Newspaper of Evening Star, February 23, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 23, 1858 Page 3
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CtTT Cnr*cii* .1f AM*rm>n -Tbe boar- the Vice President, W Moor*. K*q . In the chair relLE!^".1??"0?.*" rMd from <b? Mayor, m l i whth .b" , MeClla, late collector of Alan, one traasmlttlng the account of the r?i 'WiTiS.'* B.nk of Wr.h?na;?? "" Cl" ass -3-5 M??JXfTrre<f t0 P?Uc<co,ninlttee ported a bill for trlmmm^SldemvSi^D^ ^"r and^mVel^F V?,nmltte* ? k>Hl for trimming :?s ispwas^?. t*""*n k,"""e ib^bHN fn,<^rftf<1 to the passage of any for r onld obtain f '"Pavements ontt! the Board Lbr W?y?r ? statement of the wT nL &t th#* Corporation flv'J m^tK6' if/ifP4*' "fated (hat during the last LkHH? ^ ?***?niidralioa of Mr. Tower* the accost with the Bank of Waging ton was fhH^Zl9 2*?, r*wn from fo twenty-Ave ?Ph.? d What was the case now' l ne Corporation account with the Bank of Wash 5?OI\a time showed a balance to its credit Mr Smith *tated that the Corporation at Wa->h i?)(ti>u wiv at this time, to all intents and pur UP** ^ro?' 'be clamor* of its creditor*, who were complaining of ita inability to pn> it*i debts He looked upon thU question as one cm vast interest to the community. He beneeed the debt of the Corporate,.-be meant "^DollU,'a to f"e hundred thousand dollar* It was time to have this mat ter took'fd iato. Mr \flller concurred with Mr Smith in his ?r* *0 bnow how the credit of the Corporation ?iood: but at the same time streets must be im proved?the people required it of the Corpora t.on The revenue of the city was increased by extending improvements It was poor economy lh*m While be was unwilling tospend anything improperly, still the improvement called for In the pending bill was absolutely necessary He hoped the bill would pa*s Mi Pearson saw no necessity for pressing the pa,,*Ke of this bill at this time, as by law the improvement could not be p.oaecuted at this ?eason of the year Mr Lroddard unved an amendment, making provision that no money should be used for the purpose until fnnds should be placed to the ?. redit of the ward applicable to the purpose, and that no further appropriation should be made bill PurP??* 'ban 'be amount named in the After some further discussion the question was *ba adoption of the amendment. which resulted in its rejection. Mi Bayly spoke in reply to Mr. Smith's re marts as to the bankruptcy of the Corporation. ??? Witlird Mr. S to fxbtbit ttgurn to show cause for su.-b an assertion He refuted the charge of bankruptcy in unqualified terms Mr Smith replied, mating that he had made the remark in the full belief that he was right in # ff'* l'or reasons which be stated) that the whole amount of indebtedness of the t orporation would amount to &.5U(U?M>. aside ftom the fund?-d debt, which was upward* ol a^suao All this public clamor could not be without cause. All this withholding of a state ment of the state ot the finances by the Mayor must have a rwnon He wished to know how we sto? d I'oder the most cha liable conclusion of the matter, the Corporation was deeply in debt, and it behoved the Board to exercise a lit tie economy, and pay off old scores before con tracting new responsibilities. Mr Bayly thought it too grave a charge lo be made without giving the figures to show his au thority; the gentleman was always cryin-' bank ruptcy. but never gave any ground for Ills?.Large. Mr Smith contended thai his statement was right. Inasmuch as, for the last two years, no statement couid be got from the Mayor, notwith standing resolutions. raMing upon him to do so, had frequently been passed in this Board The question now recurring upon the bill it was passed. Mr Miller also reported a resolution Instruct ing the committee of health to examine the alley in square tot*, and report to this Boa d; p ts-ed Also, from the same committee, a bill with amendment to grade and gravel B street north from First to Second street east, in the Fifth Ward: pa*?ed Divers bills from the lower Boa d were read and appropriately referred A bill was passed to light New Jersey avenue with gas. Alsi f \ concurrent resolution in relation to the expediency of paving the streets with iron This resolution was referred to a special committee of the two boards. Mr. Smith offered the following resolution : R*??/e, it, by the Board of Aldermei , That it Is. m the opiniou of this Board, inexp.dient to pass any further bills appropriating money of this Corporation until this Boa d shall be in formed by the Register of the condition of the 11 nance* of same , lost?ayes -J. noes y. Mr Ruff offered a joiut resolution offering a rewaid of aim for u,,. arrest of such person or pe.sons as should be convicted of fl.lng the tru. k house of the American Hook and Ladder Coin pany 5 referred to the police committee Mr Clarke offered a joint resolution authoriz ing the committee appointed to attend to the in terests of the Corporation before Congiess. to ask of that body an appropriation to grade and gravel V irgmia avenue ; passed. The Board then adjourned. ( OHitfiuH ( ou-icn ?The Mayor's communica tion. transmitting the bank account of the Cor poration, wa? referred to the ways and means committee Mr Kennedy from the claims committee, asked to be discharged from the further consideration of the petition of P B Barjo, which was maid ed. Mr Tree, from public schools committee, re ported a joint resolution granting the use of the public school house near the Observatory, for s:inday School purposes; passed. Mr Liovd int.odu. ed a bill to reduce the sal ary of the Mayor to #i,t*X> per annum Mr Wallace moved lo lay it on table; passed? ayes Ml. noes S. Mr Clark introduced a resolution instructing the ways and means committee to inquire into the amount necessary to pay the police otficeis as appointed undei the new law; passed. And then tae Board adjourned. SCTBSMK Cot R r?Af?*Jay ?Beuj F. Watson and Henry J. Haliet. Ksqra , of Mas.achuseftt, were admitted attorneys and counselors of this Court ?? Isaac M Fi-brr, appellant, rs J4,0b M Haldeman's executors et al Appeal T orn the Circuit Oonrt of the United States for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Mr. Justice ti.ier da.