Newspaper of Evening Star, March 4, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 4, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR.! ? ? i Bobsbt S*c?d*?.?" Ethan Spike" write# tr> the Portland Transcript that Hornby baa "?ec?ded,M and that ha consequently resigns hi* f?at in the Maine Legislature. The follow- J in* resolution* were passed at a public meeting ' of the new "sovereignty:" *? _f?t tv,.I >r> nnpMfil to koertion. ! IV 40 ' r?/?, iu-? ? " t??"? 1 | xcept when exerciaed by ouraelrea. R?o're4< That the ?kepation of the Bald- > win I if h tot, bj state keeper, ia a irriUtin' , circumstance. an onlwa be ia withdrawn, aour army be instructed to take poaaeaaion ?#f the aame in the t.*me of the Uoun. R*?o!v*d. That ef aoar reasonable demand* la not complied to, that we will take poaaesaion of, an' bold for aour own km, the atate'a prison. and the inaane aaylnm. R+iolv*J. That the hayblus korpui act. taxes in' the Main Law be and U suspended. Alao an ordinance relating to weight* and meaaurea a* need in the likker trade. Be it TV?t henceforth and forever in thia ere realm. 0v?ry quart pot shall hold a gallon. Order id. That the furegoin' article* shall be the constitution of thU Sarrinty. TamFsarrsor Ovnci-imiM.?While Mr l.lneoln was on hla w>.v to Waahlngten the train topped at some town In Pennsylvania, and a man Upprd forward arid off?-r -d a couple of apples to the Prerdent elect A lltfle boy In the crowd YelUd out, '!*ay, Mr. Ltnkin. tbat man ia run ning for Poetmaater I" T^e donor of the apples collapsed amid screams of laughter. (|T A member of a company at UMcawaa. the other day, talking about "gotni; to the win" He said If he wsnt he would take h!s child with him. 'How will you carry It?" asked the wife and mother "O. strap It on my bark," said he 4'0, dent," exclaimed the wife, '-for he will be the flrat to b? shot?" Ahotbib C05T*1?TI0!*.?A meeting was held tn Varrtn ronntv V? . on th* Ifith ln?t . and twenty-five delegate* appointed to a maHConwn Hon of the border counties of Kentucky. Ohio and "Virginia, which was to he held at Catlettsburg. Kv , on the 22d of February next, to deliberate upon the means of preserving peace and Union. PatsiDKJiT" Davis' Visit to Chablkston A Montgomery dispatch t?? the Charleston Courier announced tbaftbe Hon. Jefiefton Davisdesigned leaving there Tuesday night on a tour of inspec tion of the Charleston fortlfl-atlons He probably arrived in the latter city on Thursday. A little girl having got over the bannister In a public school-house, and being unable to re gain her position, began to cry. ''Help her!" mid a person passing bv, "she will fall; belp ber" "Yes,'' said another, "Help'er?the Im pending cri-sls.'' irT-Two fanners have had a novel lawsuit at Granger. N Y. Thev had steers so much alike that neither knew "tother from which;" recently. both animal* were In tbe road, and one was killed; which it waa bad to be determined by the law-suit. JET" A Tennessee paper sayt '-The Southern Congre** at Montgomery have appointed standing committees on ' JVrrit?ri*i'and'P*b!ic Lands " and pertinently or Impertinently aaka where are thty * ID" An ingenious thief pot cle*r at Albany, on Thursday, by pretending that be had tbe it< h Justice, officers, and Jailors would Lave nothing to do with him, although he wanted to be sent to jail (p* No tnies are now paid In H ungary, in eon quence of the political troubles. .1 .KIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WASHINGTON HOUSE.?Geo L*wrenc?,Me; J >1 Krkfeldt. Cai; Hon J Armstrong, Pa; ?v !* Dennis, Cnl; K J VVi sou. N T; J J Lecher, 111; J r? Auair, ??; u J uevin^, .x Y; Qwene, Ind J W Huobird. F II R>*?beatn. Cal; J K Tappan NY; J M VVoOiibtruQ. 