Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVEMtSG STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THCRIIDVV Mtrck T, I??l. Spirit of the Fleming Fr*?? The Inttiltg nft conaldera the inaugural ad drfM u being rmlnrntly peaceful and concilia *ory, ua ar^ott inn ?ne rn*i?tm p?? y? ?? pursue a policy which shall promote the prosper- ( Ity and preserve the pemce of the country. The RirvWican, in an article on the concur- I renre of the Cabinet with the President on the ! present political issues, says : "Got Seward, who Is conspicuously paraded ( aa'c<mj*rr/ttip<,Manot the man to bars accepted the t'remiersnip if he did not concur in the in- , augural; nor is there any shadow of ground for th? belief that Gov Chase, who Is conspicuously paraded aa radical,' goes farther, or desires to 1 go farther, than the President has gone." A Lxvib To-xoiiow Evsxixa.?We are re quested to announce that there will be a public reception at the Executive Manaion to-morrow (Friday) evening, during the usual hoars?from Vlgut to MSU U ClWft. Ths Hot. Johs Sbskx*.!*.?The Ripubliean, la view or the Star't declaration of yesterday, that the appointment of thla gentleman to a Cabinet position would have gone far towards correcting the Impression in the border States tbat it la the purpose of the new Administration to aggreaa southern rights, so Industriously sought to be made, asks is?"What of the Helper book now ?" ?the Star having earnestly urged the impropriety of his election to the Speakership because his nsme wss found among the endorsers of the con tents of that volume. We have to answer that though we regard the Helper book, and those who stand on the llelper book platform as being quite as Inimical to the peace of the country, and, therefore as reprehen aible. as aver before, we are happy to bare It la oar power to a?y that Mr. Sherman la not now of that class The Republican wlli recollect that though decllalng to make any explanation rela tive to the appearance of hla name on the Helper book liat, when to do so would look aa though it were done to secure hia election, he subsequently emphatically denied that he endorsed the truth of its justly offensive statement* or approved Ita ultra-abolition views : which denial relieved him, In the minds of all fair men of the South, from the cenaure In that connection which all of them prevloualy thought be merited. We have further to remind the Republican, that throughout the late memorable Congreaaional contest Mr. Sherman was the earnest advocate of the adoption of measures designed to aaaura and aatlsfy the South that no aggression whatever Is intended by the administration of Lincoln upon their conatitutlonal rights; and that to his influ ence and exerliona, perhaps more than to those of *ny other member of the Inst Congress, the South are reany inaeDira iop me enactment 01 me vor win proposition embracing the proposed guaran tee through a change of the Const!tutlen, that the General Government can never hereafter eiaay In terference with slavery In the States. Under these circumstances, we repeat our opinion Intimated yesterday, that the border States have every reason to confide in his sound patriotism and conserv atism, and would be likely to regard his appoint, raent to a high administrative office, as evidence that the new government proposes to place the atfhirs of the county in hands that will not wield them to compass unconstitutional and repreben. ible sectional ends Si*atob Douglas deserves the thanks of all T'nlon men for his powerful defence, in the course of yesterday's Senatorial debate, of the integrity of the Government of the United State*. Tie made it plain indeed that the President has before him but a single path of daty, to main tain lt{ and that he proposes so to do In the proper aplrlt, and not as the dlsunlonista seek to have I tie South believe, by aggresaion on the South We are glad that Mr. Douglas haa thua early taken oecaaion to caat party behind him, in legis lating upon the exigencies of the country in tlmea like the preaent. It la the plain duty of all who would be patriots instead of playing the roU of partlzana, to fellow hit example. The new Ad ministration need* the encouragement of all Union men in their work of aaving the border State* and aubaequently bringing back the aeceded Stateaby the policy of equal juatice and respect for the riehta of all alike, on which it haa started out according to the terms of the Inaugural, aa that la understood not only by Mr. Douglaa, but by every other Union man here. Those only deny the true meaning of the Inaugural, who desire the permanent diamemberment of the Govern ment The wish with them is father to the thought The admirable apeech of Mr. Douglas will do its share In defeating the ultimate success of the disunionlsta In the border States, which bow hinges alone upon the poaaibllity that they may be able to deceive the people of thoae States with reference to the purposes of the new Gov ernment here. Mr. Wlgfhil It to attempt reply to Mr Doug las to-day. The Vacast Scpabmi Cocrt Jcdoi?h'p ? At lit. m. to-day we have not been able to ascer tain whether Mr. J. J Crittenden ia positively to be nominated to tbla position or not. We feel ery sure that it is heartily desired by the admin istration to nominate him, and that (he question In the way is, simply, whether, with the votea of all the southern dlsanionlsts per ?? agal nat con firming the nomination, it can be confirmed. If the republican Senators will sustain the nomina tion with unanimity, the chances are ten to one that It will