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Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 16, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. " WASHINGTON CITY: \TEH1E8DAY Jtaur; 18,1961. %*irii mi th? Y1 a ml mm frets fThe !? fearfully perturbed In view ?f tbe fact that the State of Arkansas declines to join tbe disunlontsts, and tries to whistle Ita spirits np by affecting to diacredlt the intelligence The tmttttignrrr polnta to gratifying Indication* of tt?e preralenre of conservatism In North Carolina Alao, It demonstrates, by the address of Com* irlaaloner S*pratt, of South Carolina, before the Florida Convention, that disunion was premedU tated by t?outb Carolina The Rtpvbliean thinks that Mr. Breckinridge meant to contest the ield again in Kentucky, "twice lost, In the August and November election*." Sbnatok Masoji's Hon* ^rsakixo ?Tbe largest meeting ever held In that town was convened in Winchester, Va., (where Senator James M Mason resides,) on the 9th Inst., to take into consideration the state of the times. It was composed of the formers, mechanics, and working* MAP. A# r^^.UW V* n n/4 ?sr<?K * unanimity resolved? "That the dismemberment of the Union would entail upon us a longer and blacker train of woes tban baa ever, yet, in the Providence of God, afflicted any people.*^ "Tbat the trouble Ml been brought about by the wanton and wicked fa*atiei.<m of the North, sod the gasconading folly and sinister selfishness of the demagogues of the Soy'.k " J I "That experience will not have demonstrated th? itr practicability ef maintaining the Union " 'That n general convention of all the States, as provided in the Constitution, should be called as speedily as possible, in which the (*oi:tb should, with o ie voire, and a united front, demand and ' obtain their rights " " That we recognise the Government of the Federal Union, within the sphere of it* appointed dutiea and delegated powers, as positive, potential and paramount in its authority over every Individual c'tizen of the Nation; and entitled to the good faith of Staie obligation under the Constitution and the Lawa." " That ho State, or combination of States, of the Federal Union can absolve herself from her duty to her co-States under the Constitution, exoept by the issue of a Revolutionary appeal to the God or Nations on tbe merits of her cause." "That, as the hasty and precipitate course of South Carolina has been, avowedly, predicated upon tbe Intention to make tbe ruin or the Confederacy remediless, rather thau to redress her wrongs in tbe Union; and is imminently calculated to involve all the siaveboldtng States in the desolating wofi of a civil war, without tbe exercise of tbetr discretion as to the inodeand measure of meeting tbe exigency; therefore we deDrecate her conduct, as 111 advised, unjust, and disreapectful to her sister States of the South," Thia notable meeting broke up with three cbeers for Jackson, three for Maj. Anderson, three for General Scott, and nine for the Union'" Verily, Senator James M Maaon, who la one of the moat rampant dlaunioniata per se in the Senate of the United State*, is not " a prophet in hia own country." We respectfully oommend the proceedings of this meeting, and those of the workingmen at Portsmouth, Va., published in yesterday's Star, to the Al<xnndria Sentinel, as embracing evidence tbat all ?i?uM " f - r" ? ? 4L 1 -1 - ? J ??.? ?.?, ?-. V io?i vt tuu U?Uf U pull IUC Cf iSIVy may not prove fMite as repugnant to Virginia, as tt imagined a few davs ago. Taa niw South Caboliha Coxmismphibs are domiciled at Wlllards'. and are tbe objecta of great curiosity on tbe part of tbe men of tbe Press around tbem It is given out by those surrounding tbem tbat their mission Is to demand tbe u evacuation of inter under penalty of Its prompt demolition, if tbat costs all the lives of all the men and the expenditure of all tbe money that South Carolina can raise Oar belief, however, is. that they have come hither to beseech the Government for an armistice of s'.xty days, under the terma of which Major Anderson shall return- to Fort Moultrie, that South Carolina may get rid of the current entire stoppage of business at Charleston, and the enormous cost of the war she has initiated against the Government, which has required, In less than two months, the expendituie of SI ,400,000 ! Thll iAIs ah* f* ? . vtfva vuw, UUV1.U. A I AlUVUIiia W asking the Government to do Its prettiest to reconcile the Unionists of the South to secession, and thus to make It, as it by no means is yet, mm fait accompli. As matters now stand !n Charleston, though the General Government hss not fired a single gun in defense cf its authority and property, two months of "secession" have absolutely and entirely destroyed the whole butinets of that lately flourish log city, put the whole State under martial law, and subjected the lives and fortunes of all of every position in society to a reign of terror unequaled In the history of the civilized world. Derhans. ' ? W - J since the original French revolution. It being clear tbat such results there must speedily disgust the people of the South everywhere with "peaceful and constitutional secession," South Carolina thus promptly conies forward to ask the (jovern! incut to accommodate her with the deaired change in the phaze of the affair' That she will be accommodated, is hardly among things possible. 3 How Thsy Raisk th? Wm.?Amonff I item* of new* from Charleston floating around loose In secession circles here, Is a story that the Honorable Wm. Aiken has been made to '>diigorge In aid of the cause much against his will,'1 as follows: He was notified that be was expected to advance fcrty thousand dollars to that end, and plead hie right to advance or not, as he might please; adding that be did not have the money He was then promptly notified that be Jltd been assessed that amount *n/i m,, ? ? - www WIUOI |^I VUI f'V ly pay it, under penalty of having It raised by the Immediate confiscation and tale of his property In Charleston, worth many timet aa much. | To mtc that from otter destruction, be did raise the amount demanded , and in paying It remarked that his lot would be better If he was a journeyman carpenter at the North shoving a Jack plane at 52 per day wages, than the South Carolina millionaire be was before it waa essayed to re- I J ? the South under a military despotism He la now ' one of the suspected,'' his course In refusing to seem to be pleased with paving the forced loan having earned htm the dangerous reputation of being disaffected to the cause. Thb Niw Socth Carolina. Commissioners have not yet had a formal Intervletr with the fraakUnt, or, Indeed, any In which they have wea u> tMt functionary their precise errand bar*. After all, It Is highly probable that their mlm!on la for the moat part to the cabal of eon. pirater* against the pence and continuance of the Union, who are virtually acting as agents in this city from the (so-called) seceded States. ????? i rrr The deaperate state of financial affairs at (Charleston ia indicated by the fact that the Tings' institution of that city has resolved to uspend tha payment of depoalts for the present, although tha depoalts are invested in the moat auhatant!