Newspaper of Evening Star, 30 Ağustos 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 30 Ağustos 1861 Page 4
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THE KVKM!N'(t STAR. Tlf Uremm ( (he Army C extractor. Old Huckleberry, the Army Contractor, lay snooztly back la h!s chair, After a rumptuoui dinner, euch as became a millionaire. Wines were upon the table, gathered from sundry foreign land*, A vulgar splendor of bottles, bearing curloua trademarks and brands. At first hla dream was auriferous: be fhncled himself afloat, Hauling up gold flub, hand over hand, Into a rosewood boat; And as the fish went fllppety-flop among tha ebony thwarts, Tbelr scales In yellow dollars flew off, and he pocketed them by quarts. But, la! a distressing circumstance alloyed the bliss of his dream. Bis clothes were turned into army cloth, and they gaped at every seam ; And the gold dollars fell cllnkety-clank from tat* tered trowsers and coat, + ? A ?* as a a* a. a j % t_ auh wurre iaev leu iaey ournea rounu coits through the bottom of the boat. Then, m the old Army Contractor sank, with a shriek, Into the deep. He felt the grasp of a skeleton band, that doubled him Into a ... ... ^ And heard the croak of s skeleton voice?"Look here, old Hucklebur-ce, You never was born to be drown-ded, ?o come along with me! "I am the bones of a soldier, as died In a sickly camp, Reduced bv the ptzenous food, and the clothes that didn't keep out the damp; Likewise the sperrlts that to us was sarved, worse liquors never I see ; The thirst was on me?I drank it and died?and now you must drink with me And then It brandished Its bony hands, that skeleton yellow and dry, Making the vitriolic parts of a deadly cock-tail ?V; Then came the skeleton voice again?"Drink, 'tis the cup of Hell!" O ' the pallid II pa and the glaring eves, as old H. awoke with a yell- [Vanity Fair. PoaTiVYisa Fkdkeai. Hill?The Government h*s Issued orders for the forticatton of Federal Hill, In thiscitv, the work beingunderthe direction of Col. Brewerton, of the corps of Topographical Engineers In its general appearance, the work will reseir.ble Fort Runyon, at the other end of the Long Bridge, which crosses the Potomac at Washington It will enclose the greater part of the Hill. The angles of the bastions are o arranged that the guns mounted on them, can rake by an enfilading fire all the streets by which the bastions can be approached. The bastions themselves will be of double the usual thickness. T Ka mriMti wUI Ha ar.rt i\ +A nst nn thu nntpr aid* taev will have rather more than the usual Lope. The guns used in mounting the batteries will be of heavy calibre, and mostly of ahort range, no rifled cannon having vet been ordered. There will alao be aome eight howitzer*, and It will be one of the moat complete fortifications In the Union.?Bolt Patriot. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fkox tub Ukitbb Statm. Simmiri. Lmn*. fW. Da**Bremen.New York.?South'?ton . AorSl C. Washington. *ew York...Liverpool Au* 31 G asgow _..?N?v York... Liverpool Sept * Ara?o... New York- Havre.. Sept 14 From Eckopb Am Liverpool....New York..Aug. 17 Olaegow?...... Liverpool... New York. .Aug. 21 Jura Liverpool New York..Aug. 22 Arabia .....Liverpool Boston .Aug. 24 Afr'oi ? Liverpool..?New York- Aug. 31 The California mail steamers leave New York on the 1st, litli, and 21st of every month. Machinery kok screw steam sloops. NAVT DXFARTMKST. I Buream of Construction, Auea't 8, 1861.{ BstLED propo?al* ?t.l be received br this Bnreaa nntii 4 o'oioek. the 5 h of September, 1861. far f.e oomtraotion of the Machinerj of the United Statee screw ate&m sloops "Obsipxb," at the Kit tery Navy Yard." Hoc*" at the Charie?townNavj Yard,"ADiK05DACK,"at the New York Ravy Yard, and "Jcsiati," at the Philadelphia aw Yard. * These proposals moat be endorsed 'Proposals for Maohmery of Sorew Steam SJocps," that they nay be distinguished from other bus mem letteis. No proposals will be oon?idared except from proprietors of marine engine bmlsing establishments, ar.d the reputation oftnose whioh hare oonstruc'ed euooesaful machinery of thia character will have the weight to whioh it is entitled. Establishments not anown to the Navy Department as builders of marine engines wilt, if they propose, be required to j famish satis factory evidence of their experience Pa-ties desiring to make bona fid'- proposition* will reoetve, on application to the Burean, a copy of the Speoificatisns of the work to be done, and of the Coniraot under the provisions ot which they will bs required to execute it Drawings can he eeen at the office of the Eoginser-in-Uhief. and, if convenient, phctographio oopiee of the same will be sent witn the speoilioa'tons. The proposals must be lor the machinery of each vea*ei separate, v. with a statement 1st. Ot the number of vesse's for whioh the bidden desire to construct maohmery, leaving to the Department the right of neleotion. This ia pre fared, though a bid for a specific vessel, exc.nsive o* the othera. will be considered. 3. Of tne sum for cach vessel by name for which the entire work will be completed agreeably to the apecifications, dtawings, and contract. S. Of 'henumberof cons xsutive days from date of notification of acceptance ot contraot within whioh the bidder will contract to complete the maehiaerv on board and read v for sea service, provided the vessel be placed at his oommaiid within a certain number of coceecotive days from the date of said notification, whioh number he will state m the tro*o?a. 4. The bidder will state, m the event of the vessel pot being placed in his oommand within the stipulated time from date of notification of acceptance oi eontraet, the number of consecutive days with IB arkinh Ka V ill Anntrh^f tn n/?mala?a tKe machtnA. tj onboard readr f >r st a servioe*from the data he abali be notified that the vessel la at his com"Hi ' Ossir aa" and the "Hoes atomic" are to bare filed aorewa. The MAt>iao.iDaca" and the "Juhiata" are to have hoist-up aorewa. The p?rm?QU will be aoade at four different intervals aa the wo?k progresses?one-fifth of the total amoant at each payment, the la*t fifth being reeer*ed for four montha after the trial trip, in order to make good any defeota that may be diaoovered daring thai time. An ample guarantee will