Newspaper of Evening Star, August 30, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 30, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. |rrT? Stab publtibet the List of Letter* remaining in the Washington City Pott Office the provisions of the lew directing them to he printed In the newspaper hiving the largest ' circulation within the delivery of the office. Its total dally clrenlatlon It more than doable that 0g uy other Dally printed In the DMrlet of Co umbls. | UT1 Though Twa Aran i? printed on (he Mai teem prw In oar wrath of Baltimore, lti edlttoa Is so large as to require It to he pat to pi em at an early hear, Advertisement, therefore, should he seat in before IS o'clock m ; etherwlm they may el appear nntu the next dsy. N oricn ?District of Colombia Advertisement to bo laosrtod In the BaLruroaa Bva are reoelved ft and forwarded from Tma tram Odee. WnsBiseTO* Astlu* .?This Institution, combining both the machinery of s workhouse for vagrants and an asylum for the poor and Infirm, I la sltusted on the Sank of the Eaatern Branch of I the Potomac, east of the city It Is entirely removed from the din and bustle of city life, and I were it not for the towering dome of the Capitol I and tbe occasional hum of the multitude as ltl murmurs across the wide green fields, the inmate I would forget that he was in the suburbs of a great metropolis. As tbe visitor approaches the build- I log ho Is agreeably surprised by Its handsome front snd the general air of neatness and comfort I which pervades the Institution Entering the I gate, and pssslng up s brick walk beneath an ar- I bor from which luacious grapes hsng down In Inviting clusters Into ths neat porch, tbe visitor Is ushered Into two fine parlor*, connected by fold- I log doors. These rooms are fitted up at the expense of tbe Corporation, snd reflect considerable credit upon our munlclpsl authorities Until I lately there wao no provision made for the conve- I ntence of visitors, save a few rough benches. I Now, parlors with msrble mantels, large mirrors, I handsome paintings snd excellent furniture, ren- I der It attractive to all who may have any inter- I course with the establishment The building, I five stories high, la divided into wards for tbe dlffereat characters of the Inmates, sexes, Ac. One end Is appropriated to the poor, ths other to I vagrants. Substantial iron stairways communi- I cate with tbe several departments, all of which are separated by strong iron gates; these are open during the day. snd at a proper hour of the night clooed and the Inmates locked In. There are now about 136 Inmates, and the average number of arrivals of vagrants and disorderly persoas Is about ten per week. All stages of rascality are represented here, and tbe visitor la shocked to see bright-faced little babes in tbe arms of those who havo forfeited nearly all their claims upon the sympathies of humanity. In visiting the various wards the eve la gratified by tbe neatness snd I cleanliness of the apartments, especlslly in view of the fact that nearly 200 persons are variously engaged la and shout the building, sod although I parsons are daily brought here covered with ver- I mia and prostrated by loathsome diseases. The I Km are supplied with good bedsteads, Ac., and 1 e vagrants each hare their mattress snd blsnket upon the floor. In each department Is a neat little | room, used either for worship, sick room, or any- I thing for which a commodious, light and airy I apartment may be required. The tidy-kept dining I rooma and kitchens are in tbe basement, Tbe I bread (both wheat and corn) is of cood quality, j and the provisions generally well cooked and wholesome In the rear of the butldlng is a band- 1 some lawn, flower garden, and flab pond j while the view across tbe broad stresm Is one of tbe most pleasant of the ctty. About forty-five acres, under a high state of cultivation, are enclosed, I upon which are raised all the various kinds I of vegetables for which our market is famous Tobacco is aiao cultivated, though in very mall quantities, and several fruit trees ornament the grounds Down by tbe beach is a triangular enclosure, the potter's ground of the establish- I ment, a few ceairi shade the grassy knolls above I tbe sleepers, snd tbe ripple of the water on the I pebbles steals up tbe beach in a sliver song of I music, a ceaseless requiem over the dust of the fallen. Excellent springs supply, by means of pipes, the various wants for pure water; and an I olo building below the asylum bas been fitted up. | In which vegetables are washed for market, seed I dried for the next sowing, and garden imple- I menta protected from tbe weather. A short time since, several thousand soldiers I wore encamped about the building, and we were I assured by Mr. Queen that, aside from a few trl-1 fling annoyances, no unpleasant occurrence trans- I p. r?l whatever The property la aa free from marks of violence as th< ugh it had been guarded I by a corps of U. 8 ragulsrs. A number of men are now employed in laying | brick walks about the building, trimming ahrub I bery, Ac. Tbe long season of bsd weatber bss | put the gardening operations back, and given I woods quite s start; but these are now being rap- I Idly thinned out by the laborers. fCOHMUNlCATSD. It is cxoanstoob that Col. R. D Goodwin, of | New York, was closeted with President Lincoln I to-day. It seems that the Colonel has bad s hard I time of It in getting up bis regiment known aa I tbe President's Life Ousrd, and has proved him- I self a general Instead of a colonel. And it see dm wealthy gentlemen in New York city, knowing his difficulty, took upon them to closely watch his movements, snd they have concluded to furnish I him all tbe mesne necessary to put ten thousand I men in the field on terms most advantageous to I our Government, with the understanding 'hat the I Colonel shall take command Tbe result is tbe President has sccepted tbe proposition ss s fsvor-1 able one, and tbe Colonel (now General) is busv receiving bis Waahlngton friendsst the Clarendon Hotel, snd msklng arrangements to have his m?