Newspaper of Evening Star, March 5, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 5, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Boat* Kxplo?iom ?Ob Friday, at 19 o'clock. boiler la the knit fhrtorvoftbo W hltnry a not Company, at \MiltaeyviUv, about ttree milt* tmrn yrw n*??n, Conn . exploded, Mowing ont the fit end of tte hulldlDjf. deiroliahin* tte machinery and arm* or varloaa kind*, *nd making aomplete wreck of the pr?mtae? Abowt thirty poTtoni were at work in tbe rtrlattv of tba boiler t tb? time, rosnv of whom were buried ia the ralaa Paul Pavuffe, the engineer, waa aeriomly ?- "J - o F> V\ J Rlrhnrrt. 2ojurru; r,uwniu ? * - ?? ? - ? ? * ftamael Hall, and Laban Oliver and ion. were all acalded. Nine otbera are lew li.jnred MaJ. B. W. Hortoa, with Mr. Oliver, were both blown acreaa a portion of tbaatream It la expected that 11 bat oaa of tb? vlrtlma will recover IacanDTAaica is P;tt?bc*o?The coeurrenee, dnrlnif tba past we#k at Vtttabnrg and AUaghaay, of eereral evidently tba work of incendia. rlea, and Ind enting a concerted action on tbalr part, haa created no little excitement In thoae eltlea, and the formative of * Vigilance Comirtt tea or Seerot Dtivctlve Coirmlttee, la aerioualy contemplated. yrr A madman went Into a ahnreb, at Park aL?p, Mlab., en Smday week, bavins diverted bimaelf of every particle of clothing, ta walked wp the alale to the pulpit before bta couree wsa ar cr 9 . XV Kin* has been arrested la Iowa, and baa acknowledged that, with two accomplloea be mordered Or Rowe In the winter of '69-'39; and that they divided ta.noo plunder between them. irTJ. L Hoaaton took an overdose of chloro form to oure bta toothache at Tallahaaae, Fla , on Thursday, and waa found dead. A FRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL.?J R Oeorge, La; T A Bueketn, Va; E Hotchlu*, D N Day, NY; H J Prnltb, L Hulle, Cutter, Man; J Shoemaker. J T Bradford, Pa; U Daniel, E 3 Tobey, NY; T A Mlmreon, Meat; O W Farrinjjton, Minn; W H Mitchell. J J Jenkins, J T Davis. Joe Harris. J Nawcomer, Md; W W Stern Inner, Va; J Grrgo ry A Ooneravtter, H A Rocktteld, Pa; J Uanrv, NJs W J Wardon, Va; B Aldrtd^e, O W Al dndsaaiid ay, NY; E Barton, E P M?r*lUi, W Miltmin, Cal; W P Barpenler. V B W a liar*, N Y; O Smith and It, A B VYatera, O; R T Ke>a JVld; J W Hulchlraon. F W Beidlt, Mats; C B Pl?r?on. 8 Kronch, !?C; Jno Boathwlch, \V A Bo<thw!ch, Pa; J T Edzar.Tenn: S E Borronjfba J R Burrougba. NY; FW alter, W Fraucla, Pa; 0 YVentworth, Mo. WII. LARDS' HOTEL?D Upton, J P B-nt hoff NY; VV Henu'.ckaon, Cat; J Davla, NJ; J V#rr?n, Pa; C Darly and lady, NY; TS Ward, HB MA; J Mclnnea, Ma?; J J Duncan. Mr Buch anan. GW Ham bright, Pa; R C Ogden. NV; H Lorninp. C Page, Maaa; J G Morgan, E W Hull, C Goff. W Mickle, J Oberran, NY; E W Ezea ??? \r U. D I ? U fc- f . I 1* ni ? n a> -W?I. *? 