Newspaper of Evening Star, September 14, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 14, 1861 Page 3
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% LOCA I. NEWS. fry T-'n*. i Tk? >t.? */> the fait* r 0euc. ""clfc "* "^a?9r?. fN edition to ?r brjr ? * "re it *? Or ptrt *> tr~m ,t tn . ?H?Uuf tfcereft^. I be Ml ia V* - ' o'cJoe* ra ; <?,*,!? ?( tppe^f u-i-? the next d?? ' Hern.?DlMet of Colon M? ti? l. ?1 tad temre< d fj^rr Tir* s?T*t o?r#. I?* ?* t** 9srom> W*iD ~~ ?nf ponrwnrK^nirJ'uii:: iti down to Thirteenth. (a locality q?v> nolo, rfsas recently.) w?a excited br a row at the reafcnraat kept bT Usher 4 Mitchell A company ?{ me* had congre??ted there, and among them (rveral of the old police force and aome of the ,>ev York fancr A quarrel occurred In the boose between Jamea H. J?nlt. ei-poltrero*n of the Third Ward, and a soldier Hard words wrn naed, and a Igbt was about to enane, when It wis rrevented by the bystanders The soldier went oat rnd returned with a pistol. Inquiring tor "that d?d Louisiana son of a b?h," and r#eopali1ng Solt. ran up to him snd presented the pistol Salt seised htm. snd the pistol went of In the collision, fortunately wltLent Injuring anyone Salt and the soldier fought until Mr. T F, Pen die of the metropolitan poIl<"?. arres'ed S-itt Tb? ProvMt Guard csme up ana too* irm to the central gu^-d-bonae Theaoldlcr waa taken by 9arauel 9p?u din*. formerlr of tbe auxtllary guard. and delivered to the Proroet Guard I^ew Baker, wbo la notorloua among the roughs of .New Vork and elaewhere aa "the man wot killed Bill Pnole," got Into tbe muaa. and aurceeded In obtaining the platol, and uaed it aa a ''billy" to beet off peraona who tried to check tbe row; but Andlng tbe Provcat Guard and othera getting the upper hsrd be tried to escape, bot waa forced to urreoder to tbe Proreat Guard Laat night, Justice Donn waa aent for, and pro. reeded to the euard-bonae, where Suit waa conCaed, and began a preliminary hearing, but tbe rrldcnoe wm ao conflicting aa to who were tbe guilty partlea. that tbe magl>.trete releaaed Hint opon aecurlty for a further hearing on Monday next, when all the witn< a?ea will be summoned * ? V>*" "<< h?t.n tknnl th. sod body, and several otbera who are more or leas Implicated, were hurt Id the riot The necessity for the speedy uniforming of the police was made apparent by the fsct that those of the force present were not recognized as officers by the crowd T*i Piizi Yacht T. J. Ivasis.?This vessel cleared from Bslttmore about the 27th of August last, bound for Anamissic river After Its cap> tare it wis found to have on board four large, boxes percussion csps, four Colt's revolver*, six boxes of aurgical Instrument*, one box of canon primers, snd several bales of gutta percha mattress covers and blanket* Two men were wailIs* her. one of them, George Henry, said to be the owner of the cargo snd captsin, snd the other who asld be wsss hired hand, and gav? bianame ss Thos. R. Stewart. ThecapUin,a green band, seems to have been sbont equal to the cflcers of the Forbes In bis management of a brat,and after 1 tk. * T 1..n. ...... J irverfti mivinpi, iur . ^ ivsus IBU t^ruuna high sad dry at CUy Island Here abe waa taken poMesaloa of by the people tn that Tlclnlty, who boarded ber Commander El?, of thf U. 8. scboorer Dan|, wbo left Plney Point a day or two before. In atareb at be*, after petting oo ber track, followed ber down and found ber at Clay laland. Mr Gcorce Henry bad eoraped, but Mr. Stewart waa irrested. Capt Henry waa aubeequenMy arretted bowerer, bv tbe authorities in Dorchester coonty, about 15 miles from bis craft, and waa tamed orer to the commander of tbe Dana He and tbe other man were taken on abore by Commander Ely. and Mr. George Henry made bla escape. Tbe other prisoner was brought to the county Jail yesterday, and Is being examined by Commlasloner W. R Woodward, In the oAee of the jsll, this morning Tbe pilots on tbe river say Thos R Stewart la a felened name; that the prisoner's name la Daniel Bird, and tbat be belong* to Accomac coanty, Va Tke i isarl is a small oce, about the usual tSx? of pltesnre boats BadBots ?Yesterday afternoon,* youth named J me* Delay, acting as orderly to sn army r fleer, was seat from the W sr Department with a message to some person on tbe (aland He returned by way of Fourteenth street bridge. He had been told to hurry. sod was running across the public square south of the President's House towards tbe Department, wbea be was ordered to stop by group of four or flTe half-grown bovs, who seemed to have been out shooting, as they had bird guna with them Being anxious to return In season, be Alaregarded their peremptory order to stop, whea be was lired at by tbe party, the shot entering his arm. aide and back. He bled profusely before being taken to bis home, on^L street, be nreen rouneentn ana nneentb. Tbe shot were extracted by Dr Lovejoy, and found to be smallsized bird (hot. Tbe young ruffians who fomreHtcd tb'.a outrage should be ferreted ont, If possible, and promptly pnnisbed. loinni Rcifjrmo nrr Slaves ?Two companies of tbe Tbird Regiment of Sickles' Brigade, which have been on an expedition through Anne Aroadel county, atopped on tbelr return at Mr. Washington Bell's, In Prince George's coontv, I aad were treated la a moat hospitable manner. Tbey repaid bla klndneaa by carrying off with them tbree of bla beat slave* Mr George \V. Derail, ona af tbe newly appointed patrolmen for tbe coontv. aaw them and tried to reclaim their, bat tbey escaped from him, and be waa laughed at by tbe soldiers He succeeded, however. In arresting one "contraband" who was following tbe coaamacd and would not tell hla muster * name. Be waa lodged la jail. CiXTn Mabkxt ?This morning tbe Market flpicc Vftt V?PV mrrh s>rr\xmrA^A Ka* r wrj wajj;uu?, bom*. Jtc , Indicating a more th*n average attendance of country dealer* Tbe gangway* were thronged with purchnaers from an early hear, and the demand was active and sale* br?k. Tbe new It appointed officer* of tbe Metropolitan Felice were represented In the Market, by several who were detailed to enforce the regnlatlona there Tbe lncreaae of unlicensed dealer* will afford them opportunities of acting for tbe Corporation la tbe service of warrant*, and tbe caaea will no doubt aettletbe disputed point as to extent of their autborlt)(lii aacb case*. Good Bsotx.hxo ?Laborer* and pavers are lew to be seen at work repairing tbe carriageway o( Pmnaylvanla avenue, which