Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1861 Page 2
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THV EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITT: TTKSOAY April 83. l?ttl, Spirit af the n?rila| Pr?n Th? InrrUiffn'fT, In reply to certain atrieturei upon ita couw by the Richmond Whi%, aaya It tacda upon th?? aame pround It baa a!wayaoc< cipied, and while It doea not comirlt itaelf to th? political prlnclplea of any Adnilnlatratlon, It will continue to aland by tfce Constitution and Oevttn' meiit of the United Statea The Rrpyblimn aaya: " If tba natlrn hnlria tbla capital. It tnuat bold ?v Uirreiy ??jnr\mna, um jarjje p riiunt i>i > ir glula It mnct bold Fortrtaa Monrre; It must)-old a mnsldt-rablr ?trp of the r!?ht bunk of tb?- ??vi Cable Potomac; ft mint hold northwestern Vlr ylnla, to pr?a?-rve ita connections wl?l? the Ww1 end lrnm< diatrly In tbl* vicinity no foreign jr.rt* diction can be tclir&Ud within striking dlaUna of the capital." Th* Pu?ro?* or CoacB!iTi?Atixo Taoon Bsks ?tMowiy, as the lntenae ex<-ltem?-nt that ha: pervsded the pnblle mind for some daya past li cooling off, It la becoming apparent to all whe ? . , m - _ * ? ?? mic i nnya>-gree recoverea capacity to minK, that It ta by no meina tbe purpose of the Oovert ment to employ the troops It is so energetically col lectlng at this point, otherwise than to the aingli ond of guaranteeing tbe Federal Metropolis to th( Government of the I'nited according to ll ampla protection against tbe possibility of capture ?it her by an extemporised ra>dof unauthorized forties, or an aaaault under orders from the parties claiming to be th? government of tha South Ths elear exposition of hi* purpose in collecting tbes* troops In and around Washington which th< President so frankly accorded to Mayor Brown of Baltimore, on Sunday last, ia doing i s legiti nate work la undeceiving the people lu this mat ter, and we repeat the material portion of Mavoi Brown'a aeeo-iut of bis interview with th?* Kx cutlve, that those who have not yet rend It ma] '^luj'rrurnu n\ a fiance jun utiij^iifci u be accompusaed?viz : *'2>? protftion "f Wii*hinfto*. h'. asuvfftn Sri ft grrttt "lrn'S!nr>>, mf toe sol* objitt of ?n/r rtn'rating :rnnj> r'. ??. nnj A? yri?-- ? 4 rAn'ito/u / : ? troi f * iftughi th*oug\ Miryiand wer?. ??? Und-.i for any jutrposts kvstile to (It ?><at?, m a; agaiusi (A* South-rn S'a'et b?.iii| now uiiihle to bring tuem up tke Poema: it security, the Govf^reent nr.tst eitbtr brine taea through Maryland ot abandca the capital." Under neb circumstances, auvone wbo, know lnjt that tcere has been end yet remains imminen danger that the rederal "ietfepolis might be wrest ed from the Government?f*.ot C?ing a leadiiw fta tur ? uI iheptan?uf the revolutionist*;? utiles* i. b< so t'rsagthened as *n d*ty * '? and all attempts sc to w<j?t ti, frel nt cortlanes to deprecate tb< policy of concur rating troops here, cannot fail t< yiop*kth::s with th>: purpesa of Its capture bv ?? Biult. _ t?? .viliiast i"ti naval resigitatioxb 01 Yxstkbbat ?It W w-ii x.>r the pubi ic w?rvlc( xaai i&e rMUiarv r?awi off :?rs wbo vesterda) earn* k> lae couvlu".<n to rtsign, t-ve quit ta? erv ceef the Vn'-ted Stetca If thc-se geutlenter (?.t ccnsc.out that they could no longtr serve tb< United States with the spirit of loyalty to then with which honorable men should be impressed In tlMir late positions it was bn? their duty to th< Gtrverumeut to decline longer to '.vieId Its trusts W? have no word of reproach f<>r them becau?< they failed to leave ths service sooner; beca-i* \ no wing well that they have with great reluctance, indeed, resigned, ev?*a attLUlate day. We however, dsprecit* their course In resigning: ai it; Vaame sUU entertaining the lively bope thai the difSwiUesof :n? ttrr?? will br settled without a *?rtous collision with arms, though under th< Impression that their failure to remain true tc tbelr C?x at tills time is likely greatly to eticounsg< those to wage vigorous war who are striving tc eoneotidate the South by making war ?n tb? Government of the United States. The 4th cl July rapidly approaches, when the whole subjeO matter la, by express action of the Pres.dent, tc be remitted to arbitrament different f;on; tbat ol the sword. In t. e meanwhile, the Governmeni bete will be duly prepared to respond to any course of action which Congress may lay dowi for It If ere then theee who are in arms agiias It do not force It luto active war. ot *? i?* whatever to believe that it will resort to it^ iU wai policy being, until Con/ress directs, only to repn fjrce with force. Txi Basks or tun Citt.?An unfounded ru Trier that one of the uauM of this city h d or wbi about to close its doors, created a panic this tuorn lag la the \N uLiui;tua market, which has led lr the course of the day to a rapid dcpredii ion in tbe value of our city bank notes. It is entire!) uncalled for We may that as many of eui fellow-citizens are moving their families aray tbcre baa a much larger demand for sj>ec!? than usual, as they of course prefer to send ^cid and stiver wM'.i them. This fact has added to th? peelc,until some of the money dealers are char^t- y ftfleeu per cent discount u?>on \Va*hln"to!i ham no tea whll. -n - Virginia notrt at ten per cent, discount, though the latter have oeen at fiff**-:! percent. discount lei sens days past Uv sundown tali panir will certainly have suliaided; Insomuch as people will >>f that tl n*e bave come to remember lUert srs do sounder banks than those of this city,In th? oeuntrv, and also ttr.? the necessary military disbafsssiients of the Government In specie at ttii point for months tor'.me. will be four or live tloMS as great, perhaps as ever before. T** Potomac?We i-ave ascertained pcsl tlvel) ibst t.pto y**:erday at noon. no attempt bad been made to erect a batterp rr batteries on the Virginia shore of tba Potomac A gentleman wbo oame passenger in 'he James Jerome from Philadelphia.that reached tl? \vxiitnirtnn v-?? Yard ya^arday, luforma ua, that after tbat v-aael waa brought to by Fart Washington oc tbe eveulng before last (by tbe two guns beard in thh city, It will bo recolloctod ) he cam* bitber on foot - from ibo TlcUlty of tbe fort, and saw men buslljeogagwd y?oterday moramg erecting a batiery on tbo Maryland shore opposite tae Wtite House. Tb*y were working uedsr the protection of a troop of bcraa Tbe U. H ti^amera Auacoktia ind Pocabon'as, tU iattar a vt*ael of f^nic 1,200 tons, arr now lw>tU at tOe Washington Navy-Yard, and are amply aufflc'.eui to keep tLe navigation of tbe Potomac open agaitut any force tb^t can pcw'.Mly be brrmght to olcne it, for acme time to come, we iMglaa TxrrM* VikQijuA ?The ilmeit entire failure of the mails hu cat off tbe receipt of our exetangae, and thus, la a great measure, precluded 'j* ft cm tb? receipt of na?