Newspaper of Evening Star, January 11, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 11, 1861 Page 2
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1 THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY Jaaaary 11, 19?1. JET The new Dollar Weekly Star, fmller than ever of Metropolitan newi and gossip, and choice literary reading, la new on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced In Its enter taining contenta are the following article*: The conclusion of the thrilling tale, "A beautiful Devil:" Major Jack Downing on Secession; The Watroua ca*e; Foreign Correspondence; The War in China; Diamond cut Diamond; Proposed attack upon the Capital; Smith and Brown In the hot-bath?a rich sketch; "The First Baby," (lo be read onlv by married folks;) Skating in the Central Park; and a great variety of other capital general reading; Editorials upon all the absorbing questions of the day; A carefully prepared digest of the Con fressior->l proceedings of the week; A great .ocal Budget, Including the spirited Union Regiment meetings and the spicy " Wig. warn" doings; The Correspondence In full between the President and the South Carolina Commissioners, Ac., Ac.: Three columns of valuable Agricultural matter; Recipes for the Household Ad Workshop, Ac., ke. This la Just the paper above all others for per sons sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or SI.00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. fcpirii (I noriiln* frtu The Inttlhginetr refers to the lncreaalng dan gers of dissolution, snd publishes a letter from a prominent Southern gentleman in this city, charg ing that at a caucus held by secession Senators from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mlwltslppi. Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tezaa, on Saturday night, it was arranged that they should assume all political acd military power in the Sou'h, and that they bad "advised the Conventions now In session, and soon to assemble, to pass ordi nances for immediate secession; but, In order to thwart any operations of the Government here, the Conventions of the seceding states are to re tain their represeutationa In the Senate and the House/' ? * "They also advised, ordered, o directed the assembling of a Convention of Dele gates from the seceding States at Montgomery on the 13th of February." Further, that it was de ternlned to take the moat effectual mean* to dra goon the Legislature* of Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, and Virginia into fol lowing tbe seceding States, and to appeal to the popular passion in Maryland Thev had pos sessed themselves of the telegraph, press, and postmasters' cooperation, and relied upon defec tions in the army and navy. The Conntiution has no editorial to-day. The Republican expresses its disfavor of the Crittenden plan of compromise. Impo*ta!*t Spkchks ?The speech which Sen ator Hunter will deliver to-day, we fear will do much towards hurrying Virginia upon the path In which the extreme Southern States are now hastening cut of the Union. A very brief time lnce. Mr. Hunter publicly proclaimrd that the election of Lincoln was not sufficient cause for the destruction of the Union Our belief is that be will to-day, In the face of that declaration, virtu ally justify all that South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama have already done against the Integrity Of tllA Oov?pnrn*nt BAminallw nn thus embarking his own fortunes, and endeavor lug to Involve those of tbe border slavebolding States, to tbe current scheme for the destruction of the Union and tbe establishment of a military despotism over the South, In Its stead. As much as we deplore that be should thus fall In nerve to adhere to tbe statesman-like conservatism of bis last published manifesto on tbe subject, we sin* cerely believe that be has, as explained above, determined to embark on the boat with those who are striving to destroy the Union for the sake of Its destruction. To-morrow Senator Seward will address the Senate, and his speech will be tbe most momen tous one in its results ever delivered before that body. It is undeniably true that his positions carry more popular weight with tbem than those of any other living man in America, and with the class of citizens, too, whose present hostility to a conciliatory and peaceful settlement of tbe national troubles is now tbe ciiief obstacle to that so desirable consummation. Besides, be la to ad dreaa tbe country with the fact that he ia to be the Premier of the lncomiug government, now known to all; and, therefor*, whatever he may say on tbe afffclr of tbe timea will necessarily be received a* the authorized pronouncement of that govern ment. We believe that he ia about to extend the olive branch; and pray that auch may prove the fact. If he doea, tbe Union may yet escape deatruction, and tbe llbertlea and prosperity of the whole country, and the hopes of mankind, the world over, Involved in tbe continuance of those liber ties and that prosperity, may yet be aaved. If cot, dtaunlon henceforth reigns triumphant, and the horrors of civil war bid fair to be its attend ants. The Cosapibacy to L'9crp th? or thi South, referred to elsewhere in the Star to day, formally, made known to the public through this morning's Intelligencer, is doubtless a fixed fact. The gentleman who Is responsible to the Intelligencer fur the statement stands as high In the estimation of the country as any other public man of the South, and avows his readiness to make his assertions good, If any of the Senators Implicated dare demand of him to do so The English of the scheme is, clearly, to make for the government of the South a virtual mili tary despotism. to be lathe Lands in which they may please to confide it; permitting the Southern