Newspaper of Evening Star, March 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 18, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. ?*? ? / rt i virrtitT WAMJlm* Il'N \jkk I . MONDAY March I* 1*61. Spirit of the Morning Press The Inl'iligtnrrr endeavors to shew the similarity existing between the Constitution of the United states and that of the J*outhern Confederacy. The editor of the Republican having just returned from New England saya that the people there art- perfectly satisfied with the proposition to evacuate Fort Sumter, believing that the honeaty aud sagacity of the President will by this movement tend to bring about a reunion of our now shattered Government. Oca I*eaxrocs NxioHaoa.?The disingenueusnsas of the Alexandria Sentinel is refreshing Pomehow or other it la Incapable of dsing a straightforward thing; certainly it never ventures a reference to the Star that falls to Involve gross and palpable misrepresentation. How much it made by that policy towards the Unionists in the eanvaas for the election of the Virginia Convention, is apparent In the two thousand six hundred majority the Alexandria Congressional district gave against secession. Then, as now, It sought to brand all Union men as abolition submissionIstt The extent of the confidence lu Its representations entertained by those among whom it circulates, Is fslrly measurable by that majority fflv?n htr (K?t A #as (Ka KAlllU?.?nkn.iaaU. I m ?va luv auviiiivu-aiiviiilMiuu candidates, as It regards them?the Unionists According to Its logic the abolitionists had In that lection a majority of s. me sixty-two thousand In Virginia, that being the aggregate Union mcjorlty In the State. By way of showing the reader whet it regards as aholltlonlsnn wa quote ft? on Fridaylast upon the Scar's editorial of the day before, descriptive of the existing condition of F.-Irfax county, and that with its condition years ago; as follows: " The VVashington Star signalizes the leal of a new pervert, by the most outrageous and abusive misrepresentations of the Southern States, that we meet with In our exchanges Yesterday it had an abolition editorial in reference to Virginia.?today it represents Texas : s about to en?age in revolution against secession,?so dissatisfied are the people We have not thought it worth while to notice the course of the Star.?it Is published for another market than Virginia But the Texas atorv Is so utterly repudiatrd by Dr. Carter's testimony in his speech here last nleht. that we were tempted to call attention to the fact." We know no better mcde of illustrating the Injustice it does ns in denying the truth of what we say of the existing state of things In the seceded States and elsewhere where aecsion is rampant, and also of showing that its dodge of accusing all but traitors to their country of being abolitionists, has not even the poor merit of being original, than by publishing the following extract from a letter received bv* a gentleman In this ci'y fr m i frl??nH in P UKr?/vnJ ?_ _ ___ W .? . VMM AM ? IVUMJVilU Rich*ojid, Va , March 15,1861. How do yon stand upon the secession question' Have you been led astray by the singular delusion that tLe honor of the South requires that this glorious Union, which we have all. till within a very recent period, prided ourselves so much about, should be split asunder, and the South should go one way and the North another' Have you been hoodwinked by that demagogical tribr, heretofore riding the South li?e the Old Man of the Sea, Into the belief that because tkey were defeated. It is impossible for the South ever to obtain her just rights again? Are you blind to the fact that It his been the invariable cry of these political lepers that they are the only patriots in the land, and that unless their candidates can always succeed. the country is gone? Have4hey not always (wickedly and atrociously) branded every man pui upa^ainst itifvn.for any ojfitt. a* abolitionist* and unsound?not to be trusted? No, my dear friend, your characteristic moderation in all things interdicts any possible belief than that you re To be c'assed among the crazy fanatics who constitute the bulk of the Disunion party of this and other Southern States. However just might be the cause; however desperate might seem the chances of the South ever to be recognized on the part of the General Government, ye? the character and conduct cf the party in this city, with few exceptions. Is enough to disgust any one with it, and cause Mm to blush for his section. However much the sectssiou leaders and their nf* / ? Dupatckot yesterday andthismornintf) my bowl and writhe over the charge of the Washington Star, that a reign of terror and ruffianism had been inaugurated in Richmond, it is nevertheless every word of it true Baltimore Plug Uglyism could hardly equal the dastardly attempt* prac ticed by the secessionist* here to intimidate the opposite party from speaking in favor of further tffoiU to save tbe Union. Not a maa in tbe Convention, (now in session in this city,) who has spoken in favor cf tbe Union, b;s escaped sowie msuit from the loathing dr.futation from the party who hang invariably around the doors of the Convention to applaud and encounge disunion doctrine, and h:ss and denounce those wboexprcss aiuerem sent.meats. Truly mob law is in the ascendant here. But 1 will cay no more at present. A Called Saseio:* or Cokurxs*.?The beat informed men around us are rapidly coming to regard a special session of Congress as absolutely necessary for the protection of the public interest, and we sball not be surprised to sec the President's proclamation to that end in print ere the close of the present week; It being understood that additional legislation Is found to be absolutely necessary to enable the Government to collect duties on Imports anywhere. If, as alleged, It la not lawful to collect customs off the harbors nf rv???. - 1 ?^ ? M. -vi-vum ouio. (acre c*d dc no doubt that importer! will order most of tbelr good* brought Into the United States through them; knowing well that until Congress legislates upon the subject the Government has not the means of preventing them from being carried from the seceded States wherever they are to be old for actual consumption Under these circumstances a special session of Congress is in evitably unavoidable, we take it for granted. Apropos:?'The Virginia Congressional election takes place on the first Monday in May. Every one of the State's nine representatives who signed the disunion manifesto are nnderstocdto be candidate* for reelection The Richmond Wkig estimates that the aggregate majority against the disunion candidates throughout the State will reach 75,OW). We apprehend that every one of lh? nin?n1l1 I 1?1 >- J ? " _ -wwM.m w* iu|tvuvu?y uneaiea, and men elected in Their stead true lo their L*arta to tbe Integrity of tbe Union. If there be no collision between the General Government and the seceded States ere the first M( nday In May, Virginia will return no dlsunlonUt