be made As a stroke of policy, the appointment of Mr. Crittenden to the Supreme Bench at thla time will be most fortunate for the futare peace of the country; as it could hardly foil to disarm the dls nnionista in the Virginia Convention lnstantiy, so far ss stripping them of power to work future mischief in the border States is concerned. It would be ? practical?tangible?explanation of the purpose of the new administration not to ag gress the South, which every southern man would lsstanthr eomDrrhmH -? ?v dlsanloatats longer to deceive them on that really now mod Important point Tas Vacabt Bbioadibb Gbnbkalship.?The contest for tbe brigadier generalabip made vacant by the eipuiilon of tbe traitor, Twljrga, from tbe Army of tbe L'aited Statea, we feel aasured, la arrowed down between Col. Sumner and Major Anderson. Neither of tbeae gentlemen have ap plied for tbe position, though both are being urged for it bv their respective frleoda. Gentlemen of tbe Army hero certainly prefer the aelection of Col. Saanner, bscauae, to appoint htm would not oaly be la atrlct accordance with the order of promotloa uaual la the aervice, but alao becauaa o other officer In the aervice la more generally respected aad beloved by his profsaaional bretb re a; who, It will be remembered, are proverbially jealoos of the maintenance of the routine of pro motion. Major Anderson la bet ng urged by Ken. lackiaas principally, on the ground of bis eml nent services In command of Charleston harbor, which justly entitle him not only to tb? regard of the bead of the Government, but to that of arary American true to bla country In these tlmea ?f ao prevalent Infidelity to H. The nomination bids fair to be Bade to-day, we apprehend Thb Posrscairr ?After working off a few thooaaada of yesterday's edition of the Star, we atopped the preaa to announce the nomination and confirmation of Mr P. W. Seward (Secretary fiswsrd's aon) to be Aaalatant Secretary of State; that Mr Chate bad accepted the Treasury Depart ment portfolio aad entered on the discharge of Its duttea; aad that Meaara N B. J odd aad Cbnstman, both of Chicago, had been nominated, the first to the Berlin (Prussiaa) mission, and the second as Its Secretary. Jrwi CmrsiLL. of the Supreme Court, a citl sea of Alsbama, baa resigned It Is due to that distinguished and patriotic gentlemau that we aboold mention the fact, that, here, he la wall known to b?M staunch a friend of the L'nioo a 11 y otber man la tbe land StciiTiii CaMKbon will not iMuine r barge of the War L>epartm?at'e atalra until liouday next, ?i?al(aliig in ibe mean time to pay a abort vlelt to Peanaylraala. Secretary Holt will therefore re main la the War Department for tfae balance of tbla week ' COKGREMIOIIAL. 9i*ati.?When our reportcloaed yeeterday.Mr. [)ougias waa addressing the Senate on the Inau gural address He wan confident that the President's policy wild be peaceful and not aggressive. He would lo no act that would lead to a collision, but would ilways modify his course with the view of a peaceful solution. The I nloncould not be saved t>y blood, and Mr. Lincoln had already marked >ut a course which would be peaceful In every Mr. Clingman considered the Inaugural as in dicating a war policy, and did not view it in tbe light of the Senator from Illinois. He was fear ful of a collision, and felt the moat gloomy ap prehensions with regard to the future prospect. Mr Dixon moved to go into Executive session. Mr. Wigfall hoped tbey would not He bad considerable to say on the subject, and as he did not know bow long he should remain, he felt anxioos to speak as soon as poaslble The yeas and nays being ordered, the Senate Kreed to go into Executive session, and after me time spent therein the doors were opened, and the Senate adjourned. Thcrsdat, March 7. S*xat?.?Mr. Xesmtth offered a resolution in structing the Secretary of War to communicate to the Senate auch correspondence aa is on tbe flies of bis department, relative to tbe transporta tion of troops over tbe overland route to the Pacific coast; agreed to. Mr Wade presented to the Senate the resigna tion of Salmon P. Chase, United States Senator from Obio. Tbe Senate tben took up the resolution offered h? Mr nivAn r?<fppH * u orHprl n tr tn h# nrl nfpH for tbe use oi th? Senate the usual number of copies of tbe Inaugural address. Mr Wigfa'.l sala that tbe forta and public prop erty now held by tbe acceding States could not be beld much longer Tbe position taken by tbe President would not allow this, and tbe struggle was drawing very near. He argued tbat tbe Federal Government was not binding upon States, and justified tbe course of tbe Gulf States Tbe Government was dead; and tbe only question tbat remains was, Sball It be civilly burled, In Protestant style, or witb an Irisb wake for a funeral? He did not believe tbey could And a man who would dare to go into tbe ports of tbe seceding States as a collector of revenue. Mr. Lincoln bad either to remove Maj. Anderson immediately or else he must reinforce blm. If be did not re move blm, the Confederate States would. Cool ! Coolie !! Coolest !!!?Tbe Baltimore Sun thus essays to deceive Its readers as to tbe true character of Secretary Holt's late crushing cifvaure 01 me menaaciiy 01 ex-secreiary i nomp son's betrayal of bis trust as a Cabinet officer of this Government, In procuring the Star of the West to be fired Into In Charleston harbor: " Mr. Holt publishes a letter which exonerates ex-Secretary Thompson from the charge of having betrayed Cabinet secrets " How lost to all sense of shame the Sum hes be come