Newspaper of Evening Star, September 14, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 14, 1861 Page 1
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t v?fe. XVIII. WASHINUTON. D. C . SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 14. 18fil. N?. 2.674. the evening star M flTBLTSHBD EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.> AT THE STAR BFfLDl*GS, ftnm */ annut and FUrtntk n. IT W. D. WALLAOH. rtptn mrred la packagea by carriers at S4 a or J7 eenta Rer month To mall subscriber* lie price to ?3 40 year, m ?4mitet; JT2 for all sonttu. fll for three monrhs; and for leaa than Arte Booths at the rate of li centa a week. 51afieeopin. osi caTf, lti wrapper*, two c**ts. E7" ABTiaTTaiaa^ro should be oent to the ?ce before 1* o'clock m , otherwise they may ??? *' a Jk ' ' Ml appear until me neji any THE r?B or ARtll. Om thing developed bv this war deserve* the earuest Attention or the Free State* generally Thu it the lamentable ignorance of the use of arssswhicb prevail! among large number* of the people. It has long been a favorite suppo?uion that oar target oompaniea and field (porta accustomed so many to the use of firearms as to be of gr?*t use to the country in a military way. With the first experience, bowaver, this notion haa proved to be fallacious? the trained gunners either not to any extent volunteering or enlisting, or being too few to be of much account in so great a war. As a natural consequence, our armies now include among the raw recruits very many who know nothing about firearms, and have to be taught ven the first rudiments Now that we are plunged into a great and terrible war, we begin to see the folly of all this We find OUT aoldiers oiten inemciem, m ooni*qa*nce of it. and calamities come upon ua frmmtheir ?r*eone?, compared with which all tbe accidents of oivil life are as child's play. The soldier who u unskillful with his musket is like a sheep to tbe slaughter bouse when placed in eonfliet with an enemy. His gnn has few terrors for his foes They see his ineffective efforts at defense, and recognise his rawness Too send your untaught son oat thus to ftght the battles of his country, expecting that his officers will instruct him in all that is needfal for a soldier to know. Active service prevent! them from doing so. and the young man most piok up a knowledge of arms in the stern hard ordeal of war. Neoessity, of eourse, may do ma?h for him, bat how wrong it is for as to neglect the tuition of the boys at homo. Certainly, if so many of oar troops were so gram bat a short time since as to endanger nwn Htm &nd tKniA nf thair AnmrulM hv their ignorant or reckless handling of their ami, they oannot be of much servioein aotive operations against the enemy. In battle, the exei tement would be very liiely to make them loee their self-possess ion, and fire wild at any rata, even If they were usaallv good marksmen; bat bow they woald answer being totally new, both to arms and to battle, we oan easily imagine. We referred recently to the absolute need of subjecting raw troops to actual trials in skirmishes and light attacks before sending them into a serious battle, and we had reference to this faet among others. However good marksmen they might be in civil life against birds or vild game generally, it woald be vastly different to fire when in aotaal peril of their own lives. There is no game in oar woods in the Lightest degree dangerous to encomater, and & J A _ aV. A- A a _ we go i*r mio me remote western wilderness before we can find any. Oar excessive mildsee* of morals and life has frowned down every amusement in which hainaa life coald be voluntarily staked, and thns it happens that physical courage in front of aotnal danger has Men discouraged. We have been in the habit of regarding those things barbarous which in other ages and climes ware the incentives to heroism. But for every human life we have thus saved in the long run of peace, we shall now have to lose ten in war. We should encourage field sports more than we de. The sentiment which has grown up against them is very mawkish, and ought to be discountenanced. While our men or fortune have been wasting their lives in European dismAsti/\n tka nAMaman an/I ffanfrv >>f Fnrnna pt p?MVH | ?uw uv viwuivu *ww &wuk( J v? ajm? traverae thousands of miles or ma and land to eneonnter danger in oar own western wilds, in the pariuit of gam*. It la no anoommon thing alao for them to seek (port in the de^tha of iJriea or in Indian jungles. Already we hare slain well on to a thousand men bj accidents reanlting from ignorance and carelessness in the use of pistols. rifles and naikiU. and ten times that number will not ill up the measure of thoae who are destined in this war to fall victims in battle to that terrible deficiency of training at home which has left ns with a vast multitude of men and very few aoldiera. How many men we meet every day in this great oity who either have never shot off a gun at all, or not for many years. iw w0?iui/, ujo ic?ruou, iuo uigutueu ur reserved seem to consider it vulgar or boyish to ro out gunning. Yet the gr'atest statesmen of EagUnd. the nobleat of the ariatocracj, the vealthieat of her capitalists and gentry, *11 enrage ardently and regularly in field aports, ana neither position cor age prevents them from doing it. The example thua set has ita influence upon the people to a great degree.? Philadelphia U. S. Gazetit. Fr* cpoh th* Potoimc.?A private letter from a member of the 15th regiment, dated Sept 3d. saya "There ia a squad of fifteen of us o* an island in the Potomac river, some 50 yards from Maryland and 200 from the Virginia shore The banks of the river and the imad are thiokly atudded with large oottonwoed trees, some of them from three to five feet through, which afford as shelter from the ton from"th? other side of the river. We lay baek of the cottonweod tree* and witch for a shadow of the real substance of a picket on the other aide, and as aoon as seen bang go two or three Basket balls at the object. No sooner thaa they get across, trkirr comes a rifle ballet or two whining round your head The first day one eame within a few Inches of the head of one ot oar boys, and tktui went the ball into the tree behind him. The ferry house, some 300 yards above us, has been oompletely shelled to pieces by one Capt. Boyle, of an artillery ooaaany, in revenge for aome depredations of the Tammany New York Regiment. No one WMeerioasly injured, though two were struck by pieees of shells. Several of the shells have been dug oat of the trees and the ground, I which had net exploded. They were about foor inches in diameter. The fuse had either been blown oat by being discharged from the Kan, or it bad been knocked oat when the toll strmk upon the (round; there wag no fuse in the (hells. There *u another house, a liule above,occupied by a "seceeb," which was shelled at the same time, while the occupants were at dinner. The first shot