to CoDgresa The only possibility that a collision may occur, lies lu the determination of the us.rplng oligarchy to brliig one about, If they can do so. Tbe eminent forbearance, prudence and patriotism marking the policy of the frorernmeut upon the subject, however, are now becoming so thoroughly apprecla tea turo'Jtgbout the border States, as that If the oliga rcby succeed In bringing on a collision, the I rause of secession will jjaln little, indeed, by the Achievement, however flagrantly the facta in olrtd In it may be distorted and misrepresented for tflrct at the poll* The game of the secessionists up to this time has bsen so signally but a game of false pretenses, aa that it can no longer b? played anywhere with sucoeas How to Do It ?The disanionista do not yet ucvpwir us |?Cbiiu? lur LMjrur r 8t&t S out Of thf Union; and being unsuccessful in getting up a war with the General Goverament, they are turning their attention to the plan of getting up war In the border States That is they propose to revolutionize the latter by force of arms' We quote the Washington correspondent of the Charleston Mercury, writing just before the composition of the Cabinet was officially promulged,and when John Bell's nsme was among those canvassed : " It is now tolerably certain that John-Bell, of Tennessee, will get a seat in the Cabinet. He haa taken time by tie forelock, in announcing his _ ?%*- - ? - - " KiiuPgnM k> accept before anv titer was mad' While the place bas not beendiatlnctlytendered, 1 am well persuaded be was sent for. Tbe value of sucb a man In tbe Cabinet is perfectly well understood by that arch wire-worker, Seward W ben Bcli la In, tbe chaina will be riveted on the bord> r States Tit* tmroiret a tad aicMtiiji Cietl tear begini is Virginia and T>nneute Wt kad hoped 10 avoid *o terrible a calamity, but it Aa? k<s forcd msi It has taken torn* time fm tkt ritiiwau part jr 10 mak* up it* mtnd is rAi% dirt necein'f but. 'what muti bi. will bt ' There were torlce and traitors u> vanquish la '76 Our fathers took up arma agaioat ail coiner* Shall we be leaa valiant ? Heaven forbid!" u.... A amuuc*.?mit every f?an to believe that on Slturiliy last Major Auderaon wai ordered to repair to Newport barrack*. Ky , for recruiting doty. CONORRMlONiL. Sesate ?When our report closed on Saturday the Senate had gone into executive teuton After some time spent therein the Senate adjourned Moxday, March IS Senate?Mr Cowan presented to the Senate the of Hon David W llmot. U.S. Sen ator from Pennsylvania. Mr Bright laid before the Senate a copy of a joint resolution adopted by the Legislature of Indiana. petitioning Congress to call a Convention of all the States to take into consideration the propriety of amending the Constitution. Mr. Wilmot having been sworn in and taken his seat. The Senate then took up the resolution offersd by Mr. Douglas; and Mr. Breckinridge proceeded to address the Senate. He bad been a silent spectator of a great drama in ths world's history. He had been one of a number cf Senators who earnestly strove to bring about the adoption by Congress of some measures which would allay the storm now raging. H? regarded the inaugural as being generally expressive of peace, but If It was carried out to Its strict letter, bloodshed would inevitably entae. The leading Idea of the Inaugural was that tbe President did not recognise the existence of a new government In the South, and that he Intended to execute tbe laws in all tbe States, ineluding those which had gone out of the Union. That he would hold all the forts and public property by force of arms If required, and would collect tbe revenues as In the past. In a whole, he construed the inaugural to mean that the President was determined to hold rll the property of the United States in those States at all hazard*; aud if Fort Sumter was to be vacated it was not to be done as a measure of peace, but as a policy which a military general would pursue to gain a more important advantage elsewhere. He saw no broad and practical policy among Republicans which could promote peace. The simple question wt?, abould the power of tbe United States be maintained over a separate Government of five millions of peopie with all the machinery of a Government If it was, why hesitate and talk of peace? If not. why were Federal troops still retaining possession of those forts ? I he senate snould have advist-d. by resolution, tbe President of the United States to withdraw the forces from tbe South and to have sought by negotiation aione the preservation of the Government. u<> ah null! trnto tV?o sosnl *? #1 ah I W-. I av ??? w<v (VI ill V I l?TUi UHUil illVl VUM1/CU u y the Senator from Illinois, but he hoped that a resolution would be brought bef re the Senate to get a sense of that b-dy, authorizing the President to withdraw the trooj s from the Confederate Slates. With regard t<> tiie revenue he had but little to say. That question had blready been settled, and the remarks of the Senator from Illinois (Mr. Douglas) was a g?od exponent of his sentiments upon that subject Mr. Breckinridge was speaking when our report necessarily closed Ajtother Great Achikvrmknt of th* Oligarchy !?TheTr-asury Department have advices that the light house supply vessel haa been seized In Galveston harbor by the Texas disnnionists Thla vesael is employed In supplying the different light-houses with oil, wicks and other stores Who ever planned her seizure must have been fired with zeal to emulate the great achievement of Twiggs. Unmitigated rascality Is evidently infectious in Texas, just now. The United States li^ht-bouse-establisbment vessel Guthrie sailed from New Hedford, Mass., Nov. 8, 1HH), with a full cargo of supplies for one year for all the light houses and light vessels between Amelia Island, Ga , and the Rio Grande, Texas The master in charge of this vessel reached the bay at Galveston, Texas, cn the oth of March, instant, for the purpose of delivering the year's supply of oil, Sec., to the Bolivar Point and other light-houses in that vicinity. While he was ab. sent from the vessel, attending to the delivery of the supplies, the Guthrie was boarded by a man calling himself Capt Rogers, with several men, and accompanied by an individual calling himself Gen. Sherman, claming to act by authority and under the orders of " the Committee of Safety at Galveston." These men got the vessel under way and proceeded with her near the cutter, where she was at last accounts detained to await further order? from Anstin, Texas. The Guthrie. It will be seen, was on a mission of peace, mercy, humanity and charity. Filied with supplies of all, &c., purchased and paid for by the United states, to be distributed to tbe lights on the southern coast, to prevent their extinction during the ensuing year, and without which supplies they must at an early period be extinguished, and thereby cause great loss of life and property In the navigation of that coast. Comfikmkt).?On last Saturday tbe Senate made the