Newspaper of Evening Star, August 15, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 15, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. |?7~Tbousrh Tin ar ) printed on the faateat team preaa In n* of Bait.more, Ita edition la ao large m tr> reqnlre It to be pat to pre* at an ?"*rly boor; Advertiaementa. therefore, ahould be a* nt In befare 12 o'rl.tck m ; otherwtae they may '.?ot appear until the r.eit day. Notick to Wi?ni!>6to*i*!??.?Tho? of our Tellew-rIt)scm lea zing for the watering place* and elaewhere ahould hear In inlnd that we do net mall Thk Sta? e*cept after payment In advance at the rate of TT <4 cents per month. Nonrit ?Diatrlrt of Columbia Advertlaement* to be inaerted In the IUt.timo?k Srs are received at and forwarded from Thk S*t*R OBce. Tub hcn?t*r*' waeos l.icnt?f.?Y??l*rdav ar-v-n lirena*-d butk?n wrrr tak*n before Juatlre I)oni? upon a rharge of running wagons without Ilrenae They were not prepared to enter npon a trial, and tfce rase* poatponed till Tuesday next. As the rase ??eni* to he Important to this numeroua rlaaa of o-ir rit" zer.a. and otbera. tna rf? dent*. engaged " '* *"'* we make th?- following eitrai t from the act of IBM, on th? uhjeet: I'hap 11 of the law* of .Hat ronneil la '-An act toli-'nv and reynlatr hurkatr:*." in the follow ing worda; ' That frotr and after the paaaage of tria art. it ahall not >?e lawful for any peraou or p*r?onv whether rea^de it or non r?*aident. engaged in th^ business of hurks'erlng, or of trading, baying. aelmg. or dealing in poultry, egga. butter. w,id game, vc^ftablea. friiita. and other market tuff*, family provisions, horse ferd or corn meai. or of vrndln^ .or retailing any''trier such article* m eft fresh tWh. within the limits of this citv, unl'iiu <1 per?on or arsons shall fimt obtain "from the Mayor and Register a lt<-?-nsc therefor, for v\ hlch license he. the, or thev shall pay '*> this Corporation the sum of *15, which *11111 shall be in addition to the r?>st. hire, or rent of the stall ?>r ?tand occupied, and of the license pa d for the running of the wa;on or other vehicle used in tl l?'is:nes* as aforesaid, and which license shall authorize the person or persons to whom it is is H'd to nse one wa^on or other vehicle, and t# or< upy one stall or stand in the Center market, and one stall or stand in one of the other market* of this city, not held on the same day as the Center market, the selection of the market to l?e made by tt>? person or persons applying for, and clearly ^' ltled In the body of the license For each and every additional wagon or other vehicle nsect ?r.d for each and every additional stall or stand wcupied in e:ther of the several markets of this citv. a separate license shall b? rcauired All lio< nses granted under this art shall expire on the 1?t day of January of e?? h year " Tbr second section of tbis act repeals the fl-wt section of the old art of 1-oJ For aomr time this art was ronstrued tu permit hucksters to use one wagon In tbeir business witb<?.it paying an additional tax. but that constriction baa been s?'t asid*. and ben. e the contest Ihe defendant* argue that the hrrsr and wajon used by them ought to be a* free from tax a? the torla In a mechanic'! work shop, and ask why they should be made to pay two or three turns for the same property They regard the old construction as the intention of tbe law-make s. who. taking the view that, as their horse and wagon w? re rs?eutial to their bminess for the privilege of which, they were lirvnsed. these were included In it Tnat. aa the borse and wago 1 would be rssessrd In the personal property, it would be unf*>r to t.a? tbem a third time That. a* the horse and wa^on w*>re not engaged in the public carrylug trade, they ought not to be ta.x~d as wagons hat were And Ihey hold that the law providrs fo the licensm? of th?* xlHiimiul ?i?mH /.? stands" and tbe " additional wagon,*' clearly implies that ibe tint ?fr? iucluded in the license roLU k Mattkrs?B'for' Justtei Bnrnarlo ? Tom Welsh, has-kman, was l>rou<jbt up to answer several grave charge* A member of Tom's family had surprised blin in com pan/ witb a colored rirl at a certain house. and desired Lim to come Dome Tom was on a spree and wouldn't; and the colored girl, whose name is Sarah Davis. ? ':-sed profanely at tbe person who had come to fet. b Ton awav In the magistrate'soffl-e, Tom Interrupted the testimony by avering with a larye sized oath that tbe witness was a d?d liar, and when remonstrated with by the officer. Insinuated w th many more oaths that the police were a set ? f pauper* and humbug", and that our local magist* .ry. from the Mayor down, was a complete lizzie, ttiat tbe entire local authorities, without fX' eptio.t, were a set of contempt! r>ie t>eguars and not worth * shucks " When tbe magistrate ii formed bim that he was fined ylu and osts for profanity, Tom pitched inU? that official with a tirade of profane abuse < alculated to show that h .... ..?* nnrciru intirr i millions mall me police, and wu ijolng on to nrove Liia assertions, when the Ju?tii e committed htm to jail for contempt of rourt " arah Davis was Curd ? > and costs ft.r L?r portion of the a flair James, Thomas. William W , Ann. Elizabeth, Jobn and Mary Cavauaiigb. an entire family, w?-re accused ?>f being vagrants, and of indecent exposure of tbeir persons The tirst three ?>rf caught and committed to the workhouse for <i<> days each; the others escaped. The follow ing cases ha%e l>e?>n disposed of at this ofli-e during the present month : Virginia .Malord, indecent language; 1*4. John Koss, profanity, two rases. $1(114. Win ?ray, throwing stones; Mary K??ss cursing and swearing; HI Ml Samutl Bell, indei ent ei|Misure; <>| Cbas Fletcher, profanity: #.1 l?l Mary J<u kx>n. disorderly conduct and indecent language: * 1 !?l H B t.hnd. throwing ott'j.1 in tbe street, two cases; ?.3 :ki Dav'd Dixon, disorderly; #-1 vM Charles Brisco. do . 83 SI. Win Jones, huckstering witftout license. *.> .V- Win Boston, drunk and disorderly; $1 l.? J as Hays, do , ?."> 15 Fat Brlen. do ; $1 !*4 John Howard, dis< rderly; #1 .V- I.evi Logan, disorderly and profane; SI 58 J. Buske. disorderlv *1 !U Jobn H irngan. do.; ^1 !