Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWST^ ITTTlrugt Tnx &txa to printed pa the fMWl Mam pr?^i in nap south of Baittmore, Its edition 1? *o laiy* m Vo require It tc be pat to pre* at an I aarlv b?nr, Advertlaew^to, tlwimfor*, should be ent In before 12 o'clock m.; atherwiae tbey may Mt appear cntli tfae next dav. 1*otic?.?Pistrirt of Colombia Advertisement! <? be iuw d In tbe Baxttmore 8rs are received rt and forwarded from Thk Stab 0?<^e. CiTl CocsciL, April 23 ?Boori e/ Ald*rmrn ? A communication wu received from tbe Mayor. announcing bit approval of an at* to supply a in t>?? appfopriatton for medicines for ?be poor of Washington BfUa for the relief of Jo*. A Fletcher; to grade and gravel ti street north, between Fourth and Fifth street* wes', authorizing the construction of drop aewr In the alley on the north aide of Pennsylvania avenue. In square No. 234, and Iter other purpose*, were p?M?d. The Asylum committee wm discharged from h? farther consideration of the communication ?f Jihn H Noyes, asking f r an Increase of compffltttlo# A Joint retclntJcn authorizing the Chief of Vt-ilce to display the national flag daily on the f'itv Hall, from sunrise to sunset, until otherwise ordered, was passed; aiso, a bill for the relief of 'i?> S Stiifnrd. - _ * ? tavnni.?ipon calling the rcll no que rum iK?1njf present, Mr. Ober moved '.o adjourn till next Monday night. Mr \\ llsou hoped the motion would not prevail, -as the rent of the hoard would probably be in soon. The Chair sta'ed that the hour of half-paxt seven had arrlv^, end many were al>?ent H>j had trKd that a^r-ral timet and had concluded not to buinor delinquents anv longer. Mr Rdnioud>toii thought it was not right 1o p??? ? scan judgment upon those wto were absent. Sonse had been unexpectedly called from the city 44a 1 should be excused. The motion to adjourn was then put and carried. Thb WorsD*d ^olpikk*?The soldiers of the Massachusetts regiment Injured in Haitiuin-e 1-^st Friday, are t<*ttin^ on Unelv, and will scon V>* iblc to join tfc^ regiment. Yesterday thn?c ol the men, Reed, Wltherlon. and Ferry, joined their companies, and others are expecting lo uo to-dav They express themselves as being highly pleased *\i"4. t h th^i P nppflf nt ni""*4"* ? -* " * * r ami speai DigQiy ?'I the care of those rcntie?;?ed with the 1 uttrmiry. All art anxious to l?e with their comrade at soon ?" possible, and are particularly desirous cf iet"lnijuptbe o!<* score with ibe secessionists, If ' tbe r* should v,?. ,-x brush Yetterday, John I'ara. a member of ths Washington Artillery, of Polts. ' v.lle, P? . vm placed lrt the Infirmary, suffering j f'ont ?3 attack of erysipelas R. Rcdyson, a ^^tr'oer of toe same company was sent bome l.rst fcvening. having been attacked with iiifl*nia?jon Y>f tbe lining The remainder of the Pennsylvania nt 1 ?Tf- \a k?>' <1 li-a'.thand spirits, and en joying them elve* hu^e'.v. Some of them visited Pass tkis Tr.orning. but a* W was rit-cesasry that he should It kept quiet, thty remained but a shott time Kxpctsios from VmeiXt*.?Last Saturday netices were posted turouifii talrfnx comity, Va., warning all northern persons to prtpirc to take ie oath cf allegiance to tie f late or leave in tiftc-en days Many are now on their Way North, leaving their ft nut Slid persona! property entirely 'he mercy of th* ?ece?^lonlsts As yet no permiiiil violence has been used , but many h<ve been threatened, and the women and children are living in great terror. Ou Saturday, the rifle rangers under Capt Staart were told that the t!ui?> r r rtec'sive action Lad arrived, and the? n-.usl prepare'h? nr.stives fcr hsrd service. This nt-wj 1 was unpleasant to many, aEd prominent men en j rtenvortd togtt-rfl tLeir (tons, but Cap* ??uart told tbem tba< U*ty hid none too m:::y anyhow, ?tnd they cuuid not be spared. Tbe northern men -ire thrtrter*d with being impressed into service ' if they are nut out c f trie State in a hurry The I . 9. 9tkaxee PocinosTAa arrived up i he river last night, froin New V'ork When she left Charleston she proceeded to New York, arrlvIng there Thursday night last, and wns immediately ordered to tills port. Her commander h>id i ^r^at difficulty in obtaining a pilot up the river, every one be applied to refusing, flatly, to eerve i .At length he com pell" d the of th? c?> plain t.t !*? ?.? ? ?''? " v> . mmmmrj <.vu f ux-lirr. WOO pilOWl III? P(>C?*ontaa safely op to the N<iry Yard. The oli-.rers i examined the river banks carefully, on ?Ue j -?s?age I up, but couM see no earth work* or batterus at any point, and the vess? 1 wai net molested from >ny quarter ll^r Chief Engineer and 3d Assistant Engineer will reslun The rest of the nfflm true tj the United State* Government. First Ward Association for the Relief of t*k Poor ?The fallowing report of the Treasurer, T W Easby, Esq , shows *he operations of tt:? Ass.'-cution from January, 1801, to April, 1-61 Collections fS2S 75 ?M ?b areeinein U? F uel S131 17 Groctrlei 45 It flnudrles 5 14 Expense* 2 15 nm 60 Balance in treasury $1 15 Families aided. 1N>. Jamb-. P. TtsTis,Secretary. Or:<9tdsrablk cokmxnt 1* made to-day upon th? fact tbitt bo^h branches of tbe City Council* adjourned over last nijfbt for wont of a quorum In otcer cities the ccuncila hav? come promptly forward and raised money to supp rt tbe families of such volunteer* ?> howevt-f patriotically are not able to satr'lce tl??*ir time, their only means of upporlinji thew r-inilles Tbe City Councils uf Washington should Indicate In some way tb t b?*y are not nnmindfjl of tbe sacrifices so cheerfully made by our own brave citizen s-ldiery. Doubtless tb?-y will take some such action when enough of'be missing members return to the city to enable them to transact busiut3s. T??op? at the War Dkfaktxkkt ?To-dav, lit tbe War Department, Maj r McDowell muttered Into the United State* service the following troops: Zouaves, Company E, Lieut. Powell commanding. 10 recruits; Johnson Guard*. J H. MrBUir, Captain, Charles R Betts, W. liu'ley. and J E. H^rell. 1st, 2d. and 3d Lieutenants 4 corporals 4 sergeant*, and 39 men; District I'nlcn Rifles, Capt Morrisaey, 3 recruits; Constitutional O'.ia'ds.Ci-pt Digges, 7 recruits; Jackson Ga<ud?, Capt McDermott, 5 recruits; and company A, Anderson Rifles, Capt Rodier. of Georgetown,'i NMUlll. The National R'flks ?It is the National Rifles, Capt Smead, and not the National Guards, who are stationed at tbe St Nicholas steamer ou gtiird Tfcey have be? 