Newspaper of Evening Star, August 29, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 29, 1861 Page 2
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* I ?? THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THUKADAY Ai|<H S9, Wl, u Orm FmiKKM at the Tarlooa military campa and h poattlona will confer a faror by keeping ua posted 0 o a to mo*ementa and afffclra In their vicinities. at Spirit ! the ntralaf Preaa The Jmulltgenetr quotes from the Richmond *' Efrtrrr and a apeech of Roger A. Pryor, ahow- t< Ing that the very men who are now londeat In their crlea for peace were the moat lgorona In stirring np the war. Tbe Republican argues that the great Buffering which the Booth will experience In thl? war, from their want of blanketa, ealt, coal, pork and corn, P will very aoon make the truuvle odlotia in their own eyes. j THE NEWS HERE. # ? ? UitrocniD Rcatoas ?An unfounded report e ku gained currency to tbe effect that there are t Indication* that on* or more European govern XMoti Intend to make an Immediate recognition t ?f the Southern Confederacy. The reverse la tbe n Act. We are satisfied that tbe news received by t the Government all Indicates that the European Towers Intend to await the rrault of the conflict, r and meanwhile they all respect tbe blockade. ? Arroi5TME9Ts 15 Post Orric* Dihitmiht. * Isaac Bond has been promoted to a second class n clerkship In the Post Office Department, vice Sol. p J Fague, removed 0 W. B. Evans, of Md , baa been appointed to a ftrst elass.clerkship, vice Bond, promoted. lonatban a. Ou*Llng, of Me , bas been appointed to a second class clerkship, vice David ' Dunn, of Me., removed. 8 Henry A Daniels, of N. V , bas been appointed ' te a second class clerkship, vice C. M. Butler, resigned n ? ^ Tm? Baltimoss Patens, the Amertran more U especially, oontinns to note all movements of a troops In this direction with a ml nutenesa which li most be exceedingly satisfactory to the enemy, d The 5*i? of yesterday makes the aingular allega- f tion corroborative of what we quoted from the b Etthange a day or two aince, that tbe military d authorities have never expressed any disapprobation whatever of auch publlcationa by the Baltimore papers, or Indued any wishea In the preml- D ees There is botch work somewhere about the way Ik which thla business has been managed. j Go** Hoi a ? Mr John Hay, tbe President's alstant private Secretary, left Washington this morning on a visit to his home In Illinois, in the feepe that he may thus get rid of the ague and aver. He proposes to send some days at N iagara Falls, by tbe way. His host of friends here wish , him a speedy restoration to health. ^ Hxai ?Collector Barney and Surveyor Ander- t on, of the New York custom-house, are in Washington on business They ezpeet to return to New Tork on Monday next t m * ^ * c N?w Books?From th? publishers, Me?srs Harper 4t Brothers, through Hudson Taylor, 334 . Pennsylvania aveuuo, we have tbe following j recent publications of tbia well-known house: "A Course of Plx Lectures on tbe Chemical ( History of a Candls, to which is added a Lecture t oa Platinum." By Michael Faraday Dlstlngal shed by all that popular interest which marks ^ Faraday's lectures. # ' The House on the Moor;" a novel. By the U author of Margaret Mattland. A book which v will be finished when begun, but which does not leavs s pleasant impression on the resder. C "Latin Accidence and Primary Class Book; d containing a fall exhibition of the forms of words n aad first lessons in reading." By George W. li Collard, A. M. This strikes us an sdmlrable work, from the cursory examination we have been b abU to give It, and while It does not profess to o afford any royal rosd to the acquisition of Latin* It is sertalnlv so well classified and so clearly axprassed that the study of this language must be 0 greatly facilitated a "Life and Adventures In the South Pacific. < By a roving printer " A graphic narrative, most a assuredly, and Illustrated in a style to correspond f with the spirit of tbe text. , trr The amount of money nectssary to be ' raised la New York city for tbe support of the municipal government for the current year Is be* twees eleven snd twelve millions of dollars. The | real and personal estate within the city limits on t which the tsx Is to be levied Is set down at S561,- t 607,000, of which all but $36,105,318 Is south of FIXty-seventh st. Tbe average rate of assessment ( will be bard on to 2 per cent. I JU~ Lut Tuesday, Marshal Murray, of New 1 York, arretted Mr. J. A. Macbado, charged with having been engaged In the alave trade for the last few years. He la accused of fitting oat the * berk Mary Francla, together with toe Montauk, 1 Brntua, Kate, Triton, W. R. Kirby, and othera 1 set known to the present Maraha). He la abou 1 fifty years of age, and a Spaniard by birth. < CT Iaham O. Harris, Governor of fenneaaee, ' baa ordered every boose In the State to be aearched by the county constables for old muskets, rifles, j bayonets, aw or da and platols. The officers are to Teeelve one dollar for every moakct and bayonet j they discover, and fifty cents each for swords and ? |YT A new kind of projectile haa been laTea ted In New York which weighs bat a few peaads, and can be thrown half a mile, forming, ^ wben discharged, a ball of Are two feet In dlam- , etar, nnextlngulahable unleaa wholly submerged t la water. The mortar from which It la thrown , weighs bet twenty pound* , rrr in Boston harbor, fifty of the one hundred and twentyelx guns which are to be placed in the forte have already been mounted under the dlrsc- ' Hon of Capt. Rodman Must of the othera are to 1 be furnlahed from West Point, and will h* /nr. I 1 warded to Boston as soon ai possible *fT* The following vessel* a<e now at the Brooklyn Navy Yard : Receiving shlp North Carolina, 84; anlllng frigate Brandywlne. 50, In ordinary; iWam gunboat James Badger, propeller E. P. Half, ateem gunboat Satellite, preparing for ea, chartered vessels Pampero and Putnam, un 4ergotng an overhauling ICTMr. and Mra. W. J. Florence, the "Irish < Boy" and "YankeeGirl," sailed In the steamship i Tenia to-day, oa a protracted foreign tour. They 1 Will visit, daring their absence, Great Britain* i Ireland, and Australia, returning by way of Call- 1 fornil i IP- The four western counties of Massachusetts ?Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire?are aboat to raise another regiment for the 1 war. Recruiting begins there this week. BT Poor ftae gnn-boats ara building at East I Boataa, apoa which work Is progressing rapidly. | Their names ara " Marblehead," " Sagamore," t Haroa" aad M Chocura." ITT- Nearly 15,(XX) stand of arms are expected to arrive la New York city from Europe this week. .AmUmt large Invoice la expected next month CT1 The Baltimore Kxekamg* (seeeah) Is not allewed circulation In VV heeling and Alexandria. , Mas. Li acorn ?The New York Herald of yea- 1 terdav aaya: J " Bine* Mr* Llncclna arrival la this city aba i baa been buaKy engaged shopping and completing ? ka parcburi of tte numerous article* which will be required by beraeJf and femlly during the fill T Mra luncoln and fairilr aia not expected to ra- * tum to Washington oatll about tba end of the rat weak. In September During tbeir a bee nee , from tba capital the Metropolitan Hotel, la tbla city, will be tbeir beadquartera, and the greater 1 part af tbeir time will be apent In tbla city. Tba Piaaidentlal party will Tint tba Falla of Sl*ar* 1 during the present weak, and return to tbla city . aboutSaturday next." ? ? ? A MoruiXT la Corron ?Daring tba pact weak a large qaantitv of cotton baa bean sent ( from Providence to New York, to be ablppad c froai tbere to Europe Tbla movant eat la, ao . doubt, owing to tbe suspension of work la many af tba Rhode I aland far tori fa and tba rise la oat- ' OUR MILITARY BUDGET. TH? SITUATION. General McClellan spent moat of tbe day yes srday on (be other tide of tbe river, returning ere at a late boor of tbe night. In tbe course f tbe day be visited nearly every point tbere f present interest, Inspecting tbe troops and their tate of preparation, In person. It Is clear tbat tbe recent reconnoltsances of be enemy In some force, In such close proximity ? our lines, Indicate one of three things: 1st. Either the desire to obtain Information of be condition of our defenses not otherwise witbln belr reach. 2d. Or tbe desire to draw our army out of its >resent lines. 51/1 Or aariln tn nnn^?nf?a ta i im lH?n It An a tva u w? W.J ?V vvuwu?l?*? ww^MHWll * " 7 rom some movement contemplated to b? made t a comparatively distant point. Tbe fact that General McClellan permits the nemy to make such reconnoiaancea, proves that ie regards the fortifications over the river aa being n over-match for any force that can poaalbly be >rought against them, and la ready to receive bem whenever Aey may venture within range of ila guns in battery. Apropos ?We have no faith In the atoriea repesentlng that the enemy have erected batteries lear our lines. They may have brush covera for few pieces of light artillery there? nothing aore; their guna in tbe field not being siege iecea, and there being no polnta witbjn reach of ur works not well commanded by tbe latter. THI NIWS rBOM WISTIKIf VIRGINIA. Elsewhere the reader will find tbe Associated rew" report, from Cincinnati, of the recent enagement between the Seventh Ohio Regiment, DOU men,) under Col. Tyler, and Gen. John B. la \17U? \ri l-i- n_i M _ <i?kiu ? njjiuio Drijjnue, (Ol men,) ear Summersville, Greenbrier county, Va. According to advices received last evening by he Government from Gen. RoMcrana, the report lluded to above la substantially correct in all of ta particulars. Gen. Roaecrans entertained no ioubt that Tyler haa secured hla retreat without urther leas Hla loaa In the engagement waa not lalf that of the enemy, whom he left In no coniitlon to pursue or annoy him further. AFPOIHT1D. The following military appointments were aade to-day : Win. Smith, of Orwell, Vt., to bean additional 'aymaster. Isaac B Bowditch, of Burlington. Vt., to be a Commissary of Subsistence, with the rank of Captain. Joaeph 8. York, to be a Captain of the Fifteenth nfantry, (regular Army.) Simon Smltb, (Major of Second Regiment of Minnesota volunteers,) to be a Paymaster, U. 8. 1., with the rank of Major, vice Major Randolph ?f ? J - * - nwvj, (iivuiutcu 10 dc inspector ueneral. ON TBI OTIIBR SIDX YISTSRDAY. The firing of artillery beard here yesterday, beween two and three o'clock, waa from light guns if Beauregard's advance, atatloned at present on l union's Hill. They waited a number of rounda n firing alx pound abotat our pickets at Bailey's Jross Roada, not one of whom waa bit. In the ourse of the day, by creeping up In the woods, hey did, however, manage to wound two of hem with rifle shots. We learn that at other tolnts along the line, tbey also killed and woundd two or three more of our pickets, by firing ipon them from concealed spots. OLCNTXXK COLONELS FROM TBI REGULAR ARMY. The Secretary of War consents that Capt. T. J. 5. Amory, of the 7th infantry, U. 8. A., shall be letacbed, in order that he may command a reglnent of Massacbuaetta volunteers he la now rala&K Captain Grower, of the 10th Infcntry, U. S. A., as also received leave to serve as Lieut Colonel I Berdan'a regiment of sharpshooters. SBHSRAL BCTLXK'S EXPEDITION. TV " ? ? ? uv (ai^uiiivu uu waica uen. uuiicr UM S6t ut from Fortress Monroe Is doubtless to plug up ome of the small Inlets upon the cMst of North Carolina. If the weather Is as disagreeable "outIde," as on this side of the Capes, just now, we ear that more or less of the stone-loaded hulks tecompanylng his expedition will sink before he s ready himself to sink them, in position. ez*?al wool's staff. The following gentlemen have been appointed is aids-de-camp to Major General Wool, comnanding at Fortress Monroe, the headquarters of he department of Virginia: Alexander Hamilton, jr., and Le Grand B Gannon, of New York, each with the rank of Vlajor; and William Jay, of Bedford, N. Y., *rltn the rauk of Captain. 