Newspaper of Evening Star, September 14, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 14, 1861 Page 4
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'l'E EVENING HTAR. OCR FLAG AT FORT HATTERAS. O, to h*Te stood on the ramparts' O, to haw se^n It soar? The dear old banner floating Over Its own once more ' O, to have beard tbe cbeerine Tbat greeted our eagle's rise. Up to bis olden eyrie, Under the Southern skies ' Not in the last of conquest. Not in the greed of gain,? Cometh tbe stsrry pennon Unto Its own again ; But promise of peace and pardon Forth to the erring holds, A?d summons r*p?ntaot children Back to its sheltering folds! [aioamy mrgw* Wablikb Wit.?(From the W. Y. Leader ) ?National Fast Day?The Day of Boll'a Run ?Policy of the men who refuae to take aides on Wat Question?All talk and ao alde-er. ?Change for th? worse? If President Da via >>e really dead aa reported, the Confederate States will be placed under the control of an Infamoua lee. ?Good Chance for Nebuchadnezzar?Accordla^ to Southern papers, all Confederate cities are nae Synonyms?"Clearedfor Bnrbadoes and s market ''?Gone to Dixie with food, arms and clothing for the Rebels. -Gen. Butler's Tactics?Ami Sea, Sir. aut nulhu. ?Southern Love Ditty? Meet me by moonlight?a loan la all that I ask of thee. - ' Bates no jot of heart or hope"?The United SUM Attorney General - Very Probable?It Is raid that the rumor of Jeff Davis's death originated in a telegram running thus: "President Davis lad d n ? Ui'ODcepatbv In the army?Anyaoldier caught hereafter drinking splrlta it to be braudied disgrace. 0. o>? to Dixik?Although there is a positive prohibition of com muni cstion with the rebel Plates, it Is currently reported here tbat one of our citizens having business at Lynchburg, and heretofore refused a pass by Gen. Banks, his succeeded w.tbln tbe past week in crossing the river into Virginia, at Sandy Hook, and that a reb?l lady, with two large trunks, crossed at the same place on Ftidav last. We also hear tbat thera Is little or no difficulty of transit to and fro, at Hancock, and that a continued intercourse between tbe rebels and their sympathizers In this State Is kept np by means of these two points of communication ? Frederick (Md ) Examiner. JET "Napoleon Alexis Dobbs, come upbore and say your lesson What makes boys grow?" "It Is the rain, sir." "Why do not men grow"' "Bacaase they carry umbrellas, which keep off tbe rain ." What makes a young man and woman foil In love*" "Because o&e of 'em has a heart of steel, and t'other a heart of flint, and when they come together they strike fire; and tbat is love " "That's right, my boy; now go and plague tbe gals " IP" C?n. Beauregard's official report of the battle of dull Hun /whlfh nru" tVlA IMa*a ? __ _ ? T ^ fm v?'V??vu ?uc UJUI C frneral action at Manassas) on the l?th of July, jbnn published in the Southern papers. It contains little that ia actually new The report of the battle of the 21st ia exported to follow toon. iJTTbev won't license billiard tables In the lrtaoas town of Adams, Miss. OH ! OH '.?Go to the People's Ciorhnj Store, No. 460 Seventh street, opponita Post Office, and examine tnat new stock of FALL fLOTH INtJ. TK UNKS. HATS and CAPS, all for sale at the lowest New York prices an >'-lin GIBBS' HAIR STORED No. IN'J Pa. av-.bkt. 12th and 13th stb. PERPVME KY. tc. PR AIDS. CURLS WTGS. HALF W168, FRIZKTTKS. Ac. A fnli stocc always oc hand, or made to order at the ?hortest uotioe. Hair Work repaired or exehansed. N. 8.?Ladies' Hair D?ed in me most natural man?r? m* V fcnn YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will suraly set yonr money's worth by ca-Mini at the PIONESR MILLS, soutk? ?<? tor ntr if Seventh ?tre?* and Canal, (6b.O, PACK, Ace t.) They sell chedper and give better measure than acy others in the oitV?out, rplit, aiid delivered free of charge. If yoo do?t t l e4ieve ,i ve the Pioneer Mi1 &tna_.and heamistied t-lv.r I^Hh SUBSCRIBERS AKSPKCTFULLV ia?ita the attention of tti* Arnrand navy to weir rail ?upsiT of !>flLITARY^^B aua NAVAL FURNISHING/ GOODS, r. ioh u Indigo Blse Cloth* an) Doeskin*, WW Cut,*, Lice*, MiouJer Straps, * Be.ts. Sword*. Sword Knot*, rips, Hits, and a* I rweet.Y# erahfoiderr A:so, celebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTfKN. Onifer* in that lino re*poutfi*y solicited. a kTlocdon a co.. Naval an t Military Merchant Tailors, JT llwUm 3ft'3 Pa. av.. ur.dsr' Crown'* Hotel. FIREMEN's insurance "company o? WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital "...1*00,000. QJiei < or jut C strut nnd J.uuis um ?., cur Hank . ?f VTisk>mton INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOPS BY FIRE. Dmcifzn, Goo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfera, Saunuu Cropier, William W itnon, Richard Jores, John D. Bare is j. Jac"b Gideos, Andrew Rothwol!, Titos. Parker, Ruhard Barry. B. B. French, Dr. C. W. Davis. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. Am G. Pitt*. Sesretary. au 9 eofem ?a toph am's hh3s VBS PREMIUM TRUNK QOU MA SV FACTOR y, 400 Bimii Snnr, Wasinif?Te?. D. c. Bilvar Medal award?d hy Maryland Institate o Baltimore, November 7, W. Aiao, Vsdai o^MetroijolittLn Mec*anios'Institute, | aa constantly malung, and always nave on hand, of the best material, every deeoripboa of PM Bo e L?tkr, Iron Praa*. Ladiet' Drew, Wood Box, and Packing Tnwlu, failiaer, Carpet, and Canvas Travelin I Baft, fck>hoo4 SatcHels, 4o., At Lm* Prttts. Uratb?ra of Conrress and travelers will pi east ecamine my stock before porehasine elMwheTe 1 -.. r,k? that are made in other ciues. depenor Leather and Dreee Tranks made to franks onvared aLl repaired at short notice. Goods delivered free or ch&rre to anyfpart of the WK OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a larjj >Y aseortmentof GKEYand BLUE FLANNEL nvEB.4iiiuT? u/ui rr ouTn"? . - oa? vw>?