Newspaper of Evening Star, July 24, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 24, 1860 Page 1
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V * : - - () cuing Slur. V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. JULY 24. 1*860. N?. 2.318. wr 1^???? THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner /Pennsylvania avenue and lltA l H. D. H ALLACH. Paper* rvH m ptokape* by carrier* at 9* a year. or ST oenU per month. To mail *ab?enber? the prioe i* $3 Si a year, ?* adtmmct; $2 for six morth*; fl for three month*; and for lea* than tnree month* at the rate of 12oent* a week. Single ?opie*, o?cnr; in wrapper*, two cixts. 117" Ai)VUTi?i)ii5T? should be *ent to the office ?*r>re U'o's.ook m ; otherwiee they may not appear unm licr^xtd&j. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION AFFAIRS. Corrtspomdtnce of Th' Star Ghoksitowx. D. C-, July 23. 19?0. \t the meeting of our City Council? on Friday rvrnlDK last? There were present in the Board of Aldermen, Messrs Caprrton. Matthews, Berry and Besll. C t-rtain mfjagps were received from the Mayor, and referred to the other Board \ resolution for the purposes therein contained; refunding by the United States of money expended at tiie high service reservoir; a resolution for relief of Jos Birch; a resolution In relation to distribution of hose aud hose carriages; a resoiut;mi to ppnaif an afrh ai?#l ?* ? . - r ? ? a ICWUIUIIUII \KJ pay for repairs on county roads: a resolution In fnvorof H Polkinhorn; a resolution in favor of H B Walker; a resolution to pay for services of H<M'd xf Appeals; and a resolution in favor of W H C hamberlain, were severally considered and passed Mr Beall Introduced an ordinance amendatory ?>t tbe dog-law, whic^i lays over, under the rules The message from the other Board fixing the JTtb inst as the day of adjournment until the first Monday in December next, was concurred in, and the Board adjourned There were present in th? Board of Common Council all tbe members except Mr. Williams. Messi^es from the Mayor, calling attrition to ponds of stagnant water on Fayette street; recommending. in view of the general distribution of aqueduct water, and the expenses incurred thereby, that no further expense be Incurred for pum[*. but that tbev he dispensed with, and stating that Mr George Waters had Informed him that the >vater was very shallow at tbe terminus of High -ireei. ana sn^gesung mat steps r>e taken so that ownm of wharves on the river front can avail then stives of thedredglng machine now at work in the channel, were severally read and referred to appropriate committee* Account* of Wm. Calhoun A Co , Wm Gibson and Jan. Ganity for work on Fayette street were severally referred to streets committee Petition of B F. Robertson asking license to locate a stand at the head of the market-house, north of the tlagway, paying $10 per annum therefor, w.ts referred to market-house committee. Petition of John Garrett and J O. Berrv on behnlf of the members of the Democratic Associa tlon asking the use of the Council chamber in which to hold their meetings, was laid over temporally >lr l>ndtrc. from the commitw nt rneanv to which wag referred the Clerk' statement of unexpended appropriations, made a re|nirt in writing.!up that of the amount 14) of unexpended appropriations, the committee find the following amounts have not vet been collected . ? SI3,.SflO taxes011 streets. #5,0l>0 3.1s and gas-posts, S3,Hut Metropolitan railroad 'ax. SI7.IMI two years water tax?total, 33?.9U0 There is also yet in the treasury unexpended. V1** for the channel, S2.400 in hand for West Georgetown school, or S43.*00 in ail, for which provision is made outside of the general fund Of the balance (about ? .-<*>) to be paid out of the general fund there w??s (when this statement was made an amount of $ due for balance of interest on the stock ?l-bt, a large portion of which bat since been called for and paid This leav?s only fvi.-OO. and the committee recapitulate the items which make up the balance, and then state tbal tMs d nest of the clerk's t? in order to disabuse tU#? nr.rids of members from the Supposed larye deficiency in the pubi c treasM beg u> m discharged from further conspiration of the statement of the clerk, which was granted, and the committee discharged accordingly The following resolution* were severally reported and lay ov^r under the rule?: a resolution in favor of J as \V. \larll (S2UU 22 for repairs of pumps) with a proviso that hereafter this corporation i-nly pay for work actually done and not per annum, as heretofore; a resolution from griev.uice committee, exempting lot272 on High street attached to Trinity (Catholic) Church burial ground, from taxation, and remitting payment of -216 7f. now due and payable by said church for High street improvement*: a resolution from sioie committee, in favor of Joseph Nicholson, allowing to reconnect his supply P!P- with the wtlerma 1 n on Bridge street. provided" he pa^sthe front foot water tax for that part of Mr lot on which Lis shop stands; a re*o!ution (Introduced l.y .Mr King) amendatory of the ordinance for the regulation of the keeping of swine in the corporation limits ?aid amendment being to theetfVct that "iron and after the first of Janutry ne*t it s! ?ll not be lawful for any swine to go at large"' witain said limit*. and a resolution authorizing ti.e payment of expenses of the p>oor and workhouse. for the quarter ending June 30. lr-60. M r Stake(in reporting the last nam'd reeolutim) remarked tnat the committee found the vouchers to conform to the report of the trustees, but tht expenses were pretty heavy, being greater than in the winter month* though there were f?-wer inmates th? last quarter; and the committee would be t:lad if any member would suggest some system wf retrenchment at this institution. Mr Fearson. from grievance committee, to i . L id been referred petitions of W'm. H. Chamberlain: or property holders on Prospect itrt-et, of Noble Hurdle; of J 11. Parkhurst; and ?f Mrs Ci.trk , made a report asking the disi ,art;?* of the committee from further considera? 'n of them The question being taken on each, tijf ? o-nm:ttee were discharged from further con? d?rat: .11 <>f t'.c four last" namfd, but in the ca??* ?.f Wm H Chamberlain, (whose ion was fined ?and c osts for running with a lire engine) were I -ir ' !?d to report a resolution remitting *4 of nd ti:ie; whtrh was subsequently done, and the resolution passed 1"tie following resolutions were passed A resolution t<> repair the arch and gutter on Sr. ond st . n?ar High. and tli?gutter at the intersection of West and Congress st* ; a resolution from the Hoard of Aldermen, which provides for putting la the hands of Captain M C. Meigs the vou< h~rs for expenditures at th* High-service reservoir. in order that the appropriation of SI 5W> made by this Corporation on the ITth Sept , iNi'J. for necessary w-ori on the Washington Aqueduct, in iv be reimbursed to us by the United Mates, a rtvi. on in favor of H B Walker; res >lution to |.a?