Newspaper of Evening Star, August 25, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 25, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING ETAR. io5r, or thk irnwi. ITI011?.IUS> "Pr**, whtt do tiwy do at tho Springs f 'I ?uea>iou is ea*y to a?? ; But to it IL-Hy, my doar, Were rft'h-r ft ?ori ut'ftnk. Ami vhI. in ft hftutoriQf *ft). A* the m?j r i* or mocking bird ting*, I'll venture a hit of ? tone To t??ll what they dc a: the Springs! my dv^ing, they drink _Tm ?***"? ?? ?p%?khng and cl^r; Tronrh thP flwor is none of the best. And the odor exceedingly qiifer ; Biit th? ffaM ) nritiglsd, you krosr. With whol??om? inedicu ft! tilings, 80 tbjjr d- ink, and ttiey drink, anil they drink,? And thft's what they do ftt tboSprin*?! Then wi h ftppctitrs k?*en ?s a knife, 'I hey hsst n 10 f>r-*kiVtor dine; ?Tn? ift'ter pre*?i?eiv at 'hree; The form .r from sevca til nine ) * * ? - a i_ T<* gi us wi?ai a ruaue ar.ti ru?n When the eloquent diauer-Lell rings ! Then tltey at. xnd they eaf, and they eat ? And that s what the? do at the Springs! N*w they stroll in tho beautiful walks. Or loli ia the fhade of the trope; Where ma^y a whisper is heard T^at n^ver is told by the breeae; And hands are commingled with hands, Re^ard. H* of conjugal rinss; And th?y flirt and they flirt, a.d they flirt,? And that a what they do ar. toe Springs! The drawing ro^ms now ar* ablaze, Aa<< niunic ia shrieking away; Ti*r?;cHosi govern* tha hour. Ai d Fashion was never ao eay ! And arm 'round a tapering wai -t? How oloae ? and f ndly it clings: So the* walt?, ami they wait*, and they walta,? And that's what they do_at the i*pri:)ga! In ahort?aa it go*?? in l^ie world? Th?v eat, ana they drink. *nd they a'eep; They talk, and they walk, and they woe; They eigh, and they laugh. and thej weep; Tney read, and th?y rid?, an>l they daace; I v? un uner ur speakaoi* mings;? Tkey pray, ami th-y play,ami tboy rnr,? ad that a w?a: they do at the Spring ! Natal.?The new raarlao barrack buildings, being erected at the Brooklyn Navy \ ard.are drawlag nigh to completion. Tbo main building for the accommodation of tbe troops Is about receding the finishing touch, and will soon be ready (or occupation The Internal arrangements will doubtless surpass anything of the kind In this country for tbe comfort and convenience of the soldiers Each room Is furnish'-d with a gratf, decorated by a marble mantel pi era of a fine pollafced exterior. Bes des the dormitories for sleep ing apartment* there Is a bake bonae. cook room, dintn ' room, an 1 all other appurtenances connected with a first class hotel. The only drawback to These fine structures is sup|>osed to be ths nnheaitbv locality in which they are situated, and some apprehension Isfeltby those particularly interested, tbat tfi<* heslth of the troops cannot h? preserved Irom the<ir->cts of thn miasma arising: from tint portion of the Wallabout which still remaina unfilled in Tiiis evil can he prevented bv building In the rrar a sea wall sufficiently high to allow the effluvia to pa<s over the tops of the buildings, thereby preventing its entrance into the diff-rent sleeping apartments. Capt Phattkworth, the superintendent in their construction, is making eff irU for the ere t on of such a wall, as well ss a thorough system of drainage The officers' quarters, situated on a line with Flushing avenue, are completed externally , and the main entrance, or gateway comnoced. It it the intention of the contractors to ha>e the whole enclosed and ready for occupation by November next. Valt?abla Littlb Hixts.?A short needla makes the most expedition in plain sewing Pat your balls or retls of cotton into little bags, leaving the ends out. One flannel will ? *>* ?]? - '??? , J as two, If turned Mod part before when the front begins to wear thin. Dirty windews are vary reliable tell-tales; they give toe character of the lady of the houae witn great correctness. A leather atrap, with a buckle at one end and tongue Lolee at the other, la ueeful In the houae. Thereto not anything gained In economy by having very yomg and Inexperienced servants at low wages. They break, waste, and d?*siroy more than an equivalent for higher wages, setting aside comfort at.d respectability. E?f?ct of .\Tcaic on thi Sica.?The effect o(L metis npen the si?'k has tw??n scarcely at all noticed. in fact, lte txpenslveness. aa it is now, makes any general application of It out of the question. 1 will only remark here, that wind instruments, including the human voice, and etrinj'ed instruments, capabie of continuous souurt, litre generally a benrlicial effect-while iu- piau >iorir-, Wiiii ?j<;a instruments a* have no ontinuity of sour.d, ha* jdsttbe reverie Tbe flaeel piiU -loiie piaying w;ll damage the sick, while an air like -Home, Swsi t Home," or --As mat pied?unsallce,"onthemost ordinary grinding organ, will se.islbiy soothe theiu?and this quite independent of association.? I'iortnc* Aif AfutgaU, Sous oh \IZT" It is related as an Instance of the strength and vigor of the Prince of Wales' constitution, th-it during tbe same day he received addresses at Charltstowii, held a levee, drove out In plain clothes, went out sbootiug, rode again- took a swim In salt water, dined with a large party, went to a ball in the evening, and danced with great spirit nntil 3 o'clock In the morning. ARUTVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL ?C Qpenrer, SC; \V J Me Lead, do; S W Durant, do; A B Kagan, NC; R C Moore, do; O M Kittrigv, >H; A Wlllits, NT; W F Beale, Gs; J A Hnrwood, Teun; K I) Bar wood, do; J Lett, do; G Rar.siav, do: MissN Crawford, d-.-; Mlsi ? Ilawell. do; W J \Vlginns, ?1_. I . . ? ' - th ' .nm, u n ?v tuieiy, Ma; M T l.anslale. N V", J Moore, Mias; S J Hsrrla and lady, i-?; W Danuer. 9C; Ml a* Porter, do; Miss M Beattie. J C Beuttie and lady, NY; J M Edsun, NJ; B P Simmons, Md; J C Jogaiin, Md; A C Lamb, do; R H White, do. >1 H steed and ladv, Mlaa. W Ogden and tad*' La; W H Hall, Ga; T F white, do; K B Whitter. Ala; Dr Huot and lady, Teuo; Mim J Ware, di>; G M Prince, Md; Alias Prince, do; Mita 11111, do; G Caplin and lady, NY. BROWNS' UOTKL.?T Hunter, B Pollard. Mr* Pollard and (am. U Moaely, M B Jonea, R M Moore. R B Martin, Dr A Duperin and lv, Mlaa E M111a, Mlaa A Herbert, L .tic, La; U Motlitt, Dr W J one* R Bonner. Mlaa; T McGeUr and ly, Alt: Mi J Raud and dnigbter, H Foote and two uuilea, Mta: }, Rardolyb. Va; C H Chase, Ky E Su ?r Md, W Nornefit, \a; H J Minon, La; J 8 K4e?le. NY;S Sommers, W Cooper, Na; E An4? ), BC K IKK WOOD HOUSE.?W Delano, NO; L K B r ldae. Ma* W J .Newman,Md: J Fram| t >n i ly. SV; G Hamilton, O; J T Leldilne, La; T Harua. Mw, A Datvllle. Va, G r h'pard, la OCEANS TEAMEKS? SAILING DA YS From thb Ujtitkb Statu. St*amer?. Leave. For. Days. Adnatio ..J.,....New York...Havre ..Aat II P*r?ia? New York...I,iverpoo!,._Auf.? Hammoma New Y<vk .Hamburg S^pt 1 Arabia.