Newspaper of Evening Star, July 24, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 24, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL _NEWS /"Though Tub 9tak is printed on the fastest ? .tin preaa In uae south of Baltimore, Its edition is so large as to require it to be pat to preaa at an *^rly hour; Advert:sements, therefore, ahould be ?ent In before Iv! o'clock m ; otherwise they may not apjiear until the next day. ? V ?h/K to W*tHissiosu!i?.?Thoae of our fell< w rlt'icna leaving for the watering places and elsewhere should bear in mind that we do not mall Thk 5*tar except after payment in advance at the rate of 37 cents per month. Noti'"it ?District of Columbia Advertisements \>r . iis-rted in the Baltimore are received mt ami forwarded from Thk Star Office t'lty Cocicili, July2) ?Gonrd of Aldrrmtn.? Tb?- Board met at the usual hour, Vice President Moore in the chair. roxxuik atios*. One from tu tinjj Mayor Dove, nominating >imual Hoffman as Superintendent of Sweeps in the Seventh Ward, vice \V. H. Hook, rejected; ret>rr?*d Also the following: Ma ton's OrncK. July 2ft, l&flo. To >k' Biiari of Al4'rm'n and Be*r4 of Cotnmon f'puntil ? Gentlemen; I feel it to be due to his metnofy to announce to your bodies the rid intelligence of the decease of Jwseph Galen, who departed this life oa Saturday e^eninjj last, at sewn o'clock, at his re^dence near thl* cjty. Mr Gales was one of our oldest, at Well as one of our most respected r.ititens. and his decease has filled the hearts of onr entire community with nadneM lie had filled the office of Mayor of this ? it? with credit to himself, and left behind him many evidences of a su< cessfui administration of its :tt) i r?. and was only called from it, to the regret of all. by the pressure of hi? private business It se?*nis to me, thereforr. a flttinjj occasion for the representatives of the people of Washington to confer together, tn order that we have an opportunity of tertifying our appreciation of the many ?ice4lent qualities of our deceased friend ) and fel!ow-Htl*en. I shall promptly cooperate with yon In what* vf.r y*<i ir.av d~em befitting this solemn occasion Very respectfully, \V. T bovK. Acting Mayor. On motion by Mr Magruder. tbe communication was referred to a joint committee of the two boards The Chair appointed as such committee Mews Magruder. Brown and Price. PKTITIOSS ??f Thorns* Smith and others, for a water main; of Charles Klot*, for remission of a !lne; of Henry Hclihan, for remission of a fine; of Michael Dufly and others, for the grading of a street; of William Roddy, for the remission of a tine;?all of which were duly referred On motion, the board took a recess for fifteen nat antes. \Vbfj the board a^ain came to order. Mr Marauder, rhat'man of the joint committee to waom was referred the communication of tbe Acting Mayor In relation to the death of Joseph fial^s reported the following resolution* : k'?olr<4. That the members of the City Councils. in common with their constituency, have >i?ard with the most heartfelt sorrow of the demise of Joseph Gales, an ex-Mayor, and one of the oldest citizens and flrmeat frl.n/t? nt !?? i-n? R'solfii. That we tender our earnest sympathy to the family* and friends of the defeased in the mournful affliction which has overwhelmed thein vrith Kf'ef K'soiifU As a testimonial of the high estimation in which the deceased was held by this community, that all business in the City Hall i>e susjxnded during the dav of his burial, and that the l-itblic schools be closed to allow thg teachers and pupils to unite In the funeral obsequies k'*olrtd, As a tribute to his memory that the public offices of the city be draped in mourning during the space of three months, and that toe m* mbers of the two Boards wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days and attend the in a body, together with the Corporation officers Ktsolvtd, That the Mayor be requested to transmit a copy of the foregoing resolutions to the family "f the dei eased Resolved. That the Mayor be requested to make the necessary arrangements to enable the two Boards and Corporation officers to attend the f . eral at such hour as may be designated bv the friends of tli* debased '1 be Chair being about to put the resolution!? Mr .Mafcruder rr?e and said that in submitting thes-* resolution* of the committee it was proper to mnki* som e mention of what hf knew in rere-? ein e to the deceased. Jns-ph <jal>-s. No man has ever tilled or will ever All a larger space in the . hearts of this community than the deifwd. Such ? man belonged to no particular ty hi-* ntmr. his fame, his reputation is the property of the whole country, lie would speak ?.f Sir. Gale* as one of our people, and not us a journalist, though in that respect he had left betiind him anezaaole worthv of universal iinita. liou H s pajjer has been regarded as a model journal even by political opponents, and look-d upon as a ralm and dispassionate history of the Unirt in Kurope si well as .a America. Though connected with public men of all partie-s opinions for a long course of year*, be bad made no person il enemy, and no innu living can say (lul be ever was wronged by Mr. Gales as a private man. or as a journalist, or in any other capacity Our citizens may dwell with pride and satl*f*ct:on on th.e recollection of bis wortb, and the honor be ronf^rred on this community as a member of it Childless himself, be was tbe husband. father, brother, and friend of all within h s Intluenre No employee, no dependent, ever found a better employer or a more indulgent faliier; no community was ever blessed by tbe ur> -?eiice in it of a more benevolent citizen If De hut been an almoner from High Heaven be could have been no more than he was. save perhaps that bis sphere of beneficence might Lave b-en more extended He wn childlike in all tne feelings of hts h?-art. because bis heart was as pure and simple ;ts a child's He never forgot to tbe day of his ilenth that filial love which was or. iiia.iir a:ruiii/ in him f??r within ^ ? p? - ? > ? ? " tv* jwr:..<i of h,? death he exclaimed. * <>k*' tiiat xuy fith?-r and my tootbrr were her?*.' and recurring in hit memory to the pure days of childhood, vrlirri fcis re?-oilect!ont went bat k to that mother whose Instructions and whone care bad done so much to form him to become the m:tn tbat he was. he sought that she might be present with him in the moments of his pain to help him to hear It. His last words were spoken in commendation of hi* wife and the surviving ones of his family to the Almighty care and protection of his ? rrator TU' resolution* were then unanimously adopted and oh motion the board adjourned. f'emmon t'ovn il ?Communications were received from the .Mayor, approving csrtaln bills, and recr?miii?nding an appropriation of for a needed i*?ipr"v?irent. A communication from the Commissioner of Health, relative to a place for deposite of the vr. ug of alleys. gutters. Ac . was referred to health committee P?T!T!"*S. ETC., PRKSKSTED. Of l.ittle. Bell, and utter*, of Win. Lord and 'tier*, of .Morgan, <>deii. and other*; of Win A. '.rey, of Aline Kuglebright, resolution making appropriation to pay for a barricade u?ed at Uie l^te election, bill for improvement in toe Second Ward, bill making appropriation for uniform for th- police; bill to pay special police employed at the 1 tat ele tion, revolution to aboli*h the present mode of poitouing dogs. All of which were appropriately referred. Mr Mobun offered a resolution asking information of the City Surveyor relative to certain Improvement*; pasaed. K SPORT* or COMMITTEES .Mr Jones, from the wa>? and means committee, reported a bill making appropriation for pur c basing uniforms for the city police; passed AI to a bill to pay the special police employed on the last election day; pined. Mr Van Re?