Newspaper of Evening Star, August 15, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 15, 1861 Page 4
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_ a _ THE EVENING STAR. ? <.? X Valiukle f'tw. I ft Derorj*lifre oow. ?ix jearfold, helow, rather than pbove medium whioh has fo'Tiiihefl, at fourteen saecewiTC milking, itam oa'nrd 17 erenin?, M*y 25. to Saturday jnoruiu/. June lit, iiiduiive, 284 pound* of ailk. Of thU milk, 121 p?unA? were ?el for cream, wLioh raado seven pound! of butter-? bfliii/ a fraction orer 17 nuurda of milk to the .j -m l-u t .... i.?l? ..f Ik. t,.* piunq ii| OUIlvr m uu miwiv v? vuv ujim, i -i the week therefore, would heve made nearly 16} pounds "f hatter For the following l i nr it> days. Aba average* ij pounds of milk prr <i.-ij. whiah at the alruve r?:c, would have made 18 pounds of butter per week, and a trifle over, bhe came in, M*y 31 Her keeping, of oourM. it the very best?good water, a]r, hay everyday in the yeir, about 2pound* of provender per day, a small supply of, shelter, litter, pure air, and the run of s half ere pasture, She I* ao street-walker. and is oarer subjected to kicks, cudgels, or Billingcgate, in accordance wi h R ?rey'8 opinion, that auoh discipline is of d wbtlui efficacy, for the improvement either of the manner*, or the nilklng qualities of tho cow It will be perceived that I have sele:?ed the most prod noil T? part of the season for testing her capacity tor butter-making. At tho present date, her daily yield of milk scorns to be lessening.? Jdt4*4Hgrt. J. L. Cu.VXULKK. St. Aliui* Jn? 20, H61. A >'ew Vegetable* There has lately been exhibited p* sorer:J meetings of the Royal Horticultural Society a sew vegetable which promises to become a permanent institution amorg kitchen garden crops. It is a cabbage in the form of Brussels AprouU. The g em is about a foot high, bear- I ing on Its summit a good size hearted cabbage of the ordinary character; hut the stem is o >v?red with small cabbages abvut tho size cf a small datsert apple, and tbe?e when cookcd i form an excellent dish, partaking of the fl ivut of a nice summer cabbage. ami without the atruag Savoy flav >r wLich distinguishes tba 1 Br us. 1 Sprout*. The merit of rroducing this variety is do to Mr. M illMui Melville, l>o!- j tnmey Park lisrlen.^, ne*ir Edinburgh, aud a very good DHUi? by which to disttoguUh it would be to cull it Dchncney sprouts. Rark Lice. Erf*. Prairi< I'irm'r ?In tbs Farmer of ! May 30tb, Jeff.rscn gives fcis reuie iy against I the ravages of Black Lice. which I thir:k is a j good one upon the principle that any treat, man? tending to invigorate the growth of the I tree is * ear? preventive and a srrong reme.iy. j I have used for three yesra. Hut with entire I nueee 9 for apple trees, the f dlowing wa-h .? To or.? pound cf rvare potash add six pints of water, and when dissolved apply to the bodies and Urge lirabs of the tree, early in Jure if possible For young trees I would not have it ? > Strong. A aoiall white-wash bru-*h (mtsda with a cor.t instead of being fastened with a strip of leather being tackei on) is the best ibing to ap^ly the wash, as it will very aooa eat up leather.?J. II , Mount Carrol, June 9 OCEANSTEAMBRS* SAILING DA Y8 Fmox ra* TThitbs Statm %'iaifj. T.'tvt. fV Oat * a rnca _ New York...Liverpool Fnlto*i._,.N<?w York...9outh*p*on Aug. 1? Karjaroo.. ...New York...Liverpool Ac: 17 Fa -oj,? >ew Y or*... Liverpool...Ani*. 2! P?r?ia__ ^...New York.?Liverpool.. Ai?< <n Arago?. ? New York.. Havre ?epL 14 Fro* Etrop* ma. > - - r uiverp'M'i ivew York.-Aug 3 CtsUt .... Liverpool.....Uobton ? Aug. 1? B?v?na.?^ . _?oath'pton...Sev York Au*. 14 An* i.iv?rpn?ti?New York..Aug. 17 The C*:iforn?? trail steamers leave on the let, lSUi. anojlat of evfr? mouth. VTKMAL,^ B04KU1N& Ajj DA\ SCHOOL r altxjsdms.. /a. Mrs. 8. J. MoCOFMICX, PE'JfipAL. The thirteenth tnr.u&i mmiod of t<u<. Institution will oomm?cc? ol. TaesdaT, Sepienii-er I8tu, n. ta<? ^ ate reeectiy c^ b; Scot* Lei., o. 1*0 King ?!:eot. Tfej* oocrss ef eia<1r pnrraeJ -mr".*' a:i the brinche:. requisite to * tiiorotr;fa El?-1u!i EJu- I ^ttiot^aKi Aiuao, Fiasoh, L?t:a &na ii i in addition to day ecLoiars. Mrs. SeCormiok ia I frepared to receive a ruitcof pr.p?i* aa boarders. who. scan; itu.ta.r a part of bar o*n fur ily, will be n.idv Uor imnuuiaie card atu supcrvi ion. bhe wili t>cdwr< *. a* lar as possible, to *urranod men with ttit ?omiorts aad kindly icuuoi. of Horr.e. fitftrine*.' ? R?t. ?eo. II. Norton. Rot. Dr. FHaa Harriavn, F.e-?. D. F. Sprite, William H. Fo-jr'.e, ? *., Edgar Snowier, Et)., E? tnunrt F. Eif? Hpu.-j M'-rburj, 14*., Lawia J.!ciiensie Es*.. R'?bert (1. iluutot, Ks^., W. D VV all&oh Editor Evening Star. Rsojaioin Waters, Ei*..Ja? Fntwifc.? Jr.. F.-* ,Co!.JohnW.Mirw Loud^nr, Rars. Blacalook A Marshal*, Mtura. Cora* Uiora. Tims. Board, wiUi Tuition ia a-t the Ere'ish P.'anche?, $T*'{ot the aroual sec?:ou?psvabla aenu-i^sna.lj, n ad vase*. Wcmc ar.l f.antrares kt Professors' prise*. |rr Nooxt/aeitarcfle a?f-!I WSl'Ki Nti CLOTHING. ALI? S'l Kt*HENS V. CO ar-; this dar in receipt ?t th-?ir *oo<Td eapr'.f of SpKI Nl* ClO I Hl.Sti ao<* mai~iiv iort:.-?:r custou: trade, cc!-%i?<in< ot New Cloths. CutiiMri and V??a?in?*, of the lat*?t Bt)iva, witiuh the? win mics to orjer in aupo?.< r ?ty4eai very luvr prices. 9?<nt.'T:-r. vwhmgaa Ju.o.edate outfit wili fm < In our Kea-2 t ::.a<le Oepa.uoanl every artic.e of Wsarins A?pa**, satiable to thatr -sra Is. W A 1.1., STEPHENS* \ CO.. %9 1 * Hhi P?WW. 77 u I Mosorrro NF.r. l'/U PIF.CEl* H i k B:iie. Vo'<?w,Orean, and Wnlte Mosquito N?t ju?t opened and for ?a;a :>) WM it. ivli.E\ ft BKU., No. 36 Centra Moras, Betw<*-a 7tn ana 8tn eta.. au 3 l"i,if Oppo-it* CerW Ma*V?t VI/ lio t . Ci..>TUi.W ? E Hava received wi?in the last day or t wo a larza as*.-tinea; ot BOYS'SPRING CM>TH1NC?. einl.fA.-ir A') *',Ua tif In* . ?... _ rj ? -r v? avr WW y l iVUU , mwu iu>l>< uJ fire fnaiitte?, wLich ire are lung a t vei y low prioea for ca?ti. WALL, STEPHfc'NS ft CO , r*%. a/., between '"til ami loth s's. mil f ? -rrcr *?><i H ?p > hi icnu.? MEKfc.Ni H \ KiCttalt.lN AVE j**s reoaivea airmail auppi? of Nut* 1 * er, C<>it>reu Border*. ra. jJ ant* with Eu biopsi to riarrn Ato. ^ .ag riper vi a<i kirn a, wita acJ T *t '?<?.*? ktv ?w>pc? t? Pa-sea ar d Poccet of every description, A Ukr*e aasortmeut of St*-.oner*. N?>w \ork P&?rra reoei ed daiij, Paper* from 11 part* of tin courur*. FRENCH ft RICHSTKIN, *nn f 'i7*? Pfrn 4 HtkN CORN. IN CANH; PETITK POIS; L'tiAmj gum.*; Entail Tomatoes, in a uart eat". Pre**.-**'' fruit, of i-iauy vaneUe*; Coiiae. r->d ftii.g?-.(Canu>i ;i Anf i'iut, ?-"iesti .\j4?ii?f ci and Ha iOtti, lu cvu, i- ear. Lob?te:i and uJv/K, :a ca'.s: M.-'iWj, Urauii3tJ KriiiU; Crua;e Albiack??:!'? ficklb*. Sauce*, 1'apera, O'.ves, fto For web* - K1N84 BL KCHKLL, ?irocor?, mi Vermont** and <Mii at. LALiW'AH TTKS FOR S?