he inserted in the oontract for the ?uoosa?ful f ulhirn?nt ot all ita condition*. and a forfeiture will be required for delay in completion. No proposal oan be oonaidered ar. es* aocompanied by a written guarantee. aigned by two reapon tble p?raoua. to the ?ff?ct that t ey undertake the bidder shall, if aia offer be aooepted, enter into contract wilt good and aufficient auretiea lor ita OOlDlidUOII. Two or more aarettea in a ram eaual to the aaaoant of toe oon tract will be required to aign it, and their reaponaibisity muat be certified by a Uaited States d-atnc' judge, diatriot attorney,oolMetor. or nary agent. liidd*rs whoae proposes ah&li be accepted, and aone others, will be n? ified,and aa early as practicable a contract will be trauamitted to them, <iv*d two days after the notification. The Department reserrea tae right to aocept the propoeitioa* made in oonformity with the oondit ions prescribed which shall be oonaidered moat to tbe iatereat f the Government and combine the greateet number of adrartagea, and to rejeot any or aU o| them, at ita option. Firm if Off I (or we) of , State of .hereby agree conatruct the machinery for (name th? uutnoer) sited btat*a sere# steam sloops in oonformity with the provisions and teroia of tha advertisemeat oft^e Auguat MbJ861, from the Navy Depait ??ro iw* o?uh/ Mfuououi ftiu iur pnooi AUG witaia tfia time* u for ova: IPor tae maoninery of the i name the Teaeel) the yriotio btliui the mm) dohtra. TS* total tun* of oomp'etion to bo (name the amber of ooneeoafcTe day*) from two daya after the notiliaation of ptanoe h*e be*n mad* by the Uormu, provided tbe Teteela be ptaoed at my for onr) diapoeal withiafname the number of oon ecati ve day*) from the eame date. If lae Taeeal ehoaJd not be piac*J at oar ditpottl within the Usee etipu.atod, then the time of oomwletion to be (name the namoor of daya) from the date of the notifioiUoa that the Teeeel is plaoed at pori-Tiyal tk* Uut thru paragraphs ft* tk* (4fM V $94lSm tthoaid my (or oar) proposal be aeoepted, 1 (or I we) re< a est to be lolom.ed at , audthat the assatfonrwd 10?*for ??? "" **" Am of OaaraiUy. Wa, tha aaderstgned, reetdentaof ??, In the State of .hereby jointly aad eeverall* ooTenant . with the Uaited States aad gaaraaty that la oaee tae foragoiag propoeai be aooMted. will. ! within tea da ye after the reeeipe of the aontraot at , . exeoate the aame, wuh good aad asftcient earetiee. for thefonatreotioa of tae ?nhin?r. ft* una* whiok it wm Mdi; and in mm the said thai! ?ui to Miter into the oootnet afnf nl wars jEr o- ? (SSj1 " JjWJ 'iy . cood and .ufllo^L ^ ^ (Suutin) 6. H. Atmt- Ml U*4V ! jSKa. ?'s^r *"" *< a?< r**?c? S,Hga?r;iN.- , froi 8TAMPINS A PACKET OF PAPEft in AND ENVELOPES TO MATCE. tlty METROPOLITAN j BOOIBTOEE. ?p PE1LP * SOLOMONS, iimli /*r Liwdiu'i u'.ttruiid Linm q "MHrtre'iium Millt," tc., # ?. wH ly hot. 9tb and loth ata. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. nR. 8HUMAN hM, after an expenenoe of ten U rear*, established the above refute from quackery, aelf-labeUM Indian or German dootora, and protend era of witohoraft and impoatora in genaral Thia la the only plaoe where a fare and speedy oare oan be oBtained in the world for all improper ? and aril habits, %onorrh?, gleet, seminal weakness, syphiuu, primary, secondary, and tertiary, org&nio weakness. paibs in the loins, striotarea, general debility, prostration, uervou*nesa, restless ? Big nil. p&ipj Ufcb-iUU Ui IUO I loot V, UU|1U| IU VIIO W?l?, loss of memory, oonfusion.melanotKrT, aHections of the head, throat, nose, anil skin, and all those peculiar disorders arising trom the indiscretion of ? youth, rendering them uufit lor either basinets, study, society, or marriage. Dr. S. has the greatest remedies In the known ? world for diseases of the brood. (MMM fleet, 1 tnotares, syphilid, seminal weakness, self abuse, T *0. There is no ease in wnieh they ?ail to oure in from 3 to 6 days. 7 Victims of these horrible oomplaints, who wosld Wish to bs valuable men and ornaments to society, t shoo Id embrace the earliest opportunity for relief. Dr. Shnman has mado tile most oompiete arrange- t meuts for the contort of his patients who ooine from a distance. Tliey will be furnished with the T most pleasant an l agreeable quarters, neoemary diet, and made as eimfortable as they would be at a first class hotel at less than half the cost. Do not forget the name and number. Dr. Ph? man's office is on the oomer of Sixth street and V Pennsylvania arena*. Clarendon Hotel, opposite t the National Hotel, Washington. 1) C. Persons at a distance shoofd enclose stamp for " retnrn postage. Otfloe hours, 9 A. M. to lu P. M. w Various parties have been enticd trom my in- y stitution by ccrtain swindlers on baok streets m t, this oity, who will rm it ti'l the day of their death. A word to the wise is ?nff>?ient. an 9 1* yi Curt Cough, Cold, Hoarstnttt, In- ?' ^Kvilm Autnza. any Irritation or Sort- M *?.?? of thi Throat, Htlitri thi ft KjRjMwB Harking Couth in Comsump- cj ItMil'lHlllJB tins. Bronthitit, Athma, MllnyMM " # Catarrh, Clear and (ivi WRJHBHkCJr strength to thg vote* nf X vmrhmcjr d it d r t n u d a ir d a I I U D ii 1 V> OrDAAOAC O AMD SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of oheokirg a o< Cough or ' Common Cold" in its first which in the begimng would yield toamiia remedy, if neglected. toon attacks the Longs. "BroiMn'i Bronchial Trotk*$," containing demuioent ingredients, allay Pulmonary and Bronohial Irritation. __ _"That trouble in my Throat, (for BKOWN 8 which ttie "Troekts" area specified havinjc made uie often a mere whisTROCHES peror* N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S " I recommend their use to PVBLie Sriiini." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great sorvioe in subduing Ho&ass BROWN'S ?M5." REV. DANIEL WISE. WRnnnca "Almost instant relief in the die treesing labor of breathing peculia> BBOWN'M to Asthma." I REV. A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anything injurious." DK A. A. HA vftS, BROWN'S Rotten, TROCHES BROWN'S. UK' * F' """iSfc. (boon p4 " Beneficial in Bronchitis." TKUtRb8 DR. J. F. W. LANE, BROWN'S Boston " I hare proved them excellent for TROCHES W??ori*? Co??h." KEV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Boston. _ ?? "Beneficial when compelled te ^ TROCHES iR<Rk oiilarinr from ITor BROWN'B vriirhkm " Kf??ct?