cleared the table of the dishes, and at the same time the oeeupaints cleared out. Some eight shots passed through the house Every night we see signals in the air, very much resembling bright stars. They are small bsdloons with lanterns or candles attached, and seem to remain stationary. Our oamp at Poolesville is a signal station." Tbi Naw Yon Thiiit-hvistb Cocst Martial?A court martial 1? sitting at the Octagon House Feet. Albany, (or the trial of the Lteuten aat ColeMl and several Captains of the New Yerk <7th, accused by Col McCunn of pocketlag the pay of Imaginary soldiers Col. Green, ef the Maseachusetia 14th, is president of the Oak^ u.u. ?.11? -? ? aw * - Li ? ?a i vuauipiiH vi iur tViiCBigau ?ut it Jud|fe Advocate, tod Col McCuna prooccutor. The evidence adduced goea to abow there was an organized system of plunder, by which aeveral ' 'ah companies were awelled by men detailed from each other, aad answering to false name* Our Envoy at Part* baa bad occasion to Radicate the aanctity of the Sabbath On Bunal^ht, Aug Hth, a ball waa given by the r-ratau Ambaaeador la honor of theSbah'a birthThe company, consisting of the emptlneas of the town, wan very numerous, bat ladles were Cttly In the minority The family of Mr Day who livi-s next door, declined the Invitation J??y received oa account of the day oo which the k* took place. or CitiLisroi.?The Charleston (8. ^ ) Mercury of the 3d baa the aubjolned carefully '' piled estimate of the population of that city, J < ? completed: " W 01 tee M.850 I< MB Free colored person*...... 3 7B6 Total 4fc?,l?0 fcC^Tba Federal Government has sent from r.WgtoClnclnn.U, nineteen thirty-two sod *?I(w pounders, with carriages all coobr/w, tad besides tbese, nineteen carrlattss and buadred pounds at shot and shell, sad it* ** batteries, one stx-pounder aad the other TkJ? ** Pander gnns, to Csmp Dennlason. * "* sow tb'ee better tee at the camp 0 Hew lit Snthtn Aray la Provided fer?A Hitury ( tu C*aalmrltl?The Kiytrk iceaf CmriBT. The editor of the Richmond Examiner is a reckless aortof fellow, and inaiata upon grumbling in fine atjle, in apite of the rebel despotiim, and the cenaorahip of the preaa Heia an undoubted fire-eater, and a classically educated deaperado. Our readera have heard of bim?John M. Daniela, late Miniater to Sardinia. We find the following in his paper of Auguat 30th : COMMISSARIAT We haveaaid in the beginning of this war, and we repeat it, that " Behind every victorv or defeat atalka the ghoat of a commissary. Whatever the fortune of particular battles, that of the campaign will be mainly decided by the health of the army. The penny-wise, pound foolish polioy which we have witnessed in the transactions of the furnishing department, is aa false to the spirit of the South as to it* needs. Food rendered unpalatable and unwholesome by the negleot of procuring suit able boilers and bake ovens, then by the absence of bakera and ceoks in a country where they abound, is one chief permanent cause of ill-health in our camps: another is insufficient protection from the inclemencies of the weather So many tents without fly-cloths, let the rain spatter through and wet everything. Surely tar, at least, might hare been found to maka them watar-proof Finally, the neglect of eleanlineas, alike personal and public, and the facility with which whiskey is circulated through our camps, concur to swell the sick list. * * *#* A company of volunteers encamped within a few hours'journey of their respective homes, during a period of six weeks in mid-summer, had never freah meat or vegetables allowed them. They had but one axe in camp, and one old hatchet?no hammers, saws or other necessary tools, not even nails?not a pot in wmcn to Dou or atew, until tne writer borrowed one for them of his own motion from a neighboring farmer. They had not a single large fork, apoon or ladle, but one common meat knife?no chopper, no fire tonga or ahovel, no pot hook?only four wooden traya of the smalleat aite?of buckets, about one of the common sixe, painted inaide, to a doien men?and of baaiaa still fewer?about half as many tin cup* and plate*, knives and forka as there are men in the company. Many were without a change of clothes for weeks together. They had not a matchsafe or tinderbox. no serviceable lantern er lampa. Not ovens or pans enough to cook a whole meal at a time?no washerwomen, as allowed by the " Regulations," nor other servants whatsoever. Their meat was nearly all I frlckA ati/) flioir ratinna vaaUfnllv nrArva**J I I IU\B < ?HVi IUVII 'WIUIIJ pi and wretchedly cooked, hardly ever went round without Borne ono'a being shared out. No wood waa ever brought but such as the coeki dragged lrom the forest near by. The only time the men were allowed to bathe waa i immediately aftersupper. They wereofficered by a West Point captain, and all their officers ware gentlemen of refined eulture, who kept their own servants. their own table, and ignored aa much aa possible the exiatence of the men when off duty. Their quurtermaater and commissary, who, for the company, are one peraon. waa aa usual a aergeaat. who, aa ia euatomary, evaded aa much aa poaaible the duties of the eommicsariat. Thia state of things occasioned great discontent?the oamp waa always grumbling, but no member of the company ever took upon himself to obtain, or eren demanded redreaa for grievances. A few deserted?more would baa they dared?disaffec tion with the service wu general. Treated worse man any negro siavea, tney said among themselves, " What if the South whip?, we die, the non-slavebolding whites will get nothing by it." They said much than thit, for they were virtually abolitionixtd by their position, and they had not culture or reason enough to understand the comparative advantages which even the poorest white man in the South enjoys, in consequence of a system which checks toreign emigration and keeps arable lands always open to his industry. This company, which contained a fair proportion of intelligence and manhood, submitted passively to the privations above mentioned within bail of their own homes. What, then, can be expected of aoldiers far away from home, and placed under physioal as well as moral disabilities ' Here they were encamped in a very healthy location, and too few in number to itiate the air. The waters within shot abounded in fish. There was everything to lintlliu tn nmvnlra ??