>LL?1ER3 ? fcv *'! - i..,r in Uiecity ah>>>] a e?H a- SMITH'S it'k t'?0 S<M ?'re-t, ?.p?v>'it < the Post tiflioe, S" i .?> ?n*ir ti 1. . N?? sH'.RT.vCiiI.LAK'* lit. :;s. VA; !' hs, CAPT 1-/1 BAGS, AlS d CAPS, aa it i.- trie Ch*ape*t Store in toaro to buy CioUJiut aiitl Iai uituni Go 'iia. J.H Hit 1TH, Clothier, ira X" ~>n No. 46? Suvontn at. HP _ 1>EA fH?DfcATH?DEATH ! J. O R'v aes, Bedbuga. h>rM, Anta, to, U/x) Son/rt ln?ect Deatrojer; never fai.a; prise ? >. W ud 50 eeuta. Al?o, Moore'# Rat an i Mica Ex teriuii atof. l^r-e and several 6t'jok ol Mediciaee, &o., a:*?ay? on hano MOORE'S Weat End Dreg Store, m 15 }* 11 ^ Penn a-ei >ie. WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a ar*e a?K>rt&>e&tof GREYard ULt'E Fl^ANNt L OVETI-SHIKT*. WHITE t*HIRT^, DRA VVHtx. OAMP BLANAKTS, HALF HUMK, Ao., wbnn we lante ail oaah puianaaera to examine ba&iro inaAisx i.?e?r aeieofaoue. WALL. STEP HEN 8 A CO.. Fa- av., betveea ?th and 10th *M. HB (Intelligencer aa<1 Kfpah.ican.) 4JO??D ARTICLES-MOOKE'8 INSECT and O VbRMlN DESTROYER wnl rw you ot Eoaehea, Bed Bug*. Anta, Ao Moore'a Rat and Hoitt Exterminator never faila. Moore'a Became vi!! remove paint, van ?h or xr^aae of any ku.d frcr toe moat daheate fatrio, aiik or woolen, w itbf t injury to oo.or or atiierwiae; ^ili olean Kid ovea (/oaattfaiir. viM atu* laN>r. For aale at OORE*8 ?raaf Med kmc 113 Pa. ?r. * t-tr C-1 A EAT B^UGAINS IN PIANOS-One very J uaa Ha I A bona' make for yn ntoe Rwewoo?i Cti ckericf*' niakt-lBflra far Ml""-, one Rosewood N winanA Bro.'a"Tl %T * gu? for #75, at the Mi?i? bu>re ol W. G. Mfc'l'Z &KUH. e arent oi stemwar & Pooa' ?:,?! +w+t< . Raiw* Mr r*r? * Pi?v?n? mt H LOl ??\. JI.L.K AKTfc&IAN W fcl.L WATKIti B p! ncrf Water ard other Medicinal atera, *twaya freaii. A;eo, fresh aupp>iea oi i'uris M>?]i taee reccive?j ?eekir. Aj? /'?, bcleaok'a, and <Hi?er Medioutea en aaie. MOOKK'S Weet KsJ Drue Store. w 11.1 Penn. >v?n.i? Special bAiiGAiss - ..-u TN MOUIN1N8 OOOM. y\ offer fcJ, tb* b??t grades of Jlouriiinc Goods n oer etnok at treaty reduced ?r;oe? tor oaai. ? 9 j w. nobijcv a ?:o 1t| A0.NOi.lA tUM? ! We are nj>? ree?i?inj oor\rst in JrtV o/VairoiJt H ki Cu :h;a reaton. Tber o/nrhr.t be aur IHN8 A <W ?ohki7L. ?e ? i??TWf Kth at ?nM Vermont > CH10IKM1NG * SONS' fiANOSVOK BALK oa nooUir hwmu, or diaeooau for caao* I ? "Thejr po rl^ht to the Spot." ' INSTANT RKLlKF! {-"TOP \ OUR COUCiH 1 tUKUrY VOUR BREATH STRliNf-.THKN' VOCR VOICE! " # i | SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, , ASS HO'*D FO.'l CLEKUYMEN, ] UO*)D FOR J F.CTURERS, * HOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, C.uOD FOR SINGERS. UUUD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. ' r.MTT EMBN CAR R Y SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LAP'KS ARE DELIGHTED WITH I SPALDING'S TUKOAT C0>?FKCTI0NS. I CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THKOAT CONFECTIONS. ? The* re'iev?i CourIi instantly. They clour tba Throat. TN * ?,ir? . -ength E.nd volume to the voice. TIkt ia;>*rta 'teliciois a*oma to the breath. ( 'i'hey arede.ijilitfu to the taste. 1 They &r* r;aJ? of dimple harbt and oanoot harm 1 ary ont*. I I sdvis* orery one who baa a Coiiph or a Husky V.vsj.ot a Ha 1 Urolith,or any difficulty of the Throat. t? eft a packaee of my Tur at Coufeo- 1 ti >r . Tb*y *?iii relieve yon lnatantly, aid von wt ' Si*po with mo that "thev go neht t* the spot.* ! Y"U wi.l find them very uweful an*! plearant while ?r\v?j:iag <>." n s puMlO for stilling fv 'T Courti ??r al'avire tout thirs', U you try one nack? <: i -ate id saying that yon will ever af f>rwa'??s o'?ne:dof ther*! ludisp^nsible. You will I h d hem at tiis Druggiita aid Dealers m Medi- | i ciuearmce twenty five cents. i I Mr in- rat sire is on each package. All other* are i | oonn'crf-it. A !> ?ent t>y mail, prepaid, on re' cei^t of l Ui:,j Ce:;t3. ' Addreei. IIF?TRY C SPALDMU, N?. r.ilDAU & rH eet, new YORK. 1 i ~ ^ i . . f^llC ! l AK>Sf ; NervousHeadache : I CURfc A . i ^ Jdnds 0> j * | Headache.! ! ' i i Hy the use of tr?>ee Pills the periodic attaoks o J Stria** or Sirk Htidi'K* may l>e prevented, and ] i tafc*n at the ooniaeu'mnient ol an attaok imm# I ai?!o rel: M fr'-ro pain an<l ?icknees will be obtained. Tiifj e'.'lori f m r-iiii?vu.i the Nmna and ' Ht-viark* Xr. whioh femalot* are *o subject. Ins- a;t r n;>'o the bowels,?removi&f Cot i lir<Mj.r. * 1 or Ltt-rary ih'n*, Stu ltnH. Delioate Female*, ; II I t . w( itdimary Kabitt, they are val- I i b*: i? as a Laxative, improving the appetxf, giving i torn r:,<! riear to the digestive organ#, and re ] stormi the natural e'.aatioity and strength of the I1 who'e T.'iq CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long >uvertiga*io!i .iuJ carefully eoaduoted experiments, I i a-'iiig i?e<"ii is Ui?e many rears, during which time ! 'he? have pr^v.-nt.yi ar.d relieved a vart amount of !pi\iu ani sn.l^-riue rom Headache, whether origl- ' uatiug in the ntrrout sjstrm or from a deranged elate rf the ! 1 t;f y ^re enf.rp;* T?{^ti!e m their composition, ac i p bo *r ej; at all tunes witii perfect safety intbost nak.':raiy change of diet, ntvi tk* mb~ \ I ???r? of,any last$ rtndtrs it itry Is ! dmimisttr t/itrr. to rhildrm. BEVVAHK OK COUNTERFEITS! ! The genuiiir have five signatures of Henri.0. 1 :-pa iir.f on e%ah Bo*. ' I Sow b> !?ru;gists and all other Deciers in Medi niuM. a 1*1.1 vi sent t.j ir^ll prepaid on reoeipto , the PRICK, SI CENTS. A'. *rif-? shosld !.e v'1ress?<: to til...* , C jJ'ALDINt, ?H C?r>*n St&iit. New Yoii. P'omt it < Framtntr, Phrrfolk, Vm. i Cej-hr. io P. a a^omrl'sh the object for whieh they Wvro njsiUa, vn: Cure of headaoue In all 1U ; forms. <k* Ctmwv, StrfoiM, Fa. Ttiey have h?-n terted la more than atkeiaaad , esu er, witii entire auooees. I-ro*\ !at Drmotfl, St. Cloud, Minm. If roc are. or fi?*e won troubled w ith the baadr* ;?.? for & Ini*. : Cephalic Pilie ,?so that yo? ir.y# UKve them iu ?azc ci >' im ik* tt, h. chicm, ru. wasrul^ o/lone ftlr. ?paMing, and kia Ui nv*ailri Cephalic Pille. /?. ??< fA? icyrhtu fif4 Pt*dtr, iVtw OrUmu, La. Tr; 1 .om ju-i that areatfl icted. and we are aare th\t yourtaf*imM>y can be artdrd to the already oumeroua lit.*, tnnt b*a received b?nefita that no otutr nseJicine oaa produce. f-rr-m tit Damtmt?ert. lawm. Mr. tiaaldinf would not connect hla name with Ru article be did not tmott to poweea real merit iVm tit Adntrtittr, Pr*9idm4?. It. I. Th? Oe?:.?'in FiDs wo *ai<l m he a remarkably ! ofl'aot.?e fr?.T"?i? f<-r th? headache, ud one of the r>r? !>o;,t for thai very f.etuoLt oemilaint which b!?8 ever been discovered. FtrntktSt L?uit .'jmMTil. The mirenite Jci-iand for the artiele (UepkalU | ir rApidl* iwrMIEC. >Ik* K?n**kn Vatlty ?'?r, funitt, Tm. ! V. t n. ? miie t>-at pprmjr.f erfferine with the head aoJie, wLo trj them, wilt ?t c< Vo tnoro. Frvm tk* AJrtrtiier, Pro^tAmes, R. I. Th* teetiraor* tn their favor la troag, from the pu>?t reepectab e quarter*. Frctn t\i D*ily >? ?. Nt*?wort, R, J, Opha'ic Pil!? are takmr the place of all kinds.. Irrm the C-ymmerrial Bulletin, Boston, Musi. tin J to be very eifionoiou* for th? headache. Prom tks Commercial, Cincinnati, Ohio, M.