8 e<8hippen, E J 8hipp??ii, ? W Snyder, K 8nvder. G 11 Snyder, L R er. Jobn Heebow. Pa; 11 Br?in?bano, CaJ; R J McKJmmona, Lfbompom, O; C A'.dricb, Iowa; J W Mich; L 8 Pease, Iowa; J as Mer wln, Va; F Fouab, Aid; J H 8apler, C H Wbaley M'; N Hood, vir Clark. Mr Billings. N'V; R O t?to*>ra. <V>I Foster, C O 8t*ors, Maw; C B Rodg ers, H P Dibbl *. Ct; 0 R Bartlett. E R Snyder. Pa; B vve7er, R Hoairer, R N Ric^, B L Catlin. M'Cb; P W uaurd. 4 ?'oleai*n, J B alker, Ind; K S Dt-T^v, NT; W Chlttendon. J A Rom, J M Gtiaon, III; O J Battee. Mo; J Sbarmn.T Brown. O, Charles Baailla. Cyrtia Hamlin. F Dnylee, Me; A W Soars. Kan; 8 Altar, Ind; G Shornedyke B GUbretb, Hon A Morrill, R Papley, J W Brown, C W Loan, J Farewell, Me; w Young, O; A B Barton. C Hiyta, Minn; C Hall, 8 VV Hopkinaon, Man, A E Allen. E Waterberry. J Hatfield, NY; C Le:b, H Howard, J Evanl. 8 Curoinga, C L Herlck. VV LMifslna, H C Cadmua. W Pirkrell. J G LLrln, A Halt, J A Jenktn*. 8 M Bayley. D Kingman, 9 B Hanover, J W Bell, 111; C Chip man, Ind; Dr R F Adama. MJ; H E Raise, L J Brown, T Wtlaou, W 9 Sherwood, A J Hodge, A ft Hodge. F 9 Roberta, J Poggert. M PrJeauy, H A Coet, O While, J Harsh, Pa; W H Hande f rd, Ky; L) Owen, Maaa: B Falrman and ly, A W Newell and ly. 9 9 Woodford, NY; F French, C L MltobeU, W R All son, Mich; W Rultt, J V Ho iaton, O; 9 S Marble, Ma; J N Nail, jr, N Smith, Mo w ASH1NGTON AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take ooBo*. m tt will be to tneir interest u> do % >, tna W. H. RHM.S COM 'OUNU BVKt P II ^!VERW?.'R? for Cougkt, Cold, Hocrntuss, Crump ' h r affWotiou* oi the ti.roit and eh ? , . ?j -uao hi 9>'RK 1' KO vi' l"uv*Dc,H, a . i? i? o: toe Meet ia ftinb>e rt-rr. die* of the is j, ?i.i uo faini.j ih.>Ui<1 ? #i'l? >ui ta?>n; ?.u<l . t.'.r< ?,??o oliaapa u? ijr wit. :a t.?t- eaoi. o *1j e do not expect ?trviker* u? t>euev* what w wri'e n rega d our owi n.^dicuea, ooca 4u?a li we refer y u to :h? f-lowiug vreil lauwu jon tl' nou'a eertif'O* e , w .ic>< cvu be a? n -t i e r..e il rw where the artiolea *re tor sale; lie- tr.y thef ? c imi uouiii ana ?ore Tnrwat Miciumes they nave ever known: tt?.Ju H Br-iwn. "ef, G^-rje Fi'dt. Fer. pani'i A. W1 ion, Rev. Win A. Hicks, lie v. \\ ni. A. Snirclj, Rev. John Foley, Rev. i?- H. Mo Murray, Rev Win. R, Mills. Of ikt Baltimore Conjer tnct, K oh irti'j e 25 o-ut* a Uitrle. \\ i olMtic t> W. H Read A Co,, Druggists, 63 Broadway, Baltimore. At retail by K. ?. T. Ciaeel A Co., Druggiat. Georgetown. Chart - Stott, Druggist, 3T4 P?. avoane. Win.?. Thompson. Druggist, Fi(leer;in at. and New York ave&vs, Washington. John K. Bates, l)ruggi6t, Navy Yard, j* 2? lm J^CHKNCK'b PULMONIC bYRUI*. Dr. RCHENCK, of PuiTadelphla, finds it impo* ib.a to visit Washington every weak, and (is* maJe arrangement* t?> po?iti7ely tie in the city the tain Wednesday of every month. He h&?? nut of rooms at the Avenue House, whera parent* oan obtain advice free. He on!r eharrea when it i? ? ?> " __ __ vwopvi/ m/ msko ft inur^Qsr e\a ~?cv.' o of the i.u.ifi with the Keapirometor 8. B. Wait* m &c?ut for tfctwnok'a Pulmonic 8rn?p, price } 1 per Lottie, for lie cure of Concha. Colde *1Hl Consumption: S*oh?*nck'a Weed Toiuo, price ?1 par botLe.for L>yepep?ia; Hoheiick'a Mardraka, prios Koeota t-er *ox, for Li\er Buiuqk Complaint* and Constipation of the ISow ? . I>r. ^caenck would be Krat?fu to tkoaa who ^va been eared by hia romediea u" thai would kv? their certificate ot cure with a*. B. WaITL, eomar tt?T?n?h and l<a. av. da1*?Sm |MPORTANTf TO H!JU&KRfc?i'EX.8. E. R. Dl'RKtiE k. CO.'S Huaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, hat ground from lrAh Spioea, eeiaeted and oleaned bj aa a*pre??iy for tha puraoae without raferer.oe lo ooat. Thay are heaaurally packed in tinfoil, flined with caper.) to prevent injur/ by keeping and are fail weight, while tha ordinary fiioand Ppioea are palmvariaoiy ahort. Wa warrart *"- y&'o'Sra.'' tf&iiit&t' aa^ aiafietnai.wiU abundanti* ?m? \h KSBBMtk. 