^? Ronton Liverpool....r?p?. 5 Air to* New York... Liverpool Sept 25 V&om Ecropf. V>O <? ? - , .uun .^ uui pi n.. . 10* T on. .AUg. IS Afrioa Liverpool.,. New York.. .A eg 18 J ura > Liverpool N'w York...Aug.21 Fulton. ,S?outr?fpU>n...New York.. Apr 22 New Yark??. . outh'pton.. .New York. ..A> g. ?2 North Briton... Liverpool Qatlwc Aug. 2S Canada ? Liverpool... .Bo* to a Aug. 25 Bohauinn Liverpool?Portland ... .A a*. 30 The Uivtu iRiu liMmen leave New Yoi% on the id. lab, I7t*?, and 27th of oaoh month, and Cbarleatnn od Aetth end 19th. T a? California mat) leave New York on t M *ti and Mttk aTem1 mnutn. -DRQPOSALS FOR repairing THK 'tsx tom uoubk at baltimore, md. W1.HIMTUM, July 13, im( P*nro?ALa W.ll be mo-kaJ at till* U' partmaot antil 'op fi.tten'h day of &ept? ab?-r, A. D.. *86at ISo'o'.oofc, uoon, or the repair* f t?c Cuatoin auinoiis<h*. to ba raft'-rd at na'simoia, Mary and aooo'dirc Ui tha p>a.t? and apao'fieauom pr??p".rati at lata L)-partm?iit. iiiddo'a will bo tt-qmrvd ?o raoaiva tna o d ea*t iron work di? -nurd with inp?.t Hi u'ct of th? work, at tha rata ?f n* Collar par Oundrod pound*. ar.d will b? req jirad to fjrrian al> taa 11 atari v and perform all tha nao? aw j labor to c>n pUta tha repairs according to tha a aaa tarr trh-d. N'a'ti f rent, of tna amount c f work done and a * d.Nvared aceortfioa to oortraot price iaafl a? ?wat to oa aaoortaicod iu taa manner areacrib-d trj tb < contract, by tba aatnnat* 01 an a?*nt of<R<* D*ja'tment appoioted tor to at purpoa" 1 wi I oa paii ?noLt'i'?, n* tha work prof <??*? ao<t t-n par o ?:>t. rrtat.iad until tba completion of the coafa-t aud aa> ptanoa of tha work y tne fttffBt ft-lHrnMAli I1* .? 1 - - _ r-r i?j nur uwj 10 IVtkl o! nvrjii fil-v c ol e r.trwt. tH?clfio?ti >na ? <1 dr%? i..*? wnl h? re%i? on the 15th "f Aur u?t, vhni tfi jr im t>? h<Ml a appliaa'fOD to th* L?e^?rtinn.t. rti? prnp<>?a mi*! ho sent to th [) >' rtatent, o tho of th* I' d p Mt*if i-i flixiid F*ow***li/or rrjNStrtNf (Ac Bilti * ?no?f i"M-to~n ko*> ," and will h? opoa'd At 0110 < 00 1 of th* t'-?t day n*ni?l lor r?ciTiag th* HOWELL COBB, Jy ^ >%w?w P?oretary of th* Trmurj. * zmks WOKlD RE* Vy nown?d Pi AM OB, niuj for *&|? by u'ji ribat, At wn?-** ext?n?ir*?ar* ooauhhcs job will iu4 *.'?&) a Af(? ?t-?k,*mhr?c- ITTITI las rr*T ??!???. tjrle.p-io* of t'la. ftfo saleiiroa mit term* or dinmat tor omu. Piano* also from oUt*r ?ool a.u*ri. l'iani>? for hira. Piano and Mane D?aler, 306 Pa. a* , tMtvMn 9ta at 4 iMh ?u. M ?>i? by nuul frM of poat. Mu*i*ai mitr*H>*nU r??air*d. jyM rf* TAKE NOTjCE. ?it wt'vifeaviBsnMKBt ? Vi~" '"Si'tfroRD, jr., \ ; Pharmaceutist, aa 14 9v eorn*r 11th at. aad Pa ira ?,? r?------I r; -^ j made f grx d .leesn woo! witn double and twi?tcd yarn, to weigh 3 pounds perdosen pairs. 15,000 }&r<ia Russia sheeting, 42 inohea wide, best quality. 3,003 yards, brown linen, 38 inohea wide, best quality. 10,000 yards ootton muslin, unbleached, 36 inches wide. 10,0<)0 yards biaok sileoia, best quality, 3fi inohea wide. 1 ,fOO yards buokram, beat quality, 40 inohea wide. 15.000 sheets wadding, oottoa. 30,000 yarda tnpe, whiteX and H inohea wide 9Q bilk r-d. whit?, yellow, gre?n ami b!us, for (lags, per yard. Silk twist and sewing ailk, beat puality per pound l.ine i thread, W. B No. 30a40,per yound. Do d-? Blue. No, 30 a 40, do. Do d? assorted oolors, Wo. 3a a 40 per lb. 900 doxen spools ootton. 500 pieo*s wnbbiagt 1 and 1,'s ineh. 53,000 yards ootton duok, 2i>4 inohea wide, to weigh 15 ounces per yn <1. 20,000 yards cotton duok. 28>? inches wide, to w*igh 10 ounoes per jaid. 30 000 yards ootton duok. 33 inohea wide, to weigh 10 jucce* per yard. 150oords ai d tassels, for trnrapstaand bugles, assorted colors. l,nro yards X inch silk laoe, assorted oolora. 10, oo rards *?, H and IX inohes worsted laie. do. 1-* f/m V..? ???.(. ie : V t i f\\nr iio? owiui| nui ?cu ? o*?ui utu uuiun J-ID 1 UUII <ii%mrt?r, with & tassel at each eud two inohf-a Inns* 1.5/00 black if!t h*ts. beat quality, ma<io of"cotch and Kn^iieh coney and riussi* Haro*. !*,>*)hlaok ostmh ieaths a, r2 inches long. 1. fin b-asa eagles. JMK) brass ororsed cannon. 5; 00 d* fcu<ioa. 3W do do aabrea 100 6c ca?tles 6,Xfl do knapsaok trimminga seU. M do spears a .d irrui ie for guidona, and ooiors. 900 itrosn bncVlea, iron roller, \ and 1% inch bast quality 5 rrosa buoklee for n*ck stocks. 101 pair* N C 8 brass eeale-. 30J paira rtorgeint'a bra?a, and 25 pair broused scales. 8,ono pair corporal'a an<l privates' bra*",andl5n pair b-onied scale i. ?,ooo gross cat buttons, best quality, 2,5 0 gross shirt do do 3.noo gross suspender battens, do L5i t'Uties. with extra mouth pieoea. IV) trumpets, do do 2"? fifes, B ai d C. 30 drums, oompleta, artillery. n do do infantry. B0> do heads, hatter. ! K-jo do snare. do snares, sets. t'O do sticks, pairs, / so do cords, cf Italian hemp, IK' do sllBgfl 900 tent poles, wa'l seta. son do servant*' do 2,ooo tent pma, hospital, small. 2,000 uo wall, large. fi?',ooo do* common loo, oo tent button*, (wood) small. 20 <00 tent slips, do do ><?garriso fUg halliards, of Italian hemp. 150 recruiting do do do do 2 0t? ponnds cotton sewing twine,? and 8 strands. 15,1*0 pounds Manilla tent oord, large, medium and mail, b?st quality. 16,"TO tin canteen* with cork stoppers, 8 pints, to weiih 11^ ounces. 4AC iron pots ai'h t ails. 3,000 tn*sapan?, sheet iron. 2, oo samp kett e?, do 3 sizes, in nests. 1 orv pickaxes, 2 nr.**, to weigh6)? and 7 pounds 2 0-ju in -at axn?, oast st?el, b>st *ua.ity,3 size?. 10 0 piak axe ?)and e.?, best quality. 6,000 felling do do do do 2 uOO oamp hatchet Uo do do 2 uoo spades do do 80 i stoves for Bihley tents. 