLOR .? SI.(MM) A YKAR ii^aykai. al .?* A vF A R. 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