Newspaper of Evening Star, January 21, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 21, 1861 Page 2
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'{ * " f t w ii" THE EVENING STAR. ,m m m WASUIXGTON CITY: MONDAY Juaaary 31?196l. .spirit ? tbr frtii. The Imttlligentrr, commenting upon the " lrrep-etalble conflict," ?ayt: Thlt doctrine 1e gaining acceptance at the South aimuitanacualy with Its "pudla^oo "by the *' representative men" of the North, and citea as an example an extract from an address delivered before the Florida Convention bv Hub L W. J* pratt. of Sooth Carolina The Inull disavows "any faith In ita tenabllity, bow that the abandoned offspring of the North h*s been adopted by the patrons of diaanlon in the tk>u%," and arguea that tfce two social systems of the North and South do not Infringe each other, but both find a common defense In th* Constitution of oar country. The Constitution endeavors to coax the border Pt:tes Into seceding. Tb* Rfpublican argue* that If the independence of a Southern Confederacy should b? recognized, the border slave StaUa that remain in the Union will not only be stronger and more influential, but a stronger attachment will take the place of old Jealousies. A National Covbxabt Paoposan.?Below we print a communication from a considerate correspondent which embraces points of much interest. with auggeationa (hat will fall upon the popular r with the force to which the good aen?e tbey embody juatly entitle them : Tai Utility or a National Covkjiaxt ? It ha* been auggeatrd by the writer through various channel*, that perhapathe alavery question might K* uhl#rft>iir > rnnv?ntlnn nfthp npnnl^ pnnvpnpd by Congress, whose conclusion* should b? embodied in a National Covenant signed by all the deputies. In pursuance of authority from all the State conventions. The utility of embodying their conclusions in a covenant, will appear, first, from the solemnity of such an act. It is certainly desirable that the results of the deliberations of such an assemblage - ? ? ? %_ % j % t sr.ouia oe emoooica in an impressive ana soiemn form. Th will give strength to the determination of every citizen to adhere faitbfuily and forever to those conclusions. This will inspire confidence in the breasts of all, that the settlement will be faithfully adhered to, and will be final. The deliberate and explicit engagements of both parties?the North and the South?can be depended upon. Secondlv A covenant can embrace a greater range of topics than mere legislation. Legislation cannot cover such subjects as the policy of acquiring Cuba, or the disposition of territory hereafter to be acquired ; whereas a covenant could naturally and advantageously embrace topics like tfeeoe A covenant might even advert to a few topics that are alreadyjthough not as explicitly as some desire) disposed of by the Constitution. Thirdly In case a National Covenant should comprehend a stipulation that Congress should directly protect slaverv In a Dart of the Terrlto rles, (a feature which we should approve,) it might be necessary that a further stipulation hould be added that slavery should never be protected in the remaining portion of the Territories This might be necessary for the protection of the rights of the North In the portion assigned by the Convention to her. It is possible indeed (though we should not racommecd it) that by means of* National Covenant a compromise of the mere territorial question may d? eneciea witnoat legislation by Congress The Covenant might contain stipulations like these : "In all the territory south of such a latiijde, (as the Convention may agree,) slavery shall f not be Interfered with by Congress, but shall be protected as property by all departments of the tentorial government during Ita continuance; while in all the territory north of that latitude slavery tain no* oe proiecvea a* property by Congress, or by an> department of the territorial government, during ita continuance " Thus all abstract question* in regard to the relation of the Constitution to slavery in the Territories, would be avoided Thus the subject would also be withdrawn from Congress. In the southern portion slavery might bo protected by territorial legislation, which the Supreme Court might sustain; ar d in the northern portion it would be prohibited, not by law, but by the Covenant of he peopla. A. B J. New Haven, Jan. If, 1961. * Lirx aaackamck at the South in Thkss T.Mia?We print below a letter from the secretary of on* of the moat aultatantlal life aaaurance companies In the United Statea in reply to an Inquiry on the part of an 1 mured citizen of Waahlugton whether the trouble of the timea may not , vitiate hia policy of life Insurance. The cltlz-n in queation la an antl-aeceaalonUt and over the military aervice age: Orrici or the Liri Ishcraxci Co., ) Iinninf l? KAI t WUltUBI J ?V, I^Wl J D?ar Sir Your fiver of tbt 10th inst la before me Moat certainly the Life Insurance Company have never thought of and never will repudiate their policiea of inaurance or any other contracta, and I cannot think any life lnaurance company would do ao. la it not fire lnaurance companies to which yoa have aeei allusions? Their policies terminate every year, t 1 they are at liberty to insure again or not. Life Insurance contract* are continuous, and so long as the assured fulfill their conditions, we are bound to stand by our agreements, and shall do so. The only conditions of our policies bearing any wav upon the present "deplorable sectional trouble*," and which are not likely to affect you, am thiu* maW!nit "1'- ?? m wi?a j vhi pviic j iu ? aac you '- hall, without previous content, enter into any military or naval service whatsoever, (the military not In active service excepted;") or Incase tue assured "shall die in violation of, or atteuipt to violate, the law of the United States, or of any State, county, or place." The first can only mean voluntary entering into military service, which would involve an exposure of life to which our rates are inadequate, which-would make void the policy. This you sre not lihely to do. In regard to the aecond, It is plain, and means just what it aavs; but ahould such a state of things arise?which is hardly possible?as that you or anv of onr assured should he wniwH under wuich they live, mean7og constitutional law. to stand in the breach and defend the law* from violation, I cannot think justice or equity, by which tbla company intend to be governed, would release us from our obligation. While we do not intend to insure against violation of law, we do not intend to withhold a man from his God-given rights of defense from violence, or If the law requires it, a patriotic defense of his country and the Union. Hoping our views will accord with yours, and that the contingencies re w rerrrd to may not he force-d upon our country, I am very respectfully youra, , Secretary. Bid* rom tii Firi Million Tiiaidit Luu Of the bid* for the five million loan lsiu<d at the Treasury Department on Saturday, the folowtng were from thU city ?J. Dcnnl*, Jr , m nn * av >u> ? 