since turning traitor to the cause of Its conn try, Is aptly exempli tied Indeed, in its publication of this so utterly untrue paragraph, Instead of spreading the letter in question before its readers. A Mischievous Canabd?The Charleston (S C ) papers have been tickling the ears of their readers with the allegation that Major Anderson and Lieut Talbot would resign their commis sions on the 4th of March. We are autborixed by the relatives of Lieut. Talbot to say that, so far as he is concerned, there is not the least shadow of truth In the statement, but that he will remain true tn the Government aa long as be baa breatb. Tbe statement with regard to Major Anderaon Is, of coarse, equally untrue. Tbe wish waa doubt less father to tbe thought with tbe Charleston folks A Silly Story, attributing to the Government the purpose of aeizing and punishing, on their ar rival here, the three gentlemen who are expected in a few days to claim to be recognized officially as joint ambaasadora from tbe so-called Southern Confederacy, as being Individually responsible for the seizure of the forts and robbery of the mint and other property of the Government, that have occurred at the South, has been started by some of the disunion conspirators here, for effect in the border States. Of course there is no truth what ever in it. mi. joh.i s. iNicoLAT, or 111 , tiu been ap pointed Private Secretary to the President, and Mr. J. M. Hay, of 111 , the President's Assistant Secretary. No Noxi* Made This Motmx* ? Up to 2pm to-day, the President bad made no noml natlona to the Senate. We are Indebted to Taylor & Maury for the February number cf Blackwood's Magazine, containing aome capital reading. A Mkrtiso or thkCabimbt?A Cabinet meet ing convened at 1'JX p in., to-day. Personal. Grial positively retires from the stage In April next. "Mr. Gurney has obtained a decree of di vorce from his wif*. John Forsyth and lad v. of Ala . South* Commiaslon; Hon* E P. Cowlea and Philip Dorabtimer. of N. Y., are at tbe National. Robert T. Lincoln, the President's eldest son, passed through New York city yesterday mornmg, on hia return to Harvard University. He expressed himself ?li?d to escape tbe excite ment of high life tn Washington. Mr W. H Powell, the painter of the " Discovery of the Missitslppi," which attracted ao much attention abroad, and la now in tbe Cap itol at Washington, baa been commissioned by tbe State of Ohio to paint the "Battle of Erie," for the State House at Columbus, and has just finished the cartoon for his picture. It la very large, being Intended to fill a panel in the rotunda of the building. Tbe moment selected by tbe artist la that when Perry was transferring his flag from the disabled "Lawrence" to the "Niagara " THT " He remembered the Forgotten," waa beautifully said of Howard the Philanthropist. It also applies to every man who brings the amelioration, comforts and enjoyments of life within tbe reach of persons and rlaasta who are otherwise deprived of th^lr tdMnt>o<. c? pec tally may it be Mid of htm who laboriously seeks and find* new means of preserving health, "the poor man's capital and the rich man'i power.'' We think this eulogium properly ap plied to J C Ayer of Lowell, the renowned chemist of New England, who, spurning the trodden patha to fame, devote* his entire abilities and acquirements to the discovery of Nature's most effectual remedies for disease. When the hidden blessing hss been revealed, he proceeds to supply it to all mankind alike, through our drug gists, at such low priccs that poor and rich may alike enjoy its benefits.~ Journal and Enquinr, Portland, Maine. Shoes rot the focTH ?The Boston Shoe and Leather Reporter says that' In consequence of the law enncted by the Southern Confederacy for the collection of duties upon all good* Imported from 'foreign countries,' which, being Interpreted, means the Northern States, the Southern shoe buy ers bave been very anxious that all orders pre *- - uun uu ur ueiore xue litli Instant, and the gooda shipped, If possible I a some iostancts the buyers have tern so anxious tbat they have directed, tf their order* could not be filled In sea ton, tbat the bills thereof should be mad* out and forwarded instead. The tariff on shoes, we be lieve, under their laws, Is about twenty-four per cent , and, of course, the saving in the aggregate will be very large " Mortar*, Shot and Shell ?The Richmond freight train brought over yesterday another and ati 11 larger lot of these deadly agents, manufac tured In Richmond for the Palmetto dtate The raiaaiks were as followa: 2 mortars, weighing 11.3*10 pounda; 305 mortar ahella, 32,493 pounds; '216 Columhtada. 10,t(U) pounda; and 1.065 ahot, 9,7*20 pounda, the aggregate of which auma up to 64.543 pounda of death dealing inatrumenta of war, which the Palmetto boya bave determined tbat, for every pound of iron shot, to getone pound of flesh in return.-?-P?ttr>bitTg Intilltgencer, 5tk. DiaTtaouiaiBD Arrival ? Brigadier-General rtwr m. t. Keauregard, of Louisiana, appointed by the President of the Confederate State* of Aint-rica to take command of tbe troop* in our harbor, arrived in Charleston yesterday morning, and took room*, for the present, at tbe Charleston Hotel. By reference to tbe General Orders of the Secretary of War, in another column, It will b? seen that Gen. Beauregard takes command Im mediately We learn that he will this morning makes preliminary Inspection of all the harbor defences?Charleston Mercury. Not fo ?Tbe Pensacola Gazette of the S8tb ult , states that tbe reported duel between Mr. Hart, editor of the Tallahassee (Florida) Sentinel, and Mr Coleman, In which both were said to have l?