Newspaper of Evening Star, September 16, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 16, 1861 Page 2
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?' I ? THB KVF.M'Nt.' STAR. WASHINGTON CITT: , MOJOit Iqmki It, 1W. ' t On Fmib*]>* at the wlooa military campe ud ' P*?IMom will eoafer a taror by keeping ua posted 1 ma to movementa and antra la tbeir viclnitiea. ptrtt ?( the ntrilai Preaa ( The InttUiftne'r trnta ufoa the demand* and aanmpiiooa of ihe peace party of Maryland. The R*pmblicMm flound-rt inextricably In the attempt to maintain a conat stent record imii th* Kremoat proclamation bus, nr*a * A?i Upjvst Implication ?A nlgbtor two o'nce f ? row occurred near Brown'* Hotel, between two young men alleged to have abouted for Jeff and a Union offl er, In which the latter la aid to haTe been beaten, after whlfh one of the c ?*tber parties waaarreated and the oth?>r escaped t A Washington correapondent of the New York ? Her+ld. In giving aa account of the affair, aay* that the eacaping party "waa aecreted in Brown'* Hotel, aad np to midnight had not been arreated, \ the police not daring or caring to make a aearch t tar him." Thta atatement, which might mlt'aad e tboaa not knowing that tha proprietor of Brown's a Hetel ta aa thorough a IJalon man aa the country j boMa, 'a utterly untrue. Tha row occurred at midnight, when Mr. Brown waa in bed; and If thooacaplng man entered the doir of the hotel. * Which remain* open all night, be (Imply ran tbranrrh IKa Kah*a *-?? ?? w ? ?? n- ?w iium i? uy vuiuc uiuc! door; which any one might do under similar clr- ^ cusastances, without the nereaaary kn?w;edije cf Mr Tlrown or either of bis clerks Had any ofllcer r any one else caused M r Brown to have been Informed of the occurrence, he would instantly have Instituted a seircb of every room of his extensive establishment for tbe apprehension of any msn who might have sought refuse from the offl cm of Justice or the military authorities, by peeking unauthorized ahelter on his premises I THS Govt*!?OR-0K!tKB AL OF CcBl'S ALLSGKD RS( i>t Pkoclamatio* ?Notwithstanding tht explanations made by Mr Tassara, tbe Spanish Minister, In reference to tbe proclamation reportad to have been Issued by tbe Captain-General of Cnha, the subject still occupies attention to-day t the State Department K ? ? U3" On Friday last the Manuel Ortex, bound for VVhvdah, on the coest of Africa, waa seized by the authorities la New York city, as a alaver. and held for an examination. She was laden with a suspiciously appearing cargo, the principal items of which were four hundred and fifty-six hogsheads of so-called whisky, the larger part o* Which t* I- ? l ?in . ? - - i ... . ? win iura oui to da waier nd ten ton* of cracker*, a single case of bread only accompanying the "Intolerable deal of aack*> mentioned In the ahlp'a manifest. Aa crackers nd water formed the usual food of a slaver's I , cargo, the propriety of the seizure becomea manl. faat. rrr A salute of 97 guns was flred In the New York Central Park on Saturday, by tbe citizens of tbe city, In honor of the Kentucky Legislature, 71 for the Representatives, and 26 for the Senators who voted to expel the rebels from the State, and place Kentucky on the side of the Union and the Constitution. |?T Saturday the Fifth Rhode Island Battery arrived In New York *n route for the seat of war. Rhode Island baa three batter'ea at the seat of war?the 8d, 3d, and 4th Th? 1st returned when their three months were up, and tbe 5th is prln 1 pally composed cf men formerly belonging to the 1st. try Oovernmeat la purchasing quite a number SfcaallMlrm u Dim.l ' * ? ?? . n v ih * inauui^ ana <L? IHCID null >Y t*Cl- g M*d?jr barge* were ^urclnsed la Pittsburg Ion*. Tbey will average 140 feet la length, are f from iC to B4 feet wide, from S to 10 feet deep, f with from 5 to 9 Inch gun-wales d irr William M. Glenn, another of the proprl- I >tor* of the Baltimore Exchange newspaper, waa t a.rrested on Saturday and taken to Fort McHenry. Before going to the Fort, he went to his office a*d made arrangements for the suspension of th? 1 publication of the Exchange. ' |JT The prlie veaaeia in New York are being ( Inspected with a rlew of fitting them up as gunbeets for the United States service during the ( war, the value of the vessels to he paid to the ^ District Court by the Government. ^ }[ y~ ?7,000 In coin, which had been placed in 1 the hand* of the American Express Company by 1 a New York city tlrm for transportation to the * Macon bank, Oa , via Louisville, Ky., was seized ^ by ti e U. 8. Marshal In New York on Saturday. ^ The liquor dealers of New York State have < issued a call for a convention, to be held at Syra- i cuae on the 1st of October, to take measures to ] prevent legislative encroachments upon their ( Interests. 1 ICT Mr* *\ ard, widow of Capt. J . H. VVard 1 of t:>e U. S. Navy, who ws* killed on board the 1 Freeborn at Mstthia* Point on the 27th June, *r- ' rived in New \ ork from Europe by the steamer Africa, a day or two aince. ITT Nearly 30 new priaonera have been sect from Baltimore to Fort Delaware, 91 of whom were captured on their way to join the Confederate army. , |fT The receipts at the New York city custom ' kouae are from f75,000 to ScO.COO per day. The dnttm for September. IMO. averaged nearly 1 ?M0,r00 per day. 1 BT The trottin<r k?n? H? nuh > IV _ m iue yivy- j ertyof Daniel P. Ward, of Rlcbmond, waa seized la Baltimore on Saturday laat, by deputy marafcaia Graver and Dawoea. * ? + TTT Seven hundred and twenty-three lettera, ' sddreaaed to p*r?on? in the aeced*d States, were received and detained at the New York poet office 1 daring the p*et week CT Col. Lebedelff, of the central staff of tbe o Emperor of Roaala, ia on hla way to thia country, a ea a mlaalon almilar to that of General McClellan o dnrlng tbe Crimean war e " f CT Twenty -two muaketa were found secreted I la a bUekamltha' ahop about five miles from B UNmert on Friday night, by tbe Federal authoi 1 * tie* a p TTT The remaiM of the Irlab patriot and exile, n n <i ? m wow dcuow mcaaanus, arrived la New York t from California, by the steamer Champion, on ti Friday evening. 