4'JO chains for Sibley tents, sets. AH tha ilwi'ft inflntinnni artiAlw mm* ?Ar in all respfits to tho **a!o<l kt>s lard pattern* i this iiftce, where they can be riMBint 0, and any addition*! information in regard to thein win l>? furaiahed. tample pattern* of the woolen * <? e it'on elothna will be sent by mail to bidder*; it l* deMi able teat the artiolra be 01 domestio macufactue. The privilege 1* reeerved by thj Urited State* of the quantity one-fourth on the a o*ptancs of t*e prop<>s< a, and of increasing it from third to oi.<*-ha f at any time prior to the eom p.<-tion of tn^ <?ontr*ot. by giving tne contractor thirty dsya of such desired inornate; and of iej>j.t:ng any propok&l whioh may be considered extravagant. The rjanufaoturers' establishment or dealer*' p ao? of himness mait bo apcoihcaiiy stated in tne proposal, together with tlia naines, addre**, and esponsibility of two pernors proposed as eeodri tie*, with the acknowledgments < / said persons tnat they will he such >coaiity or wrl be responsible teat good security be fdruiihad in caa* a eon tract is of tamed. Hut* iroin manufacture of, or regular dealers i . the articles, wil> l?o prf ferrfd, and contracts will be awarded to tne lowest responsible bidJ-r. who shall far. iah the requited tccuritie* for tha perforina'.ca* thereof. fx .i; - *- ? * * * ? i.u lommenoe wu'iin :<>rty (laya alter the acceotancs of the proposals, and cue half oftlw quantity oontraeied fur inuat be delivered lu equs.' monthly proporlona w.thm lour months from ta:d date ofaoceplA' o?, and tl.<? r? i.&in-ler within three moutlia tliereaft-r in monthly or gr<at?r propor tr>sa, as the contractor may fin<1 o-nvenient It ia to lo dutinctl- understood tiat contracts are not transferable wit .out the o ncent ot tbe proper authority. and tnat am a'le, alignment, or tr&nafor, without suoti consent having t-p.n obtained. (except under* prooeaa of law,) will b? regarded a* au ai-ar.donmrnt of thee nuactiaud the contractor and hia aecoritua will be he d re tponaible for all lost or da ajo to tl.? United >t?es whioh m\j ari-e therefio>n. Payment* will be made on aanh delivery Ten per 09(11, of the amount of eaob delivery will be ret*: red nrt'l fhe oonimot hull ! ? nnmr.i?i?ri which will t>? forfeited to the U. it~d L:tate, 11 case i f d?f%lc*li jn wn the part of the ooi.t&ct<>r in ulfillinj U.e contract Forms of proposals and guaranty will be fur n:?h#<l upon applte?;ion at tin* iiffice, and nun* be considered tnnt do n?t conform thereto. Proposals will bo eudoraed? 'Pr<ipo??'a fur Furnishing Af my buppli*" ftud Materials," a>.d Djaddr?a*t*d, CHS. THOMAB, Co'on-I, au 21 StawtSW Aiat Q. M. Geol. U. t*. Army. F PROPOSALS! OR M ATF.RIA FOR THE APPROACHES OF TH OUTH WING OF THE TREASURY EXTENSION. TmiAsriT Dzfaktmsnt. J Bureau of Consti notion, Au*u?t in, 1M0.S I i BorusALH win do rwe.'ivea at thin L>*p*rtmen? i until 12 o'cloc* m.,on the 1st Cay of September, 1 <s60, for the d-?iivery of the following artio.e?. vi? : Prepwed atonca (or Ke gian pavament aufG-irnt { to lav q' wn &,SF< lupcrfical f ot of paveinect, .'60 I lineal f?t of csrb at<>nra for aido?a ka ke . :o I 1-ngth n .tiea-than aevan<7>' and 8 in'ihaa thick i b? 17 i:iohe? deep; t?e top <-dge hammered atraigiit ! and true,8 inohea wid?.be retnrsed down S inches on one a;de, 5 iach?a on the other, ana have thetr end* i proporiy i"int?d l A a" * quarter circle oorner pieoea inaaingle ; pi*ee of a radius of 2 feet outside, and of th? iam? thiokn e? and depth. and same retuma d<wn tho | aides as the straight ones; and a'aoar.oth*r quarter oitole in piM<-? oT not !tss than 6 feet in leog'h, ot i araliuaof 23 fe?< outside, of the saite depth and r*iu rn down the aides aa above, and C inohoa thiok ? t<>p. 1*6 pieo*a r f blue North River Flagging 4 feat by t f*et 5 ioohes 1'B pieces of h ue North River Flagging 4 fe*?t by 6 feet S mohea 42 piece? of blue North River Flagging 4 feet by 6 feet M pieces of b'ue North River P'agging 4 feet by 3 (cot 5 inch's an 1 less Bidder* w ait ?'atx the p.-ioas for roifh Oar, of : anaoots flag, oi dr?as?d flag, of each of the above I aiaea ol the beat q r, per sup* ficial fo t. | Whatev?r k nd ia ae.ectea must V? ? ? I perf>ct'y proper manner to be laid down, and to b I 4 inohea t 10k. w.tti their cdf ?? ioint'd ?quar?. d >vd at i*a?t two (2) lucnea from their fane. A I i th artioiee t"? be delivered at the Trra*ary Exten' eion. where 'he; will be uaed a* may be directed bv the proper authority. The proposals ? uet He sent under eover to t*e Pfwretar* uj the Trea> ury, endorsed "Pre^e**J*/or Maitrial far tK* Tuasttry KsUntion." an<i w.l' r>e opened at t o'olook p. n? , of the aa' day *aT"d for re eivinc the eanrwt, in the preaence or the bidder*, if any ohoose to attend. 9. M.CLARK. Aotint Knfinear in charge aa 11 >awt8ppt 1 Treasury Depart i ent I r*WCE OP WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. ]U Washixotoii, August 15, IMo. i Pior>'<iU wUl bo reooived at this Offi j* aMil is o'clock m. on the Zllh di)f of Au(iit, iflOi for I C onstructing th? unfinished sortiocs of Ihs oonduit of the \vs?bin*u?u A*u?<fuot. Thi work to b? dons eompns?o about 890 Cnbio , yards <?' Kubbls Muonrr, and 3 COO Cabio yards ef embankment. A'so, fir th? completion of Tnoael No. 1., being about tn lineal feet, containing 300 Cn1 io yards of r jok eicaration; all ?o m oomplstsd and delivered up by th? 1st day of No-ember next Plans and specifications may bo seen at thia ofProposals will beseaed and endorsed "Propoaa'a for Conduit" or tor "Tunnel" as the oaao may be. H. W BENHAM,Tapt. of kncme-ra au Chitf Engineer W. A. HW. HAMILTON' ~ . PAINTER, Ulli DEALER IN PAINTS, No. SM 7th BnilT, war Odd Ftlltrnt* JimH. aaMf PUTTV~Ii DOWN. HO. HOOD hM now on a v?n l&rii . no.-k of fine ?t*nd?rd BII.VKR WAKK, a J of hi* own nuke, that he will a?ll u low as an* of tKe Northern Wares arc sold for, and at tk* I in ^win^warrant ?TTrthia< to b*?iand?rd j ?a^a??aa?mmmm???^ MISCELLANEOUS. y^RMY SUPPLIES. ~ Offici or Armt Clot-iho axd Bqvtpaoi.J pHiLADkLrHi*. Anguat 17,1960. s Pkaltd Proposal? *'? iuTited. and wiM he r? oived at thiaafftoe, antil Ito'olooka. m?ofTna artay. the foiirie-nth day ?'f fc*eptemh?r next, for farniahioc b? o >utr?ot th? following Armj Sup?!ie? an-f Mnteiiaia, de lv-nanle at the UruuM 8:?wa OiotiiiDC and 1 quipage l>ep'.t, (Schoylaill A'?*na\> ic q-.iaititie* aa required tii;3,(*w yarda cloth, da'It blu?, (indigo woui dyed) for caps M inoh?a wide, to weigh about 14 ouae*a per yard. 40,000 ydj.kersey, dark b'ue (indigo wool dyed) i wiiiMi.'?incuea wiae, u> w?i(Q zt canoea per lUd. 4.