Newspaper of Evening Star, January 18, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 18, 1861 Page 1
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Gtaitig $tar. ? VSS. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. JANUARY 18. 1861 N?. 2.470 ^ THE DAILY EVENING STAR n PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE ITAR BClLAlNnt. Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 11;A it., IT W. D. WALLACH. Paper a eerved tn pMlUN by oamara It |4 I year, or 37 cents per month. To mail anbaorlbcra the pnoo ia 9X50 a year, it adv?tft; 92 fur aix* month*; At for three month*; and for laaa than three months at the rate of 12 oenta a week. 8in*le opies, o*i cB5t; in wrapper a, two ciifTB. KjT ADvg?rnxmsT?iaoo!d be tent to the oftoe before 12 o'oiook m.; otherwiae they may not appear nntil the next day. A STRUGGLE FOR. LIFE. [CONTIHCBD.J II. Nevertheless, though cleanliness is next to godlineee, ? dirty shirt is not evidenee of the <nne 1 /-> n kl a mm AnJ tkanV i~\ V T kea>A uupaiuvuaviu QiU| BUVI) IUauft U. A U?I o known men whose hard hands and soiled clothes hid a soul so clean that, if jou were not wretchedly near-sighted, and oould see at all through a coating of clean dirt, yon at once took such to your heart. Such an one was Farmer Leigh ton. A tall, raw-boned, hard-featured man, with the awkward straddling gait, uncertain p?ise of body, and splay feet, which are the rewards of an inscrutible Providence for a life of severe toil ?perhaps to teach us to look beneath the surface for the truest worth; perhaps also to tell us that man does not live by bread alone, and that Mary did indeed choose a better part than serviceable Martha. Farmer Leighton was now a well-to-do personage in hU little world. A man of gome forty-five rummers, in most af which cornplanting, hay-making, reaping, and housing crops?the multifarious, never-ceasing toils of the farm?had left their marks not lightly upon him; with scant, grizzled side-whiskers, and a chin wretchedly shaven by a dull razor and an unsteady, wearied hand; hair of that tawny sandy hue which betokens several generations of rough struggle with forest-life, hanging down in straight and tangled locks soom oia ears una cost-collar; an^ a Sunday suit of blue Kentucky-jeans, home-made, and ingeniously contrived to show eTery angle and rough knot and ungraceful lino in the poor, ill-used body beneath. This was the man whose harsh, cracked voice, with s querulous quaver in it at first, and a strange after-tone of protecting and longing love, called out: " Now. then, old lady!" At which a hrivht h*v mar* fn mud-splashed buggy, standing near the hitching-post at the gate, pricked up her ears and wondered what she had done now. As though there were no other old lady in the world! 44 In a minute." a voice from within-doors. having in it also a certain uncertain tremble? a ouaver. however, which stood for the fearfulness of a long and much-loTing heart, whose uieek habit wag to fit its motions to the conr AniftnrtA r\f O a<.f? ? vwsvuvv vi uiucic, a vvrswc; evil ?uu a^iccauic< even though it wag cracked, and hinting of many cares and much housewifely forecast And presently appeared in the covered waj of the comfortable double cabiiva portly dame to whom this voice belonged. Her followed a young girl, blue-eyed and fair-haired, as they afe in Indiana, and of such buxom and shapely form, combining both strength and grace, as is th?? natural result of " hog and hominy," plenty of fresh air, and a total lack of servants and other incentives to a lazy life 'Her name is Miranda Leighton? for which I am sorry, for I cannot but believe that she should have been called by gome such honest and plain name as Susan, Jane or Elixa. Cat the Hoosier farmers, having little other grandeur to bestow upon their children, are pretty rare to give them grand and outlandish names. And I have a respect for facta, which are stubborn things, but useful in their way Mi.anda unfastened her pony from a rack beneath the wagon-shed, where he had stood under shelter?lucky beast!? and leading him up to the horse-block, leaped lightly into tha eaddle. As she settled herself there, helped by her father's kindly hands, a horseman rode into the open by a turn of the road. There s John now," said Mrs. Leighton. "John, eome. go to church with us." 4 I'm goin\" said he. " Ther's a new minister. ain t thar ?" ' Yes; and no tricks now, John," urged his mother, beseechingly. ' No {indeed; were goin' to listen?see what stuff he ? made of. Guess the boys '11 be still enough to-day " " I 11 warrant they'll be all thar," grumbled old man Leighton. Which wad a safe guess. For, next to a circus. nothing draws so large a crowd in an In diana Tillage as public speaking of any kind; and. above all. a new preacher. A talent for * oratory is worshipped by all the West; and a wan who really has something to say, an<J knows how to say it as though he believe. with all his heart, could not have a more appreciative audience than these rough unlettered Indiana farmers. Nor will you find anywhere snarper or more relentless critics than these. As logical as children, and as impatient of humbug, they are ever ready with a biting word, which inevitably pierces to the core of some conscious misstatement or sophis try which the speaker id not himself