-rv ?? of H,.ard of Appeals, to Messrs Pickfll. Terry and Godey. SI" escb; resolution in rei it.on to ends of strtets, resolution to pay for repair* of county tixdii resolution to pay li PolkinLorii * 15 for print!ug oW) co| i s of Long Bridge memorial, a resolution to pay J H Smith, Clerk < f the Circut Court the bill of citi dwe from this Corporation. Mr while the last-named resolution was ider consideration, commented on the Yanderwerken items in the account, saying it w&s stated ui-re Mr V had paid all costs, and now the bill was presented to us for payment Mr Tenney bad not the least doubt but Mr Vanderwerken had paid these items to the Clerk of this Corporation Mr Tenney reported a resolution that this board notify the mayor of the vacancy in it. (Mr Engl kh. wbo was elected, never having qualified,) and that he the mayor) be requested to order an e.e tlon to fill said vacanrv ThU I i which may prove another boue of coutention) la\s over under the rule* for one week Mr McCobb moved a reconsideration of the resolution passed at the last meeting, which provides for printing reports. Ac , on the sinking fund, whirn beim* carried, he moved to amend so at to ?rnbra>:e all other reports and statements In relation to said fund The amendment was adopted, and the resolution passed Ttie resolution from the Board of Aldermen providing for an adjournmunt on the 6th instant, was, after discussion, amended, by Inserting the :27th Inst , in plate of the fith, and the other board was duly notified thereof The r?solution in relation to the duties of the keeper <>f the Little Falls Bridge, (VI r Williams, who introduced it. being absent .) was laid over temporarily A resolution >introduced by Mr Hill) directlug the sale of lots and improvements belonging ?' iui> vvifviu%iuu, was. aivrr uiKuaiioD, rcierrwi | to was* and mean* committee. A resolution directing the Clerk to pay to the I^al representatives of PhllipGormley deceased. ?.'?75 ?3. wm referred to elm mi committee, and the Hoard adjourned. Tut Libel Strir agaibst thi Boston Cor* hick ?We understand that J A Andrew, K*q. ? nd A U Browne are the counsel for Hon John I' Hale In bis suit for libel against the Boston Coar'.er. It Is averred that the Courier not only < opied an article from the .New York Times in f*j;ard to the New Hampshire Senator's course upon the Edwards claim, but placed a heading of its i*w ii to the strictures of the paper from which It copied, as follows:?"Is John P Hale an honest man ' ' Allusion was also made in another part of the Courier to the omiurnts of the Times An opportunity was ntforiled the Courier to retrmct >?s statements, if so disposed, but as no retraction ?t pes'ed, the writ was served, claiming damages t'i fio.isio, and attaching the property of that l*per as security for the amount claimed ID" 1 .orrt U ? fr-ur ilk. 117.1? > ft. r j ?'- i uiiia; wi ?w !*-?; uw. vn) "^!t^<cepee* 411 lnvtt*tl0,> to *1*1 * ha/vira 4 \ Ox* or the Mktkoric Stoxes.?Our roaders will recollect that in the early part of May last, a number of meteoric stones fell in a shower in Guernsey county, Ohio. The State Journal, in speaking of them on the 18th of May. stated that "one of tho meteors waa laid upon our table by Mr. John Burdick. who dug it from its concealment in tho bosom of the earth on his farm in Gurusey county " M~. J. Milton Smith of New York, has becomo the possessor of this curiosity by purchase He authorized a gentleman of Columbus to negotiate for him. and had the satisfaction of i.'Oiaining the stone, although tho re was a large number of bidders for it Accompaning the meteor is the following certificate from the gentleman who saw it fall and gathered it nn " "f CERTIFICATE. "Cotr*BC8, May 21, 1860 ?This is to eertify that the meteoric stone this day sold to J. if. Wheeler was dug frotn the earth by myself on the 3th day of May instant, from a depth of about eighteen inches, in my farm in Guernsey couuty, Ohio. The meteoric shower occurred just one week previous, and some of the stones were so hot when found, they eould not be handled. The space of country where the shower occurred was about six miles wide, and those who were in the vicinity say the first report ww equal to the discharge of heavy artillery, followed by a sound resembling the firing of musketry or small arms in quick succession. " I have resided near the place mentioned since January, 1859. John Burdick " This meteor weighs jmt nine pounds. It is black, wedge-shaped, of conglomerate rock, and has a very perceptible smell of sulphur n ue^cnaeu wun iigtitnmg-Hko rapidity. and penetrated the earth about a foot and a half, making a large hole by its entrance into the soil. Baltimore as it is.?The Baltimore corre?pondent of the Philadelphia Inquirer thuspeaks of the present prosperous condition of Baltimore . "Growing. as we have done, under mistakes and follies, Baltimore, in the past five years, inaugurated many new enterprises worthy of ail praise. She abolished the old rowdy Volunteer Fire Department, contending against firmly fixed prejudices, and estab-. lisheil a new Paid Steam Department, which is the pride and admiration of every boholder She has hor City Passenger Railway, an indispensable necessity and unspeakable convenience Wo have put up one of the finest jnils anywhere to be found in the United States. ? *- ? uur water wor*s, now Deing constructed, at a cost of two millions dollars, when in full operation. will almost challenge rivalry The Peabody Institute is rapidly progressing It will not only be an ornament, but an honor for all time to come to the liberality and munificence of its projector. The Shepperd Asylum for the deaf and dumb, will soon be erected at a cost of a half million dollars. The new City Hall, soon to be commenced, will be a grand structure, casting over six hundred thousand dollars. The new Government I'nitcd State* Court House, about being built directly opposite, promises to be an elegant building. Our grand Central Park, a site for which is now under review, to be decided upon in a few days, covering an area of six to seven hundred acres, will be the crowning ornament ami pride of Baltimore. These. with many other projects in the way of internal improvements, contemplated lines of steamers to Europe and elsewhere, give evidence that we are not wanting in energy and enterprise Life aw Ei-ic.?Life is an epio, nay, the greatest of all epics Whether it be draped with