1 jfTA large amount of mosey deposited In tie 0 Philadelphia banks by Southern merchants was " attached by District Attorney Coffey on Saturday * p ?7* On Saturday the property of Robert Tyler <j nt Bristol, Pa., isclodlng real eatate^and heuee y IsU goods, wse seised by the Federal autherl- ? ties. h U^Trlslty church, New York city, late have 0 a choir ergaa Is addition to the grand organ ? which Is to be need for Instrumental purposes and * the glarta only. b [JTHoa. James A. Staiworth, late a member p of the U . 8 Casgrasas from the Mobile district a In Atebaan, died on the lat Inst. B"Tlt Is slated that Hob. Joseph Holt, la to ttt Baltl as ore la a flaw day*, where be will de> User a Ualan sns-rh 07 It ia aatl mated that Southern property to the " Mint at ton mtlHoas ot dollar* has already been atoaad hy tbo L'altod StatosMarihil In New York 11 *~F Boa. OuM 8 Dlcklaaoo la expected to .Y- ' tha pa*pie of New York city shortly, * npm tho -**" ?*7- J ""^ (u a boat Steady, Cmmndfr n L/1" ?! (ETTh. Baa jooaph * * * Mutator to fnwU, to la thto olty, " DroWM ? .HIM*. : * 4.?? <?> ovm 911 LIT ART BUDGET. AM IVTISTIBW. Majors Oenersl McClellan and Bank* were for om? hours together on Saturday afternoon and ening last, at Rorkvtlle. Gen McClellan reurned to bis headquarters in this city from that nterview at about 11p m., tearing all wall upon he line of his Army. COSTKABAKD TZLI9KAHS. It seema that the Government superintendent of elegrsma from this point ia permitting the corresK>ndents of the New York city press to tend xtennive and particular information of the miliary preparations, Ac., of General McClellan, over he wires. It Is to be taken for granted that this ctlon of the Government's superintendent Is but trellmlnary to the removal of all restrictions on iraflar^ubllcatlons by the Washington papers. ball's hill. The hill on which Mr. Basil Hall*s house reently stood, continues, as before Its destruction, o be occupied in the day time by the Union pickis, and at night by thoee of the enemy. the stabbsd cob respondent. We learn that our unfortunate friend Mr. Valker, of the N#w York Exprttt, stabbed on he day before vesterday by a secesh prisoner, rs x plained elsewhere in to-day's Star, vrnu alive t V p m. yesterday He lays at Lower Marlboro', 'rloce George's county, Md. military appointment*The President baa made the following addiloual appointments of Brigadier Generals of vol inteers. VI* : Major Ed. O. C. Ord, 3d artillery, U. 8. A.; Jipt. Horatio G. Wright, of Engineer*, U- 3. A.; ind Win. Nelson, Esq., of Ky. NOT SO. We are requested to correct the atatement telegraphed from Fortress Monroe to the effect that (r. Phillip* and bis wife bad been sent from tbat tost under a tl ig of truce to Virginia. Mr P I* n tbl* city; hla wife, her two daughter* and her later remain in confinement in a house here. AN INTKRCKPTKD LKTTftft. One of the letters taken at Hatleras Inlet, dated riallfax. Nova Scotia, Aug. 28, alt., I* of interest, is exemplifying howSeceah la being humbugged arith the Idea of foreign sympathy for it. The rtu-r is addressed to the Charleston Courier peo >ie, and says: ' 1 ram* to this Province on business connected ?ith tbe Album. I wrote from New York on the 8th July, an<l forwarded ray letter to Richmond, Va , by Rev. Mr Hoge. ? # ? On coming here a moat striking fact everywhere apparent, 1* the avowed change of sentlnent and feeling of the people of these "Eastern Provinces" upon the merita of the civil war in :he States lTpon the commencement of hostilItiea, it 1* stated, the people were largely in sympathy with the Northern states Now, that symf>athy is almoat entirely in sympathy with the South. Indeed, 1 have scarcely met an lndirtdnal who expretses a wish for the success of he North in this struggle, and I have had opporunities to converse with a large number of per10 ns Of the reasons assigned for thtschange, the two nost prominent are, fltt, the tone of the newspaper* of the northern States, in setting forth tbe purposes of the Federal Government, to sumiia'lly mbdue tbe seceded States to an bumble >bedience to its authority. Tbe unsuccessful eforts of the Federal Government therefore, have taused a feeling of di*gu*t at tbe over-confident one of the northern press, and produced a convicion that the Government tuver earn succeed In estorlng tbe Union by armed force. Ilence they iiturally withdraw their sympathy from a cause hat is destined to defeat Their second reason s one of Interest connected with their comnerce * * * * * Recent discoveries of gold In Nova Scotia are ittracting a great deal of attention Mines have *?en opened at two places?one at Tangier, forty niles east of Halifax, and tbe other at Luuenturg, about tbe same distance in the opposite tlrectlon Both points are near tbe sea coast ,arge quantities of gold bave been already ob* ained from both places " Several vessels have arrived here wltbla the ast two or three daya, and they report nothing startling'" on the river or about thoaa '-powerful >atterleaM yet, unleaa the display of signal lights rom the Maryland and Virginia ahorea maybe >ut under that bead. Capt. Callahan, of the choonar Catharine Callahan, reports that on Thursday night last be noticed rapid signaling vlth lights betw??en the two shores at Matthias 'oint, and that he dropped alongside the U. 8. evenue cutter which was anchored near the Maryland shore. While the officers of the cut'er verts examining bla papera they were balled by *rhat appeared to be a large body of men on the Maryland abore, who des red the captain of the :utter to come ashore, as they had particular tews for him. The circumstances being sus Mdoua and the signaling being still kept up. the gutter up anchor and left the Callahan to ahlft for lerself. Capt Callahan waft not long in foliowng, and overtook the cutter before she had gone far. The cotter had hut 13 men on board. Capt. Callahan aaya the lower Potomac?below Aqula Creek?la very poorly protected, which U one 'raaon why vesaels are unwilling U take freights For Washington. A tow bot shot ?t "aSCBSH [Special correspondence of the Star J H*suy Hook, Md , 8ept 14, 1091 ?A boatman >n his way up the canal report* here that a canal K>at with a load of Cumberland coal, while on U wiy to the Dtatrlct cltlea, was fired on from he Virginia shore a few miles below here, and bat Thomaa Harper, the tow-boy, well known n t(AnV(T*tnurn wee * ? ?uv? IUIvrugu me IlfCKy Kill ng htm almost instantly [Special correspondence of tb? Star.J Bailst's Cioss Koads, Sept 15 ? Editor Star: ["here waa a continual exchange of shots between be pickets on eacb ?ide, between here and Munon Util, to-day. Two of the enemy's pickets rere killed, we think, aa they dropped suddenly nd stopped firing The plcketa edge up to each ther through tbe cornfields and along the fences, nd when thev can obtain tbe leaat algn of eacb ther's preserv e, blaze away. On eacb aide, howver, they bare got ao aa to dodge tbe balls, (a act,) by watching for tbe little puff of smoke that lses on tbe first discbarge of tbe gun of bis adverary. Our Michigan boys here complain that they re not furniabed with rifles while on advanced ilcket duty, and say that their best marksmen are ever sure of hitting twice In the Mm* place with he muskets thev have, more eHpeclally as the carriages vary so much la amount of powder, fcc. rhe other day, however, they managed to pick 4T the best marksman along the enemy's lines, a >gro, who was a crack shot, and caused much anoyance by hit accuracy of aim. With the exception of this shooting between lckets, all Is quiet enough here. The enemy oes not appear to be In any force at Mnoson's [ill, and appears Indisposed to proceed with the rork of fortifying the hill. They have a battery, owetrr, In the nursery just by Munson's houae, the side of the hill. A number of carts came Ter the hill to-day, along the turnplka to Manon's barn, and appeared to be oonveylng away ay or grata. There is na littln " r ?^ ? wv* ?* vuo W|T oaing sentries when within earshot f each other, nd the following dialogue occurred to-day : Stettk ?" When are yer coming np ter take be hill?" Uickigandtr ?1" Oh, after yeou la manner*. Vhea are y#oo coming to take the Capitol?" Seetth ?" Reckon yer don't like the Boll-run oute to Mannsmcr!" Alithtgandtr Wall, we kale late ter go next jm by the way of ffatxrci." PaoriBLT Irtistid ? A broker not long go, when eacortlag a fair damsel home, asked rwhatkiadof mooeyaheliked beat. Of cou>ee fte blushing beauty I Mt ant It suraested mmirt. may "Whit rate of interest dees It brlaa?" jqaired the maa of earreat foods sad wildest or omenta. "If properly Invested," lisped the ilr charmer?"If properly Invested, It will ouble tbe original stock every two years."? pnnfjltld Rtfublitan. |?T Hon. George K Shaw, Inspector general % my supplies made la New England s?y? tbeie t % ??aty mills new engaged la saaalho?nrlnc Hlr 'or the gaeerajMot, aad that tbe amooat af , Tj^Mdirif H about t?,000 ' IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. 8m. Hardee TkrcaUaltf m Attack?Osa Price Appraachlag Lexlagtaa with Sixts?a Tfcaasaad Mea IioMToa, Mo , Sept. 13.?A reliable Union man Just arrived from Greenville report* that General Hardee baa returned to tbat place with WW mea, and threatened to march on this point immediately JimiioH Citt, Sept 13 ?A correspondent of tbe St Louis Democrat furnishes the following Intelligence: A messenger from Col. .Mnlitgan, at Lexington, reports tbat Gen. Prica'a advanced guard reached W arnersbu rg on T uesday, and G en. J ackaon made them a speech Gen. Price claims to hsve 16.OW) men, and bla main body ia approaching Lexjnuton i mi messenger orings an cmciai account of a skirmish between the rebela and Gen. Love's forces, dated Fort Bledsoe, near Fort Scott, Sept. 14. the substance of which is as follows : He say* that Immediately after leaving Springfield he diapatched Gen. Raines to clear the counties bordering on Kansas of the marauding binds which have been devastating that section of the country; that he himself advanced to Gen Raines' aa-latance, and their combined force encountered at Big Dry Wood creek the fores under Generals Lane, Montgomery and Jennlaon, and after a brisk sklrmlah of an hour and a quarter, the federal troopa retreated, and were pursued by his forces about three miles Restates his loss st tbree killed and twentyseven wounded, aud rays that tbey burled tbree of Gen. Lane'a men H?* concludes by saying that the " enemv have continued to retreat northward from Fort Scott, which post tbey have abandoned," and adda: " Thia relieves me of the necessity of pursuing them into Kansas, the soil of which 1 am unwilling to Invade unless her cltlvpni ah fill nrnvnkA mp tn H r? an Kw ? ?? ? t ?wj WIIIU11 VIIII ? IC" Dewed outrage* on the people of tbia State, and In tbat event 1 aball not only cron the border, but will lay waate their f trail, and utterly destroy tbe citlea and town* of tbat State " This correapondent add* : " While tut* shows tbat there baa been tome skirmishing on tbe border*, It doea not prove that tbe rebel* have gained any advantage?out oil the contrary it would appear that tbey have found a force too strong for them, and given up tLelr plan of advancing Into Kansas, and turned upon tbe weaker force at Lexington Their design now la evidently flrst to tike Lexington and then bring Governor Jackson here " Hudson, Mo , Sept 12 ?The correspondent of the St. Louis Republican furnishes the following items: A gentleman from Glisgow Inform* me that Martin Green, at the bead of 3,.VN) mounted rebel*, crossed tbe Miaaoiiri rlverattbat place on Wedne* day, and moved southward He took poaseuion of tbe steamer Sunshine, which was lying at Glasgow, and u*>d It for transporting bis wen and horse* over the river. On board of the Suus-ilne wt re lome4,(WO stand of arms, four or live secession pris>ners, and a federal guard of fourteen mm. ?! ? <? the prisoners and took the guard prisoners The Sunshine wna ladeu with bicon, sugar,and various other articles, all of which fell into Gwn'i hands, and went Into hl> commissary department. St. Louis, Sept. 13 ?Capt Fo*ter, ?f Col Manhln'a regiment, Franklin county Home Guard, brought in seven prisoners night, who were direct from tien Hardoe's rebel army They reKrt that a tight had occurred in Hirdee's camp tween the Missourlans and Loflis.snlans In reference to the conduct of the Missourlans in the battle of Springfield, the charging the Mlssourtaas with cowardice and treating tbeui as cowards in camp I he Louisianiars charge that while they were fighting the M ssourians actually stole their hcbes and fled Ge?. Hardee was falling buck on Pocahontas, and