taken in *?y. So the sister and brother rode off together in advance, while the old folks followed at such leisurely pace as suited the bay mare, who had bad her own way so many years that she took it now as a matter of right. Miranda had just returned from school. In Indiana the boys mast work, and their schooling come", if at all, by fit* and start*?as they t>ay lawyers get to heaven. It is theirs to battle with the primal curse from their earliest years, and such learning as they get is picked up at odd times, and chiefly from their Bibles and the agricultural papers. But the girls go to school. For them money is laid by; and as they grow to young womanhood, poor indeed must be the farmer who does not send his daughter away to boarding-school in some city or larger town, where she ha* atany^rate, the opportunity to gather such of the waye, and thoughts, and accomplishments of a more refined culture as may assimilate best to her nature. With these advantages the daughter becomes the oracle of the house, cherished by all as a being of superior mould, and greatly held in awe by younger brothers, who submit with what grace may be, to her dominion. Miranda a T mmiA ko/4 -o M. UH1U, UUU JU9V IOVUIUOU 1IUU1 school The free air and pleasanter sunshine of this Sunday morning, and .the exhilarating canter of the pony, raised her spirits, and gave her courage to Administer a scolding to John, some of whose tricks she had heard of on her return from school at Louisville. ' Don't yoa see it is very wrong ?" she asked, with such a sparkle in her eye as made it vaguely doubtful to the oootrite John whether it was nearly so wrong as he had before thought to tie ft kitten under the bench occupied by * the young ladies' Bible olftu in church, where 1 it had miftwed dismally at every pause in the * sermon, to the great distress of the young ladies and the intense delight of the boys. " Don't jou see it'a wrong?" she repeated " Didn't mother always tell you to be a good boy; and didn't I always tell you to behave?" coins to be as Kood as Die. nowroa'T* came back. Sis," said John, turning towards the pleased Miranda iace really expressive of a vast amount of ?cr'rluon. But, alas! as he turned in the jyuidle a horrifying screcch of feline agony interrupted this charming scene. '*0 Lord, exelaimed John, sliding nimbly yff his horse, and making a desperate grab at his coat tails, from a pocket in one of which presently emerged a good-sited cat, spitting out in evident rage at her treatment, ?nd with eyes sparkling, .head down, and tail erect, rushed off into the woods. There wu a dead and ominous silence for the space of twenty interminable seconds. ">ow, John!" at laat exol aimed Miranda, very slow!y, and with an injured air. 44 now, John!" And then the little witch oould hold her grave face no longer, bat bant into sueh a peal of laaghter that the ponj was really at a low to know what it all meant ,while the bay mare A - * a r -L _ _ w burriea op ner i>ggiug paoen, ver? inuca ?urk priied, indeed, and anxioaa to diioover the ~ eiuN of snob nadden merriment. >' "Yon bad,wicked boy'" exolaimed Miranda, -- catching a moment's breath, and with a grave r' face; bat eeeing John atili (tending by bb l, hone, with red race, and handa cleeely held to bia eoat-tailor *he broke again into a laugh, which the weodi ware glad,Indeed, to Mho I f <? " I didn't mean to've sot on her," said John, respectfully, willing to mollify bis sister; "guess she ain't hnrt much." " HI eatch her, if yon like," he added, suddenly, in the hope that an offer of aenriee, of whatever kind, would help him oat. ** 'Tain't that, yon dreadful boy. Yoa know very well," laughed Miranda, tryingto assume that severitjot countenance which she felt the occasion aaVthe ofiense demanded. "Whet waa the eat doing in jour pocket, 70a dreadful fellow?" ' Can't a feller take his eat to ehureh without you pitohin* into him?" retorted John, in injured tones; and then feeling that defense waa worse than useless in his case, and seeing, besides, the bay mare appreachine,with father and mother peering curiously at their children ne judged it prudent to remount bis horse and ride off at such a pace that he waa not likely to be caught. But as he rode Miranda noticed, with a chuckle of satisfaction, that he still held one hand carefully near that coat-pocket which had contained th?* InnklMu nat (TO BR COMftNrED.f ~ < m i m ? Another Horrible Mcrdrr?A Fbthtr Cut* His Child's Throat trtf* a Razor, and thm Delivers Himself to the Polite ?A most revolting murder wai perpetrated on Saturday evening by a man named James Martin, residing In Bergen itreet. New York, eaat of Power* street, the victim being bis own child, an Infant one and a half years of age. The circumstance* attending the dreadful deed, obtained from different sources, are aa follows:?Martin is an Englishman, and 1-1- ...I#- 41 ? - * ?" uis wue a naiire 01 ireiana iney nave Been married for about twalve years, and had four children, the elde?t ten yeart of age He ! a bookbinder by trade, and hat worked In the establishment of K A Lambert A Co , stationer?. Ac , William street. New York^for the put twenty years. On Saturday he waa at work aa usual. After leaving the ahop be took several drinks of liquor before coming home. When he entered the house he becamc irritable, nnd a mism.derstandlng occurred between hlm.elf and wife They quarreled for some time, when she threatened to have him arrested, and went out for the purpose of calling In a policeman It was only a feint on her part, however. Her object was to frighten him, so as mturr f?roce. /rner siaying away ror some time be returned, and aa she entered the door be came rushing out. In a atate of wild excitem?nt. J*be closed tbe door and went into the bedroom, wben tbe boriid spectacle of h?