*?ick froiu the improvements committ--e. reported a bill to take up and relay a gutter in the alley in square 373; passed. A bill to supply ad< ti lency fur the construction ?>f a stenc& trap in square '2S5; AIdermea's bill making appropriation to trim and eravrl a portion of Kouttceutb itrwt wnt; a bill for tin proving C street south and extending a culvert at Fourth street east; a bill to trim and gravel 1. ?t uortU between Fourth and Fifth; were p.isied The committee suspended to allow the Mayor's tnrsoage announcing the death of Josept* liales, lis; . to be read 0;i motion by >lr Jones, a committee of three w as appointed, consisting of Mes?r* Jonea. Kasbv e.nd Otter, to confer with a similar committee of the Aldermen in reference to a proper testimonial of r?-spe?-t to hi? memory Mr Van Keswick resumed. and reported bllU to trim and gravel B street north, and for other purpose#; to repair a wall on Tiber Creek, at Sec ond street Mr. Malloy moved to strike out ?50 and lna?*rt $IUU in the Inst bill; agreed to A bill to p?y for taking up and relaying a gutter iu the Fourth Ward; all of whtch wrte p-sted On motion of Mr Orme, the bill to lay a water mV.n In TblrtcenUtMVMIWHUN up and passed Mr Chapln, from the committer on health, reported a bill providing for cleansing the streets, alley*. gutters, &r , of the city, and the v( jfaroage; pissed Mr. Chapin, from the elections committee, report -d a resolution. directing a special election to t?e held in tn? Fi st Ward to fill the vacancy o~css>or?ed by the disqualified on of Mr barle. to be held on Wednesday, thr l?t of Aueuit, in the First Ward, and appointing Samuel Duvall, S T Drury. Dauiel J'errin, com mis* .oners of thr first precinct; and A \V. Denbam. \V O Hunt, W J l.ew.s.for the second precinct Mr Kmeritoii moved to strike out the names of Drury, l.ewli. and "Vffin,s:id insert Messri> I'arker, Kntwis'e, and Keliy, former commissioners ; lost, and the r ? Niton wit adopted Mr Van Keswick, by consent, reported from tte improvement* committee a bill to trim and gravel D street south, from Second to 5?Venth street east, passed. I A.L1ERMES S BILLS ? trSRKID. I A bill to 1* y watermain on I street north, to the drainage committee A bill for relief of W. P Webb; to the claims committee. Joint resolution to grade and pave the alley in square 2IS; to improvements committee. Mr Jones, from the joint committee on the death of Joseph Gales, reported r?ee Aldermen's report] and moved the adoption of the resolutions Sir. Kasbv seconded the motion, and said? Mr President: Before the adoption of these resolutions, 1 feel that it Is incumbent 011 some mem ber of this Board to tender that tribute to the memory of Mr. Gales which 1 am conscious must at this' moment fill every hear*. Mt. Gales has lived in this city more than hall i century, and his name Is associated w'.th all the leading features of its Improvement, all thAl fcouid adorn It outwardly or promote the Interest or virtue of the people, and to make it worthy the great nation of which It is the metropolis. In true nobility of soul, in all those qualities w&lch adorn and ??.*> " u< vuuiai.vri ui mail, IUC name of Joseph Galea stands preeminent As a political writer, as a sound and conservative journilist he has never been excelled. The ?*olumns of the National Intelligencer. oVer which he has pres:ded for more than two generations, afford the b?st evidence of his pureness of heart, his urban.ty, and kindness. au?l may he taken as a correct exponent of his vigorous intellect, bis benevolence, and his love of virtue. In the lan* tjuage of an eminent statesman no* passed away. Joseph Gales had the irlnd to grasp the affairs of a nation, and a beaft that would till the universe with its kindness " lie has gone to that bourne whence no traveler returns, and when that hour r^rives when we shall be called to follow htm into the spirit-world, if that wisdom, that virtue and benevolence which adorned his life shall be ours, then indeed we shall have achieved all that our ffllow-tnen could desire to accord to our m?moty. The resolutions were adopted, and then the Board adjourned. Trwtk of Rupkct ?At a meeting of the Columbia Typographical Society, held last evening in the Council Chamber in the City Hall, Mr. John C. Franzoni, President of the Society, in the chair, for the purp m of expressing the deep vbk of the lo?s the Society and the public at Urge have sustained in the death of Joseph Gales, for half a century senior editor of the National Intelligencer? It was moved that a committee of seven be appointed to retire and draft resolutions in accordance with the object of the meeting. This motion leaving been put ana carried, such a committee was appointed, (consisting of Messrs Wm Woodward, John il Cunningham, Thomas Rich, Wm R. McLean. George Cochrane, K B u a n-?-i ? - - xiunwii.anu raincK urowiey.) Wlllctl having retired, returned and reported the following resolutions : Whereas In the death of Mr Joseph Gales, one ot the honored beads of the National Intelligencer?an institution ever high In our warmest t? teem?recognizing and appreciating the melancholy loss of an old and much-valued friend and fellow-craftsman, we cannot withheld the public expression of the deep grief which pervades all our hearts on so mournful an event: He it therefore Rtsolrtd, That as fellow-craftsmen, long associated with him in the dirt^rent relations of our pruf?-saion, and witnesses of the unsullied purity and probity of bis noble and generous nature, our sorrow and regret upon our loss in his death arises no less from a recollection of bis imny kindly .v# a J ? * - ' .o ui uiiiiurrniifa irienasmp towards us than from our consciousneis of bis inestimable worth as a man ResolV'l, That, as a token of the veneration in wtiic b bis memory is held by the craft, and by all who have come in contact with him In tbe business and social relations of life, we will attend bis funeral to-morrow afternoon Rftolrrd, That we condole with tbe widow and family of tbe deceased In their great loss; and tbat a certiiled copy of these r?solutions be forwarded to the family. K'folvd. That the Printers of Washington, the Book-binders' Association, and all others con nected with the profession, be requested to meet at tbe City Hall, at 2 o'clock p m . on Tuesday, to take part in the ol?seqiile? to the memory of Jo'eph Gales. Ksu R'solved That the city papers be requested to publish these proceedings After the appointment of Mr Chas F. Lowry as Marshal, the Society adjourned. N atiojial Agbjccltukal Exhibition ?It will be 8?fii by an advertisement in another column, that tbf- eighth annual exhibition of the 1 nit?d Strstea \ijricultural Society, which is to be he.d in the vicinity of Cincinnati.will be ^ott?'ii up on a scale commensurate with the position of this national organization Tbp premium list, which amounts to is liberal in every department and cannot fail to attract the attention of agriculturists stock breeders, horticulturists, pomologists. mechanics, artists, and other Industrials The new arrangement, by which tbe exhibition la to open on Wednesday, and not close until the evening of Thursday of the following week, will enable exhibitors to have