-?-- > j wHW?..un Hiunsmtr van nuw uo rrilVTtKJ. IC7* A Riiif e bottle of 8l?al<liog-fl Trepared Glue will <tav? tan tuna* it* ooct annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING S PKhPARED GLUE.' SPALDING'S pliEPAKED GLUE' SAVE. THE FIKCEh! ECONOMY! DISPATCH ICT-'A StiTCtf IB Tint !*?tu Nm?."^rn _ Ac acoident* will happen, even in well re?u nt? i%ini iea,it is very dreiral'i* U> have iom? cntai and'ooaveDient way fur rtpAirwjf rarnitara, Toya Urockery, to. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meet* al! auch emer*enoiea, ai.J no houaehold oa adord to be without it. It ia al way a ready, and to tka atiokinc point. M UBEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. y.-A Uniah aooompautea eaoti BotUa. Pria 3ft oenU. AUilr Ma HENRY C. 8PALDIN9. No. 4* Cedar itreat, Naw York. CAUTION. ' A a certain unprincipled peraoea are attwnptinf to ' paint <>If on the aa?uap?otmf puMie, imitation* of , ti.r : KKI'aKKU glue, I wouid oMtion 1 I aou?'-. exaraina Mfura parol'8bib?, and aaa tka Ith ft i can.e. 8fA LWN?'? PREPARED GLUB.O SlirfaJto!*^* rRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. JJNITJblD STATES MILITARY ROUTE. SPECIAL NOTICE IP TRAVELERS On and aftir TkurfJay, 16, 1881, TAP-ErlGSK TH-415S BKTWKSS WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE Wilt ran as follow*: LEAVE WASHINGTON at 4 15 and 7.10 ft. m. inti 2 30 and 5 45 p. in.. arrivin< at Bai:imoie at 5-bO and 6a it>. as. 4.05 at<i TJ9) p m. LEAVE BALTIMORE a 4.20 and 8 20 a. m.and $ 45 an J 5 p in , arri vine ni Washington at 6.lo and K .li> a. m. and 5 25 ar.f1 6 45 p. rr. Pansenier Train* leaving Washington at 7 10 a. m. and 5 45 p. m., and Baltimore at 8 $) a. m aod 5 ?. m , make direct connexions for Annapolis at the Junction. Train* leave AJinapoiis for Baltimore and Wash iutton at 63> a. ra. and 4 15 p. m. Pi?ee:iic?r Trains laavin* Washington at 4.15 and r.'o %. m and 130 p. m. make direct connexions at Baltimore for PhUaiietphia, New York, Boston, and ail other points North. Al! articles of freight <not contraband of war) nil t>e over the 'ice. Tnnna&e Train* will ieav? Baltimore at * iO %. m. Leave Washington at 7,p. m By order of the Secretary of War: THOMAS A. SCOTT, n> 14 General Manager. US. MILITARY ROUTE. SPECIAL NOTICE. On SUN PAY the Trains will leave the I>pot at 7.10 a. m. and 2 3' p. n lor Philaaeiph.a au 1 New York. Trains will arrive at 61? a. iu. aod 6 46 p. m. THOMAS A. SCOTT, tfau i Manager, ma 18 [Chron. Intel, and Repub.) MF.AM WEEKLY BETWEEN C&i TXJ* NW VOK K AN D LI VKR PoOL, ^Landing and e:noark4ng pa??eiiger? at liu*fn?fown, Ireland The Liveipc >i. N^w ^ "rk r.t:d Philadelphia Btean: * hi o Company intend <Ji*patuhing their full powertd Cjrd -bui.t iron SteainMiip- as fuil.-wg: (j LASuOW S*tunar, August 31. CITY OK BALTIMORE, " " inn. KANGAROO " " 13th. Aud evecj Saturda-, ?t noon, from Pier44, North river. ?ATK4 OF PASR/.GK. Firat Cahir ?7i !>.>, i? London w> l>o. to ?*nria - ?.. K5 I*- * *t wt. iu rir.mourif 86 8teern<e $30 lk?. foi.ond.n .. 34 I n. to i n.... ?' Do. to flamharr .*-5 ra?stn!Ra'M f<irwaru?d t> !U> re. Bremen. Rotterdam. Antwerp,, at redu^d tlirniuh lares. wuI.ils ti bring out >hair friends can buy t.okets at low rates <>r further information apoiy at t'eCapta-ns Office. JOuN ?. Da L , Agent, l.'i Broadway. S. V., Or to IJ. A BvRRIN(j, A :ains Express Baltimore. ^rr?w IT ? (rOVKRNMKNT LINK v>TO FORT MONROE A\D Ol.D J -I.\T ( Q.ilto r. Leave? the lower <> d < ( UNI'iS DOCK. Ba ti n re. weii siiio. 'MILY, (Sundays included.) at IH j'cI cup M. ta^itic pAe?e *r m and fright. and !<>nn-ot!iu ? ith tti* livirosd iin? ?. to and f-om Wa^hK e ob, l>. C., P u nde phia. New York, B' Ion, York, Harnsbii-g. Pittsburg, Pa, and the IVeit, unimdiateiy af er th.<arrival of the Express ["lain from New \ tti k and Philadelphia. 'i tie following ;atho >ohedu.^: H"rom \t!w York to K >rt Monroe anu back.. .?14 Krr-nr Phiiad'ip'i a and r ack ?"roni Ba ti:r??;reand bj^jV, JJ6. |p?PRCOi;KE VOUK TICKKT8-TT1 In Now York.*f the Ne* Jersey R&ilroaa Uffioe L t - i ' ' >> 'id v^-urii&'o PirP'i. In Pin a;l<vpiita, at th" Oompinj'i ctfico N. W. ii *n?r 1 Sixrli a>:! .! 'n"t street:, or at the L)?*|kj?. Broad a'ld !'r!in? str- e:e. lu H-'Minor*, oi b >a<"d t:< Steamers, foot of Uclon Pock. HUOII O CONNER, Paw? ??n;rwr Ag^n* ?IP"* wlNDIVIDl'AI* FNTERPR19S C,*^ii"rr mnk EAST~r.v A.xn wr STERN SHORE STEAMERS. ''KENT," Cap I J H. K >**(, PIONEER,'' Capt W.Norman, Will run their r >utes as follow*, leavi r. flight itreet, tia tiinore foot oi Camdrii at 7 o'olook A. U : KENT?For Cambridge. l?enton and Landings >n Chontank rive.-, every WEDNESDAY ami *ATI'kL>A Y, reluming every Ihursday ana Vlonday. For Aunapolisand West River, every TUES DAY aud KR1KAV and returning -a e fJaya. PIONEER?For St. M ohae:'s an < Kaston. via viiiV* Kiver.ivery WEDNESDAY. a d return the same d?.y. Kor Annapolis, West River. Cambridge, Oxford Mid Ea??.< n Point, every THURSDAY. returning l?j name ro-ite (in l- ri l.iy For Annapolis. Wen> River, St. Michael'* and Ka ton, via Mile's River t ^rry, overy W\TUR DAY, retnrniiiK eveiy Monday ny s\me route K*re to Cambridge, I)eut >u, Oxford and Kanton Point - SO Par>?t" Ct viinhae1'* and Miles' River,, round trip 91.) 1 *? Pare to West River, (ioai:d trip, ?1)... 1 <*> Fare to Annapj.i* ( onnd trii TScenU) To MttAL.S hXTHA. f l j~ Freiirht must t?? prep,a.d. \v narf and Oliioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltm ore. C. K. CANNON. ig; FOR THE W KST AND SOUTH r? BALTiMORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after May 16tn, l?61. the t'ains will run ?? follow*, v.z:?Leave Camden Station, Haiti more.?Mai!,.exespt Sunda',} at 5 an A.M.; Express dai'y at 3. I*. M. Trains ?o direct!> t'ir.iKfi MiR ALL i'AK'IS OF THE WEST, mili l HWMT A V M MlUTniiiPa'P FOR WAY PASSENGERS. Between baiti.nnr* ana Piedmont take the A. M. Tram; t*?iwoen Piedmont and Wheeling take Ao oommodation Train. It-am:* Piedmont a'. 6. 4-'' A M ; and between Grafton and f'arkorabur?, take U?e53l'A M Train from Ha tunore. Tbo FREDERICK 1'KAIN I aves Baltimore it 4 3-1 P. >1. and FrMerirk a 6 9i A. M The EL .ICOT r'S Ml LI--* I R A IN f>ave Ba!tiiiiore at 6 3? mid 9.13 A . M. a'ld I 4-S an J Hi P M and Klhtott's Milis at 7.40 anil 11.6u A. A1 .and 3.45 and 7 .no P. M. For further information, Tj"ke^ of ev?ry kin"', 4.0 , apply to J. T KN6I.AND Afront at Camden Station, or at the Tioki t offire. \V. P SMITH, Ma*ter of Tran?p'>rtion. L. M. CO! .K, Geu'l Tioket Agent. mmmrw?t- northern central railway. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,! Calvrbi Station, Batimore. May 18,1861. { On and after Sunday. War lMh, IHtil, Train* on the NOK ? HERN CENTRAL HAI..W \Y ?r ri tra ?n/i A ex n* v * an Fi. 11 *? * ? ? ? ? **' " >i vv biiu uv|??i rvo |i'in/wn( U'l'ii IUi UIPI UUblVOi TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 IS A M. KXPRKS8 atS5? P. M. HAKKISUL'KU ACCOMMODATION at a P M The 8 15 A. M. train oonneoti at Houm with trains on the Western Maryland Rai road; at Hanover Ju'otior* with Hanover and Ge'tsbu-g Kailroads; at York with York and WrightavMc Railroad; at HarrmSurir -riih Pennsylvania Rel oad for ail parts of the West, also with hebanton Valley Railroad to New Y</r/f </?>???, at .Northuin berland with l? and l\ 'Jaiiroad for Kmcaton and a'i parts of Wrooming Valie? .and a' >nubur? with the Philadelphia and Krie Railroad for all parte Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 3>i P. M train makes a' I *':e n,t?ove connection* exoept llanover Rai r.-ad, W nnh?svill? Railroad and the Lebnnnon Vall-y Railroad T' e ? P. M tram makes conn*ctions with Penn v'vani* Rai!r< ad for all paita of the West, and direct oonueota for New York TRAINS ARKIVK Mat! at 6 1? P >1.; Expre. s .*t7 45 A. M.; Harrisbur* Aooonnuodatii.u at 2 43 P. M For Ticket* and inf. r, atum intuiro at the Ticket Oftiae, Calveit Station. Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, Sup't. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA 9BM FOR NEW YORK. The Cam len and Amhoy and Philadelphia anc Tr?n on Railro\d Companies' Line lr?>m PHI LADE' PHIA TO NEW YO??K AND WAV PLAOfS, from WALNUT STREET WHARf AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave as fol At 6 A M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A Aoooin inodation. > Ate A. M , via Camden aad Jersey City, (N.J Aooommodation ) At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(Morn it g Mail.) AtllH A. M , via KeLSington and Jersey City (We?t?>rn Express.) At 12>k P. M., via Camden and An>boy,( Aooommodat'oc.) At s P M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A glare* s ) At M P M . via Kensington and Jerney City (Evening Express.) At *% P M . via Kensington and Jersey City (Beu<? d Cias* Ticket.) At 6 P. M., viaCaiudcu and Jersey City, (Kvenmi Mai1.) At UM P. Mvia CauiJen aud Jer?ej City,(South em MaW.) At* P. M . via Camden and Amboy, f Aooommodatiun. freight and pnaaenser, Firat Clans Ticket. Ula?? Tioket, Thau P. M Mail Train tuuadai'.y. The MM P M. Mm!, 8afar?J*?a exceptfd Fur ti*lv.d<?ret Kaaton, Lambertvi!l*, Flem.DK ton. fto , at 7.1(i A. M.; and 4>i P. M., from KauWater uap. stroud^hurjr.Soranton.Wilkea barre. Moritroae, (ir?w.t Bend, ko? at 7.1? A.M., from KemMii*t'>n. via Delaware, Laokawanna and Weat-rn Kaiir.-vl. For Mauoh C'uin*, A llentown and 7.10 A. M. and VS P. M. from Kenaington depot; the7.10 A. M ii eqonoeota witb the tiain leaving feaatoii at 3 35 ? M. , F? r Mount Holly at 6 and S A. M. and 2 aad 4* P vi For Freehold at 8 A. M- and 2 P. M. For Mriatot, 'I r?*ntoe, Ao. at 7.10 A.M..4H ?nd K- M from Kenaui|ton, aud 2K P. M from Walnut aireet wharf. For Pa'royra Rivarton, D'lanoo, Heverly Ber>n*ton, Flnrenneoo, Bordentown, Ao , at 13V. I. S,4Hud5(* M Htaamer Trenton for Bordentown.and intermediate plaoea, at Stt P. M. iron Welnat street For New York and Way Llnea. leering K*n*iu?ton Depot, take tha ci?ra on Fifth atre^t, abore walnut, half a-? boar before dapa ture The csara ran into the depot,and on arrival of tram an from the depot. h iftr pound* of b*cK?ce onif allowed tocaoh paaeengor. Paaaenxera are prohibited from taklnn anrtbinf ae baccaga1 but ihetr veering apaafft. Ail baxcaee oyer fifty pounda to be paid for extra. The 00myew lunit their reeponaibilitv fir bMiw* to ene <Mar per poead. and will net be uaMeT ?r My eaaotfat beyond ope hand red Aoilara, k' SATZMK1, *,??. w . i m ini.. NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. H-K Postmaster tieneral having ordv*** mail Karrioo Washington, JL ^ T<a.tim'ir?. Vid Old Point iFortress^^^Jj*:^ Monroe) to l>* rMtnud, oa an<l Vonday, th?S0?h instant the Bst Lin? of ?t?*mer? will lea ? Ba tiroor? EVKK\ DA Y (except Sunday) from thwr wharf, foot of Union Dmk, at Oi ( o'oiook p. in., or immediately after the arrivai ol tho ' vat,niciton Train, which imtm Wanhington ( at 2H o'olnck p. iii. m*'tf M. N FAM.W. Pres't. , I., mm | PH?LA??ELP:>'A, WiL, jM. JsSfiPWi MINGTON ANDB*".TIMORK RAJLH 'AD. SPRING AND SUMMMi AHHAXGEMtNT. On and alu?r 1UK8DAV May U:n, Pa.i.j?u*er Trains tor Phiiade pnia will !??v? President street Depot daily (except l-undaj? ;a* follows, TiZ; xpr>-?? Train at 615 *TM-Way Mai! Train at 6*45 * . M.; Evening Mail at 4 46 o'olook. On *UNDAYS&t 4 4.5 P. M. onlr. All trains oooteot with New York trams exoept 4 45 P. M. train on Satur. days. A Freight Train with pa?e?njter oar attao^ed leaves at 5 P. M , stnpp^at ali Station* txftween Ba timoreand Havre df-lirao?. Pa?se?gerB f?r Delaware ar.d the Kastern Mtora ofAlsry'anH will fin't the most expedition! route by way of WHutngton, ID? All Colored Per?on? nuit give bord before entering the oars, WM CRAWFC>BP, Agent. P_?-B?OHEAT CENTKAJ HOrTK FOR ^ggHBHaE i;he u^r vw nifD^os^i^ ?-an r^/tnwai/ nM ffil* rVAA CSMTHAL l.AlLhOAp h xpress Train* ieav* New YorK o tr depot* of Hudson Kiver Railroad daily. Sunday* excepted, follow*: From i hambera etieet F" mSlst at. atation> At 7 (Oam At 7 25 a in 1!00" 50<)pm 1 .25 ' 5 25 p m 3 S> p m 3 66 p in Montr al and Buffalo Train with Bleeping eais. 9. 5 p m 1 45 p m Connecting at Albany with the New Yorir Central Railroad f"r Schenectady. Hoonefte-,1IJtica,

Barav'a. Rome, and catiorn on Rome and Wateri?'wn Rtilr a "uff\ o o\ raon*e, Niaea'a Fal'a, Su?pe hi- n Bridge. Auburn, Geneva.Ca^ardaigua. Trains in cnr.noction leave Buffvo and Su?j>-?n *ion vis Lake Shore, Buffalo and Lake Huron aud Great YVes'e'r Railroad, for Kami'ton. Toronto, Detroit, Chicago. Toledo, Mi.wankie. Fon Du Lao, La I'ntnu, Madia n Prairie Ih? Chlon, Ga ena. Dui.leitb, fhibuqiie, Pe?'(a. R>>olf lalaid, Muscatiue,iowa en*. Burlinztoa, Qu:i>c*. Springfield, Al'?n,St. Louis,C*.iro,Terre aaute, ld<f arapolis, Louisville. Cincu nat', I a't^n, Co'urr.bus, Cleveland. an.: al! poii.u \\ c*t, Northwest and tfoutnw?8t. NORTHERN ROUTE. Connectinr with Train* at '1 ror, with Troj ft llo?ton ind Rens. A Saratoga Roads for Saratoga, Whitehall. Rutland, HnrHnctou.^t. Alba .*, Rnu?e Point, PlatUbunch, Ogdenshu gh, Montreal, fto., ft o ftT* Freight A-rangeraents by this route as above, Without change of Cara, from the !?epots la nai tiers ana < anal street*, a^o at ail times as favorable as mad?* by o'hfr Railroad Compani e. The lacil'tie* of this great Xew York Kuul),to the West commend it to the eorifedene* of n.e olianta an sh ppera ior promptness and di?pa*ch Pa#?oDljer trains, with i'mokins and ?leepinit Cars run in ocuno-tjon on the New York Central R >ad. For particn'ars as to local tr.'ins and frrirht ar rangeii.ents, inquire at th? depot. Warrfu rt. A. r . 8>11 I'll, ynperint- ndent. ii w VOF K, HAR LE>1 AND dSsBHw*^ Al-BANV RAlLR?'