the M lssourians were dispersing. jkrrehso.n Citt, Sept 13?A special dispatch to tbe St. Louis LH m. crat says: A mej-se iger has just arrived from Boonville with dispatches, saying that Soil secessionists had attacked the Federal troops at that point, and the fl^hti;:g continued when the messenger lelt. Later from Missouri. j KFFKRson City, Sept 14 ?The steamer Sioux City bring* Information that a light oceured at BooneviUe yesterdny morning, between tbeseces. siontsts and the Home Guard*, which terminated In the victory of the latter The Hume Guard* held their ent enchmenU r.gainst the rehel*, 1,000 strong, who were drlvi-n back with a losapt 1 'i killed and 30 wounded 1 be HomeGunA loit only one killed and four wounded. Among the killed of the rebels were Col. Brown and Capt. Brown A small detachment of U. S troops on board the steamer Sioux City bad nn engagement with Col. Greens force at Glasgow, lasting about half an hour, when a battery of tbre* guns opened oa the boat, and she retired without loss Advices from Hannibal of the 12th ln?tant stat" that the rebels have full pof*>s?ion of St Joseph and surrounding country. The Union men were suffering the devastation of their propety jT\ ? * urn naraee, witn BU) rebels, wai at Greensville on the 13 b, and threatened to march upon Irontou Immediately. St. Lovis, Sept 15 ?Adv,lce? from northwest Missouri say that since the withdrawal of the Federal occupants from St Josephs, that region la arming ogtln. Some two thousand rebel* *re concentrated lu Andrew county, under Major Potter. About the same number of Unionists, composed of Missouri\ns ami lowalans, under Cola. Crane and Edwards, had started for the same region, and both sides were preparing for battie, so that a conflict may shortly be expected. Tom Hayne, with a force of one thousand men, cros^M the Missouri river at Arrow Rock on Tuesday last, bound for Gen Price's army. Six hundred secessionists, under Col Hull, were marching towards Ijlnsgow on Wednesday last, to cross tne river and Join Martin Green. The secession camp at Sick 'Jreek, Monroe county, w is broken up by the Federal troops on Sundny last, and it is repcr ed that three hundred rebels were captured. Another secrssion camp at Spencerburg, Pike county, was also broken up on Monday last, and sixteen secessionists made prisoners. A*Kkst or Simks ?A .detachment of Colonel Young's Cavalry, under Captain White, arretted three sp;es on Satu-day, near Port Tobacco, Maryland, and brought them to Washington On th' lr persona was found topographic and other Information designed A transmission to the enemy from that neighborhood. so contiguous to the Virginia shore, and of the advantages of which the secessionists Lave long availed themselves F. W.Walker, of Brooklyn, the Washington correspondent of the New York Express, went thither on Tuesday afternoon with a detachment of Young's Cavalry on a scouting tour, and aided by a guard of two soldiers, captured an active secessionist, who was pljced In confinement at a house near by the place of arrest The guard having necessarily to al sent thems^lvM fmn. ik - - * ?uv premise to attend to the'r horses and other business, the prisoner, while Walker was taking minute* of the conversation with hlin,auddeuly drew hi* knife, end plunged it Into thelatter'a bowels, and rushi 'g from ihe house, made hla escape before one of tbe guards who was outalde could have a fair shot at him The neighborhood waa afterwards searched for the fugitive but without aucceaa The pursuit la not, however, abandoned Mr Walker la lying in a dangerous condition, and receiving proper attention. He had, it ia related by the officers who communicates the above facts, gathered much valuable information. ry^-KUWAKD KVERKT I IIKCAHY A8U3 SO JIATlON ?'The ine-tii f* of ?hia t. vul Vrealltr t>e iie.d KVfcKV MONDAY EVKM'O atSo'oiocli, in the basement of the Assembly's Church comer of I and I iftn strep s, at tb? intersection of Masaaohaseits avenue. Visitors always welcomed. se l4-2t rv^-THB REGULAR" MONTHLY MKEF'fif "f the Yonnf mo*'- Christian Aasooia tiuu win ik? naia ?i ineir ko mi,oppoa'te Rn>an'a Ho.el. on MONDW EVENING, Sept. l?th, at 8 o'oiook An lntareatin* meeting ia anticipated \ aubject of th? utmoeUmporUnoe to the Aasooiation will be brought forward for consideration, and which demaida the attei dance of every meurer. Our meetkbca are free to ali, and an invitation ia eztanutd to thepublio generally. a* 14 it SAM'L MoKLWEB. Jr., Red. Sec. (V^p-RECRUITS APPLYING TO THE DiF!L5 ferent Recruiii g Offioor* for tin Third Marvlar d Volnnt^ra wt.l be promptly f<>rwa>dad to the encampment, near Haitim >re. where every equipment will be promptly fnrni&hed. W. WALL, Mai. 3d Md V., ae 11-Step 3*23 Pa. avenue. ffW^COMPANY -A," U. 8. ENG1NKERS.UJf Fifty intelligent and aHe bodied meohanioa will be enliated to fill thia Company to the mas imum fixea by law?ISO men. Isanire at No. 34tf G atreet Pay from #13 to t$t per month, beaidea food and clothing. ^a 17 tf 17OR SALE- By J \Y. MORSELL, NO. 391 r c at. iietweeu 6th and 7tl.. a arge lot o CAM * PHKNE OIL and SPiRI >8 TURPENTINE low for oash. Alao, No. 1 ETHK.RIAL Oil., a^ie-tf J. W MORSELL. \VATC?oLb AND SILVER RELIABLE TIMEKEEPERS, AND CHKAPa Ju?t received a large iovoioa of Go d and Silver iTHuUa- * " ?r^i" (uiwu up p?pecianj for Aimt '"fl5r^ATCHE8?ll'< CHRONOMETERS, U **" "jAvtL* v?.'w o "LTVRRO1,' Jawallera,334 P? avenua, wmt 4 Aoora waat of Biown'a HotaL N?T10,i! NOTICE!!! ""'ICE! M. WII.LIAN having takaa the a?ora formsrlr ocoi'pi# 1 by M'.H.C.Stmiii.SSe Penn?yi\acia avenue, bttvMo Mb andilitb ?ta., will naen it on Moo tf, !fc' n inat, with a mw atook of KILL P ra Vo h'ncnu?u! CVaaka, Draw and Cloak Tri?Fiowara*'paatbara, Ribaada, Knbroldanaa, Faa*. Haad Draaaaa. Wraatha, Km! and Firaoen ?ta.. ato 1 anU myaa'f to off.r to t&a larftaa a larga and wail-a^icatMl aapafc-avary ?rtiota batag i**-I or ad hr myaalf?at modarate jricea ^SJT Draaaaa, Ctoaka"" / -Mt CBALED PROPOSALS, til'.the l*h Se?te?ber, O IMl.atU m , are inntadfor farniehiM r'LoUft of aoertainqaality. About noo bar^e will be repaired. in Nftrtt* lota of abu?? 1.600 barreli each the flour t-> b? iradeof rew wheat. a?d the de'lrery ?f the wh'la to be made b? the *Tth September, 1861 A The Floar required to be of th*fo'luwinnTirandi, nod to p*ea the laepection of & Board of Arm* Uffioera. or auoh otter ioapeotioa aa the Svbeiateaoe DlMrtaart may direct: * Arlington Extra. Oongreea do. S. Pry Ax Fairviav do. Odar Vale do. Glenwood do. Povler A Z Meier do. Cherap ake Mi:la do. Mule Mill* do. Clac U ?