Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1861 Page 3
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I.OCAL NEWS. (;/-*Tbou?h Tub Stu Is printed on tbe fastest n<rju prrss la use south of Baltimore, Its edition to ? > larjjo ss if r-qnlre it to be pat to press at an ? \w KArr A A / -v ii i? CW'J W ?f 'UdCJUICj VUVUiU UC en* la before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may ?ot a?rent until the next day. None*?District of Colombia Advertisements %o be lmerted to the Baltmou Sum are received at and forwarded from Thx Stab Offlce. Citt CorxciLs, March 18.?Board of Aldormen. The Mayor sent In a communication announcing hta having approved of an act to increase the salarv of the aeccnd aaalstant teacher In the male primary achool of the fourth diatrlct. Alio, an act authorising the curbstone* to be aet and the footwav paved on the east fronts of quarea numbered 1*26 and 163. Alao, one tranamlttlng the report of the Water ahmirt n.r K? r*A?< Ma **? Wf, > >)< ) ?* 4 M s * *?v ' W? 1 B"V> CApCUUIIUIC of the water fund from its organization to the present time; referred. A petition from numerous citizens, praying for an Appropriation to water a portion of Pennay 1 vania avenue, was referred. CO MM ITT XX RKP0KTS. B111 'o carry 1 nto effect a certain jolnt resolution. This bill appropriates #500 to pay for expenses incurred by the Peace Convention, such as printing, clerk hire, statloaery.&c., during their late sitting in this city. On motion the bill was passed. Bill to smend an act approved Januarv 2, 1801, entitled "an act authorizing certificates of Indebtedness to be Issued by the Corporation." Joint resolution for the relief of Joseph L. Lowrv; referred The nomination of Hanson Brown, for scavenger of the Fifth Ward, was reported from the police committee, and confirmed. Mr Dunnlngton, from the police committee, reported a bill making an approprlatlou for clean Ing and watering Pennsylvania avenue; ptwfd. Bill to repair the roof and other parla of the Franklin Engine House; passed. Bill authorizing a special contract for the erection of side-walk fire-plugs; passed. Adjourned. Common Council?A communication from the Mayor, enclosing the report of the Inspector of Fire Apparatus for February, was referred. Also, the report of the Water Registrar. The inspector of fire apparatus reports as follows: The Frankl'n?Plastering on cellingin the second story falling, owing to leaks in the roof One suction undergoing repairs; otber apparatus In good order, except the hose, which are hard ana dry. Perseverance?Apparatus in good order; have between 100 and 500 feet of hose. Columbia ?In (rood order. rxr?nt thr hm* Anornatia Engine, suetion and reel* In working order; 400 feet of hoee The Western?One hose carriage , and one reel In working order; 350 feet of hoae In houae,and200being repaired. The Metropolitan Hook and Ladder and the American Hook and Ladder Companies are both out of service. Mr. Jonea offered a revolution requesting the return of certain papers to thla board; adopted The petition of H. Eberly, for remission of a line, was referred. Mr Mohun, from the dninage committee, reported a joint resolution authorising the Mayor to pay sundry laborers for work done on the water mains; passed over informally. Also, reported a bill authorising the payment of eipense of setting a stop-cock and fire-plug to Missouri avenue; passed. Also, reported back the petition of William B. Dyer, and asked to be discharged from its con-.1 J -??a Munwoi. Mr 'Morgan offered a resolution to refer to a special committee consisting of Meaara. Easby, Van Reaw'.ck and Given; carried. The joint reaolution for the pay of certain laborers, which was laid over Informally, waa taken up and passed. The Aldermen's bill for relief of Jas. A. Wise, remitting two fines against him, waa passed The Aldermen'a btU for relief of B F Brandel coming up, the committee waa dlacbarged from its consideration, The Aldermen's bill for relief of W. H. Dice was paaaed The Aldermen's bill for relief of Jno. R Nouraewas passed The committee waa discharged from considering the petition of J. E. Dunawin. Mr. Clark offered a resolution calling upon the Water Registrar for information relative to the claims of VV. B Dyer. Aldermen's b'il for cleaning and watering Pennsylvania avenue was passed?yeas 14, naval. Aldermen's bill to amend an act entitled an act authorizing certificates of indebtedness; a bill relating to delinquent water taxes: a bill for expense Incurred In distributing Potomac water; a hill for (h? ftf J H WX Hutchison; to supply a deflcleney for purchase of oil for the Union Fire Company were referred. The board then adjourned. Th? Yovxo Mn'i Chki*tias Amocutiox held its annual meeting last night. A resolution of thanks was passed to Mr. John Van Santvoord for bla long and faithful services as Superintendent of the Western Mission School, he having felt obliged on account of his health to resign that position. A resolution was adopted returning thanks to John P. Ingle, Ksg , for' his liberality In giving a gratuitous le?n? for five years for a lot on which to pla'-e the Capitol Hill Mission School, and for Improving the lot, ic. It was derided to distribute tracts at least once a week to all tbe United States soldiers now quartered in the city, and the public are desirvd to a'd in this important object The election of officers then took place, Mr. R. T Morsell. the efficient President for th? laat twn ?*rs and more, being constitutionally ineligible, be result was u follow* It will be seen that a large number of churches are represented, though in (electing the officers no denominational peculiarities are considered President?Mltchel H. Miller, Ninth st. Presbyterian Church. Vice Presidents?R. B Ferguson, Methodist Protestant, Navy Yard; Irving K Chase, Fourand-a-half st. Presbyterian; Wm J. Rbees, First Baptist; H H.Stlnemetz, Methodist Episcopal, Georgetown; and J. Hail Moore, Western Presbyterian. Corresponding Secretary?O Knight, New York avenue Presbyterian. Recording Secretary?S. McElwee, Trinity, (Episcopal ) Treasurer?Henry B?ard, E st Baptist. a i L. i ? ?? ** * ? - ?