*.l in removing Hoarseaesa and Irritation ofthe Throat, ao / BROWN'S oom^"'D W11^ ^ruiui and Sin?- j TROCHES "Vof. M.STACY JOHNSON, <? 1/4 iFfiBfli ('Mi BIOWN'S ' TROCHES "Great benefit when taken before ?,nd after preaching, aa they prevent _ loaraoneaa. From their paateffeot, I think they will be of permanent ad- a TROCHES vantage to me. REV.15. ROWLEY. A. M. " BROWN'S Preaident of Athena College, Tenn. '' "OCBE* ' | ? l-ly PROF. WOOD'S h RESTORATIVE CORDIAL J ajtd d BLOOD ESHOVATEE la preciaely what its name indioatea, for, while r>!eaaan? to the taste, it la revivify nig, exhilarating, a nvigor&Ung and atrenttHening to the vita, power*, * . and at the same time rovivifiee, rematatea, and re- fl | lows the Blood iu a.I ita original purity, and thus i at onoe rtstorts and riudir.i tie system iMVuinerabl? * ; to attatht tj dtstast. It ia th? only preparation > ever offered to the world, ao chemically and akillfully oombined aatobetne moat pow?rlul tonio, i and at the tame time ao perfectly adapted to, aa to 8 aot ia perfect aooordance with the law* of nature, and henoe will sootks tht tetaJast stomach. and tone op the digeativa organ*, and thus allay all nor 1 Youa and other irritation. It ia perfectly exhiiara ting and at the aame time it ia oompoaea entirely of , vegetables, yet ao oombined aa to prodnoe the moat I thorougn tonic eoect, witxiont proaueing any in Sitnoua conaetueuoea. bnoh & reined? has loci itsen felt to be a deeideratum in the medical world, or it needs no medical sk.ll to see that debility oliowa all attack* of diaeace, aud proceed* and indeed lajs the ay stem open to the inaidiona attack* oi many of the moat fata), auoh, for example, aa the following: Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, . Loaa of Appetite. Paintneaa, Nervoua Irritability, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the heart, Melancholy, Night Sweats, L&nror, Giddineaa, Retention of, aa I* well aa Painful obatrncted, too profuee, or too ft fu*nt Menstruation, and hailing of the Womb. Tliee# all depend upon general debility. Thia pure, oealthy tonic Cordial and Hlood Renovator ia aa aaretooareaa tneauniatoriae and aet. There ia . no miatake about it . But thia ia not all- If the * ayatem ia weakoned we are open to bilioua attacka, the liver becomes torpid, or worae diaeaaed, the kidneys refuae to perform their functiona, and wearetroubleu with aoaicinjana incontinence o a urine, or involuntary discharge of the same, pain a in the back, aide and between the ahouldera, exceedingly liable to alight ooiaa, oougna. and it as cnecked. aoon emaciation loiiowa.and the patient goee down to a premature crave. But aaaoe will not alio w aa to enumerate the manr ilia to whioh wt n are liable in a weakened condition of tne ayatem. But we will say in thia Cordial aud Blood Renova- f tor yon have a perfect safe pi eaaant and effectual remedy for loaa of Appetite. Bitiousneaa. Plata- y lenoe, weak an<! aiok Stomach. Langonr. Liver Q Complaint. Chilla and Pevor. or any Biliona attack 0 Cottiveneaa, Aoiaity of the Stomaoh, Nervouaneea, Neuralgia, Paipitaiion of the Heart, Bepreaaion of Spirita.Sorea, Pitiiplea on the Pace, or any diaeaaearlaing from impure blood, anoh aa Scrofula, JCrysipoias, Hror.ciuus, Uouch,d:mcuJtj of Breath- * ice, and all that class of diseases oal'ed female weakness, and enumerated above. We will also ay tiie traveler exposed to epidemics, ohance o| Climate and water, will fir J it a pleasant, safe ana ,, sure ren?ecy, and no one ?Uoa,d ever travel withoat. Reader, try it, for we assure you yon will h, find in it a friend indeed, as weilaa a friend in need. All persona of sedentary habits will find it a perfect preventive of, aa well as a cure for those ailments which they are particularly exposed. Henoe ministers, students, attorneys, literary gentlemen, P and ladies who are not accustomed to muoh oatdoor exercise, will uad it to their advantage to keep a bottle constantly on hand; and above all mothers, or those oecoiuitic such, will/to through that most dangerous joriod not on!/ with all their * aoonatomxl strength, but safe and free from the thonaaca :iilmenta ao prevalent among thff femaie porthOTfcnf the world. In short, is indeed a mother's oordiaL Try it old and young; no logger run the a risk mdeiag; it will relieve ana prove lUelf emphatically a HflWrshw OmrHml mud Blood KmevokMr, O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway, New York, and 114 Market Str&et, St. Louis, Mo., and aold by ail good Druggiau. Price One Dollar pei Bottle. PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL am <1 BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold In thla oity by C. BTOTT, STf Fa. IVMie, ax tt-eoly.aiw ________ QUNBQATSrox tmWEBTKKN RIVERS, Qoa.xtxxha.itbx Gxnxxal's Ovvicx, ( Waikimiton. Jimu it. 1m1 ( PmoroiALf are inn ted for oonstruotiaj Gunboau aeon the Western rivers Specifications will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Quartermaster's Oflo* at I Ciuoinnst;. Pit aburgh, and at tbis office. Proposals from boat bull'-era and enjme-baild >p':r.?si?na <r*tQ^rtarmasUr Bonar* 1 Hi! t^Statcs. goon AMD 8H(JKS WO BWIV TU We are jot mansfaotarinx all kinds of BOOTS aad SHOES, and qwtaut.r receivics a^^^ * be eold at a maoh lower prioethanhaa been* WL *} heretofore oWged in Qua aity tor nek inftrtar 0 Perso as la waat of Boots and Sboaa of sastsiu er alty made work, will always And a cood ?nrta? m S M a.? t?4 V?wsvlvMno _ Roaohes, Bed Bags, Ants, ho. Moore's Rat and * Mouse Exterminator never fails. Moore's Be ox ine MOORETS BraatMadiaine Uapol lis Pa^ar.. fa Ardvu tt!t iW? Sttff * ^^^nj^id*r?|?ir?M ol Pianos faitkfkl-fljW^ u X * ' They go right to the Spot." ISTANT RELIEF BTOP \ OUR 0OU6H * PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! 