Newspaper of Evening Star, November 21, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 21, 1860 Page 3
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l.OCAL iNEVVS. !I7"Tbongti Tn 8ta? ! printed on tbe fattest <cmb \*on la uae aoutfc of Baltimore, lu ed.too l? an Itrjfe u to require it to bp put to prat at an early hour; A4wit1?nu?>%, therefore, ahoal<i b? 9rtt Ta ft?TT t? o'clock ra.; elberwlae tbey may i?M appear uatlj tUi next day. iinai.?i/:?Kicioi Loiumon AaTennnnfnw to be lM?rt?d In tb* Baltmoii 8rs are received at and forwarded from Thi Sta* Ollce. TBf T\"mW?x Ca99?TV Pirtitt Held/cr ( Mti ?A further hearing ?n thi* caae was bad Wf?c?Justice boan Hat niijht. Meaara. Ward and Prr^?pp<^?rvnp fer the prieenera. Oficrr \Tm Htruer, being aworn. trttlflrd that oa the night In question be waa In the vicinity of tbe Wigwem, when be aaw a lar^ecrowd coming r?rmd Trioitv Chnrch toward* that building hen tb* pertv r^ot near the Hvlldln?. tbry commenced tbrowln? atones, and witness, who waa nanaing in convcrsanon wnn Mr uud YVailaen, went forward sod tried to stop them. They threw itoMi at witness, ai.d hs drew bis pistol, be thinks, and endeavored to back tbem off Ppoke V> J tin Johnson. who was rerv dronk, snd tried to m^ke bim back of Finding it Impossible to do anything aloue. witness then started iff for a-Jdttlonal for e JoLnsor. was making violent gestures, and shouting Wltnees ran dow? the street, and fonnd Lient McHeTirr and other pollreirien. end then went bark. When witness sot back, sfier gciag for help, be saw L eut. Me Henrv on the steps. WItness stood at the door and saw the prisoners brought oat. Saw Johnson: J*hn?on had hold of l.tent MeHenrv and Mr Henry bad taken hold of bim; he was very much intoxicated; he teemed perfectly wild? ?ctfd ia a crazy manner; didn't see him when arrested *Saw others there whom he won Id recrgntx* were he to aee them *n the atreet. but did not know their name* 9aw Ogden when he waa being brought out of the buildlne, ^nd saw him aJW wards at the watcbhouae ThlLks witness pnl'.-d out hia piatol when be first towards the crowd Judged there waa from 1.10 to 200 *j"?i present Offlrrr King, by request of Justice Donn. recapitulated hia evidence. He stated that be went nut into the street to stop the throwing; saw John? on have brOd of Ll*ut McHenry, and saw tbe lattrr seize bold of Johnson Recognised Thos Haggerty, with a s'one in his hand. Saw that Johusou waa very drunk; McHenry told him toe o away; Johnson made nt. reply, but continued wry noisy, and was arrested. i at eviaen^e navtng oecn concluded, Mr. Berry wished to know if the simple fart of the pa'tif* arrested being found in the building constituted a r1?rt; tninultuous tssembly, In bis opin 1?i, belig necrssary to mike a riot. He admitted t Lit a charge upon the building had been made; that windows uad been broken, and other damage rloae: but be contended that no testimony had ?? ?*>? pr'H*r'."d showing tbat the parties charged b*d participated therein; and that the mere fact < f their being found in the building was no proof that they were rioters. Mr Berry also referred to what he considered to J>e an erroneous report of his remarks, as recently published in the Star. He did not remember f<? bare said tbat the District Attorney was bound to send any person as counsel, but be did my. or meant to say, tbat no one not deputised by tfc'e District Attorney had the right to appear for the pn-secutlon In this case. "T reporter would state that the remarks of .Mr. lirrry in this connection wcf transcribed ?- lllmlly from tbe notes taken verbatim on that ?*ci??ion It is proper to add, however, In justice to Mr. Berry and J ustice Donn, that a typographical error in another portion of the report makes htm object to " legal-' questions being put to a witness Of course It should have rend "leadin"" questions ] Mr W H Ward moved the discharge of tbe prisoner! for want of sufficient evidence. He considered that im> act had been proved against tbe prisoners more than agaiist those who had bev? already discharged. Justice Donn ?The proof Is. that the lock was Cm el The parties were found In the building; ethers had been chased up on the roof. Ths prisoners could not prove their business in tbe buildin* The persons discharged had proved their right there Everyone present there Is liable, if no excuse is prevented. It Is a very natural question to ask. Did cot those who were found In ths building break the doors open' Haggerty certainly participated in the riot. Mr Ward th.t of ?'?? X?? proven agatnat Johnson. unlets It be that be was boisterous and disorderly The Jostle*considered thebo'strrousness, under the circumstances, as being to all intents sod purposes a riot. 1 be Jaetiee then gave his decision, holding all the parties In the sum of S3H0 for court. Mr Ward here inquired whether th? three " Wide Awakes ' who were arrested and d>scb*rged were not put on the stand at the suggestion of MrJJ Coombs The J nstiee?M jr I n? presslon is that M r Coombs asked for tbe dismissal of the three republicans who were arrested Afterwards, two of them were put upou the stand at his suggestion. The Mmrt of the parties be id to bill are J. EJohuson. Ricbard M. Harrington, R M Browclu*;. and others Wm Otfden, it will be remembered, was held to bail at the first examination. Electtox Rrrr**s or Axothkr 8oar ?The Secretary of the Washington Monument Society is beginning to bear fr m tbe various election poits wbrre collections were taken for the bearfit of the Washington Monument. Tbe prstinnsb-r of H*rris*jurg fcaaencl< s-d hiin a check for SJi ?<6; *-}! 9-1 ?f which was contributed at tbe poll* of tbe d'JT^rent wards in tbnt city on the d?y of the lat* i'mHleatlal election, the balance being tb? monthly post cflee receipt. From Abingdon, Md . he has also received through the p?stmasU r ?t that piare $1 61. Califo-nla has not yet b- en beard from ofll ially; but it is hoped that undtr the superintendence of Capt Alisner of that State, wko has patriotically offered to take charge rt eollecttoi.s imde there, that the Geld State,* ?"itb her a^c'JSftorned liberality, will retain its position In the front rank of the contributors to this great nat oaal work. Sincc the resignation of Lieut Ires as F.nginecr and Superintendent of tb? Washington Monument, In consequence of being ordered on duty, ttte srste?n inaugurated by h m of contributions front tue p^*t otib-es tlirougu-ut tbe country is ?,. * i t? A (> I. J? ?v.i .