the enrrouactings of a palace, or shivers in the penury of a cottage, still it is an epic? a conflict, heroii or not, a* we choose to make it. History, ever eloquent in praise of the statesmen and warriors who have ruled and oppressed mankind, has made little account of that obscure but no less real vitlnr that Vim lived and burned in the bosoms of the uncounted multitude. In our ignorant and childish folly, we all are too much prone to look for real men in places of power?while in fact we are surrounded with them, though, alas ' too often we know them not. Look upon those who have just begun to try the hard temper of the world, with scarcely a friend to cheer them, and a crowd to push them back. See with what patient fortitude and cheerful courage they labor on. struggling like tho swimmer in his agony, both to keep from sinking and to gain the wished-for shore. Or look again, and .see them occupants of a field in which they have pitched their tents and reared their banners. Still around them rolls the din of envious hate and the sharp rattle of the slanderer s spears. In its outward experience and conditions. their lives are full of conflict and of epic daring. Nor is this less true of women than of men. While marriage should be to them a sneucr ana norne, a ueu-nso, yet as they are partakers of this mortal life, so must they share its inevitable sorrows, too. And the moiher who keeps watch ard guard through weary days and toilsome nights over her juvenile care, and who survives long enough to see her mother's hopes blasted and her pious labors disappointed, though she may have no marble obelisk, when sho is gone, to tell what thiugs she did or suffered, is nevertheless to be ranki-d among those who have illustrated th* ?ni<? _ -r*w grandeur of human life As Elopement Extraordinary.?The Rochester Express gives the following account of a model elopement: " A Syracusean named Blair, having eloped with the wife of a French Canalian-Kochesterian. named Jean Pis^e, with whom the faithless woman?Julia?had been married but three months; the fellow Blair having b*en groomsman at the wedding. The distracted husband is repre?ented as having followed bis wife and Blair to Syracuse, and "ubsequently to Oswego. where a reconciliation was attempted, but failed, and Pisge attempted to punish Blair and got whipped. H ostilities were suspended, and negotiations on the part of the husband resumed in a milder way The injured husband engaged to withdraw his pretentions to the affections of his wife, provided she would DUt him in t>o8fl?minn of her property, a parcel "of real estate situated in the ^Province of Canada West The proposition was rejected with expressions of ridieale and contempt, and he was very coolly informed that the new firm, though not bound to one another by any legal tenure, were determined to enjoy the aforesaid, jointly and severally; and he. the defrauded and dishonored Pisge. might help himself if he could. He could'nt, and so with a broken English denunciation, he turned on his French-Canadian heel and returned to Rochester And thus he is revenged He contents himself with exposing the transgressors. Extraordinary Phvsiologral Phenomenon?The Sight or a Beautiful Blind Uikl Restored br Marriage.?A physiological wonder occurred a short time since in New York city A young and exceedingly interesting girl residing on Eighth street, whose amiable disposition, elegant manners, and placid beauty of soul, bad endeared her to all who knew her, waa, a year or two ago, compelled to discontinue her studies and leave school, in consequence of a partial loss of eyesight, that threatened to beooine total. She was entirely unable to rend A number of our most skillful physicians were employed by the family, and she was even taken to some of our most ngted occulists. but all their lenrning, dexterity and management proved unavailing. Her eyes looked healthy, were beautifully pensive in their expression, and seemed deep as her soul was pure, but they were nevertheless to her almost wholly useless. Notwithstanding this rather melaneholly physical defect, a young man who had long been devoted to her offered her his hand in marriage. She became his wife, and, strange as it may seem, from that day her eyesight began to improve, and she is now able to read the finest print by gas light, without pain and without any apparent optical Injury. / Amks. wikslow, N Experlen td Norao and Female Physician, preaenta to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRliP, For I'hlldrra Teething, WhUh frtaily f*ev th* praeaaa af taiihinf, ky aaf-.aa iDf lha rami, ria?^ , til inlonuUN-vill allay ALL rail* nod ipainiadie ac van,and it SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELSD#p?r.a apan it, raathirt, it will fi?a rait ta faarm'ii, ttd RELIEF AND HEALTH T? YOUR INFANTS Wa ha?a pat ap and aojd thu arucla for arar tin yaara, and can a at, in confioitn a no tivth of i:, what w a ha? a niTir bian akia la lay af any OTHII Midieina?niTBR MKS Mai it Failid.ik a 11 n l i " w1%., iiw18 ?Tm? to arflct a CI'll, HMMjUH'I whin timily aaad. Nirar did wi koaw KIXIT rJI >Sf3 an inatnnca rf dulatiafacuoo by any ana ana aaad it. On lha cartrary.all ari SVK J t , dalirhtad with tta OrHATIOai, ?J * in farm* al bifhaat commandntiar. af i? in#t i ?ai atfacta and madical fitlMi. wa apaak in .hia rrnur hh*t v do enow," aftartac yaara* axparianca, WD plidui oil RBPl'TATion roi thi Pi'LriLiiiiT o>^n*t wi Him mCLill In almaa; mry inan*a %b?ra tna infant la aufarln( from pain and aihaaa<<on, raliaf wrll ba found in fftaaa ar twanty mmataa aftar tha ayrup la normmatarad. Thia anlaabla praparauoo la (ha praacrtptiaci af ana af tha maai liri(il5CIO and UILTUL ni'tali in Naw Enflaad, and baa baan oaad with n -raiLina iCCClit la THOUSANDS Oh CASKS. It a*t an 17 ral(a?aa tha (bild fram fain, bat Inaifaratai tha ataroacb and bowalt, corracta acidity, and fiaaa tana tad anarfT la tha whala ayatain. It vill liraal laatmntly ralia?a GR1PIS8 II* THI Bowm A!tD WIND COLIC, and aaareoira esuralaiana, which, if mt apatrfijy ramad'ad and 10 daath. Wa; 1 <-?ia?a it tha hit akdil'iiit RIM- FOR |t V in (ha voiid in all caaaa of DVI-1 CHILDREN fiTIRY and Dial RHCKa in cmil- TKETIll^ifl rr in, whathar It ?ria?a fram (aaihiny [ V from an* othar caaaa. Wa woaldaay to a?ary niothar arlo haa a child aaf fanrj from any of iba foragptngr compla|ata ?no not lit Ton rmjl'oki!, noi the piuuditii or otnhi, atand hatwaan yo?rau8>rin(j child and tha raliaf that will ha rm?jaa, ihoittilt sunt?to follow tha aaa of tb madicma, if tiiraly caad. Pull dirtctioi a er oaing will a eampanr asch hnttla Nona raismna anlaia tha fac-aimila CORTti A PERKINS,Naw York, laon tha aaiaida wrappa Boid by Dru'ria;a ihroo^hoat tha world. Principal Olrca. No. II Cadar Straat, N. T. Priea anlf IS f*ania par Battia. ? 