Newspaper of Evening Star, July 28, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 28, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: ATI;RDAY July 2S, 1*60. WAIU1NOTU5I AKWS AID OOSklP. ? or Pr*.i**R Travel. [Editorial Ceir'spomUntt of Tk* Star ) INo 1 ] July ?, 18?" Ox the Wise? Eckik<>tox?Jo Gale*. Ac. I left Washington at 6 -20 this morning bound AW - 1?* ?- - ~ ? ??= masing one or a well-flll*d train Carrying, aa I uaually do when off upon sncb a jaunt, a atout camp atool, with arrangement* for reating thf back. I occupy the l>eet teat (or rather position) In the train. That la, I alt, pencil and paper in haiid, immediately adjacent to the hind 'window* of the hlodinoat car. Or, In other word*, 1 have a capital view of all the country anywhere In alght from any porticu of the train. Aa to aecure auch a aent la a " wrinkle" worth the traveler'a knowing I thin fflve him the hrnrlll ?f . ray experience 1 can never leave Washington, In any direction, without bvisg struck with new features of its ever-varying countenance?its increasing houses, avenue* and streets, gradually, m their construction ye?r by year Increases, unfolding the plan of what was originally designed to be the most magnificent city of modern times. How well I remember what the portion of Wsshington trav* ? -* -V* M ** ? wj >uu in iigai irom itie rauroaa. was year*?a very long time?ago; when I caught ham and ?cot partridges among the htige oak* that there towered within a hundred yard* of the prfwm depot; when. Indeed, tliere was no house visible from the depot, not on Capitol Hill or Prnnaylvauis avenue, except, it might be here aad there, au humble shanty of aome laborer, or the residence of some country gentleman, In what Is now aniens the brat-built-up atreeta of the Federal Metropolis. I remember \Vashin?r?nn w?n n , -- ?I when It h^d from six to eight thousand inhabitants only , certainly not more than ten thousand ; aud to me the constant changes in its appearance? the new dresses it weara in the march of its progress?are perhaps fuller of interest than to almost any one else; for who more thoroughly identified with its progress than the Evening Star' This morning the point of most inter?st in the iritw from the car window woa Kckington, the late Kiidnice cf Mr. Galea, dfccand, not only on account of Its own beautica of location and em 1m lllahment. both by nature and art. but from the thousand remtniscencea concerning the career of Mr. Irules in Waahlngton, which paasing tickington brought to mind. Hiagood taste made a paradise Lh?r? out ... .. -W >?- va vii^iiiuitj TCI y lUU^U U1U ?CI I a 19 Indeed ? out of what moat peraona would pron>unc?; a very unpruuiiaiug ground work for such an undertaking. Hiaauc?e*a in reducing the wildn*?a of nature there to a^atematir. beauty .vaa but typical of biaaucceaaaa a pbiloaopbical thinker < writer) upoa the rough, and at tiiriea moat incougruoua. element* of the history of our whole r All ? IfU ' nv/v<r?f.?a L ? * * UU? U1KU UOi Ull {til Cilimf-U the ?*< tioioil storm, or reduced chaos in the Capitol to order, folly to common sense, angrv words to words of fraternal kindness, be only knows wno knows the details of the country's political history He always saw things in a kind and gen:il light, not only in politics, but In all affairs of life. Thus he sought to build up rather than to pull down, having a kind word for the Interests of any and all. In the course of his more uiau uikv )"ri cuiidccuoo wnD me press nere. 1 do not oelieve Ueever penned a line in individual anger or spite, though no man wai more high ftp rited tL^u he , which may not be said, I presume, of any other of his profession anywhere. The iiwnv proves and avenues of Erklngton are not aiort- graceful than was the miud of Mr cart fully cultivated as that was and f>roduuiug when in its vigor, richer and riper fruit ih.i:i th?- miiid of any professional cotemporary He was for half a century the only intensely la>?,tious editor of an American daily paj<er who always wrote with the elegance characterizing the articles of the leading English magazines, nhiilh form thf- li!hool n?nH?pn PnalUK _ ?,? ? - '/c??co le'.tret Time and ?uch an opportunity a* It b?ft> me >* ill not jH-rmit me tr> follow this timing tbeice? Mr Gales and Ecklngton Ttie tra.u ho* just passed the Annapolis junr. 11ou. My eyes have been feasted with beautiful sylvan views from the city to this place, the golden harvest is but just over, and the waving corn Is in f ill tassel the country show* to the best possible advantage, and to look upon It in its present rast, is to me a delightful recreation. The world is accustomed to pronounce the region traveled by th? Washington branch of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad an uuinterestiug one. 1 beg to dissent from that judgment Though the soil is cold and there are few very striking pictures by the way, j industrial art has crowded it evert wt?h ?ib?tantial interest?with that interest springing from improved agriculture, than which none other is more substantial. No where else on this continent have 1 seen agriculture progress more steadily and satisfactorily than on the line of this railroad All Have apparently participated in this, so commendable work ; that is to say. It is not the Improvements of here and there, a rich man's farm or estate; but of every farm and every estate between Baltimore and Washington The land now produces much more heavily than formerly, the the buildings are vastly better than they were formerly, and plenty and comfort smiles not only in the rich aud carefully cultivated fields one sees on au ?:at*> nut lu tiie looks and motion* of all living kind to be found there?whether of man or beast. 1 am now at the Relay House, and after a comfortable breakfast, I feel like a '"two-year-old ' turned, for the flrat time, in the Spring, Into a ! pasture. Not that I anticipate an idle time on't, but a fortnight of tight-seeing In rural regions at this season of the )ear, Is to me like grass to the long stable-kept horse? fi>od that restores to n?y nature its original elements of health and atrength The Western train approaches from Baltimore, so I must hurry this into an envelope. and bid tbe Star good-by a few moment* W. D W n * A Okbat Day ?Day before yesterday wu a ?