* a relative to the position ??enpl*d by Western Virginia upon the action of tfe* Richmond Convention. By private b*nd. bow* ver, \re bave tbe prooaedioga of a large ur.d reape-table meeting at Moootigalla coanty court-Lot, je, (V?.,) Lelrt on Toaaday last?a week ago, precisely, wherein tbe fallowing raaolmlr.n. aiuong other*, was passed : "Ht$olx*d, That In case an ordinance of arceaaten la paisad by our State Coavention, our deiaSaW? t>? requested to propoaa a divlalon of tbe '?te, by aouie Una that will aever ua from ail future connection with eastern aeceuionlsta." D*ab.?Tba Washington Statu and U*ton newspaper caaaed to exlat on Saturday evening )? t For Weeks Cast the handi ? -? r-,~ -r"" k?4 been refuting to go to work on Monday mornings, on sceouut of falling to get tbetr pay prtn.pUv. Indeed, from first to last It has been a losing?heavily losing?concern; quite fifty thousand dollars having b??n sunk In its publication sine* 1U establishment. We state these facts only becanae !t is due to truth that It sboald be known tbat, though an ardeat sympathiser with taose who propose to take Washington by force of arma, it was la no msanev whatever mo,rated, eithrr by tbe author! l#a or any one else here. Exscvriva ArroiHTaaxTa^?The Preslder*. has made tbe following Appointment* Wm. Mill ward. C i. marshal for the eastern district of Oaargt Cefrt, II. 8 attorney for the eastern dta- rir t of Pennsylvania P Ball, L" 8 attorney for the eastern district cl Ohio L L Pes a* Indian agent for the Biarkfoot tod neighboring tribe* Heury b. I odd, lieutenant In the Navy. I M Weston, postmaster at Weatfield, Mass. I> H Jay, postmansr at teraataa, Pa. omfULtrnknt sr*wt. Rial?#ATtOII? IN Til IltVtftlOft DaFABTMtWt. The following are among tbe reelgaatloua yeet?f? day In tbla Department: Ctntmt Bureau ? W B Gullek, N. C., Chief Clerk, (salary IR.tJU) per ar.num:) Hamilton, Ry ; \V . W. MrCferry, Va ; J P. Torbert, 1). C ; T C Hancock, N C ; John West, Va.; Jno. M. Coyle, DC; P H Hale, New Mexico; 1 Doxler. V? : R 8 IiHWHH N. C.: 8eng? I ' stack, Vs.: Major lawyer, Va ; A. Baker, New . Mexico, VV. Flaherty. D. C. Patent OJfire ?I) R Bell, N. C ; Benjamin Dors?-y. Md ; B F Strotber, (?rst class, clerk*;) and M. Sands Page, Md , resigned yea terday. Land OJRr*? E P. Hlgeinson, Va ; XV. R. Wiiaou, &ilcn; J H.Clark, Ky : N. H. Starbnck, i>hlo, (second-class, clerk.) resigned ? yestrrd^y. [ P-n'hn Burenv?J. ||. Wool ford, Md ; W. 1 O Slad*, Va ; B Frere, D. C ; Co! Hnn-jrerford, Va ; W. H. Woodlty, Va : J^mea E. Stewart, " Va.; W. W * perry, Va ; James Morris, Md I + ! An MY Oprirrna lt>atavvn?ll*?n Int^nVi C ?f " ' Jobraton. Quartermaster General. Col. Rot>t E. Lee. 1st Cavalry, Brevet Col Charles A May, Capt. W. 1,. Cabell, Assistant Quartermaster. I.'t. ? J.B Hi>od. 24 Cavalry, Lieut. G. B Caaby, 2d \ Cavilry. Lieut L L l-om?. 1st Cavalry. Brevet , Lieut Col. Jobn H Magruder. 1st Artljtfrv. Lt. G. B Anderson.'2d Dragoona. Capt. E.E.McLaln, ' Assistant (Quartermaster. Lieut. J. Martnaduke, , 7th Infantry. Capt Sam Jones, 1st Artillery. Bvt. Lieut Col. John H. Winder, 3d Artillery. Lieut. W f Smith. Topographical Engineers, Lletit. John 9 Saunders. Ordnance Department. Asst ? Surgeon Charles H Smith. hav?> reclined In the s course of the last two or three days. ^ , Triaju'.v Dkpaktmknt.?Anthony McLean, R. !** Brown, and J. O. Htds<eman, of Va.. the ' first a 1th clans and thr two latter 'id-class clerks in the Treasurer's Offlot; A. L. Kdwards. of Term , a 'id-class clerk In the First Comptroller's Ottire; William A Rind, jr , a 'id-class clerk In | the Third Auditor's Office; Jno (jreen.n 1?t-rlass ! clerk in the Sixth Auditor's Office: Win. B. Daniels, a Ist-clts* clerk in the Third Auditor's Ofllf*<; IV W Tyler, a yd class clerk in the Sixth Auditor's Office; R. B. Norment, a 'id-class clerk !n the Third Auditor's Office; J. H?ll Moore, a ^d-cl f? clerk in the Sixth Auditor's Office, have resigned Wak DKPAHTMtiNT ?<i'.ite a number of army oBi er* s-_nt In ti.rlr resignation# to toe Department. among them Joseph K Johnson, of Texas, ' Uniterm iter '.eneral, and Lieut. Col. Robert li. Let, of Ya. , 0*>eiiat, Pc!?T Officii Df pae tmemt ?Dr. r II inter, of Va , '?d-cla?^: J. L i^.t'caster, D. C.. j t 1<h-M ss clerk, and \V AN or r is, N H , 'id-class i < !er!f ir. th- Uenfral Post Office, have resigned ? L'r Sucwden.of Md., lias been removed Sixth At-ditok's Om^s ?Robert Cawthorn, t of Va , ad-cla?? eltrk In the Sixth Auditor's Oi?cs, has resigned * Af?o!nted?Jobn C. Sharretts, cf Md . has i V-^u appointed chief clerk of tbe Sixth Auditor's , oSice. The Sfvekih fNiw Yoke) Resimim.?We ' have information from Annapolis stating thst the Seventh (N?w Yofk' Fegirnent. as landed thei? (acd nvw doubtless m^rcbinjj for this city), con r sis*g of wv; rank end tile, cti.bracing its company > of tappers and miners and !U howitzer battery f The full camp equlpa2* tfc" Keglrrent >, br<i!t?ht aloi:&. The delay In Its appearance In i tbie city is occasioned probably by the difficulty la > procur r.j; tL? mrans of traii.porting its baggage j and thnt of tie Massachusetts Regiment by which it is accompanied. The whole force that rearfced , there on Sunday morning last, numbers nineteen hundred men We apprehend that quite a* many , more relieving troops have since arrived there. 5 Col. R<bkkt Lee, late or the L'. S.Aekit We bear that this gentleman, who nslgned yesterday, has been ur?ed to repair to Richmond to ?,u. j -? ?i ? - ? - v .-? * ? i i wiibh ui iuc ciiwre NIIH OI ice Mils ' If he vlelda to this request. we take It for granted ' that the public vill hear no more of Governor Letcher's efforts *o effect an assault upon Wash' lnjjton c:ty, intomuch at he knows well that to ' prove in the l>ast tffect'.ve, a very different mill' tary organization, equipments, A.c., mu*t exist ' tnioni! iU u?r> Hants tuaii such as those proposing ^ to assail it now have. t > 117" Through Taylor A. .Maury we have a new _ , i v... r* - ? r??? -- ?? i uunt tiy ururjje r.ikh, em:ii<-a, j?uas Marner, i the Weaver of Raveloe " Published bv the Harper Brother* It ! superior to the "Mill on the i Flow," by the same nuthor, and ha* much of the t flavor of " Adain Bed**." Ths A^iapolis Railroad?The impreeslon [ prevails aroui.d us that full ei^ht miles of the railr^:.d between Annapolis and Annapol's Junction has been rendered lnipasaable This lmpr*Mlor? . Is Incorrect. s {J^T" From ShilJlngton we have Bl?ckv*ood's Magazine for Alprll, and the Atlantic Monthly , ?n<| L*.. ? u ?11 - ?- %m 1 -- - ouu limn .ua^iiiiirie tor .?iay?ail ireati i and Inviting number*. !?/" We art- Indebted to our enterprising neighbors, French & Richntein, for copies of Haitimore, Philadelphia, and New Vork papers in edJ vance of the mail. Maryland and the Troap* for the Capitol. The following letter was addressed yesterday i to Gov Hicks, of Md., by the Secretary of ?*tate : t DvPAKTXkNT oy ?tatk, AprilIKil. ! His Excellency Thus H Hick:i, fiocrnor of Maryland : I Si R * 1 li?v? V nA ' . ?.? ??.. ..u. ti' uui m# ir- 5jtp your rom muniration r>f this n.ornlng, tu which you inform [ me that you have fe't it to i?