8bizukk or asms. Early last Thursday morning a company of Inliana volunteers from Maj. Gen. Banks' column, marched the hojse of Mr. N. Stevens, of New tfarket, Md , obtaining over twenty U 8. rifles, trhlch bad been secreted between the floor and felling. Several more were obtained from other places. AMOTHia r,d5-boat. La*t Monday evening the U. S. gun-boat R. B. Forbes, left Boston to join the Potomac flotilla, carries two JW-Doundera. and <> r __ _ f i.? ? >w wuiii taiiucu uy Captain Gregory; Engineers: Dennlaon Peters, ;hlef, John McCluskey 1st Assistant, and Wm. imltfc 2d Aaalatant. APPOIWTTO Charles B Pottlnger,of Philadelphia, for many fears connected with the press of that city, has jeen appointed by the Secretary of the Navy to he position of master's mate He has been asilgned to the United States brig Perry, now lying >ff Alexandria. suasions appointed Dr. John O. F. Holaton, professor of surgery In be Nstlonsl Medical College, of thla city, and Or. W. L Waters, demonstrstor of anatomy (n he same Institution, have b?en appointed brigade turgetma in the United States Army. acm&HKD. Cspt W N. R. Beall, of 1st Cavalry, U 8. A , baa resigned. * important order. Post Orrica Department. > August 26, 1661. \ ion uepanmem D?vmg authentic Information feat the mall* have been repeatedly violated and annot be carried s&fely In that put of Kentucky tamed herein, It la ordered that the poat offices at Alckman, Columbus, and Paducata, Kentucky, ind all other poat offlcea and poat routes In Kenucky, weat of the Tennessee river, be dUcontlnled, except aa follows : Route No. 9,652, from RuMellvllle, Yla Cadis tnd May field, la continued a* far aa Mllburn; and ill poet offices on that route (except Aurora) are sontlnued, also Route No. 9,094, from Eddevllle o Olive, and tb? poat offlcea thereon are conInued The special office at Dublin and Its sup, >ly Is continued All postmasters will take no. ice of this order and act accordingly. By order of the Postmaater General: , John A. Kasson, JI rat Assistant Postmaster General. HAVT YAID IrnnJ of tk* Undtrwrittr?Accuitnt ?o tkt Jacob BM. Last evening the steamer Underwriter, Lleat. 'ritcbett, came up to the yard for repair*. This renal only arrived from New York last week and olned the flotilla, and It baa already become teceesary to lay bar up for several daya in order o receive the requisite repairs to her machinery, vkich looks as If It bad outlived Its effectiveness. )he reports all quiet below. It ie reported that two new batteries have been llscovered near Indian Bead, but the rumor la lot credited The Jacob Bell, another steamer purchased la lew rork, ts disabled, and is to come up here for * pairs as soon aa the Underwriter la ready to go town. A day or two since, the Bell, lee Boat ind a small tug beat west into the month of Aquia ;reek and threw abell Into the enemy's camp, sating the Confederates to sr.srnper briskly away. The bade'les oa shore opened on tbe vessels, bat rllhoat effect. At the third roaad shot from the acob Bell, bet forward fan broke through the deck, rendering it unserviceable until the deck can be strengthened. Yesterdsy Capt. Budd, of the Resolute, cam* op, baring received an Injury to bla foot from a gun carriage. He ia now at the hospital of the Slater* of Charity, Capitol Hill Yraterday afternoon the Philadelphia took a number of aeemen to Alexandria, and toon after the Baltimore went down to the nine place with a cargo of provisions. The Philadelphia waa coaling up thia morning with the expectation of going down the river. The Cerea la atl 11 on the waya, and the Idand Belle waiting her turn. TLe Anacoatia Ilea at the wharf awaiting the completion of her boilers, now almost ready to be put in. THS rums BKABD HBXB YISTBEDIY. [Special Correspondence of the Star.] Ablimgtor Hkights, August 29 ?Editor Star: You notice in your paper of yesterday deialtory firing on thia aide of the river. That firing waa a wuie 01 powaer, not on our ?ae, Dot on that of the Confederates. They fired from a battery of theirs which must have been stationed not far from Ball's Croaa Roads. A gentleman who had been out yesterday to our advanced positions showed me, on his return In the afternoon, a sixpound ball, which had passed entirely through a house not far beyond our main line. They probably suppoeed our ptcketa were there, or wanted to try their range. They fired several shells, none of which reached our works, but they were near enough to alarm the laborers employed at two or three points, many of whom left in a hurry It Is hardly necessary to say that we are ready to receive company at a minutes' notice, here or elsewhere. A Pfete tr?m Mrs. Seaater flwla-Nst ret at ran L.arayettr. To the Editor of tke New York Herald Wi?t Point, Ross Hotel. Au?;uat v?T, IW!. I wm startled, yeaterday, by reading. aa an Item of intelligence, In your paper, that I had been arrested In Waahlngton city for alleged cooperation with the aouthern army. 1 have bad no aaplratlona. I ftaaure yon. for either a crown of martyrdom, or any aucb laurela aa your correapondent would encircle my brow with, but have been realdlng verv quietly, with my family. In the place from which thia letter la dated, for the laat two weeka, exclualrely occupied with domeatlc concerns May I a?k you to contiadict, A.c. Youra, reapectfully, Mart E. Gwin. Thk Assignment of Land Warrants ? Meaara Sweeny, Rittenhouae* Fait, of thia city, write to correapondenta In New York aa followa ; Washington, Aue>iat20. 1861. M$itrt Taylor Brother$, Banker*, H York city: uvnuemen : uur wr. cant Had a very satisfactory interview with the Secretary cf the Interior tbla morning, In relation to the question of blank assignment of warrants, to which y?u have called our attention. He authorizes him to say, that Inasmuch as Congress had not, In his opinion, made land warrants negotiable, his decision was only Intended to protect bona fidt owners of blank assigned warrants which may have been stolen, or otherwise Improperly obtained. That be did not mean to Interfere with the buying and selling of blank assigned warranta properly obtained,and that he saw no reason why tbe business could not go on at heretofore. That the locator, at tbe time of making the entry, could Insert bis tame, and of course the question could not and would not be be raised by the Government as to the validity thereof. If, however, a contest was made In rase* of warranta Improperly obtained, such assignments would be declared void. His object was to announce a general principle wbtck could only be applied to warranta afttr the location. At the time of location tbe ottlcera of tLe Government would not stop to Inquire when tbe name of tbe assignee was put in, and It could never be questioned except when raised by an adverse claimant. If It should be shown by the warrantee, after location, that the assignment waa made In blank without bis knowledge or consent, It would of course be declared void, as no tltic could pass In that shape. If, however, a valuable cosaldVratlon waa paid, notwithstanding tbe ass! /nmrnt was In blank, the ca?e would be referred to th? courts, to tKo ? * V1 ? * M.tHv ?mv K^uHi ui ?uc panics. /\ Dirin k BI* slgnment, made without the owner's authority, has always been void, yet by custom tte Government has never required proof to acconpany the