*l. Margaret Harridan, do.; '*t Peter Harridan, do; ft| Ml .Nancy Collins disorderly and drunk; 'J4. Julia O'Conli' r, drunk. f?J 'JI Sarah Davis, disorder!) , $5 '*1 M tfV Ko.M- d:?Drdi*ric nhs/^r.t. -* > t?l Ilarrigan. indecent si ij \Y J fl Brown. disorderly and profane. >1 ."if J A Wrntz. disorderly in the market; S-< !H Amanda Simnis, disorderly; f - Kdward Barrett, do ; Br .lv" t Oowan, do ; fl !?i T B Barnard do; Si *?l John Clark, charged with stealing a stove from Kel>ecra hdmorts. dismissed Iiac II.ill. charged with stealing .1 till drawer from Wm SV:hu!ti. sent to jail m default of srrurlty for court Wm Shaw, mre charge; Jail. J<ru*&Shields. rharged with s'enling a coat; dis inisstd .Mary Martin, ?:harj?ed with stealing Hirer si-oons from Amanda \\ elton; i:ave security for court From the above list, it will be seen that the offircrs of the second fourth and siith districts have the.r hands full of Corporation and other business. Mb Koitos I'lease permit rne to s;xr\k a word to the public in behalf of a lar^-e portion of voting ladies called seamstresses We are not believ?ri In modern woman's rights; but we do believe ' 'tis woman s ncbt to counsel man In sorrow's Irving hour,' and My. "As ye love us, prote-t us " It may not l?e that with our plain dress and artless waji we tl< kle the fan' y" of gentlemen, but we are sure that with their judgment they rtspect us ." hall 1 detain VOll with rennrta of wrong* S?ball 1 tak to yon of midnight toll, for a nit-re pittance which, perhaps, is not half paid' It is not my object so much to dwrll upon the evil, as to ask you to help ua to And a remedy If law* < an be made to regulate the price of hark hire, why cannot they be made to regulate the price of a week s labor' and then make it a Hue able o!l>n?e for a person not to pay for labor In a reasonable time There are fashionable dress makers (we do not mean to say in Washington city, but in New York and .New Orleans ) who fare sumptuously, '-dress to dritb,"' build big house*, and never pay one-half tb? gtrls who earn their money I have known edit>rs sometime^ to tave bla- k lists, upon which they place the names ct persons who did not pay the printer " 1 wonder bow some of the gay dr?si makers would that arrangement \\ by cannot we have some association similar to the Typographical Association' Are IL? re not some persons who will Interest tLems*-i>rt* upon tbissubjeet' '-An ounce of prevention is old to be better than a pound of cure " And now my mind runs over the history it the Fire Points Mission, in New York How came those people so degraded* Answer: Want if employment, pay. ana proper Instruction The world sometime* go?> mad over reformations; but prevention never coines within the angle of their vision. They give millions to reform, but not one cent to establish a manufactory of flue arta. which would give employment to so many i>eopie And. now 1 think of it, I would like t?> to be informed how much money is |>aid yearly I V the nlVd States to other countries, for fancy articles which ought to be and could lie made at om?. by iadie* who ii'-ed the pay. If someone would' start It " A Seamstbess. Ci.iTtAL Giabp-Hocse Casks ?John .Marty w * drunk and disorderly, and falling into the ban-la of tnr guards. he waa ca^ed for the night Ti. s morning, being required to pay the sum cf .lli the amount required in cases demanding ?tie special attention that was given him?and not Laving the re^dv at hand, he was sent to the workhouse for flu days Foil BroroBD Spbiios ?U 8 Marshal Selden, a'companied by Ms sou and daughter, left the city by the early train this morning for Bedford sprues Deputy Marshal George \V Phillips acts as l\ !* Marshal during the absence of Col Seiden The Citizsxs' Uiaxd Pic-sic for the l>eneflt of the nrphans of St Vincent ? Female Orphan Asylum will take place at Arlm^t'tn Springs on Monday next, the *A)th Inst For full particulars, se< ?<lvert <euirnt in another columa ? A t?*axl> Ball display of tlreworks is iiu >uiMtd to come oB ct Columbia Springs on Ju-sday neit See advertlseineut to another ( lilU Thk Bibib im thb Public Schools ? mr, Editor: In the Star of this evening 1 see a further communication In regard to the line of the Bible in the public tr-bools, whlcn I l>eg leave to answer, notwithstanding the uncomplimentary manner In which I am addressed Haa that communication been received on a warmer day. It would have been as valuable ns a whole -oad of Boston Ire. I am asked. " How long freedom to worship find endured unstained on the wild New Fngland shore"' Answer?ITntil the present d*jr. (namely. August 14, l-<50 ) And It will endure while the star-spangled banner wave* on American ?oll We will have no r.rowaed heads, and no higher potentate* to kick off crowns A* for Puritan reputation, I most respectfully submit that subject to the public, believing that all unbiased people will agree with inc. tbnt truerhearted women, or better men, never lived Then toe writer *|ieculates upon the terms Kepublican'' and " Protestant."' I take my Webster's Dictionary, which I believe to be admitted by all to be the standard dictionary of the Kuvlish lan gua^e; I ami the word* deflned .< follow* rrotcstantism, the reformed r*?liion KepnbHcan, pertaining to or consistent with a republic. Republic, a !<u?te governed by representative* elected by the < itlzeris It was in this *eii?? I use the worjts If they have ntgatrr?M or atMr.uative meaning, where i* the authority to he found? beware, sir. how you volunteer to '-Full th* moat from your neighbor's eye, while the beam may)* found in your own." I am invited, *Fir*t to tlnd or.t what the Bible is. If | know enough " \?i *lr, I '-an r?ad Kngliah The Bible, th? book which contain* the Sacred S riptures. of which there ar? seven different trjnatations in Knxllah, t>e*idf* one that was translated by one of the Fo}>es. It would be a useless waste of time for ev?-ry Individual to translate the Bible for themselves We therefore ask which of those translation* have been made with the most care* History answer* the one called King Janie*'* Bible We therefore accent that .i? tin" moat < irr??.t Again, the Bible is the law of the Lord, " which ts perfect " The Bible. in its quintessrace, is this "Thou sbalt love the Lord tliv (iod with all thy, heart, and thy neighbor as thyself Upon this rrsts all the law and the prophets " Secondly you ask. "How Is it to be Identitird ?" I answer, -If any man lack knowledge, let him ask of <>od. who giveth all things liberally." Last of all there roiiien that pbarisaical boast of a --Cettaintv of faith." Vou arr of the --S-ed of Abraham," I suppose 1 sho ild suppose you have traveled far In divine life, by the display you make of Christian graces .Mr thinks I see the look of contempt with which your lip is curled at you think of those who do net believe as you do upon theology. I suppose your prayers sound somewhat like the oli gentleman'* we read of. namely: -'Lord bless me and my wife, my son John ai.d his wife, us four and no more " it. B. Washington. August II Thf PoruLATtos of Washington. as near as as f rt.iined by tte census now being taken, is as follows First Ward?The number of free inhabitants in -,"0T, siavea2.Vi In l-.?o the free population of thit ward wai *91; the same number of *Uvr* F frh Wari?Free population this census, slave?. I lit. In 1330 the number WM3,801; slaves. 132 S xth Ward?Free population. 5.81I; slaves. 113 In 1KVI the free Population was 3.5.52; slaves, 113 Seventh Ward?The population is over lO.idiO In l>o<? the free population was 1,731, and 251 slaves In the year l=ui Washington city had 3.210 Inhabitants ; Georgetown, 2.W3; Alexandria and county. 5 !>!'? I he year ISO witnessed an increase in Washington to 3.362; In 1-07 to 5 f>.?2 In 1810 Wash ngton M -.2,.?-, lieorgetown l.ul-. Aleiandria. with the county. 9.-11 On the 31st <?f December, 1VJ2, there were In Washingtor. brick dwellings. I.