their machine* or other article* fairly ''tested," and will avoid tbe confusion attendant on a lir^ee.xhibition crowded into one week Had not Prof. Carv made his appearance here at the annual meeting ?"d renewed an offer, made a year previous, to furnish the requisite accommodations at Cincinnati, the exhibition would have been located here Indeed, some of our citizens, in the hope that Cincinnati might, after all, fail to comply with the requisitions of the Society, had the funds in readiness (the .Messrs Wiliard heading the list with 31,<1*0) to locate the exhibition here, after all. The most active oiB< ers of the Society are of opinion thut until the exhibitions are located here, permanently, the usefulnrst of the Society will be impaired; and it Is to be hoped that at the next annual meeting the proper inducement can be offered to bring about this desirable object The advent of a hundred thousand visitors, every fall, would i>e of signal bent-lit to the metropolis, and the Vitional Society should hold Its exhibitions at the metropolis of the nation. Tu East WilllMTO!! I.1BBART ASSOC:* Tio?s, wnicti wa? incorporated by Congress at the last session. ii in a very flourishing condition at this time, and the members art* making [(reparations to erect a suitable building for th-ir accom nodation. Located. as the name indicates. in the eastern section of the city, such an institution will be of great In-netlt to the citizens,as no other of the kind there exists The plan that they propose is to receive subscriptions from the citizens, either in money or materials, ami some liberal gentlemen have already responded by noble contributions They have b?en inactive operation nearly three years, and already have a flue library. a;id the number being steadily 011 the increase, they llnd that they must "enlirge their borde s We understand that our citizens are to be waited u;>on for contributions for the Oenetttof this meritorious institution. Their officers for the present term are: President, Isaac II Whittle; Vice PreM lent. S. A H Marks, jr j Recording Se r< tary. James K Peake; Financial Secretary, J lT. C oss; Treasurer, George R Cook; Librarian, D. McCathron Number of active members, '?i. KorcATiosAL Mektinos ? We see it announced that a joint meeting of the National Teachers' Association, and of the American Normal School, will be held at Buffilo, N V , on the 7th of August next, to continue four days. In view of toe character of the gentlemen who are to lecture, the subjects to be presented, the sections of the country and departments of Instruction represented. the general Interest felt for both associations throughout the States, and the locality of the 1 ' * V* mcr ^ v* IkUlII all uuur UI i^l ld^dfS J II is expected that tbi> will be the largest and most Important educational meeting ever held In the I n'.ted States To those of our city educationists who avail tuemselves of this meeting, the route thither will be one of romantic interest Tickets for the round trip, for persons from this city and the Southern States, can be obtained on application to John T. Kidney, fcsq., Assistant Superintendent of the Northern Central Railway, at the Calvert street railroad station, Baltimore, for ? I'} 35, good from the 6th to the l^th of August. The Liberty Polk of thr Repiblicans.?In accordance with a published call, those gentlemen immediately Interested in the erection of the liberty pole in the open space in frontof the Bank of Washington, ou which to hoist the names of Lincoln and Hamliu, met last evening at the Republican wigwam, corner of Indiana avenue and Second street, to take into consideration the letter of the Commissioner of Public Buildings, withdrawing his consent previously given, to erf t the pole on a public reservation uluin.i ?? ? reason for which withdrawal, that he found his authority did not allow him to grant sui-.h perminion Nothing further was done than to appoint a committee to draft a series of resolutions to W presented at the next regular meeting of the Republican Association on next Thursday evening Camp Mektisg is Montgomery Circuit, Md There will be a Camp Meeting held, commencing on the *2ltn of August next, for Montgomery Circuit, on the land of Mr. N. B Holland, near the road leading from Hattstown to Barnesville?two miles form the former place and four from the latter. The locality is also within live miles of I'rltaua, and live or six from Clarksburg The Committee having charge of the matter have arr.ini/f*in?nti u/ith ? _ , , . . ^- , , -n . tuvii, *? uv mil ur prepared to furnish the public with ample accommodation# in boarding and lodging, and with provision* for horses. There will be separate boarding tents and table* for gentlemen and ladies. Cixtii Market?The market opened this morning with a v?ry full attendance of dealers of all cltsses The country dealers were very well represented, and the supplies appear to be Increasing In quantity and improving in quality, and in some branches the prices moderating The morning being pleasant, the gangways were crowded in the early hours by puriHiaser* and visiters, and business wore a lively appearance. Very good order was nmiutain?d during the day, and a careful enforcement of the regulation* tended much to sec ure the comfort of all witbin the market limits Misting off thb Jackson Democratic Association?The regular weekly meeting of this Association was held last evening, in the hall over Bickell s store room, south side of Pa avenue, between Four-and-a-half and Sixth sts A lirge piece of white canvas suspended across the avenue, with the name ?f the Association and those of the candidates printed on it. designated ihe place of meeting. There was quite a large number present and considerable enthuslassn manifested About forty nominations for membership were received After some preliminary business, the President (Dr Boyle) announced the following irentlannoo 1 * * 6x?..vikcii uo ua?ui|| ?rrn ?upuini*>a 10 constitute the Executive Committee of the Association. Robert Ould, Daniel Ratclitfe. Walter Lenox. John Pettlbone, W. W. Davis. J N Shepherd. E Yulee, J McCathrau, W H Hope Mr Ratclifte desired to be excused from serving on the committee, inasmuch as he had been called upon by the National Executive Committee to occupy a position which, if he accepted, would prevent him from discharging the duties appertaining to that position. He had be?n in vited to go forth and discuss matters with their adversaries In tbe language of the Declaration of Independence, all were their enemies in war? In |>eace all were their friends He regarded all the forces combined against them?whether under the name of tbe supporters of the Constitution of the United States, and tbe Enforcement of the Laws; those who rallied around the stindard of "Squatter Sovereignty," or the Black Republicans?as their enemies He was excused. Several amendments to the constitution were presented and appropriately referred . The prospectus of the Weekly Campaign Constitution having b^en laid before the meeting? Mr Ratclifl'e moved that a committee of seven (one from each ward) be appointed to solicit subscriptions to this paper, and accompanied the motion with the following resolution : ktsolvtd. That each member of this Association come forward to-night and subscribe tothe Weekiv Constitution campaign paper. Mr Ratclifle proofed to urge on the meeting the importance of iinmediat* action Mr ?V H Thomas moved to lay the whole subject on the table. Mr. Ratclifle continued his