people to have hardly more to say in the future direction of their public affairs, than Louis Napo leon at present permits the people of France to have to say. in the direction nf F tfkln. We fear that there la little doubt that it is for such an object only that these Senators of the United States, and their outaide council here, are " plotting to Involve the country in the horrors of a long and bloody civil war. Thua, they would strike down all the liberties enjoyed by the peo ple of tha South at a single blow, under the pre tense of being engaged In protecting Southern rights, that they nny usurp the Government of the South, and rivet the chaina of n despotic and Irresponsible authority upon the Southern pop ular seek T?a Connection Sevseed?Yeaterday, the President made a formal order, directing the Heads of the various Departments to withdraw all their advertising patronage from the Comii tuium The Government la thua entirely cut loose from that incendiary aheet It printed tbe advartiasmeiiLa of tha Government only under the elans# of tha law which authorizes the Executive ta designate a Washington city paper In which they shall be printed, aa wall sa In the two other papers of Washington having tbe largest circu Tit Kntiii Littbks oh S*cis?ioj? ? Order* continue to po?r In, dally, for the extra Star to contain the whole of this admirable series; and that qod? miT bo disappointed In obtaining them (u we (ball issue only tbe number actually ordered),we have concluded to defer the republi cation for a few day*. All who with to secure coplsa will do well to promptly leave their orders at our counter. |rr The South Carolina Parliament wii oc cupied on Monday with a bill to repeal the Usury Law*. Mr Garllngton opposed it on the ground tbat "?? m p/anttHf community tk*rt \i always a large nuatun of indtbtidntti, and if this bill is agreed to It will produce perfect amazement in tbe country " Tbe bill was tabled Nominated ?We hear that the President yester. dmy nominated Dr R. B. Bradford, of New York city, to be Conaul-Oeneral of th? United State* at Klmodi, Japnn, to ill a vacancy?January 9, 1891. la*, Henry 8 Miller, of New York, to be c6n eul at Hamburg, alao to 111 a vacancy fticeMBD ? Pint Lieut. J. H. Forney, (of Alabama,) tenth infantry, baa resigned bis com mlaaion in tbe V 8 Army. Lt. Talbot, first artlUary, bearer of dlapstrbce (reai Major Anderson, la expected to arrive bere tkl? afternoon. C0SGRE9SI01AX.. Ssnate?Yesterday, after our report closed? The President's Message was taken up, when Mr Davis said that he should hav adduced authorities to prove his position bad he spoken on Wednesday; but events had carried him past thst, and he now had to deal with events The President gives no new information in his last message; feeble bands hold the reins of State, and men are now administering the Government who have no constitutional right to the place they hold. The policy of the Government changes ?vi>rr n*tv irrsw^nil tn Ita ir?mhprt n/4 Anally, the whole thing Is thrown at the door of CongrfN Mr. Divls considered it folly to make the city of Washington a camp for soldiery, when there is no insurrection in it?and denied the right of the President to use force In the protection of Federal property. He denied the rinht of force or coercion In any case, and had prepared a reso lution providing that no garrison should be kept within a State If offensive to the people of said State He said that civil war would be disastrous to both sections of the country, but the North would be by far the greatest sufferer. Jf the republicans chose they could avert the calamity nearly upon us, and restore tranquility to the country. It was in their hands alone, and upon their skirts would be the blood shed in the strug gle that must otherwise ensue. Mr Trumbull replied, in a few remarks, say ing that #11 that was required was that the ma jority of this great nation should bow down and succumb to a party who had brought the peril upon us, and were now very anxious that some body should give them at least a bare excuse for letting the thing alone. He believed that the only time for compromise will be? when States shall give up public property In their possession and return under the Constitution. After some debate, on motion of Mr. Mason, tLe President's message was laid over until Sat urday, at 1 o'clock. The Senate then adjourned. Housk?The Washington and Georgetown Railroad bill was before the House when our re porter left. at 1 . a ? i ? i>o oFDmie action was taxen upon 11. The Houh went Into Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, (Mr. Stanton In the chair,) and took up the bill to Incorporate the Regents ol a General Hospital (or the District of Columbia. This bill was laid aside to be reported to the House. The bill providing for the incorporation of tbo Guardian Society and the reformation of juvenile offenders in the District of Columbia was next considered, and also laid aside to be reported to the House. The committee then rose and reported to the House. The city railway bill was then recommitted to the Committee for the District of Columbia, with orders to seport it at a future day. The House then adjourned. Friday, December 28. Senate ?Mr. Btgler presented seven 1 memo rlila from Pennsylvania, praying the preservation of the Union on a compromise basts Mr. Cameron presented several Union memo rials. Mr. Bigler moved to take up Mr. Crittenden's resolution. Aft?r some debate as to proceeding with the morning Lour business, Mr Bigler demanded tbe yeas and nays upon the motion; when tbe motion was lost?yeas 15, nays 31. The Senate, after some private business, took up Mr. Hunter'* resolution, providing for the re trocession of forts and arsenals in seceding States. Mr Trumbull moved, as a substitute, House