- - - i-i urar ; (in ? J . n . I UCICT, t. SV Hiptlll. Re*i?trr?W E Franklin, Wesley Chapel. Director*?J. B. Muaroe, New York avenue Presbyterian; J. 9. Plater, Methodist Protestant, Navy Yard; T C. Daniel. Trinity, (Episcopal;) W T. Soiltbson, Methodist South; and G. 11. T*l?, Four-and-a-half st. Presbyterian M-mt? Bradley, Rhees, and Wright, were appointed a committee to make arrangements for the anniversary. Tbe Association then adjourned to meet on next Monday night to bear the report of the retiring resident, and transact other Important business. Tiiitii ?Notwithstanding tbe intensely disagreeable weather last night there was an overflowing bouse to greet tbe favorite comedian. Joe Jefferson. Immense was the applause when he ?me out, causing btm to blush clear down to the roou of his hair. He was cheered uproariously all the way through the performance, as he always Is in fact. The other parts (in tbe play of " The Rivals") were also sustained with Infinite spirit by Merars. Hill, Roy, Bland, Raymond, mim aiic? nun, run. juann, ana outers or tL.s capital company fo-Ditftt. another wonderful bill?" Paul Pry" and " Mai^ppa'"?with Jefferson la both. Think ef that 1 Mr 8. W. Glenn haa returned to Washington from a very successful week's engagement la Baltimore, where be played to full houses. Yrr AxoTBsa Fiat.?About 19 o'clock last algbt four frame stables at the corner of Ninth snd L streets, snd owned severally by Messrs 81 bery, Morrison, Draae. and Gsrner, were discovered to be on Ire The engine companies. Perseverance, Franklin, Columbia, and Union, wore on the a pot In tlmetoaave tbo adjoining property from destruction, bat tbe stables were Durst to tbe rrouui. Mr Garner loot besides bis stable a good out bolldiag, ?ssd sen ktlcben, together with three sets of new furniture stored away in an upper room of tbe balldlng. His less is about ?6001 Had tbe wind b?en blowing from tbe west, tbe tre would bay* swept tbe wnole block. Bars Tiki's Conuxdkvms ?An out-of-work contributor sends us tbe following effusions as the result of his leisure: Why is s ragged boy like aa orator about to ftnkah his discourse ? Because he's tored his clothes. [*?jr?Toward his close ] Why are hens immortal? Decease their sons (suns) never set. Why is a Ion* journey likes cat's tail* Beee>tee lls/sr trem end to end. Pheno**!*o.v ?The reflection from the Are In oar city last night presented a singular and beau... ? _ ' t. arv^UtATfl Id tkit HtV >lUl UrUi tppwnuf: ? .... ?_ Georgetown A narrow tell of light, brilliant and clearly deflned. shot op from the horizon to th* tenltb, and the flubra were aim liar to thoae eeen In the Aurora Horealla It waa mowing at the time. Can some of oar scientific readers explain the cause of the appearance? Laxo Waiixn and Mom -There la no change of price la the land or money market The traaaactlons are few and of no Importance, The exchange Hat remain* unaltered from laat week'a report, aad the hoataem la th la department I* mod. rate . | Cnm Maurr ?The market opened this * mom lag with a much a mailer attendance of country dealer* thaa oaoal. Probably the mow. Ma yesterday aad lea* eight preheated many from sUrtlag^market. Tbe ^joeaja the WWk" t Criminal Court. Yi?ti*dat?Thoa. J. Getley wji placed on trial on two Indictment?one for stealing a ooat valued at SIS from Oscar P. | Aubert, and the other for ateallng a coat worth td from Francl? E Kean. The Jury returned a ver- i diet of guilty aa Indicted. The Jury In the case of Bernard Donnelly, tried for an aaaault and battery on Robert Croaa, returned a verdict of guilty aa Indicted. i a ymm pavru //*?*!\ ?!???* ? 4-1-1 ? ? ? w vii j iv/wiwitu i wu? uii inai an a charge of assault and battery on Rose McCaldon. < The evidence In this case was that on the morning of the alleged assault the prosecuting witness, a white chambermaid at the Clarendon Hotel, came down to the kitchen to get hot water, and the defendant also came down, and seeing the i girl there observed to the baker that " Rose was sober this morning," whereupon the girl got exasperated, and dipping a cloth In the hot water she slapped the defendant In the face with it. j The negro then struck her in the face In return. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Antolne Daum and Jacob Felg, convicted on Friday laat of stealing two kip skins from Julias King, were brought Into court and each sentenced to one year in the penitentiary. Bernard Donnelly, convicted of an assault and battery on Robert Cross, was sentenced to three months In jail and a fine of S20 and costs. Thomas Getley, convicted of stealing two coats, one from Mr Aubtrt and one from Mr Kean, two students in the Georgetown College, was sentenced to jail for six months and the penitentiary for fifteen months. To-day ?Noble Grayaon (colored) wu placed on trial on a charge of aettlng fire to the livery table of Jamea H. Shraeve, whereby aald atable waa deatroyed. Mr. Skreeve teatlfled that h<a atable waa burned about 6 o'clock on the night In queatlon, together with bay, atraw, provender, etc. Wltneaa waa In Doraey'a tavern and heard the alarm, and ran out, and the flamea were then buratlng through the middle akyltgbt of the loft Thla loft waa eaally acceaalble by meana of a atalrway. Wltneaa don't know who waa at the atable at the time. Wltneaa knowa defendant, and he paaaea for a free negro. Wltneaa haa known him aluca he waa a ama.l boy. Croae-examlned?The atalrway leading to the loft la about 20 feet from the front, and In order to get to It from the front, one haa to paaa by the office door If the door waa cloeed, ene inlght paaa by and not be aeen, though there are other wava of arceaa to the atible than the front one, and a peraon could eaaily go up the atalra without paaalug bv the office door Wltneaa partly ralaed Grayaoa, but be haa not been about the atable late veart: wltneii hai nnt >>\m # t _ ? ..v. v? J..VJ' ? Willi *WI J C?