Newspaper of Evening Star, June 14, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 14, 1860 Page 3
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W LOCA L NEW8. CT T\9ugk Tbi 9ia u prtnttd en tkt ftatut rtsa* rrtti m ?'i toutk of Bti'-tmort, ill tdition it so i?rji (i t? it to bt put to prui at mm *<? kcu? ; A'irortxt*m*ntf, tkmtfort, fkeuld bt ??i ? *?/ors 7"?et.'r? cVfoeJk, ?i ; Hierwix f*?jr ?at wsii.' tkt ntit d<Jjr. Frjiiai. or Gbmebal Jm*rr ?Tbe eeremonies in honor of the late General Thomas S irwp, yesterday afternoon, were of m most impressive snd Imposing character. At tbs hour Axed upon the remain were convered from the late residence of the deceased, near the corner of Twelfth and F street*, to the Epiphany Church la G street, where the solemn service of the Episcopal Churrh was performed. A large number hsd assembled in the church sometime prior to the arrival of the corp??; among others the President of the United States, who in company with Judge Black, the Hon Cave Johnson. Secretary Cass, and Secr#>tarv Tnn?? Immediately In front of the pulpit, on tlw Inside tier of the aisle on the east side Seated directly opposite on the Inner ranee of the main aisle was the towering form of Gen Winfield Scott, in full dr?**? uniform. wbo apparently was deeply tmpreaaed with the solemnity of the ar.eoe. A few minute* after two, a solemn dirge upon the organ announced the entrance of the procession with the remains. First la order came the Rev Dr Hall (rector) and the Rev. Dr Pyne, who was to pronounce the funeral oration, followed by the Revs Dr Parker and Cheever, of Old Po: fit. Just behind these, at the head of the pal! hirers ^earin^ the coffin, was the Mayor of the city, wearing ? black scarf The front of the eortege proceeded to the platform of the church, where the coffin was plac ed in a central position >>*tween the reading desk and the pulpit, the pallbearers ranging themselves alon^; the front vista The coffin which was of mahogany, was covered with black cloth, and lined witn white satin ?'n the lid wu a silver plate, on which was engraved in a most sklllfui manner by Mr Phipps, of this city, the name of the deceased, with the day of h-s birth, as also of hi* death. The national fltgwas neatly folded around the coQin. on the top of which was placed the chapeav, uniform and sword of the ill ustrious dead Immediately following the remains was the family and near relatives of the deceased Francis P. Rlair. Esq., with his two sons. Montgomery and the Hon Frank P . were among the chief mourners, each accompanied by * lady. The mourner* being s-ated on the right. the officers of the Army and Navy took position on the left of the main parage way, with Gen Scott at their head A large number of the diplomatic corps wm also present in a body. The services were commenced by the chanting of a solemn reijuiem by the choir The formulary of the Episcopal Church usually otxwrved on such occasion*, was then gone through with, after which the Re* Dr Pyne pronounced an eloquent oration on the memory and character of the distinguished and venerated hero The reverend gentleman, alter speaking of the high toned and moral character of Gen Jesup, said It could not be expected that on that occasion he should give even a brief narrative of the events which had rendered the name of their de parted fHend historical. History told Its own story?and oh! what a noble record He could not refrain, however, from observing how fruit ful that great war of 1-1*2 was in men distinguished not merely in military and naval service, but formed by that source for '.Treat legislative and admiu'.strativf qualities. The Mexican war had been followed by the same consequence; and ind?^d, It wis interesting to observe, how, as In the case of their departed friend, the ability formed in the one war. but matured sufficient etperience to render more efficient aid and coon sel in the other He was struck with the special attention which had been bestowed in the varlou* of Gen Jean p. upon bis administrative abilities, and the thought occurred to him how continually titis tame administrative faculty bad been developed in men who had risen to high military kill. These men were not mere soldi en and sailors, competent to conduct a revolution to honor or defeat; bat they were also men wise and resolute in council, able and ready to give advice as well iu civil and legislative capacities He did not wish to be understood as savins, however, that this kind of training necessarily made such men There must be something in the individual man himself, to be made useful by this or any otLer profession. But how many men were tuere of equal natural ability, who passed through th* world without making any mark; while no man under thi? training who had that ability, did not ia somt form or other mike it iSor did be mean to say that this kiad of training, in the narrow, professional sense, is necessary to produce such qualities. \V hat he did mestn to say wjs this Th it no man was truly qualified to control in human afTiira who had not first learned t'? obey There were services fer subordination, j The defined rank, relation, and duty In whirh everv Mian knew his place by his dis? barge of the ' duties in the place he whs in. and the relations of pla.-e above hini. qualified him for that higher degree in which he was to command '1 he reverend gentleman then spoke of the d~ieaw-1 having p?>sa-?sed that rare but important lualittcatioii of knowing bow to govern one's ^_ie i ? ^u, aim UKU IIIMailCrt XO lilOW that l?ell JeSlip. though naturally of a proud spirit, never failed to admit and apologize for any wrong that he may have done. VFTSIDK TH K CHI BTH Outside the church an lmm?n? throng of persona were assembled, completely blocking up all available apace within the square where the church 1a situated In front of ttie church, occupying the entire square, was drawn up the Artillery from Fortress Monroe, numbering three hundred and seventy-five m?n. and the U. S Marines from our own \svy Yard. Conspicuous among th* mounted oflurrs. an<l commanding the escort, was the veteran Brevet Major General NVool, his line figure aud commanding appearance attracting universal and respectful admiration Immediately behind the hearse, his head droo(>ed aud bis attitude singularly significant of the sceue then enacting within the church walls, stood the old war Meed of the deceised. bis once Hue proportions bearing mauv marks of the disfiguring hands of time ai.d the battle held, aud wearing the saddle under which in past years he bore his gallant master o'er the fluids of Florida. IHK rawcsMioa. The services in the church over, the coffin was - - -* ? - j? ? * uviuv *? uic tuurcu uoor, wuen tbe order to tL> military to present ariua was given and executed while the remains were being placed in tbe hearse The cortege theu formed and marched in the following order General Wool, commanding escort, and Staff Drum Major. Full band from Fort Monroe, led by Criacbetta? dirge Batlahon of Artillery from Fort Monroe, in column of companies, and commanded by Col Dimmick, M?jor Anderson, and Adjutant Hiignet?arms reversed Regimental colors, draped in mourning fa Battalion I niled States Marines, Maj Ter et comr manding, Lieut. Iiolmrs. Full Marine Baud, led by Prof Sala?dirge. Martial music. Drum Major. Presd^nt s M >un**-d Guard, Capt Peik Battery w-.t , tbe l/nltrd States Oraiiaiice Corps from Washington Arsenal, Lieut Zanders Coaches containing tL?