<T>at day in the neighboring connty of Culpeper. Va The occasion waa thp preaentatfoo of a beautiful flag, painted by a Culpeper arttat. to the reorganized "Minute Men of Culpeper." At the opening of tbe Revolutionary war. the county of Culpeper waa called on to furniah a ainirt* pany lu the service of tlie colonic In answer to that call, ao general war the rt-tpenae aa that a battaiion of 150 men?all beim' rrftiaed who were not a'.z feet kill and over?waa instantly raia?d. Soon the battalion grew into a full raiment ?f "Culpeper Minute Men," whlc i was iu aervire througbojttbe war; being present In prrbapsttolc? aa many hard-fought en^a^cm* nU aa any other regiment, and becoming jnatly thenx>?t< elebrated rorp* of all in the aervice of the patriot cause John Marahall, afterward Chief Juatlce of the i uiira r*tatea, tbe celebrated Judge feudleton, of the Supreme Court of Soutb Carolina; General* I the Slaughter*, i.roadua'a, and a boat of others. William* and Green, of Revolutionary fame : who were aubaequently regarded aa the beat com pany and renln.enUtl oflicera in the roloniea' aer ice, commenced their military "-areer a* inemb*-ra of tbia juatly-celebrated corpa ; tte county keeping in the leld throughout the whole aev<-n VMri' mnUat tK* *? - T vt iuui uuin bb many men a* any other population of the tame number* tn either colony. Thla remarkable corp* aiunnlized tbera elvea whenever engaged?at teratoma Germantown Stony Point, (If we remember corrw tly,)ai d on twenty other of the hardest-fought Melds ?(tb Revolution. It waa composed exclusively of the beat blood of the Old Dominion?of the aona of be yeomanry and gentry pioneer*?without admix ture of aay other tlaments whatever The spirit actuating the people of the coantry to >uch deeds in tbtir country a behalf, baa (airly worked ita natural rcault in the inbaequent blatory of the United Sutea , fur Culpeper baa, from the cloae of tb? Resolution to thla time, kept far more aona In aervica aa U * Army and Navy ottcrra, than any other population of like numbera la thr i land ; (be late General kdmund Guinea heading the Hat; whileahe haa aiao farnlabed tar more diat DKoi?bed clvlllana than ber aba re, for rarely baa It haroened that Con^reaa h?? e?n~? UIb a dczeo at her native-bora aooa. or tons of ber sr?is. while th? military and civil annals of all t. e It* Southern and Western SUtea with :am? m fUDlllax to-day, u la 1779, axouud Cul*' f * 0 9 % ' - peper hearthstones. The roll of the reorganized Culpeper Minute Men" sounds almost like a literal tranacript of the original roll of the time* that tried men's souls; few. Indeed, being on It except the names of descendants of thoae Revolutionary patriot heroes, so unmixed has the population of that region of Virginia continued op to the present time But we digress from our purpose of describing the festivities of Thursday's occasion. The beautiful silk banner, the gift of the indies of Culpeper, was a reproduction of thft original banner pres-nica Dy meir great grandmothers and prandmotbera. to the great grand fat he ra and grand, fithers of tbe corps, on tlrat atartlng out In the aervlce at the opening of the Revolutionary war; the arms of Virgin a forming the groundwork of Its exquisitely executed embellishments. Tbe preeentatlon speech waa made by tbe Hon. John S Pendleton, the happiest orator for such an occasion in tbe State, wboae veina contain no other blood than thai of original ''Culpeper Minute Men;" and tbe reception apeech was made by Captain Tuze weii ration, a direct descendant of the Chevaiier Bayard of tUe original regiment and of all Virginia's Revolutionary troops?the never-to-beforgotten Captain Phil. Slaughter. Roth were eloquent speeches indeed, for yonng Capt. Patton Inherits oratory fairly from his distinguished lather, the late Hon. John M Patton; In his day tbe most brilliant < rator as well as most astut? rnnatitiitinrukl \7UwU4? 'i'^- ?.in*? ? ? - > ? < ?? j v? v** ? 11 ^iiii . i uc in i it i?iry from Alexandria? her Hi tie*?the best drilled corps In the State: tbeCulpeper Rities, (from another portion of the county;) with detachments of Orange county and other Virginia volunteer* were there, numbering, In all, perhaps two hundrrd. While the attendance of the fair sex and citizens of the surrounding country was very large, not less than fifteen hundred souls being in the grove where the ceremonies came off. Ample arrangements had been made to accommodate all, In a txoultrul awning-covered temporary hall, with speaking stand at one end and a stand for a band of music at tbe other. At the cloie of the cer<monles some nine hundred ladlea and gentlemen sat down to a sumptuous barbaeurd dinner?and after that was disposed of. the balance of tbe day was devoted by the juniors present to dancing in the hall, cleared of the seats in the meanwhile, to that end In tbe whole course of our large experience In such matters, we never before saw, at a similar gathering, so many elegant, graceful, and 'eflned iadie*. and Romany men of substantial position in life and character; accounting. hs the s glit did, fairly, for tbe fact that the sons of that region of the Old Dominion have, far more than any others, given tone to the society and history of all the new Southern states The Trouble vt OccotctfAtt Kxded ?VVe are gratified in being able to state that tbe hopes expressed by us yesterday that "the necessary measures of self-protection" adopted by the people of Prince William io this atlair have ended without the shedding of blood. Thf nfnnlp nf th? r/umfv Kaiu-u- *L- a ? J ,? ? ?v w?u?i j wuctnij^ iu? uag and Its inscriptions to be a standing menace to the peace of the county, connected as it was with the insulting demeanor of those who erected it determined to abate the nuisance In a purely fanatical manner, these disturbe s of the peace (insufficient theretofore to attract the county authorities) addressed Governor Letcher the following dispatch: 41 We, the citizens of Occoquan, are threatened with invasion by an armed mob of three hundred meu from a distant part of the county, on Friday next, at l-J o'clock m , and call upon you for prolection in this emergency; otherwise we shall have to defend ourselves * W. C. Athky, on behalf of citizens " l o wnich the Uoveruor responds iHStanter, as follows Orders will be issued at once to Gen. Huntoa for the protection of your citizen*. 44 Jons Letchse." Orders were accordingly Issued to Gen. Kpna Hunton. commanding that brigade of the militia, to give necessary protection to tb?