location, as to the time when the nine was Inserted, but permitted them to be received, unless a question was raised, as before stated, by an adverse party. Practically he repeated: that the decision did not change the former ruling of the department except In cases where a contest arose, hence while the department cannot officially announce that It will approve of blank assignments, no obstacle will be thrown In the way of their location, and such will be recognized when properly filled up by the local Land Office as heretofore. We therefore perceive no reason why the value of warrants should In the slightest degree be affected by this decision. Cotton Dois not Rclk thb Inclinations of Enolishmrn ? The London Herald, (Derby Organ.) August 12th, says: It !t quite true that many millions of the people In Lngland earn their bread by cotton; and that cotton we must have. But it Is equally true and apparent that the Sou'hern States of America are not the only fields from which cotton can be got, and that since the employmentof several millions of people involves the invpstmpnt nt rnttun r>?n. nlrig trade of a great many millions of capital, tbat capital will not allow Itself to perish, and i will And cotton elsewhere If America cease* to furnish It. If the bakers In London were to strike and shut up, we do not Imagine therefore that London would be long without bread. Nor need the Southern Stales Imagine that they bold the keys of all the cotton reserve* In the world Englishmen would desire of all things that this really fruitless war would cesse, and tbat cotton should still come to them from their klndsmen. But Englishmen repudiate, on the other band, having fastened upon them a pro-slavery Interest and a pro slavery sympathy,bv the enunciation of the unfounded notion, tbat if they ctnnot get cotton through slavery, tb?y must go without. Blockading a Florida Poet?The Tallahassee Flortdlan says : On Wednesday, the steamer Mohawk brought the sloop Sloat, lately captured by her, up to the outer ouoy below 8t. Marks, i where the crew of the steamer scuttled the sloop and sank her across the channel, flrat having cot her deck in pieces with axes. The stetmer then went out again to her old anchoring place. A boat from Fort Williams went to the sloop, and succeeded in getting off her rigging and some other articles. The place where the sloop was | sunk Is four miles and a half from Fort Williams, out of reach of the guns The channel at the i mouth of the Bt. Marks Is very narrow, so that the alnklnp of a hull In I* i?tll * ... tt .> vuvviuituy VUVtlUbl the passage of vessels Into that port. Th* Dkfbnse* at Savanna* ?In response to numerous inquiries propounded through the pre** of the Interior, we would Imply any that within a week from to-day no Federal fleet will be able to enter a harbor or inlet, or effect a landing of troop* on the coast of Georgia. Month after month elapsed, and the State, with all the boasting of it* chief executive officer, and with over a million th hi* hand* for the purpose, did absolutely nothing for our protection The Confederate authorities, to whom the matter has been turned over, have recently been industriously at work, and the fortlflcatlons along the coast are nearly completed ?Savannah Republican, 19(4. North Carolina ?The Boston Traveller has letter from Salisbury, N C.. which states that four members to the U. 8. Congress have been elected In that State. The writer **v* that the people of North Carolina are bst throwing off the secession yoke, and that they will soon be sufficiently strone to announce without <?* ?.??? determination "to take a stand for the Stars and Stripes. There Is a Union League throughout the State, which embraces many thousands of loyal men, and to them la attributed the reaction which Is now taking place. Til Foetivicatiohsov Richmohd ?The fortifications erected around the city are of the most complete and formidable character, and, In connexion with the "masked batteries" aad mines at varloaa points, would render the march of a hostile army hitherwrard an undertaking of great peril. One In a handred might survive to depict the "wiping out,' which these extensive works would certainly accompllab. A few bastions are yet unfinished, and qp>n these a force of several hundred men are now engaged ? Whig. KTFirst Lieut. Mandlng M. Klmmell, of the Second Cavalry, who was at Bull Run with a part of his regiment, haa resigned his commission and accepted a Captaincy la the rebel cavalry In Missouri. He had the new commlaalon before the battle. Two other officers In the same regiment are suspected, and It ts believed that they also have commissions from the Rebels, which they are debstlng whether to accept or not So says a Washington correspondent of the H*rald. Dispuiti RuiAWiT N???n _'Pk.a tMd ) Herald aays that whllat Mr!"fhaddeus ttnahaw was out a few nighta alnee on patrol, In company with aavaral other geatlemer>, tbey visited a negro hut, where one of Mr. Keaahaw'i own alare men waa aecrated. The negro seeing the white man approaching threw an ax at them, Inflicting a severe wound on the right ahoulder of Mr. Benshaw. The negro eacaped A* Imhocsmt Mar Cbamu Means* ? The young man Talle, who waa arrested In New York city on ausptclon of having committed four murder* In California, waa honorably di*chari:rd / I Aunt or a. Finn or Alsxardsb H. St?rHimi -Th* New York Tlnm of TiiMdif, ayt: Officer Farley, of tbe deter tire police, apprehended i man named Samuel J. Anderson, at tbe Anaon Boose, In Spring street. Yesterday morning. on a charge of holding treasonable Intercourse with tbe enemies of tbe country. Tbe prisoner Is a native of Virginia, about 40 rears of age, and Is well known in this city, where be bss resided a long time. His principal acquaintance*, however, have been among tbe sporting men, of whom he was a leader, although be baa found time to occupy two or three political positions, tbe last of which was tbat of a Deputy Sheriff,, under Mr. Kelly, which, however, he waa forced to aslgn because of bis sympathy with traitors He Is also represented to have been on terms of friendship with Alei. H. Stephens, of Georgia, with whom be la asld to have carried on a correspondence ever since tbat Individual has filled tbe position of Vice President of the Rebel Confederacy, and it waa In compliance with Air. ftta. phens' earnest request that Arderson received the appointment unaer Mr. Kelly M Deputy Sheriff At one time the