-n I lathe field at once. He says he will recruit in I many of tbe Union States, and bis brigade aball I be known as the President's Volunteers. He Is I looked upon here as a true soul, snd we bid him I God ipeed In the glorious cause. Washington, Aug 29,1861. RsconsotsAiTCKs ?Prof. Lowe's mammoth bsl- ] loon was lofisted yesterday, and carried through I aar streets and those of Georgetown. Although tbe car was near the ground, tbe monster loomed I up above tbe tallest houaes. It was carried across I the Alexsndrla Aqueduct, and la the afternoon I was seen riding msjesticslly, high shove tbe Vir- I Ilala tills. In the vicinity of Port Corcoran. I Isny of our cltixens wore out to take s peep st It; I and many wise remsrks were hazarded about tbe I probability of the Confederates sending a rifled I shot through it, and letting the observers down, I Ac. The reconnoiterlng will now be done by a military officer,who can communicate with those I below oy a " paper express " That Is, the mes- I sage Is weighted with s bullet, and run down the cord by being attached to a ring. WaTaatae Hobsbs?Much complaint Is made of tbe arriving troops wstertng their horses at tbe pumpa la the vicinity of tbe Depot. Excellent accommodations In the wsy of Potomac wster and trougha have boea made at that place, but throug h tbe negligence of tboee in charge, leamaters rack I tbe pumps to pleees, exhaust the supply of water, I and render approach to the pumps exceedingly I disagreeable oa account of mud and other matter. I Operations are also carried on extensively during I the nlgbt at these wells, to tbe annoyance of I dwellers thereabouts, who are tortured to couatant wakefulness by tbe eternal screech of abominable pump handles f*.ls> Rcmob ?Yesterday, some Indiscreet or I badly-informed person reported that in tbe sklr* I mishee over the river. Chsrles N. Birch, of Cspt I Gary's company of tbe Kentucky cavalry regimeat, son ofTTw. Birch, of this city, wss killed. I Hie father yesterday weat over to obtain and I bring to the city the corpee of his son; hut bad the I joyful surprise of finding his son alive and well. I Mr Birch reports ao one killed In that company, I bat two are missing?the bugler snd a private? I supposed to be lost la the woods. RuiTi ?Tbo types yeatorday played tbe mis. I chief wtth a Star item or two, making as deslg- I see Oat. Strotber [arrested by the secessionists] aa I tbe toother, instead of the fatter, of ' Porte 1 Crayon," ef pea and pencil renown; tChd further, I eaaffiac as to make tbe grotesquely absurd allega- I Moo that the 1 aside of the leaky Center Market building la preferable to the open street of a ralay I W> . Euiwhui Win be seen the notteo sf Smith'. Clothing, Trunk, Vallee, Hst and Cap establish eat. No m Seveath street, a place where neat, durable sad aheap outfits do meet nbouad Now I ta tbo tlese to adorn the outer man. and Smith's I tbo oiaoe to da It at aa setoeishlagly low figure I Deal foil to eall at 40B, If yaa waat something to salt the times ,> Tii Navy Yaaa Poena are to be coogratulaird that they are to have the Campbells spend a nlgbt ar two! a their midst. Te-nfgbt they give s?e of their slde-spUtttag eutertulameuts at Odd PMtowa' HaU, an opportunity not likely to be missed by the wide awake Navy Yardors. Look oat for this svenlng's programme. Caaraab Gvaanaoesa Casas.?William H Hurdle, drunk and disorderly; workhoaee 90 days Geo Williams, drunk in thestreet; turned over to the Provoet Guard. Adeline Williams, I col d, disorderly gathering; workhouse 80 days. Mary Curtis, do , do. 90 days Mary F.Wheeler, do; do fiOdays. Rkissiatbb.?Mr Goo. B. Fsy?aa, the guard el the county lall who wae superseded after Ibe escape of Woodward the aegro (who araa lmpr s- 1 eord on a charge of murder) has been reinstated by Marshal Lamoo, after aa lavcatigetiea of the circumstances Polica CoMiciesioiraas?Tbe Board of Pa* I Ilea Commissioners met yesterday after soon, bat y^oa* the traaaactioa of any bostnom of public *)wnad until this afteraaoa at four ^^wWa the subject of tbe dlvMea W diaI til Ca.ii ov Kit. Jobs M. OtttN ?Thla I ease, which hss attracted considerable attention, I wu opened for inveetlgstlon before Justice Donn I yesterday, aa dated In lost evening's Star. Rev. I J. M Green is the chaplain acd postmaster of the I Tenth Pennsylvania Regiment, and be lsebsrged I with robbing the mail of the regiment, and alao I taking the letters of other regiments. After the I hearing of the evidence of Mr. L. Psyne, of I Georgetown, relative to the dlaoovery of letters la I his privy, snd their transmission to the city post- I master here, the accused not having appeared, It I wu agreed to postpone the further hearing; but I aa the partlea were sbent leaving the accused ar- I rived with hla witnesses, and the examination I wu resumed, and proceeded substantially aa fol- I lows: Lewis Cl'pkane, city postmaster, testified that i these envelopes found ojr Mr. Psynewere brought i to him; they were dsted about the 17th day of Au- i fust. He then suspected the postmaster of the I enth Pennsylvania Regiment, and had two de- I ooy letters put la his mall, with s quarter eagle I in one and a quarter eagle and a quarter dollar in I the other Tne next day he put two other decoys I In; bad him followed by officers and arrested on I his way to camp and brought beck to the office I and searched, snd several letters found on biro, I some belonging te the Tenth Msssachusetts Reg- I lment snd others to his own regiment. They J sent to his camp, got his trunk, searched It. snd I found other envelopes directed to each of the I regiments named. The two decoys last put In I the beg were found; the two first were not. He I wss saked at the post office in this city if he had I anv letters for other regiments In his bag on each I day. He answered >'No!? A. R. Allen testified that be arrested the prls- I oner on his way to camp, in Georgetown, and I brought him to this city, and left him In the city I postmaster's, Mr. Clepbsne's, room. Mr. Cle- I pbane asked him if he had letters sbout him I which belonged to otber than his own regiment. I He replied tbst he had no letters at all. Wltness I j asked him to let him see what he had on bis per- I son, and he pulled out some newspapers and a I couple of letters. Witness asked him if that I was all, snd be said "yea." Witness put his I hands In his pockets snd took out more letters. I Witness and Mr. Clepbane asked him again if I he bad at camp any letters for other than hts own I regiment, and he said no! Witness told him I that he would go and search his tent. He then | said, "Gentlemen, I see you Intend to carry this thing to the fsrthest extent," sddlng, "just name I the amount of money, If It's a hundred dollars. I I can raise It and give it you, If you will let me go | to my regiment, and not to prison " He spoke | of bis position, snd of his fsirlly. Mr. Clepbane I and witness promised to keep the affair aa quiet I as they could He was placed In charge of Of- I ficer Busher, and Mr. Clephane and witness pro- | ceeded to his camp; a search was made, and open | letters of the lOtb Pennsylvania regiment, and | also of the 10th Massachusetts regiment, were | found, containing various articles. The witness I and Mr Clephane returned, snd the prisoner was I committed to jail. On the way there he remarked I that he did not know much of law, but he did I not think they could punish him, as he was not I sn employee of the Post Office Department. Col. McCalmont, Capts. J. H. Cooper, M R. I Adams, Jas. Fossett, 8. M Allen, Thos. McCon- I