*! MrnrttlM Axo* Kimball'* Lbttbki or Sicihsio:* ? Oar i?w edition of tbeee valuable paper* will be ut on Frid?r morning nazt. Those who have abacrlbed for copiM of them will find them ready for them at the Star office counter on Friday morning. CT We are indebted to S&illington and to ? Taylor A Maury for Harper'a Magazine for February, a rich number, Indeed, with Its pen and pencil California Sketches by Rosa Browne, Its Illustiated Red River Descriptions, Ita opening chapters of Thackeray's New Novel, Ac , Ac. IfT The bouse In New York city In which the Hurdell tragedy occurred, has been told at auction. for f 17.060, to Mr AatbonyS. Hope The .V j ?r ?ni casa ; me Daiance In thirty **y? gT The aioop of war Brooklyn returned to her anchorage in Hampton Roads yesterday morn tug. It la now understood that b?r mission was simply to succor the steamer star of the West. ITT The North Carolina Legislature ia still diseuiatng the Convention bill, and the fate of the zneasare is uncertain iCT The tievcrnor of Alabama In his message to the Legislature, urges the placing of the flute . pon the most efficient war footing I ? I It I L ? I Litis ? The first evening levee of the season t the White Houae, held list night, wai largely attended despite the disagreeable condition of the weather The President teemed In good aplrlts, and thla hopeful Indication seemed to be regarded With much utlifarllnn hv the fiillnn as an ln<ll. cation that the helmsman doe# not yet despair of of bringing tb<? Ship of State tafe into port. The presentations to Mr. Buchanan were made by Deputy Marshal Phillips, and those to M las Lane, as usual, by Commissioner Blake. The Cabinet waa represented by Secretary Black and lady, Attorney General Stanton and daughter. Secretary Holt, and Hon. Horatio King. The Diplomatic Corps were out In full force, the British, Russian. Austrian. Pruaaian. Belgian. Swedish, Brazilian, Spanish, and other ministers being present. Among those present we noticed Speaker Pen nlngton, Senator CUngman, Senator Dixon and lady, Senator Preston King, Senator Ewing, Senator Hale and ladies, Gen. Harney, Mrs. Gwln, Mrs. SUdell and daughter, Mrs. Senator Fltxpatrick, Mrs. Senator Clay, Baron Ostensacken, Mrs. Senator Thompson, Mrs. Bass of Mississippi,Senator Wilson,Senator Anthony,Col. J. D. Hoover, of thla city. District Attorney Ould and daughter. Col. Harris, U.S. Marine Corps, and lady, Col. Roy, Aid-de-Camp to Gen. Scott, U. S. A., Purser Galligbcr,U 8. N.,Commandant Alden, U. S. N., Dr. Nlles, ex-Charge d'Affaires to Paris, Superintendent Kennedy of Census Bureau. Judge Blair and lady, Lieut. Morris, V. S. N., Commandant S. 8. Lee, U. 8. N., Purser Bridge, U. 8. N., Navy Agent Flynn, Capt. Franklin, Capt. Dablgren, Capt. Magruder, Col. Keyes, Privste Secretary to General Scott, Col. Craig, U. 8. A., and family,Capt. Miller, Quartermaster's Department, Capt. Palmer, U S. A., Capt. Pleasanton, do , Dr. Wooda, do., Dr. King, do., Capt. Ringold, U S. N , Capt. Maury, do. Geo. P. Fox, the well-known New York tailor, wa< preaent In a bine coat of Immaculate fit, and b arlng a boquet of magnificent proportion*, which he took occaaion to preaent to Mlas Lane, he bluahlng like a peony meanwkile. Getting L'.nkast ?The Charleston folks find that their high-handed proceedings have completely ruined the commerc* of that port, and are now begging for its return, as will be seen by the follow!nf note of Got PlrV?n? a ? - - ? .???? To G. B. Lamar, President of the Bank cf Ihi Republic, New York : Sir?Please have it authoritativelv published th it no flag and no vesstl will be disturbed or prevented from entering our harbor, unlesa bearing hostile troop* or monitions of war for Fort Sumter. All trade is desired, and all vessels In commerce only, will be gladly received. F. W. Pickens. Charleston, January 14th. rrr The Georgia State Convention meets today Washington dispatches assert that the Ordinance of Recession will be passed before Sat urday, and that then delegates from the seceding States will be appointed to assemble at Milledgevllle and initiate the Southern Confederacy by the formation of a Provisional Government, the election of President and Vice President, the format'on of a navy and army, and the despatch of plenipotentiaries to treat with foreign powers. 1X7"In the Virginia Senate yesterday a resolution was proposed inauirinjx of th?? Prniil?nt > ? " " " " to Lis purpose In Increasing the forces In the Forts and Arsenals in Virginia. In the House a resolution was proposed appointing Senator Hunter and William C. Rives, J. J. Allen and George W. Summers Commissioners to correspond with the govtrnments of all th$ States in reference to the preservation of the present Union, or if that prove impossible the formation of a new Confederacy. l?7" The citizens of the Northern States have experienced rather a cold snap during the past week. On Sundav the cram nin?? i???? ' ?? - 1 j ^ ?- f ? j'l'" ??vic III New York, and several steamers badly cut by the floating lc?. At Boaton the thermometer was 8 degrees below zero, and at Jamaica Plaint 15 degrees below. At 9cranton, Pa., the thermometer waa 9 degrees below xero, and a man frozen to death. At Albany, N. Y., It was 13 degrees below zero at 7 a. m . and 10 at 2 p. m. The editor of the Constitution says this morning, ''the genuine Yankee sneers at honor i and has no belief In courage." This comes with exceeding good grace from one whose ancestors were so "everlastingly licked" at Lexington, tsanker Hill, Bennington, and other placet too numerous to mention, by these same "genuine Yankees " rp7* We are informed that fears are entertained In respect to the continued existence of Dickinson College, Pennsylvania. That institution loses her charter when the number of her students does not exceed ninety; and should those from the South secede, as they threaten, the number will be reduced below this standard. It f Hinton Rowan Hcln?r umin j ? r - -6? vo deliver hit lecture on "The Two Systema of Labor," at Clinton Hall, New York, on Monday evpning, but the trustee* closed the hall agalnat him. Quite a crowd a**emh!ed. and Colonel Titua, of Kansas celebrity, was arretted by the the'police. The Prospect is Gbokgia.?The Columbia (Ga ) Enquirer of Januarv II. ??? ?? ? _ J y ? . a* JCk VU be M-ertalnt-d whirl] partv has a bttre majority Id the convention, and tbat it ia Impossible to gl*e at presentthe vote of one-half of th?