* oth iating clrrgv, clergv f tbe I) Strict, Surzeon H?n?irnf ??.. * o ?' and medical attendant* of the deceaaed Pall Heartrt Mayor of Waahlngton, Maj Gen Weightman. Colonel Harris, Commodore McCauley. Commodore Smith, Colonel Charle?Thoo?aa. Colonel Craig, Colonel Cooper. Bt. Brig. Gen Garland. Bt Brig Gen Totten, Hon. J W. Stevenaon, Hon J J. Crritteuden Attendant* Htiin. Attendant* Horse with military trapping*, led by grooma R*;ativea. *ervantt. and friend* of the dece?*ed. L:eat General Win Held Scott. and Staff. The General Staff of the Army. OAceraof the Army. Ot&cera of the Navy .i-id Marine Corp*. Survivor* of the War of Clerk* of ttM? ijiiarternuuter (ieneral s <)?re Volunteer Corp* ..f the Diatrirt Mllltla, In th** following order: National Kiflr*. Capt. Sohaeffer. Martial music Company A. National Guard*. I.ieut Bi*hop comH.'rtilion Washington I.i^.fInfantry, Maj Davia, Wither* * Bran* Band. mriaiiuril A.rxtndria Va The President of the I nibd Mate* and Member* of tiie Cabinet Die Chief Juitur and Associate of the Supreui? Court ;tiid D strict J ad a of the Intted State* * The President and Se< r?Ury of the Senate, ??na tor*. and OttlcfM of the Senate toreigH ill Ulster* and Snius Member* and Officer* of th? ilouse of Keprrst ntittwi. Jusiices and Officers of the Court of Claim*. Societies and fraternities. Citizen* and Str mgers As the proc?**lou moved down Pennsylvania a Ten lie, the pavement on either side Wdi crowded with spectators, from the State Dr|>artment to the Capitol. AT TBI CIMRTtlt Arriving at the Congressional Cemetery, the remain* were drposited Id the yault, with Iropr'aalve eeremonlt-s br the officiating clergy. The artilbrrv from * ?rt Monroe.with the 1' S Mail nes k vrn then drawn up in line on the free* faring the baryin^ ground and three volleys of mn?k~tr^, were fired. In accordance with military usa^< l<tt!Dt1T< O* THE KStlAl Three of the men of the artillery battalion were taken 111 suddenly, yesterday, while standing awaiting the c orpse st the church, and were taken Into a Lou*j near by aud m?-dl al asaittiUce ot>t niied They had been drinking too freely of lee water whlok was giveu them while over boa U-d Tbev were placed In a hack and sent to their r barters at tfce Arsrnal The artillery battalion !? composed of strone. stout v*>nne men, thoo?h th? tin:f irm however comfortable It may be. d'd not add tr.uch to their appearan< e (Jmte a number of the men have recently returned from service on the frontlert. A !*d tome fifteen year* old, vrbo was standing inside the church yard, was suddenly overcome by the heat and fell down In a frightful fit, which lasted for tome timer He w*t well cared for by persons standing near the spot SMOKISO OS DUTT. A great many persons lu the crowd yesterday noticed and commented upon the appearance of a t^uad of police in front of the procession with cigars in their months, whicb th?*y puffed away almost tinder the nose of General Wool and his staff They were in the right place no doubt, but the cigars were uot; the latter should have been kept out of sight on such an occasion for the sake of common decency. ?kbzxad> to Mb. Richard Wallach and thi Opposition Cocmcilmkn ?L?st night, the friends of the Opposition candidates in the Third Ward assembled in larae numbers, mil n with Ksputa's band to'serenade Mr. R Wallach and several of the Opposition members of tte Cltv Council. Mr Wallach uot bting at home, they proceeded to tie residence of Dr. Borrows, on K tre't, when,after numerous calls, that gentleman appeared and addressed the assemblage. He exprt-saed himself as belonging to no party; but, on tbe contrary, deairous of seeing pirty questions removed fr<>in our municipal affairs. ile had supported Mr Wallach not as a party man, but as au independent, people's candidate; and one who, be was confident. If elected, would administer our affaiis with ability and strict impartiality The Doctor was ficeedingly happy in his remarks, and frequently applauded. The procession next proceeded to the dwelling of Mr Jos. B. Bryan, on New York avenue, where tbey were hospitably entertained by that gentleman The next place visited was Mr. George H. Plant's, on Thirteenth street, after which they ! marched to Mr Henry B. Curtls's, on L street lleie also tbe company was invited to partake of I a tine collation It bfing understood that Mr Wallach was then i at Mr Thomas Berry's, on E street, the crowd ! ;<<;aln formed into line and. with stirring airs from the band, proceeded to Mr. Berry's residence. After one or two national airs, loud calls being 1 made for Mr Wallach, that gentleman came forward and addressed tbe withering. The shaker said they could not have greeted one who could feel prouxer of such a visit than Le Proud for the esteem which the citizens generally had sho\* n Mm; but prouder stil! for this especial mark of kindness from the citizens of the Thtrd Ward He was of them, and among them; the same instincts that prompted them prompted him; the siine feelings that caused their exultations to-night, though he was apparently a defeated candidate, caused him to exult (Applause } When he observed those present, and e 'inpared them with those whom hesaw theother evening, assembled for a similar purpose. b? perceived a marked distinction between tho?e who supports him?(A voice, "And elected you"'J?and those who by discreditable means apparently defeated him He had not asked them for their favor It was not in accordance with the wishes of his nearest and dearest relatives that he consented to be a candidate; but In obedience to their request A Voice.?You were duly elected. [Cries of - that's so,''and cheers ] Mr Wallach ?That remains to be shown, my friends?whether 1 was or was not ele ted I believe it, and it is natural 1 should believe it; and the same is the case with you. because we have evideuce of it. And. gentlemen, 1 Intend to prove to all that I was elected, and am only temporarily k?pt out of the office by the basest frauds t^-t any persons claiming to be gentlemen could uive mr uaruiuooa 10 COnnmBW I Will SDOW further that there was not one fraudulent vote cast fur me. If I flod there was one such. 1 shall use all my endeavors to have the person who cast It sent to tbe penitentiary. 1 did not ask any favor, and certainly my conduct has uever demanded or justified any frauds [Loud cheers ] To you among whom I was born, aud have lived ever since. 1 trusted mv chances Reluctantly. 1 became your (andidate, and in doing so, 1 ask>d you to sustain m?* You have done so. manfully and nobly. [Cheers J I am a far proudt-r man at this moment, with you as my supporters, than, though nominally successful, could possibly be with those that he has. [Cheers ] In regard to the charges which had been made against him (Mr WalTach) during the canvass by members of Congress aud others of beiug a know nothing, black republican, Ac., he said did not desire tbe endorsement of such men lie was bom and reared in this city, and it was enough for him his fellow-citizens, many of them his schoolmates, knew these < harges to be false. A great gratification that he enjoyed on this occasion was the fact that the generous characteristic s that distinguished his schoolmates in early infancy had tw en so nobly manifested in manhood. He asked favors from no one He pla< ed himself befure them upon his personal antecedentsaud he would only say that if he had been ele U-d he would have endeavored to render this city worthy of the proud position she holds in this Confederacy of $ta!