- vour duty to advise the President of the I nlted states to order elsewhere the troops then oft' Annapolis, and also tl.?t ! no more may be sent through Maryland; find tbat yen Lavs farther ?ui.'>refted that Lord l.vous be i rrqn??ted to act as mediator between the contend, inn parties iu our country to prevent the tiftision of blood. The President d'rec'imeta acknowledge the re?- ipt of tbat communication, ai>d to assure you th*? he bas weighed thecounsels which It contalr.a with the respect wUch be habitually cherishes for the Cblef Magistrate# of the several States, and especially for vourself Heregieti. a* deer.v as any magistrate or cit'iei of the conntry can, that demonstration! sga r.-.t the safety of the tnltK "" ~ " ?? u cAvcusift cparaioiiB lor ILt effusion of bluod. have made it his duty to call cut the force to which vou allude Tb< force now Bought to be brought through Maryland is Intended for nothing but the defense of this capl al The President Lai necessarily confided the choice of the national highway wbich tbat force shall take in coming to tbis city to the Lieut. General commanding the Army o? the I'niied States, who, like bis only predecessor, is not lets distinguished fcr hia humanity than for his ioyal'v. patriotism and distinguished public service. The President instructs me to ndd that the national hlgnway thus selected by the Lieutenant G^ueisl ke? heen chosen by him, upoi: cunsuitation witti prominent magistrates and > ttlzens of MnryUud, as the "ne which, while a rout? Is absolutely noressarv. Is brtlust rrmi.v*! ? ? popalmH rl;l?s of the Stat*. and with the t-nn that tiwuuld therefore be the least objectionable one. Tne President cannot but re?r?em?>?v that there ha?V>?-ii a time id ibeuiatory of uur country 'A Otn a General of the American Lnlon, with forces de ig'tt >1 fur the defense of ita Capital. w*a not unvrlcomti any woere In the State of Maryland, and certainly not at Annapolis, then, as now, the Capital ofthat patriotic ?tate. and then, also, one of the Capitals of the I'nion If eighty ye irs could have obliterated all th* other noble sentiments cf that age In Mar> Und, the Pr?s:dHit would be hopeful, nevertheless, that there is one ttat would forever remain there and everywhere. Th t sentiment is that no domettle contention whatever, that may artae among the parties of this Republic, ought in any caae to be referred to any foreign arbitrament, least of ail to the arbitrament of an European monarchy 1 have the honor 'o be. with distinguish*! conslderatiou, your Excellency's most obedient servant, William H. Tmk Alarm at Aji**rni,is.?The following Is from a letter (dated April 21) received lu this city yesterday: " We were all very much frightened this morning by a steaml>oat coming to the wharf with soldiers on board. Thev were to go to Washing- . lngton As soon as the Annapolis people saw the boat thev telegraphed to Baltimore for th*m to scud troops here to prevent them passing through Annapoils. They are towing tn? Constitution oat Into the harbor, so ss ( be ready for anv troops mat may come. Some think they wifl come from Baltimore by steam boa ta." CT^Mr. Rover A. Pryor, of Virginia, while In Fort 9umter, before the evacuation, aaw In the surgeon's room a drcanter which he suppoerd cootalned brandy, and from wolcb be Imbibed. The decanter contained Itdtd* / Potash, and the surgeon wu obliged to give Mr. Pryor a counterirritant, to save hit life 07 Yesterday forenoon, the Post Office Depart MM, upon being advised by the postmaster at Baltimore that be could forward the the mslls to aod from the Nortb by the steamt>oat. gave bias < directions to exxute the service, by that, or any other practicable means irrTbo Wellafurg {Va ) Herald of tbs 1Mb comes with Lbe linloa flag stlli flying. WAR MOVEMENT*. TRoart at asmiriiui. PriftntlMi far their Re?tstaare?Garera* r Hick* la Ctaaaid Conaiderable excitement whs occasioned in U>!? city last rTMtnif by tbe announcement tbat the Maaiarhuntta Regiment. In command of (Jen b. F. Butler, and tbe iNew York Seventh Regiment, had landed at Annapolla. and that there vraa quite a large military force In attendance to resist their paaaage overland to Washington We learn from a gpntlrnan who was at the Junction at 3 o'clock, and had a conversation over the wire* from that point with the operator at Annapolis, that the troops bad all landed and commenced their inarch, and that the read was lined with Mxrylanders prepared to dispute their pa???ge over Marylaud soil. Governor Hicks bad taken command of the Maryland troops hastily assembled, and his force w;-s said to amount to nearly v!.WX> eUirient skirmishers The distance by way of the l'atuxent in said to be bnt little ovrr'twenty miles to Washington, but the road is sandy and bad for travel. The rails on the Annapolis branch wore torn up, and 11 use of the- road to make a connection In tbat way prevented. There ?ii a company of about sixty muskets at the Junction awaiting tj receive them If they should move in that direction. The schooner Cordelia. Capt Newkirk which reached this port yesterday afternoon from Sagna la Grande, reports off Annapolis, at six o'clock in the morning, the steamer Boston, from Philadelphia. crowded with people, supposed to >?e troop*. The Captain reports further, that tbecitiiens of Anne Arundel county had torn up the Annapolis Railroad to a considerable extent Vtfterday afternoon the steamer Pioneer reached uuc itvui .1 iiuaponi. auu reports I>ln^ off tuat place tbe steamer Boston, having ou board a large namber of troopt, Sbe is a large side- ] wheel stekme r, and exceedingly fast. Passengers on board the Pioneer report tbs't tbey pasted near tbe steamer Maryland, on which was tbe Seventh Regiment of New York. Some of tbe coaipanlta I were drilling on tbe spacious upper deck, whilst the nien belowr were cheering.?Bait. Anerican. I from ansa pol!*- i Ahsapolu, April 21 ?The I". S. frigate Constitution ard steamer Marylai d are new anchored off th? harbor. Col. Butl* r has 1,500 of the Massachusetts troops under his < ommand on board tbe Constitution. Tliey .-re armtd with muskets, cutlasses ar d revolver* Pour li^ld piece* were on tbe Maryland's decks Uefore tbe Constitution was towt d out it ws ap| reLendtd t~i? would ground. The officers of tbe KlkridgeKailroad r! 'i 9U iiU t\ IV ?-Ip nnr?in??? ?? __ ?? *? ui >UC Vid vCUB WTff ready to tear up the trj- k, In o'der to pr< vent Col. Hut'f r from us'nir It. When the Constitution left h- r wharf the kj1<* 'be yard were thr.