- countiea in forty-two co6peration countiea, allowed by the secession paprra, 36,856 votes were caat in the late Presidential election, and in adding to these the votes of nine other cooperation counties, of whose politics they are themselves certain, they have an aggregate vote of 15.530 in flfty-one countiea that have elected cooperation delegates These counties only fall abort 7,573 of the majority of the whole popular vote cast for the President, without taVinff tl>* ?/ "-1.V ? ?- " --- -?.? w vuuu, viay, ana LiIDerty counties, and ten cooperation countUs yet to be heard from. Miiioiity Rkpoet or thk Committed or Thi*tt-Thkik?Messrs Waabburne of Wlaconatn. and Tappan. of New Hampshire, of the Committee of Thirty-three, hare signed the following as a minority report: Ktsolvad, That the provisions of the Constitution are ample for the preservation of the Union and the protection of all the material lnt?r*?t? nf th? sunt 11 neran to dc obeyed rathtr than amended, and our extrication from our present trouble# la to be looked for In efforta to protect public property aud enforce the law* rather than in new guarantees for particular Intereata. or compromise* or concessions to unreasonable demands. Joans ox tux Cmaklistom M^kcckt.?The waga play a ureat many practical jokes on the South Carolinians. The Charleston Mercury has been several times hoaxed by bogus offers of olunUersf om other States It published recently a letter from "Castle Thomaa Building," Louisville. Kv ? ?C- ? , ?/ - ^vuui vBiuuaa toe PCrviCft of Capt Fred M>rrs and bis "low minute men" It turns out that "Castle Thomas" Is the Louisville jail, ibe "low minute men" are the chain gang, and Capt. Myers is one of the desperadoes. Alexandria Gazttit. O^Laat week the Insurance coin pan Is of New York, over a hundred in number, with a capital of S19.HUO.OUO, divided among tbeir stockholders about 92.9UU.000, and M banks, representing a capital of about 970.000 000, distributed as much more. The banks aud Insurance companies of Brooklyn and Jersey City, and companies of other sorts having their headquarters at New York, swelled the grand aggregate of each divided to nearly, if not quite, $10,000,000. tET Kentucky wishes to s? her chi?IHf m? Major Anderson, sustained. Four-flfths of all tbe men within her border* capable of bearing arm* would gladly volunteer to pretect him If attack it Fort Sumter by tbe enemies of tbe Union.? Louisvillt Journal. ETAn Alton. 111., miaer named McLane, In purchaaing laudanum witb wblcb to commit suicide, firat having killed his wife, higgled witb the apothecary about tbe price, and claimed a reduction for having purchaahed tbe trial. i,r mey oave naa an old fashioned New F.ngland snow storm tn Old England?blocking up railway train* aud freezing people to death In a manner quite unprecedented there. H7"" L?ong John Wentworth says: "Either South Carolina muat belong to the United State*, or the United State* must belong to South Carolina ? irr Th?? demand for diamonds hat, for some years, so far exceeded the supply, tbat the price Cice baa advanced wltbln the last ten yean more an IUO per cent.? London Court Journal. \ GT There are flfW-aeven cities In the world which contain from lOO.OOOta 200,000 Inhabitants, twenty-three from 900,000 to 5(H),000, and twelve which contain above 300,000. |p" A notorious abolitionist announces that ha will lecture on the gallows. The l?oulavllle Journal hopes he mav nt th* tiu of tk? a>u~i CO!I6RBMIOWAL. Sbsatb.?Yefterdir, after tbe clote of oar reportMr. Crittenden moved to postpone tbe special order, (tbe Pacific Railroad bill,) in order to take up hi* resolutions, upon wbich motion tbe veaa were 21, nays 17. Mr. Rice moved that tbe Pacific Railroad bill be postponed indefinitely; on which the yaaa were 13, nays 38 A protracted discussion then ensued, in which manv of th? HaAfiA?n mrttrmtrmA an A i*va*al , ? i? menU were pnssed. one of the most important of which w?s that offered by Mr Bragg. disallowing the operation of the bill until "acta of incorporation ahall have been submitted to and approved by the Congreas of the United State*." This wa* pasted by vea* 31, nays 15. Mr. Benjamin proposed an amendment taking the power of increasing the number of grantees from themselves During the consideration of which the Senate adjourned. Hoc?* ?After oar report closed? Mr. Reagan, in i brief speech, referred to the crisis upon the country, sad attributed It to the aggressions of northern sectionalism He reviewed the past history of the country and the growth of the slavery agitation, and sal a the present rebellion was but the inevitable result of tt>e "lrrefiresslble-confllct" doctrine. He assured them hat Texas knew what was for her interest, and she would take care of her own institutions. Texas had suffered from abolitionism, and th^rewasbut one alternative to preserve the Union, and that was for the North to make prompt concessions to the South. Mr. Stanton replied, that the republican party bad no idea of abolishing slavery It was a local Institution, and not national; and here the differ* ence of opinion had arisen. The South claimed as a constitutional right the privilege of taking slaves Into the free Territories of the States, and th? North claimed that slavery could only be established by a special law. Mr. Rust said the propositions of Mr. Critt#n> den had not been recompiended by the Committee of Thirty-three, and that the committee, on a direct vote, bad repudiated what purports to be a report. In fact, nothing had been recommended or adopted by that committee Mr. Adrain.inashort speech, opposed secession, and denied the right of a Stat* to withdraw from the Union. Mr. Anderson said that the South bad been wronged for many years, and that it bad been driven to its present movement by the continued aggressions of the North. The South bad taken the matter into their own hands, and would no lnn(T?>r inftpr tVlO 1 r>Hin nUi am that V ??J . .