11-ftAwlt o DON .NELL'S A** CATAWBA GINGER WINK' McDonnell'!* catawba 61ngek wine! MoDON NELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE! Tkt* Delicious Summer Btvrratt, The Healthful and Tonto Propensities Of which are now well known anl Cniffersal'y Admitted Throughout the Union. Is Now For SaU in by Jul. W. Davie, Rth and E at*. J. V.Coburn, 13th and H ata. Jaa. E. O'Brien, 9th and 1 ata, Wm. A. Brown, ISth and F ata. W. S. Jonea, Massachusetts av. and 3d at. Peter MoiiaRlian. New Jeraey av. and G at. T. Cottar, Pa. av. and 3<>th at. Ja*. liiigh, 11th at. F. M Orraei, Pa. avenuo. K. K. W hits 4 Co., Pa. avenue. Henry C. Purdy, Pa avenue. B Hayea, 4th and H ata. George W. Orrne, Georgetown, O. C. H. L. OtTutt, Georgetown, D. C. J \r*. McDONNEI L, Iy5e?lm General Agent, Baltimore. pROPOSALB FOR COAL AND WOOD Offick Skcrktart or thk Sknatk U. S.> July 11,If#**. S Hkalrd Proposals will be received at thia office tl.l 12 o'clock m . un Monday, th? 3 i'h in tant. for furnishing for the use of th? innate five hundred tone heat White A"h Kurnane Coa and fifty oorda heat straight Pine Wood. The whole to he packed away in the vaults of the Cspitoi. in p acea whiHi will be shown on application to the Engineer in the nervine of the Senate and to be delivered by the 15th S?ptembwr rext B<>nda for the laithfu! exe outton of the oontraot will be reouired. Birts for tho Coal and the Wood will be oon idered separately, and satisfactory arrangements mast be madefor the correct measurement of both. ASBLRY DICK INS, jy 12-dtyth Secretary o( the Senate. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. 1 HK Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, coaduoted by tho fcpameh Government, under the supervision of the Captain Gen?r*l of Cuba, will t&te pi (vox at Havana on SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 1880. SORTEO NOMEHO 640 OHDISAKIO. CAPITAL PRIZE SI00,000. 1 prise of ...#l'*),orwi prizes of. 91.0W I do 60,000 60 do .. l do 3o,?n> iaa do 1 do -- 30,000 2v> approx. 8.3UC I do 10,000 IS ALL USS PHIZES. Whole Tiokets, S'JO?Halves, 9 10?(Juarters. Mi. Prizes oashed at sight at 5 per oent. discount. Bills on all solvent Hanks taken at par. A drawing will We forwarded aa soon aa the resu.t becomes known. All ordera for or tickets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUKZ, jjr 19 tr Care of City Post. Charleston. S. C. U7HEEL.ES A WILSON'S SEWING MA? CHINK AGENCY, Rkmoveu to No. 346 I'a. At., mar 7th St. Encouraged bv the substantial and rapidly increasing popularity of \V heeler ft Wilson's unequalled Va iilly Sewing Yashmen, winch for the lasteiglit yearn have mosttriumph* ltly maintained their superiority, a* a family institution, over all competitors for popu'ar favor, the Agent has taken one of the fine new stores lately erected on Pa avenue. near 7th st . where a beautiful assortment of all'the various st>le? may at all times be seen. There were 21,306 of these Sewing Machines sold in the year IB.1*. Ladies are invited to call ami ji?e thein, tonether with certificates from many of the l-e?t Citizen* of Washington ami Georgetown, in relation to their well known and thoroughly tented superiority If any ladies cannot call, let them send for a circular by a'l nivalis. It is huh time every farnlv in the land was supp ted with one of these healtn and life aaving instruments. Full instructions, both printed and verbal, given free of oharge at the home of the purchaser. P. J. STEER, Agent, No 346 Pa. av?*nue, jy 11-lm Between f>th and 7rh sta WASHINGTON CARRIAGE KtUTORY. D Street, Between 9th and 10fA Streitx. We have just finrahed a number of firat olaaa CARRIAGES, suoh as Light Fanry.^gjm,^ Wagons. Park Pheaton*. Family Car YZK-X&f nan's, and Butties, which we will ae.iat-?' ~ " " a vert small profit. Being practioal inechanioa in different branches of the butinesa, we flatter ourselvea that ve know the atyiea ana quaii'y 01 wort that will rive satisfaction, oombining lightness, comfort and durability. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to at the anorteat notice and moet re&aonable oharcea. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP, Coachmakera, successors to Wm. T. Hook. ap ?7-dlj [VIEW YORK AND WASHINGTON H STEAMSHIP LINE. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave Alexandria and Washington for New York EVERY WEDNESDAY, at o'clock p. m., and New York for WMh- 1 ington every Saturday, at3 o'clock p. in. Paaaengera oan join the ahip at Alexandria at any Ume before the hour of the ateamer'a departure. N. B.?In the event of the ateaniera inability to oroaa the bar in oonaequenoeoflow water,allgooda will be promptly lightered to and froin the steamer by the undersigned. For freight or paaaace apply to _ MORGAN & RHINEHART, oott-S.MATtr Weatern Wharvee. Francis HARPER, RAVING OPENED A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE. I'otntr of Neva York avenue and Tenih ?treel, Respectfully solicits the patronage of th?ite who mar l>e in want of any artiole in the ai?ove line. His endeavors shall be to pieaset and by a strict attention to the wants of the public, he hopes toinerita share of their patronage. His tock consists of every article usually to l>? found in a brst-olass Family Grooery and Feed Store. ma 17 tf AWM. T. DOVE &. CO. RE Now prepared to execute any orders witfe whion they may be favored in the PLUMBING. GAB OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. Store on 9th street, a few doori north of Pa. avenue, where may be fonnd a complete assortment of CH -vNDKUKKS and other GAS, STEAM ard WATER FIXTURES. jaTT ly NOTICE. KRSONS Deolimne housekeeping or having a surplus of househnld^effeojs can find ready sale Ly mi r hiui.inui ciwjrc, ? 71 n ure?t, between O and H itrMti, Mat tide ??* ?" WIMtOt.PH RITPHI.V. A CHEAP MUSIC. ??5yUfg&'SbiStStflt&R: n?? W. e. METZEROTT. AUCTION SALES. By K. GREEN, Auctioneer SALE OF VAI L ABLE RE AL ESTATEB? virtue ot the order and decree of the Orphans' Court of the District of Columbia t>earr'K date on the 2u da? of June. A D., 18*). and du y confirmed bv the Circuit Court of said District, in ohauonrjr sitting, I. William Dixon. Gaurdian to Mulard F. and George E. Garner, snail offer for sale at pub 10 auction, to the highest bidder, on THURSDAY, the .6th day of July. A D , l*?. on the premises, at o'clock, p. pi., on the terms hereinafter stated, a. 1 the richt. title, and interest of iny said aards, of, in. and to the foliowit g real estate, vi?: All that part of Lot known upon the planofibe City ot Washington, in said District, as Lot HumbJred twenty seven, (27.) in SMjuarnumbered seven hundred and thirty two, i73/.) 