'i on duty tbere constantly since Friday night. Last night tweity-flv* men ofthls company were detailed for duty at the >sa'e Department. The Rifles is now In a state of high ?-m :iency, and It doing valuable service Indc-d for i?ur country. On i?anday sixteen nf? recruits to the R 5 lies were sworn in at the Capitol, *ud several more were sworn in yesterday. The scddkx rise In the price of provisions yesterday was. In t jr B>*in, a speculative one, and I r!c?s art- declining again (especial! v la flour) todav Yesterday flour was sold as high in some Instance* a* ?15 per barrel. We may add thit be interception of flour in Alexandria, destliud for this city, was the work of a mob, and not the act of tbe authorities. The Massachusetts Rkoimext paraded Pa fever.ue yesterday alternooa, marching from tue Capitol to the Executive Mansion, where they wfrf reviewed by the President, Gen Scott, and the Secretaries of War and State They presented a very floe appearance, although a portion of them are miaua tin-lr uniforms, In consequence of the Interception of their baggage In Baltimore. Administering the Oath ?Justice F. 9. Myer was rpgai'fd ill day yesterday, adminlaterlngtbe Mlb of affesiance to tbe Deoartment r.l*rk> Th? objection made by some, tbat It imposed an obligation to perform milttiry duty, was remored by tbe opinion of eminent counsel, that the oalh ln.( used no obligation of tbat character. ?C*pt C W. C. Dunnlngtoa. Chief of the Capi'ol I'o'.lce, resigned Lit position yesterday, to take effect to day Captain D has been many years in tbe position which he now loaves, and has made hosts of friends tbe country over. He goes to bis State?Virginia. W| rsDis-TA^D that Miss LMi. of New York, tbe well-known philanthropist, has offered her own services, and the services of a lar?e number of experienced nurses, to President Lincoln, in rase tney may be needed. Usin* Ft.*? Guards?This company, lately organized under Capt. !*tration. met at their drift room (Lasemrnt of old Trinity Church) last night, and received into tbelr ranks 35 volunteer*. The officers expected to get their coominitiit to-day. W i rafiimsTA.iD that tbe Georgetown Mounted Guard, Cap! Gouzb. have breu ordered to bold theinf I vet ia readiness for aervlce, and that they will probably-b? called upon to enrol tbemaelves in a day or two. Piwaiim roa Wash Weather ?Betides the Immeiiie quantities of Hour and other pcovlal?nt atored In the Capitol bulldiag for the ate of the tro? pa, Several loads of ice were deposited there on Sunday evening. The telegraph lino to Baltimore waa est yesterday evening, lor the second time. Covsss.-Tbs sudden ohnncea of oar e'(suite are loiroMof Pulm&+art, Brtnekxal and Atikmntit Aftttum*. Experience having proved that simple remedies often not sp??it.y and certainly whoa taken m the earl/ taste of the d. sea ta.reoc ansa * should st ono* M had to u Wrwmm't JBrttekUl Troth**," or Loxenjee, 1st the Cola, Cough, or Irritation of the Taroet be ever ae alight, at by Una ^^rese.ousa^ may beeftecrua.lj TKt*tt t* ftAirfMoKB. rPro? tb? American ] There ww a comparative lull la the exclteoM veaVrdav- The street* continued tbroofed wl people, the military and other bod lea of arm men wrrw moving about, the wt*rk of enrolm* ?nd drill went vtgcronaly forward, the crow discussed past eventa and speculated on what w to come; hot In the absence of any new act of w th# dav miaht b#? \ n rnnnna?l??s? %?< >? W.s day, "fmoct dull. Tbe Board of Police have < rected tbe enforcement rf stringent prer^jtio for tbe preeervation of tbe peace cf tbe city 1 r?nta are requented to keep tbelr minor eblldri at borne after ?'x o'clock tn tbe evanlng, >>andi mueic are prohlb t.-d from parading tbe stretta plavliifl ?ny point whereby a crowd n?*y I coiie<. and all Intoxicated perat>n? are to 1 promptly arretted Tbe Pennsylvania Iroor?, wboae presence ne Cock-yavill- no exrjted the war spirit of our pe pie ?>n StJnday. started on tbelr return towar Harrisbwte yraterdav afternoon. Kirly In tl morrlngr t!>ev movei trotn their original can over inward the railroad, and at tLe latest a vlca the tra'ijd to take them back were moir.e t.trtly expected, It la probable thai by thia tin they are within the ltmita of Pennaylvanla. The Governor bna iaaued hia proclamation ca lnj; the Legislature to meet in extra aeaalon at A napoiiaon Friday next. 26th Inafe-nt. An for meirbera of the Houae of Delegate will 1 b"ld in thia city on to morrow to aujiply the * canclea i-ccMtvried by the ouatlotf of the deleg tlon from tbla city at the laat aeaalon. The Cn tltutton require* that ten daya notice of an ext aesaion, and the Code requlrea three weeka noti tf> h# Oritan nf !' arkJ^UI ? V* ??.? CICVUUIIB 1UI rcurn State, or Mnniclpal offlcer*. but 1ntrr arma silt Irgts. The Sheriff, by authority of the warra of the Speaker of the (louse, baa issued notice the election. anil the Hoard of Police have c rerted tbe necessary arrangements the openli of the polls. A.c. A General Order, issued by Lieut. Gen Sco wbicfc appeared In the National luteingencer yesterday morning, created some renewal of ti excitement It declares the railroads froui Phil delpbla to Washington a military i oad, and diret the stationing of troops at point* along the rou to protect tbe railroads. stations, telegraph II Ac The purpose of this order conflicts with tl understanding made by the President and I advisers with Mayor Brown. The order, hoi ever, is dated ou Friday last, and may have bc< modified by the events occurring since then. We hive brief and vague accounts of the mov ments of the Northern troops at Annapoll Kij>l.ieeti hundred men, supposed a Massachiisel regiment and the New York Seventh Regimer had landed there and were moving overland t ward Washington. Gov Hicks bad ordered r listance to the movement, and troops were collet iuir from all nart* of thp fmmt.u ?? ? ste against tb?m Tbey would b*ve lo mar< Home thirty mile* through a hostile country reach Washington Haxtimokk Still roR thk (Irion?Kxtraet letter from a clergyman In Baltimore to a past in 'his city, written on Sunday, the 21st Inst : " Our city Is in the most unhappy state linagl sble. The only law prevailing here Is mob la> The powere that be are In the hands of the mo Tbe churches are all closed I have not beard one, sermon