1 SPALDING'S ! HROAT CONFECTIONS, ' iU OOD FOR CLERGYMEN, { GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, ' GOOD FOR SINGERS, j GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. ? < % GENTLEMEN CARRY ) SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. j LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH < IPALDINQ'S THROAT C0NFE0TI0N8. j CHILDREN CRY FOR j m a r tvmt/1 ?n mi 11> /\ a m ? SIAL1H.M1 J JUIlVAl WXIHV11UDI9. { hey relieve a Cough instantly. \ hey dear the Throat. ] hey gire strength and volnme to the oioe, ] hey impart a delioioua aroma to the breath. hey are delightful to the taate. hey are made of simple herbs and cannot harm any one. I advise every one who has a Conch or a Husky j oioe,or a Bad Hreath,or any difficulty of the i hroat. to get a package of my Threat Confeo- ? ons. They will relieve you instantly, and yoa ill agree with me that "they go rirht to the spot' ou will find them very'usefal and pleasant while aveling or attending public meetings, for stilling 1 jur Cough or allaying your thirst. It you try one j lokage I am safe in saying that you will ever af , trwarda consider them indiapenaible. You will nd them at the Drnggiata and Dealers in Mediknes PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Iy signature ia on each package. All othera aro 1 aunterfeit. \ A Package will be aent by mail, prepaid, on re { ?ipt of T hirty Centa. Address, UViior r a n a v n?a*/> lKbii U A V. orAliVltlU| No.48 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. < . I CURE , Nervous Headache ! CURE i Headache. Br the ih of theae Pills the periodio attacks o I ftrrout or Sith H?d*ck* mar be prevented; and j taken at the commencement oi an attaok imme | late relief from pain and aiokneei will be obtained, i They aeldom fail in removing the JVa?im and itadackt to whioh female* are so subject. They aot gently upon the bowela,?removing Cos iWMII. For Literary Mm, Studmts, Delicate Femalet, nd all peraona of s*dmt*ry habits, they are ratable aa a Laxativ*, improving the mrr&iu, giving mm and vigor to the digeative organa, ?nd re to rim the nataral elaatioity and atrength of the rhol* ayatam. The CEPHALIC P1LJL<8 are the renlt of long iveatigation and carefully conducted experiment*, aving been in uae many yeara. daring which time ley have prevented and relieved a vaat amount of ain and Buffering rom Headache, whether origiating in the ntrvtrui ayatem or from a deranged tate of the HomatK. They are entirely vegetable in their oompoaition, nd may be taken at all timea with perfect aafety rithont making any change of diet, and th* timet of any disagrttablt taut rmdtrt it <a?y la dntaiilir tkim to ekildrt*. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genome have five aignaturea of Henry C. palding on eaoh Box. gold by Braggiata and all other Dealer* In Mediinee. A Box will be aent by mall prepaid on reoeipt* M prick, aa hrnw All rim shoald be addressed to i HENRY C. ttPALDINQ, 1 48 CisiK Btuit, Niw Vou. I From Ik* Bxmmimor, Norfolk, Fa. I Gephalio Pills aooomplish the object for whlek mj were made, nt : Car* of heaaisohe In all its ?rma. ?. ] From tk* Emmmimm, Nor/oik, Fa. J They have been tested in more than a tkeaaand i ases, with entire saooesa. I from tk* Domoormt, St. Clomd, Mimm. If yon are, or have been trpnbled v 1th the head- ' Bhe, send for a box,( Pills ,j ao that yoa , iay hare them In oase ol an>ttaok. , From lis Wutom R. R. SuMli, Ckiomtt, HI, 1 We heartily endorse Mr. Spaldina, and kia ma ailed Ijpphalio Pills. j Vets lis Soutkom Pal* Fiivior, Now Orloamt, Lm. Try them ! yoa that are afflicted, and we are sire j lat yonr testimony oan be added to the already < amerons list that has reoeived benefits that no t ther medicine oan prodmoe. t From tkt ffa**tu, Dmoimport, Ion*. 1 Mr. Rsftldiviff wftnlH ha# d article he did not know to possess real merit \ Prom tkt Ad*trtit$r, Praaidtmtt, R. 1. c The Cephalio Pills are said to be a remarkably ir?otiTe remedy for the headaehe, and one of the sry beet for that rery frequent oomplaint which u ever boen diaoovered. Am tkt St. Lamia Domotrat. ' The Immense demand for tke artlele (Caykaiis 'ills) is rapidly increasing. J From tkt Kamawka Tailsw Star, Kamatoka, fa, We are sura that persons suffering with tke keadohe, who try them, will stiok to tnem. } From tkt Admtrtittr, Promidtmct, R. I. ' The taatiroorT m their fkvor is strong, from tke 1 ioat reepeotab'e <Barters- . From tkt Daily Ami, Nowwrt, R. 1, Caphalio Pills are taking tha plaoe of all kutda. From tkt Cammtreiol Built tin, Bottom, Matt, Batd to ba very eAoaoions for tke kaadaoha. , c Pram tkt Commoreial, Cimetmmati. Okia. Buffering hmnnity onn now be relieved. 6 , t mB I ffT A uncle bottle of I Spalding's Prepared Clue will enreten timee lU eoet nnnanlly. ~i SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! , SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! i SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! J SAVE THE PIECES! K90N0MY! DISPATCH Q E^"A Snrci! m Tut* 8ati? Nmn."-TT1 Aa aooidenti will happen, even in well remittee 4 aiiuee, it i* very deeimble to hare eome ohefty idCoonTMirat wny tor reynrlni Farnitare, Toy* rockery, fee. SPALDING'8 PREPARED GLUE " Mto nil ?noh emercnoiee, and no houefcold an C lord to be without it. It u nlwnye randy, nnd i the rtloklnc point. " IHtnri. 1*1 B?Btw nnt?~ ? W?- VM ?*"? aa ? m?% 1 UWOfir N. B.-A. Brash MteafuiM wok Bottla. Prto A ft -tT--g HKNEY C. 8PALD1N9, } No. 48Maretrwt,New York. I ri?AEF?N' ^ * ' pALOlNC* PRBPARBO SLH^fl ^ m 9 THE OXXY FfSPABATIOV WO*T*T or JKIV1R8AL COITF ID UNCI A PATR0NA91 FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, 7LERQYMEN, LADIES, mm* GENTLEMEN in All parts of the world testify to tbe efficacy oi >ROF. 0. J. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE aid *ent!eme>n of the Press are summons in iu raise. A few testimonials only oai! be bare 11 vpn ?e oircular for more,sod it will be impossible foi roa to doubt. <T "Wall Stiut, N*w Yomi, Deo. *). 18? Gmtltmn: Your note of the lith instant hu >een reoeived, saying that you had beard that 1 tad been benefited by the use of Wood's Hair Renrativs, an-i requesting my oertifioate of theiaet had no objeotion to five it. I award it to jou cheerfully, because I think it lue. My ace is about 40 years; the oolor of my tair auburn, and inolined to curl. Some fire or ux years sinoe it began to turn gray, and the soale >n the orof n of my head to loee its sensibility ana land ruff to form upon it. baoh of theee disagreekbilities inoreased with time, and about 4 months linoe a fourth was added to them, by hair falling >8* the top of mr head and threatening to make ms iald. In this unpleasant predicament I was lnduoed to u-y Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the Sailing off of n? hair, for I had really no expeotadonthat gray hair could ever be restored to its >rigioal oolor except from dyes. I was, however, [Matly surprised to find, after the use of two bot jes only, that not only was the off arrested, rat the oolor was restored to the gray hears and

