Newspaper of Evening Star, August 15, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 15, 1861 Page 1
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BBHHHH6?MH59BB55?5?BflHE68H55S??HME?88fl6SH6SiflHBflBB9HHB986SHBSB^18IBE9fi9^E9S5HBSS65666!i ' ' * - - - * e* fiu : b WK XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. AUGUST 15. 1851. N?. 2.643. THE EVENING STAR rVBLISHBD BVJSR Y APT BR NOON, (MONDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE iTia BUILDINGS, Ctrmm %f Ft'cmw snd MUixntk if. It W. D. WALLAOH. Pipm srrred ia pockA^ee by carrier* it Ml Twi. or 37 cents Hpr month. T* mall subecrlber* the price U S3 30 i year, in adv?u$; fi for s*x Booths; tl for three moo the; ud for lees than thrre monthe it the rat? of IS cent* a week. Single copiee, oni cant; la wrapper*, two chits. Advxitisbmbrts should be seat to the oAeo before 14 o'clock to ; otherwise they naif not appear until the next day. A HALLOW E'EJI FROLIC. "I am tired of conventionalities! I will have one day of genuine fun," I said "I am going to aae my eotwin Hepay, at Chestnut Corner, and have a flirtation with her bean in real rustio style. I shall wear my flaming red-and-black plaid dreaa, with blaok velvet bowl in my hair, and I ahall not be a bit too fine for any kind of romping." ' Well, my dear, thia ia Hailow Eve, a great time for flirting in the oonntry, and made much of in vour uoole'a house Have your play oat, and come back refreshed " So I dropped down upon my consina one bright October day. They were a jovial set, ana qaite ready to respond to my wishea for genuine fun. Before afternoon a cutting party was got up, and a vigorous time we had of it! But it ia with the evening that I have to do now. The yoathaof the nutting party all went home to dupper, having horses and cattle to feed, or sheep to fold. But they promised to return in au hour or so. and we were to have the usual festivities of the night?roasting cheatnuUt, eating apples, and trying our future fate by the candle conjuration and story telliLt The roaring wood fire danced up the chimney from the ;pan-oiean kitshcn Dearth, and about seven o'clock we were all assembled about it. In the corner, to the right, sat dear old uncle, and in the opposite one his merry wife. Next to him I came, being the honored guest on this occasion Then Hiram Hasher?"my beau," the girls called him, frem bis being ?o attentive to me all the afternoon that I could hardly gather a not without hi* interference Next to Hiram camo Sally Nixon, then her beau, and so on alternately, until the half circle ended with my aunt. Firelight never danced on blither features. * First let's pop some corn," was the cry, and it was done. " There'tt en thin' else I'd like to pop," whispered Hi rum 4i What?" sard I. innocently ?' The question?if you'll say 'yes' to it.*' I noticed that this joke was whispered into sevaral other ear- and I began to suspect that the eorn was called fer principally to introduce it. Country folks do get &o attached to au old joke ' They s -orn a new one a<j tbey do a new theory in agriculture. When each girl haia lapful, and each youth pocketful of corn to munch, we proceeded > the chestnut roasting. A shovel with a lot., handle was brougat. Iw was one my uncle h?d mtde for the purpose, for he stoutly upheld the old time games, and he now placed it over the fire with a aealous earnesU<*s that was very laughable to me. Upon it were placed two ebefeuiuu, and my uncle called upon me to name them. So I said, " let the little one be Lmie Brown, and the large one Nathan Wilding " These two were the most evident lovers of the party. The shovel grew hot. We watched in Dreathless interest. The little chestnut, named Lmie, began to sing and glide about. It fairly danced at length, around and around the motionless iarge one, while we shouted with laughter te see the demure Lilly's representative paying such frolicsome court to Natban s. He, poor fellow, blushed and felt quite ashamed of nis proxy. Presently, however, the steam fr >m the large ohestnut went off like A 6uu, and the little one eeemea so aiarmea tbai it sprang into tbe fire. '* Tnoro you biie got the mitten, Nathan f" oried tbe young men, delighted. ' Nj !" said Nathan, in a disappointed, deprecating tone. Just then Nathan's nut began to dance more vigorously, *t l**t wdgei i use if off into the fire also. * There, I thought I'd do that," said he, highly gratified, and looking around prouily. " Thought I'd go after her, and not be suoh a sneak u to give up s?." Two more were called for, and named " Hiram Hasher and the city girl." " Yea, yes." said my aunt, Iaaghiug till the tear* ran out of her eyes, -'Ada and Hiram. The long, white tupped one Hiram, and the little dark brown one Ada." I confess that I felt quite tremulous, and anxious that my ohestnut should behave itselt, while Hiram leaned forward, mouth and eyes open, gasing with ludiorotta faith on the shovel. While he was thus intent?1(1 mean my chetnut) began to whirl and whirl rapidly on its own axi*, while he waltied about it. But mine at last popped straight out, and struck the gazer a smart blow on tae ncse, at which he drew up with a sudden jerk, that set u* roaring till the rafters rung again. I wai so innooent as to be delighted with the spirited ooadaot of our little deputy. Bat try exultation was abort lived, for, to my horror, U. II: ? a li L : * . a jar. umui uiiusii iu mo, uiu?oiug w lot ears, mod befere I had time to dodge, had given me a hearty kisa upon the cheek I am naturally quick-tempered, and entering thoroughly into port, I surted tip with the intention, J. do be-? lieve, of bestowing a box on the ear in return for the kiM, bat be caught my hand, andatamaered " It?it?it's the custom! I didn't mean to offend " Bo I laughed like the reat, and two more cheetnuta w>re put on the shovel. An hour paased in tbia amusement, and then came the time for the storie-j. My uaele told one about tLe war of 1812, my aunt one of witches. and one about Saratoga, it being called for by Hepay, who knew it of old- Aod then we sang conga. "The Miatlctor Bough." and "The Roe* of Allandale." "Widow Machree," and others in the eomie lino Then we wound up with "Uncle Ned" and ' Old Folks at 11, me. ' in four parts, which a?t my uncle to wiping his specs. At ten the party broke up- but then oame the business ef the evening for some of us. Hepay and X, who all belonged to the family for tbe time, retired to the dark dreary parlor. We were eaoh to stand before the mantle-pieoe, with a sheet wrapped around us. and a oandle ia our hand, into which pins