following confirmations: Charles B. Throckmorton, of Md , to be a Second Lieutenant 4th artillery, U.S. A. First ,Lieuts. Theodore Talbot, 1st artillery; Richard C. Drum, 4th artillery; Jos. B Fry. 1st artillery, to be Assistant Adjutant Generals, with brevet rank of Captain Wm C Butler to be Collector of Custom* In Camden District, N. C., rice Stark, resigned. Nelson G. Isbell to be Collector of Customs at Detroit, Mich., rtce R. W. Davis, removed. John \V. McMath to be Collector of Customs at MlcLllimacklnac. Mlch,ttec J. F. Weedle, removed ni 1-4 ? ^ * * ? vuri?iopacr wore mpiey, or Minn , secretary of Legation to Brussels. J as. M Kdir.onds, of Micb., Commissioner of General Land Office. Jacobs Halderman, of Pa , Minister Resident at Stockholm, riet B F. Angell, of N. Y., recalled. Thi How. Green Adams of Ky , a member of the last House of Representatives, has been sppointed Sixth Auditor of the Treasury, rice Dr Tate, of Va , removed. Mr. Adams is a Union man. He is admirably qualified for the dlsekuM of the duties of the position, and will make a good officer A Treaty Arrived ?Dr. Culver, of the Indian Bureau in this city,to-day returned to Washington from Fort Wise, (Upper Arkansas,) bringing the treaty with the Arzapaboes and Cbeyennes, negotiated by Agent Boone, recently. Under It the Government acquire the Pike's Peak region. Appoistid ? Dr. fcrie Locke, of Indiana, has been appointed to be Chief of the Agricultural Bureau of the Patent office, (?2,500 per annum,) vice Clemson, resigned [IT* French &. Richsteln, 278 Pennsylvania avenue, send us Harper's Weekly for this week, and London Punch of Feb 16 Both capital numbers Local Elections is PHMttTMU ? On * j ? * * " - - - rnuay nn eieci>ons were held in the several town* of Pennaylvanla, for local officers. Tbe election at Harrlsburg resulted in the triumph of tbe democrats, who carried all of the five Councilmen, five of tt? aix Aisessors, and a majority of tbe election officers in every Ward but the fifth. Henry L. Kvans, th* conservative republican candidate nominated at a town meeting In West Cheater, for Chief Burgess, waa elected by over 200 majority over Anderson May, tbe ultra republican candidate. At Rradlng the democrats awept tbe city. Joel ti Warner, (dem ) was elected Mayor "by 041 majority over Uenneville Kelm, (rep ) the present Incumbent. Peter Shaneman, (dem ) was elected Treasurer by 4-24 majority. The democrats also elected nearly all their otBcers. Safety or thb Stbamer Australasian ?Tbe mlasing steamer Australasian, about which so much fear has been entertained, has at length been heard from ?n?l la ?? ? ?-> - <- ?-- 1 * ? ?? --?c iu uic uariKir Ol Queenatown. Shortly aft?r 1 raving Liverpool ihe encountered strong bead winds and a heavy aea, which continued to increase in power until, when in a violent gale. ,lje broke two of the fana of her acrew She waa then compelled to depend upon her canvaaa alone, and after p&aalng through a aucceaaion of heavy aqualla for aeveral daya finally reached ijueenatown In an extremely diaabled condition Hfr u?ii?nu?ri ?n/l m>iu ...... r ' rrrin Uken by tbe Arabia and brought out 011 ber regular trip, tbe Australasian retaining ber specie on board Tbe accident to ber screw Is supposed to have happened from striking some piece of a wreck, as several logs were floating about. Wistai's Hals am or Wilij Chkkby ?We call tbe Attention of our readers to tbe advertisement of this popular medicine It is superior to all other articles now used for cougbs, colds, consumption, and pulmonary diseases, as tbe large aile of It by tbe agents in this section is sufficient proof It can oe obtained at all tbe Kinclpal druggists and storekeepers We advise oae of our readers who are affltr??*i u-itt, ? ?? ?? ? ? o?IJ v?* tbe above diaeeaea, to procure a bottle Immediately. and we are sure they will receive apeedy relief.?Cambrulgt (\ld ) Htrmld. Staub it the I'sios paper aigned by over eight hundred peraouaof tbe city of PorUmouth baa been aent to Mraara Holladay and Wbite, del* galea lu tbe Virginia Convention front Norfolk connty, requesting tbetn to atand by tbe Union until tbe laat link la broken. On- equally aa l*rge baa been aent to Gen George Blow, delegate pom Norfolk, wife tbe Mine requert. DEPARTMENT CWR. Th> Niti Dipiitkixt have iddrn from Com Bell, commanding U S. Mediterranean squadron. dated Messina, Feb -Jd, in which be ?yi.?" i have received intelligence from (iaeta to the 2?th ult. The fortress bat received but trifling injury from the late bombardment of Gen Cialdinl.and but little impression has been made by Admiral Persano with tbe Sardinian fleet The Sardinian admiral soon discovered that bow ever gallant bit attack, his ships were no match for atone fortifications. On board one of his vessels two guna burst, killing and wo.inding a Urge number of men It is said King Francis has yet from six to eight thousand men. with provisions for several montha. Should this be true, it will cause the Sardinians much trouble and great loss of life to dislodge him The French fleet has gone; also the Spanish corvette, leaving the Sardinian fleet onlv around and about Gneta The uime state of effiirs exist* here as when I last wrote. The citadel and forts on the seaside are In possession of the Neapolitans, while the city and surrounding country are in the hands of Garibaldi and Victor Emmanuel. Occasionally we hear of arrests of persons supposed to be In tbe employ of the old government and s-nt here to tir up the Calabrlans to a counter revolution; but the country seema to be quiet, and conduct themselves with a discretion &nd moderation which should be an example to communities wh'ch think themselves of a higher civilization. There are twenty-three American vessels In port, and about this number Is kept up by constant arrivals and departures." Rxsiqxxd ? Mr Joseph F. Lewis, of Tex has resigned h's third class (#1,600 per annum) clerkship in the Post Office Department We hear also ihat Mr. H. St George Offutt has resigned tbe chief clerkship of the bureau of the Sixth Auditor of the Treasury, (f'2,000 per annum.) From the L. 9. East I.ndies Fquadrow ?The flagship Hartford was at Hong Kong January 14th. The Dacotah arrived there Jannarv Rth The Sag!na\v had been dispatched to Nlngpo In search of pirate*, who had captured an American vessel. The general health of the squadron was good. No Nkws of the Levant reached the Navy Department In the dispatches from Commodore Montgomery, tl^g oflleer of the Pacific Squadron, dated at Pamma, March 4th, Instant. Itrmi Telegraphed fr?m Washington. Washington. March 17 ?It Is said, on good authority, that Messrs. Crawford and Forsyth, the Confederate State Commissioners, entertain the strongest hope of preserving the peaceful relations between the two Governments. There Is no doubt their diplomacy is judiciously conducted. Certain friends of Mr. Corwin are still endeavoring to induce him to withdraw his declination of the Mexican mission. Those best informed relative to