*o. J Newoome do. M Smith do. Hcxbory do. Joe Char>a d?. Da-idaon do. U.Mormon A Co. Bitra Foundry do. fiNk do. I jva'i Union Ftonr, Bic -pinr, JoeOnarlee, Ede'e Kxtr* Baker'a * Avonda'e Extra. K few barrel* of the e*-ne arable of Southern Flour wil. be :akeu. provided that't provaa e?uai in grade to th? bra*d? above earned The bidder* to erate tne b'and and the number of bariala cf each Kind they to furniah. The bar a obtaining the Fliur to be ttrong. wfli hooped and head lined Th* propoaala to be directed tn Put a avrv "WITH. C. 8., L). 8 A. Washin(ton,i). C.and enior?ed "Proposal i for Flour." m 16 pROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. TaEAStTEY DlFAKTMIRT. 8?pt, 14, 1881. Thi Proposal* f-?* ?u?plyi?g the Treasury Dapurtm^Pt with Stationery heretofore offered being un?a'i?ffto'ory, new sealed proposals lor ?uoh tuppIt, for the current ?e%r ending Jane 3D. 1MB, wil' r?e received ni.ti' 12 o'clock M. on Saiurd&y, th? 5th day of Ootober proximo Proposals, n-a-compam *d with sa'isfaotory tuarantees for the ful? ment of the oontraot, will

n<>t be considered and contracts will be awarded only to es'ablished manufacturers of or dealers in the ar ides All tie article ramt be of the very best quality, and sample*, vi.K the rtsptclire prices attach'd to tath sample, in jst accompany each bid. Thetainple* of the party to whom the contract may he awnrde l will be pai'i for by the Department; those of the unruocessfel bidde s will bi returned to - - Mnn. i r.< | ?m p 1 r r IurnlShe I by Mtt(| U . '?r former advert lemmt wi'l b? paid fur by the DeCartmor.t at the price* mentioned in iheir reepecve offer*. Kach proposal must b? aimed by the individual or fi m makin* u, nnd must rpeoify a price, a> d but one piio*. for <aoh and every article oontaired in t e *cheiiule. AM the artinle* furni*h*d will be roqnired to be like the sample* *ubmitted. which will be retailed for comparison; aui must be ' elivered without dela?, when ordered,'to the satisfaction of the head of ?he o(ho? for whioh they are required. The I?"p%rtm ?rt, in tha examination of the prop >*als tha; may be made for stationery, wi'l not he governed ^y the aggregate of the lowest offer In a?ardiug the contract, but will have regard to the amount of each article need by it for whioh the lowest prio? n-.ay ha proposed. The Departimnt re?erves the right of ordering a creator or less quantity of each *nd every article oon'rao'rd for, as the publio service may require Supplying an iuf<*r or artiole a' an* time will be dee iim! sufficient cause forthwith to annal the contract r? J- ?* - - diidui, wun ?rp-"Vfd o'cunt*. to be given by the per?<>na contracting; and i r case of a failure to ?uppiy the artiolea required, the centractora and xuretiea ahail lw JilM* for the forfeiture apeoified in auoh bond an liquidated damagea. Ttiem'j iii'vl liat ?pecifie?, as nearly a* cane be done, the am- unt, quality. And dcaonpiion of each of the kina of ar'iolea required. iun>. Class No. 1?Paptr. 1. 150 rramx white cap paper, machine made, fainting, and trimmed, of the he?t qua iff. 2. 2nreamacappaper,blue-laid.fatat lined .k:own a- desja ch or ooi.auiar pap-r. of the very beat quality 3. 20 rrams ahite law c%p paper satin finah, h avy. maohibe in*d?, faint-lii.ed, ana trimmed, of the very beat qua ity. 4 600 reams quarto po?t, machine mace, whit*, p'.ii- . faint- ined on tiiree aidea, ot the beat quality 8. 20 renin* nimrtn ?? "?">? 1 * - r?w.utB, ihl'v uuru luur aidea,aud of the very hot* qua ity 6 5') reama quarto poet. b ue, faint lined on t^irea id a. .?f the heat quality 7. 50 reama quarto peat, prenoh. faint-lined three aidea, oi the very beat quality A. 5n re*ma white note paper, hichlr glasxl, ha-d calendered, faint lined on three aidea, of the very beat quality 9. 25 ream* white cote paper, plain, of the very b->et quality 10. Sn reams ueavr white medium paper, tor book*, of the very beat quality 11. 50 nana heavy while royal paper, for book a oC th* vrr beat que'ity 12. 60 rearr>a he*vy white anper royal paper, for booka, of th* very beet quality 13 100 reama copying paper, of the very beat quality. clor, and ?tyl? 14. 50 ream* heavy, hithly gla?Kl. and hard o*len dercd envelope paper, royal, yellow, or buff", of the very beat qua i?y 15. 50 re- ma heavy ebvflop paper. anper-roval, hard calendered, ami highly glaaed, yeaow or buff. of the very beateuality 1* Wu.m. 1- -- k- ^ * iW ?r/ .? Ilia 50 UIUWU rnVB'O 4 paper, 01 tne 1 b??t quail it. strong nud w?il roiae 17. 90 mams royal blotting paper, of tbe vary be?t quality, utile, and oolor. Kaoh nem of the above olass muit he a-oompanted with a sample of half a ream, or c n* package, *h'n not picked in ha f .earns, and the bids trust state the prioe per reaut deliv?rtd at the Department. ltem- Class 2.?Envelopes. 1. 500 M adhesive erv? lopes whi a. yellow or buffcolored, heavy srnoo h and tniok, with fuil poeke s. official si??s. <4 the three lol owing sires : 81-2 by 3 3 *. 9 b? 4 and 10 by 4 i?oh??; R'lo" to i>e r.ainfd f?r ra-*h use auu oolor, of lo be*t quality that i? ma te 2. 1(0 M full pooket adnerive envelopes, of the prop*' size fo1- quarto pout, -rhite. yellow, or bnff. heavy, smoctu and talok.oltne very heat quality S. 100 M full po knt adhesive en?e'opes. of the proper >ise fo'the note piper, whit*, yei low, or huff heavr, smooth and thiok.of the vety ba?t quality. P- -U ? ' * "* r.nun iu ur <>r eaoti nein ?i the above oHii must ba acoott panod bj a h*mpli of <>ui ra^ara, and the pr op muftt be atatr d for cach siz<* a< d ool r They mu t all be made adhesive and cumn,*d a pr?.pe' diatanoa each aid t of the <sante lappels, *i a fu'l pook^ta. Hi the lower lappel weif and securely gu med to the pocket. iiam. Claas Z.?Petit. 1. 10 dozen gold peua, of Uie best kind and quality 2. l<i di>ien rol l pens in s Iver oases, with everpointed p?noi!a, of the best kind and qna ity 3 SO rt. ienaiee! penao* the best makers and qual4 30 M snills of the very txrt sua lty For all the items f cass 3, exoopt item 3. in the a' ov olas , tha bidder ia n"t rear- i-ted *o a partiot Ur manufacture but samples of different n.