lensibility to the soalp, and dandruff oeased to form \r\ mv Haa/) war* ??/** *> fk* ?e? C??? ? ? ?? '?? ?-/ ????/ muwu ?v uto |iauuv?iiiyH Vl U^J rife, at whose solicitation I wis induced to try it. For this, among the many obligations I owe tc ler sex, I strongly recommend nil nusbands whc ralue the admiration of their wive* to profit by mi ixample, and useitif growing gray or getting raid. Very respectfully, Bin. A. Lavikcu. To O. J, Wood 8l Co.. 444 Broadway, N. Y. My family are absent from the oity, nnd 1 nm nc onger nt No. 11 Cnrroi Place. Siamroit, Ala., Jaly JO, 18W. To P*o?. O J.Wood: Dinr Sir? Your "Hair Restorative" has done my hair so muoh good smo< [ commenced the use of it, that I wish to mak< mown to the public of its eff eots oUhe hair, wnict ire great. A man or woman may benearly deprivet jf hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative' the hair will return more beautiful than ever;ai east this is m? expenenoe. Boiieve it all! Yours truly, Wk. H.K|i?bt. P. 8.?You can publish the above if you likp. Bj publishing in our Southern papers you will gei more patronage South. I see several of Tour cer tificates in the Mobile Mercury, a strong Youthen Hiper. W. H. Kxniby. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. P*o?. O.J. Wood: D*ar Sir: Having had th< misfortune to lose the best portion of iny nair. fron Ihe effects of the yellow fever, m New Orleans u Ififil, 1 was lnduoed to make a trial ol your prepara Uon, and found it to answer as the very tliint nettled. My hair is now thick and giossy, and n< words can express my obligations to yon in civinj to the afflicted such a treasure Finlit Johnson The Restorative is put np in bottles of three sixes tic 1 ir?A rtiAriliim anH mail' amall V, a I xa )>?| i !vui kiii ?auu QHiunI ?ur oumui I1UIU Hal, I tint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the me Ifiim holds at least 20 per oent. more in proportioi than the small, retails for two dollars per bottle She large holds a *oart,40 per oent.more In propor tion, and retails for AS. O. j. WOOD A co., Proprietors,444 Broad ray. New York, and 114 Market street, St. Loom Sold in this oity by G. 8TOTT, 3Ti Pa. STrane an 2? eoly.alw OY FOR THE SiOK AND 8CFFERIN? j lmt all who are ArrLiorxv READ! amy the remedy iRK tiX JO IBM IN HEALTH. Frlesd. ?e yoi safer.' Are yoa the no tins ef ami trthcsenamerovsailments wkioh arise from im >sritj of the blooi/ What are the/, do yom ask Rather ask. what are they not.' The blood is th? losroe of iife and health) and it is the first elemeni >f oar b?ifi( to respond to acr oasse which kffeoti the system, as the pslse lnfSlfiblv atteets. The evei prevailing Nearalgia, the irritating Erysipelas, thi labile Perofnla. the kgonising Rheumatism, Nerrods Debility, Dyspep?i?, Liver Complaint with iti torpor and (ifjeotion. aca the uiraberitss i:lsthai JesA is heir to, derive their htdecas origin from thi )lood. lieai kindlv then and gently Wito the blood Use the vitaliaing rtsouroo* of natare for its aid md sifer as to oornraeud to yosr onofideuoe and se that traiy muUe medioaraent known as ICRS. M. oors INDIA* YEti STABLE DECOCTION. With regard to th.. almost infallible sp^oii? popuiar sentiment has spoken in decided terms ind the evideuoee of this great eftoaoy are sus Mined by oenstant avows.s of owrative effects act the happiest resniii from its uae are after all othei remedies and the beet medioal skill have failed. I c ft RRV. in AfMiniuiinn lh?l narf saies are not sought from the illiterate a^lTs-iser Loial, but they are volunteered from the most re ipectabie pouroea and justify the hifhe?t terma n which it is posaibie to oommend so valuable i ipeci&o to publio approval. We may add also thai tile curative properties of the medioine are e?_ualle< ?nly by its realorative effeots, the system reoover in* from diseasewith renewed constitution*! vigor For sale by all respectable Diuggiata in thii Hty, and by toe proprietor, MR8. M. OOX, .None genuine unless her name la blown on th< ottle and her seal on the oork irr Pnoe 91 per bottle, six bottles for St. WkeUiml* At*nt. K. P. T, ClS?tL. Draggiat Beorgetovn, 0. C.. Wholesale Agent for the I>ls trict, and will supply the tradSat my pnoss. au U-tr yHE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TtUESEMAK, 1,* and s? Protected by Rora l.ettera Patent of England, and aeonrsd by ih< ?s?is of the Eouie de Pharmacie Ue Paris, and th< Imperial College of Medioine, Vienna. No. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion and nalorrhea uid all physical disabilitiee. No. 3 eymaietely eradicates all traoes of tbos< tiaeases that have been hitherto troated by the nauleous and peruioious uso of oopai va and oabebs. No. 3 haa entirely supplanted the injurious use ol uerourv, thereby insuring to the sufferer apeedj elief, dispersing all impurities, and rooting ou the venom of disease. TR1ESEMAR, Nos. l.Jand S, are prepared is ike form of a loirnge, devoid of taste a^d smell, ind oan be carried in tiie waistcoat pocket. Sols n tin oases, and divided into separate doses, as ad mnistered by Velpeau, Lallemand, Hou*. Ricord to. Price 03 each, or four oases for $9, which lavea S3; and m S77 oases, whereby there 1* a savng of S3. To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr BARROW, of 194 Bleecker street. New York, Immediately on receiving a remittance, Dr. Harrow rill forward the Triesemar to any part of the world, tecurely packed, and addressed aooording to the initrv-otions of the writer. The Dook.of all others, that ahould be read bj nen with damaged and broken down oonatitutiom a "l|uinau Frailty, or Ph/siologioal Researches." .? i> unuuiuiii uiaiirtiN, ?na irttu minutely ol Ul tne symptoms that lnvariabir develop therawItm. sooner or later. resulting from the frailtiei Lnd vitiating habits of early/oath. inaajpaoitatini he riotim lrom snaring the fruition of the matrinonial state, and. if notoheoked in time, decener nine all the ninotions of manhood, and brlns in? lim, itep by stear, to a lingering and untiitialy ddath Sola by Dr. KAB ROW, 194 Bleecker street, foui loors below Maodougal, New York. Prioe 8i tents. (Sent free every where. Sold also by 8. C. Fora, Jr? Drag Store, Wash ngtoa, P. C. de ?