nell, A G. Wsrren, C. M. Daniel, and Dr. Mc- I Kenney and Adjt. 3 B. Smith, of the Tenth I Pennsylvania regiment,and Col. Geo. 8. Hays, of I the Eighth regiment Pennsylvania. testified that I they thought at first some of their money hsd I mlscsrrled, but had since been satisfied that it I had not. They yet place entire confidence in the I accused, and gave him an excellent character. The magistrate reserved bis decision In order | to afford the accused an opportunity of clearing | up the mystery which seems to hang over the I case. The ball was placed at a low figure under I the circumstances?two hundred dollars, for his I appearance next Monday week The accused I seemed greatly affected by the failure to obtain | an Immediate acquittal. Death or a LrtffTK*a!?t.?Yesterday morning I Lieut. Wm. H Robinson, of Company K, Sickles' I Excelsior Brigade, died at the E-stre?t hospital, I and was burled at the Soldiers' Home to-day. I His funeral escort consisted of his own company I and other members of th*- regiment, preceded by I the drum corps with muffled drums. Day Police ?We hear that Capt. Goddard has I been notified by Mayor Wallach that the time of I service of tbe day police will expire to-morrow. I If so, we presume that the force'will be kept In | service by tbe Police Commissioners until the I Metropolitan Police force shall have been ap- I pointed The attention of parents in Georgetown is I called to the advertisement of Miss Ralney's I school In the Georgetown column. i Hollowat's Pills ?Bilious Fever.?This dan i te ous disea-e is immediately nipped in tbe bnd by i a timely uie of this anti-febrile and sorreotive i medieinfs ; they purify the seor*tions of the liver, i renovate the stomach, and cleanse the blood. i Thousands who would have sank beneath the vio i l?aoe of tins fevsr have been restored to health by i the ass of these remedies, after all other mrans had i failed Sold by all Draggists.attto., 63o.,and 91 i mr box- *u 37-lw | cossbs.?The sadden changes of osr olimate are i sou roes of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic i A fictions. Experienoe having proved that simple i remedies often oot speedily and oertainly when i taken m the early suites of the disease, reooarse i should at onoe Ue hod to '* Broim's Bronchial i Track*i," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Couch, or lr- i ritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this i precaution a more serious attack may be effectually i warded off. Public Speakers and Sin iters will find i them effectual for oiearing and strengthening the i voioe. See advertisement. de 1-ly i Kbabek. have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise- i went in our paper. Real4 it; it will interest you. an ao-eoly Pnitm. Persons desiring pennies will always find them for exchange at tne Star Office onunter. tf To the Attlictbd !? Be sure to read the odver- i .semert of MoLean's Strengthening Cordial and i Blood Punfier. in another oolumn. tf married On the 18th instant, in Boaton, by the Rev. p. l. i Barrister, of St. Mary's Church, gforge m. i akth. of this city, to Miss francese d. i may, of Boston, Mass. * July th* 16th, by the Rev. Dr. Pyne, j am es a. i KlN?i to Miss rachel a. dodson, both of) this oity. * On the 90th April last. 1931, by the Rev. Mason i Noble, Mr jame* MoCaLLAN, of Philadel- I phia. to rachel marian, youngest daughter i of James Moore, of Charles oounty. Md. j OIKD, On the 29th instant, in Guilford. Conn., after a| brief illness. dora, youngest daughter of Cor- i ne ins and Mary Wendell.aged 17 montha. " On the 2Bth isstsnt, georgia fenwick, i daughter of Wm c and Martha Weeden, aged 8 i months and 18 days. ] The tenderest tie the heart oan ever know, j By this event is severed at a blow ; i Tne bud of promise, hope of many years, j Is thus dissolved in one vast flood of tears ; Her lovely form, her lively iniant mindTo part with her, how hard to be resigned ! j a daughter dear?a sweet a-id lovely ohild ; j (>h ! poignant grief, most frantically wild, j h r parents now are steeped in woe. j For consolation whither shall they go i ; Oh ! God. who gave, and who has taken away, Vouchsafs te lighten this their darkest day ! * i New york prices for all k1ndsof i clothing. hats. ca ps, trunks. i valines. shirts, collars,and tik8. at i smith's, No. 460 Seventh st., opposite Post I Office. au 29 lm i To housekeepers.?By leaving your or- i ders immediately, to be delivered from the yee i sets, for ca?h in current fands, we will sell the best i quality of coal, vis: i White Ash, ail sixes, at per ton. Red do. do. $6 35 do. { Wlb* W,b*U>n.J.W P MVE?tco. Offioe oor. 6 and 32d sts., First Ward. au36 lw Western lands in exchange for i lands near the federal capital ?The snhsoriber will exchange fine Farming i Land i in Ohio *nd Miohiifn for land* within 35 1 STes of this city. wm. thos carroll. Wa'hington City, Aegsst c. 1w1. an tt-eoffw i Dr. CHARLES R BOTELER, 3DBNTI8T, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. j Between Ninth and Tenth Streets j as 36-eo?m I U AVONDALEFLOUR. M I IJ.AVING Made arrangements with Messrs. I Baioctk Sbmmbs for the sale of my Flpnr,tkey I will always be prepared to saeply say old mends I as NOTICE. LM R. M WILLI AN reseeetfhlly informs his friends aad the pybiio generally.that!he has opened, I ir, association with Mr. OTTO SCHLOEMER, I of New York,at I sot Pbhjisvlvahia Avbscb, I Between 9tk and lufA streets, south ttdf, __ j a Store foi the sals of the ohoioeet WINES, I HaM8.?*11 of tceir own i?jjorutHic orro SCHLdEMER. j Washington, Aagust?, US'. (lit.) au? tw I Notice to ship and railroad i agents. wt . i i Ship and Railroad AgenU in Washington will i please ft rward all goods dirsoted to the * Sanitary i commission'' to tae Commission Store-room, No i fill f street, aud present bills for freuht. j Of pice o* SaHITAET Co MM! SS10W, Treasury Baiidiag. ant7 lw I MOORE'S AGUE CURE AND ANTIDOTE, an la'allible, safj and effectual remedy and I Kveatative of Ague in its various forms, having I n slly trtedaid proven, la dowi?fere<l to the I i public Prioe fl JO. Sold only at MOORE'S Weat >.I U Drug btore. 