\lniinti r\t ? - f v> VSW %HW VA|/?VBI"U VI illUtTIU" uai energies; bat the very idea that they were soldiers paralyzed them. When the writer, Tinting the camp, represented its wants to its captain, be was told that the Commissary Department had refused to farnish more than we have mentioned, and afterwards, at another plaoe, the only additions msde were rice and molasses, some sheet iron eamp kettles, half fall of holes, and some little axes, besides what the Captain purchased for thefcompany oat of his own pocket. The experience of this company is still very favorable on the whole, as compared with a great many others we eoald name. fW T"? * ? " * ~ ahk railway acciobht.?The English papers are filled with details of the terrible accident on the London and Brighton Railway It seems that two trains, a Brighton excursion and the London Parliamentary, came into collision in the Clayton tunnel, near Brighton. One was backing oat, the other entering, the signalmen at either end having confounded their signals. Within a vef^ short distance of the month of the tonnel a fearful crash ensued, the second train backing baring come into violent collision with the other train, whicfi was rushing forward. The shrieks and cries are described as being most fearful and heartrending, the darkness tending to heighten the terror of those who were uninjured, and leaving them powerless to aid the wounded. The engine of the Parliamentary train had smashed the last carriage in the excursion train, which had mixed compartments for lug 5 age ai one end, puMDCtt leiti in tne midle, and a guard's break at the other ead. The looemotive had pitched orer the laat carriage to the back of the laat carriage bat one, and ahhrered it into fragment*. Thii carriage oompriaed four compartment*, each containing ten peraona. The paaaengera were scattered and mutilated in all directions, several were acalded with boiling water from the engine, and their yella of agonj were pitiable in the extreme. All available aaaistance waa as apeedily aa poeaible procured from Brighton, and upon the fragment* of the carriages being removed, twenty-two persona were found to be dead. The engine had literally sank upon the second carriage, and the bodies of several of the sufferers were underneath. They had either been smashed or so aided to death. One woman had both her legs cut off juat above the knee*, and she was quite blaok in th* f?e? Another woman had her acalp taken off, and both her arms broken. One man had his face cnuhed in inch a manner as to force hia eyeballs from hia head. As soon as Dossible the wounded, the dying, and the dead were eonvejed to Brighton. The latest official accounts estimate the killed at twenty-five and the wounded at one hundred?some of the latter are not expected 4o recover. Asothi* Nbwsfafbb Gome ?The Vermont Patriot of Montpeller, for more than a generation the Democratic organ of the Green Mountain State, issued lta flnal number laat week. The late death ef lta editor and proprietor. C O. Kastmin, the poet, waa disastrous to 1U Interest. LT'The Memphis Bulletin says "printing paper la getting scarce alt over the Southern country A gentleman, well loformed, says It will not be many months before the stock will be worked down, a d then he anticipntee much trouble among newspaper men." ffT The Pittsburg bar alone has furnished twenty six of Ito regularly admitted members to the volunteer force of the country, vis : two colonel*. two lieutenant colonels, three naajon, three captains, si* UeatoMato, tad ten private*. f * , ?a, ? t ' - . ?, , UTAtlO N E R Y. Navy D??a.etmi!<t. Aujuat 29, lttl. P*pa*at1 SiALtD Proposals will bs received at the offioe 01 the Secretary of the Navy until 3 o'oljck, P. M of Saturday, the Slat September neat, for nirmahinic all the Stationery that may be required t>y the Navy Department and the several bureaus from the latter date t-> July 1,1862 All the artiotea furnuhed rau?t be of the b*?t qua'tty, delivered without delay when ordered, and to the satiafaotion ofthe bead o' the offiue for whio^i they are requ red. If it be required, each bidder for atationery ramt furpiah with his proposal a sample of eaoh article bid for. No bid will be oo"nid*red which does not fully oon'orm to the advertisement, and in whieh eaoh and every article i? rot In.i for, and in whioh mora th%n one prior is named for any one artiole. B nJs in auffioient amount, with two or mo>i approved aureus*, tho fai'hful execution of the contract will he require! of the Person or partona eontraotirg. 'I he authorised namea of the aurtties that will be Riven, as also naiiafactory testimonials to fulfil the oontraot, muat accompany the bid; otherwise it will not be considered. The Department reserves to itaelf the richtof ordering a creator or le<a quantity or each and every krtiele contracted for, aa tha public service nay require. ak.-.?U - ? ? l? ?? J ? * ' ? "uaiu ?uy o'uijis uo rrquuv i iici trgmertita in the contract, it it to t e furnished at the lowest market pri e, according to iu quality. The subjoined trhedule nearly a* can now be done, the amount, quality, and dsecripuou of each of the artiolei ikelj to be required. Schedule. 40 reams heavy, whits laid, dwpatoh oip, stop rule,*, equal to sample, per ret in an reams ,'oo' or white, ruled,per revm 75 resms extra siperfine. blue or white, laid or wova, letter paper, ruled, equal to sample, per ream 10 teams Manilla paper. S8 by 36 inches, flat, per kmiipie, per ream 23 West buff or whita enreiope paper, royal.flat, per ream IS reams h?st note paper. thi>k, per ream IS reams best note paper, medium, per ream SO r*ams copying or tisiae quarto pott, per ream 100 rardt traoinr rioth, per square yard 3 reams biottirn pap-r. royal, per re*m 60 quirea patent Diottin* paper, medium, per uire SO sheets elephant drawing paper, per sheet 30 sheet* double elephant drawing paper, per sheet 90 aheeta antiquarian drawing paper, per sheet 5,ooo oream laid envelopes, letter use, per 1,00? )?5oo cream laid envelope*, note aue, per 1,000 ?4) card envelopes, per 500 l.OOii patent eloth lined envelopee, 8X by 4 inohen, per l,ono 2% patent o'oth lined envelopes, 5X by 3K inches, per 250 250 patent cloth-'ined envelopes, 9*% by 3# inches, oer 250 3?,000 best bcff or white envelopes, Government pattern, official size, printed stamp, per l.oon *>^00 best buff or white envelopes. Government fat erns,official sue, engraved stains, per ,ooo 30,000 best buff o- whito envelop?s, Government patte n, official sue, lithographed stamp, per 1,noo 5,000 l.e*t buff or white envelopes. Government pattern, letter size, lithographed stamp, per (.000 1,000 best brff or white envelopes, Government pattern, letter .ize, unstamped, per 1 .tioo 5,000 be it white official envelopes. 