<?. poUnasirs all ovrr ttc rountrv sinll not fall to eantawie to give tkftf attention to the mittn i The Socl?tr ha* reretved a draft for f 12 45 from California within a frw days. the amount contributed at the post cilices at Sau Francisco, %an lx>renzo, Mei-aociuo. San Juan and Suis-m, I fiuriug the iMMk of October California has tbcs far act an * xampl*> of II h?rallty In port office contributions which It vroild be irost advaolajje?ir* to the progress of the National Monument ?r t?t&cr ai<d wore populous Stales to imitate Out ?<-U*lrtjr thousand post rth.-es in the United State*, feuteae thousand one hundred a.ndeighteen have as vet responded to the circulars requesting tbem to cooperate In this great work The entire amount received from post office contributions since the system west into operation reaches about Ta*Stvi!tTH WaiDtVtiiiiT ?The following is tbe act nf the City Councils providing for the ~ - XV VI ? uai-art nvj?c III IUC CTTCUVU TV tTU : i>? u fMdW, #e. That mm not exceeding tea thousand dollars be and the same W hereby appropriated. payable oat of tbe general fond, for ?be purpose of erecting a market-borne in tha f*eventh Ward, on tbe ground In square num bered fonr hundred and ninety-four, recently pur baaed by th'.s Corporation, and (applylag tb? aarae with the neceeaary gaa and water flat area See I Tbat tbe Mayor be and be la hereby authorised and requested to procnresnltable plans and speel fleatloes fur tbe propoeed market-house, and a ibmlt ttu? same for the approval of tbe Citf Oxsuclls; and after the said Councils shall have Approved of a plan and (Dedication* for the said beiWngs. that then the Mayor shall advertise for sealed pjoposnls for its erection and furnishing tbe n?*?sary materials therefor, aecofdtag to i lOfli lIaa And mgclMf aliofli! ani urk?n k peeala have boer. recetvrd ther "ball be opened by the Mayor, la the preerace of the Prraldenta of ' the two Boarda of the City Council, and the contract awarded to tbe loweet reaponelble bidder or i 'bidden P'-c 3 That tbe aaid market bouae be erected under the direction of tbe for and en per InUndone* of aach architect aa he may appoint, tbe architect to receive for Lie aervlcee a eompenaatlon not exceeding five per cerftum oa the amount mt tbe contract for the erection of the aatd building [Approved November 19, 390O. , AnriTiB avj> Com*itt?d ?Policeman J F. K ng ' tlotf promptly upon information be bad received, wewt la aeorcb of a peraoa who waa a u?rf?? wuo paastng counterfeit moner tn tb city tontf mootlii im. ltd against whom there wrre other charges <>f i more recen'date About !*.' o'clock ysWrday be came upou tb* younjf man at tbe Center market, where he tried to ?capa, but was overtaken aad secured Be was taken before Justice bona, and after a brief bear, la*, he was committed to jail for a farther bearing to-day. whe<a tbe witnesses can be preaent. He Is a genieel-looklag man, and gives his name as George Livingston Tbe charge of pMalBg* counterfeit moner. nad dealing la moftey ebanglag by slight of hand, Is tbe one against him. Tbe csac will hardly be concluded with the bearing to-day as the oAcer is ia quest of evidence thai stay require lis coatinuanca ax1i1t ijis itkuvi^t of rioriiiT ?)?( terdajr, detective ?. ? Allen arretted Jotkt *v 11. liaua, col , wit* wm chtiifd with atealiag a ver v i ht damns gold watch?a ladles' watch?valued at eUhtv dollar*, and a itsld chain with a number of beautiful and carious ornament* attached, from *1 * Air. John Laoge, oa Seventh atreet near O. The watch and attachment* were recovered by the . V o??er W 111 lam* wa* taken before Justice l>ona, - r and after a full haarlag of the testimony be was f ?ommlt ed to Jail for trial st the Criminal Caort ' ' ' -VH .aj* iJCl i-ik* i." Ji <^*0 iw 11 ? I wtbvww ?av IUU1 ?uu Viisiau partial* frvra tba iMitiwi, b? a reiki ap?n?nt op ration and rooaMreto their tiiwUJ ?Bercy, by ravsxT.*i5?i?Sfl'S:EA1r. Ztao-.We.MiWrkt r WXlw .! til Rjf it mAiiJiu nt JOv ol d r.yTttV.m-.* * Ht A I M. iawflj i tut 1 f,) The cTerk of the Market announced that ke Lad ordered other warrants for similar offenses, and declared his determination to see the law enforced, by which tht couatry dealer* would be eMbled to occupy their appropriate stands In the market. Axxitid at Carter's wharf,(foot ?f Thlrtrenand-a-half street,) achoonere Allan Middle ton, Slpple, Philadelphia. wUh toaa of coal for 1 Meaers CastU-min k Bro ; Orion, Stone, Havrode-Grace,with a cargo of coal for Mr. C. M Keya: Richard Tboanpaoa. Lloyd, Philadelphia, 1TO tooaef coal for Mi. T.t Gattrall. Cmtu GVAaoHouaB ?The trial docket exhibited oocaees thia morning. The change la the N?p?f>ye of ttoe ataaoepbrr* probably krot the aofcy and rloteaa within doors, where their co?dact lid not dldTb the peace of the rtty. Watn?rsaT ? OaLLEii)? World-rtaowned for ba*tt?? received twenty-three premiums in this coaatry ud ba Europe, baa been recently refitted and furnished. Prico of photographs reduced almost 3 J pai canC It* Pills SI tbaapatfafof tae d.seas-_ and Psoor of a Mild Actum*?Aa an erldrnceof the extremely mild and genial autumn of thla year, we but ahown to ua y rater day by the gentleman in wboae garden the tree growa, apect rM of tbe Amber Plumb, coavtaerftbly more Uta? half perfected?the aecond crop of the aeaaon ?A(*x ftnxtttt. We had a similar specimen sbmraas yesterday from the garden of Mr. Chiphf on D street, ialand, 1b this elty. ^ Ths MaKkit R eo u la tio*??Yesterday, Jeffrey Goodrich appeared beftwe inatlce Dent, to answer to a charge of Tlolatljg tbe market regulation by oocepylng a stand |i the Center Market lmnrnr^rlv ha ur?a tl OA ?mmtm . ?