<K?9; wooden do , 1.212. wt.rk>hoj?s and stores, 15r; public ard munlupii! bull lings, 45. Thk Patest Fence ?Vandemark'sfarm fence advertistd ill another nlnmn nf h>-A:tir * v>/?? i? -- ?J - ... a very important improvement, and involves also, a considerable saving of money. Th? editor of the >tir has bad occasion to can** a mile of It to be put up, arid now us?s tt for various purposes; ana. also, is so pleased with it as that be is having another inile of it built He finds that any farm hand can make .*5>o feet (running) of it a day, and that it takes but about fifty feet board meisure of Inch plank to the panel of sixteen feet to make It; and. further that two hands, with a pair of oxen, can place In position (set up) perhaps a mile of it a day It c? nnot fail to last much longer than ati ordinary post and board fence, a.-, its uprigats are i*ot Inserted la the soil. A Skkioc* I?os* ?Saturday night, n gentleman in the Northern Liberties, went to market. having In his possession about $110; met with some 1 vely friends and took a drink or two. which rather intoxicated him tie dispia>ed his cash to his companions at the drinking placet freely. After staying his time out, he started for home, and was accompanied by two or t iree of companion* After his arrival, uoon looking for bis cub be discovered that be wu mi iu? all except abou Such incidents should s>*rve to urge everv young gentleman. wben be has "a pocket full o'rocks" and meets lively obey tbe Scriptural Injunction,'-WaU b mil be sol>er.'' Hkid rot CoritT.?This morning, Mr. J D. >t?-wart app-ared before Justice l)o;ni to answer to a ''barge of assault and battery upon .Mr C 1) iilanrbard It ap|>ears that tbe latter bad written < u< t?- to Mr Stewart which be regarded as blghl v cttensive, hi d that wtien they met tbe defendant in tiii- case iskrd an explanation. which was refused. and tula ex operated Stewart, who struck Mr. Klanihard Mr Stewart did not deii) tbe fact charged, hut argued strongly in justification of h:sc?nd ct Tbe Justice remarked tjat bis duty was to hold Mr. Stewart to bail for court, wii.cb he did in tbe sunt of $:{ ? . A Clam bake is ('(immpi.itioj.?We understand that .\l r Weldou, tbe proprietor at M? rid an nut. intern* to give a regular down-fast clambake at tint popular place of rrsurl, at aa early day lie La* ordered the clams from Kgg Harbor, and the li *-k Yankee who iuprrint(nd?d the recent Douglas clam-bake at the .North, it is said, has lieen engaged for this occasion Keep 1 lookout for the advertisement Rowdyism ?l.ast night two young men went to tbe residence of John Kupp, on Capltcl Hill, and rapped it his door Tbe window was opened for 'be purpose of seeing who was there, and what wits wanted, wtien the party let 1 >ok?? a shower of stones, smashing the windows, t ill fortunately doing no considerable injury to the ininites .Mr Kupp had warrants issued for the parties who, it is said, are known, and will be arrested. To-lis y is the Feast of the Assumption of the IJlessed Virgin Mary, and is duly o?>served in our Catholic arul Kpis< opal churches At ?<t Patrick's hiirh muss vv.s ( >-1. brateii *t in v nVlncW n.? ? - j - - "? I 'at her Hoyle. and the old choir sung, with gre^t excellence.'be third iiiim by Haydn, under the direction of the accomplished organist. I'rof J. I' Can I field Bek< ki.itidoi Flag Polk i* Alixaieri*.? The Hre? ainridge democrats of the Third Ward, Alexandria, are making preparations for the erection of a till democratic fl;ig start" in that section of the citv. I'lie stall' is to be*t aloft the American ensign and a [lennant inscribed with the names of Br?ckinridge and Lane. R ailroad Car* ?The Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company received yesterday from New York by the schooner Vanderwoort two fine locomotives with tenders attached They wern manufactured by the Rogers' Machine Company, at Patterson, N J , and are named "Charlotteiwille" and Uyncliburg " Commexckd.?The expects improvement of Fourteenth ?*reet, from Pennsylvania avenue to F street. lias been commenced under the supervision of tt>* Commissioner of Improvements of tbe Firnt ami Second Wards. It Is hoped and belie\r<l that the work will be speedily < ompleted Thk I'i.ktc iibr Chapxl Sunday School pia-nic, wbi' b was to have come off to-day at bladensburg. It will be K-fu by advertisement In another column, has been postponed until Friday next. Asotheh Klkctios for the vacant constableshtp In Aleiandria county is to take place tomorrow No candidate for the ottice yet come out. Silks is Djesses isd Robes.?The ladles are raising quit? an excitement at this time in consequeneeofth?bargains Ferry tc. Brother are Helling in allk dresst-s and rol>ea. t Kk*h in m si) the prize plc-nlc at Anilostan I lad U?-i?.>rrow. (Thursday.) For particulars see advertisement in another column Coiroiitioi Stock.?This morning J. C. Mcljuire \ o auctioneers sold $l,UUO Ccrporatiousixper ent nuarterlv stock, at lul hi . Wuna'i KkMtx or Wild Chkrru Ti'e fo iowiiu Iet'er from Rev. li k?th v Wood, of cord, N li.. Editor of tW CoMranUowf Journal. *p< an* \ i'laiue? in ftvor o| Wtstars Bnl<am:? Concord, N. H., March 2. ??th W. Fowl* 4 Co.?Gtnt-rm-n: Two yea:* *.;< . a sudden and ?io|ent attack upoji my i.uugs oc ntineu me to my bffd for several weefci, H id when 1 recovered, I wai so much opprefsed by difficulty in tirealhins. tnat 1 was often unf?t>l? io kif-ep or rest upon a r?--d Inr ni^lit. The *ufl~ rin?e w*? extreme anil judging from t inefficac) of the reui-dies us d, I supposed the dtst-aae incurable, rlfiiu persur^ied to try abottlxof Wtslar's ? <ltntn qf W--I li'hrr'v witnout co fiiicnc.? in its eiiicacy, i found th- difficulty almO-t enfirly r ino\ed fore one botUa was used up. S?ympathT witliinv fell w sufferers induces m< t.> matte this puMu stateinnt, and recommend the article to others similarly atb cted. With respect, yours truly. Hknrt Wood. None Kcnnini unless signed (. Hi rn on the wrapper. .. 1'irpai >-d h> S. W. Fowle 4. Co., Boston, and for sale by /.. I). Gllinan.S. C. Foril, jr.,*. B. Waite, G. Stott, John Schwarze, Nairn tt Palmer. Wash iDlW'n; and t>r dealer* everywhere, au W-lw.r [fnm th? sta* The Pet Haarder. bt osb who iss't. O'j were vou e'er a boar.ler. With widow, wiff. or maid. Who hadn't In her house a p t W honi everv one obeyed ' Or If tb*v didn't?ought to. At leant so thinks the p-t. And growl.*, mid filings and grumbles, When his wishes are u??t met. Perhaps he's been a parson, Too lazy grown to preach, Or bis congreyntion .May prefer him out of reach. Or vet some other railing. May once have been his own, But now his best endeavors Are for his hostess shown. He shares her arduous duties. He overlooks the young. To keep their habits regular, 1 nil /> K u< W t Vi*.