* * ?? ii i a Li cnia i JL/XIA ? * mid, CAMP BLANKPTS. HALF HUS1,, Ac., wluca t< invite all cash purohasera to euuiiit before making their aeleotiona. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 333 Pa. av., between 9th and loth aia. m8 (tnfllneooer ar.d Wepuh ioan.? PiOTA TOES! POTATOES! ViJ00 Uuahels prime Western Meroara wi'.l be aoifl l*ia eeeeo" at No. ? Penn?y ivania av., correr of Seo ?i.d at Firat car load arrived to-day. 6ive ua a trial, ard we shall give you aatialac(loo. Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky money, in good aland ng taken at par. aa?-tf J. W. STF.F.LE A CO. UL'MMtR ULOTHLNli O At Rsdvcid PricksWa offer our large aaaortment of thin SUM M KR CLOTHING at reduced priea. Our atock em raoea all atylea atd qualitiea of Gentlemen, outiu, aad Boya' Wearint Apparel, of the moat deairabl* and fashionable at/1m. Ala.), SHIRTS aad FURNISHING GOODS in greet variety. Clothing mad* to order at the shortest notice. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 333 Pennsylvania avenue, frit (Int?l. ARep) bet. 9th and leth ata. CARRIAGES. ~~ 1 HE Sabeeriber having made aodit.ona to hit flMer7, making it now one ot the largdat^MWiSr U the District, where hie tvMit.f (or man at acta ring CARRIAGES aod*=*? LIGHT Wagons of a!T k'.nda cannot be anr leeeed, and from hia long experience m the baatmms,he h< p<w M> give general aatiataouon. A-kinvia of Carriagee and Light Wagons kept A W D PDA ID O ? ? - ... nQramo aw; oom, 4cd ail or Jen rtssiKs's&M ?.*.?>. r., m<W. ANDREW J. JOYCK, d II tf oornor of Fourteenth and E ??. W BUYS' CLOTHING. E Htr* reoeived within the iut day or two a Lane auortmoot of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHIWw. ? bracing all (trios of low-pnoed, medium, aart tne Qualities, wtuch wo aroMllinc atrory low prio?? for ouk. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., l?fl Pa. ar., between 9th and 10th ate. mtt (latollm?n??r and R??nbluan.? /9\AT THE ?LP PAWN OPPICE-^Jv WL V B*ek tf tk4 ATmSnuI Hotel. 4 ? licet liberal advance* mad# on Void and Mlver W atone*. Diamon 1?, Jowerr. Silver wa/e,C,oth! ?. Pietole, and all kiade of Marohaodiae. ttaaiISAAC HfcRZBF.RG, 341 C atreet, piwSS? ^QMera^WKWTed^fo7Mr. MARCUS IEBINR 4 | w? . I AWFUL 8ACRTPICE8' DISEASE' DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE! DEATH! Awful Pacrifioes! Diitu*! Death! Awful Saorfi e? ! Disease! Death! Awlul Sacnficet! Liseiie! De*th ! Awful Sacnfio?a! Dite&se! Death! Awful Sacrifices! Disease! Death! Awfiil n..ik i ? ? ? . i/oaui . STRIKK AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE ! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! al R1KE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKK AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! Strike at the Root of the Duea?e! Strike at the Root of the Disease! Strike at the Root of the Dieeate! Strike at the Root of the Di setae! Strike at the Root of tbe Disease' Strike at the Root cf the Disease! CONSUMPTION, INSANITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, OMAVEL. DROPSY. LANGOUR, NERVOUSNESS, CONSUMPTION. GRAVEL, INSANITY, DROPSY, EPILEPTIC FITS, LANOOUR. NERVOUSNESS, Consumotion. Tnsanitv. Emi*ntir Fit* M yy ?r?r*** "I Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Gravel, Dropsy, Lanjour, Nervousness, Gravel, Dropsy, Larsour, Nervousness, Giavel, Dropsy, l.angour, Nervousness, Grave!, Dropsy, Langour, Nervousness, Gravel, Dropsy, Langour, Nervousness, Gravel, Drojsy, Langour, Nervousness, Universal Lassitude of the Muscular System, Universal Lasritude of the Muscular System, Universal Lassitude of the Musoular System, Universal Lassitude of the Muscular System, Universal l assitude of the Muscular System, 1 I . ?< ?V.~ M-.~l.-B ? >? I wun?>aoi liBOBikUUV VI kUD ,UUBOLl#I OJBVCHI, Dimness of Viaion, Impotenoy and Insanity, Dimness of Vision, Impotenoy and Inasnitv, oi Vision, Impotenoy and Insanity, 1) mn?sa of Vision, Impotenoy an 1 Ins%nity, Limness of Vision, Impotenoy and Insanity, Dimness cf Vision, Impotenoy and Insanity, THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG Ot both sexes die annually of the above Dioeaaea, caused by abuse of the GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, and from diaeaces arising from ' Habits of Diaaipation." Diseases cf these or cans require the aid of a Diuretio. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLiyS EXTRACT BUCHU HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU HELM BOLD'H EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOl D'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC 13 THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC and a positive and specific remedy for dueaaaa of tho BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, DROPSY, ORGANIC WEAKNESS, ABUSE, gjphint o ard Venereal Dtaeteea, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS. FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, and all DiiW ?