had been stuck to mark the hours. It was now ten. As the pins mtrkinif tval V? A rnnnA^ All t An r fnhira hut band* were to walk io, provided we had neither laughed nor spoken one word. I did it for frolic, bat the other two girls believed Implicitly. Standing and looking at their earnest faeee, I could not help laughing; it wu impossible to help it. My candle shook in my hand, and at last I gar* way. So I was disqualified, bat as I knew my friends were trembling with fright, I did out leave them, and oonunae<i to bold my light I, having ne hopes from the experiment, foand it most intolerably doil work standing there in theeold; bat they ?oein?d bnjyed up by excitoaent. We ail toraa watobed our candles eagerly, and I ooold O0i help wishing some oharitable drangbt woald pat them oat, and end the spell I knew nothing woald oome of waiting, bat not to have 'be laugh against tnefor a coward, I staved?foi tnnatoly Two mortal boaradragged them?elve? by> Then mj pin dropped, bat the hall clock had not jet xnack 12 Hopoy'a pi- fall Then the clock began It wu tfce critical ume and I think three color foooo nerer listened to twelve tediow it rotes At tho loot clang, Lioxj'apin fell, ood the door ewnngopen. Bunding there opposite to oa, in the dork paeaage, were three ; toll Agarea, lika ooreelvee in white, each hold ipfthe aheet over ita f?oe with the hond. With ghootlj chooka ond dilating eyoa wo refleeted oar ILgfctoand moved <?eaoiounlly. After acme momenta of heeltotion, till maintoining ailence, I beckoned the girla to op- . prooch with me. But they ohrank hock, and It took violenr poreaeeire pantomime to induce them to oooomyoiij mo. At Iooo: they came la odvaaeing, I looked aharply, fori wonted to manage not to toko the wrong neater, and -J" tk.t. 1 T l__J ? ???yviu b vi liivi ? ' urn iVT?ff. & rwwu itfi 5 eta an md H?p*> fneod, the third I abeolotelj eoald not gaee*. It eerUinly ?a? not Htrwo I ?w now trenfeliag u maeh U any ?t the others, and fell ba?k ft tittle I did not . ?i?fc to rwh hpon mj tote to tb? ifcftp* More , 4 wm me. The girls came to a full stop too. Still the figures were like statues. and w? three atood directly befere them with our caudles. I tookoourage. and signified by motions that we must pull the white olothe a from the hidden faces simultaneously. We advanced, and each took up a oorner of the sheets. Now I began to paroeire a smothered aound, and a certain shaking of the garments, which convinced me that these ghosts laughed carnal lsughs; so givtig the signal bravely,we pulled, or attempted to. The sheets fell: cotes and boots appeared; we caught one glimpse of three faces, quiok with merriment, before our candles were dashed from our hands, aud we were left for an instant in darkness, amid shouts of laughter from my uncle and aunt in the background. I don't know what the others did; but my ghost held my hand meanwhile, and seemed to take groat satisfaction in the feel of flesh and blood, if I may guesa by the way he r>re?sed it. And after the peep I had of its face I did not objeot. My aunt came forward with oandlea, and the specters fled before her, slamming the front door after them, as if they bid been carried off in a whirlwind. But who, ycu ask, was mj spiritual visitor? It was of mu?h import to me, dear render, but it is little to you. To this day I have not found out how he got there, but I gutss thit cousin John took the trouble to go ?p to the oity for him, on purpose to have the joke oomfilete. What will nut those energetic country ads do for a frolic ! They all tried to make me believe it was a real apparition?a fetch, and no reality, but 1 know hotter, for there was a tangible ring on the ghost's finger, which has ever since that night been on mine' Nor have I ever since played Hallow B'en. Tee Letters prom thh Union Prisoners iw Richmond.?" National," the well informed Washington correspondent of the Philadelphia North American, thus refors to the letters now constantly received from the Union men imprisoned in Richmond: Another letter from a Federal officer, held as prisoner of war in Richmond, w?? received here to- day. It came by mail via Louisville I in ten days. It is almost an exact copy of the others which have been received from that quarter?of course dwelling particularly upon the kindness and condescending oourtesy of the rebel authorities, and containing the inevitable statement that our men are not at all satisfied with the seeming neglect and inconsiderate conduot of tbi? government towards them. The inhumanity of the government in refusing to send a flag of truce in a nroptr way, is ingenuously touched upon, ami each letter is in fact intended as a bit of diplomacy to induce, in some indirect way, a recognition of the C. 8. A. The unfortunate writers are so glad to have opportunities of communicating with those nenr and dear to tbem at home, that it is not theirs to insist upon any particular phraseology For this we cannot blame tbem. We remember only their selfsacrificing devotion to their country, and pray that the day of their deliverance may not be r.. j:.?? i tl - " tar uuHHt. ioe tellers now constantly received from them are worth noticing, because they furnish incontrovertible evidence of an anxiety upon the part of the seceders to open tome negotiations with th? United State* government, whioh might, perchanoe, they think, lead to the ditvBMioo of q?o?tiuB? e?loul?t*d to divide tha North, by adding strength to the peurile and treasonable efforts of the insignificant few among us who are already in the servioe of the enemy. Such pretexts are as shallow as they will be unavailing; so the leaders of the rebellion may reet assured that there can be no peace?no cessation of hostilities. even for a season, until that rebellion is crushed, and every traitor submits humbly and unconditionally to the Constitution and the laws of the Union sorthens Pkjvatbkrh.?The following is a list of the privateers whose names are known : Steamer Coffee, steamer Bum'er, steamer William 11. Webb, steamer Calhoun, steamer Mu*io, steamer Winslow, steamer Gordon, steamer Marion, steamer MoKne. steamer St. Nicholas, brig Jeff. Davis, schooner Dixie, schooner Petrel, (blown up.) sch?)ner Savannah, (captured.) schooner York, besides these, fwur others have been seen whose names are unknown, to say nothing of those of which nothing bna been yet beard, but which are undoubtedly afloat along the coast or in midocean, or near the shore*) of countries where our foreign trade ia chietiv carried on. It appears that \hese privateers are for the most part vessels of light