-k-rs. With t> e price of each ma> be > the l.ep r;m-i.t uil-?e ct wh.oh it dt ems the best, he price quality, aid fitness for the servioe being all oonsideied. Class 4.?Pencils. 1 3*0 dozen Faber'a beat black kad peneila, Noa. 1.23 and 4 2. 30 doieti red and blue lead penoils of the best quality 3 8n do* n i?ojr propelling p'roils, of Mears. or "urr. vi 1MB qua lljr, WltO DCX i l leM 'Or each. One dosea of each kind of olass 4 mint be aubmittwl samples. it?o? Class 5.?Ini, lnistandi, and Wafirt. i. 12 dr??n fr'ry's in proved patnt American inkstand 2 12 doteu caer-'ron mkatands 3. L2 Jos?n red inki'tanis w th gronnd c'aas atopp*i a 4- 310 quart bottlee of the b-?st copying ink, ante bo'tlaa to ha an Emitted,ofthe beet quality made ft #*> q jart bott'ea of the beet black ink ?. liw ^>i?lca oeat blue ink, sample to be submitted 7. 300 b< ttina oarmin* iak, Fr noh, small aiie, in claaa bottle-, wita (round ?ta*a stopper a a. 1,000 lar.u ,ed vafeia, for i>* pertinent atal a, 100 pounds best extra acperane acarlet aealioc wax. For a11 t?e artiolea in olaaa 6 suitable and o^nve utcut caiupiOB lUUib W UUUIilVOUf Willi PT106 &L'ached to each. lia?. Clau 6.?Cutlery and Muetllansou* Articlu. 1. SO dot en Rodcera ana Kon'e genuine, or ooual. emae's. with ivor? handea T. 50 tit un Rodger a and Son'a genuine, or equal, lour b'aJed knives, with stag and pearl handles 8. If doseo ivory ha die wafer r tamps 4. 6 dnen ler?e tffioe aheara, of the very b??t eua ity 5. 8 <i ten oftoe eoiaeora, of the very beet qnallI. 100 a p vol a of the very beet quality of rod linen taee T. 1?0 nosen of the boot ouality of red linen tape i. i0 dosen ailk tape of aeaorted ooora, in hank a 9. Boor nivnr? rounee bozea In. 6dosen lunumviiss pounoe hoxee II. 6 d( sen ooooa or box aad aand boxoo. of tho beat shape and quality IS. 6 dosm ooooa or t*ox and wafer boxoo, of tho he it shape and eualitt IS. 8> pounds prepared India rubber, of suitable sixes 14 SC quarts blaok saod 15. 5 oiiioes pounoe >6 800 p uuds strong linen twine 17. I*d<?*n round rul-rs assorted it IS dosen- flat rulers assorted 19. SO dozen 9 Inoh ivory laiders SO. 60 dozen pen-hoiuora, as oried 81. fioboxeo unai ey lets Prenoh U 85 box** larga ayaiata, French. For ?il toe ? aa in el*- auitable lid oootb nient curp'M miiat ba aubm.tted. with prioa tXtaohad to aaohj ud ?ha prtaa in *11 tw mi'tischuf* ik* dtlivtry th* ariicUt at th* Dtpmrtmmt. Hf 1C SavtAaat GBALED PROPOSALS araiavitad till tbatKk of Baptanabar. itUa, for raMlyiag COHN to W tabinfton City, at ttaa Catt e Yaru on Muajaaaat S^DMi didder* ara rnuatiatoatatt tba pnoa par 1M iba. ol ?ara . A boat too.000 pwnda of aara anii ba raq trad, ti ba delivered oaa-balf by tba i*. of Oat ?b*. i?l, and tha wbaa 'aiiva.y to ba mada uurui .ba inontn of OaV>b?r. 0S?>vvw. J3 asaa [ AMUSEMENT8. ^RLINGTON BOYS STILL ALIVE! The ?binof lt,? 4RLINGTON Cl.l'B M?t ?o annoacco to their fri^n^i end Old- g% mi that Uiey i teed (tvin* a GRAND AS-JM NKMBI.Y at Pit?u? H&LL. D ? - ^ /5M. tween Itthaod ISih ?U,on WE O.N October 9. T^L Tieketi SO Miti. Br order of the Committee. It" RE?E?BB? us. tmfoN RO The ntmbari of the MOUNT CLARE CLTB h*?e the pi*aaare of inform:nc: their fiia-dt % that tr??ir SIXTH ?iHA*u COTIl LON M Ka K I Y^will take pi*00 ?t Stott'b Hui,/A eornor 01 Pa. irrnnx and 8Mh it., os MO>i-UM 1)\Y EVENING. R??ti>ivb*r 1?, i?. Oar lady r tends who have not reoeirrd mrlta ior.? are re spectraly invited to attend Ample a-rene-menu n*ve BMB mid# with th? \r~lrn^!i u PnllA* to pregerre order. nT order of r~ F. Mohl*r. *mmUtn*o E. IM?r. _ W?o WHin? John P.. Hilton C7"Tiok?U fl, a1buUib< iwtlMMUi Mm. *> l?-3t? QDD F K L L ft W B' dALL! second' wssk of th? WORLD-RKNOWNED CAMPBELL 9IIM8TRRU! TWELVli star pkrkobmkr*: Th* moit AooompH?h?d M'n?trel B*nd in the' World oomp'iung the fry Flower of Ui? Kthioni&n PrAfMainii NEW 80NG8, ?CJ? ANO BURLESQUES EVERY NTrtHT. AHiriacioo Twenty-fire On'*. " wioiw DR FORD. AieoU WANTS. 1R7ANTKD?M the K?-bitt Host*, a CHAM' BKrtM?ID Apply ?mm??d'at?ly. t* \17ANTED-A rNfiotilli WHITE WOMAN for r?ne ?' homework. Apply lmmedift'eiy, 81 3 Pa. avenne. ? 16 1X7ANTFD? By a rrap?otahle wom*n. who e " *tve the beet of reference#. a 81TU>TT<tN ai oook in a private faaiily. Apply at No 30 . corner of C it. It* WANT* D?B? a r??p et\M* ynoae *rmtn, who oao oom* well recommended ahITU\T1<?N u cook ic a "all family. Arplyat No. 313 glxth , between H and I It* WANTED-A SITUATION, by a resectable j oane iici. to auift in o >oking. waabinc and i'oning. or t>> ae o' a-nberwork and plain win?. Pl?a?e oal; at No 828 L? street, between i?h a d 19th. It* WANTED IM MEDIATEl.V-Onaor two furnished I ODGING ROOMS, ia a private famil?, on high ground, where there are few or no mosquitoee. Apply at 03 Pa. avenue ee 14 St* COTTAGE WANTED TO RENT.-A permanent tenant, who will par in advanoa. and ha* no children, withes to rent a pl*a?antly eitea'ed Cott?ge. of 3 or 4 rromi, within a short dictanea of the Treasury "ui>dir? and the M*rket Add'?se H'?? Nn^^4" Po?t Q1I{?. ee 14 3t* WANTED?A BOY. Aleo wanted, lota of Bouks. Old ifooamrnts. New Doeamen*a. Rtra Old Hapere, Autographs. Coins?an? thing ouri'ius, unique, wonderful, odd New Treasury Notes wanted, at ? per cer.t prrm an A l.FREO HUNTER. se 14-St* Willard*' Hotel Pqea'-a. WANTED-A hundred va?oi>-CUTTER9 t? nhnn mirH ?nr>?1 #rvw ?Ki*W *1 ? - ??-J " ?..r ... -f wmvu 9< fCl owru Wlli b* paid A"Ply at ?he Kirk wood Horn*, or at L'nthicum's H*~dw&r? Store, oorrw Huh, [Mr Bridge ?t., Geo getnwn ; or, for further information. *t the fctar Office. ee li-lW JAM KB R. LE\CH. \17 ANTED-A HOUSK, with or without Fnrni" tnre.oentral.moderaerent. Addrees" Maris," this office. se 11 fit* WANTED-A good WOMAN HOU?*E SK*? VANT; also a MAN 6KHVANT. Both must oome well r?