* of the Generative Organ*, whether existing in YOUNG OK OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, ' YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, VOL NG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD. MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OK FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, Prom whatever came originating, aid no matter ol HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING. UUtY L.UMU STANDI NO, HOW LONG STANDING, MOW LONG STANDING. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUC1IU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU la pleasant in it* taate and odor, immajiato in ita action, free fiom all "injnrioua properties," and in t?keu without "hindranoe" from "busineaa."., Lit'la or No Change in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet Little or No Change in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet. Little or No Cbang* in Diet. Cure* at "Litt'e Expenae" and "No Exporare." I'uret at "Little Expenae" and "No Kxpoaure." Corei at "Little Expenae" and "No Expoeore." Cures at "Little Expenae" and "No Exposure." Curea at * Little Expenae" and "No Expoaare." Curea at "Little Expenae" and "No Expoenre." If jou are aulTerinc aend, or call for the remedy at >nce. Fx?:icit directions aooompany. Prioe ?> per Lott a, or aix for .95, delivered to any addreea. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICK." WE MAX* "50 9?C?ET" OF "iSQREnillfT*." HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU >a oo in posed of Baohu, Cn^eba and Juniper Bernet, aeltoted with great otre by a competent drergiat. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. UELMBOLD, Prao toil and Aualj tieal Chemiat. and Sole Manufacturer ?f HEDMBOLDS GENUINE PREPARATIONS. EXTRACT BUCHU, EXTRACT SARSA PARILLA, IMPROVED WASH OF ROSES. sola is Wash.acton by B. B. Waits, Z. D. Oilman, Johh Wilkt. S. C. Fobd, 8. B. tsrwimi Kiswsll * L*uii.k i, Wasiiiactoo ami Georgetown, and all Druggists everywhere. HKLMBOLD^ MEDICAL DEPOT. !i(. 104 Souli Tenth Strut, btltw Ckeitnut, Phil* dilphi i. Physician In attendans* from S a. m. to p iu. Direct letters HELMBOLD S MKDICaL db POT, 104 South Tenth luw Che*nut. Boeeribs symptoms in a'l ooarannidations. tCTAdvios ira IS. [[TOaMOttrutosd. Mf '> 1r "Thejr go rlfht to tbeSpot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP \ OUR COUGH PURIFY YOUR DREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, All GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, 1 GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve* Cough instantly. They olear the Throat. They give strength and volume to the volee. They impart a delioions aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herbs and oannot harm any one. I advise every one who has a Cough or a Husky ? n? j r? ?* ? * wuiuo,ui ? ow nrwiii or any aimoaity oi in? Throat. to get a packago of my Throat Cnnfectiona. They will relieve you inatantly, and you will agree with me that "thev go rieht to the apot.* You will find them very naeful and pleasant while traveling or a'tending public neeetinge, for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirst. 11 you try one package I am eafo in aaying that you will ever af terwarda consider them indispenaible. You will find them at the Druggiala and Dealera la Medicine*. PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. My aignature it on each package. All others are counterfeit. A Package will be aent by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of Thirty CenU. Addreaa, HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4S CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. NervousHeadachi <u & * Headache. Br the ih of theM Pills the janodlo attaoica o Pftr*ouj of Sick Huidack* mar be prevented; and t taken at the commencement ot an atttok imme mate relief from put and sloknees will be obtained. They seldom Gail in removing tbe and Htmdiekt to whioh femalea are ao aubject. They aot gently upon tiio bowela,?removing Cetlitmm. For Littrun Mtn, Stwtmts, Delioate Femalea. and all peraona of stdtntarii Kaiitt, they are val able aa a Laraiivt, improvicg the appstiu, giving ion* and vigor to the digestivo organa, and re atoring the natural elasticity and atrencth of tbe whole arattm. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the reeait of long inveatigation and oarefully conducted experiments, having been m use many yeara, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a rut amount of pain and Buffering rom Headache, whether originating in the??r?0K5 system or from a deranged state of tho stomaek. They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may b? taken at all tnnea with perfect safely without malting any change of diet, and tk* a6i<*(? of any Aitagrunbi* taslt rmtUrt it tnty ts *din\niit*r Ik*m to ckiltlttn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five Bignatureacf Henrr C. Spalding on each Box. UaiJ k. I>.- - * ? ? - - - ovw v/ viaiiisii ?n?i ui otnor ucaiera in Med 1 ainea. A llox will be out by mall prepaid on recent e lit* FRIGE, Ui CENTS. All ertfera ahoald be addreaaed to HENRY C. ?PAL1>1N?, 49 ClDAi fcTRBIT, NlW YOXX. hm tkt E**mi*or, Norfolk, fm. Cephalic Pilla acoompliah the object for whtoh they were made, ti*: Care of headache In HI ita forma. b\om tkt Etomxntr, Norfolk, Tm. They have been tee ted in more ttan a tkaaaaci eaaea, with entire auooeea. From tkt Domoormt, St. Cloud, JKiaa. ir ron are, or have been troubled w ith the haadache, aend lor a box, ( Pilla ,> ao that yot may nave them iu caao of uCattack. 