*a LEAVu?H %KW VORK FOR ALBANV.TROv , N!,RTH \ND Wh?T. 8 CM MKR A R !i AN O K M F. ? T Commenoin!; Monday, May 27'h, lnfil. For Abany?11:"0 a. m. fast npnas train from Wrn street. For Dover Plains? <:<*> p. m stoppicr at White PI ins and etaUoua north to Dover pla'ne?from 2?th i tre't statin ( t his tram will run to Msllerton every Faturcay evening.) For Cro*on F&l's?8:15 a. m. stoppine at a'l stations north of Fordham tronri i6 h street station. For W hit* Plains?2:3), 4:10 ai d S:<*> p. m. stoppinga'all stations from 2fit>i rcreet station. For White I' m as?6: ? p. tr. *toppins a; a'l stations from Wkite 'trivt station. i "r W ilium* Hrid4e-7:y', U:'5 a. m. and 8:3ft p. m. stopping at an a"atioi,r. r-cm -7'ti street btntioE. 1 Returning will leave? < Ail>?ry?9:(? v in. last expres* train. Dover P aine?&.-30 a m. <Thi* train leave* Mil lerton even Mm,day morning at 5 a. m.) CrotOn Kb I t?5 p. n>. Whit* Plains?6:10,7K*i a m. 4:'0 tt 7:0n p m. Wiljilai Bridge?.'iSi, 9:<o ?. rn.fc IsW p. m Suu<(ar ,? will leave 4th Avenue o'>rnar 224 !*tre>*t, for Central Park, Yorkville, Harlem and H'<h Bridge e<-y f^w minutes, from 9:<*> a. in. to i 7^*1 p m. JliHN BL'RCHILL, Asft ^up't. ? NT.\\ YORK AN M ERIK RAIL ROAD p&eKenger Tram* leave via Pavoi.\% I'erry and Lone Liook, from foot ofCnam era st et >ew follows, vis: 7 00 a. m . EXt'RBS8.lor Dunkirk, and Bulfilo, atd piii.c<pai interme ia"e Stations. 8 0" a in . MAIL, for I'ankirk. and intermediate rt^atiOi ??1Tins Train remains <>ve< niitht at fc) mi,a, ai.d prt oeouB the next morn'nir 9'??a in.. MILK dail,, for Oti>ville, and intT mediate Stations. 11 0" a. m , ACi :OMMOI>ATION. daily, for Port Jervia, and p incipal stations 4<? p m.. WAV, lor Mutd!et>yrn, Newburgh. and intermediate Station*. 5.??t p. m.. NltJHT KaPREBS. da ly. fr?r Duakirk, IJurilo, Canardaicua.and principal Htat.ons T e Tram of ^atuiday 6top? at all Mail Train S??ation?, and run* no!) to K'mira 8(>i p.m.. ACCOMMOiPATlON,for Hornuyll'e, and principal 9tA.ti.n s CHf t*. MI NOT. fien'l SnVt NATHANIEL MARSH, Kwifir. ' ~ HUDSON RIVER RAUROAjCggWgBCa fnr ALBANY AND TKny.COM 1V - JH*^KCTING with TRAINS NORTH And \VEST, Trains leave: From Chambers st. N.Y., F rom 3 fh street Exp; ess. 7 and 11 a. m., 7,25.11,25 &. in., aud 3,55 E;.d S 3>) and 5 p ni. 1 5,25 p. m Trey and A!! *">' < with 10,45 p. in , (Suiidaye insleepu-e oar) 10,15 p. m oludec.) Poughk^-psie train 6, a 6 25 a. ru.,and 1,40 p. in m , p m I' ekskill train,4 top m .4 25 p. in. Sing Si g tiain,9 00 a m b 25 a m., and 4,56 and aii-t 4 Stand 8.ut p. m a 25 p. m. Fishkili tiaio.A^r p. m 15.55 p m. A F S.MI I H, ynpermterdent*~mm .FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND FAl.t. RIVKR. By tho (..plendid an>l superior ?*teai.!9 a METROPOLIS EMPIRE STATE, Bay STATK. and STATE OF Maim K. of great ?treiiKtu fiuu speed, but particular!? adapted to the navigation of Lone If aart Sound, runninp in o>nccctiou with tLe Fall River a^'d Old Colony Rail road, di?tance of 58 rriies only to Boston Leave Pier No. 8 voth River near the Batte-y. The S?ea;nor EMPIRESTATE,Capt Braytoq Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at So'oioek P. M., muohiug t.t Newp ?rt each wa . I he Steamer M KTR< ?PO .i *, Capt Brown, on Tu^sdayr. Thursdays and Saturdays, at 6 o'olock i P. M., lououing at Newport each way. Tiieiie steamers a e fitted with oommodiout state rooms, and every arrangement for tee securi '-r and 0'<m ort ot passengers who are afforded by thiB route a nights' rest on board, and onarrital at Fa'l Ri> er prooeed per Steamboat Train reaoh ins Hostoij oarl* the followin* m. Ifr i nm nr ?n? ? reman nu b< &rd until ?tartni( of the Aoeoa>in<> 'a tion At B A. M., by whioh tcey may reach Boston abou' R.i5 A. M A baggage master ia attached to each steamer, who receives anl tick-u the baggage, and a<>oom panies the >a-ne to its desunat oil A steamer ru iu o>nnection^nth this Line b* 1 twe*n Fail Kiver and Providenoe daily, except Sundays. Freight U> Boston is forwaided through with great pa.toll by an Express Train, wnion leaves Fall Kiver evert inoiaii.g, Sundays egoepted, a'7)? o'ulook for Boston aud Nt.w Bedtord, arriving at .U destination at about ll A M Por freight or patsag-i, app^y on t>oard. or at the offiBe ou#>ier No. 3 North B. ver Forsta'e rooms and be'tha apply on board. <>r if de?ir&3 to seoure 1 tnem in advance, to WM BOKDfcN, Aj't 70 and 71 W est street. N V. ,?T?^ THE Tt KOULAR MAIL LINE GUOToN, BTONINGTON ?**?""?and PRO VIDENCe., FOR BOS ''.ON?Inland Route?The shortest and most direct? Cany ?ne eastern Mail. Thesteamrr IM > M? LTH ROCK, Capt. J. C . ?:.d COMMONWEALTH. Capt J. W. Wil iams. in connection with the Stonmgton and Providfuoe,an<1 Bos-ouand Providence Railroads, I leavinr New Yors daily, ?*nnda?s excepted, from Pier No 18 North River, at 5 o'clock P. M.. ai.d Qroton a 6 90 u'o.< oi P. M., or on the arrival of r he Mai' Train whioh leaves Boston at 5 30 P. to. The PLYMOUTH ROcK from New York- I Monday, Wedoesda*. and Friday. From Gro- I ton?Tu -sdafhurbday.and Saturday. ThJi . (I\I uiiNivn I T" r,..? k!._ r?i. I ? ?- ? - w . ? VII ? V * * m. ? I si VH* i?u W I VI WL Tu-wday Thoraday, and Saturday. From tiroten ?Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Pssatagera from Grotou proceed far railroad to Providence and Boston, in the Expr^ea Mail Train, naohing ca>d pi vie iq advanoe cfthoae by other rout*', and in ample time lor all the early Morning Lines ooaeoting Ntmh and l?a?t. Fas aeugera that piefar it, remain on board the cam<*r, enjoy a nights'reat andiaturbtd. breakfaat it dsmr -d, and le?v? Oroton in the 7 13 A. M. , TMin, oonn^tiug at Providenoe witii the 140 A M. Train for Boston. , F?r? from riov:deuoe to Newport, Fifty oenta A Ixtngflxe matter aoovmpamea tue Steamer and [ Tram each wayFor I'Miaae, Bertha, State Rooma,or Freight. ?p?ynn board tue at*ainnr, or at tiie Freight Oflloe, Pier I* North Kiver, or at the Oflioe of - the C< mrany. No. 115 We.t at-net,corner ofOort> laud atreet. New York. Feb. g. 1961. ti* MILITARY BOOKS. 1 RRNCU * RICHSTIKN haveluat received a targe and eomplet* aaaortmont of Military Booka oI all kind*, whioh they offer irom ten to fifty per oeiit. below the regular retail prioea,?moluding : A new edition of Hardee's Infantry and Rill* Tactics, oomplete, fljtf *or < ?' Volunteers' Manual.2 vols, It Alle ' Compendium of Haraee's Tactioe, 5ftj Urow's Military Hurcery,75o .V abau's Field V- ortinoation and Outpost, eaeh 75 Uardee'a Tactio*, cheap edition. SAo The hoidier'a Guide, a complete manual and drill book for the use ot the Volunteer Militia and the Home Soard. ZSo The Hand Book for the U.S. Soldier, beinf a first book of nutruotion to the U. 8. Infantry taotioa.29e _ Alto, Military Mape, Map of tha Seat at War, Charte, Guides, Ao Fiacs, Badgea and Medal a of every description. A" ?>arT?'tKBt'l*io6SV?.N, ma* ?Tl? Penney ivantaerecue. ! MAP* OF THE SKAT OF WAR.