0U>?0..WtfffWtND,/V.? MOSONOAHSLA KYK WHISKEY, ee.eoted Rt?. and la no Mae err+t o Jered lor aale aoU: idiytw to whoieeoifce ut by iwte It ia at ?no* the most f*hUbl?,u it U erophatiaaliT on# or the pare*) bererac ee >n the re&ok of the puhlio. To the Invalid, aa veil aa to tboae Is. hea eoirroen<l? iteelf for ita nnnral til qna'itier u a at. mutant or tfce aafeat eur^at, ac<l mort tx?nMtoer.t deenriation,and man? of the moat riutinn i?heH ph# siclaaa ara aauc it In their practice wuh the LE, Proerietora, street. Philadelphia. CLEKY A^CV^KDALE^Profnatora, *v*. t;. cONOVEIf, A tent for U?e Proarletora, Dflf Pa. av. ? op?o?fte Willftnit' Hotel. PUKK OLD RYK WHISKY.-On brand* of Pore Old Rye Wlutky. CofMr Dia t- ed. made by the moat retiab.e diatillera fn Pinn er >?n:a, Maryland and V;r|iuia, warranted ?nr*., Imported Hraudiee, Hennewy, Otard. ltapny ? Co.. Jalea Robina, <ko. Alao. Peanh and A?ae 1! nr/f, jar# Holland Oin, old Jamaica ana St, Cr*?i* Raw, and Wmea of every variety, ail of standard bran<l*. A cho'oe lot of (.iters and To Woo YOUN? k. KEFHAffT. Aiecta. a? 14-W Pa av.. fiatw. 9th *-.<1 li*h ate. SPECI \L BAR9A1N IN TWO PIANOS, f*r( ot y new. left on ea!e at aacrifioee Alao, >1*suci lor aaie or rent t?wt '?? JOHN P. KI.U", f. ab __ Pa av , bet tth and I?*th uta. pR? AT B%RGAINS IN PlANO*.-One Terr . Pin.' !?r'ic c'av?, for $ 2 ? iiofc" ?i f' #'?* on n*? ?r >< ran A 5 B??* r%l rians f r r-rt-t the .Xu?v",1T1 u>r? c W 6 vrrZKROTT fe 28 ^**06 INVOICES OP NKW?MHwin ^ op?a for uuftoaoi. " *cw*. < " .pv.J.Sfg/uSS&'tw One Dollar. si-si-si-si-8i-*i-si-si-si- si: SI?81?SI?SI?81 ?81?81?81?SI?SI' 4T? Pa. At. EVANS'S* 4T9 Pa. At. YOUE CHOICE OF ANY AET1CLE OF JEWELRY 1 ^ UIK DI'mi rut urns vubLAn, SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. El?fUt CARBUNCLE Sots for ?I Eiec&ot LAVA Soti for ft El?|%ot GARNET Sl*t?for 91 Elegant JET . -?? -?- ?. Set* for 91 Eles&nt CORAL and 60LD.__...S?Ufor $1 Btecant MEDALLION S?t? for ?l Elecant RIM MOSAIC Sot* for 81 ElHUt PLAIN GOLD ? SeU for 91 LftdiM' GUARD CHAINS for 91 LftdiM' CHATELAINE CHAINS for 91 LtdiM'NECK CHAINS for 91 Oant'a VEST CHAINS, (10 difftrwt p?tt?ra?)...? ......for 91 LARGE LOT OP PLATED WARE, oonalatjnc of TABLE.TEA ud DESERT SPOONS, PORK. cream pitchers, cake baskets, cream ladles, TEA sets OP knives and PORKS, butter knives, cups. 4o? &o. Also; A Large Assortment of jewelry, vhioh we o&a Mil at 50 cent* r*r articlt. bookCbooks. CLOSING out our stock AT A great sacrifice. #1.00 books Sailingfor...? .- 9no?nf? 91.25 BOOKS Sailing for 00 to 75 orou ?8.oo books Sailing for.... |1 to #1.28 NOW IS your time TO OIT BOOKS and JEWELRY lower THAN EVER BLFORE. VAUli riAIXUI Ai ?7fi Pa.- Av. evans'S. 476 I'a. At. to 13- tr Ladles, Call Early at Kiddle's original ?1 stork, lddle'S original |l store, No. so# penna. avenue, No. 304 penna avenue. Additional invoice* ju?t received of New and Beautiful Jewelry. ?mo* ou* Extibb Stock ake your choice for only one dollar. coral and gold set8, enameled TWIST sets, medallion set?, real roman mosaic sets. ruby and vase sets, hva and bhad sets. vase and brilliant sets, kuin mosaic fets, cameo nod goud stone sel's, carbuncle sets, PLAIN gold sets, botiue'i and ribbon sf.t*. ladies' necklaces. I.AIM ? .N l M Al >S, CHILDREN'S N MR Oil A INS, CHll DKE >'b AIIML.ETS, OKNT9' VEST CHAINS, GEN TS' WATCH KET8, GENTS' SKALS ai d CHAINS. t.KN IS' M.uEVK Hi TTONS aud STUDS, THIMHLICS, PENS, PENCILS. MINGS. SILVEK. Pl-ATED SPOON*, GObLETS. CUPS. Ao. r Everything in the store new and perfect, arid guarantied to bfl such as reprefented ILr H^rry article tnanufae urtd for the retvlnr ret ail trade, and warranted to be the name quality M la retailed from five to thirty dollars eaoh. YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR, Rkoakdlbss or Cost. Ai thia great aalo ooctiuuea hut a short time, pei?ona desiring to supply themselves with Jewelry at these unheard of phoea will plt-aae call early at our . ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE. .10*2 PamiitI vurm *vntiha we nave itill on hand a eor-4 assortment of the above goods. Aleo, Hous-keepini Goods of every dee ripnon.all of vhioli ve a;e selling at oost for ?*febil TAYLOR A HUTrHIPON. R ?Njil oVKi L. /?\ ? 1 rlTJ$ oVtick * ? to 341 C street, >>etween 4X and 6th ?< *, imme 'hafly in the roar of the National Hotel, where tii- l>o.iine<?e will t>? c-mttiued aa heretofore at Uie old utand. [iiol5-??n1 1S*AC HKRZBF.RO. 275 ALkl?N 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, Ph!?*. A vise*, Between K?th and Utfc streets. |e 1* | TRAVELING TRUNKS and n< o SO I and P. ? VAMSBS. CAKPfcT BAGS, bAtCHKLiC Ac., .in thm city, wiiioh ve are tell nc at vory low _ Have Ju?t r.?erv?d tlf. la rgest ^umortment %od now <>!?*r the most extensive varietti o fKM K LEA rHKR. LAWKS' 1?H ESSl and I'At'KlSG TR iWBh,llAT BOX' 3* ~ KFKt BAGS, bAT prises. WALL, STEPHENS A Co oo? tf * ?" *? ?? avniiue. TiHE AMKRI AN ALMANAC FOR 1861, paper; pnoo (i; half o%lf ? 15fl by mail. E'ee Ve^er, a i.ew rorei i-y Ouv*r Wendell Hf 'it", S *vl? i Win e oth; prio* #1 75 by mail. I Th* Revo ntu.u iu the bou'h paper; erioe 25 eeat.. at FKEN Oil A R I^HHTEIN')*, I fe21 878 Pun, avenue. ri?HK FORI?KR HTATKH; THPJR POWER 1 aiwt dutT d the pr^Boot dieoiderrd condition of ? !- p 'untrf ; br the Hon. John P. Kecnedy, Hum locouu; eent hy *?* ! l??r lleente tn ai>y ? dr- BLANCBARD A-MOHUN, ft*2 Corner 1't. a v. and Eleventh it, li ^FIL'EKJ*. PETTY OF PI HER ft, AN 6 Baa ' ' m-'ii vh? were on board oi any C. 8. rkipi at tho cepti re o try ilaver can have tk-ir oUiin* for li ii ly ?* d Sead Moue? promptly a'recded to by a ,i; 'ox to o a<lUrea?!b( C. P. WALLACE, w??init;toD, f> f* i? ia-"tf DM 6N'T"nfc UECklV I), BUT C?'M t TO tins ri-iit p aoe to ?*t \o%t CLOTHING, HAT' a d CAP. . At SMITH'S, No. 460 siv* nth at fe % tv - wwwwwaisr* | Personal attention given to all orders. fe lA-tf T. J. A W. M. OA LT. B IRDS, IK US FOR SALE.-l l ave ju*t r? oei ed a splendid a??ortinentof Birila lr r urope <>f iierr>an Cana l-t, Engli-li Bao-fcjS' Birds, Thrushot, Hull Finches,G Id Fineli?-,'*a i.iLfcti. !?ky l.arks, Ye:low Hammers. I have l'a- oque s, jAva Sparrows, Stvlrns, th? Red Moc\w Parrot an : green a d grej. 1 hwe .M ok ing Birds. K-?l Wing Black Birds, K 'd Birds, Doves, arjd Hobo ink*; aie>> T'ained J'lrds. Prios 26 oents to 9St> Cares o all kinds f ora 10 oent* to #1<\?. JOHN O MKARA'S Bird Store, No 366 Pa. avenue, at the Capitol cat*. fe 9-1 tn WOkTv CROCKERY, CHINA, AND GLASS WAR F. We have in st'irea very lare assort irei.t of th? abov<5 goods, to wl.ioii we invi e tn? atteu'ion of ail pu:chasei? wishing good artio es at revouab e prl es. Also, superior CUTLERY and PLATED WAIlE. KfcROf*INE LAMPS inereat variety. CH AS. S. FOWLER A CO., Wh UbB ? . ...i ? -> ? ?? mm . m v nuv it VkO'l l/r01'Tl't fe 23 6tao Odd Fellows' Hall-S-evonth ?t. piREMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 717... 9300,000. OJk? eor? r C Louisiana av? ovtr B*mk of WaiktHfi<m. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHFR PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS DY FIRE. ihftictoa*. G?o. Shoemaker, Samn?l Redfern, tsumuel Oropi^r, WiHiaai Wilaoa. Richard Jones, John I) R*rol?y, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rotbwell, Thos. Parker. Ruliard Barry, B. H. French. No oharte Tor Policies JA M KB ADAMS, Presuienf. A??l G.p* vis,Seoretarr. oo 10 eo m tfAMILY II LANK GTS AND COMPORTS. between lith and 10th streets D W- KIDDLE, fjy Remember tho Numl>er?30*?as we have no oonneotion with others, profeeoing to veil at our prices, tu this oitjr. Received thin 'lay a large invoioe of 8ILVKR WAHE, consisting of Breakfaet and Ter Set*; Card snd Cake Hr-skets; Patent tf?rup Pitchers; But'er Dishes; Fruit Knives; Tea Knires; Porks; Table, Dessert, and i ea Spoonn; Totwicoo Boxos; Sugar and Cream Spoo?i?; Napkin Rin<s; Butter Knives, in sets and siugie; Kmv*i and * ork*. in rta: Ice Cream. Hie and Pish Knives; Breakfast and Dinner Caatnrs; Double and Single fa ts, a large variety of Plain, Chased, and Uitt Gob'ots, Cups, *o. All the above article* to be told with out tegard to original oost, at from SI to #30, and warrarted to be what they are represented, and fully 100 per oent. less than they can be bought. 26-tr 309 Pa. av., bet 9th and loth sts. Wood and Coal. G ALTS' CITY STUB FIREWOOD HILLS uw COAL DEPOT, Foot or Skthmtikth Stksit, Btlow War D?partmmt. UJ~ WOOD AND COAL of all Kindt. Wcod prepared to suit the want* of each ouitomer, or de liver d oord length. lij~ i oai kept i? Coal Houstt, delivered free (Void lite, dirt,and other impnatiea. CURE NervousHeadache By the nse of these Pills the periodio attacks o! JVirrnu or Siek Headache roar be prevented; and If taken at the oommenoement of an attack imme diate relief from pain and siokness will be obtained. They seldom fail in removing the Nautta and U*nAnrkmtr. .1.1.1. /V?.. !? ... -- A4VWWWV..S av ?f IIIVII lOIUOlOO ?IO "V rnwuj*UV* They aat costly upon the bowels,?removing Cot timmut. For Literary Men, Students, Dflicate Female*, and all persons of svimtary habits, they are val uable as a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving tone and ?inor to the digestive organs, and re toring the natural elasticity and atrength of the whole ayatem. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long investigation and oarefully conduoted experiments, having been in use many years, during which time they have prevented and relieved a vaat amount of pain and suffering from Headaohe, whether ongi natinc in the nervous system or from a deranged state of the stomieh. They are entirely vegetable m their ooinpositioo, and may betaken at all times with perfect safety without making any change of diet, and the ai stnte of any dis-atreeable taste renders it easy to administer them to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine bave five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each Box. Sold by Druggists aud all other Dealers in Medi cines. A Box will )>o s?ut by mail prepaid on receipto the 1'KICE, Hi CENTS. All orders should be addressed to HENRY C. SPALPINB, 4? Cedar Strxet. New York. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDIMG'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY A.\D SURE CURE io n i i i'i;< i r*r,u\ mjal ii As the** Testimonials fere unsolicited by Mr. spaldisg. they afford unquestion able proof of the effirucy of this truly scientific discovery. m asoxvili.k, Conn., Fob. 5, 1861. Mr. sr*ldi*<i?sir: i have tried ?our oephaho Fiik, and I like them so will ti.a; 1 waatjou to semi me t*o dollars worth rno'o fart of theaoarofor the iirichbors, to whom I gave a f?w uu'. of thn first box I got from yon. Send the l*il:a b? niml, aail oblitto Vcur ob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. Havkrford, Pa., Foil. 6,1861. Mr. Spalding?sir: 1 wish you to s*n<l ic? one morn box ofyoa<* Cep!i\lio Fills, / havt received a great deal ef Leu* fit from thim Yourb respect uiijr. MARY ANN fctoikhouse. bprcce Creek, hchtivston Co., fa ,1 jai.uiry 18.1881. \ mmt v? urajuiriAV?nni i uu Will piPftFO S0T1Q 1110 two box*a of ) our Cephaho Puis. Bend them im mediately. R?