bas been permitted to get wofully out of order during tbe past two vears. In some of tbe most public placet rats as wide a* the wster main treacLea and extradtag many rarda, bad been worn in tbe r reets: ilea bellows, deep and dangeroua to the safety or k*in *nd carriages Tbe new Com miss oner nr Public Buildings baa directed the immedia e re> pair af theae placea. and the workmen, under the operation of Mr Coarles Stewart, a competent superintendent of such matter*, are buaily employed Lo*a Ramoi ? During the aktrmlsh at Lewlna rl'.Ie a day or two alnce several sbot and shell fell an this side of the river at and near the receiving rtserrolr of the Washington aqueduct. The attendant there hes one shell ni exploded, and several fragmenta, which be picWd up during the Igbt This reservoir Is about half a mile from the river, and is above the Chain Bridge. A nc-sic this year is a novelty. Indeed; and the announcement of one to be held at Humphrey* Jt Jaennemann'a on Monday will attract the a'tenHon of all who want to enjoy a day of relaxation from business cares Great preperstloBs have been msde to give satisfaction, and we doubt not there will be a Urge gathering on the occsslon R?lie of Jir? Davia ? D?cer Kimball, executing s Judgment in favor of E. ? White Iftlut P TVk?BAV ... _ . ?? ? IV* UpVU UH tk WWIIknown to Ik* kniKbta nf tbe whip ma ? Jeff. Da?.? It need to Ke JefTa private carriage when to realded bm, but wu converted Into a ptibllc hack iftM bl* return to Dixie Seceabera will no Aoabt bid high at the conatable'a Mle A Soldi** &ta**?d ? Last night, coaple of aaldien got Into a difficulty on Capitol Hill, id whicb they **e<l their bey one ta rather freely, whereby e*e oi them waa wounded aeferelr- Tbf Injured sc.** W*a taken to tbe hoapital. The other aaciped, ud bad not bees captured tbla morning. ActipnnT ?Color Sergeant Joaepb Floyd, of Company B, 19th Maaaaebusetta Regiment, bad h a foot cruabed on Tbaraday afternoon, br a wagon wheel peaatng over it He waa tak?n to the R-atrMt Hoapltal, la^oing well thla morning. Ma wiu dm hit* to raoer amputation. CtT a Bctt** ?Goo T Ferris, of the "targta K'tos f MeClellan's body guard) had hla leg ?crid?ti tally cut with a acytbe by a comrade VMrrday on tbo Mall. Tber wore cutting grass fceo the accident occurred. It Is only a flab Woo ad Fmit oa tbb Avuti ?A fracaa occurred on U* Avenae tn the vicinity of Browa's Hotel last Cht, occasioned It ia Mid by a party of young ?? auriuiiKiM jra imtm vblrb w? Mntfd *1a military officer, *b?a be and hit friend were Maajiwd. and for a time It wma quite lively in feat neighborhood SwnM5 is ? Veeterday. Mr Jobs H Tbomaa w'-'t to the btfice of Ju?tlce Doao and took'he M'.a prcacr b?d by the police regulation*, before roerlag upon bia d ;tlea ae AaalaUnt rtuperluteu ent of tM Metropolitan Police for the Dlatrict of CeiBBibU ' To i:err. a meat excruciating programme at Fellowa' Hall, one that will teet walatbanda ***xiagly For geaulne fas, the Campbell'* cwnbrbeat Don't mtaa tbla eraalng'a bill. Arrot*rift!it 4*0 Rb*oval ? Jacksoa Pum?Ti Sli #y*B n u^otra if 9 rtwotf^. i Ciktbal OvABsaovac Ciau-fi/m Juttit* Tktmptm ?A large namber of persona were brought la br tbe Metropolitan Police, and for the moat part diapoeed of aa follows Mary Harrlngton, disorderly; flnod SI "5 John Doyle, drunk, disorderly, profane, and Impudent, workhonse 60 days Mary Flanlamn. drank and dlaorderlv; do 60d*vs ftarah Smith, do.; do 00daya David Harrington and Michael Baldwin. dlaorderlv conduct, fined ?! M each. Patrick Derlne, disorderly, profane, and threatening* female; workhouae 90 daya William Sbafer, dlaorderlv; fined SI ih Franklin l.athrop. dronk: workhouse 30 daya Mlehael Clary, do ; do 60 dara. Wllllsm Jones, drunk and dlaorderly; fined SI 1M Henry Clark, drunk aod vagrant; workhonse 60 daya Patrick Mart, drunk and dlaorderly; fined SI 5* _ Boaid or Hkalth ?The Board of Heelth was assembled, br order of the Mayor. yeweraay ?iternoon it 5 o'clock, to take Into consideration the subWt of dead and dtsessed horses within the coriwste limits. public attention being attracted to the matter by the large number of Uorernment bora** In tbe cltT- No quorum being present, the Board adjourned until to-day noon Ta iiap?Tbe board met purcuant to adjourn* ment, a quorum being present, hut tbe fact was ellclt d tba: tbe board was no Board of Health, tbe taw requiring a new board to be appointed every twelve months, which has not been done. Tbe Mavor will probably nominate membera for a new board at tbe meeting of the Board of Aldermen on Monday. Goh* ihto Camp ?Our District Columbia Vol nniwr Kegimem, v;oi. j. a. ran, proceeaea today to their encampment on Meridian Hill. Tbe encampment is called Camp Thomas In compliment to the Adjutant Gen-rral of the United States, under whose auspices and superintendsnce this regiment Is organizing- The regiment receive their arms and accoutrements to-day, and In a short time will become In effectlvenes second to few In the United States service. All the officers have served in the three months service, and are eminently qualified for their respfctlve positions. The camp Is to be a camp of instruction, and eight hours each day will be devoted to drill practice. Bio Haul or Secessionist* i!t Rockvillk? A '"Pkack" Mrktiko Bkokk* Up.?A messenger arriving In this city yesterday momlne, reports that on the preceding day a '-peace" meeting had been called to take place In Rockvllle, which had been projected by a number of prominent secessionists In that place By order of Oen. Banks, a considerable force of F'-deral troops was en hand at tbe b;-ur appointed for tbe meeting, who arrested some twenty of the JM>t prominent peisons concerned therein ?RepuOnean. Foc?id !!? the Casal ?A package of letter*, neatly tied together with a btark cord, wsa found floating in the canal by Mr. A. Hatch. They were left at Jnatlce Johnaon'a office for the owner. Among them la the declaration of Jaa. Gilligan of hia intention to become a citizen of the United Statea, and a letter referring to a family difficulty. Fuoitive PiAVBa ?Major Cooper of the Kentucky Cavalry brought to thiacity thia morning two fug III vealava of citizena of Marlboro and HNrataway Md , and delivered them uffto Justice Donn who aent them to jail. If the ownera are loyal they will be restored. Nixt Mo>dat evestss the Union Boys'Mount Clare Club give one of their grand cotillon oartle* at Stott's Hull. Don't mlM It, but get your sweetheart, bay your tickets, and dc on band. Whit*iick?t, 4J4 Pennsylvania avenue, furnishes superior Card Photoprapbf, suitable for sending In letter*. Bee his ltkenrssr-s of distinguished men, views of camps, etr. Photographs In oil and water colors and pastel, from miniature to life site. au 17-eolm MAKK1KD. On the 12th ms'ant, by fh? Rev. Father Walden, JOHN WKL.LS to KMZA RUSBEL, both of Wtahincton. * On the 12th instant by the Rev. Dr. Gorier, THOMAS* V. LINKIN8 of Washington. 