< | witness never hnd a quarrel with him. He ran away from wltnen about 10 years ago, and witness then threatened to whip him If he caught htm; but witness never caught him, and never thought anything about it afterwards. Witness has an old servant who slept In the loft over the carriage house, but he was at bis supper at the time of the fire Witness saw him go to witueu' house for his supper about an hour before the Are burst out. It was a bitter cold night,and wltnesi told the old man he had better stay at the house by the stove. Witness was at hmne then, and it was nearly an hour after witness went over to Dorsey's. The old man was never permitted to take a light up to the loft when be went to bed. Witness knows the old man drinks because he has often given him liquor; but never saw him drunk. There is a wide gate leading to a lot adjoining the stable, and from the lot a side Mitrance to the stable or carriage house, from whmce any one could get into the loft without being seen. J. H Shreves, jr , teat I fled that heww sitting In tats office with several persons and tbe brother of the accused, when tbe accused came and opened tbe office door and told bis brother that Mr Moore, tbe employer of his brother, wanted him The brother made some reply, and the accused closed the door and went off. In about five minutes he came back and repeated what he hnd said, and his brother got up and went out with him. In about three minutes afterwards the brother came running In and said that the stable was on fire. Witness and blsfrlends immediately sprang up and went to work to save what they could The fire was then burning in the loft, near tbe center of the building. Dist*ict Militia Commissions ?The following District militia commissions have been issued by the President: Richard Cruikshank, Quartermaster General, with the rank of Brigadier General Wm. J. McDonald, Major 1st regiment Infantry. D T. Myers, Brigade Inspector, with rank of major. John 11. McCbesney, second lieutenant District rifles. John W. King, first lleut do , do. Chas. J. Morrison, captain, do , do Walter Benner, third lieutenant of the Zonave nnrr. f> " "" - - - - - ?vuuipnnj r?, ?v aiDingion Infantry Batallon; Charles Emerson. 2d lieutenant do do.; Jobn T. Powell, 1st Lieutenant do. do. T H. Herbert, 1st lieutenant first regiment (Infantry) first brigade; 8. P. Bell, 2d lieutenant do do. MathewG. Emery, 2d lieutenant second regiment (Infantry) fl st brigade; \Vm B. Dayton, do do ; Jobn P. P. Pepper, 1st lieutenant do. do. N. H. Hutton, Capt 5th regiment, (Infantry.) 3d brlgad*; 2d Lleuti do. do. Columbus J. Queen, Michael Green. Geo T. Fox, J no. S Lovejoy, Alexander S. Stewart, Jno. W Slinms, Randolph A. King, Thos W. Miller, W'm. M Fisher. VVm. Thcs Poole; 1st Lieuta. do. do. Wm t>. Hauldwin, Joseph R. Bryan, Jno. 8. Maxwell, Jno. Clampitt. Andrew Goddard. J. Ford Thomson Jas. I). Marr, ArnyC. Fullerton, Jos. W. Nairn, Tbos I Williams, (leo E Jillard, F. Queen. Letu'l F Clark, Wm. H Phillip, Ed. Terrence Drury. Benj Burns, Geo. E. B French, N or well W Burcbell, Jno McDermott. ("apta. do. do ; Maurice Tucker, 1st Lieut, do. do.; Michael Duffey, 2d Lieut do. do. Wm. O'Oonnell, 3d Lieut, of the Jackson Guards. Gabriel J. L Fox well, Capt Anderson Guards; Wm Rapley, 1st Lieut; Louis Rodier,2d Lieut, do. do ; Ebenezer Pigott, 3d Lieut, do. do. St Pathos's Dat falllnc, e: It did. this year on Sunday, the ceremonies Incident thereto not of a religious character took place last night. The Phcenlx Society, of this city, celebrsted the day with great rclat bv a dinner at Gautier's Saloon, at whlck thirty-tlvp members and Invited guests sat down Jn the absence of the president of the asaoclstton, Mr. Duffy took the chair, and presided most acceptably throughout the repast. The opening address w*s a characteristic one, and ii -? ?v jl-j j-j Luaiicuf(cu mr uuulflUCU attention OI ID? COIJ1- | ; v A ft-r which they ft to wltb a will upon tbe delicacies spread before tbem, and tbe next hour was thus devoted Among the regular toasia was one to Robert Emmet, which waa eloquently mponded to by Mr. Touay, of Ohio, who also responded to one in compliment to the President of the United States "Ireland the land of our birth," 4,To the memory of the Immortal O'Connell," were among the regular toaats. Mr Daniel Hressnal responded happily to a sentiment in compliment to Smith O'Brien John Mitchell and John Martin were also toasted In eloquent terms. A sentiment to Mr. John Savage and the I'r-sa was responded to by Mr. McFarlan. "The Irish Girls of America" waa happily answered by tlis presiding officer Appropriate songs were sung by Messrs Roach, Phillips, Keeaan and v tl - * uonneuy, ana numerous volunteer sentiments were given and pledged in the superb beverage? prepared by Gaiitler. At 2 a. m. the company separated, delighted with the incidents of the occasion. Police Matt*% ?Before Jutiiee Donn ?David Dowllng, John Brown, J. Pickett, and W. Mockabee. appeared before the justice for a further bearing of the rase against them, in which they were charged with riot. The affair came off Friday afternoon last, in and about the Center Market, and caused considerable alarm during its continuance. Bricks were thrown, and Dowling was badly hurt by one of the missiles thrown. The dlfleulty of obtaining evidence was insurmountable, and the case wss transferred to the municipal law, under which each was fined o i.s Mary Black, (col'd.) was arretted by Police* man t P. Carter, for being drunk and disorderly; teat to the workhouse for 90 days M Hennlng was arrested for an assault and battery M J. K Dunawln at tbe National Hotel, yesterday, and was required to give ball for bla appearance at the June term of the criminal court. r Pxozi* to Dkath.?K white man named Michael Purcell, who came from Baltimore to Georgetown to go to the fisheries, was frozen to death near the coal wharves In the latter city, last nlgbt. Deceased came here In company with bla brother, and both were natl vea of Baltimore. A. jury of Inquest was held, and the verdict was In accordance with the above facta. CkstBal Ouaidhocsb? Btfort Justict Clark ? Anthony Semmes, accused of stealing a S? 50 piece from NVm. Tyler; committed in default of bail for court. Cbarlna Carpenter, (sailor,) profane and disorderly; lined 3 19, and committed for 00 days in default of bail. John Boyson, (drunken soldier;) fined f3 94. D^h't romaiT the concert and presentation of color* to the Washington Light Guard, to come off at Odd Fellow*' Hall, Nary Yard, on Thursday night. Every thine for * grand time has been arranged, *nd those who go will certainly get more than their quarter'* worth. Look out for the programme 8alb ov Stocc.?Yerterday, McGolra k. Co., auctioneer*, sold *3,080 Alexandria, Va., 6 'pet cent stock at 75 rent*. This f* the flr*t sale of stock of any Importance coming under our notica for several month*; the test being a tale of cor- j potation of Washington clock at 86 cent*. ^ 1.1 i Gxavd F.utn EU*.t -We hear that Companl?* A and H, 0f the Washington Light Infantry* have a grand Easter ball in contemplation. Good I they are jurt the parties to do it up handaomely. , I I Thi Ala*m o? Fikk aboutS o'clock this morn* ing^WM canned bj^tb* burning of a fool chimney Si ' % i f Auxasdkta Atliiu.