-tp?otfu!ly youra, JNO. B. 81MON8. P S ?I have ustd one box oj your Pilu, and find th'.m txcellen I. Bells Vkhkon, OHo, Jan. 15,1881. Hxnrt C Spaldiho. E?q.: Please find inoloand twvuty-nve oenta, for which aeuJ me m other bux of your Oph&uo Pilla. They are truly ike bet I Pill* 1 have ever tried. D.reot A. 8TOVF.R,P. M., Be le Vernon, Wyandot Co., O. Hkvkkj-y, Mats , Deo. 11,1360. H. C. PpAtBtso. Erq : 1 with for aoire oiroulart or larR* show Mils, to brinr your Cephaho Pilla more particularly Vforo mr cu'tomers. If you have aiitthimt of th? kind, p ea a-rd to me. O ,*>>f myou't(isiT?.who is tutgeot to aevere ii!k Ilea/achr t lasting twodnrt.) troi cured of an attack in one hour by your Pill*, whioh 1 tent ner Heepect'uily yours, VV. B. WILKES. Ret.noldsbcro, Fhankli.n Co., Ohio.t January a, 1K61. \ Hkxrt C. Ppildino, No. *8 Cedar ?treet. New York?l>mr Sir: Inc!o?*d find twenty-five oe^tt. 25,) lor whioh oerid bo* <>f_' Cephaho Pills." fcnci u> kotircBg oi ?ev. win. C. Filler, Keynolds bu-r. Frank in o?nnt?, Ohio Your Pill* work liles a charm?cure Headache ahn nt instanter. Truly y^urs, WM, C. FILLER. YrsiLanTi, Mloh., Jan. 14 1381. Mb. Ppald'sg?sir: Notions since I sent t<* you for a box "i'Opiia ij ruls (or >ho cu'o of ths Ner vous d?.viache and Costiver.ess. and reel*'d *he am*. and th-y had *o good an effect that I was in duced to I'nd/ar mo>e. f ie?j? ssua by return mail. Direct to A. R. YVHKKLF.R. Ypsilacti, Mich. From the Examiner, Norfolk, Va Cephalic Cilia ajo unplixh the object for which tbey were ioa' o, v.z: Cure of heauaohe in all its forms. From the Examiner, Norfolk, F*. They have been testrd in more than a tinrosand cases, with entire success. From the Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. If you are, or have b*en troubled witli the head ache, send for a box,(Ctphalio Us,) so that you may have ttiem in caso id anjittack. From the Advertiser, Providence, R. J. The Cephalic I'llla are said to be a remarkably effective reine<1y for the hi ad.ioho. and on?ofthe very bent f??r thst very frequent cemplaint wlucn iiu ever noen amcoviTPd From the Wet tern K. H. Uaz?tu. Chicago, III. We heartier endorse Mr, Spaluiuj. and his uu nval.ed Cephal'c I'ills. From the Kann\r\a Valley Star, Kanatrha, Va. We are ouie persons sufWiuc with the head aobe, who try them, wil stick to thein. Fr<*m the Southern Path Finder. OrUont, La, Try them ! you that are afflicted arrt we are Hire that your t?stim<>uy ai<J?l to the Mready j numerous list that iias re-iei ved bone&U that no otuer medioine can produoe. From the St. Louis DtmerrtH. The immense demand for ths article (CephMio Pills) is rapidly increasing. From the Gazette, Davenport, Iowa. Mr- Bp* ding would not oouaeot his name with an artioie he did not Lihhb t<i ?< ? ?*? *,<...? From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The toatimor* in their favor ?a stronc, from the moat reapeotab e qu&r'era From thi Daily Ntvos, Mtteport, H. I, Cvpha'io Pills are taking the p aoe of all kiodij JD" A aingle bottle of SPALDINU'8 PREPARED ULUE will sa ve tan times ita ooat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! S V A m T\rn' C noi-nm u & iixj/ /1/l ijjLL'/i SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! JCOJVOMY.' DISPATCH! VJT"A Stitch in Tiiii Savm Nma."_/~fl Aa aocidenta will hnppen, even in well regulated ia very donrable to have aotne oheap Md^oonvenieut wny for rcp&uiug Furniture,'iuya, Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meeta all aueh emergenoiec, and no household can affor) to be without it. It u always ready, and ay to the sticking point. M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.?A Bru?h accompanies each Bottle. Frio 45 oenU. Addreaa HKNRY C. SPALDING, No. 49 Cedar atreet, New York. CAUTION. Al Wvtala iniricaialhl " < slid g?0 ^ - Er?eALblN0*8 PREPARED GLUE^fl ""i ?