<-?. [Loud i heers.J At tlie request of Mr Berry, he theu extended an invitation to them to parUk^of the hospitalities whi'-h had been prepared by that gentleman. It belli;; very late, no other places were visits! by the serenading party. Phrlic School Examination?The Junior Department of i'rimary .No. *2, First District. in charge of Miss Artemesia Hall, was rxaiuin?id yesterday afternoon by Col. Randolph and l>r Ironsides, Trustees of that district. Nearly all the pupils on the roll, about sixty, were present. The school appeared in excellent organization,though the 111 health of the tear be r. who, indeed. was confined to her room yesterday, naturally led us to expect some dtficieucies. < )n the contrary, the pupils exhibited excellent and highly judicious training. With a school composed of the very youngest, Miss Hall has rivalled successfully ininy who have had more favorable materials f*be begins at tho beginning?an example which might be initiated with great advantage by some of our schools, both public and private The reading, spelling, and elementary arithmetic were unusually good The examining Trustee, Col. Kandolph. propounded a number of questions quite beyond the capacity of a merely infant school such as this. to atuwer correctly though h- vts answered in general with ^uite cr-ditable intelligence In remarks to the school at the close, the exanr.ners express-d their decided approval oi me condition of tbe school and the success of the teacher. Thiodon's Mvsecm or Abts.?The production of the Town and River of Sal till urg" and the laiguittceut spectacle of the -Rising Sun" attracted an immense audience at Odd hellows' Hall last evening. Tbe representation of the ' Rising Sun'' is one of the nearest approaches to nat ire that it is ponible to conceive, and is at th?- same time no l~ss beautiful as an artistic scene than are the other many beautiful works on exhibition at Tbunion's .Museum of Arta As we have said before, one of the imst attrai tive features i t this admirable exhibition it tbe excell- lit iiu?.c that is nightly servt d up by the band.under tbe direction of tbe accomplished leader. Mr. C. O Bird FcMftAL or QtTARTERMASTKB Ft-AHirRTY ? Yesterday afternoon, Company B of the National j iard, paradrd under the command of Capt 1*. II Kin*, to pay the last tribute of respt< t to '.Quartermaster Win. Flaherty, late a member of the corps. The DrncMiinn - ' ! umw a iuiijj t'UCj and moved from the late residence of the deceased, on G, between Third and Fourth streets, to the Catholic Cemetery The service ?f the c hurch wis performed bv Rev Mr Mayulre, and the corpse was Interred with military honors The performance of this duty to a member of the corps accounts for the absence of the company from the funeral of General Jesup As Iscibest.?Yesterday, several young men walkt-d into the office of a police magistrate and seemed to be perfectly at home, though strangers in the city. Detective officer Allen happening ther?* at the time, recognized oneand hailed him, Hallo, Dick!" The individual did not seem to fancy the recognition by the officer, and got out of the rffiee rather suddenly The detective remarked to the magistrate, ' Squire, there's soin? of your Roughs, If you want to know them ' The Squire replied, "He's a young man just from ski;1 but the voung man d.dn't stop to attend to any business at the office Death at the Navt Yaed ? Mr. Charles H. Gordon, for nearly forty years a clerk in the ma- ! chiuist's department at the Navy Yard, died , quite suddenly on Tuesday afternoou. lie was a highly esteemed citizen, and his death will be heard with regret by all who knew him The I Grand Lodge, and Kastern l.odge, No 7, I. O O. K , are out in pro< esaion this afternoon attending the funeral of Mr G , who *11 an old and esteemed member of that fraternity. Assault asd Batteey.?Yesterday afternoon.* a Sjjtit occurred at the corner of Sixth street ana Pennsylvania avenn#, between C P 8engat;ick. Jr.,;ind Dr A H Young A warrant was obtained by the friend* of Dr. Youog, and placed in the | h. n Is of drteciivr others .Norwood and Boudlj n *, who arrested Mr Seugstack and took him to ! t ie ? ?< e of Justice i>Gnn, where be gave Iw 1 for J a fu ther hearing, las K. Dunawin becoming hit security. The Bemzi L>oob< run the Capitol.?It 1* s';it d by Capt. Mel|;s that the bronze doors of K.^e'a, which have jost arrived at Now York Ita: u - * -..j..? ina not f40,(>Uft, as has been stati?d In sorue of the newspaper* Eight tnou<aud dollars wc? paid to the artist for the dea the remaining #12 (**> went for raatlnCi *rA >tro?g desue i? e*t?re**?-d In New York that th?y should t>r publicly exhibited there. J apamsk EmiauiDoii Mkaesses, for sals at Whitehiirst's Gallery, Pa. avenue. Also, Like nesaea of all prominent men in the Union, inclu diug ail the Presidential candidates, at 91 a copy. Abo. * flue liken*** of the late Gen Jwup. / A ms* dnwimfhtir jiot Fatallt wombj *d by ax Auxiliary GwiMMAS.-I.Mt night boat 12 o'clock, u a number of srentiemeu were returning from the residence of Tboitiaa Bernr, Ksq., after a serenade to the successful ward candidate* In the Third Ward. Daniel Stewart waa walking along Ninth street In company with a number of gentlemen, when he waa accosted by Bernard Donnelly, a member of th? Auxiliary tiuard, who made nse *>f a very offensive remark to Stewart, and upon the latter making a reply, the guardsman struck liim?v|th hla apontoon a blow upon the Lead, inflicting a very dangerous wound Stewart fell aa If dead, and remained so for sometime; after which, apiom followed spasm In quick surceaslon. He was put in a coach and carried to his home in the Northern T.tlwftiM Th's morning it was rumored that he was dead, but we learn from his brother, Mr. Chas Stewart, that it is not so, but he is lying in a very precarious condition. The affair occurred on Ninth street, near E, and quite a number of gentlemen saw the affair, as well as the guards who were with Donnelly. A German named Hempler was the immediate companion of Donnelly. No arrest was made up to 9 o'clock this morning that we have heard The spontoon is a weapon adopted by the present Chief of Police when he was first appcinted captain of the Auxiliary Guard; and the imprudent use of it by various officers has resulted in serious injury to persons on several occasions. It is a verv heavy hickory staff, with an iron spear head, and is really a deadly weapon. P 8 ?At 11 a m. to-day, Barney Donnelly was arrested at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Eleventh street bv Officer Ginnity under a warrant for the assault on Stewart that had bt-en given to him to serve Donnelly made no resistence to the service of the writ, and promptly accompanied Officer G to the guard-house He was appointed, from Baltimore, upon the police of this city, and with rerhaus the exceDtion of Policeman Gormley has Wen inown ever ?We bia connection with it as the moat daugerous man to the public peace employed on the police force ef the Federal Metropolis?and more persistent disturbers of the public peact- aqd violators of the rights of others were never before banded together in this country under the stimulus ot official license, than the force, aa a whole, has been, as occasion served. Polici Mattkks.? Before Justice Thompson.? On Saturday afternoon Justice Thompson decided a ca?e In which Alexander Adamson was charged by Martin La Truite with publishing a libel against himself and othcrs. by vending the I'nited States Police Gazette, containing alleged libelous matter, by holding the defendant to bail for court. This CH?e was noticed in the Star about two weeks a?