1 Prom tkt Wirttm R. R. (JtutttU, CkitMtt, III, We heartily endorae Mr. Spalding, and hit unTailed Cepnalio Pilla. rrom mi stwura Patk Find*, JV?m OrUatu, La. Try them ! you that areatttloted, and'we ara aare ibat your testimony oan be added to we already numeroue list that baa received benefits that no other medioine oaa produoe. From tk* (fmnttf, Dmvtupon, Itttm. Mr. Spalding wonld not conneot hie nan* wltk an artiole he did not knoto to potaeaii rial merit. From tk* Adoirttstr, Vrorridmu, ?. I. The Cephalio Pilla are said to be a remarkably effective remedy for the headaehe, and one of the very beat for that very frequent oonpiaint which haa ever been discovered. From tk* St. Louit Dim torn. The immense demand for &3 gjtule (Cepkalle Pills) la rapidly increasing. From tit Kamaioka Tallty Star, I?awU, 7m. We are sure that persona Buffering with the head ache, who try them, will atiok to taea. From tk* Ado?rti:tr, Prooidmui, H. J. The teatiraory in their fiTor la atroug, frea tha moai i eapectab e quarters From tk* Daily >ma*, Strop or:, K. 7. Cepbalie Pills are taking the p.&oe of *11 kioda. From tkt ComtHircial Built tin, Bottom, Mm. Said to bo %0tj efflcacioua for the headaohe. From tk* Commtreial, Cincinnati, Ohio, Suffering humanity can now be relieved. CT A nngle bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glae will ?n ton time* ita oo?t annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB! SPALDING'S PREPARED &LUB! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH |Er""A STITCH IH Timu SAVU Nm"^U Aa aeoideata will kM^#n, even in well reguiateo f&miliea, it ia err deeimble to have eome oheaa and^oonveuient way for repairing Furniture, Toy a Crookery.Ao. x SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB meets all suoh etnerireaeies, and no honMhold on nttorJ to be without it. 11 ie always ready, and to the tuoking point. * USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.-A Brush aooompames each Bottle. Prie Ik oeata. AUdrees BENRY & BPALD1NO, No. 49 Cedar street. New York CAUTION. As eertain unprincipled persons are attempbnc to sons *o examine before pnrohfising, and see tha ' PAL0IN** PB F.PARKD 0LVE?CD "Mr- *" r?K?f m t WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. nil. 8HUMAN has, tftor an experience of taa U years, eetabhahec. the above refuge from ?nackery, self-labeled led tan or Venn an dootora, and prekiadara of witchcraft and irr^oatora in ganeral This i? the only plaoe where a rare and s?aedy oare oan bo obtained in the world for all improper and enl habit*, gunorrh*, g!e?t, seminal we*It n?*?, rypkiiis, f rimarr acooa<iary. ami tertiary, orgacio weakuetc. pains in the loitts, stricture*, general debility, prostration, ner*on?resa, reKtle?a nighU, palpitation of the heart, ringing in the eara, iOaa v. menio. j, oonfcaion.raelanouofV, affections of the head, threat, nose, and akin, and a'l ti.i>ae peoauar disorders ariairg iron the indiscretion of yoath, rendering th?rr nn?t for either tHiaiueaa, atiooy, cooiety, or marriage. Dr. tf. has the greatest remedies in tha known world for diseases of th? blood, goncrrkw, gieet, strictures, syphilids, seminal weakness, self at?n*e, fcc. There u no oa*e in whioh ttej fail to cure In from S to S days. Viotima of thea* horrible oompiaints, who woald wiah to be vainableroen and ornaments to society, shoald embrace the earliest opportunity for relief. Dr kJhwrrt " u. r* ^jmunu UH lUOCO U/?* IDOII OOllftU MTHlfPmenis for the comfort of bis patients who oomt from a distance. They will be fumishec with the most paaeant and agreeable *narter<, neoessary diet, and made a* oomfortaMe as they won id be at a ftrst class hotel at lees than half the ooet. Do not forget the name and number. Dr. Fhn man's offcoe is on the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Clarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington. D. C. Persons atadistanoe should enclose stamp for retarn postage. Office hours, 3 A. M. to 10 P. M. Various parties have been enuoed from my institution by oertain swindlers od back streets in this oity, who will rue it till the day of their death. A word to the wise is sufficient. ap 9 It Curt Couth, Coid, Hoarfmns, InAutnxa.any Irritation or Sor$nti 9f tk* Throat, Rtliovt tht Haekxnt Cough M ConsumrI! 'In' M ILlI >ios, Bronchitis, Aihmu, WlllKiyilM? 4- Catarrh, Cltar and rirt WflHWjpw strength to tht vottt of V/VjffN/ PUBLIC SPEAK E R S ^Hiar a.mb SINfcERS. Few are aware of the importance of oheokint a Couch or "Common Cold" in its first stage; that which in the begining would yield to a mild remedy, if neglected, soon attacks the l.uuse. "Brown's Bronchial Trothtcontaining derauTceiitingredients, allay Pilmonary and Hronohial Irritation. "That trouhle in my Throat, (for BROWN'S | which the "TVochs.>" are a specific) D/inni u uavinf made ms often a mere wh:?TROCHt? perer." N. P. WILLIS.