accused wrs an officer In the Custom House, and at an earlier period an assistant clerk In tbe House of Representatives at Washington. He has just returned from a visit South, and at the time of his arrest had made preparations to depart at an early day for the dominions of King Jeff., where he Intended to reside permanently. He expressed great Indignation with officer Farley for daring to apprehend him, and made some hostile demonstrations, but he was compelled to accompany th? official to police hesdquarters In spite of his exhibition of s bowie-knife and loaded revolver. During tbe afternoon the prisoner was removed to Fort Lafayette, and aastgned quarters with other traitors who make that place their Involuntary home. Col. Burke, commanding at the post, was unusually gratified at receiving him. He recognized him as an old and somewhat troublesome acquaintance, who bad been very active a few days before in his efforts to obtain tbe release of the Baltimore Police Commissioners upon kabtat corpus, before Judge Garrison, at Brooklyn. arrairs in the Wist.?The Richmond Examiner

learns that Congress (Confederate) baa called upon the Navy Department for an estimate of tbe amount that will be required to construct two gun-boats, designed for the defense of Memphis and the river above that city. Tbe Examiner itnnrs mat the boats willdoubtlessbe constructed and equipped as speedly aa poaalble. The War Department has authorized the purchaae of 1,500 cavalry horaea and 1,000 mulea, to be purchased In Kentucky. Capt. O. P. Beard, of Lexington, haa been detonated aa the agent by Uen Meigs, U. S. Quartermaater. Gen Anderaon vraa to have arrived In Cincinnati on Saturday en route to take charge of the new military department of Kentucky and Tennessee. Thoa. VV. Barnes waa sentenced to be hanged In Memphla on Friday for the murder of John Hendrlhan Mr. and Mra. F. Pech, of Louisiana City, Misaourl, have been driven from the homea by the rebels. They were ?* spec ltd. of entertaining Union sentiments The St. Louis Democrat aaya that so many laborera are employed around that city on fortifications that, to supply the demand, Maj Oen. Fremont haa authorized an agent to proceed to Chicago and aend all the laborera he can get to St. Lonla and to Cairo The Lexington Obaerver an<l R?rv-.rt?? !? ">? that a portion of the rails on a switch of the Lexington and Frankfort Railroad, near Pane's Depot, were torn up on Wednesday night: This, the editor presumes, was done to present any farther transportation of "Lincoln guns' - over the road. The battery of splendid steel rifled cannon purchased by Gen Fremont In Liverpool, arrived at St. Louis, on Friday. Ths Irish Brigade ?There la an earnest movement on foot of reorganizing the Sixty-ninth Regiment New York State Militia for service during the war, and It will form the basis of an "Irish Brigade" to be raised In New York. The officers of the Sixty-ninth held a meeting a day or two ago, at the Regimental Armory, Essex Market, when most of them expressed a desire to go again into the field It was finally decided to open recruiting offices for the purpose of a reorganization of the regiment, under Captain Thomas Francis Meagher as Colonel, and Lieut. Col. Nugent as second field officer The Meat. Col has received an appointment as Captain in the regular army, but It Is understood that he will be detailed to act <is Lieut. Col. in the new Sixtyninth?the War Department already having signified a willingness to accept them and give them the cherished designation of the "Sixtyninth Regiment," United States Volunteers One recruiting office waa opened yesterday at No. 66 Elm street, for company J, with Thomas Canton for Captain (who la the First Lieutenant of the same company In the regular corps), and private John J. Hurley, of the same cumpany, aa Flrat Lieutenant. He attended the recruiting office, and enlisted ten men Recruiting offices for the other companies wilt he opened at other places daring the week. It Is thought that two-tBirds of the men of the old corpa will enlist In the new one. Capt. Mclver, of Company J, la a prisoner at Richmond. Hbknan and tbi Champion Belt ?Hit Challenge Accepted by Mace ?Jim Mace, who recently whipped the Staleybridge Infant, hu replied to Heenan's challenge", and signifies hi* realinesa to fight He la ready to make a match for ?*200 to ?500 p?r aide, either before or after hla coming tight with King. The matter, aa far aa the "American Champion" la concerned, la in th? bands of hia friend, George Wllkea, and It la aaid by him tbat " be expecta aoon te be able to announce Heenan'a assent to the proposition ol Mace, and the arrangement of the preliminaries " Heenan challenged any man in England foi ?'2,000, (or 810.000,) but Mace does not seem willing to accept ao large a stake, and accuaea Heenau of bouncing. Heenan wanta bla expenses paid II be flgbts In England, or will pay Mace's if he comes to America. Mace says : " It is a rule ol the English Prize Ring that the champion bell cannot be fought for out of the United Kingdom " The match is In a fair way of being made up, and It is believed by sporting gentlemen that before the winter is over, Heenan and Mare will have fought for and decided tbe ownership of th< "belt " Another Challenge to America ?Wm Jfmison more familiarly known In English sporting circles aa the " Game Chicken," is out with a chal lenge to fight any 140 lbs man In the United States for from 9100 to 9600 per side. Surrender or Major Ltndb's Force in a r 7nm thaki i b vi ? - ? uvuiancuuuiic?u arorrtiponaeni writes from Santa Fe on the 4th Instant that latei dates from Mesilla confirm the reported surrendei of Major Lynde's command at Fort Fillmore tc Southern troops The garrisor is reported to have numbered fourteen companies, none of whict had its complement of men, and It Is somewhat doubtful whether the prisoners?all told?exceed ed eight hundred and fifty men. if that many The Major is accused of having betrayed his trust It is evident he did not make much of defence Nine companies for the First Regiment have beet raised In New Mexico, and anbther is being formed. It was considered probable that th? Governor would call upon the militia to take th< Held. Rkmoval or Military Depot. Hospital, Ac Nearly ail the stores of the military depot recently establialbd at tbis place have been removed?i Ejrtlon of them being sent by wagons to General anks' camp, and the residue by railroad to Bal tlmore. The