Newspaper of Evening Star, 4 Eylül 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 4 Eylül 1860 Page 2
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-H**. ? ? i 1 I l THE EVENING STAR. a. ? i ? ^ ' c WASHINGTON CITY: TrE*DA*.. September Kflrit ? Ikf P"? The foaitr(M<ii<D that Mr D#n(jli? 1* a tional candidate, snd Mitt the object of big >i?lt South Is to make bunkuin capital tt the .North. The /*;??? ??</rde?ci?Dts upon ?'The Test que*, tion-' raised l>y the Breckinridge democracy at regards tb? f*r??rt imd oi slave property in the Territories JX7" A rumor wii current In Part* tt latest <l.iMa tM MassiM had beeu arrested at Ntplet. 1Ur The population ?f AnnapelN. Md . by the. new census Is about l.floo. In lt<30 it was 3,011. K7* The city of Hang-Cbau, in China, bat l>e<jt the tcene of the slaughter of H0,000 people, most of wboni i oimuitu-d suicide oil the approach. of fb? rebels. u > a yoau*j man named Kdward Thode, diwMoni J F. De L"Are. has been arretted in New York on a charge of embezzling a large amount of money belonging to the Russian Government f^T A brilliant meteor wag aeeti at I.awrence on Wednesday night, which the American thus describes: *' It resembled tb? pouring out, at an election of 'iff above the borizon. of molten, lnrandesrent metal, falling in a contlnuoua stream, and containing maaaea bnt j>artially melted " U Briguoli made a characteristic display of his eccentricity at the Montreal concert given to tha Prince The Prince left the concert before Brlgnolt appeared, and learning this, be positively refused to sing, and did not Patti, Amodio, Tasini, and Barill composed the troupe. nj * w?ive ocean steamers sailed from New York on Saturday, namely :?The New York, for Bremen; the Hnmmonia. for Hamburg; the Bienville, for Havana and New Orleans; the Gla gow. for Liverpool; the Ariel, for Asp'.nwa 1; the Chesapeake, Augusta ana R R Cuyler, for Savannah* the Aiarion, for Charleston; the Potomac, for Pallimore; the Montlcello, for Washington, and the Patapsro, for Portland IE7~ Large supplies of excellent peaches are pouring into New York city from the western part of the State. The crop has been very good there, not only in respect to quantity, but quality also. The apple crop is represented to be unusually large !n Northern Pennsylvania. .More apples will be produced there than in any year for the past twenty. Vast quantities of cider will be made, and the farmers are busy in putting their presses In order. The sirtkmbe* Kurrios^ ?There are three State election* dunug this month, viz: In California, Vermont, and .Maine. The election In Vermont taken place to-dav. when Governor, State, and ronnty officers, aad members of Congress will tie voted for Erastus Fairbanks is the republican candidate, and John O. Saxe, Douglas democrat, is his opponent. The election in Maine comes oft on fbe H>th, when votes are to be given for State omcen a nd mimbtn of Congress. PorvLATios or the Thbkk Gbiat Coontbie* ?f the World ?Tbe population of Great Britain (F.agland, Wsles, Scotland and Ireland) by tbe census of 1^59 was J64.302 ; that of Franee by tbe ceasus of 1S&* was 3ti,M5,7W. Tbe United States numbered "?i, 101,876 by tbe census of lr-.;0, and tbe estimate* of tbe present census, now In progress, range friwn :> to Si millions. In populates, t&ere?or?, tbe tbree countries do not very widely differ. PwsmsI Hons A Gilniore and Jas. Cooper, of Fa , are at the N atlonal Assistant Secretary of State, Mr. Treacott, has left tblscity on a brief visit to South Carolina. Go*. Chase, of Ohio, is visiting his relatives in .New Hampshire, lie is a native of Cornish. In Sullivan county. Among the delegstes to the Virginia BreckJnridge Convention at Charlottesville, Vs., was Abraham Lincoln, of Rockingham, said to be a cousin of the republican candidate for President. Aebest or Da Wmiix?Dr David D Wl.Ll ? ii icKttvn, iormeriy * practicing ptnsician of the village ot Hamburgh. Sussex county, New Jersey. wu spprehended la New York city, on Saturday night. on a charge of being it fugitive from justice. A little over a year the wife of Solomon Cole, a farmer, residing in tin town of Wantage, Sussex county. New Jersey, died from the effects of a dose of strychnine, and the developments made at the coroner's inquest pointed strongly to the supposition that the poison had been administered by the prisoner Wickham. and the husband of deceased, with the object of obtaining a conuldarable sum of money for which the woman's life had recently been insured The bus)>aii4 was tried for the murder, but the evidence against him was not conclusive, and he was I rfsr ? ? - - - - c,.mini ?? h;?u?iij. meantime. bad been plaod under Leavy bond* to answer a similar cLarife. but forfeited bis sureties and tied from the State ills place of couceaiineut could not b^ ascertained, and M trace of hiui was obtained until Saturday I afternoon, when Ue was met in Chatham street by a gentleman wbo recognized him and who at once procured hit arrest. The prisoner at once acknowledged bis identity, and having waived tbe formality of a requisition from the Governor of Naw Jerse y for kls surrender Into tbe custody of tbe authorities of Sussex county, was to have been seat bark to New Jersey on Monday. Cm for tkx Atic?.?Now that the season for fe?OT and ague ? approaching, we deem it aaactof humanity to publish tbe foiioWDg receipt for Its cure, which lias been repeatedly resorted to within the circle of our acquaiuian e w ill invariable tucceas. It la ?lmply to pound up. for a jjrown person, sav four ' ' t , v? iiaua* iitcetNe, ana aew it up in a black silk bag, which la to be wra by tbe palleat celt U> the ak hi oa th?pit of tlw sU>n,:i> ti. Me conns-i thu afflicted to try this simple remedy.?Si Louts paper. CoiricTio.i for Mcbdkk.?The trial ofWai IV lo'.ty. indicted for tbe murder ot hia sister-inlaw, Catharine Thorn, at Richmond, Va , wai brought to a close on Saturday night, when tbs j iry r?