Southern movements totally discedit the report that Fort Pickens has been attacked, cr that such an act will be likely to occur at present Governor Roman, one of the Confederate State Commissioners, telegraphs from Wilmington, North Carolina, that he will be in Washington to-morrow. He was detained by Indisposition. It Is not yet ascertained that any order has been issued by Presidential authority In regard to the evacuation of Fort Sumter?an event, however, which Is still considered wiil soon Inevitably occur from circumstance* beyond F.xecutive control. From what is actually known a formal surrender of the nost is not antirinateri Colonel Lander, of wagon-road fame, the second to Potter in hts difficulty with Pryor, is titting out a party here for the protection of emigrants to Oregon It is a private enterprise to be aided by the Government It i* understood that Joseph S Wilson, late Commissioner of the General Land Office, will be invited South to take charge of the landed interests of the Confederated Sfnt s. Col. Segar has been hi-re for several days as a commissioner from the Union members of the Virginia Convention, and had a personal consultation with the President and each member of the Cabinet on the subjert of the policy of the Administration. He will return to Richmond to-morrow and report that he has every assurance that the policy of the Administration is peace and conciliation Intelligence has been received here to-day from Staunton, Va., to the elfect that the Virginia churches have resolved to secede from the Baltim ? * e iuvic vuiiirreucp Colonel S Cooper, late Adjutant General of the United State* Army, has gone South to accept the post of Adjutant iieneralof the southern army. Baltimore Annual < onference nt Stnunton Third day.?Kev. Wm. Hirst submitted the report of the Preachers' Aid Society, which on being read, was referred to Committee on Necessitous Cases An Invitation was received to visit the exhibition of the Deaf and Dumb and Blind Asylums of the State here situated, which was accepted by the Conference The Stewards procetded to call for Conference collections. Rev. Mr Campbell, of the Presbyterian Church, and Rev Mr Davis, of the Lutherau Church,and the Rev Taylor, of the Baptist Church, were In^ uvuucru to fcuc 1/UnitTPnCf. Rev. Mr. Phelps continued his argument upon the memorial, which was the order of the <lav. Hearjjutd the propriety of staying with the Northern Conferences tbat we might convcrt them from abolition opinions Rev Alfred followed. The speaker Is the oldest member of the Conference, and seems to delight In reminiscences of the old Church, and always me?ts with kindest attention and Indulgence of his brethren. He said he remembered the time when the broken sapling at the crossroad, the Methodist preacher's mark, was the ?nly guide post In Virginia, Maryland ar.d Pennsylvania, and remarked to the young men tbat they hid not nude the Church, \>ut the Church hid made th?*iii He argued to prevent separation He, however, denounced the new chapter, as yesterdav be did, but thought separation schism, and did not desire It for two years to come. The Conference having resolved to attend the exhibition above named,adj;>urred it oueo'clock. Lnvmen'i Convention of ?'i. L _ ??V ?*a m* v-El HI I II at Sl?!iint*n, Va Third Dny ?The Convention met at 0 o'clock, with the majority report under consideration Mr. Huffman, of Fredericksburg, Va , desired each member to expresa hit opinion of the desire of the people he represent*, previous to the con lderation of plaits end propositions It was resolved to limit debate to twenty minutes The Committee on Credentials reported on tiie contested election* of the East Fairfax circuit They informed the Convention that at a quarterly conference on said circuit, J VV. Lorkwood was elected with the proviso that should Mr. I. decline, then Revs B. N Brown, Presiding Elder, and Dr. W. K. Magruder. preacher in charge, be empowered to give a certificate to such person as in tbelr judgment would be a proper delegate Rev Messrs. Brown arid Magruder selected R Stockett Matthews, of Baltimore, and be having presented the proper certificate, the committee recommended him to the Convention as the re^u lariy authorized delegate. The Convention sustained the decision of the committee, and Mr Matthews took his seat ia the body A letter was received by the President and read to the Convention, from Rev. B N. Brown, requesting copies of all the papers which were in ttie possession of the Convention from E Fairfax circuit. The request was refused Mr. Gautt ottered an amendment to the majority report, biking that the Conference repudiate the new chapter, reprint the Methodist Discipline Without the chapter being inserted, and await a demand for redress from the General Conference Col Rldgely, of Baltimore, joined the issue with Mr. Gantt. as to bis assertion that the Methodist Episcopal Church is an anti-slavery Church, and that all slaves are, necessarily chuttels Never until IBOOdid the Methodist Episcopal Church nrn/>)flim *-? Ka u?4 ? * * *' , ...... .v. .m nuuu mr sin ui ?iavenoiuing. Remarks were elicited from other speakers hut, without arriving at any conclusion, the Convention adjourned to 3 o'clock on Saturday. A Rkhntant Baltimurk Secessionist? The Pleasure of Soldiering ?The following letter (says the Clipper), \vm received by a gentleman of thla city from a young men who left Baltimore on the 22d of February for Charleston, and there entered the Southern Army : Castle Pinceney, Charleston, S. C. My Dear Friend?I arrived here at last, and am orry I ever saw such a place If i could get oat of It, 1 would do so with the utmost pleasure We arrived on Sunday morning at nine o'clock, and were immediately taken to Castle P.nckney, where we were set to work (on Sunday morning, too.) transporting two heavy 48-pouriders to the wharf We are treated worss than negroes here. We don't get enough to eat, and what wr do get is of the coarsest and most common description If you hear of any one getting the Southern Hights Fever as strongly as 1 had it, just show him this, ? -- --- o?u nil uura uoi cure mm nothing will. Hut, however. to drop a subject which, whenever I think of It driv<s me almost to the point of drowning inyaelf, 1 will treat of other matters, &c , icc. Fr.oM Mostguxuv ?The New York Tribune haa following apeclal dispatch: Montgomery, Ala , March 15 ?The South believes that the only thing that will satisfy the North will be to prove her ability to maintain her Independence by force of arms. She Is willing to do so Messrs. Davis and Stephens both favor admitting Northern States, and count upon New York as seeking to become one of the Confederate States within a year. The impost on negroes imported from the Border States will proY>ably be thirty per cent Portrait ur Ma. Lincoln ?George F. Wright, a portrait painter tof Conn..has Wn * .... ..ujnujcu uj >? auiroi Illinois to paint the portrait of President Lincoln for its capital. The appropriation for the work is 99,600 - - i Army and Ifnry Nuri Captain Garnett, vrbo w;m ?