draft, and that when in danger they enter the inlets, where ships-ofwar cannot follow them One noted rendezvous of theira ia Newbern, N. C. Rockbt Batteries are suggested si means to drive the rebels ont of their masked retreat*. Thoae uaed in the British servioe are nropellod through a thiok iron tube, the fuse being cut to burn a given distance, as in the case of a ahell; to the rooket ia attached a pole from eight to ten feet long, whioh, coming in collision with any objeot, haa the effect of starting the rooket in the opposite way ; in the meantime the projectile is vomiting a perfect sheet of liquid flame, lighting up everything for a mile around, and igniting everythiag of an inflammable nature, while the dense imoke arising therefrom will oause the best disciplined soldiers to leave their guns and flee in search of a purer atmosphere. It finally terminates in shell of the most destructive kind. Tui Rebel Steamee Suxtee ?Thefollowing paragraph appear* in the Memphis Appeal, of August 4'h: ""^The Macon Clttien has been informed by a relative of an otficer on board the C. 8. war Steamer riumter (*ov returning from Etrope xettk m supply if arms, ?*?-), tbat trains bad been laid and magazines prepared so tbat In the event of tbeir getting into close quarters with the enemy? with no probability of wtcape?the vessel will be blown up and every man on board has determined to share her fate " JET Even in chivalrous South Carolina it appears that there is a reluctance to nriist The Charleston Courier saya?"There is In our community too great a disposition to shirk active duty Some hold back becauae others do?some must have commissions?some have families, or buainf-ea, or are members of organisations which tbey know will not be ordered out of the city? soma are legally or profesaionally exempt. Now tbia slate or thlnga ia discreditable to us. The enemy is almoat at our doors '' (] J~ Up to this time there have been three tbouaand soldiers discharged by surgeons for sickness and physical disability It Is oharged that soma of toe aurgeona have aocepted feea for lng certificates to m?n, which enable tbein to obtain honorable diar barge aid a free paajage bear, and that after a holiday the ssme men have returned In other regiments The subject Is under Investigation Among the Mires scandala In Parts Is a report that the Kmperor'a private serretary sold the news of th?* peace of Vlllafrsncn to the Jew banker four hours In advance of the public for I^HUJ.uuu ft. u Bff report* *urh u tbe peualcnlng Prince Napoleon at tbe rat# of 10,000 fr j*-r month for report* of tbe proceeding* of tbe Council of State are dlarrodlted. Mire* la a doomed man. CTTh* Mem phi* bank* have taken f100 000 of tbe i*an to tbe Confederate States, loaned 970.000 to Mempbla for war purpoeea, and 995,000 to Miaa aalppl for tbe oae ?4 tbe camp at Corinth Tba Southern Bart ka are everywhere Involving them el*?a in tb?- fite of tbe Confederate bubble, and when that la pricked, will collapae with It. FieBTon bk Shot ?Mr. tfttthews, a member of tba MU*1 aalppl Leglalature, aaya that before tbe battle of Bull Run it wu agreed that If any of the aea flinched an '.ach they aUould be abo'. d wti TWr ahould be no fanning. A precaution wtoleh woo Id eeem to Indicate a lack of truat la it* coorv^e or f?*liy of their aoldier* IET Wblakf la no longer reordered ooatra- I band. P1*e tbouaand barrel have been permitted to leave Clnrlaeatt for tbe Seutb. with an order freaa MM "rHa~'<~ to peaa the commodity into tie llaeaWlfctiiii > i?- I J ARMY SUPPLIES P~ ROPOSALS FOR ARMV WAGON AND ambulance harness. Omcx or Akmt Olothtw? axd K^uipaob,) Corntr if Howard and Utrttr ftrtets. > New tuEJt, Augcat 3, 1861. \ Pk,?po??L? -will be received at thia < fic? for furnisi.iug, by oontraet, Army VVuiui Harneaa. The prop'jsA.a ahou d ataie the pnoe at which they oan he furmahed at the place* of manufacture, ana the prio* at whioh tn*) ean be delivered at fhie depot, the number whion oan he made by the bidder witbin una month after reoeipt of the order; aiao the number whioh ho can deliver within one Tne harn?i? muet exaotly oonforin to the following apccifioationa, and to the eatab ished patterna: Four-iunle harneaa aa follow*, to wit: WHEEL. Two Qailor*. Breech strap* 3 feet b inches Ion*, luohea wid.i, Bowed into 14 inch rings of H ii.oi iron; hip atrapa 8 feet 11 inches long.SS inoheawidr; ctay pieoea 2 feet lone. 2S inohev wide, with IS inch baoklee; croes atrapa to book e into atay pieoea, 5 feet long, IS inch wide; aide atrapa 4 feet 1 nz, i>6 lLoh wid6; tie atrapa 15 ii.chc,8 long, H ir>oh wide, tapering to a point. Tico Btlly Bands. Lod* ?ide 2 feet 8 tnohea long, 2 moiiea wid?, with a t?o inoh buokie; abort aide 1 foot 5 lbohea long and 2 inches wide. Two Hair Collar*. 18 to i9 lurl'pa long, with double traoa and aaie lAAthar* *.n.i humtlna It mnh wide Two Pair of Srront Harries to suit, made of white oak root, ironed vi h hooks, breast rings 1>4 inch square, staples and line ringa. Two Pair of Hame Strops, l^ower one 5 feet 6 inouea !od{. S inch wide; upper one 4 feet 6 iuoh?a Ions, % inch wide. Two Bridles Orown piece 2 feet long, 1-H inoh wule; check pieoes enoh lo mohea Ion*, lii lucn; front piece 11X itches long, 1>,? inch wi tar pieces, from binds ?o crown pieces, lt> inches lou?, IS inch wile; none piece 11 inches long. 1 inoh wide; blind 6 inohes long, Sbi inches wide: reins, ong tide 4 feet long, 1 inch wide; fhort side 2 feet long, 1 inoh wide, with 1 inch bnckle; butt", tinned mu'len, to weigh ? 1H?. to thed sen. Two Pair Chain Pipts, 2 feet l<>r.g, 2,S inolie-s wine. Two Pair Trare Chains, 7 feet loan. 16 li.ika to tha loot, of No. 3 iron, with T on one end, weight 1% to 8 lbs. per pair. Twitted or atraight One Pair of Breast Chains, 22 inohes Ion?, 14 link* to the foot, of No. 3 iror. Twisted. Tiro Srrk Straps, 3 feet 1 inoh long, 2% inches wi<ie. with inoh buckle. Two Seek Chains, 4 l? *t^S ir.ches Ion*, 14 links ti the foot. .?o. 4 i'on, T aud loop to he riveted oa to the neck strap, ffwisted. One Saddle, made on Aitakapai tree, head gullet and oanDe, iron, covered in the usual way with half tai.aed horsehide; fl%pa an lnclu-a Ion?, 16 lnhea wide; surcingle 7 feet 3 indies !oug, 2'? inches wide with a 25* inch buokle on pne oi.u, to be fastened to thntaldle b? be^ng nvetao to two onr\c*'J straps lAf inch wide, these strap i are placed one on each side of the saddle tree, one ei d is tiefl to the front part o? the b*r, the otljor ,ud t*? tue exte.ieii.n of the bar behira the oa-itle, r*par ;f| saddle fashion; stirrup le'.'ners 4 teet 7 :noh?6 15* isoh wide, with l1* in.