( * .1 It! u ir tlf . *>/* nuu ' . lit' A i lie t I UViN^ I l- lI ? Though hit etforta don't avail muth With 'hose he trie* to guard; They will not heed his lecture*, Nor bis hint* at all regard Still he I* not forgotten By hei h? serves so well, She thinks of all his services. And leud hit virtues tells The choicest morsels she selecta, And studs them to his plate, While others, not ao fortunate, Are eft, tbelr turns to wait t'ntil the servants finish Their waiting on the pet Oh is th-'.re. In this town, a house, Of tho!i? with '-rooms to let," Free from that plaguy nu sance, Free from a hoarder pet * If there l>e such, oh ' snow It me, And I'll straight for it head; And never, never, leave it Till I get married A Word to the Lawk*.?In recoinmenilinn to yon to use Ho?*.ette-'? celebrated Stomach Hitters it ix hut Hist to stal? that a? a ptiinulanl to the tern, in imparting strength an I vigor during > ertain periodical stages winch are ofttiines attended with much pain and trouble, w e know ?f no preparation more highly a'-apt?<! to all affliction* consequent upon this etunc, and for a mother nursinc a lial?e the Hitters cannot be dispensed with, especially where the mother'* nourishment is inadequate to' Mi* de mauds of the child; consequently her strength must yield, and here it is whore a good tonic, such as Hostetter's Stomach Hitters, i* needed to nnpait temporary strength and vigor to the whole system Ladies should by ail means try this remedy, and b -fore s<> doing, isk vour physician who, ifhe is acquainted with the virtues of the Bitters, will recomnd Hi-k use in all oases. Mold by druggists and dealers generally everywhere. an 13 e*?3t Holloway's Pills. Dwint'mmt of tkt. Stomnrk nn>l Rorc-ls.? \s the stomach by the asency ol the gastric juices assimi IbIa< H I Antol f t n\.\ I ..I ra I < h>i> a . i r> < *r< mii. VOIC'J 1""|| I III" ti"lliriiw?i * I'i'nui, ? r- < r? 11 not be too car<? til I of preserving it in a hralthy and vigorous condrion. Holloway's PilN are power fully correctivw an<1 detergent, they strengthen the digestive organs, and by their curative propeiti??8 cleanse and purify the ingested f>?od in its process <>f conversion to b ood. In ail disorders cf the bowels and * iscera. their iin native (jualities are uneqiia led. Jiold In *11 Druggists at '25c.. 6?'c.. and .*1 per box. au !? 1 w Hf'MEOKATHIC llEMKDIBS All of Dr. Humphreys Ac. Co.'s specific Homeoparhic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and aft cents each. Also, in ca?Hs. containing J' vials, from 41 to .*S each, with book of full directions. For ?ale by Z I). Oilman. 350 I'a. avenue wholesale an t rntail ae?'nt; \V. A Fitzgerald. 3A3 north I'street; also by F. It. Winter, corner ol Massachusetts ?ve nue and >ixth ?treet. Also, Pond'? Ertrnrt of WifM H'iz't, for intarnai and external inflammation* of all kind*. So.(. as alxive. ma 9 ly M rs. Wi?ii?i.ow, ar. experienced nnrse and 1 etna e physician, has a Sootixmn Syrup for CKxtdtn Twain*, which greMly facilitates the prooess ol teething by softening the gunis, reducing all inflammation? will allay all pain, and is sure to regulate the bowels. Denend noon it- mothers. it will ?iv? rent to yourselves. find r?hel aad hea th to your infanta. Perfectly safe in all eases. See advertisement in another oolumu. ooll-ty Lyon's Magnrtic In?rct Powder Exterminate* Ned Buck. Roaches. Tick*, Ants, (iarden Insects, Ac. It c on t a in a no Poison I.ton's Maokftic Pili.? Are Certain Death to Rats and Mica. Sold everywhere. ap 'i 3rn Harry's Thicophkrous 18 the best an<) cheapest article for Dressing, Beautiffing, Cieanuing. Curling, Preserving and Restoring the Hair. Ladies, try it. Sold by ail Drug gists and Perfumer* rnar U tin Mkykr'* Miraculous Vkkkix I)k-tkoykp., the oldest ami best remedy known for exterminating Rats and \1 ioe, Cockroaches. Hugs, Ant*, Miisquitoes, F eas, Moths, Gram- \\ orniM and Garden I n*ects. fO" Principal Depot, 61*2 Broadway, Y. Sold lu all Druggists every where. ma 18-3m Physicians generally loth to speak a word in misssfwtittin<t|M patentswdisisia" lndeeil.itiaan article in the code of medical ethics, that a fkyiieiM who sanctions the rise . 1 r*imdies cacnot h? considered a ineinl>er of th" N ati? nal A ssocia io->. BiK there are exceptions to the most stringent rules, and many of the disc flMofBjWB lapiu* have actually been compel ed, by the force of facts. to recommend l>r. J. Hostetter's Stomach Hitters for those diseases which are only prevalent during the summer and fall Tiiey have ascertained that there are no remedies in the pharmacopia which can compare with tins wonderful compound lor the derangement of the system. Thousands of lain les residing along the low grounds of'the \VH tern and south *rn rivers, are now convinced that they have found a medicine peculiarly adapted for their ailments, while hi other portions of th? <'oun try. during the summer month*, thedemand for tho article is eaually large. Sold by druggist and dealers generally everywhere. au 7-ei 3rpHK JAPANESE HAT. OI'KRA HAT, I l-'iora Driving Hat, and all kind* ol II at* nt \o. 4hO Seventh street ail It L'w SI.AF AYKTTK I.NSTITL' I K. KSSION Will commence on .M i> N DA V, September loth, at the new Institute Building, .-??>' | street,adjoimr g Caroline Terrace, opposite Frank11ii Square. C rcular < at hookfctoreM. till eo2w (Con.&Int.) L. C. LOOM IS. Ii*OR SAI.K.-Th* licht draught last sailni YACHT I'OIM'KK will be sold cheap on immediate appliotlO!! The almve Moat id 30 feet long, U' I -et beam, with a tin' <-at>in 12 feet in lendi; was fit ed up lor a pleasure U?at, hut would make an erce !? nt market fiuat. I runnm ofII o IIOOD.339Pk.amiMt aufitf HO. HOOD has now on hand & very I arc* stock of line standard SILVER WARE, ail of his own make, that he wik bell an tow as any of the Nor thorn Ware* are sold for, and at the same time will warrant everything to be standard il?er. Srt?? |?a. aveme. e 22 PI H >TS' M >TICE.? To ail raptam* and ownfri of Vesselx, liound to the l)i?trict of Columbia. notice is hereby given. that^g*fc Pilot* may lie fomd at all times at St George's Inland, at the month of St. .Mary's river, and near 1'iney P"ii?,and that it is not n'cssivrv to take Virgin a Pilots from thoir I oat*, wlnn the vessel i( Ix.iinc to Georgetown or \Va hington m'y. ax ,Mar> land Pilots ran t>e found of at leant ?<vjal skill and reliability. au ll-eo?Lim* 275 ALkEN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, Phnsa. Ave*uk, Between loth and lltli streets. je 19 nno CONTR ACTORS FOR WATER PIPLsl Ornin of tiik Wasiiimtos AijI'kh'i:t,( Washinstoji. August 7. 1( Skalei> i-Hoiosals will be received at this office until 1'2 ll'clflfk lit.- AllPllfit Jlv.f fnr innnl. the following riateri&Is: 150 to 17530-ilich Pipes, 12 feet long, Hell A fSpiRgot. Washington Aqueduct pattern. 3*0 to 3J0 20 inch I'lpei, 12 feet long. Boll A Spig got, Washington Aqueduct pattern 4 SO iuoh Flmge Pipes, 12 feet long, (drilled) Washington Aqueduct pattern. 3 12-inch Mange Pipes, 12 feet long, (drilled) Washington Aqueduct pattern. 26 inch Flange Pipes, 9 feet long,(drilled) Washington Aqueduct pattern. I 4 inoh Flange Pipe, 9 feet long, (drilled) Washington Aqueduct pattern. Also, a few tpecial patterns, such ai Branches, Bend*. Ac. For further particulars, examination of drawings, A c , apply at this office. The whole of the castings will be required to be delivered by the let October next. H. W. HKNHAM. Captain of Engineers, au 8-tf Chief Eng'r Washington Aqueilioit. P NOTICE. ERSONS Declining housekeeping or having a surplus of hounefeold effects oan find ready rale by calling at m? Furnishing Store, 43* 7th street, between G and H streets, east side. AO ^STIJ M U IMII.I'H KUCHLY. WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD !.'