-A eplendi* 1*1 Mai> of the S?at of War for only 6 cents. Aleo, Pocket Mac" of all ktads. ? . Solrtiere* OampDreeetec Caees fnm M 80 tott. Blank Books and Stationary of all kinds, Fa( ' m -lw (Intai. A Repuh,> 97? Ea. arenue. M?M??>MX ?)ROP(?ftALS POK AIMT WAI &ON8. ?-~*aa,ST5S:8rsh.t PMrotAU are m?iied for Us faraiaJunf o< Army HmiH' Wagons. * Propoaa.s k boa Id stale the pries at whioh they Die be furnished, de ivered at New Vo:k. B\itimo't. or MtuniU>u, stating the priae delivered i! cacti The Lumber whie.V aan be rv>> hy ut bidder within one month aft- r re*, ipt of Ui? order. ai?o Ue ..uuiIkt whioh he can dr ver within on* week. Tbo VN uom meat exact. > conform to the following cpeeifiovtio. r ai<d to the estab i?hed patterns. 8. * mu' ( eovered > Wtnimi, of the atse aai de scription a* follows to wit: Tiie front wii?eia to he three feet ten inohee high, hubs ten inohee in diameter and foarWc and a quarter inch v- i-ng; hind wheels four feet tea laches hign, hubs ten and a quarter inches in diameter and fourteen and a quarter inohea .ong; felliee two and a half icchee wide aod two and thre* quarter inohes deep; oa*t imn p^a boxes twelve incbee lone, two and a ha f inohee at the Urge eai and one and sevan eighths inoh at small at<?; tire two ao<i a half iuohen wide l>* five eighths of an mob thick, fastened with o?e screw bo t a .d nut in each feliin; hubs made el cam, t-a spokes ami fellie* of the best white oak free from detect*; eaoh wheal to have a eand baud .\nd liuohpin band two and three-quarte- inches wide ?>( So. t uaad iron and two driving lauds?outside baod on* and a quarter inch by one-qua ter inch thiek, inside band one i^ch by thru* sixteenths inch tiuok; the hind whe-is to t>e mad? and hoiwl ti.?i ?k. will measure from the inside o7 the tire to th-* large rnd of the box aix &?<l a ba f inches, and front wbeela six and one-eighth mohea in a para el line, aud each axle to tea three leet eleven and three inchra trom the outside of one shoulder wvher to the outside of the other, ao aa to have the witoi.i all to track five feet from the centre to ceiitre of the whtola. Ax etreea to be made of the best anai ty refined Atn*noan tr it, two and a fcaif inches square at the shoulder, tapering down to oue and a iialf mob in the middl*, ?rth a seven-eighth* n.oh king b-'lt hvie in eaoh axi- tree: washers ai.J Urohpius for eaoh axletrue; size of linchpin* one inch wide, three eighth* of an itich thick, with a hole in each end; a w odeo sionk four and time quarter inches wide and four tuches d.ep, fastened aub tan la ly to the &x>etroe with clip* on th* ends and with two bolt a, six 10oliea from th* middie, aid fa -teoed to the hounda and bo ?ter.( the bolster to be faur feet fire iimmm long, five ii.ohes wi :e, aud three and a half tushes de p,) v ith four half inch bo.ta. The tongue to t>? tc?u fe< t eight ir,obe? Ion*, four in-hec wne and three moaee thick at front na of the houude.and two and a qua ter inchea wide by i.wii an-; mrec quarmr loon*-* d-*?-p at the front end, aiid to arranged an to lift rp. tue frr-nt end if it lo liiuif within two Imji ot the ground wtxn the wagon it ntskiiOiue at rent on a level aur lace. Tlie front houuda to t*? six feet two inohea long, three inoh?a thiok, and four ioofce* wide over axeltree, *ud to retain that width to the back e jd of the rongue; jaw* of the hour da one toot eigiit inohes lot)* aod three inohe* sqnar? at tt;* trout end, with a piata < { iron two and ahailtnobea wide b? tbre?e-eighth* of an inch thiok, fastened on t->f ol tiie bou ds uver toe back en a of the t ,rgu? with wue half mA aorav h It in each #d<\ and a p a<e of ir >n of iha *?? tia* turned op at eaon end one and a ^alf inehaa to damp the front honnd* to*?ther,and nit^n*d on the under aid* and at front end of honnd* with half iron ?er?w bolt thronxh eaoh hound,a aeven-?gl th inoh boit through u>n*u? aud bounoa in lh? oentcr oi jaw*, to bfour* tne tongue tn the hounds; a p ate of iron tur"e inche* wide, one quartor moii thiok aad one foot e.ght inches long, s*cu'e<i on the in* d* of jaw* of hourrt*, wi ii two rivet* aa.i a plate of svn?d<nr.onaion? on eaeri aide of th* tongue wtirra tne tongue at.d h unda rnn together, tec-raa in lik* manner;* brace of aeven-eubtha oi an inch round roii U> extend from under the f oet axeltroa and >ake two ic f.-oni rart of the t ou;.d?, same l>ia?* <hree qarU?rsofar. inoh round to continue t> the b'.ok part of tue bound*, and to ba fastened with t*o boiu, one n<?rtne tiui sli) of tiie hounds and ono through the aiider and hounds; a broce over front b .ster one and a half inch wide, one quarter of an men thick, ^th a t oit iu each ,.n<4 ?r> <?>??> * ?' 1 1 il iu h< it* e vd u w HIF UtJUIUFT ins Opening 06 | r.r-en t- e jaws of the h"unda receive t ( t- iuu< four and three quarter inohe< in f'out, and four i and a tialf mohesat the back p<\rt of thejawa. The hitd hounds tour teet two u -<hefc long. two and three quait.r inciiOs thick, auu three tnoh?a wi ?; jaws one f,.<>t long whore the* o.u? the i coupling p.ile; the r?>Ut>?r four fe?t hveinches onj < an: fr/n iriohea wide by thre? ltiches deep,wi-c i t auy troj two ai.d a ha f inches wide by < ne 1 half inch thick ton.od rp two aid a half inehea aad fastened 02 e&eh et J with tnree rivet?; the bo. ter utooks and bounda to be secured four ha f inch screw U ti , and one ha.f-inoii acrew bolt through the coaphnj pole. The oouplmg poie nine feet eight inohea lone, three inotiee neep. and four and a ha f inohea wide at front end, and two and three quarter inohea wide at back end; distance from the center of king boit ho.e to the oenter of the back ax etree aix feet one inch, and from the oenter of king bolt ho e to the center of th*> mortice in the hiad end of the pole eight feet nine inohe?; king bolt one and a < uarter inohea diameter, of b?at refined iron, d>-awn down to ?<)Ten eightua of an inoh where it pa^eea through the iron ax.etme: iron piate six inohwe ong, three inohea wide, aud one-eighth of an inch thick on the donl<ietree and tongue, wnere they rnb togeth er; iron plate ->te and a half by one-quarter of an inoh on the suaing l>ar, fastened at aoh end by a screw bolt through the hounds: front bolster to h&va n.!vn v*. *.nH K^lnwr a *>?? 1 - - ? - - - ??? ? W?.?v w VJV ?c-H lUVliOB iVIi I I I three aud a half ioc tee wide, K.'l thre* eighth* of 1 an inch thick, somen drawu oat and turned do?L I on tbe Hide* of the bolfW, with a nail in ?aoh cor I ner. aud four coiiDt-reuuk oc t<>p;t wo banda I on the hied hounds, two and two ana a fca.f in <hea I wide, Oi No K r>and iron; the run plate on the ooup.ins po to tie ei(Ut ipohea lone, on* and ifcree uart.ra inohe* wide, and on# quarter of an I (.oh tnirk. DocM <ree three feet ten mob*# ioug, sin 11-irce two feet eight icchea ' or, ail well inue o* ntukorr. with au iron rine acd ofis at earh end, tha oenter o.ip to be w- 1. aeoureu; lead daj- and stretcher to be three foet two inches rang, two and a quarter inohea wide, acd t>n? and a quarter men tluek. Lead bars, atretehera, ad ain*letre?? fi>r six inula team; the two Vingletree* fir the ieati mules to have hook* in the midc'.e to book to tne enti of the fifth ci.ain, the who?! and midcLe paira with open ringa ro attach them to |fce doubletree and lead bar. The fifh ohain to be ten fret :onj to the fork; the fork one foot ten inohes long, with the stretcher atl&oliod to spread the forka apart; the unka of the doub!?tr?e, stay a^?l tongue ohaina, three eighths ot at' i?ch iu diauioter; the lcrkod oiiain oeven?n?