BROWN'S recommend their use to Pvau* Spcakum." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Greatservice insulxlsinc Homi BROWN'S Hiss." REV. DANIEL WISE. TROCHES "AI?oit tnitMt relief in the diatrestung .abnr of breathiDc peculiar BROWN'4* to Asthma." REV. A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anrthini ^""ou," DR.A. A HAVKS, BROWN S ciraui, {?UMh TROCHES UOAotCov^hb. VS**** Comhla* BROWN'S 1>l1, ^ F* BI8KLB#^,f TROCHES " B?nellolal in B*okchiti9." MKUIHUE UR J F w L>ANE BROWN'S Bourn " I have proved them excellent for TROCHES W?oohh? Cow?h." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Betim. ,wnrHKH when eompelled te TROLHES speak, suffering from Cold." nuowfw.* iEV' S* P' ANDERSON, BROWN'S si. Lomit. marhps " ErrarriAi In removing lloaraeness and Irritation of the Throat, so BROWN'S oommon with SriAKaas and SmaTRornirH Prof. M. 8TACY JOHNSON, Lft (jfiUfl, (rC, DOWN'S *#MbF?lSacSiSe. " TROCHES "Great benefit when taken before and after preaching, aa they prevent BROWN'S Uoarsenea*. From their past effect, 1 think the; will be of permanent atiTROCHES vantace to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athena College, Teen. TROCHE8 CT^Sold by*11 DrncfiiUat TWKNTY FIVE CENTS A BOX..CI 4a l-1y JOY FOR THE SICK AND SVFFERIM LMTALL WHO ARS AVYLlCTMi) AT JUT m' XXX1D7 M.BJQ10M nt HEALTH. Frlead, * yo? aaffar? Are 70a the Tietlra af aay f these r??mero?eai!n,?nts wk:oh arise lioia 11seurfiy cf the blood.' Wsaiare tfcer, do yos ask/ Rather auk. what are they not.' The blood is tha soaroe af life and heaith, and it 1a the tret element or oar i>eini to respcza 10 anj eaaae w&icl aaecta the ystani, m the palae infallibly att*n? The ever previulJnc Near*!ii*, tee irritating Kryaipaiaa, the subtle 8erofn!a, the agonizing Rheumatism, Nervosa Debility. iJyipspa;!!, Liver Complaint with iU toraor and dejaotion, and the nam be'I ess ills that flesn ia heir to. derive their fctdeoas origin from the blood. l>e*l kln*iy then and tently with the blood. Uss the vitalising reeoiroes of nature foritaaid, acd aafior aa to command to yoar confidence and aee that trail valuable medicament known as * il M R v /*n ri o INDIA ft rBO ST ABLE DECOCT ION. With regard to this almost infallible speeiSe poseur sentiment has rpoken in deoided terma and the evideneee of thia great efltoacy are aaa tained by oonstant arowa.ii of ourative effects and the happiest resalta from ita aae are after ail other remedies and the best mertioal skill have failed. Let aa oi-nelneion, that certificates etrra are not Bought from the illiterate &i.d superficial, but they are voiuneerea from the moat reayeoteble fouroee and justify tin higheat terma in whioh it ia possible to commend ro valuable a apecific to pa olio approval. We may add al?o tLat tne oorativeproperh-s of the medicine are equalled only by ita reatorative etfecta, the sT*tem recovering fromdiaewo with renewal eonatitutiona! vigor. For aaie by all respectable lliugriata in this sitr.and t>y th6 proprietor, MKS5. M. COX, None gannine bcimh her nam* u blows on the hottie tra h?r fen! on the oork ICT Price 01 per bolde. six bottlee for f I. w\ol?%+l* K. H. T. CISSEL, Drnfflat eorceiown. 1> C.. Wholesale Acent (or the Dl?triot, and will anapfy the trtde at ray prices. an it tr I^HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIK9EMAR.1.J and S-Protocted by Royal Letter* Patent of England, and reoured by the Seala of the Eco e de Pharmscie de Paria, and the Imperial Coliece of Medicine, Vienna. No.) ta invaiuabie for exhaustion and natoirhea, and all phyaical disabilities. No. 3 completely eradicates all traeea of thoaa diaeaass that have be#?n hitherto treated by the nanaeous and pernicious use of oopaiva and onbebs. No. 3 haa entirely supplanted the injurious see of nAranrr. therftbv lBiflripr tn thu n/f<irmr relief, dispersing all imparities, and rooting ok Ike mom of disease. TR1KSK.M AR, Nos.l.Sacd 3,are >reaar*dia the form of a lotengs. devoid of taeta and smei.1, and can be carried in the waietooat pocket. Sola m tin oas<p. and divided into separate tioses, as administered by Velpeau, Lailemand, Roux, Riocrd ko. Price #S each, or four oases for #9, which save* S3; and in Mil cases, wherebv there is a ??? injof%9. To be bsd, wholesale and retail, of Dr BARROW, or 194 Rleeoker street, New York, Immediately on receiving a remittanoe, Dr. Barrow will forward the Tnesemar to any part of the world, securely packed, and addreaaeo aaoording to the instructions of tha writer. The Hook, of all othera, that should be read by men with damaged and broken down sonstitutions is "Human Fralltv, or PhTsiologioa! Rese:uchss." a is beautifully illustrated, and treats minutely of 1 the symptoms that invariably develop thempelvei, sooner or later, resulting from the frailties and vitiating habits or earlv/outh, incapacitating the viotim irom snaring the fruition of the matrimonial state, and. if notoheoked in time, degenerating all the funotions of manhood, and bringing him. stee by step, to a lingering and untunaly death. Sold by l)r. Hj^RROW7l94 Hleeoker street, four uoors coiow aihuoku, w?w Vor*. frioe Si oents. Bent free every where. Sold also by 8. C. Fora, Jrn Drif Store, WuhImtoc, P.C. d?W-ta H[ NEW BOOKS. LlSTORY of the United Netherlands, by John Lothrop Motley ; 2 vols ; free b? mail. $4. Sbe Rise of the Dutoh Republie, a History, by n Lothrop Motley; Jvo.s oioth; free by mail, 8ilas Marner, the Weaver c-i Ravelol, by the acthor of *'Adain Bedeuloth ?ffcenie; paper 60 oonti. Lire and Career of Maior Andre, by Wuitrop Sergeant; SI JO. After Icebergs with a P&int?r.a Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Loan L. Nobe: #1.50. The Manufacture of Photoremo or Hydro-Carbon Oils, by Thomas AnaseM, M. D.; #1.75. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH A RICHSTE1N, ap to 8TS Penna. avenue. yunuuAls FOB TBI WESTERN RIVERS. QIUTBBXUQB Simu'a Omci. I \Va>kt*gton, Jtmt 17, lbcl.