-en killed, proves to be a no-rack thing. No affair of tbe kind took place. Rblsasb or oxb or tki 8112*0 at Savannah ?Tbe bark Adjuster, Captain Knell, on.-of the vteaels lately seised at Savsnnah by MiIm of UoveriH*r Itrown, was released from ens tody uu Saturday C7" Patrick Uillee, a laboring maa or the nil road between tbla city and Baltimore, waa hur ried beneath a nan of earth which he ^ea un dermining HI. left thigh wee fractured, and hla Doay severely cm ua oruiflM. mCFARTWIK*T !?RWI. Afpoirtid ?Mr Walton J. Smith, of Indiana, h&a been appointed to a (vacant) fourtW.l3sa (SI,0UO per annum) clerkship in the interior Department Also, Mr. A. W. Fletcher, of tbU city, to a third-claw (S1.600 per annum) clerkabip (alto vacant) in tbe une Department. Natal Opfickks Bbsiohkd ?Paaaed Aaaiitant Surgeon Wm. F Carrifgton, of Va ; Lieut. M. ai?... .ra r i?n .m.uuH llit't mil Cliuuiia, vi 0 v.^wii r ? *? uiuvuii' man W. B Hall, of Ga , all of t'ae U. 8. Navy, have resigned. Appoiht*d ? Mr. John A. Jonea, of Taxvrell countv, Illinola. has been appointed to a State De p*rtai?-nt clerkship, (salary 62,000 per annum,) ice McLaughlin, removed. R kiigmi) ?Mr. Edward M. Tldball, of Va.,a second class clerk (11,Kl) per annum) In tbe Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography, Navy Department, resignad yesterday. Kcvovkd ?Mr. H C. McLaughlin, (salary *2,000 per annum,) a clerk in the 9tat? Depart ment, was this morning removed. Departure or Ms. Bcchasaji fro* Balti wmi ? VMt#rdxv mnrn!na Mr Riirhantn Uf! Baltimore In a special tran for b!? residence at Wheatland, near Lancaster, Pa The party waa escorted to the railway station by four companies of tbe Baltimore City Guard, of the flrat light in fantry, under the command of Lt. Col Warner, and the Volandt band. Following tbeeacort was a train of carriages containing the committee of reception and other friend* of the retired Presi dent. Tbe escort and company occupied four large passenger cars. A committee from York, Pa., consisting of Messrs Henry Welsh, Dr A Small, Peter Mclntvre, Philip Smyxer, and Maj. Jacob Emmitt, were also In (he party. On the arrlTal of tbe train at York, a salute of 34 guns was fired, and the York Rifles and Worth Infan try, with their bands of music, together with the general commltee of arrangements and citizens, ioined in the escort. 1H-Old copper cents, to the value of ?54.000, hive been delivered at the U.S. Mint at Phila delphia, during three months ending the 20th. Y"g?ATTENT10N. FEDERAL KIFLKS. JJ< You are hereby requested to moot at your armor* FRIDAY,th?8th ins ant, for the transac tion of important business By order of the Company. _lf J/ H. DUBANT, Captain (Y^F* YOUNG MFN'R CHRISTIAN ASSOCI :JL3 ATH'N ? Hall Ptnna. menttt, orpo'it* Brown'.* Hotel ?I'non Pray?r Meeting every day th's week, at tn 5H o'olock p. m inaM 6t* 'I SAY, STRANGER, WHERE ARK sr. _ you going ? 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Tbe Albany (N Y ) ^tatrsroan, tbe organ of the radical republican*, regarda tbe Inaugural a* in dicative of the d> termination to enforce tbelawa It savs that Mr Lincoln affirma hladevutlon to all tbe tenets of tbat platfcrm of principles upon whtcb be aecnrrd tbe votea of tbe people la doing ao be aolemnly declare* tbehonesty and tt# patriotism of bis nartv. and dlaavows all sympa thy and concert of action with tbat class of poli ticians who make principlea sobeerYient to per sonal needs, and who stand ready to Ignore party professions of fundamental principles for tempo rary results. TW? n 1? - ? -? * uc uuuuu courier iarmocnucj oat a quite . approbatory article in reference to tbe inaugural, ' and thinks it ought to be satisfactory to the border States Tbe republican paper* ot Buffalo arc pleased witb it. Tbe Chicago Democrat (Wentwortb's paper) , experiences a feeling of delicacy in giving its tews in regard to tbe inaugural, but as It neither wishes nor experts anything at tLe bands of Mr. j Lincoln, it csn give tbe document its unqualified admiration. j TbeCblcago Past (neutral) regards it asa highly < respectable paper. It infers, from the general < tone of tbe address, tbst bis Administration will i not prevent a speedy ai.d honorable adjustment of tbe present national troubles. Tbe Chicago Tl mes (dem ) says that the general purport of the message forces toe conclusion that Mr. Lincoln h!>s resolved to force bis doctrine

upon the country at tbe point of the bayonet. Tbe article concludes by savins that "Our own conviction is that tbe Union Is lost beyond hope. If tbe message be carried out In good frith, there muat be civil war within thirty days, or tbe nnth?rn n-nrvU J ? ? .?v... p ? ?ir a ?c? vi a11aui uraj;^flri? cnu cowards. The only hope left Is, that Mr. Lincoln will not do at be says." The Detroit Free Press (dem ) fear* from the temper of the Inaugural, and the construction of the Cabinet, we shall have the secession of the border States and war, while the seceded States will receive it as a declaration of war and pre pare for war. The Wilmington (N. C.) Herald Bars: " There is no mitigation of Lincoln's fanaticism In this inaugural address, and, painful as it may be to the American people, they might as well open their eyes to the solemn fact that war is inevita ble." The Wilmington (N. R.) Journal, In some comments, remarks: "Not recognizing In any way the right of any State to secede, he (Mr. Lincoln) regards none as having seceded, and says that be considers It his duty to execute the laws throughout