(<eDth idoIi in diauntter; the fifth chain to oe ?'V'-n aixtueoth inch diameter to tne for*; the fori to be five alx'eenth mrh ?li?ii?t?..iii^? ? - , ?I1V ii HU VI l?f 13 and of tli? look ohaina to be not more Uiau two and % *ur.tfr ;nohea lor.f. Tiie body to be>traight, three feet six inohee wide, two feet deer, ten feet loaf at tho bottom, ana ten feet six inohea at the top, aioping equally at eaohenl a'l la the clear or laaide; the bed jiecea t < be two aud a fe&'f taohes wide, and i Uree mohoa deep; front pisaea two inihe? deep b* two and a bait inohes wide; tai. piece two aud a half inches wule and throo inches dcoj, and foai lucae* de.*? in the middle to r?at oa tin coupling pole; top rail on?> and a hall ;nofc truok by one and sevan-tlg hth in-h vide; lower raiia i.ce inch tiiio* by one and seven-eighth luofi wide; three studs aud ols rail ia Trout, vitb ae&i on ewan hiuges to eloae it -?p aa h<eti aa the Bi^.ea; a box three feet fojnr Lnohea lore the l*)tU,in fire inohea wide front aide. nine t no a half inches coep, and eight and a hall i conea at tue top in parallel lice to the bod? all in the clear, to be substantially fattened to the front etui of the body, to have an iron a trap passing round each end oecu to the head piece and front rail by a rivet in wwh end of it paMinc tarough Uiem, tue ad to be (a. laned to the front rail with two good sua; Mngt>a, a (trap of five eigfiU inch iron around the box a half inch from the top aage, aad two AtrfLnt; um? ai?? nn tK* A-- - ? ? -r- ...w vu ?MV law I^coi hue 11 VUI ?"JIC to prevent the mnlM row ?aiiLi the :x>iri; to have a joint hup taatened to the rmda.e of the ud. with a Rood Vi>uden o;e&t on the mude, a atraf of iron on the oeatre ot the box vith a itult piiillf through it, to fasten the lid to; eight studs and tvo rai.e on mos aide; one bolster fastened to tpe body eix inohes d??p and four inches vide at kinf bolt hole: iron rod in fr st and oentre, of eieren six tetir.thb of an inch rouoa iron, with a head oathf top of rail ana not on lower and, iron ro<J and hraoo heiiiua. with khoaidera oa top of tan aieoe. and nuia on the under aide, and a nut on top of rail; a plate two and a half inches wide of No. 10 I And iron^on tail piece, .torota the body; two s?ortio??r is tail piena an<; hind l?-r two aod a auarter i^chee wide and one inch thick, to i?*<w?epieoa? three foot fonr :nohe.n long, to bo aa harneaa I oarers; four rivets throjfh each side ?ma ncj tvo riveis thronsh eaoh front stud, to aoeara tha linicc boards, to be of the beat amail to iron fu.. rivaled on a good bar; one rivet thron'tn each end ot the rails, floor fire-eightha of an iDcfc oak bosrus; sides enhths o'f an inch white nn? tail board throe-auarter? of an icoh thiok of white pine, to bo well cleatod with five oak olsata riveted at cach end throash the tail board; an Iron late three feet eight inch?*a long, two and a enar ter mohee wide, and three eightna of an itch I: .ok on the under aide of the tad p.toe, to extand rrons the hitd end of the t>ody to tuht l&c. ee in ront of the hind bolatere, to be faZtex.ed by the rod at thaend of the body, by the lateral rod and two three eighth* of an inch aorew bolts, one at the forward e'd of the p late and the other abonte^nldiatant between it and the lateral rod. A halfucs roacu iron rod or bolt to pau diaaoua.y through tdf rail* between the two aind atada to an? to occa tne bad aieoe a d plate under it, with a fooc *eaa on the for and nut and eo.ew at the bottom, to be at the top one foot an inohaa froja in<ide of tail board, and on the bottom ten inehes from the hind rod. An iron {lamp two mobee wide, one-* carter of aa inch thiok around the bed p eoe, toe center boll to whioh the 100k obaia ta attached paaaing throne h it, to extend seven lcohea on the inaide of th" Ik -a j, the enda top and bot torn to be aeoured by two three eigiitha incn aorew bo ta. tbe micdie bar at the enda to be flu- h witn the oed pi eoe on the lower aide. Two look oh&:d? aeoured to the centre bolt of the body, on* end eleven inohea. the other two feet atx taahea long, to be of three-eighte of an inch round iron; fee . trough to he four feet six inohea long from oat to ouL the bottom and n-a? of oak. the aidoa of yellow pine, to be eight inohea vide at hot tom. twe v? inohea wide at top. and eight and a half inches de*p all in the ol a% well iror.eo. With A Kkiut e\t hArtia ? . ,, vt uuv'v uuu IUHUU kUV ?U , UBB around mod and and Uiree bitvMu the eoUi. atroug ar.d auitabie irona to fasten tkta on the tongue when feeding; |ooo urong chains to be attached to tbe toe rail of the body, ae oured by a staple with a no k to a taoh it to the trough. Six bowaot go<xl aah. two icohea wide ano one-hall inoh thiok. with three ataplea lo oon?n?> ihe ridge pole to its plaoe; two a aplea on the bod;, to seonre eaou end or tke bows; one ridge pole twelve feat long, on* aad three-*uart*ra inon wide by five-eighthe of aa inch th ok; tbe oovor tn be of the I rat qaality cotton dork, No. ?, fifteen feet loaf and aina feet sight inches wide, made m tne beet manner, with foar hemp oorda oa eaoh aide, and one tkroagh each etid to wktee it at both ends; two lines on eaeh end of tke body, to oiose and secure tke enda of the cower; a staple in the lower rail, near the eeoond stud irota eaoa end, to fasten tke aide oorda Tke oatatde of tke body and lead tough to have two cood eoau at ima, ooiorod to ? fcM tint, U? uud? of thmm to har? two oo?U of T?niti>n rod paint; Um ipaaiog gmr tod vkMU to un two too4 toaii of w?F L&c red darkoaad to a ohoeolau oolor, Um hub tud tauiM to ba W?U pitched, untoari of pal atari, A tor-pot, aa4 ?tra kiax bolt, aad lwx> ?(n iinV^ofTUd I* fr-u iTTf.0^. to be pat mm bos, (MOfMt,um T.VS MtM... are to ba eo iwlmMlM U* iTMfnni oi urouniMvj. urM ?*4 iswt.? SUuMvl *nr oth*. eo aa to r**atr? mo mmmhmu* or mr tr; ju! tfiawood tbo narklr eeaer>-e4, M* tw w<r k la all ita parte luikiiiy umial UUtkMl workiraxmke manner. Tbe work mar be m?ywH tr*m time to ti me aa It protreee.e. byaa omearor MeuToi taeQa?r(#r matter ? Deeartmml; and none ol tt >>a.'l ha antil it aha Nave bernmwif a<f M >rovai t>' ?a?d oftoar or arest aatuoriaM la i? peotjt. W ken fei,i -bed, pau.ted, and a or?ted by aa t ftoer or acent of the Qtar.rrmaatar'e (Wpart mect,an4 deUv*ra4 M bare to Mitai, they Kali M pAw lor* J^n ^wlw <4nartat m?