breaking up of the military depot here Indicates that tbis point is soon eiDertedtr be too far in the rear of'the grand army for con venience The stores of the military hospital have also been tranaferred to Baltimore, whlthei the sick and wounded will be apeedilv carried Tlia National Hotel, (late Bartholow's,) on Pratl street, Baltimore, has been fitted tip aa a hospital, and the transfer of the air k sign) flea that Baltl more city la now regarded as a place of safety ? Frtd.truk (AM ) Esamtmer Assault vpon Hon. John P. Hal* ?On Saturday afternoon, upon the arrival of Hon J. P Hale at the depot In Dover, N H.,(the place ol his residence,) a man, apparently Intoxicated, ta whom an acquaintance had pointed out Mr. Hal< as an "Abolitionist," stepped up to Mr H., and with the remark, " Vou are one of the men who have brought all thla trouble upon us/* struck htm in the face, knocking off hla hat. Mr. Hale seeing the condition of the man replied, "Met out of my way," when the drunken man atruck him again. Mr. Hale d}d not return the blow, bul walked quietly away. The Depot Master and other* interfered to prevent any further assault. The attack did not appear to (>e premeditated, and the aflhlr was over in a few minutes. (J^The work of furnishing new stamps aad envelopes Is being pushed by the Post Office DeErtment as rapidly as circumstances will permit. any postmssters having aeen notices wltn reference to an exchange during six days at certain offices, lump to the conclusion that at the expiration or that time the old stamps will be valaelesa ft ahould be borne In mind that auch instructions govern thoseoffices only?whlch msv receive th??m and at all others the old style remain 1b um, as heretofore, until they receive supplies of the Dew We apprehend the Department would be saved much trouble, and postmasters much anxiety, iJ this fact was generally known. For this reason, we mention the fact, and request our cotemporrles to copy the substance of this paragraph.?Rtpublieam. i SctBs.a Barbie's Saor ? Young Swell (loq :] "1 say, Thonpson, do you think I snail ever have whiskers*" Thompson (after careful examination:) "Well, sir, I really don't think you evet will?leastways not to speak of!" Young Swell: "That's rather hard, for ray pap?1 mean Governo? has plenty!" Thompson (facetiously:) "Yes. sir,?but p'r'ars you take after your ma!" Total collapse of Y. B. tCT Bayard Taylor to to bo the war cerreapondeat of the Now York Tribune. Bis now toIbsm of possM will ippsv la Nonmbcr. * On. McCulloch'a Rifoix.-Thi Rlchmon Enqalrer acknowledges lta ItdeMrdM * tl CoaMertti Secntarr of War for i copy of tfc telegraphic report made to that functionary t Gen. McCulloch of the battle Bear Spring leld, I Missouri We copv tbe document: SfrtngJUld, (Mo ) ru Littlt Rock. Ark ,) Aufuil 13 1861 i Horn. L P Walker : The battle of Oak Hlllbi been fought, and we have rained a great victoi over tbe enemy, commanded by Gen 8. Lvoi The battle waa fought ten mile* from Springtnk The enemy were nine or Ian tho jaand strong, et force waa about the aama Tbe battle laated at and a half houra. Tbe enemy waa repulsed aa driven from tbe field, with the loaa of all plen of artillery, aereral hundred atand of amall arm a lit hundred killed, one thousand woande< three bundrtd prlaocera Gen Lyon wi killed, and many of their prominent ofllcera Oi loaa waa two hundred ana sixty-live killed, elgl hundred wounded, and thirty mlaalng Wehai puaai aalon of Springfleld, and the enemy are 1 full retreat towards Rolla Bixj. MrCcxi ocn, Brlgadlar General Commanding. Gen. McCulloch. being In command of tbe Coi federate troopa which Invaded tbe State of HI aourl, thus reports directly to the Confederal Government Gen Price, In command of tl secession troops of Missouri, addressed bla rep? to Mr C. F. Jackaon, tbe lately deposed Govern* a* hwi nan tie stated tne strength of to Is ooa mind, Including officers snd pr Its tea. at 5,t! men, and his loaa in the battle near Springfield i 156 killed and SI7 wounded. Gen. McCuUor states his force st about 10,000 men, and acknow edges a loaa of 265 killed and 830 wounded an aliasing. Summing up the casualties stated I the two reports, they snow a Confederate loaa i 1,768 men. The loas of the national forces wi bat little more than half what it la stated to bai been by Gen. McCnlloch The official repo gives It as follows: Killed, 223; wounded, 72 m'sslng, 291; making a total of 1,235, which much less than the loas of the Confederatea, wt had four times aa many troops In the field * tt Unionists, the force of the latter being only aboi 5,300 men. Thi Blockade ?The London Tlmea says : A Lord Palmerstoo at the commencement of th content stated, every question of neutral rlgh must be decided when a fitting case arises Th contingency haa not yet arrived; snd tf theFeder Government can sureeed In efficiently maintati In? so enormous a blockade, tt will In all probi blllty never occur. It Is the duty of tLls countr in tbe terma of ber Majeaty'a declaration, to ol aerve atrlct and impartial neutrality For almpl doing thla Kn^lana baa been abused and Ttlllflc br the Northern preaa, and Canada waa to be ai nexed to rom penaate for tbe low of (be i*ou th W can afford to despise all tbla ludicrous aad In potent malice, but aa happily we have hither' eacaped all dlfflcoltlea aboot American natli dignity and rigb's, let ua leave the two content lng partlea to flight their battles aa beat they ma' without the slightest Interference or even advl* on pur part. If *?? blnckad* bt uuffecimal, ng\ tral commtrrt iall mmparmtivtly tufftr littU ?i jury ; if tfffrival, tk* first primeipUs tf pvbl law tfll u.< ?c> must obtj wttk a giod gract. hoi ever dlaagreeable the restrictions may be for on great staple of British Industry and Brill* wealth Thi Cavalrt or tbi Ris?l? ? A great de haa been aald about the superiority of the Inau gent army to our own In cavalry, and the achltv menta which tbey may be expected toacnomplli With it The fact thlt the r?h?)