-<m |? HEADER, L ER USE The following statement and than Judg? of its facts for yourself. AURAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. V.. a well mown cituen there, had suffered from Dyspepsia or some years, withont permanent relief, until ha ried AYER'S FILLS, whioh taken according t<j he direotiona for tbia oomplaant, reatorea aim tc ieaith in a few weeks. After an interva of some nonih a he has had no return of his oomplaintGEO. ML CROSS, of Harmony, Texas, had an irupuon or1 his neok, shou.ders, back and leg, r men covered about one thi rd of his body. 11 kept he parts atfeoted covered with a scab, and being >ften a raw sore, was of course very troublesome .ad distresiing. It so much impaired hie health as u unfit himi or business and kept him in oonstar.t ulTeriiie. All m^dioal aid failed him until he took vyerI* compound extract sar?a'AR1LLA, which oureil him. Hia akin still ahowa om? soars from the ulceration, but it is otherwiM ?s clear as an infanta. JOHN H. SHOOK, Em . an eminent lawyer oi lichmond, Va? took a cold wluoh eettlsd on his urcs. A severe pain set in on the left side, with a >ati cough, whioh was soon followed bj the uninisakat'le symptoms of consumption. \Vhenr?duoed -err low he commenced taking AYER'S CHER IV Pl'.lvPll??l ?h.-u?-- -? " ? * .... ? ? uiuu vuuu Bvuppou iae oougD aid completely oared him. Prepared by DR. J. C. ATKR A CO., Lowell. Im. ma U eoto LI NEW BOOKS. L1.1STORY of the United Netherlands, by John jotbrop Motley ; 2 vols ; free b? mail, f 4. Stie Rise of the Dutch Republic. a history, by n Lothrop Motley; S to a oioth; free by mail, >?. Silas Marner, the Weaver <4 Ravelol, by the tuthor of *'Adam Bede j" cloth 76ioenU; payer 60 6QU. Lire and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop larceant; SIX). After loeberga with a Painter, a Banner Vofaie 0 Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rer Lous L. 4ob e; fWO. The Manufacture of Photocejuo or Hydro-Car on Dili, by Thomas Antisell, M. D.; 91.16. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH A RICH8TEIN, ap V> 8T8 Peona. avenue. 1 [NION PAPER AND EN V ELOPE 8.-Twen U tydifferent styles of Note and Letter Paper, rith Envelopes to match. Vieweof Washington in the form of a Rose, and n Rook form i also, separate All the Dailj ard Weekly Papers oon*tantly on iand. Herald, Times, and Tribune reoeived every it lit at o'olook. Papers from all parts of the oountry. Beadle's Dime Novels and Song Books. A fresh supply of Books for summer reading, heap A large assortment of J uvenilap?Mayne Reid'a looks, Rollo Books, Abbott's Histories, Ao. A disoountof in to SO per oent. on all bound books PR uivrn ^ Diim^TLMhi ? ? National Boofc?"tnr**'flT i\IK OCFEft TO MILITARY MEN a Itrit |p?0? LAIui IJuAIiftu 1 xlAlir llUBoi ftOtf roion ve invite all oaah M"hMin to iubim fore making their eleoUcna. WALL, STEPHENS * CO? >99 Pa ? ., betveeo 9U> and lota sta. pig (Intelligencer md Repabiioan.) stttuwawjs CVAS-S err woe Roeawood Chiokennia' jnake|f|BBB r tlflO; one Ro<ewoodNevmu A Bro.'e*M?Vl wmo* rV? ? wm 11 P^aase . J l? . i * * A { % TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. | |JNITKI> STATES JjULITAft 7 ROUTS. CHINOS OF HOURS. i On and afXtr Monday, August 19'A, 1861, riHIlltn TIAINI WILL KVN A* FOLLOW 11 LEAVE WASHINGTON at 6 and 7 Si a. m. ' 2 3u and 5 4ft j.m.. arriving at Baltimore at 7.44 tad i 9.10 a. in. aco 4.Q5 and 7j> ?. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE at 4JP and 41 a. a.aoi ' S.4ft and ft p m , arriving at Washinxton at aM 10.15 a. m. and at ft 3 ' and 6 4ft p. m. Pa*?ecrer Trains leaving Washiafton at 13) a. ( , n. and 2.9* p. m.,&n<; Baltimore all#a. and 3.4S ? m .make direot connexions lor Aniapoji at the Junction, , Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Weak I lotion at 6Aa.aaodS p. m- i _ Passenger Trains lee vine Washington at and K&SrX'fiSa^r.w.rKS10" ** . 1 JmarriiSffl i will leave Baltimore at 4 90 a. m. 1 ters Wasting i ton at 7 p. m. ~ By order of the Secretary <d Wax: i THOMAS A. SCOTT, , THOMAS H. CANF1ELD,GeaertTKaMaw. \ Assistant Manager. ao Ir-tf i niiBPii f wnTii'i.' ?i uv iau A I\y !> ( SUNDAY TRAIN. 1 ailVliHiH On and after SUNDAY, iSth Jaly, there will ba ? but one s*urdar daily train? Leave WASHINGTON at 2an p. m. far NEW ' YORK and PHILADELPHIA. . , > Prom New Yor< and Philadelphia, arnrin* la Wash ins ton at 6 10 a. m. J.A.SCOTT. jy ZT General Manager. ] I fr?e STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN > NJSW YORK AND LIVERPOOL, i Landing and embarking paaaancera at 1 (JuAAnitown, Ireland. ' The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia t Steamahit Company mfnd dupatohioc their nail < powered C yd?-buiit iron Steamohipa aa follows: GLASGOW Satariar, Auguat M. r CITY OP BALTIMORE, " - 10th. | I KANGAROO. " " 13th. ! And every Saturday, at noon, from Piar?4, North > river. una or riaaiai. Firat Cabin. - 978 j Do. tv> London ?? 80 i Do. to Pane 85 Do. to Hamburg M Steerage ? #90 , > Do. to London ..34 t ? , i o. to ?an? ...... s* ' f\- A.- ?? ? r xju. m) nuraonri. M Paaaencera forwarded to Havre. Bremen, lott?rdam, Antwerp, 4o , at reduoed througn tare*. , Heraona wiahing to bring out thair frienda oao { buy tioketa at low rater < For further information apply at Ik* Captalna . Office. JOHN 6. DAL', Agent, 15 Broadway, N. T., , Or toQ. A. HERRING, A Jama Expreae Balti tore. i jr?^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE , L1NF> . i EASTER y AND WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT" Capt. J H, K rwao < " f JONEtiR," Capt. W. Nornaa. 1 Will run theit routea a* folio wa, leavi' f Li gat atreet, Baltimore, foot of Camden at 7 o'clock . 1 KENT?For Cambridge. Dentnn and Laadtnga on Chop tan it river, every WEDNESDAY and r SATURDAY, returning every Thuraday and Monday. ! For Annapoliaand Weat River, erery TL'ESi DAY ard FRIDAY and returning aa redaya. L PION KER-For St. M chael'a an^ Eaaton, via i Mile'a River, every WEDNESDAY,aud return | r the aame day. I Fo? Ai.aapolis, Weat River, Cambridge, Oxford , and Ea*t n Point, every THURSDAY, returning ] I by aa:ne route on Friday I For Annapo'is, Weat River, St. Miohael'aand \ I Ea ton, via Mile'a River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday by same route , Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faaton . Point. mi ? | Cera lit . IT I M:i ? ?: ^ 1 a ? ? ?