-li buckle; stirrup j. in ! -able iron, tinnei, boit e> e pattern, to weuh 13;* lb*, t. a dozen pair. LEAD. Two Collars, 17X to 1? inches long, made the same as (or wh el hvness. Two Pair of Hamrs. tn wuit.of same mstarir! *? for wripei ha-ness. inned, wiui Uouks. breast rings, and hue rings, with straps as in wheel harness Two Bridles. same as for wheel harness. Tota Seek Straps and Chains, earns as for wheel harness. Tk o Bel y Bands, " " Two Pair Chain Pipes, *' " Two Pair Trace Chains. *' Two (' uppers and Hip Straps, Back strap 5 feet lout, Uper n* from jH inohes to tiX indie* wide. Hip -t aps each 2 net 4 inches long, IX inoh wid?. each with a hook at one end. Two Bick Bands, 3 feet 4 inohea long, 3K inches wide. Two Martingales, 4 feet long. IX inoh wide, to Wuoftle into 11 e "it. Or\e Cuttplmt Strap,5 feet 6 inches long, \ inoh wide One Chech Hein, 4 '?et long, 1 i,>oh wide, to buckle into the bit t eacfi end, with a ring sewed id the oentre to receive the lead line. One Lead, *1 leet lout, J? inoh wide, with a Imc* at one enti,and a 1 8 luah too* at the o'her. Ono Wkip, liMvy pi?tt?d hor** feet 6 inches lone. One Horse Brush, oval, of bristles, ? bj ? inohes. On' Curry l'omb, No. 22i-8 bar. The wnole to be packed in a box about 18 inches wid ?. 17 inohes deep, 34 inohes long, n ade of 1 1. oh stuff, coopered, wc,oa hoops or iron, as may be required. Four-Horse Harness as follows, to wit: WHEEL. Two Quilors, Breeoh strap* 8 feet 8 inohes long, SX iiiOh wide, sewed m.o 4-inch rings of \ inoh iron; hip straps 4 f-et long, 3 inches wiue;stay pieo a 2 foet t inohes ions. 3 i: ohea wide, with l>i inoh buckles; oross atrapa to buokie into stay piecea,6 feet ljng,)K iueh wide; side straps 9 font A inches loot, IK inoh wide; hip sttapal5 ino ? 'org, IH inch wide, tap .ring to & point Two Band i, l>on. mile 2 fret 4 inches lm.c,2 iuj)i?s wide, with & 3-iiioh buoflr; tLort biuo 1 foot 6inoh** '.on* and 2 inohes wide. Two If'iir Collars, 24 to 23 inches long, with dou blesuapa and safe leathers aud buokles inch wide. Two pair of Strong Unmet to suit, ra&de of white ak r> oi, iiosed witn h?ok<s, hreaet ring* IX inoh square, t aples aud line rings. Two patr of flame Strap*, Lower one .5 feet 8 inohes long, S ineh wide; upper ouf 4 feet ? inohes long, H ltioh wide.o; a;ura rannw! leather. Tiro Bridle*. Crown pieoe 2 foei. 2 inohes long, 1L? inoh wide; ohe>k piece* each 1?) niches long, iS? inch wide; lroat piece 12X inches long, \\inch wide; ttay piects, from hiin<is to oiov/n pi. oes, 16inches loi k,.1)$ inch wide; nose piece 12inohes I long, 1 ii:ub 'id -; blinds 6 inches long, 6 mams wide; rt ins, long side 4 feet 2 inohes 1< ng. 1 inch wide: short ade 2 feet long. 1 injh wide, wi'hl i oh buckle; bats, tinned niulien, to weigh 5 lbs. the dozen. Two pair Chain Piptt, 2 feet 6 inohes long, 2)6 itch's widi. Tipo pa,r Chaint, 7 feet long, 14 linka to the foot,of \o. 2 iron, twisted or auaiRht, with T on one end. weight 9 lb*. p?-r pair. On* pair of HrnatI Chaim, itf inches long, 14 links to ' I e loot, of (So 2 iron wut>d. Two Neck Sirup*, 5 feet 6 inohca long, 2>i inohoa wide, with 2>* inoh buckle. Two fttk Ckmens. 4fedtoiDoh long. 14 linka to the <oot, twisted No. 4 iron, T and loop to be riveted on t9th? neok strap, swivel in the chain One Saddle, made on Attakapaa tree, dead, gullet and oantie ironed, oovertd in the u?ua! wa? with half tanned horse hide; flap* JO inches long, 16 inches wide; miroiti e, 7 foet 5 lnoh^a lon<, 2X inches wid?*, with a 2X inoh hackle on on? end, to be f&HteneJ to the sadd.e by being riveted to two ourved simp*, 1 inch wide; *h*s<? straps are ptaced one ou eaon aide f liie saddle-tree, one end is ti?d to the tront p\rt of tt e bar, the other end to the extension of the liar behind thecantle, Spanish sad d a fashion; stirrup leathers 4 lee' 7 inohes to- k, 13* inoii wide, wiid 1 '4 inoh buokle; surrups, ma liable iron, tinned, bolt-eye pattern, to weitb 13X lbs. to a <ioz n pair. LEAD. Two Bridles, same as for wheel harness. Two Collars, 20 to 22 inches long, made til* same as for wheel harness. Two pair nf Hamts to suit, of same material as for wheel harness, ironed, with hooks, breast rings and line rings, with straps as in wheel harne s. Two Seek Straps and Chains, same as for wheel harness. Tiro Belly Bands, same as for wh*el harness. T\topair Ckatn Pipes, same as for wli-jel harness. Two pair Trace CAutns, same uf>r wh^el harness. Two Cruppers mad Hip Straps. Back Strap 6 f-et long, taperiux froos inches to 2X inonei wide. Hip Straps with buckles each 3 feet 8 inohes long, IX inoh wide, with wrought books. Two Back Bands, 3 feet 7 inobe* long, 3% inches wide Two Martingales, 4 feet long, IX inoh wide, to buckle into the bitOne Coupling Strap, i feet 6 inohes long, V inoh wide. (Mi Cluck Rein, 4 feet 1 inoh long, 1 inch wido to buokle into the bit at eaoh end, wita a ring sewed in the oenter to receive the le.vl line. On* i.iad L*n*, 21 feat long. X inoh w.tle, wifh a buokle at oae end, and an 8-inch loop at the other. On* Wk*p, hearj platted horse hide, 6 feet 6 inohes lone. One Horse Brusk, oral, of bristles, ? bj ? inohes One Curry Comb, No. 2*2-8 bar. i he who!* to be packed i , a box about 21 inches wide, 18 inohee deep, 34 mchea long, made of 1-ii.oh tod, ooopared, wood hoope or iron, an may t*> re quired. 1 he whole to be made of the bf?t material eewing 10 be mad a with food waxed thread, and subject 10 inapeotion during the prooeea of mauuf&o ture atd also when finuhed. When 6 horee !>arne.<e i? required, the lead ??tlara, b-idlee, hamea, neck atrapa. bell? bada, chun pipe*, iraoechain, crupper and hip * rap?, back b?uda and etrap* ara doubled. uns bearing ohain 3 feetloug, iinka to'hefnot, of No. 4 iron, with a T on eaoh end aJJ -d, aud load line to be 30 feet long. The wlioie to be made of the b^et material, aewing to be made with good waxfd thr*a? and sub j"ctto inap*etion dirinc the prooeea if manufaoture and aiao when finished. When (-no e harneaa la required, the lead o>l lara, bridiee, hainea, neck at'ap?,belly baoda, ohain pi pea, trace chaina, oa^per aud hip atrapa, back nan<ia, and ooaeling atrapa are doubled, oue bailing chain, 3 feet long. 14 Iixika to the foot, of No. 4 iron, with a T on eaah end added; and lead Una to be S8 feet long Proposals will a m be rsoeired for making and delivering ambalaooe harneaa for two o four mule or horee team??a epesifioation ef which will be kwalter f?irm hod. Korraeo/P opo.alaaod guarantee will oe fnrn toned 'mapplioa ion at thia offioe.and rone will be ooneide'rd that do not coufjr? thereto. The prtvliecS l? rwe^rred by and for the Un ted Statee of rr)?oti?g any profoaal that may be dammed i xtravacant.