-Mva <UV ?UU? uau lit' si ura|>ru upon them South Carolina had been haatv and precipitate, but as she knew her own wrongs beat be also knew ?>est how to redress them. Missouri would be fuuud ranging with the South, and if anvtblng was to be done it must bedone quickly The Committee then rose; and the House adjourned. - Wednesday, January 16 Senate ?A communication was received from the President of the United States, in reply to a resolution of inquiry lu relation to whether the Hon. John B. Floyd is acting aa Secretary of War. and if so, who la acting, and why the nomination baa not been communicated to l'je Senate * The President states that the Hon J Holt Is art ing Secretary of War, and defends, bv constitutional argument and the citation of precedents, the appointment of Cabinet officer*, ad interim. The communication was ordered to be printed. Mr. Rice, of Minn., introduced resolutions providing for the admission of a number of new States, among them Kansas, extended so as to Include a portion of Utah, the State of New Mexico, and to extend the boundaries of Minnesota so as to Include Dacotab, and all of Nebraska north of 43?; to extend the boundaries of Oregon so as to Include Washington, and to extend the boundaries of California so as to Include that portion of ?TA?V t I J _ -1 ? ? uhu gm luciuuca in i\aniu. Mr. Gwln thought the resolution most lmportant. It was ordered to be printed. A number of compromise memorials were presented from New York and Pennsylvania. Mr. Wilson oiled up his resolution of inquiry as to whether the money appropriated for the Washington Aqueduct had been properly expended; which was agreed to Mr. Pearce called up a bill In relation to the harbor of Baltlrr.ore; which was passed. The Henate then passed an act for the relief of Franklin College Mr. Blgler moved to postpone all prior orders and take up the resolutions of Mr. Crittenden; which motion was agreed to. The pending question being upon the amendment of Mr Powell, recognizing slavery in all the Territories south of M J 30, in all territory hereafter to be acquired. Mr Pugh thought It was useless to press a difficulty at this time. Mr Douglas thought that the amendment did not alter the original resolution*. I Mr. Latham opposed the amendment. Hocsk?Mr. Cox asked leave to present a se- I rles of rnolntloM adopted by tba Legislature of Ohio, declaring their attachment to the Union, and that secession was treason; that the laws must be carried Into execution by Congress; that all States should repeal their obnoxious personal liberty bills, and harmony and peace be restored by mutual concessions. Mr. Cox said that the Legislature of Ohio had not only passed these resolutions, but that she bad begun the work already The lower bouse of her legislature had repealed those obnoxious laws in in*-, r own Slate, and the Senate Wbuld ?oon follow suit. Mr Hind man desired to know if the sixth resolution providing that all States should repeal their unconstitutional laws, would be adhered 1o bv the people of Ohio, so that he might travel with his slave through that State. Mr Cox said that the gentleman had misinterpreted the resolution. He would reler the gentleman to the Constltutlou of the I'nlted States for Information upon the subject and moved that the resolution be laid on the table, and ordered to be printed; agreed to Mr. Clemens asked leave to Introduce the resolution offered by him a few day* since,calling upon the Secretary of Interior to transmit to Congress copies of all deeds, Jfcc , of lands ced^d to the United States by tne South, now occupied by M ?. i- .... i iurus. nseuai?, ?C. ; OOjected to. Mr Reynolds ssked leave to introduce a resolution nicking tbe action of Congress upon the Watrous case tbe special order for tbe first Thursday tn February; oojected to. Mr Brlggs introduced a memorial fromclttzens of New York city, praying tbat Congress take Srompt action upon tbe resolutions of tbe Bordertates Committee. Laid on tbe table. Mr. Hooper presented a memorial from tbe citizens of Utah, praying tbat Congress establish a dally and semi-weekly mall service In their Ter.ItAXI D ./.?J ?_ .1 f " ~ T . UClCim w IUC lyOUliniUCC OO roll USlCM and Post Koada. and ordered to be printed. On motion of Mr. Sherman, the House went Into Committee of the Whole (Mr. Wasbburne, of 111., in the chair) and returned consideration on the army bill. Mr. Garnett took tbe floor, and when our reporter left, waa setting forth the conditions upon which Virginia would remain in the l!.nlon. Sicissioit 15 -'Uscle Sam's" Armt.?At the Chambers of tbe Common Pleas there baa lately been quite a number of discharges on kabta* corpus, tbe applicanta mostly hailing from Governor's Island and the variouaenliatingofllce*. Tbe plea on which these military )>antliuga generally rely ia infancy. They make tbttr appearance In court arrayed in all tbe paraphernalia of their Uncle's attractive costume, some with a heavy beard upon their faces, and feeling that tbeir dreama of vlory on the tented field are to soon to h# Tf>n \ \ iKfctr aaV *- 41 ,v_, ..1. >uo wun iu cicuk mem on the plea t&at they are are infanta, though they have been weaned fur aome years, back. It la very likely that they can discern the signs of the timet, ana feel thankful that the wisdom which ia denied to those high in authority la granted to babes and sucklings At all events, they are now far beyond the reach of secession armamenta. It woula delight the most confirmed misanthrope to see with what a joyful ebullition of feellug these children hall the magic dictum of the judge which again delivers them to the arms of their luauiUiOl.?JV. jr. rosi. \?T There is an obvious lull In the progress of secession at the South, and the excitement seems to have subsided for tne want of material to feed upon. What this quiet may portend it is impossible to foretell. It may offer the opportunity for reflection, reconsideration, and reconciliation, or only prove delusive by giving way to fiercer outbreaks and more decisive results. All we can say is that It exists, and a quiet unlooked for and unaccounted for exista. In the meantime the South Carolina amM*saitor or commissioner Is at Washington,and the aec-et of bis instructions Is so well kepi luac uoiiiing but the most unsubstantial rumors have currency. It Is said that South Carolina demands the unconditional surrender of Fort Sumtrr, but as she has made that demand before It seems Improbable that her Commissioner* have no other errand. Whilst this consultation progresses Charleston remains quiet, and the Brooklyn ia again at her