-*ommenJed. Colored pref.rr*il. Inquire at 433 F *t. se ft WANTKD-To have ever* body to oail at SMITH'S. No 460 Se?erth ft.. ops -sit? Post Office, ard i>nrok *<e th?ir FAI.L and WINTER CLOTH INh, TRUNKS, H*T:? and CAPS, at the very lowest pncea. Qive him a oall. auSR-lm WANTED. FOR THE CASH-AN kind* of SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Person* leaving tbe city or ha vine a sarplns will do wall to oall immediately. R. PUCTH t V. jo 3 49* Seventh, between 8 and H sta. WANTED.?We are now bnying SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOVEsacd BKD DING, for which we are paying the highest prioea. Families declining housekeeping, or having a ?nrpln* of fnrnitnre, will find it to Uteir advantage to give us a ?all. .... ? .fiONTZ Jt GRIFFITH. j* i5-H no. 309 Tth at.. Iirtt. I ana K eta. M)8T AND FOUND. An E9TRAY HORfK Taken dp at the Hose lal. at the Circle. The owner oan have h>m t>y proving property axd paymc e^p?n#>-a re lfi it* C. H. RBiSTF.R. [09T?On the fTfmn| of the 12'h of a i F\CK*0-. oontaimnt a Laee Shawl vmw at S?o ; alse, a Delaine D eu with fir* lilac ailk flouno ?. a p*ir of Gait re, aid a ohiU'e Aprc. Theft d -r wi I receive a liberal reward by lean -g the a' i*t> D at ?e 18 81* ffi* 1 A B F.WARD.?stolen,on Saturday ereaicf, *J II" 14th instant, from the White I-??t cv ba^kofthe P-eaiien 'a Ho?te,ar?'j >.rreT?Tl aorrel MARE,'-lin t, with two wi-ite r?iud^^^* l?-f * an white l laxe fare The *b"?e reward will be paid for her return to T. F. HAR01MAN. oor per Seventeenth and D ate. it* I OST-A COLT'8 FIVK-?HCM?T?-"R. in oomI i inr from the Ar??n*l t r. n.b iW Adams Evrree* A *u table reward wTll b? paid, rtorrin; itto2T!(l)it. n 14 St* RAN AWAY?From the ni'bionber, living n?*r 3d R^cim-nt sick e*' Brigade. about t)< mi ea f'om Nary Ya d Uuit^e NKGRu W| BOY, ROBhR r. eopper ro or, rather full fare, 9) t'&'? of age ab^ot 5 toet 10 luohea in ^1 hpielit I will five thirty dollars, if br< ntbt iJ ? to m? r'?id noo or aeoured in Waahu gton Jail, ao i that I get him. ! ae 3 3t?? WM. M. M APPOX. K K WAR D.-Ran a*ar from tbeaubaeriO am'i ber, rlmut tUree week* ago, a dark0 mp'eeted NEURO BOY, about 18 y; ar?' f Q 1 ge, i amed Robert Better ; ha* fall black *r*-a, li?, a in hi* apeeoh. and hut out in the part of hia right foot; had on when ha i :et light lineo janta and o'otn cav The above reward will be paid for aaid >>erru, if delivered to me or aeoored in jail ao tha? I get nim arvn CHAR* KK L. GARDINER, te 13-1 w* Nfar Duffield, Charlea ooanty, Md. Io*T-|J Riwaid.?Loat. la*t evening- a _i C-U'a 7 inch Navy REVOLVER, enver m outed, mark* d" Mortimer Thomaon, 1HI " The aifive regard w-.ll b* pai 1 t? any ner*-o who way ratnrn the pmtol to MORTIMER THOMW1N, iil K ?t.. Iietween 13th and 14?h ; or to Mr Chad* wink W i liriin' M?t?l ? - .w, .. ?. .? %. MWWM " ' ' w RAN AW A V.?From the ?ubaarihar, on the *Sd in?C, IVEURO BOY ANTONEY?oall* ^ himtef 'Toney Crawford" H? is ahoat nineteen yeara old, five ft+t two orthraa inahen in nright, blank, aUuder. th>n In fl*eh j0? and baa a rough kin: cram ooantenano*. with a acar ?vr one of h.? eyehrowa oooaaioned oy 'ha kick <>f a hora'. I will five fifty do! ara if aeoured in jail at 1 get him. or aixt* dollar* if brought home to ma. For further deaonptioa mafiiro ofWa I A B^nard FIELDEH M AGRUOER. aep9tf n?ar 8!1 denalmrg, P. G. Co. EDUCATIONAL. PLEASANT VIEW SEMI NARY.?The dnti*a A oi thia School w;!l be reaamed on the eeoond Monda? in t-'eptem^ar Tarma 916? for board and taition in the Engliah brsnohaa forye%r of tan mnntba. Addreaa MISS M KEF.CH ae 2 2w* HyatUviHe. Prinoe Georga'a oo.. Md. VOCAL INSTITUTE. . R8. CECILIA YOUNG Will iwim her C4a*aea in Vooal Maaio on Monday next. *?piaaher 9th at her roeidenfl*. No. 446 Eleventh street, between H and I ata. Tarma mad* known on a>ylioation. ae 2- iroeo rpiIK UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. The Twelfth Annaal Seeaion will ooibimdm September 2. - For part'.aajara inaaire of the Prmoipa. Mr?. Z.RICH A KM, an 17 lm Corner of Foarteeatli and K eta. COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. Vi. . ? Wamomtm. D. C. Th* Preparatory Department opene ita eestioa oa Wednesday, September 11th. I lie Ciaeaew ia the Philosophical and Cla??ioal Department hare their fcrat exe oi?e? We-ineiiiUy/S-pteniber atk. I-or oaUjogaeaor farthe- information apply to G. W. bAMSON. D. p.. aaivaawiw (RepnMleaa.) Pwaifial ^RMV OFFICERS'_REQU181TE?. Tha "ARMY WATCR," SPY FIELD POCKKT COMPASSk.'*. WIRE GAUZK < colored* laee) EYE PROTti^TORB, POCaET DRINKING CUPS, to. A oomplete aaaortmr nt. M. W. GALT A BRO, JewaHara, 114 Pa arenaa, ae 14 St Foar doora waat of Browa'a HataL SEALED PROPOSALS, til) the?th of Safest twr.lMi, at 11 o o ook n , are invited. for fir- . niaMn^the subaiatenoe Department witt 'JO tuaa The Hay to be rellvered ta Waahtoj ton at Back place aa the Government may dir**at The quality to tx? eqaa! to the best and ta eoaaiat of timothy aod clorer Mixed The (jo veminent reaenrea to lteelf the right to rtjeot all or any of tb? hid*, and for eny aau*? it ma? think proper. P?ya??nt for Mid Ray take mada la Treaaary DOtea, if Roveraraent deairea to Ta* Bay ta be faraiebed ia hal?e of fro* 1ft to 40' lb*., aa1 the vti|kt of w?xi aod wire aeed ia S!5a *>?$??; t"'bWo%n.WSW^^?""s"Wo ?i:i dep .atti-! the (Jutted S?M?-a TrraaoTf Sre or in fcUw V rk. w.tioa nh* i?, a I nni> toi than fihy Dollar* f r a<te?*t it?? ui ?-*?t U Turee-yaar Treasury Mot?<,U a.'in? 13 Uiaierfaff"*' TKSSSSUKttS!! * * 1 ^ I _ _ AUCTION SALES. By GREEN A WILLIAMS AwOw?r . l?XCRLLKftT HOUSEHOLD awp I<TOH f J? fr*KiT?m? AT A tenon ?Chi W EDM M> DA Y, th? 1Mb Inateat, v? **!' *!.? 1? ?. ra . a? th? mitaft <.f Mrs. ft. .. No l*T I.Wtvan ?th m4 5th ftrMU m?tk, t trwd avportm^r I of fn-aitar*. Tin MUom? tofli. Msrbit top IfrrMtf tad *U?: limit Mahoetnr Pid?bo?rt, Painted WardrvbM ud WMlMtend* h?kofMT Dunne Rrftkbit sad Ctr4 TU'n. Wt'tiwti"*" t-?aUi?r fid* ftcl Tk H-?u ud other C*n#u, OiloloU tad Hat bu. OMra. G'aw ard Croolror? War*. 1 Cloak, Cnoklu. Airtif kt ?n4 ?tn*r ?tnm, TVi lhtf >/uwl I?? ?# ir.t.k.. *1??<- - * other artiolM wkich wa3a#m aiiOOcaMt. t to WMMrato. Tr?? (uh, ia ? It* OB fcTS A WILLIAMS. A??to By WALL 4 BARNaRD. Au'iomii INC, I?th ma ani, lit 1? oVoeETv* will ??ii id fr at of tko A notion Ro#?i. % l?rf* aMurlm*.' of Jii;niiiiTsftJi'ViTOSi, B IN rriitSi, Cr?ot?ra, Aft., tad to*. UIM Wi.Ukty, to4 CbMFiga*, Mm] taM* IB Bbla Crow 4 fcoii'e rfcoou vVhia*#y. IS Bbl*. mi ?uf?'ir loii^H Wbiakoy. 