1 fronting c* r?* ? * ' .nVllk, i?a./ iroi on cTounn Birefi, commencing at the Southern line of Lot Dumb red twenty-six, ,jfi. i an1 running South on said Seoond street twenty five (25) feet, thenoe West sevei.trfive(74)feet; thenoe North, twenty five (2S,)fett, and th<>no? Fast, to the place of tx>(ininc. A m, all that part of Lot numbered twenty eight, (9t. i in s?id Square, numbered seven hundred and thirty two,(Wi.) commencing for said part of Lot, a' a point on a public said the Sou'h ast corner of taid Lot and running thenea due West with the line of said alley fourteen (14) f*et; thenoe au* North, fifty-four (.Ml feet ana five (Si inches; theroe aue hast fourteen '14) f?et ?o the West line ot said I,ot. twenty-sevfn, (77,) thenoe dim r?outh. filly four (54) feet, and five i ohes. to the place of t>?giiiin<, with the improvement* there on.oonsi-tiag of a two-story frame n>>u-e. o< n taming six rooms, with hack building attached, at described in said order and decree. A d at the same time and plaoe, by virtue of the said order and deor?n?. I, John T. L*'n?h. Guardisn to ? harles O. Ga'ner, shall offer for ta e. at publio auct on. to the highest bidder, on the terms herein aft'-r stated, all the right, title, and interest of mi said ward of. in. and to tno above-mentioned and described property. This property fronts on 2d rtreet East between South B ai.d ?*?'iith C streets, in the vicinity of the Capitol Grounds. It IS well located a-it nfsr? gr^at mducm nts to persons desirous.of inv> stiLg. Terms of sa e: One- hird ea?h;tne residue is two equal instalment'. of nine and eighteen mot th?, secured b? the notes of the purchaser saiisfao'on I* ?-ndor8ed. and hearing interest f <>m ?he day of sale. Tit e deed to he retained until the whole of the purchase money is p\ii. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. \VM Di XON, Guardian JOHN T. LYNCH. Guardian. A. GRfcKN, Auot. At the same hour ard plac*. and on the same terms mentioned in the a^ore ad vertisements, we shall off-ir for wale all the dower, interest and o aim of Mary Ann Ga^n^r, widow of John W. B. <>\r ner,(deceased.) of in, and to t^e ahove desei ihod property. CARRIOGTON * LLOt 1) Attorneys for Mar* Ann liarner. jy 10 Staw&ds A GKEKN, Auct. H? A. (jKKKN, Auc'ioaeer. ON' TUESDAY, the 3lat u?t, we shall sell, in front ol the premises, at 6 o'clock p m., in oompnacca with the terms of a deed of trust to us fro ii Thos A. B-ow>i and wife.dated 24tn ?-??ptember, !&Vi arid recoidfd in l.ih?r J. A S., No. 1SJ, page 2iib, Ao., on? ofthe ia^d records ol Washine ton county, parts of lots 11 and 12 in square No i97, beziiilne fmr the same fort* f^et thr???> in?h?? the southwest corner of said ??<|:iarf, running thence Kast on ft line with f) street South; s:*t en feet thence North; seventy feet thence West; six teen feet thence South; seventy fe*t to the p ac-? of bemni' g, together with the improvements. ownsist'ng of* two story Frame House with one story Back Building. Terms; One-fourth cash; balance in 6,12, ar.d 1R months, aft ?r day of sale, with f.otes secured hy a deed of tiust on the prrinie?s. If the terms of rale ar? not coinpll?cl with within five day8afterth<> day of rale the trustee reserves the right to rese.l the property at the puci a?ers risk and cost, after giving one week's t otice tiKO. C. HKNNING. / Trustees OKU. K. THOMPSON < 1 jy 12 Stawfcds A. GKi.KN. A net. \1 4 KSH AI.'S SALE?la virtue of 'wo writs >>f 1*1 finn facia*, ins>i*-d from the Clerk's Office of t ie Circuit Court oft he District of Coin-n I is. for ttie county ??f Washington, an l to me directs, I wi.l exp"se to puhlio saie for cash, in f'o?t of the court house door, of county, on VON DAY. 16th day of August next. 1361. at 12 o'clock m.,a!l defendant's right, titlej c aim and interest m and to the follow tU| uocui niru Jjl"pri . V' W i'?, V.j: 1j''1 3. ID Square No. 7n6, and lot No. St, in Square No. 801, t.nether with all and singular the improvements thereon, zetged and ievied upr>n as the property of Juliana Harry and G. Il?rr?, an 1 will be old to satisfy judicyv ? No*. 1<Q ana 191, to Ma; term IMS. in 'avor or Anthony Addison. W SKLDKN. U. M. Marshal for the District of Columbia, jy 13 dUi MA RSH a L'SSALK.-ln virtue. I 2 writa of fi*n facia* i8hu?'1 from the Clerk'* office of ttie Cirnuit Court of the District of Columbia, for i(ie county of Washington, and to me directed, i will expose to public sale, for cash, in front of the court house door of said county, on MONDAY, the 6th day of Aucust next, 1H?\ at 12o'clock m , all df fendant's ri(ht.tit|e,olaini and interestm and to Lot No. 15, in Square No. 73?, in the city of Washington, D. C., together with all am singular the improvements thereon. ?eije?1 and levied upon as fie property of H Van Patten and will be sold to ?atisfv Judioia's N"S 73 a d 79, to October term IftW, in favor oi John W. Thompson and Z. D Oilman W SKl.HEN. jy 13-dts U.S. Marshal for District of Columbia. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of fieri facias, iseued from the Clerk's office oi the Ciiouit Court of the Distriot of Columbia, for the cout ty of Washington, and to me directed. I will expoie to pablio hi e, tor cash, in front of the court house door of said oouuty. onSAll'RDAY, the *iun uay ui J uiy next, Iw*? . at iz o'cioctc m , the lol1 win* prunerty, to wit: All defendant'* right, title, cam, anif interest in and to a oertain dwellu g houseerected on Lote>ght(itland the south di1 et<wn (19 >feet four (41 inch?s <>u Lot nin?, . 9) in Square numbered three huudred and seventy-seven. (377) in the oit? of Watluncton D. C . seized and le? led upon as the proa-rt? of Ju ins Viedt. and will be tolri to s.visfy Judicial*. l^o SW to October term 1K57, in favor of Jouathan T. Walker. J. 1). HOOVER, Late U. S Marshal for District Columbia. je38-ots MARSHAL'S SAL EL?la virtue nf a writ of faeri lacias, I'sood from the Clerk's rffice of the Cirouit Co?rt of the District of Col u ailia. for the oounty of Washington, and tome directed. I will expose to public sale, for cash, in front <>r the court house dour of said county, on 8ATI' K HA V, the 28t1 day of J uiy next. 136), at 12 o'clock m., the fo lowing property, to wit: All defendant's n*ht, title, o'aim, and interest, 111 anil to a cr'aiu builJinit erected on Lot No. six 161 in Square No nine hundred ?nd forty nine i<H9)as laid down in the plat ol the city of Washington, arixed and levied upon as the Drop?rty "f Abel Griggs, and will be sold to satisfy judicial* No. 286, to October terra 1856 in favor of John Purdy. J. D- HOOVER. Late 1'. S Marshal for the Distriot of Columbia jo 28-dts CLOTHING, kc. I HE CHEAPEST SPRING CLOTHING, THE BEST SUMMER CLOTHING. Can only be found at WIESENFELD & CO.'S, Odfon Hall Clothing Rooms Splendid Spring Raglans with Capes. Splendid Spring Overcoats f">r a few dollar*, At WIESENFELD A. CO.'S Elegant Dress Suits, at lowest rates. At WIESENFELD A. CO.'S Beautiful Business Suits, at trifl'.ne oost, At WlfcSENFELD * CO.'S. Business Suits fur young inen. Business Suits for middle afces ouawirss z-uus lor an ages. At WIESENFELD A CO.'S. Dre?s Suit* for weddings. Dress Suits for carties, Dreea Suits l?r boat we&r. At WIESENFELD A CO.'S Coats by the thousand, Pants by the thousand, vesta by the thousand. At WIESENFELD A CO '8. Boy's clothing for the youngest. Boy's clothinc for all sizes. Boy's olothing for larger boys. At WIESENFELD k CO 8 Cheaper than the cheapest. Finer than the finest, Better than the best, Are t e garment* At WIESENFEl-D A CO.'S. Save your money, as A very few dollars Will give you a splendid outfit for summer. If you cail At WIESENFELD A ^O.'S, ap 17-TuAStf Cor. Fa. av and 4X at. R NOTICE KGULAR STEAM PACKET LINE BETWEEN BALTiMORK AND -.fT"""' WA8HINGTO N .-Leave Commere? it. wharf, Baltimore, as foi "***' o*i: Diamond Stats, every WEDNESDAY, at 6 p. m. Columbia.every SATURDAY, at 6 p. m Leave Kiley'a Whar^at the foot of 11th ftreet. Washington, as fol ow?: Columbia, every V\ KDNE8DAY MORNING, at 6. Diamond Statk, every FRIDAY.about 12 m. For lreight, <to., apal* to ~ '/hOS. W. RILEY, Agent. Ri.ey'a Wharf,at iheToot of m 16 TftTfim llth at , Washington WASH IN GTOr^BE WING ROOMS, ' KM 9lk St.. tw doors Nttk of Pa. 4tt. Now ia the time to jet SPRING an?l SUMMER SHIRTS mace up to oniar. The aul>aorfbar ia prepared to majte SHIRTS, DRA WERS, ftc? at th? SI*MMER RESORTS. I ARLKLK | The favorite reaort for WHITE SILPHIR ;]1;^ M'KIN<?S, Mountain Air. InncoraCUMBERLAND CO. \V>I1 Penn>yl rant a. Good S.Kiietj and a Good iTaMe. Aicom*<>?atio.i? Foe For particulars mild 300 for Circular. ' OWKN?. <' F.NDKNTEHMS LOW. IN A VISsOHKR. je 7 lew C+rli*U Swrmtf. Pa. SCHMIDT'S SI MMF.R OAKl?KN.-<'n Sixtii afreet. b<>lw?en (' and Louisiana . A ma> l>e found at all tim?a one of the wt VcTMB w popular, ne'iai. iirl>an?. and inteliiKei.t^miaL Kewtaurant Kecpera.who backs up hi* reputation with I*A??F.K KR from thaCtTT or Hm>THiii lt Love. Philadelphia ; with HRANDIFS Iroja the choic* ?t vitiejarda of France; with WINKS unexcelled on the hilla of the Rhine; a d with an article o| WHISK 'S Wl ich mi a k ? ft ( ? of t >i? true flavor of the Monoucakela and Bourt>on I'n a'thie a> ?ither of th'Mic ma* t>e individual!?, he ha* sought t<> make tfiem still more ao t>? the rirn"ii ma rrnr grouil'JS ol til* lav.iTlte e?iat> aliment of a *pacmu< Arbor. whfr? his gu?st* Hy day may enjoy the cool breem* and ti* frw fr???n J'ol'n too anient rata; and. at "the witching hour of night." <4iiatT tin ice-cool l.a?er without (oar of having their enjoyment dampened h? the tailing dew. Sucli inducements will. douf>tie?*. cause man; of our reader* to drop in and t\ke a note if nothing elee.tand, nio*t likely. many of those who go will coagam. In addition t* all thin, he ha? enI ti e Proa peri brother* and their associate* to discon rue their choicest pieces of muaio Every Wednesday and Saturday evening. jy 10 lin VV A ^HTMTton 1* CITY GARDEN. ERNST I.OF.FKI.ER. Proprietor. .V'tr \ork arenut, btticren 1st and id ft*. In nallinc the attention of the public to try (round* I would state that every arrangement lias A . . A he?n made to make tnis 'Retreat" attractive every riay. Monday* the bar iCAl den* are open to the public Iree of charge?a ovu< rt given by a select band. Th"*e desiring toei joy the danoe and wvti w i 1 find the saloon in compete order to render pleasure to all. <?- othT day* the proprietor wi'l cheerfully grant th* u:-e of the ground* (or tohool or other Pic Nic Par tie* with out charge. I or the amusement of children he ha* ittrodueed a number of iit'ie game*, never before *eeu in thi* eit?, and ch'cu atexi at the same tune to amuat the ^,1A i\.\ L. _ N. B.?Attached i? Riy Bottling Eatabiishm ct. and families can k<e supplied with an; quantity at their'esiueiice. of healthful drink. LA?>t K UKKR. upon short notice. 1* IS Sin i * K KEN SPK1NG \I PAVILION, Ntar th' Old Iron h-wlry and only hilf a mil' fcy ian-l from th* Ommt^ut Stand >n trrortetirtrm. The ladies and gentlemen of Wa*hli (ton ard Georgetown are respectfully informed A . ? A that this t>?auttf?l p ac-. on the Inun 'ry WjvMty Branch, is nuw handsom?"y fitted up *" ll" '? tlie reception of f'ic-Nic Parties a-id other \ i?h,tb There are nuineroua springs of the purest water and a constant shade tiironghont the dav. Tnere i* a large saloon for danoiuc. with dresMng room attached, and shady waiks and seats throughout the ground*. Schoois, ^oni> ties. Ciohs and Social Partie* can ohtai" ttiis delightful plare for Pic Nics without charge for the grt.unds r-r pavi.ion t-y giving tne proprietor three days notice. Meas are served at !! hoes, and Refreshments furnished atcitv pr'oes (><fio?rswil attend at all tunes for the preserva tion of go?d order, a d no Mini wi I t>? spared to give satisfaction to all vsito^s. JOSEPH EHRMANNTROl'T. Je rS aotf Proprietor. \1 SALT WATKR BATHING. i?l ARSHALL'S PAVILION. (Moore's Landing) wi I he open for the reception of vis. A ?. ? A turi nn t h a I If h ??f I m a Tkta resort for those seeking health ar.d p ea* Xi' T ure. is unexcelled b? any piaoe of the kind on the Potomac river It is situated ah ut one hundred mi es from Washington immediately on the Potomac, and in lull view of ?he Ch?nAp?ake Bay. and famou* for fine Oysters, Soft Crabs, Sheephead, and other Fish. and eadly accessible b* the steam tooats plying bet ween Washington, HaUcnu* auJ Norfolk. The undersigned has mace addiii"' a< improvement* iu t is Bati> ll?uif< and many < ther improvements to the onmf->rt and eiijoyment of his 5u*sts. The Bathing oannot be surpa*s?d. i^p en id Ang'ing and p ectv of Fishing and Sai inc Boat# free of charge. He ha* spared no expense in pro vidin* a good Cotil on Bam! or in laying in hi* stock of ohoioe W ities. Liquors.Seia'*. Ac..and for th"*< who wish to avoid extreme fashion and to s*ek a retired p ace where they can make themsHre* at home, there is not a more p ea*a;, t p ic in the Uniti-d State*. Ttie proprietor jlerfgn him*-if t''a: nothing sha'l lie let undone on His part t" render ttiem *o. Term* lor board: 91.50 p>-r day, for ier* than a week; for a longer time. 91.2.S per ay; $3?' per month. Persons wishing to address the t?ro prietor wi 1 direct to Leonardtown, St. ,\iar?'? oounty. Md. je8-2m R. J. MARSHALL, Proprietor. EDUCATIONAL. TBJ SBCONp ANNUAL SK-SION OF 1 .Mr. J. li COMBS' hngliah and t'.a??ica. Huh School will comineno* oh the brut Mod lay it: Soptember n?