10% by 6X inchfi. lithographed, per 1,000 90 groat st*e! pena, on cards or in boxes, (the rv A??: ? l' - vspaiminai w iats mn liuariy 01 selecting from "1! the different kinds manufactured,) par cross 11 jole p-ns. large s-z*. with silver extension holder*, oe?t maiiufac ure. per pen 40 quarta Ma) nurd A Noyes's black ink, in bottles. per quart SB quart* bast 1 .onion copying ink, Arnold's or Terry's, in bo'tie*, per quart 21 ounce tattles perine, Guyott A Co , su?erfine carmine, per bottie 1,000 quu.s, No. 80. opaque ?r clsrifie-i, par HO 75 uozeo red tape, as?ort?d. per doa 6doz-n silk tiste, per doz 4 dozen penknives, Rodgers's be?t, buck or pearl handies, large size, 4 blades or equal. p*r doz 4 dozen erasers, i&rre size, ivory handles, in own, Rodgers's best, per doz 1 dozen pairs of shears,8 inch blade, per doz I d' zen pai's of shears, inch blade, per do* 1 dozen pairs of shears, 6-inoh blade, per doz 1 dozen pairs of scusors, per doz 5 dozen nine inch ivor* folders, per doz 1 dozen rul?rs, par&llel or gutU percha, per dozen SO dilM . hl&Ak lftftii nan/111 U?? - - 1 __ ? . . - ? ? f w UW> V/VI l/Q> I ? <k? ~ sorted, p?' dozen 10doz>n beat Amoricm drawing pencil*, u sorted, per dozen 12doz?n Kabar's red and blue pedis, per dot 2 dozun *aMe brushes, assorted, p'r doz 2 dozen can el hat' brushes, assorted, per doz 2 dozen sticks best l> di% ink. per stick Si pound* extra tupeifine s?alng wax, per pound 15 pounds best qua'ity wafers, per pound 1<i pounds ba?t wh.te (um araW.o. per p and 6dozan prepared inuoiiage and brush, large, p?r doz 5dozen prepared muoilage and brush, small, per doz 10 pound* be t hemp twine, por pound in p uLds best iin*n twine, per pound 5 quarts beet bi*^k -and. per quart 6 uoz n best piepa ed lrdi% rabber, per doz. au31,sep6.18 20 pR0P09AL8 FOR REVENUE VESSELS. Tkkascky Dipahtmknt, / Washington, September 3,1861. \ TKa hor*ar4mo?%? ?' ' ? auv wrai ?|||TUI win 1 CVCI f o ytUpilMia, acoumpanied by models, plan*, and apcciiioations. unci 12 o'clock Monday, 9'ui September, 1861, for the oumple'e conitructfon and equipment cf Two Steam Screw Revenue Veaaei* of 750 tons eaoh, aad of Thre* Steam t*crew Revenue Vessels of WK) tous eaoh United Statoa mcaaurement. Proposals will only be oonsidered from suooeesful steamship bui ders actually encased in that business, ana the name of the marine steam engine establishment at whioh the maohinery is to be made mutt be stated and will have due weight The load draft ol water of the vessels of 760 tons must not ezoeed ten (10, fe?t, and they will bearinrd with one rifled pivot sun of ,WW lb*, weight, two 32 pounder guns ot 42 owt., and one heavv navy 24 pounder howitzer on the top galWnt forecastle. Th? oomplement for eaoh vessel to be 12-> persons, oarrying provisions for sixty days, and 2.80U gallons of water |n tanks: ?o be lurnished with aoondenaer ( jr distilling potable water. The vessels to i e sohooner rigged, w<th flying gaff topsails, aquare sai1, and yard to -et flrm<. The load draft of water of the vessels of 60n tons mnat not exoeed 8>4 Uet, and they will be armed, eaoh, with one rifled pivot gun or 6r'00 lbs. weight, two 32-pounders of 42 owt., and one light navy 24 pounder howitzer on the top gallant forecastle. The complement for eaoh veasel will be 9ft oar eona, c arrying provlaiona for sixty darn, and *,000 gallons water in tank*, and to be furniahed with a oondenaT for diatilling p table vaur. The vesa*la to be schooner rl?<rd, with flying gaff topsails, square sal , and yard to set tiymg. The proposals roust be far the hall, sp?ra, rigging, sails and oanvaa work, mast ooata, awnings. Fain macks and bags, boats, anchors and oab!?a, tanks, casks, bituaoles, bells, furniture for cabins and mess rooms, oooking apparatus and u term la Complete, steam n achmery, spare work, coal bunke-a filled vriih Buck Mountain coal, with all the equipments and outfits of ever* kind, and in all respects ready to reoeive her omoera, rn?u, provi o a, and armament, and at once proceed to aea. The armament.provisions, nautical instruments, an4 oharts only wil be provided by the Government. It la desirable to hate the highest attainable speed, which must be atated in the offer, together with the length of time it can be maintained and the quantity oi ooal that can be carried in the buokera for that apeed.whioh ahould not be leaa than ten days oJ twenty lour hours eaoh. The speoifioations mutt deaoribe fully the material to b? ttiad; the manner and aise of fastening; the detail of the ai>e finish, and ariangement of the machinery, and oftne varioua equipments and outfit* included in the proposa1. The plan mu?t be working drawings from whioh the vesei and maohinery o*n be built, ahowing the ai.otcnent of spaoe for aooommodations, steam room magazines, shell rooma. disposition of ooalt and oonv<.nient atowage must be provided. It ia to be underatuod that is the contract a guarantee will be inaerted of thefu hmtntof the eondition of draft of water, speed, fuel, satisfactory working of the maehinery, and other points required, with a forfeiture inoaee of failure. The bidders must atate the ieaat time from the tgning the oontraot or aeoeptanoe oi the proposal within whioh they will axiee to oomplete the vessels ready for aea and deliver them at any ports they may name. The total amount tor which they will engage to do all that ia required in'he foregoing advertisement, and to be einbr&oed in their specifications and plana, muat be stated, and the bids muat be aooooipanied by the guarantee required by law that, if awarded, th ay will exeoute the oontraot, Paymeuu will be made at four d ffrrent iu'ervala as the work progresses, retaining one-filth , 1 5) of the whole amount for ninety (90) days after the delivery of the veasel, to repair any defeots that mar us uiao(.?Yor?a wumn ibm ume oa in&i ti *? The Department re?erve? the right to aoo?pt the proposals made in conformity with the ounditions reeoribed wbieh it may oonsider moit to the interests of tbe Government and to oombine the greatest number of adrantagee, aad to rejeot any or all of them at ite option. A competent person viil be appointed by the Department to superintend the oocstraotion and equipment of eaoh of the veeeels. The spfcibo&tioBS, plana, and models of parties aot obtaining ojutraoU may be withdrawn by Umi ? 8. P. CH^BE, sep 4 3taw Baortarr of the Treasury. A (Bfrtends and the publia that he hae9 W tafcaa honee on Ninth st.f between U and K, where i K|fir &b?as: r. ' Tii? 3.1 snoca ward. V SUMMER RETREATS. SKA BATH1N0 AND SAFE RETREAT, At Point Look-Out, Maktland. Thia oe ebrated Batlnnc Place. aituated at the junction of the Potomac River with the A . . A Chesapeake Bar, will be opened by th?Vr!MW nndersignod on the 10th of June, in theJJ^Bj. very beat style, for a'l peraona who ina? wiah a safe and ?uiet retreat, where they oai. hare the benefit of the best aaJt water batv leg and enjoy the dolioaoies of the water, auoh at Piah or all kind*. Oyatera, Craba, 4o. Every description of fishing taekle will be kept for the accommodation of f neat*. A fine livery atabie kept on the farm. f leo, ten-pin alleya and billiard aaloona; with other amuaeiuenta uaually found at auoh piaoea. The table wi;l he anpphed daily with fresh vegetablea from the garden on the premiaee and from the Baltimore and Washington marketa. The beat Li*uora and Cigara will alwaya be found