1 -w ? ? V?,wv, w?* , 4VUI1 n CiClfl &l JO per cent ; and W C. Be*tor 960,000, at 10^ per cent The ratea ranged from 6Jf per cent to JO per cent. Moat of the blda were from New York; and the diminished ratea of intereat compared with theae of the previous loan ia a cheering evidence of a reatoratlon of the public credit, and increaalng confidence In the stability of the Government. Several blda were from Chicago, and some from Boston. There waa but one bid at '&) per eeat. This was by Ellas Kennedy, of Pfetla. delpfcia, and was for S10.U00. John Flanders and Taylor Brothers wcrs the only bidders at Id per ceot. We give a brief achedule of rates snd bids for the amount, bat our limited space will not admit of publishing the names of the parties The bids were at the following rates: At rs\ percent 110,000 ? y " *J6,UUO M ?* 44 77.0UU 9% 44 1441,00. lo 44 txH.wiO " " 2HS,0?? 44 ** 44 1.46? UM? " ? 44 4,877,l*? 44 11 ? 44 tt.uw " u* 44 ? otw 4 11* " US.uuo 44 w 4* " 1VJ4 44 IU,0tt) " 13 44 10 (JU) ?* 44 IS 44 W,000 ,4 At 44 10.000 Torn ?13,lt6,M*> The amount under 11 per cent, la <0,670,000 1 h* oely biddcra from BilUmon are McKim k Co., and Spcncr 4 Reld. Tat Sixat* Oallbbt *? crowded to-day long before the hoar of rttting, la expectation of deci?l*e action totag taken apoa the Crittenden rcMiuttoaa. ? ^0, ? $ ' COSOWEMIOWU. a . T?i_ _ a A. a_> J u. J M.J?. ^i3Aii.? i ne naif on ^aiuraay usu unurr ? rontidfration the Houne bill for the admission of Kansas. when our report closed. After a protracted debate, tb? bill waa made the special order for Monday (to-day) at half past I'J o'clock The Senate then adjourned. Hntrsa ?After oar reporter left? The House took under consideration the reports from the various standing committee*; and after tL. kill* ?k. Uaiim > A vur pavu^c ui a icw private uiii?, iuc uuu?? ?ujourned. Mojcdayi January 81. Sisatb ?Mr Hunter, of Va , aaked lcuve to resign the chairmanship of tht Committee on Finance; and, on motion, he waa excused Mr. Polk, of Mo., presented a memorial comprising fifteen quires of algnaturea, and wrapped in an American flag coming from St. Louis, and asking the adoption of the Crittenden amendments to the Constitution. Mr. Slldell moved to take up hia resolution declaring tint the reasons given by the President for neglecting to Inform the Senate of the appoint a # . . _ v t? .ia A _ m ? ? til . mem 01 jowpa n on as j?ecrerary 01 ? ar unm a considerable period after said appointment waa made are not satisfactory to the Senate, and that said action was in derogation of the privileges of the Senate. Objection being made, Mr. Slldell said he would call it up to-morrow. Mr. Yulee. of Fla., announced that in conseauence of official Intelligence of the seceasion of tne State of Florida, his colleague and himself frit that thru \v*?rp no loncrrr mrmh^n nf th#? Senate. Hp read a valedictory address citing the reasons which had Inducsd the action of Florida la seceding from the Union for her own safety. Mr. Mallory, of Flm., followed, in a statement of the caus<>s which led to the withdrawal of the State and her Senator! Florida did not aecede from the Union made by our fathers, but from a Government usurped?from danger and wrong and Insult. ? Mr. Clay, of Ala., announced, on behalf of himself and Mr. FItzpatrick, thescctmion of Alabama from the Union, and the withdrawal cf her Senators. Mr. Fltzpatrlck followed, expressing his concurrence in all his colleague haa said. Mr Davis, of Miss , announced the secession of MiasissiDDi from the Union, and in a short soeech bade farewell to the Senate; after which the Senator* from Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, formally withdrew As our reporter left the Senate Chamber, the Senator* of both partle* were shaking hands with the resigning Senators and bidding them farewell. Hocsi?The Speaker presented to the Hon** the resignation of the following membors of the Alabama delegation: Hons James A J?tallworth, James L. Pugb, David Clapton, 5. Houston, and J abet L M Curry. Mr. Lovejoy asked leave to present a memorial from certain Methodist clergyman In the State of Illinois, and nftvid that it be laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Mr. Burnett objected to its reception. Mr. Lovejoy said that the memorial was couched in respeniui language, ana uskpo protection or the Government, as they had been persecuted and one of their number hanged for hia religious opinions Mr. Burnett said that If clergymen would attend to their own business ana let legislation alone, it would be better for ,liems?lv-s and the country. He would withdraw his objection so far aa laving the memorial on the table was concerned. Dut he %ould not consent to its being printed. TVia momAtlal mi m % r* sn?/-4 t m r? 1 * 1i(<1 uc imuiuiiai noo albviuiii^ij 1j1u 17x1 iuc table. >lr. Morse, of Maine, offered a resolution ordering the printing of 3,(XX) extra copivs of Report of the Kxective Department relative to the African slave trade: referred to the Committee on frint1?K Mr. Burnett called for the regular order of business. and after the reference of a frw private bill*, Resolutions were being received from the several States when our report closed. The Horsi, as well as the Senate, was densely packed to-day Mr we l?ft the Cham ber, was addressing the House upon the report of the Committee of Thirty-three. 