*t. Applications should be mad'> in July, at the numlirr of pupil* is limits. l-'or terras, Ac., le* circulars. Ac., or call *t Mr. C.N esidenoe, No 303 Sixth street, Mr New Vork avenue. i* M-eoSw* Commercial college, J No. 47Bt*ivi*TH sr., Uppotxt* tk* Umtral Post Ofct, Waskmtion City. Armnriati System of Penmanship, Boockeepme, Mercantile Forms and Calculations. BusinessCorrespondence, Bills of Kxchan.e, Current Kil's, Commission Sa es, lira.i mar and Arithmetic. L7~ a P rtj>a'atory Class fur Boys. Ladies will be instruoted iu fine penmanship. Room* open from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. For terms apply at the Rooms. ma -3m WM. %V VOI NU A TO. T'HK UNION FEMALE ACADEMV. I NlW AlIlNGKMIVT This well known and popular Seminary, winch lias fieen ao successful under the ?'iiti re rare of M rs Z. Richards for more than ten t^ars, will be upeti"d en the first Monday in September n-xt. uim!?i the united supervision and instruction of Mr. and Mrs. Z. RICH \RDS, in the well arranged and delightfully located I'nion Academy Ruiluing. For rarticulars. wee circular- at all the Bookstores, mag tf IVf MRS. McCOR . 1CK S SCHOOL. I?IR9. McCORMICK deal res to inform he frienda and the public general!y that rhe will resmi.e the duties of her Schoo: on the lat Monday in September next. Tneooaraeof study pnraned will oompriaeall tha branohea re?uiaite to a thorough Eng.iah eduoa tion. in addition to her day aobolara. abe la desirous of receiving into her family a few pupila aa boardera aged from in to 14 years, who will t>e under ber immediate care and oversight. Her arrar.gementa for the aooomrnrxlatioc and due care of pupils have been couaidera.iv inoreaard and otherwiae improved. Those in Waahington deairing particular information with reference to her aohool may apply to W. D. WaLaoh, Editor o the Star For terms and farther partioilara apply at her reaitfeaoa? No. 3* Cameron atreet, Alexandria. Va. r ICIITVIMCI Li"* *"*" LIGHTNING !! LIGHTNING!!! Is Timk or Pk4cb, Pkkfakx for Wa! F. La BAR RE, Soutkttest tomtr of 10?A and C if*., MillTiCTriKE of PLATINA TIPPED LIGHTNING RODS, Respectfully Announces to the pul-.ic of Warhing ton and vioinity that be if prepared to execute all orders for erecting Lightning Conductors on the nosr approved scientific principles, constructed of tne very l>est ol materials, on very moderate terms. All Piatica tipped Points which are manufactured by me will l>e stamped with iny name. Weather Vanes of any design made to order. IT j?-lm |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. Dl'RKEK A CO.'t* SELECT SPIOBB. Guaranteed m?t onlr ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat ground from fresh Spioes, seleated and oleaneii by us expressly for the purpose without referenoe to oost. They are beautifally packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent injury by keeping, and are fall weight, while the ordinary ground Spioes are almost invariably abort. We warrarrt tnem, in point of strength acd richness of flavor, BEYOND ACL COMPARISON M a uncle trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured oniy bj B. R. DURKEE ft CO., fa 1*1 Pearl st.. Niw York. New styles op ricr jewelry -h. o? ROOD haa juat opened a lar*e at >Ak. winch \ he will< ff<*r at vary iow ratee Therefore th-??e that are wiahing to carry home anythinc in hia line aa pre?enU, will do wall to oall and examine Kie at<vk at St* Pa.nvecue & I art-A PERFECT, NEW. ROSE WOOIV ?U> 1 I *? caae, iro:: frame, beautiful tone PIANO , offered for 1175, fo. a few ca?a, at JOHN F. KL,Ll^.306 Pa. av PIANOo FOR RKNT, from half a dollar to fa P't month. Also, great bargama in Secoud uu d lanoa i? St t t r FAT BAR0A1N9 IN PIANOS?3ith?r~i?r VJ aale or rent?new and eeoond hand, Irom ail I the reliable maker* of theoountrv JOHN F. ELLIS, jy 11 306 Pa, av., betw.Sth and Mh a(a. THE WEEKLY STAR Thu excellent Famt'y ?t>?f New* Joirtkl-Mifamine a irntor variety of interacting r *.<!In? tiiaa can t* found ID any other- 11 Mt.i?he<] > f**turd*j morning. Tmil-C??A. i* 4r^mtf t*ir.g> e<.p?. per ' ? r itp (v pi*? _ % t? Ten ropi-e ? <* Twenty oopiee. W? B? miS?c- I) neioc uhe r*:?ed morn nei?h>*.'? Without tl.e interv^tiU r of ir*' %t??nt.?? wilt be poro* wi percent of 7\? W~k:i *< ? w M'ni. It mn'iili t m> !tn.i tho ? Nf?? ' tn*t r ? !' *'' Tki F< < *???? 5i*r eiroe at? genera > throughout tbe eo entry. irr Single oopiee in wrappe-*> mi be erueered at to* tMiUr, imm d ikt?i > iftr i iht wurf p?p?r, I'rto*?Til K t.K OK,NTS K7" Po?tma?t?'? who not m atrr.ta viil h* lovnd ?C?ramiwiol ol f'MBll. FOR SALE AND RENT. __ l^OR RENT-A thw tor* HRIOK HO! ?*B, I on H tmt????*ii 4th ami 4th. AikMlvo tor* KKK'K 1 Oi TAtiK. w>lh tartlen. corner <rf Tenn<? *?? avcnu* an<i north I* nrrel. ?urroiin<l<wi t>? a la f common pa*titr?, an I ? oul<l I* a <J*? i n b! lorotioa f>>[ a man. Inuuiraof 1". KIRUK, ?M Il kM. It *? * ( *<>! NIK. RKtHIDI NCKFOIMLK Tkrff / au<3 a haif a r?i ol l,and itnat^J at Hanry'? \ r a?l? at th<? wtaraMbon ??f th* Co imh u and Mirc tun.piaes. six n.i's from \N ashiuctoa And 5 from A i xanWia. The imrr"vcbi^dU Oonaist <>f a house. < '?'.taiui. ? 16 ri>om*. trarn. eorn k<'uw. she's. Ac. Th* yard is well na>i< witf: tr^os and AM in it ani?i'? l?i,t??'lof ?%t*r. for forth r particulars app* <>a th* irnr.iiN bi M M. PA V >K( ?r t i JMO. iVoWUNG. t A. t?. *? GF. at M\rsha ,'a auction room a. \N aahingtot, t) C. Th* above drscihiHl property will b? * > d U>v fur c as r.. jv ? Mt' \rALl*BU: FA KM, bUK'K CKMff. |M PbFMF.NTS Ar Ar. FOR gAUF. OR KXCRiMiE FOR iM?'KoVKDCITl PROi* F.R TV.?Th* auh?crilier in oonae^ueno* of bis in a*>i i>j to kit* that personal Atl*'>iion t<> hi* I a m wh ah it requirea, offara it, together with hi* atwh ol fi - Marea C is (' v?, N?<a, (ro*ii| cops. implement*. Ac. now en th* pr-emie??e. *i titer tor *& e or ncl?n(* for improved ? it? property. The Farm c ?ntains one hund ed ai d i?t? an a rea, i* located in Montaom*r? Comity, Mary ami. d s'ant ten m e? f o?r\ \Va>uiiirU a, ui the B'ih kvil e Turnpike, *hc l"kt r>>ad trading oat of Waahmcton. I? la <1*?n??d unn^o-aaa-y to enter into a minute deaoription of the Farm, a* itiap'es jned no od? w< ii d purchase wi'.linirt fi rt?isitr the premise* An? information wi . However. oh*?'fuiljr l?ei>v*n nponapp cat on to WILLIAM F SIM'it It*. .12 K street, betweei. 13th and liih. Wash nato" t"itt. W. II. Walaeh Editor of the **ar, k?vwi th? Ftrn ?<ii an'1 will *cv?rd f?i.. iiiformati n eon <t?ri in? it to an* inquirer. i*> Mil I^OR RRN'T-THf three rtorr hrown fr??'tI IIOI?J*E. No. JtiJ New \ ork >v?