anchorage In Hampton Roads. How it was Rkcbivkd ?The Natchez (Miss ) Courier of the llth Inst thus speaks of the reception In that city of the news of the secession of Mlsaiaatppi from the Union:?The Secession Ordinance was received yesterday with almost unanlmou?disapproval ana condemnation. "Haaty," ill-judged," "wrong," were the terms generally applied to It Our citlzena, generally, felt that the Convention had aacrlllced everything, _ _ ,1 ? - ? ana uutamru ikhuiiij;. i n? free Trader yesterday announced that in honor of the evmt bella would be rung, cannon fired, and an illumination would occor, with fireworks. To the credit of tbe city we mention that none of tteee th'ngs took place. No bella were rang, no cannon were fired; no fireworks were Setoff, and no 'louses were illuminated. Sadness and gloom, instead of rejoicing, marked both day and night. UjT Signorma _ Elena is tha name of a prima Mr Lincoln, the President elect, It expected to start for Washington about the middle of February The Plttsbur*. Fort Wayne and Chicago road have tendered him a apecl'al train. - -The Russian Emperor has decorated Joseph

Francis, the life boat man. with the star of the Imperial and Royal order of St. Stanltlar of th? third order. A young lady writing to her bfothrr In wMDingien aays: w?*t General Cut beard Dr. Rill preach In New York last Sunday. A* they were coming out of church, Dr. Hill said to Gen. Cms, "Theae are gloomy Wines " "Yea," replied the General, "it Is the greatest calamity that haa befallen the civilized world alnee the dispersion of the Great Family in the land of Mtlnar." Poar Orrics, WasHiiteToa Citt, D.C,> January 14,1981. S W D Wallatk.Esq , Drat Sir: Accept my tbanka for ealllng ray attentlon to an editorial of the Cbarleaton Mercury, of recent date, In which 1 am charged, aa poatmaater, with violating lettera, and of auppresain? tke correspondence between Waahington and Charleston. It ia hardly necenaary for me to pronounce the charges untrue In every particular, and that I would not, under any clrcumatancea. retain one of my clerka a moment in my ?raploy. hud I the alightest auaplclon of his integrity. I beg to aaaure the editor of the Mercury, that every letter ami 1 > *? fi ' v*wv? ??m icvcivcu iui v/ uarimun im (ran*mitted, faithfully, aa depot!ted In thia otflce Tbe mail for Charleston la sent direct, under a bra?i lock, and the pouch ahould not be opened at an intermediate office. The follow!m; regulat'ona of tbe Department, may, perhapa, afford a aolution aa to tbe cause of suspicion of the editor of the Mercury, ?a aome of hla letter a, alleged net to have reached him, may have been aent to tbe Dead Letter Office, through tbe Inattention of hla correspondenta, in not havlug prepaid them Soon after tbe pataage of the act of Congresa requiring the prepayment of poatageon letters, pestmasters were lnatructed by tbe Department to aend a notice to the party addreaaed, when a letter waa deposited in an office, not prepaid, that by enclosing the amount of postage due thereon, the letter would be forwarded to destination. TLia prac? I _ J ?ji " * ?* * ulc picvmiru unm iue in noTfmoer last, wtin an order was issued by tbe Department, revoking the above, and directing that from and afler tbe lit November, all letters deposited for transmission, not prepaid, were to be treated as dead letters, and to beiorwarded to tbe Dead Letter Office Immediately. Tbev are there opened, and when the writer's name is given, resealed and returned to the writer. As many letters of this character are found in the letter-box of this office, and doubtless In other offices, It is possible that reference Is had to letters thus returned, and the postmaster at Charleston could readily deterirlne this, at in all miMa th#?v h?v<> #v>* n? -* ?v. .UVj uta ?v (UC BNUlip Ul IUC JL/CAU Letter Office. m Very respectfully, your ob't serv't, Wm. Jonks, P. M rylp-THE MEMBKRS OF COMPANY B, L H W ashington l.ight Infantry Battilion, are hereh? ordered to meet at ?he Armory of Company C. THIS ( Wednesday) EVENING. at 7 o'clock. It* P M. DUBANT, Cspt. (VTf5* WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY, I J* ATTENTION !?Companies A and B will meet TO MORROW (Thursday) EVENING, at tlie a rmory of Company C, on 7th utreet, (Thorn's Buildin<,)at 3 o'o'ook. A full attendance i? particularly rsquebted. J AS. Y. DAVIS, ja 16 2t? M?j. W L. 1 B. rW?S(l\'M DP Tl. \tPUB ?NPL- ? r) J - ? ^ ^ W m. * <AU * ? (UAil V/ U a IIO V I ttll'l iL 7 Division of Maryland and Dutrict of Columbia will hold it* quarterly i-is.un iu tun city on Thursday atd Friday. the l'th and 18th h at, at Temp*r?nc? Ha l. A public m?-eii"i wiil l>e held on'I hi HSDAV RVKNING, the 17th. at 7* o'c'k, at the Old Tnuity Church, on Fifth atre*t. The Rev. Dr.McK?si rkk K lky Rev. Mr. Hua, Rev. Mr. Hrockk. Fast O. W Patriarch b. k. (jajitt, Rev. t. 11. MoMROK.ftrand Woithv Patriaroh, and oth??r? are expectrd to a'dress toe in-etin*. to which the puMio are invited. A band of musia will be in attendance la 16 2t rv-tg?smithsoMAN lecturks.-Prof. F. L_3 A. P. Barnard, Preatdent ofthel'niver bi?j uj miBRiHHippi, win aciivor & cours? oi LiCotures on Litht. First Lecture Wednesday. January 1*5.?Outline of Optical Discovery, Characteristics of Polarised Light. Second Lecture Friday, January 18.?Undulatory Theory of Light, Physical Doctrine of Polarization. Third Lrctore Monday, January 21.?Chromatid of Polarized Light. h ourth Lecture Wednesday, January 23 ?Physical TUeory of Douli'e Refraction, and of Polarization by Double Refraction. Fifth Lecture Friday. January 26.?Circular, Elliptical, and Rotary Polarization. These Lectures will he illustrated by numerous experiments and illustration*. The L.ectur?s will oommenoe at a quarter before 8 o'clock, when the red light on the tower will be extinguished and the doora closed. jal*-T.W,r.M,W,F. rr^THE UNION PRAYKR MEETINGS |L3 will be holden ever* day thie week, in the Engliah Lutheran Church, corner of 11 th and II streeta, to commence at 4 o clock, and to oootirue one hour. ja7 ry^?OFFICE MUTUAL FIRE INS. COM P., Jof Washington. D. C.. Dec. 31. I860 In pursuance of the charter the followinc statement of the condition of the oompanr it published, IX: Amount of premium note* on hand f 125,07683 Do mases (luring the rear 9 01650 A/v/ tMIl UU IlCbllU. . ...... 3,WUW _____ ID- Notice is also riven that the annual meeting or inenrtwr? wi 1 he li- Id at the otfioeof the oompany on SlON DAY. the Slut in' tant, a' 10 o'clock a. m , when an election Till ho lielit for seven Managers, to so've for the ensuine year. ?7 eo6t CH AS. WILSON,Secretary. r^?DEMP8EY A O'TOOLE. LL3 WEDDING AND VISTTINO CAHD FNCrRAVFRS, Importer, of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, tho moat beautiful styles. 