8S Bhia. P? *f r'a Wkiafctf, * Bin- p.ko'. jtxx Wkian. W Bbla Baoor'a Whiilif, m> m<nm. rmapurfn v? ntkey, l?a natter Cwki Brard'. B' Huae-ior Jmiim Ram. Bbl BcMraBprap. B?i Tila?r,t?M Sieit, so Bb1*. Herrtot *V<0> Segam,<1iff.T*nt Braada. Trrai ouh. MfN WALL A. BAB NAB P. Aorta Bt BOTELER ft WIM.BON. AieboBM:* FOUR BRAT CARRIAGE ok OPEN K* Bocca rok Sax*.?B? virtaa of adaad a# ti ?. ( b arm* date on th* tsth day of Wa?. i*t>l. wa w i'.by ordei ol the Trustee, on TV ^ BO AY. tr* nrh Sept, at in o'olook a. m . la front of omr Ac tioi Store, oh 4 teat Carnace or Opaa Baroaa. Tarma cash aetata BOTgLER t Wi|,LW)W. Aif?. By W Al.L A BARN R 0. usticnoora TRCSTKK** Sale of vai (table in rturic K til Karara.?Bt Tirtae of a oe I of trust, dau4 tlx 18th da> of Mtroh. ISM and du ? r ^ordodamonc the Uod rc rei of th* auanty i Wa?hinrton, p C , I aha) proceed to aal!, on tit* ir*miM-, op M<)NbAV7tU?l d\yorPopt*w?^. 1881. a 5 o'o>o?k p. at.,all those hwm or parte a ct |r <and aituated in the oit? of Waakiagtoa, ?n aa*J Diiinot. and known and d*aif nated a* Lota nam bered thirty four(34land thirty-fir*i?> la H*sar? numbered five fa a ad red and three (hot) lOftU'r with the >mpro' eme> ta thereon. o?naiattng of a larira thro* story Brick Hose* with a fin* ha Rant. Said property ta looatef on the aosth aid* >. treat a >uth, between ?S and h atreeta rm ?* ? > *"v irrimoinc-UDt^Ut'Uni na#B, halaoce ix twelve, njhteeo.aod twenty fn?r mnjitha fr o the day of Ml*, to be eeoured by a deed of trie theJWilM. It the term* of ?1? bo not eon-p irdl with la tn. day? from day of sale. the 1 rift* reterree t'.e ri*..t to reoell it the ntk an* o?et of tne fcr?t fi'' ohaaor. JOHN P R*N|<?, Treet# ? I WALL 4 BARNARD. A?o ? ITNITED STATES PATENT OP PICK, U AGRICULTURAL DIVISION. Waji*mf ftm. Sert'mb* 9. 1M1. In oore?eneroe of t e which UU*4?I <he ernral of Seed* of forM(i impor ation. crtlere ft.r whi<-h were iisaei prior to the lcooatac of the preeent Administration. many of thorn, f nn m* ar.d other caaeee ha?e bwr ft>nad to (?e entirely aselen for praotioal pnrpoaea Thit rre* t h%a been a oer tamed by experimental 'eeu There fore, the usual dietnbstioa wil be drf rr?d onti a enpeW oan b? obtained wlneh wi'l reflect credit on th? riepartnmt. ISAAC NkwT<'N, ee Hit Bayonet?d?t. T NOTICE. HE ro?jr!i?r?li!f eietofore tvrifd on by i: .? came of H. T Lorn < & Co. *? diaao'.ved on i lat inataot by ita own limitation. All IhOM o?lr. amount* to aaid firm are r**oe<t?dto ?ett)e*\ ame wit ion t de ay, aa u<? aaoo??eor? ar? anx><> to o oae Li6 bo->ka a" J aetl'a aooounta a-.aiut Ui above expired rvpartn<?*ip. GEO???W. FA RANT. FKANCii* J H I . ERGR. JOSHUA H. KING E NOTICE?T-io ar.drsl*ned reeprgtfa.i I their patron# and u>e put?ho jene-anr c! their navin* f. rated a <vpartn< rvhip to onottaae tv IMM in al' ita hraTi0t>0a, aa ?uoo?e?or? of th? late firm of H. F. l oudoo Jt Co. Whilat Unaerin, t:>-i- tl.anka for the very liberal paiioaaf* r> eelred, they p:edf e themselves t use their atm<? I xertiona to merit their o<nUnued favora. /. J. HE1BEMGKR * CO. F. Lomiot ?nd Co., Military and Naval Merchant Taiiora. I. 1. HI 1IMI1. . H Kiso. af 11 ?w yy ATCHE8, WATCH REPAIRING. M. A iftrro AMortnABt nf ~ SoilD and MLVER WATCHES, by all tli? m->?t ooUhiated maker*, " *r v ** Y l-o* KWATCHL ud CHK'iNUMETSU, a JEWK^KY. Ao , 0*refu * ?-e^*ir.d. M \V OA" Tt BIO, Jew*tort, Si 4 P%. avraae. Him Fomrd<K/'t w?tol Browi'a hot?1. OQO JOHNSON * NAGLK. OfiO ?OJ No S&8? flilMTLVlllU ATim. 40?/ Belwoea n loth *00 Teeth aU. eoatfe ndt, IMPORTERS OF WJSKK, i lQUOkS, SK Oaks. pickles. phxskkThs, saRDINRB.FlXE GuuCERlKS AND SUTLERS' STORKS IN UENERAL J sit arrived the foiiovinc braada of OHAHPAGNbs: G 11 Mnmrn, Piper Heidaiok. Moot A ChandoD. C?rti?r k Co , tiarat A Fagot, Toerott , Koja! 6rar'Whioh we offer at New l or? Priooe?freiglt added. JOaN???N A NAGLK. Sh9 Pecsa. avonce. A bra M. Biwa*er A Co.'e <]? Vro*d etroet. New Vork l orld rmavwil un rri l fttt l*L?.. LI it (TORS, for Camp, Medici na , aod l ami it a?e. eon?tantijr on band a <1 eolo at New York Pr.^ei by the Cue, Al JOHNS*'N * NAOLK'S. 889 PMBt. PICKLES, Pepper and other SAUCE*. TOMATO C*T9liP. by the barrai. iklliB,?rdoiea. from the oe>bra'.?d Biauuf otory of i-oiir ntiarh A Co.i New York, at aetoDivhingly ? price*. At JOHNBOX A NA?LK*. > Bote Agent*. AJeo. PICKLED: P!0 FEET. LAMB AN0 BEKK TONGUES. TRIPfc., eto.. by the barrel or half-barrel. ee 1" NOTICE. AUAUr KXPRBM COMPANY." .Tb'i Co?(t}y offare to. u>e ^ibiw" j'an?llif Acvanikfsi jor me bu?ui uuu Wiaaaiefc cI H?%?y F*nhu PttkkM, Va'nabiee, Money, Ac. to., to til paru of?he United (Matee Kxpreat** to and from tto .North ud We?t depart from and arrire in Waahimftoa twu* a*] j. All Kxir?>Mi are is charge of sayerseecW mmd rtltablt Meeemiera. Ail PmIucn for Tk# Soldi# ?mN at "o.xi alf" o?r iml ratea All Qo> da for tli* eo-oall?d "Conf? 1er*t? Btate?" ana all AruolM '* Coatrahaad of War" will b* l?*Ti Nrw York at 1.?, ud I P. M.. arriving in Waahiaffton at A. M aad P. M. V xareaaea 1mm Philadelphia at Mi %. M. ar I 11 P. M , arriving in WaahiagW* at it) P. M, ar t * txprawM leave Rain more at 4 Si A. M. and S P M .arriving in WaatiacWa at t A. M aau i > Exaraain for all aointa Nor*h aa* Wert lM\e Waehic* ton at 7 JO Ol. and &J0 P M.dailr. Bpeoial Contra ota tor arge qnaatiti** of Fretg' t oau be made o*. application to tkia 'Hoe. A1 Good a a ailed far a.J delivered Jru of kit * ?hargea. E W. PAt&ONtL. 8ep*t Adama' fcxpreaa Compaaf. Waakington. Aagaat a. IMt* aa ta if PLOWING OCT! Vy CLOSING OUT! No. 8# Peer,.7! VMM ?w??liwil KksaTtt'. tro#ta, where I will orf*r tit* onUr? ?toek at rac. pnooUviU?.Ahit n? former CQtXonMrs,UM th? Mbi'o tenor* ly to bw til* fi st o!??s Fvoath Vikro; OoodtttmKrnw. Nowii U?UmW bay! ro<| o^t trwtnt ih/iUM lor^wMtJrSaeS?2ST? poraoai tccebtec to tri ro^mtoito aUiw r?.oi?inecUto l?n?4??e Uotr oioimi without ftirUrr notioo. ProiMtMUotiosi?ii, pb'U' K >f aotfoify, X C. STEVENS ? 7-U IM# IILLlAtDII I 1_J d Tk* loTtri fc . of U* GAME OP BILLIARDS will tod la KM11CH? PINK HALL. Oor?r PwhtIt?u itiim Mi nth > Mi, ( oath aid*,) . Ivtoftkt BNtitelnUi TABLEb la th? laitad SUtM, with mrmj naftrt u4 Ml tf tor U? ilnm. " L1B&8. CAE PS-fBAG?, JHI k ff TtKfC CO t CARj, iiat- mJ CAr^.M *-mitH'&. N*- 4?o SrstesKs: xii;*; ^ Wrflfwaau-^ - f*tl CTr>mr mil at Tor PM ? M ^gA?cJ&?LJS,,'^?SS8i;' ?rev ( &* of ifiit is tu vtriMM ftrM. hftriB. y^iroVswsa-s * ???> -? ?* K rr? <tk ?t *

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