*** morning by striking The contractor Immediate ly made arrangements for liquidating tbeir acr oanta and act tUrni to work agaia with tbe understanding that they were to be paid off at IS m. May. Ailinotom Club ?This well-lftown assoolatioa of young men bad tbeir regular annual cotllIon party, at Franklin Hall, last Monday night. It waa. well attended, and like all their previous entertainments waa highly creditable to them, receiving, as it did, tbe commendation of all tbe youth and beauty that enjoyed the ample preparation made for tbeir pleasure This, we preaume, la but one of a aeriea of like entertainmeata which tb? club will present during tbe eeaaon for the enjoyment of tbeir uumeroua friends. Ma KntToa : Is not ? Little Cordelia Iloward," now performing at tbe Theater in this city, tbe same lovely child who represented the character of Eva, in tbe play of ' Uncle Tom's Cabin," some two or three yean since, over four huodred times In the elty of New York alone; and at nee then, with a success almost equal, in Baltimore, St. Louis, and other southern cities ? 8t. Clair. tka la Mm* I*- a nuaaay in December proximo. Tbe Hulldln^ Committee reported that the estimated cost of the receat improvement* was about 925,000. M*i> Docs Rirs.?Seven mad dogs were killed duriag tbe past week In the neighborhood of the iee?sd toll-gate on th- Plank Road These dogs were- all b'Uen by the rabid animal recently kill* d at mv house, and most of them were at luge when killed Tbe popular impression that t'je poison develops Itself In nine days Is entirely erroneous, snd there is uo safety but to kill a bit' ten dog at oooe The dogs all went mad about the same time, and the Incubation of the poUm mist have been nfeout four weeks. Onr nni\.wa* bitten by hi* own dog. Chas. G. Pagr. Stbiks ?Some excitement was occasioned on the street this morning bv the refosal of some sixty laborers employed In laving the large waW mains to go to work It seems that this monto's waces was dne on tbe 15th Inst., and not being fnrthrftmllicr thnv hrnntrht muttoM *> icpIV*(U? 1/ivacim uciruiaicu tuaracvrr ui Ullvcr Twlit,**ustatned by her parents at Monk* and Nancy Sykes The performance will conclude with tbe farce of "The Windmill." Mr Raymond and Miss Sbaw taking the principal part*. The bill ia an excellent oue, and will no doubt draw a large house. . Tm co5omoATio!?of the Four-and-*-halArtreet PreabvU-riao Church met last night in the Vestrv room, for t'ue purpose of bearing ths report of tbe Temporal Committee upon th- condition of Its affairs The committee reported that tbe improvemerit upon the church building, pending during the last summer, are nearly completed, and thai tbe edifice will be rpadv far dedication In about two weeks. It wu understood that tbe dedication aervlces wlil be celebrated about tbe second away but stood throughout the entire evening, to lnter?st?>d were they by the performance* No better tribute could be paid to the wonderful merit* of this band. In fact, we cannot call to mind a single performer in this company who would not rank at a star of the first magnitude in ordinary troupes They announce an astonishing bill for to-night. See advertisement. Bear in mind the matinee'' thia afternoon, and also that to-morrow night is positively the last night of the troupe in this city, as Christy is under engagement to '* secede" southwardly at once. ' Orricxas or thi Young Mix's Ch?i?tiak Associatior or Alkxasdbia ?The Young Men'a Christian Association of Alexandria held ita an nnal meeting at its room, last night, and elected the following officers: President, J. E Chase; 1st Vice President, S Scott; '2d do. T. M. McCorm cV; 3d do John Latouche; 4th do. W. A. Hart; 5th do J. E. Towson. Corresponding Secretary? H.O CLtughton. Recording Secretary?J H H. Fowle Treasurer? Fowle. Librarian?K. Kemper. Standing Committee?J. M Stevens, Thornton Triplett, R M. Smith, 1). R Hemmes, S H Devauglat, G. T. Baldwin, J. McCormick, R. Bell, Jr., and E. F. VVltmer. The Thsatxb ?The Howard Family are winning golden opinions at the Theater Little Cordelia, particularly, is a great favorite with the theater-going public, and nightly brings down the house in rounds of hearty applause To-night thia little musical and histrionic prodigy will t -1-k?*?a -1 - A ? >, > , ana liitir visit to Alexandria, win, doubtless. be a source of mutual pleasure to our townsfolk and their guests. Preliminary Sermon of the Ctnftrtnte.?The Methodist Kpiscopal Church South, was crowded last night by a moat attentive and intelligent congregation Rev. 9 9 Lambeth, of the Appomattox Circuit, preached a most eloquent and powerful discourse from the flntclause of Matthew xxil, 5th, "But tbey made light of it " The exercises were of an exceedingly interesting character, and were attended by a large number of the members of the Conference. Odd Fkllows1 Hall was again packed to suffocation last night by the throng eager to see the Immortal George Christy and his famed company of minstrels. Hundr-os went away unable to obtain seats, and hundreda more would not eo this city, at the Methodist Episcopal Church South. to-day, at 9 o'clock, a. in. This Conference Include* all the churehea of ita denomination within the region bounded on the east by the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, on the south by Albemarle Sound, Roanoke, and Staunton ri vert; on the west by the Blue R'.dge, and on the north by the Alleghany Mountains. It therefore Includes all Eastern Virginia, with a small portion of Western and of the State of N orth Carolina. Bishop Paine will preside. The number of minister In attendance will be abont one handred and seventy-five. Besides theae, twenty-aevt-n lay delegates, under the lay-<*>-operation plan, smne fifteen or twenty applicants for the ministerial office, and a number of local preachers, &c , will carry the whole number la attendance considerably beyond two hundred. Among theae are gentlemen of noted ability, not onlyln the religious world, but In the seculiar walks of life. The hospitality of oarcltliens his been freely tendered to the members of tbe PmoCLAMATIO* ? Washington. November^, ISrtO.