0jT The Charleston Mercury suggests that '-Dixie" should be adopted as the national air of the Southern Confederacy. ' 1 fTT" From French 4 Rlchsteln we have a handsome new toy game, the tour of the Prince of Wale* on this continent. IT~r Vhe Charleston correspondent of the Baltimore American gives the following description or ibe fortification* on Morris Island: Of the fortifications of the Island, It Is truth to say nature has done more than mm. All along the beach nature has raised on* of the best redoubts In those self some sand bills it Is proof against bombs and indestructible by fire and r*d hot shot With strong srms and stout b??'t? b?Mnd tK?n? with well armeA,well disci; lined,anda sufflci tit number of troops. South Carolina init(Lt any the world to obtain forcible entrance into the harbor of her commercial metroDolls A It is however, the position is Insignificant What is called "Fort Morris" is nothing more than an intrenchment behind a sandhill Itarmament, though embracing some heavy guns, cons'sts mainly of small ordinance, very ineff-ctlve at a distance The work of fortlfiing and Intrenching all the available points, however, goes bravely on At intervals along the coast new batteries are being thrown up. The Light House la greatly strengthened and rendered Impregnable to anything else than the heavy guns of a man-"fwar. One of the batteries constructed recently is directed under the guns of Sumter?twelve hundred yards off Balsam or Wild Chkrky.?In our columns this week appear* an advertisement of \V later7* j Balsam of Wild Cherry. If it really he a superior article, and there Is much reason to think so, the prejudice in many case* j ut against Patent Medicine* should not effect it; and tbe proprietors nf the medicine bring before tbe public K??d evidence of It* beneficial effect, from some of our most respectable and reliable citizen*, who have long used the article. Jno Wells Simpson. Ksq , of this village, to whom references was allowed to be made in tbe advertisement of tbe Balsam, at the request of the proprietors, authorizes us to say that he has used the Balsam in his family for the last ten years, and has found It, from bis experience, to be very valuable remedy for coughs and colds. A trial might satisfy many of Its beneficial eflects.?Lmcrtnceville Herald, May 18, lbfll). Extixqcishixo Fikes bt Costkact?A proposition has been Introduced Into the Select Council of Philadelphia looking to the reformation f the Fire Department of that city, by a rearrangement of the locatlona of steam and band engines, and by providing for the extinguishment of Ares by contract. The Inquirer has been Informed that "Fire Association, composed of a number of the most efficient fire companies, owning their apparatus. Is willing to undertake the work of subduing fires, under proper police restrictions, for the sum of sixty thousand dollars per annum, and to irlve bond* In the mim ?f ih>?. hundred thousand dollars. The present system costs the city upwards of one hundred thousand dollars, besides tbe Incalculable loss of property by tbe reckless use of water and tbe lack of subordination siid discipline." Faili-kx or Crmes \V. Fiild.?The failure of Cyrus W. Field l< said to be a bad one It is said the estate will pay less than 25 cents on the dollar He has never recovered from tbe AtlantiC'Cahle I operation. Had that been a successful affair, be would have been one of tbe marked and successful men of New York; but that failed, and be has I gone down with It, says a correspondent of the Journal. l?7"The Louisville Democrat of the 3d ssys there are no less than eight hundred flat boats, loaded with produce, laid up along the shores of the river, awaiting an improvement in the market before they diipoae of their produce. Many of the owners of these boats do not expect an improvement before spring. HI/"" A dead baby was lately delivered by a careless stape-dr.ver to a butcher in Ware, Mass., instead of a box of sausages The butcher, when he recovered from his horror, sent tbechlld to its friends, who had already weeplnirtv deunattwl sausages In the Catholic cemetery? ' *" l?7~The laat census developes the curious fact that, in the comparatively new State of Ohio, the entire section once railed the wheat region, from Steubenville to Tiffin, bas for several years tailed entirely in tbe production of its great staple, owing to tbe exhaustion of the soil. IfTTbrre is a tree near William's College. Massachusetts. ?o situated that It draws nourishment from three different States Its roots penetrate tbe soil of New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Hog?The ringleaders of tbs negroes who murdered Mr Woodruff, near Seaboard, North i1!pnlln> siiH w.. ??? ? , ...w .. uwou aiiC?? UJ VUlUf IlC^rOfB Wf biTtcbrnnlcled. waa bung by the citizen* of that p!*ce without t< remony. ^ Pbovisiom* for thiGa?biso5.?A larce quantity of provisions waa landed on Monday last for tbe G rrlaon at Fortreaa Monroe. They camcfrom Baltimore. UJ" The recent heavy raina have occasioned met) a trnry and turbulent rise in tbe James R vr aa to cxrlU fear of a flood and damage to property at Richmond. L r The bova of Bangor, Me , have caught, di'ritig the laat few week*, nearly #1,000 worth of imelta * 1th hook tod line. 1X7" The recftpt* of augar at Boaton tut ymr viere the Uri(rst ever known, comprising 39,903 hbdi., 39 542 bbla , ?43.P?I bag?, M d07 boxea. ICT YVbU' klndltnt; a Are at Skarpaburg, Md., IUv Mr tbuford, ?Uuik kit eya agalnat tbe Move door and knocked It compUtoly out. % * - : ? w Itnii Telegraphed fr*m WathlMftaa. j Wa?hikoto!?. J?n 'jo?Letter* received here from diBtln^ulahed *ource* In OeorgU uv that although tbat state considers It to be ber duty to secede, she is willing to re-unite with the other States on satisfactory putrantoes as to ber political and social safety She tak?s the secession step . at this time, the writers remark, In obedience to what she considers her vtt^l Interest. Two nights sgo Fort Pickers, Florida, was la Imminent danger of aa assault but since that time a dispatch, signed by numerous secessionists la Congress, bus been sent tblther to their friends ll*(ti*n IliAnA Vv?? all aMoaMO /> ? ui K'UK y nu luci w a* viu ? UVU ItlVU with the Federal troop* There teems to be no danger therefore of an Immediate conflict In that quarter. The Alabama membera of Congress will await instructions from their State, while those from Georgia will remain here until they receive an official copy of the Ordinance of Secession adopted by the Convention of that dtateActlve measures are in progress to have the course of Virginia in sendln? Commissioners to Washington oo tbe 4th