113 Pa av *** ** I pit. embracing all styles of low-prieed, median, i kne ?aiiues, whish we are eelliag a t very i ,TStesBsa?1-1 ???mmmmm LIST OP LETTERS REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE. WasHINSTON ClTT, August 8), 1861. {Ordered to be inserted in the Emms Stab, t being the newspaper having the largest circu'ation of any duly paper published in Washington.) fry All peraoni applying for letter* in the followng list, will pleaee say they are iDrmnn. LADIES' LIST. Armstro-g, Miu Sarah Key*. M iaa Nellie Bell,Miai Julia R Kennedy. Mn H J Bell, Mrs F H Latimer, Mrs Koae G Bell, Miss MC Leonard, Miu A Blanchard, Mra Annie Laidlon Mra Hnroh. Mra Sarah Lakie Mra Klisa Bie'arki, Mira Hose A Leftwioh, Mra J F Bennett, Miaa Kllen l<athardt. Miu D Brooka, Mra Raohel Libbny, Mita F Hritton.Mica Mary Joa Lewis, Mr* Anna Batea. Miu Mary M-2, Miaa Ellen-2 Uruoe. Mrs natharine Mitchell, Miaa M Bruff. M'U Zuleime Maahen, Kate Breoka. Mra H Musiago, Mrs A Rrent, Mis* Sallie Miller, Misa F.lixa Brewster, Miss Anna H Mathews. Elixa Barbour, Mrs Bella Morton, Miu C A j Roechia, Mad A R Mason, Mrs John Byron, Miss Klitabeth Moting, Rebecker Ba?rnstein, Med L-2 Melae. Susan Jane Beebe, Mra M MoOill, Mrs H J Bar o w.Mrs Anita Mason, Miss MS | Raotn, Mrs Jane M Meagher. Mrs B I Blakesl*e. Mrs H K Morton, Miss C A Berry, Miss Mary a Mo Auliff, Miss E | Brisooe, Mrs Chariot** A1 iNeil, Lusie Brooks, Mrs Letitia J Newman, Miss Vina Brent, Miss Kllen Niohol*, Mrs MarBeaoh, Miss M B Neal, Mips Netta C i Brown. Mrs l.uoian Neara, Miu E Bibcock, Mrs L D O'Brian, Miaa Ann B>anehard. Mra M A Penn, Mra Ellen B( swell. Mra Jas Po?, Mrs O M Cavin, Miss Jennie Robertson. Mrs M J Campbell, Miss B Russell. Mra E J Connell.M s Kllen Reynolds, Mrs M F Clifford, Mrs E S Richard* Mrs M A Chipley, C A Ridder, J E | Carpenter, Miaa E V Kunbug, Mra Annie Chandler, Miss M R panldinr, Mrs Crocker, Mrs Sarah Simna. Mi?s B Cahill, Miss Margaret Pmnard, Mrs Gsorcia Conner, Miss Josephine Stevens. Miss Annie J I Clark, Mrs Eliza W Stewart, Reb?oca Clark, Miss Oennie Simms, Mrs Josephine Cass, Miss Diantha Southard. Miss M E Cross, Mra R Y Smitn, Mias Martha 1 UeLeon, Mrs R S Stone, Misa Facnie | DeBoye,Mi?sW Smith, Mn CD D*an, Mi*s Rhoda E Smith, Miaa Susan Unmm, Mrs M J-2 Swain, Mrs I y^ia Edward*. Mr* C A Smith, Misa Bflle Fvans, Miss Henrietta Sefton, Miss Ssltie Elmore, Misa Mary A Sedgwick. M-s Theo Flliott, Mrs M A Sedgewiolr. Mrs H C Espey, Mis* Susan Sheriff, Mias D A C Fowler, Miss Mary E Sullivan. Misa M Jane Flatter, Mra Marr A Stevenson, Miaa M Fureason, Misa AHoe Taylor. Mis* Marr Friebers, Mrs Bertha Toevelaine, Miss S L I Franklin, Mrs Anna Thompson, Mrs Lt Jas I Fluz, Mi*s Ca'rina Turpin. Mrs Earner, Miss Sophia Thompson, Mrs A E gibbs. Miss Mollie B ThisMeton. Mrs Emma rant. Miss Mary J Thom%s, Miss Mary Gregg, M/s Mollis Thompson, Miss M D Handy. Mrs C V Weed. Miss l.izzie Hi6ela, Misa Adelia Ward. Miss Kate Hunt. Mrs Mary Wheelan, Mrs Susan j Howard, Mrs A Williams. Marv J i Helrigel.Mad Windle, Mrs Wm Haakioa. Mr* Adalins Willard, Mra G L | Hogan, Miaa Frauoia Windle, Miu M J Hartaess, Mra Mary A White, Mra Anna i Hersirg, Mrs Teresa Wood, Mias Ansa i Hall, Mrs Nath Wilcox, Miss S A , Hunaran. Mrs A Williams. Miu Lizzie Jordan. Miss Ote'ia Walker, Mrs Jennie Joyce. Mrs Chas H Warner, Mrs A B Kellogg. Mrs Geo W Whelan. Mi*s M M Kel ey, Hannah M Yates, Mrs Margaret Kemp. Mra E Young, Mrs B King, Mrs Sarah A Young, Mra Mary J GENTLEMEN'S LIST. ' Adam Wm CbudsjrZ Dus'nHuryC AktnWmZ Copperuaii Wm Derhold Chas A?er Willard Co hran W>n H Durand C H AiUms Wm Crawford W B DivenCaptCW I Aidinl'G Cilia Wm IMozer Alex armatrongThos Clark W E Dalton A B ! Ames Robt Chambers Wm Jioubleda*M'jA I Action M L Combe Voltaire Edwards Wm ArmstedKevMr Chambers Thoa E*t*rbin Wm ! Andr jwa !Si<tijey Clifford'' hoa ? dwards W I Adams Le-i Crawford T A Kumeni T J-5 Alien Hoa J W Castwood SS Eastman R i Abbott Gen J C Cott S Eaton Oliver Acker JnoF Cox Sam! Ejles John j Adams Co! HP-2 Cameron Robt Emerson J D | AhrbergHenriohCameron L.tRA Ellis I,t JuM j Asl-munHenG Carey P Kstill Isaac Allen FrauoisM Connell Pat Evans Jos T I Alexauder??M-3 Casidy Peter Ensles H?n y i AlhurgerFA Cutlei CaptO N Eichiny Il'nry j Ashton Chas Corning N G Kwiiik l>r Geo I Anderson Chas Cranel.tColNM Emu ons G F-2 ! Ariok C Cady N Eberle Fred | ArmesChas H Cunningham Mr Edgerton F M I AndrewsMas'rACunninghsm M* E M \ Baud Z M P Conwa* M N E'gm Danl ! Burnet WmE Chase Major Este David K-2 I Brown Wm Commtns A Erehart Chas Brioker W I'asseyMJ Flagg Wm J I Boyoe Rev WB Cleary Mich Famsworth WF I Burnet Wm 2 Carhle Nathan Flanders Wm : Baken Wm Carkley Lewis Fie d Siligman BoyerWmC CushingLtLF rye Samuel 6 BartholomewW Chipman L B Foster Roht F ! M Clark Capt F L Farnham Robert I Bailey Wm Croey L Farrells P I Bik'rWm W Campbell Lewis Forsyth Nelson I BraellyWmT Crocker I, W Frentzel Brace WS Clapp J W Friedman Col M | Braokftt Wm Coejas Fay John I Borrow Lt WmCarr Jno Ferriter James I Banks W H Cnase Dr J E Farbanks J ) B-own Thoa Camp J\cob A-3 Farmer John W I Barnett T Cross Johney Farley Lt J T | Bishop T B Cams J B Findley Jo^n G i baobitt Lt S S Close Jas T Fitzeer' John i Blanohard S Crowel J-2 Frrt?*e Cvl J R "lackColfcam Clark Jco W Kish Horace S BlackCol SVV-2 Chester Jno Forrest Geo BiaggSemoaS Curtis Dr J Ferguson Geo Baxter SS Ciement" Jas H Finney Geo Bnrbank ' tSW Cirhon Jno L Fiskf-ra-kS ! Browner S _ ConantJnoA Fay Edward L i BeekmanSDeW Curtis Jno Fitschke Edw i Billing Stephen Cherry Juo Flint Exra E Baaoh S I'arroll Jas Freidman Col I Bitty Stephen Cog ey J Falconer HonCJ I Herjamin LtSN Crandell Jas F<>x C V j B? rues Kiohard Craven Dr J J Foster LtChasG I Blood Robt K Carpenter Jno Farrel! Chas H , Bowers RobtW Calvert J W Flemon B F i Birohett R T Cop pock Jno Frecklm Bsnj F I Iluck Bobt M Conistock J E Fowiar Benj | Buehett R T Con-iyell Capt J Foose Andrew J I Barber R S P Collins Jno Fisben Adam Neman Hobt ChambersColJ J Gnaon W H B ai.cnard PeterCatin Jas Gould Wm P t Beuner it Patter Croloot Jas Guliot Wm B I son Cameron Jas Gilrnan W H ! Bonnets SG Cox H G Green Wm M ! Bellow P J _ Coates Henry-2 Garrett Wm W I Barnett HonOD Cook H D-3 **raham W m D I Burt Oliver T C.ark H G Garret'. Wm T j Baboook Lt OE Chundles H S Grimb e Wm H I BurnhamNathanCarter H N Glen Wellington I Bnmtr Cutler G A Glynn Wm I Burhank MA Collier Lit G W Gohl Wm BailerMaroehusCotkliiil Geo P GleasonWmH-2 I Benedict Lewia Champnois G W Gray Wm I BiighamLD Crandell Geo Garner T i Bruoe J P Coake Geo QieeuawaltPD2 I BnrnsJasS Campbell Geo GearSamlW 2 I Bond Jas B Creigle Frank Gregc Samuel I Brown J S Curtis F A GarrisonRenoM I Boggs J W Caulfield F Gibson R lohard I Biug Juliua Chambers J J Gaither O H ; Bayne Or J Clark E M Graves OFGT I Brua Jno P Crnn E L Gilmon O T?2 ! B&onJnoX Coffln Ehhn Gu Id Mr I Burns Jaa Crossman Ed J GilmoreMr Brown Jas Camp E C GeorgeLeon'd J I Brown J I' Co.tier Danl Gibba Leonards I Bfothariine J 5 Christ D B Gould Ira A Bing J Couch G D V-5 Uarrard Capt K I Byrne Jno Conover D D Gibboea Jaa a Brittain Joe Crocker L W GetxmgerJohn ( Barry Jno M Chuifaub D Gillespie CapJF I BraseeJnoM Cia.koGA Gellera Daao I Bo si man J U Cclvsr Dr J P Uouriey Jaiuea I Bialioph Jno Chambell Col Gummere JnoG I BowlinJno Ou'tia LtH R Gleasou Jonas D I BrennanJasF Culver D C P ttslick James H I BuckinghamJas Che?ney Chas Goorgy Julius I Butbington hooCoimanC Gregory James I Jaa 2 Clark 0 UerbiokJohnW I Bole H Clay Cotion C T Goodei H C i Brady Hugh J Crabbs B F Gatzmer