- 1 livered the opinion of the Court, atilrniiug tM decree of the said Circuit Court in this cause with costs. ? No 65 John McGavo. k, plaintiff in error, r.? Peter W. Woodlief In error to the Circuit Couit of the L'aited States for the Eastern District of Louisiana Mr. Jusfise Nelson delivered the wpiaion ol the t ourl, reversing the jud/uieiit' of toe said Circuit Court, with c-i??, and remand lag the cause with directions to award a venire facias de novo No G6 Horace 11 Day, appellant, The Un ion India Rubber Company Appeal ftom the Circuit Court ?.f the I'mted Stales for tbe Saoth era Dlalrietof New York Mr Justice Nelson delivered the opinion of the Court, affirming the decree of the said Circuit Court in this w th c ?fs No tv Samuel A White et at , plaintiff, In error, vt Albert T Burnley In error to tne Cir catt Court of the I nited States for the District of Texas Mr Justice Catron delivered theopinion of the Court, atfi'ming the judgement of tbe?aid Circuit Court in this cause, with costs No C: The I'uited States, plaiutiff in error, % f Jaiues Collier The argument of this cause was concluded by Mr. tiillet for the plaintiff m erro'. No UN James H S:iydam, plaintiff in erfor, f? Wm H \\ illiainson et al The argument oi this cau-e was commenced by Mr. Ellingw^od for the plaintiff in error. Adjourned. Mult Rowdkisv ?Yesterday afternoon, two brothers, Wm and PatrU.k Farrell, bricklay ers. when on their Way from work, entered tbe Vnlcau House on Pa avtnue, near Sixth street, and while there got into an altercation with a Baltlmorean named Williams, and his compan ion Williams drew a knife and his friend a pistol Win. Farrell attempted t-? take the pistol and while pursuing Williams' friend be was ? tabbed in the b:wk by \V llliams. inflicting a se Mous wound Patrirk Farrell took the fcnife l.vUi Williams, who wa? arrested uud sent to jail for hearing by Justice Doun Tnt Fttsr or THk. Siaso* ?Those enterpris ing caterers, Hammick A Brother, in Willards' Uio< k. Pennsylvania aveiiue a-e already rerelv ing haid erabs?tbe tirst of the season?equal to the flnest brought to this market at the seasou's height Really tb**reare no more enterprising <tr successful caterers in the country than tnese name gentlemeu, whose restaurant has already become well nigh as noted throughout the country's length and breadth as that of the D Ini. nro's in New York It is the resort of all stranger* in Washington who claim to be gourmets. CiacviT Coubt ?Yesteiday, the case of Ben. jamia L. Bowers et al. n keziah Richardson, administratrix of Luke H i. haids?n, was decided by a verdict for tbe plalntlB of 9v*<Mi This morning, the vase of Edward C Dyer r.t. Augustus Cook, which was commenced yester. <Ur, was concluded, and the jury went oat as this report closed 1 1 Cairn sal Coi at ?Tbe Court mot at the unul hour this morniag, and the jury in the Ogle mar* der caae not yet havia ( boen abte to agree upon a verdict the Court ac^onracd until thU alUrn<i>n ? clock. Th? Posting Cas? ? Yesterday afternoon, ?c cording to appointment, MrtMm A. C. Rhind and W. C. Corrie appeared be to re Justice Donn to answer the charge of posting Commander K B Bout well, on Saturday last, opposite the Nary Department The action ia brought, aa we stated yesterday, under the tbl-d ac tion of the law at 1*39, relating to duels. Ac Messrs Rhind and Corrie waived au examination before the magis trate, and gave bail in the sum of each, to appear at the March terra of the Criminal Court for trial The following correspondence between the pnrtie* wa* a part of the evidence upon which the warrant was Issued: To CornmamJtr E B BoutwtU, V. S. Navy, Waskmgton, D. C [By the hands of W. C. Corrie, Eaq ] W*?imto? Cm. Feb It, 1958 Sin : M? attention has been directed to a pam phlet, which you caused to be printed, and stvied '* A reply to the attacks of Mr. A. C. Rhind, dropped from the Rolls uf the Navy by the Navy Board In 1855 " 1 hare perused a copy of tb3t production, which I found in the Navy Depart ment It contained among much matter that is entirely unworthy of notice, some sentences that I deem it proper not to pass bv. On page 16 of that pamphlet, I And the following language ? ?? After Insulting the people of the United Stites in ihe person of their Chief Magistrate, this man Rhind bait the impudence to appiv to be rein stated in the Navy. ?? This Lieutenant shot a man in Philadelphia some time since, and bad the police succeeded in apprehending hirn, he might have been sent to the State PiTson instead of being placed on board a ship of war to give trouble. ' On page 23 F find the following remark : ?? Mr. j Rhiud lays much sirens on bis gentility; bis an tecedents as far 1 can learn, prove hi in to be hasty, overbearing, irritable, oppressive aud in subordinate The fact of bis having been born in a bouse makes htm as much a gentleman as being born in a stable would make him an ass ?' The object of this communication is to demand - complete withdrawal of that language, a recall of those pamphlets from all places where they may have been distributed, and a full and satis factory apology for the language above quoted 1 aiu, sir, your obedient servaut, A. C. Rhind This communication will be handed you by my friend, W C Corrie, Esq , of South Carolina Wa?hinoton, D C , Feb 13, 1858 Sib: \ our letter of the lWtb instant was banded to me on yesterday, by your friend, W. C Corrie, Esq , of South Carolina In reply, 1 have to In forui you that when you recall your pamphlet of Septemlier, 1H55, your publication In the New ^ ork Herald of the same month and year, and your offensive letters addressed to the Navy De partment In relation to myself, I shall then, as an act of justice, aud not becaune you demand it, re call my pamphlet. 1 am your obedient servant, E B BoI'twkll. Mr A. C. Rblnd, Washington. Washington, Feb 16, If5-S. Sib: \ our note of t.'ith inst was handed me this afternoon by my friend. Vlr Corrie I regard it as merely evasive of the issue. "My publica tion in the New York Herald of fhe same month and year of my offensive letters addressed to the Navy Department" in relation to you, never can lie recalled On the contrary. I am, as I always have been, ready to maintain them at all tiuirts and in ai! place*., and have held and "till do bold mvseir personally responsible for them. ^ ou have refrained from demanding satisfac tion for those "attacks" as you style them; this i1ik*s not, however, make it the lens Incumbent on me to demand it of you, for the reasons stated in my previous note Regarding your reply to my note of the Mtb inst as tantamount to a refusal of its require ment*, I invite you to retire from this District at a* early a day as convenient, for the adjustment ol our att'tir*. I am. sir, Ac , A. C. Rhino. Com. E. B. Boutwell, U.S. N. The following note was left at the residence of Commander Boutwell. It was written with a lead |>encil on an envelope directed to Com. E B Bnutwell, lT. *?. X., Washington, D C.: '?.Vlr. A. C Rhind w>ll, at twelve o'clock, m , gna.d a putting opposite the Navy Department, for ten minutes, alone." 