} TL* City CouactU having by a Joi nt resolution repeated the Mayor to designate a day of Thaakagiving and Prayer. I have approved tbe act. and d-f-m it oay duty to giro an oAc!al announcement of tbe same by this mi ProclanaUun, and r^oosarurnd tbit Tt-rsday, tbe Wtb instant, b? set apart for tbe porpoae. Tha otMerrascc Of a day of Thanksgiving at tbis Ham of tbe year ts sanctioned oy tlmabo no red custom, and Is peculiarly becoming a Christian community The blewrfngs wblcb ars continually vouchsafed to ua demand that we should, occasionally tarn aaide from our dslly avocations, and, as it were, sanctify a secular day by united and heartfelt manifestations of gratitude. by prayerful reflection, and by contrite auj. plications. In order to give due effect and solemnity to tba occasion, every good citizen is invoked to contribute something of exsmple and precept towards tne fulfilment of tbe duties which properly'belong to the day; aad to tbla ecd I recommend tbat tbe ordinary pursuits of business be suspended, and tbat all denomlaatlooa assemble In their respective places of wonb 1 p to render thauks to a lm 1 ghty God for His boundless mercies, and to offer up supi'ltcatlcm for a continuance of our civic and our national prosperity. Givm under my band, at tbe city of Waahington, this twentieth day of November, lu tbe year of our Lord oua thousand eight hundred and sixty. James G fiiaaKT, Mayor. Th* VtaotmA Axktax Coiiiimci m Al?xA5DE1& ?Tbe Gazette of tbis morning says: 4,Ttae Vlffflnia Annual f!Anf#r?iu*? nnana Ita aaaalA* im wutam't Balsam of WILOCUUV Awt and mUJH?mu* *f tk* Lunft. Frvm the Boatoa Etmi?g Travalar, Jwrcftry 6. *HM p?rhap4 bat a airapie act ojjmtioe t?? tha propnetor? ofWirtar's ?*!?*m of WtU Ck*m lot Us. *0 aa^. that tmrptrtcn^l arfertemrt In th* B?f of *" - usi?vor?oiy^ woe i in* proprietor* of the Traveler wu a-tirely cured of a fonr months' continu^.ee, by toe Me oftku Belsam and several of our friends and ao9 oaintanees, who have tried the article, have found it of great servioe in iclieving th^m of nrrore or "t. -^th .hkk a,., [E^Thirty-eti torn of UcVi were recently sent from Taunton, Moss , to different paichaain" localities. r * None genuine unleea signed 1. Butt* an the wrapper. WiP^rcdby P. W. Fotrle * Co., Boston, and for brX.1). Oumaa.S. C. Ford. jr.,*. B. Write O.JBtott, John Soiiwarae. Nairn P*.mer, Wash iacton; and by dealers everywhere. no JO-lw.r To T?* im mn ' ? inn >a ?k. ula... ti?en ont o7 McLmo'i Strengthening Cordial and Blooa Purifier, in another column. tf ^ MARRIED. 1 On the 1Mb imtant. by Rev. Father Knifht, T EWI8 B FLACE of New York oity, to Misa MARY L, O'BRIEN, of Baltimore* (Balto. Sun, N. York and California papers copy.) DIKD, On 8onday morning the 18th inatant,at9o'olocV, AMANDA M? only daughter of Wm. and Mary A. Doucnerty. The frienda of th- family are invited to attend h<r ianara, Irom h?r father residanoe, 404 Twelfth ?t, on Thariday, Od initaat, at g o'clock. * CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON! CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON! CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON ! CALL RIGHT DOWN to hi STAR OFFICE, CALL RIGHT DOWN to th? 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[ET All are invited to call and examine for themrelves. G. G. EVANS, no 19-3t 476 Pennsylvania avenue. TO THE PLilLlt : GO WHERE YOU-CAN GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH ! fcj^TRY IT! PROYITIT! KNOW IT try what? inr Try th* PIONEER MILLS, aid buy your WOOD there. proveIvhat? |I_/" 'rove that y?n ean *et your WOOD there e eaper than elsewhere in the oity ; and then yon will know what? fp** Know that yon get GOOD MF.ABURKand th? rery beet of WOOD for lean money, Cci. Split, a*d Delivered Pbibof Charoi. Call at thb r i w n t ii n in 1 L L 9 ! SIGy OF THE BLUE FLAG-STAFF. SotJTHWMT CoiKIl SXVKHTH ST. AND CaWAL (Sooth of the Bridge.) no ? QKOKOK PAGE, Aozsj. Fun i Fur? t AT SEYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN. I hare with strict o?re personally attended to the manufacturing and selection of the Mlovmg Kara. Mr lone practical know edge of the Far ttusiaess enables me with oertaintr to invite the ladiee to goods made from fine ana fresh eaicht skins. Such *s Canada Mink Sable, Russia Fuel), H'bsn&n Squirrel, W. ter Mink, French bahl*. Children*' Pare in great variety. Fur t'riuniioca of all oolora. Prioea very moderate. W. F. SEYMOUR, no 19 ll (tearget, un. fVltNTLKMKN'H Vf RE iDV-MADE CLOTHIVG Our prea*nt aaaortment of UF.NTLEMEN'S RKaDY-MADE clothing < IT^ri to titiDci ?n<l atrangera wiahing an immsdian out fit t?p?nor ladnoementa, ambraaiaf, at tbia Time, all aijieaaoa aaaiiuea el men ana Bu?in*?* GarHM?nU and OrerooaU in all vari-tiea. Fine Shirt* and Under-clothing oi ail kind*. Kid and other GUnr* of bMt qua lty. Soarfa, Ti*a, Cravata. Stocks, Hosiery. Ao.. Ao. All of whioh we are oiler i nc at ^ur ucuat low prioM. tL/~ clothing mad* to order in the rnost superior manner. WALL, BT?PHJ?M8 A CO.. ?? tt-tf a2a Pa. avwue. 436 CONFECTIONERY, 4$6 No. 416 Ssvintb Strut, * between G and H. ANDB^AkTIK? BO 15-lw Supplied. Artw., Ian tin and Eolvotio Muumei. Yank*? Nouodb. Nio-Nax, I'hunnr Phellow and Comio Monthly. P?ilr and Weekly Herald, Tlrnei, Trioyne ard World N?w York Ledger, Meroury, Harper's ?T8 P^av. |y|ORE NEW ^JRKHa^ OOOD8 OPENED great bargains. We ar? Mllmi in bs ad so me l)rua GooO?ju*t reo*iyrd, to wliiohwe Oeeire the special atteaiion 01 Ml piroauari Minrt making their selection issst wfijSgfeSflSE! /?x Mm?*,.. jv\ e 8 lk,"!K!!"VFicE ? ? to *31 C street, between 4* and Stb atreeta. irmmediaulr U the .r**r of the National Hotel, where the bvslMM will 1m continued u hereto*** at the Malta*. [noL5^m]ISAAC HKKZBERG. I .-4SL Tk? BWlmiEaed voota Md r*?Mctful?y *n 0*000 tO I tM MtlMU Ud itWIlri iMt 1 b?V h?T0 juM OMiiHt tfca obo wri ?plil>?fcwt?< it con M4??ble rxpoaM, whtr* they will ?c itil timan b? r?*dy to aoooromodat# th? turnery ft* *(tM the thintr. Thu Houm vili b? opened on Mfcoday, Nor?nbor IS, for the reo?j>tion of the puUiiT notteogw USHER k. MlTCHKUL. Ow^gfegg^^ssii K 4 p. I IPIIMITABLK HAIR OYK. iKsSSS^^BAa] .rria hoy wjv KlflttSiU U M ? .til satisfaction. Hfitas on han4 4 lot of COOKING and othsr