being preached. The children we In the Sabbath fenool, and while the bells we ringing for church, the news spread that tl Northern troopa were coming, and such a scei nf weeping and running I sever want to eeagali The report proved to be false, but similar repoi sre constantly flying and the alarm is great few days ago the Union men were ten to one. b now you cannot find one who Is not afraid cf h life If a Northern ?rmy would come and fcil lis nnder their protection we would be f I ntber States h ive Kredcd under sn^h a prestfo es %ve now ferl, nothing Uuta Northern army wl brine thtm bark; and every good citizen I belle' would La i Mich ?t'i army wllh delight Wh madnwn and folly for Maryland to thin*' of seer slon,orof stopp ng the armlea of the North they are ali as brave a* that one company th fought its way through our city, the South wi stand no chance. O, that they were wi?e: th they would think and count the cost' Just moment ago a company of about one huudr< bj>?, with a boy for their captain, pissed by 01 floor with muskets and the Southern flig 1 ca not write ?.ny more I know not wh*t to writ surrounded by a mob, all I can do Is to hope ar trust in God Had tamper and bad wh'.sky appear to rule tl day. Will not Baltimore?the whole of Marvlar snd Virginia rise in their mnj- sty and rebul this mid spirit It Is high time for I'nlou me the lovers of law and ordrr and good govrrnmen to speak out, ar d if need be to fl^htfor the I'nlo Truth and righteousness will prevail. Bttrial or the Massachusetts Solpifbs The two soldiers who were killed during tl battle on Friday last, were burled in (jreenmou Cemetery yesterday morning, Rev. H Orout, the M K Churchy officiating Several of tl ino?i rromin?nt or our tlMena attended tl funeral, and the deepent aympatbv waaeipresai for the sad end of the unfortunate young n e They w?>re enclosed m beautiful metallic, cotti and ple.-ed In the public vault, In order that the relation* In Massachusetts. if anyabould v ait he to cla!m them. may reroijnli>* them A jj many small articl'K were found upon the perso "f the deceas?d, and were taken possesion of 1 the coroner, who will, aa soon as possible, trail uiit them to Boston to the < hief of police; by tt method it Is supposed the deceased may be reco niitd ?Halt Ihpr'-T (O" The lat< st .ntelliy-iice from Pensaeoln. i ceive<4 by way of New Orleans, is to Monday lai At that t:in?? it Was not expected thatarv at'*< would be ir::df? upon Fort Pickens for the tie ten days Fort Picket s had bt-en reinforced byi tti# m?n that could Ik; spsred from the fleet. "I Inited States tror>ps were Dually engaged in cr structing works in .Santa Rosa Island. JIT" Th? s'ean.ship Columbia, at St. Joh: brings Liverpoo! dates to %th Inst It was rumor Frai.ce had sent a frigate to Charleston at t ugeestioo of President Davis. Tbe French art] wai In be Increased by nearly two bundled thu and men. |?7~ The cotiTl'-U In the penlteutjary of Alias slppi are enpiged in manufacturing tents for t army of the Southern Confederacy. Dim, On Moau*-,22d mutant, after a lone and pamf jlwt**?, which sne bore with ohutliaa forMttrJ L LIZ A HI MMfcltVILLE, m the fc'.h *ear of i **? The funeral wil! taka placo from ?t. Aioysit Chorch on'o morrow, ^4th instant at It o'c.o<jk On the 22d instant, aft?r a Ion* and pam'ui i ness. which he bore with ohnetian fortitude a idsirnat on. RICHMOND POSEY, in th? 63J ye of hi3 ase. Servant of Hod. well done ! Rest from thy l%i ernp'oyed. the buttle fought, the viotori won; eni tUT Master's joy. A. r. p Bis friends aud those of the family are incited a'tend hi? f"iiera , from h;* reatderioo, 397 c ? between !2th?nd 13.h bts , Wediesdaj eveuinf 3o'oiock. ' NOTICR TO OUR CUSTOMKRS.-In co e<deratioc ol the *:ate of the oountry our i&l hereafter will be trade ojsclurivl - for caah. WM. R. HILKV & BRO? ap22 lot Xo HH.C-ntra Stores PERSON-* HAVING GOLD That they wish ooiivert into Dry Goods can do ?o to tcreat a vantage 111 n a*ins tiieir s- leot.ous I oiti our stoc Ail sal i*s exolustveij f rcMh. (> U W U V M. DDHTUro i u. on" i u r. rv ? Pa. avenue and Ninth st., ap 2"-flt if "Perrj^jjuildi: |.r Louisville artesian well wate H ue l-io* \\ atrr. a: (1 other Medinnal Wat* i always (r?>-h A m, fresh auppiiea of I'ur* Mm oinsii ri-oPivert w?<?kiT. Ayer'a, Schoutk'a. a other Medicines on safe. MOORE'S Wait End Drugstore, ap30 2w 113 Pemi avenue j^ihsoluft'jn of copa rtn!ership. Tbe copartnership heretofore cxintu * betw* Benjamin K. Middleton, U^rjamin Bwall and Eli K. White, under the uamo ot E. fc. Whit* A C va? diss !ved Iij lim'tition on the fcrst clay April. 1961?the said Midd etun A Hoall here tr&H ramus? fill mtAiJutu in */* - p --- -- 111 Hi ?V V ?aid K. E White, and by whom all claim* arm aid firm are to be paid, and vhon alone auth< i*ed to tolleot all debta due the aaid firm. ti F. M1DDLKTON KENJ. PEA LIj. ELI AS E. \TIlft"E A CARD. Having puro! aaed from Mid Meton A Beall thi interest in the late firm of E K White A Co., iMoomi's necessary that the hu iness of the ;? firm should lx? o! sed up. AH pcscn* having clan *gam-t the said firm a<e requested to present tfc< to a* .'or oaymnnt, a:id a I person* indebted to t late firm b? not-a, da? I illaajid bo.ik accounts, 8 ( quested to call a.nt make imui-c'ive payment* the amounta the* owe. The nriderjunei int. r ing to oontnun the W inloaale and Ketail ?>roc? liusine**, return* hu thank* to the citizaa* Washington and i he State* (f .Maryland and V ginia lor tiie kind and it' era I patr jr.age th'v hi Matowed upon In in f r thetaai t?u years, ar.d bop by strict at eution t<> bu -ine?< an<; a careful ae!< tfiu ol the beat good* in lutjiiio to please all w may lavor him with a call. -Qi.iok sues aul ion profits wiil be my aim in busing*. E. E. WHITE. ?3 Louisiana av.,b*t 6ch,and 7th ?U , isy ,? j-. onct (.1 ? Miininam TO HOL8EK KEl'EKS, HOTELS, BE TAL'RANTS. *o. * We UT? ta etore $?.(??. worth of CHfN GLAjgB, OKOCKERN CUTLERV, ud?| Pl.ATfc D VV ARE, wtuoh we will cei< uN low ae any imp ortiiu louw, and take Vir-mjl "U""",U*fcB%".'rF<VwLKK * CO Importers Ctiir>a and Qnr?n?w\te. ap KV-at^o Odd Fe!!ow?'Hall,Heveuh ?i 10 (rape. ?opd BrOwn liV4??" * <*e. Mr i 1W bbl?. Extra Fiovr, beet brands, cheap, " Kami It do. 4*. , *?. Preih Hupp j of ftreen an? Blaok Teat, Kwr Oilaa&e and Poito Kico Molaaeee. Orangee and Lemons oonetaatly on hand ui< Button. J 1. DEMLN?, 9 t-eo*w No, 934 Seventh itml I m.vrTCBE! PUILNTl nt ' We dealre to call tb* attention of all who art FLRNJTURE, to iosptct our large and well select , our 9 oek embraces every concetvaM? 