-wn open and t e citizens entered. iLf yard presenting a warlike appearance Paaail boys were aia'cLipu about with sabres and revolvers their aider ana every face pres-i-ted a solemn and revengeful cast TLe Couitiliitlon Is comni by Captain Rogers, of New Vork >Tr H Harrlaon, one of the Profes?ors, appeared In citizen's dress and will t< bign U morrow. Lieutenants bii' kner, Davidson i>ud t'vo others, will resign on Mo;i(?av. Twenty-two Midshipmen resigned yeslcrdav, end w;il leave for Ihtlr houi?s on Tuesday. Two special trains arrived yesterday with messages fur the Uovernor TLe last one left at 11 o'i lo? Jr p rn.,aM run the track on tiie Washington road All was pnv t;- in reference to thobject of truing, and It 'a :rn}v;ssible to learn whether they wrre from Ualiin'ore or ^'asningtoa. Tue Governor ,;< e8 ibis evening to cher'er the steam-in/ Mervlian*, i-nd to-night fc;r tauilly 1 Iwm le^vt lor iiia r:ra3 in L?'Jfoh? :ter co.uty The city, bv order of tb? Mayor, will he patrolled tonight. TbU evening the officers of the Annsaolis and Elk Rid tit- Railroad Company s-nt out a bu'tt"en train, and took up tt?- tra'k fc-r a considerable distance, tti order that the rotd may not be used by any troops that may h?reaf i r arrive The telegraph i thee at the Annapolis J unction was not taken possession of this niorni.i^ by the (jovernmeiit, as at first supposed. br.t tL? operator v.-a? absent from dutv u^tll 10 o'clock The Suites Rights (juird.Capt Duv/.ll. has just come In. and rej>oru that t^o more cumpa lts<tre 0:1 their way from the 1 hird District. Marlboro.' April it), p tn ?I'very availsble 1113:1 thrt could be raised in the county, and mustered with military companies, has *ane thii id ruing to tftiiuuiore to eld in rt-preMing the northern troops. Fkudkkick. April *2?.Major General Kimmel and Colo.iel Skinner are now et the Hirrarks with Frederick military, by order of Uov. Hick*. VIRGINIA. Wheklisg. April "iO ?Orders have been receiv?d !'r< :n Gov 1 etcher to ?*lie t>i* Ouatom llou?e. but the people of tbli city are itroug for the Union, m l the building waa last night guarded by the Mayor for the United S'atea Tb? people are greatly excited by the aewi. and declare that they will stur.d by tt? .Stars and Stri pea. Hariifr'i P*fr* ? ..1.1 l? *?' w_ ?. , ? J ? ?iv. ?m v?n ucvupiru ujt lure? thousand men, and the greatest excitement prevail* there. NEW YORK. Niw Vokk. April 21, Evening ?The RLode Island regiment. under command of Gov. Sprague, 1.000 strong, arrived here this morning and left in the steamer Coatxacoalcos at suiiduwn The Sixth, Twelfth and Seventy fcrst New Vcrk regiments. composing 3.<U)uien,> marched down Broadway, at noon to-day, fully armed arid equipped. The scene on Broadway w&?perfectly unparalleled. a;:d the mircli wn a pe;f?ct ovation. The crowd wpj estimated at ne:*rly a million of people, who showered their bli^sstnga on the troop*, and exhibited tLe wlidtst ds moustrations of patriotism. The Twelfth Regiment embarked on ihesteamer Baltic, and the 71st on the steamer R R . Cuyler. which left at six o'clock, accompanied by the revenue cutter Harriet J^ane. The latter sal's under sealed orders, probably as an escort The ateamer Columbia also joined the fleet. tUking tiie Sixth Regiment The steamer Ariel will take the Third Battalion of Ritl*-s, of Massachusetts, and some regulars I tie 9X'Kva*T Cbt-sa|>eake took aboard ton* hundred s*ainen. but returned them, the orders being coiinttrinn ded. The harbor wis n scene cf great cxcitement as the fleet left. All the peer*, landing*, abd housetops of this city, Jersey City. Hob<-ken, and llrooklvn were crowd' <1 The Batteru was covered wi'b people, and tboimnos of bo^s salted the fieet as they started down the b&. Flags were dipped, cannon roared, bells rJ.g, star.m whistles shrilly saluted, and thnusai ds t^jon thousands of people sent up cheers of partir.* The steamers Monttcello, Marion, Jtl Ad?er. and Roascke have their steam up re-djto sail at a moment's notire The steamer Par^eribu and the steamers Florin* Hahanm nr.Am.k ........ ?? J of the Savannah line, have been cbartrCd by the Government. 3 It Is understood that the fleet will r? dezvous !n the lower bay and all start n?get).<?r in toe morning. \V. W. Leland, of this city, a large landholder of Texas, whose property thtre h^s beet, conflsca ted. has been tendered and acoepied a Mi or icommUslon in the engineer corps. Ninth Raiment. Archblsbor Hughes, in common with a grent n'jmber of other private rltl/eiia, La* suspended the stars and s?> from tae windows i f his res idence. A larze number of the most respectable citizens cf foreign birth ar* volunteering, in addition to the ??:ular !?i*hand German militia regiments. Tbe same is true of New England The Emmrt Guard, of Worcester, Mass.,)* among the arrivals to-day. The sons of our most wealthy inerrbenis.lawyers. judge* and divines, are enlisted in the ranks of tbe defenders cf tbe I'nion Ksrh regiment which left to-day numbered nearly 1,(HX) men Tar>T, N. V , April 21 ?( Wool wl!l leave to morrow morning for New York, to mak' La', city his headquarters for the department of the F.a?t There was considerable activity at the Watervllet Ar*#ni?l tn-iiau War Sunday la Mew Y?rk [Correspondence of the Prew ] New York. April 21, ?Never Nai New York beheld auch a ?nndav as to-day. From every house top. every store, from tnewludows of almn?t every private awt-Llii*. from the maitbead of fvcrv shin, frnm n.? ? rj vvrif lu uiufactory, Irom all the public buildings. from th<* I Roman Catholic Cathedral, from the lofty anlre of Trinity Church, from St. Paul's Church, the J national ensign la flying. i Everywhere nothing Is seen but the Stars and Stripes. The streets are thronged as on a (gala day. I On everv coat la pinned the r<?d, white and blue j cockade, and In every la<ly's bonnet ribbons of | the same colors were tastefully lied In tLe Park, cannon has been booming at different tlmw during j the day. At tie Arsenal, regiments just ra sod are being formally ortjantzed and eqnipped. At the armories of the Sixth, Twelfth, and Sev- i enty-flrst, from early dawn all was bustl* and J animation preparing f >r the afternoon departure. ' tt the rendezvous of the several regiments, the cred character of the day was ignored and the | maxim realized that in war times there are no Sundays; but, notwithstanding this, thero was nowhere the semblance of rlotousness or disorder. | The police had no duties to perform other than j those of ordinary roatine. At the whirves great j steamers were alive with the buatle of preparation for conveying large numbers of troops In the m m o *?? -?