at the Bar. Board, 92 per day; one week, $13; seoond week, 10; four weeka for $35; ohiidren and oolored aer vanti nail-prio?. The steamer St, Nicholas Imtn Wanliinjton Tuesday at 6 a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. m The hall pa*t 2 o'clock^, m. train from Wa*hiogton will oonnect at Baltimore with the boats, reaching Point Lookout daily ; a to, a tri weekly ttaiefrom Washington, by way of Leonardtown Address the proprietors, at Po.nt Lookout, Washington. D C., or Alexandria, Va. m 31 HEFLEBOWER. X CO . Prop'rs. DENTISTRY. JH. PEA BODY, M. D.. ScRaicaL and Me cnamcaL Dentist, havinr taken^MQ^ rooms at IVo. !27b Pa. avenue, hetweennHlfip llth and 12th sts., two doors east of the^j 11-p Kirkwond House, respeotfolly soiieits a share of the publio patronage, in the various branohes of his profession. jy 16 3m* TEETH. LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL'PLATE TEETH, il i tenus personally at his offioe .n this eityMBH many persons nan wear tbese teeth who"**1''T> cannot wear others, and no person can wear other* who oannot wear these. Persons calling at my oftoe can be aooommocated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire; but to those woo are partienlar and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art oan prod use, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 33S Pa.avenue, between tth and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Phi adel phia. oc If tf GAS FITTINGT&c. Awm t. dove & CO. RE Now pre??r?*l toexeonte any ordsrs wltk wmch they ine* f?e fa*oTe<i in the PLUMBING, 6AS OK STEAM FITTING _ BUSINESS. fur Store on ?th street,a lew doer* north of Pa. tvenus. where may be fosnd a oomiuete M?ort-r;enl of CHANDELIERS and otuer GAS, STEAM an< WATEH FIITUHKH. itt> -lv 1 SNYDER, PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Uuremarod to the oorner of Twoifth and F its. He i? prepared to introduce NV&ler a:d tiM upon the most favorable term*, aud guaranties entire attslaotion. He ha* on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which he will soilless than ooat.aa ua wi*he* to get rid of them. no 17 W ~~G A S FIXTURES. E Hare in store, and are dai.y receiving, BAB FIXTURES of entirely New Pattern* and Desisns and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore oflei d in thie market. We invite citizen* ronera! It tc tall and examine our stock of Ga* and Water Plx tree, feeling confident that we have the best seleuted stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intra*ted to ?ar ears will be promptly attended to. MYERS ft MoGHAN, mar *-tf 376 D street Qf ICE OFo^NSAPEgKRRAND SEALER Wasuiimton. Jaly, TfOTICX IS ffBRBBY GIVEN, Tliat,agreaably to the provisions of the ordinanoe of (he Corporation apsrovod May IS, ltfip, the aadersigned ? bow prepared, "whenever retnired in writing, and on pre- payment of the fee of fifty cents, to inspect, examine, teet, prove, and asoertain tho accuracy of registration or uiy gas meter in use in this city." Every meter, iffound incorrect, will be condemned and another, sealed ana marked as true. will be set m in place. If proved to be acca-aie in its rcea*pi?.nect of gas, it will besealea accordingly, and again^at in goeiuou for naa. uagg ?tv eeTeiiin RIM,(near Odd F*lHftU.J' Oeen from 8 t. m? to I?. m. CHAHL.i:S W. CUNNINGHAM, It II tf witeotor and Sea'.er ol 6u Meters. Is the only known gfySlSjjJM bMt article tt . exterminate f H?*/>Uej Onii, fe?Ante, Mot he, Flies, ?.r~" Flea*. Garden Worms 777////'7lsrTT^^7r/yWf^^^ VlBll)l|li 4li It contains no foum. RPRWKHlN'tl PII-1.** ? ? ? * H?*k ? and Mioe. M. Schwann has received certificates from the President of tiirard College, Directors of House of Refute, Pennsylvania Hospital, and other Prominent Institutions of Philadelphia ; (J. 8. Jail, Washington, D. U.; and Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La The original certificates can be seen at the Wholesale and Retail Depot. 144 North Second street, Philadelphia, and for sale in this oity by D. 1). CLARK, oorner Pa. avenue and sts., and by all Druggists and Grooe.-a. BRWARK OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. ir?* Remember to ask for Schworin's AnnihilalU i Powder. . |Q * None genuine unless signed M. ScHwniN. m* lE-fimwo FOR STAMPING a t> A r?W L"? AD DA IIVB > f AND EMYELOPE8 N 0 I *? MAVUI. I attkt lHARGEJ metropolitan bookstore. pflllp * solomons, if mil /?r Lcktmii'i ultbrmtui Lintm T*ptr$ " Milk" *<-. I*. m M-lj bet. 9tb and loth ate. npHE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT EV P. A EM RICH, ftt the corner of Penn.^ - A avenue and Eleventh street, bu bftenJCIAv greatly improved recently and r,rt-w greater tncnoementa for the patrora;o or cifixena ana strangers than any other publio house in the oitr, uis prices being less than thoee 01 any other hotel cn Peon, avenue, and his accommodations (or permanent or transient boarders nnexoeptiontble. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the tarcpean Hotel have already become very eoeilar. being all that oan be desired by the moat fastidious. The proprietor pledgee unremitted attention and oontinuMl liberal expenditures to give satisfaction to all, and thus renews his invitation *? ail to give the European Hntnl a oall. de4-ti WTRA VEL1N6 TRUNKS. E Offer for sale the largest assortment o TRAVELING TRUNKS to be found iDM this oity, oomprismg best Sole LeatherHBH| Ladies' Dress and Paeking Trunks, Va-^"B lioes. Carpet Hags, k.c., whioh we are now se'.liag at very low prioea. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., Sill P?nn. avonee. I CASH NOTICE. N Conse^nenoe of our having to pay oash for every artiole of goods we purchase, we are foroed to reduoe our business to Cash exolustvely, for the present. We hive in store a very large assortment of REAUY-MADF. CLOTHING for men and boys' w?ar, whioh are selling at a mueh lower rate than usually. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 3'J'i pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th at*. |e v (Intwl. A Rornh.i WATCH REPAIRING AND8ILVER ware manufactory: I hare one of the beat eatabliahmenta, and formatted with a complete aet of toola lor repair-** inc every deacripiion of fine Watchea, aod flH Kirtioular attention five to the aame.hy aflH 10. nth competent workman .and a.. work uiai&n bgd Al?o,every deaorip ion of atandard SILVER Wi RE. plain and ornamental, manufactured unfler my own anperviaion, whioh my euatomera will find tar superior in quality and finiah to northern ware aold by dealera in general and represented aa their ewn manofaotare. h. o. hood, ? > ixa Pa. avonwe. B???r9tk nUPONT'8 GUNPOWDER, " ifikTi&srfliSSEigttc, Sol* Atauv for tk? District of OslwmUiM, MSKsttiiSsrsf^^sra-A1^ ciei; unlerseansleo b?l(ftitth?afiNof Adtmi' t?irm OoaiMt. WaStngfrnTP- ft- fc M>t1? (WKW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?Th? H'Jsr f'-WiESr 8Um Mtrner, the VViiwr of R?v?lo?; by G*o. M* ITIM^imui, Bdk. joukiton. ALTIKIOKK LUCK HOSPITAL, H*t diit?rti tk$ ?mi C*rta%M, Spttdtr mmd ntif KJftctuai htmtdf tm tkt World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE BEL1CACT PREVENT. APFL.Y IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAROE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wiikoin at -J.? Back, Strictartt, Aftcuont W tkt kd 117a tod Bltddt? "t?Wn ,ir? SuctufN, Inponct, Gn rml Otbilit/, K*r.Toa*n**t, L)nwip?v, Lurtur, CWwm f Idtat, Low Spr.