4rtiul? neca , to cellar. Webire? Handaome PARLOR 81 ITS, upbola'rred In B ar | nt( T CD i\iC UlDDnOu no A . IT L> ra -? ^ VI U I t?nn|0 l*ai U ?% V/ U U 1 ' r\ Tj I o <uiu ,, MARBLE TOP COTTAGE SETS. !n Osk. In ' MARBLE TOP CENTRE TAB! L'S, K\TEf ,, WASHSTA^DS, WARDROBES. "*IDF.BOA ' HAT RACKS, H M.I, CHAIRS, SECRETAR Ppj HAIR. HL'SK and COTTON MATTRESSES. or SALES at AUCTION, of Reai or Personal be the city. be Liberal advancn made oa Oyod? couaigaed for ar ' 31S IRON [|* ap 3 2awlw !. vp - - t WANTS. < ne ? SITUATION WANTED BY A WHITE GIRL ' to travel as Rurse. tfest refareooes as to char'' acter. Inquire at 311 6 street, between 13th and "a lil_ be VVANTEH? By a re?p?utat>le young woman, a t,. ?" SITUATION as nurs* or chambermaid. No objections to travl. Gi od m,i !,? nvun. . n Address Box 10, Star Offne. _ lt*_ f ra 1*7ANTFD?Thre* ^ood journeymen SHOE- ] co ** MAKERS. Inquire at i\ PFEIFER'S, Fa. 1 il) avenue. hetwen I9^h and gith sU. ap?t-3t* *' \V'ANTED?A rod journeyman HARBER. nt " Inquire at Kighth st . .Navy Yard of ap 2Q 3-* EDWARD ESPUTA. ' ll* DUNNING HORSE WANTED-Want-si to < iK JLC purchase, a H ir*o, 16 hanJn high, h*lf-Vred, a t fair saddle horte, not over 9 reart old ; muet run at I tt, iea?t a two minut'i kt' oke: that l^api well and f of i? brok?n to arms preferred. Inquire at this oftce. i be '"~H _ ?- VVANTEIV-s,':coND hand furniture. U " Persona declining housekeeping, or having te ? surplus of Furniture on i.and, can ?>htvn the rash ' .a and fair prices by sippiyini; at 369 Seventh st. no IT HUM"/ ft GRIFFITH. 2 : WANTED IMMEDIATELY-From S5 to V. * Jl0,0m worth of SECOND-HAND FURN! en TUR K of ail k luds, for -which I will guaranty to pay the highest p.ices, and, as the shortest no- 1 ? t:oe. K. CUCHLY. Dea!?r in Furniture, Stoves, An., i?- nc9 40*? itii at., i>et, G and H east side. LOST AND FOUMX 5 t- | OST-On seturday,a GRAY HOUND SLUT 1 .f. Lj PUP. ma-ke<? tan ear* and head 3 ,w libera! reward will be ei v? n on h*r returns-lj^QL ' t ? 8 1 EVENT'S Fancy Store. 33? Per.n. ^ ' avenn?: *pr3 2t f 0*T?A black and tan colored terrier PUP. , Li Had cn a yellow leather collar. A <aa^-0 M ? i,'wi'' belaid if returned t ?^?^r nf r. pi. retwpoa i?m ana loin. " hp 23 2t* 'T'AKEN UP?On the 2>?th ingtant, ?r"H?ing Ue . Navy ^ a^d brdge, two large brown r\ HORSES, one wi?h a whita lace. >. ow,i(>r* will pleane come forward, prove ? 4 of propMtT. rsy charges, anrt take them a*jraT. C ap25St* Gf.OR'iK W. PlJVALl*. < re ?*} REWARD.?Strayed or st'> en, about a < ae fjt'9 wee': se<>. a Kir.all bi*COW, le lie twenfi ar.d 7 year* oM. with vorf ?bort ' ii. h^triis. an<t 'op nf loth ea- h split. The m j>Wi t* above reward will be given to any one on retiii nm* J x fcer to Mr. Green, corner 'i'wenty-eig!>th and M : * mr^.'U. (If) Mrw CI' R H 1 18 f OST?In the omuibue, >? Frida> rviiv, a I-i PO >i TMONN A IE, cor taiuing 'wo ?2" note* ?? of Virniuia money. $5"flnote on the Bank f Rich- j mond, and firisU change, with seyera notes ' , b arine the name of the lo^er. The fi'der will i ?? please !,-?ave it at Mio Star Otfio*'; or at G B. UAR'e i^AKIi'"*. oom?r Huh and Bridge *ts., Georgeat town. A suitable reward will b > given if left at a. e'tiior of the above-uamed p ae :s. ap ?n 3t S BOARDING. DOARDI NG ? Persons desiroun of obtaining Jr L> large and pleasant H onmi, witii B' ard, can be ^ An^ommo.'lAtAfi n<i I*" -* V'a qqcj ? ,uL a ? Ui/if, i/om OXJI1 ntU ir and loth *t?. T*?rnn renin na !?. ap 23-3*' ? I) OAK I) IN TilK COUNTRY M\Y UK H \L> *J 13 at a p KtcM.t and retired location on the C<?ia In nbia turnpike, mx miles from \Va?hinet?ii and ' five from At* xandria? r Georgetown. Mad ay Farm, se Fairfax Ad!'r?,<-.< LEWIS HAILKY, id Waaiiinirtou city Poet Office. ap 23 3t* 'e l>0 A R I) ?Pltiaen* t Rooms, with Hoard, can be I) had at No. '2* Four and a-half st. np.Viw* (Kepu'dican.) li. i ? FOR SALE AND RENT. He I70R RENT? A comfortable two e'ory HOUSE nt I for an indi'fir.'te tune, with or wi'l out furru. f ture. Apply immediately at No. 4 1 Montgomery ' . Georgetown. i>. O It RENT? A de?irat>> HOUSE, an ex"el!ort ,<1 r looation, 401 Twelfth street wiet. b?twe?n I " and K streets north. Inqu'reof the oocupant. n anM7t* ns | ?- n ? :{r L^OR RKNT-A CoTTAOE, with five mom?. ! r kitchen, a- <! <-ryur.*'* room. Isr-e snrdm, an t ,s. fuel found, ten mi'cn in Virnnm, for the summer or on-er. App v t'j II. <>r en House. ' "8 ?vp .3 at* I ay ? , lg. L^OR RENT?The Ii.ree utory brick HOL>K, ' r with or without Furniture, containing three I li%rje rooms, 40 lit 4<> fcot, on Marj n-ui avenne < 8" west. N o. at th* Jo?>t o( the Capitol, opposite I i tno Botiiiioai Garden. Inquire al the p-pmifon, or next door. spffl-lw* I '* pOR HALE OK RKNT-A FRAME HOUSE. " r oontvnu:r <?r>v?r rooms, toneth?-r witn the furrk nitnr*, situated <>n New Jersey avenue, between j ixt M and N 6ta north A !so,a nr.w thre?*-story brick s!l h->aee, with buck h?ild.n?, on the t-amo square, ua ( No. 150 Fourth ?t ) Algo, some valuable LOTS, all of which wi 1 be sold ve; r cheap iMiinor J I). KYNAKD. New Jersey ?ve?ue, htwtn M and N gt*. ' ap 4-tf 18 I^OR KENT- A BRICK HOUSE, ooi.? 'j' r 12 rooms, with Potomac water a:.d "a I ;a street, between ISUj and Hth, opposite Fran1- m Square. Inquire a'WARDER 4. JsTKWaRI'J* uy Wood end Coal OtTioe, oorner of M and Twelfth n- ets. Also, brick House corner Twelfth and 1. mara-tf i- l?OR RENT?On May 1st, the large and oommo17 dtou? HOUSE on Louisiana avenue, oppomte be tbe City Hall fcquars, now occupied by M r. Webb as a dwelling and law office, and adjoining t!ie ? honse of Mr. Rionard Waliaoh ? inK 2U-tf Plf AW fir vtVrna _ __ >*<% B i K I |1 'III . Tl AN LHSOMELY KL K NISHKD ROOMS _ le JT1. Four haid?om?ly i 'jruished Rooms, supplied with fc.^ ki.J water, aud convenientt th?> patei.t and P"st Office P^partme-iU, for rest. Appyat 490H Massachusetts ave;:ue, nortii ?nie. !* * i * 4th nH MK ( - bu iswu vvu ?"? IH%M II- ^TORE FOR RFNT.