>r murdered child presented it*elf to her view ft waa lying on the bed with Its throat cut from ear to ear The bed was saturated with blood; a large p#ol of blood was on the floor near the bedroom door, and there were drops and marks of blood from the bed to the outer door. Meanwhile, Martin went to the City Hall and kept passing up and down the passage In the basement for soute time. It was 1*2u o'clock. Officer n *1 ?? w _ - * woaurr, wno was on nignt duly In tbe office of the Inspector of Police, came out, and observing him for a moment, asked what the matter was. (tbe accused being a well-dressed, gentlemanly-looking man.) and requested htm to come into the office and make bis business known Martin stated that be wanted a policeman; that be had killed bis child and wanted to give himself up to the law. Tbe officer remarked. "I guess you have not done anything as bad as that,'' whereupon Martin replied, "Ob, ves I have, and God knows that I loved that child," at the same time drawing bis right hand from his pocket, exhibited a rnzor, with which he said he committed tbe deed. Tbe razor and bis band, the officer then noticed, were smemred over with blood Th# officer asked hit reasons for committing so atrocious a crime, to which he replied that he was jealous of his wtfe, that they had a quarrel in consequence, and that some way or other, he didn't know how, be had cut his child's throat. Here be evinced threat mental suffering, and requested tbe officer, for God's sake, to lock him up. Tbe officer complied with his request, and confined htm In one r>f the cells English Vikw or Discnion ?The London Timet of the 31st ultimo closes a review of the condition of affairs with these remarks: The prospect of the maintenance or restoration of the Union must be derived from more general considerations, which have hitherto been otecured bv party passions. The States.wblch meditate secession have as vet bv no means realized tbe establishment of an Inland-frontier with strangers, and perhaps enemies, on the other side. The evils of which thev complain can only be aggravated by the abdication of tbe bold over their confederates which thev derive from the f!on?titnt1r>n >nil fmm their a llance with tbe Democrats of the North. Separation will convert every free State Into a safe as.lum for fugitive slaves. and, if a partition of the Territories la effected, the Southern Confederarv will onlv obtain the portion which muit from altuatlon ana climate neceaaarllv have fallen to lta share Mr Buchanan waa right In thinking, if not aaying, that It la impossible to coerce a seceding St-tte. because American Institutions involve no rtrnvlilnn fnr th? a/ 1 r VW.V. ..taivil* V? *? VWIIUUCItU province. Tbe pride of belonging to a great nation, tbe habit of union, and convenience of unrA ricted Intercourse. will i robably induce the lave S'atM to device tome attainable compromise, If only time la ui ven for negotiation and reflection. The feelings, and perhaps the Interest of Kngland are on tbe side of continued union. Tbe free commerce which might be opened at Charleston or New (Vienna would fall to produce cordial relations with a Confederacy which would be pledged to promote the Indefinite extension of a'avery. even it were It not tempted to revive the slave trade. Gkeat 9.iow*Stoe* n KrsoPB.?The advent o^nrisimaa orougntto western Kuropeoneof the most severe snow storms ever experienced. Account* of its ravages have been received from the Cnited Kingdom, France and Italy Mr. Lowe, th? well known meteroleglst, reports that the cold which ensued wns perhaps the most extraordinary ever known In Kngland On Christmas day the thermometer was eight degrees below zero near London, and elsewhere 11 Is reported as having been still lower. The rivers were full of floating Ice, and skating was as common In London as In New York The quantity of snow which fell In placet Is said to have exceeded two feet The storm appears to have travelled over all Western and Southern Europe. At Turin the Raumur thermometer Indicated eight degrees below zero (the freezing point) That city is nearly under the same parallel of latitude as Montreal; but its winter usually corresponds rather with that of nicomona in bngiana numerous stenm-boller explosions happened about that time la private houses, apparently owing to tbe Intense cold. Fxais Fashtom* for Jaktaby ?The Parisian belle* pav their vlalU this aeaaon In neat and quiet dresses?the stuff* general adopted for winter wev being robti de/antaisu, plain or brocaded, and poplins are also In favor. Merlnoa are also discarded, on account of their flaccldity. The faahloa for booneta allows ample room for the display of lndlvldusl tasje, and the most Important requirements for this article of dress are that it aball alt wall, suit the expression of the face,not add to tbe years of tbe wearer, and be without protection Those of black velvet, with a roaette on the left band side, and of lilac silk and black velvet, are the inoat popular. \]y A few days ago, a daughter otJ)r. Beach, of Cleveland, nineteen yeara of age complained of a aore linger. Her band* swelled soon after, and this was followed by Inflamatlon of the bowels, eryalpelos and a fever of typhoid form, from which she died. Dr Beach was taken with ? ?W??W ?!...