of February responded to by similar movements In all the States Dispatches h?ve been sent to llarrisburg, Albany, Columbus, and other capitals whereof Leqislatures are In session, nrslng tbe prom^ appointment of good and able men to confer with the Virginia Commissioners Ex-President Tyler Is expected In Washington in a day or two to urge, on nehalf of Virginia, the Government to avoid all acts or measures likely to lead to hostilities with the Fouthern States. Meanwhile Judge Robinson, of Richmond, will f>roceed to South Carolina and Florida on a slmisr errand, as In those States there are points? Fort Sumter and Fort Pickens?where collision* are more likely immediately to occur than elsewhere in tbe South. With the exception of probable action of Louisiana tbla week, tbe Secession will he retarded as to other States. PentMl. Hon. Jame* Williams, of Kansas, it at Brown's. Tt r? rv- r?? 1 _ w.4.? % ? -? iur nev. l/i. rraucis >\ n??rs na.? resigned the office of principal of Washington College, in the vicinity of Cbestertown, Md. President Marsh, of the Pacific 1'nlversitv. Oregon, has obtained tbe requisite funds in aid of tbnt Institution, during bis present visit to Northern cities. Harriet Martineau has Written a paper for the Atlantic Monthly, giving a detailed account of l.ady Byron, with whom for many years she was on terms of most intimate friendship Mr. Cowan, the newly elected United State*Senator from Pennsylvania, in place of Mr. Bigler, is of bumble origin. B r much reading ? . ? * ?' ana miense imay ne so disciplined s naturally acute mind that be rose to a leading position as a lawyer. He was an old Clay Wnig, is a tariff man, and a decided, though not extreme Republican He is 45 years of age, and an effective speaker. Lola Montez died in New York city on Thursday last, and was buried on Saturday. The Herald of yesterday says: "About two month* ago she, then being 111, came to this city, and, by Invitation, took up her abode with Mrs Buchanan, the wife of the celebrated florist, who knew l.ola in Scotland, they being in their younger days school companions Lola gradually grew worse, although the best of medical skill was employed and evervthlnL' suDDlied her calculated to allrvl. ate her sufferings About two weeks ago she began to sink, and, being aware of the fact, her whole time was occupied in devotional exercises But in this respect, anterior to the period we allude to, she exhibited a market changd on her previou? life. Her whole desire seemed bent toward engaging in religious conversation with everybody with whom she came in rontact, and in them stie exhibited a deep knowledge on tbeoloiMcal sub jects During tbe last week of her life the Beat for and was attended by the Bev Dr Hawks, of Calvary Church, ai.d w:<? also attended by members of tbe congregation of the church, and to them, while engaged in religious conversation, the exhibited a thorough repentance for her past erratic life. On Thursday, the day she died. Dr. Hawks wai at hpr bedside, and when asked by the clergyman it the still thought the had found forgiveness with her Savior, not being able to speak she nodded assent She was then asked if the thought she had found full forgiveness for her past life, and the promptly signified the affirmative. After her death tbe kind friends who atKut i n ho? 4/>lrr?o?a ?*? ?-v* i ?? vuuwvu uvi tl UVI B11/B II'W opultU IIU pu IIB w IUBBC the funeral a* respectable as pcsslble, and. indet-d. we any say it was all that an event of till* peculiar nature could be TLe fuaeral took place yesterday The Episcopal funeral eervices was at Mrs. Buchanan's bouse, and the funeral cortege, which was quite l^rge and attended by some of our most respectable citizens and their families, proceeded to Greenwood, where the body was Interred." ;rr According to the Brooklyn Star, the Thirteenth regiment New York State militia has been oratrea inio me service of the Union Tb? Tnlrteenth ! tn artillery regiment, commanded by Col Albert Smith,of Williamsburg. It lstogarrison Fort Hamilton, th? United State* troops at that point having been ordered Sonth Largest Cibax Sugar Crop.?The largest sugar crop ever made In the Island of Cuba !a ta d to have been mads last year on the Isabel estate, Gt^antananio. On 275 acres of land was made 671 tons, or nearly a million and a half Pounds?average of i! 1-3 tons to the acre. y-g=? there will be a regular 1.3 h ontlil) m?etia* of the Y?- uc* Men Christian * 8? c:at:on at their Rooms Tllli (Monday) EVENiN'i, at half-past 7 o'oloak _lt GEO. H. TVV1S9, Rec.S^c Y3?I. O. O. F.-iiRAND E.NCAMI' vJE.XT.? L 3 The regular ?emt-annua' i-ession of the Grard Ecoan.r mrnt ?.f Distnetof Coli>in!>-a will bo h?lt! at Odd Fellow*' Hall. Stv-^nth *t..o-i TUESDAY EVENING next,2^1 iuat., &t 7?ioVioelc. ja 19 3t* H. BOWBN, S. S. ityjourneymen cioak makers. i.v.h a'l te>tion.?The journeymen tirnr u.akern of W&' n nx<d G^'cHnwn are 10 quoKt d fo n-eet at I,eon*'* -tnuben Housn on .MONDAY EV JiXINO. al 7H o'c ock- as iiUMne** ?f importance for tlie ?ood of the traJe will b? transacts! A full attendance I* requf ja 19 2t* e. M. nvenIK, Chairman Com. Yy*9MlTH90NlAN l.ECTl RES ?Prof. F. A 1* Bar.iakd, President of the Umver ait j of i\iis*i?*ippi, will deliver a course of LeotU'cs on Lieht. First Locture Wednesday, January 1R.?Outline of Op'ictil Disoovery, Characteristics of Polarized I iphf second Lecture Friday. January 18.?L'ndulntory Theory of Light, phy sical Doctrine of Palariz* tion. Third Lecture Monday, January 2t.?Chromatic* of Polarized Light. tourth Lecture Wednesday,January 53? Physical Theory of Double Itefraotiou, and of puianzati->n (it Double Refraction. Filth Lecture Friday. January 25.?Circular, Elliptical, and Rotary Polarization. These Lecturer will be il ustrated by numerous exp*-rinieui* ana illustration'. The Lectures will commence at a quarter beforo 8 o'clock, when th* re<l lieht on the tower will be ejtuiKimhed ami the doors eloped, ja ?-T,W,r.M.W,F. rr^=?THE UNION PRAYER MKF.T1NOS k_? will be holden every day this week, in the Enxlish Lutheran Church, corner of 11th and H streets, to commence at 4 o'clock, and to ooutirne one hour. ja7 rrg?l>BMPSEY A O'TOOLK, Jot WE DDI NO AND VISITiXCr CARD FNURAVERS. importers ol fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful styles. 