* complainant* On the nizbt of Thursday, several of the wives of the residents at Of coquan, fearing bloodshed would occur the next day, attempted to demolish the pole. In the attempt, the wife of Mr Dutywas seriously wounded by a blow from her ax The men gathered, however, and took the wom<-n away from around the object of their attack. On the morning of the 2Tth (yesterday) the ''Republicans'' hoisted the American flag and the party ei.sign bearing the names of "Lincoln and Hamlin During the morning most of the women leri tbe village and the place seemid quite deserted, but u? preparations were made for defence, and a memorial to tbe Colonel asking protection was piepared and numerously signed At 3% o'clock the Prince William Cavalry, Capt 'l'uorntou commanding, entered tbe village una ranged themselves in the neighborhood of the pole Tney were followed by a company about forty strong, under commana of Capt M Fitihugh and Maj Carter, who, paying 110 attention whatever to tbe Horsemen, quietly formed in a hollow square around tbe pole, facing inwards Whilst tuis company was surrounding the pole. Mr Joseph T Janney advanced to the Captain of tbe troop of horse and claimed protection for bis property, upon whim th?* n?t? At the word of command, James \V. Jackson, of Fairfax, a stalwart yeoman, sprang forward and gave the flrst blow ; others followed, ' redoubling stroke on stroke." During this time there was no interruption, tare the Republicans and others who stood at the corners near by would cry out, "Ain't vour axe dull," "Hope you are having a good time," Ac. In a f?w minutes, however, there was a cry of "Stand from under,'' and the pole caine to ti.e ground and shivered. Instantly the crowd gave three cheers, when the republicans responded by three cheers for Lincoln and Hamlin. All were quickly at work on the fallen pole, and in less time than it bk*-s tn t?n ? J ? ?*) iv nan ? uupp?*a up ana the pieces carried off The was scut to Brentsvilte At sundown all whs quiet The Republicans declare that they will crcct another treasonable Wanner upon the same spot. Thus has this affair, gotten up and promoted no doubt in the North as a tot of the extent to which incendiarism In the South can go, under the late, with Impunity, a s * - ? rnaeu rBepMMMM Uovernor Letcher and General H union, lu whose hands this atl.iir peculiarly rested, la highly commendable, and will receive the public approval. Abmy InfKLLMSNC*.?Major Robt. H. Chilton, Paymaster, baa been directed to proceed to Fort Mackinac, to pay the troops at that post. i? * mc ivnuni ? rc^iiiiciiuu uaoiirr* bave been midH, to take eflect on the lit of October next: Firtt Artillery ?Flrat Lieutenant Samuel F Chalttn, froin li^tit company K to company C Firat Lieutenant James B. Fry, from company li to light company I; First Lieutenant Absalom Batrd, from company C to light company K; First Lieutenant Rich. C. Dungea. from liaht comnanv 1 to company D; Second Lieutenant John W Turner, from light company i to light company C; Second Lieutenant Thomas C. Sullivan, from company C to li^ht company 1. I-idia* Affair* ? Matthew Leeper has been .tppuir.tcd agent for tb<- Wictiitas and other Texas Indiana located on the lands leased from tL? Cbctawi Lieut. Hansom baa been ordered,with a detachra it of recruit*, to toe Big Timber*, on tbe Arkansas.where tbe War Detriment la establishtog a military post for tbe protection of Government and emigrant train*. x an!'ria Lout>ocm aro FIamtsiiikk Mail Akkamgkmkmts ?Tbe General Post OAcf De pertinent, has iinally determined not to appoint a Ki ad Agt lit upou tbe Alexandria Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad Tbe mails for the v*r?... ? .VUDU* ttces on the road, will be made up at the postt'tflee at Alexandria, and in accordance with the instruoionsofthc Department, mail pouches tent from Alexandria, to Fall's Church, lluuter's Mills, Thornton Guilford, Ayr Hill, and Herndon. Dxath o? a Navt Li?n**ast ?Tbe Nary Department has received official intelligence of the death of Lieut. R . Roney, of Baltimore, Md , urhrk A i? If ?*w?? *v - ?- n.ucuiM, on ?af ww coast of Africa, on the 'JOth of April last. The deceased entered the Navy on the 3d of March, 1*41, and wu promoted to bin pr<?aeiit grade the ltth of September, lb63 He was about 35 years of age. ? ? Tuft Paraguay Commissioner?There seems to be some hitch In the award of the Paraguay Comiulst'on. Although they closed their laloti me ?uyi ago, no official announcement baa been made It 1* rumored that the amount ia aot ?\t1 Victory to the Rhode Itland Company, and much efforta la being made to have the matter reopened CoNraACT AwiiDit.-Tbe contract for tte 1)1 nd .ug for the Treaaury Department baa befu | awarded to George Gideon, of thia city I Board of Caur Exqixexks.?Mmn Iaberwood. King and Sewell, baye been appointed a Board of Cbief Engineer* of the Navy, to mwt In New York on the lit of Auguit, to examine for promotion Second Auisftnt Engineer Williama .and Tblid Aiaitant Engineer Bumpton iiATAL UBDEI ?riVUllurr i.cuai um I'OVl ordered to the Susquehanna SeRATO* POCGLAS 1.1VITKD TO VIHT THB South ? A special dispatch from this city to the NY Timet say a : "Judge Douglas ia In the receipt of pressing invitations to visit several Southern States, and it is not improbable that he may make a short tour during the summer Tbe proprietors of the Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs in Virginia have also ottered to blm the Hospitalities of tuat ramed watering place The Springs are controlled by a joint Stock Assocfa. tlon of the gentlemen of the neighborhood, with whom the 'little Giant" is very popular." fjy U Is stated by Intimate Mends of Gov. Wise that he will take extreme Southern ground at the Convention which meets at Charlottsville, August 15th. Gov. Letcher says that he has yet expressed no opinion iu to Presidential candidates, but will seek to unite the two wings ofthe Democracy in Virginia upon one electoral ticket. ?100,000 Well Dutr'bctku.? The *110.000 l>me in the drawing of June Mn, of the Royal i,Hilary, wai arawn oy eeven or eigni parties in Matanzia. The Aurora del Vnwiuri, published in that city, says that one-quarter or the ticket (835,000) waa drawn by a commercial houae. where there are several honest and laborious young men who came in for shares of JivJ.jtiU each; a merchant drew fiviKKi; a broker ; and the other fourth was divided in three or four portions?one of them (?0,2.%) was held by a foreign servant girl, who ia now likely to change her sphere: bv a negro cook, who immediately informed his master that he wanted bis free pupera made ready for bim, and finished by marrying hia col- | ored lady love, and set up a fruit and vegetable stall. The other Jia./iOO it Is not yet known to whose lot they fell This ia a very good diatributlon of the large prize.?Cuban Messenger. RarcTATioN ? Now and then we find thoae who attain, through years of toll, exemplary conduct, charity, munificence, a position of importance among men,?who are known for the positive 4 good they do," not what they appear to do. who are shielded from the shafts of scandal and prejudice by their ''good deeds seen and known of all men '' We believe that Dr Wistar, thedlscoverer of the long tried "Wistar's Balaam of Wild Cherry, has done as much for the relief and benefit of poor suffering humanity, and that his memory is as justly entitled to encomiums of respect and gratitude as anv philanthropist of our country This invaluable preparation still maintains an Incomparable position anong physicians and druggists, and by the people is cherished as a remedy of unsurpassable value for ail diseases of the throat and lungs. \t? -414 il- * ?