1*1 U ? oratu, ilJ, J X V-13T, i Hi 1*1 fir^jory, Pa; J H Hudcan, O; C McKlbben, J Hamilton, Fa; A H Thompson and lady, Ct; H "Wilkena, Cal; H MeGrea, J P WUinera, Pa; M Pratt, Ct; 8 Snowden, Md; O W Werrlntx, 8 R Rtnworttay, Pa; J W Owen*. O; J Thompson, Pa; R Nieal, Eng; J Stnnda, Maaa BROWN'S HOTEL ?J T Edgar, D R Rawl lnga, W Trewhlta, C P Hunt, C Loll, Tean: 8 R Moore. W M Lowe, Ala; W Haunarr. W J Wor dea, C W Button, C W Cacman, Va;C J Lewis. J R ftht-f t*rd, NC: B Arrla, La; J H Hamilton. SC; C B Day, Ga; H B Glereon and If, Cal; N R, Mass: E Howe and ly, A Haun. W R Re nins, NJ; C R Waters, R Dade, Md; \V Bernard, W Foster, Mo; D Slurab, NY; J W 8 Merrill, Miss. KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?W Tweed. J Hearv, KT;CFr dman, S Caldwell, Pa; A 8 Doraey, w PlMton. J W Ogborn, Md; A Searn, ?: 8 J Mor V u. o-- *- - I, iiwv, ms oruwu, Art. VI- AbHINGTON * AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take potter m it will be (o their lntereet to do 10. that W. H. REA0? COMPOUND SYRUP Of LIVER W OR I' for Coufkj, Cold*, Hoarzenut, &VW and ochT ol the t&roit si d oheat, mk) hi. 3oRK THROAT FuWDtK. are two of tue most m alliwe remedies of the cay, and i? i ?hon.d be without them; aad baeidee, titer are so ooeap a? to be within the reaoh of all. We do aot expect etrangera to believe what we "srita <c regard to ocr own medioinee, oonae^nent ly we refer yu? to the foliowiag well known gen oerx! hoate?, Wbioh oau be seen at Ue r rug fAorea where the artisieeare for tale; tae? say the? ant um beet Coegh ana Sore Throat Medioinee VMrhave ere; ilu?i tler.Ju H Urown. Par. George HudU iter. Sam'i A. WLeon, Rev. Wm. A. Hioke, K rv. Wca. A. Bn;vely, Rev. John Folejr. Rev. J a* 8. MoVlurr^y, Rev. Wnu R. Miila. Of (4.t Bnlt\v\ort Cxmjvrmtt. ?aah artioie 35 0- nil a bottie. Wnote?a.e br W. H. Read <k CoM Dragglita, 68 Broad**?, Baltimore. At retai. by it. &. T. Cuael & Co., Drnrvtat. aforimvn. Chari < Bintt, Druggist, S7i P*. arenne. Wm. t>. Thompson. Druggist, Fifteenth St. and Ifev VorK avaLue, Waakinjtoa. Joan K. bat??, Pni|Hit, NavT Yard. ja >*-lio gCHfcNCK** PULMONIC SYRUP. Dr. 9CH.ENCH, of Pbiiadelphla, finds It Impcs Blb<e U> TIMt Washington ??wr VMl. tM Ut made arrai> cements to poaitively be in the city the tain: WwdaenrUr of every monta. He has a suit of rooua at the Avenue Hons#, where aac obtain adrioe free. Ha onH eharfes when it is cwimo to make a thor ;?ui? uiai;4Uuu of lit* with the Rospirosnetor ?. B. W%ktt> is exeat for ttonenok's Puirooaic rrep, irio? . p^-r bottle, for t&e uare of Coutiis, olds ami t.'on?*?npti?.m j S^oaenok'f fre* \V roue, prioe #1 per oott e.for Dyspe?