336 Pa. Av? between 9th am) loth sts , M 27-6 in Washington. FOR HIRE?A young, active and wi ling NEGRO BoV, 19 year* old. who i? acnustom><l to the rare of horses. Addiess Rox *65, Ge">rg?-towu Post?'ftp*. ja21 8.* Lm>R PHILADELPHIA -The steamer ?. 9?yr rn"t?f. Tastein Palmer, will r?- J?"*" oeive freight for the above r"ft nil fcf T'fcn i day TO-MORROW, Aoplyto I HYDE A DA VID^ONt I Cj-pr^fttown. T OYSTER SHELLS. * HE Undera'xned hai on hand at hia old and well known ahurking ?taf>!i?hinent,i^c<. No. 2*1 C atreet, between oth and Hth(?^tt (_ } streeta, twelve or fifteen th"us*n<l NhJAL?# buxhela ol Oyater Sheila which he will \S|9 ell on reaaouable term*. ? ??ja21-3t T. M. HARVEY. I FURS-FURS?FURS! NOW Offer thehaaoceof my Fura, of the beat t?Ua A t t-Jv* it# ..-.--I * "1.I4 on ueuai price? Muff* at 910 which have been sold at .*18, Do. 93 do. do. n6, Cap?aat$6 do. do. 910. Fine Mink *able Capes in the um^ proporti on, whieh mist be sold. At the above prices; terms oa*h. (j*21 3t) \V. F. SEYMOUR, Georgetown. THE CHEAPEST STATIONERY" you aver saw. at SHEPHERD'S. jalOlm A RARE CHANCE For bargains in School Books. Blank Books- Mueellaneous Books aud Stationery. Writing Paper, Envelope*, te., Ao., at SHEPlI > RD'S, corner Seventh and n at* geiiing oat to reduce itock. ja'9-lm wedding presents' w k ?MS m?fg! We harereoei ved t h 1 id?*?large invoio*of nrw !St.. ,U,Ufcbie fwr prMJ? 19 ?* H. BFMKF.N, Jeweler. C%!JK!Ll*jr?R TON.- J u?t arrived from ,bZ 'turner Seymour, a o?rgo of 0 t Src?Mt*a la G?M|li Millbmbtillb, Jan 19 ?l%e Sovereign Coo vention or Ueorgla haa bet*n In secret aeaaton all daf, dltcuwlni; tbe Ordinance of Secession Mr Hill Introduced a aubatitute for the Ordl- . nsn<*e, but it w&a lest Heaubeequently voted for tbe Ordinance. although be spoke against seceaaton during Ita discosalon. He did ao. declaring that as Georgia was determined on secessloa, ha- i would abare her fate for we?l or for woe Judg* Linton Stephen*. a brother of the Hon. A H fttpnK?nc islA Ka A ? rl of f\rA 4_ nance, taw no reason for !ta adoption, and would neither vote for It or tl#n it A notion to postpone the operation of tho Ordinance until the 3a of March was I oat by about thirty majority in favor of Immediate sece?on Among those voting against the Ordinance were th? Hon A. il Stephens, and Hon. Heracbel V. Johnson, the candidate for the Vice Presidency on tbe ticket with Mr Douglas A r?solution was adopted Immediately after tbe passage of the Ordinance of Secession. In ffcvor of continuing tbe present postal and revenue systems unttl ordered otherwise Also, that all civil Federal officers shall continue to exercise their various functions. This resolution is Intended to ' prevent any conflict with the General Govern- 1 ment previous to the formation of the anticipated < Southern Conf<*leracv, and la equivalent to a 1 postponement of the operation of the Ordinance i until that time. I The Ordinance of Secession w?i nnl?f?H to Iw engroaaed on parchment, to be signed on Monday at noon, when it It presumed there will be a great popular demonstration on the part of thoae who favor the meaatire. The city of Mllledgeville this evening preaenta a scene of rejoicing never equalled before. The measure appears to be very popular, and there Is cannon firing, torchlight,, nud music In every direction. The leading men in the abrasion movement are alao ad- | dressing the criwdi In various sections of the cltv. . The following is the ordinance adopted to-day by a vote of?ayes 206. nay* 99: An Ordinanrt to Dissolve the Union beUcttn the CfAfj nf tZ n ? A ? L * - L ? J ? / v>tur^ ?'? U?*? tn; iJimtJ umiru tritA A?r under a compart of Government ?nf?tUit the Constitution of the United States: We the people of the State of Georgia, in Convention assembled, do decUre and ordain, and it 1* her?*bv declared and ordained, that the ordinance adopt* d by the people of the State of Oi?or^la, In Convention, in the year seventeen hnndrcd and srventy-elijbt, whereby the Constitution of the United States is assented to, ratified and adopted, and also nil acts and parts ?>f acts of General Assembly ratifying and adopting tbe amendments to said Constitution, are hereby rei,..i 1-.1 1 _?i -i - J j?rairn. irm uiu' u, auu clirU We do further declare and ordain, thit the Union now existing between the State <?f Georgia nnd other States, under the name of the United States of America, Is hereby dissolved, and that the State of Georgia is In the full possession and exercise of all those rights of sovereignty which belong and appertain to a free and independent State. Foreign It km*?The Asia, at New York, brings upwards of SI,500.000 in specie The Cork Kxamlner starts a rumor that the Prince of Wales is to be Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, but It is not credited. It was reported that the British Government had sent a strong note to France arainst an exten s:on of the French occupation of Syria The ship Ohio from New Orleans, bound to Liverpool, was spoken on the 17th ult., in a damaged condition, Laving had to throw part of her cargo overboard It was reported that the correspondence between France and England relative to the French fleet before Gaeta was of an unsatisfactory character The state of aftairs at Oaeta were unchanged. 'It was reported that negotiations were pending for the extension of an armistice. Count Trapani is said to be beading a reactionary movement In Abruzzl. and thr Prince Recent of Prussia hascommtnced hlareign at William V. He reiterated his principles and his policy the same as when he assumed the regency Two Sardinian vessels with war materials had been seized by the Russians at Galatz The Bombay mail of Dec. 12th had reached Marseilles. The income tax troubles continue, and the import trade was suspended. JJj"The London Times, in another leader on the political crisis In America?in which it reiterates it hope that the Union may be maintained? points to the original cause ofcontention as started by the free toilers, viz : that slavery it a disgrace to the country; and It arguea thit doctrine It true and that cons- q uentiy the "right" of the question, with all itt advantage*, belongi to the states of the North. \Z7~ The Cincinnati Gazette saya that Mr. L. HummedUu, president of the Cincinnati, Hau.iltou and Dayton railroad, recently issued an order that all persons living on the line of the road, whenever tbey had a child 1>orn to them, should be entitled to a free ride to Cincinnati aifd return. AMUSEMENTS. ur A i H 1 N a T n N T H k" A T F P i Lessee 8. W. Glskn Ao'inr Manacer ... J. T. Ratmosd State Manas?