H 8 Bsrr? Hiram B Curtis C X Gumbreoht Gus Brown Henrr B Culver C D Orubb Geo M Benbam H W 2 Chaever B K Gordan Gilbert [ Brook Hunter Clarke A J GrosuGeo ! Boyoe HR Coiburn A V-2 Gsither Geo G-2 I Brows Henry Camp A B Gil s nGehial I Bond H G Crosby A B-2 Urammer F L I Brentano Henry Cart*r Allen Griffi .grred Borland Lt H Centin Alex Giilman E P | BndgeaHonG WCaywood A Garlana David S I Ballard Geo Cranekell A B Jacob Capt ! Boernstem G P ChMdera A W Green David Bates Geo H Dowd Wm Greab David j Billingalev G E i>?Forest Capt Gfrmain Capt j Brad>ey Geo W W H-2 GoodnowAr ! Bavcktt tseo DunkulWm Griggs A P Battel! G S H Dunson Wm B Gardesser Aug I B amigan CorpFDunn Wm H GilmoreHon Alf I Booth F N Dunn Wm Griffin A D Brady F Diokinson W F Gurney A L i Bamer F H Davis Wm H HaikinsWS BaningerFM Davia VS m Hunt Wm I BartowRev FA Daily Thos Mniobings Wm I Brady Edward Drowney Thoa HnghesWmA Brady SergtEH Dmnont Lt T S Ham Wm A I Boyd Edwin DaweaThos Hay thorn Wm j Bsgga Ellis Y Durkin Tnoa HeifenateinVVL I Burleigh is L Diiley 8 B H uson Capt W m I Barren Edward Doremus W O Hamlin Waloott I Barnuin E M onohua Petit Hartley Major BasoomE DormanGB Wm B M Biar Capt E Dunn Peter Hildreth Capt I HrewersergtEF Dealy PaU Wa-2 ! Blaokington E Davis OW HenwoodWm I Boyoe Edward Dunham O H Housen Wm i aurnnam Edd Dpnielson NN-2 Howard Wm Bm.k D C Deehen Miohl Hanson Lt Wm I Bill Dutch DeVenoge M-2 Hay den Wm 6 Borden l)aul L Dunneil ColMH Hombrook fho Bntow B Dale Jno R HontTko I Baker pelas Dougiaa Capt C Hant Tno M ! Baser Da.u S Drum J 8 Hiil S*murl j

Huri.r am D 8 Dutton Lt J M Hammiil Steph Bafter E W Diokey JseeeC Hopkins DrSM I Baker Chas H Doepfer John Heriiok Dr 8 L I Brows Chas l)sCasta G VV Homer Silvester I Burt Chas M DyerJoshsaE Ho oomo L.tRE I KoyleCoraeims Dovon Joshua HunUr Cap R F I Bishop Chas E isdarJaa Humistou Prof j BaelHQ DuBois Jno RF Hurley Chas 9 oraney Hugh B Hall Hiohard M I Barsnen Cnas )anforth H T hall R M-2 > Barnhouu C Dixon H T Habeser A Rise I Biroh B F De yroot H B HiggingsRusseil I liumnamBF 2 ilosglau Henry Harrison K I A I Broglis B Davis Hon H E Iiuneke Peter j Barton A A 2 Doe Ceo F Hanng P Riker I Bamu A P DeleyneaGeo Haiated O 8 Bernatain A O Delta Frank Howard Col OO I Beach A H preyfkua ti r Himes Nicholas | Hrinder Albert Dunn ct D W HoytN D BrtdAndon Darnel: Edwd Hill Mr B'nskAbner Demarest E B Hill Mark Hell Albert DavisKltiah M Mr Blaok AlexanderDanueu Eu Huiliday Cap' I Beta Anth?ny D?ns Wue L Ha l H^ntTw J I Baouu W p Disor Dav.d W t>epbe.n i t u P I M.ownWRACo Dunn Edsd H.iiLM I KSiEooi I m ' * .Jj, I gp????? H*}! Jno Bishop Mcpherson LtL Swoon Jno Hall Gen Joeepfc b *l<MtbtJae Modre Justin?2 MeRmw; Jeo Sight J mo fforts J B MoCaugh?y Jno Swift J R RSTjchoM Moi.?*r. J B Schott J G Howe John W-2 McChincnt J J f??no+r R H*1 John B McCue.Jno Schick Gen Hoa-JlyJC Moran Jaa Robt ? Med Jen James MoAliater Jia SntzerCaptNB ITaak'n C?fUA Motley Lathrop 8y Nobis Husary Isaac B Mofannick Jno Stron* M M 2 H'Wittr?pt J SMcKnight Jn?? Smith L B Hither John MoOamrrnily Ja?Smith I*raet-> H??km J.ihn B Mathem Jaa Smith Jno H-2 Hanorth Joseph McCunnOI JU Stabler Jno Harper CapUM Martin J P 8tory Ju ?ge Jaa Herbert Dr J W Meihorn J R 2 Sawyer J K HornganJohn Matthews Jno SeeleyJudson Hooker Gen Jno Marshall Jno Stridor Jno H Hunter J amen H MoTaggart Jno Saxton Jno Hamilton CaptJ MoDonnellHughStepfceneon J M Hartley Joseph Mar*in Henry 8a'rent J P W Booker John \V Miner Hecry D Sowers Jos L Henderson John MoCaolly HenrySnell J G Hartenstine Jno Matthews H 2 Starling J L Ha?kin Mai J A Mo Lallan G H Starling Jaoob Harris laaao Martin Geo W Sterling Jno Hennins James MoLaneGenG WSeaman Joe Kworth Jos?2 MoCneGeo 8k id more JnoS ikleJonaa Ma lory jr? Schmaoker Joe Hillary John MoAliater Dr G Stabler Jno Hiokman J L Mart'n Geo W Schaltmg Jno Hussey J B Mookel Geo Sayer Jaa Haddock JohnA Marphy P J Shy rook JnoH Haily John B Medinger Pred Singleton Jno Henderson J May Rev P W 8Tin">nds Capt Haakin?HenrjB Muff&t Eugene H C?2 Hollo way H C Moore E Stafford H Halser Harlan P Moorse Dr E Simon* Henry Hollida* Capt H Marsh E J 8heil Hiram Haunt Herman Montgomery Lt Sheldon H B Hicdnok H MoCoy l*anl Simpson Lt H Hartnag Henrr McKay C E Soa'aa H Hodgea Lt H H Mohan Chaa Sopor Geo A Hoover Geo M urrayCha? \\ 8hott Geo Hutchinson fl P More Chas Sherman Geo P 1 Hares Geo W Myers Hon C G Suekly Dr Geo Harman Geo A Mensel Chas Swreny Geo Harbaugh Gust MoKeeverC Shiel Geo K S Holoomb Geo Miller Chas Stoneman Gen Haaeltine Geo Maxwell Chas D Geo 3 Hober F C McKa* C E Sh'elda Gen Humble F C McCaffrea Chas Smith H H| Ha'?i Capt Ed- McConnell Alex Smith H C ! ward L 5 Max veil A T Smith G A Hanaa El'.ia McCartney A J Sm;thGeoW ! Hudsont,McK 2 Miller A J Sm'th G S Hanamney E McDonald A R Smith Lt F G Hazel Edwin Mi;lerCapM B-2 Smith C W Hamlin Hon ES Matthewa A K Strnher H Hob?on EdgarH Martin A K' Seidle Fred Hintnan D B McKee Arthur Snider F H Harno David Mitchell A K Stokes F I Harper Capt MerywetherAH Salabury E C Higgins Chas B Newell Wm Stager* E N Harrington).tCSNewell V\ ni A Stiomaker E Humphrey Capt Newton Wm L Si ram* E A Hegins C W Nuit Maj Wm D Saino E Holtz.nan ('has Nimms Thoa J Sailong D 8 1 Hass Ci>as U Nelson NHee Shuman Dr Hash Charley Newman M A Spalding DA Hunt Dr CP Newton Maj J-5 Supper Chas Howard GenBC Nunnes Jos A Sloan C B 2 Hardy Ca?t BK Noven J Stiles C C Holland Bernard Nelson Jas Stir man C A Haglor A A Co Nichols J Stewart Capt C Honon A E Nunes Maj _ Sandford C H Hart Albert Needf-ldtJT Saukey E Hennershots A Nason Jno StnsrtAlexD Lucius Nngen Jaa H SwitzerAW HoffmanAndrewNunes MajJA 3 Sali^de A M 2 Ire an John Nichols Jsrem'hSh tfler A G-2 Iglss Guido Newman Henry 8t Onge A lsrell August Newman Goo Small A F-2 Jordan T Norris G Skidmore A P Jordan J W Newman F Sanders A Jordan Alex Nicholas E Sm th Dr A K 2 i Jones Gen J E Norton E M Smith a G Jones Richard Nott Chas E Steavens A B Jonea J H Newell Chaa H-2Thomaon Wm 2 Jonea E L Nickolaon C 2 Taylor W R Jenifer James A Nardini C Turner W F?2 J.fferson Geo B Norris A B 2 Turner Wm Jenkins Dr Fos- Niles Capt A E Taylor Wm H C ter O'Hare Timothy Templeto? W C Jerome F. B OldheldThos Tubman W H Jackson D C O'Brien Tnoa ThompaonT Jennieon C R-2 Oliver Robt Turner Siarr King Wm P Orr Richard K Turner Sam! King J?m"?a A Ostraoder P W Townsend P H K<*el?r W J O'Doude Mr Tired man Col M Kendall Win T Ocha Kilian Tywell Mr K iw'7. Wm B OakesGen Jas Tucker M Kir*wood Capt OliphantJno Twotten L. W G O'Leiry Jno Tark?r I. Key Col Tho M Omans H 8 Thorn J H Kerl Simon <lgg Frank Townsend larl-l K?rrKiobard Patrick W H-3 Tiuudy J H Kelsey R-uben Petritt W V 'laylor J F Kiernan P PerkinsWarren Trippett Jno F Kelley C PenuWmT Taylor Cap JnoP Kirohhofl Otto Padgett Wm Thom??u J Kmciit J G Parrish Wm A TiltonJn? K'nney John C fame W H 'laylor J H Kamerly Joh'> J Pauitner T