Prop state will be indoraed oa theeavfope m? lug them. "Propoaale far tarnishing Ar ?r agoaaad Ambu a^ Haroess,''and at'dreee.d SUMMER RETREATrf. W^A BATHING AND SAFE RKTKtAT, f At Point Look-Obt, Maryland. Thia oe ebrat*d Bathin* Place. ituated at the junotionof the Potomac Kiver with lqq A . . A Chesapeake Bay. will l>e opened by theVcS^# undoraunotl on iho loth o( June, in II'TW t vary beat atyla, for all peraoca wiio n;a? wiali a aafe ar.d auiet retreat, where they can nave the benefit of the beat aait water bathing and enjoy the daiioaoiea of ths water, auoh aa FiaU of all lirnla. Oysters, Crabs, &o. tvery deeonption of fishinr taokle will be kept for the aoooiumodation of gneata. A fine livery *tab e kept on the farm Aleo, ten pin alleya and billiard aaloona ; With all other amusercrnts usually found at auoh plao?*. The table wnl be supplied daily with fr*ab veeotablea from the garden on the premise* and froin th* Baltimore and Waahmcton marketa. The beat Li? uora ami Cigars wili ai way a be fou&d at the Bar. Board, $2 per day; one week, 913; aeoond week, 810; fonr weeka for $35; ohi.dren and oolured ?ervanti half-price. The ateamer St. Nioholaa leave* Waahinctnn f*s-? ? ? aa aw* aila C- A ? a * ? V ? >H. ??<? UV.MIUVI O <11 r I tUBJ Q V 1 |?? m Thp half past2o'o!oofc p. in. train from Washington will oonneot at Baltimore with the l>oat?, reaching Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri-week!y tagefrom Washington. by way of l.eona'dtown Addes* the proprietor*, at Point Lookout, \Vashington, D O., or Alexandria, Va. in SI HEFLEBOWER A CO , Prop'rs. dentlstryr Mtekth LOQM1!*, M. i)., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL FLAT*. TEETH. i I _ mt _ tend* personally at his <>ffioe In this city Many person* nan wear these teeth wlo^"* ear not wear other*, and no person o&n wear otkers who oaanot v?r these. Person* calling at my offioeoan be accommodated wrh any st?le and prioe of Toeih they niay desire: buc to ttiote who are partiou'ar and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, acrt most porfeot denture that art can prod nee, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 333 Pa. avenue, between Mh and 10th sts. Alao, SOT Arch street, rhisdei ?hia. oc It tf ~ GAS FITTING, &c. AWM t. DOVE * CO. RE Nov pr^p&rea to exeonte *ay criers witt Which rear be favored ua the PL.UM RING, 6AS OR STKAM FITT1N1 DUSINtiSS. \ZF" Store oa 9th street, a fnvr doors north of Pa. avsnce, whflre be found ft oomeiete HM^rtnecl of 0HAND!'.I.1KR? and otner ?AS, 3TLAM asi "/A fl'H FlXTUWKK nff tt I SNYDER, % PLUMBER AND FITTER, it as removed to the ocrcer of Twelfth aid F sts. He is prepared to introduce Water ard tJae upon the most favorable terms, and cuarantiaa entire satisfaction. Hf nas on hand a lot of COOKING and oth ; STOVES, which he irili sell lean tnua ot-et, a* he wishes to get rd of them. uo 1? HAS MXTIRE8, E Hav* m store, and are dai y receivirr, AS F/XTU/i?Sof entirely New Patterns and D?*ijci.s and Finish, superior in *ty:e to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite citizens r? ?r?l It to call and examine our stock of Gas aurt Water Fixtures, feeiin? confident that we have tae best ee'.ccted stock in Washington. All Work in the above tine intro sted toeur care will he promptly ett^ndod to, MYEkS * MrGHAN. marf-tf 3T?1) street OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALEft OF ?AS METER8. Washihstoh, Jaly II, 1M?. IIOTICt IS HS-RHQY OJVEN, That, awee moiy to tii- proTtuoa* oTtbe ordinance of the Corporation i (.'T&J May l$ff>. the uuderaitued is now prepared, "wheneVer refillred is writint. and on p-f pa- ment of the im of fifty cent*, to intpeot. examine, test, srore. ud reoertain the accuracy of registration o! any ga* meter In use in tli? cut." K*ory meter, u found inoorrf"t, will be condemned u?( Aiotbar, aaal*<l *a4 msrkud 1* trne Wlil be et in im place. If protisJ to he aooora;e id ita mennurnent of cm, it will be toalea acso-a;cf ly, kDu 4.(*u. pat id position for use. (MRoe No. HO Berenth street, (near Odd Flows'Hall.) <)pen from ? a. m., to ? ?. m. CHAKIjKS W. CUNNINGHAM. Jr U-tf fnspentor and Seaier of 0as M?terv. Q F F 1 C I A L. Dkpartmkwt or 8ta.t*. / Wmh\nnltn, Jul 1/26, 1H6I.{ Information ha* beru received at tbu Departm?nt from Mr. R. N. Hhufei It, the Consul fienr -al of the United ?t?tes at Havana, of t.'ie ihbum, on the 15th ultimo, of a roja' I'ej eo b> whi-->!> all imp.iit dt-.ti^s o-: o'-niinon ihip'a''fond are tnlten >ff f.?r the term of fourteen months from the d?ts of the pu< hoation of the royal decree in Havana. The Fame deoree alao leduce* t? ore-half, during t;ie b&ue time, the import duties upon oorn an t cornmeal and potatoes. The duty by the ta-ijf upon oorn in 35X p*r centum upon the valuatu n of 94 per barrel of i<0 Spanish pounds, when from tore;gn ports in foreign b >ttouis; upon cornir.ea! 35*4 per o^atum up>n tne valuation <f flo per La. rel of #?i Spanish pounds, from foreign ports in foreign bottoms; upon potatoes, from foreign ports in foreign vessels, 29)* per centum upon the va uation of $2 50 per barrel; upon foreign bread, in foreign vesifis, 35K rer centum upon $2 for every 25 Spanish pounds. ^JUNBOATS for tmi WESTERN RIVERS. QCA.RTKRMA.STXP. ?X"<KRAl.'S OFFICE, I Wa'kinrton, Junt 17,1S61.\ Proposals are invited lor constructing Gunboats upon the Western rivers Specifications will be immediately prepared and maj be examined at the Quartermaster's Office at Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and at this offioe. Proposals from boat-bail ers and engine-build er? alone will be considered. Pians submitted by bidders vill be taken into consideration. M C. MEIGS, _ ie IB Quartermaster general United Stateg. THE EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. EMRlyH.. at the corner of l'ann.i^j A avenue ana Eieventn street, has beouWf^^^ greatly improved recently and now offers XfeptLl fTMter inducements for the patrGnare or cijlisns and strangers than any othor public hours in the oit*, his prices being lesa than those of anr other hotel on Penn. avesue, and hia accommodations lor permanent or transient boarders uneioeptioaabl?. The bar and reutaarant arrangements of ths European Hotel have alrutujr become ro-j popo desired by the most fas tidious. The proprietor ^edges unremitted atteutiorand continued Utieral oxpc'iditarestc. give satisfaction to at;, and thus renews his invitation *r sl?1 to c ivr tr.f. l\>iro?