! STOVE and KINDLING VVOOD, at the lowes possible prion. t. j. a w. m. galt, Si*!i Pft. iv., between 11th and 12th nts.. Tia 17-t.f north m<1 SUGAR, coff EE, TEA, 4c. 18 hhds PORTO RICO SUGAR, 15 do Cl iSA SUGAR, 50 bbls. REFINED SUGARS, 50* J\VACOFFEE. ? do MAR ACA1BO COFFEE, 25 do HIO CQFFfcE, 25 do ST. DOMINGO COFFEE, half che?ts GREEN and BLA1 K TEAS, 5 boxes A DAM ANTIN'fc CA ?DLES. 2i? do PRIME CHEESE, 5? do STARCH. Now lauding f'om steamer Monticelio and pallet t ' soho iinr Mot I B-Mlrtll, and for naif 1 w b\ an 3 6 ??. SAMUEL HACON A CO. Baltimore life insurance co.-iw coHyoRATiiB 183".?John I. Donalds ok, Pres.; M. CoriTH*. S-co'jr. This oomMuiy INSURES LIVES and BUYS and GRANTS ANNUITIES, Ao. Dekonptiv? pamphlets mat be obtained at the Company's Agenoj for the Dutriot of Co uint.a. offioe of Lewis Johnson A Co., Hankers. t<tb street ftnd Penn. avenne. J. W. MAGILL. Agent, i P. R. M.D. Med. Ei'r, d## eoXI WANTS. DRV GOODS SAEF.SMAN \VANTED-Ao,qu9iited vith the citt trade. n<>nd othe * need ' 5PPJ[. Permanent * tuition, an ! Liberal p%t. i'ERRY A HKOrHER. 13 3t WANTED?Bt i steti!) ami indu?rrto>iit mar. a *' ^ITL'ATTON *f eo.iec'or. B"*t of recvni in *Uf1;if!rin? *i veil. Address M . C-, Star Office, jj l; tf PERSON All I |\| * DAME PKUX, WOMTVUm TELLE*, ?' .'i.m Taris. inform* tier former frit nd?. and ti'.e ; P'llio generally, that *he ha* remove*! to 4fi| Tenth street, between E and F, where ?ho will b? happy to *ee all who will favor her with a ?a!l. | au l3 3w* _ I ATTENTION V! F R I ri'f I'OR f EK. Inventor, will cail at the ortioe of C. M. Yulee, 474 fetent! ->treet. he wi I hear soui^thirn to hi? advantage. An* information concerMn* h'lii m requested. If not firing. hi* ad n mist at^ir, or an* of hi? heiri. will an*w?-r. *u 11 -lw* C M VLI.KK Attorn.') at I ?w._ MADAMB HOftRICEi rn OIUT Aituu1*1 i!I?T AND DoCTRKSS, j*?: from Europt.? T?l* hiKttly rift-d und intelligent ady can t*? oonauted on the l'\at. Present and Future Kreita. Ca at >o. ?05 Tweuty-second street, between H and I, Wa?nin*ton. jalS-Sm* LOST AND FOUND. (POUND -Near the City Rail, a *m*;i GQf?D CH A IN. which theowner i?n have h* apply at N<>. 503 F. st. north, between 2d and 3>i at*.. *.ni pa> in* for Una a Ivrtisement. it* ?|H)IJND,?Ol St. Peter's Bsnimn, *i\cn t> '?1> rr'Oiit on the 8*li inst ,?SIIA\V1., w hlch 'he owner >>an have by deacnhinr. a>.<1 pa?m* for Uil advertisement. *pply to J (I \ KS A M1I?LFK, n> ar the corner of 1 jt h at., and Pa ave '**_ I08T?On Tuesday. Aufiiat 7th. a HI NIM.Kof K??i mc Star S'ewa-paper*. containing four copies of each day for the month of J in. e. The hnder will recuvea lilieral reward by ieturnim them to this office. an 15 If UTRlYBD OK 8TOLRN.?A medium hi ^ i >W, w , w:T> i mp on?*ea- notched and ttifolli'Tpur^ s i ; no horrn Whoever will r turn he fin Ibi it<? "Kf lorama." K undarv st., near 2 ?t., vi 1 re;eive a reward of four dollar*. an l.j it* I I OST.?From the Track of the Mebo^oli'M j i j llook and Ladder Company. w. il?t pro 'ed i k | to tli-- fire on ?helsland. on tlif r ?ht of th? . Jtli i n -t , aa AX K The finder will confer a favor an 1 re c?i vo the t hanks ol the Company,by 1' avin* it with the President. iJOfIN T. C H A N ?' KY,' Fit., 'wtween 4th ami 5tii *t*., or any one of the member*. It* ?- RKWARD-Lod, * BteekMri l a , TE?K I K K SI .IIT: all had on when ?he <^. _ \ I Irft a silver plat il coila', with Tiie hi ?ImWmT ription. "(ieoree Rnskell, N > 01 Man street, Kichmond, Vs." Any <?ne returning her wi 1 receive five dol'ars reward! and nonunion* aketl. B (l.SHKKl.M,. _au 15 ?* m :<tn and in h POl'SD On theHth of AugiMt.a B.\ Y HOK?K. I wit i richt hiinl loot w ite. The i wn>o *-v have trim b? p'ovnu '? and [ *j inn iiargps, iiy < ailing ?t Mr WASHING TON' Di/ VAf.t. S,ou 11th at,near tli|\av? N itr 1 Bridge. _____ *" LJTRA1 ED OR SfOLE^-Oa tlw Cth i oaten t, from the pasture ol Mr. T O. Maeiudor '-v nPR' the cit), a tvwht HAY lloRSK. 7 r? y--a' b old . about 15 hand* Inch; imiq tnil -? one hind loot white Mid fort-top out otf and now grnwiiw ont. We will give a liberal r> ward if leit at our stable*. ou C utreot. Ixt'w <'ii 4l2 and titli. an 13 j.* FLKMMINU ft. FtlV. FOR SALE AND RENTT [For othtr ' For Snh and adcertnemenls, JM fir*t pan# ] SAr.K?Very cheap.on reasonable term*, one ofth* most de>i' able lll'l1.1)1 %ij LOTS in the rity, sit iated on the north wet>t corner of titli it.ud \ew York Aw?. HMuira of JOS. F. llOLMiSON. Stove Manufactory. \o. 405 7th ?t., between H and I sts. an 15 tl l^nD CiT L' a !..? V I ? Vf? - - I a > zi\ ur.?n iui "i i if cun ni ii iik .1 Hfri", in I'n i oe tieorKe'eloou t\ .adjoining the District line. 5 miles north of Washington cit* and ? mile* fr??rn the Soldier*' Home, in a healthy neighborhood. improved ? ith a comfortali edwel'iiu an I an orchard of select fruit. Situ&tion desiratd-* a* a building nit'1, convenient to churches, schools, * c. T?-r Ba liberal. For particulars inquire <>i: t it prt to the subscriber. au 15-olrn* Mrs. K. DAVIS. 4 SM AM. FARM OF TWKNTY-PITB i\ acres, more or Imi, for sale lying on the K ook Creek Church K"ivl.about 4'2 mile* fiom the Wa hlrietiui market. The improvemen ts consist ol a new framt* ilwel lug house,barn.staiiing.carriaf:' hoi -e, small granfcry anil other out hollies; i guixl putlip*. There hai b --n about |I^H worth <>i line ami nanure put on the place in the past two jearn. The premium are well enclosed wuli fencing, with a|> >ut SatMaeliof savfeaee. There are lti asree in a higt' statecfeultiva'ion. with a fine gar 'en crop < i it Persons wnhinf to purchat- an.i calling at the place will he shown ov?r it. Te<ins majn known whfn calling on the plwce, on the line hetweeo I'rince ssd WasUsgtos counties near the farm of ('apt Marnier*. KM XNI'KI. I.ACEV, On Diggs'road, about 1mile from au 15 3t" Soldiers* Home. I^or SALE ok RENT-A new FRAME HOUSE, containing *ix r xnns an i a numcer kiothen. on t'<th >t . between K and 1, nts. K jquire i*i ><? v.i* r\ ?:re?*t. mi 14 it* tjTl >K F F(i|{ K<l on 9?d Hide ot I'a ave.. between 9th and loth. nuitAMo for any business. For further part i'u!ar? em< uuo a; Mo. '<0.5 I'a. av?>., between atli ami Itoli s t> an U ?w I^OR SA L.K?A tin* f>iil>Btanti:il DKM'K i HOl'SK.on 11 tli ^t., !> *w?-??ii l.and ,\l stn.t with l:vr^? f*t%hle ami ''ama^a Houw. Any ore wa"tiiic Kii'*h i Hou*e will li't cold on very a<: oommoilatne terni*. or exchange for funaler pr<>;? erty Foraprivatu residence none can nurpa^s it* Inquire of (jKO. T. I.ANUKV. ?n l.t>t.,i-ar U'h ?t an 14-tf JH>K RKNT.?A two iloij BRICK DWEI.I.I ING Wltk humwtand attic, went -nl?i>tritn tfMt.No 415 11<>rth i>( tfift I'atent < >fli M Kn<|iine next iloor ?"U'ii, or at No. h alreet. an 11-w* h<JK KF.NT?That h -autiful OO lTAfiK HKSIDKNCK on 1 wt*.Hh i-t eut, lietw if n ) i a id II, (east side) con'.aiiiinK 7 or 8 rooms, with water ai d gas.formerly occup^d tiy H. H Vi?s*.K*q. In p< iut <>f location ami convenience (hut house is .jiisiirpaised. Impure of K W BATES. wood end coal ileaier. corner of C and Fourteenth ?ts. an f- tf l/OR "?AI.K ?