1) C., to HELEN DRUMMOND, ol Prince George's oonnty.Md. * OIIOi On Wednesday. September 11, 186', after a hnrertng illre*s ELIZABETH JANK, daughter < f the lata Wm H. Mam*, ated to years "Pains and ach*a no more distress thee, In that happy la-d above, And th? blessed little spirit Sweetly whispers, God is 1 jve." On the 13th imtinL Mr JOSHUA HII TOV Hi* funeral will take p'*ee this af'erro n, at 4 o'clock, from hi* lata residence, on22d at , between Hand I. * WANTS WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Onaor two furnished I ODGINO ROOMS, in a f rivata familr, on high ground, where there are faw or no moMuitoea. Apply at 03 Pa. avenua se 14 3t* HOUSE WANTED?Wanted to rest, a mod ern-built Dwe ling-house, con aintng 7 to 9 rooms ; would be taken with or without furniture Parson* having suoh a hou?e may find a good tenant by addreasing "Howard," Star office It* I^OTTAGE WANTED TO RENT.?A perma Vv nant tenant, who will pay in advance, and ha* no ohildrer. wishes to rent a pl?atantlT situa'ed Cottage, of 3 O' 4 rooms, withiu a short ui> tacoe of the Treasorv Mui'dir g and the Market. Addre?a Boa No. S4W Post Office. se 14 3t* WANTED?A BOY. Alao wan'ed, loU of Books, Old jjoc smeits, New Doonm?nts. R*re O d I'apera, Autorrsphs. Cotn??ar.r thing ouncua. unique, wonderful, odd New Tr*&<u t Notes wan.e<l, at ? per cant, preni u-n AlFREt) HUNTEIl, a 14-3t* Willard*' Hotel Square WAN'KD IMMK.DIATr.LY-A good DO MESTIC TAKE B?KEtC Afp.j at the comer of K and Eleventh ate ee 13-2t* WANTED-A hundred WOODCUTTERS to 0h0D 0:>rd word, fnr whinfc I 1 ?.11 -- - , - - ^ |?WI UVIU Win b? raid "Asply at th? Kirkwood rionae.or at I-;nthicum's Hardware Store, oorner High, near Bridge tt., Geo getnwn ; or, for farther information. at the ttar Oifioe. >e 15-1 w* JAME8 H. LEACH. WANTED?A WOMAN aa cook; one who thoroughly understands her lm?ine?? ; none other neeJ ap?iy ? 309 F street, betw en 11th and Hth sts. ?18 3t* WANTED-A HOUSE, with or without Furnitnre, central, modera' e rent. Ailuress "M aria," this office. se 11 WANTED-A good WOMAN HOU*K SERVANT; alto a MAN SERVANT. Both must oome w?'l recommended. Colored preferred. Inqoire at 4^.'i F at. se 9 WANTED?T<> have ever* body to call at SMITH'S, No 460 Seventh ?t.. orp n't. Post Office.ard sure1 a?e their fail aad WINTER CLOTHING. TRUNKS, HaTS and CaP"?, at the very lowest prices. Give him a call, au 30 lm tvr ? *- ? * , *?.? i r.v.? >? r> are now nuyinr 8KCND HAND Fl RNITURE.?TOVErt?Ld BKD DING, for whioh we ar? paying the highest c&ah prices. Families declining housekeeping, or having a -orpine of fsrniturs, will find it to their advantage to give n? a "all. BONTZ & GRIFFITH, js 13-tf No. 369 7th aL, betw. I and K eta. LOST AND FOUND. IOST-A COLT'S PiVE-SHOOTFR.inoon' ing from the Are*nal. Urouth 4H atreet, to Adaigs Exareaa A auitabls reward wi 1 h paid, i^tiTi ing it to 27 i B st^ as 14 St* RAN AWAY?From th? subscriber, living n??r 3d Regim*nt, tick e?' Hrg*de. about SK JkM mi es Tom Navy \ a d Bridge. NKGRo XOY, ROBKR I, oopper co'or, rather loll tre. 90 y?a- e of age about 5 leet 10 ioohea in height I will give thirty dollars, if brrughti** to m? r*?td-noe or seoured in W&shii gtbn jail, ao that I get him. Mil it? M. M A PPOX. One REWAR D.?Ran a" ay from the ssbeeri ber, about three weeks sgo. a <<arka Vcenn nn? -' * ? . ?r m/l,IWUH#J ?rs I O, ramed Robert Hu'ler ; ha? (all blMk B\ ??. lUp? in his speech. and hu a oat in the VI fleshy part of his right foot; had on when hs tot In at linen p?nu and olotb ba? The above reward will bo paid for said negro, tf doiiveiod to no or secured in Jail so that 1 get him acain CHAR' F.* L. GARDINER, sol>-lW Nr?r Duffisld, Charles oounty, Md. IolT-A pair of GOLD SPEOT\CLK8, with t oatagon glasses, in a tather^^j^^ oase with the o*n*r's ?>aine oat ia "w A sui.ab e reward will he given If loft with the Teller at Rigga * Co *s ottoe. se ia St* t| C RK WAR f> ?Strayed or stolen, on Satarday J ?venin? :ast, from loui?iidj aver.ue. between 9th and 10th sU , a light rodj|S^^ C??W, with short horns and waite ?p;c JbA? kled hind quarter*. The above reward will be paid for her return to DAVID HARRIN8TON.Ua lsiana av , opposite the Guard House, te li-St* ?I?????4? . LOST?#9 Rawaao.?Lost, last evening, a C. ji's 7)neh .Navy REVOLVER. silver m >unicd, marK'd "MorU^w Thornton, 1*1 " Tha tboya reward will ba Mil t>? any wa-o *tp way ratnm tha fiitoi to MORTIMKR THOMSON, JS1 P ?t.. UlvMD IS'h and 14th ; orto Mr Ch*>'wwt.WilUm1 HoUl. ?1? tf DAN AW A V.?From tha anbaorihar, on tha S2J It liit.NBGRO BOY ANTONEY-eailt himaa 1 'Tonay Crawford " H? i? about UT niaaiaac jaara old, five f<?t two orthre* > laohaa ia Might, black, aUnrirr, th'n in fl*ah VI and haa a rough kin: trim ooantenaooe, with a tear nv?r oca of hie #yf?browa ocoaaionad Of tha kiek of a hora-. 1 will gira fcfty dol ara if eaearad m jail ao 1 gat him.or aixtv dotlara if broaght home to ma. For farthar daaoriatlon inaair* of Wa 1 A B*'nard T . T FIELDER MAGRUPER. aaf jMf a?ar Bia.l>m?barg. P. O. Co. JWtl 11 H. foT ^>aafarahwa ?'vn in uo.iFvrj w rns, or eoarinv m. Of .NKGHO WOMAN LpClSK*; A o*ilm torwif born* H*n?OB. 9*e u a t?!| w&SS M Pnaef 6wS| ouatj', ?fa. m 9 I AMUSEMENTS. /' OO D TIMK8 A R R COMING! fjr R1CKOR V r.LtlB IN THE FIELD AGAIN" The mflnb?r? of the Hioknry Clnh take trMt leaaara in annoanoinc to their uii friend* M and the pub'ic n-nera'I* that th'f will ?i-? f their Wx'h Gran* COTILLON PARTY at AA the Fk*kklin Hail- corner of 9th and D *ta Hi on MONDAY R VEMNG, October), -851. Tick eta V> oenta, admi'tir * a rentlemsn an iadie*. By order of (he Committee of ar'?i gemeii't For partionler* aee future yiv rt'aeir.ent. it; A GRAND PIC NIC MONDAY. "*ett I6'h. g% At HUMPHREY k J VEN NEMAN'S ttt Plk**cki G^rdwi. Jll The nr-deraiirned he? to inform their frierda(tfHfc and the pnb!io in teneral that they will give, on the above-named day, a brand Pic Nio. Come one, oo?ne a: 1! l'? HUMPHRF.Y A lUK^NFMAW. DEMEMBbR Ut*, ft THB UNION BnY8! The membere of the MOUNT CLARE CL'TB have the pleasure of informing their friebda M that their SIXTH <;RA?1? COTII LON # f ARTY will take pl&oe at Stoit'h Hall ./ha corner of Fa ftvrnne and S"th it,, on MO>-UB 1MY EVENING. September 16. 