*i\, S-jtawnah's rtan-irake t\ s, prtoe 2Soents bar box. for Liver J. .vue Coiasiaj cu and Constipation of the llow e,s. l>r. Scheuok wuw.d be frat >fir to those who have been cured by L:s remedies if they w/'.u.d Mare their oci Utcatea of oare with ft. B. W AlTK, aorpor *<? ?? nth ?t. and La. av. 4e li>-*m JHrUK.lA.Ni TO UOLishJUSKi'i.Jtd. R. B. DURKKB* CO.'g Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURS, bat groecc frt-ra trmu bpioo#. MleoteU aal <i.f*ceO by ?i?r???iy for the pnrpoee Withcat reference ??ct. T'uey sue Oflfcutiru.iy racked is tiofoi], no~l wiV p?p'!?) to prevent ifjiir* by ke^pmx, and fair- wtn?J??, wbi 9 toe ordinary f-.outd t?pico? are a>:T.?at invariably short. We warraxtf KZ W i<g K'X'Kff la % bipxio tn*i wi" ibacdaatiy prove, Maarfkott .e<! ot,Iy by _ E. R. DURKEE ft CO., 1?1 P?n ?t.. N?w Vnrl, QLD RICH, MELLOW fcNi^URE M0N05QAILSLA EYE WHISKEY, Couccioatloue'ly dietilied by Mr. James Barnaide. of Allegany Count*, Pout*., in tfco oio-Zaahionoc Waeet way, hot. tie a^uinxst and m??*t virenUij elected Rye, and ya no oaae ever offered for sale an?i. adapWd to k? ??? * ?--? Mtl-W onoetbe no?t paiat&b.a.aa uT. emphatic*!;? opt or um Mrttr t*vers??? in the resell of tAe >ablio. To Uie invalid. &a veil a.? to tipoce In heoitSTlt orafoacde lteelf for its uun*a..fu %o*Jiti<>s aa a of tha safact, avrost, aad mo it '.ace$oeat Voeonptiou, ?ad mar.y of tie mo?t crushed iciaaa v? aeutc it la taeU praolioe with the pAMlLY BLANKETS ANi> COMPORTS. We ham alii] o? kud . ?~wi -is TATLOK A HL'TCHIPQN. ,?sS8r~ * ISS!3r?agSffirtak sr: 275 ALLKN JAG last V. ON, nan lit* TB i VVI I kin ?... 275 cure A^ D Nervoustieaaacne ^ Headaclxe. By the im of theee Ptlli the ptnodk attack* of Ntrvtut er Sitk HmuUmJu mar be pre rented; and if t\ken at tb? oummsBoamtnt of an atUok imme diate relief from pain and aiokneee will be obtained. They eekloni fall in removing the /famttm aad HeadatXr to which female* are ao auhjact. Thcr aot gently upon the bowel?f?removing Cot lifMltl. For Liter-am Men, Students, Delicate Female*, and all -per?on? of sedentary Kabttt, they are val uable at a Laxative, Improving the wite, giving tmu and vitor to the digeeflve org ana, and re torlag the natural elaatiofty and atrength of the whole ayatem. The CEPHALIC P1LL8 are the reault of long inveatigation and oarefally oondaoted experiment*, ha* ing bean in aae many yoara, daring whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vaat amount of pain and Buffering from Headache, whether ongi sating in the nervous ayatem or from a deranged atate of the ttomach. m Th*7 are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all timea with perfect aafety without making any oUangeof diet, and the ab unci 4f any disagreeable taste renders it city i* administer them to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS 1 The genuine have five aignatnres of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Oruggiata and all other Dealer* in Medi cine*. A Box will be aent by mill prepaid on reoeipt o 16 PRICK, 96 CENTS. All order* ?ho?Jd be add rawed to HENRY C. SPALDIN9, 48 ClDAR Stkiit, N?w Yokk. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OP SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IP WITHIN THKIR REACH. At the** Testimonials trere unsolicited by Mr. SPALDI5G. they afford unquestion able proof of the efficacy of thts truly scientific discovery Masorville, Conn., Feb. S, tatf. Ka- SrALpma?Air: I have tried tout Cephalic ?, and / lik* tkewt *e well that I want yoti to ?nd me two worth mora. Part of theeearefor tha neichbora, to whom I lava a f*w out of the firat box I fot from rod. Bend the Pule !?r mail, and obllje Yoarob't aerTant, JAMJh.8 KENNEDY. HtruroRD, Pa., Feb. 6,18?t. M>. BpaLDIRS?Sin I wish 70a to a?nd me on* mora bo* of tob<- C?phalio Pilla, I Kurt rectictd a ?r??t deal ?/ benefit from them Your* reeaeot'ailr. MARY ANN 6TOIKHOLSE. Prmm Cbibk. HrsTiKOTOR Co , Pa A January 18.1861. I H. 0. PrALDii**?8?r Yoqwill pjeaee send tne two tioif* or joar Opiialio Pi:Is. Send them im mediately. Re???ocfn!iy yoors, J NO. R. PIMONB. P H ? / *? ? nft out bar if mout Fit 1W1 Belle Vb**on, Ohio, Jan. 15,1*81. Hsxxt C Sp*xnjxo. Em.: Please find inclosed twenty for wtu^Tj send n? another box of roar Ophalio Pi Is. Tfcsv art truly the htut PHI $ / fcsw isw M mJ. D.reot A. STOVER, P.M.. Belo Vernon, Wyandot co., O. Bivkily, Mass., Deo. 11,186". H. C. Pr tiDii*. Esq i I wish for some oiroalars or large show bills, to brint your Cephalio Pills more particularly before ra? customers. If yoo iurre auvthinc of the kind, please s*nd to me. Oaenf my en?itm?r>. who issorgeot to severe Hiofc H<?a1aohe (usually lasting two day*.I ?mi cured of is attack is one hot* fcp pour Pills, which 1 sentaer Respeot'nlly yours, W. B. WILKEf*. R ETWoMMBtriv, Fkanklin Co., Ohio.f JannarT '9,1861. i Hkhst C. t*rALPiw?, N?. 48 CHar rtraet, Naw Y?rk-l>e?r 8iri lualo^od find tweatr-nro wti, (15.) lor wuion Mod bo* of Certiabo PiH?.H j*.jd to ?d<1r -m of Kev. Wm. C. Filler, K??noid? b?-f. P ankiin onantv, Ohio Yow Fin* work <im a tkmrm tmr$ Hoadatkt mlmntl MKMl?r. Trtily yu?ra, WM. C. FILLER. YreiutKTt, Mich., Jan. M 1861. Mi. Ppa.u>Tj?a?din Not Ion* einoe I ?ent to to* for ? box f CepnaTio Pi'U for tba onro of tb? Ner vous d?sdiwjn? and Co?tirene*?, and raoaivad the Min?. and tk y kid to good a* t feet that I mi tn ductd to ttnd/or mort. I'leaja ?aud by return mall. Diront to A. R W HKKLER. Ypailacti, Mmh. From the Ere miner, Norfolk, Ya Ophalio CilU aooom?u*h the objeot for whloh they w?r? roa>.?, vis: Cars ol h Ma ache in all Ita forma. From tk* Bxtunimr, Norfolk, Ya. Tb?7 have bean teetrd la mora than a thenaaad oaaaa, with entire sooeeca. From tk* D*moorat, St. Clo*4, Minn. If yo? *re, or have b*en troubled with the hea/1 aoh*. eend fora box,'Oephalio Pilla,) ao that yon may have thorn in oaaa oi ao.attaok. From