** Mpr % & V m PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. ' pUBLIC NOTICE. Diruminof rn Intmioe.) Watkim4tm, D*e.?. 1M>. \ PuMio cotioa ia hereby given that bonda and ooupona iirnned, of the deeoriation hereinafter aet forth, hare lately been felonlonaly abetraoted from the cuatody of the Interior Department, the aame being the property of the United States and held in trnat for certain Indian tribe*. Notice una alao been given to the proper oAoera of the reapeo tive States to atop the paj ment thereof; and all persons are warned against purchasing or reoeiv* ing any of said bond* and oon pons, u the claim of the United State* thereto will be proseouted to the utmost extent Eaoh bond being for the tarn of one thousand dollars, vis: Six per cent. Missouri Coupon Bonds, issued is J one and August, 185T. State of Missiouri, St. Louis and Iron Mountain R R. State Bonds. Bond No. 3037 * Bond No. 182S 1*76 1827 199A 1822 1W7 1821 191? 1820 2(?08 1819 2007 1818 1993 1909 1994 1817 1995 181ft 1891 1815 1990 1814 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 1QQO 1 UAfl M.wwm 2000. 2031 2006 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 1999 2036 2000 2032 2009 1826 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1868 1883 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 1886 1872 1887 1873 1RR8 1R71 1889 1875 1890 2030 2046 2029 2048 2018 204(5

2017 2047 2016 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 __ 1825 99 1824 Not*.?Bonds No. 8000, and below of tiua aerlea, issued June. 1857, and bond* No. 2u01,and above that, dated August, 1857, payable at the Phceaix Bank. New York oity, in 1897, Btato of Miaaonri six Mr oert. oonpon bgnda, j viz: Haunibal aud St. Joseph Railroad State Bonda? Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1626 1852 1627 1851 1628 1850 1629 1*49 1859 1848 1866 1847 1863 1846 1862 1845 1860 1844 1841 1833 1866 1835 1858 1833 1855 1834 1864 1836 1822 1637 1823 1338 1824 1839 1826 1849 1828 1C40 1827 ir.35 iflil 1613 1614 1615 1615 1617 1618 1619 1620 lt>2l 1611 1864 1834 1631 1632 1623 1622 1857 1*38 1829 1830 1831 1641 1642 1643 1<W4 1?5 1646 1647 1648 1637 1638 1840 1843 1843 1650 1816 1030 1817 1630 1818 1G39 1810 1841 1820 1023 1811 1024 1025 90 bondfl Not*.?Theee bonds are dated JaDnary, 1457, stable at Bank of Commerce, New York, in November, lfciK?interest payable in January and Jaly of eaoh year. State of Miuouri six per otnL Coupon North Mi? ronri R. R. Bl&le bonds. Bond No^2952 Bond No. 1030 2940 1038 2M9 1041 2941 1042 29?2 1013 2940 lf^U 2<>45 1045 1914 1040 2943 1?<7 2947 1048 2948 1049 i05O 2'J37 293S 1653 1654 1655 16.2 1656 2m 2463 2512 2.V3 2514 251ft 2516 2911 2910 2912 *913 2914 ?!fl 291? 1650 2922 2923 2924 3936 2361 2953 1657 17C5 1706 1707 2462 24f? 2454 2455 2456 2457 1468 2459 2460 2461 2462 WIT 3918 ?19 292? 2954 2955 1051 2463 2464 2465 2466 2467 80 bonda Not*.?The bond* numbered VMud below. i? uel in January, 1857; No 8B10, end atpre that. issued In Avjpuat.1897, payable at PluBnix Sank, New York oity. Missouri six per cent. Coupon Bonds, vis: North Missouri R. R. State bonds. Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2763 2784 2786 rsi 2782 2779 2787 2730 2717 2734 2783 2711 2712 2710 2725 2777 2776 2705 2768 2169 2770 2771 2785 2778 2719 2733 2722 2720 2716 2727 2724 2731 2766 2729 2718 2715 2714 2764 m* 2775 2774 2780 mi 27?T rsftp * rr? rtx 9723 2713 ft bond! Hlmmri BU-| Bond So. iM ' Bond Ho. UN hV# Ufl MM 6M4 UU 5242 6241 6240 5239 . 5X38 6237 6235 6234 6133 6232 6231 6200 61M 5196 5107 6310 IW 626* 52M 6252 6251 6250 --40 6247 6248 S3 61? 