<*nt fey the United Slate* government to Europe to observe the ?r?lllerv lir.nrovemeiita vninir on In the vrrlrrt of the different powers, viaited afcueroontba since, the "cannon nepots'' of Paris. and iiw the Frenchmen go through their evolutions He aays that their profl-iency in gunning 1? ereater than that of the English. "The French ar* quick, correct, intelligent, and careful of their pieces, and make ndmirable ahota " Capt. Garnett'a report will be looked for with great interest Next week the Government is expected to come to a definite conclualon as to the deposition of the troops now garrisoning Washington Well-informed persons believe that ell the available soldi* r* in the Deiwrtment of the East will be thrown into the fnrta at Tortugaa, Pickens and Monroe. There will, however be retained In tha national capital a tolerably efficient guard There is some talk of the sixth regiment of Infantry being recalled from California. Thts ia the fjvorite regiment In the service It accom plished tbe longest march?that from Camp Floyd to Sacramento?recorded In the military annals ef the American service. The sixth is now entitled to a release from remote service. The men were all well at last accounts. The attention of the authorities Is about to be called to the state of the old l!ne-of-battle ship Franklin, now at Portsmouth, N. H. She was ordered for conversion into a steamer some years since, and preparations to execute tbe order were commenced. It is now deemed advisable to finish the work that can be done without extra appropriations, and during its progress experience might suggest to constructors Improvements In the converting principle likely to be applied to the ships examined by the Naval Board. The heavy draft vessels now at the Brooklyn navy-yard are not to be fitted out for commission

just now. They will merely be put iu a state of readiness The United States steam frigate San Jacinto, of the African station, had some courts-martial on board at last advices. .. ..VM ?v atuw ?ua? kUC t Ul VCU OIOITI toresblps Supply. Mobaw, and Crusader, which left the Navy Yard on Thursday, are destined to join the squadron which has been recalled from the Gulf of Mexico to our aeaboard The revenue VfMrll added to the fleet are Intend^ to augment It to a respectable coast guard, as already ?tated. Ttie chartered vessels, Star of the \Vest,'Kmpire City, Philadelphia, and Coatz&coalcos, are employed for the purpose of conveying United States troops from Texas, and between other posts. The detachment called ott on the Island on Thursday is for Florida. The Mohawk and Crusader will report to the Commander-in-Chief of the station In the neighborhood of Pensacola. The Philadelphia will probably be used, if Sumter Is evacuated. to lltlnc th#? crj?rri?r?n nf ?>,? to OU l'olnt Comfort, Virginia ?AVto York Post. East Baltimore (ooferencs at Ibomberaburg, ha Third I)?y.?After the luual religious exercises, Mr Harden, by request, was excused from serving on the committee on the state of the Church. The catalogue of Annapolis Female College was then presented, and referred to the committee on seminaries. After the conclusion of the steward's call, these ministers who had finished their probation and were candidates for deacon s orders took position in front of the stand, and were addressed by the Bishop, and o dained. The Conference then transacted some business of minor importance, and adjourned. Fourth Day ?The circular of Fayetteville Seminary was presented, and referred to the committee on seminaries. The memorial of E^st Baltimore Station, on the New Chapter, was also received, and referred to the committee on the state of the Church Mr S.trgent presented the report and accompanying papers or the Preachers' Aid Society. A!r Slicer moved an appropriation of Si.*200for necessitous casea, and ?100 for educational purpeses Mr Reese moved that the whole amount (f 1,600) be appropriated for necessitous cases; which motion, after some debate, was agreed to. The report of the New York Book Concern waa then presented and read The committee reinvestigation on the case of a brother charted with imtroi>rletvnf rnnitnrt reported, arid a long debate ensued; after which, on motion, the brother was continued on trial Dr Dougherty was then transferred to the Western Virginia Conference After tLe transaction of business of minor Importance, the Conference adjourned. >laryland Annual Conference of th M. P. Church at Newark, 5. J. Third day ?The morning business was as usual preceded by religious services of one hour's continuance, conducted by Rev K J L'rinkh iuse The Committee on Boundaries and Nece sities of the Churches recommecded the changing of Hast Baltimore Mission to a Station, tbe leaving of Cumberland Station and Willlamsport Circuit unsupplied for one year. The following young men were recommended for the Itinerancy: Thos. H. Bur.'ess, J W.Gray, W McKendree Pulsel. W P Howell. William Mvingston, Henry E. Paul, Georce 8 Battersby, George W. WeilU. The recommendation to change East Baltimore .Mission t<> a ftation, after precautionary consideration of the financial ability of the Church, wu adopt* d Montgomery Mission wai discontinued; the appointment will hereafter be supplied by the minister on Federick Circuit. Cumberland Station, from inability to sustain Itself, was stricken It in tne list of stations.and Cumberland set apart a* a Held for missionary operations The proposition to divide Deer Creek Circuit a* follows: a circuit to be called Susquehanna Circuit, begining at Havre de Grace and extend lug to Busti River Neck, therennining part Ha ford county, including all the appointments of DeerCreek Circuit, except Belair and Havre de Grace, to constitute a circuit, to be callcd Be'.air Circuit, was adopted -V^f-CELEHRATION OF ST. PATRICK'S 'D \ Y ?The ?ub<o>iher? to the supper t > he Riven at the Pxch&njre Hotel, and ?lr/*e whowsh to tni'e with them, are inform >d that it will I* ter>ed up i HIS( Mo nday) EVENING, at 8 o'clk. '1 if k?*t* can be had at l e ffi^n of thJ Hotel. It* fY*s=?A'J TKVriON, ZOl'A VF s ?Y' u are re' L3 quested to attend the ir.?rt'rg to L-e h*ld TO MOKKnW (Tuosda^.i at 7S o'c ck p in. M-*fnb-rH vri'l be Dunc-tual. ?s bnsintss of importance will I e brought before th? eorps. Kt oi d?r. J T> LI- R POWEuLi Lt Coin. OWKN THORN. Eeo ii.a 18 at* NOTICE.?Ther* will tie a m?ctin< cf r ho I ? ci iiimibMone i ' nd non-cot mi" iou"d oftoars of Ci'inptniw* A B,0",i> and E of the VVash:n?'"ii < t In'a^try Battalion cn I LESOaY F.VENING, the 19th instant ?t 8 o'o'ock, ?t Infantry Hal (Cooiub's Building ) Each < tfioer is expo ted to h piesent, an bu?iu*-s cf importance to th" IWtsiiuu will he tr*'" a^t-d n,n> r> ii nwi-o ?, ? ! " H,?w ?? v, it. ui r.n.nnni - Em rV"5=?A FAIR ANI) FESTIVAL OF DELI' L < Refreshments neo >rsar? for the occasion. will lie ? p >>?#< I ?>n TUESDAY EVENING, the 19th, sit 7 o'clock, t>? the Seccnit Uoltred Hip lit hur.