4 ??? Thk Washinhton National Moncwint So cut v held a meeting at the City Hall yesterday afternoon, Mayor Magruder, ex-officto Second Vice President, presiding, and Joseph F. Brown, E*q , acting as secretary. Mr. John M McCalla, the treasurer of the usurping board, proceeded to make a statement in respect to.the flnaqpial condition of theSocje?y, saying that he was ready to pay over to bis suc cessor the moneys now on deposit by him in hank, and added that the old Hoard of Managers would take no part in the election, nor would they serve If re elected. The amount in the Bank of Washington to the credit of the Board, he stated was The Mayor, a onestion having been raised, de cided that this was not, by the constitution of the Society, the day for the triennial election, which could only take place a year hence. Hut It having t>een ascertained that the managers had offir -Sally transacted no business for over six months, a res olution was unanimously adopted declaring the late Board to have vacated their office* under that provision of the constitution which declares that a neglect of the members of the Board of Managers to meet for ?lx month* shall be a for feiture of their oilices, they not having met since the ^iih of .May last. The society ttieu went into an election to fill the vacancies thus created for the year ending that day twelvemonth, when the following officers were chosen, vix: Thomas Carberv, 1st vice preside^ Dr Wil liam Joins. 3d vice p-esident; John O Brent, secetary, George W Riggsjr., treasurer. Mmig'rs ?Wrn F Bayly, Joneph F. Brown, JuLn F Ennis. W. W. Moore, Thomas Cham pion, J D Brandt, G E Kirk, Dr. J B Blake, Peter Hepburn, sr., John C Fitipatrlck. R R Crawford, Charles E Mix, John Reese The society then adjonrned to February '24, Washington Thxatbk ?To-night, the excit ing play of [,ucrrtia Borgia, or, as it is some times termed, the "Coffin play," is to lie brought nnt at the Theatre, with new scenery, dresses, Jtc . and with the following allotment of parts : I.ncretia Borgia, Ml*< Fanny Mprant; Princes* Negroni, Mrs. Stoneall; Don A>phon?o D'Este, Mr. S. D Eytinge, Gennaro. J. B Howe; Gu OeUi, F. Bangs; Matfiio Orsiol, C Howard: Jep po Liveretto. J M Dawson; Apostolo-Ga'elo, J Whiting; Oloferno Vltelorri, Mr Russell; As canlo Petruca, Mr Tree, Rustigbello, Mr New ton; Baptiste, Mi. Somrners That most amusing of farces "Slasher and Crasher'' will conclude the performances Miss Moranl's engagement Is limited to this week, as she appears in Boston on Monday ui^ht next. ?? Cxxtrr Mabkkt ?This morning there was an average supply in all the departments of ftie market, and the prices were generally the same as I a u quoted A small lot of pork was ottered ?at the n< ales for $Ha$ft 50 per 100 lb*. The bay stand* were jvell-tuipplied. and the price* ranged from 90 to Hoc per cwt In the flsb market a few shad, brought from North Carolina, were oflrrert at ?! *25 per pair, large rock tUb ?t 5ua?, do smalt 50c per bunch. Anothib Shootih* Ca?k ? La*t night, at the .Navy Yard, a young man named Re/in Pum pbiey was shot at thiougb the window ofr a res tanrant where be was getting some refreshment*, and seriously, though, It is hoped, not danger on*ly wounded The wound was Inflicted by a bullet from a gun, the would-be assassin being aa yit unkii-wn, though the officers are lu pur suit of a suspected party Ir i? now near the 11 rat of March, and what have the Solons and I.ycurguses on Capitol Hill bone dating the three months already elapsed' They have talked a good deal and done very lit tle .Not so Pbilbrbk, at the Gift Bookstore, 4Ttl P? nnsytvaiiia avenue While the wages afoie*aid have l>een vexing the air with mere words, he has been sift'teiing books arid presents over all the regions round al?oiif by hundreds and by thousands; and still ha* more left It Watch Rktvbxs ? Kdw'd Pumphrey, D C., drunk, disorderly and assault; flue and costs *6 44, an4 security for peace. Cbns Qant, col , Md , unlawful assembly; tine and coats f?i 41 Win. Davis. Va , do ; do Edwaid White,cot , Va , do ; do George Butler, col.. V* , do ; do. Thomas Piper, col , Va ,do ; do John Crouan, D C , carrying unlawful weapons ; fine and cost*, II I.ewis Hindoo, D C., di*o<deily con duct ; 44 AuieiMtus Hester, Atlantic ocean, do ; do Ku/ene lieland, I eland, do ; do An drew Kidwell, I) C , do ; workbous* yu days. Salomon Hnhtmrd, jr.. D C . do ; do James Rives. Va , drunk and disorderly; do Nineteen I odgers?nou - resident*. A no ? H kb lot of ohenp Dress Caps. Bertha Ckfos which ?ill 1m sold at a very low rate at !?? W*. P. Sum's. Ilth street. married. Ob the ITih of Jsnnsr*. by the Rev. Dr. Holroea4, ?'/,Jv"J'?IsV^*ahy j hvm: PHR^ S. both of this city. ? At the NationaJ Hotel on the ttd lnsUrit, b? the Rev. j. C. Grai hnrj, Mr. JAMTTs W. Pa N .N K and Mm MARIA E. JONES, butkoi Chailottes villeTva. ?, MED. la Georgetown, of eonanmfti>?. on the 2?h insr^ in hope of a biws?fni iramj^Ulrfy, ABRAHAM, eldest son of the Intn I. P. VViacard. On the2)st instant. RUTH RBI.DRN, roundest dnuaMer of W. H.ud carubne M.Ckaoe.ased if montunadtdn/*. ?* G E ORGEtOWN. C?rrttfndtnrn ?/ Tk* 8tmr 0*o*8tTnwn, Feb. 23, 1358. Our municipal elactloa, yesterday, paeaed off in an unusually quiet manner Thf re were thrtw regular ttekfti in the Held j two composed of pet eons irrMpeftive of political affinities, and one of ?p litlcal character?theAnti-Know Nothing, or Democratic. Prom the following reform, it will b* that the entire Citizen*' ticket, composed ofof ??J>olltlcal partita, wan elected: For Aldermen?0r. Joshua Riley, 736; Henry ? 4i?; ja?ie, ^ Magmder, 44*, Jrsub Libbev. sr , 459; F Wheatley. 444; R P Dodge, o Waters, Wl; E PicMrall, 344; G W. 380. For Common Council?Samuel Cropley, 627; Jenkin Thomas, 490; Jos L Simntes, 5UI; K J Shoemaker, 44-<; Dr. L*wi* Maccall, jr , 44*; W H. Tennv, 492; James Theeker. 545; Cba?. .Myers, 415; H G Rltter, 448; W. H Godey, 455; O Z Muncaster, 430, D. English, 156; M. Wlllet, 95; Richard Jones, 388: Henry Barron, 300; Robert White. 1U1; D WT. Oyster, 309; J. N. Fearson, 32G; W. F. Seymour, 329; IV L. Dnnlop, "571: John M Stake, 284; J . Thomas Davis. 290, Levi Davis, 248. The first live for Aldermen were elected, and the first mentioned eleven for Board of Common Council There Is considerable rejoicing among the members of the American party this morning regarding tb? success of the Citizens ticket as a partial triumph for their party The highest man on the Citizens'ticket for Aldermen.leav ing out Dr Riley, who was run on all the tickets, over the highest on the opposition tickets, (Hi votes and the lowest over the highest opposi tion, 17. The highest man on the same ticket for Council, except Mr Cropley and Mr. Thecker, who were run on all the regular tickets, leads the highest on the opposition 115 votes, and the lowest leads the highest 29 votes The defeated candidates b ar the result as pa tiently as could be expected Minder the circum stances I'pon the whole the election of yester day reminded us somewhat of those of former days, when nothing but mirth and good feeling characterized them Our river and canal are both blocked up tight and ftist by ice The weather continues quite cold, and some of the citizens are taking advan tage of the opportunity