* _ ....... .. UVI, nil* IUC ivrnuicr uicvia, WHO ] troops from R'node Island At the raiirond depot , In Jersey City tbe greatest activity prevailed, and < means of transportation were being got in readiness for moving as many regiments as might present themselves. Young men in uniforms, with knapsacks strapped, were seen leaving luxurious homes in aristocratic parts of the town, prepared to rough It with the rou/hs of Bmter street In defence of , the conntry t lremen wers gathered at their ' eaglb* booses, and busy In doing what tbev | could to help off cwspanlrs who Lad enrolled themselves In Ellsworth's regiment of Firemeu Zouaves In short, ths vary atmosphere was redolent of , war, aud from men's moaths nothing else was w 1 ' pok?a. Th? Wrto of pupl* ?f N'nr York wtre til % low with patriotic, and frlnl?b?rttd, WMk-koN'd men are not to be found. If tbere b? those who would realst tbe mighty current, they are too prudent to let tt be known I Tbe military movement* promulgated tbl* morning arc m follow*: Colonel Corcoran 1* restored to tbe command of ' tbe 99tb (Irt*b)?tb? Governor having dismissed all proceedings dgalntt him. Tbl* create* great enthusiasm among the Iriab throughout the city. The regiment i* to leave for Washington od Tuesday. Tbe Kigbtb.Col Lyon*, also leave* on Tueads y. Ttir Ninth leaves on Wednesday. The Flr#t Rejjiment National Guard, Col. W. j H Allen.will be mustered into the regular service j to morrow (Morday). i Col. Willi Am Wllann'i 7ftu?v? n o/.( * I fwark .imrii?| i.inni trotitf, will be muttered Into the regular service | to-day. Col Abram Duryea'a First Regiment Advauce Guard will be ready for order* to-morrow night or Tueaday morning. Tbe Scott MfeOnard, 1 ,(00 strong. have completrd their organization, and are ready to march. I!y Tueaday night or Wednesday, nine regiment* will have left New York city for Washington. or aiKh point aa they may be ordered to. by the commnnder-lii-chief. VERMONT Bostos, April til ? Dispatches from Middlebury, Bennington and Rutland, VI , report the utmost enthusiasm prevailing among the people, and that volunteers arc rapidly enlisting. A regiment can be raiaed la Rutland alone in a few dava PENNSYLVANIA. HAMUsBtRo, April 20?Virginia Is concentrating her forces rapidly at Harper's Ferry?live tLuiiSdTld tronn* ?rp tn f .?.v?V >UVIC, w UV?C 0U p* posed destination is Washington. Tbe Stat* Administration is in possession of important Information relative to tbe plans of tbe Secessionist* in Virginia and Maryland, which tbev refuse to coa.irunica?e, deeming its pubiicati< it at this time lnconeisUnt -A-ith the public welfare. Fears are entertained that the Marylanders will make a d-moiistration at Cbrtmbersbur;;. and orders have been sent to Franklin to collect all tbe arms In that county and prepare to defend Chamb?rsburg. Three hundred regulars are coming frcm Carlisle

to night. GKN. HKIW iMIIUTV ARR1VPP ? BUM WASHIStToy. Harrisbcrg. April "Jo?Gen Kelm and ?!aff, consist!ug of lien Schaefl'er. of Lancas'tr. Col. Jordan ?>f Dauphin, and Mai Vounv of llerk? I bave been ordered here frotn WatSincton, to j take choree <?f the troops at thi? point. Tbev left 1 Watblneton 'hi* inornirg end arrived tf?-n!ght. 1 travelling eighteen rniie* from Baltimore by car- ] j rlage Judg.- Wilmot accompanied tbeiu I Sherman'* Federal Buttery, alao th- battery of I th* Heading Artillery eonairlng of four piece#, will reach her.? *t midnight. I KhF'IRTS rBf'M CHAMBKRfBrRO ? ATTACK ATtfi- | I'lMlJD-HCSTKRINO Of VnLCNTIliM H AClil'-BCRa, April 21.?private advice* from Cb*mb?rsburg fate that tb?- people are apj.reh- list ve of an attack from the Viro1nt*n? ted it Harper's Ferry. A battery Is to he thrown up to repel invasion. They have patrols out to prevent a surprise. Our ctty Is a vast camp. The streets are crammed with people, and companies marching tn??very dircc!i?n, and martial music is heard on al! tides. 11 arrihbur'v April Ml ?A body of 2.COO men wre thrown forward, by the midnight Irtin, to the 3r?t bridge on the way to Baltimore which ba* be n destroyed, on the Vorthern Central Railroad Tl)<?' 'wd thousand are to h?? followed by 300 regular* from Carlisle, and by Shermnn's battery* of Hying artillery, and 1,000 more volunteers to-day. T?i?? following Ohio compares have arrived in addition to tLo*e previously reported Cincinnati Zouaves. Plckaw.iy Guards Cleveland Grays, CinclnnaM Rovers, Cincinnati Lafay| ette G'lirds, t'ri>ana Rifles, .Mansfield lnder>en<t rtm fc.ach of these companies an* over SO strong, ad many are In a tine state of discipline. 1 The State administration will send munitions and suitable small howitxers and Held p'.ecea to Uhambersburj; on Tuesday. so tpoop* to b?? movkd tili. mit week . Haurisecrij, April 21) ?It is now understood that no troops will be moved from Camp Curtin, In this neighborhood, till the middle of next woclc. a r p. 1V a I. or THREK FUGITIVE* tiom harper'* riBKT. Cijambrrsbuhg, Fa , April 21 ?On the night of the burning of tlie Harper?? Ferry Armor v. four men of Lieut J01 es' command w? re on tiuard and could not leave with the garrison. Lieut. Jones supposed that thry wer- kill'd, but this was not so. They wire taken prisoners and held until yesterday afternoon, when two eac?|>ed over tb* bridge and a third by swimming the river and canal The other remained at the Ferry The | thr^ f'loiHtrut -4 * . .fc..... I ?^u urrr 11 OT.iock ifcli | t incrr.lng. Tbey report that the d"*truction of the armory bulldlngaand arm* wan complete [ !*lx or aeven thouaand Virgin'.ana were there, nnd live thou.and more were expect" d laat night froni Richmond, under Col. Lee. There la evidently ? design of Invading .Maryland, and rua king Moami ai.d Dixon's line the sceue of warfare. camp rcanx. HARRi^Bt'Rft, April 21 ?The following additional Olilo companies hive arrived here:? Lafayette Guards. 100 men; Dayton Light Guarda, In') men; Z'tnenvllle Guarda. 100 men; i*teubenvtlle Guards, lUO men. Also the following additional Pennsylvania troops: ? Union Hluf*, Cheater county. lOOrnen; PttuhurgTurner Rllles, t-0 men; Fourth Company cf lrankiin county, 7? nit ii. The Fifth Company of Franklin county will arrive to-morrow Sherman's battery h.n ;trrived, comprising 6j men. They are lying at the outer depot. Lieut. Porter. and other military officers of the quartermaster's de?>ar.m*nt, arrived to-day from Washington to organize tiie troops. Thousands of our population h<ve Wen going to the camp all day, and 3,<?D men were under drill. There were 2,550 men In camp last night, comprising thirty oornpan'rs in all. Six thousand stand of arm* reached here from Pittsburg tills morning. They were carted to Camp Curtln. Three Ohio rompanieit, the State Feneibles, men; the Light Guards, from Portsmouth, 100 men, and the Zouaves, from Springfield, 60 men, have reached here and marched to the camp to await further orders Five hundred more came this afternoon. The troops in the camp are drilling constantly and the camp has assumed a BDlrited snllttan an. pearance Captain Williams, Brigadier Cotrm*ndlng, issued orders to-day placing the camp under strict military discipline Coriespokmcsce.?The following correspondence, l'v telegraph. took place on Sunday between John W.Garrett. Esq . President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and Mayo: Br iwo : Baltimore, April 21, 1861. Hon Geo. Wm Brown, Mavor of Baltimore, at Washington:?'TLree thousand northern troops are reported to be at Corkeysville. I itrnse excitement prevails Churches have Koen dismissed, and the people are arming in n.ass. To prevent terrific bloodshed, the results of your interview and arrangements are awaited [Signed] John W. Garrett, President Washikotos. April 21, 1861. 