-j. ?:-;ri'.aao?i of lit* Hurt, Timidity, Tt?mblinf?, Dimu ttt of Stfiit or GutdintH, Uiiiid of li* Htad, Throat, No** or 8km, Afftctiut.aof tht Limp, Btoaatcn or B<jwtl??thttt Ttrriblt Ditordtrt anting from Solitary Uabiuof Yo?lh?ibtt* Umdfil and D*ttrve:ivt Pracuc*t vbich r*ud*r Marriar* imiwHibli. uj d*ttrc.y bulb Bod* and Mud. vr"? FT ftfil m o *? iwi/jtii man ICepe cully ?be kifi become the *( Solitary Tie*, that dreadful and deetractive habit wbich eunaally e?eepe la ui aaunely gr??e tUuudi of Voir| M*u of th* ami Salted talent* and brilliant midiec*., who nuglit oibarwiM have entranced liaietaug Benatee with ih* il. on dare of *! > uoeoce or waked to *caiacy th* living lyr*, nay call with rail confidtnc*. MARR1AUE. Mtllliri FlllOKitor Yonr.|M?ii canMtnplating Marriag*, batng a war* of physical w*akn***, organic detility, deformiuee, Ac., epeedil* cored. Ha vhotilacd hiu.aelf auder lb* car* af Or. J. may rcligi**aly conEd* in hi* bonor a* a g*ntl*rnan and confidently r*ly npon bi* (kill a* a phyeician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. I*ft band *id* r01,,g froai Baltimore a:r**t, a fa w doora froai tb* corner. rail not to obetre* iiam* and o*mb*r. L*u*r* sui; b* paid and contain a ilauf. DR. JOHNSTON, Membtraf tb* Royal ColUgp of Surreone, London, gradaat* from on* of tb* moat *oiin*nt Collect* in th* Uniud utee, and th* gteater part of whnae lif* ha* b**n *p*nt in the boapitala of London, Paria, Philadelphia and *l**vb*r*, ha* effected aotn* of tb* nioet ear** that were *?*r known; many trcablad with ringing in th* head and *ar* whin a*l**p; great nereoaan***, celng alarmed at euddeti aoande, fcaehfatneae with fr*<]acot tlae'ing, att*nd*d ometimaa with derai.gement of raind, were car*d wcinedible IT. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Young Men ud othere who ha?t lnjartd tken.eelvee by a ruin praetiet iudalgtd id when loot? habit frej?tn<le Itaruad from e?il eouipautoaa, ?r at chool, tlx of whicb art nifhtiy fait t*tn wten aaltep, and if got cared, rend ere marriage impottiblt, gad dtttroyt both mind and bodr, ebooid apply immtdiattly. Tbeee art tome of tht aad and mtlanehoiy effectt predictd by tarly babiu of rcath, ?i*: Wtakotaa of tht B?et and Limbt, Paine in the Head, Dimntaa of Bight, Loat of Maaca?ar Piwar, Palpiution of ma Htart, Dyapapty. Nereoaa irritability, Derangement of tht Digaetlvt Fanctioot, General Debility, Syirptome of Conaomptioo, *c. MBOTALLT.?Tlit fMrfnl tftcu on tht mtod art mach w ke dreaded?Loae of Memory, Confaaioo of Idtaa, Dtprtatwo f Spthta, E*il Forebodinge, A?eraion of Society, Belf-Diatraat, I^>?e of Solitodt, Timidity, ttc., art mi *f tht teilt produced. Nnroi'l DBBILITT.?Thoaaande can aov Jadgt what It tht caaee of their declining htalth, k<amg their vigor, becoming weak, pelt, Dtreona and tmaciatta, hteing a tingalar ap| taranct about tht tytt, coagh or eymptorot of coi.earopti#Oe nTSPASex of tmp?rrnrvrp When the miagnided and imprudent eotary ofyleaeare Bt.di b* h.ii imbibed the teed* of thie painful dieeaee, it toe often happen* that all ill-timed eenae of (hame or dread of tLacoeery detere him from applying to thoae who, from education and respectability, cau alone befriend him. He falie into the hand* of ignorant and designing pretender*, who, incap i r e of coring, filch hi* pecuniary eul'itjuice, keep him triluif month alter tm.uth, or ae long a* the tinallex fee can be obtained, .1 i'i deipair leaee biro a h mined hee .h to eurb e?er rn* ralluijr disappointment; or by the dm of that deadly j poieon ?Mercury?h men tbe constitutional *ytup<o<i>* of tbi* terrible diarue, each a* ASecuone of the H tart. Throat, llead, I Ik n, Ac , protfTeseing with frightful rapidity, till death pats a I I Senod to bi* dreadful sufferings by tel.du.g hirul o J.?; an- i iscaeered country from who** bourn* no trseeler retama J DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTKNCY. Iy tbi* great and important remedy weakneee of tht organ* ar* *p**dTly carad and fall ?igor r**tored. Tbtatud* of the Met r *rToua and debilitated, who bad laet all hope, feaea been immediately relieved. All impediment* to Marriage, Phyeieal ac Mental Dtecaallieauooe, Leea of Piweraatiee Power, Hereoa* Irritability, Trembling and Weakae** ai Elbaaeuoo of tba moot fearfal Mfkd anaaHil> < ? <! ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS Mini Thousand* c?rtd *i this limitation within Ik* la?l asvsnlstn ? ?r?, and etas Dimirtti important Bsrgi al oporatioas psrforraod br Dr. Johnston, antnssssd by tns 1 rsportsrs et ttas p*F?r? and many ottasr rsrtoas, uotic?> of < which Kat? appsarsd again and again bafors lbs cablic, bs- i s'dss his suuiding as s gsntlsnan of character ana rsipoasiStilly, is a saflcisal gaaramas to ttas aBictsd. marla-ly ( Dm J H MoLXAM'B ! 8TEEVQTHES1V0 CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. i THE GREATEST REMEDY %n tk* WORLD, ud the moat < m?& DKUVIOVB A KB ? Jp DELIGHTFUL Jt Esf fi CORDIAL *2 J JpMTMM riii?.V ||'.flL tfrK\/T It l* sutatly s sal- BS Roll v tsiiia sad tsgsuWkfT.4 Ma Uo?aaa*d. sta tir)d d.iuilc NJ 1 3PtV Uaa ?f raau . ?i?? ?3? ~-W V^?>a aad karka. Taltav uL & ^W4R tMk, Biaad iMl, KKl link ItM.ltlllfl- *i jB Wk rlUa, Wild Ukiri; yi< JoM B Bark, aid Dudiilu fflja aaitri laia lla aa?< "**^t i f?dlal pilnlyli pHUhP afaaak lafradiaa Before talSf, WT IVuii? ^cr ^kinj. diatllliar, aradaai'f a daltalaaa, ni iuuli( apim, aad u? Ml lafaillkla iiaidf far rtaarailaf Ik* d ituad tpua, ! aad raaiarlaf Ua alai, aafanaj, ud daklliuiad laraild ta J kaaltk aad lUiaftk. MtLMAITS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afaataally aara kiaar iUmpIalal, Dfaaapata, Jaw- < dlaa, (Jkrwaia ar Barraaa Dakiltt;, Diaaaaaa ad ua Eidaaja, . aad all diaaaaaa arlalaf Iraa a diaardarad U>n ar Siaaaak, farayalt, flaartkara, lavard Pliaa, Aaiditv ar Biikaaaa al Ua luaaaak, Failaaia af I:aad ta tka flaaa, Dmil Pata at Bvlaalaf la tka flaad, PalpUauaa af Ua Baart, Pahaaaa ar Watfkt la tka Blaaatk, Baa/ Braatauaaa, Okatlaf at ~ Pb?IIb* akla lavib* !!? ?? - V .lU?r IU ( ika Ikla ud /H, fclfkikwaau, lavtrd ttvara, rata la U* totall af Ui Ink, Ckaat, > ltd*, fladdaa riukn af Baal, ttfiiulw af Spirit*, Frif kifal tniai, bifU*! IllMdMir ?l any urrtu tltiui, bill at Rlauka* M lk? IkU, ud Fatai ud ipi (u CklUi ud ||Ml 9TMM A MILLION BOTTLES Iiti kata Mid daita* tkk latt >11 maaika, ud ta aa taiiuu ku It fallkd la fTViaf aollra aatiafaatlaa. Wkt, tkaa, will aafat fraai W >>&? * ai Dakltlij vkaa MckSAM* miMTiBNIld CORDlAfc vlll lira jn11 a likfaaf a lu win; aa aa*<aau Idaa af ika laatdlat* ud alaiaat aliuilNi tkaafa prada??d kj taklaf ttl* Catdlal la tka dlaaaaad, daktlliatad, ud akaltaiad aar*aaa lytiaaa, vkalkar krakaa daara ky aaaaaa, will ky Batata, at tapalrad k; alakaaaa, tka falaaad ud aaatnokf atful> tailaa U raatarad la lu fflailaa