(rt)army bla k?ta, wool amy,(with thelettera 1/ 8 . in hI*okc,4 inchea ion*. intiieoantre.) to be 7 fart ion*. and 5 fart 6 inoftm wide, to weigh 5 pounds eaob. 3P.000 yard* of nannel, d*rk b'u* (mdigo wooldytd) M tboaei wide, to weijh la ouLoea per >a<-d. 100,0900 yard* flannel, white (cotton and wool) 31 iiwh*a wide, to weigh 6Si ouioea per yard 80,000 yarda Canton rinonel, <7 iuohaa wide, ta weigh7 ouaces per yard. 80,000 yarda cotton drilling, ucbleaohed,S7 inohes wide, to weigh 6X ouncea per yard. 30,0C0 yarda cotton drilling, unreached,36 tnchea wide, to weigh * ouncea per jard. OA fiOA ml r kftlT >nn Ir m 4 aitaa wmaavI* I % ?l^a?fr?? MEDIOTNffi. CCROFULA ? Oil KINO'S EVIL, la a constitution*! disease, a corruption of the blood, by wMoh this fluid t?otbm vitiated, TMk, and poor. Bains In the oiroolatton, it pervadaattoe w?ole *od?, and may bn rat out ia disease on ur part of it. Whatever bs ita ia hereditary lathe oonsti'ution, descending "from parent* to oiiilarsn onto the tnl'daod fourth aeneratioa;" indeed, it mini to be the rod of Him who aiya, "I will ?:ait the ini?uitiea of the fathers upon their otiildren." One ^uart^r of a 1 nnr people are Peroral one; their persons are invaded br thia Inrkinx infection. and their health m undarminied by u. To oleaass it from the system we nonat renovate the blood by ?,u alterative medioine, and invigorate it fey healthy uoJ and exeroiae. Suoh a medicine we aosaly in A YERyS COMPOUND EXTHACT OF SARSAPARILLA, the mr"t effectual remody whioh th? medioai aciii ofotar timeaean devise for ?hia everywhere Prevailing and fatal maiad;. It la oombined from ihe moat active remediate thai have been di?oovered for the expurrationofthia font diaorder from ihe blood, and the reaoue of the ay l to n from it?-de?trootive conoequenoea. ilenoe it ahonld be employed for the cure of not only serofula, but a!ao thoae oth?r afloctioaa whioh arise from it, aaoh aa Krnptive anJ tfkin Diaeaa?a, St. Anthony'a Fire, R?? or is ?*: i it i?i ni^s.L. in J rimpiN. i umuion, oiuiouoi, omin? ana Boi's. Tumor*. Tetter and salt Kheum, Soalcl Head, Kincworm, Rheumatism, Sjrhilitio and Mercurial Diseases, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Debility, and, indeed. ail Comp'aints arising from Vitiated or Impure Blood. 'the popular belief in 'impurity of th* Blood ' ia founded in truth, for aorofula is a aecene-ation of the Blood. The particular purpose ana virtue of this Parsapanlla ia to purify ana re venerate this vital fluid, without which sound health ia impossible in contaminated constitution*. Prepared by PR. J C. AVER A CO.. Lowell, Mass., and sold by all drug(iata everywhere, a 113 eolm Helm bold'* Genuine Preparation. "HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Speoifio Remedy For D'?w? of the BLADDER. KIDNEYS, TRAVEL, and DROP9ICAL SWfcLLINSS. This Medioine increases the power of Digestion, and exnitea th? ?H?riR til- NTS inin With. u. lion, by which "the W AT? R V O R C A LCERbU8 ] iif>p()?itione, and all UNNAT'JRAL ENLARGEMENTS are reduced, a* well aa FAIN and IN- | FLAMMATION, a"d?i* food for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BIJCHU, For Weaknea*sa Ariainc from F.xoeaaes, Habita of Diasipation, karly Indiaoretion or Abnae. AutntUd vitk iktfollovimt Symptoms indisposition to Exertion. Lo*a of Power, L?sa of Memory, Difficulty of BraatNng, Weak Nerve*. Trembling, Horror of pie*?aae, Wakefulneaa, l)imn i*a of Vision, Pain in the Back, Universal Lftsa;tuae of the Muaoular Syetem, Hot flaada, Flnahir.g of the Body. D.-yueaaof the Skin, Eruption* on the Faoe, PAI.I.ID COUNTENANCE. Thoae syraftoniB, if allowed to go on, whioh thia rredicin-J mvariaM* rera?v?a, aoon f?l>w? IMPOTHNCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, 15 Okk or Which m* Patibut mat Eirta*. Who oanj'fy thatthey are no|frequently followed DT *nos ' "UlKHMJli D1SKAS15S " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. Miry arc nware of the CMiae of their suffering, BUT NOT*H WILL CONFESS. THE Rr.OORDSOF THE IN8AN E ASYLUMS And the Melancholy Htaths by Comumption Uc*r ampif witness to the truth of the assertion. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires the aid ol medioineto strengthen And Invigorate the System, Which Hklmbold's EXTRACT JiUCHU invariablydott. A. TRIAL WILL CONVKIC* TUB HOST SKEPTICAL. FKMAf.ES?FEMALES?FFMAT ES. OLD OR YOUWt, SINGLK, MARRIED, ON CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Buchu is unequalled by any other remedy, as in Chlorosis or Retention Irregularity, Paiufulnt??*, or Suppression ofCus tumary Ev.vjuationa, Ulcerated or Scirrhous state _ f ?i 'ft*. ?? -* vi mo uterus, i,ouoorrn?a or Whites. Btenllity, and for a 1 oomplainu ino.dent to the x whether amine from loduoretlou, Habit# of Dissipation, or ib the DECLINE OR CffANQE OF LIFE. 8kb symptoms above. NO FAMILY 8HOUL.I) Bh WITHOUT IT Take no more Balsam, Mercury, or unpleasant Medicntjvr unpunsant and Dangerous In fasts. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCUU SECRET^DISEASES la *11 their Stages. At little expense; Little or no change In Diot; No iuconvenienoe; And no Exposure. It causes a fr??u?nt desire an i gives strength to Urinate, ther*'/y Rotr.ovin? Obstructions, Preventing and curing Striotures of tlie Urethra. Allaying Pain and iiiCimn ation, bo fro^aent in ttie cin.** of diseaaf-A. ami expelling ail toisonous Diseased, and iporn out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS who havi bki.n thk vict1m8 of QCACgS. and who have pain heavy feci to be cured in a short time, have found they were deceived, and that the ' POISON" iias, by the use of'rowmoL aithinsxnts," been dried up in the system, to breaii out in an a**r*Wed form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use Hxlmbold's Extract Buenvfor a. affections and dtioase* of the i;kinahv ohnam.4. Whether existing in MA I F. OR FEMALE. From whatever oaure oriitmatinfc and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Diseaaea oftl^aeorrans r"quirPth"ai(J ot a Ihurtti HELM ISOLD'S EXTRACT BUOHU IS THE ?iREAT DIURETIC, And ia t<> have the deaired effect id all Dia< ?*?? FOR WHICH IT IS R ECO MM I N L'F.D. Kvidmr.i of Ike most rsliallt and rtiponsibi* tkarHr wiii aooompan* the medicine* CERTIFICATES OF CURES. Fiom 8 to 2u iHart' standing. With Niku inwwi to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price 91.00 per bettie, er six fer 85-00 Delivered to any Adtfr?aa, aeourely packed tro observation. Dbscbibk STicrToua in all Communication*. Cure* Guaranteed I Advice Gratia !! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before me, an Alderman theoityofPhi adelphia.H.T Hkl?BOLD,*t1joI'etnf duly a? orn, doth Bay. hia prepara'iona oo tain lo parootio, lo meroury, or o her luiuriout aniea, but are pureiy vegetable. H. T. HELMBOLIj. Sworn and aubsoribed before me, this 33d day ot noTimiwri tea* _ WM. P. H1BBERD, Alderman. Ninth street, above Race, Fhila. Addrcae letter* for information in oonfidfuoe to II. T HKLMUOLD, Chewist, Depot, 104 8ou?h Tenth at. tx?t Cheenut. Phiia. BEWARE OF COUD rERFKITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS, Who endeavor to diapoee * or thkik own and "OTHsa" aaiiclm oa tax reputation attaikkc BT Helmbold'a Genuine Preparation*, " ' Extract Buohn, u " Sarer.p.vHIa, ** " Improved Roae VVaan. Bold by 8. B. Wuti, Seventh atreet. and 3. C Foan, Ja, oorner Penn. avenue at.d Eleventh atreet. _ i.VD ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HKI.MRoCBnt TaIIC Sft/iWO Cutout the ad vertiw^eiit fci?d ?:?n'd lorit. ANUAVUID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE ap 4 eolT tr. O. R. eft) T. A . HIT WME WELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNKWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED S703u,tJ ANODYBJH, Th* Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, From Nouralma through a'! caaes where Opium was ever an*d to that of p-lirmra Tremens aod the oonunoa ehief oause ol lis?ai!* l-OSS OF SLEEP. The Tolu Anodyne. though oontaininic not a par Uoleof Opium, produces ail the reauirem^nta of. and may be used in nil oun wherever ??J used without ero'n?jng anythinc but Our", and Waving the pafi?nt in a perfectly natural * ate. The L'niversal Cough Ronedy, (freed frt>m al the common obieotion of 'ouch K??m-diea, which 8rr>dnoe cauaea or proatration,} may he oonaidered ue common enemy to a l Throat and Lung Omp!ainU. and uaed with perfect impunity Aitkiuc ail to eourt from proprietor or irionda the mo?t aevere investigation of both Runedi a, and reading of our pMnphleta to be iound with all dealers, and me re partiauiarly to porohaae only of thoee who can be depended upon, we wait in ooufidenoa the d^oiaiona of Pati*nta and Phyaioiana. "Prioea within re*oh of a.l" NKXAL ASBltTa. J. W. Hvrnkwkll k, Co., 7 and 8. Commercial Wharf, Bonton, O*o. Huxniwili,, 144 Water at. New York, Bunder the apeoial aoporvinon of JOHN L. HUNKWKLL, Chemiat and Pharmaoeutiet, Boaton, ?*?., whoae air nature o<-vera the oo ka ofthe genuine only, ana to whom addreee all oouununi eatiena. Hold by all respectable dealera everywhere, and all the Dmggiata in Waahington and Georgetown. mar 28 eo.r I. ?. 0. UMil. ?. H. MOTT. f. i, i M*ur flrama, Miaa.. Will practice in tha liieh Coart of Errora and A| aotlaat Jtakcou, the federal Court at Pontotoc, 1'ia Cearta ?f uhe ttcTanib Judicial Dittriot of Mia?i?ai,ar< will attend to th? CollMtioa of Claim* tK* WnrtK n H-tf |\U PORT'SeUNPOWDKR, LA For hu b at rmnulactnrera arioaa, by JOHN J. BOfiUK, Ukubitows'D C? Role Atenm for tkt Distrtei ?/ Columbia. A larra ittpp.T, embracing erary varmi, a! war a on ban J,* bo delivered free to all parta 0f tba Oiat iet. Ordara oac a)ao beleftattbanftoeof Adama* Kipw Comnnv. W*?tiinflnn. D. O. fc.viavlf Received and for sale- i BROWN'S ESSENCE OF JAMAICA GIN j GER. 1 .TON'S MAGNETIC JMVWDER. and fOORE'S INDIAN ROOT PILLS by 14 Si ^VflDiJr :"T?W,K' an 1fr-12t comer Eleventh atr?-t and Pa. ar, OTH OP MAXOtf FOR RENT AT LOW J ratea. I'ianoa for aale on ihe r. nwrub!* term*. tiraat I arcaina in nldpvqpiMf Piaooa; al?o, in Guitar a, Viviina, Ma.** ? ? lodaoai, Aooordaona, to. iQHN P. EI.MS. mm BoiaasvBtnr vuoktribf * Bom*PIwmm. I ? ??? II- i I I TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. r|AlLY LIVE OP NEW FOUR-HORSE U COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO'. , Carry**K iht U7S. Mail. The under*T|tn*a are now runniag Daily, (except Sunday.) Four home Coaohoi be- ^ Up'"M*rl Leave the Stf>*fiiboat Hotel, oorner of Seventh ? trfetandPa. at? o'clock a. m. Returning leave i Upper Marlbo'o' at 11 o'alock a m.and arrive ?a < Washington at 3o'c'ock, in time to connect with the3.20?. m. t ain for Baltimore. The CToachoe ar?* new and oommodiouB, the teams fir?t c!a?s in the hands of o&refal &n?l aeconinicMut ing drivers. Faro to Upper Marlboro. st> cents. To Long Old Fields. .25 " To Centerville _ 88 " Freight and packages in proportion. au IS tf OaBtKN A CO., Proprietor*. DALTIMORR AND OHIO RAILROAD. t> Washington branch. rnmz&mMmmamm CBA5SK or Hovbs. ON AND AFTER WKDNLftDAY, JoMlSth, I860, trains will rnn as follows: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.40 a. m. Leave Washington at &30 and 5JD p. m. On Sunday at 3 ? p. m. ^ve Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a m. ve Baltimore at 3.16 and 430 p. m. On Sanday attSan. Passengers for the Ka*t will take trains at 8JP and7.m a. m and 3Mp m. For the West at 7.4" a. m and 3?0 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m- auU 3-30 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturd&j evening the 3^0 p. m. train go?a to Philadelphia only. <e lS-d T H. PARSONS. Atent, NEW ORLEANS mar thrbb days WIT! TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUK8: jrj t T W ?ct unit I p/ineJJW. East Tennessee ana Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, fine Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHHTROUTE: Memphis bj Rail, thence b* First oiass Packets to Now Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTJS : Montgomery by Rail, th*uoe to Mobile by Firstoiasa Packets. Mol ii? to Nov Orleans by Lake Steamer* TWO DAILY TRAINS?SINIDAYB Iwchtdxb, Leave Washington at 6 a. m and 6 p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leaven her wharf foot of Seventh street at 61tf a. m. and fll< p. m. and oonnect* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for ths Southwest. Offioe? Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth st. avQAva vasvuv invuva tu mn uhlsabi Lynohbnrg #7 SO Memphis >31 on Bristol.. .is on Atlanta . 2* on Knoxville y ft' Maoon 28 on Chattanooga 34 oo Columbus SI ?r> Hilton 24 00 Montgomery 33 iw untavilln... 8700 1 viaMemphia.42 sn Grand Junotion no N.O.> viaG. Jnno. 42 50 Nashville ..25401 \ via Mobil*... 