\ Pbofosals are invited for oonstr noting Gunboats noon the Western river? Specifications vill be immediately prepared ud may be examined at the Quartermaster's OAoe at Cincinnati. Pittsburgh, and at thia office. Proposa.g from boat-bulk era and engine-baild er? alone vill be considered. P ane submitted bj bidden vill be taken into consideration. M- C. MK1G3, ie 18 Quartermaster General United State* gOOTR AMD BHOfc^ TO BV1V TIB We are nev manufacturing ail kind* of BOOTS and SHOES, and oor stantly receiving a^t> stMT of eastern made vork of every de gBI sorption, made expressly to order, and villvWJ be sold at a maca lower prtoe than has been* IIL heretofore charged in thia city for mioh inferior aiwlea Persona in vaat of Boots and Shoes of eastern or sity made vork. vill alvays ftnd a rood assoriaei (a store and at Iks lovest pnoes. dive as a oail. ...wsfe G<SS^Jfe8?8g^JNAES^ Koaehes, Bed Bugi, Ants, Ac Moore's Hat and Mouse Exterminator uever rails. Moore's Bencine will remove paint, varnish,or grsass of any kind ""* * , i ' TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. JJN1TED 8TATKS JKJLITARV ROUTE. gaii?? SPECIAL. NOTICE TO TRAVELERS CHANGE OF HOURS. Oh and afltr Monday, August \9tk, 1861, ritUJiSU TftAllfS WILL U.VH At FOLLOW* : LEAVE WASHINGTON at 6 and 73. a. m. % ? and 5 45 p m., amv:n* at BaiUmor* at 7.4* ana 9.ui a. in. and 4.05 and 7 jn p. m. LEAVE HALT! M OK E a: 4J0 am) 40 a. m.aad 3 <5 an<l 6 p na , arnrtrc at Wa?r.i niton at and in_? a. m. ac<< at fi V and 6 45 p. m. I'aMTgpr Trams leaving Waabinfton at 7 SO a. m. and 2.9' p. n.,a&d Ball more at 140 a m and 3.?i 5. m .make direct oor.ncnors for AnLftpolia el the faction. Train* leave Aana^olie for Baltimore aad Waafc u, t ton at 6JA a. ru. and 3pm Pui?D(?r Tra.nt leaving v\ aainngtoa at and 7 3> a. m and 3 sn p. m. make direot oonnexion* at Ba.umnre for Philadelphia and Nav \ ork. All artiolee of freight (not oontrahand of nrl wilt be transported over the una. TniBUt Trains ill leave Baltimore at? K a. m. Leave Waatuagton at 7 p. m. Br order of the Saoratart of War; THOMAS A. IfiOTT, THOMAS H. CANF1ELD, Aasittant Manager. aa 17-tf SPECIAL NOTICE. TRAIN. On and after SUNDAY,itth July, there will be bat one Sunday daily trainLeave WASHINGTON at 5 SO p. m. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yor? and Philadelphia, arriving in Washington at?10 a. m. J.A.SCOTT, jy 37 General Manager. IT?I STEAM WEEKLY BfTWEEN NEW YOHK ANDLlVtRPOOL, Landing and embarking paaaecgera at Que?nstown. Lreiand The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company intend dispatching their full powered ClTd*-bllllt iron " #?lu? - _ ... - .ny mm iviiuvf GLASGOW H*tuma?, August 3d. CITY OK BALTIMORE, 10th. KANGAROO. " " UU. And every Saturday, it noon, from Pier 44, North nver. 1ATII or PUMSI. First Cabin?~. .. ..#75 Do. in l.ondi.p SO Do. to Pans 85 Do. toA?mbir(_^., 8o Steerage JK $? Do. to London .. 34 Bo. to " '!? 9* o. to Humborg. 96 Passenger* forwarded to Havre. Biemeo. Rotterdam, Antwerp, &a , at reduoed throuch fares. Persons wishing to bring oat their friends oan buy ticket* at low ratee. For further information apply at the Captains Offioe. JOHN H. DaL*- , Agent, U Broadway, N. Y.. Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adams Express Baltimore; ^^J^^INDIVIDHA^^ENTERPRIBB EASTER* AND WKSTERN SHORE STEAMERS. ''KENT," Cast. J. H. Kirwan. "PIONEER," Capt. W. Norman, Will run their routes aa follows, leavi ? Light street, Baltimore, foot ol Camden, at? o'clock A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landings on Choptank river, ?very WEDNESDAY and HATCH DAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. I For Annapolis and West River, erary TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning sa*e days. PIONEER?For Rt M ---? ? --? ? Mil?'* River, every WEDNESDAY, a:*d return the same day. For Anuapolie, VVeet River. Cambridge, Oxford and Eaaton Foict. every THURSDAY, retaining by aame route on Friday. For Annapolia. West River, St. Miohael'aand Fa>ton, via Mile'a River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday by same route Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Fan ton Point...... _ fil so Fare to M Michael'* and Milea' River/roona trie. ft1.) 100 Fare to west River, (round trie, $1)........ 1 00 Fare to Annapoi?(jround trio 75 oenta). ? 75 MEALS FXTRA. rrrFreight muit be prepaid. Wharf and Otfioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden, Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFI?E,i Calvxe-t Statios, B&timore. Mxy it, ltn. ( Oil and after Sunday. Ma? 19th, 1861, Traina on the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIuWAY arrive and depart aa follova, until farther notioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 115 A. M, _ EXPRESS at J ? P. M. _ _ MAKK15ULHU ACUUNMODATION P. M The 3.15 A. M. train oonnects at Relay Hoih with trains oa the Western Maryland Rii rotd, at Hanover Junction with Hanover and Getubtff Railroad*; at York with \ '?rk and Wrifhtsville Railroad; at Harrishnrr with Pennsylvania Milroad for ail parts of the West, also with Lebannon Valley Railroad to y$w Yorkdtrttt; at Nvrthun berland with L and B. Railroad for Kingston aad I ali parts of Wycuiwng Valley And at *auibury with ! the Philadelphia and Erie Railrn?d lor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.90 P. M train makes all the abovf oonneotioos exoept Hanover Railroad, W>ight*ville Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroad. Tne8 P. M train makes oonneotion* with Penn I sylvania Railroad for all parts of tii? West, and , direct connects for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 6 10 P M.; Expref* at 7 46 A. M.; Hamsburg Accommodation at 3.43 P. M. For Tiokets and information inquire at th? 1 Ticket OAoe, Calvert Station. Baltimore. ! i. C. CLARK, Bap't. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA 'fllSlPlB FOR NEW YORE. I The Camden and Am boy and Philadelphia and Tren'ou Ranroad Companies' Lin* from PHILADELPHIA TO NKw YO?K AND WAY FLACM.fromWALNUT STREET WHARF 1 AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave as fol low*: At6 A M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Accommodation.) , ? . At 6 A. M , via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. Accommodation.) _ i At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey City,iMornit 1 .Mail.) _ : AtlIK A. M , Via Ketsington and Jersey City, (Western Express.) AtliH P. M., via Camden and Amboy, (Aoooaaodat'oii.) I At IP M., via Camdea and Amboy, (C. and A. Express I ; At 4* P M , via Kensincton and Jersey City, 1 AiE<rir ^ clB, I (Second Class Ticket) l At6 p. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening Mail.) At 11M P. M.t via Camden and Jersey City,(Southern Mail.) ; Atfi P. M.t via Camden and Amboy, (Accommodation, freight and pasesnier, First Claes Ticket.) i Seoond Class Ticket. The6 P. M. Mail Train runs duly. Thill* P. ' M. Mail, Saturdays exccptMFor Belvidere, Easton, La>T>b??rtTille, Fleiuaf; ton, Ac , at 7.10 A. P. M., from Iui ring ton. For Wat#r Gap, Stroudsburr, 8oranton,Wilkesbarro. Montrose, Great Bend, Ao.. at7.1*A.M.. from Kensington, via Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad. For Mauch Chunk, Allentown and 7.10 A. M. and 5K P. M.. from IteLEington depot; the 7.10 A. M. li e connects with the train leaving feaston at 3 35 P. M. i For Mount Holly at and 8 A. M. and Sand Of p iy| ( For Freehold at 8 A. M. and 2 P. M. For Bristol, Trenton, Ac., at 7.10 A. W.,iX and 5X P- M. froin Kensiucton, and SX P. from \va!nnt street wharf. For Palmyra Riverton, Delanoo, Beverly. Barlincton, Fiorenneoo, Bordentowc, Ao.,at 12V, 1. S, 4* and a P MSteamsr Trenton for Bordentown, and intermediate places, at tit P. M. from Walnut street wiri? vnr vj?-v ?j u r m vi *?v w i ?! muM f?EJ LI Wl? 1MT1DC Remington Depot, take the ear* on Fifth itreet, above Walnut, half an honr before depa-ture The Sure ran into the depot, and on arrival of train raa om the depot. Fifty pound* of bactace only allowed to?ac; paeaenter. Penigere are prohibited from tak ict anything ae bactace but their wearing apparei. All baggage over fifty pi>nnd? to be paid for extra. The oompany limit their re?por<t*01ty for baggage to one Hoi ar per pout a, and will not be liable Tor any anoint beyond one head red dollars, exoept by special contract. WM.H.eATZMKR.Ageat. fiM rmlkoait On aad after Mar Utn, laci, the traine will raa aa foliowe, via:?Leave Camden Station. Banmore.?Mail, texoept Sunday.) at &. 30 a. MKxpreea divrtj at S. 45 p.m. both Train* to dtreotJy through MIR all parts of thewkbt, southwest and northwest. for WAY PASSENGERS. Between Baltimore and Piedmonttake the A. M. Train^bMtween^Pifdotont aad Wheeling take Aa iiwii i?fin| riNBMI U1.41 A. M ; and UtVMi Grafton and Parkertbirf, take thTb *FR hD K RIC K ? " K AI^^Uair* Baltiaor* " }? ?LtiS?fB?wi agnA-.a ?... timore at 6 *> and #.18 A. M. and 1 46 a?4 Ul f. M.. &nd Kilioott a Mille at 7.40 aad 11.00 A. M.,and X4S and 7.oo P. M. Por f?rtfc?r informftfon, Ti?k?li of er?nr kind, L. M. COLE^Gep'I T^R'tA^nt. Froru C ha nPb*rXi*!n.Vrom 3 A h trart. Tray aad Atmmi (with lOAiV* , (tudaya La l*apicf oar) 10,15 p, m eltiad.) FmiUmvm train#, a ?,?a. *.,aad l#p.a iZ&S^iSlS:?* V *<* * ' V ' ' . *' - *' . mbl Jf *' *'*V " "V-?* *?V t rr NOTICK TO Timi nV ? I EC IVstpasur tinrr%. Mus* Balbaor*. Md OU foist , Ponr^ ill 1??? BHimowTvtRY Day <1?y ? from thoir wharf.foot of I ui..? tE3*j|i' o'clock p. it., vr immodiwt*)? af?*r tk* i-" ?N th? WtoMMtni Train. which laavM v\?22L? at 2s o'c oct p. n. ' cv* >-!/ . M N KAI.I a. ?*a?A."wn? J(4W MZZRW* *? Tl MuRK RaIcVmaii SPRING AND SVMMf%H A*"4ftVJTMi*? On and il'fr Ti KST?AA MS? !?> Trains lor Phuads ?hi* w V?mpr^^TT^** l>**ot uailji o>oot r-?i,c??i ufo??w, * XfroMTr?ia at? IS A . M Mu, IS. ,. IM V M.: mag taa. at ? 45 nV ,*k ot ai^ HAVPat 4 45 P. M.on v. All triuas soommL, N?w York trains axotpt 4 * P. M. trait M J? ten. I A Fr???at Tr?i. ? UnveaatS t. jt , ak>>pinaat all SUu?.M k2?2i Baltimore im H yrrr drGm??. . * PlMfrnri for fkaWnran ard th* K?at?m ??-Of M*ryImd Will Ib<1 th* MKWt ?Xp?ditl< ? rn?iU w*jofWTi?j Bfton. "***? IT7? A11 Colored P*racoa ma at giva bomtf t-i. lUriBt tkt ?n. w WM. CKAWFOKD.ip,, Oil EAT CENTRAL BOlTKMit SHBTHF. HCDSV* 1/7 fWWTaHHAipiVAU ?u jvjrir roil CI>T*AL hAJl.ROAp. Tnhi? N?tr York oity d**ota of Had ton Rir?r UiX! da.ily.Snn^yeMoe^wd. atoUowa: ^ From ChMib*ra atrMt Kr. m Slat at. (UUoa. At 7 oo a b Ai7?in V 60 - SW? n lJt ' i* t m U?ra _ SM?aa JNoatttal arid Buffalo Train witk aleepn* ova.i'li n 1 ? i Concho: r.f Albany with th? Nrv Yor?C? ioc *i? L?k? ^t'"Ly' fli'OB UC Qre*t Wwtti RMlr^ ^?5? iBHitroit. C hifjcco. Xolido. MiNPMki6?Fot Di Kulwth. timbmu*. P*orl*. R'-** l?)w>3. one. low* Cut. llnrlinrtoB. Quidot. Serfc,^ A lui?, *t- L?ou??.C?ir<>,T?rTe bMl*. 1 !>??*> ? LouitVilS#, CinOirn?t. UltohC o^r b?Trwn Uknd.udaJ' roiwU Wiwt, Northwwt tcdfer.rw99im northern route. CoDDMtint *iUTi?n.i Ml'#;. wiUTm, 4 B?? ton MdRen*. A >*r?U>c? Roada far Smvu-j Whitehall.R?tJ?nd, Bnr'.mtoB,vt. AlhfcM,k<m?? Point. Platuburjh, Of<ltn?!.u th, Moctr??l, *?., *efTT Fmfht A rr*n? ??? ?