<?? UU J- * - " u rue tuuiuu uuiiu^ uim uauj^uvrr i llinCH, Dll hand swelled, and now he ia lytng at the point death, after exhibiting the symptoms observed In the daughter. d^l* Portland, Ct , on Saturday afternoon Mr. Ebenezrr White, one of tbe moat prominent Influential and respected citizens of the pWce, while in a society meeting in the Rev. Mr. Talcott'a (Cong ) church, died auddeuly. He waa about to niase some remarks to tbe meettng, and just as be waa uttering tbe first word, he auddenly gasped, and fell forward?and was taken updead. scspextiok umbos in New hbc!?*wic*? The new suspension bridge, at Grand Falla, N B it now open fur travel Ita length ia 2lM feet; height from the bed the river, lilt feet. It ia auspended by two cable* of 1,UW) wlrea each, from tower* -J5 feet high Each wire ia capable of auatalning l.'iOO lba. The bridge waa loaded with 75 too* for aeveral day*, to stretch the wire* The entire coat waa t2?,0w>. i i ????m Impaled on* a Slid Stakb and Killed ?Robert beet nam of Enfield. Me_, eimr to bis death a few dara atnce by. falling on a aled rake Ho waa going out for load of bay. The a take* of hla a'ed were about a foot hiuh It la probable that be allpped and fell on to them, aa one of them pasaed through hla body. Ho waa dlacoverod a few rods from the tow before Ufa was extinct, but bled to death before be reached home. CLOTHING, &c. PANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICES f We havfc^nat reorived a large lot of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS, on oomif nmeat, whioh mutt he sold before the 4th of Maron. without regard to ooat. These foods have ail been mtidenp by the beat houses in Baltimore and Phiadelphia, and owing to the tiine? they will be aold at almost any pnoe. our object being totnrn them into cash aa soon as possible. L A. BKALL A CO., C'othlera, No. 439 Seventh at., above G. N. B.?Come one, oomeall; now u the time to hnv WINTER PI DTHlvr-.t ... ..... ?. o.? enth St.. No. 4 39,5 doors abov? 6 it. * de 28-lm A. ORKAT ATTR ACTION ! GRAND RUSH FOR SEVENTH STREET! All Stop at S M I T H ' S, No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "Go thou and do likewise " (Suoh ra the language ussd br & gentleman who had revived some of our gr^at bargains) i n?vB jun reiurnea irom in* [Moririwilh a very liars* stock of CL THING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS, bought for cash at two UiirUs their Mt cost .and which 1 will sell at a small advance. You can buy a good Overooatfrom 93 to 97, a very fine on* from 910to ?15, Cape Overcoat from $8 to *15, Boy's Overcoat and Cape Coat from 83 5nto 85 Also, SHIRTS, UNDERGARMENTS, UJIBRELLAS. SCARFS SHAWL?, COLLARS, TIES, GLOVES, and all kinds of Gents' Wearing Apparel, at astonishingly low prices. JijT" A word to those that want to purohase: Having l>ourht these goods at very low prices, I am confident that you can save 25 per oeut. buying from me. N. 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A avenue ami Eleventh street, has t*?enW!m# Rir-wwr NIIIIKOU 7VL1 1 tl'iMT C II < I '< ?U?HIUi greater inducement* for the patronage ol ciUzeua and atrangera than any other pnblio H<>um in tlit oit?, hia priooa being leea thar> those of any other hotel on Pean. avenue, and hia acoommodationa for permanent or tranaient boardera unexceptionable. 1 he bar and reataurant trmncmenta of the European Hotel have already bf oonte very popu lar, all that oan be desired by tne moat flu tidioaa. Tne proprietor pledge* unremitted attentionand oontinued liberal expendituresto giveaati?faotion to all, and thua renewa hia invitation ?? all to five the European Hotel a oall. de 4-ti rpHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TR1EVEMAR, 1,2 and S-Proteoted by Royal Letter* Patent of England, and a ecu red Sy the tteala of the Koole de P*ri? ?>.. . Imperial College of Medmue. Vienna I No. 1 ta invaluable for exhauation and natorrhea, I ami ai pnysioai oisaoui'ies. No. S oympleiely eradicates all trace* of those diseases that have been hitherto treated by the Hau seous and pernioi ua eae of oopaiva and oubeb*. No. 3 haa entirely aupplanted the injurioua uce of mercury. thereby mauring to the sufferer apeedy re'ief, dispersion all impmritiM, and rooting out the venom of disease. TKlE*K.l*R, Nos. 1,2 and 3- are prepared in th' form of a loieng?. devoid of taste and sine!', and oan b-.? carried in the waistcoat pocket, ^old in ti' cases. and divided into separate dose*. as ad ministered by Veipeaa, LsVemand, Roux, Rioord, "Ao Price S3 caoh, or four oases for $9. whioh saves #3; and in $Z1 oases, wherebr tnere is a saving of *9 To be had. wholesale and rotail, of Dr. BARROW, of 194 Bleecker street. New York. Immediately <>n receivir.g a remittance. Dr. Barrow will lorward the Triesenfcr to any part of the wor'd, securely packed, and addressee according to the instrncti ns of the writer. The Book, of all other*, that ahonld he read by men with damafed and broken down ooDstitutions is "Human Frailty, or Phjsiolocioal Kesearohes." It is beautifully illustrated, and treats "<<nutely of all tn? symp om? that mvanablv develop thein e'ves. sooner or later, resulting from the frailties and vitiating habits or earl?