--A larje Store-room on nd Pa. avenue, aflj.'int"* our ?uoiu<'i room*, for ar rent. Appift<i \NALL 4. BARNARD. Auction and Conimipsion Merchants, ooruer Ninth street or and south side Pa. aveaue. mar 11 ] fC^OR RKNT-A three story brick HOUSE,oou- ] to pJF tinning 8 rooms ,in i?ood order, with k?s fix- i it., tores complete, or. II street, between 4th and 5th. at LAl*u, a two story brioic COTTAGE, with la/*e j ' attached, corner of F street nort'i au-: 14th ot. | __ east. To punctual e.ui reliable tenants the t^rms ? will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, | a- between G aad II. ro 13-tf ?* I?oR RENT?The hue BRICK ilOUSE No. 1 " 100 Westst., Georgetown. at prebect oocj , pied by the subset titer. It has 12 rooms, with ? ajid water throughout, a hue yard, stable Ac , and to is in aK(?od neighborhood. Apply to JA8. A. >IAd CRUDER. _ _ oo'AS-tf Six Dayti more Only , AT R EVANS'S rj* 476 ....Pennsylvania Am?r.... 476 ill We shall oontiuua our aa!e of JEWELRY, Pi-ATED W.vRt, kr , _ FOR SIX DAYS LOSGER-OXLY. en Now is your tune to make a seleotion of JKTVELKV AND PLATEI) WARK ot from the moil exteumve an<l b?antifu' asortinent | by ?r?r offered fi?r saie in thia or a:ij othsr oitj, he For the Low Prioo -t of ,r" ONE DOLLAR! We have just received a new invoioe of a'l tne DIFFERENT STYLES OF SETS i,r in market, together with , it A LARGE LOT OF LOCKETS. PINS. EAR RINGS, LADIES-and GEN TLbMhN'SJ CHAINS, he BRACELETS, 4o? &o. kr- Alio. A LOT OF PLATED VVARE, consisting of \Ty Knives and Forks, Waiters, Cairo Baskets, of Goblets, Cups, >r- Salt Stand?, Tea and Table S?oo?s, Ac., 4c. ve 1 T ',o- BOOKS-BOOKS! ho j SELLING AT HALF PRICE ! all ! ?n)1 " He now mar read, who Could not read before, t : And he who always eonld 1_ ^ May read the more." 8 We Shall

A. POSITIVELY CLOSE OUR STORE I r) u advertiMd, V | and we invito your " EARLY SELECTION of any of oar artietaa beforn it i? POREVER TOO LATE ! ? r ONLY SIX DAYS MORE! b-. 0. e. EVANS, 476* Ay inn i, _?M8 HMW?n ina <Vj (to. . r^?fc<?RTffG A. soTis- P1AN<>8 FOR SAL? Ok- | V/ on monthly payments, ?c di^nu^U for^cMli. - -MO 10.; i t tAi *41 a ?. , . | 4 *ssssm~ss^ss?ssssest ?URE! TTTROTTCRE 1 In want of HANDSOME Btid WELL MADE rd k before purchasing. ?? vre are comv.n> ?k! wary to funilrh a boute coaiplt'e. from the ettlt rocateJI?, PUS Plmh, LMtifu; and Hair Clotb. y LABS. ilt'itlou Oak. "Marl" ?n<t Palnt*"d, from IKS uj?, *Sio\ TABi.ES, BtHKAlf, RHf?. KTAGhRK9, IKS, v\ RITING TABLFS, BOLSTERS* and PILLOWS, 4c., 4t. Property, carefully attended to In anv D?rt ai Auction. BOTELF.R & WILLSOIV, HALL. PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between 9th and 10th eta., 2d aud 3d floora. 3EORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS yiRGINIA MONEY WANTED WILLIAMS'kWOOD YARD. I will take Virginia mouer in DETment for Wood ? lowest oa*!t price*. Aiso. for all det>ri due ma I will take Virrinia Doocy at p\r. It is earnestly requettod that all >er?ons wi:l call and make imin?di\t* payments as re wish to oloae all aooounts on our books. Call arly if yoa wish to pass your money. At WILLIAMS', on the Canal, wettof the Market House, ap 20 3t Georgetown. I). C. rWO DWELLING HOUSES FOR RENT, situated on the west side of Fayette street, in 3eore?town, being equidistant from th? Aoademr md College; one l?eiiig at present occupied by Mrs. Uibb, < which wi 1 be reuted with or without the urniture;; the other being No. 63; both having ipaoious g-ound? attached. Also, for hire, three Servants. K P. JACKSON, ap 16-Iw No. 135 Bridge street, Wholesale .. . r icu Tirvfui. ? ? r ica uut oc/. Ki2 barrels ?.abr*dor I1ER KING, celectcd, 95 do Dnr Inland do 95 do Kastport do 50 half bbls. extra Roe do 5n bbls. new Magdalene do iYt do St John ALKW5VKS. l>aiIt expected psr schooner P. Heilner.and for ule low from the wharf on or before arrival Ai?o, 1&2 bbl?, cho ce Labrador HKKRiXO, on >oard of schoonor Expedit, due heie about the first >f n?xt w?ek Also? 50 b!. s. No. 1 Mereinichi ALEWIVES, i?i do No. 1 GippttU 11EKK1NG, 00 do No. 1 Huston do K<0 do No. 3 Medium MACKEREL, Gloucester impaction, n bbls. No. 2 MACKEREL, Gloucester inspection, Vl?o. kits and ha!( kits No. 1 MACKEREL and SALMON. A 1-alr bbls. Sprint HERRING ard Labrador HEKKINI* of superior miaiitv. in ; tore and for sale at satisfactory pric-V HARTLEY & BROTHER, ap I0-2w 90 and 101 Water et, Georg"town. 4 BOOTS AND SHOES. fY LARGE And varied assortment of BOOTS md SHOE"* of excellent quality just ro )?iyedatl44 [tri''K* street, n< ar the on-SIC I aliQb stand, and lor ssle 25 io SO per ceat.V U | iheaper tha.i the usual pries, inaa-1 A. XKWBFRGF.H._ P JUST ARRIVED. KR Propeller S. S?Tin"tir. from Phi'a'le Iphia, i barrels and loo half barrels of Maw^y, Collins k. Jo '* Phil&'ie phia DRAFT ALE. Fur nale hr \RWY A SHINV D2??0 bhi.s prime cider AILY h ipeotedfcr schooner Mary Ann McGee torn Boston. 1 jis Ci<1er u A No. 1, and is lor ta:o n lots to suit purchasers. ARNV 4 SHINN S fe 22 Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. IUST RECEIVED? 3 10 hhd?. prime Porto Rico SUGARS 1S> Mils. Oid RveWHIMiY, 3M bbis. HERRING ai.d AI.EWIVFS. Si hhls. Crushed and Refined SUGARS, 3" hagu Rio and Java COFFEE, io hhds.f low priced) molaj*se9. For s&ie by JOHN J. BOG UK. se 10 For Six Day* Longer! 'Mmtip to the. inclement weather,unH a d'xire to accommodate all persons, ire hart determined to leey our $tor? oyn FOR SIX DAYS LONGER! KIDDLE'S Ci ft IS AT SALE OF ?J* Jii w X! T m H ~yc Po*IT< VILK TO CUM! OH Till Fl*l?T OF MaV. Nov is the Tim? to xralce your Mleotiona from o?tr Extensive and Beautiful Assortment of JlWKLtr FOR THE LOW riilCF OF G\E DOI LAR. GOMK AND GET A JARNFT SKT ....For ONE DOI.LAB LAVA SET For ONE DOLLAR 3AMKO SET - For ONE DOLLAR rLAIN GOLD SET For ONE DOLLAR SOKAL SET For ONE DOLLAR MOSAIC HfcT For ONE DOLLAR KNAMEL SKT For ONE DOLLAR Vlf mil VI "Ul AO?MI Mitsui Of SMALL ARTICLEB For FIFTY CENT* CALL AND EXAMINE * a Ad MAKE YOUR SELECTIONS EARLY. STIDS ANi) BUTTONS, of all aires, FOR ONE DOLLAR. PLATED KNIVES AND FORK?, SALTS. SPOONS, NIJT CRACXERS, GOBLETS, 4o., Ao?, Ac*, FOR ONE DOLLAR. REMEMBER: WE CLOSE OUR STORE rn the FIRST DAY OF MAW No. 302 PENNSYLVANIA AVPNUS. CLOSING OUT Al A GREAT SACRIFICE ap 18 lw.r l/OR BALTIMORE AND THE POTOMAC 1 RIVER LANDINGS The?teamar ST NICHOLAS, Captain Jacob Ki?w*n, will leave Rrej'n Wharf, Washington, every bATl'KDAV'^^^t MORNING, at 6 o'clock. i.eave*""*"? l omme ce St-eet Wharf. Baltimore, ev<ry WEDNESDAY 4p ?lock.ealhnf at uc r u oii >i iauutiu?9 uu uio ijvcr iur psHHOngerB ftUu freight. Since last season the ateamer haa l>een put in thorough order throughout every part of her. F'>r freight or pn>&aco apply to THOMAS W. RI LEY, A??