*iider*d a Yerdict of "guilty of murder in the first degree " A f*-w daya a^o the prisoner wrote a note to hia wife, beting her to procure kim a doae of str>xhnlue. It will be remeaiberrd that he shot Mia* Thorn because she refilled to elope with him letter from Rome In the (iaz?-tte de Lyons &AV*: l4!!nfavAf?KU k * _ MVUKH u?*e wen received from Guinea All the mlaaionnries in that port of Africa are *eed. The Apeatoiic Vicar wa? Alijr Beeateu* and bia coadjutor Mgr. Kohea. The climate la ao perulcioua that no Kuropr&n constllutlou can withstand It. The Holy Sets i? now occupied In organizing a native clergy iu tLat wiry." c . The Usivkbsity or mi Socth ?Rt Re*. Jaa M Otey, Bltuop of tfer lHoceae of Teiineat-e, ^flvea notice in the .Nashville rupera that the <.orner-*t??M- of (b? principal ixtiUtiu^ of the I" til veraity of the *outh will be !ai<1,'wHU appropriate < eramonloi. at Unlv*rnlty Plat e, Franklin county, (fenu J on the 10th of October next rv^3=? RELIGIOUS NOTICE.?Elder Kkmi- of lij Oin.i. will prf-acn in Corcoran'* l.itir&r) HMiiLna on U *treet, between 13Ui anil HtU utreeta. THI9 hr|NIN G, at 7S o'clock. ?eatg free. l|* lT OP TEMPERANCE-lbe e will Lk3 b? a re*u ar morUiit of S*mai itaii 1> vtmn^No. 5. Nun olTem>eraiu''-. at Temperance W>u. THIS iTumIiii EVENING, at IS o'clock. . Meu.ter? are requeaWd U> t*> puueluil iu Ihcu a1lilniM. IP __ J^K^BRIDGK. R. 8 [? PH ESIDKNrS MOUNTED Ol'ARD ? IJl5 Th" tr cilia r n.?>nth]j meeting of the e??'pa Mem jl?o?onTHl R->DaY EVENING, Septcm6*!i, at TS o' B^nter'a room, ?>n 0 a?r: 01, vti'B everj member ia expected to he nnaannUy prompt without farther nottoe. Arran^'tuenta wi 1 be wide for the ce!ebiati"n of the *notr? aery parade litli "eptenil>?r. Persona (leairona to una the co.fa will ?t thia mrtftmr have an opportunity lt"'WdBENJA>ll?l CHAMBER;*, Ree.SOOi rr~&- SEVENTH \VA R D-The rcgutr monthly U 9 mb?Uiik of the V>un* M*a'a Dcmociatie Cla>.?ftfc?*cv?i?th War.l ft*r Sapt?mb*w, willu?ka pa * at I. I.n<1 Hal. on Tt'EHDAY EVENING. the a:.. mat., at 7)? o'clock. By orrfc' of ?? ** >?' PRESIDENT. fY-^-l7KMrSKY k ()*TOOLE. IV A' It ^ I Lrrcr?r*"* 326 p. Air "Wat stjr 1 ?. *? ?-&? A V- U,W<-n *" ??* !?*'' ? - _ - - - ?Vummo^ W r II DAMAGED Bi (IKS. . - J' *[ ** '?? "f PAfk?r4 WMaon'a . n r? u.yA MittU >.? ~Z?" - -. w m' ue ??I(J (i?r | i i ' ^"" ^ 'i/kANCHARD Jt MOHl'N. |1 a 4 Lome* lith ?u aad F?. ?v. I % WAIHINeTON NIWI AH? 0OMIP. | Mb. Docola? in VimaimA ?Mr. Douglas. instead of making supporters by Ms ?urre?t t?ur la Virginia. ! positively driving frasn bla Support liand reds who were inclined to vote fdr the Staantrai electoral ticket His one speech first delivered lin Virginia) at Norfolk, baa proved bis only speech so far delivered either in NoHh c?rnli?? or Virginia, and it* every pafafct baft been rtmcluslvely answered by every Democratic party journal tn both those States, with appropriate expositions of the truculence and mendacity of bis bearing upon the stump, and the charlatanism of his assumptions of strength before the people, and of the accusations of disunion hurled by him against tbe entire Democratic party of the South. The fact that he and his Virginia, followers are now in open and dagrant affiliation with tbe Virginia Know Nothing party to the animt end of prostrating the Democratic cause in the State, has also been made plain to the comprehension of all. The consequence is, that though he not long since had a few followers there sincerely attached to ice I'fiiiocraiic party, be lias already managed to drive them off fmm blm; thna reducing bia party in tbe Old Domiulou almoat wholly to Know N othlngs wbo temporarily united themselves to the Democratic [tarty on the dissolution of their own organization?men who never professed adhesion to tbe doctrines of tbe resolutions of 179*?tbe real teat of entire ideutifimtion, in Virginia, with the Democracy. \Y berever he speaks he creates pretty much such a sensation aa Dan Klce does when making his periodical tours through the State; and ]<eople flock to sec and hear htm precisely as they flock to set- and hear that prince of "jesters In tbe ring.'' Tbe telegraphic dispatches describing hU victories are written to order, aud well paid for. and nre ohjecta ? f universal ridicule throughout Virginia ; a* bis arrogant impudence upon the stump Is the object or subject of unlver-" al Indignation and contempt on the part of the Old Dominion's Democratic party, whom he bus undertake* to slander so infamously to their