<o. but was not finished on account of the illness of the justice, who has again resumed the duties of his office. wher?> complaints of offenses committed in the Fifth Police District will receive prompt attention. Before Jvstire Clarke.?Wm Waters was tried on a charge of throwing stones in the public street, and was fined ?1.70 Jeremiah Petticord was accused of disorderly conduct in the Centre Market and was lined SI 94 F.noch Reynolds was accused of similar behavior in the same place, and was assessed with a like line. Jaue l.awton was accused of swearing and abusing another female. She was fined SI "*7. Thk Hotkls?The principal hotels of the city have been crowded nearly the entire season. A portion of the time thev have been crowded to th?ir utmost capacity The approach of the Bal ti muff1 C^.nn v*?ntir?n -? 1 ~r ? - - vxu^a a lUI^G UWIlllirr *J1 guests to the hotels and stranger* to Washington. Numerous orders have l>een received at the different offices of the hotel? from gtntlemen in various states for rooms during the term of the convention at Baltimore. Caption?Subscribers to the Star residing between Seventh and Fourth, ami U aud F streets north, are cautioned against paying for the paper to any person other than the agent, Mr Thomas Mathews This notice is made necessary by the fact that a carrier-boy recently in his employment, has been collecting money from a few persons without authority 50 to do. on account of subscriptions to the Star. A Runaway ?Yesterday afternoon, a horse attached to a light wagon ranaway, and in Lis track on l'tnnsylvania avenue ran among a number of horses opposite the door of Geo Parker A Co.'a store, damaging <1 valuable mule belonging to tnat firm, and a horse belonging to a gentleman wnn WM? tli?fM a* ?H? ttM.ft The Stewart HollandClcb announce their first grand pic-nic at Arlington Springs on Thursday, the J'-th inst K'-ep a look out for particulars in a future advertisement. The Vocso Catholic*' Friend Society propose to give their annual plc-nlc at Arlington Springs on Monday, the 'ioth inst For particulars see advertisement. To all whom it m*y Concern ?The respiv ta hie public will notice names attached 10 the testi kills and foiiii?ditia? which ten baca Mtiftctml Ironi the tiiuutsiidi in tli? po<>s<?k?'ioii of the world-renowned Paris Optician. Dr. w00ltsox, to be here inserted m regard to Ins appreciated Strengthening Spectaciee and Kye g, adding more honors to tnat ingill) qualified art;-', whom the> most deservedly ackuowb d<eto beat tin* load ol tils profession, lu this or any other country. Hon ex Gov. J. H. Hammond'. U. j*. S.-uator . lion, ex Gov Benj. Fitxpatriok. F. S. Senator Hon. Holtert Toombs, U. S. Senator Hon. J P. Benjamin, F S Senator Hon. B. F Wade. F S Senitor Hon. ex-Guv A. li. Brown, F. S. Senator Hon Win M. (jwin, U.S. tei a or II03 c. C. Ciav, U S. S nator Hon. J R. Thompson, F. S Senator Hon. James Ch> sunt, F. S. Senator Hon. J e tier son Laws. F. S Senator Hon. Gen. Joseph>e, F. S S?i ator Hon. A. R Boleler, House of Representatl v?? Hon. J. \V. Stevenson, House <?i Representatives Hob. J. D. Asnmore^ _ __ ik.ii. joiiii o. ciarti, no. K' p-'. II...,. J nun ,?J oti ne?-r? Ho i. William \Y. iluyw ll-.ii Jali-z L.M.Curry Richard S. Ouxe, Attorney at-Law Com. Jo?. Smith. Chief li'inaii VariU It l>n<?k? Capt? D. N. Ituia.'tam, Clii-f Bureau Ordnance Lir. Peter Parker. ex-Commisai uer to China J>r. R. K.!*toi??. M. D. I).. riiorua* .Miiler L)r. (i M. Dove. O. Uarret, K<lit >r Patriot anil Union. Harrmliurg. Pa. Major \V. A. Ilrrus, lato Kditor Washington u niwn Kx -Judge Kara William* Rev. Alfred llolin.a<l, rector of ??iacr Chureli, Washington. Sign? i* prec.ous. and therefore duty compels In ? toHnnalltkoM *uil?nng (h the vtatofii^kt through age, shorting htadnen*. cataract, or t riding to it tiirough Mie ha~it of'eailiug, or l>aj *>i k *i t. its rived from IhI or hf/ in iiiran >Im w......# ?.! to all who require the ant of Glasses, to bo careful and not lit* milled Itv encomium* or 'i^eie?i pullory ol Homo Kaloaman or so-railed optician, ? itli ?ucti ab-neficial article as rpee(acl>'?. which i good, and suited by a man who has made tlie organization ol' the Kyo his particular study, aud has nad un limited piactice. ?o as to he enabled to a.iapt the prop -r focus to the exact pot, er ol ne opun nerve*, llie ?ilasses #o olitnh<-d must uwjmibtedfy strength en. improve, and a-tsmt your vi/iou; but il other wise, are mt at injuriu* and destructive to the suht; il not instatJiiieoinly , ?oiir- time or another you will eutf.r tiie cou?fqueuces, Kfainm- for yourself. Slh;, thosj ?f tiie opinion* "t tilt* abovementioned gentlemen; that hi* gias^ce are ex client, s perior to anv other* in every ie*p ct 'I'hey improve the *ight; they are clear aud easy; h?*y will never fitlgiie the ryes. Then ol the lloetor perkonaily, they citify hi in to be a n.e-t scientific and successful optician, that he alway* does, upon nil inspection of tiie e?e,adapt the proper classes loan) peculiarity of v isio i; tuat he never tails to furnish assistance and relief ti? those who cail upon hiin. .More lioiii other reliable gentlemen, wh>? have known him fur several year-, reconiinen ling Iii iii u> tin' puUic, with which Im i - of no small con sequence, m a most honorable and truthful man. aitn>t.and gentleman, that all lie Joes Mid pays in regard to his business, can bo fully and on tirrly reiieil upon. I These strengthening sp^ctac es will suit for six year* by which consideration the poor a> well as the rich aro euablcd to use thorn, for thtty will .spend twice that cost 111 that time by tlu use of the ordinary glasses Art fecial Eves and Ear drums inserted. Chief and his only establishment iu tltis city, in 241 t'enn?>Ivania avenue, between Willard ' and Kirk?oods' Hotels. je 13 3t* Hkai.ih *sn Long I.tFK. Manv flderly persons ol both vexes who feel that they n- ed something to reinforce their debilitated ay ?tem> a-e afraid to resort to ordinary stimulants because the* k c<>\% the temporary exciteineLt tln*y is followed t>\ terrible prostration. Precisely wh*tth?? require is supplied in HostrtterStomarh Bittrr*. Till? giesl rc-tiirati ve e.imbines the touie elrtii ents t ej u '? ?!. and its operation is not momentarily but p? rinantnt. The .strength it imparts remain.', and inur ases day by da* if the Hitters is taken regular!) in cotiforim ty with the directions on the bottle. That health may l>e recovered and life prolong! <1 by lit usr tliere is no manner of doubt. \V e coinm-Mid il to all who nufler from Dy>p?ps a, Diarrhrra, Dyseutan. gem r m iioiniit] ui ui? natural uecay consequent upon alv?