kaalik ud r\gm MU.SM.ISD fM&SON&i a* atkara, aaaaataaa af taakllliy fran vknarai aaaaa, vlll ad KlUlll irilMTIUIIK CUUlik a Ikaraafk layaaaialaaa# Ika *y*t*B; ud ail vka aaa* ktvt la httad UaataUaa ky lapraaar ladalfaaaaa will Cad ta tkla Cardial a aartala ud apaady raa*ady. TO THE LADIES. MaUIAMt BTfcUICTMZJimc OOUIAk la a **?aralfa lai if ttdy aara fat la alp! an Caoaaaptlaa, WfcHaa, eetnated at BlSaalt MeaatrmauaBJ Beaettaeaea ai trtaa at lataluiatr Plauatra tkaraaf, ralllaf af tka Waak, Iddlrta*, FalaUaf, tad all dlaauaa laaldaat ta Faailia. laaAjg jo nu niaiu? AtiUUT IT Mil m iMfii. Tin It aaaardiaf la diraatiaaa. It vUl atlav.ata. lUUfUu, Ul larlfarala J?1 ui UHt ita IIhn < iMUtt ia MUt jnr akaak i(ala. Itif; katllt la imiul w |t?l uUihiUH. FOR CHILDREN, II ?n aklldtta art alakly. pvny ar aaiatad, MeklAVI CO EDI A k vlli aiki ikta Millk*. (at, ui Da lay M a aaat< ttj It, aad yam til ka aaarlattd. lite daHalau utata. ivr/Oir, I* wart af draf flata at daalaia wfca Hay try ta pais im yaa una kluar at aaraapanlla traak, wkiak tkay aaa (ay aktap, ky atria r It U laat aa r?4. A raid aack aaa. Aak far HckLAMt IIKIiniUIM CO KOLA la, aad laka aatklDf alaa. It la tka aoly ramady tkat will parity tka llaad tnaraafklT tad at tka aaaa tlaaa airaaftkaa tka tyataa. Out itatpaaoral lakan aTtry ntaroln J faauag la a aanala pratantitt far Ckalara, Ckilla aad Ft'tr, Tallav Tatar, a* aay pravalaat dlaaaat. it la pat ap la larrt kaulaa. Pnaa aafy #1 pat katllt, at ( kaultt far #E J7 . MckEAJT, Bala prapriatar af Ikta Cardial; alaa, Mabaaa*a ait an a 01 Maa?t Hatlpal Otpat aa tka aaratr af Tkird aad Plat atrttu, ?t. kaalt, If a. oLmii's Yelo&nio Oil Liniment, ( iut btmMnrr l* tie woun.i Tka aaly taft aad aanala a art fcr Caaatn, Pllaa, Tfc art, wtllioft aad raockila ar Caltra, Faralrait, tart lata, Waakaaaa ar Ua Maatlat, Ckraaia ar lnlammatary lkA?aa?iat ItiffRiAi ml tk* JftinU. iwftld M ?mm |j Cuuki ar IM j 0?u, Wtu<<i laaia, ti utl laplaa, Iviii, ?" ? tai*?aaauaa M malm difaraaaa Imv ar lanf 4??mi ut CVV Mlatad, McbKAJtV CBIIuMuKMW fa 1 k?tnf( Iiti km ntid a ltfa *f Ala wapttada ui miaary ky tka hi aTikta iavalaakta raaady. MeLXAWS YOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Wtu raliara M1* >! >?t tnatialaaaawaly, ud it will tlaaa, ftfy aad kaal tka faalaat taraa ia aa luaradikla ah art uaa. FOR HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMAL8. MtkEANt C KUK BRATID LIK1MIWY la tka aaly Hk ul talUkla raaady far tka aara af Iparta, Ijartaaa, WmdralU, Bpllata, nnataral kanpa, Hadaa at Bvallian. It aa?ai ftuad ta aara Big Batd, Palla*U, FtaMria. Old msriof mim, a* ? *, it mil ilikrf. vw pniii, iiiimi, itrtukn, cnilid itali, ckafai, will > cauai mk, c?u, km, > w?fa, uuu laluum* ? <; 4pyl7uuliimu4uiihnuhnililarnt ibstss^s. tkm utfta m laafat vtth tka but tojlwh rfiadwth. owsto a ?aj*!? w di. mckbajtb cskb""^'^RSSSit'tSKV atlui iwttlw fa. a*., aa?a ajam te wagly Ato*% fii'Sfi, i.W? R?iIS^*iS?niS(i? rtmm fcttkfcl JWJl . _ ,r .. 4 % stesufej THE WEEKLY 8TAK. Ui exetUaat Family ui New* Joarmal?M<ilila| a pwhr nrMf Intaraattag roadtag tkan ru be tons* la any Hkw It pvbUabat a Friday aonilB(. Taaaa?Oi?*, MMhatlf, * i<>hh. l rvitle copy, per an nam .Si M Five ooplea 4 7S Ten Mpl? | fti r??tytw copies KM It lMWiably eaauiutw "WMklaftaa Neva' Mmt baa made 7\? Dm.tip Jtmmlmg Stmt circulate ao generally throughout U?? country (^Single capita (la wrappera) can be proMl rmd At thtf 1 ilu,> , ......jr WW um taauO of t hr fxprt P^cf-THRKK CENTS p t O P O 8 A L I. Natt DtriETxnrr. I of Yards ami Dockt, Sept. 4, UM V ?K*T *? f'?OPO?*L?. for e*Oh ciaaa WfMtalf. endorsed M rro^oMli for Claai No. (MM the eiaaa> for the N%rj Vard at(UM the yard Jf wul be reo?iv?d at thia ofto? until boob oa the to day of Oetobe<-next, -or fnrniakinf mm deiiroria# at the tavera. Navy Yards named, tho MMtU aad articiee mWaoed in printed ached u'.ee vhttb ni bo fanrahod oa appTWi^ a^Taer} by omT. if eo r* 4?eat*d. to *rcob? dwnn to t?for to eoatraot for any y all ofthe olaeaoa until U train. t? Um Com mandanrao'ih# ?eye??l f|*?y > arda, for tie olftaor f. r the yarda under their ooanmaod. or toy the Nary Ac?bt caareu thereto, or by the Haraaa for any or all the yatla. TV prevent com fusion and mittabes 4m scnlmm tkt vfftrt, no bid will be T'cmd tektck cmiimu (Uimj for ?? tkm one par J r* em* envelope, ud eaoii [?.u vidua; of a firm muat airn the hid and eontraot Hidd* a are herrt.j oaatioaed aad parUen.ariy notified that their oflera muat be la tbe form here siafler preeonbed. and be mailed in ume to reaeh their doatinatioii before the t: me exairea lor receiving them; no l<i wW be ronndertd which ?4mII be reteired after the period stated and no eUltmamu will bt mal* far /ntlmru of the mail. To ga?rd agate at offers being opened before the time appointed, biddera are reaaeatod to ea4otne on me envelope, aoove the MidrtM, aad draw a lice nnder the endorsement, Ihui: "Pronotais /er CTau So. (namt lit clm?t) fm tkt Savy Yard at (aawi? tkt yard f To the Chief of the Bureau of Yards ud Doofca, Washington, 0. C. Fota or Orrti. . , , i Here date the offer.; I.(here mrert the name or nam** oorapoeing the firm.) of < ama the town.) .ci the (Mate ol i Mate tha 9'ate.) here?y offer t^furnah under yoar adrer tiaement dated (date of advert ae neat faad subject to all the requiremeute of the eame, and of the printed aohedule to which it rafara, a'l the arttelae embraeei in Claee No. (nave the c aau) for the nary yard at inane the yard.) according to aaid aohedule, viz. (hare paste on the printed ola?a from tt.e schedule, and oppoaite each article set the prioe arH carry out the amount ia the eouro-a for d?! a-a and cents and foot up the aggravate amount of tha hid for the claee,) amounting to (hata write tha amount in worde.) 1 propose ae my agent (hare nam* the one te required by tbe echedulr) for the eapply ao(l*r th? rluix - ?? -* ? -* ?? ? - - ..? . w i ivuvm u 1/JT rn QUI TWI VVOl Ol the plao* of delivery; acd aboald my offer be ae cepted. I r^qu??t the contract may he prepared awl eeot to the nary acent at (name a?eney) for aUnaturee acd certificate. (Here the bidcer and each member of tbe firm to rt?n ) Foaat or GvAKAjirtm. The nnderaicn*d (name of gaarantor)of f name the town i aud state of i name toe < name of eeeocd guarantor. Ac ,) hereby undertake that the above named < name tbe bidder or b'ddera) will, if hie [or their] offer m above be accepted. enter into contract with the United State* within fifteen day* after the date of notioe thr iijh the poet < ffioe of th?