face*, under cover of the protection accorded to him by the opposition men, who, being engaged in play* Ing him aa the main card tbey hold in their band, flock around htm In great numbers, speak where he will. Courts Martial Ordered.?The Secretary of AVar has ordered an army court martial to assemble in thia city on the 15th inet for the trial of First Lieut John Drysdole, third artillery The following officers are to comprise the court, viz Brevet Lieut. Col. D T Chandler, captain of third Infantry; Brevet Lieut. Col. Robert C. Buchanan, major fourth infantry ; Brevet Lieut. Colonel Daniel Rugglcs, captain fifth infantry; Brevet Major Joseph Selden, captain eighth infantry; Brevet Major James Belger, captain quartermaster's department; Brevet Major Seth Eastman, tlfth Infantry ; Capt. Morris S. Miller, quartermaster department; Capt. Henry W. Wharton, sixth infantry; Capt. Jamee H. Simpson, topographical engineering department; Captain Daniel P. Woodbury, engineering department; Capt. John D. Kurtz, engineering department; Capt. Henry B. Schroeder, third infantry; Brevet Major John H. Lee, judge advocate. Also, a court martial to assemble at St. Louis, >lo , on tbe It'th lost, for the trial of Brevet Major Dauiel P. Wbiting, captain 7th infantry. The officers com prising that court are as follows. Viz : Col W. W Loriug, regiment mounted riflemen; Brevet Col. J. P. Taylor, lieutenant cttlouel subsistence department; Brevet Lt Col. Wm Hoffman. major 6th Infantry; Major II I! Lee, subsistence department; Major T. L Alexander, Mh infantry; Brevet Major Edward Johnson, captain 6tU infantry; MajorO. Mordecal, ordnance department; MajorS. Burbank, 1st infantry; Maj N. C. Macrae. 3d infantry Capt.t* Jones, Vd artillery, Judge Advocate. CEnsrs OrKics ?We learn that the clerical machinery of this office is beinjf fitted together [ with as much Tepidity as tbe careful selection of the materials for its successful operation will u ? ?? ? * ~ ouuiiv oi. i ne peculiar duties devolving upon iU employee* require a thorough examination into the qualification of those to be selected. We have reason to believe that this Inquiry will be conducted fairly and Impartially, and with a view to tbe efficiency of this branch of tbe public service, which requires thorough arithmetical training; and many will experience the disappointment of learning that ordinary attainments and good qualifications for other public places will fall in a trial for that standard of excellence which has been established as the only avenue to success in this labyrinth of figures. Appointment ?The President ha? appointed William W. WLitehurit. of MiMiaaippi, aa temporary Receiver of Public Moneya at Washington, Mississippi, his former commluion having expi ed. * Tin U. 8 Practice Ship Plymouth, 23 day* from Teneritt'e, arrived in Hampton Roada yesterday (Monday) morninc, at daylight?all well. Tbi Wkathie.?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer Uan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'elor.k September 4, 1800. New York, N. V plesaaut. Washington. D. C clear, wind NK Petereburg, Va cloudy, Norfolk, va cl?-ar. pleawnt, 7*i?. Wilmington, N O cloudy. mild Charleston, ?. C cloudy, 76?, wind NK Augusta. Ga. cloudy, warm. Savannah, Ga clear, 78", wind NE Macoa, Ga cloudy. CoIubidus, Ga clear. Montgomery, Ala. clear, warm. rtOM TBS WS8T. Pittsburg, Pa cloudy. 70? Cleveland, O clear, 69*, wind SF. Ottawa, III clear, 7ti?, wiud SW Cairo, 111 clear, 78?, wind S Rock Ulai.d, 111 clear, 72?, wind SW Hxrnm?tor *1 *? -? ? VWv?v< ?? Nic oiiuiuBonion si 7 i. m., (cor reeled for teir.perature,) 3U.J95, at noon, 3*) '235. Thermometer at 7 a. in., 64*; at noon, 76^ J. Maximum during 21 hour* ending 9 a. m. tod ty, 75'; minimum \|R8. Bl'KH will ronnme the duUea of her 1*1 Hchol on Monday, September ^t, on H street, betw*?n 13-tt and 14;li ?tre-ui ?e * rolm Tbonktoa chowdkr. HKRE W ill nerved up, at Meridian Hill, to morrow. lietweiMi the hours of 3 and 9 o'clock, a Bon? toa Chowder. ?e< it HKNRV WKLDON. HmusitciuoL,^ I .'I AI.H AND FKMALI,) A'o 3G5 Maryland nr , btiir. MA *md l??A til, The exercise* of tins School were resumed 0*1 M<>niia>. 3.1 of September. Turin* fiorn $.1 to 35 pjr quarter. JOS. R. KKKNF., eiurlier. UNION FIRM WOOD MII.I.S, CoK.NKH 7th (T.ASIi CanaT , Wa*ki*tron, n. C. Tksinil* signed ii?o*t respect fully invite the nt ten* on oi our e*iirt?HH-r? ami tlie ptiMir rerte ailr to il?e (act ihat wc have now afloat .loo TONS* ? r COAL. ?f ?U ? ami of the ver* bent quality, wnlefcwe will sell at a profit ofifte??nt* per too fri |u ihe ve.i-e!? We are also manufacturing HICKORY, (MK ami PINF. WOOD. ?ll lenjtb* and size*. ITV" All nrilfr? ? it? . w ?ri*tl Mlfjrwuill. tt7~ Office c?rn<?r7tti street Ami Canal. ?4 ?omt MeKNKW St MARLOW.Pro'w. V'KW OARPKT ROOM"4, il UPPKR ROOMS PKRKV BUII.1MNU. Corner of Fen*, nrmw and Situk ttreet. , The uhscrilierB de'ire tn return thanks to th<4r customer* fur the very literal pat'<?na#e ext*n?le?l t.i them the pa*l busmen* year, and would retpeotf<?lly repr?s?ni that their iucr*?s>'d < xperi?nce eu?blesth m to afcow a more attractive stock of Carpets. Are., than tb?jr have hitherto offered Their room* are n<>w tilled with ev?rt variety <?f CAR1'K'I'I Nl? frou: Uie lme?t Royal Velvet Medallions to tire iowest tv toed Ingrai' s CURTAIN J>AM.