- ? * t? <_ ruuuuviiujr waraimrna it vo our reaatr* when afflicted with pulmonary disease?Waterbury Amtncan. "O K "?These famous rabaLlstir letter* are now used in Tennessee to Indicate preference for Breckinridge and Lane, who hail from Oregon and Kentucky YS^RELIGlOUSNOTCE.-EliUrO. P Mn..k.3 lbf,o| Ky.. will preacn in Coreoran'a Library Building on H street, between I3'li an l ]4tn strre's. on TO-MOKKOW < ^nnriav 1 at II o c'ock in the morning and 8 o cl ck at night Seats free. * f?" REPUBLICAN MEETI NG.-The RepubI 3 Iiran Axsoeiat on will hold sn a>lj>>urn> <1 meeting at the "Wigwam." o ^rn-'r of Indiana av. and*) st., THISCSa nrday) EVENING, at eight o'clock. Mr. J. J. Coombs and others will ft (dress tho in eting. It r"5=?JACKSON DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIAk_5 TION.?The regular weekly meeting <>f the Association will l>? held in their hall, 39* Pa avenue. MONDAY EVENING,9>th mat. All Demo<: at* a;e invited to present themselves lor'membership. COKNEi II S HOVI.K Pr?.iH?nt WM J. DONOHOO, Secr. tafy". "j~y i-2t "V-Sp" PROSPECT HIM, CEMETERY.-AT0Jj Th'E ? I'nder the charter lately grant**! by Comrn*H.the proprietors and subscribers to tha stock of this Company will hold a general meeting on MONDAY EVEN I N O. July 9>. at 8 o'clock, in German Hall. 11th st.. to which the attendance of ail member* and friends of the enterprise * ro quea'ed. By order of the flirecto *. jy 27 3t THK COMMITTEE. A. ARGE ASSORTMENT Of Steinway A. Son^' and Haven, Hacon k Co. Pi A N< ?S ha* just been received at the sol* Btcl|^SI agency, eorner of Pa. av. and Eleven* h St.* ' " ' jy ?i W. t?. M KT/KHOTT. PERSON? IN SEARCH OF GUITARS, Vio'irs, F'utee, \ccordeons, F.utinas, lla"jos, Taraborin*s, H-as* Instruments acd Strings "f the first quality, will find an iramcnis assortment at the Murio Store of Jy 2* W. G. M ETZ KROTT. STEAMER PHF.N 1 X WILL LEAVE BROher's wharf. Navy Yard, for Al- w exandria on H'NOAY. 29th. at o'clock p. in. Hftnrning, leave Al-***-?*-" exand ta at half past 5 d. m. RonnH tri? cent* If you wants Beat for excursion*. charter th?* Fhenix. It* E_A. RYTHER, Captain. OUR THANKS TO THOSE OF OUR CUSlomor* who liavo no promptly caM^l and ftled their hill* a* rendored l?t of Julyt and we will be Kreatlr oMiged to tho?e who have not settl- ?l, if the* will do no by th? 1st Am<iih\ ?j*c are in want of money doe aa at the p-etwnt time J. W. COLLEY A CO . jy .31-51 543 Seventh *t., above Fa avenue. Magnolia hams! MAGNOLIA MAMS!! We have ju*t reo?iveo another supply of rnir MAGNO" IA HAMS, whioh have riven suoh **tifvoMon for several yearg pa#t. We (uarantee every one to be of the b-" 4 a it?; hIN't & Ml.'RCHELL, jy 23 Corner Fifteenth st. and Vermont av. ? f\ o oa* ? * rw n i- r,?a very \n'liable f*KKVANT WOMAN vi?1 CHI I.I). The woman is about 2-1 >?*nr? of age and perfect v hralthy; she i? an excellent hous* servant and nurse and a plain rook. To a,,v oue in want of an excellent servant she w ii") be invariable. 'I he child is about 4 vears oM. Ht ciwnfr in anxious t > sell Iter in the [)istrio*. Traders need not apply. Address Box No. *ta<-Office. jy & I 1 K EAT BARGAINS IN If . DRY GOODS. S-lling off at reduced prices tiio entire stock of f>rv in Store No. .VJ] Seventh 't., a few doors al*?ve the Avenue. I'mchastrs of Dry (Joods would do well to call early and secure bargains, as th- whole stock mu?t he sold in a short time The stock comprises every article usually found in th- Dry Ijood* line. Call ?*?wlj to ,jet bargains. HENRY EGAN, jf pt iijl j>fv?nth it. Attention. FIRST WARD! Th? tuhscriher ha* on han'l a lar>t? atoek of ?"asonable BOOTS and SHOES, which is selling at a grant sacrifice for ca?h. Children's ROOTS ANKLE TIES, and GAJ TV Rs, from 25 to 5f\ cent*. Miss**' OA ITEMS. MOROCCO BOOTS, and Sbtl'PERS from 25 cents to $1. I.a'lii'** GAITER BOOTS and SLIPPER**.from 71% cents to $1. _ Men's CAI.I'SlflV nvpno r> ti ?-'a > ?'iv - ? . - Vllt/ ? ItiC ??? *'? " R<JES, 75 centa to .$1.25. Van's PATENT LEATHER and CALFSKIN CONGRESS BOOTS, from SI ta $2.50. And all other kind*, euuallr low. J V> . DYER, No. 1S1 jr 28-eo3t* Pa. avenue, l>wt- 19th and 2'th wt?. | SEVENTH STREET. 4()4 AT THE OLD STAND. Th* ?ii1>pci iher, grateful fur the liberal patronage heretofore extended to him. hag the^BB W*Bple*sure to announce to ma ioriii<-r|rp IB Jl * cua'onie'S and the publ c gene-ally thTtl~.^^ IM i ? t _ T-?r??e na.? attain opene1 ?t<ire at hi? oM stand. W^oorner of Seventh and F street*, witft a loll ( and complete assortment ef fine GROCERIES. TEAS, LIQUORS and CIGAR* | He solicits a oa'l from all in want of koo?1s in hi* line, intending to spare mi efforts to gire entire sat.sfac ion. I'.esti BUTTER and ESG8 constantly on liand | j^Verthr WM. H BRER ETON.^ C^APE ISLAND. NEW JEKfEV.-Visitorst? J Cape Mar will find good aceoinmoda- A . A tions at WHITK HALL. Terms only <8yi7^(ky pr-r week, including tlie rule to the boarh i irithe morning. Dr. S. 8. M aRci , jv 27 i.'w* l' oprietor^ j CARD.?A* an ininoemeutfor families to sojourn at t!w "IIYGElA"during the mouths h . ? of August and Soptemlter, the Propria- VtJHkw t >rs hav?* reduced tlie price Of Board to f2^J^LL nvi (lay and |I2S< per week, from August 1st. JOSEPH 8EO A R, ( Prrt.tor. C C W1LL.ARD, (P'Ofrirtort. nM PnniJ I"'" v.-M m vtl?t ? Ml J4UWI? J T 27 im ftllWIHfl WORTH OF DRY GOODS TO fflllMnlU BE SOLD AT A GRKAT SACRIFICE, from now until the 1st of September, to close bnsiness, at BAR A BRO 1 street, between 7th and 8th sts., Navy Yard, Washington. A* this is no humbug, you may expect great bargains. Intending 'o make a change luour business, we are obliged to sell out our stock by the 1st of tteptmntar. Those who wish to purchase largely must oall soon, as we ar? already very busy in measuring out our stock. This will also be a good oliauce for persons to buy to sell again, jy 3B-1 w g~A~W E DAN D SPLIT WOOD! bheriffVdawson Will furnish WOOD, Sawsd aad Split, and delivered promptly in any part of the city, on the fol!#win* reasonable termsi _ . OAK WOOD . 1 cord, sawed la four piaeaa, a id split.... .^.|u0 ly It ft. il ft* , ? ? V ^ H 5 .? M M H U H M "V " I yq PINE WOOD. cora.Mweo in lour pieeM, and niit *5 or. ^ ? r? 1?? r? * ?Si >' M i4 ? U !