-r__ ... Hi mphret Bland THIS EVENING, The Management fcas much pleasure in announcing the re a: praranoe of THtGkEAT amskican CoMB?1A1C, MR. JOSEPH JEFFERSCN, as ASA TRENCHARD, til OUR AMERICAN COUSIN; Ar<1 DIGOORV, In the Farce nf th? BrECTKR URIDKGROOM. Mr. Jffleraon'a Enr??em?,nt i? 'or SIX XI6HT? ONLY. It Aconckrt T fawpt of tlie" Hon Ton" of Wa?hiojft n SlP.NOk FK *NCIA will R ve a GRAND CliMPl.lMKNTARV VuC\L AMD INSTRUMENTAL CONCKKT. aitii?te<i l.y Mri. OBci I.I* YOUNG, the Prima Donna, ac;l Mr. J. I'AWSON, the eminent Ra?so, *! <> a seatetto th* best musician*, at WiLLARDS' CONCERT HA LI., on THURSDAY. Januarr ?4th. (>n the sane occasion Si*. FRANOIA will piay " veral Solos on the i'l&no, of his own oomponiti?n. Promisor FR ANCIA cives thfa Concert un?'er the patronage of the following ladies anil gent emxu: All th? Dip wnntio CnrpsHon. W. W. forcoran, won Mrs John Seidell, lion. Mrs. I.. T Wigfall, Mrs. Capt Magruder, Hon John R Thompson, Hon. Mrs \Vm Gwin, Mrs. Henry L'djarrt, Madame De Gerolt, Hon. Mrs. Jesse Hright Tickets oao hs h*d at the Music Store of W. 6. Metzirott. fr.d at Willird's Hotel, anil at the door on >h* eveiin k n( the concert. Ticket office open at ha f past 7. To commence m a ocincK. j% 19 &t - PERSONAL. MADAMK MORRICR, the Great Apti-olog:?T and D?ctktn.from Eur opt ?Thia hi*h) gifted a- d intelligent lady cad he oo^anlted on the Past, I'reaent and F"jtnre Kvent?. Call at No. 221 Twentieth st-eet, between M and N, WwLington j&31 St* W A MTS i r /i.?i x u> t*7A\TF.T>?A good groond-hand 6X or 7 octave > PIANO FORTH. for which ca*h will be paid. A Bacon A Raven preferred. Addreu A. (5 , Box 331 City Pout < 'flice. ja;tl-3f WA NTKD?At Clark .Mill#', three ini es from Wanhington, on the Bladewshurg road,a firstclass COOK?one who un'i^itiaii^s eeuerai housework?for whose services 910 a mouth will he paid. Roferecce required. is 1? it* WANTED? A NlRSK.une well experienced n taking care of an infant. None but suck as can furnioh the be?t recommendations need apply, and to guoh, most liberal wages will be paid. Appl? at No. 309 F street north, between 11th and 12th Ktreets ja 11-1 w* WANTK1> IMMEblATKLY?From ?5 to (MunoworS of SKCOND-HAND FURNI TURK of all kind*, for which 1 will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, as u*ual, at the ehortest aotioe. R. BCCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, 8tove?, Ac., 4Q? 7th ?t. bet. G and H. eaet ide. WANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. " Per? ?a declining housekeeping, or hanng a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain theouh and fair prices by applyinr at 369 Seventh st. no 17 BONTZ k. GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. I ?ST?Between the store of Messrs. G'O. Para ker tio and Fourteenth traet, FIFTY DOLLA R.S in oitr bank notes of #10 and f 5 A liberal rAma r/I i I C.? -i ? - . f * u ^ i: J :Ti a ?w??< ( ?* wi i uv iivou ii win uiinrr win return In? ' same to PaBKER & CO., Pa. avenae. ! opposite Brown's Hotel. j& 16 St* {^JENERAL ORDER**?No. 2. HtaAquarUr? IHstria of CW. Militim,) (rtneral's OJU?, S ?y mansion, Jftn. * 1BRM The following assignments to oommuil are hereby made, to tu? efTeo' this dare: Maior Gen-ral Pitu Fo*cjtto the let divinoo. Majjr tienoral Gborgi C. Thomas to the ad di leion. ..... v i *_*--? ? * * * * it. ljhui ?n assignment 01 Drigaaier general* eu be made the oo!< nets of regiments will r*port direotlv to the major generals of the divisions to wtuoh tlie? t e ong. ..'II. The major generals will canee an immediate division of the r*gin>enUI distriols, within thotr respective commands into company distriet<7wnn a ?v?* to "Jment and the assignment of oompany omcerg In the f >riration of company districts dne regard will t>e had to those lootiitae in whieh rol ur.teer companies exist, in order that asDrniim&e 4 g?RAD THE FOLLOWING COMMUNICATION FROM Dt JC. SCflLOHtfER. Author of irtl Works om of th? F*??. NEGLECT OF THE FEET. DAIfGSR OF CUTTING CO BUS. V/?rn? wu oummuuij rvf?ruou m mrrw rj ;re?ofn?e?, and that little la n?oe?aary bat to iora?e or oat off the external eurfhoe; wher.a#, th? ?radioation of then, aad that in a manner not to injare the fleah, ia an operation of greal oars aad ielioaoT.that oaa only without dan*?r be perforned 3y oaa who has made that branoh ol surgery the ipeoial object of attention. The extraction of teeth, and the eare of dieeaeee in then, or in tho game, were, a few yeara ago eoo ? -* an * * ? * M atala ?4#ktn t ha n *% m aata iuvi v? m a ivki - uw m?i | wiih-h fiuviuuv vi Mi j nne who wm dubbed a ?unwon, till experience tau*ht that that branch of the hMUac art r**air?d upeoial applioation and study. Fw, now, who hare the moan*, think of employing an? bnt a roc alar dentist to attend to diseases aiTselinf the teeth. s?o intimate are the relations o( ail parU of the human frame with eaah other, that dis-ase la any particular portion, aflects the whole system; nor does dietanoe from what mar be oalled the oenter of t> e system, diminish the intimacy ol the rela tior.; on the contrary, pains or disease of the extremities are perhaps more difficult of alienation than in more oentral part*. At the preaent day we find a large portion of the onmrnunity, from the higheet t? the IovmI, mhject to aevere aufTerinca from inattention of auriraona to the affliction* to whioh the feet are nbtiact. They have generally b*en oonaiderod of an trivia a nature a? to I* unworthy of aerinua inquiry, and have aonnequently l?eer, oonaigned to a o'a?* of man whose acpreme lynoranoe ha? thrown ohiiqnv ufon thniA *hn h Vat tmtK th? ?i?k nn/1 tKfl ?a alleviate rain an>1 prolonz life There ia r.o part of the human foot in which oorna have not occasionally Iimd found; toth the ?ro?t delicate and moat hardened portionaof iti inte*u menta have thua hern r fleeted. The irat id?a which naturally pre#enta itaelf to thoae who are auflVinn from any kind of pain ia "inatantanroaa relief," and ir.any are moit'y wil inc to allow the ''/en* ft orito mati" to remain and agaia to b*o<>m? the fruitful offspring of pain, rather than to apply tn H iklllfnl nurllnr Ik/in.k ....... |>v %m vv , V I V U no VMI JT V I 111 *? nently eradioate the dangeroua nmsanoe. On the other hand, the onnfidenoe of tiie public it so much abused by a o!a*a of eclf educated and self-extolin* practitioner*, who pretend to have discovered infallible mean* to prevent diseases suoh a# we have described, thit innumerable diftcu tiM ear round the sutj*ot. Specifios f?