\-K, UROCATKLA.KS aid LACKS, iii &H the pat ern?. A vji j lfcue lot of FI.OOK OJLCLO 1*113, from S? ctet< to ft J5 per square ??rit. BMM themui rru in oxi -a sup*?riiQ. with eiu)>"SiW and afctin ftnoh d fit-ea. With thu usual variety of MOSAIC RUOSMAIS, SHADES, CORNICES, TABLli ?fc<t PIANO COVERS!Ac. llujer?ar? i??p?ctfall> invited to vuit thsir Show Ro.iiu?.tli*> will fintl th ir itook th?nawe?tard lr*?h^t,aii(1 their room* the la*?a?t, the ?no?t plea?Mtly &rrftn|cd, &nd the m??f "n...i.i? - ** * ...w ? vvlillVI M*mo |U Hl? I CUV ?Q \ st> if L. F. PERRY A CO ZOUAVK SIGNAL HORN. Price ?2 5?, jurt r. ceivad at tit* Music Store of ??3 W 0. MKT7EROTT._ R> MKUKKR.Tk? tmt bartaian id NEW ami SECOND HANK PIANOS, t r Ml* or rant. JOHN P. ELLIS, ?#3 306 Pa. ay , hat 9th and loth ?i? IMPORTANT TO OWNERS OP HORSES. PA^Tt'R ' OE caa to ba>4 to a?pi|?M toj^. MR Join G. AbaiPa | 1 oruierlv I.akemayer ,) naar the 00 I H?Ven'a?nth and 0 ?U a?JI Iw | i 0?iiiL NicaiWi -The Kxecutire of XictntMl ba* issued the following proclamation refcaNn ng Ge?L Watker : Proclamation -- Fernando Chamorro, senator, ctanrKfAwHh the &x?cuti*? power of the republic of Nn arayua. toth? Habitants : Compatnote: WWara Walker, the enemf of our repose, with a party of his robbers. menace* St this Moment oar neighbor and aister, thofeCfolic of Hoadnras; the danger is likewise oura* question isCeatral AMSrican. The rains which his destructive hand* scattered far and near are yet smoking; theae continually mak* lit rempmhpr u?hal u?u m?u anraU ? ??- ? - ? "*"J "R "* from these boards of cannibals The religion of our fathers, our paternal hearths, our beloved families, the very soil under our feet, all, all will be taken from rrs by force should that heartless people (?<*'?)?whose professed principle Is the destruction of our race?take possesion of the conntry. Our pa?t diss nsions were the cause that, in the late Invasion, the contest was prolonged and tbe Idea of our easy cooqucat conceived Now, united, we have bat one standard Independenceone enemy, fllibmters The time and occasion has come for us to prove to the whole world that we are able to defend onr rights, and that our terrttorv l? llltt to )k> tr?t<t?n (Fltr?t>r.l?,r Clergymen of the republic! The hoiy religion of whle.h ye are the ministers is fueu&red; fulfil your evangelical minion. Proprietors, fellow-citizens all! You know the gravity of the dnnger The government reposes in the security tnat each of you is prepared promptly to comply with the duties imposed upon you by your country. | Soldiers of the army ' The miserable Vandals whom you caused to bit? the dust at Han Jacinto, MasKiya, Ktvaa. and Granada, dare again to challenge your ferocity, {Lrarvra ) Prepare yourselvrt. At whatever poiut of Central America they may appear, it Is to us also that the challenge is extended There fa the danger of out country; there honor and onr oaths rail ua; and there, aa heretofore, In your ranks will be found your companion aud friend, Fkhnando Chamoebo Managua, July &>, INK). The City Pa^^rnuer Railway ix Baltthoek, and Politic*?>1r. R Cathcart, superintendent of the City Passenger Railway Aasociatlon, In Baltimore, haa 1 sailed a circular, requiring all peraona In the aervlce to refrain from attending political gathering* of any kind whatever, and especially to avoid the primary ward meetlu^a and nominating conventiona. The Association, the Circular atutea, do not deal re to dpny any politic al rii;lit to any of their offlcera, but inuit, in view of the necessity of this rule, tnslat u|?on atrlct compliance, (the penalty of violation being diamlaaal or prolonged auspenaion.) Alao, that on election days no one muat be absent from duty any longer thaii is actually necessary for them to deposit their ballots One-trip leave of alisence will iip j)11 (hit im* all aw<m! fr.? Ka -?? ? W ? . .uv .t*Mvu**vnvu?Vi V lib pcuui lliawtc ui bill* duty. PARENTS AND GUARDIANS Will find any toh ol Hook wanted, at TAYLOR & MAURY'S, ?"3-1<r 334 Pa avenue CM1KAI'SCHOOL BOOKS and SCHOOL STA> TIONEK V of all kinds for sale on tue Iowa t terms, at the Washington Bookstorn TAYLOR A. .MAURY'S, Be 3 1 w 3 <4 I'a avei.ue. I^OR A SHORT TIME ON LY- DEAFNESS \ AMD NOISES IN Tlit. HhAD.-\)H. COL fcTOfl, inemfwr ol the Ro>al College of Mirgeons of England, has arrived, and is now prepared to apply his now and eiiiaordinary treatment by winch he was himself cnrod afier eleven years in tens* suffering. Pa tioulars for self cuie sent to any address for .postage; consultations daily fiom 11 till 4 o clock lree, reference to hundreds of pursons cured. Address No. 512 Twelfth fctieet. I W ashllieton. I) I!. Mflrvniu npre/.no * - ..... I" o?'u<i OIP'UIU I CJ?U i " Vital Antics" for self-cure. Seut free to any ai dress fur U cents in stamps. an '/7-^v* HATS PUATsr7~ FALL STYLES. i have now r?ady for saie several new and elegant bt)le8 of 1>RKSS HATS lor Ketitlernen. r| My customer* an?t the public are invited cull and examine them. J AS. Y. DAVIS. ?e 1-lw (States, Intel. A Cons I 7 SCHOOL HOOKS, SCHOOL HOOKS, , MJ SCHOOL KEUt'Ii-lTKS You wili find it to jour interest to call and examine