to secure at least a por tion of their supply of ice. We have nothing of moment from the markets No change worthy of note has occurred in the flour or grain market since our report of Satur Spectator [FOR THE STAR. The Celebration or the 22d of February at Georgetown CoLLror?Tbe Philonomo sian Society heid their celebration at 9^ o'clock, a m. J. p Orme, of D. C., was the speaker, and he acquitted himself most handsomely The Farewell Address was read by J P Bossier, of I.a , after some appropriate remarks. The Pbilistorian Society, owing k# some un fore?e?n accident, did not celebrate tbe day. The PhiltKl^inic Society held their celebration at 4o'clock, n in N S. Hill, of Md , was the speaker, and C. C. Magruder, of Md., r^ad the Farewell Address. The Philharmonic Band of the College furn ished the societies with excellent music. The Philonomosian society did not fail to keep up (he old custom,-for at K o'clock tbe members were called In to a splendia supper The festive board was 1o;h1< d with all the delicacies of the season. At about 9 o'clock, p. m , the cloth was removed, and the following toasts, among others, were ottered : George Washington?The admiration of the world, the love of America. First in war, fiist in peace, and first in the heaits of bis country men. Our Country?Faithful to tbe Instructions of her father, must ever be tbe land of the free and the home of the brave The Union?Fair daughter of Washington ? long may she bear tbe impress of her great father's image. J nines Buchanan?The embodiment of the spirit of Washington May he also reign in the hearts of bis countrymen. The South, that gave the hero?the North, that gave the battle-field?Mfcy their unity make com mon his glories. The Fair Sax?The guardian spirits ef Mount Vernon, the shrine of Washington. fASTayette?Too closely allied to Washington to be ever forgotten by a grateful people George W. V Custls. who told of the times that tried men's souls?l,et his memory ever live Witb that of the heroes of '76. Washington's GeneraN ?The biigbt constella tion that shone out in the djrkest night of the American Revolution. Tbe Piesent Cabinet?Worthy advisers of tbe faithful imitator of our Washington. Our Army and Navy?May thev ever emu'ate tbe deeds of those who fought and bled in free dom's cause. Our Speaker and Reader?May the noble sen timents to which they have given utterance to day ever actuate their future ' Proca.Jr QEORQgTOWH ADVERTIBEMT8. POTATOES ?Just arrived, 2juiu bushels Nova Sootia WHITI" MERCERS, per schoneer .Mass&soit, and for sale in tots lo tuit purchasers. i ^ , PETER BERRY. Id22 &S \\ ater street. Georgetown. jy| l S I C A L BOXES. Largeand small ML'SICAL BOXES REPAIR ED hy J A. WATSON, K.xperienced Practical Fnglish WatchinaLor,69 Bridge street," hei-.w the Post Qifjcn. Georgetown, D. O. fe 2<i^3t' KDUC1NG STOCK-CHEAP FOR CASlIf R JOH\ H. SMOOT, No. 119 Bride* ?tr?t. Heoreriown. D. C.t wishing to reduce his stock aa owas possible by tie lat of March. will sell from this date every descrip tion ol WINTER GOODS at reduced prices lor o&sh. Fancy Colored Dress Silk*, Prlnteit fUouslme Delaine*, "* Merino, Plaids and Poplina, French Merinos, Shawls, Scarfs. Cloaks, 4<?., will be so'd at a VERY GREAT KKDl'CTION on former prieea. Piompt customers supplied upon the usual teiius. Those having netted their Bills rendered to lat instant, he tenders his grateful ao kiiowledgt ine- ts and will he under many obligations toad who have not, to do so by oasti or note at then eartiest convenience. jan 21 J. H. SMOOT. FOR RFNT.-A hr*t class RESIDENCE at the comer of Fayette and 4th streeta, George town. Term* moderate. Apply to Mrs. ANN R. O'NEALE. jau2S eolm FINE ALES.? We respectfully announce to our friends and the public that we have at last suo needed in having a large quantity of ALES of van uus kinds brewed expressly to our order, which we Will guarantee to l>e the linest and the largest vari ety that was ever ottered in this market. All persons wishing a nice article of Ale oun have it by apply ing to us for either of the following brands, viz. Kennett, Burton X XX Pale, India Pale, Phil adelphia and XX. We also have a fin* artiole ol Brown Stout and X X Porter always on hand. All oiders by mail, or given to our drivcra. will be attendedto. ARNY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street, d 17 d Georgetown, D. C. N. M. RUPPEL. ORTH side of Market Space, No. 37, between Bridge and Canal streets,Georgetown,. announces to eis patrons that at liisO RESTAURANT may be lound at all times the choicest and most excellent assortment ofl.IQUORS, the freshest OYSTKltSand all kinds of GAME in season. Meals served at all hours ai.J at the usual prices, iau4 3m OFFICIAL. Trka^ort Department, February 12,1856. Notice is herery given that sealed propoaala will he received at thia office until the fifteenth day of March proxiuio for tbe issue of any portion, or the whole, of Lve millions ol dollars in treasury notes in exohange for gold ooin of the United States deposited with the treasurer of the United State*, the tre?u>urer of the Mint at Philadelphia, the treas urer of the brsnoh mint at New Orleans, or the as sistant treasurers at Boston, New York, Charles ton, or St Louis, within ten days from tbe accept ance of such pioposais, under the authority of the act of Congress entitled "An aot to authorize the is?uc of treasury notes." approved the 23d Decem ber, 1H67. The treasury notes will be issued upon the receipt here of oertifioatca ofdeposite with those officers to the credit of the treasurer of the Ucited States. They will be made pnyable to the order of ??oh bid der or bidders at shall axree to make such exohange at the lowest rate of interest, not exceeding six per oeutuoa pei^auuuui, and will oarry so oh rate tromthe data of the certificate of sueh deposit*. The proposals must state the rate of interest with ont oonditionand without referenoe to other bids, and contain no other fractional rates thauone fourth one half or three fourths of one per centum. Five per centum of the amount proposed to be exchanged must be deposited with one of the treasary officer* above enumerated, whose certificate of such deposit must accompany each proposal, as security for it* fulfilment. If the propoaal is aot aocepted. name dials diree' ion* wilt be givea to return such depos its. Should the proposals be vanaot from the pro* vision* of th* aot of Congre*, or of thia notice, they will not be considered. All proposals under this notioe must he sealed and nseribed on the outside "Proposal* for Treasury Notes." They wiU be opened at this department at tlo'oiook m., on th* said fifteenth day of March. HOWBLL COBB; fa 12- Saoretary of Treasury. OKLLISSIKR PORTMANTEAUS. ? A iV<? Artirlt af Gtnta' Hand Bag. This splendid article is tha tu pint mltrm of Traveli g Kquiptnenis. Gsats will please e dl aid esasaine thie aew and N8 t CO.. feS-eoli AOTtl By WALL A BARNARD. Auc /^?l-OANn SILVER WATCHER^('BAINS, JtWCLRT,*r. AT AFTTIrtl*.?On WLOJIhS DAY.MOK NlNG,24tb iMUot. at 9ton? Na.? 7th street, under the Avenue House, we ml! tell a larne * nasea ana Pe? Seals. Keya. U< Lockets, Card i With a great at stock of Jewelry. Ac., as follows