tk* Advortiior, Frovidtmt*, R. J. The Ceph&Jio Fill* are aatd to be a remarkably efT-ctt^e remedy for the headaake. and one of the ery beet for that very frequent complaint which baa ever bean dlacovered From tk* Wirt em R. R. Gamett*. Chicago, m. We heartily endorae Mr. Spcidioi, and his na nraLed Cephalic Piila. From the Komavka Valley Star, Kaaanoka, 7a.. We are aore that peraona anfferinj; with the head ache. who try them, will aUok to them. Fr~m tk* &?utk*m Path Fin4er. Ntto OrUant, La. Try them ! yo? that are afflicted ?.nrl w? ? ?? ikMT?nrt<!itimon; ou be added to the ilrrt^y Dam^txti list th&t tuis received Senelts that do otuer msdioins ou produce. Prom tk* Si. Limit Domtermt. Ths imniMM demand for ths srtlole (CspbMio Puis) is rapidly inoreasinf. From tht QuelK, Dmoomport, /mm. Mr. Sp*iding woo id not oonneot his nuns vtU an m tie is ks did sot kw to possess reai merit. From tkt Adwrrtitor, Provident*, Jt. /. The tsstimor* In their fisror is strong, frsm ths most rtsKolsb quarters From tk* Dm'i Motet, ffttcport, R, I. Cephaio Pills are tskin< ths plaos of all kittdsj (17* A sine ie bottis of SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE miiw id ooai annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S P~REPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIBCES! ECONOMY' DISPATCH! Stitch m Tim Batu A a aooidanta vlll happen, avail in vail r ami* tod ilia t?ij doairftbto to hare aoora oheap KdysrMiiBt nr for ripUriai P?nitar*.To;i, Crockary, to. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE nwti alt ?aoh marganoiea, and bo bouaahoid ou ?|uri to b? wiUuat it. H ta tlvkfa rmdj. and ip to tka *t:aktn< point. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N B.-A Bn?k taoonpuiN Meh RotUa. Prio H atnla. Add.eaa HKNEY C. 8PALDIIM?, No. 49 Codar tract. Now York. CAUTION. MEDICINK3. ?- " Bunauiu LOCK BOqriIAjL Nu lPiiiTtd tk$ MHI Cirtmm. S?iadm, ami tml EftfSutii Rtmudt m S4? WcH, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPKUDENCft LET NO FALSE DfllCACY PRETENT. APPLY 1MMED ATELY. A CVRB WARRANTED, OB NO CHAR9M IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. WhUioWui l?a,WicuM tftitimtfiktlMtqi u4 lladdar, !?? '.?cufy r-.??nju. licM-.caty, *?>>ni kii'.*. HiiTMr.m, Dr>r*r*liLt>V>'>M* c** Fmim al ! ; ?*, (Vlpitatton aflfcr aail.^midrir.Traiahiiaf*, Pinoiit ( S'{t< ?r Uinui aftha Tknat, Hm ' akin, Af af thi W?rj?, ll?3-.itb at ( ? !>? lhaaa Tarrtkla Di??rd<n tnaj frtrr. Etittar? R-klu ad Iaatli?(.> ?* Dmd'ni uid P??u??!ti PnttitH vkiak rw to Mtniif) IsfiuiVi, aad dtttra; kata ltd; tad Mt)d TOVKIMU Mtf **ial'? wka ka?a kataraa tn ?ku f feUuty TU?, Uit dtaalf*. iud daatractiaa kakit which ionnl!> twcapa M 10 antinia1? fT?*? tt.aaaaoda rTrau( Mm af tta tiMi ? altad *.ai#ota ?