>nt, Kiley'c Wnarf, foot of 11th at. ma 19- Tu& Tii2m f MURK NEW GOODS. I AM Now ieo?ivio(C ne?- *uppiirs of DRESS i?<K>;)S. in Si Us, (irej Gr?od*, Poplins. D^Tain- *. Lawna, Cnal tea, Small Check Silks, io call sa-!? and irrt first olioioe A!s", a la.-ge iS4t>r<m',nt uf MOl' RNI> G GOODS of all kinds, at < ur. ujuai low piMjea. HENR\ EGAN. 323 Pa av.. South aide, between nth and 7th sts., ap 15 6t,if New Iron Buildin?a. pROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD 42-?? u ** ? ? April !8, 1H6I. J ^RALtD Proposals will be received at thin offcoa till 12 o'clock ou Monday, the 6ih May next for furnirhmg, f >r the use of the Senate, five hundred t<>M? bo-1 white .velt fu/uac* t,'.?il (un:a:i steamboat size) and seventy-live oords i eat dry spruce f iu<" Wood. The wl.ole to t-e packed away in the vau t? of the Capitol, in places which will be thnwu on application 10 the Engineer in the service of the Senate ; and to l>e deiiverfd by tiie S'tii June next. Bonds for the faithful execution of the oontraot wi 1 l?e required. Bids for the coa! and wood will be considered separately, and satisfactory arrangement* must be made for the oorreet measurement of both. A8BURY DICKINS, ap lS-dtMayS Secretary of tt.e .Senate. FRENCH LINEN CAMBRIC UANDKER T CHIEFS. inodoz. French Liseiili&iikeroh'faat&l Wj??rdo*. 5??doz. co. do. do. ?2 sn do. 50 do*, do. do. do. #3.<? do. I i'hene toodk are Hitr* nhoi. 1 French Shirtnic Linens, Ii i?u Linen. Linen Toweling, Table Ltnpn, Curtain MueUr.s, Marseilles Quils Our stook is full in all department*, acd wa invite nil in want of DKY GOODS at low pnoee to give as a ealt. \VH. R. KILEY A BRO. No. 3* Central Stores, Between 7th and 8th s.roots, ay 4-Swif Opposite Confer Market. DIRECT (nrORIATION or apRijjq GrOODs. I reepeetfall? call the attention ol the folios to full and r.atdsome assortment <>f^A IIBBgl RKNCH MILLINERY G??ODt*,CfiJ VMBRONNRTS, plowebh. rih 5* BW, STRAW iJOOliS of erory do?oripti??, SMLll and LACK MANTLFS. SILK BAtH^UKt*, TRIMM(VSS. LACES, EMBROIDER!Kt*. Ao , * n LmIimc \riil do well to examine in> tfoods, as they will fc*d theui the finest and cheapest la the mirkti, Al. WILLI A.N, I^POBIER, No. 39 Market Pr-aoe, Washington, D. C.. 3 ajxf ? o. 7 Cite Tr*viee. P?rW, rkFF?UKK8. PETTY OFFICERS, AND Sea V were oa board nt aaj U. S. skips al the oaptare of any slaver can bare their olairas for ?S5&sw TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Liur fria K?r*r? [ St Joh*i. N F , April ** ?1Tb# attnmahlp Columbia, from t^rerpool on tue atb lnttaot, ar ri vrd at tbla pir' to day II wm ruirood that France ">*? arnt a fr'eat* to Cbar'>?t?n. at ttx> runt nation cf President Dav'a The British Pirliaarnt r?*a**mt>.ed on 'bm ?th Inntant. d .# ii.- t *? * ? vi ?ar ifiam^ mm 01 urffr^ wer* propttlBK Prince Alfrrd, of F.ngltnd, for Ring of Oreece, as the >est means of artllng the present dynasty difficulties r It Is reported that Prince "Mapcieon intends making n rapid tncorslon 1o'o ?yrta It Is assorted that a treaty hit been ;s>a:luded between Russia and France The Oplniot e Nationale say* that, in th? eTCnt of a collision, France has secured the support of Russia, and A iiatrla that cf England. The French army U to txi Increased nearly i 200,000 men. Garibaldi is said to be opp<?ed to Count Cavour's policy. The Slagyars have Invited Garibaldi to lead them into action, assuring their, that half a million of inen are all ready. Several arresta Lave been made in Naples, a conspiracy having ??een discovered In whiohllve blsbof s are implicated Irs* 51 ew Urlftsai. New Orleans. April 20 ?The steamer Star of the West was boarded off Indlenola on Wednesday last by the Galveston volunteers, who captured her without resistance. ibe hai arrived at the bar She Las SOU or 900 barrels of provisions ( on board. Tbe steamer ll&bana has bcei purchased by the 1 Confederacy, and will be converted into a war i steamer, to carry eight guns in addition to a pivot , gun Troops are continually arriving here from the upper parishes >'iw Oblsams, April 21?The Stir rf tbe West was captured by tbe Matagorda, at the order of | Col. V in Dorn. of tbe Confederate army. Our ( foundries are casting guns. sb<?t and shell. Troops continue to leave for l'ersaccla. 1 Important from Richmond I KiCHMosp, April 2-2?Hon A H Stepbei s. | Vice I'realdent of tLeConffdftate Statejof \m?r- , lei. iirr1v?-d in Richmond thl* morning, l?y the Southtni train A yailant South Carolina gentleman al*o arrived In Richmond this morning, In charge of d!spitrhc* f nra Gov P)< ken?, of *outh Carolina, to 1 Go*, l?etcher, of this Commonwealth. The?ed1?- j patcht-a announce that It a few days 2.IUI of the Kicked troop# >f South Carolina w ill arrive lu 1 .Ichmond These tr?iop* vi>*re originally de?- i tlned for aervice at Norfolk, hut the recent cap- 1 turea there having ri-ndt-red tl?m unnereaoav for , that nervlce, they will be sent to KH bmond for order* 1 r?m ( harlnUa. Chaklehton, April 22 ?Arrived bere, aebri Mary Haley, from B eaton; C-eorge <irlce, from Baltimore; Atlantic, from Cuidit.or; aL!(* John ' Frarer, from Liverpool, ant Julia. (|?.rt not I named ) Alan, tb?shtp Splendid, hark Maria i Norton, and ?'hr Smithsonian, from New York, , bark Judas, Kin; ?<-hr. Areola, from Baltimore The statement in the New York Herald "f the l?'ti? about an interview between Gov Pickens and a supposed British subject, named Jasper, ! 1 pnr?ly Action i The Secretary of the Treasury at Montjjomwv j bai rouuVerminded the ord?rs prevent'114 the clearance of northern vest* is from Cnarl-ston rrcecntiana far Trrattn-Vi/are ?f Arm* for the *?nth \kw Yo*k, April?The I nited States Ota- ( trlct Altoraty Las called on the Jud^e of the | Circuit Court for a special jur / to bring to jus'ic" parties sympathising with the Southern Cuiifede- ( raov iu thia city. , The schooner I.. C. Watte h? t>een se'.r^l. with | a large qnantltf of arms slipped at Hartford, 1 ('nnnt^tirnt fr*r f Jio A Sunday >lnss Meeting iu Bottti?.1 Rrj|. raeut Formed I nder Fletcher * rbitrr. Bo*to:?. April 21 ?A mass neeting of our citizens vru held in S'at? str?el tLis n;orninz. and addrees< d by rletcbt-r \Vebst.-r, Cb? 1. VVnolt>ury, and many other dist iigoikht d citixcaa. TLe ireetiug f.