Go d F1 uut ii*x and osen cased Waicnea Gold Fob. Vast,ana Guard Chauis Gold Breastpins, Ear-rings Gold sets is Cameo, Jet, Mosaic, and Gold Stone Chased and Seal Rings . Gold Penoi's, Gold Pens, Silver Pens ird Cases, Porteroonaiee _ great stock not here mentioned. The ladies are respectfolly invited to attend. Terms cash. It WALL A BARNARD. AucU. WOt IMT AMD SALE. L<U> KENT?WITH POAR1).?, a late y vacated, suitable for two gentleman aod their wives, o. one family, in a private family where no other hoarders are taken. Address Rooms and Board. Box 4, Star Office. U* FOR RKNT-A neatly-furnished ROOM, in a genteel private family; in good location. For addvets applj at the Star office. fe22-3t* EK)R "BALK?A DRUG STORK on Pennsylra r ma avenue; an exoelleat stand, doing a good bu siness; satis'actory reasons given tor selling. Ad dress A. H. L., Cit> Poet Ofioe. fe tt-'w THREE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT Two Bedrooms and Parlor adjoining, in a very desirable looation. No. 49 F street, one door f om 7th street. fe Z2-3t' ARE CHANCE.?For eale-a medium sited and oomfortable BRICK HOL'SE. on 11th st. R west, nearly opposite Dr. Wutier's Church, contain ing Eight Good Rooms. House nearly new aod id gj'od repair. With gas fixtuies throughout. Term". $.,ano. ft**1 cash; remainder in four equal annual payments of $500,secured by uotes Itesnug interest and deed of trust on the property. Apply immediate ly at 27C G street. fe 19-lw' FOR RF.NT.?That large and desirable RKSI DENCE on I street. opposite Franklin Square, recently in the occupancy of Judge Daniel. U. S stapreme Court. For terms, Ac , apply to the ad vertiser. southwest oi.rner ef 12th and K streets. fel7-6t? A VALUABLE FARM OB COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE?The advertiser oilers for sale, for less than cost or will exchange (or nn proved City Property,a PA KM of 32 acres,situated about two mLs from the city. The land is in a high state ot cultivation : the b.'ildiugs, fences. Ao., are all new and of the best kind. A more desirable place for a market garden farm or gentleman's coun try residence, is seloom to lie met with. Persons wishing to purchase will please address M , Box No. 8. ytar ?Iffica. fe 12 eol m FU NISHED HOUSE FOR RE ? T om Sale. Iitving determined to reside permanently in Kansas, I will rent or sell my resiuenoe No. 322 K street, north side of Franklin Square. The House will lie rented furnished, and presents a favorable opportunity for auy one desiring a first class resi dence. For terms apply to Suter, Lea A Co., Bankers, No. 517 7th street. Jfc 2-tf L. R. HOOT. Rooms on pa. avenue to LET.-Two Rooms, on 2d floor, on Pa. avenue, t>et ween 12tli and 13th streets, over Sain'l. Lewis' Jeweir* Store, will be let low to a permanent tenant. Would make good offioe rooms. Apply to WM. F. BAYLY, Stationer. jan 12-tf ?po THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON. Wolfe's Scheidam Aeomatfc Schnapps. The proprietor begs leave to call the attention of strangers aod the citizens of Washington, to a very superior article of Holland Gin, which be introduced to the Amurioan public uuder the name of Wolfe's Scheidain Aromatic Schnapps. This G in is manufactured liy the proprietor exclu sively at his Distillery in Sohiedam, Holland. It is made from the best Barley that can be procured in Europe, at any cost, and flavored and medicated, not by the common harsh l>erry, but by the most choice liotanioal variety of the Aromatic Italian Ju mper Berry, whose more various extract is distill ed and rectified with its npintuous ?olveut. and thus beooines a concentrated tincture of exquisite fla vors and aroma, altogether transcending m its Cor dial and Medicinal properties any alcoholic beverage heretofore known. The proprietor has submitted it to nearly the whole Medical Faculty of the United States, and hits received answers from about four thousand Physicians and Chemists, who endorse it over their signatures as a most desirable addition to the Ma teria Medic*. Persons who purchase should be careful to get the genuine article, as the whole country is flooded with counterfeits and imitations. Put up in quart and pint bottles, in oases of one dozen each, and for sale by'all the respectable Drug gists and Grooers in the I nited States. UDOLPHO WOLFE, Sole Importer and Manufacturer, Depot, No. 22 Beaver street. New York, dec 12-Sm A B E A V T 1 F U L HEAD OP RICH GLOSSY H A 1 K, COMPLKTPLV PRESERVED TO THE GREATEST AGE. And who that is gray would not baveit restored to former Color; or bald, but would have the growth re stored; or troubled WitO da.drutl and itching but would have it removed,or troubled With scrofula, scald heed, or other eruptions nut would be cured, or with siok headache* neuralgia i but would be cured It will alio remove all pimples from the face or skin Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative wi.l do all this, see oircular and the following: As* Ar<ob, Nov. 5, Uto. I'ioF.O. J. Woot>?D?"*ir 5>ir: 1 have heard much saul of the wonderful effects of your Hair Rvatnra tive, but having been so often cn?iated by quackery and quack nostrums, hair dyes, Ac.. I w?s disposed to place your restorative in the same category with the thousand audone loudly trumpeted quack rein edies, until 1 met you in Lawrence couuty some months since, when you cave me such *?nurar.ce as in<tuc?:d the tri I of your Restorative in my lamily, first, by my good wife, whose hair had become very tnmatid entirely white, and before exhausting one of your large bottles. her hair was r?5'?r'.d its on* mat beautiful brown color, and had thickened and become beautiful and glos?y upon, and entire y over the bead. She oonliuues to use it. not simply because of its beautifying cflects upon the ha"\ but because of its healthful influence upon the head and mind Others of my family and friends are using vour Restorative w:th th- happiest eflects; there foie m* skepticism and doubt iu reference to its val ue and character are entirely removed, and 1 canand d>> most cordially and confidentially recommend its use by all who would have their hair restored from white or gray, by reason of siokness orase) toorig mal color and beauty, and by all young persons who would have their hair beautiful ar.d glossy. V.,, truly "^^SKSlON MANN. Feiend Wood: It was a Ion* time after I saw you at Bhssheld before 1 ** the bottle of Restorative for which you gave ine an order upon your agent in L>etroit, and when I got it we concluded to try it on Mrs. M ami's hair, as the surest test of its H has all that vou nssu ed me it would do, and othersof my family and friends, having witnessed it* effects, a.