-Frsm the Gazette of thla morning we glean tha following : On Sunday night, about eleven o'clock, Mr. Matbtaa HcClune, overaeer on the farm of P. H. Hooff, ljaq., was thrown from his horse near the toll gate on the ,Wasblngtonand Alexandria turnpike, ai he was returning from Washington. He was picked up in an Insensible condition, and kindly taken care of by tbe persons at the toll gate until two gentlemen of this city who had been vl si ting in the country,came by and proffered the use of their buggy to convey him to the town. Dr. Magulre, who was Immediately sent for, and rendered the necessary medical assistance, and on yesterday morning, the injured man, was, we are glad to state, in fair way towards a speedy recovery. The house of Mr. J. F. Whitemore, on Henry street, was entered on Sunday night, while the family were at cbnrcb, and a drawer of tbe bureau, containing some seventy or eighty dollars, was relieved of Its contents. A watch and ten or twelve dollar* which were in the pockets of a pair of panUloona hanging in the same room wer? untouched Samuel Catta, Eaq., the aon of Mr. Samuel Catta, of West End, an influential and highly esteemed citizen of Pleasant Hill, Dallaa county, Ala., has recently been elected captain of a dragoon company in that place. The freight train on the Orange and Alexandria railroad yesterdsy morning came in, bringing among other freight 250 bales of cotton, which came from Memphis via Lynchburg to seek shipment here for the city of New York. The cotton will be shipped hence by the New York and Virginia Steamship Transportation Company's line. The flsh stands In the market were rented last Saturday. The prices were about the same as last ye?r. The colored max. named Wallace, mentioned in yesterday's Star for stealing a pair of boots from Brown's Hotel, is not Julius or Charles Waljace. Covohs.?The sudden ohanges of our olimate are souroes of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Affections. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act ipeedihr and certainly when taken in the early states of the disease.reoourse should at onoe be had to '* Brown's Bronchial Trochesor Lozenges, let the Cold. Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off*. Public Speakers and Stntors will find them effectual for otaanng and strengthening the voioe. See advertisement. de 1-1 jr ? , Homeopathic Remedies All of Dr. Humphreya A Co.'s ipecifio Homeopstlwo Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and .Vo cents each. Also, in oasos, containing 20 vials, from 94 to $& each, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. 1). Gilman, 360 1'a. avenue, wholesale and retail agent: W. A. Fitsgeraiti, 343 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, oorner of Massachusetts avenue and Sixth street. Also. Pond's Extract of Wxtrk Haul, Tor internal and external inflammations of all kind*. Sold aa above. ma 9-ly Rums, have you stx-n Prof. Wood'i advertiioment in our paper. R<w it; it will interest jron. aa 20-eoly _______ To thi A*tlict*d !?Ue sure to read the advertmement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Brood Puafier. in another column. tf fKNIfI?3. Persons desiring pennios will always find them for exohange at tne Star Office counter. 11 MARRIED. On the 17th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Finok'e. Mr. ALEXANDER DUHA^T to Miss PK(EBIA DONALDSON, al! of this city. * DYiTD, On the 16th instant, of typhoid fever. LOUISA RKYMANN, affcauced to L. Ldel, agea 24 years, 4 months, and 7 days. Her friends are requested to attend her funeral. tu.- i.?qi.? r i ' -? ? * jiwton^j, uiu4;ai, irnii uor ine reMiicnce, on ft street, between Aorth Capitol and 1st ste. * On the 16th instant. JAMES FREDERICK, infant inn ol Jamos W. and Ann E. Drane, eged 6 months * DG- W. DREW'S YEhNG, SCOURING AMD CLEANING ESTABMSHMENT. 299 PENNSYLVANIA aVEXUE, (Socih Si ok, ) Between Ninth and Tenth Streets. G. W. DREW woul<1 respectfu If solioitaoall from the inhabitants of Washington and aufoui dinj neighborhood to inspect goods cleaned or dyed by him. He haa the n.ost complete arrangements for carry in g on hia business, and 15 years' expe rience aa a practical man, and guara.-itiea to Dye gooda any oolor, Clean or Scour equal to an? house in the States, North or South. malS lw T> EAD-READ-IIEAD-RKAD-RKAD7" 11 ? SPRING STYLES BONNETS, RIBBONS AND FLOWERS! Citiz?n? and strangera are moit respectfully soto call immediately and examire _^0\ Wjcthe Novelties of the Season. all of^BJ IfinwhioM Hhail make great efforts to keep wri, assorted. Havin? made arranremen'a to bur for the oath, will bo able to offer great attractions in pnoe. R. C. STEVENS, 336 Pa av., bet. 9th and 10th st?. N. B?Always on hand the oelobrated Grovsr * Baker Family Noiseless SEWING MACHINE, the prioe* of which tiaving i ato y been reduced 25 per cent, and set for reven yeara, it ia useless to delay purchasing, expecting pnoes to be reduced, rot ev*n the dissolution of thia glorious Union oould effect it. Prioea from to $150. mal5 7t 336, between 9th and 10th sta. ^ R 1 N G PRINTS. 3 ono yards beautiful English Prints, far Sprisg Trade. ?i dozen Jouvin's Ui.Pressed Kid Gloves, in black and dark oolors. loo dozen Jouvin's best Kid Gloves, in all colon. Sun Umbrellas and Parasols. We are daily receiving new goods, and selling them very cheap for oash. tV at u nir nxr nn/k i? .h. iv. nium a unu,, No. 36, Central Stores, Between 7th and 8th sts., mar 11 2weo ??ppoaite Center Market. Wood and Coal. oaeTTS' CUT BTEAH FIREWOOD HILLS iM COAL DEPOT, Foot or Sbvxntjbnth Strut, Btlovo War Dtpartmmt. C7* WOOD AND COAL of all *ind?. Wood prepared to suit the wants of eaoh customer, or delivered oord length. UJ~ Coal kept in Coal Housts, delivered free from late, dirt,and other impuiities. Personal attention given to all orders. felV-tf T. J. A W. M. l "XJJBLS ii i JL.O/ i mcvjpv ltvd ? ux/uniit uit i BARBER ANI) HAIR-DRESSER, E STRKKT, *KAK Seventh, Opposite the Fost UJier Department, h*i fitted up, in connection with his estahliahment, convenient accommodations for aflor--iin* to hia ou?ti<mera and th? the luxury of COLD or warm HaTHS, at any time during business hours. Hi* characs will r>e m<Kiora?e?twenty-five oentafor a ain?le hath, or five hatha for a dollar when tickets for that uninber at* purchased and paid for in advance. Mr. Schtefor takes this opportunity to inform hia ouatomere that thia deairahleadditinri to hia establishment wrll in no manner interfere with his regular professional husicees On theoontrary,he hopes to add to hia pr?s?nt facilities for insuring prompt attention to his numerous patrons ia the line <>f SHAVING and HMR DRKSSIING. And to the Ladits wno patronize him in th" linn of Cutting or ?b?,ir'.