-h, in their House of Worship, on Thi a, between ii and I ?t* , tno proceed* to i e appr.'pi inU-d t-> the payment of the a.<t)t resting on their honse aid lot. Admit anoe 10 eeiiti P- rni.t gecur il to oot.Uuiie open until 12. ma l?-?t' j^-isFEClAL ORDERS?No. 76. ~ Wit Department, ) Awrr?KT Gbx:k*l * Urncl, J Washington, Maroii IS, 1861.\ A Bovd of Medina! i-nic^ra will a>>??n.D.e in New York eit? on the 1st day ?>f tfay next, or aa eooa thereafter as practotblo, for the examination oj a ust.vnt >ar<'oi!ii lor promotion, and of ?noh o\ndidatoa for appoiutme< t as n.a? l>e u.vited to present tfteni#elv>'? latore the Board. Detail 1 >r tit? Board Surgeon Ol? mk.nt A Fint.kt, Surgecn Charlks McDorou.Lt burgeon William J. Sloan. By order of the Secretary of War: I. THOUlri 1 J:,..--, n ? mmm m MViUdOf rtUJ U bJbUh OIlOfM Applioa 4ons inast be addressed to the Secretary of vvar;muet state the rMiner.os of the applicant, and th?d\tear.d place of his birth. They muit also lie tcoompaned (>eferenoes will reoeive no attention) by re?pfotable testimonials of his possessing the raoial ar.d physical qualifications requisite for tilling creditaMy the responsible station, and for performiLg at> the ardnou* and aotive duties of an officer of tl i medical staff Applicants iust t>e between twenty one and twenty-Dve y. ars of ace. There are now three vacancies in the medical staff. mar lt-K rw?THK YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN A8'1.9 sonation wi'l hold an Annual Meeting for the section ?.f cfficers, at th? ir rooms, on MOnDAV F.VEN1NG, March half-past7 o'ol'k. _tna 16-at GKO. H. TW1SS, Rec. Bsc. O. O. F.?WASHINGTON LODGE, JsJf No. 6.?Th? members of Washington Ixodes Bre requested to meet at th# H?li on MiiVniv F.V KM N(t next, tn? 18th iunt*nt. at half past Yix o'oi >ck. to pay a fraternal viait to Harmony Lode*. I No. 9. J. P. MoKKAN. | ma 16 2t* Per. Soo. ( -V^5" PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, 1 ? ATTENTION !?Th? non ooinnufaioned officers and rrivatex of the Preident'a Mounted Gu*'d are requested to meet at Benter'a Rooms, C rtreet.on MONDAY EVENING, Maroii lfith, at 7,'i o'clock. K) order i f < ma I6~2t COMMITTEE. ry^-ST PAThiCK'S PAY-The oelebration I w of . reKrd's National Festival by the ' PH(ENIX SOCIETY win t&ke place at Gautler'a, i on M??Ni AY EVENING, 18th instant. Persona wishing t? paitioirate in th? oelebration can purchase tie* eta at Gautirr'*: Mr Lackey's, Seventh ' at., between K i <1 F sts ; Mr. Linner's, Pa. avecue, t>etween hand ?ftth ats , and Mr. Brosman's, Fourth s'., between G and H sta. Tickets $2 I ma 14-Th S&M3t? JAMES RYAN, Sec. nrg?"l SAY, STRANGER, WHERE ARK ! lLS you poir.g You atem to be in a great hnr- I tj7* "so 1 am. I am going ?o SMlTH'S-No. 460 Seventh street, to buy a suit of Clothee. The peo- i pie sajr he has a very nice assortment, and they say i he sells them so cheap." \ot'.?The last we saw 1 of the stranger, he was miming up Saventh street singing out "'SMITH. No. 4 r.rt " f?" rKS=?DEMPiii?V 4 O'TOOLE, 15 "S ^ASf/JgSfEMB < w^mngffcnvel!opes,0 , jw pa. at.. bttvwu "wfc wamowtoh. Later (ran Eartre. Niw Yon, March 16 ?The Royal Mall Steamship Arabia, from Liverpool on the 2d Inst , via Queenstown on the 3d. arrived at thla port this ev??lnR" '*' ^ 1 XMO.OUI sterling la specie The steamship Australasian arrived at Queonstown on the same d*jr that the Arabia left that nftr* MtflH* r?tn?n^l U - n f Bn S? - - j viwiiicu in \ vu?r^uruv.v v? ?? ent Her mailt and paaaengera (but not ber specie) were trantferred to the Arabia. Captain Hotkey of the Australaalan, re porta i that hit steamer broke both flangea of her arrew , on February 20tb. wben to latitude 30?. longitude 34c, but she continued on her Toyi|(t wwwa'd till the V0tb, under canvas*. wben a heavy gale was experienced from the westward. and aue put j before It, reaching Queenatown on the 3d During one day's sail ahe made **<> miles under canvaaa The royal mall steamahlp Canada arrived at < yueenstown on the Jd Inst The Locdon money market was unchanged, with an active demand Conaola were quoted on Saturday evening at 9l\a9l1fc for mouey. American aecuritlea were dull and unchanged. CiBKAT BBITAIN. | In the Houae of Commona the Syrian question bad been under debate The conduct of the French troopa In Syria was generally condemned. Lord John Ruaaell, in bis speech on the question, admitted that the occupation by the French ! army bad been uaeful. but thought it desirable that It should terminate aa aoon aa possible. The Great Eastern will probably be ready naxt month for another voyage to New York. The Duke of Sutherland was dead. Fkaxci During tbe debate in the French Senate on the addrfa* to tbe throne, the Princs Napoleon Justified the policy of Piedmont, and uttered aomo 1 sympathetic words relative to Venlc?, though, as be added, he would deplore an untimely attack. He opposed the union of the temporal and spiritual power of the Pope of Rome, but said the In- i dependence of the Tone mult be insured. A pastoral letter by the Bishop of Poictiers, comparing the Emperor to Pontius Pilate, bad created a grest sensation throughout France, and the Government was debating what measures to take In this matter The Paris Bourse was dull but steady, rente* being quoted at 6sf. 15s. Italy. The s!ege of Messina, it was expected, would be commenced in a few days. The Sardinians had occupied the heights commanding the citadel. It Is said that the resistance offered by the Governor of the citadel arose from tbe orders given him by Francis II. The representatives of foreign Powers at Messina had protested against tbe opening of hostlli* ties, in consequence of the damage that might ensue. Fearful inundations bad taken place at Galats, and hundreds of persons are reported to havrteen drowned Immense quantities of grain were lost. Russia. Tbe Russian Government announce* that no Government measure relative to tbe peasantry will be published until the 2d of March. Austria. A Paris letter to the London Dally News mentions a rumor, u bleb is accredited In official quarters. that Prince Metternich bis just communicated to M. Thouvenel an important note from the Court of Vienna, wherein It is asserted that the Austrian Government will never recount*? Vlc'or Kmmanuel as King of Italy ; and If France withA /- n A A_1 in 1 uiav?b uci mw| iium rvi'iuc nuiirii will immediately replace them bv her own army; and 1f the j revolutionist* make the least movement# In Vealtla or Hungary she will cross the Mincio. Tub witthii?The following report of the i weather for the morning Is made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The lime of obaervatloa Is about 7 o'clock. | March 18, 1HH. Burlington, Vt clear, 5?, wind N New \ ork. N. Y .....clear, cold. Philadelphia, Pa clear, cold Washington, D. C cloudy, wind XE Richmond, Va. cloudy, cold reiersouig, va snowing, 25?. Cbattanooira, Teun cloudy. Raleigh, N. C snowing. 35'. Wilmington, N. C cloudy, cool. Charleston, 8. C cloudy, 51". Augusta. Ga raining Savannah, Ge cloudy. 