re solutioo.of* to Mai Ariderann Mr Hunter sad that tLere was no bop* of pre serving the Union. You could not restore the dead The irreat hope now was to be ready to form a new Union which, It might be, would t.e stronger than the present Government Many difficulties were In the way of this project, he well knew, but the love of empire on the Amer ican mind uii^bt accomplish that result. He reviewed the history of the agitation of the slavery question, which he contended bad induced the Southern States to believe that their social system was not safe in the Union without addi tional constitutional guarantees for protection The lo*s of social system was the loss of moral status?the reduction of a State to anarchy. He stated. In form, the demands of the South, and dccUrn) th?t In lh?M Knnlil Km - J - ? * - .w >-v<rv IU MT7 ailllCACU a *eiu by the South upon all matters affecting slavery Horsx ?Mr. Lovejoy offered a resolution call ing upon the President of the United States to transfer bis authority as Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy to Lleuteuaut General Win field Scott. Objected to. Mr Hickman asked to be excused from serving upon the special committee of five on the ab stracted bonds Agreed to. On motion of Mr. Sherman, the regular order of business was taken up. Mr. Carter reported, from the Committee on the District of Columbia, a bill for the relief of cer tain j>arties who had suffered loss in macadamiz int; Pa avenue. Sir Branch moved its reference to the Commit tee of the Whole 011 the private calendar. Agreed to. Mr Bingham reported back, from the Commit tee on the Judiciary, a bill for the relief of the assignees of lion. David C. Broderick, deceased; and it was passed. Book Notices.?We expressed our admiration some days ago of the new edition of Lamb's Works, issued by Crosby, Nichols, Lee k Co., of Boston, and now have occasion to commend quite as heartily the edition of Hallam's Middle Ages, (in three volumes,) just issued by these well-known publishers. The Issues of this bouse tft lift th*? norfooHAM ?1 * *? 1 vi tjpugripuicai ueauiy and carefl# editing, and we congratulate the lovers of "book* that are books" upon the oppor tunity of enriching their libraries with this admi rable edition of the works of a standard author The work Is for sale by French ic Klchstein, 273 Pennsylvania avenue. From M i). Russell, Seventh street, we have the "Metropolitan Catholic Almanac" for 1SG1, containing an Immense amount of matter of Interest to Catholics and other denominations as well. Ct" His Majesty King Pickens, of South Car olina, recommends to his Parliament to raise 1,400,000 for the support of hit army. He adds : "It is hoped that circumstances may arise which will plve a pacific settlement to our difficultly ana it no, every reasonable endeavor shall be made to prevent the expenditure of the whole amount; but the more certain way to produce a pacific turn to eventa U, to be thoroughly pre pared to meet any emergency." v-y-TEACHKRB' ASSOCIATION -Teach L? ?rs' Association will hold a meeting TU XORKOW, at 10 a. in. It J. 8. DkHART.S?q. ?Y"y="NOTICE ?The friends of the new military I L < organization of the Fir?t Ward are requesi fi| i(imf?t at Harm?nv Ha l U *t'eet, between Uih aad 13th, TO-MGHT, at 7tt o'clock. It* nr^-ATTKNT'ON. METROPOLITAN Rl FLbS?The regular m??tin* ol tbe above named corps will be held THIS (Friday) EVE NING, the llthiiist.,at?h o'clock. By order. It* E. C ECKLOFK, Sep. Yr??EV. DR. SAMSON WILL RESUME II jp his Bible Lectures at the Rooms or the Young Men's Christian Association, on SATUR DAY EVENING,at7ho'o.ock AI! are invited, ladies as well as gentlemen, strangers and eitizens. la ll-2t rY~TT~ ATTENTION !?All peraona having aigned | < the lift for the purpose of forming a Volnr taer Military Cuirpany, to be known aa the' Kk e Guard*." (and other* desiring to join.) are re qabated to meet at Teraperano* Hall, THIS 11- nd*y) EVENING, at 7 o clock, for the election of officer* It* lYTg?N*TIONAL VOLUNTEKRS. ATTEN \l Er TION.?A meeting of the abovn named Aa sooiation will be h- Id next MONDAY EVENING, January Uth, at 7H o'ol -ck,at Buroh's Hall.oor n<ro< Pourte ntti and D at*. The membera, and thoae wishing to join, are requested to be punctual in attendance. By order. R. CLEAR Y, President. J. H. GANTT, Reo. 8eo'y. ja 11-31* rr5?ATTENTION MECHANICS' UNION LJf RIFLES.?An adjourned meeting of the CSwMnf Will K- h-14 __... ?... ? i? im iom?crniioe ns'i. on BAlTJRDAY NIGHT, Jasuarr ltth. at7 o'oloek. A1 membcri are request*! to be preaent, u bu*i n of ireeortmuoe will he att^ndad too. All Me ohamos wishing to enrol themselves with us are IS THKftE A PERSONAL DEVIL?? THKorHiLus Kick* will answer tnis ones ti n conclusively la the negative, on SUNDAY EVENING, at the Od Trinity Church on Fifth street, showing that the views generally enter tained upon this sultjeatare borrowed from heathen my'hotofy and Milton's Para ate Lost.and are ut terly without foundation either In reason or revela tion. ~ eats ftee. Servtoe to oommenoe at 7H invited to be present. WM. MIDDl THOS. Lieut WM. MIDDLETON, Sec'y. TH.3d Lieut. It* o'clock. Jalt-lf (y^=-BANKOF WASHINGTON ? . _ ... _ January a, 1861. Th* Trnateea of thia Bank hare d?*.lared a divi dend of three per sent oat of the profit* of the laat ix month*, payable to atnokholdera on demand, j* 10-3t J AS. ADAMtt. Caahier. (Y^P? NOTICE.?The partnership heretofore ez iatiac between /. Kulin>ki and A. Bteaaki under the name and style of J. Kulinati k Co., has been thia da; dissolved bt mutual oonsenl A. K<e aslii ia alao authorised to ooileot the drbta due the said firm A. B1KLA KI, jalO X J ICUL1N8K1. rr5* i. o. a f.-eastern lodge, No r. '1.5 ATTENTION ? Mroibers of Eastern Lodro * o 7. I O O F aie hereby notified that the ? ?'