45 oo THIS ROUTE 13 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia tOO MILES SHOKTKK, and 34 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l.iae?the Lrnohburc Extension oeiaj now completed, aa also the MiMiaaippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It U provided with First olaas Sleeping Cari! (To New Orleans ??..7a Honrs. Mom phi a. .54 do. Montgomery 63 do. Nashville .46 do. lETThe U.S. {ffAJLand ADAMS' EXPRESS are i&Kon over tnia New Lino. TickeU can be obtained at the Sonth Weatern Ofrice, oorcer of Sixth itreet and Pennaylvama avenue, to the following points: ' Lynortiburg, Un?to!, Knoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Hnntaville, Grand Junction, Maoon, Nashville, Dalton, Colurnbna, Moatcomcrj^^M^Me.^^^emphia, and Jrr THROUGH tIFkETS to the vaRIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. IEjT Omni bono* and Bagtace Wacoca leave the of&oe at 6 a. in. and 6 p.m. JAMES A. K VANS, Tioket A cent, ma H-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. mw. THE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will roaume bet m. tr;pa on TUESDAY, Slat of February, 1800. Will leave WASH InGTON every TUESDAY FRIDAY, at 6 o'clock a.m..aud ALEXANDRIA at haTf-paet# o'olock, for CURKIOM AN and th<* int0rm6di&tA L&ndifKr On r?tnm ?.? will leave CURIUOMaN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY*, at 6 o'olook a. m. LUCI AN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. As't, Alexandria. fe20 P FOR NEW YORK. AS8A6E, mCLUDINe MEALS AND STATEROOM, #7.*0. The New York and Vircinia Screw Steamship Company's new and elejant steamship f-rja I MO C N T V ERNON, Cap:. T. C. South.^OC will leav* the Company'a Depot, tern Wharves, at ll'o'olook a. m-every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at So'clook p. m. same da/. Paaaencera from Washington and Gewrcetowr oan take the ooachea oonnecunj with Alexandria steamboats or railroad, whioh leave the ooroer oJ Tth street and Pa. avenue hourly, or they oan leave on the steamer from the Western Wharves at 11 *olook a. m. State rooma oan b? encaced on application U Maaara. Morgan * Rhinehart, Western Wharvee Freight will be reoeived Bp to the houra of depar (17" Insmraaee will be effbotad on all rooda by tMalme at the ofloe of the Company at % ft oast premium. The aooommodationa for paaaengera by thia lint are in every respect firat-o aaa, and every effort wil be made to render thia communication with N?? York an acreeable and healthful one. For freight or parage apply U FOWLB A UVif AEVUkl, AlHUant. H. B.CROMWELL * CO.. M t-ly MWMt st.. oornor Albany. New York. D NOTICE! Kegular steam packet line between baltimore and w. wa8hinoto n.-Leave Com-^^B^ merae st. wharf, Baltimore, m fol-WOKamamam owe The St Nicholas eve WEDNESDAY,at m. Columbia, every SAT I, R DAY, at 6 ?. m Leave kiley'* WharfTatthe foot of 11th street Washington, as follows: Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at?. Sr. Nicholas, every SATURDAY, ate a. m. For freight, icl, apply to THn* w Btl ?v * _ __ * ? uu I I feVU Riley's Wharf, at Uieroot of mar H-T*T6m Uth at. Washington f\] lfiW YORK AND WASHINGTON 1 The Steam fr'mO l\N T^V ER N ON vtll leav* Alexandria and Washington for Nev f Tifct York KVERY WEDNESDAY, at o'clock p. id., aud New York for Wash-"^^^^* mgton every Saturday, atS o'clock p. m. Passengers can join the ship at Alexandria at any time before the honr of the steamer's departure. N. B.?lo the event of the ateamera inability to sroaa the bar in oonso*uenoeof low water, all goods will be promptly lightered to and from the eteeaaer by the undersigned. For freight or passage apply to MORGAN & RHINEHART, eSt-S.MATtr Western Wharria. PROCLAMATION! - ? CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, fca. W\*T?+S, At the preeent eeaeon of the jeer CHOLERA MORBUS. DIA?RHEAfcaouc DY.ENTERyiYgrwg] DkBlLITT, *o? *o., prevail to an alarming extent: And whereas, It mait he of the F'RST CONSEQUENCE to every family to fcaow ?f A REMEDY at onoe Soft, Speedy, and SJUaeums, DR. MONTARDE, or Pun, offere hlj|I1RACULOU8 pMN KILLER aa Ute mwt REMEDY'for'THE A IHTVlf CO li P1' A T la order to satisfy THE PUBLIC . , , L that no imposition if intended in the Ml* of tan L Great Mtdioine, THE MONEY WILL MR REFUNDED in all when the medioine fails to give entire satisfaction. Ask, then at any Drag Store for SR. MONTARDE'8 . ULOU8 PAIN KILLER. take as directed, and if uot perieotly saUsied, Retara to oar A(?nt, D. II, CLARK. ESQ.., 4X Street and Peans;! vania A venae, who will reftud 7oar money. Prio??89 and CO Centa per Bottle. For sale at all Dn* Stores everywhere. JA?. ^DO^KJjLj^ Jf ll-eotr jy|?PLB SVOAK. i wry nio* Jot ?f MAPLE Bt GAR. jart ro trlr KIN* * BUECHKLU MiaOKLLAMKOPB. 1 / J? *?*01IT! V V^ j DISPATCH! ? \| 1 \w/T Safe the_ Piercs! j At metHmtt will barren, r?M to wil-rtmlmtad fmmtfUt, it it rery daairahla to bar* aomt cheap and convenient war for repairing Faraitara, Toy*, Crook?ry, Ac, STALDIIfG'S PREPARED OLVI mwti all ?uoh eineruenoiea. and no household oaa aJord to b? without it. It ia aJwaya ready and at to the etickinc point. There ia no loarw a smnaitv for limping ehaire, aphntered rwwra, haartly dcfla, and broken oradiea. It ia iiat tha arttele for eone, ahall. and other ornamental work, ao popular with ladi?a of refinement and taste. mL : _ _ j : _ ? m t j i mi unnrmuid preparation i? aee? who, mu oh*mieally held in eol?tion, and tomaiai all the Talcabie qnrOttiee of the l>*?t oahfnot mker* cl?e. I t ma; be utd in the p>?ee of ordinary muoila?e, being tmsUj more adhesive. " USEFUL IN EVER T HOUSE." Pries, 36 oenta. N. B.?A Bru?h accompanies paob bottle WKoUmlt Dtp at, No. 45 Cedar street, Nif Yort. Addreee HENRY cTbPALDING * coBox No. 3,600. New York. r? ap it uea-ert in umm containing hoar, fiirht,and Twelve Doaea?a beaatifklLithofr**b<o Show Card aooompanymi eaob package. IET 4 iiwi? t*?ttJe of spaldiws pre pared glue Will save ten Usee itt ooet an dually to every hou?ehold.-/"fl Sold by all prominent Stationery. Dnncrieta, Hardware and Furnitare Poaiera, Grooera, and Fancy Skore*. Country mwhanti nbovM make a note of s pal dinij's prepared hl uf. when atkinc up their liat. It wil! ataod anj enmau. fe MM? If; * I \M W J I I 8T IN P WiVV W IN JilMMf frfiR Jl *7 00 . WAi/^1 jKPVvWVS *%?$. $P!18R?S??ii?!| $%*?<? $^X?,:ttX-ez?V, (j55"T JyiUM WW >??