remarks. Mr A. F. Cunningham desired to have the matter referred to the executive committee. He would not allow this nor anv other association to dictate to him what paper ne should subscribe for. He now subscribed for the Daily Constitution, but did ?o on his own individual responsibility, and desired others to act likewise Mr. Cook was absolutely opposed to the proposition of Mr Ratclifle to coerce each gentleman of the Association to take a particular paper whether he would or not. If Mr. R or any other gentleman desired to take this paper let him do so For himself, he very seldom saw it. It might be orthodox, and then again it might not; but he desired to exerclke his own judgment in such matters. This proposition was in hit opinion preposterous, unprecedented; one that he had never before heard of l.?t wi,.? was tbe proposition ? Why. that individual members of an association should be required by the action of the majority to subscribe to a paper and be forced to read it?forced to pay for a paper which they might have objection to Mr Kirk regarded it as a very good campaign paper Very often he was aware it did not contain anything which could possibly interest any one; but then, again, it had some very interesting matter In it?for instance, tbe ?(>eef h of Mr Dickinson, and other speeches of the same character It was desirable to have such speeches widely circulated, and he knew of no cheaper method by which it could be done than this Finally the subject was referred to the executive committee, with the understanding that the paper met the approval and was endorsed by the Association Adjourned Thk Policr axi> Contractor*?Yesterday a bill was reported in the Council from the Wa\s and Means Committee, to purchase uniforms for tbe city police. Mr Kdmonstoii wanted to know if the luw provided for a uniform for the police, why it is that there is such a variety in tteir appearance on duty?some in gray and some in blue' The chairmm. did not preteiid to account for th^t fact; but Mr. Pow-ell explained that, at the adoption of the gray suit some of the "gentlemen" had new suits of blue, which they werf permitted to wear for a time. Mr F.dmo'nston thought it iook<-d verymurh like allowing them to wear the old suits and saving the thirty dollars He was for enforcing the law. ami using the money for the purpose for which it was appropriated The bill was passed. Mr Cbapin, from the health committee, re- ! ported a bill repealing the old law for cleaning | streets, alleys, gutters, ftc.. and initiating a new systt-ni l iider the old system this work and the removal of garbage was "done by contract. Mr Chapln stated tkat the Mayor had come to the ( conclusion that justice was not done the corporation by the contractors, and had abrogated all the , contracts. The new system provides th it work | shall be di>ne by day work, under the direction of the Commissioners of Health, and provides for \ depositaries of the gleanings and garbage, and the sale of the same It makes the following appropriations to carry the law into operation: For , cleaning streets nll?>v? * ~ - ? J-l ^ -! Ward, Second. St..500; Third, i Fourth, S'J.'iUd; Fifth. C7U0; Sixth. ?<Xk); Seventh, tHW. For removal of garbage from the First, ' /Second, Third, and Fourth Wards. S-V10 each; from the Fifth and Sixth. *'2TU each; and from , the Seventh *< ><( The Commissioner of Health f will designate the depositaries for the wards It Is thought that by this system which h?s been adopted, a greater amount of work will be done at a very slight advance of cost. ClTT iMI'ROVEMIHTS 15 A t.RX AMMt IA .?The ; Gazette says : ' The clink of the bri-klayer's trowel and the noise of the carpenter's hammer, are now familiar sounds in all portions of the city, and quite a number of new buildings are in progress of ejection, ntlording lncontestible evidence of the progress of the city We notice the following buildings just completed or in progress : An elegant four story brick store at the corner of King and Royal streets, for U K Winner A Bro., ana C A Baiwin A Co.; a first class store nearly adjoining the above, for William Arnold; a line three story brick dwelling on Royal street, for B. H J enkins; another, adjoining, of similar con- I , structlon, for Jos. Broders; an elegant three story brick cabinet factory at the corner of King and Alfred streets for C. 0 Bradley; a line three story brick store and residence, for S. Miller, at th^ ritrnor nf U.nrol I*-;?-.? * ... iiupi onu i mice streets; a well Iln- * lshea three story brick residence on Duke near Pitt street, for William H McKnight; a bandsome three story brick joiner's establishment on r Prince near Fairfax street, for Stephen Swaine; a f handsome frame tenement for James H. Crump, t on Water street; a comfortable two story brick dwelling on Water street near Wilkes, for Win. ' J..Mills; a comfortable t#o story brick adjoining, i for Capt K Jones; a plain brick two story tene- , ment on Water street, for J Reed; an elegant i brick addition to the residence of J W Burke, t on Wilkes street; a hue two story brick business ' house on Union street near (.Jueen Besides th?se are theextensive improvemeutsof the Alexandria, j Loudon and Hampshire Railroad Company, at . their grounds, covering four acres of ground, ou j Fairfax and Water streets, converting that section i of the city, once a marsh, into a handsome and ? busy locality. Mr J M. Stevens Isalso re-building the handsome private residence recently pur- . chased by Lim on Pitt near Duke street. Coksiqskks per steamer Montlcello from New t York:?M. J Adler Ac Co., J. W. Angus, Alex- j ander A Cook. J. H Brewster, Harmon Burns, j Samuel Bacon & Co, J J Bogul, J . H. Bradbury, j 1. M. Bergman, W. F. Bayly. W. Ballantyne, j i l<?rtu.?r X, ? ? ??i '?J ' - ? -> " w?i vvui kTvuiux ? Diaui: uaru Ol ill Ulilin < J t'j . Cox, Clagett A Dodson. Clements A Bro.,W. Clendenin, K. L. Chllds, J H. Clay, Campbell A Son, Dougherty A Besford, W T. Dove A Co , Knglish A Son, C Kmmerson, T A Folsom, C. 8. Fowler, P H. Graham. A Gaddes, C Ganhlr. J. L Higbil, R R Jarvis, B L Jackson. Jillard A Son, Kirk wood Houic. (ieo F. Kirk, J. I. Kidwell, Middleton A Heall, A McDonald, i McGregor A Co., F Mattingly, J. W Mar In, ! Murray A Semme?, \V. G. Metrerott, B F Mor- ' *11, M. P. Maury, C. Myers. 11 I. Otatt, F M 1 Orme, W. G Olcott, Parker A Spauldlng, Philp J A Solomon, H. C. Purdy, G and T Parker A f Co., J. R A Co., Ramsburg A Ebert, Dan'l Kat- 1 cliffe, Maj. G. 1> Ramsay, J L Savage, Smoot i A Burroughs, A. T Smitn. VV. F Seymour, W. ' Stickney,T;dward Towers, Thom|?on A Hannan, . Teuney A Co , J W. Thompson A Co., Taylor A Maury, P White A Co.. J Wagner, C. 8. Whittlesey, Wlllards' Hotel, M. M. White, it. M Wight, K. K. White A Co Singular Affair?Child Falling out ok a 1 Window.?On Saturday morning last, savs the Alexandria Gazette, an infant child of one of our 1 citizens, was found upon the pavement In front of his residence, on cjiieen strdfct, enveloped in , bed covering. It appears that during the extreme heat of Friday night, the lady of ihe house had occasion to throw some of the bed spreads upon the window sill, whence tbey tumbled into the street. Whether the child was Dlaceri intn !??? i window with the bed clothes, or afterwards, \ whilst its parents were asleep?the bed being < l'>*e J to the window?crawled to the opening and fell out. is not known. No sooner was trie ctjild picked up than medical assistance was procured One of Its wrists was broken, and the Infant