(iced ?al? by Druggiata and dealera generally eve rywhere. je 13 eoSt Wistar's Balsam or Wild Cherry. Frum Kx Aldermin 1'ikk , HosTon, |>b. 3.1i;53. Dr. f*. W. Fowlk.?Dtnr Sir; -For several tiny* I had been anfforing from the effv-cta of a severe cold, acoot pained by a verv sore throat and <iek heAdache, wnieh completely incapacitated me lor buainesi. 1 had taken but a amall portion of a ainttie of thia Balsam, when 1 experienced nn mediate relief. My cough wa* brok n up at, a id my lungs entirely relieved ftom the presturo which ha*I.become *o paufui. 1 attribute this entirely to the good eilect* of your Wild Cherry, as 1 took no other niedioine whatever. 1 cordially reeouitneud it to all my frienda. Respectfully toura, 9am l 8. 1'krgias. None genuine unless signed 1. Butts on tiie wrapper. Prepared by 9. W. Fowl* k. Co., Boston, and for wUo hy 7.- D. Oilman, S. C. Ford, jr.,S. B Wartn, O. 9tott. John Schwarie, Nairn ft Palmer, Wash lag ton; and by daaiera everywhere. je 13 1 w,r . V,TO*'a M\OK*TIC I?s*CT PotVUKR Katerminates Bed Bur? RmmUi Garden Iiinftet*, Ac.' It cen<?tut no Poi$o? Lyon's Magxktic Pill* Are Certain Death to Rnt? aud Mice. bold everywhere. ap 3-3ni Pmhim,-Pirioni dMirinf Penciet will aivan fiod tbma for xoBMf It tat 8Ur Ofloe ootnter. 0 4 a"* ??-as?* GEORGETOWN. Corr*rT*vi4nc* fl/ Htnr. GKoaesTows. June 14. lt.60. At* meeting of the Potomac Light Infantry, on Tneaday erening. Mr William Rvan waaelectod flftb wrjjeant The raemWri of the cor pa e*pr?*? Kfat regret that on account of the change* now beim: made in their uniform, tliev were unable j to tak* their place* la th? liuboalnir funeral for terror yesterday We notice n?*r the northern termious of H1?b street" fine Improvement now jfoln^ on, ben<j the erection of & large and <-oinmodious brick drilling for Mr Jacob K'-neia It occupies one of the most beautiful km ii the District, c?iu> manding a view of our two cities with the surr iuoding bills, and the windings of the Potomac for in I lea below Alexandria. Mr W I. Dyer is the carpenter: Mr. A Barbourthe bricklayer, and Mr. C- A. OB'utt the painter. The canal ;? in tine navigable order, and boat* are crowding in rapidly. All Is life and activity about the coal yards, and If nothing untoward occurs, we expect this is to be the busiest season we have yet known Rev. Thos H. Stockton, chaplain to the House of Representatives, lectures this evening at the Mettodist Protestant Church in Congress street From the known ability of the lecturer and the very interesting subject chosen?Materialism and Spiritualism?we expect to see a full and appre f-tan??- auaience Tbe proceeds are to be applied to paying tbe debt incurred in building the Mission School in the northern section of the First Ward of your city?a noble work undertaken by this congregation The school is In a flourishing condition, numbering from forty to sixty pupils, and would have twice as many if they could be accommodated. Remember the pic-nic, to be given by the Young Catholic Friends, at Analostuu, next Wednesday. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. A Resolution in relation to Aqueduct street Rtfolvtd by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common founril of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the Surveyor be. and he ii hereby authorized to contract for the delivery of earth in Aqucduct street, a* he may direct at the rate of 12 cents per cubic yard Resolved further. That the sum of fifty dollars, or so much thereof .4 may be necessary, be and the same is hereby appropriated, and the Clerk is hereby authorized to pay the same to the order of R T D M icfi f"> ' _ .11 ?y IHLMMWIiCU purfKW. ami the same be charged to the iii.pruvnrient of Aqueduct street. [Approved May 19, IfcfiO. A Resolution in favor of Jenkiu Thomaa Kesolvrd by tke Board of Aldtrnxtn and Board cf Common Council of the Corporation vfG<orgftoirn, That the Clerk be. and be la hereby authorized to pay to the order of Jenkln Thomas nine dollars and fifty cents for his bill for harness to 14th October, 185'J. [Approved May IP, INK). A Resolution for purposes therein named. Ktnoh'td by the Board of Aldermen and Boaid of Common Council of tke Corporation of (ieorgetoirn, That the Committee of this Corporation having in charge ita interest* before Congress. l?e and Aiey are hereby instructed to invite the District Committees of the two Houses of Cwngres*. (and such citizens of the town as they may select,; to an examination cf our harbor in reference to the channel and a Railroad bridge, so as to connect the North and South by a continuous Railroad. I*/# h* it ft/rfh #r - -v. , .. . A uic capctlvc* i'i such examination, not exceeding one hundred and fifty dollars, be paid by the Clerk out of the General Fund. [Approved May 19, leUO. A Kksolctio* instructing the Comniittre appointed to reprehent the Town before Confcreas Resolvtd hy the Board of AUtrnuu and Board of Common Council of the Corporation if Ueorgrtoien, That the Committee appointed to represent the Interest* of the tuwn before Congress, be and they are hereby instructed to endeavor to have the charter of the town so amended by Congress that the mode of collecting taxes on re?? 1 estate shnll be the same as that provided in the cLarter of the city of Washington And be it further resolved, That said committee are further instructed to urge upon Cou^rtss a speedy appropriation for the completion of the Washington Aqueduct, and in connection therewith an appropriation for the straightening, grading. and naviug of the street le&ding from the Tubular Bridge over Ro<-k Creek, to lirid^e street in (ieorgetown; and thnt the said Committee are hereby further authorize! to pro|>ose a grant by this Corporation to the I'nited SUtes, of iuc iisr ana jurisdiction ol. ana aver salil street. which th?-y now have over ?tr?-fts anil avenue? in Washington [ \pproved May 19. HoMKOPATHiC RkMKIUE* All of Pr. iluinphre\s ft Co.'g specific fTomeupHttnc Remedies put up expresaij for family use, in boxes, at 25 and Si c-uts each. Al?o, in cases, containing Ji vial.s, from $4 to *aeh, with lK?>k of full itiirctioiu. For snle FSy Z. 1). Oilman, 350 I'a. avenue, whol-salc and retail ft,:nut; \\ . A Fitzgerald, 3Z'.l north F street: also by F. H. Winter, nortii corner ol K i-trei t ana VerniOi t avenue. Also, Foh.1E rtract Wile* H'lt'.l, lor internal ami external iuiianimatioiiK of all kinds. Sold &s atiove. ma 9 ly Mi*. Win*Lowtan ex peneneedr.nrte and female physician, has a S>noth>4t S*thpJvi C*iid-n Te'ii**, which r.-fai j faci..tate? the p<-ooe*K of teething hy uof*er:ng the ruins, reducing all inflammation? will a:lay a.; pr..n, and it sure to regulate the hnwala. Dosem! un/.n it m..?} *> >? ? ' ?? to youraeivea. anil relief aud hoa.'li to your infai^'s. Perf?ot;y safe inali oases. Sa? nlv?rt:aem?-ct :c another oolumr:. ocll It Thk bf?o>i of ;?k?TRrcT:ox m thp fatahtv arnon* our TounK an:! middle-agril to indulge, in a:j<1 dot asm; ha! it?. TIiOkb who are j^anunc f >r some intl ? *?<??? to di*p?'l t!i?