1MI. Our lady f ienda who have not received invita'iona are reapeotfulljr invi?ed to attend Ample arr?n *-ments h?ve been m\d? with the Mnrojoli an Polioe to preeenre order. Bv order of Committer. F. Mohl-r. G?o E. K?lly, Geo W. Hinea, John E. Hilton. te 1?-3t* QDD FELLOWS' HALL* SECOND~ WEEK of thn WORLD-RENOWNED CAMPBELL MINSTRELSt TWELVE STAR PERFORMER*! __Th? most Accomplished Minstrel Band in the Woild, oomp'Uing the very Flower or the Kthiopi&n Profession. NEW SONGS, *CT?7aNI> HURLEstiUES EVFRY yiGHT. Admntion Twenty-five C-n's. in lw DR. FORD, Acent. educational^ PLEASANT VIEW hEMINARY.?The duties of this School will be resumed 011 th^ secor.d Monday in Septetn'?r Terms fllif>for board and tuition in the English branches for year of ton month*. Address MISS M KKECW. m 2 iw* H TatUvjlle. Princ George's co . Md Boarding ano dav seminary for YOUNG LADIES. Comer of Prospiet and Fredtrtrk sts., Gtort'toien. Mr*. Ger.'I WHKkLBK, Principal. The duties of this institution w;ll Le re urrej on the first Monday in September. A share of the pubhi patronage is respeoifaliy olioited. s" 7 Steo* 'J?HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. i no rwemn Annual rrnsion vriil commence September 2. For partcu are it quire of th* I'rin01 pa? Mrs.'/ RICH AH DS, an 17 1m Corner of Fourteenth and K sts. E\AIK HILL HOARDING SCHOOL, r FOR GIRLS, At Sasdt Spring, Mo. This Institution, w ioh has he^n in suocesnful operation fir the past ten years, will co i.nienoe its ? sui?R regu'ar term on the 1st of the 10 mo (October) next Forcirou ars-oonta-nir-f further information in regard to the nchoo!, apply to H - KIKK. WM. H. FARQUIIAR. *a 31-eolm* Olney P. O.__ /GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D C. im. AIUL'BT, l?l. The exeroises of th:? Iriititution will lie resumed on the fir?t Monday of J*eptemt>ef. 'i erini for Hoard and Tuition per annum. 3-?>, payable halfjearly, in advanoe For further particulars apply to the Prrndent? au 13-lmeo JOHN EAWI,\ , 3- J. CJCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIKS. Mis* VI. P. DUNCAN will, on Monday, the 21 of Beptember n?xt, reinma her Sohosl at her reiidenoe, No lit Indiana avenue She ba? made arrancipenta to receive a limited number ot pupil* as hoarder*. au S7-eo3ar Headquarters FOR TVTITA "DTTPTIWII flArtna V !? ? HIW OFFICERS, PRIVATES, TEAMSTERS, DRIVERS tod otheri. Can find tha LARGEST and BEST ASSORTMENT of INDIA. RUBBER GOODS thit thar? ii in tha counLrr. whinh will Ka ... .1 a.t MANUFACTURERS? PRICES, AT HALL & WEEKS' INDIA RUBBER WAREHOUSE, 308 PlHRITLVlSIi AvKNL't, Between Xinik and Tenth Streets. N. B -SUTLERS and LEALERS aupplied at loweat New York Prion. ae ?2-tf Depot quartermaster'-* office. Washington. D. C., *ept.9,1831. Skaltd Proposals will b?t received at this office until 12 o'olock in., 20th instant, to furnish the troop* in this nty and its vicinity north o' ths Potomac liver, wi hin (5) five mil** ot the city of Waahinrton, with V\o>??, for (6) aix mortlia, commtic;r2 lat <i?t of Ootobor, 1861, and ei.dinc on the 31 at day of March, 1862. The wood to be of the oeat quality of < ak or hiokory, and to be deiiv <7iou o- hid l amps or quirier* 01 ine troops, 10 Mich quantities and it such times aa the Depot <4jarterinantxr may direct Good security will ba required for the ful&lment of the contract Tr.e bide to lie for so much per oord of wood, oonkisting of (12S) one hundred and twenty eight cubic feet, and to he endorsed "8 ds for YVood,' ard the names of the security to be atated in the bids The undersigned reserves to himse f the right to reject all bids that may be deemed too h th. Payments to be made at the end of each month, by returnicK the o.-cers drawn on the ooi trai.tor or contractors ^ th receipts of the Regimental or Hrigade Qiartermaatera of regiwenta, brigades, or oorpa, endorsed on the hack of ?aid orders for the amtunt of wood delivered. D. H. RUCKER. se 11 td Quartermaster U. S. A. WK ALKD PROPOSALS are invited till thegoth day of September. 1U61, for ausplying the Army of the Potomao with POiATOES. About fVW bushels will be required. in !o s of about 8 fiOO 1 L.I * ? - uuannia per vwi. I ne I'oiatoea to M or tL6 first quality and u^u&l in quality to the following Meroera (blue,) Pink Eye, Meroera (white) The Potatoeato be delivered in Waahington.and anb eat to each mapection on delivery M the Subaiatenoe Department may require, and payment to be mate in Trcaaury notee, if Government ahould decire it. The Potatoea to be delivered in good. atrong barrel*. ard each buahel to be eatimated &t lb*. The bide to be direo'-ed to Capt A? BECKW1TH. C. U. a. A , Waahington, D. C ae$_ DR GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE uaed for the iaet half century in the Hoapttale of London and faria for the oure of Secret Distaui may now be ha4[at UPH AM'H.fflSSbNo. 310 ?;heanut, aoie agent for the United Statee it ooatains no meroary Or other ininera'a, and wi 1 not hs.rm the moat delio*te conatitutica A speed* cure guaranteed and no change of <i*t required. Prie $}1. t**nf by exareaa Sodin Washington by 8. CALVERT FORD, corner 11th atreet aud PenaaylVan ta avenue epS-eol* UPHAM'X HAIR DYE '-TO COLOR BLACK OR BRQW.* .'.'?Only 38 c?Dt? a b^x. Threi i*>xea for one dollar. Gray, red or flaxen hair oan be obanged in a few a*o?nda to a j t black or brown, by aaicc Upl %m'a Liquid Hair Dye, the beet and cbeapeat iu the world, producing, the moment it ia applied, a rioh natural appearar.o*. Eaoh Box of L'PHAM'S HAtK DYE ia wtrranted to oontain aa uinoh hair rtye aa others Mil for r>mm * **> a by S C. UPHAM, 310 ^h?? nut ?treet, ~h \%delphia, and S. OALV?.KT FORD, oorner 11th tr?*et and Ha. ?7?. 6-eoly DR DUPONT'S PI'GAR COATED PE MALE REGULATING P1LL9 ?r?^ the v?rv beft in uti They operate apeed1 iW/; and etteotnally. and being >utar-oo?te crea e no nausea upon the moat de.ioate' r ?'o aoh A triil of theee Pills will prove their p?"-iority over all others. Prioe On* Dollar a box. Bo'd only at UPHAM'B. 310 Cffeaaut treet. Sent by mail to all part" of th? country in a ?ealc<l eaveiop*. Bold In Washington by 8. CALVERT FORD, oorner 11th street and P?. an ?p 8 eoly WALL. 8TEPHENB A CO, 3*'i PsNNiTLvainA Avnrs. MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TaILORB. AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERB, AND "SSIBPKft fiH.y;E?8-!?.S?NTLE ? ?.? v vnitioiiuiu VUU1/D| f ?-lf (Inf I. k. Repub.) CLOSING OUT! CLOSING OUT!