1 25 p m John W Garrett, President;?Vour telegram r v*>A nit ah? ?&fn?n ' "* ?. .nw> ??? ou imrrTiew Willi the President, Cabinet, and Gen Scotl. Be ca'.m, and do nothing till you benr from me again. I ret irn !o tee the Pr?*ident at one-, and will telegraph again. Wallis, Prune and Dobbin are with me. fSj^ned] Gao. Wm. Blows, Mayor. W*!>hixg?o!i, April il. 1881, 3 15 p. m John VV. Garrett, President: ?We have stain seen tbe President, Gen Scott, Secretary of War, and other members of the Cabinet, and *kt t*oopt are ordered to return forthwith Is Hnrrisbnrg d < muttnger goes icuk us from Gen. Scott. We return immed ately. [Signed] Geo. Wm. Blows, Mayor. fT?4 PahMam>I. Os-* A ' * - * \,^r wuicuciaic ovavcs uo^ QU OftH TSIIOQ ftl Auaapolla. [Y^?COMPA\Y D, NATIONAL GUARD?, J/3 ATTENTION.?'THe member* of thu oom any will m-ft At ?h?ir armory, potnmaa Hah, I. and ) THIS EVENING, at 7K oVnok. Per sous dcairou* o< joiniug are invited to attend. It* Y5?RKCRUIT8 WANTED.-A meetln* took JJJ plaoe iMt evening at the European Hotel ?xp. esainK the wish forming aoompany of French % d lta tanv called Uariha'di Company. Peraona wihinit t-> join the compan* will oall *t the af?rela'-i H >tH at8 ..'cif.uW THH KVEMXB. It* yy?HOMK GUARD!*.?All peraona favorable Jot *o ,he formation of a military oom^any for Ehe defenae of tlie oity, and t > ( ? attached to the Union* reque?te?l to meet at F rankli'i Hall, oomer of Niutli and D at*., (entranoe on 0 at.,) THIS (Monday) EVENING, at 7*6 oolock. The Company will meet every evening until far fh*?r n/itine up & 3f MANY CITIZENS. TTSp-oNE hijnured volunteers Jof wanted for service in the Diatriot of CoFTinTbia. Apply t? the ooruer of Tenth and E, old Medical College, first floor. ?p 17 V NOTICE. IRGINIA JVinney Liken at yar for *11 debt* da* me. A>o. uik n for WOOD asd COAL, delivsreJ to any p*i t ol the oity. solomon stover, ap I3-lw oornrr 21?t ai.d 1 sts , First \Vard._ All good bank notes taken at par! PANIC 1'KICES-PAyiC PRICES! Ladles about to laava the city vi.l find at our itore? rrav*'i&4 Du?Wr*, Gauntlet Gloves, Travelling Cloaks, Traveling Bonnets, Trsve ing Smmiks. Straw Hats. Traveling Coals. biraw Jockeys, l.iaan *nd Dimity S*ts of Collars and Sie. tw. And many aewaad desirable poods at pan o pi lost, at MAXWBbLV ap?? 326 Petutsylvaaia aveaae. Ovnca or StcusTAiT er **?* *4 *M AfrU B, 1Mb \ fx Pcm?a*c* lecmlim * *?d *>*? n? appropriations f>r ?noi o\ b en n*u? !? lrol?ded in the i<*i apP'' >rlm. tn.a bil.s without au'h<>rity of l??. *2 6* a*<1 prorwe lor ? -UJi incidental expen-??of partaenU and effioe* of th* Go??rnmoct, M.d lor ot;>?r p.irp >? ?. ' approrrd ir.f Sbth of At?uit, lMS, i<g fj pmponv* will h?, received at this Offlo# until l'? n'3loo? a. m. on Momat. th* ?<"h "I Mky ne*t, lor furrlktiiBf the followmit artic ea 01 8titler.ery f??r tie us# of the Senite. >vc* ?'"r '* IM k. , f >l' ? - "* * " " " "?? vcr p I rj! V?m g, ?UU ?f? ?ppr:,TT-v| 11J %*+ ??V?retAry, Cla.if N? 1. VrheeM prepare pn'ohi-nt, 16 b* 2i inch.?? square, vf the very oett qua it'. p*r hMt 2. 3 e~c o'Bini piper, rtry month ar.d thick, ? > 19 in?hM *U? trimmed. per raun 3. 50 rwrai o*rtr dte ??p?r, v?rw t uth, ?nd with very aniojth surtace, JP &f tU lucie* rqnar*. and to m-i .gu not iee? than 42 p tai<?J* io the ream, per ia&m 4 2"0 r??nn cartridge pap?r, very tongh. ard with very arnoo'h surface, ;3 < y I active ounro urtH rn ??i,k i ?r tn ti?n n ? >uiirHi to the rea.m, per ream S. *0n reams cartfidae paper, very touch, and with very smooth aurraw, 19 by *4 laebea squire.a^d to weich not lea* than 23 pounds to tba ream, per ream ?. 2UI reams a-jft wrapping pa Mr. p?r ream 7. 100 packares *?ajettr's medicated p*per R 19 rr>*ma ? h i ta w.Aan ni n*r aalin ftniaV ruled, of the Terr txxt quai tj,p?r ream 9. 7Sr?*mi luts cap paprr, aatin fir un, ru ed. of the very be*t quality, |*r ream 10. 10 ream? whi'e cap paper, eatm hnrnh.ofth? very best qua.ity. plain, per ream 11. 140 r^aine a cite cap paper, aeuond quality. ruled, per ream 13. 20 rrams white cap pap?r, aeo* nd quality, plain, per ream 13. Srr'ama wla'e Pocket jK>a: paper, rwlrd. jer ream It. 4 ream* white Commercial poat paper, ruled, per ream 15. IV ream a white qnarto |<>at piper highly g'aied atd hard ua ei.dered, gilt, rued, anl to weigh not :e?s thau 9 pjuuda to me rea :i. p?r ream 16. 20 r< ami waite 4to po >t pepar, huhly ?laz?d and hard calendered, silt, p am, a d to waigh not !e?a than J pouadato the ream per ream 17. 3 ream* tmall rice white l*tt>r paper, hirh'y elated ard hard cai*udfr-d. plain, per ream la. 25 f^mii a lute p-?*t pn?< r, h gh:j alazed ano nam ca enaeien, m t. ?>, a.iu 10 weigh i.ot !e?s than 7 pound* to U? reein, per rrarn 11. in ream* wait* Bath pout p? rer, hirh'y g.*2-d and h&ri1 calendered, g It. p!ai.i. aud to weigh r <?; letis than 7 pc-andc to tho r?am, p?r ream 20. 5t>ain? white Bvh ^<>?t paper, ru:<*i, with b.iwk b uder, per ream 21.10 rcaaia anih*r Bath pottpap?r. htibW glazed at.U hard oai*t.<ltreU. nil ruieu. i?er ream ?*. y rca.mii trhitt racket no?e paper, Y a hi r rlswed Hi d hard ea1<?nd?ied, *ilt, r?i!ed. ?#r rep in 23. 10 reams white 1'acket mt* paper, hicb'f ciaz<*d &rx' iiard oa;- ndered, t !t. p ain. per ream 24. ? >' ream* rrtnte !a:<1 Comneieial rot-* paper, iiigliijr r 9zed and iia*<| calendered, KrIt* i tiled, p*r ream S5. 75 ream* int.' '.aid romm'rca! nst* paper, tnehij *!ared and h<rd oa.ocdered. ?i t. plain, p?*r ream J> reams 'hitr. Mnali r. ze. thick note paper, hi?tU-y elazed and fiarl eaiendered, c1 >t. p!a'a per cam 27.10 reams em'ier note pa?er, hithly'A a~d harU caleiiuored, ti.t. rulm!. pei roam 21. ri?a> efauc* uote rater. i>?r ream ?). HO sheets thick i-loll?&f p*.per, per doz?*n ?> 2 resin* re*l bloitmj p*p?r. par ream 31. S dozen o&p portfolios, v tb>ut lock*. per dvzeu te. 8 doz n quarto portfolios, with oik*, pe' dozeu ^9 #5 r?i / 't'lnk Sonhrs nuapt/i ?.i r aah oover.oo ilia i.g 4 iuir<*? each per dczco 34 ") duzea :ne*ncranouni bvoks, ot'mvd size, morncoo covers, obtaining 2 qai'es ee- li. per d"Z9ii 35 S dt z-u si a', size memorandum bocks, me ruooo eot'Ti. pt-r aozen 35 4 doz-n scan b*>ok*, q nario sizeperdrsen 37. 6 dozen re: ere.-.ce file t><?a fin, per dozen 1*1.1 dizeii parent letter file", per dozen id. 2 doz n mtra large pearl Laud!e knives, per MM 4<i. 15 do.en fcnr-l> ade p-nkoives, pearl handles, sliver ti| prd. per dos *n 41. 12 dozen imal! two biade penknives, pearl haud ee, silver tipped perdoz?n 42. B doxen k>ur-biade penknives, buck handles, tipped, per d' zjn 43. 3 dozen i?ory-ha?<ile rrirj'ee, per dozen 44. 3 d< z?n pvirs ol offio? sue*r* per dozvn 4 >. Id d? zen pairs *ciB3ora, per d?z?n 46 7 do*-n j,?-arl ioMera, per cozen 47. 18 duz>n ivory t < d?rs, 9 inches Ions and 1 inon wid -, and to wfii;h not le^s than ? ounces t<> the muen. per dosea 43. 