otherwise injured. Latr.r.?The child has entirely recovered from th** Injuries occasioned by its fall The accident, it is said.was owing to no carelessness on the part of any one. SciKXTiFic Qukky No 2.? Mr Editor: ifasirve>or start from any degree of north latitude, and run that line by plumb staves due east, using the compass only in the starting of his line, and running 90?. or on* quarter of the circle of theglobe, what latitude would he then have, (he flxing the starting point?) An answer is requested by R. S P. r* *? * * * * i ?ki?t v hi ki h. in Alexandria, u now uad?t the h*nd* of artiz^ns for repairs The church will bt? paliitted and otherwise improv-d and soni* repair* made to the steeple. In order to give time for the repairs, the church will be cloacd. and no service held therein until September next. 0 Thb I*sno!t Frkals Acaprmy?Among the many schools uking the patronage of the citizens of \\ asbington. tbi* Institution, iu lis success for ten year* past, in its merits, (for some of its pup: Is are among tne successful teachers of the ?Jty schocW;) and In its heiriga acbool adapted to recelv the daughters belonging to the wHl regulsted families of the city, where maybe commenced and completed a thorough and ornamental education, under teachers who have nude teaching a profession; has a claim on the permanent citizens. who consult their own real Interests The Institution has progressed thus far under the direction of Mrs Richards; but now Mr 7. Richards. so well known as the principal of a flourishing bovs' school, returns to the employment of p-eparing teachers, in conn<?ction with the Union Female Academy; an employment more congenial to bis taste.'and which he nave up, on coming to take charge of the Preparatory Department of the Columbian College, except to complete an engagement to take charge of bis tenth and eleventh teachers' Institutes, in another State We are assured that Mr and Mr9 Richards will make the Union Female Academy all that the most anxious parents can desire, as a school for educating their daughters Improvement*.?The Commissioner of lm. provements of the First and Second Wards. Mr J . B Rawllngs. has now in progress the following Improvements, Important in many respects to his district: the trimming and graveling H street, from Tenth to Twenty-tWrd street west, an improvement of considerable extent and great utility; the grading and graveling of Sixteenth street, between I and K; and tbe paving the footway on the east side of Seventeenth, from 1 to M street Such improvements are very advantageous at the present time, when the property owners appear to be anxious to add to tbe wealth of the wards by private improvement Commissioner Rawllngs is also preparing for the work of paving the carriage way on Fourteenth street, between Pennsylvania avenue and F street, an improvement long Intended to be made, but hindered by circumstance* beyond control of the commissioner. Criminal Cocet? To-day.?The trial of I,udin A Bargy was continued from yesterday. Mr Norris concluded his argument to the jury in behalf of the defendant In a speech of some length, and wan followed l>y District Attorney Otild. who closed f<?r th#? lintrprnm?n? TKa ^V.???>. a uc VOW V? >l? ^iVfn to the jury, who retired to consider upon thi* verdict. hut had uot returned any when our report closed. Bkrsard Bryan, Esq.,a native of Alexandria but who lias resided for many years In St l.onli. has been nominated by the Constitutional Union psrty. of that city, as a member of the Legislature of Missouri. Fun at Plney Branch trotting course to-day at 1pm Renowned horses in the Held?Delaware. Goodrich. Jack McDonald, and a fine stud from Philadelphia and Baltimore. Admiitance only fifty cento. The A^rsnrcr ?It is understood that Captain Benbam.ofthe engineer crops and recently appoi nted superintendent of the Potomac aqueduct will be here to-morrow for the purpose of commencing operations on that Important work Bear ib misp the beautiful exhibition at OddFellows' Hall to-night, the excellent music, and the chanc? to draw a gold watch or other valuable present. See advertisement in another column We cnperjtaxp that all tbe bookstores in the city, and many other places of business, will lie closed at three o'clock this afternoon ontof respect to the memory of the late Joseph Gain A meeting is to be held at the armory of the Letcher Guard, in Alexandria, to morrow evening, for the purpose of forming a Bell and Everett club. Arrived at Carter s W part vfoot of Thirteenthand-a half street) schooner Euphrates. <{uiuton. from Philadelphia, with tuns of coal for Mr , A B Waller. See advertisement, in another column, of I Islmd Baptist Sunday School pic-nlc. to come off to-morrow. < I Somethihg that Never Fails.?We hear a good I 'lea! through the prens of "infallible" medcines, < hut the only re labie proof* of the reai excellence of a medical preparation are its sales. In this re spect HotUtter'.* Sinmar>i Bitt'rs defy competition. No curative over attained the same popular it.v in the same time. Seven year* ago it was not known outside of private practice. Now th < sales ' IWQllt to WW WN rtWUW< htltltf BtWf I agei- of ih" proprietor make* the Mine report: i r-ureS marvelous?confidence of the p'-opie iit tue r prei arati'in stronger every day ?demand continual- < I) incr. asing. Letters pour in by every mail an- . nounciiiK its wonderful -'tied-* in Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, General Debility, Diarrhtra, Dy sentery, *nd all complaints of th<>'stomaon and excretory ' #rgaris. It is not only but palatable being I ho most agi able of all the Hitters at present I wfore the public. I For "aie fiy druggistsand dealers generally every- . where, jj j$-eo3i f it'w * ,?t.r - .. ? d.? . - ? ? /\- * . . w a 1 ? rill" i'nniiem. Palpi ation of the heart la frequently caused by i ndigestion or relaxed ftnti of tlie n -rv>u? system s rnurn uf a few we~ka of ttiete nivnliia!:.-in ?1 , cidos wi 1 diminish the irregular throbbing, and, )y removing the source, reatoru tta natural pulsa ion To ass st t!io functions, not to lo.ce them, is he true secret of success f|o!loway's medinns kud treatment are based on Ine simple law* i>i na ure?by annihilating the cause th. etf.-ct disap >ears. Sold by ail Druggists, at 25c ,62c., ami %l per ?o*orpot. jy 20-lw Dvsr&rsn CtRRn. ? From Joseph Hoxie, Kaq.. of New York City. N kw York. July 31. -1 (itntlemm Having suffered many >< trs from epeated attacks of the Dyspepsia in it* worst orm and almost exhausted "my hopes ofbeing able 1 o obtain any permanent relief, 1 wa* induced t<> I iave rec to the Ojryf-nitett B'lttrr., prepared I >y Dr. George B. Green, for which yon are agents ? g vr? !i,< fcleat pleasure to nay that jt"i!*-.-t ?i. ne has l*een highly beneficial, eradicating the li? a?e. and re torine me to good health ; ami I lialinll hoD** that al I who na> 1?a ?c?ri ? tv,#(.?? Ir? adful disease wili be induced to give the medi- { :ine a trial, fully believing they will not t>e disap- ' minted in the result. Jotm lull, \ No 76 Wall street. Such testimony a> the above is entitled to the con,i : , > , I .' > kj ,-|>tl:.-?. and l>i uvc-s the erfii-a?