all, hold and possess the property, and collect all the duties. The result to which this course, If adhered to and carried out, mM.u lead, Is too pliln to admit of any shadow of doubt. SHU Mr. Lincoln says there need be no blood shed?if th? aiiKmlt ????? _ .www wmavww ?u wiui*) ??C BU ppVIMCf for we fear bit remark* must be untrue on any otber hypothesis " The New York Journal of Commerce (dem.) says: "We apprehend that the President, before he ahall have been long In office, will discover that there is an essential difference between the working out of a problem In theory and carrying tbe conclusion to which it leads Into practical effect He will discover that while the positions which he has enunciated were sound enough as expositions of Executive duty, so long as the Union remained Intact, the case Is essentially dif ferent, now that separation has tak?*n place He will tlnd, as a question of fact, that in attempting to carry out his policy, be will have to eurour.ter an organized, earnest, and determined resistince, from a lar?;e and powerful portion of the late Union, and that the question of jurisdiction, so easily disposed of in theory In the inaugural address, is in fact to be determined only by force. The case then is resolved !nt-> the simple, practi cal, and vet momentous question, will the Gov ernment of the United Statrs attempt, by force, to retake th?* forts, to collect the revenue, and to exercise jurisdiction in the territory covered by the l,Ooiifederate States'" If the replv Is in the affirmative uta a?? - J:--?* .| ? v miv vii ?uc ctc ui a U'sas.ruus, bloody. and desolating war " The Philadelphia Bulletin (semi-rep ) says In regard to Mr Lincoln'* recommendailon of a National Convention a* a m?ans of adjufctine our national difficulties: 11 This la perhaps the fairest and moat thorough method, If it were n t for the fatal delay which It lnvolvea. The evil cf Dis union la upon us now In most formidable propor tion#. It ia a fearful reality and time, even to days. Is precious, while a Convention require* months, and perhaps years. If Congr< ss h d ex tended the olive branch aa It should have done, delay would have had the salutary effect to allay excitement and passion; but this great and vital duty was left comparatively undone As It is, we fear the precious time lost In getting the ma chinery of a National Convention into operation will only prove disastrous n alienating the Oorder Slave States In connection with the project of a National Convention, Mr. Lincoln makes the re mark that the people alone have the authority'to fix lines for the separation of the States This appears to contemplate some action of the National Convention by which a civil war maybe averted, through a recognition by the people, acting in their highest sovereign capacity, of the independence of the separated States." r% a , ? - ? - - me mcomona \vhlg*ay?: " Thi* decumen1 will be found In another column. We Lave only time to say that the policy Indicated therein to ward* the receding State* will meet with the stern and unyielding real stance of a united Scuth." The Petersburg Intelligencer says of Mr. Lin coln's policy with regard to collecting tfce reve nue as set forth In his Inaugural:? ' We think it the worst policy which Mr. Lincoln could possi bly pursue. If he doesn't feel called upon to enforce the laws everywhere In the seceding State*, be had better abandon the Idea of enforc ing them at all. The best thing Mr Lincoln could have done, would have been to recommend the Immediate and unconditional acknowledg ment of the independence of the Southera Con federacy." The Lynchburg Virginian say* : The purpose enunciated by Mr. Lincoln to enforce the federal law* in the seceded, if sustained by hi* 'rightful master, the American people,' we regard as 111 judged and unfortunate, and calculated to lead to hostile results, in which the greater portion of both sections of the country may become Involved. The spirit of the address otherwise seen* to be conciliatory and peaceful, and calculated to in spire some dogree of hope " HAVE YOU SU BSCR1BED FOR TUE WEEK LY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE ?" IT 18 THE BEST DOLLAR WEBKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS 18 UNEQUAL LED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUN DRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIFES WILL SAVE TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this Weei, to he out on Fri day Momivg?price Three Cents?will be a remarkably interesting one. 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Th* Cosfimioji ot Mcbdu -Tta co?*? on of Gwh Or em, of (he murder of WllllM [lu, tot which John *tepbeM. allaa Crphoa, niexecuted on the Tth day of April taet, dm ro tewed the doubt In th? pibltc mind which pre railed a* to the guilt of the condemned men >efore he waa hone The man Oram la said by heae who knew him to have been ?f rrrj tem >erate habits before the execution of Cypbua. bat ifter that time he became diaaolute, and rarely rent into the street after night Among theee srith whom he associated he exhibited a strong Ifanlnn --.J - v? . .r refuted to jro to bed It It Mid to be a remark- I ible fact that Vfore the homicide of King be wu in the habit cf wearing hi* hMr plaited, which wras one of the principal point* of ident'.ftratlon on the trial of Cvphua After King was killed Dretn visited hi* houae, but no auapicion rented gainst him, and tnough requested to perforin tome little s-rrlce in the preparation* for the funeral, declined on the gronna tb*1 be waa not well, and