STOVES, whioh hs will tell leu Una ocst. as Is wisho? to ft rid of then. no 17 fiROCBRfCc^NFBCTION EB8,8S0AR DEAI.KRA and RKSTaUmamtk PAPER BAGS PAPhR BAGS, PAPER BAGS. ?!? ? ranjia* from haJf toao4 to tventT poauas, of different qaaM'iss ofp&pftr. frr MU* h? M FRENCH k RiCH8TEIN,9T8Pa * . N. E-A lot ?f old Ntvsfapors; ftuiiat>)? for wrapping >a*?r, far sals. no 17 TWO CM&kkMANOH^ln U?tord?r &s{| sr. ^LLL'l-:-L? "I ona??r?) to excel in all theabovo point*. War atooic of USL V GOODS for family null is ?f|? CLOTHS. i rssw-xs?*f rA? ?? purchase ? toe* incur* no oblicatian to PRRRY 4 BROTHER, Dealer? m first olaes Dry Goods, CUH R * NT8. CITRON, At L. A. PELLWIQfg. BSSS?ii?.g':ii0po'ff8g!;ESB<5',L'Jo*RS' At L A OELLWItPg. P*E8H LOT OF UREEN AND BLACK ...f.V- I" u*DEl-kZ!avL T SNYDER. " H- gp-ftHffa.?M4W2Tft. H: Kia-sas* ?-jr? Mh'i Kip or Fi*hip(r BOOTS, K Knee or Hunting do SANDALS and OVERSHOES. At 10 Mr tent. below the nana* p-iee? of fcl?is year, 'for oMh. Mea'aand Boy* fine and co*rxe HOo'J S. GEO. C. HENNIKU, no 13-3taw2w Seventh it.. Itlaml. Q L O A K S! OLOA K 8" , We fcavo ?tooV a numbefr of I New Hatterns, together with ah th? most fashion able styles worn. The ladies will find a larje assortment to ?rl?ot from, and all at prices to ?vit U* ?.?. If wh?k .. ?t no '6 5t No. 523 Seventh St., ahovo Pa. av. THE STYLES, THE QUALITY, HHE PRICKS. Onratook of ^LOAJt:*, SHAWLS. end WINTER WRAPPINGS for Ladiea (are baid by ?ur the m st cha?to and simple patterns, appropriate for halls, parlors, dining rooms, chambers, and libraries Also, a choice etock warranted Gold Band WINDOW SHAUKS, Buff. ?Jrr>en an 1 Blue I SHADS HO . LAND?1; PiCTURE CORD AND 1 TASSELS, different ov. Iors and si j*s. Purchasicj for caan, I wi 1 eell at t??e lowest remm.erativ* pries. Having served a regular apprenticeship of mx rears and had a pract.eal experience of twenty in this oity, and employing none but the be?t workmen, the eukeeiter guarantees FtUsfaction to those who inav f-.vor imu with their ordo<s. for Paperhanging and Window Shades in city or couatry-Acill solicited. irr Don't forget the number. J. M ARKRITER. No 486 Seventh st nor 10-eo6t* 8 doors abOr? Odd PellbwV Hall. MH INDIA RUBBER. GOODS. V Arrangements this fall will enable me to sell RUBBER GOODS,consisting of? I Ph'lrlrnntiml \1 VTIAI U WM V r* n?vojim rrceivyu an assortment o[ R IS.i TLCK Y RUSTIC CHAIRS,the moat com-f^ fortable and durable chair made. UL We have al*> m *?'?rt>a full and ooi?p>te [Ol took of HOJmEPITR N1 *111 G GOOD*. /*! consisting of Cabinet Furniture, Looking Gla??e?, Beds and ,Mattres?>?, (,'hjna, Glw* and Crockery. Tab * Cutlery, Bntania war*. P!a?e<i , Japann *d Ware. Book Tin Good*, Iron V\ are, Basket.', B' ushe*, <kc. Our s'ock is com?l?tc with aiirost every thing nvcesfarjr to furnish the parlor, dining room, (Jail, chamber aud kitchen. Cmah or Una puraha?err will be offered strong inducements to buy. C. W. BOTELER & SON* bo lft-oo6t Iron Hall. PPAPF.RHANGINGS.*e. APERH ANCUNG!4 from t e rich and omatf> to * i.1 O V n ?-* it AVI Dil liji Onici Om Bare or WuinmoK. THE COXXECTICVT~MUTUAL L.TPK IXSVRANCE COMPANY, Or Hartford, Cox*. PURELY MUTUAL! Dividends Made and Paid Annua')?. , Last IH'vitmi M/ty Ptr Ctnt. FIRE DEPARTMENT. THE JXSURAXCK COMPANY OF THE \ $fATE OF VIRGINIA, Of Richmosd. CASH CAPITAL.. 9300,000. Alio, other *af*? and rs lable Companies, in which the lnsurM ^vrtusipau .a the profits without incurring any ? Mj. HEATH & KNOWLES, Asfnt* Offioe, Room 16, over Rank of Washington. Entranoa oa C ?ueet. no lo ? KENTUCKY CHAIRS. moderate. Appl* t>> K. LAZKNBY. opposite, or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio avenne, between , 12th and 13th streets. oo Ptf 1 EM)R RENT?Possession on the 1st of October r The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43% D ttreet, at present occupied by the R?v. Dr. Butler, acd , next door to the reai ieoea of the advertiser. J. M. CARLISLE. N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding house. e 18-tf _ j IT'Oa^ENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the bnild- 1 r tnj immediately opposite the west wing of the City Hal.,recently ooonpiad by Chaa. S. Wallaoh ' as an offioe. Aioo the front room ta the seoocxi story and the third floor of Utasvae building. For ' terms apply to RICHARD WALLACHTwo. a i Louisiana arenne. ? ia-13 0 < ? 1 L HEATH * KNOWLES, < 1FL, i FIRE, AND MARINE I VQi'D a Mr?P * rr Li un nr.,i ? ino one i>Morv nuiat 1*0. r 100 West st., Georgetown, at present ooou . pied by the aul>?oriber. It has il rooms, with km . anil water throughout, a linn yard, stable &o , and . is in aeooU neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. M AORIIDER. <>o 25-tf IZ'OR RENT?A four-story brown-front DWEL F LIN<*. situate on Thirteenth at., between I, and Massachusetts tTjoarof the most desirable locations in the city. The house la furnished with marhle mantlet; alao, pas and water fixtures, with * bath-room leqaireat WM. P. SHEDD'S Fan?y ; Store, No. ZO* lith at _ 00 Tt-iSt' ' I^OR RENT.?Two new three-story BRICK ' MOUSES with baok bnildmics, eaeh bo. se 1 cor.Uinirx 8 rooms, with r*s, pleasantly aiteaied , On 8th Mtrp<>t north hfttwAAn M nH V ??rAflU rent ' tures oomplete, On l) st'eet. between 4th anl 5th. Alto, a two-ktorr briok C'TlAUK, with lar^e yam attaohod, oorner of F street north an 14th at. east. To panotua! and r*lis1>!<* ter.a->ts tho terms will bo moderate. Apply at 416 Twelfth street, between (J agd H. no 13-tf TO RENT-Tliat pleasant COTTAGE RESi- , DENC2E, oontaiainc 7 roomi, with front baloony, larite yards in Iront and rear, fronting H st, in Printing Offioe square, between North Capitol and First aU. Rent per annum. Address, by letter or in person, W AC. 8T10KN EY. no 6 tf FOR SALE?A new two-story briok HOUSE on Fourth strest, below New V'oifc avaane. The < house is 7) fee! front and 4) feet d?ep ; ha* 5-foot lasiage, parlor, dining-room, kitchen, and four i chambers, with stairways in pa*s*?e and kitchen, witii good cllar under the whole home For terms inquire at 499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. no 1-tf J A3- ?. TOPHAM. 