6 Cozen erge size a<ate ha- die slat ps, rr other* of equai i4':a..iy.f >r r> tes, par dozei. 49. 8 d< z?n lii.a 1 size at ate handle stamp*, or others oi equal qualify, lor notes.per dozen 50. 1* dozen lauoy out g:a?* paper weights, per dozen 51. 2 dozen p ain cut glass paper weight*, per dozen Si. 4 dozen bronze paper weights, or otheraof equal quality, per dozen 65. fi dczen i rouze tar?r ataada. or otb?ra of equ*l quality,per dozen 64. S "ixen bronze iet^r (I p?, per dozen 55. tt dozen bronze veeta ir auii safe*. o&"h Ooa tAiuing 150 large size vaz matches, p?r dozan Is. lu rounds of ww taprrs, 4) to the pound, per pound 17. iarg^ s:ze w.ix ma'ches, in tic boxes containing Si*1 s^h, per M 56. 25d< z*n or-'pe iiuit penci s, with box ofiaads tor.Nott. P r di<z-u &. 24 dcrau black lead peril's. Fair's No. 1 auo *, or others ?>f lik- quality, p.-r dcxen W. 24 dcz-n rx] and b:ue pen. us. per doz?n 61. S dox?n ink with cut g!a?? stands, fjr ink and a*;id. ti? i.?ie rn-t \1 t<>p* with hinges, and rnetnl pen i.icke per dozeu 6?. 2 dozen extra large sizi cu'- gia?a lukstandz, par < oze.t 60. 6 dozen larg* aize cut g'ass inkstand1, par dnxsn 64 3 dozen sj>r n? or ccrevtop inkstands, per dox ii 65. 8 dozen smvi size fancy i k?tands. perdcun 63. H MM cot e %?h ink?t*r.dc, IV inuhnasaua e. witu in- ts. hin?e tup*, tor aw k?. p?r <u z n 67. 6 dos-n ojt k e&udat&nds, i\ inon-a v nil nuoal tops, or de.-ka, per dozen (U. S d. i >n wood ??n<1 boz ?, j>or doz^u ft?. 6 qoz 'n piec?s ei k ttete, pur dozen 7 t. d ,z m red tape No jer dozen 71 75 do*ju red tape. No. 19. p?r doz*-n i. anorfosen ted tap", Mo IS. per d? zon 73. 2 pimi.dt, unite rubber, 4J pieces toIke poucd, p~pound 74. f poub's b ack !n<*ia rubber,40 pieces to the pound per p^nnd 75. 2 dozen pe.ioil rubbers, per doz*n 7s i t d- z*u cloth pen wipe's per dozen 77. 2 dozea iron pen r&ak*. per dczan 7?. dozen Uillott'a black ?*?n quill etee poae, per d^ren 7?. 15*' <1? zeu 1' inea's ltkrie barrel steel pens, per dr zon 8?. 15f?4?.zrn Perrj'* larje barrel steel pens, per doz-li ?1. GOdozou Pair.ea'a rthsII ba*re' steel pen*, per dozon 82 100 dozen GiiSott'e email barrel ateel peoa.per doz *n Rj. an dozen ateno?rapluo sts* pens. ?er dnwi 84. #4 dozen piMn.e. lung point pena, per d<z?n H>. 72 dozen al: at* loan poiijt pena, p*r dozen 8>. Ii"" corea c!*ot o cut loni poiut pena, per dozeu 87. <*idoi.en G-'lott'i"*" pent, per dozen 86. tjOduzeu 'trrj'e eieotio gut c.a?iea! peua, per dozen M. 84 dozen Perry'a elaetio ?me, No. *7, per dozen 30. 15? dii :U Phinca'e New Vork Commercial pan", per uozen 91. S5" dozeu M'lnonard A M< hon'a Bank pena, per dos u Hi. 40J doz u I'oirj'a tfcree point pens, in boxe? containing **o or Ui ee doj-n each, per doz*n P3. 2S0 dozen Perry'a fin? pjint pena. No 33, per dozan 94. 100 di zea Phineft'd doubln spring pena, per doz*n 36. iy> uozen Peruvian psna, per dozen jo. i9u u l-m rnine*? mivi (lit pens, per <losen H7 6ft dozen other ste? 1 peua. p?r doz-?n 98. * drsin fancy pea handles, per dosen 9T*. at dozen ste*l upps t pea, per dozen 100. o>dcz-n ier?e l>?rreipen h indies, roMVood, per dozen 10!. 2,(KM quiUt, No. S\ per M ins. 2 (?X) quill*. No. W, per M ltd. 8 ouoquiu pens, No. 80, in boxes containing25 each, per A1 104 1 di zan tin paper folders, per dozen Sl('.s 15 dozen pat bottiee of foivk ink. per doses UK. 50d<>nn Half p.nt bottles of blaok ink, per dozen 107. 1 dozen until bottles of red iak, per dosen luf 6dez*n boxes smail si?? transparent wafers, per di z?n 1(4. 12 uozooxes fanoy motto wsfsrs, per dosen 1.0. AO p unu? red wax,twenty itiokstothepound, in >? pound boxes, per pott d lit. 7 dr*ju sina.l boxes tenoy itx. par dosen 12. fco dusea jars muoilaxe. with metal tup and brukO io each, per dozen lis. 2 dosen bottles Ppaaldinc's prepared cine, per dozen 114. 6 dosen morooeo-oovered timki. n 9)? mebeti Kuvt, and mohea deep, vitii locke, to be in all roapeciM like tiie aaiupie at thie cAoe, per dozen 115. 8 dosanemlH>M?d fa?cr bo.xea, U mono* by irchea ?<jaaro&nu 5 incite* deep, per dozen lift. 2 doz*n erat>oaaed paper boiea, 8 inohea i y 5 ioohea square Mtd >H Inch deep, pardoaaa 117. 3 dosea ru era, 16 inoaee m length, round or flat, per tlczea 1H. 60 dozen InJiR lubber l anda, 1 iLcfc mda, per loan 119. It* pound* IjMt blaek sand, la 1-pound p?perat Cpoua. white adheaive envel??ea, rery irnooth and thick, IPX inehea by tH inohea nuare, per M 121. ItyUGO wh?n adheaiva envelope, for lrttera. verjr ami nth and thick, tH mchea by tuou^a c(|u?ro, i?i t . | 122. S.ono white adheaive envelopes, for l*:tera, very smooth and thiol, PH itohoe by 4 inohea square, ?r M 123 S0,0i? white adhesive eaveJopea, for letters, very tmcoth aad tbiok, tfc inohea by icobee t^iiare. per M lS4.3S.ion whim adhesiv envdopea. for letters, ver* a'tooth and thiok, H* mohes by >3% inches sqaare, Fer M 12S. T?,CU0 wtuta adbetive ?av?lopea. for letters, very smooth sod thick. 5>? inohes by I luehe? >a?sr?, per M iy. white adaesive envelopes, very eaaouth thick, to suit the paoket i.ote paper, psi 1ST. 70 ano whil?- adhesive enveicpae, verj rmootb and'aieft, to salt taeoomuerciai act* paper, par M i 12b. au,<M> wbiti adhaaira ?uvel<jpee, veo smooth aad t^ie?,tusuii iheawai) ?ise a>u-yayer, i 1?. 2,(*?r long white adh?ahr? envelope, vert aaeoth and thiok, to aait pote paper, per It f | 4 I i j I lit. )6,*x ^r*"c ft t* (lit tht fcae? t+f ^ in. ' .WO white Mil* ivteftranr^M), >fM Uft- S.Bnn wiute MKmI^ v?rT ai*oo?k WKl UMt.fH wokN i T 5V ireh* qatrt, I?? ?>(*i h?C oolored Wl ?tn > >.h aad th>okt ?s ineh?? >\ laob*, ?q tare, for dx*n roeiit.. fr M 195 IS*.""*1 ' uff colored enre < p*e. tot a^>?wira Tfrj ??notti end thick,*S incboe tiy s\ nefr r* i(?r dooamenu. p* M 1 fc. lull C"l r?l -f m. not t^haair* very moot'-. anC thiol. 7 inch??b? i^ofe ee square, for doanjente, f+r M 1J7. 5,0ft' amber oulored v1he?iv? h;-*oh?, er? inooih ae<: tniec. to auu the tit a r>rf. ??r M 13ft. (XliorM M'MITf O?src,o?a?. Ml tno >th an-i thiok. to mit th?> notr pm M Th? a iho?ir< mw opoa mast bo * omKHd aa tor* ??rh vole of ih* v( tt? Bf tin* act f pprovod Jin*n, I M.ttif 9*or?Un of th? Vonato u * dirootod Hi cnhr.o bia pur -ha*** so.uvivolf to artioioa <?( Uia <rowtt< au4 manufacture of th# I'ni tod ^at?>*. proncod ti.a tine oat uc pr<'?uicfj oi ftu.ii fi'wiu ?U-J N u isriNrv r* tunable qyaiitr, an<1 at rra??r *b jri?*a, ifnt % Rood erri* a* to quality and priea as can s# of t?in?d of foreign crowth aod mMaJt^tur* " a ?reter*nre witi thrrelore t?* | ivm to lh? frodtM tion* of Am>-n *an ibduatry; and a ! per?ona iuak'n? Erop<<ta!a to rupp T anr article will "fata wl*e?fi*? heaarneiaof .it* crowtf and u annffccture o( tfc* l iil'td Matf? Tti? ar:io ir.uat be delir?r#.l at the o?oe of th* fMf-Urj o? the Sei at* at \N a? oa, fr?e of oifirrt or t-efor* the Ml of JU'ie r.eit. Every articli tnuf bt rj tn, very but ?Mm>lest an * ferior artitl* it rf. led for It is estimated that the ^naatitm aSora mer tinned will be r*q<iirfd for (ha lira* ?ea?ion; Mth A ria ht la r Aa arwlul I t tka ? mm t.t .. & _ Ma w irhow ? u ' ?uv i -v\j i rh? i j wnn , U p i givirg rt?