?i<e w ll m>ec on n#zt FRIDAY NIO -T, 1th lualaot. in *1 etorjr of Potomac Hall, oorner of 11thand Maryland ave.. Island By order, ja9-3t* P. M. pearson, fe*>.|8?c'y. Thi Gksat Usiow Mmt59 m Baltimoii Last Nisht ?The Baltimore American of to day iay? "The Union maaa meeting, held at the Maryland Institute laat night, waa one of the moat imposing and impreaaive demon it cation a that baa ever occurred in Baltimore, and haa aet tled beyond all reaaonable questioning the trm and decided atand whlrh th? r?inl? of thta #?!*? have determined to occupy In relation to tbe preservation of tbe Union. Tbe ImmenM hail, capable of holding from five to aix thousand persona, was filled to tbe extremist density that humanity conld bear, whilst double the namber within tbe hall visited it In tbe hope of gaining entrance. Tbe audience thus gathered was unan imous and cordial in response to tbe resolutions and patriotic remarks of tbe speakers; the inter ruptions that were attempted by tbe few induced to attend with tbe view of disturbing the meeting, only serving to demonatrate more forcibly the unanimity and enthusiasm of the messes Tbe meeting was addressed bv Archibald Stirling, Wm. II. Collins, Esq , A R. Bradford, Esq., ii r? a ? *.t * ?j ?- 17 iiuu ntvnuy juunon, ana u. a. rwrrf ' Lkavixo South Carolina .?We clip the fol lowing paragraph from the Memphis Bulletin of Saturday last It records a significant fact: "A gentleman passed through this city yesterday, with about sixty negroes, from South Carolina. We remember that in 1832 thousands left that dis tracted State, and sought a home in the more quiet and loyal States of Alabama and Tennessee. We expect to see a similar condition of things now. Th?re are more in South Carolina who can ap Ereciate the blessings have enjoyed in the nlon, and have too much good senss to exchange them for an uncertainty." A Palmetto Flao Buekxd?AtNlcholasvllle, Kentucky, on Fast Dsy, a national flag, presented bv the ladles to a mllitari rnmnanv uj.n knlitoJ oh the court bouse. Whilst the community was at church a palmetto flag was hoisted above It, which caused great indignation, when it was taken down, delivered to the ladies and burned in the public nouare. lO"Hlnton Rowan Helper, the author of the ''Impending Crisis," was announced to deliver a lecture upon the "Two S\stems of Labor," at Clinton Hall, New York, on Wednesday Forty Dersons attended exclusive of police The lecture was adjourned, and most of those present organ ized a meeting and passed Union resolutions. Ul^The permanent public debt of the United cidH-n on me .mm 01 June, i?ou, was ? exclusive of outstanding Treasury notes, amount ing toSlft:?390,0U0. UJ~ The citizens of Philadelphia a few days ago presented Mr. \Vm. B. Wood (the veteran actor. In the 8'2d year of his age,) with a chock for 8950, as a Christmas present. nfg=?SIXTH WARO.-Tha members of the "5 Military Company whioh organized on Wednesday nic lit at the room of the East Wash ington Library Association,are earnesty requested to meet in the north room of Odd Fellows'Hall, ( >avy Yardl.onTO-MORROWi F-ida* > NIGHT, at 7 o'clock for the perfecting ?f the or^ani zv.ion bj thee eotion of officers. \ full atlendanoe is re quested. K A ADAMS, Chairman. ja lo-St* I 3?urrivr- iuu t UAL. MKfi 1SS, CUM P., 1L3C \Vr*sniNGT"?. 1> C.. Dee. 31, IWO In pursuance of tho charter the following state ment of the conditiou of the company is published, vis: Amount of premium rotes on hand 9125, Do iosces during the vear 9 016 sn Do usaiionhand. ... 9,K>jOO JCy Notice is al<o k'v*n that the annual mating ofm?iT.her? wi 1 lie h - Id at the office of the o<>mpanr on MONDAY, the 21k' m'tant, a: 10 o'clock a. m , when an "lection will bo helu tor seven Managers, to serve for the ensuing rtar. a7 eo6t CHAb. WILSON, Secretary. SMITHSONIAN L ! * C T U~R~K S ? Prof. Fairman Koqirs, of the University of or un-jivau.a, win ipciu e >n MONDAY. 7th. WEDNESDAY, 9th, find PR ID AY. 11th.on Roala and Bridg-a. A red light will exhif ited at the top of the h'ch tower on eaoh evrning ofl<ctur?a d will b? extinsum ed and the doom olose<i at a quarter before 8 o'oleck. when the iaoture will oom menoe- j&J S,.M,W4F? Y^the UNION PRAYER MEETINGS 11 will bo holder) every day this week, in th? Ei Kliah Lutheran Church, oomer of 11th and H atreeta, to oommence at 4 o'clock, and to oonti?ne one hour. iil DEMI'SEY A; O'TOOLE, WEDDING AND TISITINU CARD ENGRAVERS, nniVP. tT a T fA m r ImoortAra nf fin? WPHHI ?- ?? .. otnuuiiCiivi, \VfiDDING ENVELOPES. the moat beautiful styles. 326 Pa. Av., between 9th and 10th at* . au 27-6m Washinoton. C PISTOLS. OLT'S Army. Navy and Prcket Revolvers of entirely new mofl'li, superior to an? heretofore made. Also, the English and American Adam*. Tran ter'* and Smith * Wesson's Revolvers. Sharp's Repeatinc and the genuine Deringer Pistol. A larre assortment of the above at very low rates. M. W.GALT A BRO. Jewell'rs. 354 Pa. av , jal! 3t 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. fREAT SACRIFICE \I or PARtfilAN GOODS! Having a very tare* stock or the finest Parisian Good a on hand, which I must sell under an? oir ouinstance*. I will rnakeths trratest raorifioe that ever was offered to the pubtio in taking off V5 per ornt. oi the regular price. 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Oratorio*, ' tWeoUony at Maaio with bwutital titu M.H Ravm' Pulnway 4 ?oni' Ud dett tonwr JiE mo: ool7 Sin 'ICBo KissS; ?"k"' "wsr'iffA gViisst-" GEORGETOWN. CorrMpondeneti of Tke Star. GEOB0ZTOWH, January 11, 1861. Mr. George B. Lipecomb, and sot Mr. J. W. Hilleary, (as stated In our letter of yesterday.) waa elected third lieutenant of Company "A," Anderson Rifles, in place of Edwin K rouse, -1 ? J II a