| t, " ' ?' W4 CM4|, w?l .ilk ' 7; JM? 4 / 0 -rr p LIST OF LETTERS liEMAlNlNe in the Poat Ofio*. Wutiicilui City, D. C.. Ju j W, 1M0. [Ordered to be inaarted in the Evesi so Stab, it being the newspaper having the largest oiroaiation of any daily paper published in Washington.) C7"Ail peitona apptjmg for letters in tha/ollow ingust? viUfl*Me mt ther m? AtrBETif *d. LADIES' LIST. _ ? Andrtwi, Mat 8 A Gviaa, Mr* M E ?*<*>. Mr. K?t. Bmki,Mi?? CMhoui '"mrfr Mri M A Iftsoa. Mm Brni Brook*, W:M S*??n Uwiu, Mim Carrit N*fn?n, Mm |)ilu Bnlh, MriCT GrMih.MrsJK Nmcty, Mn? M<rgt JiUkc, Mr. Eltra <>*rd*tr, Mri A t Pfcilhp#, Mr* 0 A Bud, Ml* J?a? t>r*k?? .Mr.R P*rc?lt, Mr* Ann Bro*a,Miii M K ftrifbr, Mr* A E P?rk?r, Mi?* Jnlit Brook, Mm L Qoldird, Mm M Read, MriC Bradley, Mr? J I Grifor^, Mrs 51 A Read, Mim Csih'ns Bereu, Mn M Hc??, Mrs August* Ktucr, >it? M Brtintttr, M ? M J Hortofi, Mrs J M Rortit, Mrs M*r? Brala. Mra M A Haja, Mrs MAC Riley, Mra M E Brtsaan, Miaa A Heati., Misa A W Maura, Mrs Aan I Crafts. Miss B Kanny Smith, Mra T Caaa, Mist Ada, Mra C 8*le, Mra L M Cnrtia, Miaa Mary Hunter, Mra SG Sauiili, Mra T V Cawpbc11, Mra M Harna, Mra C Moan, Mn M P Cryer, Miss R Jaj, Miss A LI 8cott, Mrs Mary t^aae, aiccii*, icoij jorja, xnra suaan omaiiwooa, air* o Calnwar, Mrs Johnaon, Miae L Stewart, Mia? V Carnell, Mri M Johoeon, Mm 8 Spencer. Mm B A J Canning ham, A C Johaemi.Mr* Elm I Th *r*aa,MiaaM*ry E Cooper, Mra K>ug, Mn V A T*lcott, Mar/ R I>alany, Mr? E Lake, Mri Mary Torr.a, C*roliMi I>olioQ,Mm Lcitii. Mm M E Ward, Mr* Q Date j, Mm Elltn Lavioa, M<arg*rat Woo4a, MraC Elliott. Mra Jao Moran, Marth\ W^i^ia^oa,Miu E Elliott, Mrt J R Mehaghau, Ella Wataftn, Ann Ford, Mra K P t May, Miaa Lilletta WiIImw, lltia Foi, Mra H T Mmrhead, Mm C Warwick, M A Foley, Mra R P Mareha]!,Mm8naii Younf, ? ? K Ftlitr, Mril M MeOun, MinCfa V tij, 51 M Feuwick, Ji* I McCiwIi;, Mi? I WENTl.EMKN'8 LIST. Alcorn), Jno Geory,J>?H Nawtvn, Oeo?4 Andre wa, } D?t (itoo?e?. >1 T?3 O'Rcily, Thoa Anderaoa, J M barrtuou, J O'Counei, J?? Aniitnon, Alt* Grinnell, M J Porter, 1) D Biding, Wm A Uinae, U W Preetuu, W >n Unand. W H?I Uanqueeware.E W P?rt(oj, Jus \V Birch, Wm Uarland, Jao Phibrick,J Balea, W P Uotcer, C M Pearaon, Jaa W Bayne, Thaa Urihmr, A O Pettiu, Tfcoa Bur ke, Tbua H.rdinj, W L Purdj, G W Butler, Thoa P Howard, T Price, C M Bockuar.S Hockttt, T H Phif?r, CW Burr, R H?i Hirdamui.T duinn, Jat Brickie?, Pat lletieli, 3 8 RjiKmI, W H?i Braetahau, M Hallon, Lam Rohmann, T J Beall.LA Hippultta, L Reid, R T Bail) A Laneborf Hoddock, Jno A Ra te, M Y Blackee, Joa Hxrrieoii, J W Rudoa, >1 Brown, J Hontal, K Rudd, Jno cruwu, j n ncuunre, j n i\o?ner. /until Blount, JO llock.d.y, J M?? Roddick. JW Becciua.Jua H'tiuui, Henry R?ttlui<lrr. T Citliy, j Hwlfti, H?r; Rnrt?, C Berlin, J?* Gto Rod t Cv. CM Biumger, C N Harruon, U B Riiiiiamnki, Si C B'timia, H Hideliox, D P Ron, A A Bntier, Ueo H Hobb, Ben Rrnneey, A C-?3 Bickly, Ueu?4 How\rd. B * H U Rlioder, A BMndt. OA Houeton, A?J Reeeide, A J Brook, k. M Jolmeon, W f Sberrud, W P Bokee, U A Johncou. W R bwttni, W M Bond, A K I..?riin,Wtn !iw?u,Wui Cole, Win Job nson, Tbeo Hhnpf, W H?17 Cook, W H Jaebaoa, T A t?mth, Thoe L CroM.Wm Jewell,TK lnmb'Ujli, ? C Campbell. W H N Johnson, L F Rh?it Mich*el Crggett. V A C?3 lehervoed. R->b Stmaker, Lennerd Chamber?, T J-^3 Jent<v,Jo?H 8ik<Ht*SC Simtitl Johit*ou, Geo Child*, n D?2 Jimiaor, A B Smith, Joo E Chaae, R B Jiekton,A *tu k, Jan ?i Coulhorn, R T Ktteham, W H 8t Clair, i*? W Collin*. P M?D? 2 Kilp.ttriek, R M S!>ow. <j W Clean!*, Juo H Kerr. [J Pi Clair. C Y Crmebetl, J D Kro:l>inann, F W Echinidi, C. f?t Clark', J T Ktlnff KB 8tlMau,Clia> Carrigan, Jns Kirhir, Bndd Smith, A C Ccboru, J L Kidifrr, B A Sink**, Alfred Carroll, Jarre* King. B Stan, A J Cathrell, J Kendall. A L T.'flor, R H Ch??rrail, Capt Jaa Leea, Goo W TeJboit.L 8 (.opt Ian J, Jno L?c?j. W B TidMl, Jno Cl.ijrton, Jaa W Litchfield, W ? Trioudki, Jti Crocket*, J U Lee. J?t T^toir, Jno L Coalman, Jos Umt, J?m(> Th??nij>e >n, Ofe W Cochrane, J Lau'ijr, Imic Tt??tcher, Geo W Charr berlnu, G M !.?% ir>r??on, Of n Thornton. KdwaH ( I'k.n A I A* FA- T Tnll., I T Dan ia, Tlioi H L'M u, Co!A?3 Tawntr> Ur Debny, Thoe J Will A 1 upp?r, Ch?? Itaeidtoii, L P Maloner, Wm Tliuinpeon, C Dupori, L F Mm, (>rTP TkMi)?w, Aitiot 8 A Mi.U, Lt Tlioe B Vicker., R H Doyle, Mich Merrcll, 8-in.l Viud.H.J W Davit, Jno A Milie. W Van Drvn*. J V Deio tj, J Mytrt, D V*u Erie, Dr J H Duncan, Jno P Murphy, Juo V in Euren, Jno H Diweo i, Jno M .eke, Joe Vir.ccnt* F- 6 Dunbar, H D M .grader, J B . Wirhi, W W Oufpn, F Manning, G WiUot, T Cowl, Dm Marton.Geo W el*ter, NMhau Doreey, 8.unl Miller, A M Wiott, M Daeliell, D M eon, Alex.M Waldo, Praucia Deconell, C F Mj-eri, A U Wallit.retard, J Ei'iett, Milton McCoinb, D O W iIIUmuu, J M ?<Jinou*lou, J A MrKnij, T! Wedrewrod, J A El'inyr, F McRie,J<uM Whit 'ker, Jno B 2 Mc Kmi't, ianei W ileou, Jaaree Fsltf.Pit McGuire, J < B White, Hence B rrmier, J?e L MrCerty, P F Waleh, Hon H 8 Puehcn, H Mcl.tue, R M Geo B?? Pmhugh, E C?t McAuliH.Tun Wil?on. E P Filer, B F Nceitt, Thoa O*.Eugene 'tunck, ? B Nil iu. R B White, B (tod.lird, W W Nitou, H W Wnliln, tiidrlinft 8 S Vtwburr. Joo S W ilwni, C1?m R H Nmtii, H >1 Walcott, A H Or?j,JO Nifhtmfilt, H 8 MISCELLANEOUS ?C. B B ; SHcnc*. X Y Z JD^l.BTTBB* MURT 15 ALL CASKS BK P Bit PA ID. I July :s W.Vi. JONES. P. M. AMU S?M EN TS^ A 1.4 FETE rHAMPFTRE' t i/EFLER's Washington city oardens, (A'fto York ar? between 1 >t and 3d it*. ) monday. acocit 6th. The Mfcn&fer bens to announce to the public that A irtnd Vmtm rtiifnnri?i?* ?*? "" ? n . - - *?I wviiivi .piuh I linn j NO V h 1. UNf KB TAINMENS rarely, if ever, witne??ed in this city, will be fiven a < above. The beautiful and epacioueCITY GARDEN will lie thrown open at 3 o'clock p in . and the entrrtainment will continue until such time a* to allow visitors to witness a display of FIREWORK*. and retn-n home at a laaaon&hio hour. irr The ??artteun are easy of access, and, head* op r*3?iLi?* will find, A PLEASANT RESORT And a splendid RI'RAl, I-NTKRTAINMENT For Children. 117" For Programme of the Kntei tainment ?ee fmure advertisement. Admission 25 cents ; children 15 oents. LA FETE CHAMPETRE! jy2R tf O. J. WALTER. Manager. AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL! S A' U HO AY K V UN ISO. July ?. EXTRA ATTRACTION! Iscrk**k hi Valcb of t>im! THIRTY REAUTIFUL PRhSENTS Will t>P distiibuti-d amonE the patrons of THIODON'S MUSEUM ok ARTS! ("oin-i?tiri? of Gold and Silver Watches, Set of Si1 ver-plated **are, Stiver plated GoMeta, Solid Silver Spoon*. Gold Hr< ocliea, Ac., A e. Tickets of admission to a I parts ol'the l>all onh 2>et*.; for sale at Semkcn's, Pa. aw, bet. 9th and Huh sts . wli?ro the pre?/Mits niav he ?e?n Tick-, ets m'*? also ?