*? Wf lir. /r u rt . f TdwWf'ifAH'V'MlMl PII' C, pj W. d* Cnion u r? at jrWwMi i < 1 i $5^ uf 8 olefr^^tor. ^ i r? a A a ? ^ ? * CAUTIUN. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE (IREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS MICWYWU( WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION ANfl A PnilMTFOCCIT ?? ??? ? r% iwi? ni* v n wvwn t?i * ? F THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJA1Y, sole: proprietor 19 SOOTH WILLIAM SI NEW YORIL tOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY y 7 ly BARBOUR A PEMMR8. fREEMAN & SIMKOIfJ K'lioLW?MACN3ll4 ^|HTHSKKvA\Vinsia^-j We oSer for sale the above standard brand of fine Copper Distilled *a;tec Rye Whieky. in barrel! ana half-barrel*. A* it u of oar o*n dutilla tton. and highly improved by are, we oonfklejitl? reoommeod it ae Uie fv&kit ana beet Whieky that can possibly be distilled. Wtalto oferour IH.V rABO-lLK MA WH1SM.KT, and other brands .from the iargeat atook of FiM Whiakiea in the United States FREKMAN * SIMPSON, Phor.LX Distillery, on the Schuy.kili river, Phila Office*?96 Wall street, New York; and 109 800th Front atreet, Philadelphia. roar 29-1? OARAFFINE OIL, 1 THK CHEAPEST LIGHT KNOWN! We are now receiving Pa aftn.e Oil direct from the worka in weaWn Virginia. The quality of it la rscrilent, producing a ateadv, bnl iant and t-eautifu light, and more pletuant to th? eyes than gaa light. Thia Oil is freo fr >mada!t*rnt'on,ar.d rerr much more economical than many of tao Coal Oils used at thia time. irr It ia in no way exploeiva. wekera ai*o a suvpty of the moat approrad styles of Lampa, &.o.,j?>r burning thia Oil. KING Jt HURCHFLL, Agents for its mle f?? the District of Columbia, Corner hift?enth at. and Vermont av. Great Kanawha. Coal and Oil Company. mall HOWK'S IMPROVED WEIGHINGSCALK8 These Soa'.es are offers to the public as the most aipipte. durable, and reliable aoainsevar ant lb aae. FirstoIms premianis have been awarded inea tthe Uctt?l States Fair and Virginia Ag'icaituraJ jiety; Virginia State Ag-iaa'tural Pain Franklin Institute Fair, Pennarivaria: N?*w York State Fair; V<n??l4hul.'i.. V- - - ' ? ? ? HIVU* V -?U*V A nil ? O-Vd ao. 1 ?1 o***! UMO W F. rTi uuni.iUHi th*y a&ve reoeived fcrst eiaae prmr.inmi For ? eat AS Lcnuiana avenne, Depot of biHar'i Chilled Iron Safee. it? !*-!? E* C. PATTIftON. Arent. WASHINGTON SEWING ROOM*, CM itk tt? (in door I Nmrtk mf ft. 1m. Nov is Ute time to get SPRING ud SUMMER SHIRTS ma^e bp to order. The tobaenber i? pr*^tred to make SHi.RT?, DRAWER Jte., at Ut? SANDSjXr?*?;i-.OL a Fire. fire. POTOMAC W ATM ML I am still en raced in the PL U JIBING ud GAS FITTING BUSINESS at my < a Mud ia Philharmonio H&ll. Thi tdv&nt&ci 01 k^vint r supply of water ni readily observed at the fire of 1 am well satisfied I shooid bare been out but lor the bountiful apply upor my promise* and th?t of my natchbnrs All order* for the introduction of Water aad Oaa Will be promptly attended: to. T*rai as reaaoaabta m any plain bar in the oity. Jy 5 0.8NTDEEGAB FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y reoeivinx, OAS FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Damans and Finish, superior in style to pnythmf heretofore offered in this market. We invitemtige&e general ly to eail and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, foe! 1 die oicifcdent that we have the bast selected stook in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to oar Mr* will be promptly attended to. mar &-tf MYEE? * pian" IsB::?*?" I -FO- Est | K*?T. if 11 P?. ? ., bMvMn 9th and Oth its. 12,000 ,{S? & attention of the public to oarTarreaail weil a* ied stock of CaampafB* uo Grab Apple Cider, vhioh ve guarantee to be pure imioe. and will be sold on raaeonabla terras In ordor to aafcaroogi for oar spnaj a took. Git* as a oall at U?? Onion Bottling Depot, > No. IT t?r?n st.. fi?w??uiwT. NO WILLIAM BRADLEY BEG8TO D. inform the pnblin aad his frionde that he has oa hand a large stook of Marble Mantels .suite a nev style. Also Monument Head Xtou. TVW? mvm mtpiciwftP* "-ESin** ^ POK S.UL DIBKABKfc'oF 1MFEUPRNC*. LMT SO FALME DELtCACl TKMTMHT. APPLY IMMBO ATKLY. A CURB WARKAirTMVyOR NO CHAR**, i ft# nnM AJtf r fr) fWf) 71 d Tit 4** * ? w - w uT Yl**'dTr-,??,?lrJr^*Dia*fc*rf??. l?[ (??J! ?nmm3 stj !>! ill rflifkl w ii<]dui?M. ?ttt? 4, Tt>i?s IUh m Ik mi. tf?.un rfUn Lmmfm. Ii??hi> m Imli Hmm Tirnku Piaoidtn t?| nam Mtltmry KMm 4fl T?itk-(km Drt>?hi ?4 Dmum??i Pthmw vfctck m?(ii Mtrmfi layufcU. u4 mui| v?u M; aa* >M TO DNS KM fcyaaiatH *to ta'a. > ??? ik* nuiM af Mwy VtM| tkr: 4r???fai uU <>iu?ni?? ha kit ?W tMnfl; i???fl m an anumtlf (n?> tknuoki Tmi>( Mm ?f MM bm ? i!u4 laina ?o4 knUtet MtailaM, ?h* uykl Mttrvaa tofk antraeeaa iwi*i iug itwin *ui u< maaaara ?r imimm m *a?< \? itMtr u* ir??, atr mI ??k U f i (MM. Miuiu puicn,n r?m|ii?vm.i>fti<?f ? hm, Mill ivirttf llfMtl HfiaM tatoJM? . tMrmtiM, Ac.. a|<i?nt &ara4 a ?M piicti Hinu!fM4M tba Mn af Da. I. Mt MM > Ml; m?I4i ? Am haoar M a fatUaau ui naHaMlf *fa>. hM akill aa fhfiiciu. urricK Ha. t turn r**owuca bt&kkv. lafl Han* aid arai>| fraM Batumara atnat, fa* <mn fr?a Um ranaf. rtil am ta Mwn? waa m< aia>M timn ml loanroi, MaaMn af ika K?r*J Oflafa aftaifxM, taalw, anlB< Km as* af Um aaat aiiMai Oatlafaa aa ika Tnlial teaaaa, aad Ua paaiar fut af akaaa Ufa kaai afaal aa tka fcaaClU af Laaiai.. hna, Malalpha ul aUiabwa, kaa atlaf mi af taa aaat a*%a*>iat -j caraa (kai vara a?a? knava; roaay traaklad Milk na(U( la> ma ka>4 a*4 UK whaa aaiaaa: (rwl aar'Maiaaa. kaa?a alaw?ad at aaMaa aantfa, kuUhnaaa ??> ftaaaau; ktoatyig. auaaAad mm Haaa witk dawtfaaMt af minf, vara citm laaaDaiaif nu r turner. T Ma( Ma a u< athara vlw kara aa farad tfcaaaaalaaa kf A aaivua praactoa latfaifad to *kM alaaa a AaMt fraaaaany iHtwf ton ani eainpaaiaxa. aa at artail. (ha af a?M al vhlc* ara aiftoiy fah aaaa akM aaiaap, aad if aai iaM4. nniira AAMMM '?,k imd mmA Ml, at.aaid Apply ima.adU'.aif TSmi in Nnt ?ftki Mi < MliacM; ifKMinlwM bp iirir KaUia ot TMit tw t W?akq*?a ' ika Back ui Unit P?U,I M Itl NMI.DiMMM ( llftl.UM tf MMIIII IWM, Pk puiNti rfgii mttrifPrifi+f. tp, aftfet Di|wu>i rtn i'Mt, nl DaMlt'p, ipmpio? filfjanpun, ftt. MKNTAbLT.?tftiuM Ua Biad art ?! V* ka ilrMdil-Lm af Miaar;, Cmi'mci ' Unt, Dtftmnk rSptnH. K?il ftrtwimp, A 'ironaf B?owt. B*U-thm r?t. l?"i af ainada, Tireidiip, ( ( U? a*Ua pl? iicii ITMTOM PEKlblTT ?Tl mi i li ? mliifi *M Ik ibi urn ?f Ifctlr daekaiaf fcaaiU, Waaaf tkat* *tfa*, b* mttf *Ht, pala nam** ui WHillti, ha ? u.f a air|?lu myfWMMm * V'? "J**, ? ffWfVMH W MMVfBB Dlltttu Of IM PR unit wo* WMn U? mi?f )? <! u4 inprtiMi ?wnj ?f flium Ma k* hw ln>Mk*4 lh? itidi of tkia p-.tnfal dxiiH, it IM ?t.