50?. Macon, Ga cloudy. Columbus, Ga.............cloudy. Atlanta. Ga cloudy, 52*. liritfen. Ga raining. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy. Jackson. cloudy. Prairie Bluff, Ala cloudy. Mobile, Ala cloudy, wet New Orleans, La raining, 56'. FROM TH1 WB?T Cleveland, O cloudy. St Louis, Mo clear, 22?, wind N R*V<ifn?ttAV ? Ko Hnnl*k?Anl*n * ? &#?hvm?v>vi u? tuv uiuituvuiiiau a? # a ill.. (va'I rected for temperature,) 30,331; at noon, 30,334. Thermometer at 7 am, 40*; at noon, 23 Maximum daring 24 hoar*, ending t a. m. today, 59*; minimum 1**. PEACH TREEf*.-2n.<?M> PEACH TREES for m. e this prm* at the GREEN WOO I) NL'RSF'RItS; . >;!! per th'?ussnd HQ D. ?. ML'NSON, rr.a 18 S'eo'* Falls Churob, Fairfax co? V* CTE W ENGINE FOR SALE.-Tbe under?izue.l has lor sale a Secono-hrnd Bt'am EnK,ne <>f f?'vn hofse power, in pcrfeot order, vith an upright boiler. A!?o,a Mao' icc, with all thn appurtenances, for bo'ins or drilling artesian wells. The above n.ay be purchased lor considerably less than th?v o?*t. by immediate application to WM. ci'int/vc\r t?<- l! ? ? - c i ivu.>c* i, !i?iiiagioQ, u Ki. ma lB-eoti HUIT AND ORNAMENTAL TREES, I SHRUB*, ROSEA. *o. The undersigned oliciU the attention of plantera to hi* extensive a ock of KRL'IT and OR NAMENTAL TREES, Ao .wt.ich he cfferaMB at th* low?*t rates, vix : Peaches -n any thoneardaof aplenlid Tre?e, in the finest p?aeit>'e health and vijr?r. Apples, Pears. Cnernee, Nectarines. Ac., all the choiorat aurt*. G errs, Uuoreberrics- Currants, Blackbernea, Fn*pberrie?, S rawberriea, Kh'.liark \*far*eus Root*. Ac , t Evergreen, hhade, Ornamental Tree*, Shruba, Koafa, Dahhas, Phloxea. i Wi'li all articles in the nura'ry line, of {.neat quality. JOHN SAUL. Seed Store, 396 Seventh at., oorn?r h. m% 1R 6teo* Nuraery on7th at. road. Waah'n _______ for Sewing Machines. REFINED POKFOISE OIL, for LUBRICATING j Cloc&i, Watche*, Sewing Machine j, Spin J/. . ? r... r? -* ana fine 2*iacni ntry. For Machine* It la invaluable. Bern* f'ee from glutm. It '<-qnire* If * . u, Wi'i give more power. Beep ihe ] urnsls cool Ard the Machinery bright; . W i 1 *ear lunger. Give less annoya?c? to the operator. And >efleot more credit on the machine 1 THAN ANY OTIItR OIL IN USE. \Ve have had the mtisfact on of un g Meaara | Wad worth's Oil for fine machinery, ana. feeling the importance of a good Lubricator for workina the aewinc machine, take pleasure in recommending it, Wiikblrr A. WiLaoH'a Mixtfact'o Co. Other machine companies give it unqualified approbation. prepared solely by DAVL WADSWORTH & CO., Oil Maaufaoturera. 207 Pearl atreet. New York. R. C. 8TEVENS. Sole Agent for the District of Columbia, 336 Pa. avenue, Waahiagton, i) C. ma 18 eolw J New style parasols ! AND SUN UMFREf.LAS. 1 Just opened in all the beat atylaa and qualitiaa at the loweat prieea for caah. J. W. COLLEV * CO.. ma 16 St .13 * 7th at., bet. D at. and Pa. av. ] i^reat medical house in the city of Washington. i DR. his Southern Medical Hnnae, oorner of Sixth at and Pa. avenue, under the Clar 1 endon Hotel, ia the onbr ene in the kaowa world who oan permanently ours all diaeaeee of a private I nature in from a to 6 daya. A permanent cure or no oharge. wal6-lm* SPECIAL BARGAINS IN FANCY DRESS S1LK<4. 1 We have coneluded to ae 1 off oar entire atoek of Fancy Colored Dreaa t?ilka and keep no mora in iiu. 1--" * ' ' * uoioiui^ we ?n?n unor |rB?l lOaQCf IQ6DII | to purahaeera in thiao aaa of wewiahto oloae them out at once. , J. W. COLLEV 4 CO., _m*J6Jw 5Ut3j7th at., bet. D at. and Pa tr, gPR.NO GOODS. spR1N0 OOODg , Jaitrwwvwi- ! jarda brautiful Spring Cahoot, at 10and 1JH?- 1 R:ch I'oil de Chevrea. Poplins and Deamea, Handaofn" Urey Lavalla and Mohair Clothe, SO piecea fine French and Engliah Ohintxe. k With many other nev and eeaaoaab.e ((Ada.1 vhich we invite our frienda and purohaeere to ex- j amine, aa we offer the beat rood a at the loweat prioc*. J. W. COLLEY k, CO. ins lb 2w *93 7tn at., bet. D and Pa ar. _ ' ATTENTION. LADIES' ~I HAVE Joat received a new aapply of PAEaSOlS and SUN UMBRELLAS. Hoop SkirU, < ]ni)v n'>V>HC:...>. ' ?w.vaiuviic M1U mttlllB ? OilATlt 1 Bonnet Hibbooa and Ruoltea, French Corset*. ' Linen Cambrie Heudkerehiefc ; all nailing at av nasal low prieae. Alto, aow openinza now wortSKlff ^HferaW.,T-' 393 (Booth side) Pa. aveaae, MIM. tS?KSX:-Mv. i ( <RK?T BARGAINS IN PUN09.-0?? ; " ' nice Ha I * Sons' make for fiat; on*__?^ . r?*rj moe KumwockI Chiokerinte' jpak ? ] lor fiott; un* Ru ewoodNtwman Ml lia'iMI II f J I Raven, Baooa 4 Do.*! PlMoa. * U I auction sales. B* GREEN 4 WILLIAMS. AloboMtn Household and kitchen furni tv*b at Acction ?oa TUESDAY, the 19th m*tant. wo ah*; , at TO o'clock a. m , oi R at . h?tween 4th and Mh u.Tth, No. iHJ. a lot of Household Furmtare, n* Mat ftcaay Bu -mi Sola* and Ro?ke??, D > do Paring bottcTB Chaira, Wa rifct Whatnoti and Ottoman*. Cherry llei*t?ads aad Waabatand*. Bureau*. Ta?> wand Champa? Crock*'*. Fratl.-r BevJa. Pillow* and Hater*. Iniia n. Venetian and other Carpata. Paamga Oi o.oth, Looku ft S aaaea and It act Air tight anQ t- n -jiete Storea, Cana aeat and Wood I ttom Chair*. Tin s*x*v China. U aaaand Crockery Wara, A l?t of Kito eu Rcqui*it?a. And man* oth*r aruc ai too nnmeroaa to *m??. ale Teraaaoaah. _lt ^KKKN a W1 (.1.1 A MH. A act. Br BARNARD A BUCKEY, Anebotwri. Otorttticn. D. r. nrri i i i'*it pi b vitib i- it aittkin L od \vi-.d>Vs D a V M orn n<ft>7mk : at in o'o not. we wul Mil at ttie reaidenoeof J*m* L.ip*com'*. tn., on H:gh *treet, ea?t ?ide, near ileoond street, tii? entire Hoeeehoid Fiirnitare lid Kfl<*ct*. a*? Mahoga-..y Table*, Sofa*, Rocker* and Chair*. Good Car?'U, R uga and Oilo oth, Bide and Work Table*. Looking toiaaae*. Bareaaa, Bedateeda, Wardrobes, ExoeUent Feather Bed* and Ma treaaee. Dining Room asl Kitchen Farr-iture, *;e?ea, 4a. Te-m? at *a e. Mil tt* BARN A R D k BITCH K V, Aeot* Br J. C. MoGl'IRE k CO . Auctioneer*. ROSEWOOD CASE PIANO FOKTK AND us* Hov?krold Fr**.Tra* at Atctioh ? On TMlRt?DAY MORNING, Ma oh 21 at. ?r mecoing at 10 o'clock, ve aha . *?II at the residence of Capt. R. Heroine*, No. *49 Nineteenth *rree?, near hi* lioaseboiri Furnitare and Effect*. embracing? Superior Roeewood Caee 7 cotave Piaeo Forte. by ir.deruan A San*. VVelnat Paricr Sut, contiMmg of large Sofa. ? fa K i A D AeeatiAn k > .1 a Pa r f'kaire Aitah^l w v*>iiw ? wi-|r?ivu ? i'i ? ?? ? * ? ? 1 "I " x*** in Silk Hama*k, with Linen Cover* RoMVoud Marh * U p OiitN and Sola Tablae, Walnut htageie* ana \\ hatnot, ? aeta Si k Damask and Lace Curia n*, Gilt \\ indow Miadoa ar.d C* Hair oloth 'i'etea T< t- Sofa ard Parlor Chair*. Fine Koeev4>o4 Wardro'jo uiJ M?rMo-tof 8arean. . _ , Walnut Glisabetbean ard Mahogany Freaoh Bed tead*. Hair. Ha k and Cotton and tfhack Cottace Clamber S*et, Grani?? Toilet Sot*, Velvet Parlor. Biutsela Ct air.t er, and Stair Carpet*. Hall Oilcloth an Cbintx Window Cur'aina, Walnut Kitfi non i-inir.s Table, Oak Prenoh Dirirg Chaira, Oak Hat-tr*o, k namaitd Cloth Fmj Chair, Rush an Cane-re*t K"*o*'ion Chair'. Feather Pill iw?an 1 Bolrtera. B anket* ard Bed ConiMta, B.lver piat?d lee Pitchers, Chir.a, Crockery ami Glaea Ware, Parlor, Chamt>er and Cooking Stove and ttenail*. Kl'Chen Koqinaifa. Term* : #3 ate under oa*h;ov?r that urn a credit of Ji and > daya, for botea aa'i>factori!y endoraed. bearing loterrat J. C M'GCIRK ft CO .AieU. The H'>aa? ?? for rent; irauire at the Aaetion KMm' or of W.M. W ILSON, on Twentieth, near H atreet. main d Bt BARNARD ft BI'CKK V. AaeUoneera. wiprninni, u. I . STORK FIXTURE* AND GOOD WILL AT AccTioit.