/mJ briOaat Jatallaat, wha mirkt atk \nrua |iti aatnntad Itatartr-f vtik tkatkaodan af vakil W iwurut )!ri*g lyta, mAJ Mil Vhk fall Mat MAUin raMOnlNTm(?M( Tiara, kaiaf ivuiif (kpiwl ?Hta AaiWautiaa. dka., ????dl!r toil a wka plae ? htoMUisdM tka MM af v>. 1. my i m*]t utjda to h:a kMM u a nttltau u4 MtUuilf Af apM kia akill aa a phyalktaa. UrriCK M*. T SO tTB nUUKKICKBTUBr, laf* kacd iid? ratuf fiaaa Baltlxaara MIU1, a t%WImh IM tk? wmi. nil eat W akaar?a mm* ud itakn. UdtMl ail ka paid sal aMlaia a iubj. k. joumi, Maakan afika Bajai Callaga afMmigaaai, tadM, mdwH ban Ma af tka u*t aalaaat CalWaaa ia tka l>kJ ?? ??? udtkitmui lutifvkMi llfikuUii ifMHiitakM* COaaf kaodao. Paria.FhUadalafcla and alaawhtta, ha* a#* tad tare* af to* bhI uiMitairg cmi that *tn itn kaava; nuj uaaklad with ringing in Ua kaad tad mm vktnaaUaa: not mr?*aanaaa, kalnf alarnad at *?dd?a aanda, ka*hnun*i* with fraaaant hlaauiag, auandtd aaaaa laia wtU darangaatnt af mind, vara awad iaa*dlaiatT> TAKJE FAB.T1CW WAR HOT1C1. Yaa&g Mas aad athara wha bar* mjarad thaaialraa k; aartalo praaliaa lndilf ad in vhan alaoa?a habit fraqaaatlj Uaraad frara aril campaniana, at at iikaal, tka alaata m which ara nightly fall *?an whan a*l**p, aad if aat aarad. aadara marnaga lupaaaikla. aad daauay* kaU aUad aM kadr, akaald apply imrnadlaUIy. Tkaaa art aama of tha aad and rnalaaahaij afaeu pradaaad ky aarlr babita af yavth ??? : Waaknaaa af tka lack aad linka, hioa in tka Band, Dinoaaa af Sight, l?aa? ?f MaaaaUf Pawar, Palpitatian aftba aart.DrapapaTi Parraaa IrritablU ty, Da rang amant af tba Dig**ti*? raoct-aaa, aaarai Dtbillty of Canaainpiian, 4c. MX.fTAl.LT.?Tna faarfal afaauao th* a!ad ua BMktl ka draadad?Laaa af Mtmary, Qacfaaiao af Idaai, Oapraaalaa af Spirit*, KtiI Parading*, Avaraianaf Saaiatr, (alf-Dlatrwt, fca?a af alitada, Tic .di'.y, au.,ua aaaa af Ua aril* pra KKBTO? DE11L1TT.?Tkaaaaada aaa aa*|ldM what la tka aaaaa af than da* lining haaltk, laaing thtlr ?lga*,ha aacaiBf waak, pal*, oarraaa and amaaiatad, taring aalagwai a aaa ar aaa a aaaat ilia iv?. tu?k > kimu<? ( -*i? dibea*k? or imprvdkiiu*. Wkaa U* miaf aidad and irapradam raliry af fluim la4* kakulm>lkad the ? da ef ihia painfal duiui,lttM afVaa kappana Uiai aa il'.-iitrad aanaa af akuxia ar draad af diatttan datara hlta frara ?pj,l?inj la ibaaa vht, frarn adactliaa aaa raapactakiii'.y, e?u alma kafriand Mm. ? (kill lata tk* kanda af ifnariuit and deaijmnf praiaadara, wbo, iraaaakla af anna, fleh h<a pacanury aabataoca, kaap htm Utllaj at!) iftar raarr.h, ar aa Ian* aa tha air.allaat faa eao ka au toload, tad ia dta^aif laava rim wi'.k raioad bulth U )l(t avar bia rnllir.f diaappaintmant; ar ky lha aaa af paiaau, Marcary, haatan tha caoatitatiaaal apmptama af tkli tambla diaaua, aach &a Afacuaoaaf ttaa an. Threat, Naaa. km,4c., prerraaair.f witS frifhtfal rapidity,till daatk pata? n*4 ta hi* draadfal aafan.iri ky aandinf him ta what aa alaaararad eaaouy fram abaiakNtM aatraralar raiaiaa ml jgSMIOVV REMEDY FOR ORCAJTIC ?!!! AMD 1MPOTEBCT. p tkta rratt ud loianut rauaay araakaM* af Ui atfua ??a apaadily tarad and fall ?