>r a'l the ilia of life are discovered daily and hourly, especially in the department to wmcn i nave a?vote<i rr y time and attention. I*!aatv?, lotions, ho, Ac., are brought before the astonished world as pnaaeaaing power* infai.ibie Aocordmg to their own ar.aortiona they hare never been known to fail; aad what ehaooe naa he who hat devoted hia whole life to inquiry, hut to honeatly oonfeaa that the deviations of r.Mnre earpasa hia expeotat!?na: that her waya are often inscrutable, and all that he oan do is to atndy, to learn, and to try to oure, without professing that every malady >s subject to his superior aki l. Moat urgent!* do I reoommerd those who are af flicted with Corn*, however harmlett the* ma* appear, however eaml? reaoved, never to have re oonrsetothe knife. The m >i?t apuiii' t ipumi convulsions terrible to heboid, and lock taw, have attended on f-e oandiog a branch of a ntrve by a common prn knife, at a!to hemorrhage, searo*ly to ?hj arretted. Iam not fond of iivinc ?MM, for 1 am ?orry to find that every empino who practioea any branch of the medical profession. fancies that the true avenue to employment is to narrate extra ordinary ease*. whether true or not. beoause he fancies that people will see something in ? hat they r*ad whioh may remind them of their own suflfting. I would refer to vast numbers of example*, whioh I havo enoountered in this city, if I thought it necessary to mention it. I strenuously reoommend those who sufler from Corns, never to have recourse to the knlf'. to the razor, or even to the aoinors, but to plaes them aelre?, as loon as poaaiM?. under the mwnnemfBt of ium" one who hu lone been akili*d in their crura. Sufferer# from Cora* will find temporary rallef from planting the foot in a hot pedalariam, pouring in, from time to time, hot *al?r. The diartaed p\rt ahould be Maiduouily robbed with a dry, rough towel. In the greater crmber of matanoea thia prooeaa will be followed bp the )cn>?enuig of the callous aut*t&nee; there will be neither pain nor uneasiness left, although the eorn will remain, till relief i? obtained, without the danger whioh uicftj yi "u uuo ii iw inipuBii wo W) DC OOIT1 ptetely rid of & Corn, unless extirpated by a skillful and experienced operavor. If I *pp ar wmevrhat tedious in this matter. Jif I have been ruilty of repetitions, I trust that I n.ay be excused for an earaeotnea* aad an anxirty on a subject which I oonoeive of more lmportaooe, almost, than an* rules I couM lav down. It it a maxim I would have a startling taurht to r?psat?it is a seLtsuoe which shtu!d be repeated in the ear of every inier #ir from ?- trni?? wl?i?K ^ 1 back on every eoomon- "do not ate a knife." If. after sue?) a wurnini, t here ehou d be any tuftji ent j entureaome to n(*?ieot it.tlie danjfr ok th ir own bead, but the repentance will oome too late. UR. M. A. SCHLOSSER. DR. M. 8CHLOB8ER WILL REMAIN A FEW DAYS LONGER IN WASHINGTON. ADDITIONAL CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE or DR. SOU LOSSKR'P INSTANTANEOUS MB PA IN LISPS PROCESS OF KFFBCTUALLY CURING THK WORST CASBtt or CORNS, BUNIONS. AND ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET. The following few tMtimoMli from persona well known in Washington are aimilar to the thontanda in Dr. Schloaeer'a poiaesaion. From Horn. R. Tootnbf, U. S S. Dr. Sehloeaeahaa Una day taken oat a great number of Corna from my feet without any faun, ami it f eemi 10 oe en*oraai Janaary IS. 1M?. I. TOOMBS. From I. 8. H+il, fn. Dr. Schloaaar haa thia day oyeratad upon my flwt, and haa prodaoadtatira satisfaction. I. 8. BALL. Prom M. 8. Darts, Jh. J)r Schlosser haa Una day rtnortd ltoa mtj i?t IS Conn, which was don* without pain, and to my entire satisfaction. I cheerfully rNonmsad to *11 persona, and especially try friend* who Buffer with Coma, to oall on the Doctor. H. 8. DAVIS. Washington, December 24 J8OT. rnws/rr T/vn uenwr v v ??i w nwiVOf MT PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 4 (South aid*,) totwtea i?k aad 1SU atrMt*. OFFICE HOUKS From 10*. ?. till?? ?. REMEMBER. fli> DM. aCILOMKB WILL L M AT M WiMlN?TON MTT i* AFBWpm ft* ACCTIOX SALES. ? i c. Mkotiri; h Co.. Aii"tioi*m f> AI L I Fr'?~~iMLE OF PR V GC>OIW?. ri **1 V**iiw??. At -4>n TLESI'AY M JKNISO n*it, Jmimj a>l, mm ?< o'?lr?fe. ?# |t.|,ir. V>. P*??T T*oi? yenu*.ne?r tl?? *orw< <" h a lot ?>f <J?'tfc?, V tinea. Trtmminc*. A?. Eoatr.*'?t*? l"?J* !.r,'l,#* ?"f bmr+r CI th?. r?'in?i < olor*. Loti h recoh and ?a?liak Ciuiattrt Pkcti, p*t t*rn?, LoU K*h?t. ?nd 81'k VMtiac*, *?r?ll 'i VMtic??. Lio?d Nilliili ft* rM'i, IxU Spring and^umin?>r r?Miai*r? dn, {<"* V,?^U Tnmmumm*, VVM. CAW MACK. B?iUt )?U?oAd? .I.C-NomUfK k CO.. A?U. FOB SALE AND RKNTT" [JW mkm " J*r S+U*md Rtmt" ??? Ant r+f* ) A SttStl'ftSV K ra?tf tt nttif 1(1 terra. n tuft tod U mii?o from Almmdrt?.oaU?Or*rg?iii<i AifitctlntRMjc^.indtf fo k! cnlvivfttio-: t irbtr, wt-or. friutu*!*. bi??U iota B'**M4rf fhr a fir?t rate form. lMVtr* of #\ MR AY, at Un Jtvtir? Store, f 16 Sorwath A. Wm o(toB. )?,31 lm* P>R RENT?A FURM9HKD HOI'SR. noa taming room*. Fnrcitur* b?? and aomflM* Kffly at No. 3?a O ?tro*t. between 12th and If k U., between the boor* of Sand S p. m ja IS St* I^OR RKNT-The tkree ?tory brick DW ULUr IN<i-H(>i'9K, witu bMenmt, No 503.on K, between 2J and Sd *treeta, at protect oocupied by i)r l.fwn J'ii m. Po*??Mion (iron on th? lit of Pebrua y. It ba*_all the modern iinpioTam*ata, gas, Ketn p?r year j i<> HENRY KUAN.-ill haventh?t: or W. EOA.N. AOS K at.. <t?xt door.) (Intel.) ja U tf P)R RENT?Fo?r FRAME HOUJPK*, eo*tair.u k *i> rrorr.s each. aitnat?4 m MaavachaK >'t? irf;:u? and Kiltaeath ?tre*t Kant fx per month. For particular! i-quua on the pre?u?e?. j>l7 4t l^OR RENT -The :*Tt>KE and DWHLUNO r No. 1*t Brid(? atreet, Georgetown D. C-. kr.A.. ik. .u . w.. kruwu bp l ?r nil vi'bin}) iviivi y i?ihi . i - i\>i< giren lmnKHhateli-. Apply to ARN Y k. Ml INN. j?T FOR R KNT?Twofr(i?n?>COTTAGK HOt 8tX?? containing *ix rooms, ntuntea on Mm?, ?? . liue M)(l fifteenth etreot, pump of food water in tha yanl. jti fr*L'RNIS*HKD ROOMS FOR 406D tr**t, li?tv??n 6th and 7th ?t?. de 4-tf l^OK Kr,> I . in the Mrat \v ?rd? three- ?