-e now urimc and recommending its use to others aa entitled tu the highest consideration y ou ?a? rcspeotfully ^^VoNMANN. Cahlyle, III., June 28.1852. I have used Prof O. J. Wood s Hair Restorative, and have admired its wonderful effects. My Wa? I thought. prematurely ''ut b* the use of M. restorative it lifts resumed its ongi nal oi.lor.and. I have? doubt,.^ O J WOOD A CO.. Proprietors, Broadwhy, N Y . (in the great N.V.Wire Ratling Establish inentland 1M Mafk.t st., St. I.ouis. Mo. And so.d by all good Druggists. fe Sinr pAVIAR, PET ITS PUIS, CHAMPIGNONS We call the attention ol oonnoiseura to our ini PEt!TS*POIS, m butter and natural. SARDINES, in oil. CH AM PIG iNONS, natural. ANCHOVIES.kejts. pickled. DUTCH H ER R iNG. ir. kegs, pickled. , TRUFFES, natural, in cans and bottles. ALSO. . . CAVIAR, of the best quality, and extremely rare in this eountxy. k1no a burcHELL. Jan t5 on rue r Vermont avenue and ltth at. DVE ANU BAKLEV tt, MBKOTVPHS FO?oK.FTV CENTS.iit< a asBortment uf fr?nn ot^ntji to with gtKid Likenesses, ei t herA mbroty pe, retype, or Meleamotypes. Warranted good like nesses. Come early in the day. ftOBKRT dANi>8, jan S1 tf lilHive Tre? ar J a^^f'h^ Mowth^aud of Ibcfg l,eAlso.'aC5eS assortment of ORNAMEV^ TAI.. KvER<?Rt.EN, SHADfc., and FRUIT JOSHUA PEIRCE. TO A R R I A G E 8. HE Subscriber having iruule additions to kis Factory, making it now one ol the largeet^eMyB^ In ik? lloirm! antit his facilities r'HTTii A raotory, mumi u uuw wn? ?? ??? ui the Di?tnctv vh?r? kit fao atir. iorK manufacturing al kinds of car Ji RIAGE8 and LIGHT WAGONS cannot be sur Pasie.l, and from his long experience in the basi ueas, he kopee to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carnages and Ligftt Wagons kept oa ll&DQ. R,EPAIE8 neatly doae.aad ail order* prompt 'seooad- hand Carriages taken in exchange for new oaes. ANDREW T. JOYCE, d lo-tf corner of 14th and E sts. iasiU if and Pana. aveaua. /ORIENTAL NAIL POLISH,givuu a b<?utJul AronOTUJJB. TO DAY ? TO MORROW MORNING Bv BADEN A I.OWNDS. Auctioneers. So, 34 C Marktl bract ,btt*-.en 7 lk and 8'* ?f?, II* RDWARK. Cl'TLKRY AND BUILDING W jj^T_K>lAL ?* win vVrriforT Rb^mlve.-" ? ?*}i thm ?*?*, ?| ??or ?fnr*. of % Ivcl ?vr ^ *?" "* "ATI'* DA V MOR N ffitfjiuf ^ UMt W* H"? in part Saws of every description, RmM. Brace*, ?-enimers, Hatchets. Rules, Chisel. Plant*. Levela. ' Srews. Hinges, Locks, Shovels. Hoes. .Nails, and Carpenter's Toth? of every variety Housekeeping Articles, Fine Table Cutlery, Plated Spoons and Forks, Pooket Kuives. Bowie Kmves. Pistols, A o., A c. And ever} thing pertaining to Buildoics. The trade, builders, and persons generally are re spectfuily invited. Terms of sale: All sums of end under #l?. oaah ; the baianoe in, S. 4, and t> mjnths. with sat isCaetory endorsed paper. fe li-tf B ADEN 4 LOO PS. Auot. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. IIORjr.S, CATTLE. CARRIAGES, FARM 1.1 ij?o Ac., at Arenas. ? Cm WEDNESDAY, the 24th intt., 1 ?haM sell,at l<> o'clock a. m , at the Farm now oocupied by George D Livingston. on the Pisoatawajr Road, ahout two miles from toe Anaonstia Bridge, all the StooK and Effects on the Farm. oomp rising? 5 excellent work Horses. Hogs. Cattle P owe. Harness. Wagons, Carriages Carts, Hay. Straw, odder. Ac. Also, head of tine Cabbage A fine lot of choioe lisrden Seeds tt ir h an assortment of Household Kurioture. Terms: All sums under t-V easti; over #26 a ored t f 2,4,ami 6 months will be given for notes, in ?11 eases satisfncton.y endorsed, l>eeriug interest. feSMs tiR KEN, A net MA KSHAI/'S SALE.?In virtue of awnt of fceri facias.under the lien iaw. issued from the clerk's office ofthe Circuit Court of the Di strict of Columbia for tbe County of Washington, and to me directed, I will expose to pubtio sale, for Ca?H. in front of the Court Houm dmir of said county.on WED*FS DA V, tbe 24'h of February, 1858. at 12o'clock m , the following described property to wit: All defendant's right, title, claim, and interest in and to the three Frame Houses erected on Lot No, 5. in reservation D, on Maryland avenue, between 4S And bth sts., in ,the City of Washington, 0. C,,sei?ed and levied upon as rhe property of James B Locke*. and will be sold to satisfy Judicials No 279, to October term 1457, in favor of Smith A Fowler. J. D. HOOVER, Marshal jar. dts for the Distriot of Columbia. FUTURE DAY8. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SAl.E.-By virtue ?>f a deed ot trust from Jesse Reeler, reoorded among tbe land records of Washington county, in tlie District of Columbia, in Litter J. A. S . No. 117, fo.ios ttie undersigned will sell at public auction, to the highest bi ider.ou THI RM) A V. t tie 25th day of F ebruary. ISM. at 5 o'cioek p. iu . in front of ttie pre inises, part of Lot No. S. in Square No 558. b<|in uing lor the saine at the southwest corner of aaid suuare. and running thence due north with the line otsd street west 71 feet U inches the depth ofthe lot thence east ZS feet, thence south 71 feet ll inches to the line of K street north, thenoe with tbe Itue of K street north 25 feet to the l?eginnuig, with the im proveinents thereon which coumal of a new and well built three story Brick Building. This property is situated at the oorserof.%1 and K streets,one square ? ?i the rear of tta h ie dwellings reoeutly erected by Mr. Douglas and others, and is ui a moat rapidly im proving part of the oity. Terms: &I.2MI ca'li; halanoe in 1. 2. and 3 vears; the purchaser to give notes for the deferred pa? inents, bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance at the cost of the purchaser. If the purchaser or purchasers should fail to com ply with tbe terms of sale in ten davs after the day of sale, the trustee reserve* the right to resell the property, at the risk and cost of tbe first purchaser or purchasers, by giving three days' notice in the National Intelligencer. J. H. GODDARI), Jr., Trustee feteoAds A. GREEN. Auct. / 1 REAT SALE OF CARRIAGES. ** AT COST. The firm of Gardner A I'laoe having dissolved on the 7th instant, by mutual oonsent, to. ulo>ie up their bustLesa we now offer for' sale, at eont, at their stand. No. S53 I2tb street, near the corner of C, the following Carnages: Five Buggies, four Rockaways. one Four-pas senger Phaeton and two Expreas Wagouu. Ail the atwive were made ofthe tiest and most tho rough seasoned lumber and built by skillful and ex perienced workmen, and will be warrnted for twelve months; a satisfactory guarantee being given with every sale. N. B. Current funds required in every instance. Also, Hand Buggies very cheap lor cash. CHAS. T. GARDNER A SON ian 20 gtns*W Successors to IVardner A Place VALUABLE AND^UJ^T INTERESTING BOOK. For sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, near i?th st. Rscords of thk R kvolctio> * it v W a r ; con taining the Official. .Military and financial Corres pondence of all the officers ofthe Revolutionary Army from 1775 to 17H5,containing the most interest ing military, historical and fananeial information du ring that period: also, the organization of all the Regiments, showing the names, rank, dateof com mission, tune of enl stment.and services of the of licers and privates of each: also, the general and brigade orders of Genetuh WiutAineton, Lee, (ireen, Wredon, and otker*. List of American Officer* Trnprt sorted, The time of their capture, release, Ac. An account ofthe Society of the Cincinnati. In New York, Pennsylvania a?id Marylac.d a list of the mendiers names, Ac., the hail pay. coinranta uon. and bind acts of tbe Continental Congress ; a complete list ot all the Office n w/io Served to the tin J of the II 'jr, And acquired the right to half p y for lile, comtnu tat ion and iaud;proc e-lingsof the S4th Congres and I'nited States Court of Claims reia'ive to a re situa tion of the half pay acts ofthe old Congress for the benefit ofthe Heirs oj Officers of the Revolution; Virginia haif-pay and land laws: the reasons which led to passage of the act of July >, 1432. b? Congress the nnmes of the Virginia offioeia w tio received land an interesting aocount of the military land dintricts of Ohi-i, Kentucky and Tennessee, the lo cation of wariaots, surveys, Ao.; Rei'ofiftiona' 1/ Pennon Jjfitr< of the L'm'teJ Utaiss, As they now exist. w>th coinn entaiiea tt.ereon; notes on'lie serv.ces of various cl.-isao of revolu tionary offu-drs, with an extuusiv? list sLowtng tut time thev died. Ac.. Ac. One large !2ino volume of 6 st i?agea. Price fl.V Postaxe 2o cents to aiiy part of the Liutod SlUi-s, except California. Tins work is intended as a (took of relereuo. t<>the historian and scholar, as lurnuhing a tn r outh guide to persons c'aiming title to land or pe< - sionsf-oin servicea of their lorelathers during the revolutionary war. The volume contains ttie names of overStMssiotiioers and privates of the ret-olulion army, fiud fhouid li? in th^ h nidt of all the d?? acendants o| the brave men who fought under the tAnner ol '7fi, that the node actions of their anoes tors may i.ot escape reminiscence of their deaeend ants, who must retain thia work as a memento o| their brave deeds and pat tent siiffermgs. fe II "rlsTjb NO USE, IT CANNOT BE BEAT. I lMI| I LEVY'S OLD WRECK WHISKY, of 1K?T. challenges the world?(a big word, but too true to be a joke>?judges from all oarts any so. A little left Also, can i.e foui.d at his store, a choice lot of o'her Whiskies, Wines. Brandies. Rums, Old Julupj Wormword Cordials, hoe Grooeries, Teaa, Kngliah, Sootch Ale. and Drown Stout, wholesale and retai'. JONAS P. LEVY, No. 554 12th and B streets north, fe 13-lf near tne Canal. | A DIES. PLEASE READ. For genuine, reliable FU RS. free fn-m m .fto ti.c tresh made, oalt at STINF.M ETZ'S, 236 Pa. ave nue, between 12th and 13th streets, who has ro oeived inatruotions I rem New Yoik, to seli the fine assortment now hand, on commission, at lest die count than heretofore odered. Amorig them will be found the hai dsomet sets French Sables, ha.f and quarter Capes evei brougbt to this city, for ?10 and $12, Viotonnea #5. Also, Capes and Cloaks, of superior quality, very cheap. Particular attention is invited to t?o verv large Mmk Sat>le Capos, worth over #rlM). eaob for ffX And $65. Mink Sable Cape, medium sue. ?*> a^d #36. Mink Sable VieUrriues sin and 9it>. Also, several seta real Hudson Bay Satiie. Together with Sitierian Squirrel. Fitch Marten, Frenoh Mink, Ao , id all their variety Imlrmine Opera Cloaks, very handsome; Muds to match, of all kinds, from 9J.5n to ?9n. Every article warranted, and if proven a? not rep reaented, the money will be refunded. B. H. STINF.M ETZ. 236 Pa ave.. bet. 12th and lath eta., ian 11 neit door to Madame Delarue. S IMPROVE YOUR EYES. TRENGTHEN and assist them, by the Paris Optioian, D. WoOLFSON, who S Optioiau, D. has arrived Irom Europe with his ? own, as well as the manufacture ofagood many others of the latest unproved SPKCTaCl.ES and EVE-GLASSES; amoiig which are the . _ PER1SCOP1C CONCAVE and CONVEX. The DOUBLE FOCUS and DOUBLE POLISHED BRAZILIA N TEBBLES. CR VSTA 1.9. Ete.. which are warrauted to improveauy hi K aflected With weakuess. oataract or tending to it; ftiso shobt-sigh'tedness. Persons who are eosepslled to use g.asaes, or those now using theui.will 1^ suited at firat sight. Those "?tfS&LK VRNLZIXUAN have reoeivad the highest reoommeudationa at the World's Fair, at Pans, through their producing A ol earnest ami eaaineaa of vision heretofore unknowa in At* other improvements. Also.all slylea ol tiPfcKA, SPY. and MAGNI FYING GLASSES,Compasses, and Microsoopes Hi f?r sale at fets stors, corner of Eighth street and Pennsylvania avenue, or Eighth street No.491, be tween D street aad Pa. avenue. frr Do not mistake fAs comer 8tk strut. Prices very reasutiabie, the aawe as at his eeSab lishment tn Ruroee. B?-tf 8TOP THAT BATTLING. I am now prepared to pat on " Chapman's Elastic Anti-Rattling Shaft Fastener.** a sureAJ remedy for the raulmg of the shaft-oli] of Uarria?es and Wagons, whioh ean ! pat on at a small expense. . . Call and exanuoe at my Factory. where 1 ?avs eertificatee frosa the lead;u? Ceseh T! pqyLfeWiyg.MA^AggAS OlL.WSIBBJ'* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS *"?*kli|Ut'? Birthday. 1a-??*b,r!h"^JTry of W*"b heiaj; m4r a 1-*?1 t'heV* t! lature, the bank* and ?-ltJ ?2? 1 and there wa. . Several miliary nam pan^'tl!!!* ? bo.)n?a dnrinjf the day ?*,t perade Piiilabbi. m ia. Feb ? -Netwtthsta?di.. ?*_ si ush roml If Ion or our street. from tbe storm. several of our million-r*wn p. ?? in celebration of tbe anniveisary of Washing ton * tiirtbdav Fla*s were displayed fron the ?blppla* and various public buildings impart i??K quite a trstal appearaare to tbe rity Western T raws per tatlaa. coWtl.lre'hla?,.^eb 42 ?Tbe weather coatiaoea rim i, ,mi "n',w '? aearlegoae The Ohio vtlle and Ptit.K01** ^"b "* Steuben I. ?'dU T?,? "\d 40 below here Ml deoth Vnt t?T^#r 1***** river la but four feet indeptb. but tbe freight for the Wwt ha* all T. 0.n"?:d R"P?r,? f^CUdhaoIr.Ii Louisville to-day represents ??H ? 