? mul? an hnl? their enormous rivalry force In the battle nei Springfield 1* well worthy of remark In Mi sourl, Arkansas and Tennessee,where the army i Generals McCnllogh and Price were r*crnlt#i mounted men are more common than pedestrian The backwoodsmen of the Southwest almost Hi on horseback. Yet Captain Totten, of the U I Artillery, describing the regiment of cavali which attack*d his position at Springfield, sayi " The enemy tried to overwhelm us by an a tack of some ?00 cavalry, which, unobserved, h? forme<l below the crests of the hill to our rig! and rear Fortunately, acme of our Infkntty cod panles and a few pieces of artillery from my ba tery were In position to meet this demonstratloi and drove off this cavalry with ease Thlsw; the only demonstration made by tbelr cavalr and It wu so effete and Ineffectual In Ita force at character aa to deserve only the appellation i child's play. Their cavalry la utterly worthle on the battle-field." Ejolish Artillery fro* India for Casad Three batteries of Koyal Artillery have be? ordered from India 10 Can ida. The force wl proceed overland upwards of 1,000 miles T* hundred horses for the Royal Artillery are < passage for Canada.?London Tittus, 12ik Aug*i nrg^THK 9E\TS IN THE NEW BYNJ 13 Ifogue, on l) ?tre#t, b?t*Mn 12th and 1st (late Harmony Hall.) will b? given oat next 8UJ DAY, September 1.9 o'o 00k a nu All wiahiog cure a Kit for next year rr nit be preceaL 1 L. BAR. Preeirfeat. ! M. ficxLa. Secretary. **? It* 1 rn^PUTNAM R\NGER8.-Thi?leaCo?f, ljc ny of Moanted ?coat*, and part have slrea< been mustered in the service a few nior* g'~< men wanted to make up the Company. Call at tl lal^nd Halt, or on &ev>-nth at. near the bridge. O. I'HIf*TLETON, Capt P.?. The Government furnishes all the hor?< an'I eg uipmenta. aa 2S-M" ! rr^*T U R N P I K E E LECTION.?Notioe '13 hereby given to the 9tookho!ders of tl Washington Turnpike Company that an eleotii will be held at the Farmer* and Mechanic*' Bai 1 Georgetown, D.C., on thereoond MONDAY (Ut > in Ootober next, for the eleot.on of a Preejdet eight Manager* and a Treasurer to manage the a fairs of said Company for the year then tuuio 1 or until their successor* are elected. ; au iawtd ROfl'l RKAD, Treaaarar (VS-UNITKD STATE* RIFLES. CoL^i tis3 Kezyz*!?o\v?ii.?All p?imid( wiahmg join this Regiment are rrque-ted to oail on tl . undermined, for further information. N. PABST, Captain. ' an 28 St* Turner Hall. ,r5?COMPANY -A." U. 8. ENGINEERS , I','! Fifty intelligent and ahl* bodied mediani* yill be ec.itted to fill thia Company to the ma: > irnum fixea by law?140 men. Inanira at N 24* 8 street Pay from #13 to #34 per moot I begidea food and olothicg. aa 17 t * THE UNION PRAYER MEET1M \LS willbaholdan EVERY DAY in theEatra * Baptiat Clinroh.commencing at b o'oiook p. tn. a. to be continued an hoar. Stranger* aa well oititeni of a>l denominationa arc invited to atto I and take part in these aooiaJ meetinga. m X W MRS. ABBOTT ILL Reanme the dntiea of her School Septet t her 3 i, 1WI ?koutheaat coiner of Pa avense a r Fift-ecth at an -9 at' WMRS. L. C TODD ILL Reaame he dntiea of her Seh^ol on Me , day. September M. at her reaidenoe, 3ST D atre< k between 6th and 7th ata. aa MW 1 |\IEW YORK PRICES FOR ALL KINDS? * H CL.OTH1N6, HATS. C*PS, TRUNi VALISKS. SHIRTS. COLLARo.and TIE*, SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh at., oppoeit" Pc Office. aa 79 in NOTICE TO CONSIGN RES.-TheeUain?r C. Alger, from Philadelphia, has ; arrived. ' .... J - r? J-11 vwua i uvu J ivi nr'i VOI T 5 HYDE A DAVIDSON, A?enta. an 29 Georgetown, P C SMITH'*, No. 460 Seventh street, le the U plaoe ib town to bay OM THlNG fRUNK HATS. CAPS. VALISES, CARPKT BAb a ad all kind* or GENTS' FURNISH IN 1 GOODS, u he eella a'l hia fooda at New Vo prioea. auZMre \ |VI LOOK AT TBIS: 1 1?I KSSRS. TAYLOR * CARTER (from Ph adelplua) have taktn Stands No. 183. 194, 1? I and 196 Center Market, and will open on Bat* daj,Aa?ust3lst, for the sale of Pennsylvania P n BuYtER. prime N.York and W. R. CHEES > fre?h Jereey and Delaware EGGS; whioh will aold low. Call and trr oar gooda. an ? n POTATOES! POTATOES! an,000 buahel* prime Weetera Me-oert will old thu neaaon at No. ? Pennsylvaniaa*..oora of Seoond at. Firat oar load arrived to-day. Give ua a trial, and weehail tive you satists . tion. Ohio, Indiana and Kanuioky money, la go< [ standing, taken at par. _ i au?-tf i. W. STEELE A CO 1 Sealed proposals, tin the sie? Angai ? 1861. are isvitM forruraiehtng FLOOR ol > certain reality. About 4.(00 bbla. will be repaired to be deliver i in separate lota of ijOOJ bbla, raek. The Floar be Diade of new wheat, and the delivery of t whole lot to be made by the lMh September. 1M The Flour required to be of the touowiag brand and to paea the tnapeotiou of a Board of Aim Oftoera or each other inspection aa the Buben enoe Departs nt mar direct, , Arlington Extra, OoMteaa aa Fair view do .?on'a Union Floar, riore'te V xtra, Glen wood do. nsvafjgB? Clatett Extt, J. N?w?om? ro. Hicks do. M. Smith do. A f w bar re * of the ?me grade of Boathe fio?r will ho taken. provided that it proree o^h ibimd* to the Itrauda above a used. The bidder* to atate the biaad and tbo number r barrel* of eaoh kind thaj proaoae to fartuah. The aroaoaaia to be directed to Caat A ?'ECJ WlTtT^jTs-.U. 8. Amand endoreod "Profota i f?M> Fl)U1SKKKEPEM.-87 leavtnf yo?r o 1 der* immediately, tobo delivered from the n x&xSJi&gt ta"u- * ",l : "CS'-r 2,840 lb*. to the ton. . AEtfcJVa5.' tg, 4 rriciAL. M * AM?>M LHWU, fl w*1l <(?lw I'tlMi 7 mt Ammntm: Tt mil Wkmm it Mmy Cmmtmrrn. ^atitfaotory (tUhm ktnii bNt ttkikM to ?*? that KoniT Basts ui beea appoictod Vim Comb I of Praaaia, U 8t Loata, Miaeoart, 1 4e hereby renocai a* kim aa aaok. aa4 deo>are kua free a I to axeroiae ud otjoy not MnOom, powafa. w4 ' pnriWea a* aro allowod to th* Vioo Cooae!* of ir um mom fivortd aattoaa ib the I'm tod fflatoa. i la teatimony whoroof. I kava cau>od thoe* lottora 4 to bo niv)? patent. tad the aaal of the Caikad M State* to be koroaato affixed fi Sivea a ad or m* Head. at the city of WaahI, tattoo, ihfmudmor A acaat. A D. !? , s? (L. awd of th* ladopeadaao* oftKol oitoi Blatia ir of Aa>orioa the *'jhty-?ixth. it ABRAH&M LINCOLN. r> Br the Proaidont: William H. Boorotar-y of Mate. AUCTION SALES. ' By 1. C. MeSL'IRB it CO , AaoUoeear*. - rXORLLBNT FURNITUBP, HOtBKla Cj taeniae Error ra, Bmall Pamtlt Caba >et, m if. Ac at riiuc A potior ?Ob ? HURSDA > rt WORNING, Aacaat?tk, at too o'clock, y uo ? reoideoo* of ProaJrr NaMoa. K't- Twelfth , hetveea G aad H ata. Wahall aoii kiaeatireParaitar* aoa KC?ou, ?omprteiiii? ^ Faoeiw>t Roeowood Ptaao Porte, ?t Mahogany aa* Walaat Hpnai aoat Bona. Rook h _ era u< Parior Chatra. 