-> I t ? | tsyt'nattii hitt'T*. .Mr Hosi?M well known as I l highly resaectabl? ctizen. s Prepared uj >*. VV. FowleA Co., Boston, and for I >a|e t>\ l>. Giiman, S. C. Ford, jr..:#. I> Waite, < i. Stott. John Schwarze, Nairn A Paiiner, Wash i ngton; and by dealers every where. jy i9-lw,r '1 i Now Good D.gestion waits on Atpetttk, 1 ksn Health on Bora?Bat kuuiI digestion is a 8 anty in Ikil couutry. L>vsp"psia is as WMMI iiuiiiig lit and as general, ifi.ot a* fatal as consump 1011. Aud yet < very man and woman in iave within tneir reach a sure and swilt remedy "or this disease, and all the complaint* that it en J :e i!ers. \> case in which Hosteller's Stiiitmoli Hitter* have failed to > fleet a cu re of thin distress if: an.i, if neglected. dint* thus ailm nt. ik within he knowledge of any human I) wig. Anil why.' Because no such case lias never occurred Th1* ttomach strengthened, revitalized and to red by this >elei> at?l iwinywiw MMt Wifciji the work ??f a .d th roughly a lapt the food it receive* ,o the support of the system. Hence it relieves all >ain ai"l i-n "taiiiess in the digestive organs, conlo.ulateH the lie- h, gives elasticity and vigor to the nuscl*, and reinforces, as with new life, all the iniinal powers. jy 19-eo3t Meyer's Miraculous Vermin Destroyer, he oldest and best rem?dy known for exterminates R*ts and Mice, Cockroaches Bute, Ants, Vlusquitoes, Fleas, Moths,Grain V\ orms and Gar ten insects. ITT" Principal Depot, 614 Broadway, N. Y. Sold t>j all Druggist* everywhere. ma 18 3m I.ton's Magnetic !>*?ct Powiikr Exterminates Bed Bugs, Roaches, Ticks, Ants, Garden Insects, Ac. It contains no Poison Lyox's Magnetic Pills Are Certain Death to Rats and Mice. Sold everywhere. ap 9 3m Homkopathic Remedies All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s specific Honeopathic Remedies put up expressly tor family ige, in Ijoxms, at 25 mi<1 5" cents each. Also, , n ''ases, containing A) vial*, from *4 to if *acti, with l>ook of full dir>-ctions. For *\le t>y < I). <jil:nan, .'<50 Pa. avenue. wlvoU-sal.* and \ "tail agent: W. A Fitzgerald, 363 north F Htreet: >] i!so by F. B. Winter, north corner of Hatred ami Vermont avenue. Alun, Pond's Kstrart of Witch I W-irt/, for internal ai.d external lutlaniinatio'iH of I ill kuid?. Sold as al?ove. ma 9 1) Mas. Wirslow, an experienced nurse and temale ' physician. has a Si>o;Ai*? .Syrup for Cktld-n Tttr4- ! m*. which greatly facilitates the procek? of teething ' >y softening the gums, reducing all inflammation? | , iriil allay all paiu, and is sure to reru.ate the i ] >owels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will givejsat J ,o yourselves, and relief and health to your infanta. ' Perfectly safe in all oases. Bee advertisement in knottier column. ooll-ly Pehjues.?Persons desiring Pennies villa'waya find them for evnhanre at the Star Mlflne nnnnter DIED, On the 24th instant, Mr. THOMAS CARROL, . .? 1 ill T? -L:.L l. . ' ? a lllIKrllllK Wlllt-as, wtlinil IIP l>ore Willi cnristian forti tide and r<"?ig a'lon. native of the County Kilkenny, lreKml. a?ed 27 years, but a lesident of tht* ciu for the last 7 year* The friends of the family are r?spectfu' y invited to atte-'d his funeral, corner of 16th and K street*, Thursday, at 3 o'clock. * (lia timore papers copy.) On Sunday morning, the 24th instant, JOHN, only *on of John and M. A. Patch, at;ed3 months and 25 da>?. Iiearrst infant, thou hast left us ; We thy loss most deeply fe?l; But 'tis Got! that hath bereft us? He can all our sorrows heal. The friends snd relatives of the fa nily are in vited to attend the funeral, from t! stdence ol his parent". 61* H, betw en 4tli ai:d 5th streets, at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning. * On Siimlm.* mnrnmr lilt ATIPI.I.A Anmrlttar nf <?<*?> A C anil Eliza"Smith, a<od 19 montiis au>i 23 dav?. * WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD !!! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD,at ti.e towei possible pi tot*, T. J. * W M. GALT, Pa av., between Uth and 12th kU., ii:& 17-if north aide. GEORGETOWN. CerrufmUmtt / IV Stmt Gkob?kto?r. Jul? 2*. lt#k> The widow of Commodore Decatur, who died at her ret dence (corner of Third and (.ingtn ata ) ; in our citv on Sunday morning la?t. about eight ! o'clock, at tbe advanced age of ? ? fear*. was : buri*-d yesterday Her oba?q uiea were performed at Trinity <Catholic) church. Thia ladv, *hi?e gallant huanaid occupies auch a prominent place in American history, haa been living here in auch j a quiet and unoatentatioua manner that many of I our citucna knew not of her residence in our midat until they heard of her demiae Another a^t-d reaident. Brother Carrol, a* he ?> familiarly called.tear her of tb?- third d: via,on of Trinity Church Benevolent SV-hool. whose ?; kness waa mentioned in our notice of the award of premiums at that inatitution. passed |>earefuiiy to Li is reat on Sunday last, and was buried from Trinity Church yesterday The pic-nic of the Holy H'II Band at Analoatan yesterday w?a well patronized, and the lar^e company of belles and beau* assembitd enjoyed th> m*elves until a late hour Why ia the postofflce lampnot lightedo"n:ghta* One runs the ritk < f dislocating his limba. if he haa to drop a letter there afte r dark It will be aeen by the card in another column that our popular young friend, Mr Ale* Beall. haa purchased of Mr J M Belt the stock of the weii known grocery store corncr of Bridge and Congress streets W> heartily ^ m^nd him to public favor, as a courteous and Ob iging f;entlenm. Those of our citiiens supplied with water from the high service are requfsted to u??* strict economy and not let their hydrants run at night, otherwise the Water Hoard vrill be compelled to enforce the law GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS An OiuiRAtcx providing fjr paving the footway on the south sidecf Road6tr?-et. between Washington and High strtets Bi tt ordainfd by tkr Board of A-dtrtn-n 'imd Board of Common Counctl of Ike Cor/>oraticm of (itorgttvten, That ev?-ry proprietor <-f a lot, or part of a lot of ground on the south aide of Road treet, bftwcfD Washington and High streets ball, by the tlrst day or September next fwve. or cause to be paved. the footvraj in front of all the lota aforesaid. not heretofore paved, and not now in go<d order, to the full wiitth of the foi tway where Improved, and where not improved to the width or six feet, witb good hard bri k and sharp stnd a id n ac -< with tlje grade Lit said street, within aaid limits Sec 2. Be tl fwrtk'r ordi nrd. That the sum of f??.ty-llve cents [>er front foot be. and tb? same is hereby directed to be collected on all lots or pirta of lots wtibin the limits aforesaid, rema nl g unsaved on the said first day of September nut and witbin ten days thereafter, the Cb rk s h?reb> directed to prepare and deliver to the Colie tor a table of lota or part* of lota In front of which 'hpavement shall not Lave made as aforesaid. with me number of front feet in each, and the natnn of the persona to whom the same are respective)\ :isa'?f"d, who shall proceed to collect the sa d tax In the manner pres> riiwd by the charter of tbe town, and pay over the sime .is coller t?-d to tLe Clerk, and to close his collections on or before the first day of October next, retaining thereof four per rent as his commission Sec 3. B' it furth r ordminrd. That K T P Myers be. and he is hereby apjtointed Commit fioner with full power to draw and expend the nett rroceeds of said tax. and account therefor to the said Clerk on or before the tirst day of Octo)wr HAvt f * -.1 ? ?-w. | .nppiuvcu j my 4.1. i"'?u Resolctios# In regard to the annexa'ion of ?ieorgetown to Washington Whereas a large number of the propertv-hold- , prs of Georgetown have addr>-s*e<l memorials to | this Corj>oration in favor of an union of the two , nties of Gf?r;ftown and Watl.npton under one | and the same municipal government, and urulng this Corporation to institute measures for ?fTi tinn S'ild object; and whereas, it is just and expedient that the subject should be fairly presented I to the tax-pavers of the town, and the wishes .