left the place soon after On the follow ing morning )>e met one of hla companions,Cbae Anderson, drayman for .Mr. ODonoran, and itatrd to him that King bad been cut and killed on the night before, and that John Crphua bad done it. At the time Cyphua lived In the vicinity of the corner of North and Bath street*, sad while in nrlion *t*t< A thit it lb* tim* of ttw homlrld* be was lying asleep on a cellar door, near bla home He waa awakened by a policeman and went to bU b me. Tbe policeman who waa on that bent at tbe time, conBrmed the atatfnent aa to having driven a man from a cellar door, but could not Identify Cyphna aa tbe party Cypbua persisted to the laat In tbe declaration , of bit Innocence, and a few minute* before bla execution, when tbe attendant ministers were at pray era. and be w.ia aummoued to prepare for tbe , terrlb> ordeal through which b? waa ao aoon to it*, in reply tn a question from Re* Mr HotT. e tstd: "I will die an Innocent man, tbank God for that!" In h!a last prayer he commended bla children to the u reat Protector of all, and expreaaed bla willingness to die For several daya after the execution, Orem waa 111, and aa aoon i? he began to recover drank to fTPMI n CT hit 1 a at (IIumb Kaaa*?r*l tlmM exhibited great trepidation, aod when *? ked by tboae wbo attended him what was the matter, re plied that a man whom he feared atood bv hit bedside (n making uls cnnfeaalon. be said U appeared that King had atood bv h'a bed. for be aaw him ; ? plainly aa in life While moking bia confession. which was about an hour before hl? death, he said King wu preacnt to bear wltneaa to the truth of what be said. The woman Topar. who waa With the murderer when he committed the act, resided in the same neighborhood with t'Vpbua, but, it ia said, knew nothing of Orein. The developments thin far made Implicate no other party, though Lieut Maioney naa mad* every eii'ort to ferret out the matter All of those who were present corroborate the statement of the confession of Orem Bait. Sun The Wiathkk.?The following rertort of tbe weather for the morning la made from the Amer ican Conaolldat^d Telegraph L'.ne to the Smith aonian Initiation. The time of obaerration ' about 7 o'clock Maxch 7, 1961. Burlington, Vt clear, 5- below. N?-w ?o;*. N. V clear, cold. Philadelphia, Pa clear, cold Washington, D. C cle*r, wind NXW Richmond, V8 clear, 43-. PeterBburg, V? clear, 33% wind 9 Raleigh, N. C clear, 4'2 Wilmington, N.C clear, pleaa&nt. Auguata, G*. clrar, cool. Savannan, Gr clear, 45?, wind NIV Mncon, Ga clear. Columbia, Ga clear, pleaaant. Montgomery, AJa. cl?ar,cold. Jarkcon, Ala clear, coid. Mobile, Ala clear, 503. New Orleans,La clear, 48*, wind W raoM tbi wni. Frederick, Md clear, cold. Cumberland, Md clear, cold. Ptttaburg, Pa clear, 17J. Grafton, Va.. clear, pleaaant. Wheeling, Va. Harmer. O Cincinnati, O.. Cleveland, O... ciear, calm. clear, pleasant. clear, cold overcast, 173, wind NE ? St. Louis, Mo clear, 383, wind NE Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a m. (cor rected for temperature,) 30,967; at noon, 30.392 Thermometer at 7 a. m , 2''; at noon, 29? Maximum during 44 hoars, ending V a. m. to day, 45'; minimum 26)$*. Ambnitiis or Wai ?The following Incident of the late capitulation of the Federal forcas In Texaa is recorded in the Alamo Expreas:? A large concourse of citizens had collected to bid tbe troops of war good-bye and when the two companies, under tbe command of Major Smith and Capt King, marched out with colors flying and band nlavIn? the national airs, and tbe old bullet-riddled and war-stained branner of the 8th regiment floating in the breeze, there was a moat profound sensitlon among tbe people?strong men wept. We bare never seen so much feeling evinced on any occasion The peoule cheered tbe troop* all along the atreeta, and maay fol lowed them to the head of the San Pedro, where they encamped." Camdkn axi> Amsot Ahead ?The tattle of the locomotive* he* been renewed with redoubled energy In tte New Jeraey legislature.?all the little road* und> r the bla "New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Co /'Joining In combination against the nnmrroth "Camden and Amboy,"? bat Camden and Amboy, as usual, turns up win ner. In a test vote taken on Tuesday. Camden get 31 votes; Transportation 31 So the Camden Joe motive starts oft afresh with a clean majority of 10. The Crops iw Texas?Tt-xaa papers of tbe latest dat* report the wheat crop, throughout the Slate as unusually promising, and an early ard abunrfpn' harvest is fX^ected Some of the jour nals, w ith this prosped before them. are making liiifct of the Republican predictions here, that i?rvauou inuii po car,a in nana witb secession (n^Cotten'* Hotel. West Point, wag destroyed by tbe carelessness of a tin-man who bad been rrpalrinj? tbe roof, and wb?n he went to dinner Ml a furnace full of lire c >*ls exp"a*d to tbe ac tion of tbe wind. Result, a net lose of HOO.UOO. The Cadets c&me gallantly to tbe rescue with a tire engine, but in vain j^ALE HORSES JUST ARRIVED. horsksTor sale At robert J. RA NFY r* StabI'S, Eighth at., het*rf"en 1> at.d E. Several food ani far.oy liv divinjc Hots'-*, ei tier un cle, doable, l .r t>nd?-the ?mld!e. One good Jersey team One fast-trothni Horse. beau ifnl in sty. and ao ist. Qa*lni'MM Home, suitable lor farming or fanulr carriage. All person* in w^nt of good ana f'ncy stock of Horses will p easeoallat ins S?a blas. mar J-5.