4888 MOT 4878 M08 Mif 3309 * 6163 (1 6308 Donda of North Ctrotiu-Coifoi nx p< North Cftroun* nx ft Mb. Bond No. 36 M No 303 M SOI M 300 ? ?7 ? Jtt . T 334 W9 JOS W8 188 104 ?48 30 343 19 342 18 341 IT 340 15 339 338 SIT 339 335 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 227 33ft 317 318 31ft 29ft 13 8 11 10 102 101 100 90 103 ft 28 22 lft 21 98 97 9ft 95 239 94 238- 62 237 60 236 303 72 bond* NoT*<r-tha?e bonds dated Junrr, 1*66, payable Jmbvt. im, ?B?nk of Repnblu, New York. lntdlMt payable in Juutr; ud Jaly. North Carolina 6 r?r oente. Coupon Bond*. Bond N? 833 Bond No. 736 832 736 831 758 830 759 829 760 834 761 835 762 836 763 837 764 838 T99 871 791 872 792 873 :w 874 794 875 795 876 877 878 879 880 m 846 847 848 84* St? 8&I 85* 856 857 858 DM ^ Oil 881 818 881 818 8*3 820 804 821 886 822 888 833 887 824 828 827 888 Wn 870 883 882 839 884 844 885 841 7*1 8U 7*2 &4* 733 734 104 North Carolina dx ft oent. Compor bond*. Bona Ko. 599 600 Ml 604 666 606 607 608 610 61J 612 613 600 614 622 623 624 626 Bom Vxy. 4W 4M 4M 4tt 621 498 SM 611 481 482 483 484 486 486 487 488 489 036 627 628 641 *8 615 644 646 647 648 645 640 AM 691 651 616 617 618 6X9 456 457 458 486 538 539 540 541 542 543 539 531 ua us 534 535 136 597 918 529 516 515 517 914 423 545 ?'W 546 MS *47 419 M8 443 Ml 430 471 411 471 4S3 471 4* 474 41T 475 417 47V 4? 477 416 478 4* 479 413 400 411 All - M Boat N?. 1*1 IM M 8 IM ?u y 3 1M TSS in 3mi Vo 169 lO 1M 1? ITS 191 IS ltt IS 1*4 ur IS IB IS lit IS IS IS IS IS IS St IS ? 144 4* IS frr tuoco tMl h, tetai April. H No. Bond No. It WiTUI Bond No. 11SS Bond No. 1191 1184 Utt US5 UN HM UN 1187 UM 1188 U? 1180 UM 151 1191 ?rr. u?. Bood No. Sir Bond No. 415 m 4 u 294 476 JVT 4TT 409 491 41 ? 498 414 TSt A mi of UM folio vine Biatonimtd Joeafcrr.lW*. Bond No. *28 Bond No 1278 829 1U8 830 And of tho following naisNTi im??1 Jftoaorr.lMB Boikd No. 1744 Bond No. MM 2110 2891 213* 2*92 2681 2606 And of tt>? following Bond No. 3U9 MM MM MM Mi7 3469 M70 M7I M72 3758 5804 SMI 394] 3943 3944 3945 3944 3986 4199 4200 mm 3121 iters iasawl Jfcnur . ^ Bond No. 420V ym 4209 4210 4211 4212 4213 4214 4431 4627 4629 4660 4566 4669 4570 4671 4749 4751 4881 .uu vi we ivuwwiiH iiwbwwii j mnutkrj , Bond No. 5050 Bond No. 5419 6196 6421 5326 6420 5359 6427 6300 64.10 6301 6434 6302 6436 6303 6437 6304 6438 6305 6436 6307 6441 5308 6442 6369 4453 6179 6444 5371 6446 6372 6452 6171 6618 6174 6619 6376 6520 6370 6621 6177 Mil 6178 6793 6179 6794 6880 6795 700 W 4S86 470ft M87 6709 MM ?TU M?0 6713 W1 &71J 67W *** Mir Wii 6418 . Otrtcm 99 tbb t*mjnuT w two ?,x jo*? DM*mb?r K, 1MB. U-dtf J. THOMPSON. I GAS FITTING, 4c. ry 8tor* on tth itroet, a tew door* north of Pw ffm3^.Tfv'^?Anfc?XMna WATER FlXTURKaL iattlT pLUMBEM AND GAB FITTER! J. W. THOMPSON tt CO. Woaid oaul the attention o( witrr 0U? *11 %aaortraent of K^tyw B?o*>??n V ?. MI*?*, v?r,rsf. i81LUS,AElireH* '& IpN**. f roa, Wroajht I too, and Gai? R9MvM&m"a Hann2 superior advartia<e?, with pr?ot?a*i k~owl?df?. w are prepared to introdaoe Wator into dwellings with all the latent imyrtnrer w<i. promptly. and at prices taat caonot fail to eatis!? 869 peon, avail**. noM-dtMarl bet. 9th and loth at*- soath aw a. W6 A 8 FIXTURES. K Bar* in store. and are da*./ reootri&f OAB FIXTUfi.ESotm<tiT*ii New Patternsaad Df?.tr? and Finish, superior is strl* to aarthinr hertitapn offered in thia market. W imrfUoiUaens imiiI It to oall and examine oar stock oi (>* &r,<i Water Pl*t?rea, fc'imc confident that w* hare tM Ml elected took lb Waahmctne. AJ1 Work in the above Tine uUmstod toovr ?VySk. . ^HAN J PN\ I'KKr.r UHBkA tup OtfrtTTM*^ Hw removed to tin ?inner of Twelfth snd F M. 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