Thompson Jas Kramer Jn>?W Porter TDos J Tyier^noS KilangerJ W Porter GenTJ-2 Thompron Lt J 2 KtnzieJnoH 2 Potter uthern Taylor Jonas KeeifeJohn Prootor Lt R TatlorJ W Kinney Jesse Plait R H-2 Thomspon H Kee|er J F Patterson R 2 Trier Hugh Kimbeljamea Payne R A Thompson H?4 Ksrshaw John Patterson R M Tyler Lt H B?I KarcherJohn Proud fit R 8 Tnrton Geo Kaighn Geo B Pendleton P 2 Treax Geo Kensell Geo A Petty Phi lop ThompsoiGFZ2 Kirk Geo R Phelps Oliver Trunneli Geo u Kellog F W Pelsue N C ThompmnC R3 Knapp E Theo- Parker Col WH Tar pa .i K A dore Presbury Mr Thomas E H?3 Kreos Chas W8 Pool M _ Tallman E D Kinney Chas Paulding Miss Tompkins DD Kelley Chas-2 Preim Levi M Tarbill Dr Kelley Chas D Parsons JudgeL Tyler Danl K?rney Chas Pieroe I Terry Chas W Ring C T P?of? J T Taylor Chaa H Keloy Adam M Paine Jaa H 3 C W Lavrenoe W \V Pool Jno W Townsend Lea H Prait IsaacS Taylor C F Longley Wm Piatt Capt Jas TraversChaa W Lyford 8 C Pooklington J Toller C W La?bold Wil- Phillips J H Tompkins C H ougby Purson A T C Trowbridge A B Lansincbargh Piper J L Tower A H Wm B Poinror Jno M 3 Tuman A M Lawson Hend- Powell Jas Thompson A? 2 erson Pawner CaptJ H Thayer A E LoonTlios J Pritohett J J Tabor A J IJoydThoaaa Pearson J J tnklea W R Le&ch T B Paulding J O VauVleck WLF Lowe T S 0 PhillipaJoaS Vincent Cap I'M Laza'usSH Porter Col J J-2 Van VolkenLentSB J'earson J burgh Vh-S LymuiSD Powel J Van Alston J Langmaid Capt Pnnce Henry Vano:eve LtHL Sam ^oitzlmoHenry Van Hretzlen Lowry Lt R B 2 Palmer Henry Co! H Lipton Lt R Piokrell Geo Vanover H Lami R P PrentiaGeoA Vernon Geo W L.sry Patrick Porter Geo L'nderhill E F LorangerPeterJ f'areons G Wiggins Wm B l.igget P S Panoost Ur G 8 Whiting W W Landon Miles G Putr.aa K Wh\ ton W A l.argin Mathew Putnam F W Wilkes Win A LivergO'wl M H Pepper F H Webb Wm Lovt?ljssLt PearleEdwd-2 Wh.tlock Wm Lotz J O 2 Pe kins Elias Wincheater WS Love Jer^m'h B Parrott G G Wood W H Law John layueES Wood W P Law Geo E Powell D E W right WmH Leech J L-2 ?oni1 W B Watson W M kitz John Perkins DD White Wm jnt Lt Jas W Potter L.t Col Walter Tho U Lowry James B Patterson Baail Willia Sylvester Lowiy H B Persons Amos Williams 8 Loomis J U Pike Albert Walters T H Leainon RevJH Powell Lt A M Wilkeson 8am-t Lovejoy RevJC Parker Alfred Weed nS*ml E Leonard Jas R Pratt A E Whitfield 8 A Laoy J G D C^ueen Mr Williams Rev L Lusher Jas (^uigley Thoa Weston MeLen Lovett Jos P Rutter Wm Welie M M LeinaJohn Rowland W T WoodworthLR Lipes J. hn Randall W J Wain^nght Lt Lenox John H Russell J H Williams L A LymanHernoiey Reed Wm WaleaSeml E Lyon H*nrv W Ruaaell T Wells Lewis 9 Lemon H H Randolph A Co Wood Lorenzo Loughorough H Ridgely 8aml We^tover L 3 Laniuan GeoM3 Rogers Robt Wmn Jno Lanman Geo Rattan Robt William A JoLanman Edgar Rua ell P M aeph-2 Lane Geo W Rothmund P Welsh Jaa Lathrop C E KetveN 6 WiaeJnoF Leavenworth E Rouae R*v J H WeeksJeremiah W Rice Lt Jas 0 orthinctonJS Leffingwell CW Ro*a Julious Winney J p Lord chis M Rowe Isa\o WillaraJoa Lambert C RichardrGenJB Weaton laaao Larrabee Chas Russell Ja* F Winnemore J J H-2 RichinanJno Waldron John Leh 1 bach Chaa Kobeitaon Jas Washburn Maj F J Rawla Lt J B Jo Long Barnhart Ro and Jne Williamson I Lewis Chas F Kollins Myj Jas Waahburu jr J Lewis Chas E RidirJi Wile isaac Levis A H 2 Rittenhouse J 8 Wool Gen Jno E i awior B Redman Jno L Wurts W Lindsay A J Rank Jno Wright Jas i Lopes Anthony Roberts Jno WngntHonJ A ' Lloyd Capt A M Kiley Heury E WoodsrardJJ2 1 l.andstreet AC Rogers H W Wilson Jas M Lucas Alden Ho k? Capt HB Wilson J S I LindigAdolph RrumH Walters Jaoob J LongleyAbnerT Riddle Geo R WanHinc Jno i.evan A K Read Geo Wilkins Cap'JD Little Andrew Root Geo Whitehead Jos | LovsAnurew J Rehn Geo F Woodhoase J B Moor Win Rivers Prank Woodward Capt MoCHtohenWm Reymer PR Jno K MarrellWm2 KenehanP Williams Col J Mil'ar WealeyDSRoger F Watson J H 1 Meriok Wm Rosekrantz ED Wil:ard Jno MuElroyWm RoneyEnceneH Williams Jas P Merrifield Wm Riohinona E 8 2Wilnam?on Jno Molntosh Wm Kahway Dr Walton Jamee MoCamant Tho Rain?r C E Wataon Jesse J 2 Redheld C F Waiver Jamea McKean Major Rivers C C Wagner John , Tho J nyan B Whiteford 8 B 9nrphr Thoa Ray A J 3K,1Ul John . illar Tho C linsaell A L Williamson J A Mclntire T C Rape Anthony Woilard Jaa T SaxweliTno Rai.dei; A W Williams Henry erideihSii Riohardsao A Whitakor japtH , illerColStep'n Stearns Rev Dr Wilson Henry MoKdry Major WA Woodruff Gto A Sam Smith W B ? Weeks G D 1 Marston Robt G Smith T C Wild-e G*o Meredith Co) Sm'th CaptWR White Geo R 1 Solomon Smith T J Woodward Geo , Moor Robe-t Sergeant Warner Geo O Mercian Rsn'phSmith R H L War Maj Geo B MoGHI Robert Smith R M Wtllbaoaer Fred Morse Riohd E Stuart Wm M V\ he.on jrE? Mo Kenny Palm'rSatialk W Wheelan Ed-S McGovernPeter Stoable W T Woodraff K W MoHne Philip SanteeWm Walla Edwin Muno Peter Scott Wm Wheeler Dr I McAdams Peter Stewart WD Wur Dudiey W Mort 'n Oliver P Mmedberg W R Weaver D tf MuonellGenO M?n?han Wm Wu iara. D H Mi'che'l O p ShanJta Wm WnitneyDC Mitchell J E Sad wick Thoa Wallaoe C H 2 Marphy Math?w Strom Thoa L Williama Uba< Munaoa M C bfuthera Thoa Waahburn B I MoSheehy Mau-fhanonS T , ? Wilaon UAP noe P Sca lstt Saml T WilliamsArthur 1 Martin LtL Short Sainl Wileoa A J MoKecnaJoha Stcvena 8 2 Wells Albert B McConvili J no sweetmau Sergt W mi fa rid A Manchester Jno Sohanlan R Yoang Fs 2 MoCa.mont Col Stouri-r Peter Y?<?ng Henry W J 9 Ssaita Jno W \ errou Dr H C MeOaAa L ttaiUJaoB Yoang Jaa R MoKinaey J C Statu Jao H MISCELLANEOUS -The Agent of the Harditg's Expreea; See. Med. College. II7Lmau ?n ia all caasa n Pairaia. Drop Latter*, ia all eaeae, mast he pre-paid. I I Aug 90 LEWIS CLBPHANE, f, M. I educational. Wit . . MRS. ABBOTT her J i las?*"1"?^* ofSehool Septets W,, MRS. L. C. TODD j* a R**ame ihe duties ofh<*r Soh-?ol on Mm r-,dw>-- ?*, ? ^ (^ONZAGA COLLEGE. The ??*-'* *->T' ? 8t-? Bet. 9th awd 1?th > ?,n f. ll! Kxiraim of Goaxaca Col less will be resumed next Monday. S*r?*5J* t J'?<" B" ^,0 A LN WICK SEMINARY, 3b d-^of thu I-ffis^^sffik. ^olviV|stTtRtrP|tr"b*.r *ddr*" M. A. TY?. vih i ,i"R?' Laurel. P'inee tieorcea eoun ? liL tb*olt'? Circular! ma* be bad at Dr a^a ditRSat*"'??rB*r ?f Land Nl1"**'* * Wilt ?J!1*8 A DDI EC. RINSE Y n .trU; iS,?"6 'hedaties oTher School. at 461 I LiiSS- Its"t-M 2 ?" Monday. 3d I SKSaflgr M former pstroaage. I MfJSt' "KS a ooabnuaaoe of tkt nm. | DlTTEN HOUSE academy. I TI.? .... lnsitHA AT., RM Tiiib 9T. I dat^tenetr5""? jmr wu' oomm?n?? ob - ?? *-* O. C. WIGHT. I Tk. a. 4 F*l*ct Stk?i/* bn?rne Hixth Annual SfMion of thia Inat tut* will I oormneno.on Monday. Seetembirt. TVnSrJSu or eTS^'farLEY**the'prlne'eRl'at I hi* residence, 4 83 Tenth it. * an ? $w? I pEMALE StMINARV GEORGETOWN. I u: ? kNOLISH, Principal, csraresftsa4 ??vlf ?^'nth'i business. she hopes to l* ab'e to I ?J 100 lo tkoM parents and tua-dians I whtwnay place pupila under her care. Tertne ma?le I au^6 llcatlwn ?