>w nor their children's hair, he mm to aar thit lie h\s provided for thetn better aooommodationa, in having fitted up a amall room and appronnated it exclusively to their ua . fe 28 lm gCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYKUP. Dr. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, finda it impos aibie to visit Washington every woek. and haa made arrangements to positively be in the city the third Wednesday of every month. He haa a auitof rooma at the Avenue Honse, where patienu can obtain advice free. He only ohargea when it ia neoessary to make a thorough examination of the Lunga with the Reapirometor. 8. B. Waite ia aceut for Sohenck's Pulmomo Byrup, prioe ftl per Dottle, for the oure of Coughs, Colds and Consumption; Sohenck's Sea weed Tonio, prioe St per bottle, for Dyspepsia; Sohenok's Mandrake P.lla, prioe 25 cents berbox. for Liver Bilious Complaints and Constipation of the Bowels. Dr. Sohenok would be gratefel to those who have been oured by his remediee if their would

mn their nfnnr? wfth B. H. VV A ITR. eorner Bevtnth it. and La. av. d* ia->m |MPORTANT TO HOUSBREBPERB. ?. R. DURKEE A CO.'S hzjbot spiobs. Ouaranteod not only ABSOLUTELY.AND PERFECTLY PURE, but (round from fresh Spices, selected and cleaned by us expressly for the purpose without reference to oost. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper,) to prevent injury by keeping, and are hUl weight, while the ordinary ground Bpioes are almost invariably short. We warrant thein, in point of strength and riohness of flavor, BEYOND ACL COMPARISON, M a uncle trial will abundantly prove. Manuaotured only by if b niiiiBu m nn f? ~igy Daoo BBLb. PRIME CIDER AILY KxpeotodpersohoonerMarr Ann MoGee from Boston. This Cider is A No. 1, and is for sals in lots to suit purchasers. AKNY * SHINN'S fs tt Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will sorely set yonr money's worth by calling at tne PIONEEK MILLS, toutktant tor ntr of Srventk strut and Canal, (GEO. PAGE, Agent) Thay sell oheeper and cm better msuar* than any others in the oily-cut, split, and delivered free of ekarge, lf roe ooett behere it. girm the Pioneer MUis a txial, aad fee satisfied. ia lT-lyjr GREAT 3AEGAINS IN PLANOS^O?e very o j0 C^f kP 1 YoT* T*of?oSeTfte * * J SPRING PAJ ? LADIES, 1 hive jaat received i Unre and MILLINERY OOODS'ot the beat quality "l?te?t a New, white tad colored STRAW, and Nl WHITE FLATS, ChUdren'a new atyle HATS and beautiful RIBBONS. Call and aee for youraelvea at No. 12 Pennsylv Ho. 11 Mr*. R. G. 1 mar 16-1 w Remember it la N O T. SWA!fN k CO. would respectfully 1 that they have newly fitted up Store 373. 8eventl celvlng a full and complete atock of New DRY GOODS, NEW BONNETS, NE NEW CARPETING. NEW NEW MATT I IS which they have just purchased from the Manufai to enumerate prices, but wonld sav that, in conae< A? ai - mc iioritiern markets, we have purchaaed a large | are therefore enabled to offer extra lnducementa to A visit from all thoae who desire to supply the thla city Is respectfully solicited. All Goods shown cheerfully and fairly repreaer mar 18-31 373 I AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER! I.ffssirt .8. W. 6 link Aoting Manager J. T. Raymond THIS E~VENING, Seoond nirht nf p~? ? w(vwia??m AU1VI IV?U VUfflV" dian, MR. JOS. JEFFERSON, W ho will appear as PAUL PRY. Ard in the Comic Burlesque Character of MAZEPPA; Introd.ioing Operatio Imitations, Daring Aots of Horsemanship, and Ternfio Combats. $8p,00(),000.-.?fe!?? ?Wi bl'fte i in the eountry, and salary. 37H oents. Contains the same matter as the Groat Blue Book oosting $3 St. Omitting the names which are not necessary. Catalogue or Cuncfsities at Patent Office List ol Patents. Old Books bought and sold. Catalogue farnifthed. ALFRED HUNTEF, Bookseller. Will??-i u-.-i O TT liiaiua UVH7I C^UftfOi WANTS. %E7ANTEI>? A large and ferociona BULL DOG. " Addresa Box 241 Titr Post Office. It \J|/ANTED? By a aober and induitrioua man, a " SITUATION aa farm hand. G?>?d reference can be given. Addreaa Box g. Star Offhe. It* \LT ANTED? By a reapectable womin, who un" deratanda her buaiaeaa in all ita branches, a SITUATION aa cook. Addrese Box 1, Star Of- ; fioe. It* V17ANTED? A GIRL, 12 to 14 jeara of age, to " nurae and assist at housework. Whit* preferred. Apply at N". 494 E at- ma 18-3t* \U ANTED? A ateady WOMAN, to cook, waah '* and iron, to goa ahort diatanoe in the country. Good recommendations required. Apply at 396 Seventh at., corner H. m% 18 2t? M7ANTED-A STORE-BOY,not under 16 years " of ace. Only those need apply who have be*n before engaged in a ato'e, and can come well recommenced. Oil between 6 and 7 o'olork in the evening only, at PHI LP A SOLOMONS' Metro politau Bookstore, 332 Pa. av. ma 18 3t A GOOD SITUATION, for a resectable woman, who can uae her needle well, and ia aocun'omnd to the oar* of children, can be obtained at No. 129 Congresa at, Georgetown. None n?ed apply exoept auoh aa can bring the beat teittmon:ala aa to capacity and character. ma 18 2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A competent COACHMAN?one who ia aocaatmned to the oare of horata. None but a alavo need apply. Beat of reference rrqnir-d. Apply to CLARK .MILLS, on the Bladecaburg road, 3 milea from the oity. ma 16-St* WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From #5 to *10,000 worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK of all kinda, for which 1 will guaranty to pay me nigueai price*, ana, aa u?ual. at the ahorteat uo- i Uoe, R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stovea, *c., oc 9 406 7th at., bet. 0 and H eaat aide. WANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. " Peraoca declining housekeeping, or hannc a surp'ua of Furniture on hand.oan obtain theoaan and fair prioea by applying at 369 Seventh at. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LQST ^lND found. ^TRAYED?Trom No. 167 F atreet, between ? latn a-d 19th, on Sunday, the !7th, a4 > . white SETTER SLUT, with yeliow^^^f pots, and abuut 2 yoara old ; hat) on when " he left a n?w u?th?r ooliar. An* p?mon returning her will be liberally rewarded. ma It-lw* Q r REWARD.?Lo?t, laat week, on Louiaiana LlliJ AVAnilA Pannawl nia ? ?? ? ? street, a dark Hudson MUFF. The above reward , will be paid to the finder on leaving it at SI1U8TER'S Dry Goods Store, Market Space. ma i6-3t Run away fkom the subscriber, on Monday, the 11th inatant,a NEGRO MAN LEVI. He ia a little more than 6 feet *ZJK. high; about 5" vears old; wa'ks sttghtiy lame, and weighs 175 pounds; alio had a heavy VI tward. i forewarn ail persons fom hiring or*??? harboring aaid slave aa the law wil* be enforced. A reward of 910 will bo paid if he be secured in jail so that 1 get him again. ma 16 3t* CLA.RK MILLS^_ LOST?At the Levee last night, a soft HAT, and ahoavy grey beaver oloth oaped OVkRCOAT ( without ?:e-?ves.) The finder will oonfer a favor by leaving them at this office, or by leaving word where they may be got. mar 9 tf PERSONAL. ]\f ADAME MORRICE, thk Gkkat A?tr?>lo1*1 oist and Doctikss, hom Europe.?This hi hiy gifted ind intelligent lady oan l?e consulted on th* Past, Present and Future F,vent*, ca I at .No. 78 Pa. avenue, between21 stand 23d sU . First VY ard. ma 18-3t* GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS ,Y3?GEORGKTOWN TAXES, l?61.-Euht ! L j percent discount is allowed on the above tax if paid prior to 1st of April next. Settlement for taxes ol 1860 remaining unpaid at that date will Ka Anf/-irAAfl aoitn <lin> *-? ! w i/w uii ?*-? i uv/vvv viauyt ' w ma 18 2w CH AS. D. WELCH. Collector. PJUST ARRIVED. ER Propeller^. Seymour. from Philadelphia, 75 barrel* and inn half barrelaof Ma?*ey, Collins A ] Co '* Philadelphia DRAFT ALE. For sale lir fe82 ARNV A SHINN. MONEY. MONEY"-?All persona who have the oash can buy a superior article ot unadulterated CIDEK. guarantied to be the pure jsioe of the apple*, by applying to fe8 ARNY A SHINN. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rieo SUGARS WP bbls. Oid Rye WHISKY, 850 bbl?. HERRING and ALEWIVES, 50 bbls. Crushed and Refined SUGARS, 30 bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds. low priced) MOLASSES. For aale by JOHN J. BOG UK. ae 10 Only One Dollar. 4T6 Pa. Av At EVANS'S 4T6 Pa.Av. TAKE YOITR CHOICE FOR tl. TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR ?1. JEWELRY?J BWELRY JEWELRY-JEWELRY ONLY ONE DOLLAR FOR ANY ARTICLE OP JEWELRY IN OUR STORE. CARBUNCLE ONYX STUDS SETS, &nd BUTTONS. OARNET JET STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS, CORAL CARB. STUD8 SETS, and BUTTONS, JET PL'N GOLD STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS. LAVA MOSAIC STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS, PLAIN GOLD GOLD STONE STUD* SETS. and BUTTONS, ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR EACH' BP L UNDID POCKET KNIVES For One Dollar.. ... Worth Three. LADIES' CHAINS: GUARD ?For One Dollar CHATELAINE For On* Dol.w NECK For One Dollar GENTS' CHAINS T*tlw Style*. For One Dollar eaoh PLATED WARK, Conaietinc of BUTTER KNIVES, SPOONS,?TABLE, TEA, DESSERT, CUPS,-GILT LINED, FORKS-PITCHERS-CREAM LADLE*, CAKK. R*?RRTK-Sim A R K1FTRBH NUT CRACKERS and PICKS, TEA KNIVES and FORKS, Ac., Ac., Ao. 4T6....4T6. ...470....4T6....476....476 boor^Ibooks. CLOSING OUT A LARGE LOT OF BOOKS, At QrtaX Reduction in PrictJ, On A.CCOOKT or Til COST 15UBS HllD TlMM. Nov la Ui Tim* to K^lwirtrow Library, beautiful aaaortn?Bt of SPRING FANCY and tylat, mad tbe cbeapMt In the market :APOLITAN BONNETS, UdW BROWN id4 of all klnda. Fine French FLOWERS aad new inla avenue, between 9th aad 9th itreeta. ETC III SOX. Ho. 11 o. 18 Penn. ivrnne, between 8th and Oth streeta. B W. nfortn tbe citizens of Washington and environ* a street, between I and K street*, and are now reW PARASOLS. NEW UMBRELLAS, OILCLOTHS, NEW RUGS, rG, be., ire\c cturera and Importers W? deem It unneceeaary juence of the unprecedented scarcity of money In portion ef our Stock at an Immense aacrtfce, and thoae who may favor us with their patronage mselves with th* 1?-* * ? -- -?w vwvs c?ri UiiDfCU III i ted. Ck T. 8WAHH fc CO., IETB1VTH STREET, kttwiii I aid K FOR SALE AND RENT. For sale or rent-a cottage HOUSE, containing 9 roomi. with atablmg. Ao , together with nearly three-quartera of an acre of ground attach**). To a rood tenant the rent will be very moderate, or will be aold on very reaaonab.e terma. Situated on M atreet, between Cth and 7th ata. eaat. For particulars inquire of BAR* BOL'R A SEMMES, flrooera. ma 19 6t FOR RENT?A amall briok house, a*ar the Capitol, aitnate on Eaat Capitol at.. No 5U, Inquire at No. 30. ma 16 St*. rOR RENT?The Upper Fart of the large new Bnitding on the oorner ot Twentieth atreet atd Pa. avenue, oontaining 12 good rooma, aupplied with water, gaa, bath-room, cooking range, Ao. For terma. apply to GEO. J. JOHNSON A CO. ma 18-3t* For rent-a well furnished house, on Twelfth atreet, between K and F. No. 503. oontaining lOjonms, with gaa and water. Attached w li iii uric* iiaiuo tna oarrtage hhdm luppliril with wat?r. This house will be rented in whole or in suit* of room*. Apply on the premises. m% H-5t* FfOR RENT?The three story hriok DWELLINO-HOU9E, with basement. on E street, between 2d and 3d sta. Hu all the modern improvemenu, water. gas, bath room. *e Apply to \VM. EG AN. next door, or to HEN RY EGAN, 3?3 Pa. avenue, south aide, between 6th and 7th sU. ma 16-tf A GENTLEMAN ABOUT TO DECLINE housekeeping hu sundry articles or Parlor and Chamber Furnitnre, which ho will dispoee of at very low prices if rarlr aps ication be made. The Hous*?a brown Brick Baildmf, situate on Thirteenth St., between L and M, a few doors north of M. Green's Grocerr Store, every way o?mmodioas, with gas. water, Ao.,?is for rent Possession given 1st April. m> 16 3t I70R8ALEOR RENT?One of the three threer story URICK HOUSES, with a c?