/ooth, incapacitating the viotim from sharing the fruition of the matrimonial state, and. if notohecked in time,degenerating all tHe functions of manhood, aid bringing him. step by step, to a lingering and untimely death. Sola by Dr. MA K ROW, 194 Bleeoker street, four doors bMow Maodougal, New York. Pnoe 25 oents Sent free every where. Sold ?iso by S. C. Ford, Jr., Drag Store, Washington. P. C. de 29 6m Booxs and shoks to suit tmk TIMES. 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TO SUIT THK TIMES, AT PRIC?8 At 8TEVEN8'S FANCY STORK ?HLT' Og-tf 3S6. h?Ur. 9th and l?h ?U. IHtJIlfcEP*T.K8 AT prices to suit the Jl TIMLS.?f4je? muit b? fnro?d: store too maoli orovdad; sow la Us Ume to buy ohm. a - JOTNTTelub. <! ? ?Q6 Pa. > ., bi. tth ana loth ?U. A WE PIANOS FOB RENT BY AP Two Piwo? ft?r rmtt at 01 pmr mowtfc. 4? 0 Kimsi WOOD AND COAL. WO O 11 AND C O A I Delivered to all Hrti of tho city, at the lovast MHible r*tot. T. J. A W. M. GALT, Office 999 Pa. ? ., between tlth and 13th ?ti., > 17-tf north lid*. n i n TlTnvnT\rn ViAO r il lllMU, SC. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS ? J. W. THOMPSON * CO. Would o*U the Attention of water taker* to their loll assortment of Fixture* neoessarv to its introd?etion,asfoliows:?KITCHKN RANGES.BATH TUBS. WATER CLOSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS. PUMPS, CasJ Iran. Wrought Iron. I.ead and Galvanised WATER PIPES, HYDRANTS ard PAVE WASH ElS, RUBBER HOSE.&c. Having superior advantages, with practical knowledge, we are prepared to introduoe Water into dwellings with all the latest improver*eots, protfuptij, and at prioes that oannot fail to satisfy. ion rvaiL. avoYiv?.. no M dtMar 1 bet. 9th and loth sts? south side. AWM. T. DOVE & CO. RE Now prcpvod to exeoute any orders wiU Winch they mtj be favored in the PLUMBING, OAS OR STEAM FITTIN? BUSINESS. ICT Store on Sth street, a few doors north of Pa, avenue, where mar i>e found a oornaiete assortment of CHANDELIERS and other OAS, STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. iagT-ly WGAS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y receiving, 6AS P/TT/JC i- w r?_ j ? ? x/% < vi?uu vi ouuioij iirw rmvoruh siwi l/of 11 hi and Finish, superior in style to auythinK heretofore offered in this market. We inviteoitisens general It to oall and examine oar stock of Gas ana Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the best selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to our oar* will be promptly attended to. MYERS k. MoGHAN. mar 8-tf 37ft 1) street. 1 SNYDER, . PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, Has removed to the corner of Twwfth and F sts. He is prepared to introduoe Water and Gas upon the mo't favorahlo terms, and guaranties entire jkt i afr^tinn 0J?" h*" on ,hai?d. * lot of COOKING and other STOVK8, vhioh ha will sell lew than ooat, a* he wiahea to get rid of them. no 17 5.KICE 0WN,rt^?RTND~9EALRi notice rs her bFwvk%/t?m'1E^aNy to the provisions of the otdm&r.oe of the Corporation approved Mar 12. 1860 the underaicnad la now prepared,"whenever required in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oente. to inapeot, *xaniine, test, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of registration of any cm meter in use in this oity." Every meter, if found incorrect, will he condemned, and another, sealed and ma-ked aa true, will be set m place. If p/oved to be accurate in ita measurement of gaa, it will be sealed accordingly, and again put in position for use. Oflloe No. 410 Seventh street,(near Odd Fol.ows'Hall ) Open from 8 a. in., to 4 ?. m. CHAKL.K8 W. CUNNINGHAM. Jy 18- tf Inspector and gealer of gas Meter*. "carriage factories!" WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ~~ " D Strift, litlinert 91* and 10(4 Strut r. VVa hav? i II m* m C ? ? V Mi? ? ~ IU?J? uninuvM U UUIUUCI U1 HIDI'UINB CARRIAGES, such m Liaht Wagons, Park Pkenon*. Pnmxly Car UHSR Tint's, and Butnft, whion we will Mil at* *-? a yen amaJl profit. Being practical meohamoa in different branch** of the buameas, we flatter ouraelvea that we kno? the atylea and qoanty of work that wiH give wit.a faotion, oomhtniiig hghtneaa, oomfort and durabiil ?y. Repairtng .promptly and carefully attended to the ahorteat nttioe and inoat reaaooabie oharree, WALTER, KARMANN t BOPPT Coaehmakera, auooeesora to Wm. T. Hook, ap IT-dly TOARKLASKf. IK Sibeoriber having mado addltlena t* kl laotery^ making it now one of the largeat^j^BtAi in uic ui?noii wncrs on wohiqm maauiactynniCARRIAGE 4. LIGHT?"