cicv?o* cvuuu ucuiemm. At a meeting of Compear UB," Anderson Rifles. held In Forrest Hall last evening, great enthusiasm prevailed. Tbia company nu sobers 90 men, and organized by electing the following officers: Captain, F \V Jones; first lieutenant, Wm. O Drew; second lieutenant. Thos Orme; third lieutenant. J. W HUlearv; orderly sergeant, Wm. H. Silence. Meetlngaof tbe proposed new company of horse and of the Scott Rifles were held last evening, but neither company was prepared to perfect an or ganization. ? Several drills were progreaalng by the compa nies already organized laat night, and all aeem anxloua to learn the art military in double quick time. May auccees attend their efforts. Another Are occurred here yesterday evening soon after dark. It waa dlacovered to be the UkU i.iv.. i ? " * v.v "???v uru wuic viruiiinui l\UOl. V. uuage. Esq/, and wu entirely consumed, notwithstand ing the exertions of the firemen and citizens gen erulr. We are sorry to hear that Mr. Ch&a. D Welch, tax collector, in getting off a abed while looking at the fire, stepped on a table which turned with him, b'eaking his leg below the knee joint. He waa immediately conveyed to hla residence, and the fracture, which la a bad one, was attended to firomptly bv Drs Snyd?r and Mackall. The pa lent is comparatively comfortable this morning. In view of the acta of lncendlarlam and lawless ness wtich era of nightly occurrence, there is a disposition among the young members of the Anaerson Rifle Company to establish a patrol force. We hope the suggestion will be acted upon at once, as In matters of this kind prompt ness is highly necessary, and the offenders may take the hint and desist in time to save themselves from the clutches of the law. We learn, just as we close our letter, that an attempt (the second one) was made last night to set on fire a private residence in the western n?rt of our city. * Organize the patrol, by all means Owing to the change of weather, pork may be quoted at 87 from wagons; ST 25 to 87.M from tores. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS ,Y**SINqiNG SCHOOL.?All persona desirous JJ? of joining a sincing ciasa are invited to meet in tho basement of the Dumbarton street M. E.Church.on MONDAY NIGHT, January 14th. Terms Sl-5' per qo&itar. ja9 J. A. WHITE. f $ *0,000! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! In order to reduce our large and well assorted stock of DRY GOODS we will, during the nextso dats, deduct 10 per cent, from nil cask pu'eha^M of #5 ar,d over. Save your moti-y and oall at 9r* Bridge st., for bargains. SPILM\N & HUNT, Ja7 eolm Geo-getown, D. C. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS. 150 bbls. Oid Rye \VHI>KY, asobbla. HERRING and Al.EWIVE8, fiO bbis. Crushed and Refined -UGARS, So bags Rio and Java COPFEE, 10 hhds.(low priced) MOLASSES. For sain bv JOHN J. BOGUE. se 10 \IASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHI LADE b I T I DUIi iSo A I re TTrn a r M itr -T > uia i/itauom 1 AuCi.? vv o &ro oon*iMiiy rooeivinj fresh of the above delightful bev erage, and invite ail porsons who want a pure an adiutsratal Ale, to give it a trial. ARNY * SHINN, AgenU. I ? IT Brwn ?t.. fl?nrfMn?a. W flO.OOO ORTI1 OF BOOTS, SHOE'? and TRUNKS. Of all Styles and Qualities, AT A GE EAT SACRIFICE ON COST. Store for Rent and Fixtures for Sal'. All the Stock in S. pTHOOVER'S STORE, mlrn Hall.emhraiiiig every variety Kraiflof l,a<1irs'. U^n?*',-Children's miIWBI ^MUservants'SHOES AUo.TKAV-fM EI.1NG TRUNKS are row being sold,/or WL cathM sreat racrifioes on usual retail sellinrtprioes. indeed much below original oo?t. The attention of tho publio la solicited, a* g-eat inducement* will be made to purchasers. 1 he above oomprlses a large (took of the finest quality Frenohand Amer can Gaiters.Shoes.Buotn, Ao., ko., lor lalies and gentiemen . Tn" Store is for rent and the Fixtures for sale. _ WW - ? APPij uq fcio premises, iron nan. N. B.?The above stock, cither in whole or in part, will bo told at private tale. To any one de sirous of entering the Boot, Shoe and Trunk Busi ness Una atforrts a better opportunity than may again be preaented. Persona indebted will ounfer a favor by promptly calling W>d nettling their account*. j% 7 tf PIANOFORTE INSTRUCTION'S-The ua 1T daralgned, long well known to the^^M^ \\ a-.hmgt >n puhlio aa a teacher of tuelBRB Piano, begs leave to atate that he la pre *11% ? ' pared to take scholars on terms to aiut the exiger oiea of the funea. Having vaoineie* in hia time juat now whiob he it anxious to fill up, he will teach a few acholara, if deairabieto their parents, and tak? bia pay in auoh merchandise m mav he agreed on when they are entered with hiin. He is willing to muke auoh arrangement*, knowinc the inoonvenien<*e many who desire to have their ohil dren taught tie Piano experience now in getting money. Mia method of teaching haa been high y app-oved for yars, and hia references are heads of the b#gt muaioal families in \V*.?hin?tnn llm terms are exceedingly in derate ? JOHN K. 8CHELI., Retidtaoa?295 G street, J*5 I or apply at M?tzerott's. WELLING OFF! SELLING OFF ! ? FOR CASH?FOR CASH! rr Our entire stock o 1 Winter Drees Goods. Shawls in treat variety. Lathes' Cloaks,Fanoy Dress Silks and Silk Rohes, Piain and F enoh Merinoa, Poplins and Reps, Fine Bed Blankets, all at cost for canh, Also,a full stook ofgeneral Staple Goods for family wants. All will be sold at reduced pricos for . o?h. J. W. LEY & CO , de a?