* B I'GGlEfe! BUGGIES;; BUGGIES in I have op nand and constantly putting op firtt ola-e butties, which will be void to suit the tine*. AI'O. aevera> eoud Se-nnd-hantl Buctiea. mar 11w? ROB'T 11. GRAHAM Jth et. YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will aurelgr ret jour money'e worth by aatiing at tn? PIONKER MILLS, iiwMmfi ear Her e>f frvntk ftrtet and Comal, (UEO FAOK, Accnt ) Tiiey ?-?I c;.e*p;r an>l ci ve Kett*r measure than anr other* in the city?cut. split, and deliv ercl fiee of charge. If im don't hel<ere it. (ire the Pioneer Mi.I? atrial, and Ire satisfied. ja 17-ly.r /Av The old eitbbirh'd I'ArtN UP- /Q\ A A^'CB, former, y on l'enr. avenue JL A Q Obetween 3J ?"d ?K ito., haalatel)(# Q b-en removed to 331 C at., between ?H aud til U.. back of the National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTJCE!! NOTICE!!! ftlO.OOO to i>* loaned in ?it.all iuiim oa bold and Silver A atohea Jewelry, and all otfcor arUelee of value. Rufice'i triotly and confidential ;y don*. Don't foriet to oall at No. 331 C at., between and 6th ata. fe?7-Stn 1. HKRZBEKO. I|>HK ttORlltK MTATR* I'MBia ? - ? ? m - ? ?!** vn C>K I and doty in the preeent disorder**! *oaditioa of the oountry; bf the Hon. John P. Kennedy. Irioo lOoents; Mnt by mail fo'lteents to any m rees. BLANCHARD ft.-M OH UN, ft* 9 p?r H v kv. ud Eleventh it. OFFICERS. PETTY OF FICER8, AND Pea men who vers on board ol My U. 8. ships at Bie capture of any slaver oaa have their olains for unr.ty and Head Money promptly attended to by applying to or addressing C. P. WAKLACH, Washington. I>. C. )>IWf rkONT BE DECEIVED. BUT COMK TO &LOM'SS: nth et. te t ?w W) " NOTICE. I ERSONS Wishing Faraitur* *ad Heavy Arti R,m3"i?*?tEPHli'Ss6hr5.'^1'*' ~ At Railkoad Depot, Fiud Good Wagons and Caieful Drivers. mar1 lm * IMPORTANT NOT!CP- TO ????? J. VISITING WASBfNGTOfSr1' A Vino of the National Capitol Will u Piuutis im'.srslr; ^sisreSJii. tekrvir^\rsr:iite Kirkwood How, Wftahinrtoa, p. c. mar 1 r wood and COAL Constantly ub hand iivn m? rtmnt of tko r*ry boat??ftWy of KRD ftftd w H/TE ASH coal of in una. which will daliw tow; port of Ui* cin tl the aborteat ootioo and at mat ^''SffclKC^S^v5^1 fiWtw<555 ? 1 NOTICE. AN Vuw of Um iaiorttMi of < <l*i ft aottlamant or th? 1UU1M or"**"?r? on? ind?bt ?Ro?e m' to thia AUCTION SALES. Bt J. C. MoGUIBK * CO.. AwimnMr*. TIN WARK. TIN WARK AT AUCTION - 1 OnH?-irRHAY MOKMNfr. Itran Mh. ii Inwt of tb? A??tiM Roohm.w* wIImI a vi? lot of "l?r Tin War*, sach M? Tin Pi* Plate*. I >y?t*r ^coi.epr. 1 a??<1 litre* Tin r*'*, W?l*r Bur k*<*. lutM i, 9* all and i?rg* H'uk H vl*. Til Cm pi, ko.. Ao. 'I c ma ouk. Mt? po?ri?* m\7 4 J C.MoOCI*^ A Co., A Kit* p t u n Tir- ' ?? i ' ^ ^ v* ? "vi *< A'a. 336 eonwr Tl? Mi t) nr*?t$ EXTF.N9IVB9AI.K** Hormoi ?> ?rbKitt? kii frimicu.Ch Wub.Ac. at Abctioh?Ob 8ATI RDAY.Um 91k maur.t v* ahal irii.ia front of car a*oro. At 1* o c ook a m ,u Bocl eot ??iort??t of itv And cond bA d Farmtur*. rigs MtkogAnr And Walnut So/ab, Hurt aui R*tit?*di And WMkitutt. C iai ?, Tablaa. W.Afdroh^* Bed Loo rj>*^ in Kxt*n*i?n Dming TAkttiad ? fit A (flTA Ai d lArge Aa?ortW?tt of CtMk?T| Tfc* B IO of Kamitara ha ouga to geaUaia# leanrii WMhir.tior, An j mu?t he aold to tAe kigh at bidder. ermaaAah. W 1! ho Aido<1 to th? Mlc? A iBrc* lot Of TB.ABble Uck*. m*7-d GREFN * WH.I.IAMS, Aaota Bt J. C. MeSriRK A CO.. Ai POVERNMKNT fALK OF Ll'M BER-On SaTURMAY AFTERNOON, March 9th. At 4 o'clock. At tie OAit front of the CApitol, w? aha.) J the lurobera?ed ii the platform And other MtryoiN for tS-a I laoga ration Ky order of tk* ComfFi??inr.M of Bunding*. Trmicui. J. C. MoGClR* A CO., nt% 7 d A acta. And Com. MerokABts. MARSHAL'S SALK.-fa nrt?? of two writ* of Cor' (m m. ia?n*<t from tk? Ciwk'l oiw of tha Circuit Coait o( lb* WilriM of CoiimtHkftr th# conttj of Waahinfton. and tomi dirootod. I wii! e*po?s to public aaicior each, it front oi* th# oovrt h potir < f >?id crontr . ?n s*ATl It PA V. tS? *> h <1** of March ina'ant, 1*1, at llo'olix k a . ik'fu tovmf d?*renhod irop?rlf,tA vit.vii: Lo'i No. Stn<:i iBJ-aua'cNo lfC7. %r*1 Lot N?. ?, in 1<?7, in tii* city of W aahlnfton. D. C., t*? * ->c i r w. t r> all t?4 liniilir tk? mprnr?m*nta thfrcon, **i?mJ and Icvi* upon a* the property of Andrew Rofhw^l'.and will h-ao:d to aatiafy indi oia'a N hi- 12fi a^J 131. to J?i.uvi term, 1881. in fa vor oi Sti lma;., Hrnriok* * Farber. aid tfMin 8. 8*t?bi. W. 8ELDEN. U. 8. Ma-aka! for ma 7 dU Dutriot of Columbia. By J. C. MoGUIRF. A CO, AictioMtn. TKC'BTEE'i* SAf.K OF HOUIRIOLDAND Kitc.iEI FcmiTrax Homn. Froaiar. \V*o?s?, Out tup Haikm*. Cow. Ac?By * virt.iA <> A ?>f trnat frmn I ihn Il-i^i!Ai?r. Jr . ; hetrinf dMron t >e l?t da* of Jan*. iUD,ftMl r? , c>rded in Lil??r J. A !*. So 177, folio 36 t ?* the a?b?crit>er vi'l aell, at pub ir aale on PRI . l?A Y, the 3th da? of 1381. at Ida late r?*t d *oo# of ?ai<1 John II hiMM, Jr.on Unorw of B at. nortn *n?i Fifth at. east? 1 3 Kookeu??, 1 S?-f*. S > ?un(M. 5 T* 1m, 3 Bh'mm,3 t_a prta.5 Be-iataada, B*<1? udB?d dmr. It Chaira. 3 pair Fea>?. 3 Clock*. 3 Look in* h ?m?? , 3S?giu? Maoblnne.2 Kettle* riok*'? u<l GIm Ware, 1 Lot Kim Uten*<l?. 3 Hor*M, 1 Cow, 2 Bu;?i^, 3 Wk<ou, 1 Can and l^t of Harnea* Te mi: All ??ma of #30 and under oaah; all Arrr under fv at Sn tiara; all ?ava owi 9Van u-??i?r 9im>at 3*an-i en d?ya; a'd all aioM 01 9KO and ?w?r at ? , ?> ani ?i daya' e-edit, *?r noma with app<-ore?l en<ior*era. bearing inter eat f om riav of aa e. fa'.-* to eairn"?oe at in o'o'oek a an. Crt \8. t* WAI,I^CH.TrnlM. f-> 26-eoA<1? J C Mo'il'lRF. Jt CO . Aucta. By J. C. MeUlHRE A. CO t Aucti'?n*?rm. VAl.UAHI.K ?iOOK< AT RUCTION.-0? FRIDAY KV-NlwG. Marc . rth, at 7 o'ol^ok, weah&li sail atth* Amotion Room*, a m ?oella neooa roHectu.a of valuable B ok*, in whioh arc emb'ao-d? Aoo net of the United State* Statute* at l.arc-. 