1 -%/Mi Ti rfiL- c Ml* t sr TO LET?A oorrmodious three-story HOUSE, With baok building, tni. aide i-t, statoe. Ac , oomptetfcly ftjrninhwl with All :h modem improv*meoti, ?n the oorner of H And Twenty-first street*. Possession given immediately. no 17-lw* FOR RENT?Two ROOM? in third story, adjoininir,with w?tM>nd^'utorafii)e PARLOR, lighted with m He^ord a pleasart part of the oitr. Ternn low. Apply on the premises, 1 No. 496 Mail, avenue, between 4th and 5'h st*., north aide no 16-tf |?OR RENT-A brick DWELLING-HOUSE, r No. 4*0 Sixth stre?4 west, between Maud N orth, containing 8 rooms ?no a kitchen Trrma mo t-rate Apply aaat door north nol5-'w* FOR RENT?A three atory brick HOUSE, oont&ininz 8 room in #n?vi ??*k ?* ? H' [AN KD ROOMS, ia a | L rml* UwmIt, in tb* W?tt KmL mftf ba ?1 I by addressing P. L. E., Cit* Post Office. 1 | no 21-3teo* I^OR 8* LB?A rstiltia cbot.'trttr#:*. . and 1RUNKR. She kUo under-tsnd* iuwim children. Ace 44 )Mri For particular* call JM Ouee a? 394}, I atreaL,*! the owner wiiDh to <JUP'J?e of her immediately. notl-3t* POR RENT-A PARLOR and BEDROOM,or y-?r'- "irjt-i." l^OR RENT-Those b-antiful PARLORS in 1 tbe house 233 O street, oorner Fifteenth < , occupied last aesaion of Congresa by Hon. Mr. Humplirej, ait mow Ay font Also, tie P?rliira ow nrcnpi?dbj F. rie Hitn.* Jfcnner. E*q:, in the asms house. There are alto several fine roova suitable for^ingle gentlemen orainal. lanuie*. with ur wuim no*rq. no 3" 3t? DM?mb#t ne*u 61 .*0* For particu'*- P **? inauir of Mr. DYER, at the store or at Mr. CA* R,5og^w*Xt AOOT' WM. EMMBRtL FW?"gS5^?^56p^?h 1 No. 470. between F and ? strati. fiv^ron t*e5th of December next. KIRK WOOD. 476 Twi fth ?t 'Y-fKAYOfc* UFfICB. - '' i LkJ* Gko&aktowx,d. C.,tf<vr *Hh, lwi. j M? it knctc* th?t io conformity with roast ;>fi' MPJ iweOy rf*?*o-fu'{y rMunawh) ciuiens of thtt town to attain from .oeclar MMfUym*Bti, M w*!. m frrvojont iwimwii, <>a T?l*SDAY.the39tii rnetsnt,?nd the MB* U1 MctlJ Mftaotl for tt>? ofl>nair utrm tjuLt* tWnkiivinr to Ood far lorn, ooctt. K?ilea rut on* o! ru<rer ?ad gooun?*? in apilMiBi , in oar land th? iifunsN of ChnH.aa:** mi th* b>??*ir|* ofCoi?titdti?B*! <j0veran>A?t: tor <V i, - 'mo- m?m "<(?'.rmw eererree; lor preservation of life an1 heal'li. *r><1 mwow* aapp'ie* rsim*n^ and . ab*?\?e a!. '?* the ron?o'iftc pronr??? ' and turx here* of a more hle?*ed mhe'Haa m la tu* life which to cum*. Hfc.NRY ADDISON, no 2' itaw?w Mayo*. REPETITION OF Co T, The SINGING SCHOOL CO.NCBRT w?B He replieda? K?<rreet Hall on Fill DA Y EVKNING NEXT, for the beaefit of the l,adiea' Union Be-?*velent Society. wo i$-e??? WE, THF. UNDERSIGNED, have Una .lay ' entered luto a copartnership under the name and style ot J,?u A Muwo, for the parpos* of conducting the ^otp and Canlle Business. We aaliott a ahare of the paMio patronaff". *B<1 we pladxe ouraelvea that notklna will be spared oa our part to please oar friends and tk? public JONES A MEHEGAN, i Georgetown. Dl C. 1 September I, IMP. aetfl POR BOSTON ?Tha hri? Wa.h w?. -- i 1* rired, and it now discharging her frcuiit. ak bo 13 iw 99 and 101 Wturitfut. , Dl'TTLR, 1 O BUCKWHRAT. ?e. t 35 k?c? prime (ilari*** BUTTER, 1,000 lb*. waerior BUCK WHEAT, . SbbH.CRANBKHRIKJS ' 5 " CUCUMBER PICKLES in nneirar, < Wmlbi. Fre?h HOLL BITTcR, 800 Orud Bank CODFISH, 1 ? box** SCOTCH H ERRING. ? 10 cheat* low-priced V. H. and Black TEAS. t Also. , Farina, Corn Staroh, Kio#, Floor. Maoarom. Bordeaux Oil, Gelatine. Hop*, Carb. Soda pure frroun-i Coffee, Concentrated l ye, Ac. For aal* by no 15 6t W. H. TENNEV. 10? BBL9. OF FRIME CIDER, U?T Arrived and for &lea?hfl?^ ior "" ,v* AftH I * PllHl . ? IUST AfcCKIVKfr- . J 10 kMi. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, Uo bbl?. orfj R?a WHIHtY. c asobhls. HERRING and ALEWIVE8, fiO bbl?. Cr??hedand Refined -UGARo, i 3n bags Rio ?nd Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.< low aric?d; MOLASSES. Forsalabr JOH> J. BOG UK. as 10 ' { i 'RANDBLL, OPTICIAN, , tio. 1*8 iiridn tt.,Gtertrt0W+, t Hm oomttnt'T on haatf a larre assortment of Prenoh Near-sun ted, Penaooaw Col cv^cv ?rod, and al. other SPF.CTA<TLR8, offcr^C^ ' ? bojt* in ro:<t. tlrar. staei.aad Otrmac fcUrar fracas. N. fl. old Frames kepairM and jew t tati sat in thwn to ordar. no tt-lr \f AH8EY, COI^LINS A CO.'S PH1LADKL^ ' PH1ADRAUGHT Al.E.?We are oonvtaouy roooivine fresh cup alias or the abore delichtfal berKrftrA M.n/1 invito a 1 (\apb^*>> ?W.. IOUU. waul m EUir Ullkdulterawd Ala, to cive it a trial. ARNY h SHINN.AgenU, fat *T 9nw ?t- SwteHtB. PERSONAL. 1HOLD A DKBDOFTRl'STONTHE PROP- 1 erty offered l??r ** ein th*arfrerti?e"*??nt of W n. 1 I". Orair, Oonn'aM*. dat#d Nov. i?h instant, for \ he sate or Bernard Mag**1* interact in LM No. l , in Square w??t of ?qoar? No 14 on S?th *tr??t and fa. av* r.ue. which % d d?*<l win ex?ontrA to u? in good fi ltti, and for a valuable ooi sideratior. I * lo, therefore, proto-1 against fie (aid ?ala, aa bring 1 ltiout *ith ntr ol iaw. and aaution an per* t.s igatnt hiddinx at the pretended rale no8"-7>* JOHN M?GKF., , rklSTKlCT OF COLUMBI A,C*i?ty or Wai? > " iwstus. To Wu ?On tlna loth day of Nowm- 1 tt*r, IKM, lie/ore the aabacriber, a Jua'iea of t! e I uace in ai.d for aaid county and District afore??<i. personally appeared Aautlla R. All^n, aid made oathi on tne holy Kvan*?ty of Almighty Ged, Chat a colored man earned Cnarlea frmith about 1 Lhree weeka aince waa arreeted by him aaamna- t way, that he hath in<terat>od that a report fcath t been circulated thai the Rev. Mr. Albert Bo ding \ waa privy to, and a*ai?ted m. the arreot, by giving infnrin&tinn raaM/ttin. L. - _ 1 I ivapvutixi UIUI, ?UU V||? I US WBfi pill for it, by Mr. J no. A. Smith. the turn of one hun- 1 1 red dollars, which ttu t rumor is f !se ia every J &&riicu ar, and that Mr. Rolling had no a?erc* m ] is. arrest o the b?nt of his knowledge and li-Iinf, i kndth*tJno A. Smith knew nothing, nor hid he , iny agency whatever in the matter. , A. E. ALLEN. 