* No- 35 Gay st I C T. M A TTHEW'g ACADEMY I ^ Cor. ISth *T .ADD Nrw Yoke A V., U.C. nJ%k-of tDia Inatitution will be resumed I on the fit at Monday in September. Terma aer ?r? I ion rf five months, from H7 to #16* Mubli in I advaaoe. The German and French' RTn.uaJeli I p""0' drawing and Painting, form extra charges'. I aL 24^^*r* *'plr * the tu?io?. cn*r,B?' I SCH F O R ^,M ALL BOYS. I TH. (L.U I ! ' 8T?Coi?I UTH. I ,jThia Soh >ol will reopen on Monday. September I ^tem"8?o#rrr"' For farther inforLo'.mTa*<**~I>r" 8" L' lx>olal,? Profeeeor L. C. I an 36-eoaw i SCHOOL FOR " * I 7?:? ? F Du/c?awv0? Mn?4Si.,. H of a*s fffossejs isr1^ iarz ua?trd!ra 10 r#0*iV6 number^ol pupils I ttT. VINCENT'S ACADEMY. " I ^ Corjiir IOTK and 6 Struts, Tk. ? . Wasktntttm, D. C. 1 J,h.? 1'A1tM? Institution will te resumed I on thei first Monday of September. Its advantages I for improvement reoommend it to th? patron\te of I au 27 #t5? 0B r" *pply at the 'r,B,|tnil?n. I I? M E RSON INSTITUTE, I n . H Strut, c , . m B',**?*?> 'ith and (sth sts.. SeUet Classical ami MaiktmatirtU Srkoot fer Boyt I this School will be resumed the I Monday September. Acldren* I a?19tf CHAS B. YOUNG, Principal. r|MiE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. I u Twe,"*h Annual Session will commence I September 2. For particulars inqnireof the Pnn- I ????im Mra Z.RICHARDS, _au 17 lm Corner of Fourteenth and K sts. No .,,T,H,E WESTERN ACADEMY^ I , ^ V,9'.T '? Corner of Seventeenth street, recent- I m 1,^ler ft? ^r- l?o*'8. W1'l be reopened I Monday, th^ Jd of Septemf-er. Application may I oii"y%sJuirVr' TowL*'8? 400 Fourth street, Judi- I au 17^w** JOSHUA O. COLBURN. IJROOKEVIL LE_ACADEM I The next session will commenne September 3d I Hoys are prepared for oolleje or for bu?me??. tor I catalogue please address, at HrooReville. Md .1 E. B. PkETTYMAN.A M? 1 au?-lm . (Intel.> Prmoipal. GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE. I - TjlC/>tJ?? ?C U11" School will be resumed on the I ^ V September next Its advantages I ' '"'2 ts!ijfi?cnosiljg?d' *"6t8?Ptl Principals. ! TnnttP JEMALE EOUCATIQN. I HOSE P&r^ntfl who w\sh their dAnrhtors lo r#- I eeivea thoroagh and systamauo eduoation. where I their pnyeioal training will reoeive daily and special I tee' th st. ^nd N>w ??rn#r FoiU MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARDS, _ Principals. | 44 ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY." I Th s Company offers to the publio" Unequalled I Advantages'' for the Safe and Quick Dispatch o( I Heavy F eights Packages, Valuables, Money, Ao. I Ac., to all parts of the United rttates. I Expresses to and from the North and Westde I part from and arrive in Washington tvioe daily. , Ex presses ar? in charge of erptrtmttd and I relinblt Messcnrera. All Packages fur The Soldiers oarrieo at "owx I half cur usual rates. * I All Goi>?ls for the so-called "Conf-de'ste State*" I and ail Articles " Contraband of War" will be I Rrtuskd. I Ou Expresses leave New York at 1.5, and 6 P. I P M ln WMhlB'ton ?t 6A. M and 6 90 I ,,'FiPresses leave PhHadelpbiaat SJP A. M. and I 6 A M * fcrn*,n? in W ashington at 6 30 P. M, and I Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 an A. M. and 3 P. I M ^am^ing in Wastmgton at 6 A. M. and 5 30 I kxpreeses for all point* North and West leave I Washington at 7.30 a. m. and 2 30 P M. daily. I Speoial Contraots for large quantities of Freight I c*",{>? ro^? on a?plioaUon to this ??|fjoe. I All 6oods sailed for and delivered /rse of Extra I bargee. I S P. MoLAUGHLIN, ... .. . Agent Adams'Express Compacy, Washington. Augnst 23.1861. au X3 tf m BILLIARDS! TTTTT The lovers t-=I * of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in 1 EMRICH'S FINE HALL, Corner o Pennsylvania avenue aud Uth etraet. I (south side,) two of the most admirable tableb in the United States, with every oomfortaad convenience *u 3 tf lor the players. I US. MAIL STAGE LINE Between Wash- I ington and Rookville leaves I dai'y. Ob Mondays, Wednesdays "a^ FrtdiVs I Ujroagh to Poolesville ; Tuesdsys. thursdaVaa^ I ^uU?^m.10 Fr?d#r,okJ retarning next dara I au 22-lm* BEN J. COPLEY. /9\ -w*,?SUMED BUSINESS. ^ & A The Unaersigned wouJd inform hisX^A I V Wfriends and the publio that he ha^ft A I jaxeo hosse on Ninth st.. between D and E,There HBrilrvl*111^0 bHw,lN? M R lioensed PAWN- I BROKER. Fair dealing in all bnsmeee trans- I kcuons. ? i?n ENOCH WARD, i PROPOSALS FOR WOOD. Drpartmritt or State. / I Sralm proposals will be re^vJd^'ufl- Ae I artmeat until 12 o'elook m or Satarday, the Slat I nent^t' for farauhiag for the ass of this Depart- I lOOoords Oak Wood best qua ity, ISoorda best Bauer's Pirs Wo d. The wood to be delivered at snoh times and 1r I tuoh quantities as may be wanted ; and satis&ato- I ry ariangements mast be made for ita ojrrect I mease rement. I The Department reserves the right to order a I or 1??? ?jn?Rtity, as may be repaired. I Proposals'or Wood." * aa a-W '| Soldiers " I SIGHT DRAFTS I bought and sold in sumste^??jtT^^ NOET" SWEENY. RITTEI^^^'p^N^14* ^ I jy g-lm (Sand.ChroR ?*near*B rPoV?'VHotel. I I^IBRARY OF CONGRESS. I Notioe is hereby given that the '^UbraryVcoa I grass" will be o oe^l on Taeeday. the lsS daVof I aut JOHN 6: STEPHENSON. Labranaa. i gpgPl m # ' TELEGRAPHIC NEW8 fUKBUiMorwa lton PaiLADBLPRI*. Auguet 90 ?The NMlM of (>ea Lyon, which will arrive her* 1a mn morning, will be received by I'ttsry w mi lid conveyed to the N?w York boot, for tnwporta u on to tho North. Froa Mlssearl St. Lorn, An( *> ?6? Fraacoat ha Ting Ignifled to tha bank* of this city yesterday hta desire for a loan of ?160.000, the Exchange Buk to take tha whole aaoant to-day. The circulation of tha nrwirapm recently pro seated by the grand jury of New York kaa wn Interdicted 1? St Loala city and county by ardor of the provost marshal. Lsxnaero*, Mo . Aug ? ?Tha rebel* eacoaraged by xm^gented report* of a battle near Sprlngfleld. are congregating la large numbsrs la thla and the surrounding couatlaa. roamtltlac all kloda of ootragea open Union men and tbHr | property If allowed to ovarrua Lafoyette, lay and other such conntlea la thla part of tbe Mb, aa they bow doing, tbry will stsal eaoagh from Union mea to aobakat their army for months la lew of thva condition of things. ssslstance baa been aaked of General Fremont Tho Hooae Guarda still occupy tbe fortlflrationshere, aad are well aupplled with arraa and provisions, aad can probably ho13 the place, bnt reinforce men ta ar? needed to operate aval oat partlea rs vagina the country Prominent Union men are daily threatened with death Rolm, Mo . (Tla Franklin, Mo ,1 Aug tt ? Lettera received by Col Boyd, from hie wife, aay that the report pre railed la Sprlngfleld that an attack had been made on Morn*omrrr'a force at Fort Scott, and that he suocosffiully