> w *. miuaaci b ?uu MII0S' AIYOFft rOUDG * tno? 11 ) ? ? . ? 1 ^ j Fare to West River,(round trif, $ 1V 1 *0 Fare to AunapoliM f>und trin7->oenta> W - M4ALS EXTRA. IT^Freifht must be prepaid VY harf and Offioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. I Baltimore. C.K.CANNON. 1 r i i NORTHERN ?figpNQpi CENTRAL RAILWAY. I SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE.I ' Calvket Station, Bat.more. May '8,1861. \ On and after Sunday. .Viaj 19th, 1861, Trains on ! the NORTH KRN CENTRAL BATLWiTV *; rive and depart as follows, until further notioa. TRAINS NORTH. i > MAIL at 8 15 A. M. EXPRESS at 3 30 P. M. > HARRISBl'RG ACCOMMODATION at P. M. I The 8.16 A. M. train oonneota at Relay Hoiee with train* on the Western Maryland Ru roMl; at Hanover Junotion with Hanover and Gettsba'g Railroads; at York witi York and Wnfhun.le Railroad; at Harnshnrg with Pennsylvania Rail- i road for ail parts of the west, aleo with Lebaunon Valley Railroad lo tmm ? berland with L and B. ? at i road for finraton aj>d &ii parti of Wyoominic Va!ley.and at VuBonry with i 1 the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts | f Northern Pennaylvania and New York. TheSS^P. M train makea a 1 the above oonneo- > > tiona exoept Hanover Railroad, Wrightaville I Railroad and the Lebanson Vall-y Railroad. ' Tr.e 8 P. M train makea oonnectiona with Penn * at'-vanis Railrtad for all parts of ttas West, and r direct oonnectt for New York. s ! TRAINS ARRITB. 1 Mail at 6 10 P M.; Expre>a at 7 a A. M.; Harria- , bur* Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. 1 For Tickets and information intmre at the , Tioket Offioe, Calvert btation, Baltimore 4 | J. C. CLARK, Sap't. , ^ LEAVE PHILADELPHIA i FOK NEW YORK. The Camden and Amboj and Philadelphia and ' , Tree .a Railroad Companies'Line from PHILA- ., DEiPHlA TO NEW YOMK AND. WAY 1 PLACl S.from WALNUT STREET WHAftF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will laavsaa foi Iowa: AtC A M , via Camden and Amboy. (C. and A. Accommodation, t I At 6 A. M . via Camden and Jersey City,(II. i. j I Aooommudation.) i At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey Ctty.iMorn- , i ir g Mail.) AtliH A. M , via Kensington and Jersey Oily, , (Western Express.) At 12H P. M.( via Camden and Amboy,(Aooommodat-pr.) At 3 P M.,via Camden and Amboy, (C. aad A. i Exprera ) i i At ik P m r? j ' , Tiv nvu?u|ivu auu J WI wy Uliy, (Evening Express.) i At 43t P M , via Kensington and Jersey City, j <S?oom1 Class Ticket.) At6 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening , Mail.) ! ' At Ilk P. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(Boetk ] i em Mail.) , 1 At 5 P. >1.. via Camden and Amboy, (Acooromoda; tion. freight and passenger, First Class Tioket.) , 1 Second Class Ticket. I Tbefif M Man Train runs daily. The 11* P? 1 M. Mail, Saturdays sxcepted For Bslvidere, Easton, La^bertviUe, Fleming- , ton, Ao., at 7.10 A. M.; and p. M., from Ken- , aington. For Water Gap, 4troadshnrg.8eranton,Wi!kee- t harre, Montrose, Grant Bend, to., at 7.10 A.M., { from Kensington, via Delaware, Laokawanna and : Western Railroad. , For Mauoh Chan*, Allentown and Bethlehem .at J 7.10 A. M. and 5H P. M. from Kensington depot; 7 the 7.10 A. M il e oonneots with the tram leaving tastonatSSS P. M. For Mount Holly at 6 and 8 A. M. and S and 1H 0 P Por Freehold at 6 A. M-and S P. M. ; or Bristol, Trenton, Ac. at 7.10 A. M-W and 5H P. M. from Kensington, and 3X P. M from Ween: street wh^rf. For Pa".myra Riverton, Deianoo, Beverly. Bar- j nncton, Fiorenneoo, Bordentown, Ao., at 12jtf, I, 1 3, Ob and 5 P M 1 bteamor Trenton for Bordentowa.and interne- r dials pi aces, at SH P. M. from Walnnt street wharf. I IHT" For New York and Way Unes. leavuu ' Sensing ton Depot* take the ears on ruth street, 1 >ove WaTnat. half an hoar haftw c cara run into depot, and on arnTaToftiiftia raa 1 from the depot. ^ Fifty pounds of baggage only allowed toeaob pa?aenger Paaaengara ara prohibited from taking anything aa baggage bat their wearing aeearef. I All baggage ovar fifty pound a to be e*id for I extra. The oompany limit their reeponaimlit? frr bagaageto one rf?l ar par poand, and will nat ba 1 liable ft?r any amoaot beyond one handred do liar a, exoept by apeoial oontraot. WM. H.6ATZMKR. Ateat- I fi&M .aYJ^S^I'O j On aad after Met 16tn, Ml, the tiataa will raa S aa follow*, tie:?Leave Camden Stauon. Ba,u- ; mora.?Mail, <exoept Baaday.) at A Si A. MKx- * preaa da* y at S. 45 P. M. Both Train* go dirajUr FOR WAY PA88EN 6 KRB. a Between Baltimore aad Piedmont take the A. M. C Train; between Piedmont and Wheeling take Aa- t] oommodatioa Trail, leaving Piedmoatai A 40 A. U M ; and between Grafton aad Parkarafarg, take the 1S> A M Train from Ha timore. The FRkDKRICK T* A.IN irarae Baltimore I at < an P. M. aaa Fredanck at tJD A. M. I The KLLICOTT'S MILLS TRAIN leave Bal ^ timore at 6 V and .!? A. m. aad IM aad AM P.M.. and KlUooit'a Mill* at 1M and ILiO A. M , and 9 . ... m J!? MS23R Lm U. COI.E. G?D'1 And WESfllril^Te: 8 Xb*f tl From Ckuu*r( H N.Y~? roai rtt alrMk. I Kx? reeeVTtod 11 ft. ML, IJi. 11JB ft. mu, ?od W> ? and 3 JO and 5 p m. bJUp m. r Troy aid Aibftay iwith l?46 ,.m , 'lu^ji U- C alMwinf ow) lo.U p. m cl?i*d.> , Po?|kkMHi< una 8, a Sjik. ^ft Pi|liml%3>iVlp m 4 SB p m &? * t*ii | tnuaXMftm IK m., tad ? ftad , ii ?jl4I ^I ? . t J? cSt $ I Th* TO TufV^i*KE-TjUiU u. ittim bmtwmz Wuhia3??,_ B*M?or*. and Old PointTf U ?H p*?loei j. m. ?-tf M. W FALL*, hwt WSS/MHP?L is ?yrss DAYS at 45 P. M. obIT All irjia. ? * witt N?w York traiaa ?o*M P. M. trmia nMu Jal*Fr?iflit Tmi vttt fMNUir amt attaakcd iMTMtll P. H , tOMltttat ill BUbOMMVM '^uaMtmfor D??war? a*S"'tk? Rutin r-hor* af MaryliUKl will Bad th* mo&t ?*f?ditioaa ro?U by WM ClA"wroVc."I,,r r?'k^%"'^r:|J.iLo,r??. .