<uiiil > notioe, any add u..|ia! quant tie' during that K^anor. or for any aubeeqaei' cMion ?f the Ihirtf-tittk Cong raw. A euiicieat peoimeu of eachartic e p m p,f?t (of papei h& t a quire ami of e;.v<*.op<<a /> la ac compm r tii? ptopca.!. and to be nia'kel W.fh tn? nft.o" o! the propo -er ?nd the pr:oe f the art.ale. aud of paper the w:<htper ream The Tt?.? ? < e*eh artic e specified in t'ie for- emu I. ? wi i. he deemed a olaa* , and the pernon < flt-riDic to 'urniati any au~he'aa? at the price iqaality an* eiarred) will rrneive & c. ' tract for toe aam* vn executing a t?o d. Kith tw> or in.-ra anrotiea eaUe factor* to the S? cretary i f the ? :.ata f r the per thereof, under a forfeiture . f twioe U < o imraot prio?, in o\a ? f ftilure. w'-ion bout! ta tc be hi -d la tt?e tii it of tiie m d t*ecre:ar? with te-> iia? ? a!tt r tii ' pri.po?a rave lie?n acr'f'e-J. If aii) a't c e eo:i>.raoi'd for ?:iou<1 not !> ??e li*erej within the time aiipu at/vi. or aiion:?j inf <rior in auy re..?>?ct t ? ?h- a tmp.e. t??> Uui; if th'c >:it<aotnr wi ? <? pu' >a ?u<t Frip< a t.a niiou d t?? en toraeJ "I'fi p"?%.a ftir U?>>? . a f..? f h* Ur - - ? ? ? - - - ' - ?? '14 I ? '"I Uir . rjiBir, 1% (1 VU !? " Ql 1 fin. V* th* Seorotary of The 8-iiate * W* hnt*u>o Pro?t?*a ai.d - |?-*o:* iuU?? hJ de V. thetfli e fir of A!?BL'HV WCKIN'. !*w4w 8?ere'.%, j <>rtb?Sai.? ? 1 . P AUCTIOX^SALKB. _ Br WAL1< t BAKNAKU. Aaotiocoer*. ST"CK ??r A J KWfcl.R Y KSTAB' ??' Ml? I AT ACf'TIO. ? On WKI>NhPD%\ MOKM5*i. 24*h instant, a'. l?> oe.ock, we w, ??il at the et<i * ?i P* ?v(nu?, n.Ki?f Ik* NtUot* Motet, the stock ?'f^e%?j;r? aad P'?te?1 \V'are?,cin hra?in<? Cora , <; oldstor.e. Car\&o, Jet. La*a. M aw. Ca? lnu'".'*, <Ju? y. i and .Miniature **ete. A spier did a*s rtmeet of K*> Pu.?? Mw!ioi>?,!ll?,r?C ap*. Neck CliMO-, 1 Ao"eiithe d:tF-r*:.t n!w( Bn?*onsakrv?elet? tV trr<e. Aii<a. a> iHofinwiitcl P ated Wa?*. fr'<rn %* tabkiiiiMDt c M?if{ri * Brnt'ier. *h*r> there it noitaut Loter m^ufio'ured >p W? 'e. Glass Show Cmw, And a v*'jfttr of t-eaat ful *?v?i r cmre ?r4 Mlf i*tu ran.o?. Term# oa?h. ^ , YET AIT L U i D V i D H A ' nrp.' ?? n u u a i> in * abi/i auc-? Ht (iRKKN ft WILLIAMS. Aaotion^r*. Excellent household AND icitcb*N Fd JUTCBK *M> ?*1A>C K OHTE AT AOiTlfMi. On 1 Ht'KSDAV, ttl?2> h i-itiaut. we aha I Ml a? thereat eeof a ?ent ?*man doolt-ta? hoenekeep lu, N?. 4'i t K)?vCLth at., west aide, n-ar the oor n?r of n at., at l?? o'clock am. as ejo Ilect ae aortmeutof cetilj ne* Portnt?-e. vt* Excellent Piano K'>-V. mad* by k Cc eeven ootave. M*iiugaar Mahoita? ard Wala^tf fit, 5of? BMitwd, Sprint ftiid Rockibf ChMre. M?hoca')) Marhie U-pCen'er Ta'^aM any Dime* I'lbirt, MatiogunT l>re*.ai g *nu other Hnr*at>?. Waaii a->! other S'aod*. f Fine Steel Lnfavioca ? J*nnT and o ner BM*Wad*. Feather Hed?, Bo^irir ami \tattreaa*a. fcxoej er.t 'I hree p!r, Cl.amt-er and Waif rl'!? >, Oi Cioth and t ra?h. CHna, G and On-eker* Ware. Mantel Cl'*k, COukma, Radiator and other ftova. An aH?< rtment < ( other artiolea which we deem unneeee*ary to emmerato. T Arm A fi h a > Ail * fmm a,/4 a if a'd """* 'oVe'eN WILLI AM P, Apc*. Bi GR FEN & WILLIAM^. Au?noi??f%. yo. 326. ccmrr 11* mn4 D strmtt. rXCELLE>T HOUSEHOLD AND KITC.? ?i 15 Fcasijrait at Ac? nun ?On W EDNfc* DAY MOKNlNO.tba ^4rh miU'ut.r. lOo^eiooi. we shall ?el! at the r?*i<JeDe? of A. Grer?ry. Enj . No. 3JT Thirteen'*, t?*twewi H at>?fJ west ?>< o, &b fxoeilent A?s<r tmerit of FurnJt?sr?. II: Mah(-ca&f Sofar. Chair*. Ta'. e?, Dv> iires* %ud other M><reau?. uo MaUle u p Center Ta1 e. Can* and oth?r Cnai'*. Painted Cottage nn<t two Chtn.'ier Seta, Cott*ee and olner B- U?>. ui, Bur and ^Uu-fc Mattre-se*, heather Pi.lowear.d Hfd'u.f. Look nir nasi>c?, A arr'.roto*. WaabitaWI* ?M Wi. dow ?%<!<; . ^hiuv Glass a~J ' rockery Ware, Tt'i e Cai'ors Md Ca'Ierjr, , Par.or, Cl.amh.r and Suur Carpets aid Mattmt. Cooking acd Air- icatM^re*. W ith a, po"d \<tt *<f Kitohen R*qtneites. and ma"-other art.cJes wMch we deem nuneeesear? 'r> enumerate TermB ca-n in ourre-t fads. Sala p"?tti?a. ap ?#d G R r. EN i '.ViLlt * >1" .Mot/ Ht J. C. MoUL'IRE A C<t A?oti'?neers I^!'HMTI!fl t' a vn vl-ltptu ? ?? __ v ..... ? w <?jl< nn 1/ t,r r ouir ur irir? r Hot**" 4T PtBUC ACCTr?M.-V' THURMIAY MOKM\fi,Arri!J'tli.?t I"oVk. lit the" Fmpire H"uik?. * ??n Penn. avenue, betw*. r> SJ ai.d 4S streets, ?e sha'i aeil the entire Furc. tnreano Kifett* e^cNprinn*? R i"w<? d ace Piano Fort*, Mahocany Sofa, Tier Tables. Do and < aue seat Chairs, L"un*e, Window Curtain* *uJ Shad**, 17 Carpet*. Oilcloth* and Stair Carpet*. Dine* '! ab e, Sideboard. 19 IJcjptead* of v?n.>?i kioas16 K*<atn?r Bets. iioistersand r:i2nwf, H?i: aud II im* M&urecs* -. *tov?*. C"*i?ib*T Tal- ee, Wa?fc?tand*. Crock-ry and*i!a*a Wa t. l?')leCai #n. Tor?ih?r with a ceu?ra< a*sortmeu? of H*>nwhr>'i Furn:t?'re a> <1 Lff * ?. Term* c*ih in oorreut fn*'di? apl;?d J C. MoGTIRE ft CO A?et*. . By J. C. MoGl IKE ft CO.. Anctioi ?m TRUSTEES' SAL'" OF FRAMK CWKLLi!*? Hocit Asrloi.- 8y v rtue of a de?*<! in trust t ?& n * dsie -ti 'be U'h da? <t AnrnM. wv1, recorded in i.iber J A 8., No. 1*4 folio* 4K.e? sea.,the ?u!<e<srih#?r< will sell. at pc'-lte sale. < Tu Kt*i?A Y. the iltt a&y of Map, l**?l. at 5 r'"lwl p. m.. ou the premier. part if t<ot 4. in ?quare No. XI f-oni'nc IS fM on North K street, tnur#?? l't an 111 ?t'eft* a-.-.'t b? 1? eel deep. With the improvement*. onsuunc of a comfoit*.le twetory frame swelling l?u?e. TerM,*: One anird ca?!.; and balance in (tod 12 month*, rt r a?te? Lea- u t mtere?> trom day of sale, secured by a deed in trust upon in* p;upert?. an, if not compiled with in 5 da?s after the *a)e the Bparty will be reeold apnn one week'* nonce, at riak and expense of the purchaser. All eon*** anciu* at the expense of the purchaser. CHAS, J. WALLACH./ TtbiUM E. C. MORGAN. \ *'? ap 19-2awftds J. C. MoGUIR E ft CO.. Auots n A **? ^ UALBXiSTS: UILCLOTHB1 MATTIHQS! Havinafull confidaaca in li* parmanaaay of Ck* aeat of Oovarnin^ut. boa?bt our atui aapp * of HOt'rtE FURNISHING GOODS. whioa *r* arnvin* dally. Parti aa fctUac ay for Ua? a?nr? mhou will find in our rooraa a oompiaia Maori mant of BkrMiu,Tuin-rLY,lMa4m us Vmr'u CARPETISGS; OILCLOTHS, LACE CU&TA1NM, ABB WINDOW SRADBS . With U?a Boat Bratda of feTR A W MATTING*. In Wkit* mmA Gaiari. All tha abora (ooda v?r? bvurkl ?t low rttH. and Will l>? aolJ at pnoaa to ??it tha timaa. L. F. FERRY A OO., 1>?W Rooma. ''Pom n?rdi?? " ?P JO ?Uf Cor nor ?t. llOM?Y SifiifB WANTED aopeon hall! fc?** 'OC* ajid-A HALF ST. muPothkd a-h>lf 8t. U??*K* Pock A?D A* Air ST. *?? E?S?YLTAIUA Ar*|fV?, A?t PnHTLUNU AVIKtl, FASHIONABLE CLfllHl".'""" PtsaisSiBtl iltSiWIIgll iiliSifKS itmmxa AtttiKoSioft: PI ANUS FOE RENT.?A nmt la?Ut ^jf IHwjos, Mnbrtoia* rj ?Iim iM^ni at?)* mm! k?*. i" m* kf ?fc? wSfffwl ?* zzSak, JET I