**n Hotel a a*.il. de4-tt T| FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their daughters to raoeiye a thorough and systematic eduoatiua, where their phy a?cal training will receive daily and spocial attention, un<ier the most approved STgieui of Calitthenios and GymuasUos, are re?ip"otfuliy invited to visit the Union Female Aoatlewj, corner Fourteenth st. and New York av. MK. & MKi 2. fcil-H AKD?. to ?l-tf > 'rinr. j n* > SPECIAL &OT1CE To VOLUNTEERSf? Just arrived at SMITH'S, Mo. 460 Seventh street. I'^opotsi^e tne Post Office, a iarge lot of SIRINtfand SUMMER CLOTHING. TRUNKS V A LICKS, CARPET HAGS SHIRT COLLARS, TIES, HATS and CAPS IM. B.-Ali of tli? aliovennmed goods for sale ? Nortjern prioes. iraan 3m MMITH. C'otW MOORE'S WEST EN I) SODA FOUNT IS in full operation, dispensing pure Carbonio Aoid Watir, with nioe sirups of different flavors, to suit his patrons In ttddiho:. tw a Sue a took of Mediotnea, he has a general assortment of Toil< t Artiol- s, fii e Cigars. ?c. iy? Vw /fK RESUMED BUSINESS. /Ay .L A. The Ln 'ert.igt.e l w>ui?I a lorm h??JL WX ? 'OL'irndg ai.d -he public that he h*?(# m taken nouse on Ninth st? between 1> and E, where he will again do business as a lioenaed PAWNBROKER. Fair dealing in all laem*?* transaction*. jeSi 3m* KVOOH WAHtl, YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will surely get yonr id msj's worth hy calling a; tne PIONEER MlLl^ MWtwM tor **? af S?r,.tk tlrtrt and Cajw., <#EC?. PACK, Agent.) The? seil cheaper and give ueltor meMiirt than any others in the city-cut, split, aod delivered free of charge. If yon doc 11 eiieve . t v* kite Pioneer Mills atria , and be satisfied ilrj CITRINWir U U1KB< A M n S i VL-M %. U A ^ CON'S fiAffbSr-jrirn hw ji?t *?en r-ioelved. ?P?"?oo8 in ?earoh||??B? of a roiiahte inatrunout Ma low>n?ear?,n I IT' rcfcyii^-ar** "18M" Ordn'i received (or Mr. MARCUS MBU1NK Fort* Tnr ?? t II HOH K-MAOK WOOT8 AND SHOES, Uwn' Mium' and CmMtisn'a Wvab? Ai Hxteadtmgty I- ' fntM. At lfO.<8M^rkrtkjh^, ma Py ?t_ Kft <th ariTif . .*?. "UOLDIfcRg AN1> FKLLOWdTlZKNS " O Com-* to bAllTiTS. No. 4M Se?eittairo?t, ATS and CAPS, at NorUern pnooo. Jy 17 1m Bi'tl JUHN?TIIK, ALTIMORK LOCK HOSPITAL, N*s ditrowtd tkt most Ctttmtn. Srttdv mmd mUy Hftetmal Htmtdy m tki Wor id, FOR ALI< PtSEASr.S OF IMl'KUDLNCC. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APFL^Y l.VMKLMATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, I.V FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Waakuaaaof 'Ji? St:l, Strvcmrei, Affection* of tha Hid o*ji *nd Blid lir iHKUtfti, Inpotincf.Oia rai DeUluy. >ieL?ouooe**, Lunor, Confoaraa f ld?M, Low Spr.j. uo?. of lit* Heart, Timidity, Treroblin**, Pimoe** o' Sijpi or Olddin***. Pimui of thi Htad, Ti.roal, No** or Skin, Affacuona of the Lcuf*. Stomach or B"wele?thro Terrible Diaorder* armiif from Solitary HiMta of Youth?tbe*a Dreadfsl and Destructive Practice* which rer.dar Mirnaft napoaeitie, and deeir*? both Bod* and Miud. YOUNG MEN Eapacially who ha*e become thi etcume ?f Solitary Vice, that dreadful and destructive habit which a.iawally eweepe to au antun?ly jr->?* ihowaandi of Yowrg Man of tha Boat exalted ulinu and brilliant luteliect, who mifki otherwise hi** eatr&uced Uetetunj Senate* with tha ihsndera of elo? nance or wakad to acatacy tha Imiif lyre, may call with oil coctdaoca. MARRIAGE. MaKRIID PI*?05I, or Yownj Men eor.Urrplatlnf Marriare, beinf awara of phyeicai w*akuaaa, organic debiluy, deformitiee, Ac., speedi:* cured. H* who places I imaej under tha cart of Or. J. Bay ralifiens'* connJa in hta honor a* a gentleman and coctdenily ralj opou bit akiil aa a physician. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. lafl hand aid* ftnnj fron Baltimore street, a few door* from tha corner, t ail not to observe nar a find uumler. Lauaia fault ba paid and enntaui a at .u.ji. DR. JOHNSTON, Member *f thr R-'yil Calefy of Snrfeore, Lmidoc, rredaa'a fruia one of tha i;?oet e.-,,ui*nt Goliryes in tha United State*, and the riea-er part of *h *? life hi* been *r*nt is the noapiule of London. Pari*, Philadelphia end elsewhere, hi* effected torn* of the m^et a?tonieh;nf earea that ?ere r inoirn; many tronnita wttn nofiur i? ?h? h#*1 ai.d art vbto aiieap; *r?at nr^nittii, ^?r.r alarrotd at c i Jtn sounds, b%*hfuinc?a vilb frtqatnt Hsahinf, attended "Bicuraaa with darauftmcnt ?f rcind, vert curtd immadial* 1 J. TAKE PARTICULAR SOTICE. Yojing Men and otbere who ha?e mjored themeelvee by a certain practice indulge] In whit alotie ? a habit frequently leaine<l from e*il companions, or at echocl, the ilicu of whien are nijr'nly felt eeen wfcen ac'.eep, aid if D<n cirid, rendera marriage impoaaible, ana destcoye both miud aud body, ahonli) apply immediate 1?. \ Theee are aome 'of the ?<! ..u<l melancholy affecta produced by early hat>tu of youth. ?U > Weakneee of th* BiCk a. d Limbe, Psim in the Head, D-moeti of Sight, Lota of Power, Palpitation of tne Heart, Dyepepay, Neraooe irritability Derangement of tbe Ihgeenve Kuocuooe, General Ik'-illty, Bymp'or. ? of Consumption, Ac. MliTiLL*.?'Hie fenrto! edrcta on the mind are traeh ta be dreaded?Loee nf Memory, Confoaion of t ieaa, Oepreaa n of 6pirit>, Evil Krebodinga, Aeernon of Society, welf-Dietru?-, Lo*e of S.>.Hude, Ttmidry, etc., are tome of tbe erila proji'ced. Nn>TOt*? DIBILITT.?Thrneande ean now Judge what ta the c?uae of their declining health, loeing their vigor, becoming weak, pile nervosa and emaciated, hieioe aiLgnl&r appearance about the eyea, coo{-b ?r eympfme of cooeumptioa. DISEASES OF IMPRVDESCE Wt.en the rnngoided and imfrudent aotary of pleaeore ls has imbibed we >ecds of u .a p-u..riil disease, it loo often h";|?ne that en iil-un?ed ittiie of eh?me or dread of diecoeery det*n him frsm applying t? those who, from education and ttiptcnkilit;, CM alone befriend him. Be Ulls into the bar.Ja of ignorant ani* designing prsteudere, who, mcapible o/ caring, fiich hie pecuniary sot-'taiics, keep hiin triflirf month aiTer month, or aa long ae tl'.e aroalleai fee can be obteired, and in deeper leave nira with reined health to eigh hie galUog disappointment; or hy the oae of that deadly P' - ? Mercury?hasten the cotiatiiL'ional symptoms of thie terrible Jieeaae, each aa Affection* of the Heart, Throat, Head, Skiu, Ac progressing with frightful rapidity, till death pata a period to is dreadful sufferings by seridinir hiirt o ?r.?: eadie-.?ie:eu -onntry from whose bourne no traveler retarris DR. JOHNSOVS REMEDY tX)R ORGANIC WEARS ESS AND IMPOTENCY By thie ^reai rr.d important remedy we?.koeaa of the organs are spssduy cared ana fall rigor reetored Thoasands of tho most tisrroas and 4ebiinated, who had lost all hop*, o*t? been mrpodiately ralie red. All impedimenta to Marriage, Fhyaieel or Mental PieoaalIlsationa, Loss cf Procrea'jee Power, Marvoaa Irritability. Trembling and Weikness or BLbiuuon of tho moot fearfwi kind spssuily earod. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS Tn* M?hy THOL'iAtDi carsl a: this institauoa within the taat seventeen years, aod tho i ameroae important fiurjriaal operauona performed t ? Or. Johnatao, wiuiaaaed by tSe repor.srs of t: e papers <ini m^ny other psrsons, notices of wSlch hoes appearsd again and again bofore tbs public, bse.det h:e etauoiug aa a gentleman >f character and response biltty, is a isCcisnt gacrar.uo to the aSieied. mar lfrly Db. J. H. McLEANS BTBKKGTHEHIISQ CORDIAL A*D BLOOD PI RIF1KK THF UKEATEST REMEDY tn tkt WORLD, Jl& Dklicio*B and K* DEL18HTFUL -t Ef | CORDIAL / ip meier taken. ?f ?*?li;;;;:; SSS~AAer t?kmg. dltnr.Uf. f r#C?*. I* d#it? ??. s .Bl.?rtuil{ pini, 11H U? mi Ufullkla i???dy In rtotr.ilcf oil (muit irnia, taJ .k> ii?k, ?*fcnof, n4 tfoiiiuul lartili l? koltk >?d tutaftk. mtlean's strenftthfniirs cordial Will ??/ ki??? C?a>pl'.liitt Djiptpm, Jn?* d'??, Ck??*i? ?r Kii'in PtkllitT, Dlmm ?fio? Ktdctjt, ??d tli 4te?i?:t (r*a * dti*rdtr?d biv*/ > mrhcii, y>P*Pi'*i l?.?-rd AcidttT ?r lukmu tt ... t <*n> *f UmJ u A* Dai; Pai* ar Ivnalef la Ua K?a<1, Paipitnia* af Ua Kain, Pailoaaa T Wiifll la Ui lia??tk, "?/ ItMUUNi, C?fk.i-t ar t ~fritv*g Pialiaf ar?i?? '*?" dawa, Drynaaa ? YallaW. ?m af U? tkla tad Kyai, MigS; *viiu, tavard Fftrt, Pala la Ikl ail af tka tack, Ckaat, n Stda, Kaddaa Plaaaaa at il. Dipraauaa af iftru, Pnfhifai Diatnaa, ku(Hl, Daapaadaaay at any airaaaa IImiii, l*ru ? iM.tkti aa tka Ik'jt, aad Pa?ai tad t(ai (ar CklUi ui #FJJl A hjluqt, BQTTLM8 kt'i ktaa tell dartaflka iait us aaoika, aac La aa la uaii k? U failed la (i^loff antira aai:af?cOaa. Wka. tkta, vllj tafi? frto Waakaau ar DaaiUiy tiaa UcUill TUIinU M COKDUb vlll aara T*a 1 a liBfa*(* ait aaavay aa ada^aata Ida* af tka la dill Lad ilaMI airuilali Iknafi prauaaad by ukiif Uta Cardial U tka dliaaaed, daktltutad, aad akaiiarad air'tu 17.aa, wketker brakaa dava k; uiau. talk k; aaimra, ar tapCrad ky iltkaiu, tka rained u4 aiauai| ?i|ulntlaa U ra*tartd la 1U yrUuaa k*aJU aad 'ifar HARRISD PERSONS, ar atkan, aaatt'.eae a< IrakUtly fraia vkili'M uui. vlll ad NoUul rr?EJI?TKKKlKK COKDlAh a Uaaaogk itttactauef af tki ayetem; aad all wka aa* bare ta |aiiu tkiauclre* ky Ir-yraaar lodalf aiea* vlll lad la tkti UardKl a atiiala taC i/ndj naiij, tO THE LADIES. Mcl.KA.KT nTEKH?PKKMIH? OOKnukli a *e?*ralfa aad ipudy aa-a fat latiplent CaoaaapUaa, IM.iei, a*ur?t;*d ar SlKaall Meaalraauaa.! acaiUaeace af Irtu ar lMTalaaury Uliutiii tkaraaf, Palling af tka Waak, IdOUau, PilnUag, aad all dlaaaaae laaidaat ta Peaalee. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT tataf aa laager. Tele U aaaarduif wtuaatlaoa. li v1U atlaaleie, riraafikaa, and laTifarata yai aad aaaaa laa af haaita M waaai ? ?/ akaak ??*(?. fti try auii U vuruiia ta (l?t aatlafa?ltaa. FOR CHILDREN, If mi aklldraa ui al*k!y, F*r' a? - la'.td, MckBAII Cl'fcDiAk will aakt lata ktaiily. fat, Uil ratatt. Dalay aat a *aa?al; Ur it, aad yaawili ka ??-tUttd. It u <ltIllniUlila. A1Y1GX, a vara af drmf flaw > daaiara *1? at? try u paiat im faa aama kltttr at taraapar.lla traah, whlek ikty aaa Lav tktaa, kt aatin* It ta laat aa (Mil Araid tact ia>o Aak far MckkAHl T&KKfJTHINlHS COIP1AL, .ad Uka aathlnf alaa. It ia tbt tilt rtmtdy tbat will f anfy i>? Blaad UaraayhlT and at tka taint Unit mraofXhar ika avattta. Una ItMpaacfal laktL. trtry maruwig faallnf u a ctr--la p????u;?t fat Ckalara, CAUia and Ftttr, ar aat ntralant dlaaaaa. It la ?at ? la Urra kaulaa. Pr ca aely %1 yar kailla, at 5 haU'.i Ut f f T. B M rLEAJf, a.a arapnaiar af tkia GatJiit; a.aa, Mcbaaa't Triune 01 kialaaaal. FititlpU L>?aai aa Ua aataat af Tkird aad Pisa tirtttt. St. kaali, Ma. XoI*an'? Yolcnnio Oil Liniment, " (TSB iUT blBlMKKT W TBI WO&fcO.) Tat Mir aa/a aad tiruui cat 1 far Caaaara, Pliaa, Tv mm*. Bwailliif* and Branchllt ar Caiira, Paralalia, MtaMlfia, Waaaaaaaaf Ut Matclaa, Ckraalc at li>l??aaiacy Kat axattti^, Blifatta af tSa J am la, Caiauacud Maaelat a* fcigavtRta Cmakt arTaathrcha, Braiaat, Bpralna, Prtah Caw. Waaada, Cltara, #ata? tarta, Cakad (ttui/kia rivpiat, Barrt, Baalda, tart Tkraat, at aa; lalanaauaa at Cla, aa diftranct haw aarara at Ian* tka diaaaaa mat Ta a tit lad, MiUlAlf vJKk&BBATSD UHBUIT ft a c?rtaln ttn.tdr. T'itkaa ,<la af aaaan kaiaft kata fcaaa aaaad a lift af dtt irtvltai t aad mittry kj Ut ait af (Ala Uralaakt raaady. MtLRAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will ralttTa yala a ha aat lotlaatanaaMli. aad it will elaaa. partfy u< hui if* f?ton him u> ?.n uiaaadiV* ?im U?* *Y>A HOKSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. Mc LT A ?*1 CICUiBRATJCr LUJIMEWT it ih< aolt uh ui imilt fM Ik* car* af Iftri*, ll?pw>, Wu?4f?.a?, ptir.u, Bim?i*rtl Na4*? a* tvalliara. !t n*?*r Ufl.d i* ear* fif lul, F?;|?tU, Data!*, Oii tM>U( Mar**, *r Bwtcy, If f?aa>rly Ufka4. Tn Iniiu, lrtiiti, Icuulu, Lrx*l?d tiin, <4?faa. Bad4l? m Cailat #alla, Can. Vara*, at Vm4i, Kill* lafclHMa Ayy'yH a* *raet?4ae? ? aea 1* aaaeUB le*?*ry immf Tkaa iftta aa taifn ?M it* au; Mrtkliai U*laa*u afartdja yaa Oktaia a **pptv a# Da. McUUII Cllli<u.v&u kiHiMKjrr it wiL ty* r*?- > C*n*i m?u4 rta*' wl'kbNMl*. CattS tfr^a/TS* UM UMlOM 'fikH Iw. 444MB#* * 111 = THE WEEKLY STAR. Tate e?cei.?rt PamUy u4 N?wi Joavaalcontaining a greater variety of lmWeeUig ! < tag Umi raa be fwad ;a aay ttta 4e pabttebed oa Friday morning Kngle copy, per ana '* Five coplee........................ 4 7* Ten eoptee. ?P Twenty-lee roplee................. tb W 11Invariably rontatae the Waablafoa Newt' that ku made 7\? My ?r*st?g Star ?|mMl eo penerally throng boot the coaetry f./-t*lngle roplee (In wrapper*) can be proeurt-<l at the ooat-'e?, Immediately after the fee ie oft hep* per Prloo?TMRKK CENTH KOK HTiMPlV a packkt op pa ns S. [ AJSI> toJVT&LOPB* n 0 i *u iuki. Li?ifiApl CHARGU UtTEOPOLltAll psilp * b0l0n01h, Atmit fm Lmm mn'i mMtimI iAmm ' "Minmumm MiUt," t*., h. mH lr bac KM aad Wk m. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. |"|R. SHl'MAN hM, kt?r u tiytrinoc oltm I ' ?a*ra. lb* abora rafco fro* *nack?ry. Indian or Bn ? dootora, and pietsadara of witaUorafl aad impoatora lb jaa*rr'hi? ia tta oaiy tlaoa ?hr? a aara aad dy euro oan be e&UUM it the world for ali iwroH> and evil habita, fonorrha. |la*t, aamlMj waaknea*. ?yjtaiia?, primarf. aoooodafy. and tarftery, D'fWUfi WMknMf B? n? 1*5 thA iaim ?"