<) ua^e* r went of the War l>?-partm(?iit?a until OF FICE, with hack room, or the former may ?niw*r for a shop: arxt Parlor* and Chamber*. ?e par ate, or auit* ot Room*. fnrr>i*ned or unfurnished ; cioH to the Ave? tie. Inquire at thi* office. de 3 iUwtf __ l/OR KKM-Tue hue BKICK HOl'MK No. r tOO Wwt it., Georgetown. at present omipied by the nhsciber. It ha* 12 ro m*. with %%m and water throughout, a fine va?-d. *tal>le 4 o . and ia in acood B?Mcnt<orhood. Apply to JAS. CRt'lVKK. _ ?-o? tf hniR K r.ivi?A uirw MWJ nn?i taining 8 good order, with (* fcitnrea complete, on H street, between 4th and Sth. Also, a two-story brick COTTAGK. with larr* yard attache-), corner of F street north an** 14th at. cast To punctual and reliable tenants tha terms will be moderate Apply at 446 Twelfth afreet, between G aid if. no 13-tf t>R RKNT.-Tbe HOUSE and *TORE o? Pennsylvania avenu*. 1st Ward, opposite th? Seven Hi: t dniss, lat*k oocnei d b* Alex. Dy?r. ? a shoe eftal.lishwat, persons desirous to rent will plea?e apply to Mr Carra1. next door, who will lif)V thf? nteu..KM. W M R \T \1 ! '.R T i* ? Rent r edited.?thu plant cottage R fv- I DENCE. runUioicc 7 room*. viU frost haluony. lure* ?&r<l ir. f ont aixl rt&r, f obtii t H at., in Prtiiliiic Ojho* lirtFWB North Ctfitol &ud Fir*t ?U.. will I* rented for 016 per month to a punotdftl ter.nnt. A?i4rt#?. by letter or in ptrann. \VM. ?TICKXEY. - dofeotf For rent or lease for a term of years?Tlie ho(>k ind ^KUl NDs* l?*?lv i i'8'MiiBir u?-ri"r?i nrnwa, anu my reeAUly h?jd by Mrs. Smith at a female inatituf*. For further information *pply to CHAS. AUF.RT. Kcq , or to the aubsor iK*r THOMAS LAW90N, ' da 4 eotf S'irgoon General U. fr. Arwy. T For kknt-a i?w brick hol'kk. wtti* 1 back builJiag and oeliar. having 8 rooma witti Ki, and m e alle*. s tuated on L etreet, near Thir- | nth. Rent iw?rterate to a good tenant. Inquire { of M. GREEN, G?>c-r.oo ner of Tnirteenth and 1. au. Tii's proprrfy is near Franklin Row, only a few inir utefc'walk from the Treasury Buildings, and one of the healthiest locations in Washington. de 21-lieo? FOR RENT?The FIKS^T FMKJR of the baiWtnc in :.>*>: ,?i?iy opiwstte the vest wing of the Ctt? HaL,reoect'y occupied by Chas. 8. Wa.iaoh aa an oAoe. Aleo the front room id tbe noom tory and the third door 4 the aame Inilain*. For terms apply to RICBARD WALLACHVwo. 1 Louisiana swbh> ia 11 tf A three story BRICK DWELL a. ituusf., vim hwk baWdiag. oa UHi (t. No. 470. Mwwn F and R ctreUa. Apply lo J. KlRKW001).4T6 Twefth?C do 19 <Jtf BUY YOUR Statmrery an J School Hooka at bHLPHkRD'S, while you have a cbano* 10 aave your money. j* H 1m INPOITAXT TO LADIES! I have janf received a lot nfSabl?Mii<k MUFFS, male fr??in ?kiu> can {I t thin Ma on. I will veil at nearly UPTJV" ha f t ,e;r uuiai p ioe. Al?o. n liari'l. f reuoli Sable a d W??\1 . - u \ t i " ?* i .*?ii h ut rrr, prio iirom ^ #2 Alt??3J0 ^Sfli^MKi HALF CAPFSaod VICTORI.N KS of v%riou> K ird? .1 F"r ex'rem*!* low. A f ?w more Ciudren* JLRS left. Mulf? 76ocnt?. $1 M'l f2S Mii-oi' JOCKEY HATS in Be&ver end Felt. for $2 fci<d 92 le;? thsu c it. Terms csmi b. H hTINEMETZ, Hat Store 936 fen a. tveow, j& 14 het?eon ty.h Mid 13th ?U. C^REAT RFOrcTION N JT? ' I SELL1XO OFF-StLLINO OFF' The who>?>f our Krf ctook of Dreea Goods,?uoe mM1< Robei. Qreee ?i k*. M*rn os. Pop iiiS, All P? LsiM. R?t? V?:?roim. in f*ot el Wirt? Dr^aa Good a va will ?eh < IT tlua month, at iraatlr ml aa?<l priori. man? at 1*?* than ?oat for tk* ( ??. m Alao. or >n baod^.m* Black Cloth Cloaka remaining in oar atoak whioh we offer now at *? p*r oent leaa than oon. Wt invite the Iw!i*a and all in want of a handaom* Draea or < loak to oall aa4 examine oar a took be for* aarehaainc eleewhera. J. TV COL.LKV A CO, ft ja 16 2w ?33 Seventh at., at>ove Pa av. I ~/Q\ NKW PAWN OFFiCB. f9\ 6 <0 H. WAR D,~Dealer in Nea? V and Ca*t Off Clothing, reap^ctiully informa the pa^Ue tJiat be liaa opened a Ll,,fc>8KD PA WN ?'FFICK at No. 76 Loaieiaca arena*, betvaea O li iiul lft?h >. ? A * _/ ?? ' ? ? > ?* ? aw>H ** .! m ivw wvuib i ?cfc "I Hit IJf" W ?>rD tra Guard-house. where he wtll he at all tinea prepa-ed to wait on hi* patron* with promptneea. attention and the atrioteat justice iewaln, Dry Good*, Clothing, Mechan iaa' Toot*. *c., always on hand at prirale aala. Ja 16 1m* WflO.OOO ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES am) TRUNKS. Of mil StyUt and at a great aacairica o* ooaT, Start/t Kent and Fixtmru for Salt. All the Stock in S. P. HOOVER'S STORK. KBB.lVT 7? :i MTfTLrf.Tl** oflto * * m . ? II " , Vili iurVB Mia ^UM^rwn'.'SHOBS Alw.TlAV f W ELINO TRUNKS ?r? no* bmu iold,/?r' ML mtkM crent sacrifices ob uiuk< retail aalllagtorioM indaed mucn below original oo#t. The attention of the public is solicited, as (-eat inducements will be made to purchaser*. The above'oompriae* a larjre stock of the ftMat Iuality F rnneh and American Gaiter*.Shoe*,Boota. ;c., *o., lor lad tea and gentlemen Th'Stor* is for rent and the Fixtnrea for *aie. Apply on tne premise*. Iron Hall. N. B.?The above stook. either in whole or la * part, wiU he sold at private *ale. To aay om do /J irons or entering the Boot, Shoe and Trunk Buai neaa tbi* afford* a bettor opportunity thaa may again be presented. Persona indebted will oonffcr n favor by promptly oailing and settling their aooonnta. ja 7 U v\i a vnti rno ? a p,Alwo -WT-9T9U mi od? aoi^r Sl.K'oV^.T^.r' "? ? >? ~i^g&rJHiflk i gEASONAB L_B DRY GOOD I! " Cl<*k?, Shawls, rimifa ? ??* _"' Linwr*. Km. Irish UmbJ *' BkeafaMa ??**<l w. . -Bp?^*r Cloth, "eiok riUMl, White G(kk1j{ Liawgm, EnbroMtoiae, A 07Bt*r^tn#' ' Cowforta. ^rSt&infs. A IT of wh?k w P*ENCH 4 RJCHSTEIN. 7 Are *renta for the Baltimore An!?i^ Zd*fc2^Ar;t iowr^n J522^^L*M?c AntsriiMS "fts&sL'Szjsz; ss^x?# nv*l ot train*. ' "* ,* ^ P^uiS?*. 'NSTHUCTIONS-Th. .. ? ? . ' * **'1 k?ow? to ??4-kuiit? nb.|? *4 ? l?iolter ?f tSi^k i*5 10 ,tate tli? he u to ? *? uiftb. exi<M niTiu ne?Ml*i ia hia tuM ??t now which b? ia uimi to til u>, to will ft toaah?f?w acholart, rurMr%:n?u> ibairjarwiU. ^ aad (a* * hi? p%? to an oh ?rekiadiM m attr afraed on whan tb?y ar* antarad with himTBa i? efeu2STw*^Wb^5^^r ^ ? oradfor fan, aad kit ralaraaotf ara Maiff . boat m??toai (ai.-.tltaa ia VPukimtoa. H ? I ?+-U| WlWly M Met^nxfV i

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