-2w 523 Seventh ?t., ab -ve Pa. av. REASONABLE DRV GOODS! Cloaks, Shawls, Flannels, Merinos, Ottomans, Blankets, Full Cloths, Linseys, ? Fancy Silks, Silk Robes, Poplins, Valanciaa. Reps, ..... Yarns, Hooped Skirts, Irish Linens, Sheetings, Napkins. ^ Beaver Cloth, Sack Flannel, White Goods, Linen Sets, Embroideries, Bombazines, Alpacoas, Counterpanes, Comforts. Toweling*. All of whioh we offer at prices to suit the times. d? 12 a Mr'TPHiaiiw CBOHN, No. 36S Pksn*. Amu. DEPARTMENT AND CONGRESSIONAL DI RECTORY. The moat oomplets director* ever published. It contains fin alphabetical lint .f all the government offioera, their salary and residenoo. Also. Conces sional Dirro'ory. Ac ?a complete list of the diplo matic oorpa. United State* Minuter* Ac. Sold by the Publisher; also, at the booastores in the oity. Ja3-lw? HPRAVELS IN THE REOIONS OF THE 1. Upper and Lover A moor, by T. W. Atkinson, with a map and numerous illustrations; prioe $i f*. Lionello, a sequel to the Jew o| Verona, by H. At Br<Mioiana, 8. J. Hassan Abdaliah, or the Enchanfd Kern,and other Taies, with an introduction by Mim Pardee, Volume on" of Tom Brown at Oxford, a a**uel to Tom Brown at Ru<by; oheap edition SI oenta. Our Year, a ohild'a hook in proae and verae, by the author of John Han fax. pr?oe 75 oenta, BLANCHARU A MOHUN. de 3 oorner Eleventh at. and Pa. av. THE THIRD WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH Dr. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, finds it impoa sibte to visit Washington every week, and has made arrangements to positively be in the oity the third Wednesday of every month. He has a suit of rooms at the Avenue House, where patients oan obtain advioe free. He only oharges when it is neoessary to make a thorough examination of the Lungs with the Respirometor. S. B. Wait* is agent for Sohenok's Pnlmooio Syrup, price #1 per bottle, for the cure of Coughs. Colds and Consumption; Schenok's Sea Weed Soma, pnoe ftl par bottle,for Dyspepsia; Schenok's andrake P.Tls, prios J5 oenta bar box. for Liver Bilious Complaints and Constipation of the Bow els. Dr. Schenek would be grateful to those who j have been oured by his remedies if they would : leave their oerti&oates of oure with S. B. WAITE, oorner Save nth at. and La. av. da 19 Sm - nuii um> iu[ jwiuuj iaiw? QUI ready, tna _ l A v.- ..i... 1 1_ . L.-1 -.1;. A ?t I would be obliged by their ogling and getting the IVOTICE.?Having putobased the entire stock I" in trade, good will a oil fixture* of M. Oppen henner, on 9th street, opposite the Centre Market ho jsex 1 am prepared to offer to the oitiiens of Washington great bargains 10 Harness, Saddle*, Trunks, Hat*. Caps, Boots, Sho-s,and read; made Clothing. The entire stock will b? sold oat 60 tmts im tkt doilar of its original cost, to wit: Haraesa worth ?50 will be sold at ftSS Do. * 40 " ? Do. M ? " is . Da. M 1* ** 9 Collars * S I Do. M LK " V> ots Do. " 1 SO ou Boots "4 " 3 Do. xSO R, C. STEVENS. A OFFICIAL. yj Tiuinv Dipm Juurr 9. ian. \ Nones U miBT O.TEH that M*l?d proposal* will be reoei ved tt Una Department antil the lfth d*? of January loit. for U? iaeacof inch tllMW of fir* m'lUona of dollar* in Troaaurr aote* u may then be lawfully leaned in exebang for fold ooia of tb? United States, dwpoeited with ttoe Treaau'er of the United Statea, the Troaaaror of the Mint at Philadelphia or the Aaaiatant Traaanr . a mi?iuu, liew I kill, <T Pk LiOQLI Wlinm |T? days from the aooeptaaoe of took proposals aader the authority of the tot of Cod free* entitled "An aot to authorise the flue of Treasary notes, aad for othtr purpo?e*. ' sp proved December 17, tW. Suoh Treasury notes will be issued apon the receipt hero of oertifioatee of deposit with thoee oftoers to theoredit of the T.Mturtr of tho United States. They wi!l be made payable to tho order of ooh bidder or bidders as shall offer to make saoh exchange at the lovest rate of interest on saoh notes, and they will carry that rate of iatereot from the date of such deposit. The proposals mast state the rate of iatareet without condition, and without re/erenoe to othor bids, and oontain no other fraotional rates than one fourth one half,or three fourths of one per eon t am One per oent a par the amoant propoeed to be ex ekai|?d mast be deposited with one of the oAoers above ecuirerated. whose oertifioats of aaok de posit must aoocmp&ay each proposal as seounty for lU fulfilment. If the proposal ia not aooeptod im mediate direotions will be fivea to retara suoh de posit. Shoald the proposals vary from the provi sions of the aot of Congreea or of this aotioe they will not be oonsidered. All proposals nnder this notioe must be eealed, and insoribed on the outside " Proposals for Tuee.... ?? TL._ Zil *? e -a iiwmui; iiwwi. m?7 win OV OpVDVQ UQ awarded at thia Department at IS o'olook. noon,on aid 19th day of January. PHILIP F. THOMAS. jalO Secretary of theTreaaary. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. BALL WILL BE GIVEN FOR THE BxurtT mw MR?. M J. ROBF.RTSON, Sl m At CESTKAL ACADEMY. Corner of E and Tenth atreeu. On FRIDAY NIGHT, Jaruary lltn, 1MI, Commencing: at S o'olook. TiokeU Fifty Cent*, admitting a gentleman and (adieu. jalOtt' LOST AND FOUND. I OST.?On Thuradaj, the 10th mitant, a part of Li a ladies HREAST PIN. with rreen letting. The finder will be rewarded upon lea.ini it at No 614 H nt'ett, or at the huuce on the north w??t oorner fth and P >tre?U north It* I OST?January 8th,a liver oolored POINTER J PUP-. A libe<al IT'"J* f'Ten<S^?-O mr ni? rnurn 10 ;?o. oix r firwi. ne tween 11th and 12th streets. Jfc 10 2t* LOST?On Thursday night, (January 3d,? at an eniertainmrnt at the house of W.T.Carroll. Em corner F and Eight enth streeta, a blue en ameled BR ACELET. set with pearls. A suitable reward will be paid on its return to Mr CAR ROLL'S reeidenoe as above. ja$ tt* REWARD.?I.oat, on Tu?eday last, on Pa. OOU avenue,a POCKET BOOK.containing ?10 in Kaltimore money, and a rood many notes and drafts. The above reward will be paid to any one on returning it to Squire CULL S Offioe, Navy Yard. ja9 K* fAME TO THE SLB9CRIHEK ON THE V/ *th instant, one speckled bt'FFALO COW and one ttragh' horned flow; aso, four others, two "I them btflaloa The< owner will come forward, prove propertv, pay o>*ar<e? and take them away. J.B HAW, ja9 St* Boundary street. PERSONAL. jyjADAME CLINTON PRICE. Thie distiiicuirhed Medical Clairvoyant can be oonsuited on T>iseases, haraoter 4o , at Rooms No. 434 Twelfth street. 