>K RKNT?A p'ia?a"tly bitnatod ^ l"l it i' v i . k hill si' .... > . j T' nr>- i.< a ?qi.are of ground attac'.ed ui 1 >r eulti . ? tiun : a large atahie on one end i f the square. The plare will he aold upon verv n&i!t>ntlile terms, nr rental to a prompt tenant. t'osaesKion given '>n '.ho lit 't August. for particulars inquire oIKAK Itol'lt A SK.MM K8, Groeera. jy i7 ????it \1R*. BATES, desiring t<> return to her fatue l?l h< M. wisiies to transfer ti?*r we;l e?tat lial < Hoarding House, oonteimng ii rooms, an<1 eosmi modatng at the present'ime upwards of 4 ' hoard ers,into the handsot some person wishing to hi irito the l>usi:iesa, on th" most rra* ra'l^t'rms 1' m i.ouae, long and ?e ! knn*D to the cit.z >ns < f Washington, la plea?an l> si'uatedat the south Ti>?t c>rii<>' of Ninth -t. an?l I'a. avenue, in the ni"*t thriving part of the cif*. and is convenient to ch>i*ch"s rch'iola. the putdio bui'dings. Ac. Kor further particulars please c&l and inquire at No. 31i'a. avei.ue au fl-tf | I^OR RENT?The large Sl'dKI. KOOM aid ' I I'EI.LAH on tlieooruer of I and > th ?t? , Nan Yard. This room is >uitable for antbusiness. (Jan )k> rented with or without the dwelling. i'oss???iiiii jivtn let of September. Apply to JOS. k KPKT I I, I *t. east. au 3 iw" 70R RENT.?A new mm! > FR INK P HOI'SE will be for rent in a few date. It is Ih an11fii 11 y situated on T urteeuth street. I>*tweeu Georgia avenue and K it., Navy Yard: lia* alirge garden lot attached. a panip of g..<xl water n a', and oon'tini 4 rooms, kitchen and woo<l<hrd. Will i>e rcniou in*, wiin or wiwioui me jot, l<> a s"?kI tenant. For sale cheap, a Rood, stron? W()RK IIORSE; works welt in anything Inquire of T. E. 01.ARK, Navy \ arc; or of JOHN l'AT( H, I16H *1.. between 4th aad 5th. j y 16 Fr?<?R RENT?Two h?autiful new BR I (rK HOtSKS.on Kiichth st - et went. I>ett?<en >1 ! and N streets uo'th.west s:ile. Apply to MARY C HAIS|,|p. No. 2*l Ninth street west,or Dr. KEASBKY, No. 33U l'a. avenue, between >th arid l"ttl St I . t'ts. J V IS * ' GEQRGETO VVNADVERTMTS Fur o'ner Gtor/felovn advertutmenti set first <? ? RE W AR D.?Strayed from No. 99 First st., tjl'J u o-tetiiwn, on 8:inday week, a f.| i roan COW; very short an i thick; suppose.! nkX^ to have <;ai ved; shelias * iile l.orn- anil iJimmSLm aliort tail; was last seort going in the <1 re.'tio i t f the chain h rlji". I'he tinder will obtain the alxive reward by leaving her at my residence. No. 99 First st.. Georgotuwn. ?u 15 it* for boston. 1 HE Schooner HEN. FRANKLIN has arrt'-ed fiorn the a I wive Port.arii will he discharging toi morrow (norm ig. For freight applv to HA<'KEYk BROTHER, au 13-99 and IOI Water st . Georgetown. 1?J(1 KI9H! HStli: >." BBI.S. No 1. l.aii a lor HERRING, [ 100 U*rieU No 1 Eastern HERRING, Boston Inspection, do. Extri No. I. Cut HERRING, 30 do. Half bbU. Superior Ko? HERRING. 13U bbi?. New Mereimolu A I.E WIVES?, !(?> do. New S?t JOHNS, Do. All of which have just arrived from Boston, arid for ?\le in loti to suit purchasers, and on pleasing terms. HARTLEY <*. BROTHER, au lS-lw 99 and 101 U ater St.. Meortetown. A C OP A RTN E RSHIP NOTICE LEXANDER E. Bc.A1.L, Grocer, having is ociattHl with bim Wii tain S. Matthews the business will be conducted under the name aud sty a of BsALi.ii: Matth ,w?,at the Id established <!?.(.d of j- hn .M Belt, come of Cougiess and Bridge streets, Georgetowe, D. C. Julv 21.1360. auUJIt Having detkrmi sr.i> ro change my ua?i aers, I'll eoaiiudtioe frotn this date to lie 11 fo> cash mj entire stooli of DRY and FANCY GOOD"*. Having puroliiued o the most fav or a bl? u?: dim and i>eu>< desi.ous f c osiiik out as ear.y a? potbihla, all w?o in iy be in want ol bargain* will uo well to give me a call. W. R. HURDLE, 1 ir 24 lin Corner of High and Gar au, EXCURSIONS. PTC XICS. kc. I <><>K HIT FOR THE SUNGf RBl NP SiM IFTY ?* KXCKRSION t.? ^ I ?>e ti von at Gl.Y M< ?\ T on the JTth For partieti ar* see future a- .verti^e-*^ ment. It* PIC-NTC F R?KFRS ASSOCIATION at I.CEFLKR 5* City <.a:den?. <>n TI'F.SDA Y. H* io?t. 11> r w . he ?ervei up at ti "'clock a !arc? !o*f of h *a1 of jn p <u id* weight. Kor e future adr-rti*e-nent. M ! -** THE FLETCHER CNAPBL 9PN94Y I Si'llOOI. ?ul m? a I'll'- ? ? NIC at Mailt* ia ur|,un I'KI I) A V I Wi< ' 5" Aucnnt 17th. * w *\ tr ' r-1 I ie> have ,ih*-twfd car* which *i ea\e th? depot at 7', a m. Peraona alio ji.l I* triere at 7. R freahmetit* fiirnuhnl at moderate pri<w?. a' I eve r etf.irt made to reader the ocaalon delightful. A fuii l>aril m expected to ->e i , attendance. Kound tr,p tickets only iS cent* children 15 oent*. au 15 j rp M(M ?\ l I'.n I h\' : H I ?N I HE Congregation of Grace C'liirch (laianl i ? <> , vi t ii i v i i . i i iv {'I RSlON lor t-ie of '1 P C?' ir conn?ot?d ? it'i the Church, FRIDAY, August 31 The* have chartered the ?teain?r Phiitx, whicli I will leave Kieventh street wharf at 5 o'elocl p. ni , prcci??lT. \Vnh< (?'? Band haa >>een eDmsd for th? occas1 "ii Refre*hm<?iitii on ?h" l?>at. TlekftK 5n ceuia; children .5 cct;t?. Comm ill** 8. K. Murphy, O. Juoht, S. I*. Tavlor, XV. S. X eatmav , \V. S K'il>?rt?, R. K. Rartte. J.N Gordon, 0. H. Hancock. ?'i li w HP FOR r H K WHITK HOI SK. I HE 3TKAMKR I'HKMX AViJl ieav?the fo?.t o' Sixth Or??"ton SI" N DA V. the "H1! nmt.. at H o'.-i<ck a. m. a1 It w r\r: \iv< Yard. at a i . the U'HlTF. HOI si: PAVII.lOV Returning ! It ave the Wlute House at SS: p. m. Hound trip 29 cent*. an H 3t F.- A. RYTHF.R, Captain roktpoxen i \iil Tin rii'av, A?|int l?>th. If fmir. if not ikr nfrt^ fmw f<?? tkrrtnfler. | * N I'A HA l.I.F.I.I'.D \ n il v I I ?\ 1 I <iKA\t> PKI/.L PIC Hit AtANAI.OSTAN 1*1.AND. On MONDAY At I* l?M One lluildrril Piece* of Jewrir) <? i*en A ?%' )! Anions winch a ???!.n ami Siw?k \\ at- ii. I an I riljUJIIirill ? ' ' 1.1. 4.B, J E?p ia'? an<) Striae Hand engaped f ir the occasion. It k r? .'?<> On??. I'.i- i,. I'ctucn Cent* {<<r I.a. If*; I'hi I rcn a I ini*t- <1 Iree. Ticket* fur **|c at II. Anderson'* ami t 7' vtrcct. I Ir. - ? % !?!. (. II- . ^ S' I'a. av : a ?t Ilie f..ut of IIu i >.t. ?a: (ie<>rc< nwi.. on t if lay nl tI*i' N Boat" wil ?tart for llw 1?'ar.?l at ??'(l>eli *. m l[r N > chare" made fur ouv? yauce across to I tlic I-..tril I "mi tew carves f[7- For List of Gift* see xnivl p-o :rtmnifi. an l| it prnZSNr GRAND PIC Mr FOR THE~BENEFIT OF TIIK ORPHANS or SI. llncrnl'i Female Orphan t??lum, AT ARLINGTON SPRING. The* Muwrn I *?t. Vincent's Female Orphan A*ylnni are cra'ilieit t" t*eiu? /Sft+^^Zr .. a> <> to aiinoii'ic** tiiat tii? Cit./ .)? fM|pPH*? Annual I'ic Nic lor tne orphans ii. W ? V .^ * l'iai 'f t ll * * , -Vrs I 'I I ' . H \ ' ' ? . < i. 1 as vl urn. wiitaln>p!ai--at ' H INOTON K I \ i? on Mi'NUAV, \ i^iis-t i. I . Witl I'. 4 I... .< . - - - - - x ? f mi.'l i.r?- |T';| r- I? ,r the <1 vie in* saloon, ami ? up ei |r?