-On FRIDAY. 22d in*t?nt. at U o'clock, we wil aell in front <?f the premieea. the Store Mxtare* *n1 liood Wi I of the ato^e former If occupied b? M rr. Stirp?or,on BtH?e atreet, tab ifO? to a ground r"nt. tua >>-?! BAWNA RDt BCKKV. Aucte Dr J. C. McGl'IRK A CO Auctione?re. TRl'CTKK'BSALEOFHACKNEV CA?i?r,i asd r*m ?r Gekt Carriac* Hoaaaa.?On TCfcSOAY MORNING. March at I" o'o.'k. in front of the AuoMon Rorrna < f Jaa <*. MoGaire k. Co- b? virtue of a deed of tret, Hated Aucuat >i?h- l#"", and duto recorded in 1 iber J. A S , No. 196. fo .oa SO), et eea., I ah*!l sell ore good liarkn?v C<>%oh and pair of t,rey Horaee. Terma: Ote-third oath; the reaidue in ruonthl* instalment* at 1. 2, 3 4. * a- d 6 montna, with inter eat, aeourfd to tb* atiafawi'-n of the Trustee. Ht'S II MUP R A V. Trua'ee. malSeoAda JC. McGllR Kt CO . A acta. ]\1 ARSHAL'9 SALE.?In virtu* of two write 1*1 of fieri faoiaa. lasued from the Clerk's <>Aoe of the Circuit Court ol the Distriot of Colombia, for the county of Washington. and to ma directed. I will eipoae to public eaiefor oaoh, in Iront of tho court h juae door of ,aid count*. cn SATl R DAY. the 30th day of March instant. 1861,at Wo'clock m . the fol.iwing described property, to wit. ?it: Lots No. 2 and 8. in Square Mo |<B7, and Lot No. t, in Square 1007, in the cit? of \N aahlngt< n. D- C.. to getner with all and singular the mprov*m*nta thereon, allied and leviej upon a* the pri.??rt? of Andrew Rofhw<>i1 .anil w.ll b#?>i.d in ?a?h(i m>1i ciaia N"? 126 and 151. in Jnnuar* term, lMl.tnfa vor o! Sti lma\, H?-nricii? A. Farber, ttd Skmw S. Steven*. W. SKLDF.N, V S. Ma-ahal for ma 7 dta Diatriet ot Colombia. ]\f A R^HAL'f* i*ALF.?in rirtuo of a writ ?f 1*1 fien f&oiaa leaned from the Clerk't Oft<*e of the Ciromt Court of the Ihatnot of CoivmUa for the County of Waatunzton, and to me directed, I will expose to puhlio eale, for cash. in front of the Court House door of ntd county, on FRIDAY, the nd day of Marck next, 1M1. oommenciac at I; o'oiook m.. tiie following dMOMt.ed property, to wit. Tiz: Lot No. 15. in 8<ua-e No V. l<ot No. t, in Square 42, Lot No 5, is Kauai* N". 43, Is* No u. in Square No K. Lot No.l'i. in hauare No. W.ani l ot No. 13 in Square No. 76, al in the city of Washington. I). C., together with all and ingu ar the improvement" theteoi' seixed and levied upor U the rrnr>?r11 nf I. 11 ?i I ^ .A to patuf* jud:eia is No.Is."to Jar.L-arj term. IMi, I* faror of Hooe, tlrotn?r 4. Cr>. {e77 dta W ?m.DBH.l'.S Mwalal. OFFICE OF WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Wasbimto^. March l&tk, IMI. St*U4 Propria'* are hereby invited for the Coai>!?: b of tee fol.owinc Strrcturej w and aNwt the Diatritutinp R??ee'voir, rig : C Jir.pletiuB of Inflaetit Gate H< oee, Do. Ami tarv tiate Houee. !><'. Sc*'# Writ a?H Stair Well. For de'ailed infcrn.etior. plana. Ac., erqairee* thi" office. Bi<1? wil' be reoeived up to th* ZS h in?*ant, it It m., and wil; be opened m presence ot bidder* * that boar. Th* bide should he indorre4 " Pr<.poea'.? fn Coi.ip.eUon of Structure* id and aboat the Dietn touting Re*e-v?ir. Ww?hir.gtOT< AquemcL," M. C. ML1GS. Captain of Encmeer*. mar 16 Chief Eacinoor. ONLY TEN CENT* FOR ONK DOZEN' yJ flue Steel Pen* and Haider, such a* are aaua .* old for 26 oent?. at FRENCH A RICHSTBtV* National Book?tore. g7 * Pa a? ma M-lw Horatio kino. No. 410 HStbht. Will attend to bnainee* befxre the POST OFFICE and other EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS. Riftvmtt ? Hon. Kt>. m. stastoh, Con**ltir? CowerJ. ma 1&-3'* WM. R. RILEV A BROTHER are sow oprn ing. st No 3*6 C*ntraJ Store*, a large etock of all kiud* of SPRING DRV GOODS. to which they eall the att*ntior of their friend* and Ute public generallr. Don't forget wm. r.riley a bro . V n UK I >rlri tlAMi Betwean 7th and 8th irnti, ina 15 ?' Oapoaita Cenfr Market. R I N G P R I N T ?. 3 ov yard* b?aa!iful En^.uh Printa. for 8pnr* Trade. 40 dosen Jouvin'a Ln4rr?a*<l Kid G'ov?e,in biaek and da k o??inra. iwi dor-n Jouviu'a l>eat Kid Giovea, in fcil no lore. t*r>n t ir.brrUaa and Para-:ola W* are tiai y r?eaivinj new focda, and w in? them very ebeap for caah. WM. R. RILEY k. BRO., So. 36, Central Storaa, Bet warn 7th and Mh ata . _n?ar 11 2wen Oppoaite Center Markrt. Atn REWARD?Any onathatoan make Net V-'v tor and aei. cheaper Ambrotypea than K C. WOODLEY. Notick ?i wuh every onaiokn w that I have REMOVKD from my old ataad.corner Eleventh at and Ha. awnue. three ^ira weal. Many of my od pat ona have inquired for me at the old atanrf ; tna ana war they got *'l hara Jnat topped out " Now. 1 w.ah it paaitiv*ly anoer tUx>d t' at 1 am in no way ooaneoi<*d w tti the trir at tha ooroer. Inimitable N?n-inverted Portraite from 36 oenta took lor the Fla?. ma US' TL. A. BKALL * CO. jAlF, Plaaiaraia informing their euatrmera. ,uu nwnTi, inn may n?n rmmr*4 to No Ml Seventh street, between I and K.J sat itort R. B Hall'e. We have ia?t received a now nwij <N CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS. TRUNKS HATS ud CAP8, whioh we oflV to i*U at ver? low prioee. Call and aoa aa before taring eiee where. m *' know that w* aan eell 70a toodi at imi than ut other store in the Mr. L A. BEALL * CO , Clothier., star M-lm No. S<1 Seventh it. bot. I io< > ^0Q SEVENTH STREKT. ALWAYS AHEAD. 1 have ia*t received a nioe atook of SPRING CLOTHING. F L R N 1 * H I N G GOG H 9 , TRUNKS, HATS and CAPS to whioh I tarite the ittention ?>f all 1a want of *uak My motto I* "A aaiok any nee ie better than a slow etilingThoee in want ? f Clot .11 we invite to come and look at oar good* and priooe ; ? nd if yea vant a moa Shirtfttd a araity Tie. No. 460 Sev eUert i* the plt??lojetjkea- I ha 1 e awn ?-x? VI Brm>u HATt>, whieh I mm ing at 29 par oent. below their actaal valae For thoae who want to travel. I have )a*t ?oeireola large lot of TRINES, VALlSKK.aad Cf R.f ET BAGS. va>*iog lai prieaa fwMB #1 4" to#*. If yoa want a good Trunk, Clothing, Famishing Good*. Hats, or Caae, there is no p.aoe where ye* eaa say fiem aa low aa at the People'* CioOuac Store, So'M ",Y~U'*mar 14-lm No 460 Seventh at., bet. B aa4 V. mjf BIRDS!?BIRDS FOR SALE. jmj> \D Jm> re?it?4 a aaleaaia muta *a< atWD r*- Bird* lro?t Europe : ?*rn*an Cinrta,^ Engliah Blaok Birda.Tkraahfa. BallYiwMa, Aatd riaohee, Linets, Sky Larke, ye!low H*a;rr rar-o^aeta, Java Bfauuw, Stan cm. the R?4 Meeaw w '?? dmi mra?. Md Hirtit. Dctm' had Ti^bm lbraa. PriwSMlt r0?a o%?WB^liS?rfrturAV PRESENTS FOR THE FOLKS AT BOMK %