the new stock just received at SHKPHKRD'S, corner 7th and D street*. Kverythici! iu the School line at his usual low j>rioes. Call and save jour money. ^ CLAY'S HOTKI. V/ (Formerly Uhitvu Stated,) PENN. AVENUE, WASHINGTON, V C. The United State* Hotel having passed into the handsof the undersigned .thev respect-A . . A fully inform their friends and thn puMio that the house has been dosed for the la-t^^S&X two month?, and has been thoroughly reiiovaZe<T, repaired ami furnished, and will be reop-ne>l on the 1st . epteiiiber inst. The house being heated with ateam.and provided with other modern improvements, may now l>e classed with the first hotels of the country. It wil. now accommodate ?onie three k undred persons. The proprietors pi ving their personal attention to business. 10 effort will fee spared on their p\rt, or their attendants, to contribute to the oonifort of their guests. Hoping to receive our share of public patronage, we remain, very respectfully, ). H. CLAY L CO. Washington, August 20. 186?? N H.?*?entiemen detiiriug Board ca:i find pleasant Rooms at modeiate prices. m |-I2t f HE GREAT HULK OF OUR EXTENSIVE Btock of AUTUMN *n<l WINTER i)KV GOOUS was selected withanpyp to the waain of person* in moderate circuui>tau<;e*. Ca pet*, Curt%in*. Oilcloth, Ac , upper floor*. One price only, mm k-nl inplain h^tjre-. PERKY A BROTHER, Penn avenue a^d Ninth Htreet, h? I Ct __ "Perry Butldiut." I. M7 siirOKE &C0 8 IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, 3^ PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (U.nme National Hotkl ) A nooi) ASSORTMENT OF Machines, Threads, Needles, k Twkt, It KPT ON HANI). ej-lra WM. H. GLOVER, Agent WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT OFFICE. Wachikuto*. AUKUHI 3?, l?6(i S*alH) proposal* are invited for completing ti e brick work of the high-service reservoir of the Wa?hinffton Aqueduct, at the corner of High Mid Road street*, Georcetown. Pians and speoifieations can he Men at thi? oflic* until Thursday, the 6th September. on which dav, ?t i.oon, all proposals received will l*e opened it presence of fuddsrs. Proposal* should h? endorsed "Proposals for Brick Work," and addressed to u ??r *? ?* - -- -- ? ? n. ?T. HANI. U S* Kn*meers. Chief Engineer Washington Aqueduct. an 31 dt6S<*p PILOTS NOTICE.-To all Captains and owners of Vessels, bournl to the District txs. of Columbia, notice is hereby given, th&t^fKfr Pilot* may be found at all times at #t^ * George's Island, at the mouth of ft. Mw>'i uver, and near Piuejr Point, and ti?at it is not U' oefsnrjr to take Virginia Pilots from their boats, when tlie vessel is )>onnd to Georgetown or Wa hingtou city. a? Mar> laud Pilots can be found of at leaet equal irkil' sn'l reliability. au U-eod2m* J COAL OIL. U8T Received front the Virginia Oil Company j<>barrels prime PAR.APINR CO At. Oil., which is warranted equal to tite New Yo k or Boston oil. ' L.- a * ? * i niwo o?n do supplied on the same taring as they buy at the North, savin/ th? freight. aug 1m H. C. Pi'ROY. 403 Pa >v. NMEHrHANT TAII ORINO. EW FA I.I. 8TVLES or CLOTHS, CASSlMERS. ?NU VESTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS & CO., 3U2 Pennsylva nin Avenue, have just receivtil a large variety of u?*w Fall Good*, to which they invite the attrition ?>l (hatir JViuikU ami customer*. au JU tf 11HK UNION WIL? STAND. NO MATTER W MO'S PRESIDENT! Consequently 1 shall remain la Washington and oontiuue to pursue my oooupali?n ?>f HOI'*?K, 9ION an?i ORVaMKNTAL PAINTING. GiWi: k in all its liraonka*. (M?i OiMBif promptly aitfnilMl to. Pamtin* ?>nt ? nnmollilllg Furniture id ilia l>o?t atj le I alau, cal' atteuUon to the Paiutinfc of Roofe and Brick Walla. All of the above 1 will do as cheap as the cheat est. I therefore aolioit the pstronace vf my frienia ami fellow oitixetia of the IfiatTiot. Punctuality atrioUj obaerved?and work done in the beet mat* ue'. 53 !! S3 !!! Louisiana av , uorth side, between 6th and 7th rta. ?-v, J , , P. K pat uf free ef oharge, aa naval. au3>-3m _ , TO SOUTHERN * WESTERN MERCHANTS. BQDE\VA1>D~* MIKDALKm COMMISSION MERCHANTS. AIft> MJU.V&* III IWHinn oni/*i'u * AVOAI'aoda*. BR ATUSt ?nd GROCERY DKUViS. 89 CHBAPSiDB BALTIMORE, invite the Attoalivoof Mwohauto Tiifimi this city In an atantl1! of tketr sto*k, which in v?n?iy ?ud price is not Mrpwitd either in this or any of th*i?arttaf? cities. . I [n^Orders respectfully solioitod and faithfully 1 WMtgj aw8T-lm* 1 WILLIAM H. POWELL, < Successor to Ja*. E. \Va?gE.) Corntr *f \etc York Artmuf and Ninth urett. flB-Sfc . .f re I r . . in m ii?*hnrr|iiifl HHl-ianJ, I invite the attention or allthfli^ ftUM >ld ooetomw" ji1**6 to ,n* fin? ato:k GROORHiKS, IVLYkX.tuui LIQITORX, whio* ? ??<r? Wd?Hy MeeiViug,%uJ which wiUl.o -.,1,1 -i the kitM ?tty prioM. 1 PI'Me 0*11. kad "we atrive to pleaae" will be the otto. ?? ?olw $ i"i?r jim - . -** EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, fcc. rpjik mkmkkrs of thk jolly cll*b pl't-'irssr j'h. ftagwtwill i>?t? n otop' nvl^h YiekM 5*' MBti. Klnithilr 1 nnllanaii ?" ! I* It"* JR THE MOUNT CLaSk CLb'B. [ Th-^ftu^ GRAND COTILLON PARTY ** CLARK CLUB will t*ke p! at their hall on September#TB 23th. P*rticu!?rt in future ?d*erti?eweiit UA By Qfdf of the <U*> COMMITTEE \ RLINOTON GRAND PRIZE PIC NIC! LOOK OUT PORfh.XT TUESDAY, The 11th. THE GRANDEST EVEVT OF TCTF. SK ASON * *300 TO BE RIVRN AWAY! IN Pkmknt*. SPLENDID DISPLAY"OF FIREWORKS! ? PLKASLRRTND PROFIT.' A imnfl Priz? Pio Nic will l>e given on Tl?ESDA^ Arlington Spring, on which occasion " tjr a00 PRESENTS,