* crowing ? vil, ?i.oui<i it.'Ml "Hunin Pi t t'v.ur Physiological K'*t'irckn." It de.iucat*-# m ru ul tc'rrf t !w it ?.? Iieautlfulh li s tratedi the cause* and eff-ots oflocai a d vital <!iseawand decay. point n# out the only sure -"My rilrr?rea<' the advertisement of "7'riif(?iiir, in another column. Sold l?> Dr. Harrow, 1ft Hicecher street, N. Y. Price ^5 coats. Sent free evrjvrhere. Sold al?o by 9. Calvert Ford, jr., Washington, D. C. ma 7-1 m Mkyeu's Miraculous Vfr.mi.n Di?troybb. the oldest and l>est remedy known for >st riniu ing R*ts and Mie*. Cockroaches, Buirs. Ai Muaquitoea, Fleas, Moths,?jrain-\\ orms and (j dei. ln?eets. JJ f Principal Depot,61'i rUoaiwa*., \. Y. bold hy all DiuggisU everywhere. ma lB-3ni To rp5?PMFT!VE5. Qtifu'f Cod Livtr n,! JeUy. Thia *reat speoifie for Consumption is fast superceding all oth* re in its curative effects upon those afflicted with tubercular diseases. Prepared upon high y scientific principles ?f the pure oil. and rot.h<-d <j! the nauseous tvte o! U>e art!?'?. it is reoeived into the stomach in its jeljifi<Ml form, without niaiticauon, and is grviual'y and digested, paeon, t into th' ema.i mie&Uiioe drop by drop, supplying the wastes of the l*ody by its uutrioious properties, and thus a?sistinc a> d sustaii ine nature lu overcoming the diKuas-j A pproval by the New York Academy 01 Medicine, and rec niriieiided br the faculty everywhere. this preparation is confidently offered as a remedy for Consumption and a 1 Scrofulous affections Sold l'? Char|?i Stott, Washington. and by fcil respectable drugget*. Prioe $1 per bottle PgNFOLD, I'JLKKLK A MOWH, No. 15 Beekman street. New York, mar 16 3m Wholesale Agents. Barry's TRicopiiBRors is the best and cheapest article for Dressing, Beautifying, Cleaning, Curling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by all Druggints and Perfumers. mar 12-6m AUUI9. Oil the l^th inktaot, l>y the Rev. Mr. Fui'-kei. Mr. JOHN R. CARI'K.N I KR, to Mim SARAH A. JOHNSON, all ol thin city. * (>n tlie 1 Itli nintaut. l>y Rev. Dr. Butler, JOHN WILSON, E?q ,to Mist MARY BLLL. both of tliln city. lii Washington, on the 13th irst .by Rev. Father Whit", of St. Matthew's Church, Mn? 8USAN CKCU.1A SHKR'DON, <-f Philadelphia, to Mr. H . 1. 1JVKR. ot (Jeorsetowii D. G < Philadelphia paper's copy ) OlKl*. On the morning of the l?th instant, at 3}? o'clock, M KTHA JANK. i-.faut f!atuht?r of tiie late ; Mary Aim ami C. M. Key*. a^< <1 3 mouths pud 6 day*. Her fnneral will take place from the r-Kidence of her father. No. .'< >'< I streH, t>et w.-en l:>th a:.d 14th, Hum Mternnon. af 5H o clock. The fri mis of Hih faiulh are invited to attend. NKW HOOKS ** I received at Penn. avenue O h twpon 11th *nri Uth <t K1 Feurejili*, l>> thu author of the Lanipli-'htT, The l.ittl Heaiity, I>y Mrs. Urey, 1 vol. 12oio., (>36 pdjfh, Tut .Mill on the Flow, by the author of A'lam Marble Faua. i vol*, liuio N?w volume by Dickons, Short Stones, cloth. Dickem' Short Stories, paper, Dickens' I ale of Two Ciues, paper. Die-ken*' New Year's Storie*, pap -r, Diekei *' Hotiilav atones, raper, Alt offharles Lever's Novel*, paper, Ail of G. W. M. Rojnold'a Novels, paper, Thackeray in c oth aud piper, lngraha'u'* new book, throne of David an?l Pillar of Fire. For >al0 at HF.N. F. FRENCH'S je 13 3t Cheap Bookstore, Pa. ay. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHiyoroy BKASCH. Chaxgk of Horn " | ON AND AFTER WF.DNbSDA Y. Jun*lTtii,J 1840, tr&iD* will ran m follows; Lwve Washington at 6 20 and 7V> a. m. Leave Washington at 3 2u and 6JO p. m. On Honda; at SJn p. in. 1<?av* Baltimore at OS and 8 40 a. m. <eare Baltimore at S.l/5 and 4.2n p. m. ??n ^ui dar at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the East will take train* at &20 and 7.4" a. m and 3 20 pm. For the West at 7 4 a. m aod 3J0 p. m. For Annapolis at7.4? a m and 330 p. m. 1 For Norfolk at 140 a. m. On Saturday evening thelJO p. m. train goas to 1 Philadelphia onlr. jtW-d T H. PARSONB, Afent, | AUCTION SALES. |y For otktr Auction Salts, tte Jirit p*ge Br A. liRbEN, AuoUonew. TliASA^D LIQUORS AT AUCTION.-On SATURDAY, ttoa 16 h id at, ?? loo'o'oek *. fit , ? -? uvu i ft ic.s i*hui urvu iowMa ? inn of? 6 Ijh 1 ahasU Ooionc So'uoii^m, 15 qianer ahraia 'iuupowder. 6 pound* each, 5 Mlfclmata Fo?ct?on<, 2* poaada Mob. 6 ha f cfiU lirpei i.iJ. 5hslfch^ ts BrUt&st *-ouchonf, S ?maif ouka of Bfarrtv, 2 ' arfia cf tiW Ks? Whisky. Sue. 3 hottl'* fine (>)d Ry? Whi?ky. Teriaa: All aum? >>f ard under 425 cMh. over $Ji ? credit < f S,? ar.d day?. for approved endorsed note#. Isanti* interest, je'4-d \ (JRKF.N. Anal. By WALLA BARNAKD. Anctioneera PIANO. IlOrsKHOI D AND KirrHEN Frm mti re, Ac , at a?t *!?*.?On SAl'oNOAi" MnRM.Sli. thth in*t, at IP o'clock, we will *el.. I" frort of the AticMou Ri?'n t genera' a??ort nTertofvery *o d Houaeho.d Furniture, the effect* oi a fa i y <iec ining h??uaek?ppiu?. compriain*? Piano Forte. Mahogany Sofa. Ch&ita. L.oatite, Manotany laVe*. Wardrob'a, Chamber ??>ta. Waah Stand*, Bedataads. 14.,, ?.) ^ 1 w ?U'? i.-iiui i Curtain* ai d rihadf. Carpet. Oilcloth. 44 ant i * Mating. stov- ?, Kitchen 11 ?n? !s. Crockery and Olass Ware, Ac., 4c. Terras cach. jo 14-d VV ALL A BARNARD. Anoto. By J i M06I IRE ft CO , Auctioneer*. fi^URN1TI?RE ash HOl'SKHO" D EFFECTS at I rm. rSalf.-Oo MONDAY MORNING. o'^ck at the residence of \V. R. M. \V lilies, N?. 5P J street, between 9*h and loth sheets, we b ail eel the furniture and household en.-eta ooir.prising? Mahoga y i a?e six oot*?e Piar.o Forte, \N a i.ut Hair *pnuS scat Sofa. Kocker, and Parior Cnairp, Wa nrt Tenter Table, Pi*no Stool, Oak Ann Chairs, Cane nest chairs, "arpet,Oil Cilith.and Matting, Mahocany Frames, Glai cs. C.ock. i iruun m.u i5-asuans, Hurrana. ^ a?n><tands, Toiiet bets, Snad??, Feather Ked, B'-istt-r*. *i,d Pil'ows. Mattre?aea. ?'? kin* Move am* fixtures K itctien L"I*. Term : Twen'ydo a?? and noder oMh.ovar that i,n a o edit oft> a* U ?0 d*ri, f jf sat i?f?o_oriiy en dorstd note*, bearing interest. 't he House is for rent; it oontaina eix rooma. with ps.'ftif. side alley, and tardea, luquire of the auctioneer. ie M-d J. C. McGTIRE A CO . Anota. Ht A. (jREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE LOTS FOR SALE-On WED N h>DAY,the ?nth instant, I ahail ami. in frost of th" premises. at 6 o'olock p in., two of the most d-airabl* Lota in the vioiui -y of U?? Washington statue. The) are parts of original Lota Noa 16 and 17, in Sauara No 7o, f outinr -ach tweuty-atx leet one inch (&> !?et 1 inch I on the s uth aide of Penn iTivauia avenue, opposite the six buildings. with an ave age deptu el IflO iert i i> thea and 91 fset 3 i'.eh"?. reapeotivei*. and running back to a thirty feet paved alley. ?itk ita outlttdirectly m the rear. Teuna: One fourth caah; balance in 6,12. an i 19 months. Deeds ti*en and deeds of trust take*, each at the coat of the purchaser. Title inlispu table. inWMri A n. r* uuv THIS AFTERNOON \ TO MOKHUW Bv C. W. BOTELER * SON-, Auctioneer*. ^Al.E OF KICH EMBNOlI)KRIKS*. LA<> iS Goods Ma>tillas. ac, at Acctioi.-On Tl'fcS?A\ MuR.M.NG. June )2th, at lo 'ciook. we >bal! at our Auction Rooms Iron extensive and handsome collection of Embroideries, l,aoc? Ac , consisting in part of vii. Real M?-da!i?jn and Valencia L*c? Sets and Col !are. Black La-e Shaw ? and Mantillas, Rea; Round Point Laos Srt1- and Collars, B.ack Lace Vens, Capes and C-oifl jre?. Point Ap iqy? li*oe Collars and >e*?. Fancy Silk and P ain Fans. Kicti Kuit>r"idereJ Handkerchief*. Rea. Point and Valencia I.a e d? fc?