326 Pa. Av.. b?t*reen 9th ?.ml mtli ??? au 27-6in ' Washington. HARD TIMES v*. PlANO?.-We have had p!a?fd *t oar store several fine Pianos Tor tale at sacrifices fur cash, on aocount.if the hard timet JOHN F ELMS. ja 16 306 Pa. a*- ber. 9t' and t' th ats /OFFICERS*. PETTtf OFFICERS, AND Sea ' ' men who were on board ol an) U.S. ships at the capture of any slaver oan have their claims for bounty and stead money promptlv a'tended to by applying to or addressing C. P. WAI.LACH, Washington, D. C. ja 16-tf PIANOS FOR RENT -Several at one ar m. per montn. aim, two very fine ones will be rent's) low to careful person*. john f. ellis. j* ^6 3QB Pa ar.. bet. 9th ?rd imh st?. Bnoticf.. Y Order of the Board of Trustees of the Pjblio School" of this oitT, i>rop 'sals will he received > y the un -ersuned until Saturday, the26 h in* ant,for the supply of suoh Stationery a^d Text-books for the Teacher* anil indigent pupils of the public sohoo's as may be nece-sary f >r th? balance <?f the Kohool yrar eudint July 31,1861, to be furnished in ruch quantities as m%? be required from time to time. Persons desiring to bid for the above will be furnished with a hat of the book" and other articles required upon application to the undersigned. ;I 1C ??KC tf U * ?S n * rw% - jot io-?uwo * IIA MX n A U U fl| 1 TP15 REAT REDUCTION IN PRICES! SELLING OFF-SELLING OFF'. The w)"o'eofourlar*? stock of DreaaGooda, ?unh as t?iU Robes, Dr**s?iik?, Mfrinos. Pop,ma, All He Laina. R<ps. Valencia*, in faot a 1 Winter Dress Goods we wi'l sell r ff thia month, at greatly reducrd prioea. man? at les? than ooat for tke cask. Also, is or 2t hacdanme Blaok Cloth Cloaks remain'np in our atook whioh we offer now at 20 per oent leaatha" oa?*. We invite the Indies and all in want of a handaome D-ess or Clo&k to oall and examine our stook before pnrohaainc elsewhere. I. \V COLLEV A CO.. j? 16 2w 523 Seventh st., above Pa ar. NEW PAWN OFFICE. f1t\ U O E- W A R D.Desler in New? O aid Cast Off Clothing, respectfully inform* the pu^Mn that he has opened a LICENSED PAWN t'FFICK at No. 7H Louniara avenue, between 9 h and 10th at*., a few door* east of the new Central Guard-house, where he will he at all times prepared to wait ou hia patrona with promptness, attention and the strictest justioe. N B.?Jewelnr, Dry Goods, Clothing, Mechanics' Tools, ao., always on hand at privale sale. jHC IITI' PANIC PRICES ! PANIC PRICE8! GREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICES OF CLOiK^iUfiLU%6*A:CHSS Ian Cl^a**, Buiuei, Ac., reduced to $ 15, 16 do Jo. do. SIS, ! U Cherterfields and Arab* do. #10, 12 Arab*, English Sack*. Ao., r*luce<t to ft, 10 do. Basques, *o. Ao, d?. #7, Ao. j 'I he above reduced price* muet enable ua to oloae oat oar itock of Cioak* A rabf, Basquea and Chesterfields by the 10th of Pebrnary, whioh la our det?rmi nation fC7" Kow u tbMime to secure 1 .riaim, at js 16-Steo MAXWELLS', 33? HEAl TH IS WKAf.TH. AND SICKNESS POVERTY INDEED. Read tod im if Dr. Ayer's Medioinee do not do om tbio* toen.ioh mankind. _ , _ . Ohicawo, 12th Norember. IS59. Dk. J. C. Atik ? Rejected Sir: I ahoald be wanting in oomraon gratitude if 1 did not acknowledge to yoa what your skill, or more aoomatelr your kxt&act o? Samapabilla hM done for my wife, fhe hM bMi for aome j Mr* afflicted with a humor, which eomei out upon her akin in the autumu and winter with auch insufferable itching aa to rmderelifeaiaoatintolerable It baa never fa lad to ooine upon her in cold weather, nor haa any remedial aid ben able to haaten ita departure before aering, ?r to at all alleviate her amferinga from it. Tnia aeaaon it began in October with ita uaual violence. By the advice of oar eelebratwd fturfeon. Dr. KimhaJi, I cave her yoar dareapanlla. o a week it had broeget the hnirorout upon her hhia worae than we had ever aeea it beiore; but it ao?n kMUl to (tlMMMr Tli? ItahiM ku and th? humor i?no- otiuty fon?, ?o tEt Ut is completely cured, bat still eoitinaM Ukinf the *p in??r? * complete ex?a)?ioa of the diutu from the ty torn, Your*, respectfully. Mm?*"*1 bt dr' *' c" . V ' Itnu Telegraphed (rem Wullaftti. W*niK?Toii, Jan 15 ?It la uaderatood bar* that tbr Sooth Carolina i|f?a bow here demand the unconditional evacuation of Fort Soaker, with a view to avoid the shedding of blood. The Administration have not jret considered the proposition. It la not true, aa aUted. that the aloop-of-war Macedonian (ailed with waled orders. She was more than six weeks ago ordered to the Golf squadron, and Is now really on ber way thither. The conduct of Capt. Armstrong, la surrendering Penaacola navy-yard to the revolutionists, la ? - ? ?? . a a_ a ? strongly aiaapprrrea ov im Jiammnriuon Por several montba the workmen there have not been paid, and have been tubal (ting on Government ration* It is aald that on Saturday the Senatorial revolutionary council In thia city were telegraphed molt earnestly from Cbarlreton. to Indue* the President to alrect that the 5 tar of the Went ahall not anil again for FortScmter, aa being com palled In the event of her reappearance, to Ire Into bar In purauance of their declafed determination la that end, their fire would surely be returned, apoa Charleaton. by Major Anderaon. Several clerka in the Cenaua Bureau were notHUil (a^Ibv (Haft (Kav nil irn a# h# <ll? charged for ex pressing secession sentiments The news of the refusal of tbe Arkansas Senate to pass a Convention bill produced a profound impression la secession as well aa Union circles to-nlgbt. Senator Rust's previous letters prepared him somewhat for this action, which Is her* at trlbuted to the Pacific Railroad bill mv before Congress. the road aa proposed passing through Arkanaaa. It la the opinion, however, of well informed Southern gentlemen, that Arfcanaaa cannot posatbly atand against the overwhelming aereaaion sentiment prevailing in Mlaalsaippi and Loniaiaaa. Lettera from the Interior of Loniaiana, received here by planters, state that alavea are daiiv growing more diaobedient, and puniahroent (a daily inflicted m caaea where the laah haa not before been uaed for montba A case la mentioned where a lady deserted her plantation, leaving it In charge of negroea, and fled to New Orleana. Those who have negroes to hire out flnd no employment for them, and they are conaequently an expenae on their handa. with no proapect of releaas. Mr. Lamar baa