> Svl at the hall from i? a ni. to 5 p m.. and on the eveninc of the performance. D< or? open at 7H; commence at 8. jv Z! I? free concerts: JRN8T LOEFFI.ER, JVw York armnt, bttwn 1 ft and 2d itri*ls, would renpejlluilj iBf* state to the public that A CONCERT ofu5*S SELECT MUSIC will oe r.veneverv M<>N DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS dnnn* the season, at mi raviwon, commencing at 3 o'oJock ai.d ending at l" p. m. Previous to the Conoort, tne Saloon ii open to those aesiruig to while away a few hour* in the mazr danoe. ICE CRF. \M. WATKR ICRS, and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at eity prioM. Parties desiring the Gardens for Pio Nio par poses, are requested to give aday or two notioe. je 18 3m ~ PERSONAL. ~ [\JADAMK MORKICE. The Uhe4t Astkolo it* cut and i>-.ctke??. jutt from wipi.-Tkil highly *ift?d And intelligent lady can t>? conanltrd on the Pant. Preeent and Fnture EtmjU. Call at No. ii03 Twenty-*eoond street, between H and I, Washington. jei9-3m* BOARDING. BOAR DING.-Three or four siagl* gentlemen can ha accuimiiiodateil aitli R. ?r.l ? lami v on t!io Island. It is the pleasaiitest location on tbe Island, arid nearest point to the eitv. Address U , H. 4 H., City Pout Office. jy U-lw* BOARDING.?At No. 453 N inth street. 1 door outh of F, will be found vacant a fin* front room 0.1 tli- 2d Door, ?uppli>*d with water, gaa,&c.; bath room convenient. The house is de?iraWy located, as well as elevated and airy. Terms moderate A Dining-room Servant Wanted, jy ?4 5t* LOST AND FOUND. Si k ai fjU?A nrown uiiw ; whit" face; part nndera>ath white; dark around tbej^FjiM mmth; blown iings around the eye*. Iptr will five ? mitahle reward for her reoov-Jbd^B err. DAN'L MAJOR. 1st at., bet G and H. it* I'rinting Office Sguare. Tm AKEN FROM THF "STORK OF WM A. C * HO on the 27th irst , a pocket or memora dum HOOK, with paper* of value only to the owner In it wa* one note drawn b? JsicsG. Na lor pii>al>le to th* order of John J. Caho for $S6> J2, for six months, tot endorsed by him. I fo>ewa all persons from receiving it as the pum'tt is stopped A liberal n ward will be given for the return < f tho same to the corner of Fourteenth and I atroots. jy & 3t* WM. A. CAHO. I OttT?OitkaMthin* . * mmmM MBMnat M_ Li Dl'M BOOK, (containinc acconnt* between (?. H. Gate* and other*,) potnewhera in the Pirct or Sw-nd Ward A suitable reward will be paid if left at J. BOUI.ANGER'S Restaurant, in Pirat Ward; or at GATES' Feed Store, on It *t., between bth and 6th it*. Jy AC CKNTS REWARD-Lost, on the ?th in*tant. a Hiuall BOOK containing account* with Mr. Haze! And Mr. Erwin Any one returning it to Mr. HAZEL'S Botoher Stall, Centar Market .wiil^weivt^tbeaboire; jy K-ft* *50 ? Lewi* Thoma*; a/ed altout S3 year*; 5 bet 7 inche* high; a da k che*ont color; cheek IK bone* high; quirk when spoken to; no mark* J% remembered. He is a shrewd negro aad aa ing been several times in Waihingtoa, nay he thereabout*. j&civen if taken in Charles mtii I T? be iodgad IB jail HO Uiftt J get lurn miu. I Jr*** SSSSfcShj I SPECIAL ELECTION THOMASP MORGAN 1?Aimottf c 4by his n end? * a an<1i !at* (or tH* Boad of OHMa Council from th? First Ward. J7%v rjitf THE VOTER"* OP THI I H > T W AH P Citizmj i In ferine m<r?elf a* a eandi date for re electio? In the eea' in the Hoard < f t orn tonCouncil to whigh jou elected me on the t.-?i Mondti in June act, I take t it occasion of aa?ur II,t. TOO t/iat i Kiiif arprwuat- the honor y.u con fp'rii upon i'ie at that ti ie a id ?fa!l ever fe< i gratvfn. I t ' " man i 'ate'io: 1 ? i.r kind:e?? a--<i confidence, awd I l>if r*u to believe that when I consented to f*eome a ratidniat*' at that e.ectiou that I then ?? ratiiM that ti?e were teohr. < a qwithle upon which I wax exc'udfd from inj ? at had no force, and i am o - fadent toi would concur with jn-? if the report* of the majoiit' and mi o-ity had Hit* been published a* my trtend* in trie Hoard deefred Very reaneetfulh . j* Ji jt' KUBKRT KARI.,Jr w ciErrmN vrvririt IN Compliance with a revolution pataed hy the Board ol Cuniiitua CaaNii uiiUiili, ? fc*'?Ui tire notice to the rotor# of the Firnt Precinct Fir?t Ward, ku election will be ueld at G. T. MeG'ne * Wood Office, north tide I at., between and 20th at-., on \VED*KSDAY, the lat dar of August nnt, foe one member of the Board of Common Co unci:. to fill a varancr in Mid Board. The po!ls will be open at 7 o'clock a m.and closed at T o'clock p m. PAM'l. DUVALL. fA M'L TJ)RLBV, L?A.VL SEKKlN. jy 27 te C?mmiaaioner?. HP NOTICE. I O The votera of the Second Preeinct of the Firnt Ward notice is hereby given, tint an election will l?e held in the above Precinct on \VKD\ KS*DAY, the 1st of AuKtiot ii*xt. at the carpenter abop of Fi?IJer Domett, on the corner ol G and 18th ?t*., fcrr one member of the Board of Common Council, to fill the vacancy ocrasu ned h? the disqualification of Kot>ert K'Ar!, J r Trte jmiI's will b* open at 7 o'clock a. in. and closed at 7 o'clock r. in A W. uKNHAM, WM. Q. HUNT, WM. J. JLKWIS, jv 36 Commissioners Sec Precinct First Ward. Ltvnnu^wtkiu um urinu tiAvuivciimio, x iv/ w ivo, on;. rj* LOOK OtT OR The (.RAN D KXCCRWOX of ST PL TF.RS SO UAY SCHOOL. n WEPKKSDaY. AiiKu>t the M <, II- .f r GLYMONT PAVILION. I'arUo-*** I ul&rs in future feiverUaeiueiit. j) 2S-3tJ COM M ITTFK. Tnotick he first ANNUAL IMC Ni 0 of the CONTIN KNrAt. CI.I B wil! h? rivnxTxi^t at AWUNHTON SPRINGS. iiiiijdflir if f WKDNKsDAY, August I t. \Vith-WT* >' *>' h r*' lias he"? enn.nod for the occtnuii. t or particulars see futwre ajfverttnenient. It rr iTo. o. f. I HK Members of CENTRAL I/'OGF. No. 1. wi'l civ?? GRAND PIC NI<-at ARLINGTON SP?l\t?> o i Th I RS JP^fev.>4 til 1>I A ,li l">t next, (Or I U benefit of the widows orphan* n| Mi l l.<xt<?. Omni' "" ? wit! !> in w*itme in th* ipornini; and l.'te tlay. Tickets 5* e?n??. U* COMMITTBF. (IF ARK A NGEM'.* _ / ' RAND tlC NIC AND BALL. H To be given In Eiputa's Citizen*' Band, AT ARLINGTON SPRINGS, ON I I ! .>!?* 1 , AV?r*T 7. The proceeds to appted to tit* purchase af a A'FIK I'NIFOHM FftK THE hA.XU. Th'' in'inher* of the R*n<1 p omii" that nothing nl>all h^wiyitir.g upon their part well worth* th- patr<>r:ace of the g ^^^^kpTblic! Tn? t>e?t of Mwill be fu-ntrned an"! everything done to p><miot? the pleasure of the day. THE OMNIBI *F8 will Irars the corner of Seventh atre??t and Perna. avenue, a>:?l fioiu e rnar Tw? MVi and P?*nna av?uua; a!?o. from the Xavy Yard. TICKETS FIFTY CENTS*, ADMITTtMa A G**nr*?N AND btNEK ! To >?e had of arn memhar of the Band, or at the M'litc rtore of .Mr Ellin. J?^ ?+-*t MOONLIGHT EXCURSION roGLTMOMT MONDAY, Jilt 30. An Kxcurriou Party, rana^iJ l?