-snn ?n?? will t?* applied unilT the di'Oi'tion of the l.ady Mftn%<ers. < Ill I 'ifrin H I. 'if l?'H ?< e \ -r? Id. I ; l t ie < 'i( . '<> . *! "? In t iin-1 Pa avemiP. anil ev>*r> len iiiiuutea t?? town, where a packet wi i l?a.e a I for \ it ;tnii The n??fior? -11> of the ritizr-n? of Ws ->nn- ?,, % ) lieor^.-t.i* II Ik' war III < . iti I lulling to (f'! * ; I < of fi-? orj ! n ; ? then. a h>a!thlu! hi <1 ('I 's-jvni r'c-'a'ion, rei dcr an* furtliei appeal totii^ir li?nf\i)lMic?un t niw aimn ku?i-rlil. ii". The exerriaes of the flay will I* in'eritpermvl wi'li an a till '* %i ~in>. ine ! >' the . rp : a -h e-, m liuch other inioc?- ,t i *"r< ;i<eK &<- ? ill nve ?i<> nvnt * p e?vj! t.i >. nt * .1 Ticket". V rents for zoi.tlemen; i!5 rents for !a-:i s: 1A cut- fo' in ilrni. I' 1. i :? \|s .i. r- ia ? ?" i-?>i t .-si- - I tli* Pi .''Win* gentlemen to Set H i;.? ? t,i" * ri>:i n.t ! u iiik tie i ;t> : I 'hi (' Hr, nt iw eg. K' :n*. Jn<>. D. C aike. j.i* r.izpatrick.Wiu. J K?>>e, Jan Hanei. \S June*, KHw. Sunn *. J i n F. I.e, W.H.WaM. Capt.i; iitftril, Tlioi J.Fisher, IVter ii? a t. I< . I'iarke, II B >?eene?. Juioi F. Kill.', K H. I.*'key, <iau'i>- . F. Mohun, H. Rirhct, Th?*. 1>< tfj . Col Hicke*. I*, Callahan. Jan. Lincoln. H NclAUlhim, Jan. pMllorlull. W. IUum, A Jn?ce. t* .J MsI t . nir.i vpt. I*. H Kir.c, I ?r J. Wa sh, \\ 'i T D?'V?*. K l'ich?>rfi, John K King, H B. Dwin, A C Shaw. I(?'Tool a, W \V Moore, J?? I* T*s<??. I' Sli^a. H?nard Hmm. 'I' .'' !? :1 i?-iriv k?m t aie a *p?oinn m 111 11 ' l imttie V?unt Catli"iic Friend*' Soci f'<. ii \Ya?h ngton and <? orget"?rn. I .e> Wi.. ; ? designated li> -i.kitten on tli*- I?-rt hrt't: I". \l ; N erhany, Phillip J McH?nr>. J"hn Stak-?, Hi.gli D??n-hoo, Dr. Kidwell, Heorg? Savage. I.. Neurn?*er, I an 'i- Ha-per, J J. Kane, Jam** !.a< key . KtwtMlMMf, r> wta. au u st Mnc NIC P?><*TPONKD. KM IlKKS tFCOLl M BIA M)D<iK, No. 10 I.O.O.F.. a il of the order grn? al.? . a-e notlfi <! t at tii' ir AN M Al P' PIC NIC as P?v p.n?.t, n W * mi- ? t tli wt w atiu intii MON DA\ , t!i-^ int-:., at (1)1.1 MBIA M'KIVii. h red. Piv^cri'f unrira 1 -d l>and of innate ha* l?>fii pii^ag'*il, ai .1 cveri a- i .gt-nient made t" render the da 1 .as i lit; 11 : !, ?*? of r-nl en n ij, >//< nt. I .at i am"* C> a n' w. i?-a vt> t <-urii??r "f Man ?a tn:Hc;t? av. am Sever t:; ?t at 8. ^ and 1" a. m tii i ?! 3 a- d 4 i) r... passu t ti r"ucti S e t an.! Mai > ian : aver.u<-: ai a>> f in t >.a.. at i>" nek tocuiuf j the widrw* aud children to t e Sp'ing. Tlcne'a Fifty Ont*; admitting a n-nt cman *nd iadtew?1<> Ik- obtained from th* Commute*, an :3 M \\ Ac S TilK C??>1MITTEE. |_|o: FOR FORT WASHINGTON*. I'he Clioir of Seventh street Piect.t tenan Cluirch, witii f*ch??ol, will giv>' tn EXCl'K- _|i ' . J*H)\ to the Fort oa I'K 11)A V, A gunt 17 iTii hi Vocal a;id instrumental music. Tb? steinier Puemi ha* been in.?i <1 anil * ill leave the <>f Si\th street at A't nViix'k. touciunK Alex*n'lria, retiir iiic early hi the ? v n n(. Ti k>'t? lur eentlerre:i Vie>r?t?: a li^n2Sami ehilIraillMBtB wWMil Wa. Ilaliaut^ti0'*. s vNtkatiMt. J. V. ItaviH'g, l'&. avenn**. ai.-i <? Ho?wcil ?, D. D. Davulsoa's, or at the boat, aa 13-u AMUSEMENTS. / 1 K A \ 1) It A I.I. li AND DISPLAY OF FiRKWORK!* Clll.l MHI ATH'RI\r,S. On TUKSUAV, Au&iiet 2 i . The National t{iia<trilla Association take treat plea-lire iu informing their ma it trn-ints thnt ?1 tlieir R*<ond liRA>" AS>KMItl.V will ( t-IK'- |' ?f.' i iii.i iiniA M'ni ' ii1" onjn TI KSDaY EVENING. Aniunt 21st, whioli occasion there will Ik> n grand di*r n ?.f Fireworks. Also, a select string liand will t>e in nt*ti<imee 'I i ketf, Pifly cents; a gentleman & d la?lie?. Coaches will leave oorne- Pa. avenue and Seventh street at the followi e hoti s: S, 4. 5. 7, K and 9 o'clock. Return i g will leave the Springs at 9. 1<>, 11. i. and J *> cluck. (jood ordi'r mat ! ? relied on. as special pohoe will !>< in att< mlance Prof. Lon/ will act a* l>aliad master on tins special occasion. By order of the an 15 eo/t COMMITTEE. PK UK CONCERTS! JKN?T LOEFF1.ER, Nne Yo~k arnue, bttirrtn Ut an-i i/t ttrrrlt, would re?.pectl'uilj s'Ate to thrt Di.tuio that A COVER T jfifvJS SKIl.ECT Ml SIC will be given eve-y MON DAY and IHTRSDAY EVENINGS during the season, at his I'avilion, commencing at J o'clock and ending at 1" p. m Previous to the Concert, the Sa!o"n is open to those i esiring to while away a few hours in the inazy dance. It'K CREAM- WATK.R 1CFS, and every description of CONFECTIONERY always ready at city pnoes. Parties desiring ths Garden* for Pic Nio pur pos s, are re^uesiod to Kite aday or two noUoc. je 18 3m 4N(> 4SC> a h-autiful assortment of <?'<!.D I'AI'KRS, w:th a varied stock of inedium anil lowurv*' GO??I J*-. FIREBOARDS, I'KIM'S, ri?'Tl KKS. CORD and TA?fKljS,?c remnants of low priced 1'APKRS, with a handsome *toc? of WINDOW SHAriK"*. at greatly reduced pN -j. Orders Jelt lor PA PER HANGINGS and WINDOW SHADES satisfactorily exe-uted with skill and di?|>atoh id city or country. Please give me a call. Don t forget the utml>er. _ J NO. MARKRITFR, No 4*6 Seveutii st., > d >ors a!>ove au S-eoHt^ Odd Fallows' Hall. IN A 1 " ,NVSOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, Ghkkm Stkkkt, Between Bridge and Water :tretts, Georgetown, D. C. A large stock of CANDLES, Brown, Family. Castile and Fancy SOAPS, Also, TALLOW and GREASE for Looomotivea, St-ainhoau, aud a.i kinds of mftcmnerr, always on hand, for n?!r at prices to suit the trade C. B. JEWELl.. Proprietor. iy 10-eotf WASHINGTON >V '""lUsANCa COMPANY, e. D. HANSON. s^'o^?^LIRE,J1TS?1" THE LATKSYINKWs T E L K (J R A T H 1 0 . ?>> * BAl i triK rKini 11 Htn> Arrival ( ik? Fertlt. N?w Yost. Aug 15 ? The rc-v>i ma''. flteam ablp \*-t% from Liver|K*>: on tLe <tb. arrived herr ln?t n.fctt Tl"' ll'inilhip Arabia arrived c't nn the 3d CotToi?TbrfttlniaM Mlr? ?n !*rtur4>r w< rt llMMi tal-? Ini ludlng 4 (Mi for ape>-iiiatlon *nd export Tbf market ,-iuaed Arm at the An^l? o qi <<tat o*it The wratbrr bad b?en niifavo-ahle f?r the cropa Floor .la qu ?M |>ut at */~aJ<? \V Leat w aa ?teadr, red H? led alia id white 12a ; flue new Halt!more red I ' M Corn * buoyant at the An?M<> Snon'i advance, n, t.-d and \ellow ?* &d 1 i? , wbit? :tto Ad : <ta rrorisiom ?.r( lull H?-ef br.iry and qu?tv tloria h?rH\ main la ned p. rk iiu'H but (Md, V m.mA 1 . -I. - - - ?- ? - i.aiu u i in r :i ri. at nv.H HiCO' I ? (. enersl Prod if -SBjjlf (|?H. but Arm Coffee quirt Ktre steady H.? iim stead \ at 4* Vd all .id Turpentine ?tead\ at .'to* Vc a.ila American se^curit'es wrff Arm nod KfMfi It unibJiiji?l 111 Cent itim had idrtnrMl to a ll d - onut Bullion m toe Hn k bid d* r?-aa?-l XI&5.IM I be Munn Mark?t waa sitifbtly m< f? *tr1 njfent, with an Inert aM-d demand Conaois WHittjl 1 be jifoUwol Mw?-n the Western PrWfri, agreeing to *end IS <siu troop* U> ?*vrta bad ?**? vjiird .it Par a Pririre '.a to ?erd ha f tbe tr.>?>f?. all of whom are to atav there an month* Tbe Neapolitan forces are being d rected to wards Calabria Another protocol of the Par .