1 Subscribed and swern to before me, ' no THOMAS C DONN. J P. A| I.L THE CREDITORS OF THE FORMER firm of M. Lawkrstiin a C. arkxa** are requested to present iheir o'atms to the un<l*r- ^ iirn'd, a* the above firm intend t<rtnalce an a*-irn- i ment to him. OH AS. WAf.TKK. . no I9-3C* No. 397 Pat ,oppo. City HaU. OH FFICE CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO CAN AL * COMPANY, W*?hin8TO!?. Nov. 15. 18fln.? Netiee it herein- given that eert>fieaf?s receivable ( for tol!? to accrue to the Chesapeake ami tth.o . 'anal Oomp ny during the year >8 0, dat.-d ?j> i! 28th, 1H5i>, N->? *1 to 81, inclusive, fur sum* of it). " 0, ft-0 an?1 amounting in the aggrecar * u? ! SS.WO, were issued by order of the Bo?r?l to John T. Bowles, to ba applied to net tain repa;rs, *c, whSoh not !?*ving been done, and no vaice reeeued , for the same, the public are c*uti*r?d agaiist receiving or negotiating said certificates, as pa> m*nt 1 ther^ofwlll be ^eruted. ? By order of the President and Directors. I W. S. KINOttOLD. no 16 6t Clerk C. and O. Canal Company AST R () LOO I ST -READ, K E A D.?V * r at F.xcitkmkst.?Jcst A*eiv*d.-M ADA.MK I. eEVISE,the most wonderful ladr now Jiviug, wl.o , is created a wild fumre in her irtv-Is. Msdaiw* . t>. has attrac'od the leading heads of the oountry, all who have pronounced h*r revelations ttu y as- 1 tonisbing. Tho*e wbo are int'OjKleof any km-' < go a: once to her. Madam* will brine any ok to I ?on aud causa th*m to love tou; will break the | habit* of diinkmg and chewing; wi I cvae ma-'ied and unmarried ODe? to rejoice aa ' ihow ihem how to live happily; will recover losses, dircct in rc? td to lawsuit*. travels, numbrrs. *c Person* st a distance br fitting their ami ercl->?'i? on" 1 i 1st cm; have thnr planet* eorreci j w i't?n and ?<v.t I bj mail. A fo.pfriom in this city. wl>o fe 1 a d? ii I ' oefljr in ca:nnf, n? ereioirinc O'* n. mr *r.a;i M , waired upon immediate! 7, til stnet'y oorfido*? al. AII eommnnieaf ?n? musr he ' ir*e<*d to ta? R ioh- ' mond House, corner Eigh'h and O T<?*o- i oomnriodate Prices 8V 50 . ?ut* and SI pmata entrance on D street. Gentlemen, also, oail to 16Jw *_ \fADAMf. MORRICE, TBI Gbkat A?T*OI.O- t I'l OUT iSD Dofrms./roiB Europ*.?This hiliily 1 rifted ana int?'!i<ent !?!y CM be eon-n tef on , the Pact. Present and Future Krei t?. Ca ! at No. . 40ft Eighth at., between G aid II, Washington. : Hoa-lm* j NOW OPEN TUB ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, 1 at ; 4T? PENNSYLVANIA AVENIB, J Next door to Clay's (late U. S.) IJote/, Ktwren Third and 4J streets. d. G. EVA^P, in o'dor to accommodate his legion* of customers throughout ths L'nitovl ?tttea, J has looaltd 4 A BRANTSSTORE of kis widely celebrated GIFT BOOK INTERPRJSK in W&ahmgton City,at 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVEWl'E. 1 ? h fir n fcaii &!? * Ka f.\un<t ?. aahi nl?(? ?lar Ir n t # )* STANDARD AND .MODERN WOHKS of ilifl ; UNITED ?TATt8 AND EUROPE. < EwrbeeklBei.ldBttiw \ PUBLISHERS R??ULAR t ATI*, and ,, ^ A WFT -11 wor^h from Fiftjr Centi to 0>B HUNDRi: D DOLt LAK^ u preamted to >- , BVERY FUKCHA8KR at the tirtT> of the sa:?. I Beint#xtf>n?ive!y Minted ouruWea in the * 7 1 I pi tucation or ikjokp , udfroa ourlMK*s?toaeB?bi?d to pureh*a* ectira ditioni from other fablithera, vs o?a offei ? INDUCEMENTS to oar ntww i?lw*i?iwrt to b? ourIbiktb i ARE ORNAMENTAL, USEFUL, ANU VAL- ' CABLE. Comprising a Thousand Vanetoas ; Aauas wiuoh we nam*? G?ld and Silver Watohes, Gold Chains, Ladies' splsndul Black and Plaid fcut i>re*s F%t tarns. Parlor Tims Piaoes, Silver P!?M Wars, Costly Sets of Cam?at, Mosaic, Florentine, Coral, ttarnet. Tursnoit and Lava Jevs.rT. Gold Locket*, Pencil* and Pen*, Ladle*' Neck, and Chatelaine Chain*. Gecta' Bo*Ira Stud* and Sleeve Button*, Pocket Knlvea, Port MonnaiM, k,o? A-c. The eititena of the District and vicinity are reapectfally invited to examine oar atoek of Book* and Gifta, whether deairona of parahaaiaf or not and by eo doing will be enabled to Jadfe of the advantage* ti be derived fro? oar foyiiar ayatem of oondaotiag Book aaiea. mr Call for oar ne v ulAeifted Catalan*. wh?r?i. oar method of doing baaineaa will be foaad fmily datailad. B7*Pkiou mo dial for books (rtatdiiluM will r ? ? aame attecUoa m tboacb at oar ator*, tba gifta. ib all oaaea, aoooa>paa*iac Um probata. 6. G. EVANS'S * VI FT BOOK EMPOKIOM, 4T? nuu. irnn, no ia-tf Waahnjtoa, D. C, a ^.iujahi .o yji ksh j s -V ?'/. lab*"1 11 ft t.w-bb-U oa I 4. n J u. <* ?* * y* ? *? ift*vA . .<>H Mtr. 9 V !*JU IO' enrrrm* on . til iu kt&nchea. The l*leet ffcetuoua rwafrod M MM M puUuehed. . N B -sever** fine |?om to lot, fur^eW mr uaturqmho*. Apply a* a.bore. moitm ClJV STEAM FIVK*WOOD WILLS COAL ^ ** p?fOT, Foot qf Stvtaitauk itrut, b*lo*e Wmr D pmrtmau. * oop pr>r*r?i, Mi *rn>UimH BO 10 if ?MH.w.,Mw.llUwi??Qief. W MERCHANT TlILp?IK?. B I write our ud fciuS-'is? iszirz- ^>u **" ^VJTl. ? oe?tf eta. Now 18 THE ?T.8?*fTn" PA*0Al!*? 16 r#*t r 1 u e i, U %r? m* effect d I o JU1 New Vou. Nov. 20?BflriRM here to very loll to-day A d'spatcb (r*w Albany announces Lbe suapeaaion ut two or three flour an4 grain ileuses there. r * i 1 > i m !* * Yerk fttaraets. Ni? Vnti Nov -21 ? Flour heavy; State *t 75 iflH.itt; Ohio >6 35; ftouthrra 96 *a?S t*>. Wheat doll entl nominal. Corn lewer: ?ti-?d M >66c. Pork hravv; prime 11, l*rddull. WTbtsky dull at t6jfal9j TAPPLKS ANi> POTATO!** HAVK J n?t lieoink aer asta-uer from New k'ork aun harreta a PPL.lirf, sheeted espre??;? lor 'kmitjr t. ado. all winter fruit a-? in nn-ne order. W tushels ntr? EASTERN POT*TOtJ,direct from Boston, all of which Will be arid ieee 'bee market enc-, aether muet beo oeed out l**edial? y U> make room ft* Mother saeelr. D-el?ri and ottier* will -to well to fire im a ee I before porcr a?inf llie?jM?. OaM ?t the Columbia Market, ooreer Pa. aveeae uriTtoy.,w. DCVALL 1Mr8.C. V^!d'Sreey#etMy la!3lh and 14'h sta., where she hat eataraeo laoilittee >jii'.Dcm ttilcrract AuuiMii, Nov. SI ?The Bjutbern Metbo list C?ii((-mcr met urt* to-day, In the >out i Episcopal Cburcb, Bisbp Payu* presiding The >'dtnaVy prellrolasrv bastneas ar>d exataiaaUon ?I the cuaracUsr of tt?e alders occupied tbe mora nc ae?s!en About!