*m kr ppti i tk .1 mi ill-t<nH mm* ?< (k*B? ?lrt?< ?f 4wc?'?f] 4tt?r? SI- fraia tp{ Imay t? tk?*a ?tt.k?r i^Ktu* wV1 r**p?Mabilnp. CM kalnaiid km hU* taw tti> kuii> ? InM a*4 m'.irtw, wka. iiwMi ( imu. lick hi* r*c?u?r| nWiuci, k??r bta tnffntf. BMilk ?Ptr rtiontk, M m leaf u 0>a NultH! fil tu ki UuitMla 4??p?ir ! ?* ki? ?nk m>)i knMuw^ r k? nlliR| MwffMMBMI; ?c ky tk? > af tt>*i <MCr M?rc?ry, b?n?? ik? tMWlWMl lywyi af lkt> (?itiM? dtMU*, tacH u A(?c ,?ri*e'?h> Main. Tfcraal. ItM Skin.4c.. prarraaaii.f auk fnjhrfa rapidity, till 4a*tk finr? triad M hi* draadfa) ky aaadi?f km t? (fax ? iiacaaarid CMfitrr from vbN?>MiM n* tr???l#r rilMM DC. JOmiOH'lttMKPT rOBOMARKVBOiar AMD IMPOrBNCT. My Uk |mt u4 ibmusi ??<; Ntur ui ipudil; c?n< ui Ul ?ifa? niMit. TkiH??i aflkT MM aar*aaa??4 4ak<litala4, vka ki< law ail** k?an lani4t>Ml; riHiti All mullanuta M>rrUf(. Pkpataal at HhkI DkmH IiiIimi. Um af PnuHO'i Ptwn, linw MtMHn fi?akiie|iU VuUiMM llkaaaOaa aftkt BMbtlW Idk4 if<N?r cm! ENDOBAUUHT OT TU FES*. HI MANY TkOClANDe c?r?d attt.M MthMa VMfeto |k? iw NIMM* ??m. t>< l>? >* > tnfMMal Swat Ml ?p?rt'.lm piifwniid kj Of. Mm, wiU>???< kj M nwttn ?f U>? |?p4ti ud au; ethar linm, iidlii vtKk Hi't imirit (kin u4 iftk kiwi tha nWil, MMm hi??ui dif,| u (iiiImu W iktnMti ul hm??I Mitt*, u a uluiu puuui te U< Ha M-ty JOY FO* THE*I 'KANP 8' FFJRtINO. LET ALL WHO AftE AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THt. HKMEDY ' REJOICE**!?HEALTH. Friend, do you "off r.' Are tou thf viottm of M>7 of those nutneroua ailmenti wbich riM iron iob pu'ity of the htood.' \Vhat are ' hey\ do yoa mi ' Rather a?k, *h*l are 'hey no' ? J he bloo? la ?< ufee of me a ad h?a th. and it i* the fcr?t e emrat of our b?>imt to reapond t*> a~.? oa??f wlioh '1 ?u th? r??tem, m the pulae lLfaliKl? attaata 1 be r*er prevailing N< u~a ju* th^ irritat.hrya re a* the aubtl* Horoluia th? agonizing KheunnUieni, Ner vou* D*b?li j. UMr? omplaint with ita tor for and d> jectiou. and the Dimboi leae ilia that 6?eti it heir t<?. derir? heir hideo<i? origin froai the ood. IVai kind j th?? ao<1 re. tiy witn the WeM. ?? th* vitalizing rea uicea of aature lor ita aid. aod ftiff'r uatnc<mm?na t< fur eocfiiiouoe and uae tl.&t tra'y vi mh ? ro^ioamrnt known aa MR* M corS INDIA y VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With r*rard to thia a m?it infallible reeoifto p<>pu ar Httimtnt haa *(K>bea ii> d eMlad taraa. and tbe evidanoea of tt ia treat iftaaeT are tain_d by eonatantMawi ofovrative rfieU aad tu* baaaiear reeuit* from ita nw ?f? *#! ?'l ** remediea and the best m-Kiioa! akili hav- fai'ed Let u? ?ay. 10 nonelaaion. ta?t o^rtiiattM of ou'ea an* not >u|ht from th* illiterate and aaeertei?!, hit tb?r ar? miialNfM f un th* ar-at reapeetable aoaroeean1 ju?ti'? the highest teni la whic* it ia poatmle to commend eo va.uet> e a ap.oiflc to pas ic approval We may aad aiao that tne curative prop*rueao? the medicine are equalled only I j it* reetoranve tffota, the a??t -m recovering from diacaae with r?uav*rt e?>i)?tituwaal Titer. For aa.e bv all reaeaetable Drugriata ir tlue city. and by the proprietor. MRS M COX. > one reeuine anlr?i her natceia b.owa on the bott'? and her aea! on the eork fl r:*nee SI per bot le, eix bott'eefor #5. Wkolfa't * tent. R ?, T. CI85KI,. vrcggiat, Genrcamw.i, <'.\Vh<?ie*wIe ageet for the IHa trio*, aid ail ropplj the trad at my pn.-e*. au lAtr Dfc. J. BOVFC DOD'8 IMPERIAL WltfE BITTERS, Are aov being aeed from Maiae to the Great Ca t Lake, aui the aniveraai v*rCtot of all who eae t'.ani either ae a inxiicMM or a* a >wra#>, la that they are gnu^aaed in the world |>r i>oda aeed them au~oe*afB:!T in hia practice for *> year* befora we purchased of theeoie iiikt to Maakatare and preaent theaa for aale to tie peblic. For the on*e of Incipient ConaamaCton, Inoi/eatioi.. Dya peaa.a, Pn?a, Nervoaa Dieemee, Female Com plainta, and all eaaea requiring a tome, they are be?ou<l doubt a moat invaluable reirady. A aide from A aeir medicinal propertiaa they are a pare, whole aome and de'igHlai H?va?|i. prodeeiaf all the plea*arit rxhilerating efleeta of B ready <r wiae without their iniarioua reeui'.e. et ail frionde af hnmar.lty and all a^vooatea of temperanoejkeaiat t in <!<?* va ufttn* V- (WNr DltMn for tli? ntimertu pot ton* i?n<l odutrratt4 LiOnri with which the o?>CDtry i? floodt-j. ar><! thereby ?f^ VlT^lo ban kiting Iiimm' ami IVttktMU ? CtjARLKf* WIDDIFIKLD fc CO., 1 rofriair?r?, 7* Wiliiarr atr*?i. Niow York. i. 9r.I\VARZE. AcMit, Washington,. D7 C. DR. J BOVRK POD*' IMPERIAL OIN BITTERS. F?r Dumuh ? f tiw K.dnei B a44?r aid Unitary Organ#, and ??p?cia:iy for Fnaal* Obatrmctiou*. SuTt'o 10 ?Br*"*"* w*rrMUNl * ?*? ??u? **CHURLER WIDDIFI^LD k. CO.. Prof n?u>ra, TS WiiIimb ?L. N?w Vork. frT '7.T A?aat.JVVi^in^toB.^X'c. UA.metfWrASrsSL o-^ Uncti*. Tiattraawqu or Rinx??*t*? ftwn a!l, ud, if diipotedto proit b* By ur?Mlt * write for nu ?"**? Cirf*kf oa SPfcK&l ATUKMhOiA ;-ITS CUBE. Witto ??m? t.oioMHl, addroM. fa- p??f?I ? 1 danca. yonr friend, * former iifcter, a*r*lj mam acnbtaj^Bo^nft. Ctorlwww, Maaa. 279 ^SSSS?U 206^ kuhi-uuwi^ 9?f* leave to OU.I UetlVCtiK (7 hi? frMdtJMi tbe ?Bt>no federally to hia Naw tfeora, MM wBL?rtT? Hoist, jaat opntli la oocn'iior with kia s^jxSSsizjz ertt ? i it. table wilb the um? roirytr?aa IK dia Hl?h *Hi?V h? dm kilh*rt?tFnvn am | UOflTETTF.R'S STOMACH B1TTBVS. Mr? 11 Win?low'Bftoothiag Pirop. I i^md Em to?, fMidmji'a Mh?UJ>C Air?'i Me<woioe?,H"uek'a %, 4? , wn. V ft fre?h ?ufp'? nf??! -? Vxck ib**. ?t MOORE P Wri: Knd Drat Worf. 11S tr?a?. kiU rnt? ffTFmt Bin* Liow and ^onrfm Wnw w above Alio, improved Fniit and Vi getaM* Jars. jv ?3 tw Ah WM. T. DOVE 4 CO. . I RE Wow pr?Bar?^ to *x'-oaVc ftn* ord"r* vttl W^LVmBI>H5, GA^'o^KpKAM FfTTtM rrr Store (? W* atiiri. a few doefs Mrtk of ffc. JACOH EKED, Ma!WACT*?m MILITAKT ClOTMHe, blTUUT C<XKU BaCOifD Ml S?Mf? *T?? PHILADELPHIAMILITARY CLOTHW FOR KALE. A I AB6K A?(i*TMSNT 0< Mmbvv * fKlBs &3&V -JftSJ t(*i)Oi, tomr cf Pfc. ?t. H KI?wV?i itlllll _J?* UT.fc. MKTZK*>OTT *

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