*!;roid??red Bands and Tidits, Set* and Collars. Honitoi. and (impure" Srt? an-1 Col'a-s Hxir Pius. Coin. *, MiU, (iajiit.rti, ft;.-'--*, A e FornuMMtttrMtV* saie ?tll worthy the a' tcntionot the L&diei. Pa.e to continue uutii an is ui*P"se<i VL 1 <,rin? ca*h. JO i C. W. BOTELBK ft SONS. Aucts. Firrriufp >Tr?v H; J C Aiv*?l IKK ft CO.. Auotloi.t?<r?. HO K i? E ? KOI r?A..h A I AldiON-Oa SATURDAY .MORNING, Juuo Ifitii. at 10 o'clock., iu Irontofthe Auction rua 1 ?e..A fcandeoine riun Mire, about fourteen band* bigti. very *t> ii?h. ku.d and g-i<t:e, ai.ti a M>peri"r ?a *1 i?"? liorra for :a<li?s. Al?o?A fan* yoanc l?a* Mare, ab?'ut ?ix y?ars old, kind and K*at.6, ami trou fast in tiug.o harne"H. Terms cash. jal2-d J. C. McGL'IRE & CO , Auots. WILL BE AI'DED? A fine fiorrcli fiucgv aa4 hnrnens Here* Onn nearly new* st Rockawtv Two *etts single Harn'ss, Svid es and Bridles One Exoree ; Wseon. j?'3 il J. C.'MoGUl W E A CO.. Aucts. B? J. C. Mcfit IKK A CO , Auctioii?*em fcjTOCK A>D FIXTt'RKS or A FAMILY ^ (jRocekv Stork at Pi blic ArtTios?On TUK.J>l?A* MOKMVO, Juue Wo'clock, st tlie Fa 11 y Gi x:ery Store of ti. H. Vo??, i,s< . ooniT of PentiKin v&ma ?\euuf aud Teat.i tti -t, we thai! sell a.h iu? b'oek n: trails aal store hxtnres, con prmine? Kn rre. s of Hi own Crushod. and Pulverized Soears, S*ck? of Java n.r.d Rio srer n aud roa^M. Imperial, Gunpowder, You:ig Hyson, a;.d D nok Ml. I<i bcxf k <per;n Cardie?. Bates's Adamantine and Talow C*i : *pices, Yatit P<-wJers, Soap* of various kinds, I. uieo. Fis-bite, Starch, Sod\, Lard, Sardines, Capers. Picki-s, Cordia's, Superior Brandy. Whiskey, Gin, Rum. ana Wines. in wood at.a tf.8K?, <> Cica:* ?-f various br*.nds and qualities. of Tubs. Spice Loxes, Kucko's, Wash- ] U.a.ds, Ko.'ing Hopes, liiusiies, Broom*. Mats. Ac., Counters. SheUinf. Weights ai d M'a*ures, Wiidfr'g Kir>- proof ?af?. J'atfirm Sea os. N?w Kzprts* vYatou * I Jlari.??i.. iJeeXf, Gta*s (!i(&r Case, Tin Cad- ics, .V c. The Fixtures, License. Ac , will he eo!d pm a'e y ou easy tortus to an\ one desirous of ooutinu d< the Gr.*er? busiuess in the store. Terine: ? ai.'l uu-cr ca h; over that mrn a f red it of 3" v. and * <li>*.for ?at:efa<?tori i? ec * dor?ed note*. !>earui< interestf] r~ I dti itrnpK ? ill I*? r *?r* ^ r I ? j*'\2 d J. C. McGUInC d* CO.. AuL-te. PPBCIAL NOTICE.?All Pfncoi having un ritvl woMitl < ! mt lw> ?lta pi?irt>tii* lat ?? January- l(W'>, are teM>ectfn I* r<qne?ted io c. m* the earn* b-.fore the 28th install'. oth?r*i?e their bills wi ' b- p^aoed in the hrnds ?-f an ener* t c Colleotor, withoot regard 'o p-rsuus. My regular monthly oasUimerB will find their bil!?rwtd? at the ?t< re or. the 2Mh lui-tar.t, and if nit tailed [or i,y the 28th instant tin* will bs presented. and a settlement, ei-her by o&en or notes at short d*te?, is earnestly requoet?d. H H. vo?s. 11UBLIC SaLK OF A VALuAH'.K FARM M IN ALfcXHNPKIA tol'SI?. V*.,4 MILKS FKOJt \VAtH!MTPi.-Un Tl HL>\ Lhe 2*1 of June, >arru m I* *? ui"Vt? 1*1 iruqi ??i i t** > C'lD **', lb the oity "f Alexandria, I will m.II alpul?i<. auct.on, i!4'? re?<.f l*ii'l B tuairta a? whioh ! H I Hardin dit-d seize 1. I'hia and it hishiy improved, the location i? p?rfect:.j matin ami Auceoeiii.' t.i?< tli'ee mark ts of ticorgetowa. IVabtinsLoii a .a Ai xhkImv Lo.iiC 7 fro-M *h-? i& t>?r city, !>? railroad, witch ca?*'? through th? r-oprriy Th* buildings are substantia: and in good order. It will b>^ so d iu una tract or divided uu> ?*io.-ii to cuit purchasers. 1'oiin*. Un?-t?n!h oa&h; baancaat 6,13, IS and ?4 uoijlha, witn interest J. LOUI* KINZKR. ?e 1S-4Q9J Commissioner. \1 ARSBAL'8 SALK ?In virtue ol two writs of IT I tirn laoia*, i?eu-d from the Clerk's office ol the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia. b>r th- county of Washington, and to me direct*d,l ill expose to pub 10 ta e, f?r oaah, in f o't of tiio 0'>u rt ho u so door of said count", oa MONDAY, th" 9th day of July nest. at 12 o'o oos m-.tne following property, to wit: All defendant's ritht, titie. c:a;ni and interest in and to L?oi No. I. in .-quare No 618, in the otty oi Washington, L> C , together wi>k all and sincu ar the unpr??* events tnerron, seized and It vied upon as the property of Andrew Rottiweil, and will be so d to satisfr Ju oicia 8 >os 2 4 ai d 215. to October term 18i9, in favor of Ph* pa A King man. W. SELDEN, U. Marshal for the Diatriui of Columbia. je 13 dts A I ARPH A L Si? A I.E.?In virtus of a writ of fi*ri i" 1 actaa issued from the Clerk's offioe uf the Cirouit linuit of '?r? District of Co;ktnt>ia, lor <he couity of Washington. an<l to me directed I will expose to public ail', for cash. in front of the court houae door of *aid county, on MONDAY, the <uu di) of J17 n xt. iWi at 13 o'clock m , the following ile.aclUod wit: All defendant's right, ti 1 , cl* n?u.<i interest in and to i,?t No 5, m Squall No. V5,in the city of Washington, I). t>>n>Hit with all and si?cu ar the improvement* thereon, seized and levi'd upon a? the property of J . t. Nicnoias, ai.d will I? sold to uvUefj Jndi o>a ? 12S, to ft; aj terminal), in lavor ot A. and F. A. RioNkrds. W j*KLl>EN. r S. Marshal for the Distriot of Columbia je 13 dts JMFORTANT TO HOUSEREEPER8. E. R. DURKEE A CO.'S 01UIjBOT 0PIOBB. A bso l utel v*an dp e kk k15tl v pure, but ground from fresh Spic?s, selected and c-eanfc! by us expressly for the pu p< r? without nmnot to oost. They arc beautifully packed in-tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent ininry by keeping, and are rail weight, while the ordinary ground Spioes are a 1 moat invariably short. We warrant them, inpoint of strength at J richness of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMhARlHONT M a single trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only by _ _ e. r. durkee * co., fa IS-if.TlA 1W1 Pearl W? w Vorfc. P PLASTERING, LAIN AND ORNAMENTAL, or wmr CKiPTioir. done on short notioe and very reaeona able rates Ky ALLEN * JACKSON, 6t1 Per* avenue, south side, between 10th and 11U streets spaoirona. naar l-\y THE BLACK OA CNTLETT, A Tale of Planted t?on Life in South Carolina, by Mrs. Henry R. tsonoolcraft, author of Afnoaa Letters, Ac., Ac.; 1 volume; pnoe For sale by BUAN6HARD * MOHl'N, | ) 13 oorner Eleventh street aadPa. av, the latest news tft m d a n ri i n x li UlilJBflr Q1U. THKEE DAY* LATER ritOM EIROFE. Arrival ( the !lii|trt ?v.,!?.A-'rAX' Jon* U-TW itMwr N iteai, from Liverpool -d inat . arrived Wf IhltmW Garb-Mi', Mceaan >re folly r<ul|fI0^ H# !?-.? ^rr"0*t* o elor* oo the morning of tt.e and penetrated to tb? centre of the city with the tricolor in band Aftw a d?pm<? combat of aix hours, during *n active bombcrd roent bv ?ea rnd laud, tbe roval troop* retreated to the jMilace *nd other public building* unt iur coninei WU rtUtlTM, IN UM MUCT * m takes by tbe populace, and burnt TW loaa In ktl 1*^1 and wounded < comliifribU on id*-*, but po ttuurea are tlren Otter Uiwbi in !*icily bad riern On the 3Ut the bombardment of 1'alerino bv the Neapolitan Ceet waa rontlnued b?t It was ?e [lort'd that tbe <>overument were coneldertng a proposition for tta discontinuance Tbe Ne?p I tan t oor* werr concentrated to the caatle, wotch (ia'ibaldi attacked on tbe -Sth During tbe siege and assault. tbe LagMsb admt ral offered protection to tbe American residents There wns great egliatlor. at the Court of Na plea The Minuter* wnd?