<x> oeliar. No. 599. on N street, between 6:b ana 7ih streets west; or exchange for a small Farm, of from 25 to 60 acres, near this city. with or without improve ments. or for Illinois Land, well located, and within one hundred miles of Chioago. Inquire at No. 519 t* street west, between ?tn and 5th sts. _mal6J^ TB HE COTTAGE FOR RENT ON CAPITOL Uill, situated ort Second, betwern B and C stree s. it contain* 10 rooms and briok kitchen, supplied with gas and water. It has large grounds surrounding it. To a good tenant term* rea*onable. Apply at 397 R st. ma 14 7t* pOR saTjsor exchange jor city ? nj.wi7i?oroa ui run.ix county, V* .25 miles trom Washington, 1 inile north west of Centervilie, &nd half a mil* from a depot on the independent line of the Manassas Gap and Alexandria Kaiiroad, now in progress of 001 struotion. The farm it of the red aoil. well known as unaurpaaaed by any tn tho State for ita adaptation to an the ?areti?a of grain, graas and fruit; la in a high atate of improvement; I a? upon it a comfortable dwelling, good out buildings and fine orchard; ino aorea in timt>er. and every field supp led with water from unlai ing springs. Church's, post cffioe.griet and *aw mills and blacksmith shops are within a mileof the place, and the aociety of the neighborhood is equal *o any to he fonnd elsewhere. Thia estate haa long been considered one of the moat valuable in the county, and a great inducement wi I he offered to any one wishing to purohaae. Exchanging for other property I shall require S5,?Xi in money. Those who may desire to enter into negotiationa fnr f Kia nrAnavt* * ? ?* iL # r? ?/" / i^ur?wu ?v uiiw mi vivii the rar?n and ?uriid? for themselves, or address the snbeciiber at Cent-rvilie. Fairfax ooootr, Va. He oan be seen at ary time between this and Pridarevecinr at Jkmti M&drinnk'a H ntftl. <tn 4av. I nth at., between Pa. avenue and the oanal. ma 14 1W CHA3. W. R ATCl.IFFE. FHOR RENT-A four ?tory brick DWKLL1NGH(JL'S*E. aituateon Third west. No 371. immediately rut of the City Hall, obtaining II iuum?, with aalmiu, parlor, gaa, bathing-room, water-cloaet, and Potomao water in the yard?all in complete order. Immediate possession can he had, by applying next door, to O. W. PHILLIPS, Deputy Marahal. mar H tf FOR RENT.?The large and oomfortable DWELLIN6 on the oorner of High and Proa feet atreeta, with atore, atablea, 4c.. la for rent, 'osaesnon to l>* given on the lat of April. Aptly to WALTER GOi>EYt0ornerofttreen and Dumbarton ata mar l2-2weo CTOKE FOR RENT.?A large Store-rooin on ?3 Pa. avenue, adjoinicg our auction rooma, for rent. Apply to WALL & UARNARD. Auction and Commission Merchant*, corner Ninth street and south eid* Pa avenue. inar 11 FHOK RENT-The ROOMS r-oently occupied bv tha Hoil- J- 8- Millsnn Th?? rm ?r?il A?e mxhftd and suppled with ail the neoeeeary conve niencev including bath-room< with Potom*o water) adjoining the bedroom. Person* bavins their own cook can have the ute of the kitohen. or else they oan be aoo'itimodated witn meii.t in the neighborhood. Apply to GEO. W1LLNEK, 404 Ninth at.. between P and E mar ? 2w 1?OR RF.NT, SALE. OR EXCHANGE FOR OTHER PROPERTY?A FARM of about 280 acre* land, situa'ed about mi es southeast from the Station. Ileluvilie,* George's county, Maryland. There it about ?> acres in wood ? l>a:ano? cleared land and ni.der oulUvation ; ta? a small dwelling-house ; barn 30 by 40 feet, and ether out-buildings, and apple and aeach orchard J. E KENDALL, mar 8-tf No. 5 Four and a-half st. FHOR RENT OR 8AI.E?The two five etory brick DWELl-ING-HOUSES situated on and aajoimnc tne oorrer ol hourtli K>-d L) atie*U, ea?t of the City Hall. Apply to JOSEPH FUG1TT, .Vt>. 90 Louisiana a*. mar 5-tf FOR RENT-A three story briok H OLTSE, containing S rooms, in good order, with cm fixtures oomplete, on H street, between Uh and 5th. Al?o, a two-story briok COTTAGE, with lane yard attached, oorner of F street north an?i l?th it. east. To punotuai and reliable tenants the terma will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth afreet, between G aad H. no 13-tf FOR RENT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No 100 West at., Georgetown, ct present oocu pied by the subscriber. It has 12 rooms, with itas and water throu/hout, a fine yard, stable &e , and "in neifhb?rnood. Apply to J AS. A.MAGRL'DER. oc 25 tf RIDDLE HA8 THE LARGEST, NEWEST AND MOST FASHIONABLE STOCK OF EVER OFFERED IN THIS OR ANY OTHER CITV. AT THE LOW TKKMS OP ONE DOLLAR FOR TOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SP LEX DID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE Set. for ?! Elegant LAVA Set. for ?1 K;e?ant GARNET ret? for $1 Elegant JET ? .Set. lor *1 Eletaot CORAi. and HOLD ' 'i for f 1 Wegant MEDALLION Senior il E'egaut H UIN MOSAIC Sett for 11 Eegaot PL a IN GOf D. .4?l? for SI Ladie.' GUARD CHAINS for ft tea' CHA 'ELAINE CHAINS. 17: ?l T-aJie.' NECK CHAINS (or #1 Geal*' VEST CHAINS. (lotnffereut sty[m.for f I Alao, a Large Auortmont of JEWELRY, vluoh v* oan Mil at 50 oenL per artitlt. Just Received, SMALL LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL ETRUSCAN BLACK LAVA Set. ENAMELED CROSS Set. ETRUSCAN CARBUNCLE Set. FKaRI. AND GOLD Seta ETRUSCAN ONYX ?eu N. B ?Person* viibiag any of the above Goods should call at ocoe as they soon will be gme. We Lave on h%nd,and are rece vine every day, Large invotoesof THE FINEST PLaTED WARE, oonsisting of Break fast and Tea Sets; Card and Co** Baskets; Cream and Syrup Pit chert; Table, Dessert, Tea, Sugar and Cream Spoons; BtUler, Fruit, Tea, Pie. and Fish Knives; Forts; Napkin Rings; Casters; Salt Stands; Plain, Ckassd and Gilt Lined &?Uets and Cups. ALL ros SALS A.T LOW 1ST WUOLIIiLI FKICSS. GOODS WARRANTED A8 REPRESENTED. REMEMBER: innr.vit nur nni ? mar 7 ?<XI Pa. A? ?<M - A F.W of tkt Ct^ul \ ? ?1 THE LATEST NEWS. TELKQBAPH10. Inlkrn Rl?bu MMUlf at UMirtll. LoriirtLLi, Mirth 17.?Yeeterdar tflmMi the advoeatea of Souther a Rlgbta Wld u ad Joarned meeting, ?rbra the reaolutioea preeented on Friday were unaairooaelr pawed Tbey recommended the appointment of delegates U a maea convention to be bold at Frankfort, on th? 80th lnat Mr fMmrall made aa eloquent ipMck, and perfect order prevailed Jatnea Guthrie addnaati a Inion meeting last night and counaelled mode atioa, aevlag that President Lincoln waa honeet In hla intentlona, and that the North would ultimately aooord the Juat demand* of tbe!