>f a < majority ?>f them in the premises carried Into 1 fff*ct; therefore. Kesolt-fi. That Hon James Duniop. Philip T Berrv. Walter?. Cox, Ksou Pickreil, and Davia i Iwiijlish be. and thev are hereby appointed ;i < committee on be! alf of this Corporation to negotiate with the Corporation of Washington res[yfi tin;; the terms and conditions upon which an jnion of the two cities ran lie ffe< ted. and said I omniittre are hereby instru^t^d to make report ; >f the result of such negotiation to this Corpora i .i*ii D t- ? r - *' - n-joirn jur;nrr, i iini ii xiie tern:* of ur.ion ihall bp a^r?*?d upon l?e-twffn th? corporate ail- ] horities of the two cities. the siid committer are ierehy further authorized to procure *uch le^lsation by CongreM a* niav be nfrrmry to as? erain the sense of the tax pnycn of the two ci:its I ind to carry said union into complete ?fl"-ct. if ] he same shall l?e agreeable to the wishes of a i naiortty of said tax-payers Passed July *il, l^w). FOR SALK AXI) RENT. ; [For other 44 For Sale *n4 arivertisemcntr, < tee fir it pout ] 1 POR RF.NT-A thr#e-*t.,r* BRICK !ln< >E. ' I containng II ro?>in?. on th? corner ot Tfcintf 1 nut C streets, Capitol llii;, north. Term* mole ite. Applv mi trie premises >-r ?f JAS. COLE d AN, Watehinan at the Capitol. jy .4 6t* L'OR KKNT A FL'RNNIKD I'ARI.OR a:. 1 CHAMBUt <'n first door, witu or?itn?u* ioaM. A so. two Chambers, front, s-cond storv ui(ii;re T nth street, east at Je. first door a1' M I tre t. iy .rat' J PdR RKNT A IIOISK (>\ I. STRK1.T ? r iio th. No. J50. The ho ise has tes r >or s a'. ? n g. od o <1-r a !oi 35 h> 13J leet. stable anil car | ia*ehouse and a pump of tond water 111 the >a:d. J *osse?sion ctvcn o the 1st of Ausu^tli* uppKing hi the premises t?> >1 r IIAK* V or A B()Rl,ANL>. V !-o. a Frame Hons* on Fi t-entl street w -t No. lt?7J j\ ?: * ' HOUSEHOLD <?OOi?S FOR SAI.K-A fain- . . ily, declining housr-keepm*, offer at p ivat* ' n!e. ii..til tne 31st instant, the Fl'R \ I ITK K, , 'ARI'KTS, IIKDDIMi, Ac, to.-a I , leaiily ami in eooj order?of a eomfortabl-* iiwe l ii(f. ( No. :? ?I H street. Itetwe -a 13th and 14th st?. , The HOl'HK IS POK RF.NT. and sayoasdsiir * tij: t" iKvin housekeeping will tind this a most fa- * -oratle opportunity to buy, Ca.l before 8 a. ni or Iter 4 p. 111., daily." jy 23 3t* [/OH <A! K? \ 'ne BRICK DWKI.I.IVC I' and I,OT.situat-don the north side of I street i.?r ::, 1 -t vi " !! J ! nml J' ?? st< I ur t.'r . . A ? ipplv to .IAS 1* MHiL'IRK Jt CO , Auetcn and .oiumisGKih .Merchant*. jy 23-tit FM>R RKNT?On very reason*!* e term?, a charming COTTAUK KKS1DKNCK. urii?h*d. ha\ing a large yard containing t tut of v? ioim kinds: can l>e rental to a sma.l family of ;-own persons. 1'onsest.ion given I t of August. | Ipply at 41* Sixth street. ii 23 I* UH?R RKNT.?A new tlire# utorj KRICK e " IK >l"r*K on 4th <.Tre< t. l-etween N a1 >1 O ' orth, nth six rooms and l>ack t>uii?tinr,a very desirable ocation for numiner residence. par icnla' lor those rho prefer pure country air to the sntfocatiniz heat J ,nn rlu.i! ol tlio city. Terms only * 10', per month, ipply next door. jy21-3t* * f|M?R RKNT?A three-story BRICK DWEI, ? I.I NG lit U SK. on H st l.etwee?i 12th and 13th t*? No 404. Api> > t?. J. KIRKWO(ll). 476 13th , i*reet " jy U-tf J UM>R R K N T-A n?*ny furnished BRICK I r HOUSK.c u.taming 1" roonn. >;t iated on H. ictwen 17th and lit h sts , supplied with t*" and vat-r. *nd ali r-quisite appendages. Apply to L ( I.OVING,4th Auditor's Oftioe, near t'ie War ind Navy Departments. jy 17-lw* bfOR HKNT?A line three story and attie Brick J Uwnlli g home, piea<-antly located. No. 4"?h, Eleventh btreet. near K,convenient to Pennsylvara av. Ri-onis lar<e and conveniently arranged; nth gas and water, st \lile and carriage house !> h<* r<-a-. Rent moaflA>? M a good tei ant. Apply it J. C. McGinre A Co 'aauctiin roomt. jy I7-lw , QTORK FOR RK\ r - No ' *? Seventh St., 3 1 * doors above States Otlice. App.j to J. R()<K\ J rHAL. jy 16 F'OR KENT,-A new and handnom* FRAMK HOt'SK will l>e for rent in a few da\ s. It is leautiltilly situated on Thl'tenth rtroet, tM'tw<?>n , Jeor*ia avenue and K *t-, Navy Yard: has a large a den lot attacned. a pump of g <xt wa-<-r n ar. md con'ai us 4 rooms. kitohei, and w. od.hed. Will <e rented low. with or without the lot. to a rood >naut. For *al? cheap, a good, strong WORK HORSE: works wel in anything Inquire of T. | B CLaRK, Navy \ ard ; or of JOHN I'ATi'll, il* H st . between 4th ar.d 5th jjr 16 j FV)R RF.NT?Two com'ortaM* three-atery b i-k HOL'SKS, si x rooms and kit - >ien eac Mtuated I >1! Klrtvpnt.ii at - K?ttt'A?n R ??**/< f* e-1 > c noiith Apply t'? fifiO. F. bi'GI'KLt . *r F ' S. ! tlyera'Office, Euhth at. j? U lm' F^oR RENT?Two beautiful new BRICK HOI'Si-.8,od F.i(h!lt it rrt went, ih'twui M tnd N Ktreeb nn'th vnt ^ i>!e. App'y?t<' MARY J. HAISLIP. No. 3*?1 Ninta street went.or Dr. tEAHUKY, No. 33*2 Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth streets. jy 12-5W* ( V ERY VALUABLE FARM <?N THK W ASH1NGTON BRANCH RAII.KOAD, NEAR j BKLTSV1LL.E, AT PRIVATE S - |> -The 1 iut>aorit?era are authorised to eel. B uutlful 1 Farm. "Happy Home." oontatmng oae hundred J Mid twenty-eight acres, three ruo^s and eijiit p?rchea. ntuaUd between and binding on the vV ashingt<>n Branch Rai.roal and the Ba timore tnd Waahintton t urnpike, <me mile fr. in Beta Post Office, and four ml lea from th? Agricultural College. The location i? anaurpaa*d tor h*alth, aoci t* excellent, chureh'a of nearly a'l dftoominRtinni wiihin .K-.r# to excellent scboola, and a grut mi I within one rmte. The la~d la in a high state of culti'ation. no pain* or expense having b?en spared in improving an'l fertilizing, by ase of the most permanent manure*. There ia an abundant supply of water, a never failing stream running through each field. The improvements constat of a comfortable Brink Dwelling, with eight moms, in excellent repair, liarn, stable, lee house. a well ?f water in the barn yard, an orchard of choice fruit treesapples. peaches, plums, &o. rerma liberal Apply to J 0. McGl'IREAC Auction and Commission Merchants. Waahington, D. C. jy 12-*od2?r THE LATEST NEWS T ELK UKAfUlC . 1 k<- Overlaid Mail f'o?T Smith, Ark . J air 23 ?The trle*r?j h liar Is now rompl*u<d to tfei* po:at, sud au is oprti for hu?i)ie?a Ttoc overland mail roach with San Fran, laoo dates to Julv M. *rr ; ved rt l?i 3u a m to-dar, With loilif .if tb? (Kiirimrra wb"reretred Injur.?w at Mountain Station. b\ ttie running awavofa tram Further particulars gained frwii one of the pas aeiifceaar^ as follows Tke sta^e left mountain st.ition s'lh KWS i>aaarn?ers t^sidrs Ibr dr'm snd Mr Mout. ntsd master In tbe emrlov of th? <>vpr and om|>nuv. who was * tinc aa' uodurlot On leaving tb*- a'atton the d'lw rra? ted Lia whip and the horara immediately *tiri*d on run, and when Ibry arrived at the brow of it,* mountain the hr^kx ww applied w?r?? 1 found to be uaeleaa In bia eflorta to atop th? tio'?