* Conference calls on tbe Porte to carry out !ta rni;i|teniriiii resj>e>rt i?C tbe Ctrl mans Tie !?rri?n fo-ce <s to b* under tbe orders of a Julnt commission of tbo gr?at Powers The llnglish Parliament baa agreed to ?ote JLJ.OUI.WIU for fort Hcatlona Preparations are mak'ng for a treat party conU?t in Parliament on the (i?p?r d itv retnlutlaai There are rumor* of an [|l?r?'?* lelarrr Napoleon and tbe IJueen of Spam I'be p>ms bourse on tue id rl *ed firm, rentes H-f . ??c The t jit of the convention U-tvreen ?i *rll?sldl ?nd <>en ("larv ha* lieen publsiied The r?? ii liA., ..r V I.-- * - A- -- -* * - - vi - it wy iiir vapoiiuua ' | iliv fl It ta, ho?>v(t tli*t (>irib?ldl ta preparing l< transport b'a tr?x>|? to the main Ut<d Date* from Oal-utta are to Juar I". and Mont K0114J to June 7 Th?-rr w. i\M i ureal |<anlr lit Suanjl ae; the r?*l>el? were appr? a- Liiiw tUe e!t\ . and nuatneaa I ad Iw-eti au?|tttii<ied At Ctuton, the U-s market wm dull THK I.ATK!*T r*m?. SMurdav ?The Patrie a*v* tbtt tba rfKlwfaU for Svria left I'balrm to-dav Km* tf.-im?*ra left T ulon v*-?t*rd \ emlivk tro*>{? Grf it agitation J'r v*l!? '> < anl.a. Jrddah, and Arabia \ ?pi r.?. Aiic 1 ?The rlty ' tranyifl Romk. J ul v 31 ? The disturbance at Arplne w?? m imI hv the populace about nj; for Oarihaidi Sen Laaiori) tere h ? a?-;it tro. |? to Terrarlno T iblra with the lndi**a l\PEPKMi>e?ic?. Aaf I t ? The ?>a*i? Fa mall *" ??t . c e to-div Hv it we information tuat the troop* at Hat* be* ran' be und<*r rommind of Lieut. Kratik. bad a <k rmiab witb *?ventvH*e ('.nuaachr Indiana. ? li(< w?re on a Ktaai.n^ eiprdition Two of the Indiana were k'lied and ae\ eral wounded Shortly after thla a number of bumf were driven <-ff and otlor dej redatloa* ??n in - \i iv ?-.w cit" ii ^a f?rua? nT im !j* < in umt'aiK i U? ?^f?d a it-inf r? ruient to HitrhM ruclir. 41.d another cng^euo-i.t i? mhmi look?*d far The command of ?aj?? Rufus, on the Pecos. It Is said. ha* bad i InRtr with the Camanohea, lul \v tb what result U not known I very thing indicate a g?neral Indian war Thf India * are iKruuuuj; t? iMiid now* a* to attack the train* Mr Hardier bad 113 bead >>f cattle run off In day light. and now l**ft t<> mak?- L.? way In with two yoke of cntt.f to the wtgon T?'nsoldiers w?-re followed into the ramp ou the I'awnee Kork a frw day* ago Th?* troop* under Major wick are end?wv oring to follow the Indlai.s. to the west of the.r ability, lmt tbev are too wary for tt em 1 tent's Fort, at last date*, was threatened ** > greit wai the apprehensions of an attai k. that ti ? sixteen Indian prisoner* recently sent there were rel?*as?"d l.rieas the mail parties are strengthened. It Is feared tliey will not get safely ti. rough la future Frem Havana and Hrilrs. Ncn OkLi??i. Aug la ?The steamer Blenville. from Havana on the 8th lust , has arrive* Sue reports having *?periet?ced a Wriflc hurricane on the Gulf. and was con.pell-d to lay to for fortv fight hours The city of Havana was healthy Sugar was buoyant at - %a-)^ reals The *to< k of *utr^r tt Havana and Matin iu i? '? ! bo*<-?T Mo!aHr?wuqiilrt The atean>?-r civde h?d arrived at Havana from Vera Crm M the *Jd I Ml Mlrarnon ? army Uil been routed by tbe I.'.b*' all. while tr> es ape fro'ii l<a?;oe At Hit* lab st accounts Miran><>u was at l.eor. surrn iiid?*d by tbe I. t>erals Kobles bad abandoned Jiltpa The principle towns In tbe Valley c.f Mexico had risen and pronoun en for tbe Liberals TbeSpmlabM u sier threatened tbe bombard meat of ?'era Cruz UUctrrrf *1 the Krmilnxl Ssld era ( tkt Wa r of 1-l i Tososro, Au^r 13?While workmen were making eicav^tions to-day near tbe old Fort in this pure, they d > over?-d tbe remains of IS I>-><li^a of Hritisnand American soid.ers who fell in tbe war of 1*-I2 Several btfttous. bayonets, and ep?i:!ettes were alko found One button bad tbe initials of the Pennsylvania Haulers on It, another is marked * U. and ai.other bib British ?ireu:idi?r? " A few American co tia ulan L' ? At * * trie ?|?" iiiu IIU r riFUl lur | iiuon mm' oca '"l it is evident tbat they were b nl d in a trench near ?L??r they lell. Onirrii Pike and VHJ ABrric*in, and a number of British vrerr killed near this (p?t in >13, by ttie explus:on of a powder magazine Politic* ia Geargia MiLLEDGCriLLK. Aug 13 ?The Bell and Kverett Slate Convention wbtch met liere to-dar ?? larje and harmonious Hon Ben B ill and J ud?;? Law were appointed elector! at large Mil.! (MtriLtE A te 14 ?Tbe Dou^r aj Con veation, and appointed A H Stephens ai.d Augustus K XVright electors for tbe SUW- at lar^e A resolution was adopted unanimously Inviting Senator boughs to visit Georgia >lr Seward ia B?it*> Bo?T??x. Aug It ?Senator Seward arrived from Portland about ten o'clock ist nl^ht. and was md at tbe depot bv a Urge crowd, wbo a* corted bim to tbe Revere House, where be w s serenaded Brief Speeches followed, from i.nrerr.or Banks. Senator S-ward. Senator WlUoa and Hon A II Kice. Tbe reception wa? a very enthusiast:, affair. Dreadful Morni ne?r New Orleaa*. New OhLEA*;*. Aui/ust 11 -A vicknt ?l?rin iii tb'.s vicinity mi Saturday c u?ed lmnieiiae dm. K* property At I'roeterville, the <?riiilaw of the Mriinn tiulf th>- ?iit> r r<w nvrf iwclwp frtt,nlinwr)(iaK the ml re pla.-e. and <-arryin){ awav cvrrv bouae witli th t?? option of om. Between X't a^d lu llvea were l<*t The Cjnciui an trnln ? a?e. Tm?ojitii, Ann 13?c H Mcdad^il. oar if the |*rtiea connected with the Clicm-iali rnih>irleinent. delivered himaeif up to the a;.th >r:t ea on Saturday, biit was di* Larked on the aam* grounda that Montague was Mi Lk>ugi? rlalnia tlie #25.(??), and it ta reported thst fae wil brln? a auit a^ainat the city f r It Kentucky KIkiUd LonnriLLi, Au?? 13?Ninety countiea out of one hut.dred and four In the St*te give Cooniba 25.WU3 in. j ?rity over McCiarty Hnllliu?re tlarkri* iiaLTiwoRB, Any 15 ? Flour < ioaed quirt but ttradt; Howard at.. Ohio and City Mtlla are litii at S3 50 Wiieat c oa d quiet, r< d (I !i>a|t 3*J; white Jlr.Vwl #0 Corn cl.*id ll'm. * hite "SasS, yellow 7-?.t7.?c. Provialon* e'<?a d firm; tacon aid< a KiaUfcc. Whiaky c'oaed arm at v^aiS^e. Vw York nark'ta Niw Yoat Aui IS.?Wur baa advanced V State 95 2W, Ohio |5 ?Ua5 50; South, ri. fo 4u*? ?> VVhe?? haa advanced 11c. Corn la firm; mixed <i \r Pork la dull Lard .? heavy Whiaky la dull ai 21c *jj>;OR<.Eru\VN COLLEGE, D. C. will be resumed at this Institution on tli* liret ?<I **?-ptemfoer. au 14 *>>3w JOHN hAKLV, >. J.. Pr*?id?iit. EMALE ACADEMY. t I STK?*T. KETWEK* lfiTH nnt> 19TH. ELLEN K. JaNNEV, fn*c;riL. TheSix'h Annua' Session will wmnfnot ob tM h sc MONDAY in ffyfmtiwr. au 11 law3w' PyjETROPOLlTAN f^oLLEOlATE 1NBTI FOR YOVJ.xu LA DIE*, 464 E St., Bbtw^^I (TI *m?TiBn. The fourth annual wtk.iou of the Institute will ooiu uet.ce of. the hrst MONDAY in S?pUmyt. Application should t?e mad* arlj, as tie uun.her of pupils is limit d Foi pa ticula-s iw oi apply to the priucipal?, Mr.aiio Mrs. T. H. HAV K>.\ t.K. at the D.ntitut- au ? eotf I HAVE RKMOVtlu IU N?. ! MARKET ftpaoe. Penn. arenoe. ?>*?aen imaud^Ag #th ilraru, where I will t* h*PP? a?j*:!^W.t0ok !?V'uoOT# I.'V m

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