telegraphed to JtflVraon Dav'a that, although they carried the secession ordinance in Miaalaalppi, It waa with great diflculty, ana mat mrre-wai a powerrui party oppose 10 them; that the first faux pat made would place them in a minority. The Senate today allowed the Pacific Railroad bill to overalaugb Mr. Crittenden*a resolution. There la an evident deair* on the part of the republicans to paaa thla bill, aa well aa the bill admitting Kanaai aa a State, before taking any action on any of the propositions for compromise and conciliation. The prospect of the passage of the Pacific Railroad bill baa already withdrawn Arkansas from the aeceaalon phalanx, and It will ..1*1 A_1 L.I J I 1 ..J uiiioiBuriv fivia Jiwuun, auu icvurc V/Mtivrnia and Oregon from the project of Pact tie Confederacy. The admission of Kansas will also be a republican salvo for any concessions that may be made by the representative men of that party. Pennsylvania.?The Hon. Andrew 0. Curtln was Inaugurated Governor of Pennsylvania on Tuesday at Harrlsbure. In bla address be pledge* hlmaelf to atand between the Conatitation and all encroachments instigated by hatred, ambition, fanaticism, or folly. He aaya the election of the President has he?n made a pretext for disturbing the peace of the country by wresting from the Federal Government the powers which tbe people conferred on It when the Constitution waa adopted. There haa been nothing in the life or acta of Mr. Lincoln to warrant the excitement Blinded in their judgment, a p*rt of the people are now precipitating themselves into a revolution. He saya that if Pennsylvania has any laws infringing on the right of any State that contravene any Federal law. or obstruct their execution, thfV OHL/ht tn hp Ppnnavlv^nli Kta nevt r faltered In the recognition of all the duties imposed .by the national compact, and will, by every act consistent with devotion to the lntereata of her people, promote fraternity and peace between the states. When trade was prostrate and Industry paralysed by adverse legislation by the General Government, Pennsylvania waited patiently. No voice spoke disloyalty or treason, and na arm was raised to strike at the sacred fabric of the Union. It will be our duty to unite with the people of the loyal just and honorable measure* for conciliation If they are just and moderate the danger may be averted. Oars Is a National Government, having all the attributes of sovereignty Among these is the right of self-preservatlon. No State, or combination of States, can cvcue uur aiMoire iDtaiKirn irom uw oongation? of the Union. Pennsylvania will never acquiesce in such a conspiracy, nor aaaeat to doctrines involving the destruction of the Government. If it Is to exist it must have power adequate to the enforcement of the supreme law In every State It is the first duty of the Federal Government to stay the progress of anarchy, enforce the laws, and Pennsylvania will give its united, honest, and faithful support The people mean to preserve the Union at every hatard. ICT" Gov Yates, of Illinois, in bis Inaugural address, avows the doctrine of the "lrrer?r???ihl? conflict" between freedom and slavery, but insists that it doe* not necessarily disturb the relations of the State* He denies the right of secession He declares that no seceding Stale shall embarrass or interrupt the free navigation of the Mississippi; recommends the militia to be put in readiness to protect the State or respond to mv call of the federal executive for the suppression of rebellion or enforcement of the laws How Georgia was Cakkiid for Sbcessio*.? It seems that on the day of election in Georgia despatches were circulated through the State as AI AL-A - " nung iwi ?ue umiea states troops were bombarding Charleston. The Augusta Constitutiona list says" We ire clearly of the opinion that Georgia bas been carried for secession by the grossest frauds, in the way of tbese sensation dispatches, that were ever practiced on a confiding people; aud we embrace tbe present moment to warn them not to be deceived during tne session of tbe Convention by similar tricks Address to the Catholics or Sr. Lona.? Archbishop Kenrlck, of St. Louis, has Issued a brief address to the Roman Catholics of that city, exhorting (hem in the present disturbed state of the public miud to avoid all occasions of public excitement, to obey the laws, to respect the rights of all citixens, and to keep away, as much as possible, from all assemblages wherethe indiscretion of a word, or the impetuosity of a momentary passion, might endanger public tranquility. Asdmsok's Fise Cct. ? Cutting from Port Moultrie to Fort Sumter. _ xved mccipitatis^ouiti Carolina What Major' Anderson's "Fort" is.?Fort Sumter.?Vanity Fair. >Ladle?, Call Early at RIDDLK'8 ORIGINAL ?1 *TQ*E. KIDDLE'S ORIGINAL it STO?K. RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL #1 STORE, n i . . *? i ? - - ? - ? - * muu^ a u*l?INAb |l?TO?E. No SO* HENNA. AVENUE, No. 30? PENNA. AVENUE, No. 30ii PENNA. AVENUE, No .104 PENNA. AVENLE. Additional inroio?? just received of New and " BeautiUl Je?clry. F*o* Ucr Ehtiri Stock YOU CAN TA^magflflS" FO* 0NLV CORAL ?nd GOLD *KTS. p{.s?te.UiasjsEreREAL ROMAN MOSAIC SETS, RUBY and VASE 8KTS. f^!?^lg?sfc?9?TONK ?" PLAIN G?LD SET*l BOUQUET and RIBBON 8ETB, JrtSSp: BSg*LcA?flU KSH-RSSSS: vuiuynoiio AlViTIbbl Df m- jmrnxn. IK NTS' SEALS and CHARMS, ENT8* Sl.EEVE BUTTONS Ami STUDS, HlMBLES. PENS, PENCILS. JMOFMftS!** ;"OON8Everythlnr in the atore new and perfect, and guarantied to be areh aa repreeented. {[J- Every articl* mmfmtuTtdftr tin rtguimr rt tau trade, and warrabted to be theaane qaaiity aa la retailed from Ave to thirty doliara eaen YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR. RsoanDLiaa or Coat. Aa thia great aale oootiuaea bat a ahort tim*. period* de*i;in< to mpplv themaalvw with Jevalry at theee unheard of pnoee will aleaee call earl* u ?Mr ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR 8TCRR, SO-! P?nni;lnaia between 9th and 10th street*. R. W. RIDDLE, rrr Remember the Nnncber, 309. M we have no e-mneotion with other*, profeeeia, to *e(l at oar price*, in thu pity ja H-tf IIKAVY REDUCTIONS IN PRICES! ? XWA BILK ROBE?and DRESS PILKS ia f?at prock^oStsraft.'.arijRBss BOOM. ttvtttm.'is gsffii wi&g'tiTS^lVeoo* fct <-u~ . carpet^cjstsijs. mattings, oiu OI mill W\ h .mall pdrtM. * A AUCTION SALES. By I. C. Moet'lKK * CO.. Aaotooaaara. TBHIM J* SALE OF BXrBLI.ENT FU? A M. RirckB aho Bor-tHoLD rrftT?.-Oi?*T- i UBDAV hoHMNG.Juitr; Ifcft. ot 1*o'clock. | tM Srat floor of tko AuetM looMt.