repulsed tbe rebel a. A amall force atarted from thla place yesterday to dlsp*r?e a body of rebela at Hane'a Prairie slxteen mllea north. A a harp cannonading waa beard In tbat direction tbta morning Praia Oaa Beaks' Celama. HTaTTBTows, Aug 27 ?The Flral Brigade under Gen Thomaa psssed an Inapectloa aad review to-day. All arena of tbe service were rapreaented The regiments looked wall, aad bat for a drizzling rain would have made a magalflcont appearance. A gentleman from Harper's Ferry to-day repocta that the Unlonlata are leaving that locality la great number* There were no eeceaaloa force* In that neighborhood, except about 180 cavalry, under Col Henderson. Some Federal Midler* yesterday went ever to Harper'i Ferry and rua up tbe etaia and stripes, which patriotic action wu viewed with great Interest by a conalderable body of Ualoa cltixeaa of Maryland on tbe Maryland Heights. Htattstowh, Aug 28 ?Ad vices from Marti aaburg give tbe following lntelligeoce : The rebel* succeeded la taking dowa aad removing to Winchester two of the Baltimore aad Ohio Railroad Company'a locomotives. They have alao sent to tbe same place a portion of tbe machinery belonging to the compaay*s workabopa there, breaking ap and disabling tbe remainder. It la aald alao to be their lateatloa ta take up sufficient of the taack of tbe railroad to obtain material with which to constraet a road ta connect Winchester with Strsnsburg There waa no strong secession force la either Jefferson or Berkley counties The property of the Union people bad not yet beea coal nested or molested up to tbe time my Informant loft Vague rumors have been circulated here today to tbe rffect that the enemy were about to make a damonatration at Edwaid'sor Nolan's Perry Beatkera Kewi. LomaviLLi, Aug. 28?From Memphis, Tla Paducah. we have tbe report of a battle at Cape Girardeau yeaterday. 1n which the Confederate* are repreaeoted to have been vtctorioua, creating great commotion at Cairo. The Charleston Mercury's Richmond correspondent says: "We are without the sympathy or friendship of any nation on tbe earth The oaly argument by which we can lnfluoooe them la their necessities and their fcjara " This correspondent alao aaya. '-The Confederates eeShred more In killed and wounded than tbe Federate," land complains that advantage was not takea of the Federal flight from Msnaaaas. The Tennessee authorities took tba con ten b of the Adams Express Company safe to-dsy. The Memphis Avalanche of the *7th say* Gee Polk's agent announces that no mora lmprsssl ments will be made for tranaports Th? Confederate Congress baa f assail resolutions approving of the course of pUnters and factors la keeping their cotton In the Interior, and tbe determination of tbe insurancs companies not to lasure a crop when not retained on the plantation. Col Thomas H. Taylor, of Frankfort, has been sppolnted Colonel of Duncan's Kentucky regiment st Msnssssa The Norfolk (Vi.) Herald has temporarily suspended for want of paper. Tke Reaaalaa of Gea Lyea St. Lona. Aug 26 ?Tbs military display attending tbe funeral ceremoolea In honor of Gea. Lyon, to-day, waa of a moat impoaing eh aractar. The processien which escorted tbe remains to tbe railroad depot conalated of Gea Fremont's body guard, under Col. Seegony, Cspt Tillman's oompsny of cavalry, a section of Capt Carl! n s battery, the First Regiment of Missouri volunteers. Col Blair, Gen. Fremont snd staff, a a umber of volunteers officers, city officials and prominent citizens, snd tbe Third Regiment U 9 Reserve Corps, Colonel McNeil, ell tbe military belag under tbe command of Brig Gea Sigel Tba streets through which the procession paasad waa thronged with spectators, and the flags throughout the city were drsped la mourning Tho escort to accompany the body East consists of Major H A Conant, of Gen Lyon's staff. Capts. Plummer and Edgar, U. 8 A , Lieut. Clark aad eight prlvatea, and Col. McNeil, of the U- 8. Reserve Corps. CmciaRAti, Aug 29?The remains of Gsasral Lyon arrived here this moralng.and were eacorted by the military to Smith A Nixon's Hall, where the body now lies In state Large numbers of citizens hsve vlslwd tbe hell during the day. Tha remains will be taken East to-night. Freat Fortress M ear as. Fo?tk??* Mosaoi, Aug Ws have as yet no tidings from tbe naval expedition. Tba Mlanesota waa to return this evening, but haa aot yat arrived The U. 8. frigate Susquehsana csme from Philadelphia la time to join the fleet off Cape Beary The "Quaker City" did n<rt participate, but will shortly leave for New York. Accompanying the flag of trace from Norfolk yesterdsy were Col. John Carey, of Hnmptoa, a son of Gen Huger, of Norfolk, snd several prominent secessionists from Old Point They had the impudence to cheer the Confederate flag while st anchor under tt<e guns of tho Mouat Vernon, the flag-ship, during the ihaaam ef Commodore Suing bam. It turns out that tba flrlng upon our flsg of truce from Craaey Island s< me weeks ago was entirely unauthorised by Gen Huger On bearing of tho outrage be seat aa apology b Com. String ham Ssrassloa ftsatimrat la Coaaocttcat. Bbidobpobt, Conn., Aug 28.?Tba sheriff of this county went to Chestnut H1U, flve miles aortb of Bridgeport, snd hsuled down s secession flag raised there A new Stats Uw authorizes tho a her, ffa and conaUbles to take down all treasonable flag*, and tbe owner Is liable to aa impriaoameat of not less than 30 dsys, and a floe of aot Leas than f 100. Prudential committees are betag formed throughout the State to quelch secssslaa. More Teaaata for Port LafaiotU. Bos TO h, Aug. *v?The resigned officers of tba frigate Congress, (Robert TaaaUl, of Vlrglala, captain of marlnee; Thomas Wilson, of Missouri, second lieutenant; Henry B Claiborne aad H B. Ceoas, midshipmen, brik of New Orlaaaa,) have been sent under a guard to Fort Lafayette Ualoa Mootiag at flttllwater, N. T Tbot, Aug fl8 ?A Ualaa naaetiag waa baM at Stillwater to-day. It was addressed by Gea. Ballard sad others Ths delegates to tba Repubttcaa Sute Coaveatioa were laotruetod ta plaoe' apoa tba ticket tbe names ef democrats of tba stamp ef Dickiaaoa aad Senator Calvin Me vena eats af Mrs Ltacsla. Rocbbstsb, N. Y , Aug. 26 ?Mrs Lincoln and suite breskfhsted la this city sad left for Niagara Falls at seven o'clock this morulas. Ntaoaaa Ftixs. Aug ? ?Mrs. Uaaata arrived bore this moralag. Arreat far Treasoa. N?w Yoax, ticut, aad is aow eoaflasd la fCTLateya^tt. W, orJf??Z.L'g? . TRA wan* ?W r ? V&AU* BTKPHKNfl A QQ^ A NOTICE. LL Persons ;n'-Mad to R. Bnea Hal ara rs saastafl to aoms forward at aa aarly day aai ettls sr'jrss" A"Uhw:ar^,r. ssww? ckoroiaatbay will bs yatia a proyor trata fbraalIn p*r --J3 every artielo oi foods v* pare knee, ws anram la radaoa oar baaiaoea to Cask sasiaetvafr. fcr me Sf **K EA r **^2

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