(iu*. loth and llth Fti e?t>. nortii iMk, containing fcft?en room* Tln? hotiM* is oonvrni'iiT to the Patent Of h'-e, Tfxiir* . to.; i* Jicliteit In [t>. tn<1 in fWT ?ti Mtital> e for a hoarttin* hoii?c. Kent iimi Appli npititiior.iir to A li KOWI.I'.R, eontl H>i r north wincol I'atcnt < if 14 tf L t >11 Kf N I ? I'iir line IK * .V I. H? ' >K known M "KtcimiIi KvMt' Houi*.'' ?ituat-?1 on M at. north. Iwtwecn Sili and l>Hh ?treet*. V> .WO. <-?ne of the HK>"t dffirtbl* private ie?idrnoe? in \\'a?hine?on Thin h wor m tarrontiM l>y fruit lw? and Kr?at niinil>er* <?f currant l>ti?he? of >*a rioim kind*. and fine hade tree*. 11n feet of s ound. wali-d m Apply to J. C. COOK Ei?hth ?t. Mw*#n D and E. if IS tl 17OR RENT-Three HRICK HiU'SKH-om on P Twelfth *tre?'t. h' twt^n O and I); one on th? cornet >?f Twelfth and H at*. ; ami one on H, lie iwcn 12th and 1,4th ?t* Inqnire <d JAMK9 \V. BARKER, on II st'eet. Iiet we?-n I ill, and 12t!i No. 4 'if. ma >n tf i<M>R HKM-Atlirw ?to>y FnaMK HOdPt, r <<u Klcve.ith it'W. M?r??n I an<1 K I' qui'? uf.M. *NVI?tK. at the riumVpe ai d <>u Fitt i.j K<-tah,i*ha?iit of C. Snyder, next door to ?? # :??%r Office n a 24 tf LMiK RENT?Thre? hr*l c!a and rrmt.f I limit llnl SKS. f?-ur *tot i*n tils' <**oh. hand Bi?tnel? *ml having ail thr modern improvtmenu, aueh a* wat-r, t-a*. A e.. in one t?l th?> \*'r IbmI looatioM in th?-?ity?on the c??rner of Third utrvet fend Missouri avenue. a'id opposite the Capitol ground* \ny <in?* vishiac 'o r. at a fine dwellinc will find thi# a tavorali * npportuiiity. a* I de?ire to rent tliem immediatei* Vid will rent ttiern low. Inquire of P. W BROWNING. je 1-tf !/(>R IT KNT?That n<w and well arranged threw r *t'?r> BKI?'K ItOC'HK. No. l*M.oa G ?t'?*?t. tv?tw?*en l^lh and ?th *t*., FV?t Wa d, la'el* occupied l-v Mr. Ro?fi-eo. Kua>ian I.ecation. Po?e-e. *i?in given iiurii'-diatHr Inquire ot Mr. SOl'TH KV S. I' \ K K K.R nni d?Mir i-a?t ma Hi wU l.t<IK Ml \ r.l ?? ol'llU I ?. r. ? ..rtlk >1 r and Penn aveuue, under trie Clarendon Hotel, suitable for a i*rt>er's aa oon or ctcar store For < v inajfllMw Until Tnar 9f ff"OR KKNT?The KIRSTFLOOK ?ftne baikT me :mnMjiUc[; opposite the w~n Vine of the City Hn u-ceutly occupied by Ctiaa. S. Vraiaolj vs au olfcee. A so '.he iront room ic the second ?tor? an J the tt:rd floor of the nam* buildms. For terms app'y to KiCHAP.D WAU.ACH.No. * Louisiana arena*. ja IS tf SENATORS, MK.MHKK!* Of CONOKtW.Two splendid suites of ROOM8. e. eg&ntiy furnished, will be rented dunes th? i<*kiuc of Con rress, in the moat desirable looality in this city, being within oMor tw<> squares r>( B'own'i and Nationa. H >ut *. Those in pursuit of such Rooma wii.Uo well to make ear.y application at No. 37 V th street between 0 stre?* an 4 Pi 11 rle Vtf I^OR SAI.K?A mo" three story Brick HOl'9Ki a on 2d street, between D and K street*, in Kibbey's Subdivision. The above property will b? sold on easy terms. Price made kmwn by inauirin* of H. \V HAMILTON A CO.. No. Mi Ttli street opposite Centre Market. Title perfect. 4_ m *4 iV I u T R UXKsV BOOT^NDTIIOKS. Bouts and bhok? to suit this Tl M KS. We are now manufacturing all kind* of BOOTS and ?HOKS, and c?r?tanl!v receiving nappy of eastern mad* work of evf-r? ?e-WwM I seriptio-, mau?* 'iprMi y to order, and wiilf I!" be sold at a much lower pnoe than ha* t-eefi* Hb her??<>f<>re caarned in th<a citj for muoh inferior article*. Pe son* 10 want of Boot* ar.d Shoe* of eastern or oity made work, will a!v?fi find a jood aasortmaBt in atoreand at the loweat pnoen Give u? a <mu1. GRIFFIN * BRO., ap 8-r HI4 Pennaylva'-ta aveoae. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. 499 Tth Strut, Opposite Odd Fellows' Hull. Wa>ht*?rtm, D. C. T'*v. "rit ?1 u 'y ttieir nte-.-?t? i>- examining my TRl NKr*, V AMCEr4 ko . before pur anrr* cha*n:ic eieewere As I u*? none hut theKf fjfl t>e*t materia! the market afford* and the ( ?*? workman. I can ounlidently reooitimecd my work to t><* superior in Sir-nt.k and Ihtrabtlitu to Trunks that ar? made id other oiU?* and aold here. I k<*"p constantly on hand, anil make to order (on one week notioei ever* d-eoriptien of Sltl.E LEATHER, 1HON FRAME FRENCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TRUNKS, ASHl AND and other V ALICES; TRAVELlNitBAUS; HAH HESS. SADDLES: WHIPS. *c.. #r. Trunk*. A:c.. Repaired and Covered, in a work manlike manner, at short notice Trunk* delivered in an; part of the city, George town, or Alexandria. Al?o?A/ent for Howe'a oeieti rated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. del& li JAMES S. TOPHAM. WOOD~AND COAL. ~~ WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all oart* of the oitr. at t ie lowe?t possible rates. T J. * W. M. GALT. Office W4 Pa. ar? between Uth and 12th sta . ma 17 tf north aide. WBaKIBRR HAVING ON HAND 1 an extensive stock of IT KL, is prepared to set! at ft verv Kiw ca?h WOOD Sawed and Split any sue. Call and see for yoursolf. *. W BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, ma IB 8. K. corner of Fourteenth and C sta. BOHN'S I.IBRARY 8ERIKS, INCLUDING the Standard, < Anneal An'iq-Jftriai . I nstrft ted, t<cientific. Philological, fcee es.attioal and British Classic Lif?rari?*?. A of Stuinlanl Worka rmtm r ?n and at tow prine* Now work* a e to the aenee everr moi?th An* ??> umr ma* be ha: a<-pirat'l?? *ni bar>k volume oa- t>e i rn ? n pplied. The oomplete eerie* kept eonata-<tlj oe hand by 1'HlLP * SOLOMON, Metropolitan Kook?tore. S3? Pa av? bat. <?th and 10th j? 90 Suit atMiU for l aimw'i it*,io?iary. (french lack mantlkp and points Paraa?la, ?ua t*h vl??. an t t?*un liiabralla*. Thread. Valeuomea. j?wi??and Tar brie I dgirgt, Hooiton. fJujpu e, and French worked, Linen a Cam' rio, ?w ?? and Thread S ta. Coiored Tarltoi a. * wta*, Can bne Jaeonett, WbII, Nar.aoi k and p aid Nanaook Mca'>n?, H?i?er*, 6aantl?tu, tttack fill \lrl?,4c. Foraaejow t>? J-27 TAYLOR A HI TCHI?w?N Bacon * kavkn*s andstkiwvay unriva led PIANO F'?KTr of all attlea and aiiea. Alan, ereral nflkMI ther makee, for ?aJe ?t 'a^'or* ari^e#, at" 1" the aole acannj, MtTZ^'ROTT^ Wu?ic Store. S^vfifA) ?/?nnri.Ka Piarw.i. ? Lul ???- ? ? ? i? art __L____!UZZ ""^F' AL K! XX ALE AND XXX ALE!! Ihe *ore?t *nd moit wi><> ee<>ut? Ale id Uue oitj ie to he otitamod the WASHINGTON BREW ERY. Thte Ale is mAd?> from m?tt ftad bcpeotti*. MM c&nnot far. to give ent>r? eftUa&r.tion to ooe timer*. C COLINKAU. PrnyriMnr of tk( '? 4 W if ^ 'A STANDARD B' ACK TK A, OU CH?->T? STANDARD BLACK f KA !! * been reoeiven. Title t*% u ???ilt*; price ?? o- i U ??' poind bj ohe'f or oltie wi < . We frtr ner e t lot viM owet ii u.ore iu?om KING* B'.'RCH ELL. miS eor. ? ??>it V?r?. M ?? HO. HOOD bM tow n l.?nd t w i?'l? . ... Ml' 11 U mil w vi u iv h i?' c? i < ? r<n /* ' ( | a., of h:? own make, thai he will anil m* ??>w u aw of the Northern warftir* eoM for, and at toe e*m? Um? will warrant everything to he standard il?er. M* F*. iwnn# f If * * v

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