6 or 7 feet of wafer aX?.J7cT? timore and Ohio Railroad are vCSaiM 40 or 5?? car load* of good* per 4*y betvDL. .TI Cential Ohio aod their r?ad^ f th* A Reaceaater. Bosto* Feb ft ?A rencounter orrarred at Parker's Hotel here, vesterdav. the facta atared bcin?t an ml J owe : A Mr. L D Merrill. of th'a city, made a violent assault upoa Mr F Btrge. of NVw York, the former apttting in tbe lattar's fare. Ac Mr Blr**. after repairing to his room, aeair. made hi* appearand aod called Mr. Mer rill to account for tbe insult. A co.nstoa imme diatelytook place, during which Mr Blrge dis charged a pistol at Mr Morrill, but without are efiect They were then separated, and both are now under arrest Charge off Pelaaalag. PHiranit rttTA.Feb K ?Mra Kirkparick has oeen held to bail on te*t>mony whicn itroirir implicate* her ia the tare attempted poisoning ol her brother-in-law * family. A servant girl whe wa* exjmiued recognlied the plate on which a poisoned pie was sent, and states thai tbe prisc nei broke up two similar platea after the flr?t hearing of tLe charge against Robert P Kirkpat rick Marine Disaster. Nrw Yobk, Feb 22 ?Dates froia Ktagst n, Jamaica, to the 2d inst . hive beer retrained bare Tbe brig Ocaan Belie, of Baltimore, bad been driven against tbe rock* ia a gale, lost her spars Slid wa? leaking 1.4?i strokes per hour She bad put ia for repairs. ? New York Baak ft ta teas eat. Xrw Von. Feb tt ?Tbe weekiv statement of our city l>anks shows a decrease of P76.000 iti loans. a^Liluu in circulation, and an increase of *4,l9lMKNi in specie, H.6I4 i?sj ia nominal depo? its, and *I,Jh6,im? ia und aarn deposits Shipwreck aad Lass af Lite. Nrw ^ obi, Feb ?1?Information has been received that the ship John Milton, from the Chincbas. has been wrecked on Montauk Point, and the otBrer* and crew lo?t. Eight dend >>odte? have been washed ashore Murder at New Provideace. T< Louisvillb. Ky . Feb 2a ?At New Ftwi. denre Friday night. Jos Harris, tobaccaalat. wa? murdered by one of bis negroes Subsequently a mob took tbe ueg ro and buog him. <?reat Robbery of Fire-araaa. Baltimobb, Feb. 23?The gunsmith shop of O. J. Mever* was rob?*d last night of % 1 ttw woith or jun? and pistols No trace of the rob )?ers has been discovered Reported Kale af the Adriatic. Nrw York, Feb. S3 ?It la reported here that the Collins tnall steamer Adriatic has been sold to the Russian Government for ?20t),U0() (about tl.tlUUUOU) Baltuaare Markets Haltimobk. Feb. 23?Flour is firmer and Be tlve, ami sales were animated. Howard street and Ohio 14 S'^afl 50. mostly at the latter flgure \Vh?*at is quiet and unchanged; Mr to prime rods *1 Utal CM; do white ?l lial 2(1 Corn u drooping, white 56a^6c ; veliow 96*5tv Cloverserd I* lower, at *4 >*7JtaA5 1^ Whisky is dull at 23a33^c. Now York Mark eta. Niw Von, Feb 23 ?Floor closed dull at a slight advauce , sales this morning ft.OUft bbls , State quoted at 94 JuaW 40; Ohio *4 (MaSS 00, Southern ?4 ?<ia4 D.i Wheat very* dull; sales of 1.000 bushels; white nominal; red f 1 20. Corn dull and heavy; aales niminal, but prices unsettled Pork lower, *16 6*a?l6 fc7; prime bl3 *4 Beef Is.ju e* iuid unchanged. La;d has decliaad. at ?*a9j,c Whisky dull; Ohio 22^a23ftc. Niw Yobk, Feb 23 ? Stocks opened Bctire, but closed we.ikei. CblcBtfosHd Rook Isiaao 81 u, Cnmb-rl^nd Cos 1 Co. 21, lllinola Central boada *ik; LaCroase and Miiwaukle I0J|, Mir^lnn S?.uthcrn :W: New York Central 6?^ iVuu uai Co t>^; R admg RR G3\; Miiwaukle and Mls ? s-l,-p. 4'^: Canton Co 24\, Virginia* a, *kyit Mi??onri * Sterling exchange doll at 109ftal09\ . SWOI.FK'S CHF.IDAM AROMATIC SCHNAPPS IS pre*jril?d vith treat success b> the Madaaai Fac ulty id Gravel, Goat, CBroat? Rtieomanem, l)rop ?ri Dyspepsia, biucritb Ciraulatioa of the Biabd, Inadequate AssinuiatioB ol Food, and exhaasted Vila, Knercy; aad aa a beverage it baa ac aaporior ib tbe world. Put up in quart and piut bottle, and tor *%)a by ait the Urur(ists and Groeers in Wesran(tnn. UDOLPHO WOLFF.. Bole Importer and Matuilaaturar, Nob. IS, V, acd 28, Has vet street. New Yor* (tec 1 ? - Srn 1 I UUI A VKAR ' 0 I ,UIHJ A vkar ) '1,000 A \ FAR. Pr?<btat is si.d honorable emptoy A VKAK. inei.t for all limes. Persons ;a 1 fi^ori A VKAK. town or oo?intry. inaaarok <W en ) A \ KAK. ployment as a soarce of laoome, I'I.kki A VKAR. or io fan up their leisare boars. I A YKA*. may hear of such by !1.<?-A \ KAK. two stamps, to pay poktaya, to l,<WA VKAR. Prof. JANlF.S T HOMNK, "IXIAYKa*. Boe No. 4J6I. New York IW >IMA VKAR, Olbce. The employ meat is ktted Fl.niM) A VKAR. to eittier aex ; station in life iir< 11 <**' A V K A It, material. It is ai< article of daily 1 nirft A VKAR. oorsnmption. and oat. be mma I.*|| A S'F.A K . f*oturea in the acenr's dwe.lir.c ; l,??iA VKAR. secuie hy ooeyright; ne a, l.vo A VKAR. pern.anent as lour. An an eat i? J.'iio A VKAR. wanted iu every town in the l.i?m \ YF.AR. I'mon. jan 35 1 ai' B AGGAGE K X P K K * S O F KICK SM 1) STBEJCTi Adjoiaiat Tk? Ststu Prtssss# Ofc*. The sulisoriber, Bviane Airaut for Baltimore and Ohio an<i Washington Rrauob RauMad, Laa optnied ati of&oe, at tbe above piaoe. for ths aogua minlatioo of tbe public, w^ere orders oaa ba rsnlat the Bse ol Waitous to o"nv*y Btntchce or Paekaacs to Mid from Ri.irokvi Ue^.t.rtsamboats, Ac., orlor removal to an> point >u tuis City or Ge>?rae?owii open from 7 o'clock a ir.. to lOo'oloak p. rr , daily. ?tXs?ept Sunda?.7 to Ido'oiooca n. .So'oiooe tolbp m JOHN M. MoCLINTOCfc. BasitaraAient Ba.timore and Railroad. N. B.? Perfcoua ootuisc to \Vashin|tton or fo:r.f to BaitiiiK*re, ten bavinc up their minds where they Will stop, by Kiviny up their oi.eelrs to au airents ol the oars. Willi have their bacraee takea owe ol at this olbce. or at Baltimore oftoa. No. It Sharp street, and noextra oharse. d l<> I have on hand a lane assortment ol t-Vi<as , GeDtlemea's.Missea', Boys'. V oaths ?.**UtoTrTO Children'a Rui.nera, Overshoes. Bar..?ae K44W Gosemera, Bo<?ta. Slippers. Buskina heilad^tl^U ard without. Water proof Bor.ta aad Snoee, wbtcii I will aell cheap for oaafa. Also, a splendid stook of Sola L eat bar Truuaa at roduoed prices. ?s/ffrTh'8ov??. Iron Hall, Pa. avaaee. between |an 14 Oik aod lata are. F>SPKt.'lA 1j NOTICK.?Our sinoere thanks aro A hereto tendered to all who have settled theuac counts With us ainoe our last issue of billa. Bat oar pnneipa' ol^ect now is to call the attentioa of tkaao who have not paid to thia notioe. We want thein t* know that w ere mfrrint f?r tArac tkr mowt. dttr m?,aod hope that without delay thoee persona whom we have in food faith accommodated will celt or send in their setliemente. isn* dsw CI.AGFTT k DOPSON. 4 u GASTON ft. CLARK. ?*0 LOUISIANA AVENUE, seound door from 7th straat, under tbe Aveoae House, CLOTHING AnS"gL?\*S FURNISHING GOODS. _ _ The subaoribers oall attention ?oa daaiiabie Stoo* of CLOTHING which they bow !?'??? tioii at their Store. No. 4? Losieana syaaao. ?"?? d.n?r frota Tta street, and as *^r? s?xssxdi Hi^Ar^rinS thi best order wor\ ib tiseoartry. w*tchin? the vsnoai ebanfee of fbakioa. Partie* JT. tlsV M.ured of kodiac the lataat eat aaTaMko fa Wear, will be aold at aaotioa snoea.ard par i?n would do well to examiae the lot. This ia in stors, Chasers would do Wtil Ui examiae tkeiot. This ia no humbac, as our assertioas oea be pcovsd aaaa amioatioa. VTA MS FOR FAMILY direat Ma?C BUOAlf-CURF.D ^AMi'wkiek we reoommmt torn. "P^or. K|NQ A % .