\fa? raataral. Tkaatudi mIk* aaaat aarraaa and dakilltMad, wka had iaat all kapa, kaM kaaa ImraadUtaly raharad. All Irapadlmanu ta Marrlaf a. Pkyalaal ar Mmal Mwall i laatiwa, Lhi af Pr*ar*aiira P?at. laniaa iifffuim I Tvtakhnficd Wttsmnn Kxkatatiwi ?fU? i ki*2 ?pMiUilj ?*/ !. BKDOMIMEIITOr TU rUM. TRK MANY TMOMAWDt mid aitku iDitlmla vlUla lk? law Qitin rlire, icd tilt rcmitin lrapvrUat III* Ml rall?t>? kr D>. Jabnavn, witotMtd kj lk? liMiun *f th? ff*n lid c'ii> Hnui,>Kltu ft j v&.ck k?r? ???aj?d i|di ud iftli kiini UifiUU,kt> ; Itjii k'l lUrdriif t> a f?atlmaa*f UtIUtll III iinM , MiUt, U a i?a?l?at [urutii U tk* aaiMtd. >aa ?-ly I |OY KOK 1 11o ail. A A.Mil ju 11 J LET ALL WHO A KB AklLlCTED READ! ATP-LT THZ REMEDY REJOICE HEALTH. Friend, do 701 kutfor.' Aro roa the notun of an? of thoae numerous ailmenU which ante irom im Mrity of the bloo-i.' What are ther, do tou uk t Rusher wk, wMt are they not? TLo blood i? the eouroo of life an-! health, and it is the first of oar boiac to resroiwi to any cause whioh nJTects the ?yi^emLvi the pulae i y atV*ta The ever rroTiuiiic neura.;ia, me irritating Erysipelas, the nbtle Sorofula, tao afumsuig itbeumatiam, Ner vosa Debility, Dyspepeis, Liver Complaint with its toreor and ueivitipD, anrt the nnmberiesa ill* that flenh ia heir to. d?nre their hideois origic from the blopd. LtoAi kiudiy the* and gently wim the blood. U#<? the vitalising rcourcei of ijitare for iU aid. aoO rruUrr ua to ooirunecd to yoor oonfidenoe and sse that trn!y vairtftMa medicvncnt ksovn aa MKS.M. COX'S INDIAN TFtift'TAIiLB DECOCTION. With retard to tins aim^st infallible iMoiftt popular sentiment has spoken in deoided terms and the evi Jen<v? of thia great eficacy are atta ined by oonat'.r.t avows of curative effects and ? happiest reau'ls from its use are after ail othei remedies and t)ie beet medical skill haw failed. Let as say,in oocelasion, th%t oertiioates enres are not aought from the illiterate and raver Octal, but thoy are volunteered from the moat r^ a pea table aonroea and juatify the higheet terms IE wkioh it ia possible to oommend so valuable a apeoinn to public approval. We may add alao that the curative proper ties of the medioine are equalled only by Us reatorntive effects, the avatem reoover Ids from disease with rsnewod constitutional vigor. For aaie i>y all roapeotable JJruggiais 10 thia : oii?,?r,n r>y mo proprietor, MK8. M. COJ, Sous genfU"? unlets her ntu( ii blown on the bo*tio and her se* on the oofk i~7* i'rto* 01 per bottle, six bottles for tfc W\olt Af'nt. R. *. T. CI88EL, Druggist Brorgetowc, D O.. Wholesale Agent for the Dis trict, and will scpnly the trade at ray prioes. an l#-tr DR. J. BOVEE DOD'8 IMPERIAL WIVE BITTERS, A re now being uod from Maine to the Great Ball I*kr>, anl the nniTeTtal verdlot of all who uc LVra 6tU:(r ai a m4Mm or as a bt**reut, la thai ! ihiy aro luv^ikKd in the worid. Dr. Dods used i thrm i"ipce*?TC!'