^S^2 WAGONS of all kinds cannot be mmrpmamd, and from his lone ex^erieco? in til* bmsmsaa, ke hops* te five g scera! satisfaction. Ap kinds of Carnaj ? ao<l Ugkt Wat?u k*)t Ail'R EP A1 KB nsatlr teM,M all ?rtea prvayt 4 is-tf **rs?T ml 14th aiiE sta. MSB ffjr EXTR^\^^extra\ If OLD Yf OLD \ ^amjiy RYMn^rorq The above PUREWH1PKY, Cop r ? Dutillxd TKum Maltkd 6*.aI!?, being superior and uniform in quality, and highly improved ny age, ia preferred by oonauinera to all other Whiakiea, and particularly recommended by the beat phyaioiana and oheraiata as aoaaeaeing all the re?uir?mente of a TY*4 Tonit Inviiormtor mud Rtmtaiml Agent. The t'-ohurikill Water of Philadelphia, used in the diitillation of thia Whiaky, ia proved by analy aia to be the softest and purest water in the United Statea : and to thia may, in a great degree, be attributed the exoellenoe of this Whiaky. For Mle by FRHEMAN 4 S1MY80N, Phenix Distiilerv, On the Sehnylkili river, Philadelphia O?oee?96 Wall street. New York ; 109 ftotth I-Tom ?tr??t, fhiiadelphia. ??' 8?-W Flour, buckwheat, potatoes, apples, &O. IGn bbla. new Riohmoiid Family and Ext* a Floor, lb*. Fretb Ground Buckwheat Meal, ano buthels Whit* Meroer Potatoes, 100 do. Rlue do. do. 5 do. Chestnut*. Received to-day and for aal* low in lota toiuit by. D. L. MORRISON * CU., no Corner of Twelfth and B ?t?. 486 paper hangings. PAPKR HANfilNfJS*!! - - runted Gold" Band WI xi)b'\V SH f>ES; llTff, Green and Blue HOLLAND SH A DE8, all sixes mule ?o order; alto, PIC TURK CORD and TASSELS all sixes and colors, REMNANTS PAPER HANGINGS'at one-fourth less than oost Purchasing for ash, and allowing no old stock to accumulate, persons needing the above goods will find it to their advantage to give me a ca'l. All work executed and superintended by practical men who have served a regular apprenticeship at their trade. Please give me a call. Remember the i umber. JNO. MARKRITKR, No. 496 Seventh at, 8 doors above ja 1-aolOt* Odd Fellows' Hall. Ladies thick winter boots of Kid Moroooo, Goats Skin, Lastings, Buttoned, Laced and Velvet Trimmed. Ml Also Mistei Boots of the tame sty le . arew Hi s<Mlins c? cents to Si. per pair, lower' tiian elsewhere iu tlie citv. *t J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Stace Pa. av. bet 8th and 9th streets. Ladies' and Misses' Lone Rubber Boots. ja2eo N MERCHANT TAILORING. ew fall styles of cloths, cass1mers.and vestings. WALL, STEPHENS k CO., 399 Pennsylvania Avenue, have just reoeived a large variety ol new Fall Goods, to wmoh they invito the attention of their friends and nnstnmers. an 30-tf HAVE you SEEN theiOc-iitCliildron's Books at FRENCH A RH H8TELN'8, 9TS Pa., Bcumn 1UI Ml CCflW." n?vo you ??!! TO* sjj/ssf 92 Annuals km N<w Year preMnti, at FRENCH 4 RICHSTEIN'S, ?el!in* for only 9 . caiLann make your purchase* before the* are all gon?. At FMENCH A RIOHSTEIiN'S, ?TS Fa. avenoV * ?. . Li.HA*. *. *. MOT*. I. L iftlT. 1 AMAJl, MOW A AWTRY. ^ ATTOkNM T8ATMAW Will praotlM in the L i?h Conrt of'krror* u4 Af (Wlaat Jaokaoa. tke F?daral Comrt at Pootot?4, ^ i&mk Wf?rtc_t of Mi? yrsv^,?*?y: oxJ^r WOOD! WOOD!! W O 0 D !!! STOVE tad KINDLING WOOD,at tb* Iowm VOMtbie pruw. * T. J. * W. M. GALT, ~ n.y f- t^"~ "lt " gfaa W TRAVELING TRUNKS. R Have jait raoetred <h? largMt aaaortmaat ?S JWL ?e*t ?lt?WW variety eme iPH^SVpEBS 4 ^ DENTISTRY. rkRS. LOCKWOOUt DARRKl.L ARK PR KI "pared to u?ert TKKTH on VULCAN ITE BASE, a n?w and unproved When made on thu plan they are oom ?.Tm fortaWe to v?tr and much ca?*?er than any other. Alto, Teeth inserted on (i<?ld Plate, and all IW.tai Oper?|?on? of any kind that mar he demred. Olfioe?Rfcom No. A in the W ash i eg ton Hmldinc.oorner Pa. av, and Seventh at. jfc10-3?* lit TKKTH. in* LOOM IS, M. D.. the inventor and pfttMtM ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEBTH. at-*-*i tends pereonaily at-his ofcoe in this city MnP Many persons car. vear theee teeth who^1 11 f " cannot vear others, and no paraon oan wtar othara who cannot wear thaaa. P?ra<>na oallici at mi oAoe oan be aooommodated with any styla and price of Teeth they may desire; bat to those wboare partiou ar at.l wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art can produce, the MINERAL PLATE will ba more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?Mo. 33? Paavenne,between 9th and 10th ata. Alao, 907 Aroh ?tre?t, Phi lad ei phia. oc ls-tf , Da- MUN*g^iKH ?nA^ Md jmwmmi ki* Koimuoo. Ouioo and hosM at 4 61 E Bird door eait of Sixth. In addition t* erery o?her approved ?tjrie, l>r. M. ha? eet^'' teeth on Tnloamte Bmc for tb? laat thraa voara and, from expenenoe, know* it exoe.? all other*, and it one-third lee* in prioe than gold. Hi* old patron* of W'anh'ncton. Alexandria, and Georgetown are respectfully eotoitad to oail. an & eoly TRA V ELKR8* DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHiyOTOS BRAyCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 25th. 1 <360, the trains will run aa follow*: LEA r J? WA SHI If a TOS: , rim minun^i*. Rl. Seoond Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train a* 3.10 p. m.. Exrree*. Fourth tram at 6 p m. L?AVR BALTIMORE: Firat train at 4 15 a. in.. Expreaa. Second train at 8.35 % in. Third at 3.10 p. tn. Fourth a? 4.2n p. m., K.xareat. The firat. aeoond and third traina from Washington connect through o Philadelphia and New York. The aeoond and third ?onneot at Waahington Junction with traina for the Weat, South, and Northweat; alao. at Annapolis J unction, for An uapolia. For Norfolk take the ' 44 a. m. trai h?r the aooommodatiun of the wa? travel be tw?ei. Washington and Laii>el. a oaraencer oar P. ? ?Oyeters served to families acd hotela are not aoalded; they are only scalded for persona eatine them at the saloon. deB T. M. HARVEY. /0\ NOTICE. /0\ jCwA , l removal. A X O W I hare removed mt 6 6 PAWN OFFICE * to 331 C street, 1-etween 43* and 0th street*, immediately in the rear of the National Hotel, where the business will he en tinned a* heretofore at the old stand. [nolKml 1S1AC HKRZBKRG. Dr. J. H. McLEAN S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY in tkt WORLD, faod the most Delicious and DELIGHTFUL 1/ ,j CORDIAL iJi HBh* ffiyt METER TAKEN.