*' members were in attecdince ' The lUiasliBaaka ru.u?s, Nov. 19?Our bankers to- sorrow will tbrow ut tbe aotrs of the following banks liner.can ExebAnze Bank, State Bank (Pbawaee?wo,) Bank of the Commonwealth, Bank of 8ale!gh, Cora Exchange Bank, National Bank tad Bank of Aurora Virginia Kieettoa. ricbmckd, Nov 21) ?Ore hundred and forty four rouuti'S and cities rfficiallv reported, give Bell 191 plurality, aad tbe alaeothers unoCclally reported laersase tbe plurality. IstfWkMi of Gratis M?u?es idjourned til nine o'clock to-morrow morning Marine DlMitrr* New OiLitxi, Not IS ?The ship Jotoa R Wood, for LIverpool, with 9Uu bales of coCto* on }o?rd, waa burned last nlt<bl Toe loss ts estilisted at from 875,000 to 880 000 The bark Evador, with 3 000 barrels of Ubm, ims also burned last night. The a hip Wild Cat. for Boston, wu iamagrd bv Are when fifteen miles below the city. She has returned for repairs la pentlen af aperie Pay neat by VlrfiM* Basks R|CSW)S?,K(T. ao.?The 'Farmers' Bank -f Virginia'' haa auapeoded aptcle payment ajtd reolvf-d to prr?u? a eonrss of |>?liev to prepaid for m early resumption The otber banka will to'low tLis course as a prudential measure during .tit present prsssure. Raw Yark Fiaaaclal Affairs Niw Y*ik, Nov 20 -Atswt <W0 worth of itrrling bill* were takrn to-day bathe bank committee. who w!TT holdseta'.ons dany tilt tha entire wo and a half aalllioas are pnrchaaad of regni?r lrawsra Theratea ?s day rM ged from 104 to 100 Heavy disroonta were made to-day by the hanks, >nt paper outstde ts nearly unsaleable. affairs la Baitsa. Bostos. Nov 20 ?The two wln|t of the democracy in 'onventicn, last sight, nominated los-pli M. W l^h'jnan for Mayor. A H. Allen' furniture wvrehooae, la Dork a tq'tare. was d maged by fire and water last night to the amount of 810.000; insured In Sprlngfleid tad Hartford. winter. moat.y on account of tbe (allure of rater bv the freeiing wratLer. Gulch mining iu!y ceaatd. The Bnrch Divarca Cm*. Nan Seville, III , Nov 10 ?The pracaadlnfa a thf Borcb divorce cut to-day were confined to Jie examination of iudiv;dual? with rtfwwet to heir qualification* aa jurora A full Banal wna loaliv obtained, cona.sUng of the following aaiued peranna ?H J Wilcox, Lyman CUflbrri, gawaon Willard. Peter Nortbrup, C b kaianet, [) S'ruckniar., Wm. Finch, Jouataaa iM* tiler, 3 W Hbe*, A. 8 Barnard, H ? Lyatan, ind Alfnd W ateru an The i<iry wat then awora. ;autton?d br the court to keep tbennaelve* free from Dffliid re and diirturaml Tk?r.nifl ih?? ?-ni rr its rwifl v v> <lrT*<>41 and p;o *11 tbe Sta* D rhleb he rerel th! not a solitary vote, ip ast av.r (? rwthment upvn lt? <-onetttntl jtiai r.^bts ? Hp our in which be racelved the largest ma J irfty. Ir*a Pike's Peak '. Fuirluun. Nov wo ? Ad*>ras from Dmrer City to tbe l?th mat . at*to* that a aocrwatorm irt inoa ltie evening of the Uifc aad lastod loura At Golden City llattaiaod a doptb of o4c t.t tnrbea; at Gregory's M inches and oa tbe Divide I'i laches Tbs fall on I ich ranges appear* to iav? I wen ver v beavv, aad tie wagon roods to tbe *tak rn slope* are. dsubtlesi, bioiksd up for tbe viuter. TbeProvialonal Legislators aaseaabled on Monlay, aid organized temporarily, and on tbe folo\iiiie di v permanoatly. Tbotaovernor tbcad*tvt-rea his message U lart? tnl 11a Vw?n ? ?t??? N?w Yoke, Nov. 21?The norulaf pape )ubll?h a d.ipaUh from &prla?fleld las u'^Lt, rtvlnc an account of the jabllee l**t otgbt Mi y.ti eln vuiertiiitd, and mU? a ape* h He thanked hia friend* ft* tbe boner conferred . uid rejoiced with tbetn in their woow for Ibe :auae lu which they bad been eacafed, but Mid 'in our rejoicings let ue neither eipress nor cbe' ah harsh frellngs towards tb<?' <3 U"lag with or. ^et ua at ail times remoati tbat all inaricui >rolhera, of a cenunoa coaatrv. and abould dw? .1 opether ia bond* of paternal feeling." He repeated hi* thvnka, and aouwd biaaeelf rom further peaking at tt.U time. Senator Trumbull foJtawed. He Kid Mr L)aoln, although tbe candidate of tbe Repullican K?rty, as a ChW Magistrate will neither t?- <?ng i tnat or any other party when Inaugurated Ji id loin to far are mostly for post ctSoes. " ~ The republican. jubilee to-morrow night protr Mto be a brilliant affair. Mr LltcoTa wlU b? :*Urd upon at bit r?ejdruce lie wlfl present ilTse!/, but make ao speech. Senator Trumbull, i>oo Hattuf Cinciaaatl.andMr Galea, Govern* ct of IlUaols, wlU apeak at the wigwam It Is indersteed Mr. Trumbull will represent the rlswsof Mr. Lincoln Liecela J.bllee ! lllieels iiwut?wn l, Dnyton. of N 1 Poalinattfr General? Flta Henry Warrea, nf Iowa (Vcretary of \Va/?C*aalua M Clay, of Kt Secretary af the ,N?r?Khotmi fcttoeridt*. of Tana. Secretary of tbe laterler?Galoaba A Grow, of Pano. Attorney General?H Winter Davie. of Md A larye number of pwpkktn uM upMi Ibe Presidentelect to-dav. from Keatacky. Vir*la.a, south Carolina, Maaaacbuaetta, New York, Pwm 1 raiii a Mr Lincoln continue* U receive appttcatiena [or ?flea ia tbe ttonth Of all Ui? caller* Mr Llacoln bad to day, not >ue waa after oMor OSc -* ? kera wr'.le letter*, ind would attal a better cbauoe If tbey did write any Tbe (tampedc for tbe Important oBora n tbe ronatrv haa nnl on Tl - -*?S LAT?t$?-*??* i I ri t -- TELEGRAPHIC. UteNitUi tfm IpnaiiliU (nuama*. HI , No* W?Mr LImaU will leave brre for Gh W *? >* > to Mwn laC trtU. < ouijvu -1 bv Mr* Lleeeto dftm lor TivnbnU. He ?rtU dirllM all and make bo epeeehre, ee the ahict *t kto VaU ie to attend to ?ri veto ?i?w fetor* MtortM ?P? k?e pakUe duUea, wkftck lirillywfw* ?fM Wa in Ike torn of u nww MtrM^o?4wc? Mr Hunlto, ike V ice Preeidret etoei. will men Mr. LlBoolit M Cklu|? mi Wednesday. Ttrv wtU tM toe ?Hk otber to tke tret Uato Tbe foUowiBg to tke Uteet Cab: net ac bedeW Secretory of Stato-Judge Mr Lmn, W Oka.