2 ooo.-a below Pa avenne. Partiou'ar attention paid to. and cures made of, Chronio Discaaea Rheumatism. Ao. jaS-lw* WANTS. W ANTED?By a respectable yonnc firl, a 8IT " ? U ATIo.N aa ooofc, waaJier ana ironer in a private f*mi y. Good recommendations given. Ad ii v?a uua i i *?. ?i cini vmur. WANTRD-A PERSON to " children and sew. Apply None need apply unlets well reot take care of two ... ... at 322 H street I apply unless veil reoommeidd. jail 2t* \irANTED?A NURSE, one well expeneooed ' * <ii takmc care of an infant None but such as can furmsh the best recommendations need ap ply. a-.<! to such, moat liberal wusi will be paid. Apply at No. 309 F street north, between llth and 12th streets ja 11-?w? WANTKD TO RENT-Betw<?n *H and 15th streets, end New York avenue and D street, a BAKERY, already ?stab ish'd, or any plaoe suitable tor such purpose. with st <re,oven. yard and stable. AprlvtoP braud^ER. Richmond Ho isp, corner fcijhth and l) sts , Washington.| ja II 4t* WAN TED?A PERSON to take charge of two vounn children and sew. Address B<>x No. 6 Star Otfice ja 9-tf WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From ?i to SIMM worth of second-HAND furni tur K of all kinds, for whioh 1 will guaranty to pay thehi(hei>t prices, and, as usual, at tri? shortest uo Uoe. R. bCcHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stores, Ac., CHS 9 40* 7th ?t., bet G and H. east aide. Wanted-HECOND HAND furniture. Persops deo ininc housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obta; n the oaaii and (air prioee by applying At Seventh ft. no 17 BONTZ k. GRIFFITH. Drs lock wood* darrell are pre p*r?d t> i aert TEETH on VUCI-. N ATE BA?K,a new and improved mode. When made on thia p.ate they are oom furUlilA to eesr and munh ?h?*i)?r thun ?nt n?K?r A Uo, T>?eth it.of rte?l on O'ld Pfate. and ait Dental Operation* of any kind that may he desired. Ol fi?e?Ko >m No. i in the V\ ashington Ba>ldinr,onr i;er I'a av. and Seventh ?t. ja W 3w* L NOTICE. cohen. Boot and Shoe manufacturer. No. 117 Pennsylvania avenue, between 19th andZtth atioetft. ha* a oomposTtion with which he Half Sole* and Repairs India Rubber Shoe* in a neat and durable manner. All person* having old out off rubber* will find it to their advantage to kit* him a call. He also kerps constantly on nan .and marufacture* to ordor, BOOTS and SHOES or the best quality. j? 10 3t* ROB'TCOLTM an takes this method of informing the trade and the puulie ren rally that he will reopen the MKTRQpLITAN STEAM FLOURING MILLS. 12th st/lnd canal, on Thsreday. Jan. 10 1661, where he will be pleased tj serve all who ina? favor him with their patron ace F*nn!y and Extra Flour of an unsurpassed quality will constantly be kept on hand at the ow e*t price* Also, Corn Meal, Rye Chop, and ail kinds of Mi I Feed. A call recpectfull) aolioited before purchasing elsewhere. ja 10 Iw THE KNSURANCE COMPANY ?f THE state nv VIRGINIA CASH CAPITAL 3300,00?. Insures Merohandiss, Buildings, Household Furniture, Ao , against low or damage by fire. HEATH A KNOWLE8, Agents, Oftoe?Rooir. 10 over Bank of Washington. jalO 0 8PECIAL NOTICE l"R Customers will please oome forward aad settle tbeir aooounts by note or otherwise. Our payments at thia time are uouaually heavy, and we oan onl? be enabled to meet our engagements through the prompt assistanoe of our eoetomere, ja9 eolw SIBLEY A GUY acnn -A REWARD OF *400 WILL be given for the arre*t and oonviotioa of tne peraon or peraona who eet fire to m; store on the moning o [January M. 1M1, thereby d * ?tro* ing my entire atook and other valuable property; ja 9 iw H. C.TURDV. yALENTINEB!p VALENTINES!! The trade aupplied at the owMt New York prioM. A beautiful assortment of Sentimental and Comie of all atyles and p?tteme, at FRENCfa A RICHfeTElNY. ja 9 378 renn. arenia. WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY, AT TENTION ?The Piano which I have loaaed for the Conoert at Smithaonian, u on* of Chioker Eig's best inatrumepta. If fid within five days will present the nett yrrfi:s to the Washington igbt Infantry- JOHN K. KLLIs, jaa auo ra. av. pet. wn ana iotn ?u. P WM. H. WHKATLEY*8 FrEM.U^^IAMbDYI.NG^CLEANS Oj^ctt?Kt 383 south $*d? Pa. ivam. bttwtm <S ?*4 6tk its., WusAimgt**, D C. And 49 Jjftrton str**t, (MrfMnmi, D. C. Re?le(e with every durable apparatus, and pro vided with the boat talent ana artietie kill in merioa.the eabsonber is prepared to demonstrate to hii customer?that pre-eminent a* mar have been hi* previoootrepmation, hie motto is "Exeeleior** in iMMtitf _ f7Ld(AHitar mmd H*AatiiML# l anH ?^ ? ?... dm custom o! tM pom auto. Goods raoeived at either of the above named oAoee. attended to with the atooet prompt' itude and eare. Goods reoeived and retained by Express with the utmost proms tneas and dee patch. ja?-lw WM if. WHEATLEY. Djer. PI* NO F0RTE? AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES.?Wales mast be loroeJ; store too maefc orowded; now te the Qme to b?j aheap. johSp: ELLIS, ds si 306 Fa. av., bet. 9th and loth at*. AUCTION SALES. By GREEN * WILLIAMS.i PXTRNSIVE BALE Of HOt&EBOLD a?? ?i kiKiin Frimmi, Ciiu, Sum. Cmocj tiT.iim Miiswiii at Arcnw.-OiRATl'I DAY naxt. tka 1 tk i " taut. we akal! Mil In treat of the itore No. itl, JMrantV etraat. M 1* o'eW*?k a.. m., a larie ud excellent i ?hor? imm roods, took m? Fim PtiaM Cott*f? 8?u, PideSi*rda, Dtmpiiii ?'d other BirtMa, H?s2?tea. t. Reo?, and Baddinc. TftblM.Ckaira.ard WtahaUnd*. Alao, 25 Gnna, one Mock*?, one Soath Ann MHpCj of tk* ( (liirnl lut*. many other art. e lea wfcich it la aaa Unfair haary Wool Ranketi. U> Munmti, Term* oa?h. ja 11 It URFKN A NV1LLIAMB. Aaete. T< THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW . O THE PUBLIC. 