10 vole , ?to. A I'tnf N li''? Kf|i?t(r fmir. 1H' t? IM, with tha MVjSi m of vo ?m? and ten O' pi'a of S*p yi'mtnU to ro'ume 43. containing tha Kcl lucky nnd V r*inj\ K e*oluti?n? of 117H-89. 25 r iimcufil'tlic Coa<r*?aional Glob* and dix,fro?n tneS ?h to54*h Confrea*. i?cl?i*ive, Ret of a Repo tor an Kxp oration for a Railroad fr?m th* M iaaioapn t?? ?h* Faoififl, 19 voia.,4to, Pe ry'a Japan Kxpeoiti n,3 vo a ,4to, Emory'* R pndkri Report 2 vol* , it.), A complete ?et of AVav rly Novel*. And number of Hiat <no*l and Medical Work*, Novel*. Periodical*. Ac Patent Ortioe Report*. Congreeaional Document*, &?.. ko. Te'in*ca?h. miJ J J. C M iGU'RK A CO., AaeU. By WALL A BARNARD, Anotionaera. Corner JVimlk ft. **4 foulk tide Pa ?. BAILlt F t* SALE ? Ry virtue of awrjtofdi*> train ar ainat the rnmit oh&tie'a nf Mirii* K?ll *y. in/avor of tv>nor, for rent la ar tHn, I h?T? e i?d on and w;i?d the loIlovtHf gooda and ohatt* a. trim* 1 ^tow, I Sideboard. 2 Feather 3eda 2 Counterpane*. 2 Pulowa, 1 Houe',1 <ar>>?M Li unee, Chaira 1 T%bTe. 1 Fireboardt2 Certain* 1 Mirror, 1 CI ok anu 2 f?nn?. And I l-ereh? rive otio? that on SATURDAY MoRMNG, 9th tuetant, at 10 o'e.ock. I wufa?K. at pablin auotKin, for <a?h, th? a'oreaatd goo 1a and ohatt. at the A uotion R?orn> < f WALL * BARNARD.AacU. ma 6-d JAf. Z. WILLI AM-*. Coaatable \f K RSHAL'S 8ALK.?la virtu* of a writ of l"l Sen faciaa ntuH from the Clark a OAoe of the Circo't Coert of the Diatrict of Colamfcia for theCouuty ot Washington, and to me direetod. i wiil ex??*? to pcbiie aa<e. for eaah. ia front of taa Court Moose <ioor of aaid oountT. on FRIDAY. the 731 day of Mr ch next, 1*1. commencing at if o'clock m the foilown g deeeribed property, to wit, vis: Lot No. 15. in i^ua Mo 4 . i.otNo.*. in Pqu\re 43. Lot No 6, m gena'e No. 43, Ia>1 No U. in f-q?are No f?. I ot No. 1*. in fr?u%r? No. O. ar>i i ot No 13 in fqnare No. 76, a] in tM e-lj of**on. I). C., together w.tfc a!. and emcn'ar th? improreirr-t- thereon, eei?*d and levied npon aa the proo'rty of Brook M*cUll, and will be ?ol4 t ?ati*f? judicial* No. 43. to Janaary term, HO, is favor ,,f hoae, HrotD~r k. Co. f 27 df W 9KLDEN. U.B Marshal. FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT-The spacioaa rIeg*nily fnrni*hed HvOs'K, *99,?0'iim i!ai Third ?U , hii? b e 'or a ?'abiuet oifioer.or anyone who would wiaa to U lUio. theie la ro m?re deairabl* h'-u?e or eligib e iocat o<i in V\ aalnngton. mar I St' fr*OK WALK - The BUILDING er-oUd for John t*. Rarey'a le.tur a on the ?it? of the oid Na tional Theater, K atrect near Penn. avenae. It ii IU K. ? ?r.?L. ? ? ' F?i.7.V I room*, in good ordar, vltt m l^s?a??ri?4i yard iUuk?l, oorn*r of F atraat oortii ao" " EfHs RENT?A throa ?tory hriek HOUSE. ao? HHHfiHi b?tv?*n 6 aid H. roi RENT-Tlw FfRST FLOOR of Hi* L?Blkianft &T*CB?. it II It 'OR RENT?TM in* BRICR HOUSE No. "1 Wert ?t-, Georgetown, at pr?M bu ft roo?im. "U yard, table Xe , SJ *. .itt A M M A C R 8 fMV HRST* UHANT, HU.Nt. HOS Pa. Avmci, __ "wtitofwrw. Wkw? mh b( found, the through. o<l the DtlioMiN that earth and through. o<I the Dei.n&cMs that earth and water aoa prodaoo, aod aerved bj eonka vks eon a t ho nr(au?4 in Uia ooaatrj or Fionoa. Gait eiaoa wr ? " " ? #10. Maala aerved to portiee at xlra onarge only for uom of ? ha'l at - ? A who i,ova lak a r. oma uoo ft ad at ail hoara i!iuiit and oooif rUUl* Roobu to Ihna ood Brtakfcet, aad ive their naole to oo?t to auit ih?w?'l?aa, aa o od meo) aaa (e e?t for t& eau, and from that to 10. Moala aarvad to aoruaa at UMtr oMuyaiw viu UM ???C kOHN IB till oevotry. Witt an UfMitM of fiflooa jmt*, 1 BMW ;* !( ih?t, with my sadmdwl attoaUoi to bfUIBAM. I OU pl?CM ttO MOtt flUfldlO?. Of wro kwmu. At regard* Wimi tad Li^ooaa -astr Kfegy 634 *?ZE2?&??MIom 584 {rati tuMlr o!U o . riM )??t roortvoA. . A ^oo<! uticliuf BruvaSa|MM7om^i por ^ibwm|. Old. ItoarfcoT^takr iod"*Rjo'wiiiaky, 1m m*4 Old' FTaLSy^rTp'ri yt Fort Wiim, Meierls w4 Shorr? Wiwi ptr? artioU fo. iMkMM, ^??ga5fegrer V , > mi ir.-m 111 Tfry comiorii b r "ted and heaatilully iuht?d witb cm; would make an exd'entounocrt ?a or is suited for aim >st any ente taicmect The lot oan be eased on favorable terntp. For trn*. wlnoh will be low. ftfFW to A. EI.MKNDJUK, at Mr. Maaard's. No, Unit P?nn. ?* L>i)R RUNT?The three-*t->ry Brick DWELL r IN*. No. 335 Eighth >t. between K ud L ta , confining ten tood r-oms. furnished witfi |ti. App't U) K CLEMENTS. MXt door, m'r 5 eo3t* I7?0R RKNT OR SA? E-The two ftv* storr 1 brick D\VKL?.iNt?-UOl?HES situated on and k'fjinmnt the oorner oi Fourth I'd jD it retL ea?t of the City Hall. Apply to JOSEPH FU blTT, No. 90 Lou is "Mia ar. ma- S-tf FHOK RENT-A DKICK HOUSE, with etc hi rooms, on the east aide of Thirteenth at.. No. S6S,b*twe n New York arerne ul I st. Apply at northwest o<>rn?r of Twelfth and K sts., or of El) T MA'IHKXVS *? *o .i. t ? .. ?? iu atvi J A I v^muiy Building. BtK* * FOR RENT?That ok) eetab lahed ?rooery tad pioTiri n STA >D- with lhedweiliii(aiUbobed, en f>? norner ol f north a?re?t and New Vork are out For partioalara inquire at No. 841 Fourth atreet. w?at aide. ma * T.TbAS;t FREDERICK 1DD1N8. rP<? THK MEftCHANTSOF WASHINGTON. m. Avactrf tb* b??t Ki*in?? Stan at in tbia eitr ia the War ebon e r-raiti* erected on tbe aoatb aid* ol Pa n. avonae. near the oo n?r of Seventh street. The enure building, or aueh portion of it aa Mr be applied for, ia no* offered (or rest upon very mod - f-a e t*rma. Arply to COVLE HROTHERP. ourteentb rtreei and Canal, or nTZll 01 JOVUS. 394 C atreet. fa*