* accep:anceol h:f [or their] off ?r before men tionerf. (Signatureol guarantora.) W i?ne*a: 1 certify that the abo-e named (here name the guarav* ralare known to me to be go A aud re {.or.sil>le rna -atom :n th * cat*. (Signature.) To be eigned by the diatrict jnice, diatriot attorney, ool ector. l evy acent, or eome perecn known to the bureau to be rraponaibie. PORTSMOUTH, N. H. Claaa No 6 White pine, apraoe,jumper,and ovpreaa; claaa No. 9. Gravel and aaed; elaea Iron, iron na la, and apikea; claaa No. IS. Steal; claaa No. i?. Ftlea; claaa No. 1&. Ship chandlery; Blaa: No. 17. Hardware; e'aae No. It. Scationei y, o aaa No. 23. Beiting, packing, and hoee; olaea No. J6 Augera. I Boston. Ulass l\o 1. Frielrt; olass No.I. Stone; olaas No. 1 Ye low pine Uiaber; cia*? No. 5. Oil u4 hkrC wood timber and lumber; o ?m No. 6. Wb'tepuM, iprnce, juniper, aid oppress; olass No 7. Lim*. i.air, and plaster: class No. >. Cw?tt; ?1im No H Bravel atd inr/d; class No. U. Iron, iron niM. tnd nail*; olass No. 12. Steel; elan No. ll Hl iron; e.ass No. 15. Paints, oil*, and (iaa?i ottm So. 17. flardv-ar*. NEW YORK. Claw No. 1. JJrioks; class No. 9 Tollov ytao timber; class No. 4. Yellow fine 1 amber, else* No. i Oak and hard wood; elaea No.6. White piae, iprnoe, oypress, and juniper, c!a?s No. 7 Lima, hair, and piaster, c an No. >. Cement; elate No.*, (jrsvel aad sand; class No. 10. ?iate; t M No. it. Iron, iron spike*, and nails; etaee Wo.IS. Pis iron; si ess No. 15 Pamtt. oils and giaee; eJaee No.l* Shis chandler*; *lau No.]?. Hardware; aiaes No. B. Belting, packing, and nose; class No. IS. Iron work, fco. V phVadklphia. P H. Kn * V.IUtf .i? ? *?- - ? ??- " ? ? ?1IVW J> ?? v? HIA'I , ur?a HOt o. Llalr and hard wood; 9axe No 6. Whit* bum, ip'uoe. juniper, and *y|fteae; ?kN No. 11. I'oa, ron rpikeaand naila; class nip. II. File*; class No 7 Hardware; olaaa No. iS. Be.tin*, pa?kmc,and loac; clan No.26. Augers. WASHINGTON. Claaa No 1. Brioka: claaa No.5 Oak and sard rood; c ms No 6 White pine, apruoe. jumper, ind OTprcea; o.a?a No. 11. Iron, iron spikes. an<S .aila: c aaa No. 12. Steel; o ui No. 14 Files; a a*a No. IS Paiata, oila, and rlasa; olaaa No 16 Sbis iha&dlery; c aaa No. 17. Hardware; olaaa No. M. Sperm and lubricating oi ; claaa No 37 Anth>*oiu soai; claaa No. JS. Bituminoua Cumberland ooai. The aohedule will atate the tinea within which irt olea will be required to be delivered, and where the printed schedule la not used, the periods staled n it tor deliveries must be oopied in the bids. All :he articles wtuoh ma; be ooutraoted for ma at ho 1 ?l. \ ara.l fr eiirt^ bIoa* 1 ?~ ? v^c B?VM ^IOWVI piavra, lUOmUiBl UTB|* M:* Mid cartage to the alaoe vbtr* used within the navy yaida, reapeotively, for which the offers a?w nac*. aa m\y l>e u.'wted by the oomroa: die* ofb >er thereof; and. all other tnings being eeual. preference will be given to Amenoan manefa*tare. No artiole viil be reoeivad after the expiration of ;he period apecified in the aehednles for the oom letion of deliveries nnieee apeoially aathonsed by (he Department. In oompating the oiaaaea, the pnoe ata'ed in the oo'.aian of inoaa will oe the standard, and the aggregate of the olaaa will be carried out aooording to the prioee atated it la to be provided in the oontraot. aad to be distinctly understood by the bidders, that the aaosat and number of articles enamerated in olaseee beaded "Miaoei aneous" are speoiied as tkeretaquantity which may be repaired, as well as to lix data for determining the lowest bid ; bet the contractor is to fhrnish mora or lees of the Mid enamerated aruoiea, and ta turk (assitfwi, mmd di tuck timet, aa tk* b-urtmu or remwtsadawi may rttuirt; such lii or ease, however, aot to exoeed ooaha f of the quantities atate.1 iand requisitiona seat through the poet oftoe shall be deemed esCcieet noUoe) daring the fieoal year ending the 90th or June, 1862; and whether the ^n&iiutiee required be more or less than those specified, the pneee shall remain the eame. All tae artioiee nnder the oontraot mart be of the t>eet quality, delivered in good order, free of all tnd every charge or expenae to the fiovernmeat, and aubiect to <he mspoouon, oouat, weight, or raeaaurementof the said navy yard, and be in all rMpocu mnwcior? w ini oommannati thereof. Bidders are referred to the yard tor plana, iNtii sations. or samples. and any farther de*on?t.ot of the article*. When bidder* shall be in doubt as to Che precue articles named in the schedule, thay will apply to the commanding otfieer of the navy rard and not to 'mpicytn for deacriptioa of tbo article or articles in doubt, which information the said officer will five in writing. Contractor* m sia*se* headed "Misce.iaoecue," who do not r*nde near the plaoe where the artiolee are to be deiver*d. will be required to name in tueir proposals ui agent at the eity or princ pal plaoe near tao yard of delivery, who may be called opoo to deliver artide* tntkout dtlay when they shall be res sired. Approved laroties in the fail amont of tke oontract will be required, and twenty par tsttia a* ulditioua! **ourity deducted from each pay west until the contract *hail have beaa oomIiM or sancelled, aniens otherwise authoriaed by the Da partment. On classes ol artipUa heacedvMleoeilaneous," to be delivered as required curing the Iscal year, the twenty per oeatm iwtotiwTMy, U the a ccretion of the ooaiuaadaat. be paid quar tarly on the first of January, Aaril, JalrTaad Oetober, when the deliveries have been saujsSotor <. tnd the baiaLoaieighty per oeat.) will be paid by &e preeentat ioc*of bltla,ln tnphoate' dm!y^oewkCd No f*r? ol the per owtin imw led Utotepti intil all the rejected ariioiee offered id4*t tbi sob not shall kavi ben reio red from ,L* ?-- ? ipeoialty aethonaed by th? l'-yar*?Tst It will be stipulated in the oontraot, that If 4e[en It stall be made by ibe parties oftae iret part n delivering all or any ol theartiele* meicoswi :t key olaee bic for, of the eaeJity aad at the p a?see above provided, then and la that eaae the laid patties vill forfeit ard pay to the laltec States a earn of mouey not to ixeeei telaetke iiaoBbt of such o a.*, wtneh May be reooverea. irom time to tine.aooording mtheaot of Coagraas in tuatoaee rrovid*d,appi<?v<-d MarenS. 1M. The ?nr?ti* ineet >ui Ik* aoatithot,aM IhMr responsibility b ?crrtifi?w to by a navyageat. aoiector, district atu?*e , mm other persaa. s&tisfaotoii y knows to t*e hsreae. It ta to berrorue.i in the outrsot that the bareaa thai Lave the power of arm* lung the ooatrast. without loss or i ioia<e tonie6 emeeet, ta oaee oa?res? shall not aave ?ade semsifl a?rye?j?ioi s f * tl??. articles name?i. or for the eoiapleti- a of works -stiu.aied f?r. and on vhioh this aever tieemeot is basod, and . ha I also have the power te iimr^ui or di mini ah fn? auftotitiAi nmmmd km tk* o MM* not t)ft?d?d " Mleoallswoee" liuie wb*ju cent an. P?rioni whoM offers tfcBU bt B?o>?t?d wi'l ko notified Dt lotUr tferourk th? port titt, vtueh notioi ball boooDiiCer**! illfwt; |iil If Um do doi m?'*t into oon tract for IM miUM 'Mil 4 withui tfokn d*T? from th? d?U o( Bofio* trim Uw bar-M of tb? uo?pta?M oftkBtr mATb m a at will b? mad? with mm otkor ynoi or wiom. kw?A5?3E A utlrri oot Bhi* U KrMl NV?r?ll| Vltk t* II ^Srn. will, at tko optios of IM karaaa. ? MaAoaikaiaaftar MMf * praoC)?V ^ N|Mvi?* *. 'jj&if* ^

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