1 ehatl offer AT PUBLIC AUCTION. Through Mmn J. C. MeGalre A Ce.. Ob WEDNESDAY u4 THURSDAY. January <Hh ard lath, ooaineaolnx at JO S a. . eaoh day, All tboee MAGNIFICENT JAPANESE GOODS, Nowmetoreat No. siO( Pennsylvania amui, Under Willard*' Hotel. Harm* reoeive 1 order* from the owaara (kere*{ they wul be eold for what the; briac, Witkmtt rnmy HorrraliM. Tbia sale wilt afford par tie* in eearoh of Cabinet ornament* both naefal and b*aatifal, an op porta nity, whioh may nerer ooonr aga-a, to pareHaee aft low prioaa. ? * r MACDUFF, Ateat. IO-THE ABOVE SAl.E 19 POSTPONED an i. SAll'RDAY, Che Uth inet., at aaue Ua* and p.&c6. . mrt ioe of POBCB LAIN WARE. i? ia-w 1if CLEAR v * green, Aaoboaaar*. 406 Ami* arm. Extensive *ai.e-?addler*s goods. I Boot* ard Sbok*. Hat*. Can, Clvtijm Btoili Fixttei', Ac., at acctior ?On SA I t K day MORNING, the 12th uttut,M No'?Im|. and from dai n d%y antii the stock it diapoead of. w* shall cA.lalarce and exteaaiT* a?*orttnaat of Gnodi BraiU. 9ho?>, *?., ?t U? itor* ( W. Oppenheim^r. No. A99 Ninth itr?M. iMMdi atel? opposite the Cuttr Market. The *to?k is tare*, and oomprue*. in ?art? f?ne S'lver ?;ated tingle ??>d Doable Carriage and Bucgr Harneaa. Fine Sinele and Doable Cart, Waeon, and Ploagb Hsrneaa, Fine Saddle* and Bridie* for adie* aad imt'em**. iVi Hriil Mi.lluMa t? (lirtk* Webbing .Cumba. flmthn Ao , LAra* assortment of fin* Carnage, Drmnf, aorf ft idinj Whip*. HorM Covers, acd Nets. Very lar*e lot o( Harne** Maker*' Tool* and ! ? >I*1?U. A largei lot of veil assorted Hardware for aMaat inc fio? H*rne*a.rMicb oftt feaing silver i ttH. Trunk*. Valioea, Hat Boxes. to. BOOTS. SHOE**, HATH. CAP*. At. Men*' *B<I Bar*' Ca'.f, Rid, and Patent Lee the* Boot* and Shoes. Brccans fur S*rr*iiU, Ladies' and Children*' Gaiter* and Paner Shoe*. im Shoe* kiivb ? ucui m% must vdi uiri.B i gondii*. rie lot oi Men'*. Yonth's, and Cap* ofaJi kind*. Ladies', Gent's, and Children*' Uui Boys' Hat* and Men'* a??d Boys' Coat*. Panta, Ve*u, Under Gar menu. Hosiery, Handkerchief*. Collar*. Shawl*, and other Wearing Apparel, Connt-r, Hhelrmr, Lonnge*. Settee*, and Motm. The attention of the trade i* eall*d to the abova ale. The stock i* in good order and rr>ust be aoM wit hoc t reserve to the hi* heat bidder. Tern* out. ja 9 dtf CLEARY A GREEN. A nets. FUTURE DAYS. Br BONTZ A GRIFFITH Ano loneers. Large assortment op boots, sbob*. Gait**?. Ac., Ac?On HATlROAIr AF TER ROON. Janoarr l2th at3H o'olook.aod ooo tioainfon MONDAY MORNING, at 10 o'c ook. we will ee<l on <hefir*t <!o*?r ofoar A notion Room. the talanoe of the atook in tiade of a gentleman d* olininc r>u*in?**, aomprisiog? Gent*7 Calf Boot*. Shoe* and 9aiter*. Ladie*' Gaiters, Slipper* and Bnskins, Boy*' Boot*. Shoe* at.d Congreea Gaiters, " hiidren'a Morocoo Shoe* and Boot*. Together with a genera' a**<rtm*.? of Boot*, Shoe* and Gaiter*, t.eing the stock of a retail dealeT. Term* *uk . BONTZ A GRIFFITH, Anet'rs. ja in St No. 369 lieveuth *t, bet. I and K *ta. M NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. OORE'S Squill l>rops will stop a Const) in tr? minot/i Hinnrt'i Coma Arum 1 " w.fT oara Chilblain*. Froatad Feet Hum in Faea. Spr*.;na. Ao. Moo*a'? imjror* Bf l n? mil re move Puat, Oila, Cr?M?. Ac., from tha nnxt d?ti oaia ooiorfd ailk or woolso too>iu without mjorlac toe eolor or taxtura. Pre par ad Mid iod?t MOORE'S \\ aat End J) a( Stora. da 31 tw 113Pa.a??iiaa. J ELEGANT CLOTH CLOAKS. UST Opaoad for the Chrittmaa nod Naw Vovt Praaaola. all marked down at tha iowaat prloaa to avit tha Umaa, for OMh. da It J W COLLEY A CO.. JJN PARALLELED SUCCESS. Tha great auoo?aa which hu a'taedad DR. SCHLOSSER durinc this, tna Saoond Viait to Waahioctoa, and, alao. tang usable to fallfil all kia ai|a(?m?nti during laat waek, turn U A FEW DAYS LONGER ia WASHINGTON. DR. M. SCHLOSSKR ttkM tin* opportunity of returning thanks to the Lad its and Gentlemen of W ashlif toa and vicinity, lor their kind nod liberal patraaage bee to wed on hia dnrrng his sojourn here, and. also, respectfully announces to parties who wish to obtain A Permanent Cure of CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS, or any ether DISEASE OF THIS FRET. to Ihvwr him with a anil without delftr. M this dbht probably b? his LmI Visit to Wnshitf ton, icteudinf shortly to Retire from Profession*! servioee. As a direot proof of the extraordinary skill aHexiini Dr. Hohiosser'a Cures, he etn. with p'ensnre, refer to a grant iinbsi of Ladies nod Gentlemen in this eity, whom hs treated three years aino*. and who hare all been eared 0 *s ? MI U>? TtriOII Dimmn of the Feel, to their entire ntnlkotioi. Dr. 6eh)oeaer*e method hu sot omly beea v?ONifii< ! thie ooaatry, hat aleo in Europe, M our be teen by MTeral tkoaaaad teetimoeia<?; ( from wL?oii he quote* the foilo?ia? ww: Proa Hu tkt iMf 0/ StMrM. Nu Imp. H. Pruut J trim* NmpaUm Bmupant. H R. H. Prime*aiItd* Wwruwxhtu H T H. Arch Dub* if Ami trim H K. H Dukt e/ Sacksen Mirntmg?n. H. H Prinee Riekmtd MttUmuh. H.M.H. Dukt / St*-Weimar t F H CMimJ Arckbiikop / Pmrif iAUx *. Mtikop e/ Nmmtp, Rr?( Ckmplmm te Napotton JII. Martckal Cmmrohtrl A. H. Armelk, Pkynrfm m ordinary tw lit D*tk*u Htlemt if JttUJM. Btrmtud Hotter, rhftitimm m ordinary N U< If. M ?*' ^hm ^ CfMM, The hiutirn and Mt of tkt ibort Mm, with tkoMudi Mff Iroa 8tttwn, Mr rebtnU, D p'omtiiata, Olergyeee, fkyriwiM, Mi itary Moi, and Iditora. of tku toutrr iM Earof*, roajr hi nm at Ui ?Am frott Ma. m. till 4 p. MT PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,(So?tt?daj OA'LV >1 FEW DAYS LOffOMR IN WASH ja?-U ISO TON. OiL'M BONNETS, HATS, aod PLATS of ito ??fi ittMtitil?>lu4\i Mi Win of U* b*M itiral. Call at mm aad i*<^D