^kMlfC^^ E^/l Vw 11 ? trictw a ?elIk&CI jW an tile and v?(?uK3TV kia Cowpowd, pro- jr HSnkl eared by th? diaulla- nll| ESyg, UN of roota, harbo, V B and karka. Y allow Vp < Dock, Blood Raw, Ck ,<A w9r, Black Root, BtrtAp*- FX J1 \SVfe, rlila, Wild Charry #WV Bark, and Daoda!ioc HH /(H? onttr* into iu com- w j ^_ll If Tt? antira acuta ? - IfOk "*j? rtmadial principle "P ' 1 of each tnf radiant u Before taking;,%7^lT ".^Aflcr tflkifl8dialilliuf, prodacift* a daUcioaa, tiLil.rauaf aplrH, aad Ik* moot infallible ro?e<1y for t.noeaunf the dieoaeed ?rata??, and Metering the aick, eat ertnf, ai d dekiliuud invalid to bMWPJlln,?,?riI K WHTHPV; vn nnoniAt Will afactaally eara Lirar Complaint, Djimuii, Jaandica, Chraoie ar Sti'OM Dability, Dihuh nftha Hidr,?T?, and all diaaaaaa ariainf from a maordarad Livar or Stomach, Dy.paf.aia, Baartbarn, Inward Pitaa, Aridity ar Siekaaaa at tha Rtamach, Fallnata af BUad ta tha Haad, Dall Pain or wimming la tha Haad, Palpiuuoa af tha Htart, Pallnaaa ar Wtifhi la tha Btamach. Bohr JCreetauana, Choking ar Bafacauaf Faaling whan taring down.Drynaaa ar YallaWoaaa af tha Skin and Kyaa, Nifht Bwaau, Inward Farara, Pain in tha mall af tha Back, Chaat, or Bida, Baddaa Plaahaa af Baal, Dapraaaion af Epinta. Fnjhtfal Draama, Lar.gaor, ar any aarroaa diaaaaa, Baraa ar Blatchaa an tha Bkia, and Parar aad Area (ar ChUla and hmj OfER A MILLION BOTTLES ka aa Waa r> a^M <(*Mr? fha laal aia a ai J i_ a iudci haa it hilti in r*?'nf artira uafactioc. * to, (b?. will far (r?m WhImh or Dability when McLk ill rraENOmCMMa CORDIAL will car* yoa 1 No lang aaga tan con ray aa adaqaata idaa af tha imiaadiata and aluaat miracalo** prodacad by taking thia Cordial ia tha diaaaaod, dabilitatad, and abauarad aarroaa ayitam, whathar brokan down by aicaaa, waak by natara, or Impalrad by aickaaaa, tha ralaiad and uairauf orgaaU saltan U raatorad to tu priatina haalth aad ?ip? MARRIED PERSONS, m otbara, eaaaeioas of inability from wbatarar caaaa, will ftud HcbEANI BTRKIIGTMEMlHa CORDIAL a tboroagh ragaaarator af tha ayataa; aad all who mar hara ia farad thanualraa by ur.proaar iadalgaaeaa will lad la thta Cordial a dartaia aad ipoady ranady. TO THE LADIES. McLSANI rrRKNeTIEMlNG CORDIAL ta a aorar ign uu Bpogj c?n IW incipiam uiuupuM, Whlitt, Oba'.racitd or Ihacalt Manttraatios, lncontiatwct of lirint r Inrolaniary Ditchargt thtrtof, Fa ucg ?f tha Womb, iddlnax, Painting, and til diiiuN ineld am to PibiIii THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar no longtr. Tiki it according ta diractiooa It will atimalat*, otrangtbao, and tnvigoraU ni and caua tbo bloom ol baalth to moani yvmr ebook again. Inn botti* to warranted to giro satisfaction. FOR CHILDREN If yoar childrtn art sickly, put or aflieud, McUIANf COlOliL will niakt thtm btalihr, fat, and rebate DtUj not a morotut; tr* it, and JM will bt cotirinctd. It to dolicioat it uki. , ' CAUTION. liwari of drag^tu or daaltrt ark* ia?y UJ to palm a poo ywm Mm* ciu*r or i?rnjwrnu (rut, wbicfe th*y (u t.a* chaap, bj ? )?t u rood. Amd aacb m?o Aak for McSkAN'S VrRKNd'THKNING COKOIAL, and taka Mlhluc alaa. It i* tbt ooly ramady that will Parifv tha load thoroaf hlr sod M tha mm* Unit atrtnrthan 0>* ayatem. Ona nupoMnil taken a?*ry iMniiif faauuf la a caruua pr*v*ntiT? for Gh*l*ra, CMlla and Fatar, Tallow K??ar, *r ?; pniaUm diuiM. It i* pat ap lt> larrt botalt*. Prita aoly ?1 P?r battla, at ? bottlaa for #S f H Mt LKAN, alt propriatar of thlvCartiai; alao, McL?*r.*a Toicanie Oil Ltoimaut. Pnoelpal Dapat a* ii>< caruar af Third and Plat atrial*, Si. Laua, Ma XeLenn's Yolcanic Oil Liniment, (TBS BUT LI HIM CNT IN TH E WORLD ) ki Ml; nfi and Mittii car* far Cancan, Pilaa, T?mara, Bvallinf* and Bronchil* ar Coatra, Para 1 rata, WeaRlfii, Waakoaaa af Ua Maaciaa, Ckraaic ar EJMUsatiain, Bufbaaa W tha Jouta, Centractad Maaclaa ar Ufananw, Karaaiia ar Tocihacha. Braiaaa, luiiua, Praafa Cata, W Ban da, Ulcara, Farar Boraa, Caktd Friaai, Bar* Nipplaa, Bana, IctMa, Bora Tktaat, at aay tai*mm?t?oa ar aala, na dtfaraoca haw aarara ar lanr dta diaa*aa mar Lara asutad, McLKAlTB CELEBRATED LINIMENT la a cartaia ram*4j. ^ ... ru?mat m tiau Nap na?a baan HTid t lift of dia trapttada and auir? ky tka aaa af (Ma iaaalaabla raasady. McLEAPTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raliaaa pain alaaaat iawutoaimiy, and it will t iu, parify and haal Ik a WaM anraa In aa iacradikla abort una. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McfcKANV CELEBRATED LIK1MKKT ta tka only aafa aad raliabla raaiad* far tka cara of Iftna, Raarbona, Wiadralla, Brlinta. Onaaiaral Larapa, Nodaa or Bwa'.inra It aavar (ailad (a cara ktf Haad, Failanl, Piatala, fMd Ran afar Soraa, or twaaay. if prorarly apphad. Par tpraina, Brataaa, Icrataaaa, Crankad Baala, Chafaa, Baddla ar Gailnr Gaila, Ota, Saraa, or Wiaaila, n M an MklSMa ramady Apply it an d is acta d aad a eart ia carinia In amy -w. Ksa sa: uro Ln "TJ Si-iiEr^. r-^?. Cmii TVixd ui Plat Ml, fc U?to, M*. fltfliTI BTOTT, IK h.??