-red tbeir resignations on tbe viatb, and a more liberal Cabinet was expected to atneeed them liartbald! bad already laa'.'.tuted important ad minUt'ative reforms at all the placet In bit power EMURD Tbe Lngltab Parliament bad r?-?aaembied. and important document* re at ve to Cklia bad beer submitted for lie consideration giving tbe par ticulira of the English ultimatum, and tbe reply of the Chinese government The ultimatum de manded an smile apology fo? tbe Pet ho aflblr. | rc?mniii?n 01 loe guns *C I ??t OR that Or mod. and ra iflcation wlt&c nt dt-iav of thitmir of I ekin I'be CIiIimt i* emptorHy refwaed proportions tbns dispelling all hope of an amicable aettlement Lord John Kuaaell explained the nature of th? Russ'an prop *itlo?a reiatire to tbe ebrisi ana In turkey, aid u<d thit Atiatria England. and Pruwia di aeuled , but bo propwod that Iurkev berself should inat 'ute an Inquiry on tue sunj?* t which the propraitiooa imnted a??-ly related to He aaid further thai France w ? siding with Rut la in this "iatt? r Advices from Vienna s?v tbattb* Austrian army In Italy will b*> awembUd In the fortress s of' tbo quadrilateral " It was ?g?ln asaerted that tbe Russian troors were concentrating on the frontiers of Turkey Additional from i ne American* at Marsala sought refute on the steam aio >p-of-war Iroquois Tbe people wirywhere wfre shouting '-Italy forever "' "Victor Lmanuel forever LaTBar, no Qvtrnstcwn?The Pars csrm pondeuce states mat tbe capture of Palermo baa made a <ioep Impression on the people of Naples . nevertheless all remai us tranquil In the capite! and en tbe main land. Tbe (>rcat Kartern would start on tbe day sp pointed Tbe number of berths engaged were very small Railroad Accldeat. St Lorts, June L2 ?A passenger train or tba Belleville railroad ran oB tbe track four ml lie* from Be'.leville at 6 o'clock this morning, com pleWly bre tking tUe engine, baggage ear and on* passenger car. and injuring some thirty persons maay seriously. A large number of the passer, gers were delegates U< the democratic State convention to he held at Springfleld to-morrow TL? following are the names of those who are most seriously wounded ?Simon Kim or. Gee D Wehofl. R A Moor*, C. Vanelene, C W Shook. A. J Pippin. W. H Stewart, fhos A I'borp. Hon. W. H Snyder?all from BeUeTiUe. Jamw Hlil, of Urbana, Jacob .Maoer, Jacob Knocbel. Chas S Churchman, and Ross tbe en gineer Tbe accident occurred by tbe displace meut of a switch. Burglary and Prehable Marder Hamilton, C W , June 13.?Four burglars entered tbe store of Joseph Henry 4 Co . Jeweler* . on Jam** street, at one o'clo-k tbia rooming M* Henry being still up. proceeded to ascertain the rauM of the noise, and wss stabbed several tine* His wife and son. coming to bis aaalstance, were also stubbed, but managed to bold one of the bu* glars till the police arrived The re?t escaped Mr Henry Is In a precarious state. The prisoner's name Is Brown. and be Is supposed to be fror-. Seneca Fails, New York. The Japaaese Eabaur I'rii APtLPHi*. June 13 ?The principal mem bers of the Japsntse Em bass v ?*:orted by the Naval C<>mmi>sioii and a committee of the Cvuitciis. visited tbe United States Mint (his iaorniu? and Inspected tbe virions priwesa** of retaliate snd coining, rhev expressed themselves tuuch gra'ifled and e*pe< lalh delighted with the bea-r tiful machinery far coning At 10 o'clock the officers of tbe Navy and Marine Corps paid a for aial visit to the Emhasfy at the Continental The Wassat ha*etts Legislators Bosrus. June 1.1?The *rw(?l x^i/ia ???!. legislature adjourned shout ten o'clock tbis moriue. Two bill* were adopted relative to tbe cittlf d;*ea??, increasing tb* State Commission to fire members, providing tor a aclent.flc invest) gatioi.; giving power to tow* authorities to kill or isolate catfie, and n aVe other regulations to* tbe treatment and ext rp^tion of the disease, and appropriating Slu.iM) for the purpore. Keaolnt'ons endor*ine Mr Humners rxent speech were adopted after a long debate. 86 to 44 Hail road Accident at * ast ftewarfc Nkvvaki, June 13.?Two gtrW,named tiailagher and Dillon, a^ed nine and thirteen veara. were rin over bv the T o'clock train from Mew York this morning at Last Newark. Dillon was instautly killed; Gallagher Is still ltugeriug S Alexandria Markets. Alxxhsdkia, June 14?Flour?Family $6.&m ST 75. exln *.> 12. super ?5 5<ta5 75 W beat -whitl, f?'r to rat, *1.13*91 45. red ft 33a $1 4-V Com?wbite O-aTJc., yellow ?Ua?ir. Rye af'abSc Oats 3rsl<fc. C?>rn Meal ?5*7?c per bustjcl Seeds? rimothy f~2 60a93 jO, Clover |6t #o o<?, FUisced *! 3Ual 45. Prov.sions?Butter, roll. l-a&ir , Haron 10c ; Pork ?7a\A0 ; L-r?1 10-ilJc. Wtiuky 24a30c H?ltiw?r( Marktu. Baltimore, June 14.?Floor closed quiet and steady Wheat closed steady; red SI .30*1.36, white *1 5<ial All Coru is active and buoyant, yellow <la?4c ; wbite 74a7?c Provisions closed firm, mess pork ?1- 50; rump f 14 Lard I2al3c Whisky is steady .Vw Ys'k nirkfU New Vokk June 14?Flour is heavy; Ptat? ?a5 U?; OLIo Sj W?a5 TO. Southern ?o 70?6 Oft. Wheat is beavv Corn is lower; m xed 6AaC6- ; Pork is dul!; tti'css ??1T 75il- 68 Lard is firm at U?all\c. Wh'sky is better at 22c. Fisasrisl New Yore, June 14 ?Storks opened dull and irre^ncrar. but rlcsed firmer; Chl< ago and Rock Island 6-t; 11' Cetitrai sharrs 61 Michigan Southern -21 U: New York Central hi ^ . Penn* Coal Co N5; Reading Mil A M lea *U\i Va. 6'e 9S3\; Mo 6'stM*. OLK WHITE GOODS DKPARTMEINT IS woii wi?th> the atu?ution of the Ladiea. We li&vrta ?pl? id'd ?t?ck of? Jao -not Canib 10:. Cambric Musl'ua N&naocks. '?(uii, French, led:*. P!i:n Cau.b'jfiK Stnp3d *dJ P ad \anaookc I'dia Dimity, Utian*n<u? Btahnp t.awja, Victoria 1 awn* aentiof, i.ioan Cambric, TarWton* C? in brio Dim t?. Sa laa aod Cambric Rdf'.n^a S*i'? and Cambric ti?...d?Lca.;nbne Fioucoisr * W bit? Cru olme, Mualina We nay a o loo ude in tlaa U'pa'trncirt? Fi< e and mtdium Silicia 1 a ie Damaeka Superior Lm-n hhwinn, Pi l< w Lineua Bird-**" Diapera, Rusaia Diapera I" in" Tow?ilmp?, Pure tfhirtin* i.inena Dmti<mIc Table Clotha, Damaak Napkina Dwifyt, Linen Swrt Fr nta. A o Ao. The ?oxlaar? now bam* aokl by aa at wkelaaaJa prioM for ca*h. in o'der to oloee oat oar etoek at th" wariifat posaihle moment We t til our lrienda will ooate pr^paed to pay fo: th>-ir rurc:<a#e?. aa we do?tre to Maka ao mora o i iNiut anr " wtii fire au |W? Mrcuomtur. i*Mt 3*24 Pa aw . t?et <Hh and IOr> ata H heeler Jl H IUod'h UNRIVALED FAMILY SEWING MACHINES! D*citI*Jlf t1? moat I opn'w An I i! oit I erfact Machine* in tl* market! Making the "Look Stitch" AUk? oa 1?U< aid** AT ALL PAtCMS? FROM *30 TO flM. Wit* Pru. Isarserrseee. Both Prmtad ani Verbal Qivm Fru nf Okmrgt, At U a Horn# of ibt Prikwr. P. J. STEER, AQMlfT, X 7-aotw No. 4?S Savirra THE JAPANESE SPECIMENS OP THE TM? aaJ Kinl?M? itMMM ll rclMiuo OOU nrad, with the fee aimnaa of Uia astograf h ti(natarea of tha luanM Prireaa. aa pre eota4 to tka sax-,m "htrnKsmr ? ; Metropolitan Hookrtora, 338 Pa.av., i*IJ Soto at>nta for baaraaaa'a StaOuai?

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