* a Committee ofPrinters > will leave >Va-fiinrtnn -II 111 % (or lilvirotit ->ii the C 11; inxtaiit. in tne ilt atner Thom ? < olly?k : to leave her wharf at 3 o'clock p m. prf-cieely ; returning, leave GWniont at lOoclock. Number of ticket* limit'd. ? ither*' music wrl he in attendfence. Omnitmne^ will leave corner Tth ?t. and Pa. av? aod cor< er 1. and 7tn uta., at *S o'clock. Tickets ONK DOt.l.AR ; W> be had on'.jr of Wm. R. McLean, Win M. Melt. John H. Cunningham, Ha.'ioon Ita nard, J--?;ie Ju.Ue, \<><val Kmc. Cha*. W. Sobeli.aari S?a.m*l Culvr-wail. jy .24a rp ODD FELLOWS' PIC-NIC. I HEComtni tee - f Ar amenwnti on the part of Fnendihip I<edMand Kklftl? Kaca??pm'>nt. *ake pi a-iu'e id notify rj:i thei f lend a?;d t he puhl ic that t ric \ IC will take p'*c? ?t ANALOfcTAN Is*I<AN D on MONL?AV. Juif ?. The Committee will us? tiie?r utmost endeavor* to ma** the occasion one of intnreflt and pleasure to ali who may favor ii* w th tn?ir eompanv. During th- alV*'noon an a 'drui will m delivered by i prominent meint>er of the Order, Wither*' ktring band ha* l?een engaged for the oc-aMon Buatn will rnn from Morgan* R.'uneha't'* wharf. Wash ngton.and from H11A1 *tr?H witarf. getown. every few mi ires du i ,g th? day and up to in o'clock at night, boat fare five cent* each way; children half pric<?. 1 icketa Kfty Out*, aJuitting a gentleman and la^i'p. Ticket* may be procured of any of the member* of the Lodge or Kucampmout. j > -'4 -6t t ^ . fiRAVll PlVilBV T/irtiVi ?~ ? ? - ? v . > - i'i? i * ' u n .1 a ifm (Hj^V MI NT AMi PIC NIC jjf Is^af T.he PRKSIDKVrsMOl'NTKDUfc * G1AR0 would r*?pectftilljr notify ikfir friend* and the public that th-j will uiv? a Grand CA-.alry Tournament an<1 Pi'c Ni? at OLD ARLINGTON, on WON Da v, August 6th. Full particular* in a future advrrtiM>m?nt. j> #.v3,26JH COM. OP ARRANGEMENTS. wants! WANT LD-A Rood Second hand HVRR1 VG"S SAPK Ai.t person nari % one to * 11 m*t hear of a purchaser by aUdreasing I. T . Star Of UOi J> p M I WANTKD? H? > young Kirl.a PLACE a* mime or c-iitniieriuaM. I'leaae address a note to Box No. tO. SUr Office, and the tdvtmier will ca|l. jyjflB 3t \\7 ANTKD?At the U u< Store No. Ji>0 1' ?? r.^ar SI street, a YOI'TH. 15 or 16 years of ace. that ran come well teconniienderi. N<"n? other need apply. _lL* ***__ \JkT ANTKD-By a vounf man.a SITUATION a* ' ? liuokkneper or clerk in a %rocer*, dry goods or hardware ntore. Kcfereuce Kivei. Address T. R., No. 133 Pa avenue, bctwocii rath and juth st?. . j? * QOf\t\ -PARTNER WANTED, with this O M " amoun', in a !>irM? profitable I?iih"m. Siust travel. 4iU?n?"iirol!M ?nr (ta? iJ'Jt* * ' WANTKD-A WOMAN, to taHona the duties of i:hauil>erii>aid. \<| uaeMilMlv whocaanot bring a recommendation from hor Ia*t p'aoe. Inquire at Ecktngton, two mile* north of th* C*p itol. jy 17 WANTED?Bt a st^ad* ami indnstrious man. a SITUATION as collector. Best of reoom m<*ndiUioris given. Address M. C.. S*tar Oftca. | is U-tf WANTED?To have evarybod* know that tue> oan purchase their Summer Clothinxat cost at No. 460 seventh ?t., opposite Post Otftce. Jy 12-'m r\AM Kt.i.itn IV SLATE MANTELS, Dtrtct from tkt Na**fatt*r?rs. T)ie?" are moat beautiful atylee of MuUii. enamelled in imitation of such rare marble* as the Spanish, Kcvp lan. Sienna.Verde Anti?ui??. Porphyry, Brocatelle, and other* equally celebrated. Tne i iautaUona are so perfect as to challenge the cloeest scrutiny. In elegance of finiahthay stand unrivalled and are so highly polished that the* retain their beauty and freshness longer Uian the eunmon raarhUs, while the) are sold much cheaper. They have l>een used in this cuuntrj for the ]a?t ten. and la Europe for more than fifty rears, and hare given entire satisfaction. P ease call and examine at w. H harrovkr s. Stove and Tin Store, oppo. patriotic Bang, jy 36-?w i doora north of Louisiana avenue. pUTTT IS UP! H. W. HAMILTON, No. 61* iivisti Stint. A'Mr Odd FtlUmt' Hmll, LMU6T 10 I P Al N T8, OI L8.G LASS. VARN13H. BRUSHES Jto. to. PAINTING, in ?'l it* branche*, executed at *hort notice nnd ?t mode rate price*. MIXED PAINTS for Mia, with back eta and For taperlw Soda Water, With Delicto** FnriT abi> C*bam Syivm, Goto G R A Y '8, Northeast cor. Masaaoknaett* av. and Fevrt.i rt. jy 34 yw BALTIMORE O ' BUTTER lloUSfc., . . f; u art kgmuP _G oekee| it*-?ssssl. ? AUCTION SALIkv |y Wot 9th*r Airti*n & /*?. ?f ftrtt paf Bj J. C W? l iRK 4 I'U . A iclKiMrri LAKGK i*ALK U LA0IKV. MUftF P' A >l> ?tt Cuit A Co>o I# *?MIT t rw?. fm, A^nt i TWIH *TH ?*prt?i ?:? ?t!l if I ? .ark's tailing h?allb.aa*i to <> ? bMlHH. ? Will t" iltiMi kt PO0.IC auction, k' o?r ?t?ra, No. ??i Mkrkrt 5paoc F>oa. ?r*n??. h*l?fM Mil ind ? k k r?*tk, ob T* Ksl'A^ *1. J*l? Jl. klllo'c tha?ntir# stock on laud. o. Bkiktinc of? l.adiM . Miih> and Cfci.drat.'t Voota. (miim* and Shoo*. ia al th?u r*ri?tiM. fanafeotarod by L,. Porrt A Co . H* um??ro, e?okut M airi un*ar pat sod by aay manvfarUirkr* ik orrrMo and twa?fv. A raro opporiaiiity i? atf <>rdoo WfrnclnM a^artov artioiM. kbti oao Mk. Jki aai doaiar ?ilk *rsat oonfdona s t* ods road* far ?*arv*atior. wit 1 rataoiac. at 9 o e ook < a l*o iiKTBu f ot * . T?rmk ofiw? Ali bll k under ?V> raa*: kkoood inf that amonnt 4 m?>athr. with ?f ?ro*an aearitr. T. CI.AKK * CO . Na. la Mara* t*paa^ f??M . ' ?*iw?rr> "'n im '"Wi Jy X 4 4.C. irttl lKK ft CO.. A?eU. By A. (iRFRN. Aietion<?r. f'ROCKRIt-'.*. LIQUORt1. 9T(?K F! X VI rein. *c ,?T Anno On H KUM KSDA > th? lit <Jay of Au?u?".. I ?i ? ?f . at ii o."ck a. m at ?h <?ro.-?M - ! I r e ' ? k N 3? I (Mvoritk h- :?mh | tn4 K *trr~t> aa n 0*liMt t'lorlMMt ol ftNli) (irncwiM, VIE Thi of ?m) !*?far, ?'.< h mr, Sta'oh. Pick CandlM. Toh*om>, Snuff. V O , \ Wi m nit Uf .w4.. V* U .I u A. A - and to *?o?> U t?n " tmwt ?( oih ic Liauora. Al?u, th* S'or* KiXtarM, ?uch a* *>taMl t a?k?. Bin*. T<-a C?.jdiM a-t* y fc"<i ??? 8?aka. MeMifM.CutnUir. 4 ?..*c . vttu a targ? lot ?.f uther art ol*t. an** a- a<0 ?*?a. ? kept n?|r?l p ?-i W?; imctj Twin*: $? i??h: ?tw |rt> a crMil t?f 2 a "4 4 II.IM tM. ?? * ;iol?? Mtiafi?U't 11? wtu'wl. If ?l 41? A tiKKKN, A .iot. By A. fi K K K M. A n> ? TRL'STKK S* A KO?- ??| |) HKM'k.lO ?*??. 1 \V in: ? ?. ami> H tniKov ? |( iuin<. I UT,IT lltlV- THE I ?WI UTT Of T?K VVa?TB?N Ho*? Oimrnv AT Acrrtvl -<? Jd dm at A ' ? uat I ?!? I ?? i B tt?? ?r?fnia*?. at fi 1 o clock p tv^ on Tw? >t? thir*, I. and M street* north, it beii'g hn w- ? th<" \\ estorn N?M proper! . a i the Bn<k, \Vi*di*i. Doors and Hia<1?. r*nkinin| fron; rh? Sra. A an. tbs band ?me lot "f ground on which the building aton*. it bMB( anutn ^ f?*t 7S iroht-s of LaH Sgi.aro .*o ,7. Terms for tmek and material. rash; f r the build irig ot ore-half na*ii: the >?itno? ta C. It. and It month*, t purchaser to * * no :??f >r U.e ? ferrad pa'ineiitb. irkriLt interest Gum the day of sale. A de?