-?r the purpose cf raising a reditu ;nt for KietnLcr \V>b?ter to command. and wm completely successful. Tbe mos: in tense excitement preva'.la. i;i?mii?nl Vr.n.n.rt \e>v Voax, April JO?Tbe s'eamship R R i Cuvler, of tbe Savannah line, Las been cu.irtered ( by the Government. ; I The steamer Chespeake sailed this morning with 250 sesmen destined for the Gosport Navy Yard, and tbe steamer Montlceilo will ?o->n sail \ with one hundred marines for the same dtstina- ] tlon. I " t Capture of Ai.oth-r Slaver Ncbstks, April 2.?The i?{?anl?h war stfamer P'lnss de Austria, Commaider Montere*. laat evenlna brought in a pretty hermaphrodite brl^, with 300 negroes, thirty-six davs from tae river i Congo The vessel, captain, ?fid part of the crew | arc Americans, the balance all nations Let tbeui i be lauded by slavers or as pri its, it is all tbe same i tr\9 tKb r? 0 ftn *"v MVb ' * Jlajor Anit'rion. i New York, April 2U?Maj . Anderson attended tbf 1'tiion milftln|E to-day ami waa moat rntbuai- . to-night A svvord frtm the citizens if Taunton, Maw , wti presented to the hero tc-day. Reinforcement of Fortress Monroe New Y??k. April 21 ?The steamer State of Maine relumed to day. having laaded the F?'jrth t MaasachuBrtte re^lmei.t at Fo-t Monroe The steamer S. R. Spalding was landing her Boston regiment when the State of Maine ielt Large fire at Mncon, Ga Macon, Gj , April 19 ?Tb<! Granite Hall Ho*rt, in the old Wushingtou block was burned ye?te ( day, resulting in a loss of atwut $3o.mjo, wtlch, < however, Is covered bv insurince. The good* In < the stores were mostly saved i From Jamaica. Nk\v York, April 21?Tb?* steimer Yb!n arrived to-diy from Jamaica Prince Alfred, of England, had hid a ni&gnlfl . cent reception by the authorities and people I For Washington New Yobk, April 20?Th* steamer Columbia 1 has been chartered by the Government, and will lo iui rrow morning ku ior \> aaningion E*-Pr**tdf?t Pierce I?r the G?m<afi< Cokco*d,N. H . Aprll'21 ?Kx-Preatdent Pier< e made a moat patriotic apeech last ni^ht In favor ] of auatalnlng tbe ttajj and tbe I'aion at all hazsrda ' ygjjj TO THE RFADKKS UP THE yBll W( anhmit to the conoid 'ration fjH ' ?%?of thfl rcad?r? of to* H ?r th? fol!o? iug uat t>i pricoa of articl"* in our linn of tmsiness: Um<&J , pricp. , La^ios' Slippers..^ 2*o. '* Kngliali Lasting S!ipp')*a V'o. 75 j " tiarpet Toiiot do ?... inc. 75 " Thick i ?p*?l Mo*. Ho* u . 1 nu l.2? " ?! >. Utdrcuse-l do.... I (*> 1 jt> ! " uo. Cor*. Mor. do.... 18* 175 * do. Caltttkin <lo ... 1W I* " Light and Black GaiHra ...Wo. 126 , 4. L'.. I . . A , a ? I 14UK. IIUi i O. 1 ? ' Wobm'i Howled B?ots _ 7in. 1 2~> Milieu' duubl*-iolf<! ?p*M Boots..... 76o. 1M Ladies' tnk-solei Kui. Last. heel Gait 1 1 J5 M .. ?? .. but. 1.25 ias 1 In addition tf the above, wo have Men's. Bo?s', Missei' and Children's BOOTS and SHOES in every variety, ao.d at astonisung v low proes. C F. CUMMINS ft. CO., Boot and Shoe Store. 347 Seventh at. ap 2-eotf 2 doors lieinw Northern Market. WNEW GOODS. E Are row abiding to our stock a larceaad desirable lot of NEW GOODS, compruir.g ever y thine that is sew arrddetirto e, whioh we prop.n* to i>e:l at a small price Al! persons in wautol > DRY GOODS will always find<mr stock ooupiete in aii its branohes, and ai the lownst prices. We ( would imprens upon those of our oitixrna who have Leoentty taken up their residence with us, that we ave but "or.e price." marked in piain figure* on each ariiole, and offer a cite >nut of five per <x<nU ?Jfor all sales for cash. We ask an examination or prices, so that customer* oan satisfy ttiera*elver in regard to th? tav lug b) purotiaaiu* for cash. W. M. SUJSTER ft CO., No. 39, opposits Centor Market, ape lot Between 7t>t a:.-l fci?. < | AT HAM'S OMNIBUS LINE WILL, ON j JL< an l after Moudav. April 15. *>"? ? ??? V* ? m 4 ?. a\ ina.-.tthefoi owinc iuurs: Leave BERCtSCS Alexandria at 5 sn. *. 9 30 a-.d II &> ?. .. , >.jo ana * p. m ; leav. Washington at 9, l?.30 au J 13 a 111 .and2,2an and5p. m The effioes are at Samuel Stin^metx's K?t and 1 Shoe Stor-*. opposite Avenue House, vVrshitgu.n, and Omen's Mansion House. Alexandria, t'aa eu^erb called tor at any p-iint withia the ouy iiiuiu oi giuiar. raflMttwaMllfc MIW I IRISH GOODS. 1 HAVE Now receive*! iny spnnj importation! of Iriah Likens, Linen Shirt front*. Tabie l>?ni per* Napkina, Tuweline. Table Oiothe. Bird e?e ' Li*per. l.iaen Cambric Ilar.i .?rchi?f*. tooi c^ode at 7a cent* per dtaen. a'.l of rjy ova imaortrtw a, i from the celtbrated iiiaiinfaot-uT of Dunbar, O.cki ann k Co., tieifaat, livtand, and warranted ail para i lirjtit- ail galling at w Mr oeot. teas than aaaal HENRY EUAN'S. 1 3sl3 (aoutl >ida I Pa avenue, Between 6th aw! 7th atreata. ap jg-etal f^w iron Bnildiaga. ma* ..., PERFUME HY ft HRAiDS.CURLS WIG*. ; HALF WIGS, r*iZETTt?. 4a. A fail etoo* aiwnya on hud.ormia to ardar attae kuri^t ; ^ THE LATENT NEWS. THREE O'CLUC* T M Thi Ftvmi Awr KiTtrons >nri Amm Tbe U S war ataamer Pi*d?, th?r chartered ?Nmrt KeT??one >tai*. tba UtVr turn Philadelphia. rfartrd tb'a eltv I iklBtitM before wp go to pre* The K?r*t< dp PUtebrlnjri b?tbrr rol nfwrow*#** of I 8 tnwinea mod aaUora? *r* know no* ft* tn what number*. The Pawnee sa on her return from 'be fuM meat of fcw recent ml mi on at Norfolk We oft ucriMiiu tun v nomoaorr lauiai ng, 1 MOm4M of tbe expedition to Norfolk. riw?M kli?Mm to tbe letter?having rendered entirely 'isrlsss s* mean* of offensive war on the I'm Led States, all the OovfTjunent naval property of ever? deeoript{on In and about the Norfolk Nsvjr Yard The Pawnee, In addition to the considerable force of marinea abe carried with bar, br1 ag* hither tbe marine guard of tbe Norfolk Navy Yard, ai-d ite rfflcers. marines and sailors of tbe U . S (reoelwlag) sblp of tbe Une Pennsrlvaala The sailors of tbe yard were turned over to Cap* Pcpdergraat. In rotnisand of tbe yard. Those m the Pawnee observed no hostile demonstrative whatever on their way op tbe Potomac. The \Va*iukotos Bitxci Riiu?id -Tbe Government tbia morning aaajmed tbe control of Ifce railroad paraphernalia. including trains ! eonjotlvee, . at the depot In thla city Thle action ia of courae to facilitate tbe neceaaary mtlltary transport*:,on between V> aabmgton city and Annapol'a. P. S ?Juat before we went to preaa t->-dar. we found Col. Stone, li!?