Havmc eoaolnded to o'o?e oat mj entire (took of FaNOt. GOODS, 1 have removed th? ?ame to No. SO Penney! van ia avsnue, between 8th a-td 9th atreeta, vhare 1 vill otfV the entire atook at aaoh pr oa* M vill eaabie mi fortnar oaatomara, and the pubho ?aneraly. to bev the brat oiaae French Fancy Gooda at nmic rritu. Nov ia the time to bay', N B ? All poraoae having olaima againat me are re^eeet to ereeeat the aame for eetti*-mant; and all peraona Indebted to m? are requested to make arrinf entente to ht?i4ato their elairna vithontftr*s?fiviESi8r m . 1 1 4 ?FOB 8ALB AND KENT. I?OR EENT-A BEICE HOI^e, on Eirhth r atraat-lNo. ?7I.? b?f *?aa M vid N, aai'iMe tor a email nmily. Poe?e??ton oj the 1 at r i OoApply to J. KIEh WOOD a ritrof Find T* fth 'to. ? i? ?f \F\RM OP NINETY ArRKS FOR 8AI.E, or exahanre for c?*od Wa*hinrt?<i t^it* prope t?. noe ?'?>. Thie f?-u i? ocmt*<1 6)% ir'Im |ronr? the Du'rist of Colombia; ha* w-?rth <>f <\ c&k timber r>n it; some of it ia under " nlt nl # i at pretent. Thar? ic no h"aea on the rlne*. t?nt Si *-we? i? enoloaed by a tfod f"no* Por furt t ift'fienlar* address Box *.14 Post Office, WmIi ?ton, D. C. ? 14 3T FI'RNI8HED ROOMS FOR RENT, at No. 4.mJ Tweilth ?t., ev-c side. Mtveen O and H t?. The locality ia unsarpaaae-1 in thia oity, and MW town if Hioag the luoat oonfortabf*. No ohi'dren iu the home. Every attention gu&r&n fed. Term* moderate. _ ?e 13 lw FOR RFNT?A STORE and DRV CELLAR for r*nt, 20 b? 61 feet. on Ninth *t., between D t"d h tit. Apply to JfAM'L li*VAUG H AN, 403 E itreet ae 18 3i* For sale, or will exlchang* for IMPKOVKD CITY PROTERTY-A *ood improved FARM, containing 110 acre*, 12 mile* from Waahint t->n, and I ? lie from the rulrovl at Helt**il:e. ^noe $35 per acre. Apply to B. O. HOOD, 339 Pa. avenne. ae 12 3t* FOR RENT-A STORE on Penn*ylv?niaavec one, and Pixtnrea for sale. Apply at .thia f.f ib n-?wFURNISHF.D ROO.MS.-a Parlor and Chair ber, or two Oamhers, on the first or pnnoipal story, very neatly furnished ; vocation very deairah'e and very pUa ant. very near the President's House and Public Grounds? No. 460 New York av.,2'< door Irom Filteenth ?t se ll-3t8o L OR R*5NT-HOUSK 402 Peni.s.lvania a*., r over the bookstore of Franck Taylor?a plaoe for a professional man se 4-tf i^OK RKNT? A very desirab'e STAND for a r boarding houio, on Pennsylvania avenue and Eighth *t., now ocoupied by the Messrs. Joy, and has alwavs had a fall share of the patronage of the city. Possession given on the 1st of ?eptenil>er next. Said house Is in good order. For further particulars apply to J A M CS TOWLK.S, Agent, 490 H street nOrth ; or Mrs. JULIA KEEP 3*6 E ?tre?t. an 17 tf Houses for rent-no. a? and No. ar.on the south side of Indiana avenue^ both of them very largo and convenient houses, with good stabling and carriage-houses. Also, tin' cominodions and large House, No 3&S, on the north ?'d* <;f t! street Apply to THOMAS HLAGUEN, No 499 Seventh street. jy 17 gawtf FOR RENT-Th? north HOUSE of the row of ue? lour story houses on Fourth st , between D and E st?., No. 3*S, fronting the City Hail mm ?&> !*- Pn^aMVUhin #iv?n imm.wl IL LIAM""H. PHI1,"LIPAttorne7 it-Law* W. 4Q Louisiana avenue. ma U-?otf tpOR RENT?A substaatial threo story BRICK r HOUSE, with la'ge lot adjoining, situated on Third street tsat- two doors from C street north, on Capito! Hi!!?a very healthy location, and price of rent *o suit the present time*. Possession given immediate, 1. Inquire of Mr. BACON, next door; orofMiaa"M. C. LINCOuN, 301 Pa. avenue, between 9th and lotti sts. au 15 lm?o* HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM8.II Four handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with gas and water, and convenient to the . iter.t and Post Ofioe Department*, for rent. App'yat 4 MaenvohimetU avenue, north aide, between 4th and 5tn sta. ma24 JEOHGEIOWN ADVEttT'MTS fV^POST OFFICE, GEORGETOWN, D. C., LL3 S*ptsmbih 10, iaei Notioa is hereby given, that ail ?er?ons havinc in thslr possession Postage Stamps "of the old issue can rxchante the sams for Stamps of the new is sue for six day* from this date, and not after that time HbNR > ADDISON, se 10-fit Postmaster. MAfeSEY, COLLINS * OO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected this day. per steamer J. Jeroms? am barrels XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXXX do. dc. 500 hlf.-bbls. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for tale Terms cash ondelivery. AKNY&SHINN, m 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rico SUGARS U0 bbls. Old Rje WHISK Y, 110 bbla. HERRING and ALEWIVE8. fo bbls. Crashed and Refined SUGARS. V) bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds,i low priori) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. self 486 1nterior decorations. J'At'ERHANGlNGS, ail trades and prices; WINDOW SHADES, PICTURE CORD and TASSELS. GILT OVAL. PICTURE FRAMES, J. MaRKRITER'S. No. 486 Seventh st., 8 doors above se H-lOTif Odd Fellows' Hall. QUO JOHNSON A NAGLE, OtfQ iO" No 'i?9 Hknsivlvaxu AVIXCI, *Oy Between Ninth and Tenth sta . south aide, IMPORTERS OF WINKS, IJQUORS, SEGARS. PirSI.ES, PRESERVES, a * RDINES. FY/VIT GKuCERIES AND SUTLERS' STORKS IN GENERAL. Just arrived the following brands of CHAMPAGNES: G H. Mumm, Piper Heidsick, Moet A Chandon.Cartier * Co , Barat A Fagot, Tnurett ?, Koja! Grape. Whioh offer at New York Prices? freight added. JOHNSON 4 NAGLK, 299 Penna avenue. Ahm M. Bin.nger A Co.'# (19 ?ro?J street. New York,) V\ orld renowned BOTTLED WIXESantl LIQUORS. for Camp, Midioina', and Pamiiv use, con?tantly on hand a;id sold at New York Prices by the Case. At JOHNSON A NAGLE'S, tit*9 Penna. avenue. PICKLES, Tepprr and other SAUCES. TOMATO CATSUP. b? the barrel. v?.llon. nr Hn??n from the ce>bratod nianuf<otory of Fohrtnbarh 4 Co , New York, at astonishingly low prices. At Johnson &. na?le*?. Sole A cents. Alto, PICK l-F.D; F'G FEET. LAMU and BEEF TONGUES, TRIPE, etc., by tue larrel or half-barrel. se 10 MERCER POTATOES. ~~ T> PRIME, RIPE, AXD MEALY, AT LOWEST MAKKSr PRICES. TO QUARTERMASTERS OF REGIMENTS. You wakt to keep jou' men healthy; you cannot do this without giving thein food Potatoes. These you can get at Ste*i St Co'a,5 *6 PonnMlvani* avenue, oorner of Seoond street IO GROCERS*.?You want to please your customers, and induce them tooall again, and recom inend your stock to their friends Then oall at S'eel * Co's, and buy what Potatoes you r.oed, either for your owr. consumption or tor sale. They are warranted to please. TO HOTEL a>D R ESTAUR ANT KFEPEH5*. Do you want to pleace your tuest?,aad nokle the<r Sal at eg ? Then buy Potatoes of Steel A Co. By oing so three parties will be benefited?the seller, th* buyer. and the corsumer. Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky money in good standing, taken at pa'. j. w. steel a co.. 536 Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Second street?< Old Sentinel OSoe ) sep5 SEALED PROPOSALS, till the 14tli September, 1861, at 12 m , are invited for furnishing FLul'R of a certain quality. About 5,000 l>arrels will be required, to be delivered in separate lota of l,ooo barrels each The flour t*> be made of new wheat, and the delivery if the whole lot to be made br the 3i>tb September, ^"he Flour required to be of th* following brands, and to pass ths inspection of a Board of Army Officers, or suoh other inspection as thd Subsistence Department may direot: Arlington Extra, Congress do. Fairviaw do. Florette do. tilenwood do. Che^ap ake Mills do. i lac. it <*?. . Newoome do. I. Smith do. S*ctalM dS: f xv?a m IUU UU, Foundry do. Heck do. Lyon's yuion Flour, Etg ^pnng JoeO.trlu, its'* Extra B&ltsr's. A few barrels of the same grade of Southern Flour will be taken, provided that it troves eaual 10 grade to the brand* above named The bidder* to atat? the b'aod and the number of banele of eaoh kind ther propose ft furoiah. Government reserves the right to pay in Treasury notes. The proposals to be directed to C&pt. A. BECKW1TH, C. S., 0. 8. A., und endorsed "Proposals." ? 3 US. MAIL STAGE LINE Betwaen Waah ington and Rookville leaves /Cnrks^r-*-^ . Martin's Hotel, oor.etii and D sts EVERY MORNING(Sundatsfx-^HBK3|S cepted) at 7 o'oiook auJ I. C. ConodTiTciwrtngn ana Baail *u , Georgetown, at > o'oloak; returning daily. On Mondays, Wednesday a/an^ rridsjs, through to PoOlesvUle : Twdsys, Thursdays and nfjas.* ""mrvJai-kv. qaa EM1LE DUPRE OS" PXMNSTLVANI* Avkndi, IKON BUILDINa, Import* mmd WkoUsmU IMalrr is FINE WINES, BRANDIES. 8KGAR3, SARDINES. PICKLES, PRESERVED FRUITS, CONDENSED MILK, ASSORTED SVRUFS, and CAMP SUPPLIES. | USTRECKIVED? - i?W VABGBUbU BUUIQQN (lMf) AT K*UK D0PRV8 Uow BtfitDma. ago Pa. Athh. F ?I&EDERIC TUSTU8* HAMBURG CELEBRATED SMOKINO TOBACCO* TU Beat Artiol* Kv?r lufotlcd, Q?* KMJLE UyPSB, I10^ liuiLLma, Sao Pa. Al?m |UST RKCEIVEU? 80 CilM IMPOBTCD BELTERS WATER. Ia Oriciaal Stoat BoOIm. At I?B1? EM1LK DUPWE*^ ""* WflfGl 1?? ??? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS RECOflMITiOlOF THECONFEDERATE MARINE BT THE CUBAN At THORN ties. Loritvitir Kept 14 ?The Cbarleaton Mereury gleea the proclamation of the CaptalB-General of Cuba admitting all eeeaela engaged In legitimate commerce to be entered and cleared under he Confederate fla*. They will be protected by j the authortttr* of the (aland of Cuba. DISPERSION OF REBELS-JOHN A WASHINGTON REPORTED KILLED CLAmisBcae, Va., s*ept 14 ?Tbe Rebela were dl?peta-d In their attack on Camp Klkwater, Cheat Mountain aummlta. Two rebel oArm were (hot, and the body of one of them wu recognised u Col John A. Washington of Mount Vernon. U. S WAR VESSELS OFF FORT MACOS. WiLMiseto*, N. C., Sept. 9.?Four war vessels were off Fort Macon on Saturday afternoon. Property ef a Mlssearl Rebel Declared Free. St Lor:*, Sept. 12?Provost Marshal McKlnstry will laaoe the following proclamation to morrow: "The Major General commanding the Western Department having aatiafactorv evidence that Thomas L Smead, of the city aud county of St. Loula, and State of Mlaaouri, has been taking active part with the enetnlea of the United States In the present insurrectionary movement against the f^overnmeni, and tbe mllltarv commission now n lesslon at the arsenal. In this city, having reported the facta to these headquarters, aa the result of their deliberation, the .Major General commanding lias executed and ordered to be pubisbed the following de?d? of mannmtss!on :M H'rr follow^ two deedsdeclaring,by theauthorltyof Uw and power invested in the commanding general, Frank Lewta and Hiram Reed, heretofore held to service or labor by the said Tboma< I. Smead, to be free and forever discharged from the bond of servitude, giving them free right and authority to have, use and control their own labor or service as to them may seem proper, without any accountability whatever to said Thomas L. Stnead or any one to clsim by, through or under l.i m UIUI A party of secessionists went to the bouse of Judge Birch, 8 member of the State Convention, a few dava since, with the intention of killing him and his son, but they were flred on and repulsed Judge Birch came to St. Louis, and today returned tn his home In Clinton county, with arms for the Union men of that county. The life of Judge Rvland, late of tne Supreme Court, who is tn the bunds of the rebels, has been threatened, If Capt. Maiiothn, letely sentenced in Lexington to be hung, is ^x-cuted Montgomery Ulair, Quartermaster General Meigs. Com Foote. C*pt. K-!ly and Lieut Shirk, of the United States navy, arrived Ltre to-day. Fr?m Callfsraia Nkw Yorx, Sept 13 ?The steamer Champion, frrm A spin wall on the 5th instant, has arrived, bringing over 200 passengers and #1,000,000 in gold from California Amine the Dissenters bv the?t**m?i' pv.?mninn are Major Allen, Lieut Hlggeaton. Dr Stetnberger; Lieut*. Harkrr, Alexander, Ball and Ingman; Capts Hancock, Maaon. Myers and Gregg, and Maj Greer, of the U S army. Tbe ablp ."Narragansett was at Manxanllla Auguat '29. Tbe steamer Champion towed the U 9 brig Balnbrldge from Navy Bay Into tbe Carribean sea | The U. S. frigate Lancaster wu at Panama on the 3^. Lieut. Harris died on tbe 2Mb ult., and was burled. He was a nitive of New Hamphlre I Ceu. Mosquera had proclaimed himself Presldent of New Grenada, and bad exiled a doxen Jeauit priesti, and aent envoya to England and France I '111 * 1 *V. Al *-?? * i ur bciku 01 iDf inDinui wag good. Southern Mitrncnl ?f Fl*Td'i P*slti?n Bff?re the Battle. 1jOUI*villk. Sept. 11 ?The Richmond Examiner of the 19th saya " that since the battle of Croas I.anea, In Western Virginia. Gen Floyd haa been waiting for supplies Saturday'a train brought I tlfteen prisoners. taken wblie straggling through the wood* after th? dispersion of CoH Taylor a command " Gen Floyd, at the laat accounta. wes cne and a half milea beyond Gauiey river. The enemy were in full force at Gauiey bridge, and strongly potted In the vicinity along Gauiey road and occupying Hawk's Neat, above the Kanawha "The enemy had been outflanked by General Chapman, who held hla position with two thousand militia. 