?A general debi I it*, prostration, nervousness, restfeas L nights, palpitation of the heart. nnrtn* in the ears, loss of memory, oonfusioc.metaLoiKnf. .'nriioaa of the head, throat, nose, stnd efcin, and all Aon I pcouiiar disorder* arising from the indiscretion of youth, reudarmg them nafit for muter busiaaas, tt-edy. s<>oietj, or marriage. Dr. f. ha* the great.wt resnedlee in the knows world for dmam of the b<oo4. gonor'fc?. gieeC stricture*, rjphl!ll?, seminal weakaeea, self ahuee, /to. There is no oaee in which they fail tc oure la from J to 6 ('ays. Victims of ties* lurrlble complaints, who woald | wish to l>e valuable men and ori.&ments to aoe.ety. should embraoe the u Seat opportunity for rslUt Dr.Bhumar "ar wa^ U>e raw oorop'CU arrangements fcr t?>* oomfort of bis patients who ooms from a dif 1 her will be fa mi shad with the most pleaeant am agreeable *carter?, naoasaary diet, aud made as cor.portable as tLey would be at a first decs hotel at leea ?.iar half tna cost. Do not forget the name and number. Dr. Rtisman's office is on the r.f ?.*iii stree? arit Pennsylvania avenue, C'ereDU<>n Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington. D C Persons at a distance snoufU eooiose stamp for return postage. Office hocrs, 9 A. M to 1? P.M. Various parties have been ei tied Iron my institution l.y certain swindlers on back r ~ets ia this oity, who will rue it till the day of their ueath. A wor.^ tn the wise is suHiciaet a? >-lf #Otrt Couth, Void, Masrieuti. Jm/luasu.sMy Jrrttmtiam or Bartutrt of tkt Throat, RfH?w its Hacking Covi* m* c'se^wmpIIM, frauuiu, X<I<M, # Cntmrrh. Cl**t *nd ??tw rtrtnrtk So ifc* rout of PUBLIC PPEAK RRB ans SINGERS. Few are aware of the. importance of checking a */orf n or "Uobiitoii Cold'Mn it< first atace; that vhioh in the b**iEin? urouid *Je)d to a mi id rame* dj, u neglected, aoonatuwoka the Lun$a. ' Brown i Bronchial TrotKtt" oontAiamf cemc cect ngrediaata, allay Paimonary an-1 bioaohia. Imtatma. I **That trouble in my Th.oat,(for BROWN'S whiob the "7VoeAa*" area peoiae) 1 hAricr made at often a mere VwTROCHES KMr." N. P. WILLIS. BROWN*? tbe,r *#l? P?*LI* TROCHES! ^ "' REV. E. H. CHAFIN. "OreateorvioeiseaMotng IJoa*?* BROWN'S Hies." REV. DANIEL W|t?K. Tpnru.? " A'moet inetact relief in the die TKULHt^ treeeiu* iabor o! breathing poeauar RRnWN'4 tO AeTHMA.** 8 REV. A. C. EG6LE8TON. TROCHES "Contain bo Onum or u?tntn t?janwaa." DK A A HA ES. BROWN'S C*mwi, Aeuon. " A ainpleand aleaeant oombtna TROCHES tion for CoceKi, Ac." BROWN'S TROCHES ' 5T& P.. browns] |#k * ?? troches w?oopi-i? aev. h. w. wabrkn, brown's Bato*. troches $S? '" " brow.n> troth kfi " errscrf at In r^moridt h^areerituiubf fcnd lrr,f*Uon oTthe t^oat, a* brown's cwro?ob w;*fc vriaim iud himtroche? ' rncm.ctacy jojinson, brown's ***ahf^2?oo'ii?tc"rt TROCHEH "8re*t t>?r**t when taker before and alter praaohing.aa tie* i-nnl be'jwn's umimm. From their p\?t rfeot. i tnlrsk tbe? wtl! t? of pennioont adtl? 7ches Tastare to vie. kev. t. rowley, a. m. brown's Prcei.1eui.of ataxia College, Tea*. ..luces frfttrsiLijw>ni?nij"4r 1-1t " rnof. wood's RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AM9 BLOOD EMTOVATEB ti freois^lj arhat lp> name mdioatee, for, vkU? a eaaant to tbeta?t*, it te revivifying, exiul*r*twc? ibvu'?r?t?nt and atren. thauibg to the vita, povera, auJ at the Mime tiir.s revmSea, reinatptaa,abd recoei the Biood in a I ita orsrinal pn'itv.and thua at onoe mttart s a*H rtutltrt ik* ???( m turuim.*rmblt toattne^i a/ dittat*. Jt.? th> ou.j preparation ever offered to the world, eo obeninalt? ar.d aktllfuliy combined as to be toe it oat po w?-rj a t tonic, and at the a*ftie time ao perfect:* aoapt?* tc, u to r? * in aarfa^t a^AnrdRnAA With thR Irrti nf nafwra and benoe will tooikt (4a wmkttt ?fofui?t. kfti tone up the digestive organs. and thu* k..*j mi awToai and other irritation. It is perfect y exiiilara tine and at the tame time it is oompoeed entirely of vegetables, yet eo combined as to produoe the mm! thorough tonic effeot, without any ia iurious oonae^uerees, fcaoh a rained? haa >ot< been felt to be a deftderataaa ia the med.eal wori/, for it need* no medioai * to see iii&t deS.iity follows all att&cka of dieease, and rn.oeed# and m dead lays the ayatam open to the nanUoua attaota of many of the most fatal.suoh, for example, aa the following: Consumption. Ir d.^eatioa, Diapeeeia. Low of Appetite, Fa Ltneee, Nervoas Irritat f iiy. Neura gia, raisilatlon of tie liaart, Meianoho y. Night S*?t?. Laugor, G.iidineea, Retention of. aa we'! aa Painnti ohetruoted. too profeet, or loo ac?nt Menstruation, and Fa?.a$ of tie Womb. Theee all depend upon general debility. Thia aare, oeaitny tonio Cordial and Blood Renovator ia aa aare to cure aa toe aun lat o riae aad ret. There ia no mistake about it . But thia ia not ail If tl<? iratera ia weakened we are open to buieaa attacks, the liver beoomea torpia. or worce Oiaeaee.i. the kidneya refuse to perform their fccti-ins, and wearetrouMeo wita ac-.oing and inoont ceuoeo ,vx arSfsa txxrf. oeedin* y liable to alight ootaa, eoagaa, ana u a oueoked. eooa emaciation folio we, and U>e paueal go*s down to a premature * rare. But apace wi.l not allow aa to enamerate the man* tils to waioa we are liable in a weakened oonditionol tae s?s:sw>. But we will eay in tiua Cordial and Blood Ren<vator yoa have a perfect safe pleasant and i Tec' ial remedy fur loaa of Appetite, fautoaenees. Piatalence, weak and slek h>omaeh. Uanxoar. Uivar Complaint Chills and Fever.or aay BiTioasattaek Coauvet ef?. Aeiaitr of the Btonack, Norwaeneaa (uet'-smi/ruDi .Riyur* mc;. aa 8e;ofui&. ?rya:j>elaa, Broach. ha, Cooa h. c.ff.cuity orB/eatti ing. and all ttiat eiaaa of inmw aa. ad veakaeaa, and enumerated above. We wihaiao suit: SKawsriJNraas&p' aura remedy, and no eu ?W->a*d era travel w% An pawai of eeaaatarr kabtte vtli iaJ .iay? fact preventive of, aa wall aa a aura for ? meiiU whiok they are art-oc Larly expoeed Heac? numatera, atadata. attorney a, uiararv gaaUnaen. acd .atiine who are not aooaatoicni t? aaaeh oatdoor exerciee, will tzc it (o their advactaaa to keee a bottle eonr'antly on haME?*i abovoa-. Kothera. or thoee oecoiiaaf root, wul to tUroogh that moat dacceroua icrioa not omq *i" al! tt.?ir aaaaatomed etrencth hut aan aad free mm Lie i. u?i.a. c.or.ta ao prevalent arooa* th*ieaa e portion of the world. In abort, ia indeed a iao?bor a oordiaL Tryito'd and yoaax;ao lo?for raathe nek of delay; it WlU relieve aid prove iliif r meani0o!T/ PROF WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL r BLOOD RBNOYATOR gOOTB AMD TO ??tV Ul

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