* t? by thi* rovu u ?borp, without ohtni* of C?r?, trom the rh??Ur. and t:aniil MrcMa.ara% .tiwmu f*TOr*hl?? M ?*<1? h? nfh.r .< - The MoiliUM ofthie irMt New York Kn?u^u, W est com men c it to the could WO* of iMrehajfe an ' shppera lor promptness ud dupateh Pi?Mil*r tniM. with Pmokibg ud '? Cvi ran in connection on the New York Ceri* | ~ij For parties lara &a to loetl tniii and f relate u rangetnenta, la^au* at the depot, t* Wirmit. A. F. SMITH. aspericteadaat. U P GOVFBNMKNT LINE AriCfi ro8f,&SS2iot>Tb Leaves the lover end of UNION DOCK,Bat R titfSL'SyW*te tos, York. Harrisbarg, Pihalmrf. fa. im West, immed.itely a^r thearr.ra? o! Li?a* Train from New York and Phi ict.phia. The followin* la the Pcheda.e : From New York to Fort Monroe aad hack. |u Prom Pr. i vieiph'a and back- t? From Baltimore and back _ |i, ETPEOCUEE YOl'B TfClETPja In New the New Jersey Eaiiruao OA*, foot of Conrtiand street. In Phi.adelphia. at the Company'a cAoe.N. ? oorner of Sixth and Cheetast streets, or at Ut Depot, Broad and Prime streets. In Baltimore, oa L >ard tfce himikm. . Union Dock. HUGK O'CONNER. A?*? *? w \okK. H AR I.EM AKl SBfBSBM ALBANY RAILRMAD. LEAViise NEW YURf rot Coiaweint Wfi-'iM, Mar ntk. lad. For Abaoy?ll:?0 a. m. faat *xpr*M trail fna aetn atreet. For Dover Plaice?4:? p. m rt^ppiLt at Whht I'.mci tnd lUttou north to Dover ) im tw 2CtO atraet atation , (Tki? train will run to Millartoa mr? Pat art* #?or^5roton Falle??:l?a. in. ?to?tiac at all at* 1 tiona north ?f Ford ham from 26-h atreat ataboa For W bite Plaica-l-ja, 4:io aid ?* a m ?t*? >ioi at all atationa from Mth atreet atatioa. For White Plata*?A-'t?. m. (topping at ail aia bona from White ?tr**t abvtioa. For Wii.iama B'idf?-7.?', li:i? a m. aac m. atopaici at all r ationa from Trth atreet aUL : Ratam r.g will leave? Albany?M" a. m. taat ax preea train. Dovar Piaine-fcSD a. m. < Thi* train laavai Mh la-.on even Monday moral m at6a. m.) Crotoc Fal.a?4a. m. Whtte PlAine-Aio, w? a m. ?:' A 7** p. a. William* Bndg^T-fcSD,fcM t. m.A l*a a.m. HMTtruH win i?rt 4th Atom enrwr8c Ua*t, for Cantraa Pirk. Yorknlla. Htr ta IK Hick Bridge iti few irunotee. from fcena .? IQfipm. JOHN Bl'fcCHILL. Aaet BayX ,^^NEW YOKE ANQ ERIE KAIL IOAD Fumiir Traiae iNnne Pi' nia Parry ar.<i Loaf L>oek, frow foot rfCllBUn street, Naw Yorfc.aefol,0*1. ria I.00 a. m, EX?*k.E8^lor Duakirk.aaA Bafait and prmoipai murine ia'e Station*. I 00 a. m . MAIL, for Dankus. ami intermedia* < Stations?Thie Trair. remain* <var n;g ht at Kiaua. and arooaada the next morning 9l00 a ..Ml LEoai.,, for Obeviue, aad ** Btdiatt Statu i.a. II.00 a. m , ACCOMMODATION, daily, far far Jama, and prlneipa. station* 4 00 1. m., WAV, for MitfdiatcYB, Navkaot Abd int*'mediate Station*. 5.00 a. m.. NlttHT IKX PRESS. dajty. format kirk, Buffaio, Canandauna.aod artnoifa! staoew The Train of Sataiday ew>p* at all Mai! Traa Station*, and nine onli to klmiia. ? 00 p. m.. ACCOMMODATION,for HorMtn ?. and priLO:pai StAUona _ CH?S. MINOT.GaBl8a?'t. nathan1fl mar8h, bWC-itt jt?. foe boston via nwwfottand Pall rivlr. StaAisaia ^T^O^Lf?J*li.PIk"l STaTE BaY statu, and 8tateOF majftfc.ofimt atrenith and ???ed, bat particalarlT tot* nan ratio l of Lor.t laaac Soaud, raoniDf a m umIiob Willi tna Fall Ri**r a->d O'd Coloay la. road.diatacoa of Mmilaa omj to Boatoa P. N., t uchint At Nrw?r,rt ateh WA?. TIm StMMDfr MRTROPO* is, Capl. Brovi <' Tuscan. Tbaradaye and 8atarda?a, At I oVo* P.M.. Iolc; 1.1 At .Navport aui w%y. Thaaa Stxamara are fcttad vitA ?> ?<>?' atau roona, and r+ry ar^aa* attiaet for tbaaaaw> R nil iw>m fnrt a! Ma aaan ?*ra ?vWa > ? ?#a?<W M tfiis roate a mcbta' ml onbofd ud oo am?a at Fall?i?*r frooo^d per Train.raaai iag Boatoa airly the following nomine' or * ramvi on board aatU atarua? of the Atwaw* Don at* A. M., by vkitk tMy My raaob M* ?boatU?A.M. A baxcac* nutir la attaahad to aaah ataaa* who reoatraa sad tiakeU tfce >?iina, and acaca paniaa the taaa to iu daaunatioa. A ataainar rata in mmmLoo with this Liae b* til lirar and Providaaea daiiy. asaaft I raFmfht to Boatoa 1 a fotwajdac thr<>#r t at*patch by aa Kxpraaa "Praia, wliiot ?arw Kivar evert aon.m, btfndaya ajeaftad.*1 li* c'ciook for Boatoc and N*w Bad.'ord, arrmu at ita daaunation at abont HAM . For freight or pa?aajapp y on board, or a! tH offioe oa Fiar No. 3 North Kit*c For etaie roa?? and bertha aep.y oa koard. or if d^ajrac to them m adriLnoe, to \V M. jiOK DKN, 70and 71 Waal !>eat. N V PEOVIDENCK. Put BO* TON?Inland Roite-Tb* ?hort*t M nwrtarMt-Cury the butorg Mui. ? . . . Jf? William*, la ooBMotiec with tht StoniBitoMf P'oT.a'-iiee.fc: Biieioeeed PrvvHlwoe Keiirw*; f;:4Svia tvA.prasraS Groion at USD o'eloo* P. M., or ob th? am**. < ssfitEsasigm ton?Ta?oda?. Th?ir?day ,aiid Satwriaj. _Tk? COMMON WKAI,TU. frwai JN*<r I"*' T?M<%y.Tj|Tm?>. oad B?tu-aay. Pro* It"*" -Rssawi'^ri'ai.KV^JSc Prond^noo aod BoaVcr. :r C?.# KlfiJJJ "T, Traia. rfuhui a aid plaoo la adT*?o? y? otiior roatoa, and ia quU i>bi lor aJtA* *Jf' Mornri Lioaa o.?a*eii r.? North aad MNL > oafon that rrofar it. nmii ob Nf#Jf Grotoa ib I Tr*i.Bi_ooaafoting at Prvridono* with ? lw Spspsf Sraar ^?' FVench "VicVsTikn' to?*)?""p*.! jarar^?vfe,r8^^r?? S^y- * -H?"" "? " r~" A HI Mitioa of HUM', lakurr * < '" A ?>b ? <-onmoo ma of H?t4m i Two* ** lT>*1Klwrftr tfc? U.S. S^rJ^tL ? r?t tiook nfiutouhn. 10 >k.T! t iikilriv c&rt.', GujJ?7 ****' * * ^ *** **** *" I ijffiiSSBHBfc*' I f I *"* * I

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