worth $300. will he diatrihuted. The gifta.o n?mtin< of ?old ??d Silver Watchea. Silver Te? Set of 6 pieces worth 340, Bracelet*. Earrings, Bre&?lpiim, to.. Ac, to the amount of f:w0 have lieen purchased of Mr. H. O Hood, Jew. ellur, lietwoen 9?h and loth sta.. and ciui l>e seen in hm window Uvarv ^ ? * * .<*? ? pivuv buvin rxuimiw, iojfeiDi?r Wlt.fl 1?U o!tt?r gifts. will be fairly districted at 6'? o'clock on the da* of the Pic Nic. Withers' celebrated brass and string hand is engated. Thore will &1m> l*? a SPI.KNDID DISPLAY OF FIRKWOKK^! Superior to any private enterprise ever gotten tif. The Proprietor* guarantee good order and a pleasant time to all. Omnibuses will leave 7th st. ami Pa. u-etneevflry hour during the day. The packet Flying Cloud will run between Georgetown and the Springs. and the steamer Geo. \V. Rigg* will leave 14th st. bridge hourly. Tickets, for grnt'sineu, 50 cent*; ladies, 25 cents. No charge for children. ? 4-f?o3t f)LKA?CRKW1THOFTiNBGLBCT?? BUSIi N RSM. GRAND MOOSL1GHT EXCURSION <1 U l< ? i?iu \ f J On THURSDAY EVENING. Sept. fi. The ineinltera of the EAST WAbHINGTON QUADRILLE ASSEMBLY would respectfully that they willSf^VK^ *iv? * crand MOONLIGHT EX CI)RS1??\ toGLVMONTonTHIJRSDAV EVENINO. September 6; and the* would al?o *tate thai no expen?e has bee * aparnd to render this a pleasant trip to all who may favor them with their presence. The eteamer Tho*. Cof,lv*R ha* b?en en*a?ed and will leave her wharf quarter of 7 : Blaicd?>n wharf, Navy Yard, quarter of 8 . Alexandria 8>t. Coaches will leave7th at. and Pa av. at 6'i. Prof. Scli Oder's brats and string band has been engaged. Tickets ifl cents, admitting * Kentleman and ladie* ; to be ha1 of the Co.mnittee or at the boat. Covnmittte uf Arrang<m^nts. James Kenton, Jas. Mattuwon, John Laniley, Frank Thompson, W. McNally. Jos. 11. Pe^u Sam'l Howell. -? ** PHUN, PHl'N, PHUN '.?LOOK OUT FOR THE PHUyVY P HELLOWS.'-Th* *% PIC NIC of th<5 Pliunny Phellown wi 1 take place at Columbia J^peisg* on TI'E^DAY,#^ft S pi. 4 L??ok out for phunny times. TicketaltfB ?oct? , admitting a xentl inan *n<l ladies. Coaches will l?ave 7th nt. and A venue from 10 o'clock a. m. t<? in p. m Far# io oonts **fich war. By ord?r of Committee*. ?e 1-Jt* 1? ZOTAVE CLl'H. r I R ST GRAND GIFT PIC NIC or IHK Zouave Club, of Washington, ARLINUTOX SPRINGS. On TFKSDAY, September 4th, I860. ^ The beautiful GifU coukist of Jewelry of all The full Marine Band ha* been gaged for the oooanion. wry^ap* New *winz* nave been erected, the tialI room m complete order, and the grounds in good order, and, in fact, everything to enliven the visitors during the da*. Omnibuses will Ieave7th nt. aud the Avenue every ho?r for th* Springs direct. Tickets for cent lemon,*" cents. " . M Tallies, " _Childrea free. _*u 31 ** f^RAND TEMPERANCE EXCURSION U TOOL* MONT. MONDAY, SKrT*MBEK 10. TheCATHOLIO BENEFICIAL TOTALAB UTI VrVI-ni' ? cii3/\^?s >7i As?yt;ia iil?olthe ^ District "f < olumbia will rivs Annua! hxcurMon od Mundst, temlter 10. I he Tho.m>k Colly?r is chartered for the ocos sion. rtlie will make t wo t- ips during th? day. She will leave Georgetown at quarter-pant 7 a in, the Sfon<* Hnn*e at half-pa*t 7 a in , an.I her whaififoot of 7th st, Washington.) at 8 a. m. she will make a second trip froin Washington at half-past 1 p. in., touching each way at Alexandria Omniliui'-i will start front the corner of 12th st and the Avenuo,7th st and the Avenue, and from the corner of 4tb and H sts., and Irom the Capitol Kate at 7 and 7.'* o clock * m. Omnibuses will be at the l>oat when she returns. W thers' celebrated bard will discourse sweet music hv land anH ?r? a?- n? -< ? _ _ WW w w> A/rtilbl I IK , (>l cuurw. Will have it* votaries, and there are few whom Withers will aot tempt that way. In fine, nothing will >? wanting to Miake it a day of real pleasure to the utemlters of the Association and the Kind friends of the cause who will a<'company them. Dinner ad Supper will !>e furnished 111 good style by the proprietors. Messrs. Jones & Miller. No intoxicating liquors will he sold during the day on hoard the boat ?-r on the ground* The strict et>t order will be maintained on the boat and on snor?. Tiokets at 91 cash will enable a gentleman ami two ladiei* to en)oy the exoursion. Single ticket* 5" o s. Children Iree. Com ? ittte if Arrantf TiKBt*. t ? ?" jonn u. uiarK, Patrick W Mickey, 'I liomas Dutiy, James J. Kane, (?i?r<e Savage, Patrick Carroll, M Enwruht, John Herhhjr, Timotliv Green, Patrick SMioa. Jam McGran, au3? Tl..H,Tu,T).AH (Slates F.M.W48) ~AMU SkMEHTt*. W T H A R, The Magklan aid Ventrlloqubt! SIX NIGHTS ONLY. ALSO, WKIlV l.'<h \ V anJ A TI'O n?v * n ? *? i nuu oa i l n i/.i i r a riiv ii n ?5i AT O0D FELLOWS' HALL. COMMENCING MONDAY NIGHT, Sept 3d. Ml SI 8t WASHINGTON THEATER. Sole Lessee and Manager .S W. Glehh. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will op n fur the regular Kali and Winter S"*?oa on tke night of TfllRBDAV, Novmiin ler. JOSEPH JEFFERSON. TllH nf li? A ?a will - ? ? ?? vviiiiuviiur au CU??ienifntof Twe \t Night* on MONDAY, November 5th, and will be followed bvtne most BR1LI.I \ NT STARS 11. the Theatrical Firmame-1. it r Communication* if addre**c<t to S. \V. Gltmx ''Old Howery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. an 18-tf EKKEK CON'ERTS! RNST LOKFFLER, Nev> Ymk armiM, 6etwrtn Itl ami id Hreet*, would reepeotfullr i state to the publio that A COiMJERT oflflH SELECT MUSIC will be given ?vw? MON-V DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS durini the , season, at his Pavilion, common?in* at 3 o'clock and ending at ll> p. in. Previous to th? Concert, the Saloon is open to those desiring to while away a few hours in the maty daooe. ICE CREAM. WATER ICKS. and every descriptor. rtf ^f?Ml.,L'l?T1/l*?l'n m r _ - ut wnrj viiUHCiXlI utim reMy at city I ''partiea de?tnne the Gardena for Pio Nio partoMti are relocated to ii?e a day or two notioe. j> U Sill Personal. TUE COPARTNKRSHIP Heretofore uiitinK fceween F. P Cmorm* and C. N. Ki'Olzb, under tlie name of Ckockeb & Kd?lxe, la thmriay 1 di?*ol<rsd bt mutual oooaent. All debts for or j a;?in?tth'* firm wjifbe atttlad by Wra. I'. Crocktr and C. N. Kngl*{..wno will continue th* hii?ine?a. WiZ N? Dflfcte* . w \ ! 4 ? * vt ainnktob, augn? 27.1?w le 4~-3j* j A CAUTION. T.I. Pereoceare oaot?oned not to r?o?iv? or n?roti*t? eleven pr<>nn??ory note# dr* vn by the ?ub cnbwto th? order of J K Wroe, dated Anfuit Int. IMO, for 926eaeh, except the la t, which i? for #30, payable reap naivety 1.2, 3, 4, 5.?, *, 8, ?, W tad ? 11 month* after data. The *atd notei having been chUtnri! from the anlmoriher improperly and with- ; out oonsiaerfitiou, lie i? dt-tenniutvl not to par th? I 4 2t* WH.1.1AM LUWEYi ' AHIiI,"PERSON? HAVING CLAIMS agatnal the estate of Uie late JKnaisaxBa Rod- j luau, will pre?e*t theiM (erwp^rly vouolied i to me, 1 ft>r s6tUeiiixnt, o" or l>e[ore the 25th dajr uf June, 1 next. KPIIRA1.YI R ?OOHI?n ??' 1 M *t*? Truatoe for<he HeirN "" in 22 2t?i?Bt ^ i her re?idenceNoT*37 C et, betweee let ?d? 2nd ( U.,UUn?l. Coaault&tion Im3So*at?. ?u 26-1 it* MHADAMK FBMX, POKTUITB TELLER, from Pftns, inform* ker former friend t, and the Mittlic generally, U?*t *>? h?? removed to 4ll Tenth street, between L and F, where she *ill be happy to aeeall who will tvnr h?r - ?? ? ? ? ??? ? IMI VWli ' a?u 13-3w* J Madame morrice, thkobxat abteolo?ist ixd Doctiwi, just from Euro?*.?Thia r^-sara No. ioMTrrenti wcoud atrMt, betVMD H ftnd 1, J Waahiilton. ) !?? * I All the boojw ubrdin the pvbijc ! Solioola and Private Acatleuiioa 10 til* Liairiut t for m0? at the loveat wom. by d l. TAYLOR * MAURY, m 9-lw Washington Bookrtora, 144 fa. it, WANT?. %VA3T*D-A ^'OM AM, to cook Sod waah, at iy 11. Nrtw^wantakwd tlrt ?* *-**' %*rAHTKD?K*?hU?i i:<3 mI>KRS.U. work " on tiiniM No, 1, \vMhington Aqueluc'. Waci gl 30 p?r day. JACtWt t CAVAXAI'GH. tJL7 A?TF.I>-;A good TIM AND 8HF.ET IltON ? wPRRKR To ? |?r1 workman ooaatant atnt will ti vea. Apply to W. D WYV?l.t?.y?K < *? P* ?V- 't? WANTKI?? B* a re?p?cUhli? young wo-?an. a SITUATION ?' chBmbf>rinaid ami auut with waahinc and ironing. or aa nur??. Retr eno* if required. Inqmr* Box 10, Star Oftoe. + 4 ft* U7 A NTF.D IM M E D J A TEL Y-A oampaUnt aad reliable horse-shoeing and genera jobt>ini BACKHMITH. A ppl* %i the shop of DANIEL VERA, corter Pa. avenne U<t 221 st , First Ward. 4 * WANTED TO BORIOW-ftow *> ? to ~~ #3.000 for two or three years. Good security eivenon real estate worth at least four tuue*tbs am unt. Address Q. R , through city Poet Office. ???rar SITUATION WANTED- AiKarme ,Gardner, or Overseer, by a married man (fkrmlT?wife vi<1 infant child.I who understand* hi* Imsmess thoroughly. He haa bad fall aad long ) cars' *xpe rieuca in Ute management of flower and kitofeen gardens, laving feut of ground*, vineyards. nnrseries, grape house* and orchA'da: raising roots, toliaoeo. etc.: Mnnr'.vemet t n.' fkrma h? rlraimn* . uaed to working Kane* of aejrt ?' l? book keeping. W ould like to raa efrat-fa ?f * ** tinman's plaoe or plantation. B*?t 01 r*?oin?eMiti?n? liven by hi* I )rm?w riup.oyem* Ef If?t to K~ R.,ca e of Ock?t* It it Vette, Printer^ at.. Waahington. I> 0. *>?-*? \*7AxNTKU?A competent COOK. Not.* " apply but thoae vbo oan come w *11 iV00.10 mended. Toauch, liberal wagea. No. 374 C ae I <t ll/ASTKD-B? a lad* at Alexandria, a white WOMAN or GIRL. fw. ohainl.emuud and a?&m?treaa. Apply at 4R3 Sixtk at., Waabiacton city, for an? information. ae l-3t? WANTKD?To rent bf the renr. a email twnatory BRICK or FRAMK HOI7SK. with lour rooma, (for a faouir of three per?vna.) m Georgetown, in a <yiiet looajUj.^ A^3re?a A. T., latin* v' in*, at>, wnivum v, iij rvn unco. an 27 8t? \\J ANTE l>?By a atead> and indnatriona mu, a SITUATION as collector. He?t of novam*nd?tiona ijlven. Addreaa M. C., Star Off oe. jy 12 tf LIST OF n*ci.AIMED PACKAGES at the Otfioe of the Adama Expreaa Company, Waahincton, D O., to b? aoM for freight tad *iV|N, if not immediately oal'ed for. OEOBGE H. BUKN8, A(ML September I at, 1890, Aubin.N Lindley, Prof A dam son, A Laurei.ce.AB a IJ fa I - ? * 11 n n j n * w.v.dbwu, n o AriIwiod, J H rf0 iL n d 13STbE c w Ahhey. Win lx>omi?. M A?h?, W 8 !