^. itTMl m 4t1iilB 11 *0 5 00 f in 1'* '* *2Spm 3jn f m 3 56 f m Montr al at.d Bafffclo Train with ilwf B( Mn.rii m I Itff Coaneeticf at Albany with the New York Cea trmj Railroad for fobeneotady. Ru?he?t*r, I'tipa B a. tana, Rome, a?d etatioaa on Kom> aiul Water town Railrra1). Hudki). Prraoaae. Niagara Falie, Bnapenainn Bridie, Anbarn. On?re.Caiandaifaa Traina in ootnertioc Imth Buffilotmi 6i*p?n ion via LakeShore, Buffaloartf utoHi Mui 6reat WmMti Railroad. for Hamilton . I'oruato, Detroit, Ckioaco. Toledo, Miiwaakie, F?hi Di Lm, La i;ro?ee. Madison- Krame Da Cnieo, Sa Mk. Danleitk, DibMW, Peoria. Rot Ulacd. Nneo* tine. Iowa City. Bar inrton, Warner. !*priiufce.d, titon, !*t. Louie.Cairo,Terr# Haate, lodiaoaeolia, onianll*. CiDoinnat. La? ton, Col am baa, Cl?wland, mod ai! point* Weat, Northweot and lotU NORTHERN ROUTE. Connection with Tiaioa at Troy, with Trey Jt B >it<<& and Ran*, k. Strict* Romi f<" Saratoga. Whitehall. Rotaad, Darlington, ft. A1baoa. Ro?w Point, Plattsbnrgk, Otdenabnifh, Montreal, 4.0 , Ic CT Fr?|kt Arrui*Miti by tku roaU m above, without obance of Ca-a, from tue itepota in Chambera and ( anal atreeU. ar* at all ti?ea aa favorable aa made by other Railroad Compa?i-a. The faoihtiea of thia (raat flaw York Rnata, ?o the Weat eoanmend it to the coefdenoe of metobanta an-' ah'ppera lor irontoMi wd diayatoh Paaaeoger traine. *tth *mokin* and ?teey'.a? Cara ron in oonneotioa the Naw York Cantral For partjon'ara aa to looal traina and freight ar rangementa, injure at the dffot, ? Warren at. A. F* BMITI* ri^artntaarfaat Leave* the lower eed DOf^j Bate *re, weat aide, DAILY, <Bandava ingladed.iat IX e'eloek P.M. taiini pwaMnra andfeight. and toa, York, HameWf, Pittebnrc. Pa. ani tbe Weat, immediately aner the arrival of the Rxyreea Tpmin frnn Naw Vmk R^W Pkil^nlakia The following la the Hei.*da,e : Rib Nf* York to F?rt Monroe ud baok. #14 m Pni (Wd?>iph a and Musk. ix? From Baltimoreand baok |& ETPROCL'RE VOL* TICRETtf^D In New the Nev Joreey Railroad OAs* Foot of Court ard etreet. In Phi ade ptua, at th? Company'a oflloe. N. W. >orn*r of Sixth and Ch*etnut etreeta, or at the Depot, Broad and Prme etreeta. In Baltimore, on board the Steamera, foot of Union Dook. HUGH O'CONNKR, Paaeen?T Ara? VOKK. HARLEM AND JBM ALBANY RA1LRUMV LEAVir*6 NEW YORK FOR ALBANY, TROY. NORTH AND WKbT, SUMMERARRANGKME>T CommenoiLt Motda*. May nth, 1MI. For Abaoy?11.-00 a. a. faat rxpreaa train from 26'h street. For Dover Plalne?1:<? p. m atopptnc at White PUma and etationa north to Dorer plaiaa?fro* 26th street station. (Thia train vill ru to Millortoa ererr Saturday fvenin*,) ForCroton Fai'.e?1:16 a. m. ato?pioc at all etationa north of Ford ham from SB h etreet station. For White Plama-Mn, 4:10 and MN> jp. m. atop pine at al etationa from 28th atreot atatioa. For White riaiae?a- 6 p. m. atoppiaf at ail etaUona from W hite street ataboa. For WiTiiane Brid?e-7JT, 11:14 a. ml and MB p. en. atopeinc at all etationa ffoaa nth abMt etauon. Retornin* will letn? Albany?4M? a. m. iwt ex preen train. Coverf ?in?-MO? m. (Tht? train learee Mn kerton every Motflij Morning at 6 a. m.) CrolOE Palie?A a. n. Whjll P,y?g-fcl^y>^a_M. *Mp. m. ^.rjiiar traine wiU leave ?th At?H torsir M rVaetTfor Centra: Park, Vorkrii!*. Barfaia aad Hit h Bridge ever? frv nunatee,'reir Ml a. m. to nrfp m. JOHN BURCHILL. AaU Bap L YORKr^ND ERIK KAIL Phmbit Traiai mviTia Paroma Ferry and Lone foek, frvai foot of Che inhere itrnt, New foUowe, tii : 7 00 a. m . EX^RE8!kfor Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and principal mtermf-fc-e ?tat;ooe. 8 oo a m , MAIL. for Dankirz. and interawdiate *tatioce?Ttne Train r?main? orer aigbtat Einura, u>d prooeeda the next 9X0a m MILK daii/, for OU?r;lle, and inter nediate Stationa. 11 00 a m . ACCOMMODATION, daily, for tort leraa, and p< 1 not pal station* 4 (? p.m. WAV. for Middletowii, Newbargk. knd intermediate Piatioct 6jW p. a.. MttHT EX PR EBB. dally, for D?a(irk, Buffalo, CanandaigvaAod priorip*i>tatiooe. fhe Train of Batarday *U>p* at all Mai. Train Sta'iona, and ranaonh to Ejinira. ?o p.m.. accomMODaTION.for Bornemle, bnd principal Station* CH/8, MINOT.Gea'l Bapt. NATBANIBL MARBH. Raoeirar. ^E*PI" ?nUttJVB.Nn ?By tae tplendid and rper.or Kr&vf isarffitt mnsf&st itroa?tk ud ifMd, but partiaalarly adapte4 to tta aariKation of Lou la and Bonnd, rtoiuu im oonlaction with the FiULl Rivar aad Old Colony Baddm, diataaoa of ir.lie* only to Boston. L?n Pier No. North Bitot near tha Battery, ft* Stwiwr EMPIRE fTATOaft. Brvloi, WoDdtyi, Wednesday*, ud FrMvt, it o'olooc zzl irm,.. rue*daya, Tbnradaya. and Batnrdaja, at o'olook r.M-t tonoLinr at IN ew port Mek way. ThiM St*m?ri art fitted wttk ?onaMdi?M itau too ma, aad mry arrai|Hmt fbr ua eeearii im aoairart ot pseeongere. who an afforM by laiaroave a nighta' ram oa board, and oa arrival a Fall Bitot proaead for SMauboat Trala.reaohaf Boitoa early l^a follow i ax no raise s or My wmia on board aatil atartani or the Aooomniooajob at S A. Mby whioh they may reach Burton kbout 1.46 A. ,w. A baggage matter la attached to aaat ntoaiar, rho reoeivea and uckeu tao baggage. aad aooowiauM the fame to lu destination, A atoamei tuta in ooaaeotton with this Lin# ba wt Fall BItot and Prondeaoe daily, exoept landaya. Freight to Boatoa in forwarded tkroack with rraft dispatch by an Kxpreas Train, whloh I?tm Hi iiiTwtTiri mori.ibf, ^ oa?y? uocpM, M X o'clock for Boston acd N?v Bedford, arriruLf >t lU tiMuaitiofi at kbont It A M Por freitht or p??a?c?, a?ly on board. or at tha ffloa on Piar No.l Nortfi Rtrar For atata rooRf >od bortk* uri; on board, or if daairod to win bom in ad4u>o?, to WM BORDBN.At't y md ti wnt itwt, w, v. ^^ and PROVIDSNCti, POM BOirON?Inland Koala?The Horlael ui Boot uN illiuu, la ooBBMUoa with Um Bu>WartN ud 'rovidenoe .and BoCoc and rroriMQM ailroaai, I ?niif Nnr York telly, Butter a axaaeted. froai Mar .No M North R.ver, at 8 o'oiook P. ML, mm irotoa at I JO o'eocc P. Nor on taa amrpJja? M ^ail,Tn^|n(W^ieh iMraj^ Boston 'ri^jw|ay<iy at ProvtdoaM witb UM 1? i run ?or owium. Kwti4>cw to N?vport,^K;*ty miiU asar- * 1U ^ v^avSrPRBNCU rMMTti ft nftad complst* mwfMt of Mililkrf Book a k.tdi. ?tu?b Uoy fffer I row Ue to i/tj pr msU Mov Um rft(?lft( ratoil priMs,?1?IftdiBi: ^ftditi^ of^H^ftrdw't laJftatry Mi lift* Bir4w*iYkMiM. d:t, Th* *o dv?r*i ftiiii. > *ad rul book few tt? ?M ot the VolutMr Militk* u4 h? Bom 6o%rd. Be suhfisabfl: ^.trc^sx. Br-**'' - ?T"' ? W>wwl? r%> M " . ^MWmu *

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