^Tener^* j~. ft. THE OILT PEEPAEATIO* woarir or UWIVK&HAL OOKFUt KHCIA PATHOK AO B FOR STATESMEN, JVDOES, CLE HQ YMEIf, LADIES, mmd UEfiTl.EMEV ta a!) parta of tba vorld testify to iw *t PROF. O.J WOOD'S HAIR RR6T0RA1IVI, *d<1 (int-e^fi of the Pr??i are ananiiaou* la ita fiMM. A low taat'mon ala or It eu ho h?r? Circa aee for sore,and it wAl be UnpoaeiUl* for 70a to doubt. 47 Wall Brtxtr. Nav Yeti. Doe. V 1M . ffitliw: Yoa: auto of th* \UU iaelant Im hoea reoeired. ?ar :ai, 1U1 yaajJi Laard taat l Muiboon bcoefifcM t y the iuof Wood Bur *0 to rati re, an-i reefieetinc my oertlicate of the tact if I had ro objection to rire it. 1 award it to roe oLoorfaDy, heoaaee I thiak It ma. My a*e la about *0 ycara ; the oolor of my titut %abnm, ata wo ined to oarl. fton?e Ito or aix t aar? auioe it t*ran to tarn (ray. an? the eoale on the orowa of my head to !oee ita ponaiwity and landrail to form cf?n It Each >f thee* diaacre* abi itiM isofuup.; with tim*. pi>d about 4 ?vwUi? t ;dc6 a foarth wu ?d<led to br hair off tii* let of mr bea<i ati? ti.:e?W>aiac to matka no bal4. la Uua yr.f cvtssut I m induced tv try Wom'i ll&.r Kcstora^ve. rnuniy toarre?t ?U* C^liicr off of mr Ua.r, for I tied really no expect* tion that jray L.vir w-u d ?t*i be restored to it* oriKisal ooior ?xr ?t flh. m d?oe. 1*?f*r, c?*atiy aarprtaed u> (va. ?(lcr tha cm ?f two t .* t.f? o^y, lLat act only ?? the lal-inc <> *rr**t*d, but tB o?>!or oatoied to the (raj l.a:m ato to tbe <*> antfdMi'lmff o*a?<u1 u>form on my heaJ. Y3.y nrrch to the f ratifmton of ia? wnt, at whoee aoltcitatioii 1 lBdooe-i to try it. For Ihia, araonf trie aarr oUHtatioa* 1 nwi w> har aex. I atrongly reeon "uend ali ciiatMuuU vLo race ue&dmuktiop of th?'r w1?e? to profit bj mv example. an<l uaoltif iroa./a jrr*? <?r tettuj? t>a*? Very reepocifnlly, Ban A. L?rnt9aatEo O. J. v/ood & Co.. 444 Broaiway, N. Y. yfa^ oitj, ted i ana to Biuutc*, A)a.. JaJy *>, 1*?. To r*o?.0 J.Wood; Dor fttr-ycir "Bur EKSlOraUVe" DM IOM TUT nair M> BlBCi *OQ? einoe ?oraiM3o?l the as?[?r it, that I wish to make iowc to the public of Ra offecta ontfce hair, wLioq are mat. A DftD or voou m? il?^n rt.1 of hair, ud by a resort to your *Hur K r ttoraure" tec hair Rjll retuni more boautifti: tHan er?r ; ki least Una is rr.T cxperieoee. Uelieve it all Yours tmlv. W*. H. InrnT. P. B?Yoa oan pabUak the above if yoa iTka. 8v roblishin* in oat poathern papers yon will g?t more patronage Sooth. I cm eevtra. of yoar ear cCoatee la Ui? Mobile Mercury,?_|L-onz Soith^ro payer. w. H. K **asr. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Pioi.O.J. Woos: Dwr Sir: HaTiot had the misfortune to lorn the beet portion of my hair from the raeote 91 the yei.ov fever, la New Or ?ai in l&Q. I vv lDtiaoed to make a tria. e( yoar prepare tion. ana found it t?> answer aa u>e very tbibi needed. My hair i* nOw thick and ftfrrj, ar.d re words oan express my ob.nation* 10 *oa fi r.n g lo the afflicted saoh a treasure Pint*r JoK.teoi?. The Restorative la pat np in bottles of thr?? sipes, ris : larr*,'ium and suta.!; the email ho.d haif a pint, and rata.Is lor one dollar per mottle; tfte me dfarn Lolds at lea?t 20 per oent. more m proportion tii\n the amal1, r.-tai's for i?o doMars prr h nle . the larie nolfls a rnart,40 per aeat.moro in t 'opor tion, and retails for RS. O. JTWOOD k. Co., Proprietors,444 Brt*s way, New York, aao 114 Market Ureal, Loan Mo. Sold^iathia ojj by C. BTOTT, J7? Pa. avanna. AMY TBKAWMBDT MMJOJCM 'iN HEALTH. fritmi. 4* roa nttri Are y*?* the letia of e- r efttoe* E*xpere*? e je:U vkiok ?nN fratr. 1m nnii of Woe hio^ What are tiar, do yce u.' Bather (kj, vulirt tury oof The biool't tae aire* el life as-4 wtk. acd it la tie Ire! ele;p?rl oar to reej 1.6 to aiyr cm?? vbtck eflecte the i^efem. M the >cif ttuwti Tfce arrr jre-vai^m Neaia'.fia, taeirntao&i Kerala' ,t ie < "Vrc'ela.theacoKaicg .S*: mi I>eSilitf, Dre^ffiit. f/rer Complaint wnfc u? (prior at' detection, and ur ceuit ?-r.e?e ilie 'La! teen le heir to, coyr r oatln from the crood, IWJ kli^y leer, end r"T-S-T vitA the bio?4. Ve? the-utaiiauu rerroroee u a*tir? ,'t>; it* aiu, aod taJFrr ae to oommead to -oar tM aae that trmir *a'?*b:e laodiearcent Lnowx m MRS. JL OO.T5 INDIAN TMGET* KLM DKmOTJON. With retard to tfcie a moet infallible eaeeifie poeeiar eectiment Lu epoken ta deeided tonne wo the eri^eooae of tnle treat ;>Ce*cr are ear fined l? oooetaqtaTove-e ofetratire eff^qu arj 10 ?jk>?irst roewltj from lie eee are ?fter all otner retried.en ar.d the Lset iuc- oal eki.: here rai'ed. Let at oorplnelo^, tfc?.t certificate* iim are no* outfit r^n> me r :ter*'<- ard nitrftaia!. cot they are atlnnteared f'?n the moat re *oc:ab!e potroaa spd j*?v;fy ti.e hii.'.est larma :n Which it la aosaible to command so va-uat> e a i^ec to to spprorai. We may ado also that C.e curative prop<?-v.e?c'the medicine are aepaUad only by lM raatoraM*" fi-cU, the ry-t*m rec?n??Tmr fromdi#?*rpyrit> renew^i oonstitational n?or. For eate by sjI resp*ctaW U'ujiicU id this ait*. %uZby tie proprietor, MR8. >L COX, Nona fen a me tLt.ea* her Lac* la blovn on U>? hotie a:.u her ana. on the owrk U" Prise ftl per bc-'lie, el* bottiM far ft A. WlfUtmU Z/MU. JR. 8. T, C1KBE!., Dratrut eortetoVD, D C.. Wic eaa.e * ;?st for laa T>1atriot^aid vul aapplT the l/ade at my pnoaa. rJ,HK AIaIT8DFF1CJKNT TBRLhTl( IEf*EMAR.1J and f-Proteetad by Re?a, Letters Patent of Kiflaad, ar.? eecnrad by tba j^eekir oX the Kooie de pks -mace da Parts, ai.d tie Imperial Col!e?e of ^edlone. i No. 1 ta invaluable fc* exhatstion a&4 aalarrhaa. ! a&d ail phyaioaJ ?Ut* u.tiea. No. 2 oom^letaty^eraj^eataa^ ail ^tra^es e? the?a saona and perrjcu'us uaa afoooaTva acd ca'?at?. No. S baa ecUrelT aopplaDted tie lajjnoaa aaa of tarcarr, thereby Im?.' ?( vo iaa wnfiermt speed j re lef, airperaiQ; au uup an Lea, aaa ruoUaj ? ^K*Wr'^AP*^'oa.l,?and I. are prepared la Ike Torm of a, dercjd of w.kte awd am? II, and osc be oarrfed fb the vaiatooat pocket N d in tio eaw, aod laW mvW oc?aa. aa?o nuria>redbj Valpeaa, LjLleuaaAT^o*** Rieord c?. rr.oe n ***q, or K>ar omn lor f*, vhiofc htm tx a^d ib STaaeM, w keioiiT there is a u?is stfwfsrtir Lmrpedi&tMT r>n rjoetni j ? reauttaooe, Dr. ttarrcw *!!! forr*'o<1^fr'.Mrmr tomj nr!of the worid. secorely packed, &a?l i^4nmm a<K* Jir? totfce 11. oueUoDi at ttpwraer. The Book, of all oJ?era. that shoaid bo read by own with aad biokH dovaaoastitaUor.s 5m "UaiaaBjn*ni?,or hcruo rctcal Researches* l? b?*cCrn ;y i!'cetraftea, aad treats ??* ?! y of I the symptoms tat taranablr dereio* rheinsaleoa, eooair oj-later, reenrjcf from U>* fr*rt.-? and vitiatitf habits or earlj/oath, lnaapanitaUut the notlip rroia savin* 'J>e f-muoa of U>e nfctri hwca if aoloheeAad in tin.e, cesener atm* sJ! tw fcoction* of u-AtlKod. v:-d l><'Wrl him. aces by stes toa iiBur.Di scd untimely death. 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