*outh. Virginia Caaveatlea. Richmond. March 18.?The aobject of equality j of taxaton was taken up, and an excited debate enaued between the baatera and NVeetern mem bera No action waataken A communication from the Maryland Commts loners on the subject of a Border fMave State Conference wo presented, referred, and ordered la be printed. A report from the Commissioner oa Federal Relations was taken up Mr Randolph made a speech, and before be concluded the Convention adjourned The Slew Storm la the South. Wilmisctok, N C , March 19 ?a heavy enew storm occurred here laat night; the snow fell four (4) lncbrs deep on the level. aocompan'ed with si eft and a high wind The storm continued till four o'clock this morning It extended as far eouth as MilledgeviUe, the extreme point beard from During the storm the roof of the engine and locomotive bouse here fell la. Only one man was hurt. The building was a large one. Freua Flew Orleans INiw oiliam. March 16 ?The Louisiana Convention to-dav voted down an ordinance submitting the Constitution of the Coufedorate Sutra lo the people?tens 'J?, naya 74. The Conatitutlon will come before the Convention for ratification on Monday. It la now evident that two ptrtiea are formed?one for a reocganiza tion of the old confederacy, the other for perpetual aeparatlon. The latter party seema greatly In the ascendant. Caatoai House Regulations ta Kefereaca to Saataera Ihipa. Charleston. M?rch 18.?The Courier to-day learna from a dispatch received by a mercantile bouae tbat proper officers at the Custom Houao have notified merchants that ships from the Soceded States will be admitted on the aame footing aa those carry lug the Federal flag. Political. Wutchiitm, Pa , March !?.?Dr J H Pullaton. the late Secretary of the Peace Congress, passed through here to-day on bis way to Washington He naa been cloae?ed with loading politicians Tbe result of hia mission over Pennsylvania baa not yet transpired Military Affairs la tbe South Mobilr, March 18 ?Major Ben McCollaogh la en route for Richmond to parchaao arms for Tax as. He will stop at Montgomery to aollclt recruits for tbe mounted regiments for tbe protection of tho frontiers New York Baak tatenseat. New York, March 18?The weekly statement LJ U ? ' ? ' ???- - vk iuv tin onii&s ?uuw au inrrraif oi 9V9,UUU IQ loans; S2.32* 000 in peeler f 1,800,000 In depoai ?, and a decrease of S143.000 In circulation ? ri Evacuation of the Forts ia Trials New Oblkass. Mar. 16?Advices from Texaa state that the entire evacuation *f the Fedaral troops from Texaa will be completed by the 90th inat Mlaifarl Seaatsrial Eltctlta St Loria, March 18 ?Waldo H. Johnaon baa been elected U.S. Senator in the place of Mr. Green. Resanaptloa of Specie Pay menu Philadklfhia, March 16.?The banks of this city hare resumed specie payments. ? m ? C7"Capt Robert Joaaelyn has been appointed President Davis's private secretary. All who know Capt Bob will recognize him from the follnj; description, given by the Vickabnrg Whig : " Jowelyn is an ex-Miltor, nerved in the Mexican war, fa the author of several happy lyrics, such aa the 'Girl With the r?iir? Hreaa ' thm ' Vrtnnm Widow,' Ac , held the office of State Cornmtssioner at Jackson until It waa abolished, tod U regarded a* a 'jolly good fellow' bv all who know him. He ia familiarly known aa'Bob JoaaelyB.' and, although bit heed la 'ailvering o'er,' be is attll a bachelor, though juat aa popular with tie girls aa he uaed to be with their mammaa He It admirably capacitated for tbe office, and hla many friend* will be pleased to hear that he haa received the appointment " Flock for thi PassorsB?Tbe Baldwinsville (N. Y ) Gazette notlcea that-2.100 barrels of flour are being ground at a mill in tbat place for the Hebrews of New York, who will use It for making unleaven bread for the Paaaover Aa agent of those who ordered this flour Is at the mill > -? ?--? ?vwwm ?j ?* wi ii>^ ?uc j'lutrw Ol KTlil?in{, and seals each barrel with his private mark In wax Spring wheat 1* being used for making this flour. DBMAXsroK PAPia?The demand for material* to be converted Into paper baa increased enormously witbln a few years Junk dealers and tinmen penetrate every part of New England la search of rags, and latterly tbey have rommeae?d pure baaing books and pamphlets for tbls purpose. Ninety eight ton* of book* and pamphlets were ground up in only one of the paper mills in Massachusetts In one year. [XT' A com dence book pedlar, calling himself Marked*, but who Is well known In western cltiss as Julius Koulman, went to St. I.ouls recently, laf'ratiated himself generally, and made vigorous ove to the sister of s dry goods roerchsat Engaged to be married, be by forged documeats, iaH lirpH th? hrft!h?r In *?Wa m ~ ? ? w ??v. ww ?uiui iu ? poi %urr, itvi, watching bis opportunity, dfctmprd with a large haul of cub. l?j~ At tli? late session of the Illinois Leglslstare, the members, among other extravagances, voted themaeives a gold nen e*ch. valued at 913. Some of tbe members, who bad no special uae for coid peus, ellected a "dicker" with tbe jeweler furnishing tbem, for tablespoons, caatera, aad tbe like artlclea of bouat-bold value. Tbe liabilities of M MIrea are estimated at tbe moderate figure of # 120.000, U00 Tbe Princeaa Demidoff? Matilde, the aiater of the Kmperor is iu the vortex, a check of 500 taiof bavins been given to ber. Bribes bave been acattered right and left be the roc ki ess Hebrew banker. In tbe vain hope of floating tbe Turkish loan. \ZJT Rids for carrying the maila on nearly nt?e hundred routes tn New York and In the New England States will be opened on the 31at lnat Tbe annual coat of carrying tbe maila in tbeae SUtes. under existing contracts, is #1 .Pitt.uSS; of thia, 9 Tie-. 762 is paid for tbe transportation of the malls over 5,<44 miles of railroad. ITT" Colonel Cunningham, nronrletor ?f th? Charleston News, baa fillen belt to an lmnirnw fortune in the old country; but as there are competitor* to the claim, a ion# course of litigation may render invalid bis claim, or eat up tbe estate But a million is worth trying for. Fernsndo Wood is said to be in trouble with his wife, tbe prettv daughter of Millionaire Mills. The rumor runs that Fernando agreed to sett e S10U.UK> on his wife; but that, since the wedding, tbe money Is not forthcoming. liy The Corinth, (Mlsa.,) Avalanche very pertinently says that ;ie queatlon Is nit what Missis alppl must do to eaabie her to herself oat, but how she Is to get bfk Into tbe Union with as little dishonor to herself as possible E7" Tbe Spanish Government has recently Issued a decree for the coln?.gc of SI and S3 gold pieces, to replace the large abaorpUoa, by otter countries, of its stiver Ip-Tfat Railroad Committee la tbe New York Legislature baa reported iiatnlmouslv ia favor at granting a charter to a company to' e-aamiet a paaaetifctr railway oi Broadway. New Vark city. 8TK\M E*<(*1NE FOR SALE.?The aadoraigned Las for alia a Aooo^d-h*ad St am Kn u no i f **? hurae power, ia ptrfoct order, with an npriffct bo ior. Also,a Mae:,ice. with all tbe appartoa\aooa, for Lo'iai or drilling u-toeiaa walla. 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