|?ector General of tbe m'l't a of thfa Dietrtet. fa cb;rge of the de|>ot. wblrb la Ijiisr ted by Capt (ierhardfa e mjar.y. Tb?re were two large tralna, a paaaenger and rreigbt trun, and two Ur^e loeomoti*?a fn tbe t?ui;dln_-, detained?for ?b? time beln*?to ?ubktwtlir (lorrrnnient'a pinna for tbe defence n< \Va*L.ln^t"n. Tr? Alkiakiria Sbstixrl la n formed that the Washington if or Las m<( reforr,meii<te<l jov.-rnn.eiit to ??*i ze tbe Virginia steam boata on tb? Potomac T he Stmt counsels peace, not war; ?nd least of all war on prlTnto property?* bar barUui worthy of a difterent aye The Virginia iWMiiiboata were tak-'n p< Mwsfton of by tbe fcov ?ri:?nent iiefore the Slat knew that It waa conlffr plited to nee tbem to facilitate n Itfary mMivm against tbla city - ? ? V- . ......... . Mt-MMH . |> >^) UUI l?T iDT iollar for anv damage it? act <?f taking trrrporarv [>om?s Ion of thrm for defenatvr purpow* onIr, nay bfin^ upon tur owntra of tUear boa to, a?i<1 yrtalnlj- ab^uld doao. Ass* r<?Lia.?<>or latest advicca from An nape1 a !rad t:? to the pualUer ronflm'r>? tbat no hrt'Ue lU-pa wl-stevor hare been t*k?*ntt:Te towrrda tire iindlrii; of 1* S. troopa at tbat point, however nueb opjioaed to it a portion of the clt"I-n??f tb? ficSntty may he From Pk^?icon ? A"a Attaric \'<t ? The New [>rl?-H'i? k'.cav^ne i?f Wc4u(tddV L<> Itir t<< [owing from Pentacola: We ie.-rn from Nhjnr Genera'. Clarke of th? regular armv cf ti.e Stat?- of Mlaaiaalppt, wfao arrived here *ti> inornliii! from Pmmcw, rla Mobile. that no change bad taken pla~e In the millifi" 4/7'tr nun of I'fnvirnla Knrt P.rk?tic Ku( :v*-n reiiiforr?d by all tbe mfii that could be ipared from t!if fhn* of wnr tanipoaing the fleet iJT P?WK?la It warn not espe- t??d. however. tiiat iny jtlak would (>e m-<t- t?r the neat ten days rue triKif* were all in tine cond.tion, ai.d fer tbe Iwittle to commence. Litrr ?A K?-iit?ciiiU who left Warrington (tbe locality of the Narv Yard. about ei^bt miles tmm PcBvacoJu.,) where he h!?? been rea dlo^. arrived iu this city this morning by way of Mnb.U. We learn from the same mm rca that tbe repor' that <i> n Ura_'^ was constructing work* on Santa Koaa (aland was erroneous. On tbe contrary, t?<e L'oited States troop? were busily engaged In doing to, a?d at the time our informant left, bad esknded tbe works to a point nearly opposite vVwrlngton. Di*TfRBA>rK in Matu*o ? A gentleman of Philadelphia. formerly of Kent county. Mary lard, wbere Le Las property, was sent for this morning. the negruee Laving begun I? bu'" the Louses of the white?. Two of bU own houses b?d b?-en destroyed Tut SlHkNGTM OF THE Hi! T Noll KoftCK* ? 1'be Cl'j-fT nf yesterday ?a?a As f?r as coo'd t?e ?retained l ist night, tbe regular volunteer#, the rc-raits from the ettf, ?:>d the county ?oidb-?? trill make an army of nearly V?n thouarnd per mil yHK SL<?AT SEWING MACHINE*. Genr** 15. f*U>at A Co.'* K!. pt.c and Look Stito* Sewing Mtciitnee whrercr imed. areackDtiwt deed to >* iuperior to aii ottie*-*. They cats he purei.iati: fur $?V. Th'v ar*> free from loather ps<U. Thet make the "ina<i: rum:nga.** f r.ei make ta?* ai>m .? lock etitcft. Tre* new thick or thrn :iwt?r;al? alike T r art> imttte in a'u?truotton. The> can _ * e?eii ei"! t ieir operaaona expiame-i ?t the Sew;tit M arbine Afnc*. at MAXWELL S Fancy t'tore, sp6?'eo 3 >** F% iv??a?. I/KENGH STEAM *OOLRER:?. BALTI r MORE. W. P. SHEDD. *>oa Eleventh ST* Tkt o+dv Ar>nt. I.adi V Drea?e? ol every G< script: cr. can he giraar<J,ieavii g th? Ine're of ail* ??qual to paw. Shaw.*. Cover*, Cniuiat, and Carpe'a Aieo. kien ienien'a Cloth' ?c can he cleaned w ithoat lea* r* nuy suSs'auce by which they win aoon baoouie hi fit to w ar. N. B.->o <lres? tacei apart; thereby *amat the ixp?n?n<if nakiac ut *r. ilnt"'.) " * 8-1 w \v TR A VELINW TKl'NKt* " t for ?ai? the larreat m-ortment of TRAVELING THINKS to he fooDd >DMg| thin city, compriUPt be?t Sole LeaiherMjTVj* Lathee' Dre?? ac* Parkin; Trnnfc*, Va-^ ?** lice; Carp*: Hm-f.So.. wnwh we ar? now h list I* rer* low pr?r<?*. WALL. hTFPHENS k CO., ap 18 Penn. avenue SPRING CuOTH.NG. ALl..SlhrhE?>* t/O are t'.ua da? m rm i? pt ?,i tiieir e??c n<l ?upp ? of t*PRI>G CLOTH iNna'/U material 'or thrir oaKtom trade,ooc? ir.g of New Oioths. Ca?Jim!?r* an-l Veatin*?. a. the lnf?.t ;tt Irk ? ich t.Se? ? il" make to order in lu |?"i: r si)'* ?' very i w p.ic^f. Gentlemen willing >n untried * ? outfit will find in our Kevij ir *a?? ^af&itai*nt ? - j artio.e ( Wearing Arp%r<*< ?uit>b> t?. their w? U. WALL., SITKPHKN8 A CO., ftp C'O' nflfl (UWt ?ML.DK Mt?OK -luft. ni O.J,1 Fv/Ir.T!o>- &? ?i> all t.-?e in th* r-ur.Vr. aud *a *r? ?i> <>*r^s. Contain r fee s%ir? iiiiu?-r si ih* Gr*! K:u? !?>ck m*tttlf 83.**. I>mi?tu:r tn* wai *h *< &?'t i.eoe*?ry. 0*tfcioRueof (ifioe List of P%tBiit?. Cid U .-ks f??d p"I ' i'*t* o?ue far ni'te" A 1.2 )il I) Hf i I KR, H.? *wi;w. f?.?2-2ni? \rif?rrf-' H"'?l "^we G'KKA r SALK OF I DRY 600DS, AT P Air I C PRICKS. For C*?it - ?k .fiD?i?ir. niK*<k ??r iiT* vt? a itii uvuck vi >-( ? iv w? ? GOODS ; a ? >, a cen?ra. Mio tm?o( of ?*tapl? Ar tioI?a, n >w i' st ra. & apt*! t the crowt. want* of tamili** which r &r ?<?! in* at r*1noed prioee f.?r the uh. J. \V COL UK V * CO.. ap IS tw inn 7th el. Iwtw. D and Pa av. All on accornt of the ruaift. KKAJtV MAIIK CLOTHING AT VEKY h S D OCRV P A J CK 6 Bla k CI- tn Kr?ek OoiU tor worth )?. Iilack l>. ??km Cn-mm-r Pam? f-?r worth #f ATL tlui H ank an.l Kijuied Si k Veeta Ior #4, wortA C4-? in?r Buaineea Sciti for (10 aad apwarda. All k<v?u we .i?i! are ot oar own MUMtvt, and warrant ?d N'lAR WALKER * CO.. _ , Hrlnsit# M*mmfmctm*ri at tiaady mud* CWkiM. (4?<y Fmrmitk nt Good* ap 17 W 36** Peit? nrwin'. PKAOt, PEaCK. PKACK.-F' r rent ? exchange la pft't for citt p< "party or Weatem ian<1?, a >rrj viiaab.? KAK M, oo taw ing 131 aorae of nhoioe land ; ?ore<l Mn.diai* ; he?lth> ideation ; p eutct * aitaatMt tan rotiea from vVaeht o?t<>a, II. U. AaplvtoO ? I'AGel, No &*% s?e? at . (Oild Fellowa' Hall,I Waalunfton City, 0. C. ap 15 l_w? _ m. ? L if kiuu i vii a rvi L |%| o " Oi v? I iJLi _ _ 1> OP CARPETING?. ^ Just r*o?ivMd at U? ,.ld ?t%aa o( tue .ate fcrm of Ciumi A Dodnon a new ?a?py of < -r*nt Tkrte-ply and Doubit-ingrain Carpeting*, wktek *r?r? boo* kit in Now York froo 'fc? M? u of t!M nion?f%a:ori?o at paaio frioti., &ad oi.i t? ri;srs|^__ <*? .. P..^, RiUNFvi?{?&^^(urfir/'iviB or?IKK DGPOT7 Ho onu/ I ?iM fofO\ J?ThRH, HARM CRAB* LfVK L<?B>TERb^. HOhTON FISH of ?l: kio**.. ,?% f*J Don't foil to ?U1 UM m* tfco worth of \lL|f To?r u.onoy. OARVBT. MUtl ftC^. At^r ~ : I < * - t fc .