44 Among the above-mentioned prisoners were W H Ray nor, of R I, and Lieut* C. J. Murphy " Tbe W bere&baats ( tbe Saaler. Bostos, Sect 13 ?Capt King, of the condemned bri^ Northman, reports tnat tbe privateer Sumter arrived at Surinam, August 19th, andwat at anchor inside of Furt Amaterdam on the 23d ujt 'Niw Yob i. Sept 13.?A letter dated Curacoa, Auguat v3d, stau-s that tbe privateer Sumter waa aeen oQ Porto Cabello with a new prize, supposed to be the bark Terera, from Maracaibo for New York, with a cargo of coffee On the 15th a atearoer flying the American flag passed tbe harbor, reporting heraelf aa the Keyatone State. The pilot who went out to her reC>rts that abe was a new steamer, whereat tbe eystone State la five yeara old, and it la aurmiaed that tbla vessel assumed the said name for good aud sufficient reaaona. From Fartress Mtsrat. Fohtrkss Monkok, Sept. 12 ?A flag of truce baa ^one to Norfolk to <lay,with Mn Phillips, of Washington, wlo waa retained some time m ber own house ?s a prisoner, several southern ladies -nd released Confederate prisoners Uen Wool permits none bat official letter* to be carried by flags of truce, and but one Federal officer to accompany them rru. * * * _ ? rt-1 r* % - - ur urmcu|iiriii ui *-oi odter g rcgimfDi at Did Point will to-morrow join him In \\ ashlngton Tin* gunboat Flag baa returned to Hampton Roada In a disabled condition, having come in collision with the steam frigate Susquehanna, at sea. Fraaa St. Ltili. St Louis. Sept. 13 ?It la reported that Captain Boyd, commanding the accession forces in UucU. anan county, marchcd into St Joseph, on Saturday laat, and plundered tbe store* there of some 940,000 worth of goods. The circulation of Dubuque (Iowa) Herald has been interdicted in this county by order of the l'rovost Marshal Captain Hazx&rd, United States Navv, has arrived here, The Privateer ' SssHtr1' net Lest. BostoH, Sept 13?Capt. King, of tiie brig Northman, h^forii n>im?t?l - * -1--' , . vT'< ?? WMVIVIWMVU DUil* nam, came paaaenger iu tue .\lu?cov*do. wbi< h arrived at Baltimore, September lltta. He atatra tliat tbe privateer Sumter arrived at Surinam, August 11th, and waa at anchor lRtld? of Kurt Ainaterdam on tbe 23d of Au^mt [Tbe captain of the barfc Venua, U vrlU be remembered. reported the liumter wn?ck?-d on th* laland of Trln\dad, about Auguat 2t)th ] Tke Legislature ef Kentucky laalat apau the v* ttUdrawal e( Cenfederate Tratpi f that State. Locibvilli. Sept. 13,?a dlipatcb from Frankfort aaya Governor Magoffin vetoed lh? resolution* paaaed by tbe Legislature yeaterdav requiring tbe removal of the Confederal* troopafrom the State, but both Houaea kupt tkt rttolutimt* over thf Uovrmor'i t*lo.' Uperatiaua el Federal Officer* la Kaatirkf LoviaviLLK. Sept. 19 ?Several guna recently to poaaeaalon of the State Guard were taken from u?l .u. *?- - tnj ywrruv, ana ne^rty a nunared were found under a haystack In the suburbs. The steamer Troadwater Bell, an old vesaol and of little use, waa selied by tbe Federal authorltiea at Smlthland. She bad been conveying prisoners up the Tennessee rivet. M?TCB?ata al Prlaee Nap*l(*i M9,?t*?av, Sept. IS.?Prince Napoleon and suite arrived here last evening. He waa met by tbe Mayor and a party of French Canadian gentlemen, and escorted to Donegan's Hotel, where tbe crowd aaaembled and cheered tbe Prince,who made a abort speech in French, returniqg hia thanka. He and hia party visit the principal objects of interest to-day and leave for t^ubec to-night. A Illy Barat fey a Pirate. N*W Yoe*, 9ept. 18 ?A brig waaaeen chaalng a abip on August II, in lat. 29. ion 17, and abogUv after setting her on Ire. At ten o'clock at night nothing could^be aeea but tbe flames. It la up poseu u> nave own 10m? Mesagl burat by t pirate i. i.. .....<. . 11 Arrc%t ef l((iul?tiu ta Itwi Bv?li?9TOH, lour*. Sept U) _SMi SereaskouistJ wer?* Identified sa having served under Martin Green, with 1M head of cattle, which tbey said thrv wsee driving to Chicago, were arrested near Salem, Iowa, yesterday, ad the cattle conftaf ated The men were held as prisoners. Freaa Padacat, Kj. St Lovia, Sept. ?The latest advices from Paducah, Ky., state that the Impression prevailed there that the enemy would not attack thst place. HPHK GREAT ?Uf?H TO <* ? of w gtjft* tsr.t'.^rssp-sisr' SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK P N. ~ OUR MI LIT A R Y BUDGE T AN IMPORTANT LITTU TtO* TBI FKMtDSKT TO flllOIT TU followletter from the PmUmI toOfi. Fremont, waa transmitted to th? lattar by mall, oa the 12th tcatant: Wunwrw, D C , Sept II, 1891. Major Gtnrml J?k? f, Frrmtmt: Sim : Your* of the 8th, In iniwrr to of the 2i Instant, U Juat received. Aaanmlng that yon, upon the ground, could better jad?? of the oeeon?i.?_ ?? ?'M- * ? ' * - -" - alun v. JVU< |K?U>I 1 CVSM II fhla tlttance, on aeelng your proclamation of au^mi 30th, I perceived no general objection lo tt. The particular dan*, however, In ratatta* to tbe confiscation of property and the llberatlaaofalavan, appeared to me to be objectionable la Its non-coa f ormlty to the act of Congreaa, pawed the 6th ?f last August upon the aame aubjecta , and htaet I wrote >ou expreaalng my wlah that that clauae should be mod'fled accordingly Vow ana wer, just received, expreaae* the preJOreaea on your part, that 1 ahould make an opan order far the modification, which I very cheerfully do It la therefore ordered that the aald claaae of Mid proclamation be ao modified, bald mad eanalrut d aa to comfjrm to, and not to trannr?d. 