-? tlif driver drove f om tbr main road, and t .ev < ante in collision with a tree. literally amastiin% tbr roarb to psri'M. killing one man|hf itamr of Mih krv. a drover, from Caasville. Mlaauurt, on Llaway from California. and injuring evrrv <?tiier Ctk.ii in tbe ?ta?;r to a triors ?r lea* estent Mr Stout wiit v vere.v cut on tbe fa c, bia now being completely flattened He aiao rompla'na of In Wnal injuries Several of tbe injured remain tiere for r*-?t until tbe nett litfr California diapab bes are vrr* manure by tbia arrival nothing birlnu tranapired nuct tbr last di |*rturr worthy of note Three l>aya Later (rta I artpf. St Johx?, July -J3 ?The steamabip Oanad*, from Liverpool on the 14th paaaed Cape Kace laat rlilbt She p r>orta that tlie triauL'n UnuU from New York for Havre on the Hnh June, arrived at Sout>iani| ton on the I. tt, Tber- ia out little additional ntvi of Interest S v rai ?t?ari)?r? hid b~en ( urcbaa d for <?arl bald 1 at l.lverp k>1, and two of lUrm Ladeni-d Mr Mflv A \f?|?o.ita'i corvette bud dwrt d a id jjoiie our to tiariU Id; Tb?a* ne t*a ona to b* j r???-:it t). tlila will enAle blm to reccive f Tfi^u < ppii'-a of lutn and munit.oufc wlib lea* riak tliau L?rrtufurf Cmaiticiu. The Liverpool Cotton m <rket cl<?ed.on Friday, tli l>tu. ataMdy. wish aloiaUd aalea of IO,t??? bales, ai d t i< r-t m ,t-d ??lea on :?a urd <y were f? WlU. rioaliiK u cb in^ed from Friday Krtadatofl'g v ere rr. n* dull cookou wil \ rV.iik ?i Niotri m ti.r U e?4 Urnriu k. July 'S\ ?At balf-f>a?t all o'clock v m ?- f 1 I ? ? - - -? . ? i | ?' >? ? *-from lUf northwest, unroyMn.; several buildings and prostrating a number of trees Boats wera blown lrcm their aioof iiui* and coMidert'itai damage don*-. the aii.ounl of whlrh is not yet a* rrrtiined Tlir iliirm lasted tbrrr minute* and \*as accompani*d by ball and rata C'Lkx rLAMi July ' ! I?A tornido p?H#d ow Brai eviilt SUtioa. oa tbr Cleveland and MahouI tig Ratiroed. on Saturday las!, entirely destroying the de^Nit and several dwelling bouse* aiid barns, and killing t?> ladle* I ar^r irees were upr. ot> d and burled through the air The utiirm wai very violent and extend) d over an area of two mars in length and a quarter of a mile in w:dth Arrival of the Prinre of W ?lfi St John * Julv VI ?I'he British war *1.1 p? Hor a d Ariidnearr ved here IhM nUht.with the Pr.n - if and bi* retiaue Tlie Prince 1 i d-d tLl* morning, amid a royal salute from the bat?r-rl<?. < .% was also done on the arrival of the Hero and Ar'jilii?- night Thousands of men. women and children crowded tb?' wbarve* to U' ' ipKM tf.#* fifharkat'-A!! Tf.?rf * = ?*r ri spiay of rtajjs from every prominent point of the city Later I om Hmtiia. NiwUkliix, July -'4?The steamship Hab ;na, from H tvana on the 2<1h. reports tbe tiealth if tWt city good S'igar rule t Irm and iLe market WM M tlltlr d* ir?T Provision* \?er* dull Freights b?d ii^htlv ad van'id hschange on London w;is at i:{,air-t) p?-r rcut ; ?n \t-w York ValJ* pr; in The geu<r I re*"s *-as uniin(>ortant Later from ^orthrm ieili*. New t iiLkA>?. July 21 ?The *teamsblp Austin from Bra; s 0:1 ttof 8?>U , brings . niel.i^t n- c tiiat ? ?!?-< :e onducta. wiiti ?1 .IfiO.UK". Lad been i?; /? d :it M n ,1er?-y TL?- revolution in Cothmla and New l.eon n'n i?*;n^ .round The people of Northern >ienco wtT ^row:ng in iiv -r o: lnt-rvfution > vv \ crk Hahk Krlarni. \rw Vokt, July Si ?Tut* wrkly rtitPM' of ILiecity Itankc fliow an iorreaae of W?n in oana; * I11 ,t*m id deposit*, and a d?*? reaae of ?I'.C.??'U hi ?j>?- It* a:-d ?: l. ??< in c:r nation ^ew V?rn Mirkrti Niw Yob*, July 24 ? Flo'ir In b?iTy. ?,">4Bi barrel*. Slat* *.i Ofcio 9<o 4'i.ijo ?0. >outL<>rii * '< *JUi$o <> > W bt*at it d ill and noaiilomin.tlly la'2<- low.t Corn Las h d?*cliu iij t?-n i?*nc) ; m:x?-d 6U^a6Ir Pork BU-;-.dy and let. jut price* are noanual Wb'.aky 1b steady at *?V PNOTICK IN*:V POINT PA V II.ION. notwitii- A ?. A iUri inu *n reports lalhf CMiititrv. wi e i'pt-n tv? re't'ivf visitor- until hrstol^_^^ JcViIht. Tlie tai>l? wiil ai?ra\? l>? t- 'ppii. <i ? iuu ill tlie d?*licacie? 1.1 tne scmob. W. W . 1?| X . jj il-lw Proprietor. DllUiE KOBLS 8EI.LIN6 <?! K l> AT HAi.h PRICE? ' W e hav? iti?r|iM down on our Tabl?* our entiro *took 1 and awn H. >e?. to t>e ao.o t ,i? Jea?on. man* at Ha.1 l'rio? I c-m are ? <?al Sari a ni. tiul v? invi.ntiii >ni>r i .n ??f ik< 8<lie?. J. \V. COui.fcV A CO .' jy h 5t 4 ?l. ?Ikiv? fm mr 186 INnjUUK DKCUtATlUNt 4'S(? Fcr.-oiii n*>t>din( U'INLOW SHADK" or PA'KKH\\(ii\<iS will liiul at \o. 4 *>6 Seventh tr?et a )(o<?d a-MirtniMit o| wariait<*l l??Md Han<1 IVINLMHV "*H?i ES. lioiil. Velvet, a <1 ? renin KIKKIUIARU >'m\ !*, PICTl"* E 'OK It AND TA<?KI>. -HADE HOLLANDS, t . Onlfrw |i?r lapT.iM ^n<? or i\ ml?w m,? xecut?*<t prompt)% m ett* or ow.ntry. Thankful 'orthe (literal patronage received, I respectfully solicit & continuance. Rsmeiutier the number! J. MARKRITFR. N Mi jv ?-6teo* Seventh ?U. x iloor* at-ove O F. Ha l. i.V rs' O O I) AND COAL OFFICE. Pa. Av., Bstw. Uth ash LXth Sts., Nortn aide. Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth at., ma 17 tf Kelow \var P#?partinent. UAPLK M'UAB. I MAPLE -fOAR. A very nice lot of MAPLE SuoAR. juat releived. jj ? KINS k. IRCHELL. Hoop skirts: HOOP SKIRTS '! J list received this mommc a a're a**ortiii?rt. Iir -ot f'orn tf-e -era. in ! .ariies', M is?es* in 1 C)t Hoop Skirts.of t.'ie ''e*t makes and it - **'i ee p'lres. if w m j. W coi.I.ey k. oo. l?.\RGAIN!? IN PIANOS that nave been bn 13 Jittie ubed. for hire. at & oeu's to |* >er month. JOHN' F ELLIS, je S tnfi ?venae MHICK^KINti & WJNV WORLD Rl I nowned PIANOS only for atle by the^^a^^ iuba~riber, at whose extrusive wareronn rou wul find a.waysa larrest 'ck.embrac-'** " " nu every variety, style, price of Pia'.afor sa> upon <asy terms or discount tor cash. Piai.os also from >ther jood a sk>>rs. Pi&ucsjor hire. JUU> l?. HI'UH, Piano and M usto Do?lw, 30?> Pa a* , hetween 9tn and 10th sts. Mu mc sent ?>? mai. tree of post. MusloaJ instr? rcpMr^d. ? n Id PORTO RICO SUGARS, MOLAHSE9. Ac. 2ii hlids Medium and Prim* Porto Kioo Sugar*. Chilli* and Mils, hrwlit, heavy Porto Rico and New Oilean# Moia?ses. ***>8u^ar Cured Ham*. >,?*> pound* prime Shoulder Bacon. 55 i>ag? .Ina R;o, and Roasted Coffee. 5-i bills. Double Refined and SoftCrushod Sugars. Received and for rale by Jt IR tit Ml DDLETON ? BEALL\| THE NEW HOOKS. 'lAKY OF LORaINE, by James Grar.t ; prio? i' oeats Ca*tl?- Richmond, by Anthony Trolloje ; # . A n'obioi rsbhiiuj RopdIIm tuira. lit thn IklnThu. Hot*?rt l.f* le. K A ; with a Prepa'afcr* K? ay ?>n L?*e!ie as an artist, and elections from his oorreeimrfnnt, by Tom Taylor, Ke* ; (: ?. Th? Tnr??e ? lerka, by >ny Trniiope; 41. Fur ?a < at PHILP A SOIX)MON'W, M'trnpo.ium ttookntore 33tf Pa- ??.. Betweeo 9Ui and lulu ale. .*ole wcntt f??r L.aureno? ShUqhwt, <? U ^KLMNG OFF ~ AT COSY ! In order to deor?*a?e my a ock I nave det*rinin?d to clone out the tialance of m? Cl'MMK* CLOTHING at o???t All lu want of Sumi'ier Cl<.thi>i? are e*p-?ctful'> invited to oa!l at No. 4RO Seventh et , ipposite Post Ofice, and see the g eat reriu -tioa in Summer C.otlnnt )y H-lm DUPO%r? GL'NPO W L)KR For * e at manalaoturera >nM>. ht JOHN J. HO'il'K, fiioisrvw*. D C? Sole Alrnsy for tk' [hstrict ?< Coimmhin A arte tupplt, eabiaeioi every van? t?, a ware or hand, *ua delivered free v- al! part* of the Dta t i-<U Orde<i oan a bo l?eieft at the-ftoeof Adams' K?pree? Cruwpanv. Wa?hi?>?t'>ti D. C f?? Uwl? J BOSTON ICK. T"T received per ?-a ou?-ia R.GilfiUaa Mary H Banks, N w Jer?e?. Keulati, ana U. H. tt. Fourteen Hundred lo t>e?? aaaiitj BOSTON ICK. I~ J MIMM.KfnN jy y-?o3t oftc* ??ori.?f l?tli * nd F ?t?. VV ?NTKn_"qOoKt*. L> IK) ' M K> I J*. " PAPKR8, CG1N8, Al"TO<?E A PHS?#4 f??r an autograph letter of G*n Ta*lur. S\ # *.

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