** **[[ >} .by Tirte*of?dMdofUast,4?)y ratorM.Ai. * ? lot of Pirutu* uo Hot Mold Electa, ooapr? Mttiofiir H?ir 8f rtac Sofc, Ana aad Froook Far lor Chair*, B[arb.* top s?of? an<t Crater Tah>*. raatala im Iiinui Carpota, OUelotfc. Stui Cw pet*. Rndttit Kt'? Cane nod Wood irat Ckura, Loaaf*. Mat < fan? and v* aiait 1 reaaiag Itrma, B?4ami * < WwiiiUBda. H?ir a-*d Hark MiUnwM, B^lat*ra and PU)**ri, HlnktU, Co mforta, Cnanteraauee. Cfeia *, tiltaa and Crop kerf War* Window Carta-? a?d Mialta, Co kin* and otlior Store*. Kitchen I'toenla. Ae. T?fa? ?*?h Bv order of tk? Travt a. jalltt J C. Mt(. Cltr. 4 CO , Aaau. THIS AFTERNOON A TO-MORROW Br C. W. BOTELER h BONP. AaaUoaaora. HOU?KAMDl.(>r?TrUBU': AUCTION. H* TirtM* of a df*l of btarmt date | ur; lMi, And reoordk in Lliwr J. A. folio* 3K> at uMur, on# of tb* L&nd lHud??f the eoitty of Wukia|tuR, in tko Diatnct of Co Iambi*, I akaU ?oM at pub io aootion oa tha prtm Imi, oa WEuN K80(k , tit* l?h da* of JuMrf . atdo'co kp Ml . alt tt?*t lot, IMM ai>d parooi of ground in the City of W*ehintU>n. in U* Di?tr?ot of Cotu-rbia, b'lnf part of is?or* No. SU, WhiOfc ia botiM aa foilowa, to ,ri at a point oa ?tk atroet weet a?v?ntv aix feot ? n* la cbM from the eo> oar of Itk ???l and N ?U? a? aorta. ruanii.c tfcenoa aortk with Uk etroot tnI twenty f-*t nine aod a n ?art?r inokoe. Utcot wK. Iftflwton* inch to N?* Jara^ ami*. Uh>?*< aoatk with New J era?* anonetwaat; foot, thanoM waatlft; i*a fe<t atx fohea to tfc? piaoeof bo fi*'iwR(, with the iimw b<>u?c (h?**on Term*: OiMhi'd of the purohaae money to be paid ia ouh, and the balance n two equal laetalmenU by aotea parable aith it-tereet at six ami % twe're mo nib a from day of eal? and eoevred b- a deed of trust on the property eoid. All aoaveyaa a? ?Ka At ?ka MMPAkaaar If tKa ( %rma V? u I WV? ? VI 1W f ?I V ?' ? -1 tale are >ot conte'ied wita wit tun five d??? frosn any of ?ale, the aaid proa rty WJil be '?i'i4 at lk? riak and expense ot tne ('ef*u' thig pu'oh*e*r ^ EPW !>\VAM.M.Tra*te?. , c. W BOTSLfc* * HONS. jaSeoAdu <Intel.) A w* tinners. By J. C. MeUUIRK Jt CO., Aidioawr*. mlLIFPS 8ALK OF8TOVKS ?On TBC??)AY MOKNINt*, Ja> nary 17thj?t 1*?'elook. to front of tha Auotmn Room* of J. C. MeOaire ft Co., oorr.or K'th and D at*., I ahall ?ei? 0n? Radiator, ooe Cylinder, and 1> Cook 8t vw. TocethT with a lot of Stoves and lias Pipea, aad * .11 I -- 3 rnmmu iiub i WM. CAM HACK. Bail iff. jaM X J. C. McGlMRE k CO.. A?cU. Br WALL A BARNARD. AaaUooa?ra fpRUSTEK't* SALE OF FINE GROCERIES. A Wi*b?. Liuroa*. Cigar*. akd Ci>hd;m c*t? at Abctiob.??in THURSDAY MORNING.mat, at 10 o'olnek. we will tell at tbaAaetinn Ronwta. ihe remainder of J. T Dmn 'i ?took of (m ttroe rw, Winee. Cuara, Ac.. o >inpri?iat? Black Tm and Coffiw. Candie*. h. and ftoap. Olive Ui!, Indigo, and ftpioM of all aorta. Old Rye Wtuakejr aiH Brardy, Fin* Wion and ( hairpatn#t. Term*: ??" oaah; over ?hat amount a orodit of an and 6" day*, for approved endoraol note*, bearing intoroat. ?. DRURY. TraatM. ja IS WAU4 BARNARD, Aasto. J^AST WEEK IN WASHINGTON. THE ONLY SAFE AND PERMANENT CURE FOR CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT OORNS. and ^ ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET, ' im ? k. ~ UNERRING SYSTEM PraebMd by isn. n. a. m,nL>(/oecH. WHAT IS A CORNf Corns are a tnbercnlar exoresoenoe, maular to a wart.which develop themselves on the toes, bo tweon the t?es,<8oft Corns, Ion the soles of tho feet, and the joint of the bit tooe, (Bunion*. I THEY ARE PRODUCED BY MANY CAUSES. let. The compression oansod by a narrow, aa4 particularly by a short shoe. 3d. Sometimes the cause is the opposite; a shoo too large in whioh the foot elipe. 3d. StookiEics ill fittinc, and for mine piaits or In- . equalities, also are a oanee of corns. esMoiail* m s walking ujon atiarp. uneven, or brokea pavement*; ^ th? continued rubbing of the ahoe or boot at the joint*, determines a point ol irritation; therefrom rtouit large and painfa! o ?rn?, baniona, aoft oorna. Many who are thai afflicted, have roooaraa to a razor or aoisaora, and cut of the aaperfioie* of tke ^ core, and obtain relief for a few day a. BUT WHAT 18 THE RESULT t a By reaaon of eatting, the exeraaoenoe haa the offOftan ty of expanding, bordering aad rooting ? :* ? ?? w?ii, Mia on uib r" me piaee, t?y rattii|, tm Mk? ~g grow a Dimbcr of eorna, After which it u in rain T that it la eat or plastered. SomUan oora stay a Ion* time without g iving vain, bat that aait not 1 b? laid to the idea that they arc becoming inert. and that they will remain eo, tor, eooaer or later, to the great diatreas of the person who has to bear It, they will exhibit their real character. Pain, awe ling, fever, mi aery of no ordinary de D'lfuoi wiii inHi ena win M 01 noiJt to nb4Mt without crater attention than ?u un4?r ordinary oircnmitanoee be raid. WHAT MUST BE DONE.' THE CORNS MUST BE EXTRACTED' DR 8CHLOSSER. by a tyitem at onoe novel, baaed npon lone expe rieooe and approved by the kickeet medio*l aathor itiee, and wkitk can only bt emrritd rat by kim?e/, ha? enooeeded in eztraotinf the root of tkeoor*. u nwiwr wimi meir nature*, ttukout itrix tk? letut pain er uuMrnuMc, either denug U?lt r?m o rfc or iftMTCrdi. Dr. 8CHLOS8KR bu the ututeotioB of laviag before the public at hit consulting rooms, as a proof of the extraordinary eatislacUox glTae bp . hi* a in ur passed style of treatment, a Miircu list of to'ti-ooaial* from oiUxec* of the highest standing in WasLiactoa. Alto, from umber* of the Koja. Pamiliee of Europe. M well a* nam bar- m lot* one* from Statesmen.Di plo*atuto,CI?naM Pbyetoians, Ambauadori, Merchants and " of Ikia Mutrj ud Evoh. , CO.SSULTiya ROOMS, j MT PENNSYLVANIA AVENLE.fSoatk ario. ] Oftoa koara fron in a. aa. till? - ja U LAST WEEK IN WASHINGTON. W 910.000 ~ OETH OF BOOn, SHOES AWD TRUNKS, Of ?U StyUt and QmmlilUs, it A. tUlt AAORIF1CE OB COST. Start far Ami mmd Aituru far 8*1*. All tk* '- ? > ? T ? o. r* BTOIE BUNS1TRfrttCS^S ^ ?'TMV f?J Kg?.." -uteriS^^i': ;' ? i?27S,rt^s?:,3rir'?5:2SSS5 UmtdrtoyitcinMri! "?WMM Wl" P^sssrsjusessstiste ife. *o . for ImIim MX) < Zu.miB ^0^?00**' 8lof? i? for mtud the Fixture* for ?!>. ? ??. wHitT m whom Of te I Mut, will h* mM M pnv?U Ml*. T? My nt* 4*- ^ iirou. or en ton BK th* Boot, t?ho* and Trill Dm Mat tliu ?fford? % better opportunity Um mtf inu )> preeeete*. PfiOM iixivhtnd will oonfor a ftror by proivptty o*, ih nfttiiDK tteair aaaoanto ]? T f r^EKNCH pujwer80f t*k vfcfty MB** r . ur? "?j?wj|u, gjL ?*g B Fresh fruits in cans, rRKSKKVKS. i BRANDY FRUITS, d?a KINO ^WrCH KL.U J |] ONBPtlCRONl.v "" ^ l *1 ?