-" la h:a practice for Si years before ; wo pnrcr*r-4 rf tiw tie eo!e rirbt to manufacture aal prrsrat r *a!s to tae public, For the cure of Jr^isler.'. < Viurtotor, Indigestion, Vf peasiv fiis?. *r?, i-emale Com I fliints, an & ail c&aiKf enuring ? t<??.?a, they ue be i roud dosbt a ravst icv^IuMs reme-iy. inside fion their medioiua' ?o05 are a pure, whole I acme cad de iglttto lievrvigi*, producing all thr p^eaaaiit *7_hi;er?>:r.? e?f-o j of Branny or Wins without the:r injirioej resRlic- Let all friends of ouir.antty ac-i ai! uvcsaUa of >mvranoe assls as in rubsumlnc tneso TalaaV.a Vegetable Bitters for the 1uuw and Liquor 1 SUh which the oomntry u flooded, and thereby ef ctua.iy aid in bauiaJunc Disease and Drsukeneaa "'""CHARLES WIJDDIFIELD * CO-^ Pr*?rietor?, T? William streets Nov Y?rli T. SCnWARZE. Aieut, Wuhlnxton, D. C. .jre, TS i J. SCnWARZE.Ai Wm DH. J. BOVEE POPS' imperial oin bitters. inrAAijti^ i/iif Dii/xiAoi f'or Uimhm of the Kidney Bladderand Umiary )r(ui, and especially for Female ObitmotloDi never fail to core, and are warranted to five mi ^haUles WIPPIFIELP a CO.. P,wMt.M >?7 lyj A|ept, WaahirittoD. P/0. ftEEMU & SIHPSOH'J B 0l^? * 1 1FAHILY RYEIFAMIIY HVrl The above rlf r Momma >ve P (J R B W H18KY, Corpbb Dmt TELL*t -nrfbnn preferred p&rtioa Lhe i Tim* I*yiM*ntoT mdli*m*JuU ?b?flkiIT Water of Philadelphia. ueed 1b riuiftuoipnimi . J*$t Whitky, is >roTed\>T aoalr eoftfet and yoreat irater la tbe United toreaieby FKEK.MAN4 81!rf(^ON, 0fl. O nUseSofcny Ikilj rlrarfPnlfadefJJla w^l trajjL Nev York ; 10#^itfc Front ?tr*et. Philadelphia. m?r *?-! another fresh supply op good A BOOKS. J net room red by _ VRKrfCH k. richbtein, 278 Pkiiw. washinotoh, I if# i?? the Old World, by Prednk* Bremer; S ol? , Umo.o'oth; price ?2 50. One of Them, by charlee Lever, m*r SO tnti. Meeeagefroin the Soft, by Chftrlee Dlokene, peper, 30oenU The Amerloaa Qneetion, U**?o , o oth : price 00 oontsi by mail free on reoeipt of prioe. Uetn dla o>>nnt u oar etore for each. fe II CMYK hundred traveling tr0nkb f *rriT?d thie day, embraojn* all ?aali-?W ties and usee of Sole Leather, Lwiti BNV Dreee tad Paokin* Trnnic#. Our tru.-k^"?"" Mtee room exhibit* at thie time the netUii variety of traveling reenieitM. at moderate pricM, to be PUBLIC ADVER' t B L I C N Dir OTICE. Inniot,i PnWIo notice if hereby (1t?b that boode ooapona annexed, of th* deeeriftion Mt forth, hare lately bm felonioaety from the onetod j of the Interior i bota< the noeecti of the United Btatea held la trust for oertaia ladiaa tribee. 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