-, Mi* ifM ui Wxtof M IMg? MEAT, wmto ft? mIio*< ?fiia Kim * 0U*CBELL will be att&che<l to th? t'>nn%c? tr?m whioh I?av<t? at 12 m. On Saturday the 3.1" p. m. tram rom to Philadelphia onlr. mo ?>-4 T. H- PAK.SON8, Aiant ' THF. STEAMER JAS. ?UY Will return* t* triM on TUESDAY, Hut of February, li*V W ill leave W ASH e?4|^ ipivtuin ererr TUESDAY FRIDAY, ati o*o!ook a. m.and ALEXANDRIA kt kalf-paat o'olook, for CURRIOMAN and tbe Intermediate Landirrs. On ner return trits, she will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at t o'olook a. m. LUCIAN 8. PA0K, Pro?riet?r. NATH'L BOUSH. Ae't. Alexandria. fe *> IF YOU WANT TO SAVK THE UNION Call at HARVEY'S, Who has just reoeiv&J a large supply of freeh LOBSTERS, FISH, ami fire r?v??rm? ? whioh he will serve to customers at the^^-SSl^ shortest not ee and on lihera.1 twrni THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. itea ou b# foud ! mt >? ? rmMtefeH m Fndar nonuM*. PlBf <**??. ?.01 v *!* OOpiM , IT? TKB nopies ___ ..... !R Tw*?ty ir? ooy>? * v It lanrukblr oocUur.i tw ' Wuhmrtoi N?*i" tkftt hma mad* Tk* Dmilw fiUM Swr ?tr?J? o i?rally ttroackoat Um aoaatry. (Z^SiaglaoopiMiia vra??ara> ou b? ?i ? rai kt tha ecu liter, laua?4iaUly after U? MM af U>? papar. Pn<*-THREK CENTS I???' EDUCATIONAL. . Those RSd?.WLcX3?2Li*-.??. NITIItkOKuku^nriaMlu J.Ml.n. ~ th#ir?h?aie*itrainiM vtlr?o*ir?4aiii tad*??>i* < MOfation. under Uwrnct .T.t^r, o/cTuZtTOnio* indGyramatiea. r?p ?tfbUy > vitod to sssAisiSSKkPEMALE BOARDING AN I) DAY SCHOOL _ I WMUM IV WI uua > Mm?W will oommeno* on Taeaday .SeptMibar 1Mb. in Uw house reoeatJy occupied bjr 9jIvaetar So<>U. >o. IN King MfMt. Tb? etiyrtt of stu<'v pu-?ued w. . r?oinpr ise a., the branches requisite to a thoroaf h F.nghsh Rdu oation, and Munc. French, Latin and Drawin?. il desired. In addition to da* ssholars Mm. MeCormiok > prepared to reoeire a limited number of papiifc aa boarder*, who. constituting a part of her own lam ily. will be under her immediate oare aad supem ioa. She wilLeodearor. as tar aa possible. to ear round them with U?e eomforts aad Irmdl* mfeaeae** W|, ?? n? n m~? ? ??. ? ? ? - - v>w. mm , i ? vi vtm ? n??| l/* i c Harrison. Rev. I) K. 9?ri<?, Wuliw H Fowl*. Km-. J*oowd.n. fcN . Bdonod F WlKw t::i: ?K ESffiSsi ."Sr J) VJEX fcditor E*emnr Star. Benjamin Waters, Kh.,Jm Entwisir,Jr.. Km.,Col. John W.Miaor. lcujfw> Monn. felMklook * Marshal., AUun Cor Brother*. ^ \ Board, with Tuition ta a!3 th# Bncliah Braaohys. #8ftfor the annua. session?yayabUa??i anaaalh. ID MhPUMM. t Music and l.anma(N at Professors' pnoea. ify No extra eharres. as M-U Curt Cemth, C<44, Nmmmmm, In jggVBK *r*r^vz Hfkmt Ctmtk >* (rmnmr Him. H'lmrlnHi, yu]uy|M|3 4 Cmtmrrk, CUmr mmH ti-i wflHw/ *tr>nrrk to tk* r?vi tf PUBLIC SPEAK ER8 a!*p SINGERS. F?f i? itv* of thf linfortano* of ekMiini a Coach or "Common Cold*' in iW 6'?t ?tac*; that vlueh in the beg'tnnx would (l?M to % mild r?m? dj. if n*clMtMl. soon attack* th? Lunt*. Brimrktii Trorkn." oontainm* *<??nnlo*nt ln*ra# ?bu, alia? Pulmonary and Hionehial Irritation. * Thai troahie in my Throat- (R?r BROWN'S which th* "T\ock"" area ***oifco? harm* mad* me often a m#r* whit TROCHES a N. P. WILLI*. RIOWN'K " i rtoomiMMl ttMr utto Ptblic BrUWIX ? gnaa|an TROCHE? REV. E. H. CHAPIN. BROWN'S ?*??." "RYa fl'A>ItL*wftK? troche ^-r^jnruasir !g.m, BROWN'S *0 ACTtlMA." " " KtV. A. C. EGOLB9TON. TROCHKf> "Contain of? Opium or %BV?hinc BROWN'S ,nj'n?"" TROCHES tionVrC^r^iloT"1 omWoa Browne d"* ' TBonuL-a " fiesr&oifcl in Rinnriirit." DR. j. F. Jf. UNF,, BROWN'S . B?Uem " I hare pro Ted Uimii exMi)?ot for TROCHES Wiiorriiro Cor#H." _ REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S * B-tm. M Rofiali ai> ' W h AVI Anm Ml IMI 4A TROCHEE apeak, {mm Cold." BROWNE BEV.S.VP.ANDSRI^ Ttornra " Effectcal in rwoflM H?*rn THUtHEB DMiudlrntotioBorih* fkroat. an BROWN'S romgnon with triunt aw! Sim? # ? a ft 4 . mm maa u TXOCHEP rim. *.bi*w BROWNE TROCHES "Great beaeftt vbm taken twft>r? Ud aft?r pre*ohiftf.M tb?* ?fweet BROWN'S Howhii*!. Prom th?ir rwi 11 think th?T wtM b? of perm?nrnt ftdTROCHES mtMf to m?." REV. E. ROWLEY. A, M. BROWN'S Provident of Attuma Coilaf*, Twi. TROCE* J?WmfiW?aF53"' de 1 lj rvjjf FOR BTAMPIN0 A PACKET OF PAPER S T AND ENVELOPES NO TO MATCH. I Htb* 'CHARGE) METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. V PH1LP A SOLOMONS. Agenti for LcitrNwf'i ?*Ubr*t?d Ltmm Purtrr, Mill*," #*., *e. ? * ly IM P*. ? .. bltt *nd i*U m. 1861 1861 :: CVnn^ti(y th$ Yrar vn/A * Dt*ry. A va uabl# Pocket Companion (or refi?terinc Twiti put. >r?MDt, tod futari; oodUImdi rtlM of a bl&ck IMO for DtlK jrtaiU for ever? rfay m the year, oath aoonunt for eaob month, annual luminary of ea?h aooount bills Kyable and reoeivable. Don't be without one of ?se useful ilttle souvenir* The nmt oonplete. eiegant. and deeirable assortment ever '?sged,or>m prising twelve sizes and upward* of fifty at?lee, at SBILLINGTON'H Bookstore, . Odeon BuudtDi, corner of.4k street and de? Penn aveuua. DIARIES! DIARIES" b I a i k iwi. ~" if?i, imi. ,, ckmaper tAan srgk. _ W# will take ui ut t d;?oount of 26 per o*Bl "IT of tl! Di?riM MrtktMd f'on ? for sMk. W?ir? deairou* nfcioairc out the remaioder of o?r tan* took of Difcriea or all kind* for IM. FRENCH A RIOH8TEIN. t*? at? 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