1- Rosswood Ud Wtlllt toe TaMas. _ 4 fciitM! Marti* Case Franofc Time piacs, with * China aaJ Altbwlar Vhm, Ornaments, 91 Cans ftn4 wood-seat Chairs. linages, u Window Bfcalss. Cnrtaina im Cerates, re Buaenor Bnuda bad Three pi 7 CtfU, Oi oloui rt tad I u?e, i- Mahogany Card and Fanor TaMsa, ?: bolid Walnnt Bsdstsads, Wardrofcas and Wu* * I'Udl, 10 P'???ini and Plain Bu'rtm, Wardrobsa, le Bap*""' Feather B?de Hair and Hoik Matumw, at Bolatara and Pillow*. B ankfU Comfort* and Bfrtdi. Mahoganr ttaorem i. V?u. Blinds. Do Bidsboard. D ama T?M?s, lB China, Gla*a and Orookwy war*. Tat?la Cntlsry, * Cook Log and otber Stoves Kitebec L'taaeUs. u Also,at tan o'clock, in front of the henna? ' One exoel eut oea boras Faiaily Carrm* for four al parnoaa, with Harnese i- Tanme oaah in onrr??t funda. - an W-d J. C MeOL IRE A CO., A note. [' CTTHK ABOVE BALK 18 POSTPONED. onaoconnt of tha rain, nn il MONDAY, Septra Y tar 2d. Nuni hoar. ?d an? d J. C MoQL'IRb A CO.. Aaats. ' Mr BONTZ A GRIFFITH. AneUonsam. SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT 1 ia lis NoaTBHR LiBMTina ? By rirtna at 10 a dead In traat bearing date oa the 4th da? ?M Oere lobar, 1W?, and raoordsd in Libar J A. 8 , No. 1- 1M. foltoa jnj, ?W aad W6, tha eatoortbar wili sal), r, at Mb >0 sale on THURSDAY, the TKh day of e Aug net iwi. at o'olock a. mr. <?* the rrsaiieas, _ mWUIWi lq- is svMirlsi"* of sonars No, t>, 'rontiorl? feat 11H tnob?s on 8ti straat wast, . wi h adept* to faet 1o an afW, with Um ia?*o*am*iita conaiating of n two story and aU<e Frame Dwelling Hovias. with or liar. _ f L > - wT ' - r * mm wnn fropm U l? lltMM It UM tOTM Of h atto ftreat waat and M itrM imrtt>, ta a randir iia proving part of taaait?, aad cffWa a favoratda oa nriiDtti to paraeaa dactron of Ko**rta< a rwi,l a? o? or mating aa In i wtwiit Ter id i omIi . T* If Uttnnii of Mil art not oo?p|?d vitk il Irl * da? a af>r th? ?a> tha aropartv vlL ba retold, ih upon on# vaaka' nouoe, at tha riak aad ?xpaiN of of the aarahaaar. Ail oonrayaoein* at Ik* ex pair of tha parohaaar. ' R CllID A. P.nMONBTOjv.Traataa. of aa a Stawada hQNTZ * GRIFf ITH. AaoU. i, Br 6 KEEN k WILLIAMS. Aaotaoaaara EXTENSIVE S>A! E OF HOUSEHOLD AHD re I-i Kircwm FViMTrn ai Arctic*-Ob FKIg DaY. tha 9Hh mvtant. we a hall eell. at tha rae?denia ol % nd? deo. uing houeake^pitig. No. 8*0. / north ude of F, between 13th and ?b ?t'**U, U W 1 o'olook a. m ,anexoallantaaaortmaotof Faroitora. via : id Matiotaay ftofaa. D' vana. and Spring Chaira. t?t Do. Marble top Cantor Mad Piar Tablea, a. Do. Dreeeini and otiier Baraaaa, ? Do. Card Tablea. Waeti Cioa-te, aad StanOa, . Do. fin* Book-oare, Secretary, aad Wa?hM atania, f, Gilt-traroa and othar Mirrora, id P atrd Tea acd Coffee Seta, of China and 0 wa War, 1 ainted Cotrag* ''hm ? r FeU. Bedatead?. fine Farther Feda aad Beddiac. leather Bolatera atd fine Carle're. nair. uonoe, ud oth '<Isfr*eeee. i- A large ',ot of Carpeu oileiothMd ?n 61a?? Chandeliera. Airtight and other -'oth. ill With many othor arttoiea. whioh w* doem ?ro MOMHr; to *nu<nerat?. T*rniiHib iuiMrie *, _J? __ KN A. WILLIAMS. A acta. _ By BONTZ k. OBIPFITH, A?otion#w% r pATALOOUE SALB OF ClOABB. TtlBA^ co. a^b P*cr??Ob nil DAT MORN MSG Atiott Xth. oo in men "in v at lao'ooa*. without J" rata^ le waathar, and oontioainc ncti th<? wr>.> 10 qlock U dnPoied of. we wi'l nU the aot're atock of Cif?i?. Tooaeoo ud Bnoff in rttre No. *04 *e? Mth rtraet. Odd Fallowa' Hail. ooapnaioc. > lSp%? aaaortad Himt, Cab*, Vara. ud 8**d !l Pin* ?ut Cknrlii Md Baokui Toteow, aa Roafb and Keady. CaTen-'uh. Lathl-prtaaed, Md othar branda of Chewing foteeao, CoBfrwi, Maooaboy.KapM*. Md Sootoh Stuff*, i, [.Tnohbarg Anokitig TobM?o Frv* MtM Connecticut (Wd Leaf. ? One t?ia Baran* and one bale T?ra Leaf. is One title Cab*. La Ou; a, IV Mayarilie Leaf. i* Together with a arge Mtortmnt of Cicara, To>n b*ceo, Md Snaff. too nnntaroaa to neaUo*. k. Terraa oaah. h) an ? id BONTZ A 0 * IFF ITB, A aoU. '} yv W All A Di DM ? * n ? ?_ " ?, aidommi. g, pKRKMPTORY SALE OF HOUSEHOLD awd K itch as FcsxiTrvt at acct10b.(th? effect* of * family tne oiry.>?'Oe FRIF>A\ ZT M<?Kvl>0 SCt*" lori'l at fe "'clock, we aha* ; -'11, at No. S60 M *t? Wweec nth and 9th ate., J? food aaeortnm.t i t Famitnre, ?i? : Wa'^ut Sofa and Sprier Ch^ire, Whatnot, D>. Mart> e toe Table. Side Tabee. o. Leaf Tab ee, Cam and oth r TaMee, _ Gilt frame and othe* Wirro'a, H inda, _ B ireaue, D m* t'tud, Center Tab.e. Feather Beria. Boleter and Pillow*. Comfort*. 4a.. . Three-**. Ing am and otter C?:r?U, Oiioioth, _ China.Glaea. and Crockery Ware. JT Cook Store compete. Par or Storee, Ac. r ' With n*a y other artioiee we deeaa *aaaaeeaay ? to anamerate. 6 T*rmaoaah. >et mate WALL A BARNARD, Aaota. ? Br J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. AeottoaMra. 3 VERY SUPERIOR CABINET FURNITl RB a?d HoriiaoLB Errtrra at ptojc avcti r. ? On FRIDAY MORNING. AnguetW. at M o'o.k. at No. 1*? Pean?r:Teaia avenue, betweee ITU and Uth etreera, we ahall ee the Femiture and Electa : of a family deoHnicf M>aeaktrpiu. nomerletnc: Ptperior Roeewnod Soiaa and Arm Chaira, fcn tehed ib eat n broeatelle Raeh and Caae-taat Arm aid Fancy Chair* _ Elegant Pol id Roeewood Glaea front Book Ca?e, ,, eoet fisr 8??*.ior Roerwood Work Maud and InfraaMMBt ZBoh'miai Glaaa Vaeee, Caroffe and Tomb,era and Bou^net Ho dare at Window Shades, Oil Painting* _ . >it Handeome Kraeeaia and Ingrain Cary^ta, Oil i Cleth and Race ? Rrors*ar.d Gilt Chandelier* and Skadaa C. 8* peri or High eoat Bedstead, wita bea\-y ooraloe F ne Carled hair and Pnhne Mattrweee w<v?l B ank*te. Spread* and SMatirg M'U?mr #Ji "Mm ui'Moi. Wukitudi bolster* aod Pillow*. ToiIK H*tt? Elocant f*priLonncc. with Pillow* Pojid Mkhofknr fwwd ?*too?io? T*Ma "I1 8ait of b?MUf*l Eub*M CoM??? Fmrntmr*. ' UM, V-- Hac of Par* OJd ?or eminent Jm Coffa* 6 Ba-rei of WMto8afar.*?rrol of Fiour TK Re'ritera'or. Cookinx U'eaeili. to., to. L. P. 8 ?The abore Kaimtar* is of luywtNMkl and finltfa by Reawiok. BaJtiaMra. [I. Term* oub, la oorrert finds ?. >a?-d J. C MoCUlBK A CO.. A?+. *: By J. C. M06UIRB * CO.. A aouoaaara. Uw^betwyi^Wt^aad l)tk, ku nun HoMoboie I j * BnuMli lor Qa/aatSSfi Mateac'. ' U **"' J>C- Mo^UIEE 4 PP.. A?la. of Now York, at Ml PtNi??TLT^nA Arawra. , B'*won? 9U wwt 1(MA IITNII, ultwifc l?W or Ui3r own lawrtilKH. OTTO W<* rf?(jE*E*. W?yito?, A???t?. M<'. (Tit) W?f MED.CAL^J^.NTgr ?<> ... Ju IfnAwHW CVv. Cmmm ?f Fmmd IWW iMUt Abmioi of lMl-'M. of FACULTY Of MMDICINM. * ?. p,^ w'ofl^g^SJfc - w? _ . TIO*A? An'TIRKLLJ*. D . . w Proftuor of Mkmai ' . mirtry ,Toti?o.?CJ, Md ; *h?j^na?, BET Th< oh>ir of imxmy W >> tit**. , ? ' * Tb< HtUOl Will OOftMM* Ml Uf SW of Oalc 3 Saaa'-Si^i * I

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