*wT0-i,.Stfl A iobrook. I! R N Addison, J W ?,Bp !&?& HT 8 Enroth ie* L L B^nch.'jW I""'** Brown. AH *~l J _ Brint?r, M D LAtmrre. F Barolar. A P **w^Cr'n Bwinunt, Augiutna L^V'Yrn Butt*, wra B Motr ColC H Drnvn A WICil, vO! Bemui. Prof 8 M mSTkHTTV * B?or, Mr* M J T Buwjo. ft J S 8,t.. F Ma'dwin. B H SSSi, K. r BsiH.Lr {J""?' C. Bnrwd*. A E ??"'*??. K L Burr. \t ?rf MlCrfWt- r A Burns, i* Muldoon.M B lack more, B C Msnnyj?i:ay,Col Bowne. M Morgan, K B Butler, Rev H 11 Moutjomerr, J B"lan. E T Mtrtiu, D B Brown". H F McKeever, A_ Basse, Wrn MeL*?n, W T Brown, A V ftloCntckea, J Bftrn&nt.RC ' MiUke>i.A8 Bo-lor, J 0 M?4?, J, Baker. Wneht 4 Co J W B.anton, B H MoCoUnm, Maiy, Brown. A B Maion, R K Bank*. E D Morton, 1 H Bennett. C W Morkloy, f Brink, K H Mimulor of Pern, Byrnr s. Dr J Merull *.Pasro#, Clark. BR Murray/T Coleman, C W J B_ ? C..*, J E ?rfii*rT*'ACJL Cochran*. J A Man.J*?? Cisseli, R?T Mitchei,.1' Carter, C H Morrill, I H Cannon. J M Md Ag'I Coll??*? Cntts. H L Mill*. J H Connolly, FC McKernr.O Chont-au, C P M ite..cil. A 8 Coleman, Mrs M B Mux?y, F Conrolly, J McPherson. C H Colby, PT MitohilTWP r nnnAr W m MAPOAM I V1~TV* ? *? ? nvi W'l| ?*?"? Chapman, Wm Mindeloir M Cnuer. L Mclntjrs. J rook. GWM MoCarty.A Chamberlain. J Mac air*. J no Cooker, J I, 2 add. Mtaa E Campbell, J H Vewbromh, J B "ooper, John Mai'nr.? Campbell. T A Micho eon. G W 8 Clarke, Miae J (>al l/O Crutchrtt. J OppaahetaMT. M Col horn, J O Owen*, J Coy e A Bro Patei.t, Com of CaTpbsll. Archy Do 4o Cooke, J D Pa mer, E Ponrand, C M Porter, W D Craijen, Dr W J Piioe, Mm Jenny Conrad, C M Parker. 6 A T rnnnmrbam, C W Pat nt, Com of Claw, E D Do 4* Cook. A P )o do l)ou*h?r?r, J E Do do Dobyna. Col T J Do do Duftiu. Felix Do do Dickeys, Mr Do in Dubois, Ch'r Pepper, Col J P On M (IIIK PhiIaa^ kf A Dai'r, so P*n*ionV. Com of Davm*. RJA Pttwt, dnm of Ou *r, J K PaUrt Oftoe I)e!tn*y, B Pwry, T W Douglaa, M#<i p?rrj W H H I)uniiM?, \V ? Patent, Con. of J P Randolph. Col J J Davu, R W Rodttn, J Dvnhnm, E W ft naming, J 1'ur.iap. R P R >tx>*on, Cast J l>arh?, J A 8o? Rich, li W ' IV.wd, K (or Douna) Ridgawaj, W EJwarda, 8 Robtoaon. Mra A .. Un J 8 R owe. i*MDMr fa'on, W Rerd.Iaaas K??m. Wm Riehardaon, F Kdolroto, Mr Robiaaon." K&t4 B. J kaltABMrH \A7 mm Etling, Dr Stuart. R#? O C ?i>jr<<?lain?. J D Mtlljvu, J P'*z?r, J I. Htooe. m B Pmrmer. M O 8mr4, J L ?=;?>" fSI&.J E^.'L&V Ferrgaon, 9 W Heleomn, J H Farl?y, Mr? J Hei(*??n,M Kraip.Vrrd HIomTBI t" m iU g?b?rt.8 V?rnl , J Sfcinte., A P Finekle. Rov 8 0 8?*nc?r, B<?k r o???r, J W Mu&rt, A Griffiu, P C bi<inm?r,J H Giftmhaatiftn, 9 fiMte. F (iiTsnrer, b StrutOB.J H t{rw>OD, W 8ohroder, A Gilli?, U W PteveM. tx It Koutit. Mn 9uv?ii?,6 W gazette Office Sullirau, N S reen Pro' G W Snyder, J (?rim?e. J W 8??ith, W Gardner, A W button, C Gate*. Mra N 8repbeaa, Alex Gekyi.F tWba?ttai,0 Gibeon, W N 8*?<iere, T K GHpair. G Simma, J Gray, M'eK S?one, CaptCP Galea, Miss Shoemaker. B Hyam. K D Smith. SC Hummeil, Jokn 8*l???r. J Hall. A T t Co Toney. B Hunlent, J J Do, Hatch, b D Iyl?N C N Hayea. J I. fhoapioa 4 Btiah, Hooke 8 B Tyler, R C Henry, N 8 Tmbm, H Ulnlmx.kl O I *' n " ssrs? Hoffman, C Tuek?r, Wm Horning. D Taft. FB Harrinrt<m, W H Themp.on, Eltjak R^i. - jaj^A0-4 Hujhe., fj W Treml,!?j[ ? Hutching*. W E Tbroo* *B F &v r#^w |Slr, $1?*^ Hdrr. B wittu^ mmi . whlSSti I rer.o'n, Hon 8 * l*>06t| r Wmvui* H V Mrt 8 p WvrWb |&inmerhaet>?r W S^vfo bjs5 BE Pk^d SST: ? 1P~ mi',, Ci?. M ? l-1w mCHOOL AND COL.LBOK OUTFITS. iToUtAj' and Ft nil'' Clntktntr far ' ? J - -r.r,vw? 1*^1 Vrexf Wear. ihildran and ward* with School and Co! *#? ?itlu i)rU(toiiua|iMMa,v* touiautow )T!?2LJ8?f9 ^ ?!???* Maortm?ui MoVH' ?Lt?TfnNW, when thtrj o*n fit oUt their rta ldr*r, <lllM|iilliri?MlB?U with > iWcri. M v-u WAL^n&Vi.\S?iu. AUCTION SALES. ?-? . Cfwt otkm AmM?m Mm. *m first Br 1. C.H0OUICE A CO.tAiMioiwti. |^OOD w!LL. MiltftlfVffc. A ? D fcr fSITKV WoV^iW^VuXVa'-jA: o'tlncl. OB th? prr )! *, w? all* a*|l til* Fl?M l**. Fistarcf, h4 will of Mr. J.TfcJtr'a RMMrtnt. ?n V atr**t. IwtVMi 1Mb Ud 14Ik Mr r ixtarra cStiBfcftSfflJf11"*Co. km* acd othM JHove# Cro?tm, Vltiivtrt, fte. ^Ir.VS JSJ&StS.'SEZ. StXSA y,!fr,l"Avn.c.o.??*oo. Mr A. likhbN. Auotiouerr. fNTK*IM?TINO 8ALB AT PURUC AVC 1 TIPS OF >IU BdlAtl ABC Pl>?*lAk rjkup.l TT-Ontk* first TPE*OAT<ili?M y'oM<w? b-r . at 10 o'otoot. rv? hitbly (KtinMl 'irnt *ri I laiM.cMttMBiM Homlt ??r*? ?M>h, miUa from WfttKini tnn mt? Xl f na Ika *? - trniiinraK roild, > oroW-r eowty. M4 Alao. a ovaafcol i Fa rat?c?? f?T * ? ?* *ar? Stook. 1a tfiaa Horaaaaaloi* v?jV 0 4> Mir of w vrkirp fu* ' Tv*atrf?ar tod of Ca?W.o*?Pn?a?M nek Cowa. y? Bag *-e ? A boat tkii tf Mo?a Mid ?J?o*u, Jot of>k#?f, f?ir of Id* Carrlat* Hor??*, J N??f Hu"fiiio Vob^. H ipf^.k'o-. 4c. H'idVi. Ui??k -??. (!>i F*r korsa VVm?*. Htritw. Ctrti.OtrnaU, Curm nod C?k Craak?r, ? * umv. 1 hrtohtng M*chin?and flora* Power, R-rkawmr. Fm. >???r and Movor. Ai4 nu< <?tk#r a acta I rb?lM too iiwihii ? WxrTTTot of C1<tv?t and Timothy Nu, ?%t. Ry?an<1 t?at !"t-?W. ComBr><1 Cora PoMur' tun rr ?will fee wM at ?>? o'wook, without T*wf * f 9- aontaiaia* a boat *? aoiaa. UUa awrJaa'a. 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