'he provlalona on the aame aub|eet contained la the act of Congreaa entitled, "An act to confiacata property uaed for insurrectionary parpoaea," approved August 6, 1MI; and that aald art ha published at tenth with thla order Yonr obedient aervant, A. LracoLN The following la tha act referred to by the Prrtldent: An Act to confiacate property uaed for Inaurrar tlonary Pur;o?ea R? it rmart,A >/ " "" ^ , uvi 11. auring IM pfWflt or any future Insurrection against (be GnTrrumril of tbe Un'.ted Slates. after tb? Pres dent of tbe United State* shall have declared, by proclamation. that tbe laws of tbe United States are opposed, and tbe execution thereof obstructed, by combinations too powerful to be suppressed bt tb? ordinary course of judicial proceedings,or by tbe power vesbd in tbe marshal* by law. any person or per oiis, bis, ber, or their agent. attorney,or employe*, sb til purchase or acquire, sell or give, My property of whatsover kind or description, wltb intent to iise or employ tbe same or sufler tbesaine to be used or eirployrd. In aiding, abetting, or promoting s-ich Insurrection or resistance to tbe law*, or any person or persons engxged therein; or If any person or persons, being tbe owner or owuers of any such property, shall knowingly usr or employ, or consent to the use or employment of tbe same as aforesaid all sucb property Is hereby declared to be lawful subject of price and capture wherever found; and It ahall be tbe doty of tbe President of tbe United Suss* to cause this same to be seized, confiscated, nnd condemned. 8*c 2 And bt it <??? ?* * * *'?* " _____ _ ? .? j > - I iUCO prises and capture sbali be condemned la th? district or circuit court of the United Butra baeitg jurisdiction of tbe amount, or In admlr&llty ?u anv diatrict In which tbe aatnr may be artsel, or Into which they may be taken and proceedings first Inatttuted Sec 3 And be it fwrtkfj enacted, That the Attorney-General, or nay diatrict attorney of the United states in which aaid property may at the time be, may institute tbe proceedings of condemnation. and In aueb raae they a bail be wholly for tbe benefl: of the United States ; or any person may file an information wltb such attorney, In which caae the proceedings shall be for tbe uae oX such Informer and tbe United States in equal pnrta. Sec 1 And be it further enacted. That wbenevt-r hereafter, during tbe preaent inaurrection against tbe Government of tbe United Statea, any pevaon claimed to be beld to labor or service und?-r tb* law of any State, ahall be required or permitted AW? ? "* ?t me peraon to WDOffl ?ucb labor or nice 1* claimed to be due, or by tbe Lawful agent of auch person, to take up arm* against tbe United States, or aball be required or permitted by tbe pcrMo to whom such labor or'aervloe U claimed to be due. or bin lawfttf agent, to work or to be employed In or upoprany fort, navy vard, dock, armory, altip. entrenchment, or In any mil Mary or naval service ^batao<-ver, againai tbe Government and lawful, authority of the United States, tben. and In every inch caae. tbe pernon to whom aacb labor or rvlee la claimed to be due aball forfeit hi* claim to saeh labor, nay law of tbe State or of tbe United State* to tbe centmry ne?? wltt standing. And whenever thereafter tbe person claiming mob labor or service aball aeea to enforce bit clald. It aball be a fall and aeAclent answer to auch 4dlm that tbe pernon wboee aernr UW 1 .ar.?i>uni dbu unui rajpioyta ill boatlle aerviee a^vnst the Go?ffnm*nt of tbe United States. rontrtiry to the provisions of thia act Approved, 6,1981. LiTVT rmoM RiTTIlii. The Navy Department have ad rice* from Hatterm* Inlet to tbe 10'h instant. The Captain of tbe Pawnee reports lbat on that morning be raptured tbe Suaan Jane, of Nevis, \V. 1 , formerly tbe CbM WcCeen-wbea ibt cleared at Newbern. two days tiefore tbe blockade went into effect. Her papers abow a bungling effort to make ber appear an English vessel She was last from Halifax, aud bad en board a mixed cargo, all of goods contraband of war?all purchased in New York and Boston. Tbe enemy bave now a picket guard ? the southwestern side of Hstteraa lulet, to sratch tbe movements at and about Forta Hatteraaand Clark hot so. The New York Commercial Adrrrtiur of yesterday announces that General Mttp, now la St Louis, bss been ordered to relive Major General r remont rrotn tae con<ai?nd of the military 4mpartmect of Missouri. This news Is not trns, though It iwnii to be generally understood bars that General Fremont baa manifested an lasptitude for so Important a command which seay render the aubatltution of some other nicer la his atead, at uo distant day, a military and state necessity. Our Information, received Just before going I* press, leada to the impression that the only premises burned by the marauding and ' oosodtary psrty of the enemy last evening wore thee* of Basil Ball, thst had been uaed by oar troops sea lookout picket station. tiUAiis. Mr. H. L Reynolds, of Mobile, recently Mifiord in Fort La Fayette, hss been released ea hi* parole, sod 1* la this elty. LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH L VTLK FROM FOiTHIU MO!OKOB. Foktkkm Moreoe, Sept IS.-Thc (tramr 8 R. Span'.ding returned from flattens Inlet tbta morning The Susquehanna and the PtvortMill rem*lord there The former had sustained bat little Injury In the eolltelee with the ptbaal Flag. The Spauldlag brought (be rmnut of Col. Weber'* regiment, and nearly a tbooaand stand of arms captured frum the Coofederalee, and a dozen prlaonera taken from the prlzea Mi* at Hatteraa Inlet Four T?Kh bad run late the Inlet with Fegtlat colon tying, under the supposition that the pitta Mill belonged to the Confrde rales, the Federal flag having been temporarily baoled down Pile* were olered to the Teasels aad errry taelllty fat getting la was given, aad they did not dlaaarw their mistake an til It was too late. Tws a# the Ts*asl? Ttir Susan Jane aad Harriet Ryu?wsr* i.? iw. a.ituk J >? ? ??? goea of boImm, ?hoe? and clotfeiag Oar troop* at tbe Inlet tavt mounted all ttae guns and rendered tbana t|eeti?i?Uek had hpi piked by tbe Gaftiederatce before tbe numte No intelligence of Importance bad bee* reeei ved from tbe SoMd or from tbe main land. tarn Reynold* bu arrived at Old Point, nnd will proceed to-morrow br tbe 9. R. Bp?tiling to wume command nt HitVraa SLSPtniON OI THfc MAILT NKWft. N?W Yoni, Sept. 14 ?Tbe Daily Newa.prtnfted * la tbla city, pnbliabed a card tbla morning bidding tare well to tbe pnbltc for a time ii nkw orrick. L. R. BATB-. JUSTICE v# THf PEACE, K11 b' h itrMt.Mv?? U?w??? ftv. u4 B atr*0L KuiimiioI all kia<to repairing ft aKUUVt vili b? ? . ?w H* c WOOD AN D COAL 9eaI'BI> PHOPO?a i,> wiii b* mmri wU o *.<* k p. ? - on W?rt??aiUy. ? ? Jk* lutut. loc tfltUu ? Wftohl?ft<?? A*rla<u WiMr? *1 lou ItMl Wkll* A?k ('4Mkl, iMMMMIi, I n?>rdiKMO(?dtkk WomI I t) <? fa i|r?w hi* Wm?. To b<<l*:iv?rM attHo Atj am. ?kb>Mi W IN ? pecstioa of th? Into d\?t_ u4 J mat ?fcoy< *f lum U? U* r-?stod. Tb* Wo>4 will b* oorM M MM-rrd at t*? yian. Tkfvtttot* to ?r?i br tn? l*tb ?ia< u'OMotxr arxi Pn.*o???? 10 to adiraiaad * tto antora<am. fidorMd Propoan. forPW.- iM mm* * toil

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