-d given and a d?MHi . f t-??t takea. All ooa ve?anc eg at the ?o?t of th* purchaser. If the teraia fur kit ? h<<i. ?i a?i tie oomp.ied with IB feve dais from <1aj of > . the trutle* reserves ??.0 - 1 ?HV f If. |T% V I wr ?nr J T"n * HI l'I? M ? HflC rnH ?f the ftr*t ru'oh*e-r I j ?4vertiiiii( tk? Mm*t | time* in the 8?i n?w?*??r. KDWARU HAM EV Tr?iU?, Hi W.R W(?OUWAKf> H A GRb'FN A Kt A. GKFFN. A?e?int.e*r / 'OOD TWf? STtH Y FRAME BOl'ffK AND ! lot ow t?'? ?t *krio* -oi i-*' DA % . the mk i "itai.L. I *ba s?-i . m front of tk# I prenu?> ?,*' h <i'c <?ck t in soutu ii*.f Lot F, in I aul 4ivi*i?o of S*o%r> N<> ? *>.?.tti the improve m *rt?. o ?n?i?tir;| of* two >t??M Frmm Hosmi with 4 rooms, litohen *ni woo.t (muse Ibis poverty frouU on r?*i.Ui at.-eot w?t, ' e?i tn lb* oar' er of south K ?tre?i. *< <i ran* l?sc? to ?n alley. Term*: One ht'f<?fli )>4.*iir*;|it mntith* the 1 pur<*h*?-r t?' iin- not" f.?r the <>f furred ptt^N*. h^rmi Iktrrwl f t.?n ? *? of iftir, A c?M given *n<t * deed of trust I vfcen. fu'e in->.srut*h e it zi A * ^ n i'i v a ?. 09 ?. ? n i v ?? i ?*wv. fCTTHK ABOVK HAI.K IH FOBTt'ONhD nnti KR I'Ar . Au|.3l. eairtr h 'If and r to*. jf jn ** HA 1 < A.OWKKH. A?et FfrTUt^K DATS B? A. GftKKN. A?oM?na*r. C*XECUTOR*S PALfc BY ORDKII OK TMK Va OkpiiaW CormT or Hucuh lb tm Kir> h ?> FriMTin ? Oa MuNOA\ . the >*1 u.nai.t, I ?hal a 11* at m u'c oik a m , at the ate reaidprM** o' John ti Law. r.eoeased. H ?tr-?t aotth. h* tw?rn ?S and 6th street*. Uiand,a< Uta pereouai 'r 1 <u tbadaceM'd, vi?:_ _ .. .Min ea?'T ? ' air*. ? fai a <l Tst. ?a Wk d'olx>f. Kur'%ut U ! VN Mhll?n<<l. Mid Cane imI Ch% r? ai.d Tut?, Rack. Hair, Hu?* and Cotton top V, att??*?r F ah* Pillow* srd B"'?t*r?, Thre?-piy, ln?'air ? d !*t*f Carpet. Wua>>? StedM. Totlot t*?ta and L^otinf 6iMf< . China, (i a*? ai.d Crocker* Warr, D'-diok Tab > and Cntery. to Comforts . H ank'in. Shwt? and Cmw . M4if Rod*. On Cloth and Matt*, Parlor. Air tifht and Cooking 8u>vw, it. Kitchen rtequinte*, And man? oth?r artinlo* which w* dnoivt anae?e*nary to enumerate Terina : Ail auma of and under |li'c?iL, nrw fig 3 and S'"1 uaj ?. for tatli'Kvorilj ?Bdora*?l niW. I>?ftrir.g isi^rw fr ?m da* of sal*. HKNRY DC OLKV . Jr Kixrctor jjXil A.OKfchN.Auot ? Br A. GRKEN. A??tion?w. TRISTtJK'# BALK OF VALUABLE IM I r?oVBn Fanpaan.?!' ??f and t?r nrta* of a d*?d i>f trmt i < l>ibt dtt' th* <lu of Nov*n> t?er. A-D , IBM Mid dulf record'd in Lit*r J A.H, Nn. W. tuiioiiO^te . ??H? of the land raoorda of Wfcihimtnt nountr. D. C., 1 ahall **<1, at caSlto notion, mo MON DAY. j al? ??th. 1?, at 6 o onxt p. in , in front of the prfnii?e>, tfcf rui?rc half of Lot T. in Win A. B-adlay'a lu'dnitinp of Lota?. *, ! ' an<i il. in K^aara aombarad 4K. Saai (Mt half Lo* I' f'outa IS feet on Maryland ar?nH.b#t?"i, 4>k aod ftth "tre^ta. ard run* back vilh that widtn tn?> depth ?f aaid lot to an alter Tarma of aa!?: Oft* titird oaah: reaidua la e*ual pa; tn?nu at t> 9 and 12 month* from data of aaia, with intereat aeaurad bj a Jet J of trait oa tha P'einieee. If the terma of Ml* v? not c*>wi? M with withia S atii, tkt lrut?f rM*rv? Ui tinnr'f lh? rifitl to r*a-lt at the cost *nu nak of th fc'at purchaser, upon advartiaiiif three timpa in th* Nation* Intal:i?oncsr. Conveyancing at the expera?> ol parcbaoar. C. A?H FOR li. tiHit**. Jatt-WfcKJy* A. GREEN. Anct. Br J. C. MoGL'IRE A CO, AaatioiMn CH CKEMNG PIANO FORTE. Fl'RNITuaa a d hoi ', t hold t-ffi t? at Ptauc Aictio>.- On TIKSDaV MORNING, Ji!; S a'. at iii ? ?- a - ?? ? " ... v u wk| tiiv ,^'iuc i r vi m **"?n .* nnr cf c h ng noui kMtim. No. SM U ?tr??t. Iwwm 1M1 au< ItlB rtrm U, we abasia*) l the Furniture UC KfV eta, con.P lu? ? Rnt*vood Chickiriuf Piano Fort#. Stool and Cover, Hindi nie Wali.nt Bo. kca?e, two \Vnatnota, M*h'??Mij Hairt>friu P?no'Chair*. Mahogan > Center and t*ide Tat.1m. Oil Hamtinga. Bruaaola and other t %'jet#. Ol -loU.Shtdti, 4 rottage ttadate?<s. Huraaua, Wardroooa, \Va<i'>?taud?, Touet S' la, L? kmc ttiasaM. toa'her Hod*. Bolateraand PilUwa, Heir ai d Hu?k Mittrwm. Dim eg TaM*. Sideboard. Refrigerator, Cbint.tiiuitDd CrooUn Ware. Lounge. Cane and Wood aeat Cl;a:ra, Cocking am* other fctovea. Kitchen I'tennla. *? Tera?a: %od uodar, cut; over mat auni a -edit **(*> aud t > d?>?. for aai.aiaotorilj ondora jA uo'ea bearing interest jy 2T d J. C HfsGCIRK * CO . A.cta. Ht A. UKbKM. AMaoi.wr. ON TUESDAY, Mr Slat not, w- ai?a.l Mil, ib front ol tha at s o'clock f *?.. in e mplianes with tha tirn.r < ( a d<^d of truat to at f-om Tho? A. M'OWi. ?i)d wile.datod Mtk b?r, 1R56 and ract>id"d in Lil?.*r J. A !*., Nw. 18, F&ce&h, &a..nnc of'h# lard rf?c>>rd? o< Waahmcton coo ntj part# of lot* II and It in ?<u?rf No tn, b?f inti i t?r tw can* fort; fMt thr?# nskft froai ta* x>uttiwMt ourarr <>f sa.d P^aara. ri ac thanoe Rait uu a -iaa with D ?tr*?t South; aixt-an frat thanoa North; ??v?*ntT f?*? thane* Wat. am taen ff?*t than?? 8oath: rant) taot to the paoa of K??intrg. tofrtiiai with U?niif?<>v?awU. awaan t i;( "f&taro ?tnr? wi?k Ba^k Buldinf. Tar in*. Oae foarth otoh; balance ta d, It, ?ad l? nogtiii. after day of a%ie. with notaa aceared by a deed of trust oa the previses. Iftbe Urai of m>? are not oomp'.ied with within five days after tb? rtey of aaia the trastae rea?rv*a the nrtitto raaaU the property at the paebaaei* nek and coat, after jir mt one week's notice GEO C. HFNNIN?. jTr.lUGEO. ft. THOMPSON.! TraeUea. JflSStaw&ds A. GHKEN. AnetBy J. C. McGUIRE * CO., Aeotioaaan TRUSTEED BALK OF VALl'ABLE FftOPebrv ox Capitol R:ll ?On KtlDAY ifTEftNOON, Aacutt loib. aX ? o'eluek, ec Ua premises, 6v virtue of a deed of treat, datrd Mo eaber 23d. 1U6, and day recorded antoni the lead reeords of Waakmgt'tn canty. I ah all sail the eastern pa-t of Lot aambered seventeen. ia a* aare naitib* red seven hundred and twenty atae.ROMiec twenty sevan feet on Eaat Capitol street. betwaen Ft ret and Second etreets anat, rv an inf hack eighty a < * iwi ? idwm, mmw wan tht iffw | menu thereon. All ooortiuioiuit tk? eoatofth* pnrafcaaer T?rm?: Om Mf ouk; hala*oe in f Md IS laostha. wi h Interact, a? red t>y a MM ol trait oa the property. JOHN HBPBI RN, Traatee. j j; It wftdi J. C MMi I IK F. A CO.. Aaota. IMPORTANT TO HOUSKRREPERft. j K R. Dl'RKKK ft. CO.*? I 6u4fiutitd not ouij *| ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURR. R bat gruud from IrMb Hpioea, awwlfd aad alaaae* B S2'?&' 1 Hirers,re-.'.!* I ifiiYONU A?L CSWPARISON, * ? 4,f, RHR&fU. .' IMPORTED v,SEp? jvmtztitfc. KSW ! ,?> nsuppiTOl UtTiWIU W1 \K ud BBA\ DY.froai th- cei?br*tw1 ZaLiwrau ??u*r?, Mto ihuiiIt m Curianftti Or l*Mrh?rr ?mnm ttw m?n*f*ctBr?rt of tb*yar? trtacW from \wnriaM yrapo. jy 1 Tt jF " ? D ? 0 1 L j 14> *?IPt.Af,lml2nuillnSnn <

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